Chapter 12 Univited

Chapter 12

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Sweat dripped off her face onto the ground as she continued to stay in her planking position. Bruce tested her stance as he brought his foot upon her back. Her arms stayed firm as he placed a bit of his weight on her back. He nodded in approval.

She sprung her legs back and shot to her feet. He cocked a brow impressed by how quickly she rose from that position. He tossed her a towel and leaned against the wall. He had his arms folded about his chest. Bella wiped the sweat off her face. Bruce tossed off his shirt and prepared as he made his way to the mat. Bella downed half a bottle of water and toweled off once more before joining him. They began their usual hand to hand sparring. She was finally getting fast enough to break through a few of his blocks.

“You ready?” He asked once it was his turn to swing..

The part he always hated most, but she had to learn somehow. He barely swung enough to get the point across. His hits were just enough to cause a slight sting when they did get through. She growled out as he ankle swipes her to the ground. She quickly reversed the pin and swung. He grabbed her arm before she could complete the hit. He flipped them back around. Bruce pinned down both her wrists.

She hissed out and brought up her knee. He raised his brows as he forced her legs back down with his own. His entire body weight now lay over her. Bruce grunted out as she head butted him. She giggled a bit and flipped them back over. She pecked him on the cheek. “That’s for being a dick.” He rolled his eyes and popped her on the ass.

“You’re still hung up on that?”

She sighs and hops off him.

“You’d no business going through my medical records.”

“I did no such thing. I already explained this Bella.”

“Look I just don’t want this getting out to anyone else, especially Jim and Sara. So just keep your trap shut can you do that?”

“Don’t you think your family and friends should know?”

“Bruce…” She warns.

“Bella, I’m only trying to help.”

“Did you know my uncle has high blood pressure? I’m talking like over the top, the man could stroke out on us any given day. My aunt is a natural worrier. She spends more time worrying about her loved ones more than herself. My friends they got enough on their plate with graduation and their new careers soon coming into the picture. The last thing any of them need is to worry about me.”

“I think you’re wrong.”

“Well that’s your God given right, but it’s my choice.”

“And were you ever planning on telling me?”

“Guess you’ll never know.”


He shakes his head with agitation. Bella sighs.

“You’re Bruce Wayne CEO by day and Batman at night. Don’t think you needed the burden of worrying about your girlfriend’s kidney disease.”

“No, I don’t feel that way at all. Anything that involves your health should be my concern. I mean damn someone should be concerned since you’re obviously not.”
“How would you like for me to react?”

“Like you give a damn about yourself that’s how.”

“And you’re one to talk?”

Bruce half laughs with irritation to his voice.

“Why do you do that?”

“I don’t know Bruce, why are you always in detective mode?”

“And what’s that exactly?”
“The way you turn everything around, I’d swear sometimes you just love to fight.”

“That’s it! You got me pegged. I’m just loving the hell out of this.”

He nods.

“Oh I believe it. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear it’s some sort of foreplay for you.”

“Keep dreaming…”

He smirks and shakes his head.

“Oh, I never stop.”

She cuts him an odd glance. He winks at her and makes his way over. Bruce backs her up against the wall and lifts her chin with his index finger. He goes to kiss her and Bella quickly steps out of range with a grin. From there she darts out of the gym and starts for the stairs. Bruce takes off after her and wraps his arms around her waist and flings her back against him.

“You’re so full of shit you know that.” He whispers in her ear.

She goes to argue only he puts his hand upon her neck.

“Pulse is skyrocketing, you’re breathing erratically, and your nipples are erect.”

Her jaw drops and she jerks around facing him. She goes to slap him and he quickly blocks it and places her hand back down to her side.

“Admit it…” Bruce utters demandingly with his lips practically planted on hers.

“We just worked out of course my body is reacting to that! And you have the central air freezing in here of course my fucking nipples are perky, you ass.”

He grins and starts chuckling.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself Bella.”
“Do you always have to be so damn egotistical?”

He shrugs and presses his forehead against hers.

“Bella, do you always have to be so stubborn? Listen… I never meant to get into your private affairs. You should know however I can’t control how I feel about you. It’s only natural that I’m concerned. I’m here… dammit, use me. Whatever you need, whether it’s someone to confide in, for a place to escape, if you need help in anything I’m right here. You coming here isn’t always about training. There is more to this and you know it.”
He kisses her and wraps his arms around her waist.

“You do understand right?”

She bites her bottom lip and shakes her head no. He grins, but shakes his head.

“Such a pain in the ass.”

He kisses her again and carefully backs her up the staircase leading her to his room. He continues this until they enter his bathroom. Bruce placed her on the counter and started the Jacuzzi bath. After he returned to her and he held her until the water filled up the Jacuzzi.

“Stay the night.”
“Just stay… I’ll take you back personally first thing in the morning.”

Her arms wrap around his neck and shoulders as he carries her to the Jacuzzi. Once he places her inside she dunks her entire body. Bruce joins her and does the same. He then reaches over and pulls her into his lap. His head rest along her shoulder.

“Any plans this weekend?” He questioned already knowing, but was curious if she even planned on asking him.

She shrugs. He rolls his eyes to himself, wishing she’d just ask him already. He planned on attending no matter what of course. But it would mean more to him if she asks him to be her date. He wondered why she hadn’t asked him to begin with. He kissed her neck and ran his hands soothingly along her arms.

Bella twirls around and grabs a wash cloth. Bruce raises his brows as she begins to bathing him with the cloth. She narrows his eyes upon some of the scars.

“So how’d you get these?”

He shrugs.

“Long stories some of them.”

She taps the massive one on his chest above his sternum.

“This one?”

“Shot by Joker. This was before I had the armor I had now.”

She grimaced and kissed the scar. He narrowed his eyes and ran his fingers along her long threads of hair.

“This one?” She questions to the one on his right bicep.

“Solomon Grundy.”

She nods and kisses it as well.

“And the on in the middle of your back?”
“Just some of Joker’s thugs ironically the same day I got this.” He points to the one on his chest.

“I was dragged across the asphalt when they chained me to one of their getaway cars.”

“Jesus Bruce.”

“Comes with the territory, everything’s a learning process. That’s how I knew I needed actual armor rather than just a suit.”

She runs her fingers along his chest in thought.

“Worst villain you ever faced?”
“Joker, hands down. It’s not so much that the guy can fight.” Bruce points to his head.

“Mentally yeah the guy’s insane, but he’s also clever. He’s always got some trick up his sleeves. He doesn’t care about who he harms or tortures to get his point across. Some of my darkest and most trialsome times were when I was dealing with him. That was when I damn near put up the cape. At times I truly felt as though Batman was doing more harm than good. So many lives were affected because of this sick delusional clown. Some of the things I witnessed. I still can’t get out of my head and still haunt my dreams. No matter the hours, the days, the months I put into this man. I couldn’t take him down. That’s when I truly realized Batman was in over his head. That and well the clown had a bit of an obsession with Batman. He was dying to know who he was. So many times he almost blew everything I had going. Joker is one of the few Bella that truly did exist merely because Batman did.”

He shakes his head.

“Mr. Cobblepot wasn’t exactly stretching the truth there. There are times Bella these enemies do exist purely because Batman does, as to why at times even Batman has his doubts.”

“But because he exist Gotham can sleep at night.”

He takes in a breath.

“But as you said even Batman can’t be there 24/7 and neither can Batgirl. You will soon learn, just what all comes with this Bella. It’s never easy and it just gets harder as time progresses. I just truly hope you realize what you’re getting yourself into.”
“Don’t start that.”

He half smiles and kisses her lips.

“I’m not, I’m just being honest. I’m not trying to make you step down. I know you’re not about to, no matter what I say. I just wish you would.”

He runs his finger along the scar on her arm.

“So where’d this come from it’s a bit more fresh.”

She raises her brows.

“That one’s not important.” She says rather dismissively.

“Sure it is, it’s a pretty good gash or was…”

She shakes her head and clears her throat.

“I fell off the roof and cut my arm.” She says with a shrug.

“Fell off the roof?” He says and scoots up in the Jacuzzi.

“What roof and how did you fall?”

She goes to kiss him hoping to deter off the subject. Only he stops her as it starts to come together.

“What are you trying to hide?”

“Bruce please, just let it go.”
“No, I won’t… This somehow involves me doesn’t it?!”

“Stop it Bruce.”

“No dammit, tell me what happened?!”

She winces and leans back in the tub.

“It was when we were dealing with Poison Ivy the first time. She did something to you.”

“You mean when I had no recollection and you wouldn’t tell me?”
“We had a bit of a scuffle that’s all. She managed to turn you into her little minion or something. You came after me like I was one of them…” She rather recoiled in thought.

“I what?!”
“Don’t ok just, let it go.”

“What did I do Bella?”

“You can’t control everything that happens. You weren’t yourself, it was something she did. So knock it off.”

He pinches the bridge of his nose. He feels Bella leaning into his chest. His eyes open and his arms wrap around her. A moan escaped his lips as he felt himself gliding into her slit. They began to feverishly kiss one another. Bella threw her head back as she rode his hard cock. His hands braced the slope of her back as he attacked her breasts with his tongue. His hands worked their way down to her waistline. He worked her even harder against him. He slightly lifted up his hips. Her tits bounced around giving him the perfect show. Bella cried out his name as his cock sent out a constant pulsating feeling. Her pussy clung to his dick tightly.

“FUCK!” Bruce grunted out breathlessly.

He pulled at her hair and obsessively kissed her again. His dick felt as though it was continuously growing within her. “…damn…” He uttered as it felt like an unceasing fountain flowing from his cock. She became lost at his words. Bruce gritted his teeth at the sensitivity she was nearly hot to the touch now below as she too flooded him.

“What do you mean you didn’t tell him?!” Casey scolds in a hissing matter.

Bella shrugs as Megan helps touch Bella’s hair up.

“Just didn’t see the need.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Casey snaps and Megan starts laughing.

“Would you chill? Jesus, I’m the one dating him not you.”

“If it were me I’d be flaunting that man everywhere I went.”

Bella rolls her eyes and lets out an exasperated sigh.

“I just don’t feel the need for him to be sitting there bored out of his mind while I get up every few minutes to receive some silly awards.”

“Silly? And why the hell would that man be bored? I bet he’d be full of pride!”

Casey looks to Bella as she was blushing.

“Wait… that’s it isn’t it? You didn’t invite him because you felt if you did you’d be bragging. Oh my God I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Shut it Casey.”

“Shit, that explains so much! That certainly sounds like you. Why must you always be so humble dammit! You got bragging rights Bella, use them! What woman wouldn’t take pride in her man knowing how much she’s achieved?”

Bella wrinkles her nose.
“So what was I supposed to do? Say something along the lines of Hey Bruce so… can you be my escort to this extremely boring event where a handful of students and I earn awards? “

“I wondered when you’d ask… I’d love to Ms. Gordon.”

Bella freezes to the familiar voice and turns around.


He smiles and offers his arm. Megan starts giggling and Casey smiles. She pats Bella on the back.

“You just thought you could slide past this one didn’t you?”


Megan raises a guilty hand.

“Megan…” Bella hisses.

“You’re welcome.”

“Go Bella, have a good time. You deserve this. We’ll be watching!”

Bruce takes it upon himself to place her hand on his arm.

“His suit was midnight blue and he was wearing a silver tie.” Looking even more handsome than usual. Bella felt this senseless giddy like feeling as she looked upon him. She wanted to scold herself for her irrational reaction to this beautiful man.

Bruce meanwhile, was taken away by Bella’s white dress that stopped just above the knees and crisscrossed in the back. Her hair was flowing free only adding to her sensuality. Her white heels clank against the tile as he led her to the dining area. They were to eat first. Then the award ceremony would take place and dancing was last. Before he pulls out a chair for her Bruce twirls her around taking her all in.

“Ravishing, as usual Bella.”

“Thank you…”

He nods and pulls out a chair. Naturally, all eyes were on them. The whispers started and some women turned into complete mush as they gawked at Bruce Wayne. Bella tried not to laugh at how airheaded some acted around him. She wondered what Bruce thought about those types of women that had no shame.

“So why didn’t you tell me about this?” He’d already overheard some of the conversation, but was curious as to how she’d explain herself.

She shrugs.

“I figured you had better things to occupy your time with.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“Hmmm… Ever think I like spending time with you no matter the occasion? To be honest Bella I was rather hurt that you didn’t personally invite me. I wasn’t sure whether to even show.”

She looked to him oddly.

“I really hurt your feelings?”

He makes an inch mark with his fingers. She bites her lip to keep from laughing.

“See there you go. I’m spilling out my heart and you’re making your lip bleed to keep from laughing.”

She clears her throat.

“I’m sorry. You’re right I should have invited you.”

His eyes widen and he puts his hand upon his heart. He chokes back as if having heart complications.


“Did you just admit that I was right about something?!”

She laughs and hits him on the shoulder.

“That wasn’t funny.”
He chuckles.
“I thought it was.”

“You’ve got a terrible sense of humor.”

“Are you sure about that? I’ve been told I have a great sense of humor.”

“Well obviously they were lying. And I imagine they were at gun point!” She taunts.

“Nonsense, I don’t use guns…”

Once the food is brought they eat in silence. About an hour later it was time for the awards ceremony. At this point Megan and Casey joined them at their table. Then Jim and Sara Gordon entered the room as well. Bella smiled and waved them down. Sara waved happily and they made their way over. Bruce came to his feet and offered his hand. Jim and Sara shook his hand and took their seats. Bruce adjusted his tie before sitting back down. Before long the ceremony started. Once Bella’s name came up Bruce escorted her down the aisle to receive a Diversity plague, Volunteer certificate, Outstanding academic achievement plague, Outstanding Criminal Justice Student, and Undergraduate Student Research Award.

Naturally when they saw who her escort was the whispers started again and cameras were flashing from all angles of the room. The entire room clapped as she made her way back down after receiving her awards. Bruce led her back to the table.

“Now was that so bad?” He whispered into her ear once he scooted her chair in.

She merely smiled and shook her head. Sara reached over and took her hand.

“We’re so proud of you sweetheart.”

Jim turns towards her as well.

“That we are.”
“Thank you.”

“And so are we!” Megan practically squealed.
Bella softly laughed.

“Yeah it’s been rather cool having someone pretty damn witty in our group. We’re gonna miss you.” Casey admits.

Bella would be starting the police academy once the summer was over.

“I’m not going anywhere guys.”

“I know, but it’s not going to be the same is all.”

“I never thought I’d say this, but it’s not the same without Jer as well.”

Bella swallowed back on Casey’s words. She nodded in thought and looked around the room. Bruce patted her leg beneath the table.

“Sorry Bella, I didn’t mean to trudge up…”

Bella stopped her and shook her head.

“Don’t… Jer should be remembered, not avoided. I’m actually glad you thought to bring him up. I just miss him so much.”

“He was practically family.” Sara admits in thought of Jervis Tetch.

The dean snuck up behind Bella and whispered in her ear.

“There’s someone that wishes to speak with you.”
She turned around and looked to him oddly. The dean nodded with a beam about his face.

“Please excuse me…” Bella said to her family and friends as the dean escorted her over to another man.

He was tall had blond hair and a cleft chin. He was seemingly attractive; however Bella knew damn well who this man was. What she didn’t understand is why he was here and why did he want to visit with her.

“Mr. Dent?”
He nods and offers his hand.

“A pleasure Ms. Gordon.”

She looks to him oddly.

“We’re sorry to intrude on this marvelous occasion.”

“We?” She questions.

“Ah, yes, how rude of me. Please allow me to introduce one of my newest interns. Mr. Edward Cullen, he’s a med student and is to work alongside of me over the summer.”

The rustic haired man nodded and offered his hand. Bella shakes it.

“Mr. Cullen this is Ms. Gordon she’s earning her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.”

Bella looked to Mr. Dent surprised. He smiles taking notice.

“I’ve done my homework. One of the top of your class, you had a couple of rough weeks there in your gpa, but you’ve more than managed to make up for it. And your achievements alone are exceptional. That is why I’ve sought you out. I can use someone like you. I only want the best, someone that would be willing to work alongside of Mr. Cullen.” He places them side by side and nods.

“How extraordinary you two even seem to complement one another. I imagine you would get along perfectly. Two highly intelligent people working for a better tomorrow. For the future of Gotham.” Bella softly laughs. They look to her oddly as she clears her throat.

“Is this what you came here for Mr. Dent? To offer me a job?”

“Yes precisely…”

“You want my help in getting you elected?”
He frowns.

“It’s a bit more long term than that Ms. Gordon. Why do I get the feeling your mocking me in that brilliant mind of yours?”

“With all due respect, you’ve rather thrown me off. I’m not certain how to react to this. I’m a criminal justice major sir, not a politician. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really into the whole politics thing.”

“That’s not necessarily true Ms. Gordon. You see I didn’t just seek you out for nothing. I remember you quite well. I remember you were the one that let Mr. Cobblepot have a piece of that witty mind of yours! You not only stood behind Gotham, but Batman as well. That takes some guts and that just so happens to be what I’m looking for. So what do you say Ms. Gordon? Will you come join my team?”

“Team huh?”

He nods. Bella takes in a breath.

“I’m sorry Mr. Dent, but I must decline your offer. Like I stated before politics isn’t really my area of expertise.”

“I’m quite sorry to hear that.” He takes a business card from his pocket.

“If you just so happen to change your mind and I truly hope that you do. Please do not hesitate to call at anytime. That number below is my personal cell number.” Bella nods taking the card.
“May I at least have your support?”
Bella softly laughs.

“Between you and Cobblepot?”

He nods.

“Yes sir, you have my vote.”

“Good to hear. I do hope to hear from you, but if not I understand. Please take care and enjoy the rest of your night. Congratulations by the way on your wonderful success.”
“Thank you, sir.”

“No, thank you for your time.”

“Ms. Gordon…” Edward Cullen says and takes her hand kissing it.

Once Dent is out of hearing range.

“I do hope you change your mind. I’ve heard delightful things. It could be interesting… until next time…” He states and exits the building.

The dean makes his way over with that huge grin still planted on his face.


“Well what?”

He takes her arm leading her back to the table.

“How excited are you to be working for Mr. Dent over the summer?”

Bella takes in a breath.

“I won’t be sir.”

He stops in midstride. He twirls her around facing him.
“You what?!”

Bella raises her brows on this.

“You do understand just what that would look like on paper right? He’s the district attorney and he’s soon to be our mayor.”

“Easy sir, he hasn’t been elected yet.”

“I pegged you for one of our smartest students here in GCU!” He snaps.

“Excuse me?”

He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Nevermind… there’s your seat!”

Bruce caught the tail end of the conversation as the dean walked away.

“What was that about?” He whispered.

Bella let out a nervous laugh and went to answer, but Jim added his two cents as well.

“So what did Mr. Dent want?”

Bella sips from her tea and wipes her mouth with a napkin.

“He was offering me a job.”

“Job?” Sara said with the same beam the dean had.

Bella nods. Jim smiled.

“That’s amazing news Bella!” He declares.

Bella swallows back.

“I never said I took the job.”

Jim’s smile fades quickly.

“Did I hear you correctly?”

Bella shrugs and lifts her eyes towards her uncle.

“Tell me you accepted his offer Bella Gordon!”

“Jim…” Bella whispers with a blush.

He shakes his head and his face grows red with anger.

“You’re telling me that man went out his way just to offer you a job! A damn good one and you turned him down?!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Jim…” Sara advised in a whisper as others were looking upon them now.

Jim came to his feet.

“A word outside now!”

Bella starts laughing.

“I’m not doing this with you. I’ve already made my choice. It was my decision to make.”

“You will hear me out on this!”

He throws down his napkin. After the awards everyone was handed a piece of cake. Bella hadn’t even touched hers. She wasn’t about to mention to her uncle that he had frosting hanging from his mustache.

“Jim…” Sara utters in disbelief.

He eyes his niece. Bella sighs in defeat and comes to a stand and follows her uncle outside. He points upon her irately.

“You will do whatever it takes to get in that man’s good graces again. As soon as I get home I myself will make a few calls. You will take this job. It’s a damn good job until you finish the academy. That man could give you one HELL of a good reference. Are you even thinking about your future?”
“Of course I am.”
Jim shakes his head.

“No, no you aren’t or you would have jumped at this opportunity.”
“It’s not for me!”

“You haven’t even given it a try!”

They turn to see Bruce and Sara heading their way.

“I will fix this and you will do this. You need this opportunity.”

Sara rushes over and wraps her hands around Jim’s arm. She starts leading him away. Bruce takes Bella’s hand and leads her back inside. Sara whispers sorry to Bella as she leads her uncle away. Bruce leads Bella to the dance floor. She latched onto him with her own emotions skyrocketing at the moment. Bruce said nothing just held her as they danced. Her head rest against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry about all that.” He hears her whisper.

“There’s no need.”

“So you’ve no opinion on the matter?”

“There’s only one that comes to mind. I believe you should do what it is YOU want and not everyone else.”

“Can we get the hell out of here now?”

Bruce softly chuckles. Without another word he takes her hand and they promptly sneak out. Sara had already grabbed Bella’s awards for her. Bruce takes her for a walk by the river not far from the school.

“So what are your plans for this summer?” He inquires curiously.

He takes off his jacket and places it on her. Bruce then wraps an arm as they continued to stroll along. She shrugs.

“I haven’t given it much thought. I do know my first agenda is to find an apartment here soon.”

He nods in thought.

“Maybe closer to me?” He suggests hopeful.

She giggles.

“Closer huh?”
He nods again.

“Hmmm, I’ll see about that.”

He kisses her forehead.

“Actually, I was wondering if maybe you’d be willing to take a trip with me this summer.”

“A trip?”

“Yes, I thought that maybe we could get away for a week or so? If you can handle me for that long.”
Bella looks around and whispers faintly.

“What about Batman and Batgirl?”

“Even they need a vacation Bella.”

“And where would we go?”

“Anywhere you want as long as it’s with me of course.” He replies with a shrug.

“I don’t see why not.”

From there he walks her back to her dorm.

“Congratulations, you’ve worked hard to earn the recognition you received tonight. That’s something to take pride in. It was an honor to be your date. Even if I had to force it upon you.”

Bella quietly laughs as he does a slight bow. He smiles and kisses her cheek.

“Goodnight Ms. Gordon.”

“Goodnight Mr. Wayne.”

Bella swings her legs about as she waited. The doctor knocked on the door before he entered. She narrowed her eyes looking to the strange man before her. He lifted his head up from reading her chart.

“Ms. Isabella Gordon?”

She nods.

“I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I’ve been assigned to you by your original doctor.”
She looks to him slightly alarmed.

“And which doctor would that be?”

“Dr. Michaelson it shows he’s who dealt with you on your KD?”

“Yes sir.” She says with a hint of relief.

Another knock sounds at the door.

“Ah, that’d be my intern. Do you mind if he observes?”

Bella shrugs.

“We all gotta start somewhere.”

The doctor smiles.

“Yes we most certainly do. Come on in Edward.” He calls out.

Bella laughs as the man walks in. He was in black scrubs and a white scrub shirt with a name tag that red Edward Cullen his title and he had a stethoscope around his neck. Dr. Cullen clears his throat.

“If you’re wondering about the name, I apologize I should have explained that he is also my son.”

Edward smiles and takes her hand.

“We’ve met before.” Edward admits.

“Ah, have we now?”

Edward nods.

“Yes, through Mr. Dent.”
“Well I’ll be. You still ok with him in here?”

“I don’t see an issue.”
“Good then we shall get started. Mind if he takes your vitals?”

She shrugs. Once Edward’s done he hands what he got over to Dr. Cullen. He nods in approval.

“Well everything seems fine there. We are still waiting on the labwork. Have you been having pain or other issues we should discuss?”

“No sir, I’ve been feeling fine.”
“That’s always good to hear. Well once the lab work is in we’ll return and go from there. As always you’re free to get another opinion or change doctors. I’m sorry to have this sprung on you. It seems however your current doctor is having some health issues of his own and couldn’t be here. He personally asked for my assistance on your particular case. It seems he wasn’t very fond of your last doctor?”

“Long story…”

“From what little I’ve learned he’s the reason you ended up with the KD to begin with?”

“You’d be correct.”
“Such a terrible situation, I assure you we will do our best to help whatever way we can. You’re in good hands Ms. Gordon.”

“Thank you.”

He nods and Edward nods towards her as they exit the room. Bella’s cell vibrates and she sees it was a text from Bruce.

And how’s your day going?

Superb so far, currently on a date with two hot doctors.

I can’t leave you alone for even a day. Can I?


And what if I was to say I’m on a date with a hot maid?

How dare you refer to Alfred like that! You should be ashamed!

Funny girl aren’t we?

(Smiley face) xox’s

Look, I just wanted you to know I got to head out of town for a couple days. I’ve got this convention to attend. Just keep in mind certain things we discussed…

And they would be…?

I’m serious Bella!

Fine… Bruce (face with tongue sticking out)

Your maturity is outstanding!

Yep! Be safe Bruce.

You too Bella… See you soon.

After a few more minutes there’s a knock at the door again. The doctor and his son enter the room. “Cultures are looking much better. I still want you to keep the diet plan you’re currently on however. I’ll have you a prescription for your pills to be refilled. I see no need for anything further at the moment. This is just something we need to keep tabs on and only time will tell where we go from there. So far everything looks good. As I’ve said before you’re always free to get another opinion. We want you to feel comfortable if it’s not with us then we regrettably understand.”

“I don’t see any issues.”

Dr. Cullen smiles.

“Very well, we shall see you at your next appointment.”

Edward looks to her before they leave the room.

“Have you reconsidered Mr. Dent’s offer?”

She grimaces somewhat. Edward softly chuckles.

“He still has hopes that you will call.”

She nods, but says nothing on the matter.

“Have a good day Ms. Gordon.”
“You too.”

As she steps out of the office her cell rings on the way to her cab.


“I just wanted you to know I’ve managed to talk to Mr. Dent myself. He’s willing to work with whatever schedule you may have.”

“Bella just at least give this a try is all I ask. It’s just for the summer.”

She sighs.

“I’ll think about it, but I make no promises.”

On the way home she has the cab come to a stop. Mr. Cobblepot was making another one of his speeches. He had scrolled flags of the batsignal with a red slash going across it. It was another one of his antiBatman speeches. Bella paid for her fare and stepped out of the cab.

“And now we got another one walking amongst his shadows!”

He holds up a picture of Batgirl. She raised her brows on this as she made her way through the crowd for a closer look.

“Both of these are nothing more than menaces to our society. They will only continue to lure darkness our way. They cannot be trusted. They should be caught and apprehended at once! I’m sure Arkham Aslyum has room enough for these to lunatics that dress as though giant rodents. Can we not see that alone is a sign! Why a bat? Why two of them?”

Bella however was temporarily blinded by some sort of reflection. She turned to see where it was coming from. Her heart sank as she took notice of the gun, but he wasn’t the only one. She looked around to see things were about to turn ugly. She counted over 12 men so for in tan trench coats, each looked to be armed. She took in a breath and rushed towards the front of the stage quickly as possible. She vaulted the stage and shoved Mr. Cobblepot to the ground. She used the podium he stood at as a shield as the gunfire began. He looked to her with widen eyes. She nodded and rolled off the back of the stage. She took his arm and began to lead him towards the security guards. They each looked to her in shock. She hadn’t the time to explain. She hopped back over dodging bullets. Bella began to help get whatever citizens she could out of the way.

Jim and his men showed up before long. He saw his niece from afar trying her best to help. She took a nearby chair and used it to knock one of the guns out from one of the men’s hand. Jim darted through the frantic crowd trying to get to her, whilst shooting at the armed men and getting innocents out of the way. Once he was close enough he tossed her a gun. She caught it and began to help the other officers apprehend the men.

Across the way was a woman she was holding her infant child scared out of her mind. A table blocked Bella’s way from getting to her. Men were coming from all directions. Bella took in a breath and took a fated leap. She took off running fast as she could and hopped onto the table and slide as though for home base. She twirled around and began firing at the men coming for the woman and her child. Bella took out their kneecaps and they fell to the ground. Bella maneuvered back around rapidly. She safely brought the woman and her infant to the ground.

“Stay down.” She shouted over the gunfire. Bella only had two bullets left. She peeked around a corner to see the men walking throughout the area. Bella recoiled as they kicked the bodies lying on the floor to make certain they were dead. The child within the woman’s arms began to cry.

“Shit…” Bella uttered to herself as they were heading their way. Four guys and two bullets, two civilians to care for…

Bella’s heart raced as she tried to come up with a plan. There was only one thing that came to mind. Bella looked to the incline they were on. If she could get the woman to roll with her infant they’d have a better chance of not getting shot. Bella could try shooting down one of the window cleaner boards from a nearby high rise.

“You have a good hold on that baby?”

The woman nods.

“Good, now lay flat and whatever you do keep that child’s head protected.”

The woman nodded and did as Bella said. Once they were in the correct position, Bella pushed them down the hill. She heard the men making their way over. She jarred back against a mailbox. She aimed her gun at the chains connecting to the board that she had in mind. Her plan worked taking down two as the board landed only she had no bullets left and two men with guns aimed right at her. Bella flinched as she heard gunfire coming from behind her. The men fell to the ground.

“Are you alright?” She nodded as her uncle helped her to her feet. He checked her over and took the gun he’d given her back.

“You still have your gun license right?”

She nodded.

“Good girl.”

Bella hunkers down taking notice of something hanging from one of the men’s pockets. She carefully picked up the item. She then took out her own business card and compared it to the other.

“What’s that?” Jim questions.

Bella hands the card over to her uncle.

“Why would these men have Harvey’s business cards?”

Bella wondered that herself. She looked around in thought. That was nearly too easy.

“Something’s not right…” She whispers to herself and looks around.

Jim watches as Bella makes her way through the aftermath. Bodies were strung out about the place. Bella put her hand to her heart as she stepped around checking to see if there were any survivors. She looked up to see Mr. Cobblepot being stuffed into a limo. She shook her head in thought. This was a set up alright, but not in the way it was suggested. Bella looked back towards the limo.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

“Is it too early for my suggestions?”

Jim and two other follow officers look to Bella as she continues to think and look around. She looks to one more of the bodies. She half laughs and shows her uncle the card. He sighs.

“Bring in Harvey Dent for questioning.”

“You can, but if you do you’re bringing the wrong man.” Bella says with full confidence.

“Very well, amuse us.”
“I believe Mr. Cobblepot should be brought in for questioning as well. This was damn near juvenile… Mr. Dent’s a bit too smart to have taken this approach.”
“What on earth are you suggesting?”

“That this isn’t his doing. That Mr. Cobblepot set all this up. He wanted to set up Harvey Dent. Only he went about it too drastically. He forced the proof right down our throats. Well I’m starting to see past this game of bullshit. I believe Mr. Cobblepot was willing to take a bullet in order to set Harvey up. A bullet that of course wouldn’t have killed him only hindered him enough to gain sympathy of his followers. The guy’s a god damned nutcase.” Bella uttered running her finger along the bullet hole in the wooden podium he stood at.

Her uncle sighed.

“Alright that’s enough you’re not a cop yet.”

“Yet…” She reminds.

“Precisely, now we got this go on home.”
“I can help.”

“I know and you did a good damn job today, but still you’re not on the clock yet. Hell you haven’t even started the academy. Go home that’s an order.”

She rolls her eyes and Jim takes her by the arm. He has one of his officers take her back to the dorm.

Once she stepped inside she tossed down her keys. She went to the fridge and grabbed a beer her bottle of vodka that had been there for months. Bella sat there and stared at the perspiration on the bottle as drops ran down the bottle onto the small card table. The vision of all that had taken place filled her mind. The massive body count, the screams… She jumped as her cell went off.


“Hey are you ok?”
She shut her eyes for a moment. Just the sound of his voice seemed to sooth her somewhat.

“So you heard?”

He sighs.

“Yes, I was already on the plane. There wasn’t much I could do unfortunately. Were you there?”

She clears her throat feeling that lump forming.

Bruce winced and paced around in his hotel room. He looked out the window, wishing he was there. However he was currently in Metropolis.

“Tell me everything.”

Bella told him everything that took place and then added her theories on the matter.

“I think you maybe right. Still you need to let your uncle deal with the matter. I’ll look into as well when I get back.

“So how many are we talking?”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Bruce, it was the worst I’ve seen in years.” Her voice cracked towards the end.

Bruce clears his throat.

“That bad huh?”

“Yeah Bruce… Before I left the death toll was 37 counting. Injuries were in the 50s. It was a big crowd.” She hints.

“You know you’re welcome to stay at the manor even when I’m not around right? If you ever feel the need, make yourself at home.”

She nods and sucks back a breath. Bruce hears the sound of the beer bottle and grits his teeth.

“Bella… Please tell me you’re not drinking.”

“I’m not… yet.”

“Are you trying to do yourself in?!”
“What the hell do you want from me Bruce?!”

“To live a long god damn life that’s what. You keep down this path and you’re going to end up with kidney failure. Then what is there dialysis? Perhaps eventual death? Is that what you want?” The sound of a bottle being tossed across the room is heard.

“Just because you saw my records doesn’t give you the fucking right to father me around Bruce!”
“I’m not fathering you around Bella. I’m only trying to help! That’s my job as your man! So put the damn liquor up and quit turning to it every time something goes sour! You feel the need to relief some stress? Go to the manor and use that energy in the fucking gym. Quit taking it out on your kidneys! Drinking is never the answer! You have some god damn common sense try using it!”

Bella growls out and hangs up on him.

“Dammit!” Bruce growls and grips the phone firmly as he continues to pace the hotel room.

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