Chapter 13 Never A Break

Chapter 13

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Bella rolls over in the bed about 3 am. She answers her cell.


“Seems you were right…”

Bella rose up in the bed and tiredly rubbed her eyes.


“Mr. Cobblepot was behind it all of it. He wanted to make it look as though Harvey had ordered a hit on him.”

“And in order to do that innocent people had to die?”

“I know kid, I’m just as jumbled about this mess as you are. I know it’s late. I just knew you wouldn’t sleep until you had word.”
“You’d be correct.”

“Well at least try to close those eyes of yours now. Goodnight Bella, love you.”
“Love you too.”

Bella hangs up and reaches over grabbing her robe. She’d taken Bruce’s advice after all, though she’d never admit it to him. She stepped out onto the patio. Bella hadn’t slept at all she was just laying there. She gazed upon the stars before heading back inside. She then went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She leaned against the counter and sipped from it. She lifted her eyes as the double doors swung open. Alfred was in his stripped pajamas entering the room. She smiled.

“Are we having us a pajama party?”

He smiles in return.

“It would seem so madam.”

Alfred pours himself a glass of milk and microwaves it for a few seconds.

“Does that really work?” She asked curiously.

“It’s not for me.”

She cut him a bewildered look.

“May I ask who it’s for?”
He smiles.

“Follow me…”

Bella follows Alfred out the back entrance. He hunkered down and a litter of kittens came running out of a nearby bush. He was pouring the milk into the bowl.

“Awww.” Bella crouched down and watched as they lapped up the milk.

They were orange, white, gray, and one was black and orange mixed. She looked around in wonder.

“Where’s the mother?”

“I’m sorry to say I found her remains in that bush over there. It seemed she starved herself in order to care for her kittens.”

“Oh how terrible.”

“Yes somehow they got trapped in Master Wayne’s yard.”

The little black and orange kitten made its way to Bella. She smiled and scooped it up.

“Just how cute are you!” She announced and rose up as she held the kitten and petted it.

“That one is Orion…” He points out to the one she was holding.

“That white one over there is Altair.”
“Then we got Ursa.” He points to the gray one.

“And then we got Hercules, Libra and Draco.”

Bella smiles.


“Yes madam.”
“Bella Alfred…”
“Ah yes…” He points to his head and winks.

“That’s right… Well I want this one!”

“Good luck convincing Master Wayne.”

“Pffft I’ll sway him somehow.”
“Believe me when I say I’ve yet to get him to keep any sort of pet.”
“What’s he got against animals?”
“Quit the contrary, Master Wayne loves animals especially of the dog variety. He just feels he’s not home enough to care for one properly.”

“Hmmm… Well if he could hold on to it until I find an apartment suitable for pets.”

Alfred chuckles.
“Good luck with that.”

“That bad huh?”

Alfred picks up the now empty bowl.

“Do try and get some sleep now.” Alfred insists as they head back inside.

The next day Bruce had decided to head on home straight from the convention rather that stay another night. Bella hadn’t left his mind and he wanted to check on things in Gotham. He just truly hadn’t expected Bella to already be at the manor. This actually brought somewhat of a smile to his face. Yet he found himself confused on what she and Alfred were doing. He pulled up to the gate to see them giving away kittens. There was a line of parents and small children. He rolled down the window as the limo came to a stop.

“What are you two up to?”

“Well hello to you to!” Bella retorts.

He sighs and steps out of the limo. Bella pecks him on the lips.

“You’re home early.”

He narrows his eyes upon the kittens and the small group of children petting them. Bella makes her way over to a table they had set out. She pulls out a tan pet carrier.

“I want this one!” She declares.

He raises his brows and peeks into the pet carrier. It was the orange and black kitten.

“I thought you could take care of it until I get my apartment. It wouldn’t be for very long…”

Bruce takes in a breath and starts to walk away.
“Oh come on Bruce!” She calls out.

He stops in his tracks and calls out over his shoulder.

“Move in and you can keep the kitten.”
Alfred and Bella freeze. He starts walking again.

“Did he just say what I think he said?”

Alfred smiles.

“My dear I believe so.”

“Move in?!” Bella chases Bruce down with the carrier still in her hand. The kitten meows out as a reminder.

“Oops… sorry…” Bella says and hurriedly taps Bruce on the shoulder before he heads inside.


“Did you just say what I think you did?”

“What did you think I said Bella?”

“Move…” She swallows back.

“Move in…?”
He nods.

“You heard correctly.”

She taps him on the shoulder again.
“I can’t move in I mean we haven’t even.”
“We haven’t what Bella?”

“You know…”

He tilts his head in bewildered. She sighs.


In her head though it was like bright neon letters. Not once has Bruce ever said the words I love you. Sure he’s admitted he’s in love, but those three words never once left his lips. Yet here he was asking her to move in? Bella felt rather offended by that.

“What is it Bella?”

She takes in a lost breath.

“You really want me to move in?”

He nods.


“Why not? It’d certainly make training easier, amongst other things.” He hints about their other personas.

“That and you can keep the kitten.”
“That sure sounds like blackmail.”
“It sure does. Just have everything packed away. I’ll have someone come for your stuff this weekend.”

He turns his back to her, but smiles as he heads on inside.

“Is everything alright Ms.?” Alfred inquires as he was making his way inside as well now.

“You mean other than Bruce giving me damn whip lash? Nah, I’m pretty peachy.”

Alfred softly chuckles to himself. He takes the pet carrier from her hand.

“I’ll get the little guy set up.”
“Thank you Alfred.”

Bella makes her way upstairs and peers into the bedroom as Bruce was unpacking. He lifted his eyes towards her.

“Something wrong?”

She shrugs and sits on the edge of the bed.

“I’m surprised to find you here to be honest. I thought you were still pissed with me.”

“I could leave…”

He shakes his head.

“Could you at least try to be nice? It’s been a long couple of days…”

She nods and lies down on the bed. Bruce finishes putting away his things. He hung up the leather jacket he was wearing. Something Bella wasn’t used to seeing. He wore suits so much it was rather refreshing to see him in a regular t-shirt, blue jeans, and black leather jacket. He plopped down on the bed beside her and crossed his legs. Bella rest her head on his chest. Before long he felt his shirt become dampened by her tears. Bruce didn’t comment. That’s why he was in a rush to get home. He knew she’d be somewhat traumatized through all she’d witnessed. It seemed neither of them was catching a break as of late it was one issue after another. Gotham was becoming even darker than when he’d first started out. Due to her own exhaustion Bella had fallen asleep. He held her for as long as he could, but knew he had work to do. Once he knew she was good and out, he snuck out from under her. He then tucked her in and kissed her cheek. From there he went on the cave, where Alfred was already waiting for him.

He handed him a cup of coffee.

Bruce turned on the monitors and began his own investigation on what all had taken place.

“It may not be any of my business sir but…”
Bruce raises his brows, but continues to work.

“But what Alfred?”

“Perhaps, the best way to woo a lady such as the lovely Ms. Gordon would be to tell her how you really feel?”

“I already have Alfred. Bella knows how I feel about her.”

Alfred lifts his brows as well now and shakes his head.

“Have you truly sir?”

Bruce sighs with annoyance.

“Where are you getting at with this Alfred?”

“I’m simply suggesting you might want to try being somewhat more affectionate perhaps?”

“I’m plenty affectionate!”

Alfred cocks a brow at this.

“Are you now?”

“Alfred…” Bruce hisses.

“I don’t have time for this right now. My hands are plenty full as you can see.”
“That may very well be the problem!”

Bruce grits his teeth and twirls around facing Alfred.

“Don’t give me that look now Master Bruce. I just so happen to like Ms. Gordon. I’d truly hate to see you run her off. Keep this up and she won’t stick around for much longer.”

Bruce narrows his eyes.

“You’re right Alfred it’s none of your business.”

He bitterly twirls around in his chair and starts back to work.
“And what is it you fear sir? What could three simple words do to a man such as yourself?”

Bruce shoots up in his chair and points irately upon Alfred.

“That’s enough!”

Alfred does a slight bow and exits the cave. Bruce tosses his chair across the cave. He looks towards the Bat suit. He takes in a breath and becomes Batman for the night and heads on out.

“Ms. Gordon…” Bella comes to a stand and offers her hand.

Mr. Dent and Mr. Cullen shake her hand as they take a seat at the table.

“I’m so delighted you called and my favorite restaurant nonetheless!”

Bella nods and leans back in her seat. She adjusts her napkin and sips from her glass of wine. The waiter pours the men a glass of wine as well. Once the waiter walks away, Bella looks to Mr. Dent.

“So down to business.”

He smiles.
“If that’s what you wish very well. You would work no more than 25 to 30 hours a week. You’d mostly be working alongside of Mr. Cullen. He knows the ropes inside out and would be able to walk you through it all. There’s also a biweekly payment of 1500. I know it’s not much, but it should help you get on your feet and a decent apartment. Your uncle let me know you were trying to find your own place once you graduate.”

“Um yeah he tends to stick his nose in places where it doesn’t belong.”

Both men quietly laugh.

“I also got word that it was you that discovered Mr. Cobblepot’s scheme.”
“It really wasn’t that hard to figure out. The man’s not near as smart as he wants to seem. In fact the only reason I’m agreeing to work alongside of you and Mr. Cullen is to keep scumbags such as Mr. Cobblepot of the streets of Gotham. Here he was running for mayor. Yet he was a criminal in disguise. Someone many had put their faith into, though I was most certainly not one of them. He has a rather questionable way of gathering voters, quite unethical if I’m to be honest.”

“I couldn’t agree more Ms. Gordon.”

She smiles and sips from her wine again.

“However… if I’m to be honest Mr. Dent you as well have some rather odd loopholes to your promises.”

Edward’s eyes widen and he chokes back on his wine. Mr. Dent chuckles and pats him on the back.
“Easy now.”

Bella sighs and crosses her legs looking bored.

“So you listen to my press conferences?”

“I only said I wasn’t into politics. I never meant I don’t pay attention. I just prefer to stay out of it. You see Mr. Dent politicians are like lawyers. Some less corrupt than others, others mean well, but get too indulged into the moment. They often find themselves swimming in supporters if they know what they know what they’re doing, ones such as yourself. I imagine you got people begging at your feet to help support your cause and to get you into office. Often enough without even meaning to you let that cloud your judgment. You become so use to this way of life because it’s entirely different from the one you were living what a couple months ago as district attorney? You find yourself making promises that often enough you know deep down you will not be able to keep. For one thing there isn’t enough funding. You also have to go through the board members on some of these issues once your elected without convincing each and every one of them you will find a block there as well, on keeping your promises.”

“I’m not sure whether to be offended and walk out or to kiss you.”

Bella slightly smiles.

“By all means if you wish to walk away that is your choice. You’re the one that sought me out after all and as to kissing me I wouldn’t suggest that. I believe you’re well acquainted with Bruce Wayne.”

He nods.

“Quite actually, we’ve done some business together in the past. Yes, I’ve seemed to notice you two share the tabloids as of late. I must admit you two make a rather charming couple.”

Edward however leaned back with this displeased look. One only Mr. Dent took notice of. He discreetly winked at Edward and nodded.

“Let me say this… If you’re onboard and willing to work for me… Perchance, you wouldn’t mind sitting down with me one day and we hash out these little loopholes of mine in which you speak of. “

Bella laughs a little.

“So you still want me to work for you even after everything I’ve had to say?”

“Oh, if anything Ms. Gordon you’ve only enlightened my curiosity about you. I’m all for constructive criticism or worse even if need be. If you could somehow help my campaign then I’m more than willing to hear all you have to say.”

Bella takes in a deep breath.

“Very well Mr. Dent you have yourself a new employee.”

He chuckles looks to her rather amazed.
“Wasn’t it meant to be the other way around?”

“How do you mean?”

“Wasn’t I to be the one with all the questions and then the one to say you’re hired?”

“I never was one to do things the cliché way Mr. Dent.”

Edward smiles looking upon her in utter amazement.

“Oh I believe you and I’m not complaining. Welcome aboard Ms. Gordon.”

“Please call me Bella.”

“Very well Harvey…”

“So is that everything?”

“Everything we can pack for now. Thanks for your help guys.”

“So you’re really going to move in with Bruce?”

Bella takes back an apprehensive breath.


“And what does your aunt and uncle have to say about this?”
“I haven’t actually told them yet.”

“Your uncle is going to freak!”

“Tell me about it. He’s so freaking old fashioned. I wouldn’t put it past him to strut right on up to Bruce and demand he see a ring first.” Bella said looking ill in thought.

“Now wouldn’t that be something?”

Both girls raise their brows towards Bella.

“Don’t what?” Casey questioned in wonder.

Bella sits down with this defeated look to her face.

“Sorry I just got a lot on my mind.”

“Well we’re here…” They sit at the table as well and look upon her concerned.

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose and shakes her head.

“Don’t get me wrong I’m totally stoked on the idea of moving in with Bruce. This gives us more time together.”

“And where’s the but part?” Megan questioned.

Bella half laughs.

“This stays just between us girls right?”

They nod.

Bella sighs and spills the beans.

“He hasn’t even told me he loves me yet. I mean not really. I mean he did call me the love of his life. But when it comes to just flat out saying it, it’s like this void.”
They both look to her oddly.

“You’d think he’d have more of an issue about you moving in than saying that. Isn’t moving in a bit more of a commitment than saying the actual words?”

“You’d think. I mean it’s not like he’s just not romantic that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“It’s just you want to hear him say it…”

Bella nods.

“Why don’t you say it first instead? What’s the worst that could happen?”
Bella grimaces in thought.

“Rejection? Humiliation? Come on guys, I haven’t been in a serious relationship since Jake. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m doing half the time. I mean I already give the poor man hell.”

“Yeah you do…” Casey says behind laughter.

Megan laughs as well.

“But you love him?”

Bella smiles.

“Holy shit!” Casey happily announces.

Bella shrugs.

“It’s about damn time!”

“I have to agree with Casey there we feared you’d never date again.”
“Jake did a real number on you…”
“Yeah well that’s all in the past now. Bruce is my current concern. Anything involving Jacob Black is now in the past.”

“You know that surprises me about Bruce. After all he was the one chasing after you.”

Megan looks to Casey in thought.

“You think that maybe he’s putting the ball in her court so to speak?”

“Ugh, dammit this is so frustrating. It’s like we get each other more than anyone else ever has. Yet we have these little flare ups that just come out of nowhere.”

“Sounds like you’re already married.” Megan says with a giggle.

“Well according to common law she will be once she moves in.”
“Ugh, Casey shut up.”

“I’m just saying if you live there long enough you’re technically married anyhow.”

“I should tell him that next time I see him and watch as he slowly eases out a nearby window.”

They all laugh in thought.

“So just think this time next year you’ll be an officer of the law.”

“If I even make it through the academy.

“Oh please you’re going to have that so nailed you’ll only make the others look bad in comparison. Honestly, it’s going to be hardly fair you’re even there.”

“I’m not that good.”
“Now who’s being humble?” Megan adds.

They all look to the time.

“Well here we go.”
“Is Bruce coming to the graduation tonight?”

“I doubt it he mentioned something about a meeting. In all fairness he did show up to the banquet.”
“Even if it wasn’t by invite.” She looks to both girls accusingly.

Megan raises a guilty hand.

“It was me that ratted you out. Sorry I just couldn’t picture you going without an escort.”

“I suppose I should thank you in a way. I didn’t think I would, but I rather like the fact that he was there.”

“Well you’re very welcome.”

The girls began to put on their dresses and fix themselves up for the night. They got on their caps and gowns. Megan and Casey went on to the gym where the graduation ceremony was to take place. Bella however wanted to stop by Jer’s grave. She had another miniature teacup for him. She had the cab driver wait for her and she left her cab and purse inside. She had her black and blue GCU gown on. Her hair blew back from the sudden cool breeze that hit.


Bella’s hair stood on end as she knew damn well she wasn’t asleep now.



Bella whipped her head around feeling a hand upon her shoulder. She shrieked out and staggered back falling against Jervis Tetch’s tombstone. She flipped herself around and began to crawl back to her feet. She took off running throughout the cemetery as fast as she could. She slammed right into another man. In fact she began to notice she was surrounded. She backed up trying to come up with an escape route. She knew there was no way she could take them all on by herself. There were too many and they each had a gun or knife on them.

She was jerked back and a hand was forced upon her mouth as she tried to scream. Bella was prepared to put up one hell of a fight. But Scarecrow had other plans… She gasped back as he released his toxins right in her face and a heavy dosage.

“Now let’s see how everyone reacts to your precious graduation day. Just wait until they get a load of you. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. I’ll be visiting you along with my son back in Arkham Asylum. It’s rather ironic… Your father had my son committed to that very place once he arrested him. And now you’re going to be joining him. Don’t worry I was sure to leave a name. He’ll be looking for you.”

Everyone looked around as Bella Gordon’s name came up for her to graduate. Bruce had just finished his meeting in time to show up. He sat at the end aisle and he too was curious as to where Bella was. He saw Jim and Sara below whispering in wonder.

“AH! And there she is!”

Bruce narrowed his eyes as Bella looked a bit off. She looked upon everyone in the room. Bella backed away as if in fear. She shook her head and threw her cap onto the ground. She started swiping at her body as if trying to knock something off her. She screamed out in terror and took off running out of the gym. Bruce immediately rushed to his feet and darted throughout a window when no one was looking. He hoped to get to her before anyone else had.
“NO!” Bruce shouted as he saw Bella at the edge of the river.

Bella turned towards him he held out a hand.

“Just stay right there…”

Her heart raced at the figure she saw before her. This shadow like man stood before her with red eyes and fangs.

“What the hell was that?!”

Bruce turns to see Jake running up towards them. All Bella saw was a 9 ft tall wolf with auburn like fur. Bruce whipped back around and he took off diving after her as she fell into the river. The current quickly swept her away.

“Bella!” Bruce shouted trying to keep from being taken under himself.

He extended his hand as far out as he could reach and latched on to a nearby branch. Bruce then maneuvered his body propelling off the branch right for Bella. He grabbed hold of her as they were both being swept away. He did his best to hold her head above the water.

“HEY!” Bruce called out as they passed by a couple of men.

They both looked to one another in shock.

“Go get the tube!”

The other man took off running. The tall blond haired man kept pace with Bella and Bruce.

“Hold on my son’s getting something that will hopefully help.”

The other man returned with a giant black tube with a rope connected to it. He cast out the tube and Bruce was thankful he was able to stop it with his body. He used all he had to fling Bella over into the tube. He tried to get in himself but the current kept trying to pull him back.

“JUST HOLD ON AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN!” The blond man shouts.

Bruce nods and gets a firm hold on the tube. The men start using the rope to drag them in. As soon as the tube makes it’s way over, Bruce calls out.

“HER FIRST!” The younger rustic haired man picks her up and begins to check her over.

“Bella?” He utters.

He panics as he feels for a pulse and there’s nothing. The other man helps Bruce out of the river and they look over to see the other man doing CPR on Bella. Bruce rushed over just as the man rolled her over.

“Come on Bella.”

Bruce looked to the men oddly questioning how they knew her. They each took in a breath of relief as she began coughing and gurgling up the water that was in her lungs. Once her lungs were clear she blinked a few times and looked upon each of them in fear. She quickly backed away from the man that gave her CPR and the blonde that was with him. The shadowy bat figure was with them. Only the both of them had fangs as well blood ran down their mouths. Their eyes were demon black. Her nails dug into the earth.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” She screamed and pulled at her hair.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Bruce crouched over her and went to reach for her. Bella gritted her teeth and swung at him.

“What’s wrong with her Carlisle?”

Bella felt something crawling up her legs, arms and back. She shrieked out seeing maggots, spiders, scorpions and snakes. In fact her entire body was sinking in them as if she were in quicksand.


Bruce reached for her again and she socked him across the face.

“Edward, go get my medical bag! HURRY!”

He nods and takes off running.

“Her pupils are dilated.”

“I’m sorry, how do you know Bella?”

“I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen, I’m Bella’s doctor and my son is an intern at the hospital.”

“I believe I know what this is. I have the antidote, but it’s a good thirty minutes away. I don’t have that much time!”

Carlisle looks to his son once he returns. Carlisle begins to fill up a syringe. He goes to stick her with it and Bruce roughly grabs his arm stopping him.
“What is that?!” He barks.

“I’m merely giving her something to calm her down. This will put her to sleep. If I don’t sir she could very well have a heart attack or possible stroke.” Bruce releases his hold. Carlisle turns back to his son.

“You know how I told you never to be caught speeding again?”

Edward nods.

“Well now’s a good time to go against my wishes. I want you to get this man where he needs and ASAP! I’ll get her inside and set her up.”

Meanwhile Bruce raised his brows on the ultra-expensive sports car. They both hopped into the convertible.
“Where to?”

“The Wayne manor.”

Edward looks to him oddly.

“What are you doing keeping an antidote at your private residence?”

“JUST GET ME THERE BEFORE I LOSE HER!” Bruce says grabbing him roughly by the collar of his shirt.

Edward sighs and starts the car and floors it to the manor. On the way Bruce gives him whatever short cuts he can think of.

Carlisle jumps to his feet as his son and Bruce rush into the house.
“She’s in there.” Carlisle points out.

He had Bella on some sort of hospital bed and had an IV set up. She was sound asleep. Bruce sprinted into the room and noticed how jerky her body was as it spasm off and on. She’d whimper out and she was covered in sweat. Her hair was saturated she was sweating so profusely. Bruce hurriedly injected her and began praying that he wasn’t too late.

Bruce paced the room waiting desperately as Carlisle checked her vitals. Edward replaced her IV bag and put her on some antibiotics. Carlisle explains everything he’s doing to Bruce as he continues to work on Bella.

About an hour later Carlisle looks to Edward as he comes back in with the results. He looked plum ill.


Bruce lifted his head and looked Edward’s direction as well. Carlisle narrowed his eyes at the tone in his son’s voice. He grabbed the results and shut his eyes for a moment.

“This makes no sense. She was fine when we saw her just a few days ago. How can this be?”

“What is it?” Bruce questioned alarmed.

“Normally I’m against sharing patient’s private information. Considering you’re all she currently has at the moment I feel I’ve not much choice. Ms. Gordon has gone into kidney failure. I must admit I’m baffled. Whatever this was must’ve been extremely potent. Sir, if I’m to be honest. If we don’t get her a kidney right away she may not make it.”

Bruce felt as though the ground beneath him suddenly shifted. The air around him grew heavy. He felt out of breath and dizzy.

“Sir, are you alright?”

He nodded and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“We’re new to town. Might I ask what your relationship is to the young lady?”
Bruce glanced back over upon her.

“She’s one of the few people in this entire world I don’t want to live without. Do whatever it takes to get her on top of the waiting lists. I’ll start making calls.”
“And you are?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

“Oh wow… I’ve heard great things. A true pleasure, just unfortunate circumstances. I assure you we will do whatever we can to get her into surgery asap.”

Bruce nods. Carlisle places a chair beside Bella. Bruce sits down and takes her hand. Carlisle and Edward leave the room giving them their privacy. Bruce cupped her hand with both of his and brought it to his lips and kissed it. For the first time in years Bruce found himself tearing up. Once he started he couldn’t stop. He felt like that small boy all over again. He kept picturing his parents over and over. He angrily wiped his face. He cleared his throat and gazed upon her again. He fixed her hair away from her face.

“I’m sorry. Dammit, I’m so fucking sorry. I should have hunted him down and not stopped until I had the son of a bitch!” His hand folded into a fist as he came to his feet again.
“You don’t even think about dying. That’s not a god damn option. So you just hold on. Remember what I taught you! You continue that fight even in there!” He taps her forehead.

“I know you can hear me Bella. I’m not giving up and neither are you. You see… I…”

Edward steps into the room at this point. Bruce runs his fingers through his hair.

“Sorry to intrude, my father wanted me to hook up this vitamin bag as well.”

Bruce nods as Edward does what he needs to set it up, Bruce begins to make phone calls. He even calls Jim and lets him know what’s going on. There was no way in hell now he’d allow Bella would live on her own. She was going to need all the TLC she could get. Bruce would go about it whatever means necessary to get her what she needed. He’d personally take care of the matter. Hell, he’d personally be at her every beckon call if that’s what it took.

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