Chapter 15 Welcome To Arkham

Chapter 15

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One of his men had a video camera in hand.

“I want you to make certain you get every bit of this footage. When we’re done here I want you to mark this one Tiger Lily. I want you to find a way to broadcast this all across Gotham.”

“Yes sir.”

He yanks the blindfolds off Sara and Jim. Scarecrow then pulls up a seat before them and straddles it with his arms wrapped around the back of it.

“Recognize me?”

Batman got one of his teargas bombs prepared and he aimed his zip liner the direction he needed in order to get to Jim and Sara.

“What will she think when she realizes she’s lost everyone she’s ever loved?”

Scarecrow laughs.

“OH how I wish I could see her face when she sees this!”

Just as he’s about to set off his toxins, Batman dives into the skyline, they all jump at the sound of glass shattering. It pours down over their heads. Batman throws own the teargas bomb. He protectively shields Jim and Sara with his cape. He’s quick to cut the ropes that had them tied down. He then grabs them both as they begin to choke back on the tear gas. He fires off his grapple gun and heads back out. Batman gets them out of the building.

They go to thank him only to see he was already gone. Batman’s entire body shook in anger. He crashed back down through the ceiling. Scarecrow had ripped off his mask and was attempting to escape yet again. His eyes watered from the teargas and he couldn’t see how to get out.

Batman grabbed him and slammed him back against the metal wall of the warehouse. With gritted teeth socked him in the gut. He then lifted him off the ground with his hand clamped around his throat.

“You will feel her agony, her fear, her torment! You have me wanting to break my own rule! I’d love nothing more than to kill you MYSELF! I WANT TO RIP YOU THE FUCK APART AND WATCH YOU BLEED!” Batman tosses him across the building. He bounds over and kicks him in the ribs.


Batman grits his teeth at his plea.

“Please? You’re going to beg now? BEG?! Did you show her any mercy? DID YOU?!” Batman roars on top of his lungs.

“There’s no need to kill me! Look let’s make a deal! I….”

Batman decks him across the face. Scarecrow’s men begin shooting at him. He irritably dodges and flares his cape about. He fires off his grapple gun and takes off with Dr. Crane. Once Batman has him where he wants, Batman places his gas mask on. He then searches Dr. Crane finding the firing mechanism he used to set off his own chemicals.

“BEG FOR MERCY AGAIN!” Batman shouts.

Dr. Crane raises his hands in the air and starts to panic.

“Careful you don’t know what you’re doing with that. Too much could drive someone mad!”

“I’m counting on it!” Batman bellows.

Batman uses the entire dosage Dr. Jonathan Crane had on him.

“To think I have the antidote… YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT! Look at it this way you’ll finally be reunited with your son. Do enjoy your stay at Arkham!”

Batman utters furiously as he tosses him right at the gates. Dr. Crane looks up and sees a massive bat before him, with red eyes, massive fangs, the bat smiled upon him and had all kinds of insects crawling all over him. Batman reached for him again.


Batman grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and brought him right up to his face. Dr. Crane was seeing a live nightmare before him. He cried and struggled to break free.

“You will never touch her AGAIN!”

The guards came rushing out of Arkham to apprehend Dr. Crane.

“I want him in Jervis Tetch’s old ceil. I want the tightest security there is for this one! He’s not to be left unsupervised not even for a split second!”

“Y.. yes sir…” One of the guards retorted and they dragged him away.

Batman watched until they had him behind doors. At this he nodded and took off. He went into the shadows, where he momentarily took down his cowl. He covered his face and sunk down to his knees. He still had so much anger within him. He couldn’t help, but to picture everything that man had done to Bella. He grabbed at his gut as it wrenched and ached. He gritted his teeth and growled out in agony.

Batman hopped out of the batmobile and headed towards the bat console. He saw a pair of familiar legs kicked about his chair. He twirled the chair about once he came up on it. He grimaced and took a few steps back.

In his chair was Bella. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked to have been crying. Not only that, but in her hands was Jervis Tetch’s and Bella Gordon’s journals. Bella said nothing she rose to her feet and shoved the journals into his gut. She started to walk out of the cave.


She kept walking and didn’t even bother to turn around. He hurriedly got out of his suit and rushed into the manor. Bruce sprinted upstairs to see her packing her things. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach. He took off and desperately yanked her suitcase out of reach. She cut him a go to hell look and started to walk past him instead.

“Don’t… just don’t… give me a chance to explain.”

“What’s there to explain Bruce? You lied to me. I asked you flat out if you had anything else to tell me! You had your chance to come clean you didn’t take it!”

“You’re right. I didn’t and I should have. It was a very stupid thing to do. I just feared the outcome. You’d have every fucking reason to hate me and I knew that!”

“Those were mine and Jer’s private thoughts! You had no right! How dare you! I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you read my fucking journal Bruce! How fucked up can you get?!”

“Look at me Bella.”

“The hell with you Bruce!”

She starts to walk away again and he gently grabs her hand.

“What’s one of the first things a cop looks for when someone comes up missing?”

She shuts her eyes for a moment and shakes her head.

“I only read them in hopes of finding you. I meant nothing else by it. I would have never done such a thing otherwise.”

“Do you have any idea how humiliating this is?! The things you know! Some of those were about you! I can’t believe this!”

She reaches to the area where she had her surgery.

“Bella please…”

He swiftly sits her down at a trunk by the foot of his bed. He hunkers down before her and looks her in the eyes.

“I would never intentionally do something to hurt you or to invade your privacy, or Jervis Tetch’s for that matter. I can’t tell you what to do. All I can do is explain why I did what I did. You know as well as I do that any detective will always go for the victim’s diary if they can’t find anything else to go on.”

“I thought I lost it! I looked everywhere for this.”

Bruce sighs with full on guilt.

“I’m so sorry Bella. You have every right to be pissed, just please… stay…”

Bruce hopped up quickly feeling it coming. He turned away from her and pinched the bridge of his nose. She looked upon him oddly. Bruce cleared his throat and rapidly stepped onto the patio. The last the he wanted her to see was him fucking breaking down. It was a long fucking night dealing with Dr. Crane. Seeing how he was about to take her aunt and uncle out of the picture as well and make Bella watch it on TV. He hadn’t expected to come home to more hell. He should have known better and it was no more than he deserved. Bella had every right to be pissed. Hell she might not ever trust him again. He heard the patio door slide open. He cleared his throat and quickly wiped his eyes.


Bella had never truly seen him cry. He was growing furious with himself. She didn’t need this! She should be the one crying and freaking out NOT HIM! These thoughts soared through his mind. His teeth ground together as he gripped the metal fence to his patio. Something washed over him as he glanced upon her. Bruce grabbed ahold of her he wrapped his arms around her and begin to break down. Bella’s heart skipped a beat. She’d never seem him act this way. She felt rather alarmed by it.

“Ignore me all you want. I deserve whatever you decide to dish out. Just stay…”

She swallowed back feeling him kiss the top of her head repeatedly. This was so unlike Bruce she was thrown off completely. Her anger had subsided and her concern was now on him. Bruce dropped his hold on her and walked away. Bella stood there dumbfounded she hadn’t any idea what to say or do or even how to feel now.

Sara and Jim never told Bella about Batman saving them. After her recent surgery they didn’t want to stress her out even more. What mattered was that they were ok and Batman had finally managed to take care of Dr. Jonathan Crane. However because Bruce never said anything and neither did they, Bella hadn’t a clue he’d even been captured yet. Bruce kept to himself and stayed busy. He figured Bella was still pissed with him and he didn’t want to press his luck. He feared if he did she’d leave for sure. So he decided to give her some space. He’d help her with whatever she needed, but once Edward or Carlisle arrived he’d go off and do his own thing. Often enough he was still within the manor, but Bella couldn’t ever find him.

The weekend eventually came and Sara and Jim had come over for dinner. Bruce was respectful and engaged in conversation when it called for it. Once Sara and Jim left he to disappeared. Bella yet again went in search for him curious as to what was going on. Alfred took notice of this as well, but he already knew why.

“Could I be of service perhaps?”

He questioned as she peeked into one of the spare rooms. She sighs in frustration.
“Just wondering what his deal is and where he keeps hiding.”

Alfred nods.

“He’s been acting this way ever since…”

“Ever since you found out he had your journal?”

She winced, but nodded.

“Perhaps it has more to do with the fact, that it was the same night Batman managed to take down the Scarecrow.”

Bella froze in place and turned to Alfred in surprise.


Alfred nodded.

“I believe Master Wayne wishes not to disturb you and make matters even worse.”
“Why wouldn’t he tell me?”

“He concerns himself with your health first and foremost. I’m sure he has means to tell you soon enough. He’s just waiting for the right moment.”

“Are you always the mediator when it comes to Bruce?”

Alfred genuinely smiles, but doesn’t answer. She sighs as he heads back to what he was doing. Before long Edward had come by to check on her vitals and to go over some of the files with Bella that Harvey had given her. After a couple hours he went on home only to return in the morning for her therapy sessions. By the time Bruce came to bed Bella was already out. He kissed her and cut off the lamp. When morning came he was already gone.

Bella wasn’t the only one nevertheless taking notice of Bruce’s odd behavior. Someone else had as well and began to read way too much into it.

“You ready?”

Edward questioned as he entered the gym with his bag. Like usual he checked over her vitals before they began.

“So are you and Mr. Wayne having some issues?”

She looked to him oddly as he prepared one of the weights for her.

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry I meant no disrespect. I was merely curious. I notice he hasn’t been around like usual. That’s all I meant.”

“No offence but that’s not something I wish to discuss.

He nods.


He places the weight in her hand.

“Just give me five reps, each hand, you know the usual.”

Edward stands back and gets good look at her cleavage as she does this. Something he’d been doing, but never took notice. What no one knew was that it wasn’t even a week ago that Alfred caught the young man digging into her underwear drawer. He claimed to have been looking for some pills of hers. Only Alfred had caught him red handed with a pair of her panties, he was breathing them in as he passed by the room. Alfred promptly made his way inside. Yanked the pair of panties out of his hands and kneed him in the crotch. He then folded the panties and placed them back into her drawer. Alfred said not a word as he left Edward on the ground grabbing his balls. From there Alfred continued to keep an eye on Edward.

Only today things got more out of hand. Edward took Bruce’s absence as a sign of something else. When that couldn’t have been further from the truth. What he wasn’t aware of is that Bruce Wayne had camera’s in certain parts of the manor. The monitors within the batcave kept tabs on these camera’s and that’s where Bruce decided to hide out today. He was doing some detective work on Clayface as he was still at large.

Edward had Bella working on some squats, weights, etc… She was growing stronger day by day. In fact she already had her staples taken out and there was a small scar where the incision was. She no longer had to count on her pain meds and was on the detox pills now. Edward constantly reminded her of the importance of keeping hydrated during these times.

Bella was leaning against the wall trying to catch her breath after a set of reps. Her eyes were shut as she was thinking to herself about how hard it was going to be when she began her training again. Bella’s eyes however shot open as she felt a set of lips against hers and someone pressed up against her. Her entire face heated over as Edward had slipped her the tongue and was pressing a raging hard on right against her pelvis.

“What the fuck?!” She snapped and shoved him back.

He lifted his eyes towards her.

“Come on Bella. You need this just as much as I do. I’ve been waiting, but we don’t have to now. It’s safe for you to have sex. We’ll just be careful that’s all.”
He makes his way back over and Bella holds out a hand.

“You hold on right there. You know damn well I’m with Bruce.”

Edward half laughs.

“Yeah and where is he? I mean is he ever here? An attractive woman like you shouldn’t be left alone so much. That’s his own fault. He should know better. If you were my girl I’d never let you be. You deserve to be worshipped. What makes you think he isn’t screwing someone else himself? Like I said he’s never here! If he truly loved you like I do then he’d be here! He’d be making sure no one could make the moves on his girl.”

Edward lowers her hand back down and starts to unbutton his pants. Yet again he presses himself against her. Behind gritted teeth…

“Get the fuck away from me or I swear to GOD you will see what wrath I can unleash Edward Cullen.”

He sighs as if merely annoyed and kisses along her neck. Bella body checks him into a nearby weight bench. She winces and reaches to her back and stomach. She starts towards him again despite the pain she was in. Only someone else came barreling into the gym. Bella gasped out. Within seconds Bruce had Edward pinned against the wall with his entire arm to his throat. Edward choked back with widened eyes. Bruce dropped his hold only to punch him in the stomach. He then dragged Edward out of the gym by the hair. He led him out of the manor. Once he had him outside he kicked him in the ass onto the concrete. Bruce pointed upon him.

“Don’t you ever show your face here again! Don’t think I don’t pay attention Mr. Cullen. I know damn well what goes on in my house!” He scoops him up once more by the collar. Edward’s dumb enough to swing at him. Bruce dodges and fires back knocking out one of his teeth.

“Stay away from my girl you perverted son of a bitch!”

Alfred opens the gates and Bruce kicks him off his property. Bella stepped outside as Bruce was locking up the gate.

“I’ll press charges!”

Bella strutted right on up to the gate and pushed it open again. She punched Edward in the face leaving him a nice shiner.

“There that way when you go to the station you have proof of assault. You ask for Commissioner Jim Gordon and tell him what happened. See what he has to say!”

Bruce gently takes her hand and pulls her back towards him. He locks up and they head on inside.

“Are you alright?” He says looking her over.

She nods.

“Are you sure.”
“Yeah it was just a slight pinch at first I don’t feel it now.”

He sighs and his hands fold into fists.

“We need to talk.”

She follows him into the living room and sits beside him on the couch. Just as Alfred had mentioned, Bruce begins to tell her about him placing Dr. Crane in Arkham. He only left out the part about Jim and Sara, considering they hadn’t told her either. He too figured it was best. He knew they agreed to no more secrets, but the last thing Bella needed was more guilt and stressed piled up on her. He also explains why he’d been keeping his distance.

To his surprise Bella says nothing. She rests her head against his chest and cuddles up next to him. He looks to her rather baffled. She grabs his arm and places it around her.


“Shhhhh… just shh…”

He smirks and shakes his head.

“Thank you…”


“Taking the son of a bitch down.” She wipes a few unexpected tears away as she realized it was finally over. She’d already heard it from Alfred, but coming from Bruce. It hit just that much more powerfully.

“Don’t thank me. It’s all over and that’s what matters.”

“Just do me one more favor.”
“And what’s that?” He says kissing along her shoulder.

“Don’t do that keeping to yourself crap again. I hate that.”

He softly chuckles.

“I meant nothing by it other than giving you, your space.”

“If I wanted space I’d be living out on my own. I moved in for a reason.

He swallows back and nods.

“When I saw you packing your bags I figured that’s what I needed to give you. Bella I’m just as new to this as you are. I might’ve been in the dating field a bit longer, but you know why now. I’ve never taken anything serious until now. I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work. I’m not willing to give up.”
“I’d much rather have you yelling at me then to ignore me Bruce. Just something about it…”

He cocks a brow.

“How about we do something other than yelling and ignoring one another?”

“And what would you suggest?”
He shrugs and runs his hand along her crotch.

“I’m sure we can come up with a far better way to relieve stress.”

Bruce lay her down and positioned himself over her. His tongue parted her lips and battled against her tongue. He instantly moaned out. Just this alone was maddening. His cock twitched with desire. Bruce couldn’t take much more. He took her pants off along with her panties. Her pussy was already glistening with wetness. It looked so inviting and felt so warm against his hand as he ran it along her mound. Bruce threw off his shirt and swiftly undid his pants. Bella ached below as she witnessed his cock literally dripping with precum. Bruce didn’t even bother taking her shirt off. He had to have her now. He slide his thick cock into her little slit stretching her out. He grunted out as he came within the first few strokes. He wasn’t the only one. Bella had flooded him and the couch. Neither was ready to call it quits. Bruce continued to stroke himself within the tight and wet clutch she had on him.

“Fuck…” He grunted out with a moan.

“I’ve been waiting and worth every agonizing moment! God you feel so damn good. Don’t ever stop coming Bella. I can buy a new fucking couch!”

“Bruce…” She cooed and couldn’t control her orgasms even if she tried.

They were relentless. It didn’t help that Bruce’s dick continued to pulsate and stay thick within her.

“Fuck me harder.” He lifted his eyes towards her with slight apprehension.

“It’s ok it doesn’t hurt.”

He nodded and rocked about her even harder. They feverishly kissed one another as he erupted within her yet again.

Afterword he simply held her.


“How did you know what Edward was pulling?”

“I saw it on one of the monitors in the cave when I was working on a case. I just happened to have turned towards that particular one when I saw him trying to kiss you. The little shit…”

Bella softly laughed. Bruce rolled his eyes but smirked.

“And why are you laughing?”

“At the ass beating you gave him, honestly he should have known better. I tried to warn him.”

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