Chapter 16 Like Wildfire

Chapter 16

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“Ok take a break.” Bruce said and handed her a bottle of water.

He took the weight from her hand and set it down. He’d taken it upon himself to finish out her rehab. After what that little shit pulled he didn’t trust anyone else. Bella staggered back a bit and he quickly grabbed her.

“Easy…” His hands were along the bareness of her waist.

She was wearing spandex workout pants and matching black sports bra. She took in a breath and downed some of her water. Her body still was recovering. Bella had her good days and bad days. Bruce sat her down on one of the weight benches. Bruce put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“You’re getting stronger, just a few more weeks.”

Alfred cleared his throat before entering the room

“Master Wayne, you have a guest sir.”

Bruce nods.

“Let them know I’ll be right there.”

“Yes sir.”

Once Alfred exits the gym, Bruce rises and faces Bella.

“No lifting. Why don’t you do a couple laps? A gentle jog Bella it’s not a race. I don’t want you jarring your body around too much.”

She nods and comes to her feet.

“I’ll return shortly.”
Bruce enters the living area to see Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

“Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce nods.

“Dr. Cullen, please have a seat.”
“I’m afraid my visit isn’t that of a friendly one Mr. Wayne. It seems we have some issues in which to take care of.”

Bruce half chuckled.
“You’d be correct.”

“My son came home shortly after leaving yours. He was beat to a pulp!”

“Yes sir, I’m sure he was.”

“He tells me you did this.”

“That I did.”

Dr. Cullen shakes his head.

“So you admit to assaulting my son?”

“Absolutely, he had it coming.”

“Very well, as you can see I’ve no choice but to press charges.”

Dr. Cullen takes out his cell phone and calls to the police he had already waiting outside. Bruce starts laughing.
“That would be a very big mistake.”

“No sir. The mistake took place the moment you laid a harmful hand on my son.”

“I take it he didn’t tell you the full story.”

“He’s admitted to the assault on my son.” Dr. Cullen says into the phone.

There’s another knock at the door and Alfred answers. Bruce sighs with annoyance.

“He admitted that your girlfriend and he were having some sort of affair. You obviously found out and lost your cool. Not just with him but the young lady as well.”

Bruce raises his brows.

“Oh did he now?!”

“He tells me that your relationship with Ms. Gordon is unhealthy and questionable. That this, is the reason for their affair; she fears you and won’t leave because of this.”

Bella had just entered the room and overheard this.

“Excuse me?”

“I got this, Bella.”

“What’s going on Bruce? Why are the police here?”

“Alfred, please escort Bella upstairs.”

“No, I want to know what the hell is going on. What was it you were saying about an affair?”

Carlisle sighs.

“I think perhaps a woman’s shelter would benefit you. I’d personally…”

“That’s enough Dr. Cullen we both know Bella is not to be under any stress.”

“All the more reason she should come with me. We could help her.”

“I don’t know what the hell your son told you, but whatever it was… was nothing more than LIES!”

“There’s no need to cover up anymore. My son awaits you as we speak I could take you to him. You’d be under our protection.”

“Are you insane?! I’m not going anywhere!”

Bella gasp out as they begin to read Bruce his rights and cuff him.


“Bella, now just calm down. I will handle this.”

“You’re not arresting him!”

“I’ve no choice but to press charges.”

“Very well, two can play this game Dr. Cullen.” Bella threatens and the officers snap a look her direction.

“Alfred!” Bruce calls out again.

Alfred nods towards Bruce and swiftly begins to lead Bella away from the confrontation. Bella eyed Dr. Cullen the entire time.

“I’ll be there shortly to bail you out.” Bella says through gritted teeth.

The police drag Bruce Wayne outside. Carlisle takes a step towards Bella and holds out a hand.

“Allow me to help.”

He raised his brows on this and exited the manor with a sigh. Alfred dropped his hold once the doors were pulled to.

“They can’t get away with this. It’s all lies! We have it recorded!”

Alfred grins.

“Then let’s retrieve the evidence shall we? We’ll have him out in no time.”

Bella nods and follows Alfred to the Batcave. She begins to flip on all the monitors and searches for the surveillance to the gym room. She pulls out the keyboard and types in the date of the incident and the time. Sure enough it’s pulled up. She makes two copies of the recording. On the way out Alfred grabs her jacket and escorts her to the limo. He then takes her directly to the police station.

Bruce looks over from his cell as Alfred and Bella enter the police station. She nods towards Bruce, but heads right for her uncle’s office. Once she’s inside she pulls the door to. Commissioner Gordon sighed as she handed him the evidence needed to claim Bruce’s innocence.

“What’s this?”

“Proof that Edward Cullen is a lying sack of shit!”

“Bella Gordon!”

“Oh come on Jim. This is absurd.”

“Now you just hold on. The Cullen’s are good people.”

“How do you know them?! Aren’t they new to Gotham?”

“I’ve visited with both gentlemen and they both seem to share a great concern. That’s you. They’ve reason to believe that Bruce is forcing you to stay by his side. Is this true?”

Bella starts laughing.
“You can’t be serious! You’ve raised me damn near my whole life and you’re going to look me in the eyes and ask me such a ridiculous question?!”

“I’ve every right to be concerned. Some of the strongest women deal with domestic abuse.”


“Bella Gordon!”

“Just watch the damn tape Uncle Jim for crying out loud. This is so farfetched! For one thing Bruce would never hurt me!”

Jim merely stares at her.

“FINE, I’ll go gather a laptop.”

Bella struts back out of the office. Bruce and Alfred look over curiously as she heads into another office.

“Hey, I was using that!” One of the officers calls out.

“I’ll bring it right back!” She replied.

She went back into her uncle’s office and shut the door. Bella placed the laptop down and began to set everything up.

“Now what you’re about to see is supposed to me Mr. Cullen aiding me in my rehab. Only he decided to take it a step further.”

Jim sighed and leaned back as if bored. Up until he saw the part Bella was referring to. Jim hopped up furiously.

“You were saying…” Bella says sarcastically.

“Why that little…”

“So are you going to free my boyfriend now or not?!”

Jim nods and exits the office.

“Just let me take this to the judge real quick. I’ll be right back.”

She nods and heads over to Bruce’s cell.

“I’m getting you out.”

“I’m fine. You need to relax ok.”

“I’ll relax, when you’re free.”

Bruce reached out his hand and took hers. He brought it to his lips and kissed it. He gripped her hand even tighter as two others entered the station.

“The bastard.”

“Don’t… he’s not worth it Bella.”

Edward spots her and begins to make his way over. Bella pointed directly upon him.

“Don’t you take another step, Mr. Cullen.”

“Bella please, I only wish to help.”

“Oh, I bet you do.”

She breaks into a smile.

“You see Mr. Cullen, what we have here is a big middle finger coming your way. Did you not realize there was a camera in the gym?”

He half chuckles but looks to his father with an oh shit look. Dr. Cullen narrowed his eyes looking upon his son oddly.

“Is there something you wish to tell me son?”

Edward shakes his head but begins to inch his way towards the door. He starts to take off and Bella takes off after him.

“NO Bella, let the police deal with him!” Bruce calls out.

Bella grabbed Edward by the back of his collar and slammed him up against the wall. Bruce pinched his eyes shut.

“Bella…” He uttered whilst shaking his head.

The officers rushed up to her.

“I wish to press charges. Believe me you either lock him up or you had better lock me up for attempted murder.”
“Bella!” Bruce scolded.

Alfred nodded in approval however and took Bella’s hand.

“Might we go for a stroll?”

She looked to Alfred strangely as he began to walk her around the station. Before long Jim Gordon returns and unlocks Bruce’s cell.

“I take it you’re pressing charges.”

“Absolutely.” Bella replies to her uncle.

Bella turns towards Edward.
“I’ll be seeing you in court.”

“Why are you doing this? If you wanted to end it all you had to do was say so. You said you loved me.”

“Get him tested for drugs as well and a mental evaluation.”

“You’re not an officer yet Bells. You can’t make those decisions.” Gordon reminds.

“Ok, will you please get him drug tested and mentally evaluated?!” She asks doing that cutesy thing she’d do as a child to get her way.

Jim smirks and shakes his head.

“Go home you two.”

Bruce nods and Alfred opens the door for them. A newscast was already standing outside. Bruce protectively put his arm around Bella and rushed her back to the limo. Pictures were being snapped and questions were being shouted.

“Idiots are going to get themselves arrested.” Bella mouthed as Bruce pulled the door shut.

“I’ll set up a meeting and deal with it tomorrow first thing. Word gets around fast.”

“Yeah word that you’re going around smacking me and beating up on white knights or something.”

She started to giggle at her own statement.

“What?” He questioned curiously and placed his arm around her.

“The dark knight beating on white knights.” She said in a hushed voice.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He chuckles.

“Well as long as they keep trying to steal you away…”

Bella blushed a bit.

“Thank you by the way.”
She looked to him completely lost.


“Getting me out in promptly matter, although, you really should have let me handle it.”

“Kind of hard when you’re behind bars Bruce.”

“Hmmm…” Bruce pulls her into his lap.

He kissed along her neck and had her grinding against him.

“I say we go home. Strip down to nothing and get in the Jacuzzi.” He uttered in longing.

He wouldn’t admit it, but something about seeing her manhandle Edward the way she had, had Bruce riled up. He found strong women like Bella very arousing even more so when he could get her to submit to him, to have Bella on her knees begging. His cock twitched about in thought. He slightly lifted off the seat as they began to make out even heavier. When they finally got to the manor, Bruce opened the door. After Bella stepped out he scooped her up and carried her right on in. He went directly up the stairs. Bruce sat her on the edge of the bed. Bella looked to him in surprise as he whipped his cock out hintingly. He gently placed his hand on the back of her head. Bruce threw his head back letting out a moan as she ran her tongue down his shaft.

“Keep going, Bella.” He said in a pleading yet demanding tone.

Bruce pulled out of her mouth after too long. Bruce yanked her shoes off. He then ripped off her clothes and laid her down. He put his cock back in her mouth.

“I want to see you pleasure yourself while you suck me off.” Bella’s eyes raised but she didn’t comment. She couldn’t her pussy ached at his words. She did as Bruce wished. She placed two fingers inside her slit. Bruce watched enjoying the show immensely. He couldn’t get over how sexy Bella was. The only problem he had was he couldn’t tell which he liked more seeing her play with herself or watching her going down on him.

Bella felt him become even more enlarged in her mouth. His cock throbbed and caused a vibration feeling along her tongue. He was reacting to seeing her coming all her fingers and legs. Bella had hit that sweet spot and she had her back arched off the bed and began to masturbate even harder. Bella moaned against his cock during this. He witnessed another orgasm as she yet again flooded her fingers.

“FUCK!” Bruce shouted and came down her throat.

Bella wiped her mouth clean once she was done.

“We didn’t make it to the Jacuzzi.”

He chuckled.

“No we didn’t.”

Bruce scooped her up and took her to the Jacuzzi and carefully placed her inside. She smiled and dunked herself underneath for a brief moment. Bruce finished getting out of his clothes and joined her. Once he did he pulled her into his lap. “I love you.” He whispered whilst kissing along her shoulders. Bella smiled.

“I love you too, Bruce.”

Bruce sighs and reaches out to his phone.

“It seems you’re needed sir.” Alfred hints letting him know the bat signal was on.

“On my way.”

He hangs up and pecks Bella on the neck before getting out.

“Duty calls.”

He wraps a towel around his waist and starts to rush off.

“Just be careful out there.”

He smirks.

“I always am.”

“Well sure you are…” She utters thinking about how Poison Ivy almost had him seeing stars.

He gives her a wink and hurriedly dresses. Bella reaches for her towel and gets out as well hearing her cell ring.


“Hey kid, I need you to come back to the station and sign some papers.”


“Involving this Cullen case.”
“I see. I’ll be there shortly.”

Bella gets ready. Once she’s done she calls out to Alfred letting him know she’s heading out for the night. Bella grabs her jacket on the way out, only to have Orion stop her at the door. He meows out and tries to climb up her pant leg. She giggles and scoops him up.

“Sorry buddy, you gotta stay here.”

Alfred makes his way over and grabs the cat.

“I’ll get him some milk.”

“Thank you Alfred.”

He nods and Bella exits the manor. She gets into the cab that was already waiting for her. She was not even halfway to the station when one of the bridges came crashing down. Bella heard the cab driver gasp out and start cursing in another language. She narrowed her eyes and looked out ahead.

“Oh no…” She groaned and she rushed out of the cab.

Bella took off running towards a car about to go off the bridge. The woman frantically struggled to get her seatbelt off. The car began to slide off the bridge. Bella quickly opened the door and grabbed the woman’s hand just as she finally managed to get her seatbelt off. The car fell just as she took her hand. Bella grunted out in pain as the woman was now hanging off the bridge and Bella held her up by one hand.


Bella nodded with desperation. The woman wrapped both her hands around Bella’s wrists. A couple of men rushed over and helped Bella get the woman back on the bridge. Just as they got the woman to her feet, Bella was flung back by a massive clay arm.

“NO!” The woman that she’d just saved shouted.

Bella flew off the bridge and was just about to land in the water. That familiar cape sound hit and Bella was caught before taking an icy plunge. They appeared on a nearby high rise.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded but was out of breath and reaching to her back. Batman sighed he’d seen what she’d done, but couldn’t get to her in time. He was too busy dealing with Clayface.

“Take slow easy breaths.” He said whilst lifting her chin with his fingers.

Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“You’re not supposed to be lifting. That includes saving people from falling.”
“What was I supposed to do let her die?!”

Batman looks back towards the bridge.

“Go, they need you. I’ll be fine.”

“Just please be careful.” Batman says.

He swiftly wraps his cape around her and kisses her as he brings her down. Bella gets this playful smile to her face. He looks to her oddly.

“Oh my god, Batman saved me! I can’t believe it!” She cried out and covered her mouth like a fan girl would.

He smirked and shook his head. Civilians looked over and began to gasp out and gossip about the situation.
“Thank you, Batman! I’m your biggest fan! I love you!” Bella called out.

Batman rolled his eyes but was chuckling to himself as he fired off his grapple gun. Bella blew him a kiss as he vanished. She giggled to herself as a crowd formed around her to ask her about her experience with how Batman saved her.

As soon as she was able to push past the crowd, Bella made her way to the station and began to fill out whatever was needed.

When Bella returned to the manor she popped a couple of pain pills. Something she hadn’t done in a while. Her back was killing her though. Afterword she made her way to the batcave and chilled out in Batman’s chair waiting for him to arrive. Before long though the pills had taken toll and she’d fallen asleep.

Batman climbed out of the batmobile. He shook his head. He’d grown fed up with Clayface and his constant escapes. It didn’t help that the man could take the image of anyone he wanted. He’d been on the loose for damn near two months now. Batman had almost had him tonight, but Clayface put another civilian in danger as a distraction and once Batman turned around he was gone (or so it seemed). He lowered his cowl once he got to his chair. He saw that Bella was sound asleep. He leaned over kissing her forehead.

The next morning Bella woke to see Bruce staring at the ceiling. His arms were folded behind his head. She ran a hand along his chest.

“Everything alright?”

He shakes his head.

“He’s still on the loose.”

Bella sighs.

“I’m sorry, Bruce.”

“It doesn’t help that he can take the shape of anyone. That just makes this case ten times more frustrating. I don’t even know where to begin to look. He only appears now it seems when he loses his cool. It could be a few days to weeks before I hear or see him again. That and it seems he can’t go too long without this need to be the center of attention. He was in theatre you know. This guy gets off to being the center of attention. Whatever happened to him it seems he doesn’t care now what sort of attention he gets. In some ways he reminds me of Joker. Only when it came to needing attention Joker was by far worse.”

He looks to her in thought and runs his finger along the scar where her surgery had taken place.

“And how are you feeling?”

“I’m alright.”
“Are you certain? I can’t even imagine the strain that must’ve put on you.”

“I took a couple of pain pills when I got home. I don’t feel it this morning.”

“Well let me know if that changes. I need to find you another doctor now anyhow.”

Bella wrinkles her nose in thought.

“I’m sorry Bella. I feel somewhat responsible for allowing those two to be involved in your life and in such a personal matter.”

“Don’t… you hadn’t any control over that. Truth of the matter is they had us both fooled.”

“Still Bella, I should have paid more attention.”

Bruce sighs and tiredly rubs his face. Bella kissed the bruises that were along his body from last night.

“Were there any casualties?”

“No, thankfully just a few scares and injuries.”

Bella’s cell rings and she reaches over and answers it. Bruce ran his hand along the slope of her back and ass.


“Ms. Gordon, how are we today?”

“I’m fine and you Mr. Dent?”

“Eh, I’m fine but just a tad confused.”


“Well yes. You see I was reading the paper this morning and I must admit I’m rather shocked. I’m not so sure how this will look with you helping to run my campaign.”

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me.”
“Well let’s just say when I mentioned you and Mr. Cullen complemented one another side by side. I never truly meant that I wished for you to start sleeping together.”

Bella quickly tossed her phone down and rolled out of bed. She then slipped on her robe. Bruce slanted his eyes and watched as she bolted out of the room and headed straight for the dining area where Alfred usually had the paper waiting for them. Sure enough the main headline read.

Another One Bites The Dust?

Will the famous bachelor be looking for love again? This certainly lasted longer than expected… blah, blah, blah…

Bella groaned out loud and ripped the paper in half and threw it down.

“Coffee?” Alfred offered handing her a cup.

“Is it spiked?”

Alfred smiles but says nothing as he exits the room.

Bella sat down miserably and sipped at her coffee. Bruce came up behind her and handed her cellphone back. She’d forgotten Harvey was even on it still. She rolled her eyes and answered.

“I’m here.”

“Do you wish to explain yourself?”

“With all due respect Mr. Dent, I feel I owe you no explanation. I’m a grown ass woman. I don’t need some politician calling me up to scold me for some ridiculous accusations! How dare you even insist on…” Bruce shakes his head and takes the phone from her hand. He picks up the remains of the paper and pinches his eyes shut.

“Mr. Dent, this is Bruce Wayne.”

“You’ve got my attention.”

“You should know that all of these allegations are completely false. Then again I side with Bella on this. This is our private life and it shouldn’t interfere with her job.”
“Quite the contrary, Mr. Wayne. We’re both public figures, so naturally you should understand my reasons for concern. Ms. Gordon also represents who we are. By representation I mean by association. If I have someone that has humiliated another public figure by a scandalous affair that wouldn’t look so…” Bella could hear everything that was being said.

She grabbed the phone.

“I quit. I will have your files sent to you. Do have a wonderful day Mr. Dent.”

“Now, hold on…”

Bella hangs up and goes back to sipping at her coffee.

“So I’m having an affair and you’re beating on me.”

“At least we finally fit in with the rest of Gotham.” Bruce says with a smirk.

He pecks her on the cheek; then heads into the kitchen to grab him a cup of coffee as well. Orion jumps into Bella’s lap and lies down. Bella sighs and pets the top of his head. Her cell rings again and she ignores it seeing it was Mr. Dent again. It goes to voicemail and not long after other people begin to call such as Casey, Megan, Jim and Sara. The last straw was when she picked up the phone to hear it was Jake.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

She hears him sigh on the other end.

“I was just curious if it was true that’s all.”
“That’s none of your business.” Bella said and hung up the phone.

Bella and Bruce ignored the phone throughout the rest of the day. Both had been getting calls about the rumors that were spreading thanks to the Cullen’s. Bruce helped Bella with her usual rehab. Afterword he had a couple meetings to attend. That and he were holding one himself in order to defend his and Bella’s relationship. He didn’t feel right allowing such lies to be spread about her. He could care less what they said about him, but Bella was entirely different. If anything he did his best not to show just how much all this was pissing him off. All this couldn’t have come at a worse timing as well. But he wasn’t going to back down. He was still going to follow through with his plans for tonight. If anything though, all this bullshit had him ten times more nervous than he was already.

Like planned Bella went out with her friends Casey and Megan. Megan was moving to Metropolis and dating some guy named Clark Kent. Casey was moving back home and that was in England. So this would be their last night to be together again. Bella felt rather gloomy about it all. She was happy for her friends, but they’d been together for so long it felt weird that all a sudden everyone was going their separate ways. They promised to keep in touch when they could. Megan wouldn’t be that far away, so there was still a chance they’d see one another from time to time. Because this was the last time the three of them would be together all at once they planned a big night, a date night with fine wine and food. They were going to a restaurant that would have live entertainment.

Bella came down the stairs in a gorgeous black evening gown. Bruce and Alfred stopped what they were doing in order to merely gawk upon her.

“You look breathtaking.” Bruce declared as he rushed over and escorted Bella the rest of the way down.

She blushed a bit.

“Thank you.”

Bruce escorted her out to the limo that was already waiting.

“You ladies have a good time.” Bruce said as the other two were already inside waiting.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and shut the door for them. Not long after they left Alfred and Bruce nodded upon one another. Bruce went to the batcave and got prepared as well. The girls talked over dinner and shared some memories and laughs. Before long time had gotten away from them and it was time to part ways. They had one last ride together in the limo. Bella was the last to be dropped off. Only when it came time to her exit the driver missed it.

She narrowed her eyes in thought and lowered the privacy window.

“Excuse me sir, but I believe you missed the exit.”

The man said nothing he merely kept driving. Bella sighed with slight annoyance figuring he couldn’t hear her. She cleared her throat.


He nodded as if she had gotten his attention.

“You missed the exit!”

He nodded again and kept driving. Bella shrugged hoping he knew of another way to get there. She leaned back in her seat. The driver ended up pulling over. She tilted her head with confusion as he stepped out of the limo without uttering a word. The man looked to be walking away.

“What the hell?”

Bella stepped out of the limo. She looked watched as the man disappeared into the shadows of the night.

“You’re shitting me right?” She uttered in disbelief.

“Um hello?!” She called out.

“Do you mind taking me home before you quit your job… jackass…”
She sighed and was about to take out her cell and call Bruce. Bella however shrieked out as someone grabbed her and took off. Within seconds they placed her back down. She turned around trying to see who it was, but they were gone. She was suddenly blinded by the batsignal.

“What the hell am I doing here?”

Bella squinted her eyes and looks out to the batsignal in the sky.

“Poor guy can’t catch a damn break.”

She noticed the odd ring shape within the signal. Bella turned back towards the projector. Whilst shielding her eyes from the light she reached out and grabbed what was making the odd shape. Bella then took a few steps back and looked upon the item realizing it was an engagement ring a beautiful one at that. It looked expensive especially the princess cut diamond.

“Now who would leave…”

Bella pivoted back around thinking she’d heard someone. Bella’s jaw dropped and she gasped out in full surprise. Batman was before her and on one knee. He lowered his cowl revealing his face. He ran his fingers through his hair looking nervous as hell. Bella swallowed back feeling slightly dizzy.

“Let’s face it, we both know I’m not the best with words; especially, when it comes to matters of the heart. A million words and thoughts are going through my mind, but I can’t put anything into words. So I’m just going to go for it. Bella Gordon, will you marry this man for all that he is and everything he stands for?”

Her heart skipped a beat and she staggered back in a state of shock. She never dreamed he’d propose. In fact she was prepared to be in one of those relationships where it was nothing more than common law marriage. She never dreamed he’d want to settle down. She looked to the ring in her hand and back to Bruce.

“You… you want to marry me?”

He nodded and reached over taking the ring from her hand.

“Do you mind answering before I have a stroke or something?”

She let out a nervous giggle and promptly covered her mouth. She nodded.

“That’s not quite an answer.”

Bella held out her left hand. Bruce sighed in relief and slid the ring onto her finger. He rose to his feet and Bella wrapped her arms around his neck. Bruce chuckled and kissed her.

“Just to be certain that was a yes right?”

Bella softly laughed.

“Yes Bruce.”

“Good deal.”

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