Chapter 17 Poser

Chapter 17

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Bella’s moaned out in her sleep. What she assumed to be one hell of a sex dream, turned out to be very real. She opened her eyes still feeling the sensation below. That’s when she realized Bruce had his head between her legs. His hands had them spread apart and he was tonguing her clit. Her eyes widened with total surprise and she bit into her pillow. His hold got firmer as she began to squirm a bit. A slight growl escaped his mouth as he got even more into it. Her fingers ran through his dark locks of hair as she began this humping motion against his tongue. Bruce moaned out in satisfaction as she began to climax. Bella sucked back a breath as he licked up her sap.

Bruce kept going not getting enough of her taste. He reached down and began to stroke himself as he continued.

“Bruce please…” She hinted and pulled at his hair.

That smirk formed along his lips. Still he didn’t break. He kept up the torturous, yet wonderful lapping.


He took his entire tongue along her sex keeping with this slow stride. He was merely waiting for it. Bella gritted her teeth.
“Fuck me, please.” She cried out not sure how much more teasing she could handle.

Bruce managed to swiftly flip her over to all fours. His cock twitched at the sight, even more so when he placed his fingers inside. They glided in as though he were fingering wet silk. She arched back as though she were in heat. Bruce inched his way inside. He throbbed and ached for release. He wasn’t ready to be done however. She hadn’t begged near enough. Bella became frustrated as he kept up this sluggish but hard pace.


“Tell me what you want.” He seductively growled out.

Her pussy constricted even more and she became wetter.

“Beg for it!” He demanded and popped her on the rear.

“I need it harder Bruce please.”

“Fuck…” He grunted out with damn near disappointment. He wanted to go for hours on end. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her begging. Bruce was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with him. He’d never been like this with any other woman. Hell if he was they’d probably think he was nuts and steer clear of him. With Bella he felt he could express himself more and not just in a sexual nature. Everything about her made him feel more at ease. CEO by day and Batman at night… left Bruce with severe pint up frustrations. He often used sex to rid of those.

He pulled out quickly and shot all over her ass. Afterword he pressed himself against her and propped her up against him. Bruce kissed along her neck and shoulders. His hands ran along her breasts. Once they traveled down to her waist he merely held her.

They lay back down for a few minutes. Bella softly giggled as Bruce buried his face between her breasts Bella wrapped her arms around his head as he did this.

“Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind being suffocated this way.” He mumbled against them.

The phone rang and Bruce sighed as he rolled over and answered. Bella was kissing along his bare chest as his fingers ran through her long locks.

“I’ll be right down Alfred.”

Once he hung up he pecked Bella on the lips.

“I have an emergency meeting.”

Bruce chuckled as she puckered out her bottom lip with disappointment.

“I’ll make it up to you? How about we skip training tonight and I take you out instead? We can celebrate our engagement.”

Her smile returns and he nods.

“I better hurry.”

Bella nods as Bruce rushes to the shower.

Before showering herself, Bella decided to hit the gym for a little bit. She was able to do some punches and other things, just no heavy lifting. Bella was anxious to get her body back up to par. After Bruce was dressed and ready to go he peeked into the gym before leaving. Bella was already covered in sweat and on her third set of punches.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.” She heard him sternly state at the doorway.

She saluted him and he smirked.

“I mean it Bella. Just the minimum nothing too extravagant; your body still needs sometime.”

At this he takes off and heads onto Wayne Enterprises. Bella put on her headphones and went back to her usual workout. When she was almost done she lifted her eyes towards Alfred. Behind him was Harvey Dent. Bella sighed and took down her headphones. They hung down her sweat covered black sports bra.
“Warning next time Alfred?” She said in a playful tone.

Alfred smiled and did a slight bow.

“I do apologize, madam.”

Bella nodded and began to unwrap her hands. She wiped the sweat from her face and neck with a towel. After she downed an entire bottle of water she looked to Harvey.

“So what brings you here?”

“An apology.”

“Apology huh?”

He nods and looks around the room. He leans against the doorway with his arms folded about his chest.

“I must admit, quite an impressive place you and Mr. Wayne have set up.”

“If that’s an apology you’re going to make a horrible mayor.”

“Are you admitting I have a chance of winning?”
“Are you still apologizing?”

Harvey smirks.

“Very well, Ms. Gordon. I’d like to sincerely apologize for my horrible behavior and cruel assumptions. Not only was it not very professional of me. But I made a judgment call based of the media alone instead of hashing it out with you the proper way beforehand.”

Bella claps.

“That was very good Mr. Dent. Perhaps you’ll get a silver star today instead of bronze.”

“Not enough to earn gold?”

“There’s only one man that earns gold in my book.”

Harvey chuckles.

“I hear Mr. Edward Cullen has been released on parole until the hearing.”

Bella shrugs but doesn’t comment.

“You should know that he no longer works for me. I fired him.”

“Tell me Mr. Dent who were you originally going to fire first?”

He lets out an apprehensive laugh. Bella smiles and nods her head.

“Once again, why are you here?”

“Like I said I came to apologize.”

“Which you’ve done, nevertheless you’re still here.”

“A to the point type of woman I see.”

Bella nods.

“Alright, I admit I’m here to grovel, Ms. Gordon. I received the files you looked over and read through your notes. You’re brilliant and it would be a shame if I couldn’t somehow talk you into coming back to work for me.”

“Then I’m sorry to say it’s a shame.”

“Come now Ms. Gordon. I could really use you.”

“That maybe… But it’s people like you I should steer clear from. I don’t have much patience for two faced politicians.”
“So my phone call really hit a nerve…”

Bella shakes her head and heads out of the gym. She motions for Harvey to follow her. She heads into Bruce’s upstairs office.

“You see Mr. Dent I do my homework. When I mentioned you were two faced, it actually had nothing to do with our little disagreement.”

She tosses a file at his feet. He narrows his eyes and bends down to pick it up.

He then opens it up and begins to skim through the files. His jaw tightly clenched.

“This is false of course.”

“Is it? Because, it looks as though your campaign money is coming from one of Gotham’s biggest mob bosses. I’d no idea you liked to get your hands dirty Mr. Dent. I suppose it’s true what they say.”

“And what would that be?” He says through gritted teeth.

“It’s a man eat man world. Every man for himself… Well Mr. Dent, it’s men like you that make this city a much darker place to live. I thought Mr. Cobblepot sitting you up the way he did was downright dirty. But you however… yours I do believe takes the cake!”


She shakes her head.

“I don’t believe it is.”

“You’re going to have to come up with a lot more proof than this! This is nothing, but lies! I WILL NOT HAVE MY NAME SLANDERED IN SUCH A WAY! NOT THIS CLOSE TO ELECTION TIME!”

Bella nods.

“I do believe our time is up. Do have a good day Mr. Dent and I assure you I will gather the information that is needed. So if I were you I’d cross my fingers and keep my nose clean for the next couple months. Alfred, please escort Mr. Dent out.”

“Yes, madam.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as Harvey left Bella showered and got ready for the hearing. All it took was the judge and jury seeing the footage of what took place that day. Edward didn’t stand a chance. The judge more or less hinted that there would only be the need for one more trial. Edward’s father was simple minded enough to not even hire a lawyer he believed he could proof his son’s innocence on his own. That only hurt his chances even more so.

Bella ran a few errands in town and had lunch with Sara and Jim. Afterword she headed back to the manor. Bella then got ready for her and Bruce’s date. Bella waited and waited. She even called him a couple times concerned. Two more hours passed when she decided to check and see if the Batman suit was still in the cave. She wondered if he possibly had to go out on a call. All of his stuff however was intact. Bella decided to wait in the living room, where she eventually fell asleep. Bruce didn’t return until that afternoon.

Bella heard the front door open and hopped to her feet. Bruce nodded towards her as he entered the manor. She rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh thank god.” She kissed him but something felt off and different. She checked him over.

“What happened to you?”

He smiled and ran his hands along her ass.

“Hmmm… I was out.”

He nodded whilst running a hand along her breast.

“What do you mean out?”

He shrugs and loosens his tie. He lifted her shirt and gawked at her breasts.

“Damn those are nice.” Bella sighed and lowered her shirt back down.

Bruce pressed her up against the door and began kissing her. Something wasn’t right she just couldn’t peg what it was. He seemed different somehow. He even tasted, smelled, and felt different. Bella narrowed her eyes at the red lipstick marks on his neck and the collar of his shirt.
“Um Bruce?”

Bella leaned over and took a whiff. He smelled like cigarettes, cheap perfume, and sex.

“Where the hell were you Bruce? What the fuck is going on?!”

He chuckles and starts to unbuckle his belt. Bella shoved him off her.

“Did you sleep with someone last night?!”

He shrugged and pressed his lips together. He held up two fingers.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“That there is plenty of me to go around!”

“Excuse me? Are you admitting you’re fucking around on me?!”

“Someone’s being a nag. It’s not like we’re married.”


He narrows his eyes and looks upon the ring on her finger.

“Huh, well shit…”
“We were supposed to celebrate our engagement last night. But apparently you had other plans! WHAT THE FUCK BRUCE?! THIS DOESN’T EVEN SOUND LIKE YOU!”

“Then maybe you didn’t know me as well as you thought.”
“I guess you’re right. You’re just like the rest of them!”

“Relax, it was just the one night. You know before we tie the knot. You don’t own me.”
“Unbelievable! And what if I went and pulled something like this?!”
She takes the ring off and throws it at him. Alfred had just entered the room at this point.

“Quit being so overly dramatic!” Bruce shouts.


Her jaw dropped as he backhanded her.

“Put the fucking ring back on and grow the fuck up! It was just sex!”

Alfred goes to intervene with anger in his eyes. Bella held up a hand towards Alfred. Bruce forced the ring back onto her finger. At this he headed upstairs. Alfred immediately rushed over checking on Bella.

“Watch what you say and do around him Alfred, he’s not himself…” She hints looking towards the stairs.

Bella shook her head as she gazed upon the monitor in the cave. Bruce had a party currently going on in the manor. A party in which included some of the Playboy mansion girls and a few other questionable characters. She zoomed in on Bruce’s face he spent the entire time laughing, smiling, and mingling. Bella leaned back in the chair and rubbed her face with frustration.

She looked back to her engagement ring and then the Batman suit. Bella knew she couldn’t hide out for much longer without raising suspicion. She kept a live feed however of everything going on in the manor. She straightened out her dress and returned to the manor.

“Ah, and there she is!”

She heard Bruce call out over the guests. A blonde was currently in his lap. He was running a hand along the slope of her back. He gently removed the woman from his lap and reached out for Bella. She reluctantly took his hand and sat upon his lap. Bella tried to keep from recoiling as he kissed along her bare shoulders.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” He whispered as he had a hard on digging into her.

“Not really in the mood at the moment.”

He chuckles.

“Hmmm… then it seems I have no use for you.” He says in a harsh and cold tone.

Bella shakes her head and rises from his lap. He clears his throat and points directly upon her.

“And I say there she is!”
Everyone now looked upon them as his voice rose above everyone else’s even the music the pianist was playing.

Bella swallowed back as Bruce winked upon her. Bruce reaches for a bottle of champagne he begins to chug it.

“The one that ripped my heart out! And she says… to me. Did you sleep with someone else?”

He comes to a stand and tilts his head about. He waves the bottle about in the air.

“Well yes… yes I did. After all it’s not like you haven’t been screwing around on me!”

His guests gasp out in disbelief. He laughs and waves his finger upon Bella.

“In fact I’m calling off this whole engagement thing. Alfred please, remove Ms. Gordon from the premises. She’s not to return… EVER!”

Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach. Alfred made his way over and Bella covered her face as he led her out of the manor. Alfred personally called her a cab. Before she got in he whispered directly upon her.

“Be patient, lay low. I will come for you. I’ve already set you up a hotel room.”

She nodded and Alfred waved upon her as the driver took off.

Bella paced the hotel room. Alfred must’ve foreseen this coming as well. He’d already had her things packed and they were already in the room. She looked out the window of the hotel.

“Where are you Bruce?”

She pinched her eyes shut as hot tears began to form. She was trying to stay brave for his sake, but it wasn’t easy. Deep down she had to believe he was alive and somewhere out there.

As promised Alfred showed up to the hotel after a couple more days. The longest most agonizing two days of Bella’s life. Each minute that passed by she feared the worst. They began to make plans from there. The first agenda, keep the imposter from finding out the truth behind Bruce and Bella’s secret. Second, find a way to get Bella back into the manor without the imposter knowing of her whereabouts. The only place they could come up with was the cave. Alfred and Bella began to set up ideas for that. She needed access to the cave in order to find the real Bruce Wayne. She hadn’t a clue where to even begin. And in order to find Bruce? That meant Batgirl was going to have to make her debut. From there Alfred and Bella parted ways, they kept everything very discreet and under the table.

Bella called to her uncle and let him in on what she could without giving too much away. She also made it clear that neither of them needed to come by the manor. The media was also soaking up the newest lies and gossip about Bella Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s horrible spilt, making this whole discreet ordeal even harder. Bella couldn’t go anywhere without some sort of photographer or interviewer following her around. So she decided to take things one step further. She cut her hair leaving it just above her shoulders and dyed her hair blonde. She got new clothes and shades. She began to use cash instead of her credit cards. She kept a very low profile, once she felt comfortable in the sense that she wasn’t being followed. Bella made her way to the back entrance of the cave, where she would live for the remainder, until she found Bruce.

From there she kept tabs on the imposter by watching the monitors. Alfred let her know whatever he could when he could. Bella began her own investigation determined to find Bruce at all cost.

Bella looked to the Batgirl suit in thought as the imposter was throwing yet another party. He was spending Bruce’s money, ruining his and Bella’s name and relationship, and running Wayne Enterprise to the ground. He was using Bruce Wayne’s fame to get whatever he wanted.

Bella suited up for the first time since her surgery. She hopped on her chopper and began her search.

After hours of searching throughout Gotham and getting absolutely nowhere, Batgirl began to think of other options. The only one that even came to mind? Poison Ivy… Which meant she was going to have to pay her a visit in Arkham Asylum. Batgirl gritted her teeth in thought. She hated that place it gave her the creeps, but if it got her one step closer to Bruce’s whereabouts…

“Tell me bats are you a Monty Python fan?!”

Batgirl turns to the direction the voice was coming from. She froze realizing who it was.

“I do believe you found two coconuts! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

She swallowed back rather nervously. She’d never been this close to him before.

“Hmmm… Milk certainly does you a body good bats. What I wouldn’t give…”

Joker comes up to the bars eyeing her.

“How come you never looked this sexy for me bats?! Why it’s hardly fair! HAHA! OHH IT’S HARDLY FAIR!” He grips the bars and starts this humping motion.


Batgirl rolled her eyes and kept walking. One of the guards banged his baton on his cell.

“Now that wasn’t very nice…” He mutters under his breath.

Joker’s eyes however stayed glued to Batgirl.

“And what do you want?” Poison Ivy scoffs.

“A little girl talk.”

Poison Ivy seductively runs her fingers along the glass of the cell they kept her in.

“I do believe the last time we had a little talk you tricked me.”


Poison Ivy darted her eyes towards Joker that was across the way.
“Oh do shut up…”

“Hmmm am I sensing some lady love? Go on now… don’t be shy… I’m not looking.” He says and covers his face, but spreads his fingers.

Both women roll their eyes.

“Leave us.” Batgirl says to the security guards.

They nod and exit the room.

“Ohhhh things are just beginning to heat up! I DO BELIEVE! HOW EXCITING! Now which one’s the dominator?! I CAN’T TELL!” He rubs his hands together eagerly.
“SHUT UP!” Poison Ivy and Batgirl chorus.

“Ok, ok say it, don’t spray it! HAHA!”

Batgirl reaches to her temples as though she were getting a migraine.

“All day and night…” Poison Ivy complains with a wrinkled nose.

“I can only imagine.” Batgirl says with derision in her voice.

She cuts Poison Ivy a sympathetic look as she takes a certain blue bottle from her utility belt. She reaches back and sprays Joker in the face. His eyes roll back and he passes out.

Poison Ivy beams at this.

“Oh I do believe I am in love.”
“Then you wouldn’t mind giving me some information.”

“What is it you want sweetheart?”

“You worked with Clayface…” Batgirl says and paces the area before Poison Ivy’s cell.

“Tell me Pamela where does he hide?”
“Hide?” Poison Ivy says behind laughter.

“Oh no my dear, he never hides. He loves to be the center of attention. And how did you learn that name?”

Batgirl smiles.

“Let’s just say I pay attention.”

“Hmmm, no one’s called me that in quite sometime. I’m not so sure I like it.”

“Would you prefer Pam? Ivy?”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Ohhh you’re good. Tell me sweetheart, do you still taste just as good as before?” Ivy licks the glass.

Batgirl shrugs.

“I wouldn’t know. That’s not why I came here. I need to know where Clayface laid low.”

“You won’t get anywhere if you insist on being stubborn and not listen to a word I’m telling you. He doesn’t lay low. He doesn’t hide. He’s always within the spotlight if it’s not shining upon him directly.”
“That tells me nothing!”

“Oh but it does… and I thought you were smart. Such a shame… You got the looks but not the brains.”

Batgirl closes her eyes for a moment with full on frustration.

“Now if you wouldn’t mind… it’s time for my nap. Thanks for putting the doleful clown to sleep.”

Batgirl says nothing she starts to exit the area.

“Break a leg…” Ivy whispers just enough that Batgirl can make it out. She narrows her eyes at this and leaves.

Once she’s out of Arkham Batgirl takes off. She paces one of the nearby high rises in thought.

“Break a leg…” She repeats to herself and tracks back over what Ivy was trying to tell her.

“Spotlight, break a leg, center of attention…” At this Batgirl fired off her grapple gun and took off.

She began searching every abandoned theater she could think of. There were at least 11 of them. She had no luck at the first three. The sun was coming up so Batgirl knew she had no choice. She had to call it and head on back.

Bella headed right for the bat console once she returned. She didn’t even bother to get out of her suit. She looked up the name Basil Karlo aka Clayface. She began a thorough history search on whatever she could find. Once she was done she was able to pin it down to three theaters. One was the one he first performed at his old high school. The second had gone bankrupt over a decade or so ago. The third was his most recent and it was one of the old Broadway theaters. The very one he was fired from. Bella tapped her finger along the last one. The one she believed to be her best bet. She looked back to the monitors to see the imposter Bruce in bed with two other women. She rolled her eyes hating that he was ruining Bruce’s name. She also kept in mind to burn the bed sheets. Hell get a new bed even.

Alfred was making his way to the secret entrance of the cave. Bella twirled around in her chair as he entered.

“He’s out…” She states pointing to the monitor where he was sleeping.

“How are you holding up?” She inquires curiously.

Alfred looked dog tired.

“I was just about to ask you the very same thing.”
Bella takes back a breath and nods. She pinches her eyes shut.

“I have to believe he’s out there somewhere.”

Alfred nods as he places a silver platter filled with food and something to drink on one of the tables of the cave. Bella snaps a look back upon the monitors. The imposter was stirring awake.

“You better go so not to raise questions.”

Alfred sighs.

“I’m going to find him.”

“There’s not a doubt in my mind.” He admits as he scurries back out of the cave.

Bella forced herself to eat, but felt nauseas the entire time. She did her best to keep her fears at bay. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t sleep. As soon as it was dark again she was back out there. She took the batmobile this time and had it navigate her to the specific address of the theater. Batgirl grimaced as she stepped out of the batmobile. She remembered the story Bruce had told her about his parents and how they were brutally murdered outside of a theater. She took in a breath and stepped towards the doors. They were chained and boarded up. Batgirl took out her new explosive chemical spray. Batman hadn’t even had a chance to show her how to use it yet. This was something he’d come up with recently. She sprayed the chemicals along the chains and took a few steps back. Batgirl then took out the detonator. She flinched as she pushed the button. The impact sent her flying back a bit as she used her cape to quickly shield her face from the blast. She hadn’t realized it’d be that powerful. After dusting herself off she approached the door seeing it worked like a charm. She jerked back on the remains of the chains and stepped inside.

Cautiously, she began to scope out the place. It was certainly rundown. The red paint was chipping off the walls. The old royal colored curtains had holes where rats had been chewing on them. Ironically, a couple of bats flew right past Batgirl. Batgirl however froze and shut her eyes. She could have sworn she was hearing something. Like metal dragging across the floor. She opened her eyes again and began to focus on the sound and where it was coming from.

The sound led her to a basement part of the theater. Yet again the door was chained. Only this time she took more precaution in her new gadget. She nodded to herself in satisfaction. She yanked back on the chains and entered the room. It was dark and sweltering inside. The chain noise grew louder Batgirl used her night vision goggles and came to a complete stop.

“Bruce…” She whispered in sheer disbelief.

He was chained to a brick wall. His arms, ankles, and neck had cuffs around them. He was still in his business suit and it was torn to shreds. A red laser dot however was on his forehead. She swallowed back and looked around to see where it was coming from. She was afraid to even move knowing it was trap.

Sure enough she found the gun that was aimed directly upon him. It was set up on some sort of mechanism. Her heart raced as she tried to think of something desperately. Batgirl hunkered down and found the trigger to the mechanism. She nodded in thought and ran her fingers along the floor just before the trigger. She looked back to the gun then back to Bruce. At this she quickly fired off her grapple gun. Batgirl swung out her feet as she swayed across the room. She used everything she had to dismantle the gun from its post. Batgirl flung out her cape as she landed before Bruce.

He weakly looked upon her. He was covered in sweat, beat up, and severely dehydrated.

Batgirl hurriedly began to figure out a way to break him out. Bruce feebly reached out and tapped a finger along her utility belt. She looked to him oddly and opened the compartment. She took out the device and looked to it rather puzzled at first. She carefully held it out and pressed the black button upon it. Batgirl nodded in understanding. She placed the object into the locks used it to rig them open. A breath of relief escaped her as she got his neck free first. Then his wrists and ankles were next. Bruce staggered back once she was done.

“Bruce…” She whispered and wrapped her arms around him.

“Took you long enough.” He uttered gruffly.

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