Chapter 21 Heads Or Tails

Chapter 21

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(Currently working on Gamma Love and Lunar Deity. Someone asked about my new Spiderman story. Sorry it’s running later than I said originally. I am getting to it though. Just wanted to get caught up on my other works first and knock a couple out. Hope to have it within a couple weeks or less.)

Bella entered the cave, to realize Bruce hadn’t returned. She decidedly sat down and began going through all the research Bruce had discovered. The more she went over everything, the more her stomach turned. She leaned back in the chair and crossed her arms. For a solid minute, she simply stared at the monitors. Something about Marcus Crane’s picture, struck a chord within her. She vaguely remembered the murders around that time. But Charlie always tried to shield her from such things. She remembered how he wouldn’t really discuss it. And when she’d see something on the news or in the papers about it, Charlie would quickly change the channel or take the paper away.

Bella zoomed in on the pictures of the victims. She took a few notes of her own. However her gaze went back to Marcus Crane’s picture. She swallowed back in recollection.

Bella held the baby bird to her chest as she was heading back home. She’d hopes that her father could help her care for the wounded bird. One of its wings was injured. She hummed to herself as she strolled about the woods, heading back home. Lost in her own world, she hadn’t even seen the person that slammed into her. The bird flew out of her hand. She gasped out and went to hurriedly retrieve the baby bird. Only the teenage boy had stopped her. He had a crazy look in his eyes. She remembered how he was covered in sweat; his hair was a mess…

Bella froze and chills ran along her spine. Blood… she remembered the splattered blood on his denim shirt.

The boy walked over and scooped up the bird. He acted as if he were going to hand it to her. She smiled and reached out for it. The boy smiled in return. His baby blues locked onto hers. She remembered thinking he was rather cute when he smiled. He crouched down to her level and caressed her cheek. Bella continued to hold out her hands for the bird.

You want the bird, little dove?”
She nodded.

The boy’s eyes narrowed as they heard something off to the distance.

Heads or tails?”

Bella looked at him confused.

Answer the question… And I shall give you the bird.” He said with a wink.

Heads?” She answers with bewilderment to her voice, not understanding where he was going with this.

He smiled.

Good choice!”

He swiftly snapped the bird in half. He handed her the head and pocketed the rest.



She jumped as she felt a hand along her shoulder.


Bella exhaled at the sound of his voice.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded but he wasn’t convinced.

Her eyes darted back to the monitors.

“Any signs?”

“Nothing…” He says taking off his cowl.

Bella twirled around facing him. Bruce looked the way she felt. Both had been up all night and were completely worn out.

“Dittos…” She mutters under her breath.

Bruce wearily rubbed his face and made his way over.


She rolls her eyes, twirling back around. Bruce nods to himself. He reaches over and spins the chair back around. He scoops her up and switches off all the monitors.


He exits the cave with her over his shoulder. He carries her on up the stairs and to their bedroom. Bruce tosses her on the bed, then proceeds, by rolling her over. Her jaw dropped as he jerked her workout pants down, just enough to reveal her rear-end. Bruce pecked her on the ass then pulled her pants back up.

“Did you seriously just do that?” She questions, whilst stifling a giggle.

He shrugs and lies beside her. Bruce reaches out, caressing her cheek.

“So…” She says and bites her bottom lip, thinking on where to even begin.

“I finished my ‘light’ reading.”

Bruce nods but looked somewhat apprehensive.

“And you’re surprisingly still here…” He declares but without an ounce of sarcasm.

He meant those words.

“Bruce…” She hesitantly reprimands.

He clears his throat with dread written all over his face.

“Don’t…” Bella says as he moves his hand.

Bella sighs as he rises and was about to leave the bed. Her hand wraps around his wrist and she pulls him back.

“It wouldn’t kill you to talk about it.” She says as he was pressed up against her.

“What’s there to talk about? You already know everything there is to know. By now, I’m sure half of Arkham Asylum looks sane in comparison.”

She giggles at this.

“We could share a cell! That could be fun! Just stay away from the red pills.”

Bruce shakes his head but manages to smirk.

“Might as well face it Bruce, I’m not going anywhere. No matter how hard you try pushing me away.”

He sighed.

“I’m not trying to push you away. Bella… That’s the last thing I’d ever want.” He lowers his head for a moment with a painful expression.

“Who was she?” He lifted his head back up and his eyes met hers.

“The devil’s daughter?”
He nodded and sat beside her.

“Her name was Talia Al Ghul. The daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul.”
“And what happened exactly?”

Bruce folded his arms about his chest.

“Well… it wasn’t how I wanted it to end…” He swallows back rather hard and stares off into space.

“Let’s just say Talia always was one to follow her father’s wishes. No matter how demented they were. Even with her last breath she claimed to love me. Part me feels she truly did. But her main concern was having her father’s approval. No matter what he demanded of Talia. She was one of “daddy’s” best. Her father had trained her from a child on. No one dared to cross Talia Al Ghul. If he wanted the job done, Ra’s knew he could send his daughter. In the end, that was her final test. I wouldn’t join Ra’s and his men. Something that was to be expected, in return for their “supposed” kind hearts. They helped me regain my health. Ra’s personally trained me and tested me in every way there was. I hadn’t a clue what they had in store for me though or why. I never thought to question it. It wasn’t until later on, I meet the others and everything came to play.”

Bella cut him a look of puzzlement and concern.

“Long story short… What I thought to be “real” was nothing more than a lie. She was willing to take my life, just to appease her father and seek revenge on his behalf, for my dishonor. She found me at Wayne Enterprises. I was just coming off a helicopter. Ironically, I remember thinking about her that day and wondering how she was. And out of the blue or so it seemed. I was attacked. She damn near succeeded in shoving me off the building. It quickly turned into a scuffle, one of desperation to see who was going to end up taking that deathly plunge. I couldn’t believe what was taking place. We’d trained together, fell in love, and even swore to one another we’d find a way back to each other. She went on about how she just needed time. I told her I’d wait as long as she needed. I just never knew that when I saw her again she’d have a knife in my gut and bullet with my name on it.”
“So she fell…” Bella utters, looking ill.

Bruce took in a breath in nodded.

“Only one of us was making it off that rooftop. Talia was certain of that. I never meant for it to be her… She wasn’t supposed to die.”

Bella lifted his shirt, just enough to reveal the scar.

“So that was her…”

He nods as Bella ran a single finger along it.

“It wasn’t your fault. You know that right?”

Bruce lowers his shirt back down.

“At the time… no. But now that I look back on it. I realize there was nothing I could do. If she had lived, I wouldn’t be here today. She’d have made certain of that.”
“And what about “daddy?”

Bruce rather sighs.

“I haven’t heard from him in years. Something that used to concern me… Honestly, I was “waiting”.” Bruce hints, causing Bella chills.

“I’m sorry…”

Bruce shakes his head.

“Don’t be. In all honesty, Bella it was a much needed lesson. I knew Talia was incapable of change. But I’d given myself false hopes. I thought I saw something within her. Something that was never truly there. I was blinded. Now I can see it all for what it truly was.”

“And what was that exactly?”
He gets this certain gaze in his eyes and cups Bella’s cheek, with the palm of his hand.

“An eye opener…”

His lips grazed hers and the warmth of his breath spread across them. Bruce fervently grabbed a fistful of her hair. He kissed her in an impassioned frenzy. She wanted to pout at the loss of his lips as he pulled back. His forehead rest against her own… “I’m sorry…” He swallows back rather hard. “And you were right… about being scared. Hopefully, now you understand why…” He cues in about the journal.

Bruce comes to a stand and looks out the window.

“As for Batgirl going solo… Not happening.” He makes clear with his back to her.

Bella rolled her eyes but with a slight grin.

“I love you too…” She muttered under her breath.

Bruce raises his brows as Bella entered the garage. She was in a gorgeous strapless red dress, heels, and the works. He backtracked in that head of his wondering if they had a date. He was covered in grease, sweat, and dirt, as he worked on one of bikes. Bella smiled warmly, making her way over. Bruce stopped what he was doing and wiped the grease from his hands on a kerchief.

“Going somewhere?”

“Maybe…” She says with a shrug and runs her fingers along the bike.

“And where might that be?”

“A date…?”

He smirks and shakes his head.

“Hmmmm… I do not believe WE set up a date for today. Which is a shame, you look stunning.”
“Well thank you, but must you be so vain?!” She taunts, taking the Philips screwdriver from his hand.

She tightens one of the screws on the bike and hands it back.

“Who says you’re the only man I’m allowed to date?”

He shrugs and taps his finger along her engagement ring.

“Oh that?”

He nods, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Bella hands Bruce his beer and he takes a plunge from it.


She nods as he gets back to working on the bike.

“My uncle wants me to go to this banquet. It’s for the station. He thinks it would be a good idea to meet the other officers and others that have signed up for the academy, that’ll be starting in two weeks hence.
“I see.”

“I’m supposed to meet my mentor so to speak as well.”
“I thought I was your mentor.” Bruce scoffs.

“Pfffft, you? Not even close.”

He cocks a brow her way as he was adjusting something on the bike.

“Batman maybe… You only wish you were that cool!” She says with a wink.

Bruce sighs.

“You’re right. I’m nothing in comparison. You two should runaway together!”
“Are you giving me permission?”
“Do you need it?”

She giggles at this.

Bella goes to exit the garage.

“Love you! Don’t wait up!”

Bruce chuckles to himself and shakes his head.

“Bella this is Detective Harvey Bullock. He will be the one holding the academy this year.”

(Harvey Bullock)

Bella offered her hand to the tall somewhat heavy set man.

“So you’re the niece we hear so much about?” He clarifies giving her a firm shake.

She glanced towards her uncle.
“All good things I hope?”
“Is there concern for otherwise?”

Bella smiles on this.
“Oh well, there’s always room for concern, Detective.”

Gordon sighs and cuts her a glance of warning. She catches this from the corner of her eye and softly laughs.

(Jim Gordon)

(Sara Gordon)

“Hmmm… I suppose we shall see next week.”

Bella nods in return.

“Nice meeting you, Detective.”

“I’m not so sure yet…” Detective Bullock admits in return.

Gordon shakes his head on this and escorts Bella towards some other officers, he wanted her to meet. Bella did her best to remember their names. She put on her best smile and manners, which was rather hard at times. Some were very supportive and sweet. Other’s had her feeling as though she were sitting in an interrogation room, a few of the younger men especially. They used words like “woman”, “young”, “too pretty” and such when it came to her joining their team. It wasn’t until meeting these particular men, that she realized there were only 2 other female officers. This was amongst 53 men. She frowned at this. If anything, that only pushed her drive to succeed. She also took notice of how they only mentioned these things once Gordon wasn’t within hearing range. For now, she ignored it. She knew she couldn’t afford to cause any trouble. She needed to make it through the academy first. And even then, she had to be careful. She was already preparing for a world of hell, during her first year or so of joining the force.

Once the banquet was over with, she shook hands with Detective Bullock again. That was the only one that mattered at the moment. All she needed was to prove to Bullock, that she has what it takes. Gordon offered to hail her a cab. But Bella insisted he go on and join his friends at the bar. Something they’d all planned to do after the banquet. She waved him off as he left with Bullock and a few of their friends. Bella turned back around and was about to cross the street, thinking it would be easier to hail a cab from there. Only just as she was to cross someone snagged her.

“Jesus!” Bella calls out and punches at his chest.

“Are you trying to scare the shit out of me?!”

He narrows his eyes.

“We had a date…” He states as they were dangling between buildings.

She smiles.

“That’s right we did. Didn’t we?”
He nods and wraps his cape around her. Bella blushed, feeling as though a true fangirl, which was silly… Or so she thought to herself. Here she was about to marry both men. Still… He damn near had her hyperventilating. She had her arms around his neck as their lips locked. Batman brought them up on one of the skyscrappers. Bella was completely blown away by his spontaneity. He lowered the top of her dress exposing her. This was something he’d been dying to do, since he’d first seen her in this dress. She gasped back as he took his tongue to her breasts.

“I’m to be a married woman soon, you know?”

“No you won’t. I’m taking you with me.” He sternly states and rolls his tongue along her nipples.

“You’re abducting me?!”
He nods.

“Since when is Batman the villain?”

Bella’s eyes widen as he discreetly managed to cuff her hands to a pipe. Her hands were now above her head. Before she could clearly think, he had her up against the building, fucking her into oblivion. Batman was damn near growling with each thrust he gave. This was something he’d wanted to give her. Certain passages in her journal always stayed with him, Batman being one of them. Naturally, it took some warming up to… the mere idea. Batman was meant to cause fear amongst others, not lust! Yet, part of him was provoked by the idea of Batman being a sexual fantasy of Bella’s. He’d never even thought about such things before. There were a lot of things Bella was opening him up to. Things he’d never even conceive. But now that he was giving into things such as this. It was becoming a massive turn on. So much so, even he had little fantasies about Batgirl…

“Is that all you got Batman?” She challenged seductively.

His eyes darted towards her and his cock swelled up even more. He could feel her pussy tightening around him. Her mere words were enough to make him ejaculate. He gritted his teeth and drove his cock into her even harder. She cried out in release. Something he had her doing each time he thrust now. He thought back to last time and how hard she came then as well. A smirk formed along his face. He wasn’t even sure why. But it was there as he spilled his seed.

Few days later…

“Dammit, Orion! What’s with you?! Another one?! That makes five this week!”

She sighs and hunkers down to discard of the dead dove on the porch.

“Perhaps, he wishes to honor his master by bringing in his kill.” Alfred suggest as he sets down a bowl of food.

Bella narrowed her eyes in thought.

“So he wants me to praise him for murdering an innocent animal?”
Alfred nods.

“Although to him, it’s not murder. It’s nature. He maybe domesticated, but all animals have that wild touch to them. It’s simply his way of saying – I brought you a gift master!”

Bella wrinkles her nose at this. Orion was rubbing against her leg, begging for attention. She gives in and pets him.

“No more gifts Orion. I mean it!” She cups his chin and he simply purrs.

Alfred chuckles at this. Bella rose and stepped off the porch. She was about to cut some flowers for the dining room table. Something she did occasionally just to brighten up the place. She froze however and quickly covered her mouth to keep from shrieking. There were a row of doves that spelled out the word ‘TAILS’. Below that was a mummified dove’s tail end.

Bella crouched down with a racing heart. That teenage boy she’d met in the forest came to mind.

“Madam…?” Alfred called out with concern, startling Bella.

She quickly rose and whipped around.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded and rushed back into the manor. Bella hurried on up the stairs and went to the bedroom to retrieve her camera. Trying to stay in supposed “cop mode”. Only when she entered her and Bruce’s bedroom, she came to a halt. ‘HEADS’ was written in blood above their headboard and on her pillow was the head of a dove through its beak was a red rose.

Bella couldn’t suppress it this time. She screamed out, whilst staggering back. Bruce was in his study when he heard. He ran on out of the room. He entered the bedroom and instantly grabbed ahold of her, pulling her into his chest. Bruce grimaced at the sight. Alfred entered the room as well he and Bruce shared a rather apprehensive look.

“Alfred, search the premises, but be careful.”

Alfred nodded and exited the room. Bruce glanced upon the scene once again.
“Does this hold significance to you?” He queried going into detective mode now.

He dropped his hold looking her in the eyes. She shut her eyes for a moment and sighed, with a nod. Bella hesitantly tells him about the teenage boy she’d met in the woods when she was little. She hadn’t a clue who he was at the time, but there was no doubt now. Bruce kept a protective arm around Bella as he too searched the entire manor, inside out. The three of them met downstairs, shaking their heads. They hadn’t found any sign of anyone. From there, they decided to check the surveillance cameras. To do this they entered the batcave. Bruce turned on the monitors and began setting everything up. He rewound some of the footage throughout the premises. He narrowed his eyes as the only thing they revealed were flashes of yellow light off and on. He went over everything repeatedly.

He leaned back in defeat. Deep down, Bruce was writhing with anger. He knew this was to happen! As if Bella Gordon hadn’t been through enough… He thought through gritted teeth. Bella paced about the cave. She ended up calling her uncle and aunt for her own peace of mind. Thankfully, they were alright. She didn’t mention anything about what had taken place. In fact, her uncle reminded her to be there on time come next Monday morning. Once she hung up she glanced towards the monitors.

She noticed how the feed during the flashes of yellow light looked interrupted by something else. Bella made her way over and had Bruce rewind it once again.

“There’s something there…” She uttered.

Bruce was beginning to see it too.

“Do you pick up sound on this?”

He nodded and turned up the volume to each feed they were observing. Bella could hear a very faint voice.


He nods and turns it as high as it will go. Something was coming through but faded and echo sounding. Bruce began to run diagnostics, doing his best to clear it up from any other interference. After he finished he replayed it, during the first flash of light…

“In blackest day…” They heard it was still echo sounding but they weren’t picking up near as much static.

Bruce jotted this down and moved on to the next.

“In brightest night…” The voice was menacing and deep.

Next monitor…

“Beware your fears…”

Bella jumped in alarm at something they hadn’t picked up before. In order to hear what was being said. Bruce had to slow everything down. A face appeared on the screen. The mouth moved along with the words.

“Made into light…”

The man had appeared normal and familiar at first. Then slowly began to morph.

“Let those who try…”

They began taking on a more scarecrow like appearance, only illuminated by yellow light.

“To stop what’s right…”

What looked to be maggots were coming from his tear ducts. Spiders, millipedes, and roaches were crawling out of his mouth.

“Burn like my power!” He roars clear as day.

A loud popping sound was heard. Everything went black, directly after.
“Everyone alright?” Bruce immediately calls out.

Alfred and Bella let him know they were fine. Bruce hopped up and carefully found his way to them. He escorted them back into the manor.

“Stay put. I’ll get the generator set up and check the breakers.”

Bruce made his way to the front door. Just as he exited, a yellow light radiated across the room. Alfred heard Bella gasp out.

“Madam?” He called out.

When she didn’t respond, he began feeling around for her.


He could hear an old squeaking like sound, but couldn’t make out what it was. It wasn’t until Bruce got the lights back on, that Alfred found her.

“BELLA!” He shouted and ran towards the area front door entrance.

She was hanging from the chandelier with a rope around her neck. Her face was covered and she couldn’t see anything. She struggled to keep herself properly suspended, with her hands gripping the chandelier. Her neck felt as though it’d snap any moment. And the chandelier was beginning to inch its way out from the ceiling.
“Alfred…” She weakly called out.

He looked around desperately. But found nothing of any use. He knew if she fell there was no chance of survival. The chandelier itself would land on top her. Tears streamed down her face as she felt the chandelier move once again.

Bruce entered the manor and he and Alfred shared the same panic stricken appearance. Bruce thought fast. He looked to the ceremonial butterfly axes he had hanging on the wall. He punched through the glass casing and snatched one of them. Bella flinched as he flung the axe her direction. The rope snapped in half the moment the axe came into contact. Bella dropped down and Alfred quickly braced himself as he caught her. Bruce’s eyes widen and he reacted as the chandelier was about to crash down as well. He slammed his entire body against them knocking them down. The chandelier hit the ground directly after. Both men came to immediate attention hearing the sound of Bella choking. Alfred quickly loosened the noose around her throat. She sucked back a breath and Bruce removed the potato sack from her face. It was cut just the way Marcus Crane’s victims usually were.

Bruce checked her over. Her neck had a nice red ring around it from the noose and it was already bruising. Her face was red and she was trembling all over.
“Breathe…” Bruce calmly stated as he grabbed ahold of her.

A full blown anxiety attack was taking her over. Bella tried desperately but she couldn’t get any air to flow into those lungs of hers. Her eyes were rolling back. Bruce and Alfred quickly brought her to her feet. Bruce took her hands and raised her arms above her head.

“Breathe Belle… I need you to breathe!”

Her mouth opened but nothing.

“I apologize ahead of time, Madam…” Alfred says just before slapping her.

Bella catches her breath directly after. To Bruce’s surprise… Alfred was the one to grab ahold of her this time. He was doing his best to calm her. That and Bruce could see the guilt written all over Alfred’s face. He was certain, that was the first time Alfred ever laid hands on a woman like that. But Bruce knew what he was doing. They had to get her attention somehow, though neither was happy about it. Alfred rushed her into the kitchen. When Bruce entered Alfred already had her propped up on the counter. He was gathering a kettle in which to make some tea.

Bruce curiously observed as Alfred placed some sort of herb in the kettle.

“What is that?”

“Passionflower, Chamomile, and honey, sir.”

Bruce reared back in wonder. As soon as the kettle sounded, Alfred poured the contents into a cup. Alfred gently wrapped her hands around the cup. Bella locked eyes with his as she warily took a sip.

“There you go Miss. Just keep sipping on that…”

Bella nods and leans back closing her eyes for a moment. Bruce retrieved an ice pack from the fridge for her neck. However the three of them remained rather edgy and cautious. They hadn’t a clue what they were dealing with exactly and where the bastard was. She continued to sip at the tea Alfred made her. To her amazement it was working. Her nerves began to settle down somewhat. Bruce ran a soothing hand along her leg as he held the pack of ice to her neck.

Silence filled the room, as Bella finished her tea. It wasn’t long before her body shut down and her eyes came to a close. Bruce carried her to one of the guest rooms. From there he and Alfred kept a watchful eye, whilst cleaning up the mess Marcus Crane left behind.

Bruce shot to his feet, as Bella shrieked out in terror. He’d fallen asleep in the recliner within the guest room.

“NOOOO!” She cried.


He tiredly rubbed his eyes as she was shaking the pillow to the side of her.

“BRUCE!” She yelled hysterically and continued to shake the pillow.

Bruce swallowed back and reached over, putting a gentle hand to her shoulder.

“I’m right here, Bella…”

Her eyes widened and she looked back to the pillow. She instantly dropped it and rolled off the bed.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She shouts and starts pacing.

She frantically ran her fingers through her hair and glanced towards the bed once more.

“What is it, Bella?”
She shook her head and swiftly headed into the bathroom. She turned the shower on with ice cold water. Bella didn’t even bother to undress. Her entire body was burning up. She entered the shower and stood beneath the showerhead. Goosebumps formed along her body as the water hit.

“Bella?” Bruce softly calls out.

She lifted her head. Her eyes met his as he peeked in.

“You were dead…” She utters with wild eyes.

“I woke up and you…”

Bruce entered the shower.

“I’m right here…” He assures.

“There was so much blood… It felt so real…”

She reached out damn near childlike. Bruce’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t a clue what to do. They held one another for a while.

“How’s he doing this?”

Bruce took in a breath.

“I don’t know Bella. I just don’t know…”

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