Chapter 22 Cadaver

Chapter 22

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I feel the need to warn you guys. Very dark times (but please pay attention to what’s REAL and not in this chapter or you’ll find yourself very confused) NO ACTUAL RAPE TAKES PLACE!!!

Bruce shook his head as he passed by Bella in her workout clothes. He reached over and snatched the gym bag from her hand. Bella cut him a puzzled look.

“Not today,” he uttered with a shrug and took her by the hand.

He led her to the bed room and sat her down on the bed. Bruce then made his way to their closet and brought out one of her black dresses.

“Care to explain?”

“We’re going out,” he announced out with a shrug.

She picked up the scent of his aftershave. His hair was still damp; signs that he’d showered and shaved not long ago. He retrieved a tux from the closet and started to get dressed. She half laughed and rubbed her face miserably.

“You’re kidding right?”

He cocked a brow her way as he unbuttoned the current black shirt he was wearing.

“You want to go out?”

He nodded.

Bella gazed upon him in wonder.

“Um hello…?”

He stepped out of his blue jeans and tossed them about a chair.

“You seem to be forgetting one teeny tiny issue…”

“That being?”

“You know the guy that murdered my parents? Well apparently his lunatic son has it out for me as well.” She pointed to her neck as a reminder.

The dark knight swallowed and resisted the urge to grimace. He made his way over and soothingly ran his hands along her arms.

“There’s no sense in hiding. If he found you here, he’ll find you anywhere.”

“It’s not something I can risk…”
“You can’t hide out in the manor forever.”

“We’re going out. Get dressed… I’ll have the limo ready…” He sternly announced, before he pecked her on the cheek and exited the room.

Before long, she made her way down the stairs. Bruce was already waiting at the door. He’d a single white and red speckled rose in hand and did a slight gentleman’s bow as he handed it over. She smiled and brought the rose to her nose as she breathed it in.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and offered his arm.

“Might I escort you to the limo, Ms. Gordon?”

Bella kept her hair down, in order to hide the marks Marcus Crane had left behind. No amount of makeup hid it. It only slightly masked it. Bruce thought her stunning, as usual, nevertheless. He gawked upon her the entire limo ride. She wore that red lipstick that drove him mad. The dress he’d picked out was purposely above the knee. Just as he’d hoped she wore her black heels. He found it hard to behave. But he was bound and determined. He wanted to give Bella the night she deserved. Not some quickie in the back of the damn limo. No, tonight he was going for something entirely different. He’d mapped it all out in his head. There would be no Batman or Batgirl. Just Bella and Bruce… A night of fine wine, eating, dancing, and making love until the sun came up and they both passed out from mere exhaustion.

Bella eyed him in return as he was just as striking in his black tux.

“You’re breathtaking, as usual.”

She smiled upon him, but Bruce took notice of the way her hands shook. Every part of her body was tense. Alfred parked the limo at the entrance of the restaurant. Bruce was first to exit and he escorted Bella out of the limo. On the way in a man bumped right into them nearly knocking Bella down. The stranger’s eyes widen and he quickly braced her against him.

“Pardon me…” He started to say but his green eyes locked onto her hazel browns.

The tall blond haired man wasn’t even aware of her date’s presence. All he saw before him was this absolute knock out, he awkwardly ran into.

“Miss…?” He inquired with hint of flirtation behind it.

He even took her hand and kissed it. This had Bruce rolling his eyes.


He nodded with a certain beam about him.

“Well Miss Gordon, it’s a pleasure. The name’s Jordan. Perhaps we’ll meet again? Maybe I could…” And that’s when it hit him.

He half laughed at the rather miffed looking date.

“Oh… well… of course! Of course you have a date. You’re like wow and… this place…”

Something about his mannerisms and how he suddenly tripped all over himself, had Bella giggling. Bruce raised his brows her way but cleared his throat and offered his hand.

“Bruce Wayne.”

“No fucking way…”

The guy points to a billboard with Wayne Enterprises on it.

“You mean that guy… The billionaire?! Um, don’t you normally date blonde bimbos?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m just saying she clearly isn’t one. So I was curious if you lost a bet? Or is this like one of those “business” dates? If that’s the case…” He wiggled his brows hintingly.

“Ms. Gordon just happens to be my fiancée.”

“Oh well… Ms. Gordon… It was very lovely to meet you. Mr. Wayne, way to raise the bar!” He took her hand once more and kissed it. He then cut her a wink before he walked away.

Bella continued to laugh off and on as he nearly ran into a car crossing the street.

“Hmmmm.” Bruce hummed and shook his head, with slight annoyance.

“How was the food?” Bruce inquired once they were done. He peered over, sipping at his wine.

“It was really good actually. Yours?”

“Likewise…” He said and dabbed his mouth with a napkin.

Bella downed the rest of her wine and straightened out her dress.

“Care to dance?” She looked upon him with surprise.

Before he gave her a real chance to answer, Bruce had her by the hand. A wave of emotions hit as he soon had her head against his chest. He took it slow and simply held her as they danced. They noticed no one else around them. So neither was aware they were being watched from afar…

“I love you…” Bruce whispered.

“I love you too…”
The man observed paying attention to every detail. He kept mental notes as well. His brows raised with a smirk as Bruce dipped Bella back towards the end.

“Pretty thing, isn’t she?”

The waiter serving the man smiled in return.

“That she is…”
“I wonder how “into” her he’d be if I cut her face up, like a pretty little Jack-O-Lantern. And stuff her like a turkey.”

The young man snapped a look back in disbelief on what he’d heard. Only to see the man he had been serving was long gone. He didn’t even bother to pay for his food or leave a tip.

“Surely, he didn’t…” The waiter muttered under his breath, praying he’d heard wrong..

“No way…” Bella said behind laughter.

She and Bruce shared a bottle of champagne in the limo on the way home.

I’m the Evil Midnight Bomber what Bombs at midnight. And I went yeah baby.” Bruce quoted the villain he’d apprehended in his story of the worse criminal he’d ever dealt with.

“You can’t be serious.”
“He was announcing to the world on how he was going to blow up a comic book shop. And thought he’d become famous by doing that.”
“Where is he now?”

“I don’t really know… Want some more champagne?”

Bella nodded but continued to giggle off and on as she thought about Bruce’s ridiculous story.

“Who’s your worst enemy?”

Bruce tops of her champagne and leans back. The name was already on the tip of his tongue. But he stole a moment to sip at his drink first. He drew back a breath.

Bella nodded.

“That’s about what I figured.”

Bruce nodded in return. Bella polished off her glass and regarded Bruce in thought. Rose entered her mind and a gloomy mien came about her.

“What is it?”

“That bastard raped a friend of mine. She saw wedding bells, kids… a future… Only she can’t have children now and her fiancé blamed her for the rape and left her. She went from running a local shop, to prostituting. She’s beautiful and smart…”

He reached over and wiped a couple of stray tears away.

“Sorry…” She said with the clearing of her throat.

“Don’t be.. Truth of the matter is that son of a bitch has affected a lot of lives. Some… such as your friend, find it hard to bounce back.”
“But that’s letting him win…”
“That’s very true… But the human psyche can only take so much.”

She managed to smile in thought.

“I remember when you took him down. Jer was still alive.” She blushed in thought.

“I have a scrapbook, all things Batman related. Including his adversaries… I remember thinking if anyone could bring down the Joker, it’d be him.”

“But I’ve never truly won against him have I? The purpose of mental hospitals and prisons is to incarcerate and potentially reform the worst members of our society. Then there are people like Joker who don’t care, they just want to see the world burn. He’s the only villain, Bella that I’ve ever wanted to break my rule for. That’s saying a lot considering the murders of both our parents. Every time I take him down, a part of me wants to kill him. No matter how many times I take him down and haul him back to Arkham, in my mind, I’ve already lost.”

The limo came to a stop and once again, Bruce stepped out, taking her hand. He led her into the manor, and up the stairs. Only he led her to one of the guest rooms, instead of theirs. She gazed upon him oddly. Bruce didn’t utter a word he simply cracked the door open.

Luminescent candles were about the entire room. Rose petals were spread along the white bedspread. Bruce pulled the door shut behind him. He observed her reaction closely. She walked up to the bed and picked up one of the petals.

“I see someone’s hoping to get laid.” She teased and blew the rose petal out of her hand towards Bruce.

He smirked and gradually made his way over.

“Is it working?” He inquired seductively and left trails of kisses along her shoulders and neck.

“Nope… you should try a lot harder. You’re really bad at this.”

He nodded, whilst unzipping her dress. Once it fell to the floor, he scooped her up and laid her on the bed. His hands ran along her legs and up her thighs. She bit upon her lower lip as Bruce had begun kissing along her thigh. The kisses soon turned into licks. Before she could clearly think, he slipped her panties off and had his tongue along her sex. She drew back a breath and her back arched off the bed. He peered over observing her every move. With his hands he gently spread her apart so he could dive in even deeper. He leisurely took his tongue to her pussy. A few moans of his own had escaped him. Bella’s squirmed about touching herself, driving Bruce mad with lust. Bruce undid his pants and brought his cock out. It was dripping with precum. He couldn’t help but to stroke himself as his eyes were on her.

He gave her one last thorough lick, and then started to finger her. At this he had her soaking his fingers and squirting all over the guest bed.

“…fuck…” He moaned out and stroked himself even harder now.

Bella finally took notice of his hand around his cock. She rose to a sitting position and licked the small amount of cum off his dick. She continued to taunt him with that tongue of hers. Bruce cocked a brow once he realized what she was doing.

“Suck it, Bella.”

He moaned out once more as she licked her lips first, and then went to town on his cock. His cock throbbed against her tongue. The mere feeling alone, had her so wet it was running down her legs.
Bruce threw his head back and carefully pulled out. He wasn’t ready to blow his load yet.

“Lay down…”

She nodded and got better situated on the bed. His hands were planted along her wrists as he hovered over her. Bella was in practical purrs as his lips met hers. He heatedly kissed her and eagerly rubbed himself against her. She gasped out his name feeling his cock pulsate against her sex. Bruce tortuously continued. He wanted her begging. So he kept going and going until she could take no more…

“Bruce please…”


“FUCK ME!” She growled and bit into the pillow her head was on.

He smirked and with a nod he drove his entire length in. She came the moment he entered.

“Damn, Bella.” He groaned feeling the warmth all around him.

She was so inviting and molded perfectly against his cock.

“God you feel so good… hmmm… I love fucking that little pussy of yours.”

He raised his brows as she yet again released. This was exactly what he wanted though. He wanted to make her forget everything. To send her into another world entirely, even if just for a little while. If that meant seducing the living hell out of her he had no issues with that whatsoever. He himself needed the escape.

She gripped the pillow as he grabbed a hold of the headboard. He bucked his hips about giving her all he had. He leaned into her ear.

“I want you cumming and don’t stop until you’re ready to pass the fuck out.” He demands behind a rather animalistic growl.

Bella grabbed her white robe and headed to the bathroom. She started her bathwater and went pinned her hair back to keep from getting it wet. Last night entered her mind and she found herself humming and smiling. She opened the cabinet and grabbed a wash cloth. Then started towards her bath, she stopped however. The tub was now running with bubbles everywhere and the tub was now filled with blood. She swallowed back and cautiously made her way to the tub. She dropped her wash cloth and rushed over.

BRUCE!” She screamed.

She reached into the blood filled tub and hurriedly pulled him out. Her heart raced as she felt for a pulse. Bella panicked and began CPR. Bruce gasped back and she quickly rolled him over as he coughed up blood. To her surprise he rolled back over and swiftly grabbed a hold of her.
“Bruce?” She questioned as he had her straddling his lap.

“…fuck…” He moaned and started to rock her about him.

She reared back with astonishment and went to hop off. Only he wouldn’t let her.

Bruce… This is not the time. You almost died!”

This dark laugh escaped him and within the blink of an eye. He became Marcus Crane. His laughter continued as he quickly pinned her down. Her jaw dropped as the blood caked tile around them melted becoming a massive pool of blood. She struggled as he held her down and forced her head into the pool of blood.

She shot up covered in sweat.

Bella?” Bruce inquired with concern.

Her eyes closed at the sound of his voice.

Are you alright?”

She nodded and felt him kissing along her shoulders.

You should get some sleep…”

I can’t…” Her entire body was shaking.

Would it make you feel better if you suck it?”

Bella reared back in disbelief. Bruce had his cock out ready to go.

What the hell, Bruce?!”

He nodded towards her. Then suddenly grabbed a fist full of her hair.

I want you to fucking suck it! Now be a good girl and do what you’re told.


That familiar laugh returned and Bella fell out of the bed she couldn’t get away fast enough.

STOP IT!” She shouted.

He vanished right before her. She continued to crawl back until she felt someone directly behind her. With a racing heart she looked back.

Lay down now and I’ll have you begging for a good fucking. Isn’t that how you like it? Nice and ROUGH my little dove?!”

Her body was hurled across the room. She found herself pinned to the wall.

BEG!” Marcus demanded as his body took on the façade of the yellow scarecrow figure.

Beg and I’ll fuck you into oblivion… just the way you like it.”

She grimaced as he licked her cheek.

No need to be shy.” He said with a deep guttural voice.

Bella shut her eyes and kept them closed.

Look at me…”

She shook her head and continued to struggle in his hold.


The sun cascaded throughout the room the next morning. But that wasn’t what woke her. It was moaning.

God you feel so good…”

She heard as he pumped himself within her and kissed along her neck. Something wasn’t right… Her skin crawled and her entire body grew tense. She turned her head to see Bruce lying beside her. There was blood splattered all along the bed, headboard, and Bruce. There was a knife sticking out of his forehead.


She turned back to see it was Marcus Crane having sex with her. He had this grin going ear to ear.

Sorry about the mess, little dove. I’ll clean it up once we’re done. I’ll be sure to save the head just for you, of course!” He said with a wink and drove himself about her even harder.

Bella reached over and grabbed the knife…


Bruce gritted his teeth as they rolled about the bed. She had a knife aimed right for his heart.

“BELLA!” He shouted as the struggle continued and they ended up on the floor.

“Come on baby… Wake up…” he grunted as the knife was less than an inch away from his flesh.

His hands were planted on the blade as he fought to keep it from plunging into him. Her jaw was clenched and she was determined.

“FUCK!” Bruce called out as the knife slipped in his hands and slightly pierced through his skin.

Bella’s eyes had flown open. This confused look came about her. Here she was straddled over the love of her life trying to take his fucking heart. But in her head she thought it to be Marcus Crane.

Bruce had gone to kiss her good morning and got the shock of a lifetime, when she had the knife they keep under the mattress at his throat. The struggle had begun from there.

She looked to Bruce in realization and dropped the blade. Alfred over heard this as well and knocked on the door.

“Master Wayne? Is everything alright?”

Bella looked as though she’d go into shock.

“Bella…” Bruce softly called out and reached out to her.

She shook her head and hopped off him. Bella quickly grabbed her robe and darted out of the room, nearly knocking Alfred down. He had a puzzled look about him as he entered the room.

“Sir?” He inquired as he saw Bruce on the floor with the knife at his side.

Bruce however caught wind of something else through the corner of his eye. He tilted his head about as he eyed the item on the chair to the corner of the room.

“Alfred, what is that?”

Alfred headed that direction just as curious. He picked up the item.
“Why it’s one of the prison scrubs from Arkham, sir.” The older man says as he straightened it out getting a better look.

“Marcus Crane’s,, to be exact.”

Bruce grimaced and sprung to his feet in attempts to chase Bella down. He found her at the stairs and she was backing up looking to something at the ceiling with a look of fright. Bruce’s eyes widened as she continued to back up just inches away from the stairs. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him. She was just about to fall back as she lost her footing. Bruce reached out and grabbed a hold of her gown bunching it up in his hands as he jerked her back against him. Chills ran down his spine as she started laughing. She was laughing so hard tears streamed down her face.

“He’s here… he never left… in fact, he enjoyed our little show last night…”

Her laughter continued as she broke out of his hold.
“Bella…” He called out looking ill.
She simply walked away and went into their bedroom. Bruce closed his eyes his entire body was set ablaze. He knew she was right. That sick bastard was sitting in that chair the entire time they made love. Alfred had just exited the room and witnessed Bruce putting a decent sized hole in the wall. He cocked a brow at this.
“I’ll have that patched up right away, sir.”

Bruce staggered back looking as though he’d hurl. Without meaning to, he’d put his fiancée on display. He let another man watch as Bruce had her at her most intimate moments.

“SIR!” Alfred called back as Bruce’s eyes watered and he reached to his heart.

“Alfred…” Bruce damn near whimpered out his name.

This had Alfred’s fullest attention as he braced his young master against him.

“I fucked up…”

Throughout the day she kept seeing Bruce die, in various ways. She couldn’t even brush her teeth without seeing a reflection of Bruce’s dead body. Bella waited until Alfred and Bruce was preoccupied with something. When the moment arrived she discreetly made her way to the batcave. She was quick in her thoughts. Bella grabbed the Batgirl suit and dismantled any bugging devices Batman had planted. She tested the suit before even putting it on. At this, she left the cave on foot, through the back entrance, where they normally take the batmoblie or one of the choppers. But she wouldn’t put it past Batman to have those traced as well.

She was taking a huge risk and knew it. But it was even greater if she remained in that manor. Without a doubt her visions were to come true, eventually. There were hopes that Marcus Crane would simply follow her and leave Alfred and Bruce in peace. She would do whatever it took to keep them safe. That included keeping her distance and dealing with the son of a bitch one on one.

Three days had gone by. For those three days, Batgirl hid within the shadows of Gotham, dealing with whatever crime she came across. During this time, she avoided run-ins with Batman. There were a couple of close calls. One in which ended with him chasing her down. Outrunning the Dark Knight is no easy task, neither is hiding from him. But she somehow managed. She hardly slept or ate. But stubborn as she was, Bella stood by her own word. She would not return until Marcus Crane was back in Arkham or preferably… DEAD! Batgirl just wasn’t aware… He had her right where he wanted. And he’d all the patience in the world when it came to watching her self-destruct. He spent these last few days wearing her down with visions. Ones in which she was fighting enemies that weren’t even real. He got a kick out of this other persona of hers. Sure he could go tell the world and expose her. But this was by far more fun. He could care less about exposing her identity. That wasn’t the point. No, it was to drive her insane.

“Any luck, sir?”

Bruce tiredly rubbed his face as he scanned the monitors. He shook his head with an agonizing expression about him.

“She’ll turn up…” Alfred assured.

“And how will that be exactly? In a morgue? Or will she lose her mind…” He hinted, that crazed look in her eyes still sent him goosebumps. He’d never seen that in Bella Gordon of all people.

“I suppose it depends on what you mean exactly, young master…”

Bruce cut him a certain look and Alfred sighed.

“With all due respect sir, a man of any “normal” caliber couldn’t face the things Batman does.”
“What are you hinting at exactly?”

“That you perhaps shouldn’t be so hard on the young lady. Like Batman… Batgirl must find her way.”
“I can assure you this way is not it. It’s beyond foolish. She’s only going to wind up getting herself killed! Dammit Alfred, I can’t even get near her without her running like one of my rivals.”

“Perhaps running isn’t the way you should see it.”
“Then what would you call it, Alfred?!” Bruce asked with severity and great agitation to his voice.

“She’s only doing what you trained her to do.”

Bruce snapped a look his butler’s direction looking irate.

“Batgirl means to protect us, by all means necessary…”

At those words the Dark Knight leaned back, looking to be in thought.

“Hey is that…” A thug motioned towards the caped figure in the alley.

“Well I’ll be damned. It’s the batbitch herself. What are the odds? She really fucked us over the other day on that job.”
The guy nods. They look around and start that direction. The men cautiously make their way over.

“Man that bitch is out cold.”

Both guys looked around once more.

“Ever wonder if she’s got a face to go with that body of hers?”
“Right?” The other uttered with a chuckle.

“Let’s have a little look…” he said with a shrug.

He reached over about to unveil the woman behind the mask. A gun fired startling the thugs. They turned back with laughter.

“Did you call for a hooker?”

“Nope did you?”

The thugs died in laughter.
“Step away or I will shoot.”
“Whatever you say, sweetheart.”

The man turns back towards Batgirl and stretched his arm out once more.

“SON OF A BITCH!” He shouted as the woman shot his hand.


“That’s right, now step away from her or I’ll aim higher next time.”

The men took off as she fired off another round at their feet. Once they were gone, she approached Batgirl and felt for a pulse. She sighed in relief and pocketed her gun.

“I must say… I never thought I’d see the day.” The woman said and braced Batgirl against her.

“I got you, hun…”

She froze however as a man stood before her. He shook his head looking annoyed.

“Now, why’d you have to go and interrupt my plans?”

“Who are you?”
The rather tall, dark haired man grinned.

“Why I’m Cadaver…” He says doing a slight bow.
“Cadaver?” She questioned with skepticism.

He nodded.

“And you are?”

“Such a pretty name for such pretty face. But if you will…” He gestured for her to hand Batgirl over.

Rose narrowed her eyes and shook her head. The strange man rolled his and made a tsking sound.

“That’s enough nonsense now. You’d be wise in handing her over and going about your way.”

“Not happening…” She said and aimed her gun at him.

“You should go.”

He laughed and shrugged.

“Very well…” He took some sort of yellow ring from his pocket and placed it on his finger.

She staggered back with Batgirl in her hold. The man’s entire body was engrossed in some sort of yellow energy field. His body began to morph into some sort of scarecrow looking creature. The very symbol he wore on his ring appeared on his chest.

He sailed right for them, only he was in for a surprise of his own. Batgirl quickly shoved Rose back she grabbed one of her batarangs and pierced it through his gut. She then seized him and fired off her grapple gun. Cadaver grunted out and had a look of astonishment about him. They landed on a nearby high rise where he was thrown up against a pipe. Her boots sounded against the gravel of the rooftop as she made her way over. Batgirl snatched him by the collar of his suit and kneed him in the groin followed by a knee to the temple. He fell over and she continued to kick the shit out of him

“You’re not the only one bitch with tricks up their sleeves.” She roared as she forced him back to his feet, striking him in the gut.

She knocked him for such a loop he was temporarily bumped out of his scarecrow image. Or so she assumed. Batgirl hadn’t a clue how his powers manifested nor what he was fully capable of. The vigilante twirled him about and brought knee to the middle of his back. She proceeded in cuffing him. Only to hear him dying in laughter. Her eyes rolled on this and she twirled him back around and punched him in the face. His eyes rolled back and his body went limp. She nodded to herself and came to her feet. The moment she turned her back, he broke out of his cuffs. She then felt a wave of something hit her. Batgirl reached to her temples and twirled back around. He hovered about with a smirk.

“Speaking of tricks…” He voice was menacing and deep, he’d taken on the scarecrow persona once again

Bella batted her eyes and came to her knees. He gradually made his way over and roughly cupped her chin.

“Let me in…” He commanded looking into her eyes.

“Show me your worst fears.”

She gritted her teeth and shook her head.


Bella closed her eyes as she could actually feel his power working to ease its way into her mind.

“Come now little dove… What is it you fear the most in this world?”

She continued to fight it but felt as though her head would cave in. A yellow pedestal appeared beneath her feet and it started to rise. Batgirl forced herself to snap out of it and sailed after him. He dodged her attempt and she landed in a crouching stance. He shot his hand out and several yellow looking bullets were flying her direction. She flipped off the building and fired off her grapple gun. He continued to fire at her and eventually succeeded in busting the rope to her grapple gun.

“OH SHIT!” She hollered as she was sliding down a building, with nothing to break her fall.

Batgirl tried to using her cape to help ease her landing but it was in shreds. Her eyes widened and she braced herself for the worst. Her body hit something but it wasn’t what she quite expected. She uncovered her face and looked to see it was a blond haired man in a green domino mask.

“Well I asked for an angel but I suppose Batgirl will do. Is it wrong that I’m having a total fanboy moment?”

The man’s eyes darted toward something else and he quickly tumbled about, in attempts to dodge an attack.
“Hold on…” He called out and took off in flight.

“You’re even hotter in person!”

He whipped back around.

“I’m going toss you in the air for like a split second. Just need you to trust me.”

Her jaw dropped as the man hurled her up high. A green slide appeared beneath her and it brought her onto the roof of another building. Just as she landed a high pitched cry was heard. One like she’d never heard. She covered her ears as it actually hurt her eardrums. Batgirl turned the direction it was coming from. Her heart sank and she swiftly tried to find a way off the building. She shook her head seeing only one way without her grapple gun. Batgirl took off running and jarred her body towards another building. She hurriedly rolled off that building onto a metal dumpster. Batgirl groaned out as she rolled off the dumpster and landed. She barely managed to catch herself before taking a nose dive. With desperation she crawled to her feet and took off.

As she got closer she reared back at the sight before her. The Cadaver as he called himself was actually brought to his knees by this shrieking sound. He covered his ears. But once the sound stopped he rose with fury. He fired a blast of yellow energy towards the girl responsible. Batgirl leaped over taking the intended hit instead.

“NO!” her friend hollered in hysterics.

The vigilante came to her knees and choked back at the impact. It felt as though a sack of bricks hit her in the abdomen.

“RUN!” Batgirl shouted at Rose.


She drew back a breath. Her eyes darted upon his as he had his hand clamped around her throat. The yellow scarecrow started to hover.
“Your worst fears…” He demanded once again.

Her hands wrapped around his wrists.


A yellow beam shot from his mouth. He squeezed her throat even tighter forcing her to suck back a breath. As she did this that beam entered her mouth. Before long she started to choke and that same beam left her lips. He smiled and put his fingers to his temples. The ray traveled that direction and vanished.
NO!” The man in green yelled as he took notice from a distance.

Someone else slammed into Marcus Crane. His body plummeted down and took a good 13 foot dive into the asphalt below. They quickly grabbed Batgirl and landed on the building below.


“NO!” She jerked out of his hold and backed away.

“You can’t be here! HE KNOWS!”

Batman reared back. Her head swayed about as she fought to stay on her feet.

“Knows?” He inquired inching his way towards her.

“He knows who I am… He knows everything about me. And now… he knows my worst fears… He’s going to know who you are, if he doesn’t already.”

At this, she jumps off the building.


Batman went to dive after her.

“Looking for someone?”
Batgirl took her fists to the man that caught her.

“Hey now… stop that… Fuck, actually that hurts what the hell are you made of?”


She grabbed the man by the collar and punched him in the stomach. He came to his knees.

“Jesus. See if I ever help your ass again!”

“YOU’D DO GOOD TO REMEMBER THAT!” She barked and ran across leaping onto another building.

Batman wrathfully took off after her.

“Man, what’s with those two?” he uttered and took off to find the Cadaver.

The very reason he was in Gotham to begin with.

Bella drew back a breath of alarm as someone snatched her. They forced her up against a wall. Their finger was jabbed into her sternum.

“You jumped off a building? You were ready to give up?! JUST LIKE THAT?!”

He grabbed the neckline of her suit and eyed her intensely. Batman ripped his cowl off. His eyes were blood shot and had tears forming within them.

“You don’t understand.”

Bruce gritted his teeth.
“So he knows you’re Bella Gordon, is that what your trying to tell me? And he knows about your loved ones, including me. So there’s a possibly of my secret getting out now as well.”

She nods with tears running down her face. He shakes his head.

“You might be trying to protect me, but you’re going to be THE DEATH OF ME!” he roared in her face.

“It’s because of me everyone’s lives are at stake. Because of me your identity.”
“FUCK IT! DAMMIT! I DON’T CARE! What I care about is losing you! Don’t you get it? How many times must we go through this? How are you even standing? You haven’t been home in four days now. You just fucking left me! Then you’d up and run every time I even got close! Do me a favor… If you’re going to take yourself out of existence, KILL ME FIRST!”
“Bruce…” She whimpered.

He shook his head.

“No! Don’t even. You haven’t any idea… I want to get married. I’d like to have children one day! But I want those things WITH YOU! If I don’t have you in my life… I can’t very well do those things, now can I?”
“You’d find…”
“DON’T! Don’t you even say it. I don’t want anyone else. You die. I die right along with you.”

He presses his body against hers.

“What were you trained for?!”

She swallows back.


She closes her eyes.


He nodded.
“What else?”
“To fight…”

He nodded once again.

“And last but not least…?
She lowers her head and he shakes his.
“ANSWER ME!” He demands crossly.

“To never give up, no matter the circumstances.”

He nodded a third time and slipped his cowl back on.

“Now let’s find the bastard and put an end to this once and for all!”

(Now be awesome and let me know what you think please. A Crow In Search of Swan I believe I’ll do next then maybe Passing of the Torch and Lunar Deity. A Webcatcher’s Dream something this weekend posted at the latest would be Monday. If everything works out. However… next week I will be working on another project for those that know my amazing friend Bertie Bott she’s holding a contest and I wish to enter. I will NOT tell you the story or the pairing as that is against the rules. Sorry Folks. But once I get a jump on that I will return to my usual updating. Please understand… it’s a comic book contest> I have to enter 😉 )

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 22 Cadaver”

  1. Awesome! Loved Jensen as the green lantern. Though now that makes me wonder… Yellow. Has a ring… Symbol appeared…. **gleefully starts laughing and clapping*. Oh my, you have always been one of the big twelve, but you are shooting way to the top with this…..

  2. OK can we all just drool for a second as Jensen aka Dean as green lantern. He is one hot man and you made my night and he helped save Bella “my hero!” Awesome update and I just can’t believe this guy was watching them what a total creeper! I can’t wait for the next update and you’re update others yay!!!! 😉

  3. Wow. I love Jensen as greed lantern. and now u have the other dude as the yellow lantern but calls himself cadaver. really wishing i can kick the yellows guys ass. i mean seriously that dude has issues. like needs to be killed issues. all in all I’d have to say awesome chapter. (read this in the day time) cannot wait for the next chapter i am positive it is gonna be another wow and awesome! but still a shirtless green lantern is a hottie 😉

  4. Damn! You can create a freaky-ass villain. I think DC or Marvel SHOULD hire you! You should write scripts for DC as most of the films they’ve done suck!! You rock with the comic book crossovers! Truly, you do!! I have yet to read a story of yours that isn’t good! I love them all!

    I really love how you write Bruce Wayne/Batman in this. I adore Alfred and Bella is awesome in this! I love how you have the layers of mental action, physical action (*snickers.* no, not THAT), all amidst a love story. I want more! UPDATE RIGHT THIS SECOND!! 🙂 Love yas! Oh…FYI-Jensen as Green Lantern….HAWT!! *Winks and cracks my whip ever so softly on yer tushie*

  5. Never give up – never surrender! You tell her Bats. Where to even begin with this fuck-awesome chapter??? I hate that their private/romantic moment was violated like that… but that kind of goes hand in hand with crazy villain sometimes, especially one who uses fear as his main weapon. And Hal! I can’t even begin to squeal the awesomeness that is Jensen Ackles as Hal Jordan. I fangirled so hard, it ain’t even funny. Hope we see more of that cheeky devil soon 😉

    So very awesome, sweets – and thanks for the contest shout out! Looking forward to your entry ❤

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