Chapter 23 Facing Your Worst Fears

Chapter 23

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Batgirl’s gaze met Batman’s once she realized what district of Gotham they were in. Within a beat she took off. The dark knight drew back a breath of unease and swiftly followed. Something else caught his attention along the way however. The man that saved Batgirl from her deathly plunge and Cadaver were on a high rise not far from here. Batman reared back at the sight. They were in the middle of a sword fight. The swords made from the very energy that fed them their power. He’d never seen such a thing and wasn’t sure what to think of it.

He cringed taking notice of something else. The batsignal was lit and he’d wondered why it seemed off. Batman wasn’t the only one to take notice. Batgirl caught wind of this as well and stopped dead in her tracks. They shared the same look of apprehension.
“I need you to zip me up there.”

He didn’t argue as he grabbed a hold of her and fired off his grapple gun. The moment they landed, she darted that direction.

“WATCH OUT!” The man with the green domino mask called out. He had his own struggle going as he fought against a source of energy around his throat.

Batman and Batgirl turned to see two yellow daggers heading right for the batsignal, where Jim and Sara Gordon were being held captive. They’d been made to look as though most his victims, scarecrows – with burlap sacks over their heads. Batman thought fast and quickly sent a few batarangs towards the daggers. Batgirl flung out what she’d left of her cape, and shielded her body over her aunt and uncle’s. Once the batarangs hit the daggers they dispersed in different directions.


The dark knight hollered out as Cadaver sailed right past him and snatched Batgirl. He menacingly chuckled and went to take off in flight. Batman hurriedly took his grapple gun out and began to manually draw out the rope. He formed a lasso at the end of it and sent it flying towards Cadaver’s ankle. Once it wrapped around, he jerked back with everything he had. Batgirl and Cadaver came tumbling down. Batman swiftly reached out and caught her. They nodded upon one another as he lower her back down. She gasped back however as a yellow rope wrapped around her throat. Her body was being pulled Cadaver’s direction. Her hands wrapped around it and she fought against the pull. Both vigilantes found themselves blocked by a yellow force field as they went to her defense.

Batgirl kicked her feet about and continued to fight against the choking mechanism he had around her neck. Once he got her at the batsignal, Cadaver forced her to her feet. She drew back a breath once she was free of the device. When she went to fight back, a massive fist formed around his and socked her in the gut. Batman gritted his teeth and looked to the man that was trapped alongside of him. He took notice of the ring on his finger it matched that of Marcus Crane’s only his was emerald. Batman grabbed him by the scruff of his suit.

“Who are you and how do we stop him?!”

“Well since you asked so nicely…” he smarted.


Batman gritted his teeth as the man punched him in the face.

“Wanna try asking me again?”
He growled out and shoved the man in green back. The dark knight retrieved something from his utility belt.

Cadaver forced Batgirl against him he ripped her mask off and threw it off the building. He breathed her in and smiled.

“Ahhh fear, such a pleasant scent” he uttered, whilst shutting his eyes momentarily.

She whipped around and took her elbow to his sternum. She froze and swallowed back as he suddenly had a yellow blade to her throat. Cadaver backed her up against the batsignal her body arched back against her aunt and uncle’s. He tilted his head and used the blade to cut through her suit.

Batman amped up the electrical charge with the remote he had. The other man reared back rather impressed as it was disrupting the force field.

“Okay, that’s actually pretty awesome” he admitted.

Cadaver tossed batgirl’s suit over the building as well, leaving her in a black sports bra and panties.

“Now you’re going to stick around and watch as I have a little fun. Don’t worry little dove I’ll save you for last. ”

Batgirl started towards him as he went to walk away. Without even looking back he shot out a hand. A wave of energy thrust her back against the wall. Her eyes widened and she looked down to see yellow coils wrapped around her waist and ankles. She went to use her hands in order to break free. Only he shot out another hand and she grunted out as her arms were forced apart and cuffed to the wall behind her.

“Do behave little dove…”
He continued towards the Gordons. Bella entire face flushed over and she was using everything within her to try and break free. Cadaver took one more step and landed on his face. Batman had thrown one of his bolas. The bola sent a nice charge throughout Cadaver’s body. His body jerked about and his eyes rolled back. Batman leaped over and straddled his chest as he sent several jabs across his face. He hollered out through gritted teeth as a solid lance of energy went through his forearm.

“You remember how I said I wasn’t going to help your ass again?” The other man taunted as he used some sort of emerald saw to break Bella out. He reared back however as he got a good look at her and memory came to serve.

“I remember you…”

“Remember me?”

“Bella Gordon…”

She reared back on this. He grimaced however realizing his fuck up. The man behind the mask scolded himself. Way to go dumbass… Well that was a good year of no one knowing. She just has to be hot… She just has to kick ass in every which way. And she’s also fucking engaged! That’s right!

“Wait, you’re the guy at the…” he quickly covered her mouth.
“To be discussed later!”

She gave a simple nod and took off. The man reared back in utter disbelief as she ripped Marcus off Batman and charged him towards the edge of the high rise. She had her knees pressed against his throat squeezing the life out of him. Her eyes never left his as she stared him down. Another blade formed within his hand and he went to drive it into her thigh. She took his wrist and slammed it down. He died in laughter and shook his head. Cadaver swiftly reversed the hold and forced her head back. She could make out the traffic and other buildings below. Desperation came about her and she half laughed to herself. She firmly gripped the ledge and wrapped her legs as tight as she could around Marcus. He wiggled his brows and pressed himself against her. Just as he was about to send her a potent kiss, she flipped him over the high rise. Both vigilantes pulled her back to safety.

The three of them were sent flying back though. They looked up to see Cadaver hovering about. He rolled his eyes as if merely annoyed. A massive yellow machine gun formed within his hands. The man in green formed a shield, one big enough to defend the three of them.

“I’m Green Lantern!” He called out, glancing towards them.

“And what we’re dealing with is a yellow lantern! He feeds of fear. So if you could you know… stop fearing him. That would be great!”

His attention on the other hand darted towards Bella.

“This seems a bit personal, doesn’t it?”

He motioned towards her aunt and uncle as the bullets continued to fly.

“I take it those are family members of yours?”

She nodded with a grimace.

“About what I figured… Look, I’ll distract him. But in order do that. I’m gonna need this one to stick around, considering she seems to be his focus point. And if you could… I don’t know… get the ma and pops out of harm’s way? Oh and by the way we need his ring, which oughta be fun considering the ring has completed its bond, so yeah…”

Batman rolled his eyes but hadn’t any time to argue on the matter. He threw a smoke pellet down and vanished.

“Huh, you guys got some pretty cool toys!”

He cut Bella a wink and wrapped his arm around her.

“Now that we’re alone…” he flirtatiously teased as he took off in flight.

“I can’t decide whether you’re hotter in your costume or not.”

“Yes, really!”


“Hold on!”

He called out maneuvered her onto his back. Her jaw dropped as he formed a green bazooka.
“I always wanted to try this!” He called out with a shrug.

“Oh shit!”

Green Lantern hollered out just as he’d fired they had incoming as well.

“Dammit, he’s mimicking my movements.”

“Mimicking?” She questioned as he was zipping throughout the city doing his best to dodge the oncoming missile.

“Basically, I’m teaching him what he’s capable of.”

“Isn’t it?!’

Meanwhile… Batman lowered the Gordons down. He took the burlaps off their heads and removed the ball-gags that were strapped to their mouths. He nodded upon them and scanned them over for any significant injuries other than being roughed up a bit. The dark knight swallowed back as Mrs. Gordon broke into tears and clung onto her husband. Jim closed his eyes and held her close, kissing the top of her head.

“Thank you, Batman…” Gordon said sincerely.

Batman could read it all over his face. He assumed this was his doing. Meaning one of his enemies due to him being commissioner. He hadn’t a clue it had anything to do with his niece. Not sure what to say, Batman gave a simple nod and fired off his grapple gun.

“So I’m going to need you to drop down now.”

She looked upon him as if he were crazy. He sighed on this.

“Look. It just wasn’t meant to be. You’re engaged if I remember correctly.”

Bella gasped out as she landed in a giant manifestation of water.

Cadaver quickly covered his face as a giant black mass was heading his way. So quickly he hadn’t anytime to react. The moment it hit all he could hear was squeaking. He could felt constant thumps along his body and what felt to be biting even. His body started to take a dive as he was knocked out of his flight. He landed on the back of an eight wheeler. He groaned out as someone landed on top of him. That same mass swarmed around them and the yellow lantern looked around realizing they were bats. Batman was using his ultrasonic bat beacon to call to them. Something he rarely did. But he figured this occasion more than called for it. After all if the son of Jonathan Crane wanted to walk in his father’s shoes. Shouldn’t he undergo the same fears? Like father like son. If Marcus Crane wanted to honor his father, then by all means why should anyone hold him back? Batman sinisterly thought to himself as laid into the yellow lantern with everything he had.

Cadaver’s eyes started to bat as his vision got blurry. Due to this, the bats now merged with Batman. Making him seem even bigger and more threatening. Batman shook his head as if fighting something off. Batman hopped off Marcus and staggered back reaching to his temples.

“OH, COME ON!” Green Lantern hollers seeing what’s taking place form a distance.

He was doing his best to get there before it fully took effect.

The dark knight’s teeth were gritted as something called upon him. Something strong and like nothing he’d ever felt before. A pulse of yellow light hit him dead on and he was brought to his knees. He looked down, seeing Cadaver’s ring upon his finger now. The same chant he and Bella had heard over the monitors in the cave that day began ringing in his ears. He growled out as he tried fighting against it.

Green Lantern landed before him.

“You ok there, buddy?”

Batman’s suit now had the markings of a yellow lantern. Reminding Hal Jordan a lot of Sinestro’s suit. Only this one was by far more intimidating looking. In fact Batman as a yellow lantern damn near had him pissing his pants. He swallowed back and raised his hands. He took gradual steps towards Batman. He knew the longer he wore the ring the more it would corrupt him. The more corrupted Batman became, the harder it would be in convincing him to take the ring off. The ring also took on whatever vision you saw yourself as. Such as why Marcus Crane took on the visual of a scarecrow.

“Pretty cool, huh… That feeling…” Green Lantern puts out there seeing as how Batman was looking to his hands.

His eyes were actually glowing and that creeped Green Lantern out even more. This was one fight he truly hoped to avoid at all cost. He’d much rather deal with Cadaver.

“But listen… I’m going to need you to take that off now and hand it over. Trust me… You don’t want the power that ring possesses.”

Batman cut him a sheer look of hell.

“Who are you to come into my city and tell me what I want?” Batman darkly stated and pointed upon Green Lantern.

“Man… this is going to suck so hard! And normally that would be a good thing. If it were Batgirl, maybe.” Green Lantern nervously muttered under his breath.

“Batgirl, huh?” Batman articulated looking irate as hell.

That’s right… Yellow Lantern Batman… He can hear you…. Wait… Is he…? SHIIIIIT!

Bats… thousands of yellow energy bats were heading right for Green Lantern. He staggered back as they stung across his entire body. Parts of his suit had torn due to the impact. He covered himself best he could and brought forth a protective net around his body. His body jarred back at great force as Batman came at him with energized fist. Green Lantern was slammed up against a car. He sucked back an agonizing breath as Batman socked him in the stomach. He went to hit him again and Green Lantern blocked the attempt. Green Lantern made a giant slingshot like device and linked a nearby car to it. He flung the car into the slingshot and brought his legs up and sent Batman sailing. The car followed directly after hitting Batman dead on.

“TAKE IT OFF!” Green Lantern yelled as Batman hovered about the air.

He shook his head as he was soon dodging yellow pulses of batarangs. Green Lantern drew back a breath and sent a solid lance of energy Batman’s way, hoping to knock him out long enough to retrieve the ring.

Bella limped through a nearby alleyway. She’d taken a brave leap out of the area Green Lantern had her in. During that leap, she managed to spring her ankle. She narrowed her eyes taking in the scene around her. Marcus Crane was currently laid out on the roof of an eight wheeler. And Batman was flying?! With a golden like hue around him? And he was now fighting Green Lantern. She swallowed back, wondering what the fuck happened.

Green Lantern caught her through the corner of his eye. He took off knowing he had to get her to safety and hadn’t the time to warn her that Batman wasn’t quite himself. Batman however cranked his head upon him the moment he placed a hand on Bella. He sailed after him. The dark knight tossed him aside as though he were merely a flea.

“Fuck!” Green Lantern groaned out as he went through the wall of a nearby library.

Bella’s eyes widened as Batman got a possessive grip on her and took off in flight.

“You’re hurting me…,” she said trying to get him to loosen his grip.

He growled under his breath and his hold became more constricting.

“Bruce…,” she whimpered out as she struggled to break free.

Her eyes darted upon the yellow lantern ring on his finger.

“Take the ring off.”

“I need it.”

She shook her head.

“For what?”

“It’s power. I can do so much more.”

“Bruce…. Please… This isn’t who you are. Take the ring off. You don’t need it.”


Batman’s grip quit hurting her but he didn’t let go, he just hovered in place holding her, his face blank.

“Batman…please, you didn’t put on a mask to terrorize. You are a protector…don’t give in to that ring. If you do, you will fail this city…Bruce?”

He brought them down and ironically on the roof of Wayne Enterprises. She cupped his cheek and looked him in the eyes.

“I believe in you Batman. I always have.”

Batman looked upon the ring. His lip curled as he fought against its influence. Green Lantern landed as well with Marcus Crane flipped over his shoulder. Both kept quiet, seeing as how Batman had his own battle going at the moment, though internal. He came to his knees as he went to pry the ring off. Batman hollered out as if in pain. Bella covered her mouth and tears formed in her eyes. Green Lantern went to stop her as she rushed over.

She brought a hand upon Batman’s shoulder.

“Never give up, no matter the circumstances,” She quoted.

Batman’s eyes locked with hers as he pried the ring off. He threw it at the feet of Green Lantern. Bella came to her knees as well and broke into sobs as she hugged Batman.

“I love you.”

He buried his face into her shoulder.

“Thank you…” he whispered.

“Reminding me…” he hinted as he remembered everything that’d taken place.

Batman couldn’t believe he’d let that ring gain control of him like that. He closed his eyes in awareness and for once didn’t care about the audience before them. He lips locked with hers and Green Lantern raised his brows seeing as how Batman’s hands were on her ass. But he chuckled as Batman discreetly flipped him off.

“Well it seems you two lovebirds managed to patch things up. It also seems as though the three of us have a few things to discuss. However my time is limited and I prefer to take this…” He hunkers down and picks up the ring. “And this…” He pops Marcus on the ass as he was still draped over his shoulder. “Somewhere safe…”

“And where would that be exactly?” Batman called out with suspiciously.

Green Lantern drew back a breath on this gathering the insinuation.

“Would you believe me if I said a prison off in another realm somewhere?”
“No.” Batman honestly answers.

He nodded and took off in flight.

Bella narrowed her eyes as she ran her hand along his shoulder. They’d just stepped out of the shower. “The ring?” She asked in question as he propped her up on the bathroom counter, checking her over. He nodded but his focus was on the bruises along her ribcage. When the ring took Bruce over it healed all abrasions he had, including the area the Cadaver struck him. His fingers gently grazed along the bruises. Bella found herself feverishly kissing him. But even as she did she couldn’t hide the tears and she sucked back an agonizing breath. Bruce wrapped his arms around her letting her get it all out. And just as he assumed her body went limp in his hold as it gave out. He shut his eyes for a moment and swallowed back a lump within his throat. He scooped her up off the bathroom counter and carried her onto bed.

He sat beside her as he watched her sleep for a bit. As he combed her hair back with his fingers all these thoughts came pouring in. Everything that had taken place with the Crane’s and the nightmare they put her through. Now here she was, about to start police academy. Soon she’d become an officer, whilst juggling the duties of being Batgirl. Their wedding was right around the corner as well. Bruce suddenly felt very selfish. He had mentioned children. But here she was with only one kidney and she was putting her body through literal hell and it would only be added to as time progressed. Sure women could have children with one kidney, it isn’t unheard of. But he wasn’t sure about taking that risk. Not when his deepest fear was losing the one person he held closet to his heart. He reared back as something else occurred to him. Both of them were orphans… and there the orphanage in town was filled with children needing a place to call home. So he decided to keep that in mind that when the time came. But deep down he knew there would come a time where he would have to sit his foot down and make Bella choose. The life of a vigilante or a cop… There was no way she could manage both. But he knew the only way for her to realize that was to actually see it for herself. He only prayed he could talk some sense into her, before she burned herself out. On this note he lay beside her and held her as she slept.

Alfred and Bruce promptly came to their feet once Bella entered the dining room. Bruce pulled out a chair for her, “how are you feeling?” She breathed in the food Alfred had set on the table, “hungry…” Both men chuckled on this. “You must’ve called her to the table.” Alfred nodded upon Bruce’s words. Bruce raised his brows as Bella literally attacked her plate. He’d never seen a woman eat as much as she had that night. But he didn’t dare comment. He was merely relieved to have her back home safe and sound.

“Welcome back madam…”

She shot Alfred a look and he grinned.

“My apologies… Bella.

Before her remark, she wiped her face with a napkin. The she pointed upon him with her fork.

“You truly can’t help yourself can you?”


She nodded and sipped at her tea. Within a beat she pointed Bruce’s direction.

“Save the proper mannerisms for that one. Feel free to break wind around me anytime.”

“Bella…” Bruce scolded, shaking his head.

Alfred chuckled, causing Bruce to cock a brow his way.
“And you’re encouraging her.”

“Isn’t that cute…? He thinks I need encouraging.”

Bruce lowered his fork, as they heard the doorbell ring. Alfred nodded upon him and headed that way. Before long he returned with a rather familiar face.

“Mr. Jordan” Bruce greeted and came to his feet, offering a hand.

“It really is knight and day with you, isn’t it?”

“Hello,” Bella welcomed as well.

“Make that both of you…”

He shook Bruce’s hand after all, but remembered the sheer hell these two put him through.

“Um yeah, sorry about that” Bella put out there.

Hal half laughed.

“Have a seat, Mr. Jordan.”

“Hal is fine.”

“Would you like to join us?” Bella offers.

“I’m good, had some pie before I came.”

Alfred answered the dining room phone as it rang.

“I believe you have the wrong number sir. There isn’t anyone by that name.”

Once he hung up, Bruce’s gaze met Alfred’s.

“Who were they asking for?”
“Someone by the name of Miguel, sir.”

Bruce gave a simple nod.

“So is it safe to talk…” Hal hinted.

“Within present company yes.”

Hal nodded at Bruce’s reply.

“Very well, might as well cut to the chase.”

Just as he was about to start, Bruce decided to chime in first.

“Where is this place exactly? The one in which holds Marcus Crane?”

“Let me guess… Your concern being that of him knowing the truth?”

“Amongst other things… This man cannot be trusted. Not even for a split second. He needs…”
“Extra security… A prison in which there is no possible means of escape etc… right?”

Bruce nodded.

“Well I can assure you that in Oa that’s exactly what he’s getting.”

“Oa?” Bella inquired curiously.

Hal nodded.
“Ever heard of the Guardians of the Universe?”

They both shook their heads and Hal rather smirked.

“Well that’s where your arch nemesis is currently being held. I could go into more detail. But let’s face it. We hardly know one another. And I’m certain we all share the same apprehension now when it comes to knowing the truth about one another. So I say we work on gaining one another’s trust first. Before knocking back a few beers and sharing campfire stories.”

“Something we can all agree on,” Bruce replied and Bella nodded in agreement.

She pushed her plate aside and cleared her throat. Alfred gathered the plate and disappeared into the kitchen.

“We both should be thanking you.”

“My fiancé makes a fine point. However… that’s not to say you didn’t have it coming.”

Bella’s jaw dropped.
“Bruce,” she shushed in disbelief.

Bruce’s eyes were locked onto Hal’s nevertheless. Hal let out a nervous chuckle, knowing Mr. Wayne’s reason behind those words.

“Well…” he gestured towards Bella.
“Can you really blame me? And besides you gotta admit you were a dick even before that ordeal.”

Bella looked to both men wondering what that was about.

“And you…” he pointed upon Bella.

“You’ve got issues, you know that?!”

“Mr. Jordan,” Bruce warned with the slightly raising his voice.

She swallowed back on this and gave a simple nod.

“I’d my reasons. But I do apologize for taking my frustrations out on you. Now if you’ll excuse me.” She rose from the table and swiftly exited the room.

“Was it something I said?” Hal questioned with a sigh.

Bruce pointed upon him, looking rather irate.

“Let’s put it like this Mr. Jordan, if Marcus Crane shall ever escape… This supposed prison of yours. You can guarantee you and I will be having more than words. This isn’t just about the matter of our identities becoming known to the public. It’s much deeper than that…”

“That bad, huh?”
“You haven’t any idea.”
Hal nodded, looking to be in thought.

“I take it he’s the reason behind all those bruises, such as the ones around her neck.”

“You’d be correct.”

“Damn…” he uttered realizing how much of a DICK he was now.

“I believe I should go before I do more damage.”
“That’d be preferable.”

He came to his feet and they simply nodded upon one another, before Hal showed himself out. When he stepped out he caught Bella through the corner of his eye. She was sitting in one of the benches petting an orange cat. Hal swallowed back with guilt, seeing the look in her eyes. Knowing he was the cause. He nodded upon her and welcomed himself to the other side of her. He reached over and petted the cat.
“What’s his name?”


He nodded as Orion crawled into his lap.

“Rather affectionate.”

Hal drew back a breath.

“What I said in there… I want to apologize.”
“Don’t… I mean, you were right.”
“Well in all fairness we all wear masks… I believe it’s safe to say we all have issues.”

Bella rather snorted on this.

“Some more than most.”

“That’s also very true. However I haven’t any idea as to the story behind all this. All I know is I was called upon to retrieve the ring causing all the fuss. So for whatever it’s worth. I truly am sorry you had to undergo whatever hell he put you through. And know that Cadaver or Marcus Crane whatever you wish to call him, has a long haul ahead of him and he’ll eventually wither up and die right where he is.”

“Good to know.”

He nodded not sure what else to say. Hal placed Orion back into her lap.

“It’s been… well interesting… I suppose is the word.”

She smiled.

“That it has.”
“You two take care. Perhaps we’ll cross paths again one day.”

At this he headed into a cab that was parked out front.

“What’s all this?”

“Hal Jordan’s dossier.”

She nodded and crawled into his lap as he was scrolling through everything on the bat console.

“Air Force,” Bella remarked, rather stunned and some what impressed. Bruce narrowed his eyes on this and continued to read through everything.

“Wait, he was arrested for taking aircrafts on joy rides?”

Bruce narrowed his eyes on this.

“They tried to charging him with thievery at first. But they couldn’t, considering he always brought them back,” he stated.

“Is it really necessary to dig through his medical records?”

“We can never be too safe Bella. He knows too much.”

She let out a rather guilt-ridden sigh.

“So did you go through all my records as well?”

Bruce pecked her on the cheek then lifted her up. Once he moved out of the chair, he sat her back down.

“Bruce…” she called out as he started to walk away.


He kept walking…

Bella drew back a breath as she walked about the empty apartment. She’d come by to personally thank Rose and make certain she was alright. But the place had been ransacked. Or so it seemed… Bella took a few pictures of everything with her cellphone, doing her best to connect the dots. During this little investigation of hers, she prayed Rose was safe and sound. She looked for any signs of struggle but couldn’t find any.

She entered Rose’s bedroom lastly and looked around, hoping for some sort of sign of her whereabouts. Bella opened her closet door and froze. Her heart sank and she grimaced. Before her was a picture of Joker. Butterfly knives were punctured through the area of his eyes. And around that picture was every single article that ever mentioned Joker. She swallowed back and took some more pictures. But part of her felt as though she were betraying Rose and her trust. Bella’s eyes however locked onto a particular newspaper clipping. It was the one involving her rape. Though there was no mention of the victim’s name. Bella already knew it was Rose. She continued to stare at the nightmare before her as she dialed Bruce.


“Hey… Think you can do me a favor.”
“That being?”

“See if there have been any complaints of any kind reported with a certain apartment.”

“Something wrong?”

“Too early to tell…”

“Okay give me the name of the apartment and number and I’ll call you back once I gather the information.”

She nodded and gave him the apartment name and number. As she waited Bella read through some of the articles. Within five minutes tops, the phone rang.

“The apartment in which you’re referring to was being rented out by a Rosalie Hale. She was evicted just a couple days ago due to failure to pay rent.”
“…damn…” Bella murmured.

“Other than that there haven’t been any complaints filed.”

“Thanks Bruce.”

“Anytime… Are you going to be home soon?”

“Yeah just give me a few… I’ll be there shortly.”

After wrapping everything up, she exited back out the window she originally crawled through and headed on home.

“Are you nervous?”

Bella shrugged as she gazed upon her reflection in the mirror.

“Maybe a little.”

Bruce smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. His head rested along her shoulder.

“You got this.”

“I hope so.”
“I know so.”

The urge to talk some sense into her was heavy. Bruce damn near wanted to plead with her on giving this another thought. But he knew deep down this was something she’d have to decide for herself. He cleared his throat in thought.
“I love you and good luck.”
She smiled and pivoted about. “I love you too Bruce and thank you.” She replied as she kissed him and rushed on out the door.

(Let me know what you think by leaving your review/comment. Thank you. I will be working on Gamma Love, Passing of the Torch, A Webcatcher’s Dream, And A Crow In Search of a Swan next- no particular order)

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  1. wow just wow. i worry for rose for one thing and glad Marcus is gone for now. i’m super excited to see what comes next. ur the best at coming up with stories i swear most days i’m all where is she getting all these ideas?! lol

  2. Awesome chapter and I’m glad they are finally rid of Marcus Crane and I hope he stays gone for good. I hope she finds Rose soon and can I just add that when Hal said I ate pie it made me laugh because for a second I was about to say Yep that’s Dean lol! Can’t wait for the next update with this story and your other stories! 😉

  3. DUDE! You always have the best action scenes – and Batman with the yellow ring, holy shiznit that is scary as hell, lol! That always freaked me out. And Jensen as Hal… still fangirling over that, you know! His quips were perfect, just perfect. So glad Cadaver is in Oa and I’m curious if Bruce will find more information about the Green Lantern Corps. Knowing him, I bet he’ll find some breadcrumbs and get some answers, lol. So awesome, sweets – truly a wonderful job!

  4. This chapter had my heart pounding!! The action sequences were written so well and when Bruce/Batman had the ring on I think my heart almost came to a stop!! I breathed a sigh of relief when he fought against the ring’s power and took it off!

    I really like how you write Green Lantern in this and his quips just make me smile. You using Jensen for him melts my lil fangirl heart!! I loved the reference to pie!!!

    Now that Yellow Lantern has been sent to Oa, I am even more anxious to see what twists and turns you take with this story! Fabulous chapter, Kitten!!

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

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