Chapter 24 One’s Pride

Chapter 24

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. (Ryan Gosling as Jim Corrigan, Orlando Bloom as Donald Peak) This chapter goes out to all the women who have suffered anything of this nature. Hold your head up high. Stick your middle finger in the air and realize you DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS! Never give in. Fight always…

Bella parked outside the academy. She took her helmet off as she came off the bike. The bike was something Bruce had given her this morning before she left. Though she argued against it he insisted. So now she had the chopper, she used as Batgirl and the blue Harley for everyday purposes. He’d hoped she’d pick out one of the cars as well but she hadn’t yet. He knew it was going to take some major convincing. As much as she loved to tease him about it… She truly was the furthest thing from a gold digger. She wanted to earn her own way and that caused the two to argue at times. As her fiancé he felt it was his responsibility to provide for her, considering he was soon to be her husband and they were living under the same roof. That wasn’t how Bella saw it and it drove Bruce insane. Yet he also respected that about her as well. He just wish she’d let him help every once in a while. Bella was all about showing her independence. She wanted to proof she could achieve whatever she put her mind to without any help. Bruce knew she hated showing any signs of weakness even as Batgirl. But there was never an instant where he ever thought her weak. If anything she was the most courageous woman he’d ever met.

Four other cadets were heading the building just as Bella was. Bullock was already waiting for them with a dozen more already grouped around him. He nodded upon Bella and started a head count.
“Alright, think we’re all here. Follow me…”

Bella counted fourteen cadets outside of her. And she was the only female out of the group. And she was already getting the odd looks, whispers, and a few were even laughing. She ignored this and took a seat once they entered the seminar room.

“You sure you’re in the right place sweetheart?”

One of them taunted as they took a seat beside her. She stared straight ahead and shrugged.

“Are you?”

The man chuckled at this and folded his arms about his chest as he leaned back in his seat. Bullock shut the door and made his way to the front of the room. He motioned one of the guys over and handed him some books to pass out.

“As most of you know I’m Detective Harvey Bullock. I don’t normally deal with this police academy B.S. But we’re lacking in officers with the skills to do so. Now this room right here is where we’ll meet every day 6 am. Don’t be late or you might find yourself locked out of the room or left behind on days we’re going over PT on the field. If you show up and we’re already outside you will have to run an extra course. We have a good twenty weeks ahead of us. Some of you will make it – over a handful of you won’t.”

Bella took notice of the how Bullock eyed her in particular when he said this. She did her best to ignore it but it got under her skin nevertheless. Especially considering he wasn’t the only one eyeing her down. Bella was beginning to see she wasn’t exactly welcomed. He continued to go over certain procedures and what was expected of them. For now was all about filling out forms, taking a couple of tests, and they received their uniforms for PT – a grey T-shirt that had their last names on the back and the Gotham City Police Department logo on front in blue and navy blue sweat pants.

Around noon Bullock sent everyone to lunch. Just as Bella was getting on her bike the man that had sat beside her approached her. He offered his hand but had a smug look about him.

“Jim Corrigan.”

She nodded and shook his hand. The man was tall and had light brown hair. Like the others he had a rather athletic build to him.

“Bella Gordon.
The man narrowed his eyes at this.

“Wait… I knew I recognized you! You’re all over the tabloids. You’re the billionaire’s fiancé.”
He has a good laugh at this.

“What the hell are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back home on your knees earning that fat check?”

Bella raised her brows on this. One of the other cadets rolled his eyes as he was getting into his car. She put her helmet on planning to ignore the sexist pig.

“Dangerous world out there… Women shouldn’t be out on the streets of Gotham past dark.”

She nodded in amusement and waved him off as she revved up her engine and peeled out. The other cadet pulled up to the guy.

“Was that really necessary?”

Corrigan chuckled.

“Ah… just doing her a favor. We both know she wouldn’t last a week out on the field Whitlock.”

“That’s for damn sure another cadet called out.”

After lunch Bella returned to her seat in the room. She thought it odd that two of the cadets seemingly darted into the room and sat beside her. The others entered the room laughing and rough housing around.

“You’re in my seat Don!” Jim Corrigan called out.

The dark haired man shrugged.

“I wasn’t aware they were assigned.”
“Hmmm… up…”
“Nah… I happen to like where I’m sitting, thank you.”

“I don’t believe I stuttered.”

Bella drew back a breath and peered over.

“Didn’t we graduate from middle school years ago?”

The man sitting on the other side of her chuckled at her remark. Bella turned her focus back onto her book. Corrigan bitterly took the seat directly behind her.

“Donald Peak and my friend over there is Jasper Whitlock.”

Bella nodded as she regarded them both.

“Bella Gordon.”

Donald reared back at this.
“Are you by chance kin to the commissioner?”

She nodded.

“Well that explains everything…” Corrigan murmured.
“Let me guess daddy’s girl wants to follow in his footsteps and be like one of the boys? To top it off you’re a feminist?”

“Try uncle and it depends on the situation.”

Bullock entered the room with a toothpick in his mouth.

“Alright follow me and grab your PT uniforms.”

They followed him out and he showed them where the locker rooms were. The boys entered theirs and Bullock cleared his throat as Bella was about to enter the women’s.

“Been awhile since anyone’s been in there… Careful plumbing might not be what it used to be.”

She nodded on this and headed on inside. Her nose wrinkled at the smell as she entered. It smelled of raw sewage. Everything was covered in dust. The white paint was chipping off the walls revealing the once yellow tint it had. She picked out a locker. Then got undressed and put on her uniform. She pulled her hair back and darted on out.

“Hurry it up Gordon. The boys are on the field already.”

Bella nodded and headed out as Bullock motioned towards the exit. Bella joined the others in running. Bullock stepped out and quietly observed as they ran the field.

“Hope you didn’t eat much Gordon!” Corrigan called out.

“Doesn’t look like she even eats.” Another smarted off as she passed them.

“I don’t know she is a bit top heavy… Let’s just hope she doesn’t give herself a black eye.”

They died in laughter again.
“Knock it off guys. Bullock hears you and you’ll be on the chopping block for sexual harassment.” Whitlock warned.

“I think Whitlock has himself a crush.”

“Haha! Good luck with that. She’s got billions to choose from.”
“Ohhhh good one…”
Peak and Whitlock rolled their eyes as the guys high fived one another. Whitlock cleared his throat.
“She’s making us all look bad at the moment.” He pointed out seeing as how she was in the lead.

“Eh… she’s just showing off. Wants to prove herself… like most women libbers do.” Corrigan replied.

But Whitlock and Peak noticed how Corrigan picked up the pace doing his best to catch up to her. They chuckled amongst one another. Peak drew back a breath and looked towards his roommate.

“You know that guy isn’t going to let up.”
Whitlock nodded, looking to be in thought.

“Well how’d your first day go?” Bruce inquired over dinner.

“Great actually…”

Bruce cocked a brow at this. He detected the lie but wasn’t sure what to make of it. Bella didn’t feel like diving into it and the last thing she wanted was to start bitching about how mean the boys are. Like children at play… she wrinkled her nose in thought and sipped at her wine.

“Save any room for dessert, my dear?”
Bella lifted her eyes upon Alfred as he entered the dining room. She smiled seeing as how he’d made her favorite – chocolate mousse. Bruce chuckled on this as Alfred set a bowl down in front of her.

“I think I love you…”

The billionaire made a face of mock jealousy.

“So that’s what it takes? Dessert?”

Bella shrugs and took a spoonful into her mouth. Alfred smiled as she let out a playful moan.

“Soooo good!”

On this Alfred left the room chuckling amongst himself.

“So how was your day?
He rather shrugged on this as he ate his dessert as well.

“A day I suppose. Any word on your friend yet?”

“No. Not yet.”

He nodded.
“I’m sure she’ll turn up.”
“I truly hope so…”

She thought back to that day and narrowed her eyes.

“Is it physically possible to hurt someone through screaming alone? Well more like shrieking on top of your lungs. I’d never heard such a thing.”

He reared back on this.

“You might need to explain further. I’m afraid I’m at a loss.”

“During the fight with Marcus Crane… Rose was there. And you should’ve heard the way she cried out Bruce. It was so high pitched she could’ve shattered glass. She actually had him stunned to where he was momentarily immobile. In fact it was enough to make my ears ring. It took sometime for me to get my full hearing back.”

“Your friend must have some pretty powerful lungs.”

“Something like that…”

“There’s a play tonight at the theater. I thought we might go.”

“What’s the play?”
“Waiting For Godot.”

“Oh really?”

He nodded.

“I’d like that. Think Godot will show up this time?” She playfully remarked.

Bruce chuckled.
“I suppose we’ll find out.”

“No matter how many times I’ve read or seen the play. I’m left with an odd feeling.”

Bruce nodded in agreement as they exited the building.

“Well they don’t call it ‘theater for the absurd’ for nothing.”

“You know it reminds me of those old adventure books where you have to pick between the pages and whichever page you pick decides your fate.”

“Never was a fan…” Bruce admitted.

“Don’t move. Don’t scream, got it.”

Bella raised her brows upon Bruce as she felt a gun digging into her back. She raised her hands in the air and gradually spun around. The thug tilted his head about giving her the once over.

“Give me your purse and you…” he motioned towards Bruce with his gun.

“I want your wallet.”

The guy however kept eyeing Bella a certain way. He cleared his throat after they handed their things over.

“How’s about you and I have a little fun, baby?”

She let out a (fake) gasp as he roughly took her by the hand and started to drag her away. Bruce simply waited… He nodded to himself once he heard the thug hollering out in agony.

“Well I had fun… didn’t you?”

He smirked and folded his arms about his chest as he heard her taunting the hooligan.

“Are you crazy lady?”

Bruce raised his brows as the man took off holding his package and tripping as his pants were down past his knees. Bella stepped out of the area and tossed Bruce his wallet back. He nodded and reached over grabbing the lid to a metal trashcan. He sent it flying at the back of the man’s head knocking him out. Bella handed Bruce the cuffs she’d kept in her purse.


She nodded as Bruce cuffed the guy to a pipe in the alleyway. Bella called her uncle and gave him the scoop so they could apprehend him. Once their little adventure was over, Bella looked to Bruce concerned. He was gazing out the limo window with this somewhat troubled air about him. Already knowing due to the ironic events – she reached out and took his hand.

“You’re thinking about them… aren’t you?”

He drew back a breath and nodded.

“They’d be proud of you.”

Bruce brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

“I wish they could’ve met you.”

Bella smiled and leaned into his shoulder.

“I would’ve liked that.”

He thought back to his father’s words that night. The dark knight turned to his fiancé.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Bruce.”

“If I could go back…”
“Bruce… you can’t do that to yourself. And your father… he knew you loved them. So did your mother.”

“I never found him, you know.”


“My parents’ murderer. As far as I’m aware he’s at large to this day.”

Bella nodded to herself thinking back to his journal. She wasn’t sure what to say to that. But she hoped he was wrong. That maybe karma finally caught up to the bastard and he bit it hard. When they got back to the manor Bruce said nothing as he headed to the garage. Bella swallowed back on this and headed on inside where she showered and got ready for bed.

Bruce didn’t get to bed that night until around two am. He’d clearly been drinking and passed out the moment he hit the pillow.

That morning Bella quietly snuck out of bed and got ready for another day. Before she left she pecked Bruce on the lips and pulled the bedroom door shut. Alfred greeted her down the stairs with a fresh cup of coffee and today’s paper.

“Thank you.”

He smiled as she kissed his cheek. Bella made her way to the dining room and sat down. She read the paper whilst sipping at her coffee. She reared back at today’s front page article. There was a woman decked out in black on the front of the page. The woman had a black domino mask on and she had blonde hair. Bella was halfway through the article when she spit her coffee all over the paper and started to hit at her chest, choking.

“No fucking way…” Alfred heard her muttering under her breath.

“Is everything alright?”
Bella sort of laughed.

“Alfred, think you can get us another copy of today’s paper?”

“I can most certainly do that.”
“Thank you.”

She called out and came to her feet as she hurriedly downed the rest of her coffee. Alfred whistled a tune amongst himself once she was out of the manor. He took an extra newspaper out from his blazer and setting it down as he tossed the other one out.

A few weeks later…

The young cadet gritted her teeth as she opened her locker and found her sports bra and panties to be gone. She decided to wear the ones she’d been wearing with her other clothes but couldn’t even find them. In fact the bag she had them in was gone. Bella had a female emergency and had to rush off to the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Meaning while she was in there someone had snuck into the locker room. She groaned out miserably as she got dressed anyhow. When she stepped out Bullock reared back in disbelief as she joined the others in running. Corrigan caught up to her.

“A bit drafty, isn’t it sweetheart?”

Her teeth ground together but she kept up the pace. Bullock rushed over stopping her.

“What the hell are you doing Gordon?! You can’t come out here like that! There are better ways of getting attention you know.”

Her face flushed over as she could hear the guys laughing.

“You truly think this is out of will?” She murmured with annoyance and full on embarrassment.

“Hell if I know considering you’ve been late every other day as of late.”

That was also the guys doing. She couldn’t even go to the bathroom without being locked inside. One day they locked her out of the building completely. She had to find a window to crawl through. On those days she knew she’d be locked out of the room so she’d simply get dressed hit the field and run whatever course Bullock had them doing once again before leaving. That was in addition to the crude sexual and sexist comments. Then there was the jealousy on how Bella excelled damn near everything especially in hand to hand combat. Because of this Corrigan had been getting rather rough when he had to face her. There were times he left bruises. These were things Bella knew Bullock and the others must’ve noticed but nothing was ever done about it. Bullock let damn near everything he witnessed slide. As for Whitlock and Peak? They became targets as well for having been the only ones to ever come to her defense. They too were being hazed and pushed around. Only it was kept behind locker room doors. Bella hadn’t a clue that any of this was taking place.

“Go home… You’re not fit to be doing PT today.”
“Officer Bullock sir, I…”
“I don’t have time for your excuses. Don’t think for even an instant that I’m going to pass you merely because of blood line. You have to earn your way just as your uncle and I did. Now get lost!”

She shook her head and started to head back.

“And if you’re late just one more time…”

Bella was quick to interrupt his threat.

“I won’t be.”

He nodded.
“Let’s hope so, for your sake.”

Bruce narrowed his eyes as he heard the door to the manor slam shut. He was making his way down the stairs, adjusting his tie. He reared back at the sight of Bella in her PT uniform and could clearly tell she hadn’t any undergarments on.

“Everything alright?”

She nodded but her face was flushed over and she rushed on up the stairs. He sighed as the door to their bedroom was slammed shut as well.


“Yes sir.”
“Has Bella by chance discussed her training with you?”

Alfred shook his head on this.

“No sir.”

“Has she been coming home early often?”

“No sir. This makes a first I do believe.”

He glanced towards the stairs once more and shook his head looking to the time. Bruce hated to leave but he was late to a meeting as it was.

“Do you want to piss all that hard work away?!”

She half laughed as she walked along the dock with her uncle. He’d been ranting and raving the entire time. Apparently Bullock had ratted her out on her being late. There was no mention of the incident however today.

“I hardly believe this is a matter to be laughed about.”

She nodded and looked out to sea.

“You’re right. It isn’t…”

“What’s going on Bella? This just isn’t like you. He says you’re doing exceptionally well in PT but in everything else you’re lacking. And I hear your starting strategic techniques tomorrow. Are you even prepared for that?”

“Why don’t you let me worry about my life and you worry about your own?”

“What’s come over you?!”

“I thought you wanted to go to dinner.”

“And we are.”

“You know I’m not really feeling it now.”

“Would you just talk to me?”

“WHAT IS IT YOU WANT ME TO SAY? HUH? You already had this all mapped out in your head. The only reason you even set this up was for another one of your bitchfest! Well you know what Jim? I’m done! I can’t please you no matter what I do. You’re going to be down my throat no matter the situation. So no matter what I say about PT or anything about what’s going on. You’ll find something to fault me in. So why the fuck am I wasting my time?”

Bella put her helmet on and hopped onto her bike. She decidedly hit the nearest bar. If only she had known, she’d have gone straight home instead. But she sat at the bar, unaware. That is until she was already a few beers in and had more than a handful of shots. The familiar laughter carried over and her eyes darted that direction. Sure enough Corrigan nodded upon her and was motioning her over.

“I’m good…” she called out and jumped down from her bar stool as she paid for her tab.

“Now don’t be like that. Come have a drink with us.”

She said nothing and headed towards the door. Corrigan came to his feet and made his way over. He wrapped his arm around her and leaned into her ear.

“Come on now. We could be partners one day after all.”

OH SHIT!” The guys hollered out and jumped to their feet as Bella suddenly had Corrigan up against the wall. His arm was in a snapping position. Her face was beet red as she lit into him.

“Touch me again and this arm belongs to me! Keep fucking me over and I’ll make damn sure you never set foot in police headquarters, not as an officer anyhow. I’ll have you choking back on cellmate’s cock and taking it up the ass before I allow some idiot like you represent Gotham!”

“Everything alright?”

Bella cringed at the familiar voice and briefly shut her eyes. She felt his hand along her shoulder.

“I saw the bike parked outside thought I’d stop by.”

She nodded looking plum ill. The humiliated woman dropped her hold. The drunk man whipped around and started laughing.
“What’s pretty boy doing in a place like this? Shouldn’t you be on the other side of town at one of those fancy gentleman clubs?”

“What’s the matter rich boy, you lost?” Another cadet called out.

Bruce ignored them and took Bella by the hand.

“Let’s go home…”

“That’s right head back to your mansion and put that bitch of yours back on her knees where she belongs.”

He escorted Bella on out the door and placed her in the car.

“I’ll be right back.”

She nodded but kept her head down. Bruce headed back inside and made his way over. The guys were laughing it up and making sexual remarks about Bella. He tapped Corrigan on the shoulder and socked him across the face.

“It’s wannabes like you that give cops a bad rep. And you…” He glances towards the others.

“You’d let this man talk to a woman that way? You’re no better than he is.”
“There ain’t no place for her in a man’s police precinct.” One of Corrigan’s men smarted.

“I’ll be sure to pass your thoughts on this to the mayor when I have lunch with him next week.”

When Bruce got back to the car Bella was staring out the window. He cleared his throat on the way home. Doing his best to search for the right words.

“I’ll pick up your bike tomorrow. You can take one of the cars in the morning.”

She nodded but continued to look out the window. Bruce drew back a breath as he shifted gears.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

She shook her head and laughed with a hint of nerves behind it.

“What was I supposed to say Bruce?”
“Something… anything! Have you been putting up with that for the entire seven weeks?”

“You have been, haven’t you?! Jesus Bella! You should have told your supervisor or your uncle.”

“And how would that look Bruce. Honestly? Me running off to tattle tell on a majority of the cadets? They had it out for me the moment I entered that building; even more so when they learned who my uncle was. Why add fire to the flame?”

“You had the law by your side! You should’ve used it! Hell you still do. You need to report each and everyone of them!”

“The law, huh?”

He nodded and firmly gripped the wheel. The more he thought about everything she’d possibly gone through the more furious he grew.

“Well Bruce, you of all people should know that the law isn’t always on your side. It’s twelve men against one woman! You do the math!”

“So if they continue?”

She shrugged and continued to gaze out the window.

“Okay then put it like this. Those are the men that will graduate police academy and will be out there defending Gotham!”

“So you’re saying it’s my duty to make sure something gets done about it?”

“In a way…”
“This city is filled with corrupt cops Bruce. We both know that. How the hell does one person put a stop to it?”

He shifted gears again and pulled into the drive.

“I honestly can’t answer that. But I’m sure you’ll find a way. You maybe Bella Gordon on that field. But we hold a certain responsibility to this city. Whether you’re an officer of the law or not, you’re still Batgirl. The way that man was with you in that bar, just imagine if it were a civilian. A woman at that… One that can’t protect herself the way you can.”

He killed the engine and reached over caressing her cheek. Bruce swallowed back as he witnessed a single tear running down her face. He unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her into his lap.

“Just as you told me once before… You don’t have to hide from me. I’m always here. There’s never a reason why you should have to hold something like that in. I should’ve known something was up. You’ve been unusually quiet and well…”

She narrowed her eyes upon him.

“I just assumed you were tired…” he hinted as to their sex life.

Bella blushed on this.

“Hey… don’t… we all have our moments. With everything that took place with Marcus Crane and now this. You’ve every reason to feel the way you do. It’s only natural. I’m not about to push you for anything. There is more to us than that. I won’t lie, I miss it but I know we’ve both been busy and you’ve had a lot on your plate as of late.”

To Bruce it all made perfect sense now. He was looking at this as a psychologist would. Marcus Crane had invaded their most intimate of moments and used that against her. Not long after – she goes into the academy and has spent the last seven weeks hearing degrading sexual and sexist remarks. And Lord knows what else. What woman in their right mind would be in the mood after that?

Corrigan bitterly regarded himself in the mirror. Bruce had left him with one hell of a shiner.

“The bitch is going down.”

Whitlock heard him murmur. He rolled his eyes at this.

“Just give it rest. You got what you deserved and you know it. What’d she ever do to you besides make you look bad during PT?!”

“Watch yourself Whitlock.”

“That’s it isn’t it? It’s not just the fact that she’s a woman. But that she’s managed to make us all look bad in comparison.”

“Oh please, even Bullock has stated that she isn’t dependable. Hell, just the other day he was telling us how he imagined Gordon was ashamed of her. She’s a fucking joke that one! She waltzes on in here thinking she’s one of us. Face it Whitlock – she’ll end up in a body bag if she even makes it past these next few weeks.”
“She’s plenty dependable and Bullock is full of shit.” Peak defends as he’d overheard the conversation.

“It’s because of you and your little posse she’s been late. And that stunt with the underwear. Not cool! That woman has feelings just like any of us do. She’s going to make a damn good cop one day and you know it!”

Corrigan and his friends die in laughter.

“She’d make a better hooker than she would a cop.”
“That’s no lie! Nipples ahoy that one!”

“Eh, rich boy’s got her right where he wants. Fine piece of ass that one. I can’t lie. I wouldn’t mind having my cock buried in that sweet little ass.”

“Try telling that to Mr. Wayne’s face and see if he blackens the other eye as well!” Whitlock snaps with gritted teeth.

Corrigan roughly grabbed Whitlock by the collar of his shirt.

“Look here you southern piece of shit…”

“Dude! Knock it off!” Peak put a hand along Corrigan’s shoulder as he went to defend his friend.

The asshole whipped around, punching Peak in the face. The others quickly grabbed ahold of Whitlock and were holding him back as Corrigan beat on Peak.

“STOP!” Whitlock shouted as he struggled in their hold.

He was brought to his knees as one of them sent him a jab to the gut. The flushing of a toilet was heard and it was soon followed by the creaking of a bathroom door and every man within the room cranked their head that direction. Each of them looked on in absolute shock and dropped whatever they were doing. The man nodded upon them and walked over to one of the sinks. He washed his hands and dried them off. Once he was done he turned towards them. “Follow me…”

Not a word was uttered as they nervously followed the man out of the locker room. When he stepped out Bullock was already lighting into Bella about something off to a corner of the hallway.

“Don’t be an idiot. You report them boys and you might as well piss away all that hard work. You only got a few weeks left. Just suck it up and go on. There isn’t any room for drama queens in our department. That’s something you need to take into serious consideration.”
“Officer Bullock you don’t seem to understand…
“No you don’t understand. You need to get off this high horse of yours. You ain’t dealing with anything we haven’t already. If anything this should have you well prepared for when you’re out on the field. This shit isn’t going away – no matter what you do. You wanted to be a cop. Well here you go sweetheart. Welcome to the real world. Like it or lump it!”

Bella gasped out as Bullock was shoved against the wall. The commissioner had Bullock by the collar of his shirt.

“What the fuck is going on around here?!”

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  7. Omg I’m loving this and can’t wait for the next update. Jim Gordon is on the case and things aren’t looking too good for the other guys. I loved everything about this chapter and Bruce handling them guys was absolutely perfect and I’m guessing he was the one to give Jim the heads up. I hope you update soon great job!!! 😃😀😁😊😐☺😆😉

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