Chapter 3 Cordially Yours

Chapter 3

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“Oh wow… Damn Bella!” Casey remarks as she steps inside the dorm.

Bella was in a brand new black dress it draped over one shoulder. It stopped just above the knees. She had on some silver hoop earrings and had her hair pinned back. Megan giggles.

“Doesn’t she look HOT?!”

“Yeah actually she does.” Casey agrees.

“Please tell me this is a date!”

Megan giggles again and Bella cuts Megan a pleading look. Megan covers her mouth, but couldn’t help herself.

“She’s got a date with Bruce Wayne!” Megan squeals with delight.

Casey’s eyes widen.
“You bitch!”

Bella raises her brows.

“It’s just a date Casey.”
“I though you hated him!”

Bella shrugs.

“He wouldn’t shut up about it so I decided why not?! Let him see what a huge mistake this is and have him running for the hills.”

“Ugh you so better not do that!”

Bella rolls her eyes as she steps into her heels. She adjusts her breasts and grabs her purse.

“Please don’t screw this up Bella. I’m begging you. You haven’t truly dated anyone in years. Just give Bruce a chance.”

“I’m not promising anything.”

“BELLA! I’m fucking serious!”

“And so am I…”

“Why must you be so stubborn?!”

Megan continues to giggle.

“Love you too Casey.”

“I LOVE YOU!” Megan shouts happily.

Bella laughs.

“Love you too Megan.”

Bella steps out of her dorm. Jer and Jake were heading towards their dorm area. They both froze though as they caught wind of Bella. Jake raised his brows. Jer couldn’t breathe.

“Where you going?” Jake questions with a nod.
“Out…” Bella says rather dismissively.


Bella nods and starts towards the door.

“Out where?” Jake inquires.

“That’s none of your business Jake.”

Jake sighs.

“It’s a date isn’t it?”

Jer’s eyes widened.
“You’re going on a date Lizzy?” Jer asks softly.

“Yes Jer…”

“With who?!” Jake continues to interrogate her.

“Once again that’s none of your business!”

Jer shut his eyes for a moment and leaned back against the wall.

“Jer…?” Bella called to him noticing he looked rather pale.

But he never opened his eyes. In fact he’d zoned out again. Bella rolled her eyes as she snapped her fingers and nothing.

“Look just please make sure he gets to the dorm ok?”

“Whatever!” Jake snaps.

“What’s your problem Jacob?”

“Nothing ok, just go on your fucking date I’ll take care of your little retard of a friend!”

“JACOB! How dare you say that shi?t!”

“Oh come on it’s true! And I can’t believe you’re just giving up on us that easily!”

Bella couldn’t believe her ears.

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t stutter!”

“Jake we haven’t been an item for nearly four years now. That and Lord knows how many women you’ve dated and screwed since!”

“That’s different!”

“OH really? Please do enlighten me Jake!”

“You’re the one that dumped me Bella!”

“Exactly… So I’m free to date whoever I want!”


Bruce steps in the door at this point. Bella sighs and turns back to Jake. Jake starts laughing.

“You’re kidding me.” He grabs her by the arm.

“What kind of bullshit is this? You’ve always talked about how much you can’t stand him!”

Bruce raises a brow on this, but doesn’t comment. He wasn’t too pleased to see his hand on Bella like that though either.

“Knock it off Jake.” She whispers harshly.

She yanks out of his hold. Bella makes her way over to Jervis. She gently cups his chin. Bruce watches curiously whilst ignoring the look Jake was giving him.

“Jer… Come on now… snap out of it…” She says softly.

Jake rolls his eyes.

“Oh come on Bella, he’s not a fucking child!” Jake scolds.

She ignores him.

“Jer hun I need you to wake up now.”

“Just go on your stupid date, I got this.” Jake roughly grabs Jervis by the arm and starts to drag him towards the dorm.

“Jacob…” She warns harshly.

“It wouldn’t kill you to be nice.”

He ignores her and Bella jumps as she hears him slam the door to their room. She pinches the bridge of her nose and looks to the floor for a moment.

“Everything alright?”

She half laughs and gives a simple nod. She lifts her head back up and Bruce offers an arm. Bella hesitantly takes it. He leads her out to a silver convertible Lamborghini with vanilla colored leather.

“Wait you can drive?! I mean do you even have a license?”

Bruce smirks

“And I can tie my own shoes.”

“It doesn’t count if they’re already tied and you just slip them on.”

“Well this date’s going well so far.” Bruce replies sarcastically and opens the door for her.

“I thought so!”

Bruce rolls his eyes, but finds himself chuckling. He walks around and gets in. Bruce clears his throat and cuts her a glance.

“You look lovely by the way.”
She smiles.

“Well thank you, not so bad yourself there Bruce.” Then again he was in one of his usual suits only this one was somehow dresser. Bella wasn’t sure how he managed that.

He makes a mock look of shock.


“I do believe that was a compliment.”

“Yeah well don’t be expecting any more of those tonight.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He retorts and starts the car.

Bella was trying her hardest to ignore the fact, that Bruce Wayne was drop dead sexy. She kept going over all the negative things she knew about him in her head. Still that didn’t take away from the fact. She rolled her eyes upon her own foolish thoughts. Bruce heard the groan that came from her mouth. He looked to her oddly as she leaned back in the seat.

Her dress perfectly molded against her body. It also had hiked up as she was seated in his car. She was showing an awful lot of leg. Bruce forced his attention back onto the road.

“So I take it you’re feeling better?”

“Yes actually… um thanks…”
“That’s good to hear and it was no problem.”

Bruce pulls up to a very fancy restaurant. Bella takes in a breath and bites her lower lip a bit. She was by no means used to these sorts of places. She knew though what going on a date with Bruce Wayne would entail of still. She hadn’t fully prepared herself. This was extremely out of her realm. He gets out and walks around opening the door for her. He then escorts her inside. Once they step inside though Bella comes to a complete halt and just stands there for a moment.

“Something wrong?”

She shakes her head, but felt very nervous all a sudden. This place was entirely too fancy and all the sudden Bella felt rather cheap in comparison. The host took their jackets and hung them up. He then showed them to their table. The place was huge with chandeliers, the chairs were red clothed and cushiony. The tables had white table clothes over them and lit long stemmed candles. This is where you’d expect someone to take you when they’re going to propose. Not a first date! Bella thought to herself in full disbelief. An older man in a very fancy tux was playing classical music on a shiny black piano. There were a dozen red roses in a clear vase on the piano. She also took notice of the dance floor. Some people were already dancing. Bella couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips.

Bruce cocked a curious brow her way as he pulled out her chair for her. Bella cleared her throat once he pushed her in. He then took his seat and the host offered them the wine of the day. Bruce looked over to Bella.

“Are you more of a wine or champagne person?”

“If I had to choose?”

He nods.


He grins and looks to the host.

“Do you by chance have any beer?”

“I shall see about that sir.”

“Thank you.”

The host nods and heads off to the kitchen.

“Beer huh?”

Bella shrugs.

“I prefer champagne out of the two. Just more of a beer girl I suppose.”

“You’d be the first I’ve encountered I must admit.”

“I can imagine so.” She utters with a certain smirk about her face.

Bella looks around.

“So you come here often?”

Bruce takes a gander around the area.

“A few times not very often.”

A waiter comes to their table with two beers. Bella laughs as he sits them down. He then takes their orders. Once he leaves they both sip from their beers. Bruce found it rather refreshing most the women he dated were all about wine, champagne, or some sort of sweet fruity drink. He’d honestly never had one ask for a beer. However, he also took notice of how nervous Bella seemed, which felt odd to him. He’d never seen her really act like that before. Then again he didn’t quite know her all that well yet, but hoped to change that. Something about her had him intrigued. The way she carried herself was so different from most women. He got tired of the same old flakes. And that’s exactly what they were. A lot of the women that chased after him were gold diggers or merely had hopes of one day becoming Mrs. Wayne. Batman might’ve had his fan girls, but so did Bruce Wayne. Often enough they merely irritated him. Yet, he had to keep up with the appearance and shrug it off. At first though he liked the attention, it even gave him somewhat of a huge ego at first. To have all these gorgeous women throwing themselves at him, that’s damn near any man’s wet dream. However, over the years Alfred didn’t mind calling out his bullshit.

In a lot of ways Alfred had become like a father to him. He took care of him. He gave him advice, but he’d also put him in his place. Yeah he worked for Bruce, but deep down Bruce knew without Alfred he wouldn’t have made it near as far as he has. He owed that man everything. Then there was the years of discipline and training he forced himself to endure in order to become Batman. Before he even wore the suit he’d made certain he was prepared for damn near any situation he might face no matter how extreme. Nevertheless, there is never really any TRUE preparation for what Gotham has brought forth and the things he’s faced within the last three years. Often enough wearing the cape he felt he was more himself. It was the outrageous parties and the life of Bruce Wayne that at times he felt as though an alien. Over the years it felt more and more exhausting. Still, this was how things had to be done. He couldn’t afford to slip up for the sake of both men.

He just hadn’t a clue just how much harder things were about to get though. Bruce would have to meet a center ground between the two in order to win Bella over. She too wasn’t one that would put up with the bullshit Bruce Wayne had to offer. After they ate their appetizers Bruce order them both another round of beers. Bruce sat his beer down after sipping from it. He folded his arms about his chest.

“So have you always wanted to be an officer?”

Bella lifts her eyes towards him. She was folding her napkin about her lap.

“Since about high school.” She replies with a shrug.

“And you’re going to work here in Gotham?”

“I plan to yes.”

“Same department as your uncle?”

“Not so sure about that one yet.”

He softly laughs.

“I hear you on that one.”

She laughs in return.

“Might be a bit too close for comfort, I love the man, but a girl needs her space. Then again beggars can’t be choosers. I suppose I’ll take whatever comes up.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. I am curious though if you don’t mind me asking.”
“What’s that?”

“What made you decide to follow that field?”

Bella takes another plunge off her beer.

“My father was chief of police before he died. I remember him coming home in his uniform and having this sense of pride even at a young age. I knew he was out there fighting crime and found something rather heroic about it. I remember asking if he caught the bad guys nearly every day he’d return from a shift. He’d just smile. He’d then reply with a simple. We can’t catch them all, but we did our damnest. It was never I with my father. He’d say we as in a whole. He was all about the team and never took full credit for whatever he accomplished while on the job.” Bella softly laughs with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

“My mother would scold him for saying the word damn in front of me constantly. He’d just laugh about it like it was no big deal. Until he caught me saying it one day. He asked me where I got that filthy mouth from. I honestly answered. He wasn’t too thrilled.”

Bruce chuckles.

“I can imagine so. How old were you?”

“The first time I cursed?”

Bruce nods.

“I think I was five…”

His eyes widen in disbelief. Bella swallows back and takes in a breath.

“They died two years later.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Bella nods not sure what else to say.

“I’d ask you, but news made its way fast. By now I believe Gotham knows more about your history than you do.”

Bruce nods in full agreement.

“I’m afraid you’d be correct.”

“Still it seems you’ve done quite well for yourself, even continued to hold up the family business. I’m sure they’d be proud.”

Bruce shrugs.


Their food is served and Bruce catches someone from the corner of his eye. He had his face hidden behind a menu. Only Bruce had caught him staring directly upon Bella. He raised his brows in disbelief. This guy had some nerve.

After the waiter walks away, Bella grins mischievously.

“Do you need to call your butler?”

Bruce turns his attention away from what was straight ahead and back onto her.

“And why would I need to?”

“To have your steak cut of course. I’m not cutting it.”

“Ouch… are you always this…”

“This…?” She flutters her eyes innocently.

He shakes his head.

“I suppose I could ask the waiter to cut this for me.”

Bella presses her lips together trying to keep from busting.

“I could wave him over if you like.” She taunts.

“I can see why it’s been awhile.”
“Why what’s been awhile.”

“Since you’ve had a date…”

Bella narrows her eyes a bit as she chews back on a piece of broccoli.

“Now how would you know that?”

“Your friends told me.”
“They what?!”

He chuckles as he cuts a piece of his steak and places it in his mouth. Once he chews and swallows he drinks some of his beer.

“They’re so dead.”

“You should be nicer when on a date. Perhaps I could offer some advice?”

“I’ll keep that in mind the next date I go on.”

“Good to know, hope I earn that next one.”

Bella looks towards him somewhat taken back.

“Wait, don’t tell me you actually enjoy this torture.”
“A little bit…” He admits.

He sighs though as the man kept his eyes glued to Bella.

“So why don’t you tell me more about your ex?”

She looks to Bruce oddly.

“I thought men hated it when women did that.”

“Some men do yes.” He admits.

“However, I’m rather interested in what went wrong exactly.”

“Hm, so you want honesty?”

“It’d be preferable yes.” Bruce states in return and wipes his mouth.

“It was exciting, heated, and fun. I even thought I loved him there for a while, he was all I could think about. Time however, proved otherwise. The relationship became toxic. I began to see not only him, but myself in a different light. I kept making excuses for how bad things were going and for him even. That wasn’t helping matters or changing the issue. Let’s just say he was one of those types where it was hard to breathe around. He was always right there and breathing down my neck. That’s not an exaggeration either. It was unsettling how he began to watch and question my every move. Before long I realized he was controlling my life and the choices I made. I decided the relationship was taking somewhat an unhealthy spin and broke it off.”

“How many years ago was this?”

Bella shrugs.

“About four or so.”
“So he was the last date you had.”
“Now don’t go rubbing it in. It was by choice not because I didn’t have offers.”
“I don’t doubt that for a second and believe me that’s not why I’m asking.”

“Um ok…”
“How old are you?”

“Easy now Bruce you’re starting to make me feel as though I’m in an interrogation room, rather than on a date.”

“I do apologize…”

“Do you always talk so…”

“Nevermind I’m 23. And you’re like 50 right?”

He grins.

“Try 30.”

“Darn I was close! So you were 7 when I was just a baby, shame on you Bruce!”

He softly chuckles, but looked distracted. She looks to Bruce in wonder as he wipes his mouth again.

“Please excuse me.”

“Um sure…”

He nods and scoots out of his chair. Bruce walks directly up to the table her ex was hiding at. He yanks the menu from his hand.

“Was there something you needed?”

Jake rolls his eyes.

“Yeah stay away from my girl.”

Bruce raises his brows.

“I think you should leave, while you still have your dignity and before she takes notice you’re even here.”

“I’m not going anywhere buddy. I’m staying right here.”

“If I have to tell you again…” Bruce says and Jake hops up.

The massive men eyed one another. Jake was first to make his move. He shoved Bruce back.

“Just stay away from her. I mean it I don’t care who you are.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“That’s up to her to decide, not you.”

Bella turns back hearing the commotion behind her and her jaw dropped.

She gasps back as he pops Bruce across the face.


She jumps out of her chair just as Bruce returns the blow. Bella’s floored as Bruce literally drags Jake out of the restaurant. He promptly kicks him out and has the staff make certain he leaves the premises. Once Bruce turned to face her, Bella had this look of total embarrassment to her face. She covered her mouth and shook her head.

“I’m so sorry I…” She takes in a breath.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was here?”

“It seemed like he’d put you through enough. I apologize I had hoped to get him to leave peacefully.”

“Jake? Peacefully? I don’t think those two words have ever been used together. I just can’t believe this… this is a new low even for him!”

“Is everything alright?” The host inquires as he makes his way over.

“Yes it’s just fine.” Bruce says seating Bella down again.

“Bruce I understand if you don’t want to do this now…”
“Nonsense, not the first angry ex I’ve dealt with.”

Bella rather wrinkles her nose at this.

“OH I can only imagine.”

He raises his brows at her comment. Neither of them says another word on the matter as they finish their food. Still Bella had more than a few choice of words for Jake when she got back. She was furious that he’d even have the audacity to pull such a stunt.

After they finish their meal Bruce gazes upon her.
“Would you like to dance?”

“You did see me dance at your event not that long ago right?”

“Actually, yes.”

“So you realize I can’t dance like whatsoever?”

“It looked to me as though you just had a bad partner.”
He comes to his feet and offers his hand. As soon as they hit the floor he twirls her around, and then brings her back towards him.

“Just follow my lead.”

Bella felt herself blushing. He placed his hand along the slope of her back as they danced. He nods and spins her around once more.

“See a natural…”

She half laughs.

“And you’re a dirty lair.”

He grins showing his pearly whites.

“I’m no such thing.” He says behind laughter.

“Oh I’m sure you’re as honest as they come.”


The squealing started and they both turned to see a small group of women. They were heading right for Bruce. Yet again, as they approached they were very hands on and asking for the next dance. Bruce started to explain about how he was on an actual date. However, Bella simply shook her head. She’d foreseen this coming as to why she’d turned down his advances. She nodded on conclusion and went and grabbed her purse. Bella walked out of the restaurant scolding herself for being such an idiot. She couldn’t believe she agreed to this date. Her face was red from blushing and she quickly hailed a cab.

Bruce knocked down one of the women as he tried to get to Bella. She landed right on her rear. They all looked to him in shock. He sighs once he truly realized what he’d done. He hunkers down and offers her a hand. He then apologizes profusely and makes certain she’s alright. Afterword he rushed on outside just in time to see Bella get into the cab and leave.

“Dammit…” He uttered and threw his hands about the air in defeat.

Bella bangs irately on Jake and Jervis’s door. Jervis answers with bloodshot eyes. His hair was a mess even more than usual.

“Jer?” She whispered in wonder.

“Are you alright?”

He gives a simple nod and steps aside letting her in. Jake was on his bed tossing a baseball in the air.

“Don’t you EVER pull that shit again Jacob Black!”

Jervis perks up at this as she points upon Jake madly. Jake sighs and continues to toss his ball in the air. He doesn’t even comment.


She reaches over and grabs his ball she chunks it at his playboy poster on the wall.

“You are such a JERK! I can’t believe you followed me!”

He continues to ignore her and his arms go about his chest as he stares at the ceiling.


“What the fuck do you want from me Bella?!”

She half laughs, not able to believe how he was acting.
“Oh that’s rich! Me? What do I WANT FROM YOU?!”
He nods.

“Well ditto! What is it you want from me you psycho?!”

Jake hops up stands hip to hip next to her. He roughly kisses her and has his hand on her ass. Bella promptly shoves him back onto his bed.

“I want you back dammit! Can’t you just give me another chance?!”

“Not happening and if you ever touch me like that again I’ll have your balls in a vice! AND NO MORE STALKING ME!”

“I wasn’t stalking you! I was merely watching out for you, like I always do!”

“Well I don’t want you to! I never did. So knock it off. Find yourself a hobby.”
“You know what? The hell with you Bella Gordon! I don’t even know why I keep pining for you! The more I look at you, the more I realize, that you’re not even all that hot! I could do far better and I HAVE! Do you have any clue how many women throw themselves at me constantly?!”

“Wow, way to be humble Jake.”

“Seriously, look at yourself! You barely a handful if that and you’re a bean pole!” Which wasn’t exactly true and he knew it. Bella had somewhat of an athletic build and she had grown over the years. Bella filled out a C cup nicely. She had a very sexy body and every man noticed Bella right off the bat.

Bella nods.
“Anything else you want to get off your chest, to make you feel better Jake?”

“Actually yeah, I slept with Leah.”

“So… what’s that have to do with me? Why would I care who you fuck?”
“While we were together…”

Bella looked as though he’d slapped her.

“Come on Bella you were always busy either at the gym, work, school you hardly even made time for us. When you did it was just eh… I get that you were a virgin. But damn Bella… I thought things would pick up a bit after we took care of that. So I broke it off with her out of guilt and…”

“Wait you were screwing Leah before we even had sex the first time? Is that what you’re telling me? You were cheating on me the entire time?!”

Jake nods shamefully.

“Are you done?” Bella says with a quivery voice and tears in her eyes.

He nods as he rises back up from the bed.

“Good, now don’t you ever talk to me again.”

She turns her back to him and he places a hand on her shoulder.
“Bella…” He says with an apologetic tone realizing what he’d truly done.

She swiftly turns around and knees him in the groin. He drops down to his knees and grabs his package.

“The fuck with you Jake, you wanted to hurt me well congratulations, but all you did was prove what a dick you truly are. You just gave me all the clarification I needed. Oh and by the way our sex life tampered off because the last few times we had sex. I FELT NOTHING ASSHOLE! BUT I NEVER ONCE CHEATED ON YOU! AT LEAST I WAS KIND ENOUGH TO DUMP YOU! You just erased yourself from my life period. Goodnight Black.”

Once Bella leaves the room, Jervis looks over to him.

“You think me the fool? Lizzy didn’t deserve that. And you never deserved her! She’s perfect and you know it. That’s why you can’t move on. You only said those things because you know she’ll never take you back. Now you just ran her out of your life. She’ll never trust you again.”
“Screw you Jervis.” Jake groans out in pain as he was still holding his balls.

Bella groans out to hear a knock at the door. She opens her eyes and see’s she was asleep by the refrigerator door with it still open. She’d slept walked yet again. Megan had stayed the night with her boyfriend last night. Bella had installed a bunch of locks on her door praying that’d keep her from going out at night during her episodes. They knocked again and Bella shut the door to the fridge. She tiredly rose to her feet and grabbed her robe. She peered out to see a man with a dozen red roses and a six pack of beer. In fact it was the same beer she and Bruce drank last night.

She signed for the flowers and beer. She took the card from the flowers.


I truly regret the turn of events… Do consider allowing me to make up for it…

Cordially yours,


“Cordially yours, Bruce…” She mocks and sighs as she looks to the flowers.

Bella sits them down on the table. She sits down and merely stares at them. Bella pries herself away from the roses and places the beer in the fridge. She goes for her usual morning jog then to her usual classes.

Part of her wanted to give him another chance. The other told her to run for the hills and never look back. She grimaced in memory of Jake’s confession. Truth of the matter was Bella was afraid of getting hurt. That’s why she was never good with any committing relationship. That’s why she’d been pushing any man that showed interest away. She merely focused on finishing school, working out, and her part time job at the library. She purposely made certain she hadn’t the time.

After school, she decided to go find a new gym. Somewhere she could keep her mind off everything else. Somewhere she could distract herself from any thoughts pertaining to ANY man! Especially, Bruce Wayne… That’s exactly what she did for two weeks. She kept herself so busy that when she’d come home she passed out. She never replied back to Bruce’s invitation. However, Megan and Casey were growing more and more concerned. Bella’s nightmares were getting worse. Megan constantly had to keep Bella from leaving the apartment, during one of her sleepwalking spells.

To add to everything else, Bella was dealing with Jervis’s zone periods which were also getting worse within time. He’d called her Alice on a number of occasions now. His zone outs seemed to last even longer as of late.

Bruce had grown quite disappointed, that he hadn’t heard back from Bella. He too, began to keep himself busy. Batman had plenty to do as of late. Crime in Gotham was getting worse so were the gangs. It had died down for a while, but Batman had a feeling there was a new boss in town, one that was keeping a low profile. Someone had to be running the show. He’d seen Bella off and on from a distance. The urge to say hi or talk to her was heavy. Yet, he kept his distance and merely admired from afar. He didn’t wish to push his luck or stress her out more than he had already. Nevertheless, he felt they had a connection. All the more reason he had truly wished to hear from her.

Bella was halfway through her homework. She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. Megan was at her boyfriend’s. Bella woke to find herself in an alleyway. Yet again she was in nothing, but her PJ’s a light pink tank top and shorts to match. Her heart sank though as she saw three men standing before her. One of them was unzipping his pants. Bella reacted quickly and shoved her body up against them knocking them off their game enough to take off running. They chased after her as she ran as fast as she could. Bella threw down a few trashcans on the way hoping to deter them. She hurriedly found a payphone. She knew Megan was at her boyfriends and Casey was at work. Bella called Jervis. Her heart raced as she could hear the men calling to her as they looked for her.

She had to dial as a collect call and prayed Jervis accepted the charges.

“It’s Lizzy Jer please I need you…”

The message cut off before she could finish and the call went through. Jer picked up the phone. She took in a breath of relief, but the guys had spotted her and were coming right for her. They looked to be old followers of Joker’s.


“Jer please I’m on 27th street with no way to get back I’m being chased… Can you….”

Bella screams out and Jervis’s eyes widen on the other end.


Jake heard this as well and looked up from his bed.

“IS that Bella?”

“LIZZY!” Jer shouted out in panic.

He hurriedly got dressed as the line went dead. He took off and hailed a cab. Jervis panicked the entire way.

“GET OFF ME!” Bella pushed one of the guys back.

One of them took out a switchblade.

“Easy now… We just want a little piece. If you’re a good girl we’ll let you live.”

They came at her with the blade. Bella quickly dodged she spun around and took the palm of her hand to the guy’s throat. He gasped back trying to catch his breath. Bella came down and got kicked in the face as she reached for the blade. She rolled over and covered herself protectively. They continued to kick her. Bella crawled about the pavement. She grabbed the blade and they stepped down on her hand. Bella screeched out as they put their entire weight down on her hand. She managed to twirl her body around and knocked them down. They struggled for the knife. Bella got rolled around and pinned down. The knife was just inches away from her throat. Tears streamed down her face. A flashlight shined on them just as she was socked in the face.

“GET THE FUCK OFF HER!” A gun fired off into the air.

The guys took off running. Bella rolled back over.


“You’re gonna be ok now. I got you Lizzy.”

He scoops her up. She cries into his chest getting blood all over his favorite green trench coat.

“Shh…” He placed her in the cab and took her back.

“Jesus!” Jake hopped up as Jervis brought her inside.

“What the fuck happened?!”

Jervis wiped his eyes clean with the sleeves of his jacket.

“Just shut up and help me!” He said, but in a pleading voice.

For once they didn’t argue. Overwhelming guilt came over Jake at the last things he’d said to her. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Bella babe…” He uttered with a sunken heart.

“Just stop talking!” Jervis was literally crying as he cared for her.

“Just help me that’s all I need from you.” Jervis wipes his eyes again.

His hands were shaking all over.

“Lizzy… I got to clean you up ok. I promise I won’t look.”

Jake hurries to his closet and grabs her some clean clothes.

“SHIT!” Bella coughs blood up on Jervis’s bed.

“Avert your eyes!” Jervis demands as he hurriedly strips Bella down.

He does his best to clean her up respectfully, though he couldn’t help, but to catch bits and pieces of her. He grew angry with himself for his attraction. He fought the hard on that was developing. He bit down on his cheek as if to punish himself for his cruel thoughts. Jervis tasted blood in his mouth as he did this. He’d never hurt her like that. Jervis wanted to take her away from all this. Somewhere far away where they’d never be found again. Where NO ONE would ever harm his Lizzy again! The tears came down harder as she cried into his pillow.

“I’m so sorry Lizzy.”

The boys got her taken care off and she slept in Jake’s bed. Jervis stripped his sheets off and was changed them out. Both boys stared upon Bella with the same look of misery.

“Did they…?” Jake hints.

Jervis shakes his head as his entire body continued to shake. Jake nods in relief.

“Maybe we should call the police.”

“She asked me not to. Lizzy doesn’t want to go to the hospital or want her uncle to know.”

“Dammit.” Jake hissed.

“I will take care of her.” Jervis says assuredly.

“No one will ever hurt her again.”

Jake says nothing to this. He merely decides to let it go. Jake puts on his jacket and grabs his keys.

“I’m going to get her a few things from the store. Do you need anything?”

Jervis shakes his head. Jake rolls his eyes. Jervis was doing that zone out thing again.


Once Jake leaves Jervis comes to his feet. He just stands there for a few moments. He then makes his way over to the bed. He pulls back the covers and picks Bella up.

“I got you Alice… No one will ever hurt you again.”

Jake throws down his keys and the bag as he enters the dorm. He rears back and looks around.


He sighs seeing that neither was in here. Decidedly, he went to Megan and Bella’s room. They were nowhere to be found though.

“Did he take her to the hospital after all?” Jake uttered to himself.

He called around to the hospitals and no one had any information. The next day the girls knocked on his door wondering where Bella was. Still no sign of either… Jake called to her uncle to see if maybe she’d gone home. They hadn’t seen her. Three days had gone by… No one had heard from Jervis or Bella.

“Who do you work for?!” Batman roared as he held the thug up by his throat.

Before the thug could even answer he was shot in the head. Batman whipped around and began to chase the shooter. He chased them throughout the outskirts of Gotham. A van squealed past and they grabbed the shooter and took off.

“Damn…” Batman hops down and turns to see the batsignal again.

He quickly heads that way.


Jim looked as if he hadn’t slept in days. He sighed as he stepped into the light.

“Batman…” He said with a nod.

“What is it?”

“I’m afraid this one’s personal.”


“It’s my niece. She’s missing. Her name is Isabella Marie Gordon. Her original name was Swan. She’s been missing for a little over three days now.”

The man behind the mask froze. He swallowed back and kept his own emotions at bay.

“Where was she seen last?”

“The college from what I understand. She’s not the only one missing. Her friend Jervis Tetch has come up missing as well around the same time. Her friends haven’t a clue where she could be.” Gordon sighs as if something else had him bothered.

“IS there something else?”

He clears his throat.

“Her ex told me that she was jumped just a few days ago. These guys did a real number on her. This Jake kid said they beat the living shit out of her. She’d had some sort of sleep walking spell ended up on the wrong side of town. She hadn’t had those in a few years now as far as I know. She used to have them as child. A little as a teenager, but they eventually came to a stop throughout the years. It was brought on by the trauma of seeing her parent’s death.”

Batman narrows his eyes.

“My wife’s brother shot his wife them himself. Bella saw the entire thing. She swears even to this day that this man dressed like some sort of scarecrow made him do it somehow. But there was never any proof. It was jotted down and still is as a murder suicide.”

Batman felt ill as Gordon told the story.

“She’s the closest thing I got to a daughter. I want my little girl back. Now I don’t care how you have to do it. Just find a way… I can’t lose her Batman and Lord knows she’s been through enough.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Gordon nods.

“Thank you Batman.”

Batman nods in return and vanishes. Once he gets to the cave he rips off his cowl and throws it down.

What good was Batman, if he couldn’t even protect the one girl he’d grown feelings for? He growled in thought.

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