Chapter 4 Face Palm

Chapter 4

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“Come on now lad bring her on in.” His uncle Dumfrey says and Jervis carries Bella inside.

“Oh wow…” His other uncle Deever hurriedly showed Jervis the way.

“You’re certain no one can find us here?”

Both his uncle’s smile

“It’ll be alright we’ll help get her all better Hatter!”

“That we will and no one will ever find us here!”

That was his nickname his uncle’s had given him. When they took him in they supported his enthusiasm with Wonderland and found it suiting considering his sense of fashion. He looks to his uncles oddly as they slide open an old sewer door.

“You want me to take my beautiful Alice into a sewer?”

They both chuckle.

“No, no…”
“Yeah, yeah you’ll see!”

Jervis sighed and carefully held Bella close to his chest. He climbed down the ladder and waited for his uncles. They made their way down and began to lead the way. Bella whimpered against his chest. He pecked her on the forehead and held her tighter. His uncles came to some sort of cast iron gate. They grinned ear to ear.

“Are you ready?”

Jervis nodded, but hadn’t a clue what was going on. His uncle’s opened the iron gate. behind this gate was a long tunnel. A tunnel that gradually became smaller as they made their way down. They had to duck down and enter crawl through another area to get to where they were going. Jervis did his best to keep Bella huddled against him. This tunnel led to a massive room.

Once Jervis stepped inside he was gone. He just stood there in complete and utter awe.

He shut his eyes and a single tear ran down his cheek.

“We’re home Alice…”
That smile came about his face.

“We’re finally home.”

His uncles each put a hand upon his shoulders.

“We were going to wait until you graduated to show you this, but after you told us about the girl and you’re situation. We understood. You two will be safe here. You have our word Hatter. We love you!”

“Yes we love you very much!”

Jervis smiles.

“Thank you so very much.”

“Anything for you Hatter!”

Batman leaned back in his seat. He looked to the items he’d gathered from Jervis and Bella’s dorm rooms. He had to sneak in at night as Batman, which wasn’t easy with both roommates currently sleeping in the rooms. He rests his hand on his fisted hand. He stared at the items until they seemed to blur together. He had their pills prescribed by Dr. Crane and their journals as well. Though he was having an inner battle on that one. He ran his fingers along the brown leather one that was Bella’s. He knew this could very well be the key to finding her. He hated intruding on her privacy like this, but felt he had no choice. He had nothing else to go on. There were no other clues as to where she could possibly be.

He take in a breath and starts on Bella’s journal first.

Very first entry…

So I’m told it helps to keep a journal? That’s what Dr. Crane says. He told me to write something anything. Well this should count. Right?

I mean how do I even start? Dear Diary… or just date it and go on or just jot whatever down. I’m not so sure I can do this.

Bruce narrows his eyes. Alfred came in with a silver platter. He had a sandwich, chips, and tea. Bruce however, waved him off.

“Aren’t you hungry sir?”

“No Alfred. I’m very busy at the moment.”

“Hmmm… Why don’t I just sit it down? Perhaps you will make your way to it eventually.”

Bruce looks up from Bella’s journal.

“I don’t want it Alfred.”

Alfred nods, but leaves the platter on a table beside Bruce. Bruce sighs agitatedly. He looks back to Bella’s journal.

Second attempt…

Ok so, Dr. Crane says my last entry wasn’t acceptable. That I have to put something anything about my day or thoughts in general. It’s meant to be an aid in helping me with discovering who I am or something like that.

So who is Bella Gordon?

I’m 19. Just started my first year in college, I’m hoping to earn my bachelors in criminal justice. I’m currently working for the library part time while I’m going to school. My aunt and uncle adopted me when I was 8 and they became my legal guardians. My biological parents were Renee and Charlie Swan. My boyfriend is Jacob Black. My friends are Jervis, Megan and Casey. Jervis I suppose you could say is my best friend. He tends to get me more than others ever did and I get him. He’s got some issues, but then again who doesn’t.

Hope this counts…not good with these sorts of things…never have been.

Batman flipped through a few more pages noticing it stayed short and sweet until a few weeks later.

I dreamt about them again. Sometimes it’s like this vortex is ripping right through my mind. The images won’t go away. At times I can handle it others I feel as though I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m drowning. Then there are times I want to run. But where do I run? You can’t run. It follows you everywhere. The sound… that dreadful sound. BANG BANG! Just two shots. That was it. Those two shots… took my world away. Why can’t I see the man’s face? Why can’t I see why?! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?! I know what I saw. But they say… I was too young. How could I know what truly took place? To this day though I know! That man! He made my father do this! My father loved my mother he’d never hurt her! None of this makes sense.

I keep telling myself. That one day my parents well have justice! I will do whatever it takes to clear my father’s name. To prove this was some sort of set up. That the men I saw were real! Murder Suicide?! NOOO! Dammit! I take this to my grave! I will prove my father’s innocence! I will not allow his name to be tarnished!

I suppose it’s time to take my pills… But I don’t like the way they make me feel. Dr. Crane says they will help with my anxieties. At times I feel it only gets worse. I know Dr. Crane means well. I mean I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s wonderful. I just don’t care for the pills he’s prescribed.

Bruce lifts his eyes towards the pills again. That’s when he noticed that not only were Dr. Crane’s name on both bottles, but they both had the same label of prescription. He reached over and opened Bella’s bottle. He took in a whiff. His eyes widened a bit at the scent. It was rather potent. He looked up the name and saw they were supposed to be some sort of pills for hallucinations, to prevent them…

Bruce went back to her journal and skipped on to a year later.

Today was a good day. I managed to get my morning jog, workout session, homework, and everything done. I even had time to watch a movie, with Jervis before he went on to his dorm.

Master Itou wishes for me to test for my brown belt this weekend. I’m just not sure I’m ready. That and well not sure how he’s going to feel about that, when I tell him I’m dropping out. I’d like to finish I’ve put a lot of years into this, but I just can’t afford it with my expenses and Jim and Sara can barely make ends meet as it is. Perhaps, one day I will go back and finish. I’d like to one day earn my black belt. For now I need to stay focused on my studies. I still got the gym it’s not near as expensive.

Batman pulled down his cowl and rubbed his weary face in thought. He hadn’t a clue she had ever taken martial arts. He wondered what she’d been trained in. He looked up the name Itou and connected one of them to be associated with a Ju-jitsu place.

He flipped on towards the last couple months.

Got in another argument with the Commissioner. Once again it was about the vigilante. We seem to have different viewpoints on this. I can’t express to him enough that Batman doesn’t work for Gotham’s police departments. Therefore, why should he have to abide by their rules and wishes? I mean seriously the guy is doing Gotham a favor. Crime has dropped significantly. Criminals are afraid to even be seen on the streets at night. Word of “the bat” has been getting out over the years. I’ve never personally met the guy. But I’ve heard stories and seen the articles, if anything this man to admire. He gives others hope. Something Gotham used to lack in greatly. I find him very courageous in what he does. And admittedly, he’s is rather hot. Not that I’ve seen him in person, photos in general.

Bruce clears his throat and lifts his head up for a moment. He takes in a breath and swallows back. He looks back to the journal.

Everyone wants to know the one question though. Who is he? Who’s the man behind the mask? I can’t lie… I too find myself curious. I say leave the man alone. He has his reasons and he’s not causing anyone harm. Why unmask him? So he’d just disappear? Is that what we really want?

Jervis thinks I take this Batman thing too seriously. I don’t know… maybe I do. But something about this guy only makes me push that much harder in my own goals. Knowing he’s out there somewhere busting his ass as well. He’s not getting any sort of royalties from it. No one asked him to do it. He’s just out there doing what needs to be done. So I say kudos! I stand behind Batman 100 percent. I only wish I was just as brave and honorable as he.

“You are…” Bruce whispers to himself.

He shuts his eyes for a moment. He didn’t expect that at all.

“Where are you Bella?”

He utters in misery and keeps flipping through the journal. He stops with widen eyes at a certain entry.

Got everything done was ready for a weekend of studying. Only Casey decided it’d be a good idea to set me up on a blind double date. She says their twins. Ugh… that’s not the worst part. The date, I’m sure I could survive. No, it’s who’s holding this stupid event. Ugh, could this guy beg for more attention? Seriously, like what’s with him? I’ve never even met the guy and I already can’t stand him! He throws his money around like some sort of pompous horse’s ass. Like he thinks that’s what fixes everything! Just throw some money at it! It’ll fix itself! Then this! Something I swore to myself, I’d never take part in. Now I find myself breaking that self-vow to please my friend. Who’s just dying to go… That and she thinks Bruce Wayne is oh so dreamy. Yeah well I’m sure in person he’s got a fat head, acne scars, a horrible foul breath… ok ok I know that’s pushing it, but seriously. Its guys like him that get under my skin.

This whole look at me look at me thing. It’s unsettling and causes me to throw up in my mouth. And these women they just hang all over him! I’ve seen this guy on the news in and in the papers, always some ditzy women hanging over his shoulder.

OH BRUCE! Please take us to your yacht and could I have a grand?!”

Sure baby whatever you want! Pfft a grand that’s nothing!”

Ok I honestly haven’t a clue how the guy really talks. Still…

GRRRR why did I even agree to this! I don’t even want to go. I’d much rather stay in my PJ’s and work on my studies and eat some ice cream or have a beer. Hell I’d rather gnaw on glass than go to this stupid thing. All I can hope for is that the off chances of me actually seeing the guy are slim. I’m sure he’ll be in his quarters being thoroughly entertained with whoever his pick of the night is. I suppose I’ll merely endure it. This is just so far out of my realm.

Bruce exhales and simply stares at the entry for a moment. He daringly decides to skip on to the day after. Curious as to her first impression of him.

Could last night go any worse? My date as I expected was nothing more than a joke. Not only that, but naturally I pull a “Bella” and make a total ass of myself. After being humiliated by a few choices of words George had to say about my apparent too small in the T and A department of my body. I upset my friend Casey, by publically embarrassing her at the Wayne ball. Yeah like that joker’s got a pair. From what I’ve seen on the news he’s Gotham’s doorknob everyone gets a turn! She had to stop me from reconstructing George’s face. Too bad… Such a pretty face he had… Or so he thought anyhow.

Things got better from there! I met the famous Bruce Wayne! That’s right. Yep… He even talks like all proper and posh. Oh it gets even better! The guy has a freaking butler! I’ve never met anyone with their own butler!

The only thing I really took from last night…? Even I can’t deny that the guy is drop dead gorgeous. OK so there I admitted it. I suppose I can get why women swoon to him like a bunch of vultures after the last scrap of meat on the road. Still, just not my cup of tea. The guy knows how others perceive him so highly and nothing is less appealing to me. If only he knew nearly every guests there was simply using him. So do these women. It’s rather sad when you think on it. It’s bad enough he lost his parents at such a young age. Guess that’s the one thing we have in common. Without realizing though Bruce Wayne well… he’s setting himself up for a lifetime of loneliness in the end. He’s only going to get hurt. So many of these people that follow him around like lost puppies, they’re so fake.

So Bruce Wayne… smoking hot guy he flashes those brilliant whites of his, but his cockiness alone is a bit of a buzz kill for me. The way he carries himself… How he’d send his butler to go do something for him! Like he couldn’t go do it himself have the older man do it. I wanted to say something along the lines of “Well Bruce you’ve got two feet! Go get it yourself! And while you’re heading that way do take the silver spoon from your ass and have it cleaned. It’s getting pretty caked with shit!”

Bruce chuckles out loud as he reads this. He couldn’t believe just how much this girl hated him. He shook his head in thought and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was certainly something he wasn’t used to. Bruce was damn near scared to read about their date! He bravely reads the rest of the entry.

Then there’s all the ridiculous material possessions this guy has. The only thing I can say about Bruce Wayne is that he’s known to donate greatly to those in need. That always has my respect. Though on the same hand… doing so more discreetly has always been the way to go. An act of kindness can go a long ways, but even more so when you’re not looking for any sort of recognition. You’re just doing it to do it. Now that’s the kind that’s truly hard to find.

Bruce sits the journal down for a moment. He rolls his head around. Not sure how much more of Bella’s thoughts he could take. Then again he had to hurry and get through this if he had any hopes of finding her. He was getting nowhere at the moment. Bruce forces himself to stretch about. He picks the journal back up as though it were hot lava now. He flips through a few more pages…

I met him…

Now I’m going to sound like some sort of cheesy, ridiculous fangirl. The kind I can’t stand ironically enough. What’s wrong with me? Seriously? I go from idolizing the guy to having the hots for him too? Of course I knew it was always there, but it was easier to keep at bay.

The damn guy saves me and I become one of “them.” I just honestly never expected to see him in person. I’d never seen someone fight with such precision before. Sure I’d heard stories, but hearing and seeing are two different things entirely. He kicked those guy’s asses and I couldn’t look away. I was simply mesmerized. It was as if watching some sort of action packed martial arts movie or something.

I finally get the man alone and I become dumb. I’ve never felt so foolish in my entire life. I just stood there running a finger long the bat symbol on his chest. I just couldn’t believe he was standing right there before me. I always had a million questions to ask him. Not a single one came out. Last thing he needs is some woman interrogating him to death. He’s got enough on his plate I’m sure. I can’t even imagine walking in this man’s shoes or should I say boots. I just hope he didn’t catch how truly preposterous I was acting. Then again, he’s probably used to women acting rather ignorant around him. To think I’m going to be a police officer myself soon. I simply can’t be acting like that it’s unprofessional, senseless, and complete nonsense. Next time I see Batman I’m going to make certain have my damn head on straight. At least I hope to…

Ok enough of that rambling rant…

There are some concerns about my friend Jervis. He’s getting worse. I’m not even sure what to think anymore or how to help. How do you help someone like Jervis? His way of dealing with things is to escape to another place. One of fictional existence. A child’s book or so I thought. I was just never truly aware of how into “Alice” my friend is.

We had a few drinks with Jake tonight. Being the gentleman he always is, Jer walked me to my dorm. We were both pretty drunk. Still, I find myself even at the moment, I write this a bit creeped out. He not only tried to kiss me, but he called me Alice… The worst part. My friend had a hard on from hell and was pressing it right up against my damn pelvis. I’d never truly wanted to hit Jer ever. It took all my will not to. I was mortified. I’m doing my best to remind myself it’s not his fault. He doesn’t think like others and he can’t help the illusions or whatever it is he’s having. I’ve studied these sorts of things in my psychology classes. Jervis’s case just seems to be getting somewhat more severe. It’s his way of escaping. When he gets too stressed out or can’t handle something he’ll merely do what I refer to as zoning out. It’s difficult to even look upon him now. I’m trying my best. I know he didn’t mean it. He even apologized and looked thoroughly embarrassed. Maybe, I need to do some more homework on this and see what I can come up with. Something needs to be done before things get out of hand. I’d never turn my back to Jer he’s my best friend. I just need to figure it all out.

Bruce tapped his fingers along this particular page. He began to jot down some of his own notes on some of the things he’d read. Things he thought might be important. He caught himself reading through it once more. He was beginning to see that Bella absolutely hated Bruce Wayne, but seemed quite fond of Batman. This toyed with his mind. He wasn’t certain what to think or make of it. Though he couldn’t help, but to be very flattered on how she perceived Batman. He just wished he knew how to get her to feel something for Bruce as well, besides hatred.

The nightmares are back. They’re unrelenting! I just keep seeing it over and over and over! BANG, BANG! I can’t breathe. I wake up in sweats. My father’s face haunts me. I feel his disappointment. Why haven’t you proved our innocence yet Bells?! What have you been doing all these years? Save the Swan name dammit Bells! His voice it carries over like he’s right there.

I’m so fucking tired. All I want to do is sleep. Yet I fear to. My body constantly aches now. Dr. Crane says I need a higher dosage in my pills. I hate the way I feel though when I’m on them. My body feels weird. He swears they help… I don’t feel they do.

That and I sleepwalked again. I haven’t done that in years. I woke up in the middle of the highway in downtown Gotham. I don’t even know how I got there! I feel like I’m losing it and big time. My grades are suffering. It’s a constant struggle to keep above a C now. Something I’m not used to I always get straight A’s.

That and honestly not sure how much longer I can deal with Jervis and his zone outs… they’re getting worse. His Wonderland fetish is getting out of hand as time progresses. That and well Bruce Wayne just happened to be the one to find me. I never dreamed I’d be so happy to see that man. I damn near hugged him I was so grateful. He got me home safely. So yes there are some redeeming qualities in the man. Though naturally, he had to give me a hard time, rest assured I gave him one in return. If there’s one thing I can say about Bruce. That I hadn’t learned until recently… He can take a joke at his own expense. Something I found rather refreshing. Even if I did catch him staring at my breasts the entire way back!

Bruce chokes back a bit. He had hoped she hadn’t taken notice!

Nevertheless, if it wasn’t for him there’s no telling what would have happened. I suppose I owe him one… I’d just never let him know that. He’s got a big enough ego… Hopefully, one day I can return the favor.

He took in a breath on this and continued reading torturously.

Where do I even begin? It’s been one hell of a day. For starters I’m sick as a dog. I’m sure it has to do with the other night’s episode. My entire body hurts and my head is swimming. I had another session yesterday with Dr. Crane. I told him about what happened. I could tell he thought it was stress related.

I suppose I have no choice, but to keep going until this thing… whatever it is gets cleared up. I just don’t understand. Why now? I had plans to stop my sessions or at least that’s what my friend Casey says. That’s another thing… I seem to be forgetting things lately. I honestly don’t remember saying I was going to quit. I just know I can’t until this gets cleared up. Last thing I need is something like this coming up when I’m on the job. I can’t have that. I’ve worked too hard to get this far. It’s a concern, naturally. Lately, I feel like a freak. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I’m not like other people. I’ve a different way of thinking and these episodes aren’t helping me feel any more normal, that’s for certain. I just pray Dr. Crane can help me push past this. I really need his help.

I fell today and hardcore. I was jogging and passed out. Jer says I’m pushing myself too hard. I told him it’s just because I was sick and it was. I’ve been doing the same thing for years and have been fine. My life can be somewhat exhausting at times, but it’s manageable. I know it was just because I felt like crap. My body rather gave out on me.

Well evidently Jer was watching after me. I was having some sort of night terror and Jake entered the room. Apparently, he saw something that wasn’t really happening. From his few point he thought Jer was forcing himself on me. He said I was screaming and Jer had me pinned down on the bed. The boys got in a big fight. I wasn’t sure what to think. All I knew was that Jer would never do something like that. He wouldn’t hurt me. From what I gathered Jer was trying to wake me up. Jake came in and had the wrong idea. So my freakishness is now affecting my friends? Because of my night terrors Jervis ended up with a busted lip and to top things off Bruce Wayne just happened to be at the school with the dean. Why? The hell if I know, but he was there anyhow.

Yeah well I’m not even sure how. I never dreamed I would, but I ended up agreeing to a date. WHY? I know I’m stupid. I’m a glutton for punishment. To think he still wanted that date even after I left him a nice shiner. What’s with this guy?

He took a quick break and decidedly ate his food. Part of him was afraid to read about the date. That and he was beginning to feel incredibly guilty about reading all this private stuff.

Once Bruce was done he grumbled to himself. Yet again he picks up the journal whilst wipping his mouth clean with a napkin.

Dammit Bruce!

Shit.. Bruce thinks as he reads the first line. He half chuckles in damn near despair.

Dammit, dammit, dammit! Why did I have to agree to go on this stupid date! This is exactly why I don’t date! I don’t want any part of this! I knew what I was getting myself into. I couldn’t have been more right. What pisses me off the most?

I had a good time…

Yeah that’s right Bella Gordon you idiot! You set yourself up. You can be mad at Bruce all you want, but you knew damn well what was going to happen. You should have just stuck to your studies and stayed in your PJ’s and told Bruce Wayne to go play five knuckle shuffle or go find some other bimbo to entertain.

Why do I do these things to myself?

He was charming, respectable, and even fun. I was terrible, rude, and put that man through living hell. What can I say it’s like this engrained defense mechanism? Oh shit Bella you’re having fun, you find this guy attractive and he was like damn near perfect on this date. The problem? He’s fucking Bruce Wayne. The reminder of that will always be there. I’m not so sure I can stomach the life he has to offer. The screaming women were a terrific reminder of what exactly I was getting myself into. Yeah that’s so not for me! Bruce and I couldn’t be more different. We come from different worlds. We have different viewpoints of the world. However, I can say I have a newfound respect for the billionaire playboy. He’s not so bad on a personal level. In fact if he wasn’t Bruce Wayne… I’d have given him another shot. That’s how great the date went. I just can’t do it though. I’d never fit into his world. I’m a simple woman with simple plans. He’s much bigger than I could ever imagine. He needs a woman that can keep up with him. I’m so far removed from even being close to that.

It’s too bad…

I mean… damn… Now all I can do is laugh at myself.

The guy even sent a dozen roses with an apology asking for another date. I swear this guy likes torture. I left his ass in the middle of the dance floor with all those women groping him. But I just couldn’t bear to take things any further. Stop while I’m ahead right? Why be a glutton for punishment. So I’ve not replied to his apology nor do I plan to. I feel like a bitch about that to be honest. I doubt he meant for that to happen. Just like how I didn’t mean for Jake to pull his shit. Which Bruce also brilliantly handled. I found myself in complete awe on how well he took care of the Jake situation. Yet his fangirls come pouring in like flies and I bailed first chance I got. It just proves that we’re probably both better off. Just hope I don’t see him anytime soon. I need to get him out of my head. I need to keep busy. If I don’t, I fear what stupid action I’ll take next.

Well all that happened, but that wasn’t even close to the end of my night. No that’s not the life of Bella Gordon that’d be just too easy. Yes I’m playing my own violin here. But lately things are just getting way out of hand. I can’t catch a break.

I decided to confront Jake after I returned from my half perfect date… I demanded to know why he had followed me. He replied by telling me he wanted me back. Well I laughed right in his fucking face about it. It’s been a few years since we were even together. I go on one date and the guy freaks out on me. It’s no secret that Jake he screws whoever he wants when he wants. Yet he gets all in my business when I finally decide to give dating a chance again. He can be so juvenile sometimes it’s unreal. What I saw in him? I’ll never truly know. I was young and stupid. Anyway, he didn’t like what I had to say or the way I reacted.

So he decided to rip out my heart and stomped on it. He did a good damn job too. I fell for Jake in highschool. We were together for 2 nearly 3 years. I was madly in love or so thought I was. Well he just let me know that after all these years. He had been cheating on me the entire time back then and with someone that was in our immediate group of friends. I’d spent all these years being the laughing stock of our group of friends and my playboy boyfriend. I never even knew.

Bruce winced and pinched his eyes shut for a moment. It was beginning to make sense as to why she kept pushing him away. He just wished he knew how to prove he wasn’t like her ex. That he could find a way to get her to give him another chance. He too felt the chemistry between them and big time.

I knew he had a way about the girls in school. But I had always told myself back then he only had eyes for me and loved me. Deep down though… I can’t lie to myself. I think I always knew. Something within me always felt there was something off about our relationship. But he was hot, a charmer and swept me off my feet. He was there for me when I needed him most. So yeah I think I knew. I just never wanted to believe it. So when he finally admitted it. It was just confirmed and I felt like an even bigger fool. It was pretty much confirmed that my high school years with my boyfriend was nothing more than a lie. How am I supposed to deal with something like that? How am I supposed to feel?

So I came home from dating one playboy to my ex playboy boyfriend. Only to realize what an even bigger fool I am for seeing anything in Bruce Wayne. Honestly, will I ever learn?

From now on that’s it. I just need to keep myself focused. Worry about finishing school and building my career. Fuck everything else.

I got my friends, Jim, and Sara that’s all I need.

Bruce sighs deeply.

“I’m very sorry Bella…” He whispers and sinks back deeper into his chair. That was her last entry.

Bruce took a break before starting Jervis’s journal. He went and had someone he could trust run some lab work on the pills. Something told him they weren’t labeled right. Something about all this wasn’t setting right with him. Hours had gone by. Bruce hadn’t slept. He couldn’t though not knowing that Bella and her friend were somewhere out there. With no idea as to what was going on or being done to them.

While he awaited word on the lab he took out Jervis’s journal. It was a very vibrant green color. His handwriting was barely legible. So Bruce did the best he could to read through it. The first couple entries were about the new girl Isabella Gordon. How nice she’d been to him and how she’d stood up for him, that they were instant friends. Then things got a bit weird even for Bruce…

Dear Alice,

How are you today? I am fine! I had a nice time with Lizzy today. We went to the movies and out to eat. She looked very pretty today in her white blouse and little black skirt. Then again Lizzy’s always pretty. Much like you Alice.

Bruce narrowed his eyes as he skimmed through the journal. Each entry was written to Alice. That wasn’t the only odd thing he noticed. Jervis only talked about Lizzy aka Bella. He didn’t talk about school, family, or any other friends. Everything was Lizzy this or that. Throughout the years the entries became more obsessive. Bruce cleared his throat uncomfortably at some of the overly sexual descriptions of Jervis’s mind. Each had to do with Bella and Alice In Wonderland scenes. He constantly thought about sex with Bella. There was a struggle though. He’d apologize to Alice as if he were doing something wrong by talking about Lizzy so much. His mind was very confusing and conflicted between the two girls. One very much a fantasy then the one that was very real. He acted as though he were cheating on Alice with Lizzy.

Bruce couldn’t believe half of what he was reading. He felt like he’d entered a world of a Wonderland hell. It didn’t help that he too had even more pronounced feelings for Bella Gordon. To read another man’s intimate thoughts on her was very unsettling. However, he could see that Jervis Tetch truly loved and cared for “his Lizzy.” Yet he made it known his jealousy towards Jake and even Bruce himself. He didn’t understand what someone like “his Lizzy” would see in men like that. He’d made clear he’d never hurt her and that he loved her. He had hopes of one day marrying Bella and having children one day.

What had Bruce alarmed the most? His very last few entries. His obsessions where damn near nightmarish. Jervis was growing angrier and angrier. He wanted Bella for himself! No man was going to come near her or hurt her! In Jervis’s mind she belonged to him. He would take care of her. He wished Jake and Bruce would die. Only he could love and protect her the way she needed. He knew her more than anyone else. He’d die for “his Alice!”. He was no longer referring to Bella as Lizzy, but Alice and in fact he was writing to her!

Dearest Alice,

I’ve begun to make plans for us. Soon we will run away together. Leave this world behind and begin our own lives. Alice my love… I do hate to see you cry and in so much pain. To hear you screaming at night, it breaks my heart. This world can be so cruel and you don’t deserve what it has to offer. I promise to always love and protect you. I won’t let a living soul hurt you. I think about you constantly.

Your precious pink lips that I wish to kiss. Your big honey brown eyes that I can’t get enough of looking into. Your gorgeous long chestnut hair. Your beautiful breasts that I wish to take my tongue to. How I wish to worship you 24/7 and do nothing else. I need you Alice. How I’ve longed to make love to you. To show you just how much you mean to me.

You’ve always been there for me Alice. It’s time I return the favor. I can be your personal hero just like that Batman fella you like. You’ll see Alice! I can’t wait to start our lives! No one will ever hurt you again.

My uncles they’re taking us to WONDERLAND!

Your loving Mad Hatter!

“Um sir?” Bruce looked up from reading the last entry in Jervis’s journal.

He comes to his feet.

“Are you certain someone was actually taking these?”

Bruce nods and tilts his head slightly.

“And they’re still alive?!”

“Yes, what seems to be the problem.”
“I haven’t a clue what you brought me sir. But these pills are extremely potent. I don’t even know what they’re for. I’ve never encountered such a thing. It’s not any narcotic I’ve ever heard of. And if it were the case… This thing would have all sorts of malpractice suits on it. Some of the ingredients I picked up have been known to cause liver or kidney failure and other types of organ damage.”

Bruce fought the grimace he felt coming on. His heart rather dropped to the pit of his stomach.

“Are you certain?”

“Yes sir. They should get checked out immediately and stop taking these pills at once. I will warn you though. It might be one hell of a battle. I imagine these are highly addictive and will cause some withdrawal spells.”

“Of course…” Bruce mutters in disbelief.

Now there were two things he’d have to deal with. First of all was finding Jervis and Bella. Then this Dr. Jonathon Crane, he had a few questions for him. Such as why he’d prescribed his patients something so toxic. Bruce wondered if he was even aware.

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