Chapter 5 Wonderhell

Chapter 5

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Bella opened her eyes as she came to. Her vision was blurry at first. All Bella could see was a very long table in which she was sitting at. It had a white cloth and rows of ceramic dishware with pink flowers and green leaves were seat out. A very expensive looking tea set was in the middle of the table. In fact a steaming cup of tea was right before her. Bella couldn’t help, but to notice how this was perfectly set up much like the tea party in Alice In Wonderland. In fact she looked down and saw what she was wearing.

She gasped out at the baby blue dress with the white apron like front. Bella had on white knee high leggings with black bows on top and black Mary Jane shoes. The dress was very short. She did her best to pull it down to somehow make it longer, but no such luck. It was one of the sluttiest Alice costumes she’d ever seen. It was like a corset on top and her breasts were damn near popping out of it. He even had a black hairband in her hair and left it down. Jervis had also cut her hair so she’d have bangs just like Alice.

Once her vision fully came too she saw Jervis sitting at the very end of the table. He had this huge smile on his face.

He came to his feet and made his way over.

“Alice! You’re finally awake!”

“Jer? What is all this and did you put me in this dress?”

He offers a hand. He was even dressed slightly different himself. He wore a green top hat with a golden band around it. A golden dress shirt with a purple bow tied around his neck beneath his green blazer, a black vest and black pants and his purple and green Converse shoes. She apprehensively takes his hand wondering what the hell was going on.

He giggled and twirled her about as though they were about to start dancing.

“Jer… please…”

He pulls her up against his chest and moves the loose strands of hair behind her ear.

“It’s Hatter my dear. Mad Hatter…”

Bella takes in the deepest of breaths.

“What have you done Jer?” She looks around.

“Where are we?”

He starts kissing along her neck and shoulders. Bella takes a few steps back.

“What is this?”

“Welcome home Alice…”

Bella half laughs and shakes her head.

“Would you like some tea?”

“Tea? You’re honestly asking me about tea?”

He nods and starts towards the table. He hands her the tea that was sitting out before her.

“Hatter… Alice…”

“Dammit Jer knock it off. I’m Lizzy not Alice! AND you’re NOT THE HATTER! This isn’t real none of this is real. We need to go back home!”


He smiles and caresses her cheek.

“Aw, my dear you’ve forgotten. Don’t you remember all the wonderful times we’ve had? Right here Alice you and I.”

He takes her hand and kisses it.

“I’ve so many wonderful things planned for us! This is so exciting!”

He picks her up and sits her on the table. He hands her a cupcake.

“Vanilla with chocolate topping your favorite!”
Bella shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Jer hun…”

“Hatter…” He corrects again and runs a hand along her thigh.

Bella’s eyes widened and she quickly crossed her legs. She had on white silk panties and they were just right there. Jervis had this huge grin on his face as he looked upon her. His hand continued to creep up her thigh.

Bella moved his hand away from her thigh. He sighed with frustration.

“I’d never hurt you Alice…” He said lovingly and continued to run his hands along her.

And there it was again, pressing right up against her panties.

“Stop it Jer… just stop.”

He kissed along the marks on her face, where the thugs had hit her. Bella had never laid a hurtful hand on Jer before. But she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She prayed he’d snap out of it soon. Then there it was… Jervis had his lips on her and was trying to slip her the tongue.

“JERVIS TETCH!” She shouted and shoved him back.

Bruce suited back up and was heading to the residence of Dumfrey and Deever Tweed Jervis’s uncles. He’d hoped these were the ones he was referring to in his latest entry. After he got there he saw that no one was home. So Batman welcomed himself inside discreetly and began to do some of his own investigating.

After a half an hour passed by he was beginning to get more and more frustrated. He hadn’t found anything leading to the whereabouts of the uncles, Jervis, or Bella. Part of him hoped they’d come home to his intrusion. He wanted to question them if nothing else. Force it out of them if he had to!

Then there it was. Right on the wall of a certain bedroom. He pegged it to be Jervis’s old room. A particular blueprint was pinned to the walls. It was entitled, Wonderland.

He nodded and ripped the blue print off the wall. He studied it for a bit realizing it was underground. He just couldn’t quite peg where exactly. He recognized it to be some sort of abandoned sewer. The sewers beneath Gotham were never ending and huge. He hadn’t a clue exactly where to start.

Jervis gritted his teeth. He eyed her severely.


Her eyes widen as he had her by the collar of her dress.

“Jer…” She said softly.

He shook his head and threw his hands in the air. He stormed off. Bella took in a breath. Her heart was racing. Bella began to look around for a way out. She started down the room. Behind a couple of giant red mushrooms were Jervis’s uncles. She took in a breath of relief.

“Dumfrey? Deever?” She called out and made her way over.

“Thank God! Maybe you both can help me.”

“We are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.” Dumfrey corrects.

“Come on guys. I’m being serious. Your nephew really needs some help. He truly believes this to be real and expects us to stay here.”

“This is real. You are home now Alice.”


The twins nod towards one another. She rolls her eyes.

“Ok whatever guys. I’m leaving and I’m sending someone back to help Jervis.”

She starts towards the tunnel area and the uncles grab her. Each were a good 300 pounds. They too were dressed for the part. Those silly hats that Tweedle Dee and Dum wore and they had the red overalls on, they even had freckles on their cheeks to look the part.

“Let go of me.”

“You’re not leaving. You belong here now. You are Hatter’s and Hatter always gets what he wants.”

“Yeah our boy gets what he wants always.”
“You can’t get away with this. You can’t keep me here!”

Bella tried to fight back but she had one directly behind her and one in front. They both squished her with their massive weight. She shoved the one in front back. The one in back wrapped his arm around her throat. She choked back. Deever the one she’d shoved grabbed a cup of tea from a massive yellow daisy. He forced her mouth open. Bella recoiled and tried to turn away.


“Yes drink!”

Deever poured some of the contents into her mouth. She spit it out all over his face. She then stomped on Dumfrey’s foot and took off running. They chased after her. Bella got to the exit and hunkered down on the fake green grass beneath her.

“No!” She shouted seeing there was some sort of circler door like you’d see in a bank for vaults.

There was no way she was escaping this place. She half laughed and shook her head. She felt herself being dragged by one leg. They flipped her around and forced the tea down her throat. She choked back on it as they made her finish the entire cup.

They both backed up and watched as she came to her feet. Bella’s head swayed a bit. She suddenly felt as though she were floating. They led her back to the tea table as she stumbled about. The uncles sat her down. Bella’s eyes came to a close.

Batman was growing more and more frustrated. In his attempts to find Bella and Jervis, he found himself having to worry about certain thugs terrorizing civilians. He was growing with impatience as the night progressed. He was tired, sore, and starting to run out of places to search. He crouched over one of the rooftops as he looked over the city in thought. It was a blood moon night and he wasn’t going home until he found Bella and Jervis.

He called to Alfred.

“Can I be of service sir?”

“Yes Alfred I need you to give me a list of all the abandoned sewers of Gotham.”
“All of them sir?” Alfred said in damn near disbelief and as if he’d lost his mind.

“Yes Alfred.”
“Very well I suppose I’ll start with the west side of town?”
“Make that east. That’s where I currently am I just checked the west.”

“Very well sir.”

Batman hung up and waited. Before long his cell vibrated. He looked to see he’d sent a map of all the surrounding areas.

“You’re a genius Alfred.” He thought to himself with a smirk.

Bella woke to hear the uncles singing to Jervis. The very merry unhappy birthday song. Jervis was smiling and there were gifts about the table. Bella felt like she was in literal hell. Her head was killing her and still felt swimmy. Once the song was done Jervis clapped happily. Bella shook her head, panic stricken.

Jervis saw she was awake and hopped up rather exuberantly. He instantaneously grabbed her and picked her up he twirled her about. He started this skipping around and dancing thing with her.

“We got gifts to open Alice!”

He carried her over to the table. Yet again he sat her on top. He placed present into her lap. Her hands shook as she opened it. It was another headband black with a baby blue bow.

He smiled.

“I bet it’s going to look lovely on you Alice! Then again everything always does.”

He takes the one she has on off and goes to place the other one on. Bella reaches out and places her hands upon his cheek, just like she always used to. She looked him in the eyes.

“Look at me Jer… I know you’re in there somewhere. Please… come back to me. I need my best friend back. There’s a pocket watch you always keep on you. I want you to take it out and read the engraving inside. Please…”

“Oh we’re much more than friends Alice! You’re my one and only! But I’m Hatter silly girl!”

Bella brings down her hands and retrieves the pocket watch. She opens it goes to show him…Only it’d been scratched out. She’d left a personal message it had said to Jer’ Bff’s Lizzy. Someone went out their way to mark it out. However, she turned it around on the back it read To Hatter Love Your Alice. She lowered her head and handed it back.

“See!” He chuckles and places the new headband on.

“I made this one myself!”

He fixes her hair. Tears stream down her face. To her it felt as though Jervis Tetch had just died. Bella was realizing her friend was truly gone. He was no longer there. Her heart sank as she watched the three of them in celebration. Like all was right in the world. Each of them was happy to be in this world they’d created. They expected her to be as well

“Now why are we crying? No, no Alice there’s no tears here! We only think happy thoughts! Unless they are tears of madness!” He chuckles.

“Are you mad my dear Alice?!”

“You have no idea…”

“SO I AM I!” He announces happily.

Bella gasps out as he flips her over his shoulder. He carries her into another area. One that was made into a bedroom. It had a white daybed and white sheets with pink and baby blue heart shaped pillows. Stuffed animals were about the room. There was a picture of her and Jervis on the nightstand.

“Do you like it?!”

Bella picks up the picture recognizing it from when he took her to dance last year. Only it’d been tampered with to make her look like Alice. She runs her fingers along the picture. Neither had dates so they decided to go as friends. Once they got back the spent the rest of the night drinking and watching movies.

“This is your room! Of course you’re welcome to come to my room anytime!”

“I can’t stay here. Neither can you we both have friends and they’re waiting for us. My aunt and uncle I’m sure are concerned as well.”

“I can’t believe you’ve forgotten Alice. Please do try and remember.”

He lays her down on the bed. He plops down beside her. Jervis starts kissing along her body again.

“Forgive me Jer…”

Bella whispers as she promptly shoves him off the bed.

“What the hell Alice?!”
“LIZZY! Now I want my friend back and I want him now!” She rushes over.

She hated what she was about to do. But she was desperate. Bella lifted him back up and pinned him up against the brick wall of the room.



He roughly kisses her. Bella punches him in the face.



He grits his teeth and takes out some sort of remote from his jacket. He presses it and Bella comes down to her knees. She cries out in pain. This was a personal gift given to Jervis by Dr. Crane. He’d convinced him that this would keep her safe and by his side.

“You’re being a very bad girl Alice! Off to bed this once! There will be no chamomile tea for you tonight!”

He storms out of the room. Bella crawls amongst the floor. Her entire body had been electrocuted somehow. She shook all over and made her way to a full size mirror. She used it to help her up off the ground. Bella then looked into the mirror with one hand still balancing against it. She started to take off the headband with the other. Her eyes widened as she couldn’t get it off. She ground her teeth together. She staggered back realizing there were tiny spikes lounged into her scalp. She hadn’t even noticed the pain from that because of the electrocution that was sent throughout her body.

Bella began to panic. She tried once again to take it off. It was taking hair, flesh, and meat with it.

“FUCK….” She groaned seeing trails of blood going down the sides of her face.

The room began to spin. Bella continued to try and pry it off. But she hit the floor as she continued to bleed out from her attempt.

The sun was about to come up. He still hadn’t any luck in finding the area. There was just too much space to cover. There was one more area left in the east side of town. He hadn’t even made it to the north or south yet.

“I got you Alice…”

He kissed her forehead and began to clean her up. Bella started to come to.

“Who did this to you Alice?”

She reared back in disbelief.

“You did.”

Jervis shook his head.

“I’d never hurt you Alice you know that. Now tell me the truth. Who made you bleed?”

Bella half laughs feeling as though she could easily go mad herself.

“Come on now…” He handed her a cup of tea.

“You did this. You did all this. Why won’t you let me go? I just want to go home…”

“This is your home silly. Now please let’s sit down and have us some tea! Tweedle Dee and Dum are bringing us some crumpets!”

“I don’t want any tea or crumpets. I want to fucking go home!”

“Where did you get such a filthy mouth Alice? Honestly, that’s no proper way for a lady to talk! I forbid it! Now just stay put let me see what the holdup is.”

Bella takes off once he exits the room. She begins to look around for either a place to hide or escape. There were giant mushrooms and flowers all about the area. Vines were growing up along the walls. The more Bella looked around she was beginning to realize they were in some sort of sewer area. Just for the off chance. She tried the vaulted door. She was beginning to wish she truly could shrink herself like Alice could. She felt silly as she looked for the cookie’s and milk with the eat and drink me sign. Bella did the only other think she could think off. It was risky, but considering the situation. What other choice did she have?

She began to bang on the door. As if someone was actually in the sewers and could hear her. Still it was worth a shot. She punched at the metal door.

“Please someone can anyone hear me! I’m being held against my will. Send help immediately!” She repeated a couple times.

She turned to hear the clearing of a throat. The three of them now stood before her.

“What on earth are you doing Alice?”

Batman was just about to leave. He’d been all up and down these sewers and still no sign of either. He froze though as he heard what sounded to be some sort of metal sound. A very faint echo was coming from that direction as well. He couldn’t quite make it out. He headed that way. Finally, he could make out the words Please.. someone and hear…Help!. He took off that direction.

Jervis’s uncles roughly yanked her up and dragged her back to the tea party table. They slammed her down into a chair.

“Easy now…” Hatter warned.

He cups Bella’s chin.

“What’s come over you Alice? Why would you want to leave me?”

She starts laughing. She laughs so hard tears roll down her cheeks. Her body trembles and her face turns rosy red.

“Because I don’t LOVE YOU!”

Jervis staggers back.

“What do you mean you don’t love me Alice?”

“Alice never loved you Hatter not even in the books! You were just a friend! You always were just a friend! And always will be. You and Alice were never lovers you FREAK!” Something she’d never ever say to Jervis, then again this was no longer him. Jervis was long gone.

She gasps out as suddenly as he slams her back. The table breaks in half. He wraps his hands around her throat. She beats her hands against his arms trying to break free, but she was being electrocuted at the same time. She saw Dumfrey with the remote and a big smile on his face.

“TELL ME YOU LOVE ME ALICE! I KNOW YOU DO!” He continues to choke her.

She shakes her head as she looks him in the eyes. Bella caresses his cheek.

“It’s ok Jer… it’s not your fault.” She manages to squeeze out.

“If you ever come back. Please realize that… Please Jer… I know you’d never hurt me.”

They all turn to hear the sound of some sort of explosion. A cloud of smoke enters the room and a dark shadow stands in the middle of it.

“Let her go. You don’t want to do this.” The familiar gruff voice carries over.

Bella’s body however began to spasm at the higher voltage the uncle started to give her. Batman caught this and sent out two batarangs one Jervis’s way and the other Dumfrey’s way. Once Jervis released Bella she rolled over and began gasping for air. Batman rushed over.

“Who are you?!” Jervis demanded.

Batman ignored him and was checking Bella over. Her nose was bleeding and blood streamed down the sides of her cheeks. She could barely keep her head up as she rose.

“STAY AWAY FROM HER!” Jervis shouted.

Bella looked to Jervis in shock as he took out a gun and fired at Batman.

“NO!” Bella yelled, but noticed the armor he was wearing the bullet wasn’t able to fully penetrate through.

“Stay put.” Batman said.

Batman used his cape to distract Jervis and knock the gun out of his hand. She watched as the three of them tried to put up a fight, but then again it’s freaking Batman. He had them apprehended within minutes without so much as breaking a sweat. Making Bella feel like a complete damsel in distress, which she rather hated even if she was being saved by Batman. She just wished she could have found a way to get herself out of this predicament, rather than wait for someone to come to her aid. She was to be a cop after all. Bella came to her feet and dusted herself off. Batman reentered the area after he’d finally got all three men out and had the police arriving to take them in. Bella’s legs trembled as she stepped towards Batman. The man behind the mask was dealing with his own emotions and he found it hard.

Bella lost her footing as her body was still in disorder from the electric currents that had been sent through her. Batman quickly grabbed hold of her and scooped her up.

“You’re in no shape to be walking Bella.”

“You know my name?”

He froze for a moment and desperately came up with something realizing his screw up.

“You’re uncle told me.”

“You talk to my uncle?”

“Yes he’s the one that told me you were missing. He personally sent me to find you.”

“You… you talk to my uncle? So what you’re like friends or …”

Bella grits her teeth and her body jars back in agony.

“What is it?!”

“This headband.”

Batman quickly places her back down and looks to see how it was literally embedded into her scalp.

“It’s still sending some sort of electric current off and on.”

“Must be malfunctioning.” He said thinking of the remote he’d seen.

He knew he’d have to take her to the cave to even attempt getting that off safely.

“I can help you get that off.”

He scoops her up again as he walked throughout the sewers. He decided to head down a path that would lead closer to the Batmobile. She continues to grit her teeth off and on as the small currents hit every so often.

“Hold on…”

He fires off his grapple once he gets to a certain area. Her arms go around his neck. As Bella holds on he uses both his hands to quickly lift the sewer lid. He shoots off his grapple again and manages to swing them directly into the Batmobile. Bella looks to him with eyes as big as an owl’s. He pushes a button and the top comes down.

“Holy shit…” He heard her utter softly as she looks around.

He flips all these certain switches and the Batmobile comes roaring to life. He reaches over and begins to blindfold her.

“Um ok…”

Batman says nothing. He keeps an eye on her off and on making certain she doesn’t try and peek through. To his surprise she doesn’t even attempt to. Bella could feel the Batmobile speeding throughout Gotham. She was curious as to where he was going, but respected his need for privacy. She wasn’t about to be a jerk about it or start interrogating him. He had his reasons for blindfolding her.

Her hands balled up as the pain continued off and on. Batman looked to her with concern as he tried his best to hurry to the cave. Once he finally arrived. He hurriedly opened the top and picked her up he rushed her to a medical table he had and began to set up. He was going through the procedure in his mind about removing it without causing her more harm. Batman sterilized some sort of metal clippers.

“Lay down.”

She nodded and lay down. She instantly clamped both hands over her mouth to keep from screaming out. He slightly lifted the headband. Batman shook his head as he saw the embedded spikes. The more he pulled the more it pulled back on her flesh. Meanwhile, Bruce was freaking out. He moved his hand and paced around in thought. The only thing he could think of was to use the clippers to snap off the spikes. He’d then have to use tweezers or something to remove what was left. The whole idea had him ill. He’d have to knock her out for this. It’d be too painful otherwise. Batman wandered off for a moment. He took something from a small silver fridge within the Batcave. Bella would have been more in awe at the moment, but she was growing weaker and her entire body writhed in pain.

“I’m going to have to sedate you. I need you to trust me ok.”

“Sedate me?”

He nods.

“I need to hurry and get that off.”

Her eyes widen as she saw the syringe in his hand. He gently grabbed her arm and stuck her with the needle. A burning sensation coursed through her momentarily. Her eyes came to a close shortly after. Batman nodded and situated her to be more comfortable. Respectfully, he fixed the skirt on the outfit they had her in. Her panties were showing still so he threw a blanket over her. Not just out of respect, but he didn’t need the distraction as he worked to get this headband off.

Batman sterilized everything he’d need to use, then began. A breath of relief came from his lips as he successfully freed her and got the remaining spikes out from her scalp. He doctored her up from there, best he could. He cleaned her up and decided to take her on to the hospital. From there he demanded a full test be run on her organs and body throughout. No one dared argued with him. He took it upon himself to pick out a room and placed her down.

Bella started to come too. He went to leave, but felt a hand grabbing his own. He stopped and turned.

“Thank you…” She said hoarsely.

He gave her hand a squeeze and nodded. He walked away, but stopped once again at the doorway. With his back turned to her he spoke.
“I’d strongly advice you take precautions around Dr. Crane. I also advice for you to stop taking any medication he has prescribed you.”

Before she can ask any questions as to why or any of the such. He was gone…

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