Chapter 7 Taming Of The Shrew

Chapter 7

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“Is that everything?” Jim asks as they’re packing away Bella’s things.

Bella looks around and nods. Sara runs a soothing hand along her back as Bella brushes her hair. She then grabs her jacket on the way out. Jim and Sara shared the same look of concern, but say nothing. Once they’re in the car Sara turns to Bella.

“Are you certain you don’t want to come back home?”

“Sara…” Bella says with a sigh.
“I’ll be ok.”

Sara sighs and turns back around.

“I just don’t want you pushing yourself to hard. You’re always overexerting yourself.”

“I’ll be fine really. Just stop worrying so much.”

After they get to the college they help Bella bring in her things. Megan and her other friends were in class still. Sara starts writing her out a check.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re going to need this to get through the week.”

“I can make it up by working a few extra hours at the library.”

“Just take the money.” Jim demands.

“I’m not taking your money. You need it more than I do.”

Sara leaves the check on Bella’s counter.

“Just use it to get some groceries or something.”

Bella grabs the check and hands it back.

“Um no, I don’t need it.”

“Don’t be a pain in the ass.” Jim utters.

“JIM!” Sara snaps in disbelief.

“We’re just trying to help you Bella. There’s nothing wrong with accepting help.”

Bella sighs.

“Fine I’ll go save some puppies or something with it.”

“Or put something other than beer and ice cream in your fridge.” Sara remarks as she looks inside.

“Um the beer is Megan’s.” Bella lies.

Jim shook his head and raised his brows. Bella shrugs his way with a smirk. She softly giggles at her uncle’s reaction. That smile nevertheless, fades as she glances towards the hand mirror Jervis had gotten her. She reaches over and picks it up off the nightstand. She runs her fingers along it and shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Is everything alright sweetheart?”

Bella nods and swallows back the knot that was forming in her throat. She clears her throat.

“You two should go out or something.”
“Are you kicking us out?” Sara asks as if offended.

Bella half laughs.

“Not at all…” She says as she playfully nudges them towards the door.

“Bella Gordon!”

She puts her arms around their shoulders and walks them out to their car.

“Where did you learn to be so rude?”

Bella points to her uncle. He shakes his head.

“That’s not true.”
“Sure it isn’t.” Bella says and winks at him.

However, she looks to him a certain way as he’s about to get into the car.

“So Batman huh?”

Jim freezes and lifts his eyes towards her. Bella smiles.

“I hadn’t a clue you two were so tight.”

“Bella…” Jim whispers and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Nah, I’m just sayin… you know after all these years? I hadn’t a clue you had the man on speed dial.”

“Who do you think works the Batsignal?”

“Huh… well think they’ll let me have that job when I join?” She questions mischievously.

Jim chuckles.

“You never know.”

“So how does that work exactly you just stand by the Batsignal and wait for crime.”

“Bella…” He warns.

“Just a question.”
“Well it’s a stupid one.”

“You once said there was no stupid questions.”
He grins.

“That was until you came along my dear.”

Her jaw drops and he laughs as he gets into the car.

“That’s so awesome. I just can’t wait to tell all my friends my uncle is a groupie!”

He sighs and slams his door shut. Sara smiles and waves before they drive away. Bella laughs to herself and heads back to her dorm. Once she gets inside she looks around as if lost for a moment. Bella makes her way to the table and sits down. Everything begins to replay in her mind. Jervis and Dr. Crane twisted around in her thoughts over and over.

Bella decidedly headed to Jake and Jervis’s room. Jervis had given her a key once just in case he locked himself out and Jake wasn’t home. Bella opened the door and stepped inside. She froze as she looked upon Jervis’s side. His top hats were still intact. His room in fact was just like it always was. She didn’t expect her own emotions though. Just the memory alone hit her and Bella came to tears. She lay down on Jervis’s bed. She cried into his pillow and buried her face.

Jake entered the room not much longer and quietly approached her.


She shot up and quickly wiped her eyes. Bella cleared her throat and came to her feet.

“Um yeah. I was just on my way out.”

Jake puts his hands upon his waist.

“Bella… please just…” He reached out to her.

She said nothing as she exited the room. Bella headed right for Dr. Crane’s office. Just as she assumed it was vacant. Bella looked around and managed to pry open a window and climb through. Bella saw where it looked as though he’d left in a hurry. She looked everywhere she could think of, but there wasn’t anything to go on or to prove what he’d done. Decidedly, she sat on the couch were they used to have their sessions the memories continued to play out.

She pictured Dr. Crane sitting there as usual scribbling something down on his yellow memo pad. The way he’d clean his glasses often and how he’d often prop one foot over his knee. This was someone she’d confided in and thought of like a friend. Her hands balled up into fists.

She’d wondered what all he’d done to Jervis. What exactly did he fill Jervis’s head with? She knew deep in her heart it was him that had Mad Hatter take over her friend completely. Bella leaned over and placed her elbows on her knees. She ran her fingers through her hair.

“Where are you Crane?” She uttered in misery.

She comes to her feet.

“This is far from over!” She says with a sneer and crawls back through the window.

Bella slams the window back down and she makes her way to town. Bella walks to a nearby bar. She sits at the bar and places down a five dollar bill.

“ID babe?”

She takes out her license and slides it over.

“You don’t look 23. You look younger.”

“Um thank,s I guess.”

“So what’ll it be?”

“Give me a shot of your strongest stuff and a beer.”

“The lady asks… the lady shall receive.”

He slides over her shot and beer. Bella nods and downs the shot then takes the beer to the label. The friendly kind of cute bartender grins and pours her another shot.

“That one’s on the house.”
He gives her wink as she downs it as well. This wasn’t Bella’s usual thing. It was only 4 pm and she was getting wasted. She just couldn’t stand to be around anything that reminded her of Jervis. Bella sat there for another hour and half. She gave the guy a tip after she paid her tab.

“Why don’t I walk you out and call you a cab?” He offers.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Please I insist.”

Bella heads out and he has someone cover him. He walks her outside. He uses his cellphone to call a cab. After he’s done he waits with her.

“You really don’t have to do that.”

He shrugs.

“It’s no prob, it gives me a break from the bar. Gets stuffy in there… But there was another reason I wanted to walk you out.

She looks to him oddly.

“It’s against policy to ask out the customers.” He says and rubs the back of his neck looking nervous.

Bella raises her brows on this.

“You’re asking me out?”

He nods.

“Sorry, but I’m already seeing someone. At least I think I am…”

The bartender looks to her puzzled.

“It’s complicated.” She says with a curled lip.

“Complicated?” He questions.

She laughs a little.

“Yeah, I’m not really sure what we are at the moment, but yeah I’m sort of seeing someone else. I’m flattered though.”

He sighs as if disappointed.

“Well if that “complicated” status ever becomes single. Please reconsider…”
Bella smiles, but says nothing as the cab pulls up.

“Thank you.”

He nods.

After Bella gets in, she has the cab driver take her to Arkham Asylum. Her uncle had told her that Jervis Tetch been brought here. She couldn’t fathom the mere idea. She paid the fair and made her way out. The cab driver looked to her as if she were insane. Bella stood before the massive iron gates of the asylum. This place always gave her the creeps. She ran her hand along the iron bars. She took in a breath and pushed the call button and looked into the camera.

“I wish to visit a client.”

The gates open and Bella steps through. Chills fill her spine the closer she gets to the asylum. It looked more like a creepy haunted castle to her. The place was so gloomy and colossal. She timidly stepped up to the door. Once she entered she froze. The staff looked upon her in wonder. She took in a deep breath.

“I’m here to visit Jervis Tetch.”

The woman at the receptionist desk nods. She motions for Bella to come over. She has her sign some papers and she looks over her driver’s license. The guards then escort her down several hallways and metal doors. She grimaced as she heard the other residents screaming, laughing, crying, and rattling their cells. A few even made cat calls as she walked by. She took in another breath and held it until they came to Jervis’s cell. She winced seeing the entire cell was decked out in Alice In Wonderland stuff. He even had a miniature tea party set.

She fought to keep her emotions at bay.

“Jer…” She said softly.

He continued to hum to himself and poured himself some fake tea.

Mad Hatter turned around. It felt weird to her to see her friend in the orange jumpsuits the asylum provided. He wasn’t in his usual top hat and green trench. Then again this wasn’t her friend anymore. Part of her just merely hoped that some ounce of Jervis was still intact.

“ALICE!” He hopped up happily.

“I knew you’d come! Ok now get me out so we can go home!”

“Jer hun… I can’t do that.”

He frowns.

“I’m Hatter Alice, Mad Hatter you know this!” He snaps.

Bella nods.

“Yeah I’m well aware.”

“And I’m ready to go home Alice so let’s go!”

Bella closes her eyes and looks to the ground.

“You are home Hatter. I’m sorry Jer…” She whispers and heads back to the door.

The guards escort her back out. Before she leaves she mentions to the nurses that Jervis needs to have some tests ran on him. She explains about the pills and one of the nurses was already jotting down the information. Once she’s done, Bella exits the iron gates and they come to a close behind her. Irony have it Batman was bringing in another inmate. Bella laughed at the irony as he dropped down before her with the man in custody.

“Whatever happened to Blackgate?”

Batman slants his head towards her.

“What are you doing here?”

He questioned.

“Vacationing… I’d ask you, but it’s a little more than obvious.”

“Are you drunk?”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“No…” She answers with a smirk.

“Hmmm… you’re clearly showing signs of intoxication Ms. Gordon.”

“And what would those signs be? Let’s see…”

Other guards come out of the asylum and apprehend the man in Batman’s hold.

“Slurred speech, impaired memory, exuberant emotions, terrible eye hand coordination… and…” Bella looks to her skin.

“A flushed appearance maybe even dilated eyes depending on how much they’ve had to drink.”

Batman nods.

“All in which I haven’t… so’s, no I’m not drunk.”

She squeals out as he grabs hold of her and fires off his grapple gun.

“What the hell?!” She shouts.

He gets her back to the college safely.

“Don’t you have better things to do than to be taking drunk college girls home!” She snaps and covers her mouth in laughter.

“Yeah I heard that in my head and I still went with it!”

He sighs. Bruce was dying under that mask. He wasn’t very happy with her for drinking not with her having kidney disease. That was the last thing she should be doing. That and he knew she was on medication that called for no alcohol.

“Thought you weren’t drunk.”

She backtracks.

“Well shit… Guess I walked right into that one.”

“You really shouldn’t be drinking Ms. Gordon.”

Bella quickly moves her hand realizing she was running it along his chest the entire time they were standing there. She blushes and takes a few steps back.

“Um thanks I’ll be going to my dorm now.”

“No more drinking Ms. Gordon.”

She bites down on her lower lip. Bella reaches over and grabs him by the collar of his suit. She starts kissing him. Batman’s eyes widen. The man beneath the mask found himself kissing her back. His hand went to the slope of her back. Bella steps back once again. She smiles and pats him on the chest.

“You’re welcome!” She calls out with her back turned to him.

He stood there thunderstruck as she headed inside.

Bella rolls over in her bed. Her head was pounding and she was hung over. She groaned out and Megan laughed.

“Welcome back!”

Bella groans again into her pillow.

“I feel like utter shit.”

“So someone had a few last night huh?”
“Something like that.”

Megan laughs again as Bella stumbles out of the bed and heads into the bathroom. The phone rings and Megan answers.

“Sure she’s right here.”
Bella had her toothbrush in her mouth.
“Who is it?”


“You’re kidding me!” Bella utters with her toothbrush still in her mouth.

Megan shrugs and hands her the phone. Bella’s eyes widen as it just dawns on her.



“I can’t talk to him?!”

“Why not?”
“Hello?” Bruce calls out on the other line.

Bella closes her eyes and takes her toothbrush out of her mouth.

“Um hi?!”

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah… Just dandy.”

“Hmm well I was wondering if I could take you out again sometime. You know see what part of Murphy’s Law could shed upon us this time?”

Bella softly laughs.

“Oh you’ve no idea.” She says in thought.


“Um nothing. I suppose that could be arranged, since you evidently like torture and disappointment.”

“Disappointment?” He questions.

She laughs.

“Well I see that you’re not denying the torture part.”

“Not at all…” He says in a playful tone.

“I hardly find my time with you disappointing however.”

“Come on now Bruce. I bailed on you once and freaked out on the other. That and well…”

Bella sighs with guilt.

“IhadadrunkenkisswithBatman…So you still want that date?”

“What did you say?”

“That I… drunkkissedBatman.” She slurs again.

He dies in laughter on the other end. Bella looks to the phone as though it bit her.

“Sure whatever you say Bella.”
“I’m being serious!”

“You’re telling me you kissed Batman?”
“Is it so hard to believe?”

“It’s just I’m sure Batman has better things to do.”

“GRRRRRRRR Are you implying that Batman wouldn’t see anything in me Bruce?!”

He clears his throat.

“Not at all, I’m just sure he’s a very busy man. That and well…”

“Do you always kiss other men when dating someone else?”

“Are you trying to imply that we are exclusive? And that you haven’t been kissing other women?!” She taunts.

“If it were possible. And actually no I haven’t.”
“I suppose we shall see won’t we? And I truly find that hard to believe.”

“Are you always this…”
“This what, Bruce?” She questions innocently.

He sighs.

“Nevermind, perhaps I could pick you up Friday say around 7?”


She says and hangs up.

“Boy you’re like mean!” Megan says.
Bella grins.

“And he loves it…”

Megan looks to Bella oddly.


Bella laughs.

“Just trust me on this one.” Bella says and starts getting ready for class.

Bella walked about Gotham. She needed some new clothes, but hated shopping and none of the clothing stores suited her taste. She found herself walking around aimlessly. She did her best to keep Dr. Crane and Jervis out of her mind. However, it was taking its toll and becoming heavier and harder to accomplish. As she walked through the crowd Bella began to see their faces walking amongst the crowd. Every other person looked as though Jervis or Dr. Crane.

She jaywalked trying to get away from it. A cab slammed on his brakes and cursed at her as he flipped her off. Bella hadn’t even taken notice. Without truly taking notice where she was going she’d entered a certain store. She narrowed her eyes and looked around. The walls were purple and black. Batman memorabilia was strung out everywhere. She took in a breath and walked about the store. They even had a few shirts and leather made to look like his suit.

“Wow people take this a bit too far.” She uttered to herself as she held up one of the leather suits. She giggled to herself as she held it up against her.

“I’m Batman…” She uttered mocking his gruff voice.

She sighs and puts the suit back on the rack.

“You should try it on.”

She turns to the woman behind her. The woman was beyond beautiful and blonde.

“I’m good thanks.”

The blonde laughs.

“Come on now. Give it a try. Besides I’m dying of boredom. You’d be surprised on how dead this place can be at times. That is until he does another big save then this place is booming.”

“Does the poor guy even get royalties for this stuff?”

The woman laughs again.

“I haven’t a clue who gets the rights to this stuff to be honest.”

“Sounds about right.”

“The name’s Rosalie.”


Rosalie nods and takes the suit off the rack.

“Just try it on for me?”

Bella shrugs.

“Sure why not I got time to kill.”


Bella laughs at the girl’s enthusiasm. Bella heads into one of the dressing room stalls. She tries on the suit and shrugs at herself in the mirror. It didn’t look too bad. If only it didn’t have the manly pecks going with it. She laughs in thought and steps out.

“They really should make them for women.” Rosalie says.

“I know right.”

Bella looks to Rosalie oddly. She grabs another suit and a leather jacket. Her eyes widen as Rosalie heads back behind the counter. She starts cutting up the leather jacket and pinning straps of it to the Batman suit.

“Hmm…” Rosalie smiles.

“I got an idea. Do you have a few minutes to kill?”

“Sure…” Bella said with a shrug.

She was bored and didn’t want to head back to the dorm anyhow. As of late she did everything in her power to keep busy outside of school. A few minutes however turned into an hour. Bella leaned back against the wall as she’d already scoped out the entire store at least three times.

Rosalie finally comes to a stand and makes her way over.

“Now try it on.”

Bella takes in a breath and heads back into the bathroom. Her jaw drops as she tries on the suit.

“Holy shit!”

Rosalie laughs hearing her.

“Pretty cool huh! Step out now so I can see it.”

Bella stepped out and Rosalie grinned ear to ear.

“Awesome! That totally kicks ass and looks so freaking real! You could be the real deal if there were a batgirl that is. Put on the cowl please?!”

Bella pulls her hair back hand has it drape over her shoulders. The suit was very form fitting and flattering to Bella’s slim figure. The only difference is that the bat in the middle was yellow like that of the batsignal rather than black like on Batman’s suit which was all black.

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You could put Batman to shame in the looks department. I never dreamed I’d say that.”

“I never dreamed I’d hear something so… well awkward…”
Rosalie laughs.

“Just get yourself some knee high combat boots and you’re set to go!”


“Keep it. Seriously, girl you made my day.”

“But won’t you get fired? I mean you did cut up a leather jacket and give away products.”

“Girl the boss has been harassing my ass since I started working here a few months ago. He needs a little taste of his own medicine.”


Rosalie wrinkles her nose.

“Surely, you don’t mean.”

She shrugs.

“I’m used to it.”

Bella shakes her head.

“Why do you put up with it?”

“Beggars can’t be choosers and it’s better than my last job.”

“Which was?”

“I was a stripper sweetheart.”

Bella looks to her bewildered. Rosalie laughs.

“You don’t look like a stripper.”
“Well sure I don’t. I’m wearing clothes!”

Bella laughs.

“Ugh I’m so sorry. You just caught me off guard. You’re way to pretty to be into that stuff. And too pretty to be dealing with some asshole boss.”

“Well thank you!”

They both laugh.

“Seriously keep it I’ll get you a bag. Unless of course you want to wear it out.”

They both laugh again.

“Could you imagine?”

“Actually yes I could. Every man from a mile radius would be tripping over themselves.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Oh I don’t I’d even say Batman himself would take a gander.”
Bella heads back to the changing room and changes back into her jeans and navy blue sweater. Bella tries again to offer some sort of payment, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

“Just come by and visit every so often we’ll be all set.”

“Oh wait!” Rosalie tosses her something.
“What’s this?”

“A real grapple gun trust me you’ll get all kinds of shits and giggles. Great at costume parties!”
“This is real?”

“What can I say the boss likes things to be pretty dead on to the real thing? I’m sure it’s nowhere near as strong as Batman’s, but enough to support your weight. Not that you’d really be using it. It’s just for props anyhow.”

“Right… Um thanks?!”

Rosalie nods.

“It was fun!”

“Yeah actually it was.”

Bella takes the big brown bag of her new suit with her. She hadn’t a clue when she’d ever wear it. But she couldn’t deny even to herself how cool it was. She even bought her some boots on the way back. She felt silly in doing so, but felt she might as well have the full assemble. Bella hid the bag under her bed once she got back. She wasn’t about to start being harassed by her friends about her Batman collection, especially, that of an actual suit. Only Jervis… She winced in thought and put her hand to her heart. Only Jervis had known the truth behind it all. Without him Bella suddenly felt very alone. Sure she had Casey, Megan, Sara, and Jim and well Bruce now. Still, it felt as though there was this empty void in her life now.

Bella thought back to the suit. She dragged it back out and decidedly put it in one of her backpacks instead. Then she slid it back under her bed.

“Leaving again?” Megan practically whimpered as Bella grabbed her bag and was heading out the door.

“Um yeah.”
Megan sighs.

“You’re always gone now.”
Bella shrugs and heads on out. She wasn’t sure what to say to that and didn’t really want to discuss it. Bella joined a new gym and kept herself busy with that as of late and she’d walk home usually after to pass more time. Her date with Bruce was on her mind. She was wondering what disasters could possibly befall them. Bella was walking past a couple alleyways on her way home. It was dark and fog escaped her breath from the cold crisp air. Bella came to a stop as she heard alarms going off at a nearby museum. She also heard the sound of glass breaking.

Something came over Bella. She wasn’t even sure why. She hurriedly ducts back into the shadows and quickly changed into the Batgirl suit in her backpack. Feeling rather silly and foolish as she did, still she went about it. She dumped her backpack into a nearby dumpster to collect later.

Bella then took off towards the area the alarms were sounding off in. Men were running out of a nearby museum and yelling at each other. They each had something in there hand and were loading it into a black van.

Bella snuck up behind them and tapped one of them on the shoulder.

“Jesus! What the fuck?!”

“You might want to return those items now. I highly doubt they belong to you.”

The guy starts laughing.

“Look I never realized Batman had a nice set of tits.”

Bella sighs.

“That’s cause I’m not Batman.”

“Then who are you…?” He laughs.

“Batgirl…” She says as if a question and winced feeling even dumber.

Why am I doing this again?! Bella thought to herself.

“Batgirl huh? Damn baby… Hey guys look it’s Batgirl!” He laughs and tries to grab at her breasts.

Bella decks him across the face. One of the other robbers takes out his gun and goes to shoot. Her old days of Jiu Jitsu made a comeback. She kicked the gun out of the man’s hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and took him to the ground. With a nice tuck and roll she had him knocked out. The police were showing up just as she was doing her best to apprehend the others. She kept in mind to get some actual handcuffs. The other men however were attempting to escape.

The van door was still open and Bella swiftly leaped over and grabbed the keys from the ignition. The driver swung at her and she dodged. She yanked him out of the van and shoved him down. The police stepped out of their vehicles. Bella saw her uncle amongst them. They aimed their guns and Gordon got on the loud speaker.

“Hands in the air! Everyone!”

Oh shit… she didn’t think about the hell of the police and her suit wasn’t bulletproof like Batman’s by no means.

“I’m not the enemy…” She called out.

“HANDS UP!” Gordon shouted.

She gave a simple nod and quickly stepped back into the shadows and fired off her grapple gun praying it would work. She didn’t expect the way it to jerk her around the way it did. Her eyes widen as she landed on the rooftop and her own uncle and his men were shooting at her.

“Thanks Jim…” She uttered as she somehow managed to leap between rooftops.

Once she saw she made a clean getaway. She leaned back against a wall of a rooftop. She half laughs.

“How does Batman do this shit? I damn near shit myself. I can’t believe my own uncle was shooting at me! What an ass!”

Her heart was skyrocketing yet at the same time she’d never felt more alive. Ironic she thought to herself considering she just had bullets flying at her. She cleared her throat and overlooked the city. The cool wind blew her hair and the moon was full and bright. She heard her cape flapping in the breeze.

“So this is what it’s like?” She whispers.

“Yeah I’m so not doing that ever again…”

Bella walks about the rooftops getting a good glimpse over the city. Decidedly, she headed back once she figured things were calmer. She changed back into her clothes and headed back to the dorm.

The next day she did her usual routine. She was determined to forget all about last night. She was heading back to her dorm only hitherto again trouble seemed to be brewing nearby. Bella half laughed at the irony. All she could see was a group of people in a nearby parking garage. They were surrounding a car that sounded to have had a child inside. Without another thought she duct yet again into the shadows. She changed into the suit and placed her bag in a good hiding spot.

She peered back into the area. As she did though she froze. It was him… Scarecrow amongst stood amongst them. Batgirl stepped into the garage just as Scarecrow had yanked the young boy from his seat.

“Leave the boy alone.”

Scarecrow and the men turn towards her. Scarecrow tilted his head.”

“NOW!” She demands.

They all laugh at her even Scarecrow.

“I don’t believe you’re as big as Batman.”

Batgirl nods.

“That’s very true…”

She utters with a smirk. She quickly twists around flinging some silver batshaped throwing knifes their way. As they attempt to dodge the knives Batgirl quickly grabs the boy. She’s checking them over as she hears the other men yell oh shit and take off running. She was too busy making sure he was ok.

“Go back with your parents.”

Batgirl says with her hand upon the boy’s shoulder. He nods with tears in his eyes.

“Hey… You were very brave you know that?”

The boy half smiles and points directly behind her.

“Like him?”

Batgirl narrowed her eyes and slowly turned towards the figure behind her. Batman was leaning against a pillar of the garage looking right at her. She takes in a breath. Batgirl turns back to the boy.

“Very much, no on you go.”

She makes sure the boy gets back in the car with his parents. Afterword she ignores Batman and looks around for Scarecrow.

“Dammit…” She whispers to herself.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” She hears his gruff voice of disapproval behind her.

“Helping a boy get back to his parents.”

Batman gets a good look at her suit. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

“Go back to wherever you came from and burn that suit!” He pointed at her irately.

Her eyes widen a bit she almost laughed.

“Excuse me?”

Only he was gone was she turned back around.

“How does he do that?”

She sighs and takes off. Batgirl grapples onto the rooftops and begins scooping out Gotham in search of Scarecrow. She just wasn’t aware she was being tracked as well. During her search though yet another crime was taking place.

Batgirl turned towards the sound of gunfire. Men were running out of a bank with bags of cash.

“What are the odds?” She uttered softly.

She sighed knowing she was going to have to drop her search. Batgirl flung out her cape and swung out her legs knocking down one of the men. Another fired at her and she quickly somersaulted along the ground dodging the bullets. She then spun around and knocked down one of the other men. Batgirl promptly hopped up with the man in her hold. She thrust him up against the van they were using as a getaway vehicle.

“Why is it always a van?!”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Who do you think?”


Batgirl sighs. But the man quickly tases her and he dies in laughter.

“Stupid bitch.” He snaps as she stumbled back a bit.

She grits her teeth trying to shake it off. Another man comes up behind her and punches her dead center in the kidneys. She gasps out in pain. Batgirl’s elbow flies back. The man hits the pavement. She comes down bringing her knee into his sternum. Batgirl punches him in the face. She hears the van start and while she still has the other man in her hold. She reaches over with one of her throwing knifes and slashes the tires.

The van starts and they take off. Batgirl takes off that direction. She manages to catch up to them and jumps onto the driver side door. Batgirl punches out the driver. She then reaches over and starts maneuvering the van safely throughout traffic.

After she’s done she apprehends the men as the police arrive. She shakes her head looking for an escape. She knew the police would shoot at her again. Before she could think Batman landed directly in front of her.

“GO! I don’t ever want to see you out here again. Do we have an understanding?”

“I just helped you!”

“I don’t need or want your help! Now go home before you get yourself killed!”

“What’s wrong Batman, you afraid someone’s going to take over your turf?”

Batman snarls back. He picks her up by the collar of her suit.

“GOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t ever want to see you on the streets of Gotham again!” He roars right in her face.

He drops his hold and she stumbles back looking to him in full disbelief. He eyes her sternly.

“Man… what the fuck crawled up your ass and died!”

“GO! I’m not playing around. You could have gotten yourself killed. You don’t belong out here. If I have to ask you again there will consequences.”

Batgirl starts laughing.


He nods.
“For doing what you’re doing?”

“You’re sloppy, foolish, unprotected, and I work alone!”

“So do I! And were you assuming I wanted to be your side kick? Really? You’re kind of a DICK you know that?”

He growls out and reaches out to her again. She smiles and fires off her grapple gun. She blows Batman a kiss as she swings away.

“You’re early…”

Bella says as she opens the door. She’d her toothbrush in her mouth. Bruce looked to the time.

“Not by much.”

Bella steps aside allowing him in.

“Just give me a few.”

He nods as she pulls the door to. His eyes widen though as he saw her adjusting her breasts in the mirror. She was in a tight black dress that stopped just above the knees. He quickly forced himself to look away as he passed by. Megan enters the room just as Bella’s about to spit into the sink.

“Hey Bella you’ll never believe this!”

Bruce cocks a brow as Megan slams down the newspaper. Bella chokes on her toothpaste and quickly rinses her mouth out.

“Now what do you think about that?!”

Bella wipes her mouth and picks up the paper.

“Batman grew boobs?!” Bella smarted, but deep down was freaking out.

How did a picture of Batgirl get out so fast?

“That’s not Batman… Think it’s his girlfriend?!”

Bella rolls her eyes.


Megan looks to her oddly. Bella clears her throat and shrugs.

“I mean I seriously doubt they even know each other.”

“But she’s like the female version of him and almost hotter than he is. How could they not know each other? Could you imagine the hot sex…?!”

Bruce raised his brows on this.

“Yes Megan him sure that’s what Batman thinks about when he’s taking down criminals. The hot batchick he wants to bang.”

Bruce himself now was choking back a little and wasn’t even drinking anything. Megan looks to Bruce with a smirk. She hands him the paper as Bella’s still trying to read what it said.

“Well what do you think? Is she hot or what?”

Bruce shrugs.

“For a dominatrix in a batsuit I suppose. Not really my style.”

“Huh…” Megan says.

Bella tried not to cut Bruce a dirty go to fucking hell look. She wasn’t too keen on Batman as of late either. She never imagined he’d be so rude and jerky like.

“How do we even know she’s female? That could very well just be a very slim man with breast implants.” Bruce states.

Bella’s jaw drops.

“So that may very well be Batman himself. Maybe he’s having an identity crisis of some sort.”

“Something…” Bruce heard Bella utter.

Bella grabs a sweater and Bruce escorts her out.

“Well pfffft with the both of you! I think she’s awesome! And I bet money on it that Batman’s going to be hitting that eventually.”



“Ugh… nevermind.”

“So where we going?”

Bruce smiles and he pulls up to a theater. The title for the play was How To Tame a Shrew. Bella cuts Bruce a look.

“Are you implying something?!”

“No, not at all.”

Bella presses her lips together and folds her arms about her chest. Bruce chuckles.

“The actress is very good.”

“OH I’m sure she is!”

Bruce doesn’t break that smile as he gets out. He walks around and opens the door for her. His hand ran along the slope of her back as he led her inside. They were head to their seats by an attendant.

“If I didn’t happen to be a big Shakespeare fan, I’d so hit you for this.”

Bruce chuckles.

“I figured that much.”

“So you like being hit?”

“It depends on the context.”

Bella laughs.

Once the lights go out Bruce bravely puts an arm around Bella. To his surprise she actually leans against him. Bruce caught himself breathing her in. Her hair smelled like strawberries he found himself thinking. That only got other things stirring in his mind. Bruce rolled his eyes upon himself, knowing he’d get hit if she knew half the thoughts he was having about her at the moment. Literally speaking too.

He watched her facial reactions curiously off and on as they watched the play. Bella laughed nearly the entire time. It was a breath of fresh air for him. He only wished she’d smile and laugh more often. After the play he took her to dinner. For once the date went rather smoothly.

Bruce took her back to her dorm after dinner. He walked her to her door.

“Well we survived!”

He chuckles.
“That we did. Does this earn me another?”

“I suppose.”

She bites down on her lower lip driving him mad. But he pushed those thoughts back. She was different and he wanted to show her that. As much as he wanted to kiss her he merely took he hand and kissed it instead.

“I had a very good time Bella.”

“Ditto Bruce.”

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