Chapter 8 The Reveal

Chapter 8

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Bella takes her usual morning jog. Only this time she stops before the courthouse. A massive crowd and TV reporters stood outside. A short and plump man stood before a podium giving a speech. Bella narrowed her eyes and listened curiously for a moment.

“Citizens of Gotham, we are not safe. Not until we rid of this Batman. He’s nothing more than an antagonist. It’s because of him more enemies lurk the streets of Gotham. Crime has risen within the last few months and it only continues to grow! I say we stand together as a community and demand that Batman put up his cape. Give Gotham peace we never asked for a giant bat to roam the streets…”

Bella shakes her head her entire face grows red. She pushes her way through the crowd. Granted her last meeting with Batman didn’t go over so well. She wasn’t about to stand there and listen to this man talk such lies. Once she gets up front she raises her hand and shouts out. The man stops in the middle of his speech and looks down upon her.

“Yes?” He questions bitterly.

“Where are the facts to everything you say? You want Gotham to believe this crap? And since when does one man speak for each of us as a community? You just keep saying that. WE, WE! Well I for one do not consider myself in that equation. I happen to stand behind Batman. If it wasn’t for him more lives would be at risk. Do you not remember when Batman brought Gotham to Justice against people such as the Toy Man, Scar Face and the Ventriloquist, Solomon Grundy, and Joker?”

“Who do you think attracted the to this city in the first place?”

“You honestly stand there and try to convince us that these men exist solely because Batman does?”

“Yes. Yes I do!”

“Then you’re a nut job yourself maybe your head should be examined.”

Security guards start making their way over. Bella rolls her eyes and flips Oswald Cobblepot the politician off. The guards become even more alert. Bella nods towards them with a mischievous grin and starts to make her way back out hurriedly.

“Mam we’re going to need you to come with us.”

She wasn’t aware that Bruce Wayne was even there. He manages to “accidently” trip a couple of guards. He helped them back to their feet before they could catch up to Bella. Bella turned back wide eyed recognizing him. He grins and winks her way as she rushes out before the guards can catch her. Bella takes off jogging again and starts laughing to herself.

Five minutes into her run her cell rings. She answers it breathlessly.


“So… how’s it going?”

She grins and looks to the phone oddly.
“Funny… didn’t I just see you not even a few minutes ago?”

“Was that you? Causing all that trouble?”

“Me? Trouble? Come on now Bruce… never!”

“Hmmm, I think I earned another date.”

“How so? By tripping a few guards over your own two clumsy feet?”


“Well that makes a first.”

“A first for what Bruce?”

“For a woman to refer to me as clumsy.”
“I know right?!”

Bella laughs.

“So about that next date.”

Bella sighs as if annoyed.

“Is there a problem?”


She bites her lower lip to keep from laughing.
“You know the carnival is in town this weekend.”

“Is it now?”

“Yes, I thought perhaps you’d like to go?”
“With you?”

“Bella…” He says with exasperation.

“Hmm, I’ll pick you up at 7 say Friday?”
“I suppose. Is this a suits and ties event now?” She taunts.

“If you wish to wear one that is fine with me.”

“Perfect! I got just the one in mind.”

“Just be sure to shave.” He taunts in return.
“Can’t my religion’s against it! So tough beans. Goodbye now.”

Bruce grins as she hangs up the phone.

“Ever take a break?” Casey questions as Bella punches at the bag.

She wipes the sweat from her brow.

“I’ll take a break when I die.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Look Megan and I are going to have a few drinks. You should come with.”

“Drinks huh?”

Casey nods.

“Please? Come on Bella we haven’t hung out in a while.”

“OK look I’ll meet you guys there say in thirty?”

“Awesome! Ok see you there! Don’t be late!”

Bella smiles as she starts punching again.

“I won’t… about to hit the shower and get ready.”

She watches as her friends head on out. She wasn’t too crazy about the new gym. Bella missed her old one, but wasn’t welcomed back. Once she finished up she took off her black gloves and used her white gym towel to wipe the sweat from her face. Bella showered from there with the mindset to keep her promise.

Bella even hailed a cab and was heading to their usual hangout. That’s when she noticed the enormous vines coming from the Botanical Gardens. She leaned over and looked out the window in disbelief.

“What in the world?” She questioned as the vines were actually moving around.

“Stop!” She called out and paid her fare.

Bella quickly made her way out of the cab. Screams were heard and the vines only continued to grow. She looked around trying to think of a place to change quickly. She duct into an alleyway and swiftly changed. Yet again, she hid her bag, fired off her grapple gun and took off towards the gardens. That’s when she saw that a wedding was being held. Only the guests were now the victims, before everyone stood a woman with fiery red hair. She’d deep green eyes, The vines seemed to be coming from her. Leaves and vines were embedded into her body. The vines looked as though live veins traveling through her arms and legs. She was controlling them as they attacked the wedding guests. Her entire body was a pastel green color. Batgirl found the woman to be strikingly beautiful in a rather exotic way. All that truly kept her from being exposed was the leaves amongst her body.

The woman was yelling something about how they wedding party killed her precious babies. Batgirl hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. The woman had three guests in vines squeezing the life out of them.

“Release them!”

The woman tilted her head about just slightly. She lowered her brows and looked to Batgirl strangely.

“And why should I do that?!” Tears were streaming down this woman’s eyes.

“I can assure you that whatever it is you’re upset about we can talk it over. There is no need to harm anyone. Now release them and let’s talk about this.”

“They killed them!” The woman literally cries out horrifically.

“Who? Who did they kill?”

Batgirl did her best to focus on the victims, as well as the woman herself.


Batgirl took in a deep breath. Bravely she took a few more steps towards the woman.

“Babies?” She questioned in a softer tone.


Batgirl shook her head as she looked around. She had to think on what in the world the woman was referring to. She was looking for actual babies of some sort. However, the more she looked around then back to the woman. She began to see and put it all together. The white wedding benches were on top of some plants. They’d been crushed and bent beyond repair. The candles the wedding had going had wax running down some more plants. Batgirl nodded.

“I can see that. I’m truly sorry. However, I do not believe they meant to hurt your plants. If you’ll just let them go. You and I can discuss this. I will help you whatever way I can.”

“You can’t help me! It’s too late! I can feel them dying! THE PAIN! I WILL MAKE THEM HURT THE WAY MY BABIES HURT!”

“Please! Don’t!”

Batgirl winces as she begins to squeeze the guests even tighter. She brings the groom up to her. Batgirl quickly gets the other two free with her throwing knifes. However, she turned to see the woman kissing the groom. Her heart sank as the man’s head rolled back as though he’d passed out.

“NOW MY BABIES ARE AVENGED!” The woman yells.

Batgirl quickly catches the groom before he hands on the ground. She felt for a pulse, but nothing. The bride shrieked out in terror. She rushed over to her groom. Only to realize he was dead. The toxic kiss from the woman took his life.

“Let this be a lesson! Next time I’ll unleash even more HELL UPON YOU!”

The woman used one of her vines to swing out of the area. Batgirl felt conflicted on what to do. Should she stay and console the bride on the death of her groom. Or should she chase after this crazed woman?

“I’m sorry…” Batgirl said to the bride.

She took her hand sincerely and squeezed it gently. The woman nodded, but cried as she held her husband to be in her arms. Batgirl took off after the plant cracked woman. She chased her throughout Gotham. The woman soon saw she was being followed. She swiftly flipped around and twirled about one of her vines. She then sent one out towards Batgirl. It wrapped around Batgirls waist and she was lifted into the air. She struggled to break free. She desperately tried to get to one of her knifes, but could not reach. Batgirl tried to breathe through the tight hold the woman had her in. Through the struggle she managed to free one of her arms. Using her free hand she gripped the top of the vine that had her tightly. Batgirl began to twist her body around the vine causing it to loosen around her. The vine finally released it’s hold and she began to plummet to the ground. She shot off her grapple gun barely missing the pavement. Her heart raced ninety to nothing. She lifted her eyes back that direction to see the woman was long gone.


Bella shot up at the sound of Megan’s voice. Megan was sitting up in her bed looking to Bella concerned.

“Are you alright?”
Bella nods and looks around the room feeling lost.

“You were doing it again, you know?”

“Doing what?”

“Talking and yelling in your sleep. Must’ve been one hell of a dream there.”

She swallowed back.

“Um yeah… sorry I woke you.”

She makes her way out of bed. Heading straight to the bathroom, Bella turns on the sink and washes the sleep from her eyes. The images of that man dying were planted into her mind. Apparently, whoever this woman is has some sort of toxins. Just one kiss was all it took. The man died instantly. Chills filled her spine on this. What all was this woman capable of and what was her deal? She hadn’t even been Batgirl that long and already she’d lost a life. A woman lost her husband and so on and so forth. It was like a never ending chain reaction. She kept telling herself it was one verses what could have been if she hadn’t got there when she had.

Batman hadn’t made an appearance as well. If she hadn’t… She dared not think of the consequences. But she knew one thing for certain now! Batman couldn’t have been more wrong! Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he needed her! Even Batman couldn’t be everywhere at once. Even Batman had to get rest at some point. The streets of Gotham were much safer with the two of them in existence. How to convince him of that? Well that was going to be hell in itself. It was clear that Batman couldn’t stand Batgirl. She was nothing, but a nuisance to him. Batgirl needed to somehow prove to herself to him. To show Batman that even he needed help! Bella thought on this as she got ready for class.

Once she and Megan stepped out, Casey was already outside waiting.

“And where the hell were you?!”

Bella reared back at her sudden hostility.

“Um huh?”

“You know last night? You said you would meet us for drinks? Only you never arrived. We both sat there like a couple of maroons. We even tried to call you, but you never once answered your phone. You said you’d be there. So where were you?”

The overwhelming guilt hits Bella and hard. She had totally forgotten.

“I’m sorry Casey. Something came up and…”
“Just forget it. I swear Bella. You don’t have time for anyone anymore! Look I’m sorry about Jervis. I really am. But he wasn’t your only friend you know.”

Bella flinches and Casey catches this.
“Bella I…” She sighs.

“I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”
“It’s ok Casey. I understand. I really do. I wasn’t meaning anything by it.”

Megan pats Bella on the back.

“We know you didn’t.”

Bella goes to say something else when her cell phone sounds. It was Arkham Asylum. They were calling to let her know Jervis Tetch had died in his cell. That his organs had deteriorated due to the med’s that Crane had prescribed. Bella was on the list of emergency contacts as Jervis had no other family or friends to contact. Her body grew pale and her heart came to a stop. Megan and Casey looked to her with great concern as she leaned back against the wall and sunk down to the floor. She hung up and just sat there without even blinking.


Jake was coming around the corner about to head to class as well. He saw Megan and Casey looking over Bella as she leaned against the wall.

“Bella what happened? Who was that?” Casey asked.

Bella didn’t answer she couldn’t. Her body wouldn’t allow it. She forced herself to her feet. She shook her head and took off running out of the building.

Bella kept running with no real point of destination. She paid no attention to where she was truly going. She just ran. An hour passed as she ran throughout Gotham as though someone were chasing after her. Bella came across the shop where Rosalie worked. She stepped inside and hid off to the corner of the shop. Only she lifted her eyes towards the counter to see Rosalie. Bella gritted her teeth as the scene before her.

Rosalie’s boss had her pinned up against the counter pressing himself against her. She was recoiling and kept telling him no. He wasn’t listening. Rosalie pushed him back trying to get away. He slapped her and that was all she wrote. Bella stormed over like a bat out of hell. Bella yanked the man away from her. Rosalie’s jaw dropped as Bella shoved him to the ground. She hopped over him and overlapped his chest. She grabbed him by the collar and started punching him across the face. Rosalie screamed out.

“Stop you’re going to kill him!”
“GOOD! THE BASTARD HAS IT COMING!” Bella shouted back.

She came back to her feet and forced the guy back up. Bella dragged the man outside. The man was about 5 ft 9 and covered in tattoos. He had some muscle to him as well. Bella found it a bit of a struggle dealing with him, but she was determined this guy needed to learn a lesson. Bella pointed upon the man heatedly.


“Who the fuck are you?!”
“That doesn’t matter! What matters is if I see you so much as looking at her a wrong way again. I’m going to have you eating nuts for breakfast for a week!”

“Whatever lady… I got a business to run. Stay out of my shop!”

Bella ignores him and steps inside. She starts towards Rosalie to check on her. Only the man grabs Bella by the hair. He slams her into a wall.

“NO!” Rosalie yells and runs towards them.


Bella uses the wall to brace herself back up. Her back was killing her. She did her best to shake it off. Before Bella could even blink, the man socked her across the face. Rosalie jumped on top of him and wrapped her arms around his throat. She held on with all she had as he fought to get her off him. Rosalie beat on his back with her fist. Bella’s nose and mouth was busted all to hell. The man bit Rosalie’s arm breaking free. Bella heaved him into one of the displays. She brought her knee down on his jugular.

“One move prick and see what happens.”
She held him down and turned to Rosalie.
“Call the police.”


She nodded and took off in tears and phoned the police. Bella didn’t budge the guy lay there still as possible for dear life. Ironically, the police arrive and her uncle just happened to be one of them. He looked upon her in shock as he stepped inside and witnessed the scene before him. His niece had her knee still to the man’s throat. Her face was beat to hell, but the guy she held down looked as though he’d been through a literal boxing match. A strange sense of pride washed over Jim Gordon, even through his concern, seeing how busted up her face was. He found himself thinking she was going to make one hell of a cop one day. He patted her on the back and took the man into custody. He then took their statements before taking the man to the station. When the other officers couldn’t hear or see him. He looked towards her, with a smirk on his face.

“Good job kid.”

She smiled in return as Rosalie handed her a bag of ice for her face. Gordon nodded and headed on out. Once he was out Bella sighed with annoyance.

“I’ve got a date tomorrow… No amount of makeup is going to hide this I’m afraid.”

Rosalie softly laughed. She cleared her throat though as she helped Bella tend to her face.

“Thank you…”


“I think we both know.”
“Please the guy was a total prick he had it coming.”

“I just can’t believe how much of a bad ass you are!”

Bella looks to Rosalie oddly.


Rosalie nods.

“Yeah…” She looks around. Rosalie grabs the paper from under the register, the very one with Batgirl on the cover. Bella’s heart dropped for a moment. Rosalie shook her head.

“Just like her…” Rosalie says, but with an understanding wink.

“Rosalie…” Bella starts to come up with something anything.
“Your secret is safe with me. I swear on my own mother’s grave. I knew the moment I saw this. All I kept thinking was how fucking cool is that?!”

Bella takes in a breath of relief.

“I’m sorry I got your face all busted up before your date.”

“Don’t, seriously. I’m just glad you’re ok. Besides, in way…” Bella taps her finger along the article of Batgirl.

“I have you to thank.”

Bella helped Rosalie close up the shop. She then made sure Rosalie got a cab to take her on home. Bella decided to put on the suit discreetly and hang around Gotham a bit longer. She was still keeping an eye out for Crane. That and she wondered where the red headed crazed plant woman had gone.

A couple hours had passed she was getting to know the streets and rooftops of Gotham more and more. She stayed hidden within the shadows. The batsignal shined across the sky. A small smile formed on her face. Decidedly, she followed it. She stayed hidden though. She saw her uncle already waiting. He was in his trench coat the cool breeze blew his salt and pepper hair back. He pushed his glasses upon the bridge of his nose. Before long the familiar sound of a cape came about. She watched as Batman stood before her uncle.

“Yes?” Batman questioned in that husky voice.

“It seems we have a problem. I wanted to warn you. It seems Clay Face has managed to break out of Arkham. The guards got careless naturally. A bit too close for comfort and he disguised himself as one of them and walked right out of there as if he owned the place.”
“Of course.”
“We haven’t a clue where he is now or what he’s up to. I wanted to give you the heads up.”

Batman nods.

“I’ll keep an eye and ear out.”

“I know you will.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes actually, have you heard about this woman around Gotham?”

“Which would that be?” Batman questions in a certain tone.

Gordon half laughs.

“Well make that two then I suppose. It seems we got some sort of woman that can control plants or something to that nature. In fact rumor has it that she crashed a wedding and killed the groom. They call her Poison Ivy. Rumor has it this new Batgirl as they’re calling her put a stop to it. That things could have been far worse, if it hadn’t of been for her.”
Batman shakes his head.

“Somehow I doubt that.”

Batgirl rolls her eyes at Batman’s comment. Gordon raises his brows on this.


Batman sighs with annoyance.

“Nevermind, was there anything else I should know?”

“Not that I can think of at the moment. I take it you’re not too fond of this new vigilante that seems to follow in your shadows?”

Batman doesn’t answer and Gordon smiles.

“Whoever this person is she’s reckless and hasn’t any business roaming the streets of Gotham. She’s pretending to be something she’s not.”
“Is that so?”

Batman nods with assurance.
“Hmmm, well were you at this wedding as well?” Gordon points out.

Gordon nods in return.

“The guests claim that she saved them, each of them. That the groom just happened to be a devastating accident. Just imagine if she hadn’t been there. Even Batman needs a day off.”

“Whoever this person is will only wind up getting themselves killed.”

“Many said the same thing about you.” Gordon reminds.

“In fact Mr. Cobblepot is determined to make you into one of Gotham’s enemies.”

“So I’ve heard.”
“And what do you think about that?”

“Wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last.”
“I suppose you’re right. I better head back to the station. I just wanted to give you the heads up.”

They both nod towards one another. Batgirl continues to keep a safe enough distance not to be noticed. However, she follows Batman throughout the remainder of the night. He looked to be patrolling the city. She witnessed him investigating the Botanical Gardens. Using all sorts of things she’d never seen. She found herself a bit envious of the gadgets he had to use. He scooped up some sort of substance from one of the plants. He zipped up the Ziploc bag just as this woman Gordon referred to as Poison Ivy appeared. Batgirl froze, but continued to watch from a safe distance.
Batman rose up and put the bag away. He tilted his head upon the voluptuous woman. Batgirl swore she saw some sort of green vapor coming from the woman’s mouth the closer she got to Batman.

“Can I help you?” Batman questioned but sounded different.

Batgirl discreetly made her way closer so she could see better. The woman didn’t say anything. She simply ran a single finger along Batman’s chest and began circling him. Batgirl watched with apprehension remembering how her kiss alone killed that man. Poison Ivy made a complete circle around Batman. Batgirl didn’t understand why he wasn’t moving. He was just standing there gawking at her. Her jaw dropped as Batman grabbed Poison Ivy and pulled her up against his chest.

“NO!” Batgirl shouted and quickly made herself known.

“Get away from him!”

Batman blinked a few times with a look of confusion about his face.

“Whatever you’re doing to him knock it off! Back away…”

The woman ignores her and cups Batman’s chin. She goes to kiss him and Batgirl uses her grapple gun to yank her back.

“SNAP OUT OF IT!” Batgirl yells at Batman.

Still he just stood there eyeing Poison Ivy with complete lust in his eyes. Batgirl rolled her eyes.

“Don’t need my help huh? Whatever…”

Batgirl dodged a vine as it comes sailing right for her. Poison Ivy sent out vines trying to puncture them through Batgirl’s body. Batgirl tumbled around dodging them.

“SHIT!” Batgirl shouted as one barely missed her face.

She had to use one of the other vines to swing away from the attempt.

“You’re in my way…” Poison Ivy says in this sultry voice.

“This makes twice now. You’ve been a very bad girl.”

“Oh I’m the bad girl? Last time I checked I wasn’t the one killing people. And even if he is an ass I can’t let you kill Batman with your toxic kiss. Sorry sweetheart.”

“Is that so?”

Batgirl nods as the two circle one another.

“Very well… What if he was trying to kill you?”

“That’s not how Batman does things. I have no quarrel with you or him. We could settle this all this if you’d just let me.”

Poison Ivy turns back to Batman.

“Please take care of this futile woman darling. She’s bothering me.”

Batman nods and starts toward Batgirl. Poison Ivy blows Batgirl a kiss and takes off.

“Bitch…” Batgirl mutters and Batman slams her into the ground.

“Get off me you creep!”

Batgirl grunts out as she dodges his blows. They hurt like hell too. It was like having concrete slammed up against your arms each time he attempted a hit. He grabbed hold of her and fired off his grapple gun. Batman threw her down on a nearby rooftop. Batgirl came tumbling and came to a crouching stance. He swiftly pinned her down.

“KNOCK IT OFF! SNAP OUT OF IT!” She demanded as she managed to reverse the pin.

Before she could blink he socked her in the gut. She gasped back with watery eyes. She instantly rolled over desperate to catch her breath. He came at her again. She quickly decked him hard as she could across the face.

“WAKE THE FUCK UP! I’M NOT DYING AT THE HANDS OF YOU!” Batgirl hadn’t realized they were at the very edge of the rooftop.

Her grapple gun was knocked out of her hold. She went rolling off the roof and hurriedly grabbed onto the edge. Her heart raced as she looked down to the cars and pedestrians below.

She gritted her teeth and tried to climb back up but her hands were losing their grip. Sure enough she came soaring down. Her arm scrapped against the brick of the wall. It cut her suit open and peeled some of the flesh back on her arm. Batgirl went to flare out her cape only she felt someone snag her through thin air. They swung throughout downtown Gotham, until they came to the roof of the courthouse. Batman placed her down.

They eyed one another. He pointed upon her irately as she held her arm to stop the bleeding. A painful burning sensation was traveling along her entire arm.


Batgirl grits her teeth and points in return.
“If it weren’t for me you’d be dead you horses ass!”


He looked to her oddly.

“You’re not making any sense.”

Batgirl shakes her head.

“Do you honestly not remember?”

“Remember? All I remember is you getting in my way. Then falling off the damn roof and me having to come to your rescue!”

“What’s that supposed to mean!”
“GRRR You’re such a jerk!”
“And you’re in my way!”

“If it wasn’t for me you’d be dead!”

“I highly doubt that!”

“OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you’re what stands for Gotham! I was never more wrong about you! You know what the hell with you BATMAN! I was so wrong about you! Get the fuck over yourself! You’re not the only one that cares about this city and what happens. And despite what you think YOU NEED HELP! YOU ALMOST DIED TONIGHT!”

“You were the one that almost DIED!”

Batgirl shakes her head and pops him in the face.

“YOU’RE NOTHING LIKE I THOUGHT YOU WERE!” She says with tears in her eyes.

“That’ll be the last time I EVER HELP YOU!”
“Oh no I’m not putting up my cape big bad bat! I meant next time I see your ass in trouble! You’re on your own don’t come crying to me!”
He growls out.

“You haven’t any idea what you’re getting yourself into!”

“Do you?”

She shakes her head and starts to walk away.

“I mean it!”

“SO DO I!” She says and flips him off.

“Jesus Bella! What happened?”

Bella sorely reached for an ice pack in the fridge.

“How good are you with a needle?”
Megan looks to her with widened eyes. Bella sighs and grabs one of the beers Bruce had sent with the flowers. She hops onto the counter and opens the beer. She takes it to the label.

“Come on now Megan. Just boil a couple of needles and help me get this sewn up.”

Megan’s eyes widened.

“You want me to stitch up your arm?

“Yep and I’m really tired so can we move this along?”


“Where do you go every night? I mean… why are you always so beat up?”

“Megan hun please…”

“No Bella. Can’t you see we’re worried about you? You just took off and…”

Bella pinched her eyes shut.

“He’s gone Megan.”
“Gone? Who’s gone?”

“Jer… he’s really gone. Jervis Tetch died in his cell today do to organ failure.”

Megan’s eyes widen and she covers her mouth, teary eyed.

“Oh Bella… I’m so sorry! I had no idea. I…”

Bella nods and finishes off her beer.

“So can you sew me up now please?”

Megan swallows back and nods.

“Yeah… yeah I can do that hun.”

“Thank you.”

“Woooo what happened to your face?”

Megan questioned as she opened the door. Bruce uncomfortably rubbed the back of his neck.

“I fell.”
“You fell?”

He nods with a slight shrug.

“Wait, are you here for Bella?”

He nods again and peeks inside.

“Oh no…” She left just a bit ago with her gym bag.

He raises his brows on this.

“Gym bag?”

“Yeah… She joined a new gym and all her free time goes to that now. We hardly ever see her.”

“Wait did you two have a date?”


“Oh no…”

“Well at least it’s not just us she’s blowing off.” Casey says coming up behind Bruce.

“She’s stood us up the last couple times we’ve set something up.”

He lowered his brows on this.

“You can find her at the gym on 7th avenue. If I were you I’d go there and give her the biggest guilt trip known to mankind.” Casey says and Megan looks to her in shock.
“She’s so going to kill you if he shows up there!”

“Good at least she’s noticing me for once!”
Casey gets a good look at Bruce’s face.

“Ouch who’d you piss off?”

Bruce waits until he sees Bella coming out of the gym. She was in a pair of blue jeans, a maroon sweater and her hair was down. He steps out of his Lamborghini before she has a chance to hail a cab.

She freezes with that look of complete guilt about her face. He smirks and nods her way as he leans against the car. He twirls his keys about and shakes a scolding finger upon her. Bella covers her mouth and slowly makes her way over.

“It’s Friday isn’t it?”

He nods but lowers his brows upon the bruises on her face.

“Oh no…”
“You still willingly to go or is today a bad day?”

They both scan over the other’s bruises. Bruce felt the anger rising within him as he got a better look at her face. He wanted a moment alone with the bastard responsible. It was clear she’d been hit.

“How’d …” They both start to ask.

They both had bruises on their faces.

“Fell.” They both say.

“Hmmm…” Bruce looks upon Bella a certain way as if scanning her over. He continued to push back that anger he felt within him.

He opens the door for her.

“If nothing else I could take you home, if you’re not feeling up to going out tonight.”

“Um… nah I can go. I’m so sorry Bruce it just slipped my mind.”
“Don’t… it’s quite alright.”

“How’d you know to look for me here?”

“Your friends let me know.”
“Ah… I see.”
“How about a change of plans? The carnival might not be such a good idea. Seeing as how we both look as though we’ve been through a bar fight.”

“Or domestic even!”
He chuckles.

“That might just be what other’s think if they see us together like this.”

“So what’s your idea?”

“How about I cook for you tonight? My place?”

“Are you hoping to get lucky Bruce?”

His eyes widened a bit and he actually blushed. Bella smiled.

“Oh wow did I just make Bruce Wayne blush.”

He clears his throat.


“Sure… whatever you say.”

Once they get to the manor, Bruce takes her jacket and hangs it up. He then leads her to the dining room.

“So where’s Alfred?”

Bruce shrugs.

“Didn’t you know he’s a bit of a lady’s man?”

“Oh is he now?”

Bruce nods and pulls out a chair for her.

“You want me to sit here and wait? While you cook?”

He nods again.

“Um no. I gotta see this for myself.” She teases and goes through the double swinging doors leading to the kitchen.

Bruce shakes his head with a grin about his face. He enters the kitchen to see Bella leaning against the counter. Her arms were folded about her chest.
“So you’re just going to stand there and watch me cook?”


He laughs.

“Ok then.”

Bruce starts to gather the ingredients needed and sets up.
“Would you like a glass of wine?” He offers as he brings down a couple of wine glasses.


He pours them both a glass. He hands her glass over and they both take a sip. Bruce was in blue jeans surprisingly enough and a black sweater. He rolled up his sleeves after sitting his wine down. Bella watched as he began to cut up some vegetables on a wooden cutting board. He tossed them into a colander and rinsed them out and left them to drain. Bruce reached back where Bella was. He picked her up and placed her on the counter, causing them to be hip to hip for a moment.

“You’re in my way.” He uttered and reached back grabbing the noodles that were behind her.

“Oh my bad.”

“That’s what happens when you’re nosy.”


He nods and starts the stove. He pours some olive oil and some other ingredients into a pan. Bruce found himself in suffering as he continued to cook. That kiss had never left his mind. But it wasn’t truly his… it was Batman’s. That’s why he wasn’t sure how to go about Bruce Wayne kissing her. It had him somewhat on edge. Bruce cooked some noodles, black salmon, and vegetables.

Once he was finished cooking. He helped Bella back down. But couldn’t ignore the way she winced as he had.

“You alright?”
She cleared her throat.


He looked to her rather concerned.

“So you want tell me the truth behind this…?” He gently ran his fingers along the bruises on her nose and cheek.

“You first.”

He shrugs.

“You yourself said I was clumsy.”

“I think we both know that’s not caused by a set of stairs. No matter how hard Alfred pushed you.”

“Hmmm…” He leads her back to the dining room.

He sits down their plates and pulls out the chair for her. Bruce then scoots her in.
“This smells really good.”
“Then I hope it taste just as good.”

Bruce pours them one more glass of wine. He kept her kidney disease in mind though and decided to keep it at that for the night.
“Ok I totally have to give you props. This is really good.”

“Glad you like it.”

After a few minutes into their meal, Bella looks to Bruce.

“So truth for truth.” Bella softly states after sipping on her wine.


She shrugs.

“Sure why not. But I get to start first.”

“By all means.”

“Well you already know the most serious relationship I had was Jake.”

Bruce nods.

“Well what about you Bruce? What’s the closest you’ve had to anything serious?”

He presses his lips together and wipes his mouth clean.

“I suppose that would have been Vicky.”

He nods.

“Yes Vicky Vale, she was a journalist slash news reporter or at least is a news reporter now.”

Bella raises her brows.

“You mean you dated Channel 5’s Ms. Vale?”

He smiles warmly.

“Yes I’m afraid so.”

“And what tidal wave hit that relationship?”

He takes in a breath. He couldn’t truthfully go into that but did his best to answer honestly as he could.
“You could say a conflict of interest. We both were seeking different people and different paths.”

“So how far did it get?”

He chuckles rather nervously.
“Sorry for probing. I’m just curious. You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”

“It’s ok I don’t have a problem with the question.”

“We dated for a little over a year.”

“Oh wow.”

“So who broke it off?”

“She did.”


He smiles and shrugs back his shoulders.


“Still ugh…”

Bella’s cell vibrates and she takes it out to see a text from Jake.

Just found out about Jervis. I’m sorry babe. I’m here if you need to talk.

She takes in a deep breath at this and turns her phone off.

“Everything alright?”

She nods but downs the rest of her wine.

“Truth now…” He presses.

She half laughs.

“Fair enough… No. No I’m not alright. I just found out not long ago that my friend Jervis Tetch died. His organs failed and he died in Arkham in his cell. His funeral is Sunday morning.”

“My sympathies Bella.”
She swallows back in thought.
“He didn’t deserve this you know.” She shakes her head with glistening eyes.

“He just wanted to put on a show. He wanted to be an actor. Jer had bigger dreams then to be the victim of mind manipulation.”

“Mind manipulation?”

“Yes, I’ve reasons to believe Crane manipulated us both. Only Jer got the worst of it. He had been a patient of his for much longer than I had. Jer had been seeing Crane for 3 years longer than I. I just wish I had the proof to somehow get him taken down, other than the pills that is. I think the pills were only helping to aid him in whatever it was he hoped to accomplish with us.”

“That’s not entirely impossible.”

“Not in this day and age.”

Bella’s sweater came off her shoulder just a tad. She quickly raised it up but not before Bruce caught the hint of what looked to be stitches. He narrowed his eyes at this. He too finished his wine. Both had polished off their plates.

“It was really good. Not a bad chef.”

“Thank you.”

He come to his feet and picks up their plates.

“I’ll be right back.”

She nods as he exits the room. Bella quickly moves her arm about. It was starting to sting and felt stiff all a sudden. Bruce returned and asked if she wanted any desert, but both were too full. He then took her hand and lead her to the TV room.

Bella’s jaw dropped at the massive theater like flat screen and surround system.
“Jesus Bruce…”

Bella gets this mischievous look on her face.

“So you ever watch things like skinemax on this?!”

He looks to her with a cocked brow.

“Oh all the time!” He fires back.

Bella dies in laughter.

“Yeah you look like the type.”

“Do I?”

“Huh well you learn something new every day.”

“Well you are a playboy.”

“Was…” He corrects with a softer tone.

Bella looks to him oddly on how he said this.

“Well wonders never seize.”

He sits her down on the couch.

“Would you like to watch a movie?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“What are you in the mood for?”
“What’s on skinemax?”

Bruce chuckles.

“I have no clue.”

Bella grins.
“It’s whatever I’m not picky.”

Bruce sits beside her and starts scanning through the pay per view movie channels.

“If you see something let me know.”

He gets half way through the list of movies and her scent floors him. Bella was leaning against his arm and just the heat from that was enough to drive him utterly mad. He knew it was a huge risk, but he couldn’t hold back anymore. He wanted his kiss not Batman’s. He wanted to see how she’d react to Bruce Wayne’s touch. Bruce placed down the remote. He turned to see her biting her lower lip. She’d slipped out of her shoes and had her feet curled up beside her. Bruce leaned in and braved the attempt. His tongue parted her lips as he found himself crawling over her.

Bella heatedly welcomed his touch. They both got lost in the moment. Only, Bella felt it’s familiarity. She broke the kiss for a minute and looked upon him. She had this inner war going within her mind. There was just no way. It couldn’t be. She ran a single finger over his lips. She winced as she did this. Bruce took notice. He gently lowered the shoulder to her sweater. They both looked upon each other accusingly, only to end up locking lips again. Then they angrily broke away. Both were in total confusion and both were furious and felt betrayed by the other.

Bella shoved him off the couch even through her own overly aroused state.

“YOU!” She points accusingly.

He half laughs.

“Don’t even get me started!”

“The whole time!” Bella shouts.

“You were him, this entire fucking time!”

Bruce hops to his feet and paces the living room with his hands upon his waist.



She runs up to him and goes for a side kick. He grabs her foot and takes her down to the floor. He’s pressed up against her. Bella fights the moan that wanted to leave her lips. Bruce was hard as hell against her. Still they were both manic with the other. She wraps her legs around him tightly. Bruce fights for a breath as she squeezes the daylights out of him. She manages to flip the pin. She continues to squeeze only he plants his hands on her breasts. Her jaw drops is if insulted. He grins but shoves her off him. Bella hurriedly comes to her feet and takes off Bruce stalks up behind her, only to have her turn around rapidly with a vase. She smashes it against his head. Bruce snarls back and shakes it off. He grabs her and pins her against the wall, ripping her sweater in the process. Bella uses her entire body to slam him back against the wall behind him. The entire living area is being destroyed as they continue this animalistic behavior. She pulls back on the collar of his shirt it gets torn open as well. Both begin this erratic breathing.

He watches her perfectly shaped breasts heaving in that black bra of hers. Bella found herself running a hand along his washboard abs. He raised a brow on this as he caught her. She rolled her eyes and quickly moved her hand. Bella stormed out of the living room and went to grab her jacket. She then reached for the door. Only Bruce slammed it shut. He kept one hand against the door and eyed her intensely. She gasped out as he flipped her over his shoulder. Bruce carried her up the stairs and to his room. He tossed her onto the bed and finished shredding off whatever clothing she had left. They eagerly kissed one another as he worked to get his jeans off.

Bella let out a gasping moan as he entered her without warning. A growl escaped his mouth as he pumped himself within her. His hard cock nearly hot to the touch below. Bella found herself caving in and melting at his touch. Bruce didn’t hold back he drove into her relentlessly. Her wet sex perfectly molded against him. This had him even harder he ached for release. His fingers intertwined with her hair as he kissed along her neck. Bella wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her nails dug into his back as he continued his forceful pace. Something about hearing her shout his name had him to the breaking point. He could no longer hold back. He came instantly.

Only he was far from done. He’d wanted this for some time. He flipped her over and had his hands about her waist. He moved her about him.

“Keep going.”

A small smile formed on her face. That smile alone had him moving her about him in frenzy like state. Her hands ran along his chest and his about her breasts. Both were discovering the others body thoroughly as they continued. He brought her back down and they began this feverish kissing state. Bella couldn’t get over the way he throbbed inside her. It felt so good. She hadn’t had a man’s touch in four years. To her this was sheer ecstasy. As for Bruce… He hadn’t had anything he considered real like this in just as long. He could feel the difference right away. Most women he couldn’t wait to send away. This one he never wanted to leave.

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