Chapter 9 One Too Many Masks

Chapter 9

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Bruce stirs awake before Bella does. She had her head buried into his chest. He ran his hand along her arm soothingly. As the sun cascaded throughout the bedroom, he began to notice more cuts and bruises along her body. Gently he ran his fingers along each one. He grew curious as to how she got them all. Was it all as Batgirl or were there other factors involved? Just how many battles had she been in? He kissed the area of her stitches. A soft whimpering moan came from her mouth as she snuggled up even closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her. This was usually the part where Bruce had made some excuse to be up and running, like he’d a meeting or something of the matter. Not this time. This time he was breathing her in and kissing along whatever part of Bella’s body he could reach.

Bella opened her eyes they both simply stared upon the other. Bruce caressed her cheek and kissed her lips, only to have Bella literally shove him out of the bed. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

“This again?” He complained and placed his hands behind his head. He stared at the ceiling.

She chunked a pillow at his face and stormed out of the bed. Then she rushed off to the bathroom and slammed the door.

“Not a morning person I take it?” He calls out.

A slur of profanities leaves her mouth. He half laughs and shakes his head.

“Well I had wanted to go again…” He whispered in misery.

He hears the shower start. Bruce sighs and comes to his feet. He knew he was going to have his hands fuller than ever with this one. For some odd reason he found himself smiling though in this knowledge. He’d never had a challenge quite like this. He found it rather intriguing. Usually, he’s the one making some sort of excuse about how he has a meeting to hurry off too. The irony in this matter was he actually wanted Bella to stay. However, Bella was ready to rush off. Bruce was determined she wasn’t leaving, not just yet. He knew what this was and he wanted to prove to her otherwise. This wasn’t some one night stand to him. His days of that were over. He had to find a way to center Batman and Bruce Wayne. That and in order to make things work with Bella Gordon. His days of the playboy image had to come to an end. He found himself craving something more in his life.

Before long Bella stomped out of the bathroom, she welcomed herself to his closet and put on a pair of gray sweat pants and a black shirt. She finished drying her hair thoroughly and slipped her shoes on. Bruce just watched curiously. Once she’s done Bella heads to the door.

“Where you off to?”

He nods.

“Before breakfast?”
She doesn’t answer she just opens the door and starts out. Bruce hurriedly dresses and catches up to her.

“Hey!” He calls out once she’s at the front door.

They both turn however to see Alfred looking into the living area. Alfred turns to Bruce.

“Was there a break in sir?”

Bruce smirks and looks over to Bella.

“Would you like to explain?”

Bella rolls her eyes. She looks over to Alfred.
“It was all a huge mistake.” She declares and dailies out of the manor.

“Dammit.” Bruce utters and darts after her.


He calls out as she starts walking towards the iron gates. She keeps walking.
“Why are you running?”

She freezes and slowly turns, facing him.

“I’m not running.”

“Doesn’t look that way to me.”

She sighs and turns back towards the gates.

“Just stay Bella… What’s the rush? What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid!” She shouts angrily.

He nods seeing it all over her face as she turned back around. She was scared shitless. It didn’t take a detective to see she was trying to keep from losing her shit. She didn’t trust this and wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Just come back in. Let’s have some breakfast, stay awhile.”

“Breakfast? You want me to stay for breakfast?”

He nods yet again. Bella half laughs and shakes her head.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea Bruce.”
“And why is that?”

“Come on now… You got what you wanted…”
Bruce grits his teeth. He shuts his eyes for a moment. He should have known this was coming. Still it pissed him off no doubt.

“What exactly do you think this is Bella?”

“I don’t know Bruce you tell me!”

“You think this was just some sort of one night stand? That this is where we part ways?”

“Isn’t that how Bruce Wayne works?”

“Unbelievable!” He shouts and throws his hands in the air.

“After all this, you still can’t see clearly! You truly think so little of me!”

Bella struts up to him. She jabs her finger into his chest as she talks.

“You give me fucking whiplash! Between both your personas! I swear to GOD you don’t even know who you are Bruce! The two of you couldn’t be more different. So what is it a split personality or is it multiple? I mean how would one diagnose someone like you?”

“You wish to diagnose me?” He questions with a grin.
“Ugh, don’t do that.”

“Do what?”
“That… that smiling crap just…”
“Just… what?” He questions as he caresses her cheek.

“Bella just stay long enough to see what happens. Stop running.”

“And what happens when you see Batgirl again?”

“I suppose we cross that road when we get there.”

She shakes her head on this.

“Bruce… I…”

He shuts her up with a kiss and starts leading her back inside. After he gets her to the door, he presses her up against it.

“Just give it a chance. Let’s see where it goes.” Bruce himself couldn’t believe the way he was acting. This was so far removed from who he was or how he normally acted. All he knew was he didn’t want her walking out of his life.

Bella looks to the ground and he lifts her chin up.

“Give me a chance. Can you do that at least?”

She gives a small nod. He takes her hand and leads her inside. Alfred already had breakfast setting out on the table for them.

“How’d he…?”

Bruce just smiles.

“He’s got a bit of a sixth sense about these things.”
“Oh does he now?”

Bruce shrugs and pulls out a chair for her. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes were set out, along with orange juice and coffee.

“Um yeah I don’t ever eat breakfast.”
“Most important meal of the day.”
“So I’ve heard.”

They both ate in silence. Towards the end of their meal Alfred made his appearance.

“Would you like anything else sir?”
Bella raises her brows towards Bruce.
“Yes anything else Master Wayne?” She scoffs.

“Oh I’m sure I could come up with something.” Bruce taunts with a smug grin in return.

Alfred sighs and takes their plates.

“Perhaps, that is my cue.”

Bruce softly chuckles as Bella blushes. Alfred practically rushes out of the room. She and Bruce lock eyes for a moment.

“Now what?” She asks curiously.

He shrugs in thought.

“Honestly, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

Bella sighs and leans back in her chair.

“This is crazy you know.”

He nods in full agreement.

“It seems we’re both used to crazy.”

Bella looks around the room.

“So Batman…”

He tilts his head slightly.

“So does he know?” She hints about Alfred.

“Yes, Bella. He’s the one that’s been helping me all these years. There would be no Batman without Alfred.”

She softly laughs.

“I’m still having some trouble soaking this all in. There’s just no way I’d ever picture Bruce Wayne as Batman.”

He nods.

“That’s the point Bella.” He takes in a breath.

“In some ways I suppose Bruce is the disguise in others Batman is. It’s rather complicated.”
“I can imagine so.”

“Hmmm…” Bruce couldn’t truly believe what he was about to do.

He came to his feet.

“Follow me.”

“Um ok…” She follows him into this certain hallway filled with displays of knights.

Bruce pulls a lever that was behind one of his life sized knights. It opens and her eyes widen. Bruce steps inside and grabs hold of her. He pulls her up directly against his chest.

“Don’t move.” He sternly states.

She gasps out as the knight suddenly closes. Darkness surrounds them and Bruce wraps his arms around her tightly as they begin to fall. The sound of metal beneath their feet echoes about the area.

“Stay put.”
Bruce drops his hold on her and he makes his way to the bat console. He turns on the lights. Bella shields her eyes at first and looks around.

“What is this place?” She utters in disbelief as she looks around.

He lowers his brows her direction and watches her with curiosity.

“This is the batcave.”

“Batcave?” She says with a small giggle.

“You have a freaking batcave?”

He shrugs and leans back against the console. He crosses his arms about his chest and continues to watch her reaction.

“The batcave…” She repeats in full disbelief.

Batman’s gadgets, suits, different vehicles surrounded the area. There were monitors that over looked not only parts of Gotham, but Black Gate and Arkham Asylum were also about the area. Her heart raced a bit.

“How did you discover this? I mean…”

He slowly approaches her.

“I fell… as a child not long after my parents died. I was never too keen on bats.”
“Yet you fell into this cave filled with them I’m assuming?”

He nods.

“And that’s where it all began?”

“In some ways yes, rather than running from my fears. I deemed it better to face them.”

“So you became that in which you fear?”

He doesn’t answer he wasn’t sure how.

“I don’t know Bruce… And they had me in therapy?” She teases as she runs he fingers along the batmobile.

“Bruce Wayne…” She whispers as if still in full skepticism.

She leans against the batmobile taking it all in. She shakes her head and softly laughs.
“I’m waiting for the part where I wake up now. Like maybe I was slipped some acid or something.”

“Does that happen often?

She grins.
“Not that I’m aware of, but there’s a first time for everything.”

“So being slipped acid makes you have dreams where your boyfriend is Batman?”

“Now did I say you were my boyfriend?”

He leans into her as she’s still up against the batmobile.

“I mean even if I did… Who is it exactly I’m dating now?”

He shrugs.

“I figure you’re a multi tasker.” He hints.

“Did you now?”
He nods and kisses along her neck.

“This feels a lot sucking up.”

He softly chuckles, but sighs as well.
“I know this isn’t going to be easy Bella. My life is pretty insane often enough. I don’t want you to feel forced into anything. But I won’t lie either. I enjoy your company and would like to see how far we could take this.”
“I don’t know Bruce I was thinking about dumping you.”

“Were you now?”

She nods.
“I got what I wanted. So…”
He kisses her, leading to a heated make out session. He lifts her leg and presses himself against her eagerly.

“Yeah I’m definitely breaking up with you.”

He nods.

“I hate to hear that.” He declares with a slanted smile.

“Of course you know my secret now. I’ve no choice, but to keep you here.”

“Well in return you know mine as well. So I say we’re even.”

He places her leg down. He places his forehead against hers for a moment.
“About that…” He utters hesitantly.

“I can’t and will not allow Batgirl on the streets again.”
She half laughs and shakes her head. She goes to step away from him.
“Now just hear me out Bella. Not unless she permits me to train her properly and create a suit in which would keep her better protected.”

He nods and locks eyes with her.

“Yes Bella, I wish to train you.”

“So you’re telling me I can’t be Batgirl, unless I allow you to have things your way. You really are a pain in the ass.”
“Bella, please just take it into consideration.”
“This sounds an awful lot like blackmail.”

“Must you think of it like that? Think of it as an aggressive negotiation. If you can kick my ass then I’ll happily let it go. Does everything have to be so negative with you? Can’t you see I’m just trying to help?”
“And what if I don’t want your help.”
“Then I’m sorry Bella. I cannot and will not allow Batgirl to go back out there.”
“That’s some bullshit Bruce!”

She tries to shove him back.

“I want to know why then!”

“Why what?”

“Why did you take on this Batgirl persona?! What exactly went through your mind?!”

“Oh believe me I’m starting to wonder that myself!”

“I’m being serious Bella!”
“OH so am I Bruce.”
“Do you have any idea how much I looked up to Batman?”

He fought the urge to grimace remembering very well, the things she’d written on this very subject in her journal.

“I just never dreamed he could be such a jackass. Seriously, what the fuck?”

He sighs on this and pinches the bridge of his nose.


Bella nods.

“Please do entertain me with some sort of excuse.”

“I felt responsible for whatever happened to you Bella. It was obvious you were following in my footsteps. I didn’t want that on my hands. Even at the faint sense of pride that was there. What ran through my head was if this person got themselves killed? That’s what continued to run through my head, now that we’re being honest with one another. I was wrong Bella. Those things I said. They weren’t right. You’re quite impressive; you’ve got skills that’s for certain. However, that being said, you still do not have the means necessary to go out there and do what Batman does. I had years of training and in different fields. You on the other hand could use some deeper training. I do not mean that in a critical mannerism. I mean it in the sense of realism. You’re good, very good actually, but why be good when you could be great? If you would allow me to… I could get you there. Now do I like this? NOT even a little. If I had my way, you wouldn’t go out there period. You would put a stop to this nonsense and return to your life the way it was. I could sleep better at night knowing this. But I know that’s not an option you’re willing to give. In that sense we are very much alike. Once we have our minds made up on something, that’s that. If I knew you’d listen to me I’d say no more. You’re done. Let me worry about Gotham. Live a normal life because this isn’t a life Bella. You’re about to graduate go into the academy. Become one hell of a cop. That alone is something to take pride in. But I’ve seen it in your eyes. You’re not putting up the cape not even for me. It wouldn’t matter how big of a fit I throw or how much I practically plead. And believe me; I’m still very much tempted in begging. This isn’t what I want for you. I wish it wasn’t what you wanted as well. All I can truly say is this. If you’re going to follow the ways of Batman, then you’re going to do so properly and be trained the correct way. If not then I will do whatever I must to keep Batgirl off the streets. At whatever means necessary and I do mean that word for word.”

“And how do we go about this training?”

“Does this mean you’re considering it?”
He smiles.

“Then I’d want you training every day. That means I would pick you up at a certain time every day. Bring you back to the manor and we would get started asap. Until I say further, Batgirl is NOT to make an appearance.”

“Ugh, you’re so pushy!”

He shrugs.

“It’s your choice Bella. How bad do you want this? Furthermore, can you deal with me as a guide? I will not be holding back under any circumstances. I will be training you for survival. This isn’t going to be like hitting the gym. I fear you just don’t truly grasp what you’d be in for. Our relationship during these times would and must be pushed to the side.”

“So that’s a no to foreplay?”

Bruce raises his brows on this.

“Just try to relax…” He says with a smirk.

“Hmmm, so tempting.”
“I’ll give you some time to think about it.”

“You suck.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re quite mature for your age?”

“All the time!” She says with a grin.
“Oh I’m sure.”

“I still can’t believe I kissed you… as Batman I mean…” She was blushing in thought.

“Well I have to admit you threw Batman off his game somewhat.”

“Is that even possible?”

This odd laugh escapes his mouth. Bella pushes past him and paces the metal flooring of the cave.

“This is crazy you know. All this…”

“You keep saying that, but it doesn’t change anything.”

She takes in a breath.


“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this…”
“To which part now? We’ve discussed quite a few things.”

“The part where I let my psychotic boyfriend that dresses like a bat at night, teach me how to fight.”

“Well I suppose that kills two birds with one stone.”

“How so?”

“Well you finally admitted I’m your boyfriend. Two you’ve agreed to let me train you.”

She runs her fingers through her hair.

“We start Monday. I’ll have either Alfred or myself pick you up every day after school and that means weekends as well. You will do whatever homework you have first. Then we train directly after. You might want to cancel that gym membership, not only will you not be needing it, you won’t have time for much else.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like a parent rather than a boyfriend.”
“More of a mentor during these times Bella. You will find I take this very seriously. You might not like me very much for a while. That’s to be expected.”

“Sounds fun can’t wait.”

“I do not want this to take away from us on a more personal level though either, which I know won’t be easy.” He sighs and paces around as well now.

“Another words, whatever happens during training stays in training…”

He nods in agreement.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Bella holds out her hand.


He shakes her hand in agreement, and then kisses it afterword.

Bella lies on the bed kicked back as Bruce showers. Before long he comes out in nothing, but a towel. She rolls over and practically drools. Drops of water still ran down his chest as he made his way to the closet.

“Are you photo shopped or something?”

He looks to her oddly.

“Photo shopped?” He inquired as he pulled a shirt over his head.

She sighed in disappointment.

Bella kicks up her feet and as Bruce finishes getting dressed. Once he’s done he plops down on the bed beside her.

“Might I accompany you to the funeral tomorrow?”

“You want to go?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.”

She shrugs.

“It’s fine with me.”

She looks to Bruce a certain way though.

“Such an eye opener… on so many things.” She whispers.

Bruce nods.

“I know and I’m sorry for that. I just couldn’t take the risks…” He hints.

“I know Bruce. Trust me I truly get it. Still it feels awkward.”
“I can understand that.”
She lays her head against his chest. Bruce puts his arm around her. It’s not long before Bruce has her pants off and his tongue buried into her pussy. Bella’s gripping the headboard trying to keep from squirming. He had her hips in steady hold as he continued. This was something she’d never had done before. Jake never had tried this with her. To her surprise, Bruce had just yanked her pants down and literally went for it. She hadn’t a single complaint she was in ecstasy heaven at the moment. It seemed Bruce had no problem taking matters into his own hands when it came to sex. He just went with it. Bella found herself thankful she’d never stopped taking her birth control. Neither had truly discussed condoms or anything of the such. Both went about this rather like animals not truly thinking. Just caught in the heat of the moment, this was something else that was very un-Bruce like. He always, always made certain he wore a condom. Something about Bella had his head in the clouds and he couldn’t think clearly around her. That and there was trust. He’d never truly had that with a woman before. He just went with his instincts when it came to Bella. All he knew was what he wanted and he wasn’t holding back not anymore. Bella moaned out in release. Bruce shut his eyes for a moment breathing it in. He couldn’t get over the way she smelled and how much it aroused him.

He quickly opened his eyes once he felt her lips around his dick. Bruce rumbled out in pleasure as her tongue did it’s magic. He pulsated greatly in her mouth. The both of them just spent their time in the bedroom getting to know one another’s bodies and focused on ridding of much sexual frustrations. He held her hair up and watched her mouth at work. He’d never been so turned on. She felt so good her little mouth wrapped around him. Bruce hadn’t any issues in the size department Bella learned quickly. He swelled up in her mouth and only continued to or so it felt the longer she went about it. Bruce knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She was entirely too good at this. He quickly but gently pulled out not wanting to offend her by coming in her mouth. Bella’s eyes widened as he gave her a bit of a show. He jerked himself off and some of it landed on her breasts. He looked concerned about what her reaction would be.

“I wasn’t sure how to go about that…” He admitted breathlessly.

“However you want.” She hints.

He raises his brows on this.
“Really?” He says softly with interest.

They both let out a bit of a nervous laugh.
“I suppose we’re learning together.”

He hands her a towel and the phone in his room rings. Bruce answers it as Bella cleans herself off. Alfred was letting him know the batsignal was lit. Bruce looks to Bella in thought.

“I’ll be right there.”

“Something wrong?” She questions once he hangs up.
“Duty calls I’m afraid.”

She nods.

“I can show myself out. Just go do what you need.”

“You don’t have to go Bella. Stay as long as you wish. Just please remember my wishes about Batgirl…” He reminds.

“I got the funeral in the morning anyhow.”

“Might I bring the limo by we’ll go together?” He suggests.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good. I’ll see you first thing in the morning.” He pecks her on the lips and sprints out of the room.

Bella lays there for a moment still trying to grasp all this in that mind of hers. Never did she dream she’d actually end up with Batman, of all the men in the world. The words “this is crazy” played over and over in her mind.

“Come on Bella… I’m trying can’t you see that.”

Bella sighs with irritation.

“You honestly just don’t get it do you?”
“What? What is there to get Black?”

“Would you stop calling me that already? Since when do you ever call me that?!”
“Since I learned what a low down piece of shit you are!”

“Come on Bella. You don’t mean that. You’re just hurt. I’m sorry. I really am I… dammit Bella I never meant to hurt you. I just…”

He backs her up against the dorm room building outside.

“God baby I miss you so much. I love you so fucking much. This is torture! Every fucking day… I want you back. I just want you. Can’t you see that? I’ve changed Bella baby I really have. Just let me show you that.”

She starts laughing and goes to break away from the pin he had her in. Bruce had just stepped out of the limo and saw the scene before him. Jake had his hands wrapped around Bella’s arms forcing her up against the wall. He was about to step in and put a stop to it. Bella nevertheless shoved Jake back with a great enough force he landed on the ground. Bella kicked him in the balls afterword.

“What the fuck?!” Jake barked and reached to his balls.

“I’ve told you before I didn’t want you touching me! That still stands! As for you and I that ship has sailed, it has years ago. And you also pissed away any chance of friendship. I don’t want you in my life. There’s no longer a place for you!”

“You’re making a mistake!” He shouts as he continues to hold his package.

Bruce raises his brows on this and cuts Jake a warning look. Bella quickly snaps back around and faces Jake.

“Is that a threat?”

Bruce swallowed back his own anger on this. He’d noticed the certain tone in his voice as well. Bella makes her way over and stands before Jake. Her eyes glowered into his own.

“I’m going to the funeral of my best friend. I’m having a very bad fucking day. If I were you I’d watch whatever I say next. Don’t be an idiot. Piss off!”

Bruce resisted the urge to smile with pride. He couldn’t help, but to love how ballsy she was. He said nothing just offered a hand. Megan and Casey had stepped out in their black funeral dresses as well. Bruce offered them a ride as well.

The funeral was very small. Just very few friends from school arrived, a couple of professors, then his uncles that were still in custody. They were to be sent back to Black Gate afterword. Bella kept her distance. Bruce stayed by her side. Bella held her own until it came time to open the casket and say their goodbyes. She’d brought Jervis’s pocket watch. The asylum gave her a few of his belongings. She wanted him buried with it. She had the watch re-engraved. Bella couldn’t help, but to break down as she placed the watch within his favorite green jacket. She kissed his forehead and swiftly rushed out of the area.

Bruce followed her to her parent’s graves. He wasn’t aware they were buried in the same cemetery. He watched as she crouched down and placed a single red rose between their tombstones.

He shut his eyes for a moment, thinking of the irony. He figured they would have been buried in Washington. He assumed Gordon had them moved here so Bella could visit them, whenever she wanted. He turned to see Mr. and Mrs. Gordon making their way over. He and Jim shook hands. Sara put a gentle hand upon Bella’s shoulder. Bella turned with tears in her eyes. Sara grabbed hold of her and held her. Jim and Bruce gave the women sometime alone as they walked away.

“Friend of Jervis Tetch’s?” Bruce takes in a breath.

He knew this was coming eventually and since Jim was a detective himself. The interrogations were soon to start. He’d wonder about his motives with his niece and just how serious he was taking this etc…

“Not particularly, no sir.”
Jim nods.
“Then what brings you here Mr. Wayne?”

“I’m accompanying Ms. Gordon.”

Jim presses his lips together and looks to Bruce.

“Accompanying?” Jim questions with a hint of accusation to his voice.

Bruce clears his throat and places his hands in his pockets as they continue to stroll about the cemetery.

“Yes sir.”
“And why would you be doing that now?”

“We’re dating sir.”

Jim stops in his tracks. He turns and faces Bruce.

“You, Bruce Wayne? You’re dating my niece?!”

“Yes sir.”
“And why hasn’t she spoken of this to me?”

“With all due respect sir, we haven’t been dating for very long. Bella’s had her plate full as of late. I’m sure she meant to tell you.”

Jim shakes his head.

“Just what exactly do you think you’re trying to pull here Mr. Wayne? That there is my niece damn near like my daughter.”

Bruce looks Bella’s direction.

“I understand that sir. And I assure you my intentions with your niece are not what you’re assuming they are.”
“You had better hope so. I don’t care who you are. You hurt that girl and I will make certain your life becomes a living hell.”

Bruce half chuckles, but quickly clears his throat again.
“I’ve no such intentions; I have come to care for her deeply. I can’t say that it’s love but for the first time in a while, I certainly want to try.”

Jim nods at this as the women were making their way over. Jim hugs his niece. Bruce shakes Mrs. Gordon’s hand as well. She too looked upon Bruce confused, but didn’t say anything. She too had been crying her mascara was spread about her face. Bruce handed her his kerchief. She thanked him and wiped away her tears.

Bruce gave them their space for a bit. Once everyone was done mingling he escorted Bella and her girlfriends back to the limo. He walked Bella back to her dorm and held her for a few moments. He said nothing as she cried into his shoulder. Afterword he kissed her and Megan took her hand and led her inside the dorm room. As he was heading back to the limo, he saw Jacob Black returning from the funeral. Bruce headed that direction. Jake stepped out of his car and this time Bruce was the one pinning him in, making certain he couldn’t escape.

“I just want to make something clear. You’re not to start anymore trouble with Bella Gordon whatsoever. That means physical as well as emotional. She’s stated her feelings on this to you numerously. Yet you continue down this path of choosing not to listen to her wishes on this. You see that’s when it becomes my problem. You don’t want me as a problem. I can assure you of this. You haven’t any idea what I’m capable of. I will not repeat myself again. This is also not a threat. This is not a warning. This is a promise. If I were you I’d take heed to this and take everything I just said into serious consideration. Make me an enemy and see what becomes of your life after that. Good day Mr. Black.”

“Well thanks Bella. It was really good.”
“Yeah Bella thank you!”

Bella smiles.

“Glad you both enjoyed it.” Bella states as she pays the tab for their lunch.

She wanted to make up for skipping out on them the last couple of times.

“Guess we better head back. I still got a couple more classes.” Bella says as she comes to a stand.

She also felt a bit on edge about training with Bruce tonight. She hadn’t a clue what to expect. Once Bella was done with her classes for the day, she went back to her dorm. Bella grabbed her gym bag and her homework. She headed out the door and saw Bruce’s limo already waiting outside. Alfred was waiting by the door of the limo. He smiled warmly and opened the door for her.

“Um thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome madam.”

“Just Bella please…”
He nods and closes the door once she’s inside. Bruce wasn’t with him. So that felt weird to her too. She looked out the window on the way to the manor. After they arrived, Bella stepped out. Alfred escorted her into the manor and to the area Bruce was in. Her jaw dropped as he led her to the basement which had been converted into this massive gym. It put any gym she’d ever seen to shame big time.

“Shit…” Alfred heard her softly utter.

He raised his brows on this.
“Is everything alright Ms. Gordon?”
“Yeah I think… So where is he?”

Alfred smiles, but says nothing.

“Good luck Ms. Gordon.”

Bella damn near wanted to whimper out on how he said this. She watched feeling rather panicked as Alfred stepped back out. When he was out of the room she sighed.

“This ought to be interesting…” She whispered and sat her gym bag down on one of the weight benches.

While she waited she got out her homework and did it. She finished everything, still Bruce hadn’t shown. Bella sighed and put tucked her bag under the bench, she then lay back on the bench and shut her eyes. In a matter of minutes she felt someone yank her off the bench. Her eyes shot open as she landed on the floor, but she saw no one.

“What the…” She uttered and quickly scrambled back to her feet.

She looked about the room in wonder. She gasped out as she felt someone pull at her hair. She whipped around that direction, still she saw no one. Bella swallowed back and continued to step back and looked around. Bella got shoved back against the wall and the lights went out in the room.

“Oh come the fuck on Bruce…” She mouthed with irritation.

“So you’re like a ninja…I get it.”

She got pushed again. Bella gritted her teeth.

“Fine you wanna play…”

She felt for the fighting stick she’d seen about the room earlier. Bella gripped it firmly and twirled it about. Since she couldn’t see anything she kept her ears open. She felt someone breathing down her neck. Bella quickly flung back the stick as she twisted her body around. She smiled knowing she’d got him. He grunted out, but she continued to take the stick and jab in a few more hits. Only he was fast and blocked each one. With one swift motion he broke her fighting stick in half.

“Now who’s being a dick?” She uttered breathlessly and already covered in sweat.

With one hand he pinned her against the wall. The lights came on. She swallowed back. Bruce stared her down he was in nothing, but a pair of black karate pants. He too was covered in sweat.

“So, the ninja thing is a funny story…”

“I can imagine so…”

He smirks.

“Change your clothes, and then we’ll get started.” He dropped his hand.

“Um sure, I’ll just get right on that.”

He nodded and leaned against the wall. He’d his arms folded about his chest as he watched her change into her gym clothes. Bruce fought the urges he was feeling. He was already rock hard just from teasing her. He knew this wasn’t going to be easy. He had to take this seriously and push past their personal relationship. He couldn’t be thinking about sex. He also couldn’t concern himself about hurting her or her feelings. He had to think of her as a student rather than his girlfriend. This he felt would be one of his hardest missions yet. And he’d been through some pretty hellacious ones.

Bella finished getting ready and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She was wearing a black sports bra with a white tank over it and spandex workout pants. He half laughed to himself in misery. Bruce ran his fingers through his hair in thought.

“Something wrong?”

“Not at all… I want to start you out with the basics. Let’s see where you stand.”


“Yes such as setups, pushups, planks, and things of that nature. I want to see if you can hold your own body weight and for how long.”

“So like P.E or something?”

“In a way.”

She sighs as if bored in thought.

“I can do a freaking push up Bruce.”

He shrugs.
“Show me how many proper pushups you can do.”

To his surprise she executes the perfect pushup and manages to give him 50 perfect ones without shaky arms or any sign of struggling to do so. He then has her run a mile around the gym he had an area taped off just for this. She never slowed down or seemed out of breath. In fact she kept perfect stride with him as he joined her. He was rather thrown off by this. Then again he remembered how she worked out constantly and almost had her brown belt in jujitsu, which is a very hands on form of martial arts. He shouldn’t be so surprised he thought to himself. After she finished running the both looked to one another.

“Well I suppose you’re ready to step things up a notch.”

“And what have you in mind.”

“Sit down.”

She takes a seat on one of the weight benches. She observes as Bruce starts his usual workout routine. It’s about an hour and half long. He has her sit and merely watch the entire time. He goes through a session of some sort of martial art routine, setups, pushups, kicks, punches, jumps and etc, etc… Once he’s done he towels off. He looks to her.

“I’ll have the limo waiting for you every day. You will start that routine tomorrow and you will do this each day until I say otherwise.”

Her eyes widen on this.

“You mean everything you just did?”
He nods and exits the room.
“What the hell?” She whispers to herself as she gathers her bags.

She exits the gym to see Alfred already waiting for her by the door. He nods and escorts her to the limo. He then opens the door for her and takes her on home. Alfred walks her to her dorm.

“Thank you Alfred.”
“No problem Ms. Gordon.”

“Bella, Alfred.”

He nods and she watches as he exits the building. Bella enters the dorm room to see Casey and Megan watching a movie. They wave at her as she enters the room. The phone to the dorm room rings. Bella see’s it’s Bruce and lets it go to the machine. She felt awkward in how he just left without saying goodbye or anything. In fact her feelings were rather hurt. Her eyes widen though as the message plays out.

“Hey sweetie just thought you should know you left your panties under the bed.” Bella chokes back on her water and rushes to the machine to hurry and pick up the phone. Megan and Casey looked over with huge grins.
“It’s ok though I’m having them washed and Alfred can iron them. You can pick them up tomor…”

Bella hurriedly answers the phone.
“I’m soooo going to kill you!”
He chuckles.

“Is everything ok?” He taunts.



Meanwhile, Megan and Casey were losing it big time.

“What do you want Bruce?”

“I just wanted to say goodnight, Bella.”
She half grins and shakes her head.
“Goodnight you sick, twisted, and very deranged man.”
At this she hangs up, but with a smile as she hears him say “thank you”.

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