Chapter 19 Charismatic

Chapter 19

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Bruce quickly turns off the alarm, before it wakes Bella. He knew he had an excruciating week ahead of him. Not so much in the sense of Batman, but Bruce Wayne in general. He hadn’t a clue what all Clayface managed to screw up. His hand ran along the curve of her ass as she slept. Bruce pecked Bella on the lips and quietly snuck out of bed. He showered, shaved, dressed, and headed out, before it was even six am.

Bella rolled over after a few more hours. She patted down the empty side of the bed and groaned. Her eyes flew open, realizing Bruce had already left. She looked to the time and saw it was 9:30. She hurriedly hopped out of bed and hit the shower. After she got ready, Bella rushed down the stairs. Orion ran up the stairs to greet her. Something Alfred did when Master Wayne was away. He always let Orion greet Bella at the stairs.

“Hey there!” She scooped him up with a smile and kissed his forehead.

He purred and rubbed against her.

“Awe, I missed you too Orion.”

Bella took him to the kitchen and warmed him up some milk. Alfred entered the kitchen with today’s paper in hand.

“And how are you this morning, Alfred?”

Alfred merely smiled and handed her the paper. She narrowed her eyes as he didn’t answer. He just kept that smile planted about his face. He started her some breakfast and handed her a cup of coffee. Things between Bella and Alfred were a bit more laid back. It’s how she preferred it. Bella sipped at her coffee and jostled the paper about with one hand, so she could read the main headline. She spit her coffee out all over the paper and started to choke back. Alfred patted her on the back, as she fought to catch her breath.

“Easy now…” He uttered with a chuckle.

The headline read “Batgirl, Bruce Wayne’s Personal Hero?” It was an interview given by one of the journalist.

So what was it like being saved by Gotham’s newest vigilante?”

Well, I’m not normally star struck, but I must admit, I found myself somewhat in awe. There’s something about Batgirl, its rather charismatic!”

“Charismatic?” Bella mutters in disbelief.

What did you think when you first saw her?”

At first I was a bit skeptical. I mean after all, you expect Batman in these situations. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a sexist. That’s not it at all. I merely mean, he’s more experienced in these sorts of things. So naturally, my first reaction wasn’t so positive. I was more convinced that I was screwed.”

“Funny, Bruce, you dick.”

But that’s not what happened?”

Not even close. She moved with such precision and nothing about her read unexperienced. It was as if she’d been doing this for years. I knew I was in good hands once she spotted the trap Clayface had set up. If she hadn’t, I’d be six feet under.”

And what would you say to Batgirl if you had the chance?”

It isn’t so much about what I’d say to her, but to Gotham as well. I too was wrong about Batgirl. I must admit I wrongfully judged her. I truly thought of her as just another wannabe groupie of Batman’s. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. Batgirl isn’t some flake, she’s truly putting herself on the line, in order to help protect Gotham’s citizens. The best way to thank her is for me to ask Gotham to put their trust in her, as they have done for Batman. She’s not the enemy; we mustn’t treat her as such.

Yes that’s some terrific advice and let’s hope Gotham truly listens. But please, I must know what would you personally say to Batgirl. If she were here right now?”

Well naturally I’d wish to thank her for saving my life. But not just my life, but the lives of many others.”

And how does your fiancé feel about all this?”
“Oh she thinks it’s great! She’s always been an avid supporter of Batgirl. I suppose I should have listened to my fiancé. This was something we’ve argued about frequently. She even made the offhanded remark once about if Batgirl ever had to save me. I laughed it off. Well only now, it’s not so funny… You never truly believe you’ll be at the receiving end of something like this. Now that I have, it’s a foot in mouth type of situation. My fiancé will never let this go. But thanks to Batgirl, I’m here to live.”

Bella raises her brows toward Alfred.

“I take it you’ve already read this.”

Alfred nods as he places her eggs and bacon on a plate. He takes it to the dining room table. Bella takes her coffee with her and follows.

“Thank you.”

Alfred see’s the look of confusion about her face.

“What is it, Bella?”
“Just feels weird that’s all.”
“You mean for Master Wayne to be thanking Batgirl?”

She shrugs as if lost.

“What do you think, Alfred?”

“It was long since overdo.”

She cuts him an odd look.

“He should have thanked Batgirl a while back.” He pats her on the shoulder and exits the room.

Bella turns back hearing the clearing of a throat. Alfred tosses her a set of keys and nods as he heads back inside. Bella narrows her eyes and looks upon them. A smile forms along her face and she turns towards Bruce’s garage. Her black heels clank against the asphalt as she headed that direction. She entered the code to the garage and stood there in awe, once she entered. She noticed the slew of cars. But the keys Alfred had tossed her way were to the silver Lamborghini.

“Hell yeah!” She mouthed and eagerly made her way over to the car.

She got in and adjusted the seat and mirrors. She giggled to herself as the car roared to life.

“You’ve been holding out on me Bruce.” She mutters. A smile forms along her face.

“Perks…” She giggles once again.

Bella enters Wayne Enterprises in a tight smoky gray skirt, black belt, white blouse, and white stockings. Her hair was wild and free. Every man within a mile radius seemed to pick up on her and was gawking. Bella had gotten Bruce some dinner. She figured he hadn’t ate considering it was past eight pm now. He hadn’t even been home..


One of the security guards stopped her on the way to Bruce’s office.
“Do you have a meeting with Mr. Wayne?”

She shook her head.

“Nope, just dinner.” She holds it up.

“We can’t allow you inside.”

Another guard makes his way over as well.

“Bella Gordon, right?” He questions in a rather derogatory tone.

“Well yes…”

“Yeah you need to leave the premises at once. You’re not welcomed here.”

She half laughs.

“Surely there’s been a misunderstanding. Call Bruce and see for yourself. He’ll clear this all up.”
“Mr. Wayne doesn’t have time for such nonsense. You need to leave, at once.”

“I’m not going anywhere, until you call Bruce.”

Her jaw dropped as they roughly grabbed her. They began to forcibly escort her out.

“Get your hands off me!”

“Nah, we know a gold digger when we see one. We knew from the very beginning, so it was no surprise to us, when he dumped your ass.”

“Excuse me?!”
“What are you doing?” One of the secretary’s that were passing by questioned, in disbelief.

“What Mr. Wayne asked us to do.”
“Are you two thickheaded or what? Did you not read the memos? Or the paper?!” The secretary snaps.

“I was wondering the same thing.” His voice carries over and Bella sighs in relief.

“We’re just taking out the garbage, like you said to.”

“Mrs. Barnhart, please escort Ms. Gordon to my office.”

Bruce directs his attention over to Bella.

“I’ll be there shortly.”

He looks to both security guards.

“Gentlemen, I believe your performance evaluations are coming up. That’s really too bad…” He hints and walks away.

Once he enters his office, he sees Bella sitting at his desk. She was twirling about in his chair.

“Nice view.”
He smirks and makes his way over. She noticed Bruce had everything set up, so he could see the bat signal, when needed.

“Is that what you came here for? To comment on the view?”

She shakes her head and holds up his lunch.


“I figured you could eat. I doubt you’ve taken the time to.”

Bruce opened the bag to see the food came from one of his favorite Chinese places. He breathed in the food and his tummy rumbled.

“Smells great.”

Bruce takes everything out and sets it up.

“You are going to join me, right?”

“I just figured I’d watch you eat.”

He takes out a dumpling with a pair of chopsticks, stuffing it into her mouth. Then he pecks her on the lips.

“Up…” He says rather demandingly.

Bella sighs and hops up on his desk instead. Bruce adjusts his tie and sits back in his chair. He answered the phone, whilst running a hand up her white stockings.

“Bruce Wayne speaking.”

Bella picks up a carton of noodles and digs in. Once he’s off the phone, she feeds him some as well. His hand continues to travel up along her thigh.

“You could forget this whole police officer thing and come work for me.”
“Work for you, huh?”

He nods and she feeds him another mouthful of noodles.

“And what would I do exactly? Sharpen pencils and gather coffee all day?”

Bruce takes the carton of noodles out from her hand, and sits them down. Bella found herself taken back as Bruce fervently kissed her. His hands worked their way up to the seam of her stockings. He started to roll them down. Bella slipped out of her heels as he took off her stockings. Bruce bent down and licked up her leg, thigh, and went straight for her lacy white panties. His tongue lapped along the outside of them. He continued to tease with thorough licks. Her hips lifted off his desk and he slid her panties off. Bella clamped a hand over her mouth as Bruce began licking her pussy. His tongue rolled around and he spread her about, making his way in even deeper. She bit down on her lip. Bruce loosened his tie, unfastened his belt, and pants.

He sat back down and pulled her into his lap.

“Fuck…” He groaned into her ear, as he positioned her just right.

He unbuttoned her blouse, lowering the sleeves to it, and her white bra. Bruce had her riding his cock. During this, he welcomed himself to her tits. Bella felt him licking and sucking on them.

“You’re too damn sexy…” He utters as he leans back, taking a moment to merely enjoy.

Bella fought the urge to cry out in pleasure, as she continued. Her hair was wild and breasts were full of life. Bruce couldn’t help but to moan out a couple of times.

“Faster, I want you to soak my cock.” He whispers in her ear.

She arches back. He kisses along her chest, and tummy. She gives into his wishes and Bruce’s eyes damn near roll back. This was a much needed stress release. He’d had one hell of a shitty ass day, fixing everything Clayface had done, to the Bruce Wayne image and name itself. Her fingers ran through his midnight locks. Bella’s breasts were pressed up against his face, as she did this. Bruce came unglued and grunted out in release.

She smiled and kissed his lips. He hums into her mouth with sensitivity.

“So am I still charismatic?” She taunts in his ear, as he fixes her bra, and buttons her blouse back up. He then lifts her up enough to pull out and adjusts himself.

He smirks.

“Not you, Batgirl sure.”

She goes to hit him on the chest, he chuckles, blocking the attempt. He gently forces her arms back and kisses along her neck.

“Why did you do that interview?”

He leans back in his chair and places a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Because even Batgirl deserves some justice…”

He nods and twirls her about in his lap. He hands her panties back and she slips them on.

“Something that’s been long since overdo…”

Bella thought of the irony, considering that’s what Alfred had said as well.
“Some of those things should have been said before, and by a certain someone. But he was too blind to see it, and too proud to admit to it.”

Once they finish getting dressed they continue feeding one another. He looks to the time before too long.

“Hmmm, I don’t even give my employee’s two hour lunches. Miss Gordon, I think it’s time you left.”

She looks to see it was ten o’ clock.

“Are you kicking me out?” She says as if appalled.

He nods and helps her grab her things.

“Why, I never!”

He hands Bella her purse and keys. Bruce however narrows his eyes at the familiar keys. He has them dangling into the air, before handing them over.

“Those wouldn’t happen to be the Lamborghini? Now, would it?”

She shrugs and reaches for them. He holds them up even higher.

“Who told you, you could take the car?”

She shrugs again, then jumps up, yanking the keys from his hold. She pecks him on the lips and starts out the door. He slams it shut. Bella quickly whips around, placing the keys behind her back. She was trying her hardest not to laugh at his expression.

“Bella… that’s MY car… the car…”


“No, not huh… You can’t drive the Lamborghini.”

“I drove it just fine, all over Gotham in fact! I even filled it up with gas! It’s a great car! Great bass too!”

He pins her back and goes for the keys.

“I’ll get you a car. But you’re not driving mine.”

“Ugh… I thought it was a what’s mine is yours type of thing.” She taunts just to get under his skin. She could truly care less.

“We’re not married yet… And even then… Maybe I should have you sign a prenup.” He taunts in return.

“What would be the point in marrying you then?”

He chuckles losing the ongoing stride.
“You really are malicious.”

She grabs him by the collar and kisses him. It’s not until she opens the door and walks away he realizes, she still has the keys.

“Dammit.” He groans and shakes his head, as she struts on out of the building.

“Now Jim…”

“I’m just telling her. That Bruce Wayne needs to make up his mind. Now, does he want to get married or not?”

Bella groans at the table. But deep down was wondering what this was all about. This was so opposite of the man she talked to, when she was Batgirl. Was her uncle bipolar, or just crazy? She giggled to herself in thought. She quickly cleared her throat and she sipped at her tea. Gordon was cutting her a look of disapproval.

“Are you still going into the academy ?”

She nodded.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I?”
“Well, I wasn’t certain if Mr. Wayne was turning you into some sort of trophy wife.”

Bella spits her tea all over the place.

“Jim! What’s come over you?!”

Bella hits at her chest and her uncle rolls his eyes. He rises from the table and takes his dishes to the sink.

“I’m so sorry, hun. I…” Her aunt starts to say.

Bella rises as well and starts to help clean up.

“It’s fine. I got something’s to take care of in town anyhow.”

“Oh…” Her aunt said looking disappointed.

Jim grabbed Bella’s arm on the way to the kitchen.

“Would it kill you to stay a little longer?”
“I don’t know would it kill you to have a little respect, for the life decisions I make?”

She yanks out of his hold and heads on to the sink. Bella started doing the dishes.

“Here, why don’t you let me get that?” He offers.

“I’m sure you’re used to the maids taking care of this.”

She grits her teeth and looks upon him in disbelief.
“What the fuck is your problem?!” She finally snaps.

Bella’s jaw dropped however once she realized what she said. Jim and Sara looked upon her, in utter surprise. Bella’s entire face flushed over.

“I…” She took in a breath, feeling her entire body heating over. Bella rushed out of the kitchen, grabbed her jacket, and purse. Then she rushed out the door.

“What are you doing?! Why do you say the things you say to her?!”

Jim sighs and reaches to his temples.

“You go out there and fix this! FIX IT NOW!” His wife demands.

Jim grumbles under his breath and grabs his jacket as well. He heads outside and stopping Bella, before she has a chance to get into the cab.

“What?! What is it you want?! I mean, what is it, you want from me?!”

He swallows back trying to think of how to answer that.

“Just forget it!”

Gordon winced as he watched her get into the cab.

Bella has the cab driver stop at the cemetery before heading home. She yet again visited Jervis Tetch. She placed another teacup by his tombstone. Just as she did this she looked up and saw that it had started to rain. Large drops landed along her nose and cheeks. She held out her hands and smiled. She remembered how she and Jer would play in the rain. Something she used to hate, anything cold and wet. Jervis helped her overcome that. They’d jump into the biggest puddles and attempt to catch frogs. She took her umbrella out from her purse and held it over her head.
“Hey lady, storms a comin’ you going or ain’t ya?” The cab driver hollered out as lightning struck not far off.

Bella nods and looks back to Jervis’s grave.

“I’ll visit longer next time, promise.”

She hunkers down and puts a hand upon his tombstone.

“Later, Jer.”

“Come on, lady!”

She sighs and rushes back to the cab.

Bella laces her shoes up and places her gloves on. She then grabs her water bottle, towel, and heads into the gym. She froze at the doorway as Bruce had just sat his water bottle, and towel down, on a nearby weight bench. He freezes as well and nods towards her.

“I didn’t even know you were home.”


“Bad day?”

She nods and he nods in return.

“Want to beat the shit out of something?” He inquires with a playful mien.

She nods again and tightens her gloves. He nods in return, then takes off his shirt. She raises her brows, admiring him for moment. Bruce motions her over, hintingly. She shrugs with a hint of a smirk. Bruce blocks as she comes at him with fist. This begins their little sparing session.

“You’re a lot faster now.” He comments as she gets a good hit in.

Bella nods and keeps going. He raises a brow on this and keeps blocking. Still she’s able to get a move in, every once in a while. Bruce fires back as well, but never using his fullest strength. He also takes notice in how she’s become more fluent, in her blocking. Bella starts to pour with sweat and becomes winded the longer they go. It’d been awhile since they’d gone this hard. She managed to back him up against a wall. Bruce nevertheless quickly reversed the pin, punching at the wall behind her.

“You’d be out cold.”

She sighs, kicking out his ankle. She then drops down with her elbow ready to fly right at his sternum. He knocks her down, before she can get the hit in, and he wraps his arms around her. They roll about the gym floor trying to outdo the other.

Alfred peeks his head in, and clears his throat.

“Pardon me for interrupting. It seems duty calls.”

“On it.” They both chorus and hop up to their feet.

“No, I’ll go.” They simultaneously state.

Alfred sighs.

“Perhaps, you should both go?” He suggests.

They look upon one another then back to Alfred, like a couple of children caught doing something wrong.

“I’ll prepare the automobiles…” He says with slight annoyance.

“Gordon.” Batman says as he and Batgirl land before the batsignal.

Ok so this feels twice as weird and uncomfortable now. Batgirl thought to herself, as Batgirl and Batman now stood before the Commissioner. Gordon nods but looks to Batgirl.

“I suppose I owe you an apology.”

Why can’t he ever apologize to Bella Gordon for the hell he causes her? She thinks once again.

“Seems I too played somewhat of a part in doubting your abilities. You’ve more than proved yourself. Thanks to you, Bruce Wayne has returned and Clayface is back where he belongs. And on a personal level, it seems my niece also has her fiancé back as well.”

Batgirl nods.

“That’s good to hear, Commissioner.”
“Thank you.”

“No need.”
The Commissioner’s radio goes off and he takes it out from his tan trench coat.

“What would you like for us to do, sir?”

“Just hold tight. We don’t know anything for sure yet. We don’t want to raise panic if there’s no need for it. It could be nothing more than a scare tactic.”

“Yes sir.”

Once he’s done he places his radio back up.

“As you’re aware the voting on whose elected mayor takes place tonight. Mr. Dent is holding one hell of a political party at one of the local visitor centers. Are you two familiar with Raven Park?”

They nod.

“It’s the West side visitor’s center located around there. Shouldn’t be hard to miss. He’s got a blimp, balloons, the works. Inside, he’s holding the event. A bomb threat was called into our department about 20 minutes ago. Our men haven’t found any signs of any bomb. But considering the circumstances. I figured it’d be best if we took extra precaution. There was no whereabouts given. The only instructions given, is that under any given circumstances Dent is not to leave the premises, or any other guests of his. If he or any of his guests do, the bomb is sure to go off. But here’s the kicker… If Harvey Dent wins the election… The bomb goes off no matter what.”

Batgirl sighs remembering the shit she’d pulled up on Harvey. About the mob boss he had covering his expenses.

“Any leads on who made the threat?” Batgirl questions.

He shakes his head.

“We tried to trace the call but it was too short.”

“We’ll look into it.” Batman says.

“Thank you. Dent’s a good man. I truly hope he wins this year’s election. We could use a few more like him.”

Batgirl resisted the urge to groan. Truth of the matter was. She didn’t even vote this year. After much research of her own she learned that neither candidate was worth Gotham’s time. Cobblepot was already in prison as it was. The one running against Dent wasn’t any better.

The Commissioner watched as Batman and Batgirl zip lined off the building and headed towards Raven Park.

Once they landed on the roof of the visitor’s center, Batman looked to Batgirl.

“Wait here and I’ll do a thorough sweep of the place. I need you to keep an eye out on things. Report any suspicious activity, remain unseen, unheard. We don’t want to stir up any sort of panic.”

Batgirl nodded as he entered the building. She began looking around surrounding buildings, and other areas; for any signs of the potential bomber, if there was one. She knew that these psycho’s usually like to watch their work of art, often enough. They will stay somewhere nearby in order to make certain things went according to plan.

Batgirl however quickly ducked down as a nearby helicopter hovered down a nearby high rise. A few men leaped out of it, clearly armed. “Looks like they mean business, five armed men were just flown down from a copter. They’re now taking post as we speak.” Batgirl conveyed.

“Don’t let Dent out of your sight.” She adds seeing red lasers pointing in all directions now.

“I’m looking at him now.”
“And the said bomb?”

“Nothing yet…”

Batgirl cuts off her side of communication, as one of the men made his way over to where she was. She moved around in stealth mode. Batgirl knew she could take him out, but there was also the chance of them communicating enough to realize he wasn’t there. That could lead to other issues. So she had one man on the roof where she was and four others in surrounding areas. A possible bomb inside the building as well…

She hadn’t much choice, Batgirl discreetly snuck up behind the man. She wrapped her hand around his mouth and her arm around his throat as she quickly darted out of sight. Batgirl waited until he passed out and she disarmed him. She nodded to herself seeing as how he had a radio, meaning they’d be checking in soon.

“I might be just a little preoccupied.” She warned Batman.

“Is that so?”

“Yep one down, four to go.”

“I think I may have found the bomb. There’s a bit of an issue however.”

“How’s that?”

“It’s in the fountain.”
“And it’s where?”

“Right where the event’s being held.”

“Oh well, that sounds easy enough.”


He hears her zip lining across. Batman looks to see it wouldn’t be long now before the winner of the election was announced. The only way he saw to go about this was to herd the guest into another room, in order to do that, he’d have to set off the sprinklers to the fire alarm.

“You might want to take out those men a little faster.”

She shakes her head as she knocks the other one out.

“Getting a tad impatient are we?”

“There’s a risk of a few guests attempting to leave.”
“Batman you know what the Commissioner said.”

He sighs.

“It’s a chance I’m just going to have to take.”

He narrows his eyes in thought.

“You could always put the entire place on lockdown. We both know you’re furtive enough to do so.”
“I was just thinking the same thing.”

“Then quit talking about it and get to it.”

Batman rolls his eyes but with a hint of a smirk. He makes his way back out of the building and takes notice of Batgirl taking out a third. He nods in approval and carefully makes his way around as he starts to make certain the entire building was in lockdown. He chained up the doors and sealed the windows shut. As he came back around, Batgirl was sneaking up on her fourth man but the other one from across the way had already picked up on this. He was aiming right for her. Batman sent out a batarang, disarming him. He snapped a look his way and went to radio in. Batman sent another batarang his way and the guy groaned out as he nearly fell of the building, reaching for the radio. Batgirl caught this and hurriedly zipped over and apprehended him. She nodded towards Batman and he headed on inside.

He rapidly set off the sprinkler system by holding a lighter up to the sprinklers from a nearby balcony. A few women screamed out and held their purses over their heads. Batman hurriedly crouched behind a corner of the balcony as the guests began heading into another room. He shook his head, with slight irritation as Dent was last to leave. He was making sure everyone got out of the room. Once the security guards escorted him out Batman made his way down, a couple of remaining guards looked to him in alarm. He put his finger to his lips and nodded towards them. He quickly began to dismantle the fountain. Their eyes widen as the bomb became visible. It was just as he suspected. He’d picked up activity coming from the fountain using a high frequency transceiver.

Just as Batman was doing his best to deactivate the bomb. Dent made his way back into the area. The guards went to quickly escort him back out. But he’d already seen the bomb. Batman nodded towards him.

“Don’t say a word. You don’t wish to alarm your guests.”

“No, of course not.” Dent agreed.

Batman nodded in returned and continued. Meanwhile, Batgirl had all five men on the rooftop now. She had them all tied up and gagged. She leaned against the wall and waved mischievously upon them, as they started to come too and were freaking out. She stuck a piece of gum in her mouth and paced around them as she smacked on it. She squatted down and popped a bubble right in one of their faces. He squirmed about furiously, and she playfully smacked him, on the cheek.

“What are you doing?”

She turned to the familiar gruff voice wide eyed, with pink bubblegum still spread about her lips. Batgirl swiftly sucked the gum back into her mouth.

“Nothing…” She uttered rather childlike and Batman shook his head.

“Did you dismantle the bomb?” Her jaw drops as he hands it over.

“Not exactly.”

She swallows back.

“Um, I can see that. What do you want me to do with it?”
He lifts his eyes upon hers as she still hears it ticking.

“Are you going to tell me or not?”

He reaches over, pulling out a single wire. The ticking stops and Batman walks away.

“Funny. Real funny.” She calls out bitterly.

She sighed and fired off her grapple gun. Batman had already informed Commissioner Gordon and let him know everything was secure. He also let him know there were men apprehended on the rooftop. Batman also took the chains off the doors, so the guest and Harvey were free to leave. Batgirl gasped out as someone grabbed her in midair towards her destination. She found herself pinned back against a nearby building, with her leg hiked up and hand over her mouth.
“It’d be best if we stayed behind and kept watch. Just in case. The poll isn’t exactly over yet.”

She moves his hand away from her lips.

“So that necessitates you scaring the shit out of me?”

“Sorry…” He curtly replies.

“No you’re not.” She hisses in return.

He clears his throat and lowers her leg back down. He grabs hold of her and grapples onto another area, one where it’d be easier to keep watch. They both keep watch and listen for any signs of disturbance. Batman nodded as they made certain everyone of Harvey’s guests and Harvey himself made it out safe and sound.
“So who won?” Batgirl asked curiously.


She frowned.

“We better head back.” But as he said this, he was once again running his hand along her ass.

Something he’d been doing off and on, which was rare. She couldn’t help but to notice that as Batman. He was by far more cryptic and reserved. He took things a lot more seriously, than that of his Bruce Wayne persona. For him to be all touchy feely during this, meant one thing and one thing only. Batman was horny as hell, but there wasn’t a chance he’d fully act on it. Not until they were behind closed doors. Batgirl found herself curious as to how far she could push him.

“Back already?”

He narrowed his eyes upon her it was still pouring down rain it hadn’t let up all day. She twirled around and ran her hand along his chest.

“Yes, it’s pouring down, let’s go.” He says in that rather severe tone of his.

Batman starts to zip line over to another area so he can drop down. Batgirl gives him a shove back, stopping him.

“What are you doing?”
She doesn’t say anything just locks lips with his. Once they break away he shakes his head.

“This is not the time or the place.” She nods and pivots back around but as she does she cruelly rubs her ass against his crotch.

Batgirl goes to take off and he forces her back around. He grits his teeth and whips himself out. He looked around as he brought Batgirl to her knees. He hadn’t any issue making her pay for being tease. She knew what she was doing. It was the same thing she’d do in bed in the mornings. She always knew he’d be hard and rearing to go. Her ass would be pressed up against him ready for the taking. He grunted out but continued to keep an eye out as she sucked him off. Batman hadn’t realized just how massive the turn on would be. He looked down and the pleasure seemed to amplify.

“…fuck…” He moaned and found himself thrusting into her mouth.

Something about her, in the suit. It was so hot and he couldn’t even explain to himself why. The longer he watched, the more he found himself wanting to fuck the hell out of her. Batgirl’s entire suit had beads of rain dropping down it. Her hair was soaked. And he found her to be completely intoxicating. He pulled out of her mouth and took her by the arm as he lifted her back up.

Before she even realized what was taking place. Batman had her against a brick wall. Her bottoms were down and he was driving himself into her relentlessly. She fought the urge to cry out. She bit her lower lip, and felt Batman pulling at her hair, and kissing along her neck. This was all the proof she needed. That Dom attitude was just as much in Batman as it was Bruce. Batman was just far more reserved about it. He took his job seriously, something she happened to admire. But at the same time, she wanted to show Batman that he too could have a little fun, if he’d only allow it.

Her jaw dropped and she literally flooded his cock. Batman was so into the moment, she wondered if he even took notice of what he’d said himself.

“I’ve been dying to fuck that pussy of yours all night.” He grunted with a good few last hard thrusts, as he spilled his seed.

“So you want to get married in March?”

Bruce nods.

“If that sounds good to you.”

She shrugs.

“I don’t see why not. We could even hold the wedding here. Our guests would probably be expecting that. Might make things easier.”

“I was thinking the same thing actually. Maybe in the courtyard?”

“Sounds good to me. Orion can be the ring bearer!”

“Hmmm… If that’s what you want. He’d probably just take off with the rings and we’d never find him again.”

He runs his hand along her back as she was lying on his chest.

“What were you’re parents like?”

He narrows his eyes for a moment, looking to be in thought about something. He reached over with one hand and opened the nightstand drawer beside him.

“What’s this?” Bella inquires as Bruce handed her a brown leather looking book.

Bruce pulled back the covers as they were getting ready for bed.

Everything…” He says a certain way.

She tapered her brows in thought and opened the book. Only to find it wasn’t a book. It was a journal, not just any journal, but Bruce Wayne’s…

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 19 Charismatic”

  1. Well damn….I think you might have just killed me. So many things happened….my mind is blown. And the ending, just wow. For Bruce to hand over his own journal says more than any words he can say. I can’t wait for more.

  2. Gordon is being a dick – wouldn’t talk that way to a stranger, no less my family and someone I loved. I always dig how Bella teases Batman… it’s so fun to see the man who is the epitome of control lose it. Sexy as hell too, lol. Awesome chapter sweets ❤

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