Chapter 12: An Archer, A Saiyan, and A Dog Demon Walk Into A Bar…


Chapter 12

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Inuyasha twirls his Tessaiga about with a smirk.
“That sounds easy enough. Nice knowing you…”

He charges right for Gohan, aiming his sword directly upon him. Gohan swiftly arches back and dodges the attempt. Inuyasha growls under his breath. Gohan simply nods.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to move a lot faster than that.”

Inuyasha laughs in a mocking manner.

“I’m just warming up.”
“Good. You’re going to need it.” Gohan replies with narrowed brows.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself, saiyan.”

Gohan gives a simple nod as Inuyasha swings his blade about once again. Gohan dodges each attempt. Inuyasha starts to tremble with rage.

“Would you just stay still?”

Gohan rears back at the sheer stupidity in that statement. He folds his arms about his chest.

“If this is all you got, then I must admit I’m rather disappointed.”

Inuyasha grits his teeth. He flips back and slams down his Tessaiga. Sending waves of energy Gohan’s way. Gohan’s sent flying back. He groans out as he’s sent through a nearby tree.

“You were saying?” Inuyasha calls out with a smirk.

Gohan dusts himself. Inuyasha quickly sends another blast Gohan’s way. Gohan leaps up just in time to miss its encounter. Inuyasha bounds right for Gohan with his sword aimed right for him. Gohan steps aside the blade manages to nick Gohan on the shoulder. Gohan swiftly appears behind Inuyasha and takes his palm into the center of his back. Inuyasha’s sword flies out of his hands as he plummets to the ground. Gohan hurriedly kicks the sword out of Inuyasha’s reach.

“Dammit!” Inuyasha shouts.

Inuyasha hops back up and the two simultaneously rush over. Both taking directed hits at one another. Both with impeccable blocking techniques making it hard to get a hit in. Gohan find it slightly harder to maneuver than it was back home. Part of him felt as though he were back in the Hyperbolic time chamber. Inuyasha was first to finally break through. He took his claws across Gohan’s chest and came back around slashing his face. Gohan returned with a soaring dragon punch and Inuyasha went soaring. Gohan swiftly zipped up at just the right destination and took his fist to Inuyasha’s back once again. Inuyasha grunted out in pain as he came down and hard. The impact was so hard he hit face first. Gohan sent a few blasts of Ki as he continued to hover. Inuyasha rolled about the ground avoiding them.

Inuyasha smiled amongst himself seeing the blood on his hands.

“Blades of blood!” Inuyasha calls out.
Gohan’s eyes widen in surprise as multiple crimson blades are sailing right for him. He doesn’t deflect in time and one of the blades went through his shoulder. Gohan starts to dive down losing focus. This incredible burning sensation was pulsating through his arm. He gritted his teeth and hovered back up before hitting the ground. He fired back with a Ki blast only to realize it wasn’t near as powerful as his usual. Inuyasha staggered back rather clumsily in evasion. Something about the dark magic Inuyasha was using. It was messing with Gohan’s abilities. Gohan kept in mind he would have to be more careful now. He couldn’t afford to get caught off guard like that again.

“Woman I do believe I asked you a question.”

“And I heard you. You big ape!

Vegeta’s upper lip curls on this. He darts over and grabs Bulma by the straps of her wedding dress.

“I’d watch whatever you say next! Did you honestly believe I’d allow this monstrosity to take place? And Kakarot?” He sneers.

“You leave my mommy alone!”

Chibi Trunks takes his tiny foot to Vegeta’s leg, actually causing Vegeta pain. Trunks was already growing into his abilities. It wouldn’t be long now, he’d be training in no time. Vegeta grinds his teeth together and goes to backhand Chibi Trunks. Bulma hurriedly pushes her son out of the ring of fire and takes the intended hit.


Bulma falls back.

“Humph… it serves you right!”

Goku however was hovering just ahead he’d just witnessed what had taken place and was seeing red.

“VEGETAAAA!” He shouted irately.

Vegeta smirked and turned around.

“Ah, Kakarot. Have you come to die?”

Goku appears by Bulma’s side and helps her to her feet. He looks her over and grimaces upon her busted lip.

“I want you to take Trunks and get as far away from here as possible.”

“But Goku…”
“I will find you Bulma. I promise. I got something’s to settle with Vegeta.”
Vegeta laughs in a mocking manner.

“More like I’ll find you. This conversation isn’t over… not by any means.” Vegeta utters eyeing Bulma with possession. He still has the mark of Majin… but how is that possible. He shouldn’t be controlled anymore not with Babidi out of the picture.

“That’s enough, Vegeta. The two of them are no longer your concern.”
Vegeta snarls back and narrows his eyes upon Goku. Bulma hurriedly scoops Trunks up and takes off.

“The hell they aren’t!”

“You said your goodbyes a long time ago Vegeta. You turned your back to them. You can’t just come waltzing on back and expect to have things go your way. They deserve better than that. If you had any ounce of love for either of them. You’d merely let them be. Allow them the happiness they both deserve and have longed for.”

“Love? HA! That is why you will always remain weak. You truly believe love has something to do with this?”
“Well why else would you come back?”

“He is an heir to the throne. He must be trained at once. Wrecking your little wedding was just a bonus.”
“So once again everything is about power? Even your own son?”

“Oh cry me a fucking river Kakarot! Save the spiel. And allow me to show you what a real saiyan can do.”

“Whenever you’re ready, Vegeta!” Goku calls out reaching saiyan level two as well.

Gohan? Kagome was just coming to but at the moment everything was a blur. She still felt incredibly weak. Kagome squirmed around just a bit trying to break free. Only every time she’d move the roots seemed to become that much more constricting.

She swallowed back and blinked a few times. Her vision eventually fully came to. She gasped back once it did. She saw Inuyasha and Gohan battling one another full throttle. “No” she whimpered out as Gohan took a powerful hit to the face. He quickly retaliated with a blow to the gut. Inuyasha bowed over and his eyes bulged out at the pain.

“Is something wrong?” Gohan taunted as Inuyasha fought for a breath.

Inuyasha grits his teeth and a bluish hue forms along his cheeks.

“I’m going to kill you.” He says demonically once he catches his breath.

“Funny… sure doesn’t look like it.”

Inuyasha takes off running. Gohan scoffs at this with a smirk.
“That’s about what I thought.” Gohan remarks and starts towards Kagome.

He nods towards her seeing that she was awake now.

“NO GOHAN!” She shrieks out.

He narrows his eyes and whips around.

“WIND SCAR!” Gohan’s jaw dropped at the massive amount of dark energy coming his way. There was no escaping it. The best he could do is block and even then he knew it was going to take a full on hit.

Oh no… I let my guard down too soon. I should have known he was going for his… “Gohan!” Kagome cries out.

His body went flying so far back, Kagome could no longer see him.

“What have you done, Inuyasha?!”

“Shut it, Kagome!”

“No! I won’t you jerk!”

Inuyasha laughs.


“I barely even managed to break a sweat! ”

Kagome’s attention however was elsewhere at the moment. She swallowed back as Gohan now stood behind Inuyasha. His entire body was covered in lacerations. The suit he’d worn to the wedding was in shreds. Kagome wondered how he was even standing. He gave her a simple nod. Her heart kicked to life as he went into SSL2 right before her.

Inuyasha’s lip curled and he rolled his eyes sensing him. He casually turned around.

“So you’re glowing now? Cute…”

Vegeta darts over and Goku dodges his attempt at an uppercut. Their battle begins as well. They take turns receiving and sending blow after blow. Like that of Gohan, they too find themselves having to adapt to the current era they were in. The atmosphere seemed denser than they were used to. Goku appears behind Vegeta slamming his fist into the mid of his back. Vegeta groans out and starts spiraling down. He manages to catch himself before slamming into the earth. He takes off in flight and dives down barreling towards Goku. Goku rapidly sends out both legs. Vegeta’s sent flying back once again.


“Hmmm.”Goku hums as he hovers about.

Vegeta furiously starts to sending Ki blast after Ki blast. That’s right Vegeta. Get mad. Use up all your energy.

“GRRRRRRRRRR!” Inuyasha growls out as he comes at Gohan with his blade.

Gohan grits his teeth as he promptly flips back in defense. Inuyasha wastes no time in swinging his blade once more. Gohan grunts out as he shoots out both hands. He grimaced as he was stopping the blade. Both were pushing the Tessiaga towards the other. It was beginning to cut into Gohan’s flesh however.

“Think she’ll still love you with no hands?!” Inuyasha angrily scoffs.
“What would you know about love?!”Gohan returns bitterly.

“You truly think Kagome loves you?! She’s only using you in hopes to make me jealous! In hopes that I will give in and become just as wishy washy as you are!”

Gohan smiles in the middle of their battle.

“She’s my mate Inuyasha, something you wouldn’t know anything about. I can sense Kagome and everything about her.”

“She’s using you like she used Koga!”

“You mean the friend whose life you took?”

“Koga had it coming. And so do you!” Inuyasha puts up his Tessaiga, realizing it was slowing him down against Gohan.

“Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!” Inuyasha calls out sending a striking spilt attack with his claws.

“Masenko Ha!” Gohan calls out in return. He brings up his hands over his head in a diamond like shape. He then brings them down chest level, in a double cupping motion. An orb forms within the center of his hands. Gohan abruptly sends this orb upon Inuyasha.

Kagome’s jaw dropped as both men aimed their signature attacks at the other. A significant bright light cascaded about the area. Both men groaned out as they found themselves buried within the earth. Only Gohan’s move was much more powerful than that of Inuyasha’s. Inuyasha was desperate to come back to his feet. But he couldn’t, the soccer ball sized hole in his chest wouldn’t allow it. Gohan took notice of this as well. He hurriedly rushed over to Kagome.

“Kagome…” Gohan softly said as cupped her chin.
“I’m okay.”

Gohan nodded and began ripping away the roots that kept her bond to the tree. Once he had her free, he wrapped his arms around her. Inuyasha weakly looked over at the scene before him. Gohan was kissing Kagome and had his hands along the slope of her back. Inuyasha gritted his teeth together and a single tear fled from his eye. His entire face flushed over with wrath. “I wish I was strong enough to kill you!” He grunted out.

Gohan’s eyes widen at this. He snapped a look at the dragonballs.


They rose into the air and began to form a circle.


“NO this isn’t happening!” Gohan shouted in disbelief.

“Dammit!” Inuyasha realized his mistake but it was too late.

That wish was to be intended for Kikyo! To bring her back!

“Kikyo…” Inuyasha whimpered.

He looked back over to Kagome. He pointed upon her.


Goku continued to dodge and block Vegeta’s Ki blasts. Vegeta snarled back.

“Enough with this!” Vegeta shouts.

However Goku reared back in wonder. Vegeta began to scramble in and out as if a bad reception.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes and looked upon his hands as he floated about.

“What is this?!”

Vegeta vanished right before Goku’s eyes.

Page break

Inuyasha’s body rose into the air. An immense dark cloud began to surround his body.

Gohan gasps back and gets more of a protective hold on Kagome.

“Shenron?” Gohan uttered in disbelief.

Only he looked nothing like Shenron. No, this dragon was more demonic looking. His eyes were cold and black, scales were black, undercarriage was gray, and his claws blood red. The spikes along his reptile skin were red as well.

“Wish granted.” He spoke with a voice that was also not his own.

“Gohan what’s happening?!” Kagome questioned clinging to him for dear life.

Gohan shook his head not sure how to answer that himself. An orb shot across the sky as though a shooting star would. It hit Inuyasha dead on. This electrical current began to flow throughout his entire body. The hole within his chest began to heal. His hair became longer and spikier. His claws became longer. His eyes became demon red. Inuyasha’s entire body began to bulk up right before their very eyes.

“RUN KAGOME!” Gohan shouts already sensing the power.

Gohan desperately grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Please Kagome. Run and don’t look back!”

“I won’t leave you, Gohan. We can fight this together! Let me help!”

“Kagome…” Gohan practically whimpered.

A demonic laugh fills the area, one that sent them both chills. They turned back around and Inuyasha suddenly spread his arms about. The dark cloud extended about the entire area. Forks of lightening shot throughout the sky. His eyes darted directly upon Kagome. He tilted his head about with a smirk.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Gohan shouted as Inuyasha zipped past, actually knocking Gohan down and out of his saiyan transformation.

He grabbed Kagome and took off in flight.

Goku’s attention snapped the direction the energy was coming from as well.
“What is that?” He uttered in wonder.

“It’s so strong…” At this, Goku took off.

Oolong trudged on trying to find a place to hide as Goku asked of him. He let out a miserable whimper as the sun was beginning to set.

“Hurry it up, will ya, Goku.” He complains as he looks around.
“I don’t like the looks of this place at all.”

Oolong came to a stop however as he heard what sounded to be crying. He narrowed his eyes and looked around. He began to follow the tiny sniffling sounds.

“Hello?” He called out realizing he was by a spring.

A set of nearby bushes were moving about and the crying seemed to be coming from them. He sighed and looked around as if expecting it to be some sort of trick.
“Um… hey…” Oolong called out as he spread the foliage about with his hands.


Shippo turned around with tears in his eyes.

He nodded and Shippo crawled on out of the bush. Oolongs eyes widen and he grew uncomfortable as Shippo hugged him.

“Um yeah…” Oolong patted him on the head awkwardly.

He then picked Shippo up by the shoulders and placed him further away from him.

“That right there is good.”

Shippo looked to him confused. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

“So eh… where’s that hottie that’s always hanging around you?!”

“Her name is, Kagome!” Shippo fires off with flushed cheeks.

Oolong nods with a grin.

“Oh yeah… So where is she?”

“Inuyasha… he just won’t leave her be!”

“Ah I see…”

“I’m trying to find Gohan. Have you seen him?”

“Fraid’ not kid.”

Shippo lowers his head.

“But Goku’s around here somewhere.”

Shippo perks up at this.
“Good he can help Kagome!” Shippo’s tail wiggles about.

“Will you help me look for him?”
“Can’t kid, he told me to steer clear. That he’d come find me once he was done dealing with Vegeta.”
“Oh man… Vegeta’s here too?”

Oolong nods.

“It’ll be night soon. We haven’t much choice but to find shelter… of some sort.” Oolong says with a frown.

“I can find us a place.”

“You can?”

Shippo nodded and took Oolong by the hand. He noticed that Oolong was shaking as he did this.

“Are you cold?”

Oolong shook his head as they got further into the woods. All sorts of noises surrounded them. Ones Shippo had gotten used to during his time in the era before.

“Wait you’re scared aren’t you?”
Shippo giggles.
“Yes you are! I can tell!”


“Don’t worry Oolong. I’ll protect you.”

“Hmmm… straight to the grave I’m sure.”

Kagome rolled over feeling solid cold ground beneath her. Light from a nearby campfire was flickering about. She reached to her temples as her head was pounding. She came to her feet and gasped out, taking notice of her clothes. She was wearing the priestess clothes that Kikyo had worn. Kagome looked upon her body in disbelief. At this Kagome took off running as fast as she could. Only because it was dark she couldn’t make anything out once she got too far away from the fire. Kagome grunted out as she tripped over a branch. She came tumbling down. She nearly went head first into a nearby spring. The moonlight shined perfectly over the water, just enough that she could make out her reflection.

Her jaw dropped and she patted her hair down as she gazed upon herself.

“Kikyo…” She practically yelped.

Everything about Kagome now resembled Kikyo. Even her hair looked as though Kikyo’s. She staggered back once she came to her feet. Kagome shook her head, feeling as though she’d just awakened from one nightmare and entered another.


Kagome turned with a cringe. He smiled and reached out to her. Kagome shook her head.

“Come on now… No need to be shy around me.” The two voices seemed to chime together. It was a unity of Inuyasha and Vegeta’s voice.


He nodded and slightly smiled, looking even more demonic than usual.

“What did you do Inuyasha?”

He cuts her a perplexed look.

“What do you mean, Kikyo?” He says softly and even lovingly.

“Oh Inuyasha…” Kagome whispers as her heart sank.

She swallows back rather hard as he grabs a hold of her. He held her in such a way. One she used to always long for. Only now she found it pitiful, sad, and chilling. The Inuyasha she once knew was long gone, even more so now than ever before.

“I love you, Kikyo. I should have told you I know. I just…”

Kagome shook her head.

“Kagome…” She corrects softly.

Inuyasha merely rolls his eyes.

She half laughed and shut hers.

“I’M KAGOME!” She shouts and shoves him back.


He starts to laugh.

“What are you rambling on about now?” He scoffs.

Tears stream down her face and her hand quivers as she aims one of her energy arrows at him.

“Since when do you cry?! And knock it off, will you! You’re not going to shoot me, Kikyo.”

Kagome’s entire face cast over with a reddish hue. The veins within her forehead fork. She fires. He rolls his eyes and quickly reflects. The arrow flies back. Kagome quickly redirects it back. He smirks and sends it flying back once again only at a greater speed. She gasps back and leaps out of the way. The arrow grazed her blouse along her waistline.

She angrily fires another one. He manages to catch it and the energy dissipates within his clutch. Her jaw dropped. “Are you done now?” He scoffed, with his arms folded about his chest. He sounded more like Vegeta during that point. He even had that same cocky smirk about his face. His dog ears twitched about menacingly.

They stare upon one another in silence.

“Hmmm…” He hums as if amused.

He then reaches over and takes her by the hand. He starts dragging her back.

“Get some rest. We’ll head out first thing in the morning.”
“Where are we going?” She questions in wonder.

“To get married of course!”

“WHA?!” Her eyes bulged out and her jaw hit the floor.

Inuyasha smiled confidently.
“That’s right by this time tomorrow night we’ll be wed.”
Kagome starts laughing as if going insane herself. She’s laughing so hard she’s reaching to her gut.
“Married?!” She says behind tears. Since when has he ever wanted to get married?!

He nods looking rather miffed.

“Yeah and what’s wrong with that?!” He remarks with a curled lip.

“I’m not marrying you! YOU BIG JERK!”

She nods furiously.

“Because you suck!”

Kagome turns his direction as he steps out of the shadows. She runs over and wraps her arms around him. Gohan nods and hugs her in return, but keeps his eyes on Inuyasha.


“Not happening, Inuyasha. She’s not Kikyo. She’s Kagome Higurashi, the mate and future wife of Son Gohan.”

Kagome blushed. Her heart fluttered at Gohan’s words and the amount of conviction he had behind them.

“And let me guess you’re Son Gohan?”

Gohan nods with pride. Inuyasha sighs as if bored. Gohan leans into her ear.

“Kagome… I need you to understand that this is my battle now. I want you to go on now. Find Shippo. You two stay out of trouble. I will find you.”

He could already sense the guilt and worry within her.

“Kagome… I will come for you. I give you my word. Just promise me that you and Shippo will stay safe.”
Inuyasha laughs and Gohan rears back hearing Vegeta within him now as well. Well that certainly explains things. Shenron must’ve fused Vegeta and within Inuyasha, in order to give Inuyasha his wish.

His eyes widened as Kagome slightly hovered off the ground. She grabbed Gohan by the collar of what was left of his suit. Her lips connected with his and without truly thinking about the audience his hands went right along her ass. Her legs wrapped around his waist. Inuyasha’s teeth ground together so loudly Gohan could hear it over their kissing. Inuyasha had been pushed past the boiling point.

“YOU BASTARD! GET YOU HANDS OFF MY WOMAN!” He bellowed in such a way that shook the entire area around them. Oh yeah, Vegeta’s in there all right… Vegasha? Or Inugeta? Gohan thought as he swiftly heaved Kagome up into the air.

“GOOOOO!” He yelled just as Inuyasha slammed into him.

Kagome looked on in fear.

“NOOOOOOW, KAGOME!” Gohan shouted as he reversed the pin on Inuyasha and punched him in the face.

Kagome nodded and with a broken heart she took off, in search of Shippo.

“She belongs TO ME! SHE ALWAYS WILL!”

Gohan grunts out as Inuyasha sends several jabs into Gohan’s gut. Each hit drives him further into the earth.

“Why do you even care, Inuyasha?! Your only interest in her was the jewel shards! You needed her in order to find them! Once she helped you collect them all, you were pretty much done with her! ADMIT IT!” Gohan growled out the last part and once again reversed the pin. He returned the blows twice as hard with gritted teeth. They were already a good seven feet into the ground.

“From the very beginning, you’re only thoughts when it came to Kagome, was how she’d benefit you! Only now that the jewel shards have been collected within the dragonballs your thoughts once again to back to your own lost love. Have you not even stopped to think about everything Kagome’s done for you? How many times she’d nearly died in order to help you! How she NEVER ONCE gave up on you!”


Gohan groans out as Inuyasha brings his legs up and kicks him a good 30 feet up. Inuyasha rushes back out of the hole and darkly chuckles as he takes off in flight once again.

“This power… it’s incredible!” He says looking upon his hands.

He sails right for Gohan. Gohan nods and appears off to the side of him. He takes his knee to his ribcage.

“It’s not giving up when she had to fear for her LIFE! I know all about your tragic little love story! It was more or less one sided. She gave you everything, Inuyasha! You only have yourself to blame! You might have loved her… In fact, I know you did. What’s not to love?! But you were so focused on this need for power. I can see why Shenron chose Vegeta now! It makes perfect sense. Hell, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you two were related! You sure act alike. You treat women like shit and your number one concern go to being the most powerful being that’s ever existed. Not caring who you hurt in the process. It’s sickening. Look around you Inuyasha! There is so much more! How can you look into her eyes and still focus on that first and foremost! You’re an idiot! But your loss is my gain. Kagome will never know that sort of pain again. I will give her and Shippo my all.”
“Do you see now why I will win this? You are weak! And I couldn’t love Kagome! I made a vow to Kikyo! Kagome always did have a problem with that.”
“You were in love with a ghost! Kagome has spent years by your side through hell and back! And how dare you! If you couldn’t love Kagome! They why did you tell her that you did?! Why did you even bother with the relationship at all?!”

“Because she was the closest thing to Kikyo I’d ever have.”

Gohan winces.

“Do you not hear the cruelty of your own words, Inuyasha?!”

Gohan laughs.

“Only further proving my point. You never deserved Kagome! OR KIKYO!”


Gohan nods to himself and slips into his SSL2 phase. He sends a few Ki blasts at Inuyasha as he’s coming right for him, Tessiaga in hand. Only this time, Gohan recognized the move.


He grits his teeth reflecting the move with a touch of his own energy behind it as well. Inuyasha catches this and quickly sends it back. The both of them continue this adding more and more power behind it each time it reflects.

“ENOUGH!” Inuyasha calls out with gritted teeth tired of the back and forth game to this.

Gohan’s eyes widen as he can feel the increasing power, coming from Inuyasha’s end.

“No…” Gohan grunts as he continues to try and push it back.

Both men have their teeth gritted and sweat running down their foreheads. It’s so strong. I can’t hold it much longer. Gohan drops to his knees giving it everything he had. The orb was twirling about between the two of them as they continued on. His forearms began to quiver and the orb was now inching its way closer to Gohan.

“Hmmm” Inuyasha hummed and died in laughter.

“I knew it! You’re so fucked! If she could only see you now! Tell me saiyan… How do you thinks she’s going to feel realizing she chose some pathetic love sick idiot as a mate! You should see yourself. ON your knees, bowing down before me! Just as it should be!”


“Not to worry once I rid of you. I plan on reminding her why she chose me first! And believe when I say I can be VERY convincing.”

“YOU’RE NOT TOUCHING HER!” Gohan roared as he painfully came back to his feet.

Every part of him was in agony. He was covered in sweat.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Gohan hollered out as he charged the orb right at Inuyasha, full force.

Inuyasha’s eyes grew wide and he quickly took his Tessaiga in both hands.

“NOOOOO!” Goku shouted from a distance seeing what was about to take place.

Gohan’s eyes rolled back and he hit the ground.


Goku was flying as fast as he could towards his son, but knew there was no way he’d make it in time.

NO! Goku thought as panic resided within him. The orb hit Gohan dead on. A cloud of dirt and debris filled the area.

“Gohan…” He swallowed back as he hovered over the area.

“And who are you?”

Goku turned towards Inuyasha. He too not only sensed Vegeta within him, but could hear his voice residing within Inuyasha’s.

“His father!” Goku bellows furiously.

Inuyasha laughs.

“You’ve come to meet the same fate?”

“It was you, wasn’t it?”

Inuyasha tilts his head ever so slightly with a look of amusement about him.

“The mark of Majin! You were the one controlling Vegeta all this time. The darkness that resided within him. That was your doing! It had to of been. With Majin and Babidi out of the picture… the mark of Majin should have disappeared. Vegeta should have regained control! But you took over. Didn’t you?! Because deep down… You know that you were no match for my son! And you knew Vegeta had just enough darkness within him, that he’d easily cave in. So what was it you promised him? More power?”

“Come on, Vegeta! I know you’re in there. Who’d have thought that you of all people would let anyone control you! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! First Babidi and now Inuyasha? Just how much of a coward are you?!”

Inuyasha lets out a laugh so deep, and demonic, even Goku gets chills running down his spine.

“You’re just as pathetic as your son! Vegeta is no more! I soaked him up like a sponge. Meet the new Prince of Saiyans and your demon GOD, Inuyasha Taishō’!”

Goku shakes his head.

“You’re no god of mine Inuyasha, or anyone else’s for that matter. You go on about how pathetic my son is… But he beat you! FAIR AND SQUARE! That’s what this is all about. Isn’t it?! My son wiped the floor with you! And you can’t even bear the thought! But even more so knowing that not only is my son stronger than you in every way! But that a certain girl only has eyes for him… That she will never look upon you the way she does Gohan!”

Inuyasha’s lip curls and he grinds his teeth together.

“SHUT IT, OLD MAN!” He shouts sending a flash of dark energy Goku’s way.

Goku merely cocks a brow and starts to rapidly fire Ki. It disperses off the energy coming Goku’s way. Parts if it hit nearby trees uprooting them. During this time Goku keeps his Ki levels small enough that he can focus on slipping into his level three state. He knew it was going to take a bit to gather what he needed. So for now it was about keeping Inuyasha distracted. But he had to act fast. Inuyasha’s had great power behind his attacks. Goku did his best to block, dodge the attempts, or reflect whenever he could.

This continued on as Goku paid close attention to Inuyasha’s every move. Inuyasha however narrowed his eyes. Due to him absorbing Vegeta he could sense the increasing power within Goku.

“Oh no you don’t!” Inuyasha shouted and pointed upon him directly.

Goku reared back as Inuyasha raised his hands.

“I NEED MOOOOORRRREEEEEEEEEE!” He greedily shrieks out.

The dark clouds that surrounded them started to swirl. The wind picked up.


“What the…” Goku’s eye darted another direction.


The dragon was heading right for Inuyasha.

“What’s he still doing here?”

Shenron had this disordered look about him. As if he hadn’t any control over his body whatsoever.

“NOOOOO!” Goku shouted as he took was absorbed within Inuyasha’s body.

Inuyasha cried out in agony. Yet his smile was great as he felt the power taking over.

Goku’s transformation took it’s course as he now stood at SSL3. But at the moment Inuyasha was becoming even more powerful than he.


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