Chapter 11: Back To The Beginning

Chapter 11

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A month later…

Kagome giggles as she and Gohan soar throughout the sky on the way home from school. Gohan grinned and watched as she twirled about throughout the air. Part of him kind of missed holding her on the way to and from school. Yet, he loved seeing her happy as she flew about without any assistance from Gohan. Shippo had been staying behind even more so as of late. So he could play with Trunks.

Another thing coming up was Goku and Bulma’s wedding tomorrow. Kagome had been helping Bulma and 18 plan and set up everything. They made plans to have it at the Kame house aka Master Roshi’s place. They wanted a beach wedding. Gohan thought it rather fitting considering it was Bulma and his father’s wedding.

Gohan zipped over and grabbed Kagome in midflight.

He chuckled as they twirled about. Gohan kissed her and whispered in her ear.

“We don’t have to go home right away, you know.”

“Oh, is that so?” She questioned sensing him.

He nodded and ran his hands along her skirt. He’d been dying to try this, but wanted Kagome to have the fullest experience in her flying abilities first. He kissed along her neck, whilst heading over to a more isolated area. Gohan hovered over the ground just enough to drop their bags. He then got a better hold of her and propelled further up into the air. Once he got to the desired height. He stopped and they merely floated about. Gohan lifted her skirt and ran his hand along her panties. She was already wet. He slid them over and slid in a couple of fingers. Kagome let out a moan as he fingered her. His movements became more vigorous as he felt his fingers becoming moist.

“Take them off, Kagome.” He said in a rather demanding yet pleading tone.

Gohan watched as she hovered back a bit and slipped them off. He swallowed back rather hard at the view before him. The wind was blowing her skirt just enough to give him the perfect view. She tossed her panties his way and he grinned. Gohan wiggled his brows and placed them in his pocket.

“I might keep those.”
“Gohan!” She scolded behind a giggle.

She was blushing however as he made his way over.

“You’re so beautiful, Kagome.”

He grabbed her with one hand and freed himself with the other. So just as he brought Kagome against him he was able to position her just right. She let out a whimper of pleasure as he fully entered. Her arms draped along his shoulders. Gohan had his hands planted firmly along her bare ass, as he moved her about him.

He couldn’t get over just how truly erotic this was. Kagome’s hair was wild, her skirt flapped about, and they were up in the clouds now as he heartily moved her about him. Gohan was so into the moment he wasn’t truly thinking. He reached over and ripped her blouse open. His eyes rather boggled at the view. Gohan welcomed himself to her breasts. He licked and sucked along her pink buds. Kagome arched back as he began to leave trails of kisses along her torso. His eyes rather widened however as she brought herself back up. Kagome was taking over as she wrapped herself around him even tighter. Her hips were rocking back and forth. Gohan gritted his teeth as she tore through his shirt. Her breasts were now pressed up against his bare chest. Her fingers were locked within his hair. And he felt the warmth of her lips traveling along his neck. He’d noticed that within the last month she was breaking out of that shell of hers. Around Gohan, Kagome was free to be herself. There was no more hiding or holding back. He could sense her letting go of all those old insecurities and fear that Inuyasha had built into her after so long. She trusted Gohan with every aspect of her life. Her hands ran along his chest and biceps, in marvel.

Gohan gripped her hips and spurred her on even.

“Keep going, Kagome!” He urged as he was almost there.

She felt so incredible, he never wanted to stop.

“Gohan.” She cried out and he felt her release.

Gohan eagerly kissed her as he wasn’t far behind. Once his tongue rolled along with hers, he grunted out in a finish as well. They continued to hover as they kissed. Kagome giggled as he left her lips but was softly kissing her neck just enough to cause it to tickle. He grinned once he heard her giggling but continued. Even as he landed with Kagome in his arms, they couldn’t break away from each other’s lips. He ended up backing her up against a tree. Hiking her leg up as this continued. Gohan at times wasn’t sure how they ever stopped. He caressed her cheek afterword.
“I suppose we better head back.”

She nodded as he handed her bag over.

“Um we might have to find a way to sneak into the house.”

They both blushed as it truly dawned on them now. Both of their shirts were ripped and they were exposed. They let out nervous laughter in thought.

“I’ll figure it out somehow.” Gohan says as they take off in flight.

Gohan stops at the spring.

“Wait here. I’ll get us some clothes real quick.”

She nods as he rushes off. Within minutes he returns, clothes in hand.

As they get dressed they laugh off and on about the situation.

“We really should start packing some sort of backups.” Gohan hints.

“Maybe you should stop ripping my clothes, Gohan.”
He grins as he takes her panties out from his pocket.

“And did you not rip my shirt as well?” He inquires as he hands them back and she slips them on.
She blushes and shakes her head. Once they’re dressed, Gohan discards of their torn clothing. He takes her hand as they head on home.

Bulma was currently in town with 18 working out the last minute preparations of the wedding set for tomorrow. Goku was watching Chibi Trunks and Shippo playing some sort of video game.

“Hey! How was school?!” Goku called out as he saw them walk passed Trunk’s room.

“It wasn’t bad!” Gohan called out.

Kagome broke into a giggle as she peeked into the room. Shippo had his tongue sticking out as he mashed down on the buttons the controller.

“Rats!” Shippo called out as Trunks beat him.

Trunks had his fist in a air pumping motion. Shippo threw down his controller in a hissy fit.

“Shippo…” Kagome warned.
His eyes darted her way shamefully and his tail shifted about. Goku chuckled.

“You really should control that temper of yours.”
“Temper? What temper?” He scoffs and folds his arms about his chest.

“You’re just mad cause I beat you fair and square! Three to five!” Trunk adds with pride.

“Hmmm… I gotta go get my tux. You mind watching after the boys while I run to town real quick?” Goku asked Kagome.

“Not at all.”

He smiled.


“I’ll bring back some take out. So don’t worry about cooking. You and Bulma have the night off. We got plenty to do tomorrow.”

Goku hops up from the boys’ bed and dashes out of the room.


“Are you and Gohan going to have a wedding on the beach as well?”

Kagome’s eyes rather widen in thought.

“Ummm… I think we still have sometime to think about that.”
“I just wanna know!”

She lets out a nervous laugh.

“Well we aren’t even engaged yet and…”
“But you’re sleeping together.”
Kagome’s jaw drops. Her entire face turns vibrantly red.

“What’s that have to do with anything?” Trunks innocently asks.

“My mommy and papa Goku sleep together all the time and they’re not married! They will be tomorrow though!”

“Do you even know what that means?” Shippo asked.

“DO YOU?!” Kagome ask rather high pitched her eyes as big as saucers.

“Well sure I do it’s when…” Truth of the matter was he hadn’t a real clue. Just ideas… But he loved to give Kagome a hard time.

Kagome rushes over and hurriedly covers his mouth.
“Maybe this should be discussed in private.”

He starts to mutter against the palm of her hand as she rushes out of the room. Kagome slams her door shut in a panic and sits Shippo down on her bed. He grins and wags his tail.
“You have to watch what you say around Trunks! He’s younger than you, you know!”

He shrugs.

“Are you and Gohan going to have a baby too?!” He taunts.

He dies in laughter.

“You’re too funny Kagome!”
“And you’re a rotten little…”
He flickers his tail about.

“Little what?”
Kagome breaks into a grin and shakes her head.

“You really are terrible!”

Shippo laughs.

“Can I go now?”

“Fine, just go.”

“Are you mad at me?”
She shakes her head and that grin turns into laughter.

“No but you really are the worst!”

He chuckles and vanishes right before her eyes. She rolls hers as the door opens and he exits.

Kagome groans to herself as she plops down on the bed. She stared at the ceiling and thought about her Grandfather, Mom, and little brother. She truly wondered if she’d ever see them or her friends again.

She rolled over, seeing Gohan at the door.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded but had that sad look about her face. Gohan entered the room and lay down beside her. He pulled her into his chest and merely held her. He wasn’t sure what else to do. He could sense her though and wanted to help in whatever way he could. Sometimes the only way he knew how was to just be there.

Kagome stepped out and of the room and Gohan froze. She was in her dress for the wedding. Her hair was gorgeously pinned back. And she was wearing a bright blue dress with a white sash bow tied in the back. He rubbed the back of his neck and merely gawked in a stupor.

His father nudged him and chuckled.

“Well say something son.”
Gohan swallowed back, trying to think.

“And shouldn’t you be in your tux about now as well?”

Gohan nodded but was still in a trance as he stared upon Kagome. Goku sighs seeing as how his son was stuck.

“You look nice Kagome!” Goku throws out.

His son’s entire face flushes over.

“Well you weren’t saying anything.”
Kagome smiled.

“Thank you!”

Goku nodded. He nudged his son once more as he fixed his bowtie.

“Um yeah, Kagome. You look amazing!”

She smiles.


He nods and his father dies in laughter and walks away.
“What?!” Gohan hisses as Goku grabs his jacket.

“I worry about you sometimes son. That’s all.”
“Errr why?!”

“I just do! I’ll see you guys at the wedding! I better get up there.”

“Umm ok. Good luck dad!”
“Thanks son! Make sure you get there on time. Trunks, Kagome and Gohan are in charge. So you listen to whatever they tell you to do. And you three need to get ready!” Goku points to Trunks, Gohan, and Shippo. They all have this look of guilt about their faces.

Once Goku exits the house, Kagome turns to the boys.

“Well you heard him! Off you go!”

Trunks and Shippo groan to themselves and bitterly strut off to their room. Gohan hadn’t heard a word she said. He was too busy ogling still.


He blinked a couple times but that was it.



“Your tux!”
“What about it?”
“GET… IT… ON!”
“ERM ok!”

He hurriedly takes off and Kagome giggles to herself. She sighs hearing the boys arguing in the room as they were getting ready. She knocked on the door, before stepping inside. She stifled a giggle as Shippo was trying to help Trunks get his suit on but the vest was on backwards.

“Would you just hold still?!” Shippo ordered as Trunks was unsteady on his feet.

“Here allow me!”
Kagome helped the boys finish getting ready. Once she was done she heard the clearing of a throat. She turned and saw Gohan leaning against the doorway. Now she was the one gawking. She nodded and rose to her feet as she had been crouched over helping the boys. Kagome walked over to Gohan and fixed his bowtie. After she was done, she admirably ran a hand along his tux.

“You look very handsome, Gohan.” She said behind a blush.

His eyes widened a bit.

“Eh, I do?!”
She nodded rather shyly.

“Ugh, now they’re gonna start kissing!” Chibi Trunks complained.

“EWWWW!” Him and Shippo chorused as Kagome got on her tippy toes and kissed Gohan.

He was kissing her in return and running his hands along the slope of her back.

“OK you two, break it up! That’s gross!” Kagome laughs at Trunks comment.

Gohan sighs and looks over to the boys.

“One day you’ll be singing a different tune.”

They both wrinkle their noses.

“Not me!” Trunks scoffs.

“Yeah me either!”

They laugh.

“Should we record this for future evidence?”
Gohan winks at the boys.

“Oh, definitely!”

“We better go.” Kagome says reading the text Bulma had sent her.

She was asking where the HELL they were.

Once they arrive the guests were already taking their seats. Kagome double checked on the boys suits before they took their seats. She gasped out however and whipped around smacking Oolong in the face. He’d just crawled up her dress and pinched her ass.

“How many times to I have to tell you?!”

Gohan shakes his head.

“You should know better by now!” Gohan scolds.

Kagome fixes her dress and cuts Oolong a go to hell look. He wiggles his brows and Gohan grits his teeth.

“Oolong!” He calls out as he takes off running under the white benches.

“Don’t you even think about it!” Kagome snaps at Master Roshi before he even has a chance.

“I was just going to hug you!” He says with a wounded expression.

Kagome swallows back with guilt.

“Oh well ok then.”

Just as she goes in for the hug he squeezes one of her breasts. Gohan reaches over and takes his fist to Roshi’s head. His eyes swirl about and he goes to bury his face into Kagome’s chest. Gohan picks him up and sits him next to Oolong.

“Knock it off, both of you!”

“Oh baby!” Master Roshi says seeing that he’d exposed her.

Kagome’s jaw drops and she hurriedly fixes her dress.

“I’ll deal with you two baka’s later!” Gohan warns.

Kagome hurriedly sat down looking downright murderous. Gohan went to say something on this but the music started, indicating the wedding was. The guests rose, all but Gohan. Kagome looked back in wonder. He had this odd look about his face. Gohan was reaching to his temples.

“Gohan?” Kagome whispered in concern, as Bulma made her way down the aisle.

He wasn’t the only one sensing whatever it was. Goku did his best not to show it. He didn’t want to alarm their guests or Bulma as she made her way down. Once Bulma made her way down everyone seated. That’s when Kagome noticed the massive dark clouds off to the distance. Gohan had already taken notice. He also noticed that all plant life around that area was dying.


He nodded. Goku nodded towards his son. Gohan was shocked that his father was continuing with the ceremony. This thing he was sensing was so strong… so dark… so familiar… Goku wanted to hurry and seal the deal with Bulma nevertheless first, then deal with whatever was coming. He figured they had more than enough time. So far the only ones to even take notice were Gohan, Goku, and Kagome. The other guests hadn’t even taken notice. The wind picked up a bit and the weather was dropping. Kagome grabbed Shippo and Trunks and placed them in her lap.

The ceremony began and to Gohan’s surprise his dad and Bulma were just about done their vows. Then the one question came that always does at any wedding. The preacher looked out to the guests.

“If any of you have any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.”
The entire room gasped out as a sudden gust of wind blew throughout the area.

“You really thought you steal them right out from under me, Kakarot?!’

“…no…” Gohan gasped out and shot up from his seat.


“GET OVER HERE WOMAN!” Vegeta demanded.

“NO!” Bulma snapped.

“Very well, I’ll just take matters into my own hands.”

He zips over and slams Goku back before he even had a change to grab Bulma. Goku went flying back.


Kagome gasped out as Vegeta appeared before her. He yanked Trunks right out from her lap. Just as Vegeta went to backhand her Gohan grabbed her, and Shippo, and shoved them behind him. Vegeta died in laughter.

“Like father like son…” Vegeta uttered menacingly.

“GOHAN!” Shippo cried out.

Gohan whipped around, seeing Inuyasha face to face for the first time. He had Shippo by the scruff of his neck. Kagome had been knocked out and was flipped over Inuyasha’s shoulder. Inuyasha merely grinned and nodded Gohan’s way.

He then took his Tenseiga and drove it into the earth. A massive bright light filled the area around them. The guests screamed out in horror as the earth spilt the area they were in, in half.

“Kagome!” Gohan shouted as all he could make out was the bright light.

Kagome shot up, sucking back a breath of air.

“Kagome!” Shippo clung onto her hugging her for dear life.

She scooped him up and wrapped her arms around him. Inuyasha was already staring them down, as he sat before a fire, he’d built.

“Are you warm?”

Kagome and Shippo look to Inuyasha oddly as this came from his lips.

She wasn’t even sure how to act or what to say. Inuyasha came to a stand and Shippo clung to Kagome even tighter the closer he came. Inuyasha knelt down before them and cupped Kagome’s chin.

“Are you hurt?”

She shook her head. Confusion washed over her and her heart was racing. Inuyasha nodded and rose back up.

“You should eat then get some rest. We have a ways to go.”

He turns his back to them and makes his way back to his post.


He lifted his eyes towards her. She looked around realizing they were back in the feudal era now. She swallowed back and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. This was exactly what she and Gohan feared. She lowered her head and couldn’t control the tears that formed within her eyes. Inuyasha shot back up and rushed over.

“It’s ok. We’re together again, Kagome. Nothing’s going to take you away from me. Not ever again!”

She looked upon Inuyasha as if he’d lost his mind. He reached over with a hint of a smile. He caressed her cheek.

“Don’t you touch her! She’s mated to someone else!” Shippo shouts, shaking his fist at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha sighs.

“What are you blabbing about now Shippo?” Inuyasha scoffs.

“He’s coming for us! Just you wait, Inuyasha! He’s going to make you pay for hurting Kagome! And he’s a lot stronger than you!”

“No one’s stronger than me!”

“OH yes he is! He’s bigger too! And Kagome says he’s got a sword bigger than the Tenseiga!”

“Shippo!” Kagome scolds in disbelief.

“Nothing’s bigger than the Tenseiga!”
“Oh yeah! Well Kagome says that yours is more like a nail file in comparison!”

Kagome couldn’t believe the things Shippo was saying. Where did he learn to talk like that? Inuyasha grits his teeth and goes to backhand Shippo. Kagome darts over and takes the intended hit.

“DAMMIT! Now, why’d you go and do that for?!” Inuyasha shouts and he promptly helps her back to her feet.


“That was meant for you, idiot!”

“He’s not an idiot. And you shouldn’t be hitting him either! I always HATED THAT! He’s just a kid, Inuyasha!”
Inuyasha half laughs and rolls his eyes.

“There’s no need to be calling him names either!”

“No, not whatever! You never once cared about my feelings, much less his.”

“And why do you care so much, Kagome?!”

Kagome opens her arms for Shippo. He leaps into them and snuggles up against her. He eyes Inuyasha ruefully.

“So this is how you react to seeing me after all this time?! I don’t even get a thank you for saving my life. You haven’t even said that you missed me! Don’t I at least get a hug or a kiss even?”
“Saving me?” She says behind laughter.
“Is that what you call that? Saving me?!”

She grits her teeth.

“What exactly were you saving me from Inuyasha? Love?”

He snaps his attention back towards her.

“Love?” He says in a certain tone.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Inuyasha starts towards them violently. Kagome locks eyes with his as her energy bow appears. Her arrow was already aimed for him.

“Don’t come any closer!”
He half laughs.

“Where’d you learn to do that?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just know it’s going to hurt like hell!”

He rolls his eyes and starts towards her anyhow. Kagome fires and it hits Inuyasha dead center in the sternum. His eyes widen as he sees a perfectly round hole in his chest, where the arrow went through.

“KAGOME!” Inuyasha shouts behind gritted teeth.

He takes off after them. Pain coursing through him with each move he made. Kagome flew as fast as she could, but the atmosphere was different here somehow. It felt heavier. It was harder to keep her energy and she felt herself weakening the longer she flew.

“Kagome?” Shippo questioned with alarm seeing the tired look in her eyes.

“Just a bit further, Shippo.” She said doing her best to get as far away from Inuyasha as possible.

She was using up every bit of energy she had, just to stay afloat. Kagome finally found what she deemed to be a good place to hide. She landed in a nearby forest and started towards the cave, she’d seen from above.

“Kagome! Shippo!” Gohan shot up and shuffled about, gathering his surroundings.

He narrowed his eyes and walked around in a complete circle.

“Where am I?”

Gohan reached up and caught a cherry blossom that had been floating through the air. He breathed it in and closed his eyes. He could sense Kagome. He could sense her confusion, anger, determination, and love.

“Hold on you two. I’m on my way…” He whispered and opened his eyes once more.

He let go of the flower and took off the direction it came from.

Bulma groaned out, reaching to her temples.

“Mommy!” Chibi Trunks cried as he used his tiny hands to stir her.

“Mommy, please wake up.” He pleaded, with tears in his eyes.

Bulma blinked a few times, before truly grasping what had taken place. She rose up, instantly pulling little Trunks into her arms.

“Oh Trunks sweetie, are you alright?”

He nodded.

“Where are we?!”

She looked around wondering the same thing. She saw nothing but trees and what looked to be a river not too far off.

“You know… I haven’t a clue.” She admitted as she came to her feet.

Bulma took in a breath, and started the direction, towards the river.

“And where do you think you’re going.” She swallowed back at the familiar voice.

She turned around and sure enough he was standing there. His arms were folded about his chest. The marking of Majin on his forehead, which she’d never seen before. But it was Vegeta, nevertheless, and he was already in full on super saiyan two mode.

“What is this place?” Oolong inquired.

Goku shrugged with his hands about his hips.

“I’m not sure. But I need to find Bulma, and Trunks, and fast.

“Easy now…”

He gritted his teeth as his forehead stung all to hell. He blinked a few times as he came too. Once his eyes adjusted he saw a gorgeous woman tending to his wounds. She smiled and placed a nice cool wash cloth to his forehead.

“Who…” He swallows back and clears his throat.

“Who are you?”

“You first.”

“The name’s Yamcha.”

“Gohan..” Kagome tiredly called out. She felt an arm wrapped around her waist and someone pressed right up against her.

“Gohan?!” Only she knew just by the touch alone, it wasn’t him.

Her eyes flew open and she quickly rolled over.


“Who did you call me?!”

“Get off me!”

He reared back.

“What’s your problem?! And who the hell is, Gohan?!”

Kagome reaches out and starts to push Inuyasha away from her.

“You sure are acting strange, Kagome!”

“Me?” She scoffs in disbelief.

“I’m acting strange?!”
“That’s right! You’re acting as if you don’t even want me around! I can’t believe you shot me! And how’d you do that?! And since when do you fly?!”

“GET OFF HER!” Shippo shouted and was using his tiny hands to try and push Inuyasha away from her.

“ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!” Kagome gasped out as he crawled over her and pinned her wrists down.

“STOP IT, INUYASHA!” Shippo yelled and took his fists to Inuyasha’s back.

“I want to know what’s going on! AND I WANT TO KNOW NOW!” He demanded.

“You’re the one acting strange!” She fires back.

“Do you honestly not remember anything?!”


“Do you not remember trying to KILL ME AND SHIPPO?!”

Inuyasha narrows his eyes.

“Kill you?!” He scoffs and half laughs.

Shippo and Kagome look upon one another confused.

“Why would I do that Kagome?” He asked sincerely, whilst caressing her cheek.

“Inuyasha?” She practically whimpered with confusion.

“Kagome…” He uttered as if in longing.

Her eyes grew wide as he kissed along her neck, and then made his way towards her lips. Shippo’s jaw dropped. Sure he’d seen them kiss before. But Inuyasha was never ever one to act like this. He was being… romantic?!

Kagome however recoiled before he could kiss her. She shut her eyes and tears streamed down them.

“WHAT’S WITH YOU?!” He barked.

“Isn’t this what you always wanted?!” He says growing with fury.

His grip on her wrists tightened. He pressed himself against her cruelly.


“I KNEW IT!” Shippo shouted.

“You’re still the same, Inuyasha! YOU BIG JERK!”
Inuyasha swatted at him and Shippo went flying back against the cave wall. He sat up with a big goose egg forming on top of head.


Inuyasha gritted his teeth. He shook his head as if trying to shake something off. Kagome gasped back as his eyes momentarily flickered to that of crimson red. He cleared his throat and they went back to normal.

“Please, Inuyasha. You don’t understand.”

“And what is it I need to understand?!”

His nails were digging into her wrists now. Kagome flinched with pain. As she stared into Inuyasha’s eyes, she was focusing.

“Are you going to tell me or not?!” He asks impatiently.

“KAGOME!” He shouts in her face.
She sends out a blast of Ki. It sends Inuyasha flying back. Kagome hurriedly crawls over towards Shippo and picks him up. She quickly crawls out of the cave. Once she’s outside, she comes to her feet, and starts to run. She yelps out though as Inuyasha appears before her.

“Where do you think you’re going?! AND HOW ARE YOU DOING ALL THIS?!”

She takes a few steps back and gets more of a protective hold on Shippo.

Her jaw dropped though as she noticed the satchel that was strapped onto Inuyasha’s waist. It was filled with the dragonballs that had the jewel shards. She found herself wondering if he had them all now, including the ones she and Gohan had collected.

He does that thing once again as if shaking something off. His eyes flickered to the crimson shade once more. He zipped over and backs her up against a tree.

“You love me don’t you, Kagome?!”

She shakes her head.




“BECAUSE I LOVE GOHAN!” Her eyes widen and she quickly covers her mouth.

Inuyasha gets right in her face.

“Whoever this Gohan is… He will meet the same fate as Koga! Anyone that dares to stand in my way will surely DIE! ONLY THIS TIME YOU WILL WATCH AS I RIP HIM APART, KAGOME!” He slams her back and yanks Shippo out of her hold. Koga? Wait… Inuyasha killed Koga? So he lied to me?!


Kagome’s hands ball up and she starts to hover off the ground.

“YOU TOOK KOGA’S LIFE?!” She yells vengefully.

She grits her teeth and sails right for Inuyasha. She knocks him back against another tree and Shippo plummets down.


“BUT!” Shippo goes to argue.

“YOU DO AS I SAY NOW!” He nods with a quivery lip. Shippo takes off running as quick as his little legs would allow.

Inuyasha starts laughing.

“So I see somebody wants to play!”

He shoves her back off him and soars right for Shippo, with his Tenseiga in hand. Kagome rolls over just in time and swipes Inuyasha’s ankle taking him down to the ground. He grins demonically and cranks his head her direction.

“You’re a lot faster than I remember!”

She nods and dusts herself off as she comes to her feet.

“So…” He twirls his Tenseiga about.

“This is what it’s come down to? You and me?”

They walked in a circle formation eyeing one another. Inuyasha tilted his head about rather intimidatingly. He sheathes his sword.

“You honestly think you can take me, Kagome?”

She swallows back but nods. Anything to keep him away from Shippo. She thought to herself. I need to keep him distracted. I’ll do whatever it takes.

And even though she knew, she didn’t stand a chance. Kagome sucked back a breath and stood her ground.

“Yes! Yes I can!”

He dies in laughter. Within the matter of seconds, he’s standing directly before her. She finds herself blocking blow after blow. He wasn’t holding back. She staggered back doing her best to defend herself. He appears behind her and uses both hands to shove her down. He then leaps over her as she’s trying to crawl back to her feet. He grabs a handful of her hair and forces her back against him.

“You little whore!” He says as everything was coming back to him now. His head was clearer than ever.

“You gave yourself to him, didn’t you?!”

She gasps back as he pressed his knee up against her back.

“That wasn’t yours to give, KAGOME! YOU BELONG TO ME! LOVE?! THAT WAS NEVER AN OPTION FOR YOU!” He flips her around.

And before she realizes what’s truly going on. Inuyasha’s got her by the hair and is dragging her towards a very familiar area. The very tree in which she first discovered Inuyasha, The Tree of Ages…

He forces her up against the tree. He takes out his Tenseiga and plunges it into the soil around the tree. Roots began to rise from beneath. They continue to rise and start to wrap around Kagome and the tree.

“Inuyasha…” She calls out in disbelief.

“Ironic isn’t it?! What was it we called this tree? The sacred tree?” He scoffs.

The roots continue to wrap around Kagome’s arms, legs, chest, and waist. She groans out as it becomes more and more constricting.

“I knew there was a reason behind all this. There is only one reason and one only! If I want Kikyo back! It has to be through you! There is no other way. You’re the reincarnation! All Kikyo needs is a host! You almost had me fooled, Kagome. There was a moment I thought you were the one! You even had me feeling somewhat guilty that I wished uphold my vows to Kikyo! You always were jealous of her! You just couldn’t stand that I LOVED HER! I never loved you, Kagome! NOT ONCE! The only part of you I loved, was the small glimpse of Kikyo that resided within you! It’s like I said when I first met you! You could NEVER BE HER! You’re not near as pretty or smart! Hell, you’re not even as strong as her! You’re nothing more than an embarrassment and I’m sure that’s how she will feel once she’s residing within you!

“Inuyasha…” Kagome uttered with a broken heart.


Her jaw drops as he opens the satchel the dragonballs come out of the bag. All seven… Kagome thought feeling ill of a sudden.

“I’m going to use these to bring her back! That’s right! You thought you could trick me didn’t you, Kagome?! I knew if I was patient and waited long enough. You’d do all the work for me! You and that pathetic mate of yours! What do you see in him anyhow? He’s comical if anything! All that mushy, wishy washy, love nonsense? I mean honestly, I can’t believe you fell for that. He’s nothing in comparison to me! I’m stronger! FASTER! And he’s clearly a loser! A wimp at that! He made it so easy! I swiped you both right out from under his nose. How pathetic is he?! That’s who you chose as a mate?! YOU’RE an even bigger IDIOT!”

He laughs seeing the tears streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong, Kagome? You honestly thought I cared didn’t you?! You thought I loved you!” He reaches to his gut in laughter.





He makes his way over and roughly cups her chin, forcing her to face him.
“You loved me didn’t you, Kagome?! You hoped I would be your mate?!”

She recoils.

“Admit it! Part of you still loves me! Because that’s just who you are! You’re weak! You’ll always be weak. As to why you ended up with a puny mate! A saiyan as you say. HA! Kikyo would have never been so foolish!”

“I’M NOOOOOOOOOT KIKYO!” She screams out on top of her lungs.


Inuyasha stumbled back in disbelief as the roots around her were starting to crack. Kagome’s teeth were gritted and her entire body was shaking. Her face was a nice shade of red. Tears continued to run down her face. He snapped back as the dragonballs began to rise.


Kagome’s head swayed about as they continued to rise.


The balls were starting to have a silver light form around them. Inuyasha swiftly reached back and struck her across the face. Kagome’s eyes rolled back and the balls came plummeting down. Inuyasha grunted out as someone grabbed him and tossed him aside.


“Kagome… please, wake up.”

He swallowed back and his heart sank. She was covered in cuts and bruises. Just as when his father first found Kagome. He wiped the streak of blood that was dripping from her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Kagome. I tried to get to you sooner.”


Gohan’s upper lip curled and he brought his hand back down. It balled up into a fist. He slowly turned. His green eyes locked onto his crimson ones.

“She’s mine, saiyan!”

Gohan smirks at this and rolls his head about his shoulders.

“You gotta go through me first, Inuyasha…” He darkly replied.

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