Chapter 1 No Place Like Home

The Fusion Dance


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This takes place during the Buu Saga of DBZ… I’m not following the exact story line though, but things will be sorted out and explained throughout the story. Noncanon couples by the way such as Gohan/Kagome, Trunks/Videl, Bulma/Goku… Like I said everything is to be explain I will say this much before you read. Chi Chi has left Goku and Gohan and Vegeta walked out on Trunks and Bulma. You’ll find out in the story as to why Bulma and Goku ended up together. (as it should have freaking been!) Sorry, I can’t stand Chi Chi. Keep in mind I’m crossing over Inuyasha and DBZ so DBZ will keep some of it’s usual humor, but it will tend to be darker than usual. Any Inuyasha fan knows just how dark it can get. The Dragonball Universe isn’t quite so used to the darkness that world can bring, but they’re soon to find out!


“No Inuyasha!”

“Just give me the damn jewel shard, Kagome!”

“Would you just try to trust me?”
Shippo, Miroku and Sango catch up to them just in time to see what was taking place.

“No Inuyasha!” Shippo shouts and stands before Kagome protectively.

“This isn’t who you are. You don’t want to hurt Kagome! Please Inuyasha, remember who you are! What she means to you! She was only trying to help. You weren’t being yourself. You were letting the jewel shard influence you, the demon take over!”

“It’s WHO I AM!” Inuyasha yells.

He points to Kagome irately.
“And she’s trying to keep it away from me! She wants me weak! SAY IT KAGOME! SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!”

She flinches.

“Come on Inuyasha you’re scaring her! You’ve been scaring her. She no longer trusts you.”
Kagome takes in a breath.
“Sit boy.” She says softly and halfheartedly. Inuyasha laughs.

“You can’t stand it, can you?! It no longer works!”

His blood red eyes were beginning to fade as his body was now beginning to realize, he was no longer a full fleshed demon.

“You just couldn’t stand it! That I loved her too! That I had to honor my vow to her!”
“Inuyasha…” Kagome whimpered with tears in her eyes.

“That was never what this was about. I just wanted the Inuyasha I knew back.”


“NOOOOOOOO!” Shippo, Miroku, and Sango shout as Inuyasha backhands Kagome.

Kagome falls into the well and hits her head. The jewel shard within her hand falls and shatters. Shippo and Inuyasha dive into the well. Inuyasha after the shards. Shippo after Kagome. Only the three of them vanish.

Miroku and Sango look to one another confused, as they try to follow only to be left behind.

Chapter 1

“No Place Like Home.”

The girl whimpers out in his hold as he heads back to the house. He hummed to himself and headed into his son’s room. He placed the girl on his bed and exited the room. From there he started supper.

“Who’s the girl?”

He shrugs as he starts some rice.

“I’m not sure. I found her out in the wilderness. She was asleep.” He replies with a shrug.

“You hungry?”


They turn towards the door.

“Oh hey son!”

He does slight wave as he comes in with a towel wrapped around his waist. Gohan was returning from swimming in the nearby spring. He heads on to his room. Both men stop eating momentarily as they hear two simultaneous shrieks.

“Oh yeah, by the way son we have a guest!” The man goes back to shoving rice in his mouth. The shorter one starts laughing.

Meanwhile, upstairs…

“Where…” Kagome starts to say and looks around the room.

She shields her eyes from the now naked man before her. His eyes widen and he looks down feeling a draft. This nervous sound escapes his throat and he quickly covers his package with his hands. A blush spread across his cheeks and nose.

“Where am I? And why are you naked?!”

There’s a girl in my room? Why’s there a girl in my room? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh man and I’m naked?!

The shorter man downstairs overheard this and his jaw dropped. The other man kept shoving food down as if he hadn’t heard a word.

“…eh?…” The man finally replied.

Oh no why does she have to be so pretty? Her skirt isn’t helping matters. I can see her panties! Why do I feel so hot all a sudden? I just came back from swimming! Don’t do it Gohan! Grrrrr, I can’t control this odd sensation coming over my entire body. What’s wrong with me?! Gohan winces as he feels his own arousal hitting against his hands that was shielding his dick. His eyes flicker a bit as he feels the excitement hitting. OH MAN I’M A PERV!

“That’s all you got to say for yourself? Is eh?”

Kagome jumps off the bed. She rushes down the stairs that leads straight to the kitchen. She freezes seeing the other two men.

“Hi!” The man with the spikey black hair waves.

Kagome’s eyes widen.

“I’m Goku and this is Krillin!”

She backs up on the staircase confused as to where she is. Only she backs up too much and falls back against the younger man.

“And that’s my son Gohan, but you two have already met. Hungry?!”

Gohan quickly helps brace her back up and backs away.


Kagome rushes downstairs and out the door. She looks around in panic.

“Where am I?” She utters bewildered.

“Inuyasha? Shippo?” She calls out and takes a few steps away from the house.

She looks around for the well completely lost. Kagome reaches to her head and staggers back.

“…Inuyasha…?” She practically whimpers feeling slightly fearful now.

“Is everything alright?”

She turns back to see Goku at the doorway. She shakes her head and takes a few steps away from him.

“Easy now…” He raises his hands in the air.

“You’re in no danger here, I can assure you.”

“Wh… Where am I?” She questions with a quivery voice.

“Earth…” Goku declares with a shrug.

She shakes her head looking around.

“Which earth?”

Kagome takes a few more steps back and the area around her begins to spin.

“Uh oh…” Goku hurriedly makes his way over and braces her against him.

He leads her back inside and sits her down at the table.

“You need nourishment.” He slides a bowl of rice across the table and some tea.

She shuts her eyes for a moment with this sad look to her face.

“Have you seen my friends?”

They each look to her as they shovel rice down their throats. Gohan was doing his best not to stare. He couldn’t help, but to think she was awfully pretty. He felt bad though she looked as though she could cry at any given moment. Goku clears his throat and downs his tea before he answers.

“There was no one else around when I found you. You have quite a bump on your noggin by the way. You should get some ice on that.”

Kagome brings her hand to the back of her head and winces. Gohan hops up and gets a readymade ice pack from the freezer. He makes his way back over and hands it to her.

“…thank you…” She replies rather timidly.

Kagome groans out a bit and winces as he places the ice back on the back of her head. Her hand trembles as she picks up her chopsticks. She lifts her eyes towards the men at the table. They rapidly begin to stuff their faces and look busy.

The little one they called Krillin looks over curiously.

“And what’s your name? You know, in case your friends come looking for you?” His voice was a bit raspy in comparison to the other two men.


“And what are your friend’s names? Maybe we can help get the word out?” Goku asks politely.

“Inuyasha, Shippo, Sango, M…” She drops her chopsticks getting rice everywhere as the memory was beginning to hit.

“I… I’m sorry.” She swiftly cleans up her mess.

Kagome lets out a huffy breath. They watch curiously as she forces herself to eat. She keeps her head down the entire time. Once she’s done eating. She lifts her head back up.

“Thank you, sir.”

“No problem. Would you like some more?”

“No thank you.”

“Well make yourself at home. After supper we can go swimming!” Goku looks to his plate.

“Huh, well what do you know I’m all done?!” Kagome’s jaw drops as he strips down to his boxers and runs outside.

Gohan groans out, covering his face of embarrassment. Krillin does this nervous laugh thing and takes off outside. Gohan rises and starts to gather the dishes. Kagome comes to her feet as well and begins to help.
“You don’t have to do that I got it.”

“Please, I feel as though I’ve obligated your family enough.”

Gohan half smiles and folds his arms about his chest as he leans against the counter. Kagome blushed and quickly looked away remembering how she’d just seen him naked. The guy certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, making this even more uncomfortable for her, since she found him attractive. Inuyasha however hit her like sack of bricks and so did the guilt. Her hands became fists though as she thought of him. She shouldn’t feel guilt! He even admitted to her he loved kikyo. Inuyasha didn’t love her. She wanted to blame the shards and what they made him become. Deep down she knew the Inuyasha she once loved was gone. He’d been gone for sometime. She stuck around and did everything within her power in mere hopes of bringing him back.


She lifts her head towards Gohan.

“Where exactly are you from?”

She takes in a deep breath and tells him about her friends, her two worlds, the well, and about her family back home. Gohan couldn’t fathom half the things that he was hearing. But he now understood why she looked so broken. Here she was ripped away from any normal way of life she had known. She was in a strange place filled with strangers. She hadn’t any friends or family here and she wasn’t sure how to get back to either of her realms.

They look up as Goku and Krillin come in soaking wet.

“You guys should have joined us. The water was great!” Goku announces with a beam.

Gohan rubs the back of his neck and shrugs.

“Why don’t you show her to the guest room son? Feel free to stay as long as you need! We’ve got plenty of room.”

“Thank you…” She said feeling awkward.

Gohan nods and he heads that way. Kagome follows behind stepping over the water tracks Goku and Krillin were leaving behind. The room had a bed, nightstand with a lamp, the sheets were navy blue. Kagome looked down to her clothes in thought. Her green skirt was torn and her white school shirt was no longer white as it had remains of dirt on it.

“Um…” Gohan noticed this as well.

He rubs the back of his neck and gets that uncomfortable look about him.

“I’ll go see what I got.” He suggests and takes off.

Kagome sighs in defeat. She hadn’t a clue what was going on or where anyone was. She looked out the window in thought.


I’m sorry Inuyasha I was only trying to help.


Please Inuyasha, you don’t mean that. It’s this power… it’s done something to you! I think this was a big mistake! You’re not yourself!



She remembered how his eyes were crimson red. His nails were even sharper than usual. His fangs were more pronounced. She shuddered at the memory.

Inuyasha, I think it’d be better if we just find a way to get the shard out now.

The look he gave her…The hatred in his eyes. The way he shook all over… The way he…


Kagome jumped and jarred back knocking over the nightstand. The lamp on top of the nightstand shattered and she shrieked out.


Goku said as he looked her in the eyes.

“It’s ok Kagome… You’re safe…”

Gohan had seen the entire scene as well. He had a pile of clothes in his hold he thought might fit her.

Goku nods towards his son and exits the room. He goes to get Kagome a glass of water. Only he stops once he gets to the fridge. He sees a puffy beige tail wagging back and forth. Goku crouches down his level eyeing him puzzled. The little guy jumps and gets in a fighting stance. He had a stalk of ham hanging out of his mouth. Goku slightly tilts his head.

“I… I’m sorry sir. I know this is wrong. I don’t mean to steal from you, but I’m lost and hungry.”

“Um well ok… you’re not going to eat all of that though, are you?”

“K… Kagome…?” The little guy whimpers out looking directly behind Goku.



He rushes up to her and Kagome hunkers down and scoops him up.

“Kagome…” He says happily and hugs her.

He cries into her shoulder.

“I couldn’t find you! I was so worried! Oh Kagome, I thought the worst!”

Kagome gently pats his back.

“I’m glad to see you too Shippo. I’m glad you’re ok.”

Kagome wanted to cry along with him. She took in a breath and did her best to console him. Goku nodded in thought and had his son and Krillin follow him outside to give the two some privacy.

Once the men were gone, Kagome placed Shippo back down. He wiped his eyes and went back to gnawing on the ham. Kagome shut the fridge.

“I thought he really did it this time! I thought…”

“Shh… just relax Shippo.” She gathered him the tiniest glass they had of water.

“Thank you.” He said and sniffled back.

“Is he here?” He says looking around as if in fear.

“No it’s just us.”
He takes in a breath of relief.

“I know you think he can change, but he won’t! He doesn’t want to Kagome. Inuyasha! He just keeps hurting you!”

She flinches and looks down with that sad look returning to her face.

“Kagome… I personally hope we never see him again!”
“NO! He doesn’t deserve you! He’s so mean!”

“It’s not his fault! It’s the shard once it was complete…”
“Come on Kagome! We got the shard out and he still went after you! HE HIT YOU I SAW IT KAGOME AND IT WASN”T THE FIRST TIME! You think I don’t notice these things! BUT I DO! I pay attention you know! SO IF HE EVER COMES AROUND YOU AGAIN, I’M GOING TO GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND! Inuyasha and kikyo as far as I’m concerned belong together!”

Kagome stumbles back as though Shippo had slapped her himself.

“I’m sorry Kagome. But someone has to say something. Everyone knows what you’ve done for Inuyasha. Yet look at what he’s done to you. You’re not quite the same yourself now. Neither am I!” His tail shifts around crossly.

“We’re better off WITHOUT INUYASHA!”

The men outside however were catching bits and pieces of the conversation, without meaning to. Every time Shippo shouted they heard it. Gohan looks to his father annoyed.

“Someone’s been hitting her?”

Goku sighs and Krillin lowers his head.

“Who would do that dad?”

“Some men deem that the best way to get someone’s attention. But that’s never the answer. When it comes to a woman there are boundaries we don’t ever cross. That’s one of the biggest no, no’s.”

“She sure is pretty. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hit someone that looks like that. She seems really nice too.” Krillin admits bashfully.

Goku nods and looks back to the house in thought.

“It’s going to be a rough transition for them both. The least we could do is try to help in whatever way possible. Both of them are very emotional at the moment. As we all know what that can be like when we lose those that we love or get scared.” He looks towards his son.
“She seems the most comfortable with you and she looks about your age. I think it would be a good idea if you showed her around. Maybe try to get her mind off a few things. In the meantime, we try to help them find their friends or their way back home, wherever that maybe.”

Gohan leans back against a tree and tells his father and Krillin about what Kagome had told him.

After they hear things die down in the house they head back inside. Kagome cuts them an apologetic look. Shippo was asleep in her lap. Krillin looks to the time.

“Eh, I better get back 18 will be looking for me.” Krillin turns his attention back towards Kagome.

“It was nice meeting you Kagome. I sure hope you find your friends.”
“Thank you Krillin.”
A blush spreads across his nose and cheeks as he heads on out.

“You and your friend are welcome to whatever you need. The bathroom is upstairs and your room is all set. I assume you’re little friend will be sharing the room with you?”

“His name is Shippo and yes sir. Thank you both for your kindness. It really means a lot.”

Gohan and Goku both nod.

“It’s no trouble at all. You found one of them hopefully you’ll find the rest.” Goku hints and heads on upstairs.

Kagome rises with Shippo in her hold. Tiny snores were heard as she passed by Gohan.

“If you need anything … eh well you know where my room is.”

They both blush and look away.

“Thank you, Gohan.”

“Goodnight, Kagome.”

He heads upstairs and to his room. Before long Gohan hears the shower start. He stared at the ceiling in his room. He couldn’t help, but to notice his bed still smelled like the girl. It was a nice floral rain like scent. He narrowed his eyes in thought and breathed in his comforter. Once he realized what he was doing he groaned out in misery and felt stupid.

“What’s wrong with me?” He mutters and places a pillow over his head.

“Maybe you didn’t eat enough!” His father calls out as he passes by.

Gohan’s eyes become that of saucers and he rips the pillow in half. He groans out and lays his head back down in the feathers.

“Kagome…” Shippo whispers as he tries to stir her awake.

She’d been tossing and turning all night. The nightmares were never seizing. Shippo felt her forehead alarmed as she sweat profusely. Kagome’s hands balled up into fists as she squirmed about.
“Kagome… Please wake up it’s just a dream!”

“Inuyasha!” She cries out and shoots awake.

Her chest heaved as she reached to her heart.

“Kagome…” Shippo calls out concerned.

She looks around remembering where she is.

“It… it was just a dream.”

Shippo nods. Kagome hops up.

“I got to go find the shards!”


“The shards. I remember… I think they traveled along with us Shippo. Maybe if we find the shards we can find the others and the well. We could go home!”

“You mean find Inuyasha!” He barks severely and folds his tiny arms about his chest and stomps his foot.

“No Shippo…”

“This is no longer about Inuyasha. This is about us getting home and finding our friends again. About me getting home to my family…” She says gloomily.

She starts to get dressed and Shippo looks upon her. He covers his mouth trying not to laugh. Gohan’s clothes swallowed her whole. Once she was dressed she turned back to face him.


He shakes his head wide eyed. She sighs with slight irritation. She picks him up and they head into the kitchen. Gohan and Goku were getting breakfast prepared. They both froze however once they saw Kagome. Shippo had both his little hands over his mouth he was still fighting laughter. Both men scratch the top of their heads with that wide eyed look about them.

“Is something wrong?”

They both shake their heads and turn back to what they’re doing. None of them say a word as they eat breakfast. Once again Kagome thanks them profusely. Shippo was a bottomless pit along with Goku. They both were still eating as Kagome got up. She took her dishes to the sink and cleaned them then put them away respectfully. She then headed towards her room. Only both Goku and Gohan froze yet again as her pants fell down. Goku went to respectfully turn away as they saw bare ass. He smacked his son in the back of the head. As Gohan continued to stare not able to look away, he had that slanted jaw drop look about him. He blushed once he realized his father caught him staring. Kagome hurriedly reached down and pulled Gohan’s pants back up.

“You should take her to school with you. It’d be good for her to make some friends.”

Gohan looks to his father as if he’s lost his mind.

“Heh?” Kagome steps back out after a few more minutes.

She had his shirt tucked into the pants in order to keep them from falling. Gohan winced in thought of her going to school like that. He knew how mean kids could be.

“Um dad…”
“Yes son?”

“Maybe we should wait.”

“Wait for what?”

Gohan sighed. His father could be so naïve at times.

“Nevermind…” He said feeling horrible for Kagome.

This was going to be a long day. Gohan looked in his room for an extra backpack, pencils, and whatever else he could think of. He smiled seeing a belt hanging up in his closet, he’d forgotten about. He rushes back down the stairs before the bus comes. He hands Kagome the things he found.

“What’s all this for?”
“Um dad thinks it’s a good idea if you went to school with me.”

Her eyes widen and her cheeks become rosy red.

“HUH?!” She looks down to her clothes.

“Um yeah sorry about that, once he gets his mind on something though…” Gohan hints.

“I found you a belt!” He motions towards it in her hand.

She nods and places it on.

“Are we going to be in the same classes?” She looks to him in slight panic.

“What year are you?”

He smiles.

“No sweat!” He gives her a thumbs up and takes her hand leading her to his bike.

“Hey you’re not going without me!” Shippo hollers and jumps into Kagome’s black backpack.

Kagome looks to the bike thinking of the irony.

“His bike is nicer than yours Kagome!”

“Gee thanks, Shippo.”

He chuckles.

“I’m just saying it’s got more room!”

Gohan looks to Kagome, pondering how to go about this. He hops on and pats the handlebars.

“Up you go!”

She nods and climbs up.

“You ready?”
She nods again and Shippo peeks out of the bag looking to Gohan. Gohan smiles and takes off.

“Hold on!” He calls out as they head on down the road and straight to school.

Once they arrive. Kagome looks to Gohan apprehensively.

“I’ll go with you to the office so we can get you set up.”

Gohan shows her where to go. The principal looks upon her oddly, especially her clothes. Thankfully, Goku had just gotten off the phone with the principal and had already set everything up for Kagome. So she didn’t have to make up any tall tales or do much other than sign some papers saying she promised to obey the rules. She also filled out some emergency contact papers which Gohan took it upon himself to fill out. Shippo stayed hidden not wanting to be forced to leave Kagome’s side.

Once they were done Gohan showed Kagome to her locker.

“Hi Gohan!”

Kagome turned to see a real pretty girl. Her hair was dark like Kagome’s only it was even longer than hers. She had it pinned back in pigtails. She had gorgeous blue eyes.

“Oh hey, Videl.”

Kagome suddenly felt very self-conscious. They didn’t wear uniforms here like they did at her school. Videl was wearing a pink shirt with a white tank over it and some very stylish jeans and boots to match. Everyone that walked by took notice of Kagome’s clothes, well Gohan’s actually. Videl cut her an odd glance as well.

“Um Gohan, aren’t those your clothes?”

He rubs the back of his neck and looks upon Kagome.

“Eh… yeah… long story. Oh yeah I almost forgot!” Gohan pins the orange star logo on Kagome’s shirt. All students were required to wear this.

Videl offers a hand.

“I’m Videl.”

“It’s very nice to meet you Kagome.”

Some of the other students Gohan noticed were pointing and laughing at Kagome. Gee, way to go dad, poor Kagome. So not cool… she’s so pretty, but they won’t see past her clothes.

They head on to their first class and things only get worse for Kagome. A few of the boys thought it’d be funny to start throwing wadded up paper at Kagome during class. Kagome wasn’t used to be treated like this. This never happened at her school. She shut her eyes and her hands became fists as one of them hit her in the face. She was trying her hardest to ignore it.

“So what’s with the men’s clothing? You’re not one of those girls are you babe?” One of the guys smarts off.

“I mean you are a chick right?”
One of the other guy’s starts laughing.

“She’s got boobs you idiot of course she’s a chick, nice ones too.” Kagome’s eyes grow with fury as she snaps a look their way.

“Leave her alone guys…” Gohan defends as he sat behind her.

“Look, she’s gonna cry.” This came from one of the popular girls in class.

Videl snapped a look the girl’s way.

“Really Gi Gi?!”

“Oh come on Videl. She’s so pathetic.”

Kagome lowers her head. Her entire face was flushed over. She shook all over.

One of the guys starts snickering at the girl’s comment. Kagome grits her teeth and sends a book sailing right for the guy’s head. She gets this wide eyed look once she realizes what she’s done.

“I… I’m sorry!”

She stands up and hurriedly grabs her bag. Kagome doesn’t even give the teacher a chance to say anything to her. Kagome covers her face and takes off running.

Gohan looks to Videl as if lost on what to do. He knew he couldn’t leave without getting into trouble himself. Yet he didn’t like the idea of Kagome being out there in a world she knew nothing about and all alone. Gohan raises his hand.

“May I be excused?”

“No you may not Gohan. We are about to begin our exams.” He groans in misery.

“Where are we going Kagome?” Shippo questions and she keeps running.

Kagome doesn’t stop until she runs out of breath and energy. She leans against a tree feeling completely hopeless and now lost. She comes down and brings her knees to her chest. She wraps her arms around them and buries her face.

“Kagome?” Shippo says and climbs out of the backpack.

He tugs at her pant leg.

“Hey…” He grunts out trying to gather her attention.

“I want to go home.”

Shippo climbs onto her shoulder.

“Me too Kagome, me too…”

Kagome brings her head back up and wipes her cheeks with the back of her hand. She shields her eyes as a reflection was coming off another tree. It was hitting the sun just perfectly, whatever it was. Kagome came to her feet.

“What is that?” Shippo questions taking notice as well.

“I’m not sure.”

She makes her way to the tree.

“I guess I have a ways to climb to find out.” She places her bag down and plants her feet just right and begins to climb the tree.

“Careful Kagome! It’s awfully high.”

Once Kagome gets within arm’s reach of the object she reaches out. Only the sun had just perfectly hit the object as she grabbed it and it temporarily blinded her.


She shrieked out as she began to fall. She gasps out as her fall is broken.

“You alright?”
She nods locking eyes with the guy that caught her. His eyes were light blue and his hair was the shade of lavender. He wore a black tank top with a blue jacket and some sort of corp… patch. He narrows his eyes upon the item in her grasp.

“Now where did you find that?”

She looks to it seeing it was some sort of ball. It was orange however it had two pink shards inside.

“Now that’s different.” He says looking the ball over.

“I thought they were supposed to have stars.”

“You know what this is?”

He nods and places her down.

“Yeah or so I think.” He scratches the back of his head confused.

“Are you certain you’re alright?”

She nods holding up the ball and examining it thoroughly.

“The name’s Trunks by the way.”
“Kagome and this is my friend Shippo.”

Shippo’s tail shoots straight up as he eyes the man in a threatening matter. Trunks chuckles a little taking notice.

He looks upon the girl’s clothes in wonder. What’s with the awkward fashion? She’s entirely too pretty… is she lost? She looks as though she’s been crying. Her little friend is cute trying to look as though he wants to kick my ass. Kagome places the ball into her bag.

“What are you going to do with that?” He asked curiously.

She shrugs.

“I’m not sure, but it reminds me of something from back home.”

She nods with that sad expression about her face.

“And where is home?”
“I’m not so sure anymore.” She looks around shaking her head.

“I’m not so sure about anything anymore.”

“I’m not exactly from around here either. Well in a way. Would you and your friend like something to drink or eat maybe? My place isn’t far from here.”

“Did he say eat?” Shippo wags his tail and licks his lips.

“Shippo… I really think we should head on. Maybe we could find the well, our friends, or the shards even!”

“But I’m hungry Kagome.”

“You’re always hungry.”

Trunks smiles.

“Come on now. I got plenty of food. You both should eat. If you want I could try to help you find what you’re looking for. Anything to get out of the house a bit.”

Shippo and Kagome look to one another.

“Please Kagome?” Shippo begs.

She sighs in defeat.

“Ok fine, but not for long we really need to begin our search. I’ve a feeling we’ve got a long road ahead of us Shippo.”

He frowns.

“This is all his fault!” Shippo barks.
Trunks looked to him thinking he meant him. Kagome sighs again and looks to Trunks apologetically.

“He means someone else.”

“Yeah his name is Inuyasha and he’s a real JERK!”

“Inuyasha huh?”

“Yeah have you heard of him?”
“Can’t say I have.”
“You’d know him if you saw him. He’s…”
“JUST STOP IT!” Kagome snaps and picks Shippo up by the scruff of his neck.

“I don’t want to hear anymore about HIM!”

Shippo’s eyes widen. Trunks narrows his eyes. Shippo lowers his head.

“I’m sorry Kagome.”

Kagome cradles him against her chest.

“I’m sorry too. I just want to get home that’s all. I don’t want to talk about Inuyasha anymore.”

He nods and wraps his tiny hands around her shoulder and hugs her.

“Ok Kagome. I understand.”

“Thank you.”

Trunks clears his throat and starts walking again. They follow him to his capsule home much like Goku’s, only it was much smaller. He opens the door for them and they enter the house. Trunks takes off his jacket. Kagome blushes somewhat and looks away. Like Gohan Trunks was also very deezed and his black tank top didn’t hide much. Are all the men on this planet built like this? I wonder why? Their biceps have biceps. Only Gohan is slightly more muscled. They sure are handsome. Ugh, what’s wrong with me! What about Inuyasha? Why do I even care about what he thinks?! He loves kikyo! He said so himself and Shippo’s right! He has been so mean lately. I keep making excuses for him, but even when we removed the shard. My Inuyasha was long gone. Oh Inuyasha… Why did he have to be so obsessed with the jewel shards and kikyo. It’s like he always had some reason to look right past me, when all I could ever see was him. It hurts so much…

Kagome reaches to her heart.

“Is everything alright?” Trunks questions seeing the broken expression on her face.

She nods as he pulls out a chair for her.

“Make yourselves at home. I’ll get something started. Hope you like soup!”

They’re hospitality around here is unbelievable. Are they all this nice?

“Thank you it was very good.” Kagome says once she’s done.

Trunks smiles warmly. I’m glad you both enjoyed. Trunks laughs seeing how Shippo was on his third helping.

“Yes this is very good.” He says with soup dripping off his face and his tail was wagging happily.

Kagome half smiles as she watches Shippo.

Oh wow, she’s like, kind of hot! So she does smile! And those big brown eyes! Huh.

Trunks found himself taken back as he regarded her.

“Are you sure you’re not still hungry? There’s plenty…” He offers.

“No thank you.”

Kagome helps gather the dishes and she dries as Trunks washes them. They both turn to see Shippo has passed out and sound asleep at the table. Kagome gently scoops him up. Trunks nods and grabs his jacket. He packs a bag with some sodas, water, and other things they may need.

“Well let’s go see if we can find what you’re looking for!”

Kagome nods and they begin their search.

“So where’s your friend Gohan?”

Gohan looks towards the boys that were making fun of Kagome during class. He was heading to his bike about to head home for the day. The guilt had been overwhelming him throughout the entire day. Deep down he felt he should have gone against the teachers wishes and took off after Kagome. He only prayed Kagome was alright that maybe she ran back to the house and was with his father.

“Yeah is she still off crying somewhere.”

Gohan sighs and purposely leads them to a more secluded area on the way home.

“I can’t even imagine how embarrassed you must’ve felt being seen with her.”

One of the other friends laugh. Gohan shakes all over as the anger within him rose. His eyes flicker as he tries to control the surge within him. He turns and places the kickstand down on his bike. His eyes were darker than usual.

“Whoa…” One of the boys says with laughter.

“Did we make you mad?”

Within seconds the three boys are down, Gohan hops back on his bike and heads on home. Videl walks up on the scene after Gohan’s long gone. The three boys were laid out with their eyes swirling about. She narrowed her eyes.

“What in the world?!” She whispered and began to help the boys back to their feet.

After Gohan steps into the house, his father looks upon him.

“Where’s Kagome?”

Gohan lets out a sigh and rubs the back of his neck nervously.

“Um she took off.”

“She what?”

Goku rose to his feet.

“Um yeah dad… Why did you make her go? In those clothes too! It was awful! They were so mean to her.”

Goku lowers his brows. He tilts his head about. He then points to his son.
“Because I knew as long as you stayed by her side, that Kagome would be ok! However, it’s clear you didn’t stick by her side after all.”

Gohan’s eyes widen seeing that his father was truly upset with him.

“No excuses son. It’s one thing to take care of your responsibilities, but there’s a difference between doing what’s right and what’s easy. Now we gotta find her and you better hope she’s ok son.”
Gohan lowers his head. Goku pats him on the back as he opens the door.

“Let’s go.”

He nods and they begin their search.

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