Chapter 10 True Meaning Of Family

Chapter 10

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“Who do you think you are?! Get your filthy hands off my son you hussy!”

Kagome’s jaw dropped. Gohan looked upon his mother in shock. He quickly lowered Kagome back down and swiftly placed her behind him. Chi Chi rushed over reaching over trying to get to Kagome.


“I want her out of this house right now! OUT!”

Kagome gawked upon Chi Chi in utter disbelief.

“You heard me young lady GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

“Your house?” Gohan inquires as he continues to block his mother from getting to Kagome.

“You’re damn right my house! Where’s your father? I imagine he’s responsible for all this! I know this is his doing! Allowing you to think this sort of behavior is ok Gohan?! LOOK AT HER! SHE’S A TRAMP!”

“Excuse me?!” Kagome backfires angrily.


“She’s not going anywhere, mom. She lives here. And I’m sorry but this is not your house, not anymore. This is dad’s house.”


Chi Chi grabs a pan off the stove and throws it at Kagome. Kagome quickly dodges.

Gohan reaches over and grabs his mother’s wrist as she went to grab something else to throw at Kagome.

“STOP!” Gohan shouts.
“That’s enough mom! I MEAN IT! What’s wrong with you?! I haven’t seen you and in a few years and this is how you react?”
“You’re my little boy! Of course I don’t want THAT hanging all over you like some sort of little… why a little.”
“Little what?” Kagome says through gritted teeth.


Gohan gritted his teeth.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” He shouts.

He releases his mother’s wrists and grabs her by the arm and starts to drag her towards the door.

“What are you doing?! Let me go Gohan!”

He ignores her and opens the front door. Chi Chi’s jaw dropped.


“You haven’t been my mother in sometime. You walked out on us remember? Dad’s moved on and so have I!”

“Gohan…” She whimpered out.

He slams the door in her face. Kagome jumped as the entire house shook. Gohan rolled his eyes as Chi Chi began beating on the door.

“What’s come over you Gohan?! Where did you learn to be so disrespectful?” She goes on and on blabbing away and scolding him.

Gohan pinched his eyes shut and took out his cell phone. Kagome looked to the door with wide eyes as Chi Chi banged on it relentlessly and continued to yell on top of her lungs.

“HEY!” Goku answered all cheery like.

“Um hey, dad…”

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know dad listen to this and you tell me.”

Gohan puts his phone up to the door for a few seconds. He then puts the phone back to his ear.




Gohan sighed.



“Nevermind, look I’m getting Kagome out of here. You deal with mom.”
“Do I have to?!”


Goku groaned into the phone.

“Ok, ok, on my way.”

Gohan wrapped his arms around Kagome.

“Where are we going?”

“Anywhere but here; trust me she’ll have that door busted down here soon enough.”

“What about Shippo and Krillin?”

“I’m sure Krillin already took Shippo into hiding as well. He never could stand it when mom yelled like that.”

Kagome gasped out as they appeared in the woods and up in a tree.

“I love you Gohan, but your mother well… she’s… well she’s …” Kagome had a million thoughts running through her mind, but kept them at bay for Gohan’s sake.

He lets out a nervous laugh.

“Errr Eh… yeah huh?! Um Right?!” He mutters whilst rubbing the back of his neck.

“Are you alright?”

Gohan nods but liked plum ill.

“Gohan?” Kagome whispered and cupped his cheek with the palm of her hand.

He closed his eyes and his cheeks reddened.
“I’m sorry Kagome. You didn’t deserve that.” He states with a sigh.

Gohan looked downright embarrassed.

“I’m not certain what I’m supposed to feel Kagome.” He admits rather shyly that and he truly seemed rather heartbroken.

“I always hoped she’d return… or so I thought, but now?! I just don’t get it Kagome. What could she possibly want?” Gohan lifted his eyes towards Kagome as if ill now.

“Oh no…” He groaned out.

“Dad and Bulma’s getting married and have a baby on the way. Kagome…” Gohan staggered back as the area around him spun.
“Gohan!” She reached out as he fell out of the tree.

“GOHAN!” She hurriedly began to climb down as he lay below rubbing his head.

Kagome hovered over him.

“Are you alright?”

He shakes his head.

“No, no I’m not…” He said in a defeated tone.

Kagome offered a hand and helped Gohan to his feet.

“Would you mind staying with Trunks for a little bit while I help my father deal with my mother. I can only imagine… I think it would be best if you weren’t there.”
“I don’t mind. Do what you gotta do Gohan.”
“Thanks Kagome.”

Gohan wraps an arm around her and begins to hover off the ground. Kagome wraps her arms around him and he takes off.

Chi Chi finally manages to bust the door down and she makes her way inside.

“Where are you Gohan?!”

She looks around the entire house.

She wrinkles her nose.

“I can’t believe what they’ve done with this place. Why on earth would they need this much room?! It’s just Gohan and Goku! And that little hussy… How irresponsible can Goku be?! I knew this would happen! Ohhh I just know my little Gohan has become a juvenile delinquent because of that man! My sweet little Gohan. How could Goku do this?!”

Chi Chi begins to cry and she gets to Kagome’s room last. She grits her teeth as she begins to dig through her things.

“WHAT WAS GOKU THINKING?! ARRRGGGH NO, NO, NO I won’t allow this! SHE HAS TO GO! SHE’S GOING TO RUIN MY INNOCENT BOY’S FUTURE!” Chi Chi starts throwing Kagome’s clothes and all her other belongings out the window.

“I should’ve never left I should have set Goku straight and let him HAVE IT!”

She turns to hear the clearing of a throat. Goku was leaning against Kagome’s doorway.
“You were saying?”

“Goku!” She takes off running towards him and hugs him.

Goku raises his brows on this but doesn’t budge. Chi Chi clears her throat and drops her hold.

“What were you thinking Goku?! How could you allow all this and under OUR ROOF! What are you teaching our son?!”

Goku nods and narrows his eyes upon the mess Chi Chi made in Kagome’s room.

“I was thinking the girl needed a place to stay.”

“So she just has to stay here?!”

Goku nods.

“She’s really nice Chi Chi, you’d probably like her if you gave her a chance. She’s a really awesome cook too!”

“She cooks?!”
Goku rubs his tummy.

“OH yeah! She’s the best!”

“Eh…” Goku mutters with a shrug.

“I want her out of here!”
“I’m sorry Chi Chi, but that’s no longer your decision. You left remember? You no longer live here, much less have a say in how Gohan is raised.”

Chi Chi’s jaw drops and she slaps the shit out of Goku. Goku sighs.

“Don’t do this Chi Chi. Trust me you don’t want to.”

“I knew you would screw up his life! I KNEW IT! He had a future Goku! He’s smart! He’s meant for so much more than all this. And that girl! What the hell is that about?! He’s just a boy he’s still in high school! HE has no business kissing girls!”

Goku half laughs and folds his arms about his chest.

“Oh Chi Chi if you only knew.”
“Knew what?”

“If you had been here during all these years you’d know, but you don’t so that’s that.”

“I don’t want him with her! I want her out of here! As soon as they get back you’re going to tell him that it’s over! She’s to leave at once.”

“You would kick an innocent girl out on the streets?!”

“She’s not so innocent believe me. She had her tongue crammed down our precious Gohan’s mouth and was all over him!”
“And let me guess Gohan hated every second of it?” Goku sarcastically questions with a smirk.

“GRRRRR dammit Goku!’

Goku slants his eyes upon Chi Chi. He points upon her with anger in his eyes now. His smile completely faded.

“This is mine and Gohan’s house now. You gave up all rights the moment you walked out on us. Kagome isn’t going anywhere! She’s going to stay right here. She’s family now Chi Chi. She means a lot to our son and visa versa.”


“He died for us! Against Raditz when he first came, it’s only because of the Dragonballs that Dad came back. And he still put his life on the line time and again. For us, for you and you still walked out on us!” Gohan yelled at his mother. He had come back in the middle of her rant.

Goku nodded towards his son in appreciation. Gohan nodded in return.

“Where is she?” Goku hinted.

“Trunks’s place.”

Chi Chi covered her face and began to sob. Both men shook their heads. Gohan however took notice of Kagome’s room. He snapped his attention back towards his mother.

“What were you doing?!”

He rushes into Kagome’s room and begins to straighten it up.

“She doesn’t belong here Gohan! What your father is teaching you is wrong!”

“And what would you know when it comes to what’s right and what’s wrong?!” Gohan fires back with tears in his eyes.

“Gohan…” Chi Chi whispers and starts towards him.

Only she freezes as she starts to really pay attention. She picks up a framed photo from the mantle of the fireplace. It was one of Goku and Bulma kissing.

“Now that’s a strange photo.”

Gohan and Goku glance upon one another merely waiting for it to register. Chi Chi begins to really look around at all the family photos to see there wasn’t a single one of her up. Everything was Bulma, Chibi Trunks, Gohan, and Goku. Chi Chi found herself confused at the amount of pictures there were of Bulma and Trunks.

“I see Bulma’s still one of your bestest friends.”

Goku nods.

“That she is. You should see Trunks he sure is getting big.”

Gohan winced and shook his head. Goku nodded towards his son.

“Bulma and I are getting married.”

“That’s funny it almost sounded like you said you were getting married.” Chi Chi says behind a giggle.

“That’s because I did.”

Chi Chi froze. The frame within her hand shattered.


Gohan’s eyes widen and he took a few nervous steps back.

“Come now Chi Chi, you know we’re no longer married?!”


“Chi Chi I divorced you over a year and a half ago. You were a no show! So they proceeded without you.”

“They can’t do that without my signature.”

“Um, actually, they can. You see not only did you fail to sign the forms when you got served, but you failed to show up to three of the divorce hearings. After the third time the judge just decided to handle it himself. I found out I didn’t need your signature after all. So I proceeded on without you.”


“I thought that’s what you wanted? After so long of not returning; I figured I might as well make it easier on you and file for divorce. You wanted to be free and that’s what I was doing. I was giving you your freedom.”


Goku nods.

“Yep we’re no longer married Chi Chi you’re a free woman!”

Her jaw damn near hit the ground and her eyes were as big as saucers. Goku smiled.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Chi Chi starts to throw whatever she can get her hands on.

Both men look upon her in shock. Chi Chi continued her massive fit as Bulma entered the door with Chibi Trunks. Trunks tugged on his mother’s pant leg.

“Mommy, why is that woman yelling at papa Goku?”

“That’s what I’d like to know. In fact I’d like to know why you’re even here?!” Goku and Gohan flinch as both women snap a look upon one another.

“Why I’m here?!”


“I live here now and so does my son.”

Chi Chi dashes over and slaps Bulma. Goku grabs Chi Chi and forces her back. Bulma rushes over to Chi Chi furiously. Gohan hurriedly grabs Bulma and holds her back.

“She’s with child Chi Chi you don’t want to do this. And this isn’t Bulma’s doing none of this is. This is between you and I. Bulma and Trunks are not a part of this.”
“The hell she isn’t! You were planning on stealing my Goku! You’ve been planning this for years! Only pretending to be his best friend. You wanted him for yourself!”

Bulma shrugs.

“I never pretended to be his friend Chi Chi. But I won’t lie when the opportunity arose. I snagged him! You’re damn right I did. I know a good man when I see one! It’s not my fault you were too damn blind to see it for yourself. Why are you here anyhow? Why after all this time?!’

Chi Chi drops to her knees and begins to wail. Tears stream down her face. Bulma shakes her head.

“Why don’t you go play Trunks?”

Trunks nods but just as he’s about to go to his room. He points a finger upon Chi Chi.

“Don’t you ever hit my mommy again! If you weren’t a girl I’d hit you back! I don’t like you! You’re just like that mean man!”

Chi Chi’s jaw drops and they each look upon Trunks in surprise as he storms off.

“I’d like to know why you’re here as well.” Goku says softly.

Gohan sighs and helps his mother back to her feet.

“I wanted my family back. I…” She sniffles back.
“I wanted my little boy and husband back.”

“It took you how long to realize this?” Goku inquires.

Bulma rolls her eyes.

“Was this before or after your little boyfriend?”

Goku looks to Bulma confused.
“Oh come on Goku… Think about it. How much time has gone by? Where’s she been all this time? What’s been holding her back? It was another man wasn’t it Chi Chi?”

Bulma laughs seeing the guilty expression in Chi Chi’s face.

“That was it wasn’t it? Whoever it was it must not have worked out. That’s the reason you came crawling back to these two!”

Goku raises his brows.

“Is this true Chi Chi? Was there someone else?”

Her bottom lip quivers and Goku nods. Gohan felt sick as he leaned against the wall.
“You were never there for me! OR GOHAN! WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!”
Goku nods.

“I think it’s time you left.”

Chi Chi turns towards her son. Gohan merely shakes his head.

“And you act as if dad was the unfaithful one?”

“I didn’t mean for it to happen! It’s just it had been so long and…”
Gohan points upon his mother.


Goku’s jaw drops.


Bulma covers her mouth in shock.

“G… Gohan?” Chi Chi whispers in utter disbelief.

Gohan points to the door.

“You think I want anything to do with you now?” Gohan wipes the tears off his face with the back of his hand.

Goku pats his son on the back trying to calm him down.

“It’s ok son.”

“No… No dad it’s not. After everything you’ve done for us! EVERYTHING!” Gohan says behind gritted teeth.

He turns his back to his mother.

“Just go…”

Trunks hands Kagome a soda.

“Videl’s on her way over. Maybe we could all kill sometime at the mall or something? Grab a bite to eat even?”

Kagome nodded but looked distracted.

“Are you alright?”

Kagome reached to her temples.

“He’s so sad.” She whispered.

Trunks narrowed his eyes. He reached over and patted Kagome’s hand.

“He’s going to be ok Kagome, you’ll see. It’s just one of those things.”

“Has his mother always been so…”

Trunks raises his brows on this and sort of laughs.

“Um yeah… She really is that bad.”
Kagome shakes her head and sips at her soda.

“So have you two had any more luck in your search?”

Kagome shakes her head.
“Not a whole lot, but it’s been rather interesting.”
Trunks grins.

“Oh really?”

Kagome softly laughs and nods.

“Well we got some time to kill. Shoot!”

Kagome tells Trunks about the dinosaur and about the thieves. Videl walks in as she’s halfway through her story about the thieves. Videl smiled and kissed Trunks before taking a seat beside Kagome.

“Kagome was just telling me of their little adventures while in search for the dragonballs.”
“Oh I wanna hear this!”

Kagome smiles.

“Now start over and from the beginning.”
“Videl…” Trunks utters and looks upon Kagome apologetically.

“But I want to know what all happened!”

“I highly doubt Kagome wants to start over.”

“It’s ok.” Kagome says with a shrug.

Trunks looks to Videl.
“Well ok then you lucked out!”

Videl sticks her tongue out at Trunks.

“There are better uses for that tongue.” Trunks mutters with an undertone.

Kagome and Videl blushed. Videl reached over and hit Trunks in the arm.

Trunks died in laughter as Kagome finally got to the part about how Gohan took out the thieves.

“That certainly sounds like Gohan!”

“What does?”

They each froze and turned to the familiar voice. Kagome smiled and hopped to her feet. Kagome hugged him tightly and her legs dangled off the ground as she did. He closed his eyes and held her for a moment.

“I believe I still owe you a flying lesson?” He whispered as he cupped her chin.

“Gohan we don’t have to…”

He put a finger to her lips and shook his head.

“Kagome, I need to do something in order to get my mind off everything that just took place.”

She nodded in understanding. Gohan nodded towards Videl and Trunks. He then took Kagome’s hand and led her out of Trunks’s house. He lifted off once they were outside. Kagome gasped out as he still had her by one hand and was taking her to a safer area in which to teach her. Yet again she grabbed onto his wrist. He smirked as she began to climb him for a better hold.

“I’d never let you fall you know that right?”

She nodded but looked to the ground with widened eyes. He softly chuckled. Once he found an area he felt comfortable with he landed.

“Ok now you remember what I said when we tried this before right?”

“That still stands. What did I say Kagome?”

“For me to use my energy that I normally use for collecting Ki, but to focus it towards flying. I need to relax my body and once I feel it through my core to push that energy up.”

Gohan genuinely smiled.

“Then let’s see it Kagome. Let me see you fly.”

She nodded and closed her eyes. Gohan quietly stood by and observed. Within a minute Kagome began to float off the ground. Her hair lifted off her shoulders as well. Gohan smiled but said nothing as she continued to rise.

“Um not so high Kagome…” He warned as she was a good 8 feet up now.

Kagome opened her eyes and became startled. Gohan winced as she came tumbling down. He swiftly caught her. Her eyes were wide with alarm, but once it truly hit on what had happened she broke into laughter.

“I was flying!”

Gohan softly laughed.
“You sure were Kagome. We just need to work on the whole not falling part now. You have to remain focused you can’t let yourself get distracted.”

He places her back down.

“Ready to try again?”

She nods.

“Just remember always and I mean always keep your focus.”

This time it doesn’t take long for her to hover off the ground. He nods in approval. Kagome opened her eyes and grinned as she looked down upon Gohan. He gave her a thumbs up.

“There you go Kagome. I knew you could do it. Try moving around a bit.”

He lifts off the ground and shows her how to maneuver around. Kagome mimicked some of his moves, but was a little unsteady at first. She gasped out as Gohan randomly took her hand and they lifted off even higher. Once they were a good fifty feet in the air he dropped her hand. She started to fall.

“No Kagome keep focusing!” He called out.

She swallowed back and shot out her hands. Gohan looked on with full surprise as she managed to gain back her focus. Not only that but she had flown back up and completely circled him. He heard her giggling as she passed him a second time. He shook his head in laughter.

“That’s pretty awesome Kagome. I think you’ve just about got this down. Just a little more practice and you’ll have it nailed!”
“I can’t believe I can fly!” She calls out excitably.

Gohan rubs the back of his head in sheer amazement as she pulled off the perfect somersault in midair.

“Wow Kagome…” He said but mostly to himself.

She zipped back over and wrapped her arms around him. But try as he might Gohan just couldn’t fully keep his own emotions at bay. He closed his eyes as his mother hit him like a pile of bricks. Gohan slowly began to lower back down to the ground.


He pressed his forehead against Kagome’s doing his best to push it all out.

“You can talk to me you know.” Kagome says and puts her hand upon his cheek.

To her surprise Gohan latches onto her and buried his face into her shoulder. She swallowed back caught off guard. She said nothing though and simply held him. He softly began to tell her a little about what had taken place. Even about how he found out his mother had been left his father for another man.

“I’m so sorry, Gohan.”

He nodded. She could sense his embarrassment now. Gohan felt ashamed about how he was acting. She saw nothing for him to be ashamed about. Anyone in that circumstance would be broken hearted. But what really had Kagome? Was that he was more offended and upset by the fact that his mother would do that to his father.

“I don’t understand though. I thought she left because she didn’t agree with your father about you training to fight.”

Gohan sighs.

“Apparently there was more behind it. Bulma rather pointed out she had known something was fishy the entire time. Before I left the house to come get you after my mother left. Bulma pointed out how it was also very odd that my mother didn’t go to court and fight for custody of me. That if she really wanted to she could have. Everyone knew how stubborn my mother could be. Bulma admitted that she figured there was a lot more behind it. My mother didn’t fight for me because she had her own secrets she didn’t want getting out. Fighting for me in court would have only leaked it all.”

Kagome shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s a good thing your father has someone like Bulma in his life now Gohan.”
“I couldn’t agree more.” He sighs.

“You know, I just never truly pictured it going like this. You know if and when she returned. Though honestly Kagome I never thought I’d see her again. Part of me wishes she never returned. The other part is relieved to know that she’s alright. Still I’m just so angry with her. I want nothing to do with her. All this time and this is how she decides to go about it? I’m starting to wonder if she ever truly loved my father or if she was merely with him out of convenience. The two relationships couldn’t be more different. At least I can actually tell Bulma loves my dad. But I could never quite tell with my mother. She was always too busy picking a fight with him.”

Gohan takes in a breath.

“Now let’s practice landing that part can be somewhat tricky. I’ll stay down here. I want you to propel yourself up and then get ready to land. Make certainly you slow down and land with good stance. You could seriously get hurt Kagome if you don’t take precaution when landing.”

Kagome nods and takes off in flight. Gohan observed as she slowed down just as she was about to land. Her skirt flared about in a sexy way that had Gohan all astir. He cleared his throat.

“Um that was really great Kagome! Perfect actually. In fact you’re actually getting this down rather fast! Not everyone can learn to fly on their first try! Land even for that matter!”

Gohan approached her; backing her up against a boulder. Gohan began to heatedly kiss her. He hiked up one of her legs and pressed himself against her. Gohan found himself to be having a very selfish moment. He just wanted to feel good and get his mind off everything that had taken place. Not just his mother but this Inuyasha and the journal he’d been reading. The knowledge that Genji had failed to protect Kiyoye was messing with Gohan’s mind. All he kept thinking about was how much the story resembled his and Kagome’s. That somewhat frightened Gohan. The mere idea of someone taking Kagome away from him; had Gohan feeling somewhat darker than his usual self.

“Kagome…” Gohan whispered hintingly as he kissed along her neck.

He sensed no one around them and looked around to make certain. Once he was sure of this; Gohan lifted Kagome’s skirt. He quickly freed himself and pulled her panties to the side. They both moaned out as he maneuvered his way into her.

“You feel so good Kagome…”
She gasped out as he surprised her by gripping her ass firmly and began to pump himself within her. The little skirts Kagome wore drove Gohan mad with lust. Watching how her skirts flared out during flight? Had him raging with an instant hard on. He lifted her skirt enough to watch himself being stroked within her sex. His eyes widened as he witnessed her orgasm juices began to spread and they ran down her legs and along him.

Kagome arched back feeling Gohan swelling up even more. Vibrations filled her below as he picked up the pace.

“Gohan!” She cried out and her nails dug into his biceps.

His lips locked with hers as he began to come. Within a few more strokes Kagome had drained him completely. He took in a breath of satisfaction as he pulled out. He adjusted Kagome’s panties and skirt. Even after they were done he merely gawked upon her. He often enough couldn’t imagine how he got so lucky. Kagome was all he could ever hope for in a woman. He leaned into her ear.

“One day we’ll have to try that in flight.”

Her eyes became wide in thought and a blush spread across her cheeks. Gohan chuckled at her reaction and winked. He took her hand and kissed it.

“We better go see what Krillin and Shippo are up to. I’m sure Krillin took Shippo to his place if he heard the fight break out.”

Once they arrived at Krillin’s; Gohan knocked on the door. 18 answered looking downright bored.

“Um hey 18 are Krillin and Shippo around?”

She points towards the fishing hole by their house.


She nodded and smiled upon Kagome.

“So I hear Chi Chi hates your guts.”

Kagome let out a nervous laugh.

“That makes you my new best friend.” 18 whispered once Gohan was walking off towards Krillin and Shippo.

Kagome was beginning to see that no one really cared for Gohan’s mother. Kagome wasn’t sure what to say to that. She gave a simple nod and followed Gohan. She quickly covered her mouth in laughter as she saw a familiar tail sticking out of the water. It was wagging back and forth and Krillin was sighing with frustration. He had a fishing pole in his hand and a bucket beside him with three fish. Shippo hopped out of the water with a fish in his mouth and threw it into a pile of fish that he’d already captured.

“See Krillin I caught another!”

“Um yeah buddy I see that!” Krillin said with a blush of annoyance when he turned back to the three he’d caught and the pile of 14 Shippo had captured. Gohan chuckled as he caught what was going on as well.

“GOHAN!” Shippo took off running to him.

He climbed Gohan’s leg and made his way up. He hugged his neck and pointed to his fish with pride.

“Look Gohan! I beat Krillin!”

“I can see that! You’re one heck of a fisherman Shippo!”

“Gee you really think so?”

Gohan nods and hunkers down over his pile of fish.

“Oh yeah big time, great job Shippo.”

Shippo reaches out to Kagome as she makes her way over.

“See Kagome!”

She smiles.

“Yep. It seems Krillin isn’t quite the fisherman you are.” She says but winks upon Krillin.

He chuckles catching this and shakes his head.

“Yeah, yeah… way to rub it in Kagome.”

“Hey Gohan?”

“Could we go to the movies again?”

Gohan lifts his eyes towards Kagome.

“I don’t see why not. Maybe we could grab a bite to eat on the way.”

Shippo wags his tail.

“Can we see if little Trunks wants to go?”

“Sure let’s go see.”

Gohan takes off in flight. Kagome turns towards Krillin.

“Thank you.”

“Watching after him and getting him away from the confrontation.”

Krillin rather blushed.

“Aw, gee Kagome it really wasn’t any trouble.”

She smiles and Krillin’s jaw drops as she starts to float off the ground.

“You learned how to fly?!”

She nodded with a huge beam about her.

“Huh well whattaya know?! Way to go Kagome!”


“I knew you were a fast learner but man!”

She giggles and takes off after Gohan. Krillin waves as they head back home.

“Hey guys!” Goku greeted them once they walked into the house.

“Hey dad.”

“So where’d you all run off to?”

Gohan looks to Kagome with a sense of pride.

“Guess what dad?” Gohan said as he made his way to the fridge.

He grabbed Shippo and Kagome something to drink.


“Kagome learned how to fly! You should see her!”


Kagome’s face flushed over a bit.

“That’s really cool Kagome! Congrats!”

“Thank you.”

“So where’s Trunks.” Gohan said looking around.

“Bulma’s reading to him in his room.”

“Think she’d mind if we took him to the movies with us?”

Goku shrugged.

“I don’t see why not.”

Goku peeked into Trunks’s room.

“Hey Bulma.”

She looked upon Goku.

“Gohan wanted to know if he could take Trunks to the movies with him, Shippo, and Kagome.”

Little Trunks’s face lit up.

“Oh can I mom? PLEASE?!”

Bulma laughed.

“I don’t see why not.”


Trunks’s runs out of his room and right up to Gohan.

“Mom says I can go with you!”

Gohan smiles.


Shippo and Trunks’s high five one another.

“This is going to be so much fun!”

Goku takes his wallet out and hands Gohan some money.

“Just take it Gohan. You all have a good time.” Goku looks over to Bulma.

“Besides it gives Bulma and I sometime alone. So eh.. take your time!”

“Dad…” Gohan groans looking embarrassed.

Goku pats his back and practically shoves them all out the door.

“You all have fun now!”

Gohan winced hearing his father locking the door behind him. Kagome giggled understanding the hint as well.

“Your dad’s too funny Gohan.”

“Eh…” He says with a wrinkled nose.

After the movies they got ice cream and walked around the building of the theater. Gohan noticed a poster advertising another tournament that was going to make taking place soon.

“What’s that for?” Kagome questioned.

Gohan licked his ice cream cone just before Shippo stole it.
“Hey you!”


Shippo giggled and took off as he and little Trunks shared Gohan’s ice cream.

“That wasn’t very nice you two.” Kagome scolded with a finger their direction.

They both shrugged and giggled. Gohan chuckled to himself.

“It’s another tournament. This would give me and my dad a chance to make some extra money.”


Gohan nods and wraps his arm around her as he starts walking again. They were checking out some of the posters for movies that were about to be released.

“What kind of tournament Gohan?”

“Er eh well…”
“It’s where you fight to earn your way to the top. You can make lots of money!” Little Trunks answers for him.

“Is that so?”

Chibi Trunks nods.

“So you fight and earn money for doing so?”

“Um yeah…” He says slightly nervous that she’d hate the idea. His mother loathed it.

“I bet you’re one of the best.”

Gohan actually blushed as she surprised him.

“He is!” Trunks declares.

“Are you going to enter again this year Gohan? HUH?”

“Maybe, I just need to discuss it with dad first.”

Chibi Trunks tugs at Gohan’s pants.

Gohan narrowed his eyes seeing the apprehensive look on Chibi Trunks face.

“Would you be mad if I called Goku dad too?”

Gohan’s heart damn near melted out of his chest. He stopped walking and scooped him up.

“Why would you think I’d be mad?”

“Cause he’s your dad… I just wish he was mine.” He declares sadly.

Kagome put a hand over her mouth. She too swallowed back a heartfelt knot within her throat.

“You and I are practically brothers Trunks. Honestly, I’m surprised you hadn’t called him dad already.”
“You really think of me like a brother?!”

Gohan smiles genuinely.


However Kagome turned back towards Shippo to see he looked to be crying.


He quickly turned his head in a huffy matter and twitched his tail about.

“Is something wrong?”
Kagome whispered as she crouched down to his level. He shook his head but was wiping tears off his face.

“You can talk to me Shippo you know that. You’ve always turned to me before. Why not now?”

“I want a family too Kagome!”

Kagome reared back rather wide eyed. Gohan and Chibi Trunks over heard this as well.

“We are family Shippo. You know that.” She whispers in return.

“But I want a brother and a father too!”

Kagome’s jaw dropped.


“Shippo!” She gasps back in surprise as he takes off running.


“Oh no.” Gohan says as he gets a better hold on Chibi Trunks.

They both chase after Shippo. Kagome begins to panic as they search through the crowd of people downtown. Shippo was transforming into different people so he could run a way.

“SHIPPO PLEASE!” Kagome screamed out.

She reached to her heart. She looked back to Gohan with desperation.
“I have to find him. It’s not true Gohan! He doesn’t understand. I was just shocked when he said that. I should have said something back that night, but didn’t. I messed up. I…”

“Shh… I know it isn’t and deep down Shippo knows that as well.”

Gohan nodded and handed Trunks over. He put a hand upon her shoulder.

“Why don’t you to go on home? I’ll find him Kagome. I give you my word.”

Kagome nodded but was sobbing. Gohan kissed her forehead.

“You two go on now.”

Gohan took in a breath of relief once he finally found Shippo. He was in disguise but Gohan could sense it was him. He was in the form of a plump man with red hair. He was leaning against one of the buildings downtown. Gohan leans against the wall beside him.

“That’s pretty cool by the way.” Gohan says with a grin.

“I never knew of anyone that could do that, pretty awesome trick.”

Shippo rolls his eyes.

“I can’t even do this right.”

He reveals the pink and purple spots on his hands.

“Huh, I wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“You’re just saying that.”
“Actually I’m not. I never even took notice.”

Shippo switches back and lowers his head. Gohan slides down against the wall sitting beside Shippo.

“So what’s this you say about being all alone?”

Shippo shrugs and wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. Gohan shakes his head.

“You’re never alone Shippo. And I don’t just mean this about Kagome. You also have me, Trunks, dad, Bulma, and Krillin. And there’s so many more you and Kagome haven’t even met yet. And I just know deep down that they too will think of you as family once they get to know you. My father and I already do! And well think about it Shippo. Kagome and I are mated. That means there’s a future ahead of us all as a whole. If you think of Kagome like a mother and I already know she thinks of you as a son.”
“No she doesn’t! She won’t even say it!”

Gohan shakes his head.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I can sense Kagome. You haven’t a clue just how much she loves you. Taking off the way you did Shippo; that wasn’t right! If I was your father I’d have sought out some sort of punishment on your behalf. Because that’s no way to treat someone you care about. If you truly think of Kagome like a mother then you need to show her some respect. You had her worried and made her cry. The right thing would’ve been to sort things out by talking it out. Running never solves anything.”

“Punishment?” Shippo says swallowing back nervously.

He thought back to how Inuyasha used to punish him and cringed. Gohan tapered his eyes taking notice of this.

“Yes Shippo, by taking some sort of privilege away from you. That or sending you to your room to think of the consequences of your actions.”

Shippo takes in a huge breath of relief.

“I’d never hit you Shippo. That’s never the answer. You never lay a harmful hand upon the ones you love.”

“You love me?”
Gohan smiles.

“Well yeah Shippo of course I do.”

Shippo wags his tail and sort of smiles.

“I love you too Gohan.”

Gohan nods and roughs up Shippo’s hair some.


Gohan softly laughs.

“Come on now. Let’s get home so Kagome knows that you’re ok.”
“I’m sorry I ran away Gohan.”
“It’s ok Shippo we all have our moments. Let’s just make certain it doesn’t happen again.”


“Good deal!” Gohan says and holds out a hand for a high five.

Shippo giggles and accepts it. Gohan takes off in flight heading on home.

“Say Gohan…”


“Are you and Kagome going to get married one day?”

Gohan chokes back a bit in thought.

“Um well… yeah… one day… at least I hope so!” He ends with a slight high pitched tone.

Shippo grinned.


“Why you ask?”

“Cause if you think about it; that would mean that you’re going to be like my dad!”

Gohan smiles.

“That’s right!”

“You’d be a way better dad than Inuyasha!”

Gohan doesn’t comment.

“Yes Shippo?”

“But what happens if we have to go back?” He questions with a sad tone.

“Then I’d find you; both of you.”

“Yeah Shippo. I promise.”

Once they enter the door Kagome dashes over and picks Shippo up. She hugs the daylights out of him.
“Ugh, easy Kagome!”

She starts to cry again. But her cheeks get a bluish hue to them as she sets him back down. Gohan’s eyes widen and his jaw dropped to the floor nearly.


Bulma and Goku inch their way out of the room with little Trunks. Gohan looked to his dad as if seeking help. Goku softly laughed to himself and pulled Trunks door shut.

“I… I’m sorry Kagome!” Shippo says with a quivery lip and voice.

Kagome folds her arms about her chest. Her foot taps about the floor. She points to Shippo’s and Trunks’s room.

“Off to bed with you!”

“NOW! We’ll talk about this later!”
“Kagome!” He starts to cry.


Kagome looks to him with tears in her eyes.

“I was scared ok! All that kept going through my mind is what if HE got to you! THEN WHAT SHIPPO?! I’d never forgive myself if something like that happened! I don’t want ever you running off on your own again! You’re a smart boy Shippo! ACT LIKE IT! What you did was pretty stupid!” Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose and started off to her room. Shippo ran up and hugged her leg.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad Kagome!”

Kagome leans against the doorway with one hand.

“I’m sorry too Shippo. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I just…”

“Was doing what a mom would do.”

They both turn back to Gohan’s comment.

“That’s how a real mother would react in that situation Shippo.”

Shippo lowers his head.

“Gohan’s right. I already thought I lost you once. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go through that again. We lost our friends and I lost my family. We only have each other.”
“And Gohan!”

Kagome smiles and lifts her eyes towards Gohan.

“You two will always have me.” Gohan says sincerely tugging at Kagome’s heart strings.

He’s certainly nothing like Inuyasha. Inuyasha would never say anything like that! And he’d have taken a hand upon Shippo for his behavior amongst other things… She cringed in thought of his anger. Gohan and Inuyasha couldn’t be more different. All the more reason she loved Gohan and that only seemed to grow as time passed.

“Now to your room Shippo.”
“Awe, but do you really have to be like one of THOSE mom’s?”

Kagome and Gohan both softly laughed.

“I’m afraid so Shippo.”

“What if I was to take it back?!”

Kagome raises her brows and taps her foot on the floor. Gohan covers his mouth trying not to laugh at Shippo’s remark. She points to the bedroom.

“Fine… I’m going gees.”

After Shippo goes to his room; Gohan looks over to Kagome.
“You handled that really well Kagome!”

“Ugh… I haven’t even graduated high school yet and I’m already a mother.”

Gohan has a good laugh at this.

“Well I for one think you’re a great mother!”

“Gohan, I haven’t any idea what I’m doing!”

“Didn’t look like that to me.”
Kagome leans against the wall and covers her face for a moment.

“What if I let him down? What if I really mess up? Maybe he shouldn’t see me the way he does Gohan!”

Gohan shook his head in full disagreement.

“You won’t and you won’t and I think he sees you this way for a very good reason. He wouldn’t otherwise.”

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