Chapter 2 And It Begins

Chapter 2

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“And It Begins”

Trunks and Kagome share their stories as they explore throughout the woods. Both found themselves amazed by each other’s crazy stories. Kagome looked to Trunks in thought.

“So what’s that like?”
“What’s that exactly?”
“To see yourself in the past? And your own mother.”

He smiles.

“I’ll admit at first it was pretty trippy and very awkward, even more so because I was trying to keep it all a secret.” He laughs in memory.

Kagome however noticed the sadness within his eyes.

“Wow… I guess things are crazy all around no matter where you come from.”
“You can certainly say that again. I guess we both have that in common.”
“What’s that?”

“Not knowing for sure which place to call home. It’s like having two homes at once and living two different lives.”

They both smile upon one another.

“Hey, there’s a well!”

Kagome turns to see what Trunks was pointing to. She hurriedly takes off that direction. Trunks follows behind he looks to see they’d been on their search for a few hours now. He knew Kagome must be getting thirsty by now. That and Shippo was beginning to stir awake. Kagome places her bag down against the well.

“Hey Shippo… This might be it!” She says, but noticed the well looked a bit different.

She shrugged figuring it was worth a try. Shippo tiredly crawls out of the bag and stretches out. His tail flickers about as he rubs his eyes.

“Whattaya say Shippo you wanna go home?”
Shippo looks to the well.

“Kagome I don’t think it’s the same well. It’s different somehow.”

“Well everything’s different here.”

Shippo sighs.

“But what if it works and we run into him first?”

Kagome hunkers down more Shippo’s level.

“I will deal with Inuyasha. He has no right telling me I have to leave my friends behind.”

“But he’s so much stronger than you!” Shippo says with fear in his heart.

Trunks cut them both a concerned look. He wasn’t sure just how deep they were in. He wasn’t sure about them going back to this place either, if they could be in danger.

“That maybe… But sometimes the stronger they are the harder they fall.”

“I thought that was if they were bigger Kagome.”

She says nothing on Shippo’s comment. Kagome begins to observe the well. Shippo hops onto her shoulder.

“Need some help?” Trunks offers.

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all, but are you absolutely sure about this? If this works, I’d sure hate for the two of you to be in some sort of danger. How do we know if you can even come back?”

“It’s just a risk we have to take. I can’t leave my friends and family behind.”

Trunks nods in understanding.

“You’re very brave then.”

Trunks begins to lower them down the well as carefully as possible.

“Ok you can let go now.” She calls out.

“Are you sure?”
She looks up and nods.

“Ok then, just in case it was nice meeting you.”

A small smile forms on her face.


Trunks hesitantly let’s go. Kagome lands in a crouching stance as Shippo held on tight. Kagome sighs already knowing. She looks around and hits against the wall with her fists.

“It’s no use.”

“See, I told you it wasn’t the right one!”

She sinks down against the wall in defeat. Trunks takes notice of their dilemma and leaps down. Kagome looks to him amazed.

“How’d you?”

He doesn’t comment just offers a hand. Kagome accepts it and Trunks helps her back to her feet. She gasps out as he wraps his arms around her waist and he bounds back out of the well.

“Hey there she is and there’s Trunks!”

Gohan meanwhile took in the scene before him. Trunks’s arms were around Kagome and they were chest to chest. Goku laughed to himself already sensing his son, but didn’t comment. Is it really necessary that he holds her like that? I mean what is he thinking? Get your hands off her! Wait… what’s wrong with me? I barely know her! I don’t get this. What’s happening to me?! And Trunks he’s my friend. Dammit, my dad was right. I should have gone with my instincts and went after her! And it looks as though Trunks found the well, that Kagome was talking about. Trunks drops his hands and opens his bag. He takes out a soda and opens it.

“Here this might help.”

Kagome looked downright miserable. Trunks opened a soda for Shippo as well. Kagome sat down and leaned against the well as she drank her soda.

“Oh hey guys!” Trunks announces seeing Goku and Gohan.

They nod and wave in return as they make their way over. Kagome’s entire face became heated and flushed as she looked upon Gohan. She looked to the ground.

Great, now she thinks I’m a jerk. I’m sorry Kagome…

“I see you found who we were looking for!” Goku declares and he pats Kagome on the head as he walks past.

Trunks raises his brows.

“You know these two?” Trunks inquires.

Goku grins.

“Afraid she does.”

He looks back towards Kagome.

“You had us worried you know.”
She swallows back with a hint of guilt.

“I’m sorry sir.”

Kagome comes to her feet and dusts herself off.

“I imagine you two have some homework to do. So off you go now…”

“Homework huh?” Trunks utters looking towards Gohan.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around Kagome.” Trunks says with a wink her direction, reminding Gohan of Vegeta (Trunks’s father).

Oh man… Did she catch that too?

Gohan takes her hand and starts practically dragging her back to the house. Kagome reaches back and waves upon Trunks. He nods and watches as they head on home.

Once Gohan and Kagome finish their homework, Goku gets supper on the table. Kagome found herself wondering where Gohan’s mother was or what the story was behind that. It felt weird to her to see the father running the household. Kagome looked up in the middle of supper as the door flew open.

“Trunks, what did I tell you about that?!”

Goku got this genuine beam to his face. A little boy with the same lavender hair as Trunks came running in. He hugged the daylights out of Gohan.

“Hey guys!” Goku said and shot to his feet.

A beautiful bluenette entered the house. She looked frazzled, but smiled upon Goku. Kagome blushed a bit as the two of them kissed. So that must be his mother! She’s so pretty! And I didn’t know he had a little brother! How cute is that! He’s… wait… Kagome got a better look at the little boy and froze. Didn’t she call the boy Trunks? Oh boy am I ever so confused! Why is Goku kissing Trunks’s mom?! And… She reaches to her head as it was pounding in frustration and confusion.

“How was your trip Bulma?” Goku asked as he pulled the door shut.

“Oh it was wonderful. I really wish you two could have joined us!”

“Yeah I know… Maybe next time?”

Bulma and Kagome locked eyes.

“Oh I didn’t realize you had a guest! Wow, you’re certainly pretty!”

Kagome felt her face flushing over.

“Hi! I’m Bulma!”

Bulma practically skips over to Kagome. Kagome comes to a stand as well.

“What on earth are you wearing?!” She cuts Goku a disapproving glare.

He shrugs and rubs the back of his neck.

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Kagome turns to see another woman enter the house with Krillin. She too was very pretty and was dressed to kill. She wrinkled her nose upon the clothes Kagome was wearing.

“18…” Krillin shyly utters.

18 takes it upon herself to grab Kagome by the arm and really look her over. Kagome’s entire face became rosy red as both women scrutinized her clothing.

“Gohan, why don’t you take Kagome and Trunks outside? It’d be a nice day for a swim!”

“YAY!” Chibi Trunks strips down to nothing and darts outside.

Gohan nods and takes Kagome outside. Once they’re gone, Goku tells the girls, what little he knows about Kagome’s story. After he’s done Bulma and 18 lit into him. His eyes widen and he lets out a nervous laugh.


He continues that nervous laughter. 18 laughs.

“I agree, the fashion police should come arrest you in ultimate cruelty alone. That girl will be scarred for life.”
“So she wore Gohan’s clothes to school. What’s the big deal?”

They both cut him a look of complete and utter hell.

Bulma shakes her head and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Thank god you’re hot.”

Goku grins innocently at her comment.

“Hmmm.” 18 fold her arms about her chest.

“I suppose it’s time to take the fashion part into my hands.”

18 starts outside and Krillin was welcoming himself to the table.


He sighs and jumps back up.

“We’re going to need a strong man to hold our bags.” She says in that sultry voice of hers.

“Eh, but…”
“We haven’t all day now let’s go!”

Krillin sighs again and follows 18 back out the door. Kagome was leaning against a tree watching the boys swim. Kagome gasped out as 18 grabbed her by the arm and began to drag her towards she and Krillin’s car. Kagome looked toward Gohan wide eyed. His eyes were just as big as hers as he watched 18 and Krillin drive off with her.

“Oh man…” He groaned in misery.

“What?” Chibi Trunks questioned as he splashed Gohan in the face.

“I’ve a feeling that Kagome’s day is far from over.”

“You like her don’t you Gohan?!”


Chibi Trunks laughs and splashes him again. He starts to hurriedly swim off.

“Why you little…” Gohan chases after him and Chibi Trunks continues to giggle.

“You can’t catch me!”

“Oh and this would look good and OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS!”

Kagome’s jaw drops as she starts to fall back. Krillin’s eyes widen as he quickly throws out his hands breaking her fall. He grunts out doing his best to keep her up.

“Um 18, I think that’s enough…”
“Nonsense, a girl can never have too many clothes.”

18 however, finally looks back to realize she can no longer see Kagome’s face and that her husband was holding Kagome up.

“Huh… Well go on now go try those on.”

She helps Krillin shove Kagome into a dressing room. Krillin wipes the sweat off his brow once they manage to get the door to shut. Kagome found herself squished and buried in clothes. She groaned out in misery not even sure where to begin.

Goku and Gohan shoot to their feet as the door opens. Krillin had Kagome flipped over his shoulder. Goku laughed seeing their little friend carrying in a passed out Kagome. She was all legs. He grunted out and handed her off to Gohan.

“Here you go. 18 wore her out, poor girl.” He himself was wheezing.

Goku helped Krillin get Kagome’s new clothes inside. After they were done the three men looked to one another. The house was covered in shopping bags full of clothes.

“Ummmm… so now what?” Goku questions looking to his son.

Gohan shrugs.

“I have no idea.”


Later that night…


Kagome rises up on the bed to see him crawling through the window.

“Is it really you?”

His crimson blood eyes lock onto her big brown eyes.

“Kagome…” He reaches out as if to embrace her.

Kagome smiles, but it soon fades. She gasps out as Inuyasha was now straddled over her. His hands were clamped around her throat.

“This is all your fault Kagome!” He shouts.

His nails dig deep into the flesh of her neck as he continues to choke her. Kagome squirms about and hits him with all that she’s got.

“No Inuyasha please…”

He grits his teeth. Tears stream down her eyes.

“I don’t want to die…”

“I want you to die!”

Kagome screams out as he punches through her chest and rips her heart out. He holds it before her and she watches as it’s still beating. He squeezes it in his clutch and it explodes blood is splattered about the room and he begins to laugh.

“Kagome!” Gohan continued to shake her.

“Hey now, it’s just a dream.”

Kagome continued to shriek out in horror.

“Kagome, please wake up!”

Her eyes flew open. Tears continued to run down her face. Her heart was racing.


He nods and sits on the edge of the bed checking her over. She looks back towards the window and around the room.

“It’s ok Kagome. You’re safe.”

Gohan was caught off-guard as she latched onto him and began to cry. He swallowed back and held her. His father peeked into the room, but once he saw his son consoling her he snuck away. Shippo was out being his mischievous foxself.

“Shhhh. Now you’re ok Kagome…” Gohan hadn’t any clue what to truly say or how to help. He wished he did though.

He’d never seen anyone do that in their sleep before. He thought she was awake when he first passed by her room. Gohan couldn’t sleep so he was outside working out, when he’d heard her scream.

“No one’s going to hurt you now.”

Gohan let her cry it out. Before long she’d fallen asleep against his chest. Without even thinking Gohan kissed her forehead and laid her back down. He tucked her in and looked around the room as if to make certain no one was truly there.

It wasn’t until Gohan went back to his room that he’d realized what he’d done. His eyes grew to that of giant saucers. He smacks his hand against his forehead and groans out.

The next morning Goku and Gohan were already at the breakfast table. Kagome stepped out in one of her new outfits. Gohan froze and literally gawked upon her. She was wearing a black, blue and white plaid skirt that stopped just above the knees, a white blouse and a baby blue cardigan sweater, with her usual white knee high socks and black Mary Jane’s. Her hair was half pinned back with a baby blue bow.

Goku hands his son a tissue. Gohan quickly covers his nose as it started to bleed. Goku chuckled. Kagome looked to Gohan oddly as she joined them at the table.

“Are you ok?” She asks concerned.

He nods trying to hide his face. He wanted to curl up under a rock. Oh man, how embarrassing. And why won’t you go down! He scolded his rocking hard on. I can’t believe this! This has never happened to me before. I mean sure Videl she’s really pretty too, but Kagome… Oh man, I’m in big trouble! I can’t like two girls at the same time! But which do I like more? He lifts his eyes towards Kagome, who was still looking upon him worriedly. Why does she have to look at me like that? It’s those eyes! Man those eyes… Kagome, you’re killing me!

“Eh… Will you look at the time? I gotta go work out! You two have a good day at school.” He calls out as he damn near ran out of the house.

Yet again they head outside. She rides upon the handlebars. Only this time once they pick up enough speed. Kagome’s skirt flaps in the breeze. Gohan’s eyes widen as he’s able to see her white panties. Through his distraction, Gohan hits a rock and Kagome goes flying. Gohan panics and swiftly launches himself off the bike and manages bring himself down. Kagome lands on top of him. He takes in a breath of relief.

“I’m sorry Kagome! Are you alright?!”

She starts giggling. He cocks a brow at this. His heart however fluttered and he broke into a bit of laughter himself. Shippo meanwhile, was in a nearby bush.

“No need to worry about me guys I’m ok!”

“Shippo!” Kagome gasped out and she rolled off of Gohan.

She rushed over and scooped Shippo up. His arms were folded about his chest.

“Sure just forget all about me! You didn’t even bother to wake me this morning Kagome!”

“But you were sleeping so soundly. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She kisses the top of his head.

“You know I’d never forget about you Shippo.”

He smiles and wags his tail.
“I know Kagome.”

He hugs her and Gohan smiles as he comes back to his feet.

“So everyone’s ok?”

“Um yeah. So what happened Gohan?”

He lets out a nervous laugh and reddens somewhat.

“I think I hit a rock. Sorry guys.”

Kagome giggles again and places Shippo in her backpack.

That laugh… and that smile. Man… I wish she’d laugh more often.

“So how’d you do that Gohan?”
“What’s that exactly?”

“Move that fast?!”
“Ummm… that’s probably a conversation for another time.”

She cuts him a curious glance. Gohan however noticed the ball in her bag as he was picking up his bike. Is that a dragonball? Why would Kagome have that? He couldn’t get a good enough look without looking as though he were snooping. Instead, he helped her zip the bag back up. He knew how hard those were to find. He didn’t want her to lose it. Still, he wondered what she was up to. If she wasn’t from around here why on earth would she be carrying a dragonball of all things?

“Eh, Kagome, I think my bike has seen better days.”

She looks over and saw that the wheels were bent in half.

“I believe so!”

He nods and moves it out of the road.

“Guess you’re riding the Gohan express.”


He smiles and pats his back.

“Hop on.”
“But we still have a ways to go Gohan.”

He shrugs.

“I can get us there in time.” He says with full confidence.

“Um well ok then.”

She starts to climb on and he helps get her adjusted. Meanwhile, Shippo was on her shoulder.

“Hold on guys, especially you Shippo.”
Both Kagome and Shippo’s jaw’s drop as Gohan takes off running, like promised Gohan gets them to school in no time. Kagome climbs down and looks to him in shock. Conversely another thing was simultaneously hitting her. She remembered how Inuyasha used to carry her around like that. It felt different with Gohan somehow. She wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Now that was fast…” She looks around.

“Like really, really, fast! Almost as fast as Inu…” Shippo starts to say.

Gohan looked to him oddly

So this Inuyasha guy is fast too? So what is a demon dog exactly? He looked upon Kagome in thought. He was beginning to realize there were a lot of things they needed to discuss.

As they were heading inside, Kagome turned to Gohan. She was about to ask Gohan about Bulma and little Trunks. She was curious as to the story there.

“Trunks?!” Gohan said as if in a state of shock.

Kagome turns around. There was Trunks with a backpack strapped to him and he was leaning against her locker. Gohan shakes his head wondering if he were indeed dreaming.

“Why are you here?” Gohan questions.

Trunks shrugs.

“Why not?” He says as if that answers Gohan’s question.

“No, no I mean why are here… at school? Like right here?”

Trunks shrugs again.

“Let’s just say I like a good challenge.”

“So you’re at school. You’re here… At school.? You…? Trunks going to school? Since when?”

Trunks sighs.

“Why? I mean, why are you here?”

Trunks raises his brows towards Gohan.

“Fine… ok what’s done is done, let’s just move on now.”

By this time Videl, Kagome, and Trunks were looking upon Gohan as if he’d lost his mind. He slams his locker door and heads on to class. Meanwhile, Trunks was giving Kagome the once, twice, thrice over…

Damn… those legs are never ending. This certainly suits her better than Gohan’s clothes did. That Videl chick isn’t so bad either. Maybe this school thing won’t be so bad after all. With Kagome and Videl to gawk at anyhow, talk about some hotties! This might even be fun… Wait fun? School? Trunks cuts Kagome an accusing look.

What’s this girl doing to me? Kagome cuts him a smile before she heads into class. Trunks bumps into a trashcan on the way.

“Easy now…” Videl says offering him a hand up.

“You know asking for her phone number or something might help. It’s better than landing on your face.”

Trunks’s eyes widen.


Videl laughs.

“OH please it’s so obvious. By the way welcome to Orange Star High.”

Of course he likes Kagome! Just like Gohan! What’s their deal? Ok so she’s cute and she seems really nice. But Trunks and Gohan?! At least she’s managed to change her sense of fashion.

The boys that were picking on Kagome yesterday were now in awe as they gazed upon her.

“Wait is that Kagome?” Gohan heard one of them whisper towards another.

“Damn…” Another one muttered.

“She’s pretty hot…”

Gohan half smiled and shook his head. Boys his age he realized could be complete idiots. Kagome took her seat. The boys attitudes towards her was completely different. This rather pissed Gohan off. She was the same girl just in a different set of clothes. Trunks took it upon himself to sit between Videl and Kagome. Gohan kept his seat behind Kagome so he could continue to keep an eye on her.

The boys turned to Gohan in memory of their ass kicking yesterday after school. Gohan gives them a quick menacing wink and begins to take notes. They swallow back nervously and lower their heads.

When the bell rings Trunks takes it upon himself to take Kagome’s hand and leads her out of the classroom. Gohan rolled his eyes.

“You don’t even know where to go.”
Trunks shrugs.

“It can’t be that hard to figure out.”

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