Chapter 3 Chasing Kagome

Chapter 3

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After school Gohan leaned back against a tree, doing his homework. He thought about the weird day at school today. He never dreamed he’d be attending school with future Trunks of all people. What had him unnerved? He knew by the end of the day Trunks only reasoning was Kagome. As to why Gohan kept his thoughts to himself and remained quiet throughout the day. Lunch for Gohan grew even more awkward. There were his usual friends, then Videl, Kagome, and Trunks sitting at the cafeteria table. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how out of place Kagome must’ve felt. He also couldn’t get over how opposite every one reacted when it came to Kagome today.

Gohan looked back to see Chibi Trunks and Shippo run past in the buff. They both hopped into the spring in laughter. He curiously watched as the two of them splashed one another and looked to be having a ball. His father and Bulma came out of the house, with smiles about their faces.
“Hey guys, we got some news!”

Goku had his arms around Bulma’s waist.

“We’re getting married and not only that, but we’re expecting!”
Gohan froze at his father’s words.

“Expecting what?” Chibi Trunks questioned.

“A baby!”

“A baby?” Chibi Trunks looks to his mother oddly.

Goku however looked upon his son a certain way.

“You ok there son?”

Gohan nods and clears his throat.

“Um yeah… That’s great. Congratulations dad… A bit backwards, but…” He forces it back.

“I’m really happy for you guys.”

Goku nods.

“Thank you, son.”

Gohan nods again and comes to a stand.

“How can you have a baby mom? I mean how?”

“Yeah dad, you wanna explain that one?” Gohan teases.

“Eh… well um… Bulma? This is more up your alley…” Goku utters and starts to sneak away.

Kagome was up in a tree finishing her homework. That and she needed out of that house. There was so much on her mind and at times she felt as though she were suffocating. She kept thinking about the jewel shards and how she needed to find them. She also thought about her little brother, mom, and grandfather. Her heart sank. Kagome wondered if she’d ever see her family or friends again.

She heard the rustling of leaves and looked down to see Gohan. He looked so sad. He had his hands shoved into his pockets and his head down. He kicked the leaves about as he strolled through the woods. Kagome however gasped out and quickly covered her mouth. His hair suddenly became gold and Gohan punched through a nearby tree, the tree tumbled over and knocked over a couple more throughout the woods. Through her surprise, Kagome’s book fell. Gohan snapped back her direction. Her eyes were wide and she shot up in alarm.


She nodded but continued to step back. She leaned against the tree a bit startled by what she’d just witnessed. Gohan’s hair became it’s original color and he slowly approached the tree she was in.

“Don’t be afraid…”

“I… I’m not!”

Gohan cocks a brow.

“Is that why you won’t come down?”

She shakes her head, but continued to look startled. Gohan nods and leaps up. He lands before her and sits upon the branch. His legs sway about. Gohan pats the area beside him.

“I guess that means we need to talk.”

Kagome timidly makes her way over and sits beside him. Gohan begins his story about the saiyans, how young he started out and the story of his crazy life. He eventually gets to the part about his mother leaving his father because of who they were. Chi Chi wanted Gohan in school. She didn’t want him training or battling period. She deemed his education the most important thing there was. And though Gohan could understand where his mother was coming from on that. He disagreed when it came to other’s lives being in danger. He felt he needed to be out there with his father. That he should be helping in anyway possible. He couldn’t very well do that if he was stuck behind a pile of books all day long. His mother had him studying so much he’d dream about it. He’d come home from school and she’d put him to work immediately. On the weekends she still managed to sneak in some form of schooling or homework for Gohan. He hardly had time to play with his friends, train with his father or to have the sort of life he wanted. Well a couple years ago Goku and Chi Chi locked horns. Matters got worse when Gohan defended his father. He wanted Gohan to go with him and train. The fate of the world depended on it. Even through that knowledge Chi Chi lost it. Gohan still shudders in the memory and for a while he blamed himself.

Kagome noticed the melancholy in his eyes as he talked about his mother. Gohan told Kagome about how she’d tried forcing him to go with her when she left his father. Gohan threw the ultimate fit and put his foot down. He let his mother know he wasn’t turning his back to his father or to his friends! Or to the people whose lives were in danger. Gohan watched as she cried and walked out the door. He hadn’t seen or heard from her since that day. Kagome took his hand Gohan continued on with his story.

“My father and I were both crushed and it took us some time to adjust to my mother’s absence. There are times I feel so much anger towards her, so much resentment. I mean how could she turn her back to us like that? How could she sit there and try to talk me into leaving everyone behind? To turn my back knowing so many lives were at stake? My father… He wasn’t himself for a while after that. He was quiet. He hardly ate or slept. If you know my father that’s just not him, but something within him awakened I’m not even sure what it was. My father taught me that I could still have my education. I could still train. I could find a way to make it all work somehow and that’s exactly what I do. But there was one thing about my father that not even my mother could change. When it comes to protecting our friends, family, and this planet that will always come before anything else. That is something no one can change about my father. Something I greatly admire and I can only hope to be half the man my father is one day.” He sighs in thought.

“And now I get the news that my father and Bulma are to marry and they’re expecting.”

Gohan sighs.

“Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like Bulma. She’s great and she makes my dad happy. It’s just that…”
“Chi Chi’s still your mother…”

He nods.

“Right… It’s like the final nail. I know now she’s never coming back. To be honest, I’m not so sure how I’d handle it if she did. Part of me is just so mad. Then the other part of me misses her so much. But it wasn’t anything new. My mother constantly had a problem with my father.”

“You still love your mother. Nothing’s going to change that. However there’s nothing wrong with liking Bulma. If she makes your father happy that’s what truly matters. Your mother is the one that decided to walk out on you Gohan. Not the other way around. It isn’t just about your father’s happiness, it’s about yours as well. So while your father is seeking out his happiness, maybe you should too.”

Kagome looks to the sky in thought.

“So you’re going to be a big brother…”

Gohan rather smiles in thought. Kagome takes notice of this and smiles in return.

“It’s kind of cool you know, being the older sibling that is. They look up to you. Sota… That’s my little brother; he’s a little older than little Trunks.”

Gohan looks to Kagome.

“So I take it Trunks told you his story as well.”
She nods.

“I can’t even imagine you know. Having everyone you’ve ever known wiped out and being the last one standing.”

“To know everyone’s future even your own…” Gohan adds in thought.

They both blushed realizing they were still holding hands. Kagome moved her hand and reached over grabbing her backpack. She takes out the ball and shows it to him. She remembered Trunks’s reaction. She was curious as to Gohan’s.

“So… do you know what this is?”

He nods, but looked slightly puzzled.

“Or at least I think I do.” Gohan takes the dragon ball from her hold.

He studies it a bit.

“It’s different somehow. I wonder why.”

“So what is it?”

“Well it looks to be a dragon ball.”
“And what exactly is that?”
He tells her about how the dragon balls work and how there are 6 others out there.


“I think the Shikon jewel shards somehow fused with your realms dragon balls.”

“And what exactly would that mean?” Gohan ponders out loud.

“I haven’t a clue…”

Gohan thought about the last wish the dragon balls were used for. It was for Yamcha to be brought back and it wasn’t that long ago. In fact… he turned back to Kagome in thought.

“Whatever happened in your realm must’ve taken place just as we used the dragon balls to wish one of our friends back.”

“You can do that?”
They both looked upon each other with the same question in their eyes. What would it do now? What happens when they collect the other six?

Gohan hands the ball back.

“Just be careful with that. Not just making sure you don’t lose it Kagome. There are some with ill intentions that would love nothing more than to steal that from you. And I do mean they’d go with whatever means necessary.”

“That’s nothing new to me.” She says with a mischievous grin.

“The jewel shards are the same way. Facing uncertain death is nothing new to me.”

Gohan raised his brows on this.

“I don’t know many that can smile when they say that.”

Kagome takes in a breath.

“It’s because of what I faced, that I became what I am today. That and I would’ve never met Shippo or any of my other friends.”
“And what about this Inuyasha?”

“Even Inuyasha… He might not be the same Inuyasha, but he’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

“That must really hurt, Kagome.”

She nods.

“At times it’s the worst kind of pain imaginable.” She admits.

“It’s when I have moments of numbness however that concern me the most. That’s when I know I need to be concerned. It’s when you feel nothing at all that you truly realized part of you has already died.”

He narrowed his eyes.

“A bit dark isn’t it?”

“Gohan, you haven’t any idea how selfish I feel at times. All of this worrying about someone who has never felt the same about me in return. When I’ve witnessed so much death, men, women and children, we’ve seen villages wiped out completely. And you want to know why?! Why most of these events took place?! Because of those stupid SHARDS!” Her hands ball up into fists.

“If I was smart, I would have destroyed them from the beginning! None of this would have come into play! Inuyasha wouldn’t have been corrupted! Both my worlds would still exist! Everyone I ever loved or cared about would be within my grasp.”

Gohan wraps his arm around her. Kagome covers her face.

“I was just too blind to see it then. I was so wrapped up in collecting the shards! In helping Inuyasha, I never stood back to realize what it was doing to those around us.”

“Kagome, you can’t blame yourself for what all took place.”
“But I can’t help it! It’s so strong. I can feel it building inside of me.”

“Then let it out… saiyans, it’s what we do. We have to. Everyone needs an outlet Kagome, even you. My dad and I train for hours on end at times. We’ve been around death more times then I’d like to remember. There are times even I blamed myself…” Gohan sighs in thought.

“Such as when my dad died.”

Kagome looks to him in utter surprise. Gohan nods.

“That’s right Kagome… My father was wished back. He died in order to save me. I was young and wasn’t so sure of myself and my abilities then. But my father he always believed in me. He still does to this very day, because of my lack in confidence. My father died… I felt the guilt like a double edged sword for a long time, even after we wished my father back. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes without that guilt rising within me. I felt as though the worst son that ever lived. I never believed in myself. However my father did and he gave his life to prove that. At times I wondered how he wasn’t disappointed in me. How could he look at me with pride or love even? I’d never been so ashamed. I let him down. But you know… Even then and now my father tells me how proud of me he is. He’s always encouraging me even after that day. He’s never once held it against me. You know why?” Gohan asks as he gives her a gentle squeeze. “Because my father never once saw it the way I had. His amount of faith in me has never changed. So let it out Kagome. You deserve freedom from this torch you carry.”

Gohan drops his arm and hops down. He holds out his hands for her.

“You trust me?”
She smiles slightly and grabs her bag. Gohan catches her as she hops down. He places her down and takes her hand.

“Where are we going?”

“To fight.”

He chuckles and props her up on his back. He takes off running.

“The mall?”

He nods and places her down. She follows him inside and he leads her into an arcade area. Gohan stops at one of the machines. Kagome covers her mouth in laughter.

“You want to play video games?”

He hands her a handful of quarters from his pocket.

“I bet you can’t beat me!”

“Sota taught me a thing or two about these games! I just might.”

“Ok then no holding back!”

2 hours later…

Gohan groans out in frustration.

“How are you good at this? You shouldn’t be!”

“Aw, is someone being a sore loser?”

“Is someone being a bad winner?”

Gohan passes by a hotdog place and gets them something to eat.

“Surprised to see you two here.”

They turn back seeing Trunks.

“OH hey Trunks.” Gohan replies and hands Kagome a hotdog and soda.

“You are aware it’s a school night?” Trunks taunts.

“Yeah, yeah…” Gohan utters and takes a bite of his hotdog.

“Just making sure… I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” Trunks says looking directly upon Kagome.

She nods.

“Cool see you then, you two don’t stay out too late.”

Gohan tried his best to ignore the fact that he took notice of Kagome checking Trunks out in return. He wished it didn’t bother him so much, but it did.

“So you got room for ice cream?”

Kagome yet again jumps awake signs of perspiration along her face. Her heart raced as she looked around the room. She heard nothing other than the tiny snores that let Shippo’s mouth. She took in a quivery breath and put her robe on over her pink pajama set. She grabbed her flashlight, pocket knife, and snuck out of the window to her room. She gazed upon the stars as she strolled out into the woods. There was just no way she could go back to sleep. The nightmares were getting worse. They felt so real. Kagome’s skin crawled in thought. She gathered some material as she walked about. Kagome then propped herself against a tree and began twiddling.

“Where’s Kagome?” Shippo asked that morning as he came out of the bedroom.

Goku and Gohan looked upon one another with lowered brows. Shippo cut them a look of alarm.
“Please tell me you know where she is.” Shippo pleaded and felt a surge of panic within him.

They both shrugged, but were just as concerned as to where she was. Shippo took off to check the bathroom, but the door was wide open no sign of her anywhere in the house.

“Kagome!” Shippo called out.

Gohan hopped to his feet. He decided to check outside. He hunkered down and ran his fingers through the blades of grass seeing where she’d snuck out. He began to follow the trail that led out to the woods. Before long he found her. Kagome was sound asleep, but had the bow and arrows she’d been working on all night in her lap. Gohan crouched down and cut off her flashlight that had been left on. He carefully moved the pocket knife from her hand. Curiously, he looked upon the bow. Gohan was impressed by the craftsmanship put into the bow, even more so that Kagome had made this all on her own. He went to gather it as well only he quickly jumped back. Kagome cocked one eye open and within seconds she had an arrow aimed right for him. Gohan staggered back in alarm.

“ERRR it’s just me Kagome!” He raised his hands in the air and he cut her a look of utter disbelief.

The arrow shot off and Kagome gasped out once she fully came to.

“GOHAN!” She shrieked out dropping the bow.

Gohan had both hands clamped around the arrow. The tip of the arrow was right at his sternum.

“Whew, now that was close.”

She covers her mouth.

“I’m so sorry Gohan. I must’ve been dreaming. I didn’t even see you there. I…”

“Hey now no worries, see, I’m ok.”

“But I shot at you!”

“You what?”
Kagome’s eyes widen as Goku and Shippo were now standing next to them. Shippo was on Goku’s shoulder.

“Why would you wanna shoot Gohan, Kagome?”

“It was an accident. I…”

“Hey did you make this?!” Goku reaches down and picks up the bow and arrow.

Kagome groans out in misery and kept cutting Gohan an apologetic glance. She nods shamefully.

“Huh, neat!”

Kagome cuts Goku an odd look.

“Sir, I almost shot your son.”

Goku laughs and pats Gohan on the back.

“Nothing he can’t handle.”


Gohan and Goku both chuckle. Kagome runs her fingers through her hair and Shippo shrugs her direction.

“So you any good?” Goku asks with interest.

“She’s the best!”

“Shippo…” She groans and covers her face.

“Come Kagome, you know you are!”

“Huh, well let’s see what you got.”

Gohan smiles encouragingly cuts her a wink, which has her blushing. Both men fold their arms about their chest and wait for Kagome to show what she can do.

“Um… ok then…”
Kagome looks around for a target.

“Hey wait, I know!” Goku grabs a nearby apple from a tree.

Without much warning he tosses it high into the air.

“Dad that’s too far!”

Both men drop their jaws as the apple is suddenly pinned to a nearby tree with an arrow through it. Goku starts laughing and reaching to his gut. Gohan looks to Kagome completely taken back.

“You did that?!”

She nods.

“Huh…” Gohan walks over to the tree and inspects the apple and bow.

He tosses the apple with the arrow still in it at his father. Goku catches it then scans it over with a shrug and starts eating it off the arrow. Gohan grabs another apple.

“Again…” He says with a mischievous grin.

Kagome breaks into a smile. Gohan then tosses the apple even higher into the air. Kagome’s jaw drops as Gohan bounds into the air. He watches as the arrow sails right on through the apple. They hear him laughing from below. He snatches the apple and comes down. He removes the arrow and tosses the apple over to Shippo.

Gohan this beam about his face as he gazes upon Kagome.
“You are way too cool.”

Kagome blushes yet again.

“See, I told you she’s the best!” Shippo announces as he eats his apple.
“Oh I believe it.” Gohan says not able to take his eyes off her.

“Well you two better get ready, it’s almost time for school.”
They both nod and rush back into the house and get ready for school. Once they’re ready they head out and Kagome hops on Gohan’s back. Shippo peeked out of the backpack as Gohan took off. After he placed her down Gohan, Kagome fixed her purple skirt. Gohan’s eyes widen as Shippo hopped on to his shoulder and smacked him in the back of the head.

“I saw that.” Shippo harshly whispered.

“Errrr heh… saw what?!” Gohan nervously whispered back.
Shippo cuts him a glance.

“You were looking at her panties.”

“WHA?! I was not!”

“You totally were, admit it.”

Kagome looks back as the young fox and boy harshly whisper to one another.

“I wasn’t…”

“What are you two going on about?”
“Nothing…” They both chorus.

Shippo chuckles once Kagome heads inside.

“You like Kagome, don’t you Gohan?”


“I can tell! Inuyasha won’t like this! Not one bit. He’d be awfully mad if he see’s you looking at her like that.”

“I thought you didn’t like Inuyasha.”

“I don’t… at least not anymore. But I do like you…” Shippo admits rather shyly.

“Just be careful is all I’m saying. We don’t know where he is. I have a feeling that he’s around here somewhere.”

Gohan narrows his eyes and looks upon Shippo. Shippo had this sad look in his eyes.

“What is it Shippo?”

“I never told Kagome. I wasn’t sure how. So please don’t say anything.” Shippo pleads with a look of distress about him.

“Whatever you say stays between us Shippo.”

“I overheard Inuyasha talking to himself once. He was awfully mad. Gohan he was talking about sacrificing Kagome in order to bring Kikyo back!”

“Yeah I heard him! He thinks that since she’s Kikyo’s reincarnation that he can somehow bring Kikyo back through her.”

“What’s with this guy?!”
“That’s just it Gohan. He’s a demon. Well only half again now, but even when he wasn’t a full fleshed demon, he was always in a rotten mood. He’s never treated her right! The things he’d say… the things he did to Kagome.” Shippo shook all over with anger. Tears formed in his eyes. Gohan swallowed back.

“What did he do Shippo?”
“He was always yelling at her. Saying some pretty mean things. When Kagome would defend herself, Inuyasha lost it. He got violent. He almost killed me and Miroku trying to get to Kagome! There’s one more thing I never told Kagome.” Tears fled from the little fox’s eyes and Gohan scooped him up and looked him in the eyes.

“Koga never left… He never gave up on Kagome. Kagome believes Koga went off and married that girl. But that’s not true! Inuyasha killed Koga. You see Gohan. If Inuyasha can’t have Kagome for himself, no one can. Yet when he has Kagome this is how he treats her! I don’t understand why she ever loved him! She deserves so much more than Inuyasha ever had to offer.”

Gohan nodded and did his best to console Shippo. Once he got Shippo calmed down enough, they headed inside. Gohan sighed to himself as he saw Trunks with a hand up against Kagome’s locker. He had her pinned in and looked to be flirting with her. Kagome was covering her mouth in laughter and blushing a bit. Shippo hid in Gohan’s backpack.
“I thought that maybe we could get together this weekend.”

Kagome stops laughing and looks to Trunks oddly.

“You know so we can see about finding your friends and those shards you were talking about. The well was obviously a bust.”

“Um yeah, we should all go together!” Gohan suggests.

Trunks cuts him a rather annoyed look. Trunks wasn’t even aware that Gohan liked Kagome. Then again Gohan when it came to girls was always shyer of the two. Ironic since Gohan was the one that trained Trunks.

“I’m sure Bulma still has her dragon ball radar.”

Trunks clears his throat and moves his hand.

“You two really wouldn’t mind doing that?”

“Of course not!”

And there it was… it was just who he was. Gohan felt a surge of guilt rise within him. Trunks had literally just lost everyone back home. That was why he came back to this time. Yet Gohan couldn’t control how he felt. He really liked Kagome. He just wasn’t sure how to tell her. How does he after everything Inuyasha has done to her?! Gohan wanted to give the bastard the ass kicking of a lifetime! Just the mere idea of anyone harming Kagome had Gohan enraged.

“Are you alright Gohan?”

Trunks narrowed his eyes as he too noticed Gohan looked pissed all a sudden.

“Yeah man, are you alright?”

Gohan swallowed back and forced away that anger. He nodded. Their eyes widened as the bell rang. They took off running to class.

“Hi Gohan, Hi Trunks!” Videl said as they entered class.

“Kagome… You’re all fashionably late!”

“Better late than never…” Trunks utters and winks upon Videl.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She smiled and chewed on the end of her pencil. During the middle of class one of the boys that had originally picked on Kagome leaned over.

“So what are you doing this weekend?”

Gohan raised his brows on his. Trunks leaned back and folded his arms about his chest. Kagome cut him a rather displeased look. He was one of the more popular jocks of the school. A lot of girls thought he was the most handsome boy in school. Kagome thought he looked like a fish gasping for air.

“Why? What are you doing? Maybe you should go ball searching as well.”

Trunks and Gohan had the same expression on their face. They turned to Kagome in utter shock.

“Ball searching?” The boy inquires.

Kagome nods.

“Um ok… I actually was wondering if I could take you out.”


“Yeah you know like on a date?”

Kagome looks to the boy in amazement. She was just about to lit into him about what she really thought of him.

“Sorry she’s already got plans.” Trunks utters over his shoulder.

“Yep we’re going on a date! Right Kagome?!”

Kagome looks to Trunks wide eyed and with a blush spread across her face.


Trunks winks her direction and leans back with full confidence.

“Sorry man, looks like I beat you to the punch. Better luck next time.”
Videl lowered her head with disappointment and Gohan’s pencil snapped in half. When class was over Gohan rushed out the door. Trunks, Kagome, and Videl looked to one another in question.
“He sure is acting strange lately.” Videl comments, but she too had that look about her.

“Videl?” Kagome whispers once they’re at their lockers.

“Is everything ok?”

Videl forces a smile.


“Um ok…” Kagome says as she switches out her books.

“So you and Trunks huh?” Videl says still with that smile planted on her face.

Kagome slants her eyes and looks towards Trunks as he was talking to some of the guys at his locker.

“I’m not sure to be honest.”

“Huh? How do you mean? I mean he’s hot right?”
“Well sure he is… it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“He rather caught me off-guard, that’s all. That and I don’t think it’s a real date Videl. I think he simply said that to shut him up.”

“Oh come on Kagome. He likes you. It’s plain as day.”

Kagome looks back towards Trunks.

“He’s just a friend.”
Videl softly laughs.
“A friend that wants to be more, play closer attention. You’ll see.”

Videl heads on to the next class leaving a bewildered Kagome behind. During lunch the four of them sit in silence. Videl and Gohan kept their heads down most of the time. Trunks and Kagome shrugged upon one another in wonder, after school was over Trunks made his way over to Kagome. Videl and Gohan looked on from a distance.

“Just so you know that was a cover so he’d leave you alone. We’re still going to search for your friends and those shards. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t mind taking you on a real date one day, if you’re interested.”

Kagome’s cheeks reddened. Gohan winced as Trunks lifted her chin up with his fingers.

“It’s no rush Kagome. I know you’ve been through a lot. I’m just putting it out there is all ok?”

She nods. Trunks nods in return and walks away. Kagome took in a deep breath and shut her eyes. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Trunks. He was certainly attractive and seemed really nice. However she glanced towards Gohan as he stood next to Videl. This odd feeling came about her. She just wasn’t certain what it was.

Shippo popped out of the backpack once they were heading home. Gohan cleared his throat once they got there and he placed her down.

“So you and Trunks huh?”
She didn’t comment, she wasn’t sure how.

“He’s a great guy! I think you’ll have a lot of fun Kagome.” Gohan said as the words cut like tiny daggers as he said them. Nevertheless, Kagome’s happiness was what truly mattered to Gohan. If Trunks made her happy then Gohan was all for it. Trunks was one of his best friends and he knew he’d treat Kagome right. Gohan just wished he’d the nerve to have asked her first.

Kagome nodded towards Gohan and headed inside. Shippo nonetheless hopped down from her backpack. He tapped his foot about the ground and folded his arms about his chest eying Gohan ruefully.

“What?” Gohan questioned.

“I thought you were going to ask Kagome out!”


“I thought you liked Kagome!” Shippo pointed upon Gohan irately.

“You baka head! You just ruined everything! Now she’s gonna date Trunks and fall in love!”

“WHA?!” Gohan’s eyes widen.

“Yeah! Did you think about that!”

Shippo nods.
“You really think that…” Gohan looks to the door in thought.

“You really are a dummy! Way to go Gohan!”

“Eh Heh? What just happened?!”

Gohan groaned to himself and pinched the bridge of his nose. Shippo takes of angrily.

“Oh man…”

“Something wrong son?”

“Yes…” He groans.

“Want my help?”

“So you got it figured out?”

“Um, ok then!” Goku heads on inside as well.

Gohan bangs his head against the door.

“Gee, Gohan you could knock like a normal person.” Bulma comments as she and Chibi Trunks were behind him.

“And why are you knocking? You live here, you know.”

Gohan shuts his eyes for a moment.

“What’s with you?!”

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