Chapter 4 First Date In Jurassic Park

Chapter 4

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“Sure, tomorrow morning sounds great.”

Gohan hears Kagome say on the phone as she was talking to Trunks.

“Ok see you then.”

“So it’s all set?”

Kagome smiles and nods as she hangs up the phone.


“Say you and Shippo wanna go to a movie or something tonight?”

Kagome looks to Shippo in thought. He was wagging his tail with a big grin.

“OH can we Kagome?!”

Kagome laughs.

“I don’t see why not.”

“I’ve never been to a movie before. Kagome’s told me all about them though.”

“Well we make it an awesome experience for you then. We’ll get the works.”
“The works?” Shippo questions.

“Yeah you know popcorn, drinks, candy!”

Shippo’s eyes bulge out and he rubs his tummy and licks his lips.

“Can we go now?!”

Gohan looks to the time.
“It doesn’t start for another hour or so, but if you want we could go hang out around town. I could show you and Kagome around.”
Kagome shrugs.

“Sounds good to me.”

“Ok then let’s go.”

Once they get into town, Gohan gives them the tour of a few of their shops. Kagome wandered off into a nearby pet store and was playing with some kittens. Gohan laughed as they ended up crawling all over her.

“I guess they like you.” Gohan said and helped her get some of them back into their display case.

One of the dogs however kept barking at Shippo. Shippo clung on to Gohan for dear life.

“He sure is big.”

Gohan chuckled.

“I won’t let him get ya.”

“I hope not. I imagine his breath smells something awful!”
Gohan got them all some snacks when it was time for the movie. Shippo sat on the arm rest between the two of them. He felt at heaven with his giant soda and popcorn all to himself. Gohan couldn’t help, but to find the little guy too cute. He’d never seen someone so excited just going to a movie. Then again he grew up in the feudal era. Gohan did his best to remind himself that.

It wasn’t until the movie started Gohan realized just how awkward he truly felt. He found himself wanting to hold Kagome’s hand or kiss her even. Things that Trunks would soon get to do. He groaned to himself in thought. Kagome turned overhearing him. He forced a smile and offered her some popcorn. Other teenagers were in the far back making out with their girlfriends. He wished that was him and Kagome. He wondered what it’d be like. I bet she taste sweet. She sure smells good. He caught himself stealing glances at her breasts and legs. Gohan quickly turned away feeling himself getting aroused in mere thought. Oh man, I really am a pervert! Why is it always her? I can’t be around her without thinking about sex!

Just about that time Kagome leaves the theater. He thinks nothing of it at first thinking she had to go to the bathroom. Only Kagome didn’t return. Oh no did she catch me staring. Dammit! Way to go Gohan! Why do you have to be such an idiot?! Only it had nothing to do with Gohan. He and Shippo stepped out and Kagome had this look of humiliation about her face.

“What’s wrong Kagome?” Gohan asked praying it wasn’t what he thought. He already felt like a big jerk.

“Nothing, can we just go home now?”

“Um sure…”

“Kagome?!” Gohan turned to the familiar voice and Kagome’s entire face became heated.

“Damn… Look I can explain…”

It was just coming together for Gohan as he looked to Kagome then Trunks. Not only that, but off to a corner was Videl. Videl looked towards Kagome apologetically.

“I’m sorry Kagome, I was going to tell you.” Oh no… What are the ODDS? This wasn’t supposed to happen. You bastard Trunks! Look at the poor girl’s face. You shouldn’t have kissed her! You should have told Videl that you needed to tell Kagome FIRST! I can’t believe I did this!

“It’s fine Trunks. It’s not like we were actually dating.”

He sighs. Videl rushes over.

“It’s my fault! I… I kissed him Kagome!” She too looked ashamed.

Kagome softly laughs.

“Like I said we weren’t actually dating. It’s cool guys…”
Wait… Trunks asked Kagome out, but is on a date with Videl? Kagome caught them kissing? Why the hell would he ask Kagome out and turn around and date Videl?! Is he an “IDIOT?!

Only he thought he said that last part to himself. Kagome, Videl, Shippo, and Trunks all looked to Gohan in surprise.

Oh man, did I just say that last part out loud? I did ,didn’t I? Eh, what the hell it’s true! What I wouldn’t give to be with Kagome!

“Hey…” Trunks goes to defend himself, only everyone there looks upon him as if he should know better.

“Ok fine, I had it coming. I really am sorry Kagome.”

“Me too…” Videl says with a look of disgrace.

“We really meant nothing by it! We just ran into one another and…” Videl tries to explain.

She nods.

“About tomorrow…”

Trunks winces taking the hint.

“Um yeah…”

They nod as if in silent understanding.

“So we’re cool?”

“Yeah Trunks…”
He nods and takes Videl’s hand as they head inside the theater. Gohan nevertheless noticed the look on Kagome’s face.

“I’m sorry, Kagome.”

She softly laughs and rather shrugs her shoulders.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been pushed aside by a guy.” She says thinking of the time she saw Inuyasha kissing Kikyo.
“Maybe you just need to wait for the right one, because there’s nothing wrong with you Kagome.”

What Gohan and Kagome weren’t aware of was that Shippo had snuck back into the theater. He had waited until Videl went to the bathroom, afterword he transformed into Kagome. He walked right up to Trunks and slapped him then strutted right on out of there. Trunks’s eyes bulged out and he rubbed the side of his face in shock.
“Kagome?!” He uttered in disbelief.

Shippo then rushed back and hopped onto Kagome’s shoulder as if nothing happened.

“Mom…? Sota? Grandpa Higurashi?” Kagome called out as she happily ran inside the house.

“I’m home!” She calls out and looks throughout the house.

“Where is everyone?” She calls out looking through each room.

“Mom? Sota?” She calls out again.

Kagome sighs with disappointment.

“I guess they’re…” She opens her bedroom door however and freezes.

Her hand clasps firmly around the doorknob.

“In… Inuyasha?”

He was hunched over on the floor. He slowly turned her direction. Kagome screamed out as Inuyasha hovered over the bodies of her loved ones.


Gohan shot up hearing Kagome’s earth shattering cry. He immediately rushed down the stairs to her room.


She was on the floor of the bedroom looking as though she were cradling someone. Gohan swallowed back and crouched down. He gently put a hand upon her shoulder. Her eyes were open, but he could tell she wasn’t fully awake. She lifted her eyes towards him.

“It’s Sota…” She motioned as if to show him.

“He… He killed him… All of them… He…”

Her eyes rolled back and she started to fall back.


He hurriedly scooped her up. Shippo tiredly whimpered out and sneezed.

“Is she alright?” He called out with a sniffle.

“Yeah I think so.” Gohan said checking her over.

Shippo rubbed his eyes and coughed a little.

“Are you?” Gohan questioned.

Shippo nodded and sneezed again.

“Hmmm… I think you’ve got a cold Shippo.”

“Nah, I’m fine.”

Gohan lays Kagome down in the bed. Shippo starts tucking her in and turns his head as he sneezes yet again. Gohan hands him a tissue.

“I’ll go get you something for that cold.”

Shippo groans miserably into the tissue as he blows his nose. Gohan returns shortly with some medicine and a glass of water.

“Thanks Gohan.”
“No problem. Sorry you’re not feeling so great.”

Shippo huddles back into the corner of Kagome’s pillow. He fluffs his tail out and uses it as a pillow. Gohan watches as they both go back to sleep. He takes in a breath.

“Is everything alright?” Goku questioned from the doorway.

“I think Shippo’s getting a cold.”
Goku nods in thought. He makes his way over and feels Shippo’s forehead.

“He’s got a slight fever.”

“I gave him some medicine.”

Gohan however looks back to Kagome with great concern.


“Yeah son?”

“Is that normal? You know, for someone to have constant night terrors like that?”

Goku rather sighs.

“Not really Gohan.” Goku looks to Kagome in thought.

“Her fear is great though. That’s for certain.”

Gohan looks to his father. Goku nods upon his son.

“And she isn’t the only one…” He points to Shippo.

“They both seem to fear this Inuyasha.”

Gohan curls his lip in annoyance. Goku pats his son’s shoulder.

“They’re in good hands now son. We won’t let anything happen to either of them.”

Goku heads on out of the room. Gohan was about to head on out as well, but he heard Kagome whimper out in her sleep. Shippo’s little nose still had the sniffles as he slept. Gohan grabbed a blanket and he sat in the recliner in Kagome’s bedroom. He watched over the both of them until the sandman visited him as well.


He cocked an eye open as Kagome stood before him. He stretched out and yawned. She looked around the room oddly.

“Did you sleep in here all night?”

He shrugged not sure how to answer that. She narrowed her eyes upon him.


“…eh… um…” Shippo sneezed and blew his nose.

“Shippo has a cold!” He declared.

Kagome turns back towards Shippo.


He starts coughing miserably and Kagome rushes over.

“Awe, Shippo…”

She scoops him up and checks him over. Gohan takes this moment to hurriedly sneak out of her room. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep. Kagome turns back to see Gohan was long gone. She went to the kitchen and gave Shippo some more medicine. Afterword she put him back to bed.

“No adventuring for you today!”

“Aw, but Kagome!” He started to get up.

“I’m fine see!” He sneezes again and grunts dejectedly.

“You’re to rest! I mean it Shippo!”

He frowns and folds his arms about his chest.

“I’ll check on you later.”

Shippo tries to fight it, but falls back into a deep slumber. Kagome tucks him back in. Gohan was in the bathroom so Kagome decided to bathe in the spring. It was nothing new for her she’d done this many times back the feudal era. She gathered a towel and some clothes to put on once she was done. Kagome looked around making certain no one was around. She then stripped down to nothing and got into the water. She then dunked herself under the water.

When she came back up she had her eyes closed and was waving her hair about.

“OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy! EUREKA!”

Kagome’s jaw drops, before her stood an older man and a pig. They both had these huge grins on their faces and the old man’s nose was bleeding. Kagome quickly covered her breasts.

“No, no don’t cover up on our account.”

“Yeah… No need to be shy.” The pig said in a deep gruff voice and he wiggled his brows.

Kagome grits her teeth.

“GET OUT OF HERE YOU PERVERTS!” She shouts on top of her lungs and waves her fist about.

They both laugh.


“Oh baby!” The old man makes a breasts squeezing motion with his hands.

Kagome swims off to a more secluded area, where she had her clothes and bow and arrow. She hurriedly got dressed. She grabbed her bow and arrow and stomped her feet back toward the old man and pig.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” They both staggered back as she aimed her arrow at them.

“Now easy Miss, we were just here to visit some friends.”

“Um yeah…” The pig agrees and nods holding out his hands.

She pulls back on her arrow.
“Errrr heh!” Gohan had just stepped out of the house to seek Kagome aiming her arrow at Oolong and Master Roshi.
“Um Kagome…?”

She sighs once she realizes she just snapped at Gohan.

“I’m sorry Gohan… I… I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

He scratches the top of his head.

“Um… its ok…”
“These two PERVERTS claim they’re here for a visit.”

Gohan winces and cuts them both a scolding look.

“What did you guys do?”

Kagome lowers her bow.

“Wait, you know these two?”

Gohan sighs.

“I’m afraid so.”
“So do your friends always spy on women when they’re bathing?!”

Gohan snaps a look back at Master Roshi and Oolong.

“That’s right!”

Gohan shakes his head upon the both of them.

“Not cool guys!” Gohan scolds.

“But she’s so perky!”

Kagome’s jaw drops. She hands Gohan her bow and arrow. She walks right up to the both of them and socks them in the face. Gohan raises his brows with a slight smirk.

“YOU BIG JEEERKKKSSS!” She shouts and walks off.

Gohan points upon them.

“You two had it coming. Dad’s inside.” They both rub their jaws sorely.

Master Roshi nevertheless grins ear to ear.

“Wow, what a woman!”
Gohan rolls his eyes and he drags them inside the house.

“Hey Gohan, I got that new dragon ball into the system. It took me awhile, but you should be able to locate them all now.”
“Gee thanks Bulma.”

She smiles.

“No problem!”

“This oughta make Kagome feel somewhat hopeful.”

Goku and Bulma look upon one another a certain way, then back to Goku.

“So is Trunks still going with you guys?”

Gohan rubs the back of his neck.
“Eh, probably not.”
“Well you two just be careful. I don’t think I have to remind you of the potential danger. Just keep an eye on Kagome, don’t let her out of your sight son.”

“I won’t dad.”

Goku nods.

“And be back before school starts.”

Gohan looks to his dad in disbelief.

He expects us to be gone for that long? And he’s ok with this?

“There’s some sleeping bags in the closets.”

“Oh and here.” Bulma hands him a bag filled with things they might need.

He noticed that Bulma had packed some senzu beans inside.

“There’s also a first aid kit, water, and…”

Gohan stood there still in a hint of shock as Bulma continued to name everything within the bag. Goku patted him on the back.

“You two have fun, but be safe!”

Kagome steps back inside. She was wearing a pair of black shorts and a red blouse. She bent over to place her bag down and Oolong pinched her butt. Kagome’s cheeks reddened and Gohan winced seeing it coming. She twirled around and backhanded him. Goku died in laughter. Gohan slapped his hand against his forehead. He’d half the mind to take Master Roshi and Oolong outside and beat them to a pulp. He didn’t like them staring at HIS GIRL! Gohan’s eyes bulged out and a random and nervous laugh escaped his throat. Everyone looked to him oddly. My girl? What was that? I haven’t even asked her out! You can’t make claims Gohan you idiot! STOP STARING AT HER ASS! Gohan growled out and snapped a look upon Oolong and Master Roshi.

Goku covered his mouth in laughter. Bulma lifted her eyes towards both men. Everyone in the room even Kagome jumped at Bulma’s sudden outburst.


Goku’s jaw dropped. Gohan’s entire face flushed. Both Oolong and Master Roshi lowered their heads in shame. Kagome nibbled on her lower lip nervously.

“You feel free to smack those two baka’s around! ANYTIME you want sweetheart!”

They all look towards the door as there was a knock. The door opened and in came Chibi Trunks running up to Gohan. Gohan scooped him up and roughed up his hair. Chibi Trunks giggled and squirmed about. Kagome smiled thinking it was awfully cute how Gohan played with little Trunks. Gohan froze once another man stepped inside. The man immediately locked onto Kagome. Gohan shook his head and placed Chibi Trunks down. The man had a scar going across one of his eyes. He was built a lot like Goku and Gohan, he too very attractive. One look though was all it took.
“Oh no you don’t!” Gohan barked with a finger pointed upon him.

“Hey Yamcha!” Goku greeted with a smile.

Gohan quickly grabbed his and Kagome’s things. He then took Kagome by the hand and started rushing her out the door. Yamcha looked to Gohan confused.

“You two have fun now!” Bulma called out.

“Yeah we’ll watch over your friend Kagome so no worries!” Goku added.

Once Gohan and Kagome were out of the house, Yamcha turned to the others.

“What’s with Gohan?”

Goku chuckled. My son found his true mate! He just doesn’t know it yet! Goku thought with full pride as he folded his arms about his chest. Way to go son.

Kagome gasped out as they took off in flight.


Oh man, I forgot to tell her about that part.

“Sorry!” He calls out as she hangs on by one hand and looks back to the ground.

She squeals out and starts to climb for a better hold. Gohan chuckled.

“I wouldn’t let you fall Kagome.”

“You better not!”

“…eh…?” She wraps her arms around his shoulders holding on for dear life.

She buried her face into his shoulder.

“This is nothing like flying with Kirara!”


She lifts her head and they lock eyes for a moment. They both blush. Gohan slows down a bit and merely hovers. He straps the bags onto Kagome’s back. He then positions her onto his back as he takes out the dragon radar. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

“Just so you know. This might take quite sometime. The last time we looked for these things it took us about a year.”

He winces.

“Um yeah… They’re usually pretty wide spread.”

He holds up the radar and slowly circles around the air.

“Not picking up anything around here, but we’ll keep checking.”

He takes off in flight only for Kagome’s sake he doesn’t go his full speed. He takes out the radar every once in a while, but no such luck. After a couple hours he decides to land and give Kagome a break.

“Hold on.” He calls out as he hovers down and lands on his feet.

Kagome climbs down and drops to her feet. Gohan took the bags from her hold.

He handed her a bottle of water from the bag Bulma gave them.

“Thank you.” He nods and takes one out for himself as well.

“Are you hungry?”

She shakes her head no.

“I thought we could go on foot for a bit, since you’re looking for your friends and that well also.”

Kagome follows Gohan as they walk about the wilderness. They weren’t having any luck in finding anything. The only thing it was picking up was the current dragon ball in Kagome’s bag. Once a few more hours passed, Gohan began to set up an area for them to rest for a little while. Not that he needed it, but he knew Kagome would.

“Hey… We’ll find them you know that right?”

She lifted her eyes as he handed her a senzu bean.

“What’s this?”

“A senzu bean, that one’s not as strong as they usually are. That’ll keep you full until tomorrow. The ones we saiyans usually eat can last up to ten days!”

Kagome looks to the green bean in thought.

“So this is an entire meal?”

“Three actually.”

She curiously watches as he pops one in his mouth. She smiles and eats hers as well.

“Taste like celery.”

“Yeah they don’t taste that great, but they sure come in handy.”

“So who were those men and that pig that came by the house?”

“Oh you mean Master Roshi the older man, Oolong is the pig, and Yamcha.”

Kagome nods.

“Are they always that bad?”

He looks to her in question.
“I mean Master Roshi and Oolong?”

He chuckles.

“Sometimes they’re worse…” He admits.

“Ugh… What about Yamcha is he a perv too?!”

“Errr ummm…” Gohan lets out a nervous laugh and rubs the back of his neck.

“He’s not so bad. He has his moments, but nowhere like the other two. If anything Yamcha… well… He’s more full of himself than anything.”

She giggles in thought.

“OH I’ve had my share of those kind. She thinks about Koga and Miroku.” She realized though just how much she truly missed them.

She tells Gohan a little bit about them and their personalities. It saddened Gohan however to know she hadn’t a clue that Koga was no more.

“They sound like a riot.”

“Oh they are.” She says, but with a hint of sadness.

She goes on to tell him about Sango and Miroku’s relationship. How Sango couldn’t stand him at first and how much of a perv he is. Gohan couldn’t help, but to laugh.

“Isn’t that funny?” He says in thought and leans back folding his arms behind his neck and kicking back.

“I guess at times opposites really do attract.”
“I would have never seen it coming. I can’t count just how many times Sango has slapped him.”

“So who’s Kirara?”

She explains how Kirara is a demon cat and how she can transform from a small kitten into a massive flying cat. She tells her story of how they first met Kirara. How she’s more faithful to Sango than anyone else. Without truly thinking about it Gohan and Kagome had been sharing stories back and forth for a couple hours. Gohan jumped up once he realized this.

“Oops we better get back to it. It’s just a few hours until sundown.”

Kagome helped Gohan put everything away. He strapped everything on her back gently and took out the dragon ball radar. Kagome climbed onto his back and held on as he began to float off the ground. About an hour and half later Gohan finally was picking up a signal.

“Hey I think we got something!” He called out.

The signal he was picking up was coming from the ocean however.

“Ummm. I might have to retrieve this one.”

He finds a place to safely land. Gohan leads her into a nearby cave, where he starts a fire and sets up camp for the night. Before he goes he hands her bow and arrow over.

“I shouldn’t be long.”
“But it’s almost dark Gohan.”

He slightly smiles.

“All the more reason to hurry, don’t worry Kagome. I’ll be fine. Just keep that arrow ready just in case. You never know…”

She nods.

Just as he’s about to head out of the cave.


He turns back. She blushes a bit and clears her throat.

“Sorry… Um just be careful is all.”
“I will Kagome.”

They both take in a breath as Gohan turns back around and exits the cave. Gohan flies back up to where he picked up the signal. Once he’s right over the area he dives into the ocean. Only to find the dragon ball kept moving on the scanner. He narrowed his eyes in thought and looked around. He soon had his answer as a massive tail nearly hit him in the face. The sea creature became startled by Gohan’s sudden appearance.

“No, no!” Gohan gulped out as the whale like creature took off. Gohan swiftly clung on to his tail and hung on for dear life.

Kagome warmed her hands by the fire Gohan had built. She added some of the branches he had already prepared for her. The sun was now down and she was beginning to worry. The temperature continued to drop throughout the night.

“Come on Gohan…” She whimpered with concern.

Another hour passed and Kagome began to slightly panic. She grabbed her flashlight and started on out of the cave.

“Gohan?” She called out.

The fire within the cave reflected somewhat outside. Kagome gasped back as a great shadow came about the area. She took a few steps back trying to figure out where it was coming from. She aimed her arrow at whatever it was.

“Kagome…” His voice softly carried over.

She took in a breath of relief as he stood before her. His clothes were ripped and his hair was golden again. Kagome swore that his muscles were even bigger than usual. She took a few steps closer getting a better look. She noticed his eyes had gone from dark brown to green.

“Gohan… what happened?”

His focus however was directed at something behind her.

“Come closer Kagome.” His voice remained soft and calm.

Once she was within reach Gohan pulled her up against his chest. He was still wet from his little adventure. Kagome jumped as Gohan suddenly let out a growl and stomped his foot about the ground. The entire area shook and parts of the cave they were staying in began to crumble. She felt Gohan’s arm wrap around her. She turned back to see what was going on. Kagome saw a huge auburn colored dinosaur. It snarled back and roared in return. It took one brave step towards Gohan. Gohan didn’t even blink he merely stared it down.

“Is that a… a dinosaur?!” She whispered in utter surprise.

“You have dinosaurs?!”

Gohan nodded, but quickly spun around gently shoving her back behind him. The dinosaur came charging right for him

“NO!” Kagome shouted.

Gohan stomped his foot once again and growled back in return. Kagome felt the ground beneath her shake as Gohan did this. He motioned his hands about as he began to gather ki.

Kagome shrieked out and fired an arrow right at the dinosaur’s head as it snapped his teeth at Gohan. Gohan however had also sent out a ki blast just enough to send the dinosaur flying back. The dinosaur shook it’s head in confusion. Kagome prepared another arrow and Gohan stood his ground. The dinosaur huffed out an annoyed breath. He whipped his tail around and took off. The earth trembling with each time his feet hit the ground.

Gohan waited until he knew for certain it was gone. He then turned back and faced Kagome.

“It’s ok Kagome, he’s gone now.”

She nodded and lowered her bow.

“Nice hit by the way!” He says with a thumbs up.

She raises her brows.

“And I take it that was just another saiyan move you pulled off.”

He nods. She smiles and shakes her head.

“I have to admit Gohan that was pretty impressive.”

A blush spread across his nose and cheeks. His body returned to it’s original form as Kagome approached him.


“What’s that?”

“Your eyes they change color like your hair does.” She moves a strand of hair away from his face, so she could get a better look.

Gohan found himself leaning into the palm of her hand as she did this.



“Why are your clothes all torn? And why are you all wet?!”

Something came over Gohan. Instead of answering her question he slightly lifted her off the ground. His lips grazed hers and the next thing she knew was that Gohan was kissing her! Not just any kiss. Kagome’s body went from tense to putty in his arms. His tongue parted her lips and Gohan lifted her up even higher. His moan vibrated against her lips as Kagome’s legs wrapped around his waist. Kagome felt his excitement pressing up against her. This caused an aching sensation within her and she ground herself against him. His hands planted firmly on her ass.
“Kagome…” He whispered in agony.

As much as he desperately wanted to continue this, Gohan also wanted to respect Kagome. He pressed his forehead against hers and he forced himself down from the sexual high he was feeling. Both were aching for more. Sadly, Kagome was beginning to realize that Inuyasha had never touched her that way. He’d kissed her before, but in comparison to Gohan. His touch was cold. She never realized that until now. She never had anything else to compare it to. In her own revelation she hugged Gohan. He carefully brought her back down and merely held her. Once they both sizzled down to so speak, Gohan took Kagome’s hand and lead her back into the cave. They blushed upon one another as they sat the fire. Gohan threw in some more twigs as it was dying down.

He then got out their sleeping bags. He unzipped one and laid it on the ground and unzipped the other laying it over them. Kagome lay across his chest. A genuine smile came about Gohan’s face as he held her. Once Kagome went to sleep, he kissed the top of her head and shut his eyes.

“Goodnight Kagome…” He whispered.

Kagome…?” Gohan tiredly uttered and stretched out.

He felt soft kisses traveling along his chest and neck. Gohan moaned out as he felt Kagome stroking him.

Kagome…” He called out in pleasure.

Kagome crawled on top of him and began kissing him. His hands ran up her skirt. He could feel the seam of her cotton white panties. His hand traveled further up and he rubbed against her sex.



Gohan blinked awake and smiled upon Kagome. She looked to have been blushing. He narrowed his eyes and looked down to see where his hand was. He promptly moved it. His entire face flushed over and he punctually rolled away from her.

“Kagome I… I’m so sorry!” He practically shouted and pinched the bridge of his nose.

To his surprise she covered her mouth and giggled. He expected to be yelled at or slapped. He couldn’t believe he had his hand on her crotch and was humping her!

She bit her lower lip a bit.

“It’s ok Gohan. I’m not mad. You just surprised me that was all.”

“Oh man… Kagome you didn’t deserve that…” He groans in misery and shakes his head.

“What’s wrong with me…?” She heard him whisper.

“You were dreaming Gohan…”

He lifts his eyes towards her.

“I… I was?”
She nods with a hint of a blush to her face. She softly giggles again and brings her knees up to her chest.

“You kept saying my name.”

He winced.
“Kagome…” He utters shamefully.

Kagome shakes her head and makes her way over. He felt so ashamed he recoiled from her at first.

“Don’t Gohan…”

She placed her hand upon his cheek.

“Please look at me.”

Gohan opens his eyes with that childlike innocence.
“I was dreaming about you too…” She admits rather shyly.

“In fact… For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have any nightmares.”

“You didn’t?”

She nods with a smile. Gohan found his breath taken back as she leaned against his chest. He nervously wrapped his arms around her.


“Yes Gohan?”

“I really like you… So please let me know if I cross any lines.”

She lifts her head up looking upon him.

“I don’t want to mess this up Kagome.”

“I like you too Gohan and I feel the same way.”

She tippy toes up and kisses him. They find themselves in a heated make out session, neither able to pull away.

“You feel so good.” Gohan grunted out.

“Damn…” Kagome raised her brows realizing she’d never heard Gohan truly curse before.

His face reddened a bit once he realized what he said.
“Sorry…” He kissed her once again.

“I gotta stop Kagome.” He said behind a moan grinding himself against her once more.

His jaw drops though as he realized where his hands were. He hadn’t meant to do that. They were making their way up her blouse. He quickly put her down and ran his hand through his hair.

“So um? HUNGRY?!”

Kagome softly laughed. She couldn’t help, but to find him adorable at times. Gohan was certainly like no other guy she’d ever met. Kagome swallowed back and her head swam a bit. Just the way he was looking upon her. She placed her hair behind her ears. No one had ever truly looked at her that way. Sure she’s had guys show interest in her, but never looked at her the way Gohan did. She smiled to herself in thought.


Kagome’s eyes widened and she shot up in alarm. Gohan narrowed his eyes wondering why she looked frightful all a sudden. She reached to her heart and looked towards the entrance of the cave.


She covered her mouth and rushed out of the cave.

“Hey!” Gohan called after her and took off after her.

She had her bow and arrow ready and looked to be searching for someone.


“He’s here…”

“Who’s here Kagome?”


Kagome stumbled back against a rock and fell her arrow went flying as the bow snapped in her hand and broke in half. She hurriedly scooted back in a crabwalk.

“There’s no one here Kagome. Trust me I’d be able to sense it.”

“He’s going to come after you!” She says with tears in her eyes.

She covers her face.

“I’m sorry Gohan. I had no right getting you or your family into this mess.”

He shakes his head and crouches down. He caresses her cheek.

“Have you forgotten what I can do? What my father and I are? What most of my friends are capable of? Let him come after me Kagome. I dare the bastard, but if he even so much as touches you. I won’t hesitate to come after him! I just need you to trust that I can handle this Inuyasha. I’m willing to face whatever may come our way. Nothing can change how I feel Kagome. I hope you feel that way too. Stronger together than we are apart. Don’t let him continue to control your life. If you do… He wins. Don’t let him win Kagome!”

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