Chapter 5 Kagome’s My WHAT!

Chapter 5

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OK I’ve had a couple reviews about why they are moving so fast. It’s the saiyan mating bond as to why Gohan feels it so heavily. His body recognizes Kagome as his mate. This chapter will go over Gohan’s inner struggle with that. He’s trying to keep his hormones at bay… (He’s a teenage boy (super saiyan) with heightened sexual desire. So let’s cut him some slack lol)

Kagome holds the dragon ball in her hand it had five jewel shards within it. She held it to the light curiously.

“Well that’s two down five to go!”

She smiles as Gohan takes it and places it in her bag. After he zips it up he wraps his arms around her.

“Sorry Kagome, but we better head back. It’ll take as a while just to get back. We’ll keep looking though I promise. In the meantime, keep your eyes on these. Don’t let anyone else know you have them.”

She nods and Gohan starts to hover off the ground.

“Next time I say I teach you how to fly.”

He smiles and nods.

“But I’m not a saiyan! I can’t fly.”

“Neither is Krillin, but he can. He can collect ki just as well as we do!”

“But that’s just not possible Gohan.”
“Hmmm… I suppose I’ll just have to prove you wrong. It’s not a saiyan or a human thing Kagome, it’s a life thing. Anyone could do it if they truly put their minds to it and were willing to learn.”

“Spirit energy…”

She smiles.

“That’s how I make the perfect shot each time.”
“Well then there you go. You’ve already got one source why not learn another?!”

They float up even higher as he kisses her.

“Hold on…” He holds a tighter hold on her and takes off in flight.

By the time they arrive back home it’s almost time for dinner. Gohan gently lands and gets Kagome to her feet. He caresses her cheek and steals one more kiss before they head inside. He holds her hand though and walks towards the door.

“Wait, won’t your dad and Bulma be mad?”

Gohan smiles.

“That’s just it Kagome. I don’t care. A friend once told me to seek out my own happiness. Well I took that advice literal and did just that!”

She smiles in return as he opens the door. Gohan however froze upon the scene. Vegeta was there and they walked right on in a massive argument. Gohan hurriedly shut the door and protectively placed Kagome behind him. Vegeta turned back to see who had entered the house. Kagome peeked around Gohan looking to the saiyan with the really bad attitude.

Chibi Trunks was tugging at his mother’s sleeve.

“Mom why is the bad man here?”

Goku nodded towards his son and nudged Chibi Trunks towards his son and Kagome. Gohan took the hint and placed Chibi Trunks behind him as well. Vegeta rolled his eyes. He pointed upon Bulma.

“Woman go home!” He barks.

“You haven’t any right to tell me what to do!”

He sneers upon Bulma.

“I will not tell you again!”

That’s right Bulma don’t let him railroad you like that! You always were stronger than you thought. Goku thought with pride.

“YOU walked out on us! Forget me, you walked out on your son! Goku’s been more of a father to our son then you ever will be!”

“HA! That little brat?! He’s not even worthy of being a saiyan! Just look at his hair. How pathetic can you get?!”

That’s your son Vegeta! You never deserved EITHER OF THEM!

Goku grits his teeth and transforms.
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Goku snaps.

Gohan looks upon his father in sheer amazement as he grabbed Vegeta, he dragged him outside and they vanished.

“I DON’T LIKE THAT MAN!” Chibi Trunks starts to cry.

Gohan picked him up and hugged him.

“He always yells at my mom!”

Bulma winces and reaches out to her son. Gohan and Kagome look on concerned as Bulma holds her son and they both were crying. Kagome gazed upon Gohan confused.

“I’ll explain later…” He whispers.

She nods and goes to check on Shippo.


“Hey Shippo, how are you feeling?”

He sniffles back.

“A little better.”

“What was going on?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure.”

He sneezes and Kagome hands him another tissue.

“That Goku and Bulma sure are nice. They took good care of me!”

Kagome smiles and feels his forehead.

“Yeah they really are, aren’t they? Fever free! So that’s good news!”

“Yeah, I’m kind of thirsty though.”

She nods.

“I’ll go get you something to drink.”

Kagome heads into the kitchen, where Gohan was doing his best to console Bulma and Trunks.


Vegeta laughs in a scoffing matter as he looks around.

“Very well Kakarot.” Vegeta transforms as well.

“You think you can beat me?!”

Goku smiles.

“Oh I know I can!” He declares as he bumps it up to super saiyan level two.

“Your funeral!”

Goku shrugs.

“Not this time Vegeta and this time I’m not holding back!”


Goku gives no other warning. He sails right for Vegeta and sends him through a mountain off to the distance. From there the battle begins.

Vegeta soars back with a cloud of dirt trailing behind me.

“You honestly believe that will stop me?!”

“Nope not even a little.” Goku rolls his neck about his shoulders and pops his knuckles.

Vegeta’s first to swing. Goku purposely lets him get the one hit in. From there Goku wipes the floor with Vegeta. Not allowing him another blow. He beats him so severely Vegeta finds himself a good fifty feet into the earth’s core. He groans out and reaches out with a single hand. Goku nods and dusts himself off. From there he takes off and heads back home.

Vegeta awakes hours later and sorely leaps out from the hole. Before him stood a small creature, he was green and wore a red cape, a blue tunic with an M symbol upon the middle of it. He smiled.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“The name is Babidi.” He chuckles with an irritating ring to it.

“What do you want?!”
“To give you a gift of course…”
“Gift?” Vegeta grunts out and staggers around.

His entire body was killing him, his head was pounding, even his damn hair hurt!

“Well yes of course. You wish to be the strongest there ever was right?”
“Whatever you’re selling I’m not buying so get out of my damn way!”

“Ah, but believe me when I say you’ll be BEGGING for this.”
“I never beg.”
“You will once you hear what I have to offer…”

Vegeta cocks a brow.

“You got one minute or I’ll kick your ass into the pit in which I just came from!”

The creature laughs again.

“Very well…”

Everyone turns towards the door as Goku steps inside. Bulma shoots to her feet and sprints over to him. Kagome smiled and blushed a bit as Goku passionately kissed her and twirled her around in his hold. Bulma checked him over and hugged him.

“I’m ok Bulma…” He whispered.

Chibi Trunks tiredly rubbed his eyes.

“You got rid of the bad man?”

Goku bent down and scooped him up. He didn’t really give Chibi Trunks an answer. He roughed up his hair some and Chibi Trunks giggled. Gohan leaned back in his chair as he and his father had a silent conversation. They merely nodded towards one another.
“Why don’t you both stay the night? Trunks you can bunk with Gohan.”

Gohan smiled. Truth was Goku didn’t want the off chance of Vegeta bothering either of them. He’d feel better if they were right here.

“Can we mom?!”

She nods.

“Yay! Guess what Gohan?”

Gohan smiled and played along.

“What Trunks?”

“I get to stay the night! We’re going to have so much fun!”

“I bet we are Trunks! We still got that new video game to play you know.”

Kagome looked upon Gohan admirably. She couldn’t get over just how different he was this family in fact. She found herself completely mesmerized. Shippo peeked out of the doorway.


She came to her feet and made her way over. She got down to his level.
“I’m hungry…”

She softly laughed.

“He’s welcome to whatever he wants.” Goku offers overhearing this.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Just Goku, Kagome, our home is your home.

She smiles and scoops Shippo up. She takes him to the kitchen and shows him what they have to eat. Kagome fixed him some supper and something to drink. Once Shippo was done she washed the dishes, dried them, and put them away.

Trunks and Shippo took off and went to go play Gohan’s video game.

“Hey wait up!” Gohan called out and winked upon Kagome as he joined them.

Bulma and Goku were having a heart to heart on the couch, so Kagome decided to head on to her room. She lay on her bed and took out the two dragon balls. She looked upon them as if trying to sort out a puzzle. She thought back to that day and took in a deep breath.

Shippo and Trunks had fallen asleep, while they were playing video games. Gohan decided to leave them be. They didn’t take up much room anyhow. But that didn’t stop him from going to check on Kagome. Her door was cracked open as he peeked inside. Kagome was brushing her hair and getting ready for bed. Gohan gently knocked on the door. She turned towards the door and places her brush down. Gohan stepped inside.

“Shippo and Trunks tuckered themselves out. So I’m just letting Shippo sleep.”

“I bet they had a good time.”

He nods and looks out her window.

“About Vegeta… Trunks father…” He turns back and faces her.

“To be honest, I’m really amazed he even came back. Word of the engagement must be spreading. He walked out on Bulma and Trunks when Trunks was just a little over a year old. Trunks doesn’t really associate with Vegeta being his father. It’s not that we haven’t told him. It’s more to do with the fact that he just doesn’t like his father. So he refers to him as the bad man. That’s all he knows is that he treats his mother badly. Vegeta’s always had a bad attitude, temper, and he deems himself higher than anyone else. Hell he used to refer to himself as the Prince of all Saiyans.”

Kagome wrinkles her nose at this.


“Oh yeah, when we first met Vegeta, he was ten times worse than he is now.”

“I’d hate to see that considering what I witnessed already.”

Kagome narrows her eyes in realization.

“Something on your mind?”

“I guess in some ways he reminded me of Inuyasha.”

“No offense Kagome, but what did you see in this dog demon guy?”

“I’m starting to wonder that myself.”

She sighs and sits on the edge of her bed.

“I was the only one that ever truly saw his softer side. I know it’s hard to believe, but he does have one. There for a while it was coming out more and more. Then we completed the jewel shard and that changed everything. I thought taking it out of him again would bring the old Inuyasha back. If anything it made him worse. He was furious. That’s what led to all this.”

“So this Shikon jewel shard… are you telling me it was inside him and you had to find a way to get it back out?”
She winces in recollection.

“How’d you manage that?”

“Sango and I had to find a way to drug him. We had to put him to sleep in a way, which was no easy task. Putting a full-fledged demon to sleep we found was no cakewalk. Even more so when Miroku and I went to retrieve it.” She looked to her hands in memory. “I had to make an incision deep enough for Miroku to use his wind tunnel to pull it out of him. Not long after he woke.” Chills filled her spine.

“That’s when the nightmare turned into a terror. I’d never seen so much death and blood in my life. He was taking out whoever stood in his way. I thought he’d take out our friends and myself along the way. That’s not to say he didn’t try. Taking out the jewel shard just made him that much more desperate to get it back. He no longer saw me as anything but a threat. There were two things that always stood in the way of Inuyasha and I, Kikyo and Inuyasha’s desire for power. I was a fool to ever believe it were possible for Inuyasha to love me, the way I loved him. I patiently waited and waited and waited. Even in the very end I never gave up on him. When the truth was he’d given up on me a long time ago. I look back now and realize he used me. That’s all I ever was for him a ticket to the things he desired most. That was my only importance.”

Her hands ball up.

“Well never again! If I ever see Inuyasha again…” She grits her teeth.

Gohan shakes his head and grabs hold of her.

“You won’t be alone. I’m going to be right there with you. I will deal with Inuyasha. Not you Kagome ME!”

“It’s not your battle Gohan. It’s mine…”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Anyone that wishes you or Shippo harm will have to go through me first. You’ve dealt with this dog demon enough. It’s my turn.”

Why do I feel so strongly about everything when it comes to her? It’s so heavy. I don’t understand what this is? My entire body feels it. This desire to protect her, to be around her, amongst other things that I know we shouldn’t be doing quite yet. But she must be feeling it too. Why hasn’t she slapped me by now? She should have!

Gohan lays her down.

“Get some sleep Kagome and no more nightmares.”

“Gohan?” She questions as he places the covers over her.


“What did your dad do to Vegeta?”

Gohan smiles.

“Oh I’m certain he taught him very unforgettable lesson.”

“Have they fought before?”
“Oh yeah… My father and Vegeta have a long list of history.”

“He wouldn’t really hurt his own son and Bulma… would he?”

Gohan takes in a breath.

“I’d like to think not, but even if that were the case. My father wouldn’t allow it. Get some sleep Kagome.”

She nods tiredly. Gohan kisses her goodnight and exits the room.

Goku walks past to see his son leaning his forehead against her door. Goku pats him on the back.

“Let’s go train son.”

He looks to his father oddly.

“Train? This late?”
Goku nods.
“Let’s go.”

Gravity Room (Bulma built for their training)

“Come Gohan! I taught you better than that!” His father taunts as they were both at level two sparring.

Gohan sighs as he swings again. He grunts out as his father sends him flying up against the wall.

“Thanks dad…” He sarcastically groans and gets back up.

“It’d help if you just talk about it.”
“About what?”
“I think we both know son.”

Gohan rolls his eyes.

“I’m not going to talk about THAT with you.”

“Why not?”

Gohan wrinkles his nose.

“Cause you’re my dad and that’s just weird.”
“How? It’s nature.”

“Dad… please don’t do this.”

Goku stops in the middle of their training and hovers for a moment. He eyes his son.

“You seem to forget I was your age too once. I’ve been there. Come on son I’m marrying Bulma and we’ve got a child along the way.”

“That’s different dad.”
“How so?”

“You’re considered an adult.” He says with a mischievous smile. His dad at times was more childlike than he was.

“Well I am… But you are too now. You only got what about 3 or 4 more months of school left? What are your plans then? And that’s not what this is about. I want to talk about this mating bond.”

Gohan slants his eyes with a confused look about his face.

“Mating bond?”

Goku nods.

“It’s rare, but it’s there.”

“Relax Gohan… This is a very, very good thing. You won’t ever have to worry about what your mother and I went through. You and Kagome have a bond now that no one can break. In fact Kagome should be feeling this pull on her side as well. She might not understand what it is though. But I know you feel it…” He chuckles almost nervously himself.

“It’s not easy being in the same house as your teenage saiyan son who’s found his mate. Not when you can sense things the way I can. At times I want to get mad at you. But I know that you can’t control your thoughts. Kagome’s a very sweet young lady and your hormones son, are through the roof. You really need to find a way to balance that out and slow it down a touch. I know that’s not going to be easy for you considering just how deep your feelings for Kagome are. But you need to show Kagome that she is the real deal. Son, don’t let your lust override your love for Kagome and cloud your thoughts. When it comes to that you will both know when you’re ready. It could be a year or two from now or next week even.”

Gohan’s eyes widen.

“NEXT WEEK?!” He says in a panic.

Goku laughs.

“Knock it off Gohan.”
“WHA?!” He begins to sweat profusely and stagger back reaching to his gut.

“I never said it was actually going to take place then. See that right there just proves you’re not ready! Trust me, when you are, you will know. Your instincts will let you know when that is.”

Goku nods.

“If there’s one piece of advice I could give you and I know you might take it with a grain of salt considering my history with women. As you said yourself I went at it a little backwards with Bulma. Now don’t get me wrong I loved your mother and I love Bulma. Bulma’s been my best friend for many years and she’s my rock. I don’t know what I’d do without her. But I don’t have that mating bond with her. I didn’t with your mother or any other woman I ever dated. Like I said this is rare. Not even Vegeta has met his true match. All the more reason you need to take care of Kagome son. She’s rare. What you have is rare.”
“Dad how long have you known about this?”

Goku smiles.

“Since the day she first came into our lives. I felt the bond like a bolt of lightning when you first laid eyes on her. I’d never felt such a thing. It was very odd yet at the same time this overwhelming sense of pride washed over me. Now that there is why I was so upset with you for letting Kagome out of your sight her first day of school. As your father I’m going to be just as protective of your mate as you are. It’s engrained into me. So that means even if my own son steps out of line you will know. A saiyan bond like this is just very unheard of.”

“So how do you know this is real then dad?”

Goku wipes the sweat from his brow and takes a book out from one of their bags. He hands him a brown journal.

“This was the book of one of our ancestors. You wanna know the irony?”

“What would that be?”

“This guy’s mate was also fearful of something that was after her. When I read it, it sounded as of a demon, but I couldn’t be sure. He didn’t know what to call whatever it was. But he did mention it had demon like qualities.”

“And what happened?”

“Just read it and you’ll see. It might help you both.”

“So Kagome’s the one?”

Goku smiles.
“Yes Gohan, all the more reason to take very good care of her. Don’t let this Inuyasha get between the two of you. And he will do whatever he can think of to do so.” Goku taps the book with his finger.

“So Shippo and Little Trunks really seem to be hitting it off.” Gohan states.

“Yeah, I think it’s great. I couldn’t believe he actually asked if he could stay behind just to hang out with Trunks.”

“By the way they’ll be moving in with us soon. Dad and Bulma are having another capsule added onto the house. Dad suggested we get Trunks and Shippo bunkbeds so they could share a room since they’re becoming such great friends.”

“Awe, that’d be awesome Gohan! Shippo would love that.”

“Heh… Well what do you know!” Trunks nudges Videl as Gohan and Kagome entered the building hand in hand.

“I suppose I did you a favor.” Trunks mouths off.

Gohan raises his brows and Videl cut him a sheer look of hell.

Videl storms off to her locker.
“Oh come now I was just playing!” Trunks calls out and chases after her.

Gohan and Kagome merely grin and shake their heads. Kagome opened her locker and froze. She narrowed her eyes and reached out to the dragon ball inside with a post it note attached to it.

I owed you one. I should have told you I had it. It’s yours though now. Hope it helps. Trunks

Gohan saw the ball and hurriedly put it away for her. Gohan and Trunks nodded towards one another in a silent understanding.

“Four more to go.” Gohan whispers.

She nods, but looked over and mouthed the words “thank you” to Trunks. He nodded and put his arm around Videl as he walked her to class.

“So everyone here pretty much knows…” Kagome hints about his abilities.

“Eh sort of… I tried keeping it a secret for a while. That’s what my mother suggested. I didn’t pull that off so well. You should have been at the baseball game.” He chuckles in memory.”

“Baseball game?”

“Yeah talk about pressure.”

Kagome smiles in thought.

“Oh I can imagine. You know when I first met Videl I thought you two were you know…”

He lets out an apprehensive laugh.

“Eh… Not really…”

She looks to him oddly.

“Things change, people change…” He utters with a shrug.

“So did Videl and I. I think we both realized we were better off friends.”

“So did you two ever date?”

“No it never really got that far.”

“Isn’t that odd how things work? That’s how my friend Hojo and I were. It was awkward off and on. I kind of felt bad because I always saw him more as a friend than boyfriend material. That and every date we ever sat up got sabotaged somehow. And the excuses my grandpa would come up with as to why I was gone when I went to the feudal era. They were so embarrassing.” She blushes in memory. Her grandpa’s odd stories about her used to embarrass her and make her so mad! She wouldn’t talk to her grandpa for a few days at times he’d humiliate her so much.

Gohan chuckles.

“That bad huh?”
“Oh they were horrible. Everyone at school would think I was nearly on my death bed with some sort of strange illness or worse! Hojo always fell for it to. ” A lump however formed in Kagome’s throat as she thought about her friends back home.

Gohan could see the pain in her eyes.

“You’ll see them all again Kagome. We’ll figure it out somehow.”

Once lunchtime came, Videl decided it’d be fun to share embarrassing stories about Gohan with the table. Gohan groaned in misery.

“He just thought he could get away with hiding out!” She hisses and smiles upon Gohan.

He shrugs.

“Speaking of which…” Videl looks towards the guys that had picked on Kagome her first day of school.

“It was you. Wasn’t it?” She hints.

He looks to her oddly.

“Oh don’t even pretend with me Gohan.”

“What was Gohan?” Kagome asked curiously.

“You taught those jerks a lesson for messing with Kagome!”

Gohan’s eyes widen and he gets this uncomfortable look to his face. He rubs the back of his neck and swallows back hard.

“Errrrr heh?”

“Oh come on, you thought I wouldn’t recognize your handy work. I’ve seen you fight before Gohan!”

Trunks looks to Gohan impressed.
“Well I’ll be damned it’s about time Gohan!” Trunks says with a slight smirk.

“Lesson? What lesson?” Kagome felt lost.

“I think what Videl is trying to say is that your man here kicked those guys asses for messing with you.”

Kagome’s jaw drops and she turns to Gohan. He winced.

“…oh man, you guys…” Gohan practically whimpered.

“You did what?”

He lowers his head.

“Please don’t be mad Kagome. They had it coming…” Gohan softly said.

“He’s right they did. They said some pretty inappropriate things.” Videl agrees.

“So where’s this side of Gohan been all these years?” Trunks questioned in wonder.

Trunks looks to Kagome in thought.

“Is that what it took?” He points to Kagome.

“A girl?”

“Trunks…” Gohan says in a pleading matter.

“Well whatever it is. I sure hope it sticks around!”

“Trunks is right. This side of you is… well it’s different. In a good way!” Videl says and bites into a pear.

Kagome wasn’t sure what to say or how to react. Gohan continued to look as though she’d ring him out any minute. Kagome wanted to make Gohan feel better somehow. This mischievous grin came about her face. She leaned back and looked towards the guys.

“Wish I could have seen it.”

Gohan snapped Kagome a look of total disbelief. Videl and Trunks died in laughter at Gohan’s reaction.

“You and I are going to get along just fine Kagome.” Videl said behind laughter.

Kagome pecked Gohan on the cheek just as the bell rang. The three of them rose, Gohan however remained in a semi state of shock. Trunks sighed and looked to the girls.

“I got this…” He says gruffly and goes to retrieve Gohan.

Argh, arrrgghhh what’s happening to me?! My entire body feels as though it’s caving in! Vegeta pull at his hair and drops down to his knees. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh make it stooooooooooooop! My heart feels as though it’s about to fly out of my damn chest! SON OF A BIIITCCCH this hurts! STTTOOOOOOPPPPPP! Vegeta grunts out and crawls amongst the ground. “Just wait for it you’ll see. Well worth it I assure you!” MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAKEEE IT STOP! I CAN’T take it anymore! Vegeta growls out in agony as he’s suddenly lifted into the hair a wave of energy begins to surround his body. Forks of lightning spread across his body.

He reaches to his temples as the M symbol begins to engrave itself into the middle of his forehead.


“Yes, yes! There you go now! You see!”


A malicious smirk forms along Vegeta’s face.

“YOU WILL BE MINE Kakarot!” He looks upon the small green creature that gave him the gift.


“Yes, yes in the meantime. I have a nice surprise for your friends!” Babidi declares.

Kagome giggles as Gohan spins around in the air. He decided to fly them home today. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to show off a little on the way. Gohan stopped at a more secluded area before heading home. They drifted in the air as they kissed. Kagome felt her body flush over as he kissed along her neck. Things such as this were becoming more natural for Gohan. Things he’d never had the nerve to do with a girl before. When it came to Kagome though, it just hit him.

“Could I maybe take you out Friday? That way we still have Saturday to look for the dragon balls.”
“I’d like that Gohan.”


From there they went on home and did their homework.

The week seemed to fly by for the new couple. Bulma and Little Trunks were already moved in. Bulma worked on Shippo and Trunks’s new room. Gohan and Kagome kept busy with homework and school. Since it was Friday and they had no homework Shippo was able to convince Kagome to go for a swim with him. She tried on the new swimsuit 18 picked out for her. Gohan was in his usual spot reading a book. Kagome came out of the house with Shippo and Trunks. Gohan lifted his eyes towards Kagome. His eyes nearly bulged out. Gohan began to sweat profusely and suddenly felt very hot. She was in a cobalt blue two piece. Gohan quickly placed his book over his raging hard on. He tried to turn away but couldn’t. Kagome was all legs and read sex in big bold letters as she walked by.

“Are you alright Gohan?” She asked noticing how funny he was acting.

“Errr hmmmm hmmmmm.”

She looked upon him oddly.

“What are you reading Gohan?”

His eyes widened as she hunkered down and went to pick up the book. He clung onto it for dear life. Things got worse for Gohan as she bent down and he had the perfect cleavage shot.

“You sure are acting strange Gohan!”

“Eh.. I gotta go!” He jolted up and took off like a bat out of hell.

“Where’d Gohan go?” Chibi Trunks called out.

“I’m not sure…” She says looking towards the house in wonder.

“Jump on in Kagome the water’s great!” Shippo says as he dives under.

“Well… ok…”

Kagome jumps in and the boys splash her as she comes up for air.

“Hey now!” She calls out in laughter and splashes them in return.

Goku doesn’t even look back as he hears his son enter the door. He reaches back and hands him a tissue. Gohan grimaces as he swipes it from his father’s hand and darts upstairs. Goku chuckles to himself he hears his son slam his door.

“You should go join them!” Goku playfully calls out to his son.

He hears Gohan groan out and something go thump in his bedroom.

“What was that?” Bulma questioned as she heard the thump when she entered the room.

“That was Gohan discovering gravity.”


“He sure is grumpy.” Bulma declares.

A few moments later Gohan finally exits his room. Only just as he was coming out Kagome was making her way in. She was drying her hair with a towel. Gohan froze yet again at the stairs. Kagome glanced up towards him. He nodded and promptly fled back to his room and shut the door.
“What’s with him?” Kagome whispers and heads on to her room to get ready for their date.

Gohan and Kagome stepped out of their rooms simultaneously. Both rather blushed and nodded towards one another. Gohan was wearing a black suit and red tie. He looked extremely nervous. Kagome wore a black dress and white cardigan. Gohan forced himself to regain composure and make his way down. He offered an arm.

Bulma and Goku however hopped up with a camera.

“Oh no…” Gohan groaned.

“Don’t you guys…” He pleaded.

“It’s your first date! We have to get pictures!” Bulma declared and began snapping pictures left and right, blinding Kagome and Gohan.

“Can we go now?”

“Just one more!” Bulma announced.

“OH come on Gohan give her a kiss.”

“Oh Bulma…” He mumbles.

“It’s just a kiss Gohan. It’s not like you haven’t been kissing already.”

Kagome’s eyes widen and her jaw drops.

“How’d you…”

“Alright you guys have fun!” Goku announces and opens the door for them.

Kagome’s face was buried into Gohan’s arm on the way out. Once they’re in the air Gohan cuts Kagome an apologetic glance.

“I’m so sorry about all that. Talk about embarrassing.”

She blushes in return, but laughs.

“It’s ok Gohan. They wouldn’t be parents if they didn’t embarrass us from time to time.”

“Eh, you can say that again.”

Gohan takes Kagome to one of the nicer restaurants. He was using some money he had in savings. His dad would help add to it every once in a while for when Gohan helped out around the house. After Chi Chi left Goku became a trainer for one of the local gyms. Before long the owner of the gym was going into bankruptcy and was about to shut down the gym. His father and Bulma worked together to get a loan and buy the gym. This helped his father’s friend get out of bankruptcy and now Goku and Bulma partnered in ownership of the gym. They made a surprisingly decent living of that. One of the things Gohan always remembered about his mother was how she’d cut his father down about not bringing in much money. Ironically, that changed once she left. By no means were they rich, but they were content and comfortable.

Goku would often put money in Gohan’s account for doing the chores around the house or when he’d help Bulma with something. Gohan offered to get a job a few times, but his father wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted Gohan to focus on his education, training, and his friends. Goku felt adding a job to all that was entirely too much. Their lives were crazy enough as it was. Such as Cell the last villain they faced. Gohan cringed in thought. So many lives were affected by Cell. He was thankful Kagome wasn’t here during that time. He couldn’t fathom the idea of her being put in that sort of danger. Gohan was also thinking about his future he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do. That and graduation would be here before he knew it. He wondered if Kagome would be graduating with them. That was just a few months away. Gohan tried not to think about the true outcome to all this. He hadn’t a clue what would happen once they collected the dragon balls or found the well. That and he wondered why they hadn’t run into anymore of her friends. But his worst fear was losing Kagome. Not that he didn’t want her to get to go back home with her family. He just hoped there was a way they could still see one another. Until he knew for sure he was going to soak up as much time with her as possible.

Gohan pulled out a chair for Kagome once they were inside. His nerves were slightly getting to him. He’d never been on a real date before. Gohan felt rather bad in the sense that he hadn’t even properly taken her out yet they’d been making out off and on. Kagome deserved so much more.

“You look very handsome by the way Gohan.”

He looked to her in surprise.

“I do?”
Kagome giggled as he looked down to his clothes in disbelief. Gohan hasn’t any idea just how sexy he is. And he’s so cute when he acts all flustered. But he really hasn’t any reason to be. It’s just me Gohan.

The waiter came and took their orders. Once he walked away. Gohan nervously cleared his throat.

“And you’re breathtaking as always Kagome.”

She lowered her head with those cheeks turning all rosy again.

I’m afraid of making a complete idiot of myself. Why do I feel this nervous? Is that normal? I don’t get it. Why would anyone treat someone as wonderful as Kagome the way this Inuyasha guy did? You’d think he’d damn near grovel at her feet in order to win her affections! Some guys! I just don’t get it! Just look at those eyes! How can you look into those eyes and hurt someone like her? THIS INUYASHA just makes me so MAD!

“Gohan?” Kagome reached out placing her hand on his as he was trembling.

“Are you alright?”

He narrows his eyes.

“Um yeah… Excuse me.”

She nods as he rushes off to the bathroom. Gohan hurriedly made his way to the sink and did his best to cool down. He washed off his face and loosened his tie somewhat. He looked in the mirror and took in a deep breath. He knew now what his father was talking about. All of this was the saiyan mating bond. He nodded to himself noticing that his eyes were green even though he wasn’t in his saiyan transformation. He rears back thinking that was strange. Gohan shrugged and headed back out. As he made his way back he pecked Kagome on the lips and took his seat.

Kagome locked eyes with his.

He looked towards her as he sipped at his water.

“Your eyes…”

“I know weird huh?”

She nods.

“Are you sure you’re alright Gohan?”
“I’m fine.” He says with a smile.

Their date actually went rather perfect, besides Gohan’s odd ordeal. Afterword Gohan flew her to one of the nearby beaches and they walked along the shoreline. Kagome leaned into his arm and he wrapped his blazer around her. He found a decent spot for them to sit. His arms wrapped around her as she sat between his legs. Kagome’s head rest against his chest. They watched the waves drifting in and out as the sunset. Neither saying a world just enjoying each other’s company. Gohan focused on remaining a gentleman throughout the night.

“I guess we better head back.” He whispered not wanting the night to end.

She smiled as she turned to face him.

“Well I think it went well!”
He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair.

“You didn’t grope my ass even once!”

His jaw dropped and he did that getting all flustered thing again. Kagome laughed.

“You’re too funny Gohan.”

Gohan clears his throat deciding to get her back.

“Well the night isn’t over yet Kagome!”


He laughs and hops to his feet. He offers Kagome a hand and helps her to her feet. He starts to hover off the ground.


He grins and keeps going. Her eyes widen and she looks to the ground.


He chuckles and brings her up against his chest.

“Still don’t trust me Kagome?”

Her arms wrap around him and she kisses him.

However Gohan freezes and he narrows his eyes. He turns a certain direction.

Kagome turns the same direction curious as to what he was looking at. Gohan’s senses were off the charts.


He tilted his head about.

“What is it Gohan?”

“I think we better get you home.”

He swiftly took off. Once the house was within view he placed her down. They both turned however to hear crying. Shippo and Trunks were running towards them from the woods.

“K.. KAGOME!” Shippo shouted and immediately jumped into her arms.

Trunks reached out to Gohan.

“What’s wrong guys?”
They both cried out in hysterics out at the same time pointing to where they came from.

“Come on now Shippo. Just calm down and tell me what happened?”

He nods and collects himself. He takes in a breath and begins to tell her about the massive pink cloud that became some sort of creature. They listen to their story of the master, the childlike pink creature that they were both terrified of and how he turned some red man into chocolate and ate him. Gohan and Kagome exchanged looks. Trunks had his face buried into Gohan’s shoulder as he wiped his eyes. Goku came out of the house and eyed his son.

“You feel that?”

Gohan nodded. Trunks reached out to his mother as she too was peeking out of the door.

“Aw, what’s wrong sweetheart?”

He told his mother the story with a quivery voice.

“We better go check it out.” Goku said and Gohan nodded in agreement.

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