Chapter 6 Majin Buu

Chapter 6

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Goku and Gohan start towards the area Shippo and Trunks had come from.

Gohan turns around however seeing that Kagome was following them. Gohan looks to her with full disproval.

“Where are you going Kagome?”

Goku winced already sensing it.

“With you of course.”

He laughs.


She narrows her eyes upon him. Gohan starts walking again.

“Why don’t you help Bulma with the kids?!”

Goku shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose.


“EHHH!” Gohan arches back with one leg up in the air and his eyes bulged out in utter surprise. Kagome was giving him the demon stare down and her hands were balled up into fists.

“K… Kagome?!” He nervously whispers.

She taps her foot about the ground and folds her arms about her chest.

“Heh… ummmm well…. Huh?!”


“Hehe, of course not!”

“That’s what I thought!”

Gohan’s going to have his hands full with that one. Goku thinks behind laughter.

Gohan looks upon his father wide eyed. Goku pats him on the back as they travel throughout the woods. When they finally got to the area the three of them froze. They watched from a safe distance. Before them was a massive pink being. He was very round and had holes throughout parts of his body. A long tentacle hung from the top of his head. He wore white pants that looked more like a diaper on him how they flared about, a black vest with gold trimming, and a purple cape. A black belt held up his pants with a gold plated M symbol in the middle. He was a good 12 to 13 feet creature was throwing some sort of tantrum. He was stomping his feet about and sticking his tongue out at a small green being before him. One much smaller than he, yet somehow he seemed to be the one running the show or at least somewhat. He was maybe only four feet tall. He had catfish like antenna’s hanging from his chin. He wore an orange and gold cloak with a baby blue robe with the same M symbol.

“Destroy them all Majin Buu!” The little one shouted with a folded fist in the air.

Kagome gasped out seeing some of the bodies of civilians about the ground, buildings and vehicles were destroyed. Gohan grimaced and Goku gritted his teeth. This Majin Buu character laughed and bounced around the city.

“Gohan!” Kagome tugged at his arm pointing to a child.

He nodded and rushed over yanking him out of the way of being squished by Buu’s crushing feet. Kagome takes in a breath of relief. Gohan quickly gets the child back to his parents.

“We need to find a way to get him away from the city.”

She hears Goku say as he looks around. Kagome nods in thought.

“He needs something to chase.” Kagome uttered to herself as he noticed the childlike qualities within the being. Goku smiles.

“Then by all means…”

Kagome’s jaw drops as Goku levels up and sends off a small enough Ki blast to gather this Buu character’s attention. Gohan was doing his best to get civilians out of the way and to safety. Kagome and Goku take a step back as Buu turns his attention towards them.

“Stay with Gohan.” Goku orders looking upon Kagome.

He takes off in flight and Buu smiles.

“OOOOHHHHH!” Buu calls out in a childlike tone.

He reaches out his hands as though Goku was nothing more than some sort of action figure he wanted to get ahold of. He takes off running after Goku. The entire city shakes as the creature takes off.

“No, no Majin Buu!” The little one demands and he too takes off with annoyance.

Gohan and Kagome start to check everyone over and help whoever they can. Kagome heard a soft whimper and began to follow the sound. She took off running seeing how a little girl’s leg was trapped beneath a tire of a car. Kagome tried her hardest to lift it as the little girl reached to her leg in tears.


Gohan turned their direction.

“Her leg, it’s trapped!”

He nods and sprints over to them. He lifts the car as though it were nothing more than a paperweight. Kagome scooped up the girl and flinched seeing that her leg was broken. She rushed her to a nearby bench and sat her down. Gohan watched in amazement as Kagome began to shred off a good chunk off her own dress. She braced the girl’s leg against her.

“I need you to be a big girl now. Can you do that?”

The little girl wiped her tears and nodded.

“Gohan, will you take her hand?”

He sat beside the girl and took her hand. Kagome locked eyes with the little girl.

“Deep breath and squeeze his hand as hard as you can.”

Kagome did her best to snap the bone back in place. She needed a doctor however. Kagome quickly wrapped the girl’s leg with the material she’d ripped from her dress.


“MOM!” The little girl cried out with open arms.

A blonde haired woman darted over.
“Oh thank you! Thank you both so much!”

Gohan and Kagome nodded.

“She needs a doctor her leg is broken.”

“I’ll do that right away.”

The woman rushed off and the little girl waved goodbye. Kagome slightly smiled and waved in return. Gohan continued to look upon Kagome in sheer disbelief.

“How’d you know to do that?”

Kagome shrugged.

“Just something I picked up, back in the feudal era you have to do whatever comes to mind. You don’t have much chose. I can’t count how many times I had to rely on my instincts in order for mere survival purposes.”

“That was pretty awesome Kagome!”

Gohan looks around making certain everyone else was ok.

“We better go check on dad.”

Gohan grabs hold of her and flies towards the area his father went. He stops once he has his father and Buu within viewpoint.

“We better not get too close…” Gohan says noticing his dad was already at level two and was still collecting energy.

“What’s he doing?!” Gohan questioned with slight alarm.

The wind around them began to pick up, leaves were blowing right off the trees, pieces of bark were being ripped of the trunks, rocks were lifting off the ground. Kagome looked on in marvel as Goku’s entire body was lighting up and bolts of lightning traveled about him. He shook all over and growled out.

“Dad…” Gohan murmured looking ill.

“Not here dad… it’s too much. You could hurt someone.”

“What’s he doing Gohan?”

“I believe my father is attempting level three Super Saiyan. Something that’s never been done. I haven’t a clue just what will come from this.”

Gohan swiftly grabs Kagome as a log flew right towards her. He embraces her and decides to keep a good hold of her during this. Gohan shut his eyes momentarily feeling the drive within his father’s core. He’d never felt anything like it before. It was stronger than anything he’d ever felt.

Buu merely laughed and clapped his hands together.

“MORE, MORE! Oh so strong! We’re going to have so much fun! I can’t wait!” He squeals in delight.

Gohan grits his teeth as his father continues this.

“Dad… it’s too much…” Gohan softly declared in slight panic.

“Hold on Kagome.” He called out as he fought to keep her protected from the suction that tried to take them in and the flying debris. He had Kagome’s face buried up against his chest. Huge boulders were now lifting off the ground and spinning around the area.

Gohan rapidly dived down. He brought Kagome down on the ground and hovered over her.

“Stay down Kagome.”

She nodded and gazed upon him concerned.

“How is he doing that Gohan?”

Gohan lifts his eyes back towards his father.

“I’m not quite sure, to be honest. This shouldn’t be possible. It’s just not heard of. No one’s ever gotten past level two. I don’t understand. I fear my father doesn’t truly realize just how powerful this is. If it’s affecting us so much, I imagine it’s affecting the city and everyone else around!”

Kagome felt the ground beneath her stop trembling. The debris and boulders around them came tumbling back down. Gohan lifted his eyes back upon his father in complete astonishment. His hair still of gold and spike as usual only it now went past his waistline. His muscles were slightly more defined. Surges of electricity began to fade as they had surrounded his entire body. Kagome couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. She’d never seen anything like it.

“Heheheheheeeeyah!” Buu cried out in joy and jumped around exuberantly.


Goku nods with a menacing look about him.

“No offence Gohan, but your father looks just a bit scary.”

Gohan nodded.

“I can’t argue that. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I can’t believe what I’m feeling. It’s incredible.” Gohan says in amazement.

They both watched as Goku stood before Buu.

“Well don’t just stand there! Go after him!” The little creature shouted.

“Hmmm leave me alone Babidi!” The childlike creature replies and sticks his tongue out at him.

“How dare you. I’m your master! I created you.”

Majin Buu rolls his eyes and looks back towards Goku with a grin.
“Now we can play?”

“Yes Buu, we can play now.” Goku replies and motions him over.


Gohan comes to his feet and offers his hand helping Kagome back to hers.

“This could get ugly.” He warns.

She nods but watches in marvel. The battle begins as Buu charges right for Goku. Goku sends out his hands and sends him propelling back. Kagome clamps a hand over her mouth as he flies right through a nearby cliff leaving a perfect round hole in it.

“Well that was fast.” Kagome uttered.

“It’s far from over…” Gohan warns.

Sure enough Majin Buu comes sailing back. The battle went on for a good twenty minutes when Kagome pointed out something to Gohan.

“He’s learning all your father’s moves.”

Gohan began to play closer attention after another ten minutes went by he realized Kagome was right.

“That’s not good.” He expressed knowing his father probably already realized this himself awhile back.

He even had the Ki blast down. Every move Goku pulled off Majin Buu was mimicking and with perfection. He got a childlike thrill from it as well. Goku hovered within the air. Desperate to put this to an end as he long since realized what Kagome and his son had. He knew he needed to get rid of this Buu creature once and for all.

Gohan recognize the move he was about to attempt immediately.

Gohan wrapped his arms around Kagome and quickly took off to an even safer distance.


Kagome couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. A blinding white light that Goku had formed within the palms of his hands was suddenly sent at great speed and amount towards Buu. She gasped out as a literal hole was blown through Majin Buu. Kagome found herself not able to turn away. She gawked upon the scene before her.

“NOOOO NOT MY BUU!” Babidi cried out.

“NO, NO, NO! This wasn’t supposed to happen! You destroyed MY BUU!”

Goku however tilted his head. Gohan sighed already feeling it as well. Kagome slightly shrieked out as the hole began to heal over.


“I know. I know…” He uttered feeling slightly ill.

However Babidi wasn’t feeling it. And he let something slip…

“JUST YOU WAIT! I’LL SEND ONE OF YOUR OWN TO AVENGE MY BUU!” He declared shaking his fists into the air furiously.

“HE trains as we speak! There’s no way you can beat him! THIS REALM WILL MEET ITS DOOM! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!” Babidi points directly upon Kagome and Gohan.

“That’s right! I know you’re there.”

“Huh?” Gohan mutters but not at Babidi’s.

“Oh no not the Kamehaeha!” He heard his father state as he was thinking it.


Buu sent out the Kamehaeha and Goku hurriedly deflected. The two continued this back and forth. Goku gritted his teeth as he lost the upper hand.

“NO!” Gohan shouted.

Kagome covered her mouth in shock. Goku was sent deep into the earth. Buu came soaring right for him. He yanked Goku out with the tentacle on the top of his head. He twirled him about as though he had a lasso. He then sent several jabs and punches though out Goku. Buu giggled in joy as he sent Goku sailing across the sky.

“Dad please come on! Snap out of it! Don’t let him win!”

Kagome locked onto Gohan’s arm not even realizing she was clinging to him so tightly. She prayed they weren’t about to witness Goku’s destruction.

“I just need some time…” Goku whispered trying to get the chance to gain some more Ki.

He gritted his teeth. He finally got a block through and kept blocking as Buu swung at him nonstop.

“Come on…” Goku demanded feeling it’s source washing over him.

“I need more!”

Goku however found himself distracted. Something else was washing over him and he wasn’t the only one to feel it. Gohan shook his head.

“Something’s wrong.”

“What is it Gohan?”

“It’s…” He reaches to his temples.

His father looked back and they nodded upon one another.

“It’s Vegeta.”

Gohan actually staggered back in midair.


“It can’t be…”

“STOP!” Goku shouted on top of his lungs.

He held out a hand.

“I’m sorry to say I do not have time to finish this battle.”

“WHA?!” Buu pouted and came soaring down stomping his feet about the ground furiously.


Goku forces a smile and nods.

“I know and you will. Just hear me out! Give me two days! In two days my son over there will be more than ready to face you.”

Kagome and Gohan’s jaw’s dropped.

“He and his friend Trunks, and my son’s mentor Piccolo. Maybe even more! Can you give me those two days? During that time you don’t take anymore lives?! You too should train. You’re going to need it Buu! My son’s one hell of a fighter! I should know I’ve also trained him and fought him myself! You won’t be disappointed!”

Buu looks to Gohan.

“You fight me? We play?!”

Gohan swallows back.

“Um sure why not.”

Kagome’s eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped even more.

“Gohan…” She whimpered out after seeing what she just witnessed.

“It’s ok Kagome… If my father believes I can do this. Then I can.”

Kagome points to Goku.

“YOU’RE LEAVING?! JUST LIKE THAT?!” She shouts and quickly clamped her hand over her mouth realizing she just disrespected Gohan’s father. She lowered her head in shame.

“It’s ok Kagome… and yes. I have no choice.”

Goku nodded with full confidence.

“He can do this Kagome. In the meantime… I think you should go see Krillin.”

“Krillin?” She questions.

Goku nods.

“Gohan will meet you here in two days, you have my word. He and his friends will be more than happy to give you that battle you so desperately want. I will however say this much… I don’t believe you need someone telling you what to do. You have a mind of your own Majin Buu.” Gohan hints looking towards Master Babidi in a scolding matter. “I’ve got more important matters to tend to. I have to go. You can do this son; just remember what I taught you!”

“It’s Vegeta! Isn’t it?”

Goku nods with a slight sigh.

“Take care of things while I’m gone Gohan.” And like that Goku was gone.

“What’s Vegeta?”

“We’re both sensing something within him. I can’t quite detect what it is, but it’s strong. Even stronger than this one.” He motions towards Buu.

“Two days!” Buu declares.

Gohan nods.

“See you then…”


Buu ignores his master and takes off. Babidi points directly upon them.

“You had better be here! Or I will come after HER!”

Gohan gritted his teeth and sent a small wave of Ki right at Babidi’s feet.

“AHH! DID YOU NOT SEE WHAT HE DID TO ME?!” Babidi bitches and takes off running after Buu.

“So now what?” Kagome asked as they both gazed upon one another.

Gohan began to float off the ground.

“We go find Krillin and Trunks. From the sounds of it Piccolo is on his way.”


Gohan smiles.

“A very good friend of mine, more like a second father to be honest.”


“Do you really think you and your friends can defeat Buu?”

“If there’s one thing I learned and the hard way was to trust in my father. I didn’t before and it cost me everything. I need to believe in what my father believes.”

Once Gohan manages to find Trunks, they’d already gotten word of what had taken place. Alongside of him was Yamcha and Krillin. They nodded towards one another as Gohan landed. Gohan hated this part, but he knew he had no choice. If he was going to give this Buu his all he had to do this.

“I want you guys to look over Kagome while I’m gone. I mean it! Keep her safe!”

Krillin and Trunks nodded.

“We sure will Gohan.” Krillin assured.

Kagome turned back to Gohan with a sinking heart.

“When you get back?!”

He nods and takes in a deep breath.

“Just give us a few.” He says and takes Kagome to a more secluded area.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes Kagome, but only until it’s time for the battle.”

“Why? I mean why do you have to go? Shouldn’t you be here with your friends?”

“Kagome, I need you to trust me. This is just something I have to do. I need to be at my best and right now I’m not. I need to focus. That means I need to lock myself away and do nothing, but train until it’s time.”

“Won’t that just tire you out?!”

He smiles.

“You would think, but not particularly no. Not with us saiyans anyhow. At times it’s how we build up enough energy in order to take on ones such as Majin Buu.”

Kagome lowers her head.

“And what if I’m not here when you return.”

Gohan flinched. He thought of that already, but hearing her say it hit that much harder. He swallowed back as a knot formed within his throat. He hadn’t expected it to hit him so profoundly.

“Kagome…” He speaks softly and places a hand upon her cheek.

“All I can say is try to be. Please be here when I return. If not, then I understand. I’m just not ready to say goodbye. So know that I will come looking for you if that’s the case. I’m not giving up.”

Kagome shook her head and her face felt heated. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

“I’m not either…”

Gohan lifted her chin with his fingers.

“Please don’t cry Kagome.”

Kagome surprised even herself as she instantly latched onto him. She sucks back a breath and drops her hold. She looks to him almost as if she’s mad. He gazes back in alarm.

“What is this Gohan?!” She shouts.

“HUH?!” He says staggering back a bit confused by her random anger.

“I don’t understand!” She reaches to her heart.

“Why do I feel this? I don’t even know what it is?! It’s so strong!”

Gohan narrows his eyes trying to think of how to explain it. Kagome drops to her knees.

“We hardly know each other… it makes no sense.” She stated quietly.

“It doesn’t feel that way though does it?” He admits knowing damn well what she was referring to.

She shakes her head. Gohan makes his way over and wipes her tears with his thumbs. He looks into her beautiful mocha eyes.

“It feels like I’ve known you for quite sometime.” Gohan admits.

“All the more reason you need to believe me when I say. No matter what, I will always find you. No matter how long it takes I won’t ever give up. I don’t ever want you to either! Can you promise me that?”

“I won’t Gohan. I promise.”

He smiles at this.

“Good. I will explain everything to you when I return. I hate to do this, but I must hurry every minute counts.”

She nods. Gohan doesn’t hold back this time. He pins her up against a tree. His lips eagerly find hers. His fingers intertwined with her hair. He didn’t even try to hide what he was feeling right now. He wanted her and he felt she should know that. Kagome felt him pressing up against her. Thus causing her to ache below and her body become heated down to her core.

“Gohan…” She cried out in a whisper.

He shut his eyes and placed his forehead against hers.

“You don’t have to say it back. I don’t expect you to.”

Gohan leaned into her ear.

“I love you Kagome and I promise I will return. If you’re not here when I do I will find you, no matter where you are.”

Gohan kisses her once more and releases his hold on her. He starts to walk away.


He stops, but doesn’t face her. He knew if he did, he wouldn’t be able to leave.

“I love you too Gohan.”

He smiled and nodded. Without another word he headed off to the gravity chamber where he’d train nonstop until it was time for the battle.

Kagome wiped her eyes as she came out of the woods.

“So are you ready for your training as well?”

Kagome looked to Krillin oddly. He smiled almost bashfully.

“Come on, Kagome.”

“Why don’t I train her?” Yamcha offers.

Krillin turns back with a snarl. Yamcha and Trunks looked to him in surprise. Yamcha held up his hands in defeat.

“Ok, ok gees what’s with you?”

“Goku personally asked me to do it! So back off!”


Trunks chuckled at Yamcha’s reaction.

“Yeah back off!” Trunks taunted and patted Yamcha on the back. Yamcha scratched the back of his head.

“What just happened? I see how it is I come back from dying and all and this is how I get treated? Hell no one’s even introduced me to the hot chick!”

Trunks turns at this as they were following Krillin and Kagome.

“And you wonder why Goku didn’t pick you?!”


Trunks winces at Yamcha’s sheer genius shining through.

“How you pick up women is a mystery to me.”
“Well thanks bro!”

“That wasn’t a complement.”

Kagome looks to Krillin oddly as he heads to a nearby field.

“Ok first thing’s first. You need to learn how to focus. Once you find that focus you need to find a way to stay in that mode.”

She shrugs and takes in a breath. Trunks and Yamcha quietly looked on. None of them took notice that Piccolo had already arrived. He stayed off to the distance and merely observed.

“Close your eyes Kagome. Free your mind of whatever is currently there. Begin to focus on the energy surrounding you. Feel it in your core. You’re not doing it right until you feel the heat radiating within. Once you feel that sensation… let it build. Continue to build until you can feel the flow throughout your entire body.”

Kagome cocks an eye open. Krillin raises his brows.

“This isn’t working. I don’t think I can do it. I’m not from here!”

Krillin shakes his head.

“Anyone can, try again Kagome.”

She sighs and shrugs her shoulders. Kagome closes her eyes again.
“Just remember everything I said.” Krillin repeats what he’d said earlier.

She huffs out in frustration and opens her eyes.

“I can’t do it. I’m not like you!”

Krillin shakes his head.

“Yes you can. You’re just not focusing!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I AM!”


Trunks and Yamcha take a couple of nervous steps back as the two of them shout at one another.


“I AM!”
Trunks and Yamcha’s jaws drop. Kagome shakes her fist in the air furiously.

“ERRR what?!” Krillin utters holding up both his hands and his entire face going red.

“But I… errr… heh? What’s happening?!”

She taps her foot on the ground and folds her arms about her chest.

“Look just please try and focus! Whatever it is you’re thinking about, let it go for now.”

She winces. Krillin sighs.

“He’s going to be ok Kagome.” He says softly.
She lowers her head and shakes it.

“Gohan’s faced much worse.” Trunks adds realizing what was going on now as well.

“Wait, is she dating Gohan?”

They both snap a look towards Yamcha.

“What? How am I supposed to know what’s going on? It’s not like we were properly introduced. I mean come on now if we had been I’d be the one dating her not Gohan!”

Trunks smacks Yamcha in the back of the head.

“Ow what’d you do that for?! I’m just being honest! You like older men don’t you Kagome?”

“Don’t be an idiot.” Trunks gruffly states.

“Let’s just try again Kagome.”

“Fine, but it’s not going to work! I can’t do what Gohan can!”

“Not many can… and that’s not what I’m trying to attempt. You want to be out there with Gohan right?”

She nods.

“Then you need to learn how to fight! We’re Z fighters Kagome! It’s what we do. The only way Goku is letting you back out there is by knowing you can handle it!”


Krillin nods.

“He came to me before he went searching for Vegeta. He made it abundantly clear that you’re to learn how to fight. I’m not to let him down. So would you just give me a chance? If not for me then Gohan! Believe in yourself Kagome! If you don’t then yeah you’re right, you won’t be able to do this.”

Kagome takes in a deep breath.

“If nothing else Kagome do it for yourself.”

She lifts her eyes towards Krillin.

“We both know that’s what Gohan would want.”

She nods and closes her eyes again. Piccolo tilted his head as he continued to look on from a distance. Everyone remained silent as three solid minutes had passed. Krillin broke into a smile. Kagome’s hair began to float off her shoulders. Trunks grinned ear to ear and Yamcha nodded fully impressed.

“There you go Kagome…” Krillin softly commented.

“Now keep that focus and listen.”

She nodded, but kept her eyes closed.

“Now that surge that you’re feeling within your core I want you to focus on moving it around. Let’s try your palms first. Don’t release anything. I just want you to feel it first.” He gives her a few moments.

“Do you feel it now Kagome.”

She nods and balls her hands up.

“Cool! Now open your eyes and watch me.”

Kagome opened her eyes and observed Krillin. He took stance and motioned his hands about.

“DESTRUCTO DISK!” He called out as a glowing disk formed above the palm of his hand that was above his head.

The disk spun about and she watched as it grew even bigger.

“Once you gather enough Ki Kagome you could do this as well. But it’s very important that you always remain focus and not let things get too out of hand.” Kagome gasped out as he sent the disk towards a row of trees.

Four of them were sliced right across the middle and they fell to the ground.

“Now that’s my signature move. I don’t let just anyone use it, but I don’t mind if you do. Why don’t you give it a try?”

She nods and goes back to focusing. Kagome takes the same stance as Krillin. Once she feels the surge within her hands she positions herself. Only when she raises her hand above her head nothing. She cocks an eye open and looks up with disappointment. She lets out a huffy breath blowing her bangs back.

“Start over and try again Kagome.”

Kagome frowns, but does as Krillin says. Yet again she feels it and does what she saw Krillin do. A small spark begins and everyone observing takes a step forward and their interest is peaked. Only she opens her eyes and raises her brows and the spark vanishes. A blue haze appears over her cheeks and nose. Krillin lets out a small nervous laugh and rubs the back of his neck. Kagome slightly growls under her breath.

“Try one more time Kagome. You can do it!”

She grounds her teeth together. She takes in a deep breath.

“Remember focus and clear your… EH AHHH!”

His jaw dropped to the ground. Trunks’s eyes widened in utter surprise. Yamcha shook his head and half laughed. Piccolo smirked to himself and nodded in approval. A disk twice the size of Krillin’s formed over her head. Only hers was a shimmering silver color.

“Destructo disk!” She called out and sent it flying right at a mountain.

The entire mountain was sliced in half and it tumbled down shaking the entire area around them. She squealed in delight and giggled.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” She jumped up and down in celebration.

Krillin was still dumbfounded as he stared at the mountain. Yamcha made his way over and patted his back.

“Yeah that sucks huh.”

“Shut it, Yamcha.”

“Can I do it again?!”


From there they spent a couple more hours working on this move. Afterword they took a break and headed to the house where Bulma began fixing them all something to eat. Kagome helped out and set the table. She got Trunks and Shippo to wash up for dinner. Kagome hadn’t truly realized how hungry she was until she took her first bite of food. Krillin chuckled to himself as she actually had seconds a rarity for Kagome.

“Yeah you’re going to need your energy so make sure you keep a full stomach Kagome. That and drink plenty of fluids!”

“So how is the training going Kagome?!” Bulma asked with a beam.

She looked to Bulma surprised.

“Does everyone know about this?”

Shippo wagged his tail.
“Can we watch you train Kagome?!” He asked eagerly.

“Yeah Kagome can we? I’ve trained a little to you know I can go level one!” Little Trunks questioned as he and Shippo stuffed their faces.

“I don’t see why not.” Future Trunks replied with a shrug.

Kagome looked to Future and Little Trunks then to Bulma.

“That’s just so weird…” Kagome whispered.

Trunks over heard this and nodded towards her. Kagome blushes a bit realizing he’d heard her. He merely winks her way and finishes his food. Once he and Yamcha are done they shoot up.
“Thanks mom. Um I better meet Videl and get some sort of shut eye.” Trunks turns to Kagome.

“Good luck with your training. Seems you’re doing a great job so far!”

“Thank you Trunks.”

He nods and heads on out.

“So you and Gohan…” Yamcha says before heading out the door as well.

“Is that like set in stone or…” Trunks grabs him by the ear and yanks him out of the house pulling the door shut afterword.

“Um Krillin?”


Krillin looked up to see Kagome had fallen asleep at the table.

“Uh oh.”

Shippo rushed over and checked on her.

“She hasn’t slept in over 30 hours…” Krillin says in thought.

“I should have made sure she rested first then worked on training.” He utters feeling horrible.

He scoops her up and carries her to her room. Shippo helps Krillin get her tucked in.

“How’d she really do?” Shippo questioned Krillin, once they were done.

Krillin smiled.

“She did real good Shippo.”

Shippo grinned.

“I can’t wait to see it for myself!”

Krillin nods.

“Goodnight you two.”

“Goodnight Krillin.”

Kagome giggles as she splashes Gohan and swims away. He laughed in return and dived under the water. He snuck up beneath her and pulled her under as well. He wiggled his brows and kissed her beneath the water. They came up for air and continued to kiss. Gohan began to untie the top to her swimsuit and Kagome was reaching into his boxers.

Both Kagome and Gohan shot up in sweats. They both looked around the room they were in. “What was that?” They panted breathlessly. Neither knowing they were sharing the same dream.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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