Chapter 7 Full Of Surprises

Chapter 7

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“Faster Kagome!”

She bowls over placing her hands upon her knees. She fought to catch her breath. Today she was wearing gray sweatpants and a blue tank top for training. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Just give me a minute will you!”

“Ok, sorry Kagome, I’ve never trained anyone before. Always let me know when you need a break.”

She nods and wipes the sweat from her brow off with a towel Krillin handed her.



“Who’s that strange man over there that keeps watching us?”

Krillin smiles.

“Oh that. That’s just Piccolo!” Krillin waves over happily.

Piccolo merely nods and folds his arms about his chest.

“It’s kind of creepy how he just stands there.”

Krillin chuckles.

“Ah, he’s not so bad. Not now anyway.”

She looks to Krillin oddly.

“He’s really mellowed out since he first tried to kill us.”

Her eyes widen as she turns back to Piccolo. Piccolo wiggles his brows and smiles upon her in a taunting matter. She gasps out.

“Did you see that?!”

“See what Kagome?”

She swallows back. Piccolo chuckled quietly to himself.

“Um nevermind…”

Kagome takes a sip of water and gets back into position.

“Alright I’m ready!”

Krillin nods and starts to begin again, only he freezes. He gasp out and reaches to his temples.

Piccolo narrows his eyes and turns towards the direction of the city.

“No…” Krillin takes off in flight so does Piccolo.

“Hey!” Kagome calls out.

She groans out and takes off on foot as they were both long gone. By the time Kagome got to the city she staggered back in shock. The damage was even worse than yesterday so were the casualties.

“WATCH OUT!” Kagome turned a certain direction, only to be promptly shoved to the ground.

Yamcha was hovering over her as a car had just flew directly over them.

“You’re welcome!”

“Ugh Yamcha!” She rolls out from under him.

“What no thank you kiss?”

She grits her teeth and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. He grins ear to ear and puckers up. Kagome thrust him up against a wall as a tire hit the wall where he was originally standing.

“Looks like we’re even.” Kagome announces and starts to wander off.

“Dammit. I was so close!”

Kagome rushes over as Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo. Buu picks up Krillin and laughs. Kagome’s entire face turns bright red.


Buu looks to Kagome oddly as he continues to hold Krillin in the air. She points upon Buu.

“Don’t you know that killing is wrong?! Look around you! You call this fun? This isn’t playing! You’re hurting people and taking lives! What is fun about that?! If you want to play so bad, why don’t you play with someone your own size?!”

Buu tilts his head about and places Krillin back down. Kagome shrieks out as he scoops her up instead.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Krillin shouted.

Trunks looked around trying to think of a plan. Buu brings Kagome up to his face.

“Wrong?” He questions and looks around then back to Kagome.

“That’s right! This is bad Majin Buu! Very bad! These people can’t defend themselves. I get that you just want to have a good time and play! But look around you! Does it look like anyone else is?”

Buu’s bottom lip quivers.

“I just wanted someone to play with me!”

“Then why don’t we find you someone to play with?”


“You lied to Goku. That’s not very nice either.” She grunts out in his hold.

“You told him that you’d wait for Gohan to return. He doesn’t return until tomorrow.”

“Lie? What’s a lie?”

“It’s when you tell someone you’re going to do something, but you don’t. Or when you make up a story that isn’t true that’s a lie also.”

Buu looks to his master accusingly.

“Why you no teach me this? Am I really bad?”

“Don’t you listen to her my precious Buu. You’ve done nothing wrong!”

Kagome shakes her head.

“You’re hurting me…” She says trying to loosen his grip.

Buu opens his hand. Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, and Piccolo gasp out as she starts to fall.

“BUU!” She shouts.

He quickly catches her with his hand flat. He brings her back to his eye level.


She nods.

“Yes thank you Buu.”

He smiles.

“Dehhh huh?” Krillin looks on with a pacing heart.

“We gotta find a way to get her out of there!” Trunks declares.

“You says thank you?!” Buu says with that childlike tone.

“Well yes it’s called being respectful.”

“Ooooh what’s that?”

Kagome takes back a nervous breath.

“Why don’t we go for a walk and I’ll tell you all about what it means to be nice?!”

He ignores his master and starts walking.
“What is she doing?!” Yamcha utters in disbelief.

“She’s mothering him.” Piccolo says with narrowed eyes.

“And he likes it?!”

“He’s never had anyone to tell him right from wrong before. That and no one’s truly shown Majin Buu any amount of respect before. He truly is a child at heart, just a very ill mattered one.” Piccolo says as they hurriedly follow Kagome and Buu out of the city.

Majin Buu places Kagome down once they’re in the wilderness.

“Tell me more!” He demands.

“Say please first!” She demands in return.


“Because it’s respectful!”

“Ok Please?”

Kagome warmly smiles and stands before him.

“Why you little bitch!”

Kagome turns to see Babidi furiously pointing upon her.

“You will pay for this!” Babidi starts to rush right for her.

Buu grits his teeth and picks him up.


“She’s not your friend Buu! YOU IDIOT! Can’t you see it’s a trick?! No one’s your friend, but me! I’m the only friend you have!”

Kagome shakes her head and locks eyes with Buu.

“That’s not true. He’s just mad because you’re starting to have a mind of your own. He wants to control you. Like Goku said you don’t need anyone telling you what to do.”

“I’m GOING TO END YOUR VERY EXISTENCE!” Buu cries out angrily.

Buu grits his teeth and slams his master deep into the earth, killing Babidi instantly. Kagome gasps out and takes a few steps back. Buu’s eyes widen once he realizes what he’s done. His bottom lip quivers. His entire body began to shake.

“I sorry!” He begins to cry.

Large teardrops land on Kagome.

“Waaaaaaa!” He wails out on top of his lungs and rubs his eyes.

“I didn’t mean to kill him. I’m sorry!”

Kagome takes back a nervous breath.
“No Kagome…” Trunks whispers as she steps towards Buu again.

“Don’t…” Krillin calls out.

Kagome reaches out and pats his massive hand.

“It was an accident.”
He cries harder.

“All I wanted to do was play… no one would play with me… and he was mean! He never wanted to have any fun!”

Kagome winces as Buu opens his other hand Babidi rolls out of it.

“Everyone likes to have fun Buu, but we also have to care about others. If you go around killing everyone. Who will there be to play with afterword? What fun is there in that?”

Kagome grunts out as he scoops her up again and hugs her. She gasps for air as she’s pressed up against his massive pink chest.

“Will you be my friend? Will you play with me?”

“Ummm sure!”

“What’s she doing?!” Krillin called out nervously and reached out a hand.

“Gohan’s going to kill me! If Goku doesn’t beat him to the punch. Oh man…”

“She’s killing time…” Piccolo says.

“Killing time?”

He nods confidently.

“She’s doing whatever it takes to keep him calm until Gohan returns. Then they will figure it out together.”

“How will Buu take knowing he’s been betrayed?”

“She won’t betray him. It’s not within her. She truly wants to help him.” Piccolo had a certain smile about him.


Buu shakes his head as if fighting something off.

“Buu?” Kagome softly calls out with concern.

His body trembles a bit.

Kill her end her now!

“NO!” Buu cries out at the voice within him.

Everyone looks upon him in alarm.


“No you can’t make me! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Buu quickly places her down. Krillin zips over and jerks her back towards them.
“Are you ok?”

She nods. They each turn back in disbelief. Buu was expelling something within him. He grunted and groaned with determination. He cried out as he continued to ball up and shake all over. The guys protectively placed Kagome behind them.

“Impossible…” Piccolo announces as another being pops out of Majin Buu.

He was gray, much slimmer, more fit, and a far more evil version of Majin Buu. He snapped his attention back towards Kagome. Trunks got a good hold on her as each of them surrounded Kagome so that Evil Buu couldn’t get to her.

“Don’t you touch her!” Buu shouted and was first to get a hit in.

From there the brutal fight between Majin Buu and Evil Buu began. They each looked on in horror as Evil Buu wiped the floor with Majin Buu.

“NO!” Trunks and Krillin held Kagome back as Evil Buu ended Majin Buu’s by unhinging his jaw and he swallowed Buu whole.

An evil laugh escaped Evil Buu’s mouth. His red eyes locked directly upon Kagome’s. She swallowed back as he transformed into a much muscular, taller, and pink version of Evil Buu.

“I’m saving you for last! You look like the perfect treat! Sweet little thing like you, I could just lick you all over and eat you up!”

Krillin grimaced.

“I believe I’ll partake of your friends first.”

His voice was nothing like that of Majin Buu’s. It was dark, menacing, yet still somewhat playful. He licked his lips and wiggled his brows.

“Trunks…” Kagome called out as he lit up and started towards Super Buu.

“Stay with them Kagome, I’m the only one here strong enough to face him. If nothing else I can keep him grounded until Gohan gets here.”

And from there it was nothing more than a living nightmare. First it was Majin Buu, then after one hell of a battle Trunks, Yamcha and Krillin were next as they tried to take him on as a team. Kagome soon found herself to be the last one standing as she witnessed Piccolo being turned into another one of Evil Buu’s tasty treats. A full 23 hours had gone by as Kagome witnessed all of this taking place.

Super Buu smiled and tilted his head upon her. He rubbed his belly. Tears streamed down her face.

“How could you?!” She shouted out.

She angrily wiped the tears off her cheeks. He laughed and took a step towards her.

“So sweet…I must have a taste. How does a pretty thing like you taste? Like vanilla? Cherries? Hmmmm…”

Kagome staggered back as she stepped away from him.
“You will join your friends soon enough. You cannot fight it.”
Kagome took in a breath. Just as Krillin had taught her she began to focus. It wasn’t easy, but she cleared her mind. A surge that she’d never felt before came over her. Kagome’s entire body felt this odd sensation flowing through it. Her spirit energy was fusing itself with the Ki that Krillin had taught her to collect. She gasped out in slight pain at first as the power took its toll. Kagome gritted her teeth and cried out in pain as she fell to her knees.

Meanwhile, Gohan had just stepped out of the gravity room. He reached to his heart.

“KAGOME!” He called out in revelation and took off.

Super Buu tilted his head about curiously. He took one more step towards Kagome. She shot out her hands and cried out with everything she had within her. A great silver light escaped Kagome’s core. It spun around and hit Super Buu right in the abdomen where he kept Gohan’s friends. She continued to cry out as the pain continued to take it’s course. A cold chill filled her body as Trunks was first to pass through her. Super Buu looked down in alarm as his stomach twitched and began to rumble. Sweat poured down Kagome’s face as she continued to hold her ground. Super Buu began to panic wondering what was taking place. He didn’t understand it. How was she doing this?! WHAT WAS SHE?! She gasped and jarred back as Krillin passed through her next. Kagome was beginning to fell weak, but she continued the struggle. She growled out in desperation. Yamcha came barreling through next. Super Buu’s stomach continued to stretch out. It moved about as hands and feet were seen pressing along his belly.

“Piccolo…” Kagome whimpered out.

“PLEASE PICCOLO!” She shrieked out.

Gohan was now able to see from a distance what was taking place.


He took off in a diving matter doing his best to rush to her aid.


Another cold chill passed through her, Kagome’s eyes rolled back as her hands finally came down. The silver light she was giving off vanished.

“NO! This can’t be happening! What have you done? What did you do to me?!”

Super Buu’s jaw unwillingly unhinges as he starts to puke up Gohan’s friends. Each of them was covered in bile and chocolate. Kagome started to fall back as she could no longer stay up. Super Buu turned to her in complete fury.


Super Buu sent out his tentacle and went to pierce it through Kagome’s heart. Gohan appeared before her taking the hit. He quickly snapped the tentacle right off.

“YOU WON’T TOUCH HER!” Gohan shouted as his body amped right up to level two.

Gohan smiled.

“She’s weakened you hasn’t she? Not as strong as you assumed you were!” Gohan scoffed with a sly grin and circled the monster before him.

The other collected themselves realizing what had just taken place or trying to anyway. They hurriedly got Kagome out of the way and to a safe distance.

“Is she alright?” Krillin questioned in a panic.

Piccolo thoroughly checked her over. He nodded.

“She’s asleep.”

Each of the men exchanged glances.

“Dude, didn’t we all die?” Yamcha stated.

Trunks winced in recollection.

“Yeah…we did…”

“How’d she…?”

They each look to Piccolo. He narrows his eyes and takes in a breath. He scoops Kagome up.

“Even I do not have an answer for this. I’ve never seen such a thing. I wouldn’t even know what to call it. Her energy it’s different somehow. It’s managed to fuse with the Ki energy she gathers. This spirit energy of hers, it’s incredible!”

“She needs a senzu bean.” Trunks says in thought. They turn back to the battle between Super Buu and Gohan. Piccolo gruffly laughs.

“He doesn’t stand a chance now. He was using our energy to help him become that much stronger. Kagome not only saved our lives, but she’s weakened him. Gohan will have him down in no time!”

Sure enough the battle only last for a few minutes. Gohan glances towards his friends and Kagome once more. He nods wanting to wrap this up.


His friends snap back and watch as Super Buu is blown to smithereens. Body parts landed amongst the ground. Gohan hurriedly destroyed each part turning them to nothing, but mere ashes. He didn’t want the off chance of Super Buu becoming whole again. Once he was done he dusted himself off. Gohan swallowed back as his focus went back to his mate. His heart sank as he took a few steps towards his friends and Kagome. Piccolo nodded and met him halfway. He handed Kagome over.

“Her body could take no more.” Piccolo explains.

“What was that?” Gohan asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

Gohan nods and pulls her up against his chest.

“I’m taking you home now Kagome.” He whispered.

“Kagome!” Shippo called out as Gohan entered the house with her in his hold.

“What happened?!”

“I’m not quite sure Shippo.” Gohan admits.

“Bulma can you get me a senzu bean?”

Bulma gasped out.

“Is she ok?!”

“Bulma please just get it for me.”

Bulma nods and rushes over getting one out of her supply. Gohan lays Kagome down on her bed.

“Shippo will you get me a warm, wet, washcloth?”

“Sure thing Gohan!” Shippo takes off.

“Can I help?” Gohan lifts his eyes towards Chibi Trunks.

“Yeah, why don’t you get her shoes off.”


Gohan cupped her cheek as the others made their way into the house. Bulma walked past and covered her mouth and nose.


“Gee mom!” Future Trunks groaned.

“Even you Trunks! Now go!”

Gohan could sense the pain Kagome was in. Her entire body was thriving in pain. Bulma hands Gohan the senzu bean. Gohan does his best to prop Kagome up and places the bean down safely so she won’t choke. He lays her back down. His hands balled up.

“What is it Gohan?” Bulma questions with concern.

“She’s hurting…” He grunts out.

Shippo comes in with the washcloth just as Chibi Trunks managed to get Kagome’s shoes off.

“It won’t stop… this pain she’s feeling…”

Gohan utters and takes her hand.

“I’m right here Kagome. Just keep fighting. I’m not going anywhere.”

Shippo’s bottom lip quivers.

“She’s gonna be alright… right Gohan?”

Gohan nods.

“Yeah I believe so. Kagome just needs her rest.”

Bulma takes the washcloth from Shippo’s hand and places it on Kagome’s forehead. Kagome whimpered out and jerked about in her sleep.

“You look just like your father you know.” Bulma remarks.

Gohan looks down to his clothes. He’d put on his father’s clothes before leaving the gravity chamber.

“Thought maybe it’d bring me some luck.”

Bulma smiled.

“Say you two why don’t you help me bake some cookies?! I bet the others are sure to come back with quite an appetite!”

Shippo however flicked his tail about worriedly.

“I won’t leave her side Shippo, you have my word.” Gohan uttered softly.

Shippo nodded and took off following Chibi Trunks. Bulma winked upon Gohan and pulled Kagome’s door shut. Gohan lay down beside Kagome and rolled over facing her.

“I could sense you…” He whispered.

He moves a strand of hair behind her ear and caresses her face.

“It was amazing. The entire time I was training I could sense certain things you were feeling or going through. Like you were right there with me…”

Gohan puts his forehead against hers.

“Please be ok Kagome.”

Gohan rears back as Kagome suddenly sucks back a breath. Her eyes were wide and she jolted back.


She backed up into a corner of the room. She stared into space and brought her knees up to her chest. Gohan rolled off the bed and slowly approached her.
“I could feel them!” She calls out and runs both her hands through her hair.

Gohan nods but says nothing as he hunkers down before her. Her eyes begin to tear up.

“I could feel each of their deaths! Their pain! Their fear!” She cried out and Gohan shuddered in thought.

“They passed right through, each of them! THEY WERE DEAD!”

Gohan quickly grabs hold of her. He begins to rock her.

“They all died. They were dead.” She says as if in a state of shock.

“And you brought them back. We’re not sure how, but each of them are alive, because of you. You saved them!”

He continued to hold her as she cried.

“You’re amazing you know that Kagome. I’ve never met anyone like you. And you’re so brave! I don’t know many that would have done what you had. I could sense your determination and strength. Kagome I couldn’t be prouder than I am at this very moment! You’re one hell of a woman. What can I say?!”

Kagome blushes.

“I mean it.”

Kagome wrapped her arms around him.

“So he’s gone?”

“Yeah Kagome, it’s all over.”

She hugs him even tighter.

“I love you.”

Gohan shut his eyes momentarily as his heart fluttered.

“I love you too Kagome.”

She nodded but her eyes came to a close once again. Gohan didn’t move. He stayed in that very spot and held her.

The next morning Gohan stretched his body out. The sun was cascading through Kagome’s bedroom. That’s when he realized two things. They’d slept here all night. That and Kagome was grinding against him like there was no tomorrow. He looked over in surprise. She was still asleep clinging to him tightly, but had one leg wrapped around his waist.

He swallowed back not sure what to do. Her hips gyrated against him and his eyes nearly rolled back. She was angled just right with her sex pressed against his. Gohan found himself even more erected as his name left her lips. His breathing became heavier. He took in a very deep breath and gently rolled her over. Kagome’s eyes shot open as he hovered over her.


He nodded as she had an arm wrapped around his neck. She smiled and he was lost. Gohan zealously kissed her. Kagome felt his hand traveling up her blouse and under her bra. A moan surpassed his lips as he felt her bare breasts. Her nipples were erect. He used his other hand to lower the straps to her tank top and bra. Gohan froze at the sight of her milky white breasts. Her breathing picked up pace and heat traveled throughout her body. A warm hand caressed her breasts. He looked upon her as if for permission. She nodded and Gohan took the invitation. He began to suck on her breasts. Kagome moaned but swiftly covered her mouth remembering where they were. Gohan looked up as well and fixed her tank top back up. They blushed upon one another and looked towards the door.

“Sorry…” Gohan whispers.

Kagome softly laughs.

“I wasn’t thinking either…” She admits.

He swallows back, but kept running his hands along her. He found it hard to stop.

“Kagome I don’t ever want you to feel rushed into anything. I want you to feel comfortable.”

She nods in understanding.

“I will say this though, I think it’d be wise if we agreed on some sort of birth control plan. Just in case…” His entire face though was flushed over as he said this.

Kagome thought it was sweet how he was acting.

“Actually, I was already considering it.”

He lifts his eyes towards her.

“Really?!” He winced realizing how jerk like that sounded.

“Oh man… That’s not what I meant. I mean when you’re ready…”

Kagome looks upon him curiously. She glances towards the door once more.

“Are you?” She whispers hintingly.

He lets out a nervous laugh and shrugs. Her jaw dropped as Gohan pulled down her pants. It wasn’t about him getting pleasure at the moment. That could wait until they had actual protection. This was more about giving her something. Her sex however was so inviting. He ached in thought, he wondered what it would feel like, when that day came. Gohan gawked upon her sexy mound for a moment as he was taken back. Her body was literal perfection to him. Everything about her in fact was. Kagome gasp out and tightly clamped her hands around her mouth. She felt his tongue bury into her sex and he began this lapping motion. She arched off the floor experiencing her first full on orgasm. Gohan smirked loving the way she smelled and tasted. He loved knowing even more so that he’d just got her off and with nothing more than his tongue.

He wanted desperately to keep going, but there was too much risk of getting caught. Gohan gently pulled her pants and panties back up. He then hopped up and offered her a hand up. Once he got her to her feet, he leaned into her ear.

“To be continued…”

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