Chapter 8 Genji and Kiyoye

Chapter 8

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“So when do we get to see you train Kagome?” Shippo questioned as he peeked out of her bag on the way to school.

“Um I’m not sure Krillin hasn’t said when we were meeting up again, a lot’s taken place since then.”

Gohan grinned in thought.

“I’d like to see that myself.” He admits.

Kagome looks to him wide eyed.

“You…” She swallows back.

“You want to watch me train?”

“Yeah that’d be cool!”

“Ugh, I don’t know Gohan.”

He looks to her oddly, but then realizes she’s blushing as if embarrassed.

“What’s wrong with me watching you train?”

Shippo flickers his tail about.
“Yeah Kagome, why don’t you want Gohan to see you train?”

Gohan lands once they arrive at the school. Kagome starts heading on to class.

“Hey…” Gohan caught up to her.

Kagome held her books up against her chest. He softly chuckled reading it all over her face.

“You’re being shy aren’t you?”

“NO! No I’m not.”

“You totally are. How cute is that? You’re afraid of what I’ll think!”

“Shut it, Gohan!”

“Haha!” He dies in laughter.

She frowns and folds her arms about her chest.

“Aw, don’t be mad.”

She huffs out a frustrated breath and pushes past him as she heads inside. Kagome heads on to her locker and starts to exchange her books.

“Are you really mad at Gohan?” Shippo questioned as he appeared as a spider hanging from a web in her locker.

“Shippo!” She called out rather startled at first.

“Please don’t be mad at him.”

Kagome looks to Shippo oddly.

“I’m not really mad at him Shippo. I just…”

“Just what?”

Shippo falls down as he morphs back to himself. He rubs his head and Kagome softly laughs.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah that didn’t feel so great.”

“I can imagine so.”

Kagome scoops him up and checks him over. She then places him back into her bag. Kagome turned around to see Videl and Trunks sucking face at Videl’s locker. She blushed a bit and turned back around to see Gohan’s smiling face.

“Gohan! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“Well, what way would you like for me to sneak up on you?”


He shrugs and places his arm around her as he walks with her to class. Gohan gives her a wink as she takes her seat, he like usual sits behind her, Trunks in the middle, and Videl on the end. Kagome thought about everything that had taken place within the last few days. A bit of melancholy came over her as she thought about Majin Buu and how the evil part of him had destroyed him. She couldn’t help herself. He was so childlike. But what hit the most witnessing every one of Gohan’s friends dying right before her very eyes. How she thought she’d never see them again. To see the look on Gohan’s face when he returned to find out all of his friends were no more. Then she remembered how it felt when they returned how they passed right through her as though she were merely a portal.

Gohan reached over sensing her and put a hand upon her shoulder.

“Kagome?” He whispered in concern.

“I’m ok Gohan.”

He patted her shoulder and nodded. He leaned back in his chair wishing he knew how to help. They made it through their next few classes then headed on to the cafeteria. Videl and Trunks spent most of the time making out. Kagome blushed a little and Gohan cocked a brow. He folded his arms about his chest and kicked Trunks’s foot from under the table. Trunks merely opened one eye and narrowed his brows Gohan’s direction. Gohan cleared his throat and shook his head. Trunks shrugged and went back to what he was doing.

Kagome softly giggled and covered her mouth. Gohan smiled and sighed in defeat. His eyes widened as Trunks’s hand was traveling up Videl’s shirt. Gohan promptly hopped up and grabbed his tray.
“Um, how about we eat outside today Kagome?”

She nodded bashfully and grabbed her tray as well. Once they were outside Gohan cut her an apologetic look. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel that way about Kagome as well. He just thought something’s were meant to be private not displayed for the world to see. Kissing and holding hands things of that nature he was all for. Feeling up your girl in front of everyone felt somewhat disrespectful to the girl you were with, to Gohan anyhow. He wouldn’t do that to Kagome. He was surprised Videl was allowing Trunks to do so.

“Think your father has returned yet?”

Gohan shrugged as he bit into an apple.

“I’m not sure. I’m sure he’ll be back soon though.”

Kagome handed Shippo her apple as he hopped out of her bag. She smiled seeing how he climbed into Gohan’s lap to eat it. Gohan patted him on the head and gave him his slice of chocolate cake as well.

“So what made you decide to join us today?” Gohan asked Shippo curiously.

“Bulma was taking Little Trunks to get his shots today.”

Kagome gets this mischievous grin to her face.

“Maybe we need to take you to get yours as well.”

Shippo’s eyes widen.


Gohan laughed.

“Every growing boy needs his immunizations.”

“HUH?! No way Kagome! I don’t need any shots!”

“Are you sure about that?”

He nods still wide eyed.


He hides behind Gohan.

“Tell her Gohan.”

“Tell her what exactly?” Gohan taunts.

“I don’t need shots!”

Gohan and Kagome both laugh. Shippo folds his arms about his chest in a pouting matter.

“Awe, she was just pulling your leg Shippo.” Gohan says whilst scooping him up.

“Or was I?” Kagome teases Shippo with a wink.

“That wasn’t funny Kagome!”

“Well sure it wasn’t.”

Gohan and Kagome sigh as the bell rings. They pick up their trays and dump out the contents and put them away. They then head on to their next class.

Kagome and Gohan sat back to back outside as they did their homework and make up work for the couple days they had missed of school. After they were done Shippo and Trunks ran out of the house butt naked again and jumped into the spring. Kagome giggled as they were splashing one another. She smiled in thought realizing she’d never truly seen Shippo this happy. She also couldn’t help, but to notice that Gohan never yelled at Shippo like Inuyasha had. That had always bothered Kagome, because often enough Inuyasha would forget that Shippo was just a kid himself.

Kagome tilted her head back towards Gohan. She noticed he was reading some sort of brown journal.

“What’s that?”

He repositioned himself and scooted back against a tree. He patted the area between his legs. Kagome took the hint and crawled into his lap. She leaned against his chest as he turned another page.

“It’s one of my ancestor’s journals. My father thought it might help us if I read it.”

Gohan kissed her neck and nuzzled against it.

“It’s really quite interesting. I’ve only read the first couple entries.”

He runs his finger along one of the pages.

“His name was Genji (two beginnings) and she was Kiyoye (purity and grace) a gladiator and priestess.”

Kagome rose up and looked to him oddly.


He nods.

“Something wrong?”

“Ironic is all. That has to do with my abilities. So one your ancestors was with a priestess?”

He nods.

“It seems so.”

“That’s what Kikyo was.” Gohan didn’t comment on the look on her face when she said Kikyo’s name.

“And Genji he was a gladiator?” She questions with a smile.

He grins.

“Yep, would you like for me to read some of the entries?”


“Hmmm… here we go…

I’m not certain just how much more I can endure. They constantly use us. At first I enjoyed the attention. I cannot lie. To have everyone calling out your name, to think you’re their hero. Knowing I can beat them all! But the truth is I am nothing more than a slave, just as the others. Even the ones whose lives I’ve taken in order to survive. That’s just how it is. I never wanted to hurt anyone. But it was either my life or theirs. It’s nothing more than a fight for survival now. It’s no longer fun or a game. It became that way the first night they had me take an actual life. Those are the nights when they call for fight to the death. I cannot bear to think of their faces. So much blood lies within my hands. I was raised a peaceful man! My father and his before him yes we tend to possess certain powers that no one can truly understand. We have fought to keep it secret for so long. We never used them to cause other’s harm only to protect our loved ones or village when needed.

It was I that dishonored my family. Without knowing it I allowed my secret to be found out. I’d no clue I was being watched from afar. That was the day they came and took me. I watched as my father died. They burned down my family’s house. They forced me to watch as they required them to evacuate. Leaving me to know they would be forever in poverty. Even through my father and I’s abilities we were overpowered. We never knew there were other’s like us. His name was Veran the man that took my father’s life, a very conceited man with much power. He had one another with him just like us. Together they wiped out our entire village they enslaved us younger men, my brother included. I will never forgive myself. So much darkness surrounds our world now. I remember it wasn’t that long ago we participated in the town picnic. My brother and I went for a swim with my father in the lake, while my mother and the other women set up the food. It was one of the best days ever. What I wouldn’t give to have those days back.

They chant my name, but it is not out of love, respect, or anything noble. Not like I once thought. They chant not for me but the blood, the agony, and for death. This is what entertains them. So many times I have thought about giving up. I’ve imagined allowing one of the weaker ones take me down. So they might can live and I will finally be reunited with my father and whatever family I might have lost along the way and haven’t a clue about. Every night I pray at times I never stop. I pray for hope, for peace, for my family’s safety. And yet even as I write this I’m being called out again. It’s engrained into me. I cannot lose no matter what. It is what was taught. I know nothing else. So others will have to die, because I will not!


Gohan took in a breath and looked upon Kagome.

“That’s terrible!”

He nodded with a strange feeling flowing about him. He just wasn’t sure what it was. Gohan cleared his throat and handed over the book.

“You can read the next one.”

She nodded and scooted up a bit. Gohan wrapped his arms around her waist as she read.

Could it be? Has an angel risen to save us all from this hell? I haven’t been able to take my eyes off her! She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had the privilege of laying eyes on. Her eyes… something about those gorgeous brown eyes.

So much bravery! She too a warrior! Such heart and strength. I’m not even certain I know how to write this! They call her Kiyoye. She led her people right on in here as if she owned the place. There was no fear in this woman’s eyes nor heart! Just as I was to fight another battle to the death, she and her people came and freed us all! This woman is a dead shot with that bow and arrow of hers. She didn’t miss a single mark. I knew I needed to help, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I just stood there like some buffoon while she and her people took over the coliseum we were fighting in. I wasn’t able to blink until I realized Veran was about to end this magnificent woman’s very existence. I couldn’t have that no! Not her! Just as he was to take his blade to her I jumped in. For once I finally felt honor and bravery. I hadn’t truly felt that before. I thought I had once, but no. This was a fight I was going to win! I could feel it down to my core. It was her! I knew it to. I’d never fought with such grace and pride before. This urge to let this woman know she was safe alongside of me was so powerful. It felt amazing! The surge within me only continued to grow as the battle around us continued. As I was to finish this Veran with abilities like mine off, I turned to see her fighting as well. She spun three arrows within her bow and fired. Three men tumbled to the ground and she twirled around with her blade and took out a man that had tried to sneak up on her. I turned back to my own battle to realize the man was already dead. I looked upon my hands in sheer disbelief as they were around his throat. I don’t even remember doing it. I was so focused on this woman; I hadn’t even realized I’d taken the very life of the man that took my father’s! His son however had. I wasn’t aware of him coming right for me. She had though and yet again saved my life. She leaped over and blocked his blade with her own. He was so much more powerful than she was though and she knew it. I saw it in her eyes. Still she was determined. I pivoted about as quickly as possible only it wasn’t quick enough. By the time I managed to grab him and toss him aside. He’d his blade within her arm. She staggered back holding it and though I knew it wasn’t wound that would end her life. I became furious. It became personal and I didn’t even know this woman. That wasn’t how it felt though. Something was just so familiar.

I hurriedly scooped her up and followed her people out as we freed the other slaves. Once we found a place to safely camp. I tended to her arm. From the way her people acted it was very rare for the priestess to become wounded in battle. I soon learned this woman was one they looked up to. They seemed lost without her. Kiyoye a woman so loved and respected by her people that many of them cried and bared gifts. She assured them she was fine that she just needed to rest.

It wasn’t long before the other gladiators began to notice the other women she traveled with as well. There were a few men along with her, but not many. Some had been without a woman for so long they were already bedding with some in their tents. Not I. I stayed with the priestess as one of her maidens sewed her up. I helped in whatever way I could. Soon her eyes came to a close. I knew I should probably leave and let the women do their jobs, but I simply could not. I stayed in that tent all night long. That was when I soon learned that there was only one the woman truly feared. His name was Ikki (One horseman). It was his name she called out upon her sleep. It made my skin crawl how she balled up her hands and shrieked out in terror.”

Kagome’s skin crawled and she promptly handed the journal back to Gohan.

“I don’t want to read anymore.”

He nodded, but looked to her concerned. Kagome rose to her feet and headed inside. Gohan rather understood why to be honest. It was creeping him out as well, the mere similarities, it was uncanny.

“Hey son!”

Gohan shot up with relief at the sound of his voice.

Goku smiled.

“I see you’re reading the journal.”

“Um yeah… You said you read this right?”

Goku nods and waves to Trunks and Shippo.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit odd?”

Goku shrugs.

“Not really…”

Gohan slanted his eyes a little in wonder.

“So did you find Vegeta?”

Little Trunks came running right up to Goku. Goku scooped him up and kissed the top of his head.

“No…” Goku admits with full disappointment in his eyes.

“I just don’t get it. I can sense him. It’s so strong, but I can’t find him anywhere. No matter how close I think I might be getting, he’s nowhere to be found.”

“That’s strange.”
“Tell me about it.”

“Where’s Kagome?” Goku questioned as Shippo made his way out of the water as well.

“Eh, she’s inside I think some of the things in here rather got to her.”

Goku nodded and placed Trunks back down.

“I figured it would to be honest. There’s some pretty powerful stuff in there. Some that hits a little close to home. I sure hope Bulma’s got supper ready. I’m starving!”

Gohan smiles and shake his head as his father went on inside. Gohan however looked to the journal once more.

“Kiyoye…?” He whispers to himself and looks towards the sky.

“We take turns on the top and bottom! Tonight’s my night to be on top!” Shippo declares excitably as he shows Kagome his and Chibi Trunks new room off.

She smiled as Trunks was handing her one of his action figures.

“Would you like to play with us Kagome?!”


She sat down with Shippo and Trunks. Shippo was beginning to act more and more his age the longer they were here. He didn’t have to worry about the concerns they once had back in the feudal era. It made her happy to see him truly giving into his childhood. Sota nevertheless entered her mind. She wondered what her family was doing now. Were they ok? She prayed they weren’t fretting over her whereabouts. She took in a deep breath and played with Shippo and Trunks before it was time for them to go to bed. She tucked Trunks in first then picked up Shippo and placed him up on the top bunk.

“You really like it here don’t you Shippo?” She whispered as Trunks was already asleep.

Shippo nodded.

“I hope we never have to leave.
“What about our friends Shippo and my family?”

Shippo cut her a guilty glance.

“Don’t…” She says taking notice.
“It’s ok I understand. Part of me never wants to leave either, but I can’t give up hope of finding our friends and seeing my family again.”

Shippo’s bottom lip quivers.

“I’m sorry Kagome! I…”

She shakes her head and scoops him back up.
“I didn’t mean to make you cry Shippo. This is hard on the both of us. Everything’s so confusing right now.”

“Use to all I could think about was collecting the shards to avenge my father.” Shippo admitted wiping his eyes.

“But now I don’t even think about the shards. I don’t want to. This is family Kagome. Family I’ve never truly had.”

She nodded but lowered her head.

“And what happens if we find a way to go back home?”

“I’d never leave you Kagome. You know that. I don’t want to leave. But I’d go wherever you go even if you decided to take back that jerk Inuyasha. I love you Kagome.”

Kagome found herself breaking down along with Shippo now.

“I love you too Shippo.”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t want to be with you Kagome?”

She lowered her head in shame and wiped her eyes.

“You’re like the mother I never had. Why would I ever want us to part?”

Kagome looked to Shippo in shock.

“You really think of me like that?”

“Well yeah you take care of me! You always have. No one’s ever shown me the amount of kindness you have. But you also know when to call me out when I’ve done something wrong. Isn’t that what a real mother would do?”

Kagome nods not able to form words at the moment. Shippo smiles and crawls back into bed and pulls the sheets over him. He yawns and stretches out his tiny fox arms.

“Goodnight Kagome.”

“Sweet dreams Shippo, you too Trunks.” She whispers as she pulls their door shut.

Once she exits their room she rushes out of the house. Kagome felt like she couldn’t breathe. She bowled over desperate for air. She felt a soothing hand along her back. Kagome rose up with tears in her eyes. Gohan embraced her lovingly. He got a good hold of her and leaped into a nearby tree. He had her lay against his chest as he kicked back. Neither said a word just held one another.

Gohan, Shippo, and Chibi Trunks watched from a nearby tree as Kagome trained. Once again Piccolo was across the way watching with interest as well. He had grown curious as to what all she could do.

Gohan was quite impressed as he witnessed Kagome blocking most of Krillin’s moves. He got a few in that had Gohan grimacing, but he knew that just came with the territory. Still, it bothered him to see Kagome taking a few hits. He also knew that Krillin wasn’t using his full power with Kagome. It was just enough to teach her and that’s all she really needed.

“Ok, now your turn Kagome. Give me your best shot!” Krillin called out with a bit of a mischievous grin.

She nodded confidently and took position. Krillin waved her over letting her know he was ready. Kagome gritted her teeth not able to get a single hit in. Gohan narrowed his eyes and paid more attention. She just wasn’t moving fast enough. That and she still had one other thing working against her. Kagome hadn’t learned out to fly. So she couldn’t hover like Krillin was. Learning flight was one of the keys in helping in any battle, especially with speed. Gohan kept that in mind as he continued to observe. He thought he’d surprise Krillin for their next training session. Gohan smiled in thought.

“What’s that smile for Gohan?” Shippo questioned as he sat upon his shoulder.

“Oh I think it’s time to amp things up a little that’s all.”

Kagome called for a break after too much longer. She was covered in sweat and completely worn out. Krillin tossed her a towel and bottle of water.

“We’re not quite done. I thought we’d do some more Ki shots here in a moment.”

Kagome looked to Krillin as if to plea. He softly chuckled.

“It won’t take long Kagome.”

She blows out a huffy breath and takes her stance yet again. Gohan chuckled to himself and Trunks and Shippo clapped as Kagome pulled off the Destructo Disk move. Gohan also took notice of the silver aura to it. He thought that was a bit unusual he wondered why it was so different. He thought back to what Piccolo had said and the battle with Buu.

“Can I try something different?” Kagome called out.

Krillin shrugged.

“Sure go for it. Just be careful.”

She nods. They all quietly watched as Kagome shut her eyes. She motioned her hands about as she collected the Ki she needed. Her hair flowed off her shoulders and Gohan cocked a brow.

“AWESOME!” Shippo and Chibi Trunks called out as a silver energy bow appeared in her left hand, within her right was a silver arrow. Kagome pulled back on the bow and fired off her arrow.

She hit a tree in the distance behind Krillin. The tree not only spilt right down the middle but it exploded. The tree didn’t tumble down but it had a massive spilt all the way down where you could see straight through it and the bark around it was peeled back. Kagome made her way over to the tree and ran her fingers along the tree where it took damage. She turned back with a grin.

“Now that was pretty cool!”

Gohan laughed and Krillin stood there in utter amazement.

“How’d you do that?!”

“I’m not sure. I knew I could though. I know it’s crazy, but I could feel it. Looks like I no longer have to copy your move Krillin!”

He rubs the back of his neck.

“It never bothered me any.”

Gohan hopped down from the tree.

“Can I see it again?”

“Yeah Kagome, we want to see you do that again!” Shippo called out.

Kagome slightly blushed, but shrugged. She aimed at a tree beside it.

“But more oomph behind it this time.” Gohan hinted as he stood beside her.

She nodded and focused on collecting more Ki than last time. Kagome lifts her arrow slightly higher than before. The entire tree vanishes as the arrow hits. Only they all look up in the air as they heard a whistling sound. The tree was flying through the air and bisected a cloud that was in the air. She looked back to Gohan with widened eyes. Every man there except for Piccolo had their jaws dropped. Piccolo merely narrowed his eyes.

“Hmmmm…” He hummed to himself impressed by what he’d witnessed.

“Remind me not to ever make you mad!” Gohan said but wasn’t so sure he was joking either.

“Alright you guys got everything packed?” Goku questions.
Gohan and Kagome look to one another and nod.

“You guys might wanna head on out before dark if you wanna get a head start.”

“We were just about to.”

Kagome hugs Shippo before they leave. It was Friday right after school. Gohan wanted whatever time they could get, knowing he’d have to go even further out this time to look for the dragon balls. After they’re good and ready to go they head out the door. Gohan picks Kagome up and they take off. Gohan went the opposite direction as last time only this time he cradled Kagome in his arms as she held the scanner. After a few hours the sun was about to set so he decided to land and set up camp for the night.

He started a fire and Kagome helped him set up a tent. After everything was prepared they set by the fire for little while.


He had his arms wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder.

“Where did your father get that journal from?”

“I’m not sure. He didn’t say, just that it belonged to one of our ancestors.”

She nodded and intertwined her fingers with his.

“Have you read anymore?”
“A little.”

Kagome took in a breath.

“Does it get any better?”

Gohan chuckled a bit and took it out of his pocket.

“It seemed to be picking up when I last stopped.”

“Then read me the good parts.”


Gohan flips to the last entry he had stopped on.

“Kiyoye wasn’t aware I was still within the room. I wasn’t aware that I’d fallen asleep. The maids had left going to their own tents for the night. So it was just the two of us in one tent. She had risen and tiredly began to unclothe. I wasn’t aware of the situation until I myself had wakened, before me stood the angel in all her glory. I couldn’t turn away. I knew I should. I knew what I was doing was wrong so very wrong How could I disrespect such a beauty? I must’ve made some sort of noise or shifted in my seat. She gasped out and covered her breasts, but the woman’s sex was still bare. It caused me to…”

Gohan clears his throat and stops

“Eh maybe I should skip that part…” Kagome giggled at the blush upon Gohan’s face.

He started to flip through the journal to find a better entry. Kagome however rolled over facing him.
“What do you think our first time will be like?”

His eyes widened and he swallowed back nervously.

“Well… great! I hope!”

Kagome laughs and wraps her arms around his neck as she leans against him. Gohan put the journal away.

“Maybe we should call it a night. We got an early start ahead of us tomorrow.”

Kagome rose and went into the tent. She took off her shoes and was lifting the covers to the pallet Gohan had set up. Gohan hadn’t put out the fire yet so Kagome could see. He peeked inside to make sure she was ready. She was bent over fluffing one of the pillows. Her cotton panties and long legs were right there and he twitched with desire. They had already gone to town and got Kagome on birth control. Still, he wasn’t about to do anything until she gave the go.

She’d turned as he was about to put out the fire.


He turned back towards her. A blush came over her face.

“Can we leave it going just a bit longer?”

He nodded and crawled on inside and zipped the tent. The fire going outside still allowed them to see what they were doing. Gohan froze as Kagome started to take off all her clothes.

“Kagome…?” He whispered.

She smiled and got under the covers. He raised his brows and smiled.

“Why’d you cover up?”

“Because you’re still clothed!”

He looks down to his clothes.

“So if I… you’ll…”

She nods. Gohan couldn’t get naked fast enough. He then reached over and gently tugged on the covers. Kagome giggled as he grabbed her ankle and pulled her towards him. They began to take in one another’s bodies. Kagome’s frame was so much smaller than his. Gohan was all muscle and had no shame in the department of size. Kagome curiously looked down as he throbbed against her. He let out a moan as she took her hand to it. She’d never touched a man like that before. He pulsated in her hand. She couldn’t believe how warm to the touch he was. The way he swelled up with just her touch.

Gohan eagerly kissed her lips and lay her down on the pallet. He placed the pillow behind her head so she’d be comfortable. He licked along her breasts and forced himself away for a moment. He lifted his eyes towards her.
“Are you sure about this? If you don’t want to, we can wait. Don’t think you have to do anything you don’t want to.”

Her breathing was erratic. The scent of her arousal was flooring him and had him aching even more.

“I’m ready…” She whispered.

Gohan nodded.

“If I need to stop you let me know.” He was nervous as hell about hurting her.

He knew it would at first. That was the part he wasn’t going to like. He just had to also keep in mind he was a lot stronger than she was and not to get so excited, he let his saiyan side out. He wasn’t sure if that was possible or not. They were both virgins and both hadn’t a clue how exactly this was going to go. Kagome bit her lower lip nervously as he arched over her. He caressed her cheek and kissed her. Gohan looked her in the eyes once more before they started.

“I love you Kagome.”

She smiled and ran her hand along his chest.

“I love you too Gohan.”

He took in a deep breath and looked down to see what he was working with. His eyes widened in thought. He curiously placed his fingers inside and paid attention to how she stretched out. That gave him more hope. She reached over and took his hand for a moment.

“It’s ok Gohan.”

He swallowed back and nodded. At her words he carefully placed himself inside. Kagome bit into her pillow in preparation. He didn’t dare move at first. Kagome gave the nod and he plunged his way in. He moaned out feeling that wall hit. It felt so incredible. Heat and wetness surrounded him. Kagome gave a soft whimper and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“Keep going.” She whispered.

Gohan nodded and began to stroke himself within her sex. He kissed along her neck and shoulders hoping to get her mind off the pain. Kagome whimpered off and on, but encouraged him to continue. He hated that she was in pain when he was in literal ecstasy. He’d never felt so good in his entire life. Kagome clung to him for dear life waiting for the pain to subside. He took in a breath of relief when he finally heard a moan escape her lips. The pain he was sensing from her died down. At this knowledge he kissed her even more feverishly and drove himself within her slightly harder and at a faster pace. She arched her back and loosened her grip on him. He wanted to last longer, but there was just no way.

“Kagome…” He whispered with a moan behind it.

Gohan released feeling as though he’d never stop coming. He kept going till she milked him of everything he had. Once he was done he carefully pulled out. Kagome smiled and his heart felt as though it’d flutter out of his chest. He smiled in return and kissed her lips once more.

“I didn’t hurt you too bad did I?”

She shook her head and ran her hands along his biceps.


He reached over and grabbed some wipes they had packed. Gohan gently cleaned off the evidence of her losing her virginity. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face though. He could feel her happiness and love as well only adding to the moment. Once he was done cleaning them both off he lay beside her and pulled the covers up over them. Kagome cuddled up against him and he held her close.


Gohan felt her fear before she even tried jerking away from him. He didn’t drop his hold.
“No Kagome. Don’t let him do this!”

She squirmed beneath his hold. Gohan held her tighter he kissed her forehead.

“I’m right here Kagome. I won’t let anyone hurt you. There’s no one here. It’s just us.”

He felt her tears running down his chest. He continued to hold her until she fell asleep. Once he knew she was out he scooted out from under her. Gohan checked her over and tucked her in. He then went outside. He paced around the fire outside. He looked around in thought.

“Where are you? You bastard…”

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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