Chapter 9 Not Welcomed

Chapter 9

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Gohan yawned and stretched. He smiled seeing Kagome was curled up beside him. His hands ran along her naked body. Her eyes opened and darted upon his. Kagome smiled and she rolled over stretching out her arms.

“How are you feeling Kagome?” He hinted.

“I’m fine…” She curiously ran her hand along her sex.

She shrugged.

“It’s not even sore.”

He took in a breath of relief. She softly giggled and kissed him. Gohan moaned into her mouth prolonging the kiss. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest. He loved the feeling of her naked body pressed against his. It felt so incredible so natural. Odd feelings came over Kagome. She never felt safer than she did around Gohan. She felt happier and more at peace. Making love to him only made those feelings much more powerful. She found herself aching for him all over again. Once Gohan sensed her desire he rolled her over. The both of them gasped out as he placed himself within her.

Gohan wanted Kagome to feel what he had felt last night. He thrust about her and could feel her getting wetter with each stroke he gave. Kagome cried out his name as she came to a full climax. Gohan found himself thrusting even harder now.

“That’s right Kagome feel me.” He whispered in her ear.

At his words she literally gushed. Gohan’s eyes nearly rolled back as he felt the sudden liquid heat hitting him like a geyser going off.

“Again Kagome… I wanna feel you too!”

Like clockwork he felt her yet again. Gohan grinned ear to ear. He loved knowing he could get her going like that and it felt so good. Within a few more strokes Gohan spilled his seed. They rolled around kissing one another. Kagome giggled as the hit the edge of the tent.

“Oops.” Gohan uttered causing her to laugh again.

He too chuckled and kissed her once more.

“I love you…” He said softly and caressed her cheek.

She smiled in a way that melted Gohan’s heart completely.

“I love you too Gohan.”

“I guess we better get started.”

Kagome nods as he hops up and she laughs as he nearly trips trying to get into his pants. He wore a blue outfit like that of the orange when he fought Buu. Kagome noticed he’d changed his sense of style since he’d returned from training. He somehow seemed even sexier she found herself thinking as he pulled his shirt over his head. Kagome reached over and grabbed her skirt. She slipped it on and bent over looking for her panties. Gohan looked over and his eyes bulged. He grew hard all over again at the kitty shot she was giving him. He cleared his throat and bent down picking up her panties that were by his feet.

“Um Kagome?”

She looked over as he held her panties. Kagome made her way over and reached for them. He playfully raised them up higher.

“Or you could go without.”

“Gohan! You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He grinned and wrapped his arms around her kissing her again. Something he found he couldn’t stop doing.


He hunkered down and lifted one of her legs. Kagome balanced along his shoulders as he helped her slip them back on.

“I still say you look better without them.”

“I imagine you would think so!”

He shrugs as she finishes getting dressed. Kagome then grabs her bag and heads out. Gohan was putting the tent away as Kagome went to find a more secluded as Mother Nature was calling. Once Kagome finished she started to head back. Only someone snatched her and immediately wrapped their hand around her mouth. Her eyes widened as she saw others. She stopped counting at thirty. Every man there had a gun or knife on them. They all wore kerchiefs over their mouths and were dressed like thieves. The one that had her in his clutch, roughly yanked the bag that carried the dragon balls off her back. He holds the bag in the air and one of the other men nodded. He chunked the bag at the man and the man opened it nodding in approval.

“What do we do with her?”

The man makes his way over and cups her chin looking her over.

“Pretty little thing isn’t she?”

Kagome swallowed back nervously.

“She might make things more interesting. Bring her along.”

Kagome struggles in their hold and she stomps on the man’s foot that had her. She then elbowed him and quickly disarmed him. She turned and aimed his gun at him. He chuckled and raised his hands in the air. Kagome winced hearing the multiple sounds of chambers loading. Each man had their finger on the trigger and was aiming right at her.

“Nice move… but don’t be stupid woman.”

Kagome winced feeling a gun piercing into her back. She dropped the gun and raised her hands in the air.

“Let’s go…” The man gruffly demanded.

Gohan snapped his head the direction Kagome had gone. He sensed distress within her. He took off the direction she’d gone.

“Kagome?” He called out as he wandered about the area.

He hunkered down and ran his fingers along the footprints in the dirt. He narrowed his eyes seeing that there were many. Gohan also made out hers as well. He lifted his eyes towards the area they were headed. He rose back up his hands becoming fists.

“On my way Kagome, just hang on.” He whispered to himself.

The men continued to lead Kagome throughout the wilderness. Kagome did her best to discreetly leave signs for Gohan, such as broken branches or whatever she could think of. Two hours had gone by before they got to a campsite. A man stepped out of one the tents. He was wiping his mouth clean like he’d just finished eating. He wore a red shirt, black leather jacket and pants. The men shoved Kagome down before him.

“Looks like we found your treasures and a bride boss.”

The man tilted his head upon Kagome. He offered her a hand and she recoiled.


He picks up the bag instead and looks through it. He sighs.

“Such a shame the dog man took off with our other one.”

Kagome’s eyes darted towards the man as he said this.

“Did you say dog man?”

The man narrowed his eyes upon her, but didn’t answer.

“Please sir, tell me about the dog man! What did he look like?”

The man reached over and forced her mouth open. He then looked down her shirt. Kagome slapped him across the face. He gritted his teeth but continued on with his inspection. He forced her up and lifted her skirt.

“STOP THAT!” She shouted and went to shove him away from her.

“You’re cute…” He circles her as though a vulture would their pray.

“You’re fixing to see just how cute I can be!” She shouts furiously as he ran a hand along her waist.

“You got some mouth on you woman. I’m not so sure I like that!”

“Oh believe me the feeling is completely mutual!”

He nodded and reached over and clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Shut it! You’re much prettier when you’re not talking!”

He takes a kerchief from his pocket and ties it around her mouth so she can’t talk.

“Tie her up for now she’s getting on my nerves. I’d hate to kill her before we even wed!”

One of the guys starts laughing.
“Right boss?”

They drag Kagome over to a tree and tie her too it. She rolls her eyes.

“Think she’s going to cry?” One of them questions.

The other tilts his head and put his gun to her forehead. Kagome narrows her eyes and stares him down. He half laughs.

“She’s not the crying type. Now are you?”

Kagome doesn’t answer. They start to walk away only the guy that had his gun to her turns back around and promptly pulls the trigger. She jumps and screams out. They all die in laughter. She closes her eyes realizing the chamber was empty.

“Now she’s crying…”

Gohan had just caught the tail end as he approached the campsite. His body automatically went saiyan mode. Gohan was pissed and they were about to find out just how pissed he truly was. He focused on keeping his Ki levels down enough they wouldn’t spot him with the plan he had in mind. He swiftly made his way through and knocked out one of the thieves that were closet to him. Gohan put on the thieves clothes. The only thing that would be revealed was his hair. He looked to see that there was a mixture of thieves within the group. He was certain he could fool them just long enough to get Kagome out of harm’s way.

The thieves had started a fire and were about to cook something for everyone to eat. Gohan was about to sneak over to Kagome, when the man in the red and black came out of the tent.

He sat upon one of the logs by the fire.

“Bring me my bride to be.”

“Bride to be?” Gohan whispered through gritted teeth.

His eyes widened as a handful of them went and untied Kagome. They roughly shoved her about leading her towards their boss. Gohan shook his head as they pushed her into the man’s lap. The man took one of the dragon balls from his pocket. He lowered the gag they had on Kagome.

“Tell me what this is woman!” He demanded.

“I don’t know.” She lies.

“Don’t you lie to me woman! You have three already you must know! Why else would you be collecting them?!”

“Tell me about the dog man!” She demands in return.

Gohan cocks a brow at this. He too listens in curiously.

“These first!”

“NO! You want to know about those! You tell me about this dog man! What did he look like and what did he want?!”

“You dare make demands of me?! Woman!” The man scoffs.

“You want to know about these right? A deal for a deal.”

Gohan inches his way closer but continues to watch everyone around him.


Kagome smiles. Amazing how does she do it? I can sense her. She’s frightened, but she’s not even showing it. Leave it to Kagome to start making demands of the kidnappers. He shook his head in thought.

“So tell me…” He holds the ball before her.

“You first then I’ll tell you all you need to know.”

They all aim their guns at her.

“You can kill me sure. But you’ll never know how to use these without me.”

The man sighs and has his men lower their guns.

“So the dog man… Did he have one of these too?”

“Actually he stole one of them from us. Took 48 of my men in the process! There were 83 of us! The bastard! He’d powers like I’d never seen! He kept asking about some girl.”

Kagome swallowed back nervously.

“And what was her name?”

“Eh… Katone, Katrina? Hell if I know.”

“I think he said Kagome boss.”

Gohan staggered back some sensing Kagome. Her heartbeat sped up. Her fear spiked up.

“What did he look like…?” She forced out with a quivery voice.

“Why is this beast a friend of yours?!”

She shakes her head. The man looks upon her oddly.

“Then what is your interest in this man?!”

He grabs her roughly by the hair.

“Answer me woman!” Gohan couldn’t help but to think the guy sounded a lot like Vegeta.

Gohan’s eyes widen and everyone else there shot up in utter shock. Kagome suddenly had the man pinned to a tree. Her hand was around his throat.


Gohan was in a state of temporary shock so was every other man there.

“What the hell? How did you do that?! Are you a witch?!”
“Sure, why not! And I hex you all!”

Gohan rubbed the back of his neck. A vision of Kagome in nothing but leather lingerie and holding a whip hit Gohan. He cleared his throat in thought and continued to inch his way closer and closer.

The man quickly reversed the pin and tied her back to the tree.

“Now your turn!” He demanded and put a gun to her chin.

“What are the orange balls for?”

Kagome shut her eyes.

“Woman I’m talking to you! Now answer the question!”

Kagome didn’t move. She didn’t even open her eyes. Gohan knew what she was doing he could feel it. Sure enough a blast of Ki that came from Kagome sent the man flying back. Gohan took the opportunity to zip over and shield Kagome. The men began to fire their guns right at Kagome. Gohan rapidly took the hits directed at her. Kagome’s jaw dropped as she witnessed the bullets bouncing right off him. The men stopped firing their guns and looked to Gohan in shock. He ripped off the kerchief. His eyes narrowed upon them all. He shook his finger upon them.

“You’re all in big trouble now.”

Kagome looked on in astonishment.

“Gohan?” She whispered in disbelief.

She’d seen him in saiyan mode before but not quite like this. He nodded and kept his eye on the men before them. From there Kagome wasn’t sure what was what everything happened so fast. Gohan was moving so fast he was leaving after images of himself. The men would fire at him and he wouldn’t really be standing where he seemed to be. Even Kagome found herself confused on where he was. He was disarming men left and right. A pile of guns and knives soon made in the center of the campsite, to the right of that was a pile of men that he’d knocked out. Not a single man there was able to penetrate through Gohan’s moves.

Kagome’s mouth stayed open the entire time. Flies could have flown in and out and she’d have never known. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or not seeing for that matter. Gohan saved the thief Kagome and sent flying back for last. He grabbed him by the scruffs of his shirt and lifts him into the air.

“I have a problem with this said to be marriage.”

The guy wraps his hands around Gohan’s wrists.

“So I’m canceling your plans!” Gohan tosses him into the pile he had the other men in.

He looks towards Kagome. He did all this in just level one. Gohan wasn’t even at level two yet. He knew he wouldn’t need it so why waste the energy? Kagome finally sucks back a breath and closes her mouth. Gohan makes his way over and rips the ropes freeing her from the tree.

Kagome looks around and shakes her head.

“You… you, did all this… like… what?!”

Kagome stumbled back a little.

“Easy now…”

“What was that Gohan?”

“Are you alright Kagome?”

She shakes her head.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. I thought I’d seen all there was to see. Boy was I ever wrong.”

“Kagome, are you certain you’re ok?”

She nods, but looked to be in slight shock. Gohan even sensed that she rather was. Sure enough Kagome took a few steps and she nearly fainted.


Gohan hurriedly scooped her up. She starts giggling and covers her mouth.

“You really are amazing.”

Gohan clears his throat.

“Um thanks! But are sure you’re going to be alright?”

She nods but starts to giggle again. Gohan sighed with concern.

“Let’s get your things and get out of here whattaya say?”

“Sounds good to me.”

After they gather her bag and the dragon balls, Gohan grabs ahold of her. He takes off in flight. He heads back to their camping site and begins to gather their supplies.

“He’s here you know…” She says a way that nearly sent Gohan chills.

He stops what he’s doing and looks upon her.

“It’s not just my imagination and he’s getting closer Gohan.”

“So I heard…”
He utters and goes back to packing everything up.

“He killed 48 of their men. I imagine that’s not even half of what he’s done and he won’t stop there. Not until I give him what he wants.”

Gohan freezes and gazes upon her. He grits his teeth and points right at her.
“That’s not an option! We don’t give up Kagome! We fight!”

“People are dying!”

“They were thieves Kagome!”
“And what’s to say he hasn’t or won’t go after innocent people?! It’s happening all over again Gohan!”

“You truly think he’ll stop just because you give yourself up to him?! If he succeeds he will only become even more of a monster than what he is now Kagome! Why do you think he wants you so bad?! It sure as hell has nothing to do with love! And it’s not just you he’s after he’s after these dragon balls with the jewel shards! I don’t even want to begin to think about what he’s capable of if he gets them before we do! So no Kagome that’s not a damn option. So you can get that out of your head right now and come up with some other plan. One that keeps you and Shippo safe and leaves these dragon balls in our possession!”

She nods and looks to the ground. Gohan sighs as he finishes packing everything. He makes his way over to Kagome and lifts her chin with his fingers.
“I didn’t mean to make you cry Kagome. I just can’t let you do that. You need to understand… You and Shippo mean a lot to me. I can’t stand to see you two going through this. The mere idea of you giving up… that’s not the Kagome I know. That’s not the one I just witnessed back at that camp. Hell…” Gohan shakes his head.

“I’ve never met a woman like you. The way you stood up to those men and managed to turn the tables around. Now that was awesome.”

Kagome half smiles and shakes her head.

“There she is… Keep that smile. Don’t let him destroy who you are. Now are you ready to learn how to fly?”

She looks to him wide eyed. He chuckles.

“Use your energy that you normally use for gathering Ki… Only use it to focus on flying. You need to relax your body and feel it through the core of your stomach. Once you feel that energy hit push it up!”

She nods and closes her eyes.

“Just not too high at first Kagome, let’s keep it simple then we can go from there.”

A couple of minutes go by and Kagome opens her eyes. She hadn’t even budged. Gohan sighs.

“You need to stop thinking about him. I can sense you, you know. Fearing him is only feeding into what he wants. He’s not even here and you’re letting him control you, just as he always has. Quit letting him win Kagome. You’re making yourself weak. I can feel it, your body is trying to give up and cave in. If you give up then what? I’m right here Kagome… NOW MAKE HIM LEAVE! PUSH HIM OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS! LET HIM KNOW YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FEAR HIM! THAT HE CANNOT RULE YOUR LIFE! He’s using energy to haunt you with. He’s not here Kagome! At least not close enough for me to sense.”


“Kagome!” Gohan shouts in panic as her eyes rolled back and she began to hover off the ground.

That’s right Kagome! Think about me tearing your precious Shippo limb from limb and hearing him scream for mercy! Watching him reach out for you! Knowing it was all your fault! You should have listened to me Kagome! LISTEN TO ME NOW! I’m only getting stronger! You will have no choice but to succumb to me! And you will!

Kagome’s eyes shot open.

“Gohan!” She called out reaching out for him.

He quickly hovered over towards her.

“Kagome…? ” He questioned softly feeling slightly panicked.

“He won’t leave… it hurts…” She says behind gritted teeth.

Gohan takes her hands.

“Close your eyes Kagome.”

He wasn’t even sure if this would work. But he couldn’t stand it anymore. Her pain was his and if he couldn’t fight this Inuyasha in person. He’d do it through her!
Gohan shut his eyes as well as they both floated off the ground.

“Relax your muscles and your mind.”

Once he feels her grow less tense. He puts his forehead to hers.

“Let me in Kagome…” He says softly.

Gohan had never attempted something like this. He was determined though.

Kagome went limp in his hold. He began to search. All of Gohan’s focus went to her.

What are you doing here?! Gohan froze to the demanding voice.

I can sense you, you know! LEAVE!

You must be Inuyasha.

And what’s it to you?!

A very big problem


My name is Gohan. Kagome is my mate. So you see, very big problem.

(Laughs) Mate? Do not fool yourself. Kagome Higurashi belongs to me.

That’s where you’re wrong.

Stand in my way and you will meet your demise.

You will leave her be and quit tormenting her! If you do not you will see the true wrath that lies within me! The only one that will be meeting their demise is YOU INUYASHA! You’ve done enough! I will NOT allow this to continue. YOU WILL LEAVE KAGOME BE! YOU WILL STOP THIS WHATEVER IT IS YOU’RE DOING TO HER! LET HER BE AT PEACE! YOU OWE HER THIS MUCH!





Kagome sucks back a breath as she felt a charge bolt through her entire body.

Kagome Higurashi is my true mate and you will leave at once! You are not WELCOME INUYASHA! GET OUT!

Kagome shrieks out and Gohan’s eyes fly open.

“KAGOME!” Gohan chased after her as she was being suctioned back.

“NO!” Gohan fires off like a rocket trying to gather her.



Gohan appears behind her and catches her. He grits his teeth as he holds her and continues to fight the pull Inuyasha had on her. Kagome screams out on top of her lungs. Gohan holds her and doesn’t budge. The screaming finally stops and so does the pull. Gohan recoiled however as he could feel Inuyasha passing right through him. He’d never felt so much darkness, hatred, and rage.

Gohan cradled Kagome close to his chest.

“Gohan…” She uttered weakly.

“I got you Kagome…”

He heads back and gathers their things. Gohan rushes them back home as Kagome had passed out in his arms. They get there a little past dark. Goku and Bulma shot up in alarm as they entered the door.

“You two sure returned earlier than expected.”

Goku narrowed his eyes noticing the tears in his son’s eyes.

Gohan said nothing. He went and laid Kagome down on her bed. Goku and Bulma look to one another concerned.

Goku quietly entered Kagome’s room. Gohan had a chair pulled up next to her bed. He held Kagome’s hand and literally wept. Goku put a hand upon his shoulder.

“She’s going to end up like Kiyoye… isn’t she?”

Goku sighs and shakes his head.

“I take it you finished reading the journal.”

Gohan nods.

“I finished it last night while Kagome slept.”

“Gohan son why do you think I wanted you to read it?”

Gohan shrugs and wipes his eyes.

“To prevent the very mistake Genji had made.”

“And what were those mistakes Gohan?”

“Assuming that the one possessing Kiyoye was to be taken lightly.” Gohan sighs.

“Genji truly believed he could defeat anyone that came his way. He was arrogant and foolish! Because of his arrogance the demon ended Kiyoye’s life!”

Goku nods.

“Genji stood alone at the end. Not only did he fail to protect Kiyoye. He failed to protect her followers, her family, his own little brother, and he failed to kill off the demon.”
“There comes a time where must learn to be humble and accept humility when it comes our way. If we can learn to do this son, we can achieve anything we put our minds to.”

“I can’t lose her dad.”

Goku pats his son on the back.

“Then don’t…”

“You didn’t sense what I sensed! He’s not going to let her go! I could feel it! IT was so strong!”

“And if there’s anyone that can stand against him. It’s you. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you can do this.”

“I just don’t get it dad. How can someone be filled with so much darkness?”

“You know how many times I’ve asked myself that very question? When it comes to Vegeta especially… Look at little Trunks and Bulma? I mean how could you walk out on those two? How can you look into their eyes and just call it quits.”

“Like mom…”

Goku winced at this but nodded.

“There are a lot of things your mother and I should have done differently. I’m just as much to blame Gohan. We just never quite saw eye to eye especially when it came to you. It never was your fault. I don’t ever want you thinking that it was. Mistakes they happen for a reason Gohan. We’re meant to learn from them. If given another chance, I’m sure Genji would learn from his as well.”

At this Goku exits the room.

While Kagome slept Gohan paced the area of her room. He went and quietly collected Shippo while he slept. He carried him into Kagome’s room. Gohan lay him next to Kagome. Inuyasha’s words chorused through Gohan’s mind. He grew furious with himself realizing he was doing the very thing he told Kagome not to do. Gohan took in a deep breath and shut his eyes for a moment.
“Not this time Inuyasha…”

Gohan woke the next morning to see Shippo had crawled into his lap. Gohan yawned and stretched his arms out. He then smiled and petted the top of Shippo’s head.

Gohan looked towards the bed and quickly grabbed Shippo and shot up.

“Gohan?!” Shippo called out alarmed.

Gohan rushed out of the room.


He froze once he looked towards the kitchen. Krillin was stuffing his face full of pancakes and bacon. Kagome smiled towards Gohan and Shippo with a spatula in her hand.


Goku came barreling down the stairs.

“Do I smell breakfast?!”

Kagome giggled at Goku as he hurriedly sat at the table and licked his lips.

“Are you alright Gohan?”

He nodded and swallowed back.

“What’s with you Gohan?” Shippo asked as he climbed up to his shoulder.

“Um nothing…”

They too joined Krillin and Goku. Kagome didn’t complain but couldn’t believe how much Goku ate. Gohan ate nearly as much but Goku was a bottomless pit. He rubbed his tummy once he was done.

“Gee thanks Kagome. You sure can cook!”

She smiled.

“No problem. It’s the least I could do.”

Goku looked to the time.

“Eh. I better meet Bulma and Trunks into town. We’re supposed to be picking out wedding décor…” He says with a frown.

“Thanks again for the meal!” He calls out and waves at Kagome as he heads out.

She softly laughs and waves in return. Gohan gathered his and Shippo’s dishes once they were finished.

“It sure was good Kagome.” Krillin said as he too gathered his dishes.

“I’m glad you all enjoyed.”

Kagome started the dishes and Gohan wrapped his arms around her waist. Kagome shut her eyes for a moment. The realization hit and she covered her mouth in shock.

“I can feel you!”

She swiftly turned and he looked to her in wonder.

“He was blocking me! This entire time I felt something off and on but couldn’t quite tell what it was. It was you! He was trying to keep me from sensing you.”

Gohan nodded but said nothing. Instead he began kissing her. Krillin blushed and turned away. Shippo smiled and wagged his tail. Krillin’s eyes widen as Gohan had his hands on Kagome’s ass. He quickly grabbed Shippo.

“Um how about we go for a swim!”

Once Gohan heard the front door open and close, he lifted Kagome onto the kitchen counter. They feverishly kissed one another not able to pull away.

They heard the door however open and a familiar voice that Gohan thought he’d never hear again chimed throughout the house.

“Gohan? Is that you?!”
Kagome and Gohan froze and turned towards the voice.


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