Chapter 1 With Deepest Affections

Chapter 1

Sometime in November:                                                 

                 Bella let out a grunt as she was slammed up against the wall. Her arm was forced into a snapping position. “Are you ready to give in now?” The young woman stomped on his foot then flung her head back. She pivoted back around and with her hands around his throat she drove him into the glass table. The vampire raised his brows and went on to dust the glass off him. “Are you?” He chuckled in response and offered Bella a hand. Just as she went to pull him up he kicked her feet out from under her. “Dammit, Elijah!” She scolded as he pinned her down. “You can try all you want but you’ll never defeat me, Isabella my sweet.” He said with his lips brushing against hers. “Is that so…” He nodded but got a tighter hold as she was in attempts to reverse the pin. He made a tsking like sound with his tongue and kissed her. “Isabella…” He scolded as she had her legs wrapped around him but in a death grip. She giggled and he ran his teeth along her bottom lip. “Play nice…” He uttered. “Nice? That sounds awfully boring.”

“Papalijah says you should always play nice…” They looked over to see Noel peeking into the room.

“Noel!” Bella called and Elijah promptly sprang to his feet.

“Mama’, what were you doing?”

Yes… What were you doing?” Klaus peered in behind him.

“I thought you were watching him…” Bella scolded and Niklaus smiled.

“Oh I was. The little chap heard the ruckus and wanted to know what his mother and father were doing. Who am I to get in the way of his curiosity? He’s a growing boy after all.”

“Niklaus…” Elijah muttered whilst shaking his head.

“Are we interrupting something?” He further taunted and Elijah sighed.

Bella picked Noel up and pecked him on the cheek.

“We were play fighting…”

“Play fighting?” Noel questioned with confusion.

“For practice.”

“Is that so…?” Klaus questioned with a smirk.

“But Papalijah says fighting isn’t nice…”

“He makes a very fine point.” Klaus declared.

“And I stand by that… However there are times we must fight and it’s during those times I want your mother prepared, just in case. One day you will have to learn as well.”

“But why do you kiss her after?”

“Yes why do you?” Klaus added as Elijah and Bella were shooting him daggers.

“For distraction purposes… If I wanted I could’ve taken your mother out at that very instant.”

“He means out to dinner…” Bella was quick to add.

“Do I?” Elijah teased with a wink.

“Oh I’m sure he’d be eating something alright.”

“NIKLAUS!” Bella and Elijah chorused.

Noel tugged at his mother’s blouse.

“Mama’, I’m hungry.”

Klaus went to smart off again and Bella slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Then I suppose we better get you something to eat.”

Noel smiled as they headed out of the room.

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” Elijah uttered as he was cleaning up the mess.

“Come now… All children walk in on their parents at one point or another.”

“Yes well… I thought I made it perfectly clear that Isabella needed a break.”

“Hmmm, do allow me to read between the lines now, dear brother. By ‘Isabella’ you mean you. As in you want some one on one time with that lovely wife of yours.”

Elijah shook his head on this and dumped the glass he’d swept up into a trash bag.

“Just say it…”

“And what would that be exactly?”

“Tell me what you really want and I’ll take the little imp into town and we’ll get us some ice cream and hit the park afterward.”

Elijah narrowed his eyes on this.

“You can’t even say it, can you?! Poor girl must be dreadfully bored and you haven’t even hit that one year mark yet!”


“Just saaay it…”

Elijah shoved the bag of glass into his brother’s arms.

“Very well… Niklaus, I would like to fuck my wife if that’s okay with you.”

Klaus had a smile going ear to ear.

“Would you now?”

Elijah nodded.

“Well now let me think on this. I mean she is my technically my sister after all.”

Elijah rolled his eyes and Klaus had that devilish grin going.

“I’ll see what I can do…”

Bella handed Noel his sippy cup and placed him into his booster seat.

“What would you like, Noel?”

He didn’t answer as he was going to town on that sippy cup. He had twin tracks of blood running down his face as he did this. Bella grabbed a napkin and wiped him clean.

“More, please!”

Bella reared back as he’d drained the sippy cup dry.

“Ummm… okay.” She murmured and went and grabbed him another already prepared cup.

She observed with slight apprehension as he drained it halfway then let out a little burp.

“Excuse you.”

“Cuse me…” He said with a grin then went back to it.

He kicked his feet about and once he finished he handed it over.

“Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Would you like something else?”

“Spa… Spaghe…” He frowned when he couldn’t get the word out.


“Yes please. I want lots of spagetiii.”

Bella smiled on this.

“Well then. I shall see to it.”

“Does Papalijah want spagetiii too?” Noel asked as he entered the room.

Elijah smiled and kissed the top of his head.

“That sounds delightful!”

“Mama’, make LOTS more cause Papalijah is hungry like me!”

“Will do!”

“Can I has some juice too?”

“You can ‘have’ some juice.” Elijah corrected with a warm smile.

“Oh yes have.” Noel said with a nod.

Elijah gathered the boy some juice then sat beside him. It wasn’t long before Bella got supper prepared and set it on the table.

“What do we say?” Elijah reminded before allowing Noel to take a bite of his food.

“Thank you, mama’.”

Elijah nodded and let him take that bite afterward.

“You’re welcome.” Bella replied while joining them at the table.

“Don’t get too full… We’ll be going out for ice cream soon enough!”

“ICE CREAM!” Noel squealed and Bella sighed.

“And there goes his supper… Thanks, Nik.”

“Ah now don’t mention it, darling!”

“Mama’, can I go now?”

“Not until you finish your plate.”

“But Uncnik has ice cream!”

“And you can have some after your supper.”

Noel frowned and stuffed a mouthful of spaghetti into his mouth.

“I no want spaghetti now.”

“Don’t really blame you on that one.”

Elijah cut his brother a warning glance and Niklaus sighed.

“Look, if you finish your plate I’ll get you two scoops instead of one. How does that sound?”

Noel smiled and went back to stuffing his mouth.

“You’re welcome.” Niklaus uttered towards Bella.

When Noel wasn’t looking she flipped him off.

“Now what did I say about flirting around my dear brother?”

Bella ignored this and sipped at her wine.

Once Noel finished his food, Klaus took it upon himself to get him cleaned up.

“Alright give mama’ and papalijah kisses.” He said after getting him out of his booster seat.

He walked on over and gave his mother and father hugs and kisses.

“Love you!” He said as Klaus took him by the hand.

Klaus teasingly kissed Bella and Elijah on the cheek.

“Love you! Don’t wait up. We’ll be hitting a couple pubs on the way home!” He called as they exited the room.

Bella shook her head and laughed.

Elijah and Bella pushed their plates of spaghetti aside and shared the same ‘look’ as they drank their wine in silence. Bella finished hers then downed another glass, before she went to clear off the table. Elijah stopped her by gently grabbing her wrist and pulling her into his lap. And though he couldn’t wait to see his son, he literally ached for his Isabella. The two had become the passing jest amongst the Mikaelsons. It was more or less known that the two fucked like rabbits, when given the chance. So much so that Niklaus made the passing remark that it was probably a good thing she couldn’t bear any more children. Two months was the longest they’d ever gone. Elijah would’ve brought his wife and son along if it wasn’t for the potential danger. He knew his wife could hold her own. But he didn’t like the idea of his son being around witches or other vampires, for that matter. Though he didn’t see any real danger in Noel being around the Salvatores’ or the witch known as Bennet, it wasn’t a chance he was willing to take. As of now they hadn’t a clue Noel or Bella even existed. Damon (the oldest Salvatore) however did question Elijah about his wedding ring. But Elijah had his ways of changing the subject and that’s just what he did.

“Did you miss me?” He said in that seductive pitch of his.

Bella chewed on that bottom lip and nodded. A human trait that stuck with her, something Elijah rather adored. He tilted his head then brushed her hair back. He closed his eyes as he breathed her in. This had his throat and ‘other’ areas aching in response.

“Perhaps if you were to get on your knees and show me how much…?” He hinted whilst leaning into her ear.

That alone had her aroused and to the point where he could smell it. She crawled on out of his lap and with one swift motion she ripped his slacks open. He leaned back as she worked her magic. Elijah grabbed a fistful of her hair and gritted his teeth as he bucked off the seat.

“That’s it…” He murmured as she got even more into it.

She had her hand running up along his chest as she continued. She’d a habit of doing that during and it always drove him mad.

“Isabella…” He called in warning.

Bella took the hint and looked him in the eyes while she had him cumming, right in her mouth.

He shook his head as she teasingly had it running down the side of her mouth. She licked herself clean and within the matter of seconds Elijah had her up against the wall. He tore through her dress and lifted her up off the ground. With her legs wrapped around him he fucked her into oblivion.

“Better?” Bella teased as they were lying in bed now.

“Much…” He said with a nod and kissed along her wrist.

She let out bit of a gasp as his fangs pierced into her flesh.

“Hmmm…” He hummed as he drank from her.

He looked up seeing that same hunger in her eyes. He brought her against him encouragingly. Elijah let out a touch of a moan as her fangs pierced through his neck. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed these little moments. Just the mere exchange in blood had him riled up all over again.

“My sweet Isabella…” He whispered whilst running a hand along her thigh.

“How did everything go while I was away?”

He wiped a drop of blood off her lip and went on to caress her cheek.

“Well as you saw already Noel hit another ‘growth spurt’.”

“That I did…” He said with a nod.

“This keeps up and he’ll be a toddler by his first birthday. He already has the vocabulary of a kindergartner, thanks to you!”

“Ah now… He’s a Mikaelson.” He said as if that explained everything.

“Yes well I would like for him to act like a child for as long as possible.”

Elijah took notice of that worrisome look in her eyes again. He couldn’t deny that he too had his concerns when it came to their son.

“I’ve been keeping a journal on Noel’s progress. Niklaus had similar instances as a child as well but not to this degree, at least not in growth. All we can do is keep an eye out. You’ve to remember how your pregnancy went. As painful as it might be, I do believe his progress to be normal, considering.”

“So you’re saying that every year he’ll age at least three?”

“That’s a possibility.”

“So buy the age of two he’ll be six?!”

Elijah sighed as she sat up on this. Bella reached for her robe and stepped out of the bed.

“So what does this mean for when he hits his adult years? We don’t age, Elijah!”

“I haven’t the answer for that at the moment. But you must know that I’m doing whatever I can to help.”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose and gathered this guilt-ridden expression.

“I know you are. I’m sorry. I just…”

Elijah made his way over and cupped her chin.

“I understand, more than you realize. I will figure this out. I give you my word.”

Bella nodded and hugged him.

“I missed you. So did Noel.”

“I missed you both, greatly.” He said and kissed her forehead.

“Did everything go okay?”

“About as expected…” He said with a shrug.

“Rebekah stayed behind to keep an eye on things.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Not particularly. But when it comes to Mystic Falls you can never be too safe. The town itself seems to draw in trouble, always has. So from time to time we have to go and help clean things up a bit.”

“Oh! Marcel came by while you were away.”


Bella couldn’t help but to smile.

“He was looking for a certain pretty blonde sister.”

“I imagine he was. Did he bring Davina by as well?” Elijah taunted.

“I think you’d know when you drove up and found her head on a pike.”

“We’re originals, Isabella. Not the count.”

“Won’t stop me any. She knows to steer clear. Oh and Kol came by the other day. He took me to dinner, got caught up and was pretty much out the door the next day.”

“He tends to do that.”

“What does he do? You know… when he disappears like that?”

“I haven’t the faintest. Kol’s always done things his way and comes and goes as he pleases. At least he checked in so we know he’s doing alright.”

“He got Noel a couple presents.”


“A sucker and stuffed dragon.”

“Hm. Well it’s a shame he’s missing out on the milestones of his nephew’s childhood.”

Bella nodded in agreement.

“I suppose we better shower and make ourselves somewhat presentable. Niklaus is sure to be on his way back.”

“For you, mama’.” Noel said while handing her a dozen roses.

Bella looked to Klaus in shock. He shook his head and pointed to Noel.

“All him… He threw the biggest fit and demanded that we get you roses just like papalijah does.” Klaus nodded upon Elijah.

“You owe me…”

Elijah chuckled but had this look of pride about him. Noel kissed his mother’s cheek.

“Thank you, Noel! They’re beautiful.”

“I know mama’. That’s why I pick them out!”

Noel crawled into Elijah’s lap and pointed to his favorite book. Elijah nodded and grabbed it off the end table. Bella breathed the roses in then went on to the kitchen to find a vase. Klaus followed as Elijah read to Noel.

“By the way…” He handed Bella an envelope.

“This came for you.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as she set the flowers down and looked to the envelope. It had no return address and it was labeled Mrs. Isabella Marie ‘Cullen’. Bella sneered at this. She went to open the envelope and saw that it was sealed shut with the Volturi crest.

“You’re fucking shitting me, right?”

Klaus cocked a brow on this.

“Of all the fucked up things you could come up with… You think this is funny?”

Bella shoved the envelope against his chest.

“Piss off!”

Klaus reared back and took it upon himself to open the letter.

Dearest Isabella,                               

                                It’s been quite sometime since our last visit. I believe we are due for another. Rumor has it you’ve been a very naughty girl. I will be looking forward to our next visit. No need to come to me. WE will come to you. 

                With deepest affections, 


“Fraid I can’t take credit for this one, love.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as he had that serious mien about him.

“Aro… Wasn’t that the name of one of those ridiculous vampire kings you mentioned?”

She nodded and took the letter from his hold.

“Did someone hand you this or was it in the mail?” She questioned after reading it.


It hadn’t a postage stamp indicating that it was ‘personally’ handled. Bella nodded and dashed on out of the kitchen. She grabbed her jacket and purse. “And where are you off to?” Klaus questioned and her husband looked on with curiosity as well.

Bella didn’t answer and darted on out the door.

“What was that about?” Elijah queried.

“I need to speak with Marcel.”

The vampire narrowed her eyes while blocking the way. Bella sighed with utter frustration.

“Must we always do this?” Bella said while shoving the vampire out of her way.

She stepped into the courtyard.

“MARCEL!” She hollered gathering the other vampires’ attention.

She rolled her eyes as they stared her down. She’d been married to Elijah for nearly a year, still there was no respect. Marcel stepped out from the balcony and nodded upon her.

“Well, what brings you to the French Quarter, Mrs. Mikaelson?”

“We need to talk, in private.”

He nodded and waved the others off. Marcel leaped on down and gestured for her to have a seat at one of the benches.

“You’d think they’d learn by now…” Bella hinted as to his army and how they acted around her.

Marcel chuckled on this.

“If you had shown up with Elijah…”

“Whether my husband is here or not I’m still a Mikaelson and they’d do good to remember that.”

“Hmm… Yes but only by marriage.”

“Watch that tongue… You speak of things you know nothing about.”

Marcel waved his hands about the area.

“And you’d do well to remember who it is you’re speaking to. I am king after all.”

Bella cocked a brow on this as she knew that to be Klaus’s doing. Marcel took notice and sighed.

“Perhaps you should get to the reason why you’re here in the first place.”

“When you came by the house the other day you mentioned something about a couple of ‘rogue’ vampires making their way throughout the city? You had your men keeping an eye on them?”

Marcel gave a simple nod.

“You wouldn’t be able to describe these vampires, now would you? Or better yet… give me their names?”

“I’m afraid not. From my understanding they were in and out, caused no trouble whatsoever.”

“But isn’t it YOUR job to know?”

Marcel raised his brows on this.

“You wouldn’t be telling me how to do my job, now would you?”

“Just seems like something you’d want to know, considering you are KING and all.”

“If they stay out of our way we tend to stay out of theirs. No need to cause drama when it isn’t needed.”

Bella gritted her teeth on this.

“You haven’t a clue what you and your men have done!”

Marcel let out a grunt as she suddenly him pinned up against the wall. Her eyes looked as though Death himself.


Marcel reversed the pin with his hand around her throat.

“I haven’t a clue what this is about but don’t you come into MY territory and disrespect me or my authority. I don’t care WHO you are!”

“I beg to differ…” Marcel grimaced on the all too familiar voice.

“Shall I give my brother a ring and let him know that you’re manhandling his beautiful wife?”

Marcel dropped his hold and Kol gradually made his way over. He nodded upon Bella.

“You alright, poppet?”

She nodded while rubbing at her throat. Kol cupped her chin and went on to check her over.

“Hm. Yes now… I STRONGLY advice that you give the young lady whatever information she so desires.”

“That’s just it… I don’t have anything!”

“Liar, liar…” Kol uttered in a tsking manner.

“She’s right you know. It isn’t like you to let a couple of vampires stroll on through the city, without finding out their reasoning. So why are you lying, Marcel?”

Marcel had this nervous twinge about him. Kol sighed whilst holding Bella back.

“I suggest you explain yourself and quick. Elijah’s sure to be on his way. Unless you’d rather deal with him…”

Marcel sneered back on this and Kol laughed.

“That’s about what I figured. So get to talking.”

Marcel shook his head on this and Kol got right in his face.

“Very well have it your way…”

Kol went on to compel Marcel and gathered whatever information he needed. It wasn’t until he finished that he realized Marcel’s army had Bella surrounded and on her knees.

“Now that would be a very BIG mistake.”

Bella sighed as if merely annoyed.

“They’re really starting to piss me off…” She muttered and Kol smiled.

“Shall we teach them a bit of a lesson?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Kol gave a simple wave and Bella took two of the vampire’s heads and smashed them together. She sprang to her feet and she and Kol stood back to back while dealing with Marcel and his army of vampires.

“YOU RATTED MY SON OUT TO THE VOLTURI? AND ALL BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN SOME STUPID WITCH CHILD’S BULLSHIT?!” Bella roared whilst holding one of the hearts to Marcel’s men.

“My child is no threat. Me however…” She shoved the heart in Marcel’s face.

“That’s a different story. You haven’t any idea the lengths I will go to in order to keep him safe. Congratulations Marcel, you got yourself an enemy. Stay away from me. Stay away from my son or so help me god THIS will be YOURS next time. Not Nik or Bekah can convince me otherwise.”

She squeezed the heart until it was no more and Marcel flinched as blood squirted him right in the face.

“King…” She scoffed.

“What sort of king let’s a child lead him around like a little bitch!”

Bella and Kol snapped their heads a certain direction as they heard the familiar clearing of a throat. He adjusted his cufflinks and made his way over. He nodded upon his wife.

“Seems I’ve missed the show.”

“Indeed.” Kol agreed.

“Elijah, I…” Bella started to explain and Elijah stopped her.

“Not to worry. I’ve heard more than enough.” Elijah looked to Marcel and shook his head in a scolding manner.

“Marcellus… You never seem to learn. You’re to step down, at once. From here on Niklaus will take over the French Quarter. If you dare to argue with me on this manner, I will banish you from the city. The only reason I allow you to live is for my sister’s sake. However she might have a change of heart once she catches wind of this.”

“Where is Davina?” Bella questioned.

“That’s a very good question.” Elijah voiced.

“I’m not sure at the moment.”

“You wouldn’t be lying to me, now would you?”

“Compel me if you so feel the need…”

Elijah tilted his head and looked to be in thought.

“I wish to speak with Davina, the moment she arrives.”

“Consider it done.”

“Very well.”

Elijah said as he handed his wife one of his kerchiefs.

She wiped the blood off her hands then tucked the kerchief into Marcel’s pocket. She looked to what was left of his army. She walked on over to the vampire always giving her hell. She pointed to one of the bodies.

“Friend of yours?”

The vampire nodded looking distraught.

“My apologies but maybe now you’ll take me more seriously…” She said with a playful slap across the cheek.

She pointed to Marcel directly after.

“This…” She waved her hands about the courtyard.

“Was all on you… It could’ve been prevented. But you chose NOT to take me seriously. I suggest you not make that mistake again.”

Elijah nodded in agreement and Kol chuckled amongst himself. The look on Marcel’s face when Bella went ape shit was priceless.

“To disrespect my wife or son is to disrespect me. Do I make myself clear?”

They nodded in understanding.

“Good. Then I shall not worry about future encounters.”

“He what?!” Klaus spat once Elijah revealed the truth behind what Marcel had done.

“Yes well… It seems as if Davina has somehow convinced him that Noel possess a threat.”

“You mean to say that she goes from killing the mother in order to protect the child itself; to wanting to ride of the child, altogether?”

“It would seem so, yes.”

Klaus’s eyes went black and his hands balled up into fists.

“Of course the way Marcel described it was that this particular group of vampires wish to keep an eye on Noel and see if he does indeed pose a threat.”

“They are aware that we are the law and not them?”

“Come now, brother… You remember how easily they had Isabella convinced. What’s to say they haven’t convinced themselves? They’ve been doing this for years.”

“So you’re saying they pretty much believe in their own hype?”

“I should think so. Yes.”

Klaus had a good laugh at this but nodded Kol’s direction.

“And you just happened to be there when Marcel turned on Bella?”

Kol gave a mere shrug and looked to be bored.

“Why?” Klaus inquired.

“I’m rather curious myself.” Elijah admitted.

“Well if you must know I just happened to of been around when these ‘rogue’ vampires came to town. I’d taken my lovely sister-in-law to dinner before spotting them. Being the curious fella I am, I decided to follow them. Low and behold… I caught them meeting with Marcel and Davina in the graveyard. I tried getting close enough to listen in but Davina had some sort of spell going preventing otherwise.”

“I suppose the real question is if this is all Davina herself or is it that charming new coven she’s been spotted with?” Klaus added.

Elijah however hadn’t taken his eyes off Kol.

“What?” Kol asked taking notice.

“You kept an eye on things while we were away?”

Klaus raised his brows as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him.

“Well someone had to.” He muttered as if to say ‘duh’.

“Thank you.” Elijah said whole heartedly.

“Yes well don’t go expecting it to be the constant. I have a life you know.”

“Do you now?” Elijah challenged with a smirk.

“Is papalijah going to read to me tonight?”

Bella got her son tucked in and lay beside him.

“I think papalijah’s busy. But I know he’ll be up to hug you goodnight just as soon as he can.”

Noel frowned on this.

“None of that now. You know he would if he could.”

The boy nodded and Bella brushed his hair back.

“Is papalijah going away again?”

“No, baby. He’ll be around for a while.”

“I no like it when he leaves.”

Bella smiled on this and kissed his forehead.

“Neither do I. But remember whether he’s here, or not, he’s always with us.”


Bella pointed to her head then her heart.

“Your mother’s right…”

Bella lifted her eyes to see Elijah peering into the room. Noel smiled and reached out to him. Elijah walked on over and hugged him then joined the two of them. “I’m always with you, Noel. Everything I do is with you and your mother in mind. So no matter how far away I am… You’re always with me and I’m always right here.” He said with a finger against Noel’s heart.



Elijah grabbed one of Noel’s books and began reading. During which he wrapped his arm around Noel and took Bella’s hand into his own. Before long, Noel was sawing logs, Elijah kissed his forehead then put the book away. He observed as Bella exited the room. Elijah cut off the lamp and pulled the door to on the way out.

“You can’t be serious.”

“And what do you expect me to do? Wait around like some frightful kitten?”

“Well when you put it that way…”

“Jokes? At a time like this?”

“Come now… where’s your sense of humor?”


Elijah grimaced as he overheard this. He narrowed his eyes however as Klaus put his drink away and came to his feet. He sat beside Bella on the couch.

“I will deal with Marcel and Davina.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“I’ve my ways, love.”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“We talked about this. The possibilities… once word got out.”

“That we did.” Klaus replied with a nod.

“He’s not even a year old. Yet I’m watching his life flash before my very eyes. And I’m not just talking about this ordeal with the Volturi. No. I’m talking about how I went from changing his diapers just a few months ago to teaching him what it means to be a vampire. I mean I saw it coming. I thought I was prepared for this but…”

Bella’s bottom lip quivered and Klaus was quick to pull her into his arms.

He waved his brother over. Elijah headed that way and Klaus had him take over in consoling Bella.

“I shall return…” Klaus said with purpose.

“Niklaus…” Elijah uttered knowing that look at too well.

Marcel shook his head as Klaus welcomed himself inside. Before he even had the chance to utter a single word, Klaus had his hand driven into his chest. His eyes locked with Marcel’s as he had that hand clenched around his heart.

“Just what game do you think you’re playing here, mate? Have you lost your game? Is that it? Have you stooped so low that you feel the need to target an innocent child? You’re lucky she didn’t KILL YOU! You haven’t a clue, Marcellus. Have I not warned you about Bella’s wrath? She carries the Mikaelson temper and when I say that I don’t mean my older brother. No… Elijah’s what keeps her grounded. He taught her everything he knows. However… it’s MY bite she carries. I’d watch your back and your pet witch best watch hers.”

Klaus released his heart and removed his hand. Marcel choked back and hunched over with a hand over his heart.

“We go way back… And you of all people should know better. Anyone and I do mean anyone touches a single hair on that child and I will rip them apart, limb from limb, and eat them for breakfast. Threaten my brother’s wife again and I’ll have your fangs removed, permanently. As for Davina… I’ll be paying her a visit shortly. But for now you and I have business to settle…”

“You need to feed.” Elijah whispered as his wife was half out of it.

He went to sit her up only to have her get a tighter hold on him.

“Elijah… please just…”

Elijah swallowed back and pulled her into his lap. He placed a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her.

“No harm will come to our son. Do you understand me?”

Bella nodded and he cupped her chin.

“As to everything else… I am doing whatever I can. We will not lose him. I’d meet true death before I let that happen.”

“I can’t lose either of you…” Bella made clear and Elijah nodded.

“You won’t, rest assure. We’ve faced much worse and yet here we are. And we’ll continue, as always. We’re Mikaelsons and the sooner you get that through your head… The better off you’ll be. Take pride in that, my lady. After all you’ve only learned from the best.” Elijah said with a touch of ego.

“And he’s quite humble.”

“Certainly so, it’s part of his charm after all.” He said with a wink.

“By the way… Did my eyes deceive me or did you finally lose your heart ripping cherry?”

Bella’s jaw dropped and Elijah chuckled.

“What am I going to do with you, Isabella? You never cease to amaze me. I suppose a congratulatory dinner is in order.”

“That’s so fucked up…”

Elijah raised a brow on this.

“And what did I say about that mouth of yours…”

“Only in the bedroom? Or the shower? Or pool? The car? The library?”

Elijah nodded as she continued in naming their various places of fucking.

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter. I will be working on a chapter to The Highlander then back to this. Please be patient as I just got out of the ER with full blown pneumonia. So yes… I’m running behind and I might have trouble getting to my writing as fast as I’m still on the mend and it’s hard just to breathe. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! This story is intended to be a Christmas one. But it will be running late on ending it before then. Wasn’t planned but shit happens. ❤ )




30 thoughts on “Chapter 1 With Deepest Affections”

  1. love the chapter seriously great start…marcel really is an idiot. cannot wait to read what happens next. and i also hope u feel better. don’t push yourself to hard sis. don’t need ur health getting worse.

  2. I hope you get well soon. I did enjoy the chapter and can’t wait for the next update. I’m very curious to see how this story turns out.

  3. Take care of your health first! Stories can always be updated when you feel better. I do hope when you are well you do update this one with another chapter or two. I want to read more. I want to see what happens when Klaus finds Davina or forbid Elijah does.. Feel better and Happy holidays.

  4. Original mama Bella can kick some ass as well. She better start getting some respect from Marcel’s lackey’s. Oh well…they are dead now anyway. LOL I knew Marcel and Davina should have been offed sooner. grrrrr….. It should be easy to for them to kill Aro and his little group, right? Didn’t Kol call them the 3 fuckwits? mwahahaha

  5. Loved! I like badass Bella, she’s what a good mother is. I can’t wait to see where you take this story. I await the next chapter.

  6. Keep yourself healthy luv…you come first…great update, I love it and dying to read more when your ready…thanks, huggs.

    1. I think you mean “wither”… And with that attitude, I just might let it! I’ve dealt with you before. You see Andrew; you tend to change your name a lot. You get a wee bit stalkerish, rude, and downright demanding. You cannot force a writer to update if they aren’t feeling the story at the moment. I’ve expressed this MANY times before. Be thankful for what you get and wait and see if I get to it. You don’t want a bitchy response quit sending your dick ass comments. Thanks!

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