Chapter 3 Control

Chapter 3

I do not own Twilight, The Originals, or Vampire Diaries. Keep in mind this is AU. I always take things with MY own spin.

“But I no want you to go mama’!”

“Noel, it won’t be for very long.”

“Are you certain NOWS a good time?” Elijah hinted as to everything that was going on.

“Honestly, no. But it’s something that needs taken care of.”

“Does this have to do with your father?”

Bella cringed on the inside but went with it anyhow.

“In a way…”

Elijah narrowed his eyes on this.

“Noel, why don’t you head on to bed and pick out a book? I’ll be there shortly.”

Noel frowned on this.

“Your mother will kiss you goodnight before she leaves.”

“You won’t be gone too long, right mama’?”

“I won’t. Promise.”

“Okay, if you promise.” Noel said with a nod and headed into his room.

“Truth now… Isabella, are you making plans of dealing with this Volturi situation on your own?”

“Elijah, this hasn’t anything to do with them. I just have a few loose ends to tie up, ones I never got around to.”

She said this with the intention of hitting Forks on the way back. That way it wasn’t exactly a lie. And deep down… she knew she had to face those demons again, eventually.

“And you’re to see to this at once?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Then I suppose we haven’t much choice.” Elijah said but in a bitter tone.

“I’m sorry…”

“So am I.”

“For?” She questioned in misunderstanding.

“Making you feel as though you can’t be honest. I only hope you’re not getting yourself into trouble.”

And on this note he exited the room.

“This had better be good…” Bella hissed once she got off the plane and saw that Rebekah was already waiting.

Rebekah went to hug her and Bella blocked the attempt.

“Oh wow… You really are mad.”

“You haven’t the faintest. Elijah’s pissed and rightfully so.”

“Please tell me he doesn’t know…”

“You’re fine. Me? Not so much.”

“Let me guess he read right through you because you couldn’t make it through one little white lie.”

“I might be a Mikaelson but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe in everything you stand for; especially when it comes to betraying one of your own! You know how Elijah feels about lying. Now it seems as if I’ve joined the club. So yes… I’m not particularly happy with you right now. I have NEVER lied to my husband, Bekah and you know this. But rests assure he hasn’t a clue. So you can fucking stop looking at me like that. You’re safe… At least from him and the others. Me? Not so much. So you had better get to explaining and quick. You might be older and stronger but I’ll find a way to fuck you up, if need be.”

Rebekah smiled on this.

“Oh how I missed you.”

Bella rolled her eyes but managed to smile as well.

“I missed you too… even if you are a MAJOR pain in the ass.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Bekah pulled up to a manor.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

Bekah didn’t comment and went to exit the car. Bella stopped her by wrapping a hand around her arm.

“Just what are we getting ourselves into?”

“Just relax.”

“Relax? I can’t just enter anyone’s house…” Bella hinted and Bekah smiled.

“You’re good here…”

Bella reared back on how she said this. Bekah exited the car and gestured for Bella to follow.

“If Elijah files for divorce I’ll going to spend the rest of my days making yours hell.”

Bekah stopped in her tracks and pivoted back around.

“You honestly think my dear brother would enter a courthouse?”

Bella sighed and Bekah gave a mere nod as she entered the mansion. Bella followed but narrowed her eyes as she was able to enter, with no trouble. This had her stopping at the doorway.

“Bekah… Whose residence are we in?” She questioned with a touch of apprehension.

“Would you stop that?”

“Don’t even…” Bella hissed as she grabbed Bekah by the collar of her blouse and slammed her up against the wall.

“You called me, remember? And I don’t care to be left in the dark.”

“Hmmm… Now I don’t know who she is or why she’s in my house, but I like her!”

Bella snapped a look that direction and the man raised his drink to her.

“Damon Salvatore the older and sexier Salvatore brother.”

“That’s debatable… But I suppose introductions are in order. Bella Mikaelson – the smarter and pissed off newbie Mikaelson sister.”

“Touché…” The vampire remarked as Bella dropped her hold.

“Please make yourself at home, considering how you barged your way in anyhow.”

Damon narrowed his eyes and sipped at his drink.

“Bella Mikaelson…?” He uttered in question and Rebekah nodded but with a touch of pride.

“There is no Bella Mikaelson.”

“Funny… Since I’m standing RIGHT here!”

“I know ALL the Mikaelsons and you’re not one of them.”

“Yes well clearly you were misinformed. Look, I don’t mean to be rude but think we can move past the chit chat and get to the REAL reason I’m here in the first place? I got shit to take care off – Such as a pissy husband back home.”

Rebekah sighed on this.

“Aren’t you being just a tad dramatic?” She said whilst rubbing at her neck.

“If only you had a clue…” Bella hinted as to what they were dealing with back home.

This had Rebekah tilting her head in question.

“A family ordeal…” Bella implied.

“So… We need to deal with whatever you got going on here and get back home. Understood?”

“Since when do you pull the reins?” Bekah challenged.

“Since when do you beg?” Bella challenged in return and Damon raised his brows on this.

“Damon?” They heard as a young woman was making her way down the stairs.

She was in a t-shirt and panties, nothing else.

“Ho-ly shit…” Bella muttered under her breath and she watched as the woman pecked Damon on the lips.

“Elena Gilbert…” She practically hissed remembering how Bekah told her that she was nothing more than a modern day Katherine, only a more pathetic version.

Rebekah did her best to hide that grin of hers but failed. Bella’s lip curled in disgust.

“She truly is a spitting image.” Bella hinted as to her husband’s exes – Tatia and the latest Katerina.

“Doppleganger…” Bekah reminded and Bella had this irritated presence about her.

This had Damon and Elena looking to her in question.

“Yes well… I’m not so sure I like that.” Bella murmured and Bekah laughed.

Bella walked on over and looked Elena in the eyes.

“Get dressed. You have company.”

Elena’s pupils reacted to Bella’s compulsion and she gave a mere nod and did as requested. Damon went to smart off but her eyes locked with his next.

Don’t. You’re going to stay put and play nice.”

Rebekah covered her mouth in laughter as the vampire had this baffled look about him.

“Did you just…”

“She tried to tell you…” Rebekah warned.

“Compelling my girl… Not cool. Compelling me… now that’s a dangerous game, girlie.”

“Now Damon, who says I compelled you?” She said with a snide grin.

“Alright, spill it out…”

“Yes do tell… Tell her how you want to take the cure and make sweet babies with my little bro!”

Cure?” Bella questioned as Rebekah suddenly had Damon up against the fireplace and with her hand around his throat.

Damon responded by flinging Bekah across the room.

“Bloody hell!” Bekah called he was suddenly on the ground, his neck clearly snapped.

“I see my dear brother’s training has paid off. Poor sap didn’t see that one coming.”

This was followed by Elena’s horrific screaming. Bella rolled her eyes.

“On it.” Bekah said behind laughter.

“Might be for the best.” Bella said with a scowl.

“That was almost disappointing.” She muttered while moving Damon’s head about with her boot.

“All that hype and no game… Do you think he’s overcompensating?”

“Oh how I wish he was awake to hear that!”

Bella hunkered down. She put a knee up against his sternum, grabbed a fistful of his hair, and merely waited…

“Are you going to play nice?” She questioned once he came to.

“Nice isn’t particularly my strong suit. But I’ll give it a whirl.”

“That would be wise. Lay another hand on her and see where it gets you.”

Damon cranked his head Bekah’s direction.

“Okay. I gotta know. Which is the lucky brother?”

“Elijah.” Rebekah said with a beam.

“I thought I recognized those moves.” He said whilst making certain his heart was still intact.

“What are you doing?”

“Just looking for the hole in my shirt…”

Bella rose and offered the vampire a hand. Damon reluctantly accepted. Bella paced the area and looked to be in thought. After a couple minutes passed she stopped but was staring off into space.

“So let me get this straight. There’s a cure?”

They nodded.

“As in…”

“Vampirism?” Damon uttered with a shrug and as if he were guessing himself.

Bella had a good laugh at this. Bekah however didn’t seem to be in the humorous frame of mind.

“Okay.” Bella said and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“A cure for vampirism? I’m guessing it makes you human again?”

Bekah nodded.

“And you want to take this cure?”

She nodded once again.

“And you wish to do this with that one’s younger brother and live with you deem to be a normal life?”

The room was silent as a tomb and Bella gave a simple nod.

“Well I can see why you didn’t want the brothers involved. You didn’t want them catching wind of this and for once it hasn’t anything to do with the guy. It’s all about the cure, isn’t it?”

Bekah sighed and seated herself on the couch.

“So what did you call me here for? To give you my blessing? To be the messenger? Or to slap you silly? Because the third option is looking better and better…”


Bella held up a hand.

“Don’t. I mean honestly. Do you have ANY idea just how ludicrous this sounds? And whatever happened to Marcel? Weren’t you all about him? Because I remember when I defended the two of you to the brothers and yet here we are…”

“Marcel doesn’t want the things I do. He’s got his own life…” Bekah sadly uttered and Bella leaned against the frame of the living room, looking ill.

“Bekah, do you even hear yourself? Why are you doing this? I mean are you that willing to shack it up with that one’s left overs?” She said whilst pointing to Elena.

“Watch what you say.” Damon warned and Bella curled her lip at this.

“No. You watch it! I can’t believe the drivel I’m hearing. And you Rebekah, I expected more from. It wasn’t that long ago you were making plans to be with Marcel. Now you’ve gone and done a COMPLETE 180. So much so… that you’re willing to take some fucking cure? One I’ve never even heard of until now. And with Edward Cullen 2.0?!

“Who?” Damon questioned and Bella let out a hiss.

Those eyes of hers darkened and those veins spread about her face. Damon raised his hands on this.

“My bad… I’ll just keep quiet.” He muttered in full on sarcasm.

“Please do!” She barked in return.

She sighed however once she saw the look on Bekah’s face.

“Rebekah…” She said in a softer tone.

“I thought YOU of all people would understand. You have it all, Bella. So what’s wrong with me getting my happy ending?”

“Nothing. But if it’s the fairy tale you’re after… it doesn’t exist. They never have.”

“You think I don’t know that?!”

“Your eyes say differently and I’m afraid you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. How can you be so sure about this?”

Bekah closed her eyes on this and Bella sat beside her.

“Look at me… This cure. I really need you to think. Say it’s the real deal. You take it and give this guy EVERYTHING. Is he really worth it? Is he worth DYING for? Or… Are you merely settling, because you’re just that EAGER?!”

Bella motioned towards Elena and Damon.

“Is this the new norm you’re ready for? Think about. You do this and you’re pissing everything away, including that of your family. Now as much as I love your brother… I know he would NOT stand for this. He never will.”

“Why do you think I called you?”

Bella let out a miserable laugh. “Do you not see the position you’ve put me in?”

“They will never know of your involvement.” Bekah assured.

“But I would. And as much as I love you and I truly hope you realize that. I cannot on any good conscience agree to this. I think you’re getting in waaay over your head. You’ve been a vampire for so long, Bekah… Being human? That’s a whole different ball game.”

“And that’s why you’re here.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“It wasn’t that long ago for you. You can help us. Show us the way. Keep Stefan and myself in line.”


“Took the words right out of my mouth.” Damon piped in whilst handing her a glass of bourbon.

“I’m going to need more than that.”

Damon smiled on this.

“Well by all means…”

Bella looked over as Elena was just sitting there, under Bekah’s compulsion still. Bella drew back a breath on this and walked on over. She hunkered down to her level and brushed a strand of hair back.

“Does she live here?”

“No.” Bekah said with a broken mien.

Bella nodded and cupped the young woman’s chin.

“You’re to go home and forget I was ever here.”

Elena came to her feet and Damon sneered at this.

“I mean no disrespect. I realize this is YOUR home. But the less involved she is, the better. And no offense but I don’t particularly like her face. So the less I see of it, the better off we’ll all be.”

Damon shook his head but refilled that glass of hers.

“Thank you.” She said and stared off into space.

“So where is Stefan and this ‘supposed’ cure?”

“He should be here soon. He has it.”

Bella nodded and came to her feet.

“Look, you called me here for a reason. So if you’re serious about this, I strongly advice that you let me talk to this Stefan and see if he’s legit. Let me get the feel for all this nonsense, before you make any rash decisions.”

Bekah lifted her head and had this hopeful look about her.

“Bekah, the cure… That’s to be done on YOUR own terms. However, I will hear you and Stefan out and go from there. But you must know that I will NEVER agree to letting you go. You are my sister now and I will fight for you, always. I’m sorry if that’s a disappointment but I love you too damn much too ever agree to something like this. You’re a Mikaelson yet you’re so willing to turn your back to it all. Now I get it. Trust me. I do. With this cure you could finally have it all – that normalcy you so crave. But it’s only an illusion. This cure… It’s Death itself. You take it and I’ve the feeling you won’t get whatever it is you’re seeking. You’ve always wanted a big wedding, children, the works. The dream even. But what about LOVE? A REAL family, that would walk through the gates of hell and back for you. And Noel he thinks the world of you and it would sadden him to no end, losing you. You take this cure and it could become your funeral, rather than that dream.”

“A real family?” Bekah scoffed.

“Have you forgotten everything I’ve endured over the years?! Everything my brothers have put me through?!”

“That was a different time. They aren’t the same men and you know that.”

“How can you be so sure? Like you said… It’s because of you that Elijah and Klaus accepted the idea of me and Marcel.”

“And that was just a few months ago! And here…”

“I already told you! Marcel wants no part in this. He doesn’t want the cure. He wishes to remain king in New Orleans.”

“So he knows about the cure?”

Rebekah gave a simple nod.

“So you went to Marcel first. He was a no go so you broke it off and went in search of someone just as willing. This one’s baby brother… the bunny eater? That’s your idea of the perfect man? Someone who has ripped your heart out once before? That’s who you envision when it comes to potential husband and father figure?”

They turned towards the entrance as someone cleared their throat. Rebekah recoiled and Bella sort of laughed. “Well speak of the devil. Stefan I assume?”

He nodded and entered the room. Bella looked to Damon then back to Stefan.

“And what does big brother think…?”

Damon cocked a brow on this.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Bella smiled and circled the two of them. She tilted her head upon Damon and leaned into his ear.

“The handsomer you say?”

He nodded and Bella laughed.

“Now I’ve seen my share of brothers and I’m sorry to say but you do not share the same qualities as the Mikaelsons. But if I had my choice between the two of you…” She walked around then stood before them.

“I’d choose hell. You see Damon, it isn’t about your impeccable appearance. As we all know… looks can be quite deceiving, even more so in your case.”

Damon tilted his head on this and Bella nodded.

“Oh yes, I’ve heard the stories. You’re rather self-absorbed, aren’t you? I mean obviously. You hadn’t any issues in pursuing a woman that was attached to your little brother. Even with the knowledge that it would utterly destroy him in doing so. You managed to pry her right out from his arms and I bet you did it with that cocky grin of yours. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you felt a twinge of remorse but not enough to stop you from fucking her under this very roof. A roof in which the two of you share and I’m more than certain he’s spilled his seed within the same woman and under this very roof as well.” Bella had this disgusted look about her.

“I do hope Nik doesn’t have the same expectations.” She cruelly hinted and Bekah managed to laugh.

“It seems to be a thing with the lovely dopplegangers, doesn’t it? And you’re not the only men that’s succumbed to them. So what is it? What is it about these women that make men turn their backs to the very ones they love? The ones they once swore an oath to? The very ones you’d die for. And it ALWAYS ends the same. Like that of my brothers back home. This one…” She gestured towards Stefan. “Will continue to love you, no matter what you do to him. But that woman of yours… She’ll leave you just as crushed as she did him. They always do. You see my Elijah went through this very ordeal. Only he was quicker to catch on than most and saw it for what it was. He took care of business and put an end to it. But here you are… the two of you. And from my understanding the lovely Gilbert has been passed between the two of you more than a couple times, as she’s never one to make up her mind. Very indecisive that one… like a certain someone from the past. Ironic, don’t you think?”

Damon rolled his eyes on this and Bella smiled.

“Oh… Am I hitting a nerve or forcing you to remember a past in which the two of you have already lived and should’ve learned and yet here you are again. You must really get off to torment! THE BOTH OF YOU!”

“All things in which are NONE of your business.” Damon made clear.

Bella gave that demonic smile. The one she was known for when pushed past her limits. Rebekah took notice and swallowed back.

“Bella…” She said while coming to her feet.

Bella held up a hand but kept her eyes on Damon.

“Now that’s where you’re wrong. You see if my beloved sister over there takes that cure and marries your little brother that would make us family. You claim to know us Mikaelsons and if that’s true then you know all about us Mikaelsons and how WE do things. If Bekah gets hurt and he’s at fault, I will come for him. And no one, not even YOU can stop me. I will take your precious bunny eater and he will meet a fate far worse than that of my ex-husband and believe me it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Bella looked to Stefan then to the area of his crotch.

“Just how attached are you?”

“BELLA!” Bekah scolded and Bella drew back a breath.

“If I wanted Klaus I’d have sent for him instead!” Rebekah mocked.

Bella cranked her head that direction.

“THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE!” She snapped with tears in her eyes.


“BELLA!!!!” Rebekah shouted as she and Stefan disappeared.

Stefan let out a grunt as they appeared in the woods and he was sent rolling about the ground.

Bella shook her head as if doing her best to shake something off. She leaned against a nearby tree and stared Stefan down. He came to his feet but with caution as Bella had that hunger in her eyes. She was shaking all over and looked as though caged animal ready to be released.

“Bella…?” Stefan called with concern as he knew that look all too well.

He inched his way over and she held her hand out. He tilted his head in confusion.

“The cure… hand it over.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. And you look like you need help…”

“I’m fine. Just give me the fucking cure!”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that. Just let me help you. Something’s clearly wrong…”

“If you really want to help… You’ll let Rebekah down easy and rid of that stupid cure. Come on, Stefan. You don’t love her and know it. Bekah’s cursed when it comes to matters of the heart and men in general!”

“Cursed?” He said looking somewhat offended.

“Maybe not so much cursed but you have to admit… she’s got the WORST taste in men. Not a one of them is willing to give their all.”

“I am.” Stefan declared and Bella laughed.

“Sure you are!”

He nodded and Bella turned facing him.

“Tell me, Stefan. Do you love Rebekah Mikaelson?”


“Are you willing to die for her?”


“Dying… that’s the easy part. Are you willing to live for Rebekah Mikaelson?”

Stefan wouldn’t answer even through his compulsion.

“Answer the question. Are you willing to live for her and NO other woman?!”

“I…” He uttered looking lost.

Bella recoiled on this.

“That’s about what I thought. So who is she?”


“The other woman in your life. The one you can’t let go of?”


“Of course…” Bella muttered in mockery.

“Now give me the cure.”

He nodded and handed it over.

Bella recoiled on what she was about to do next. But she knew it was for the best. The newbie original cupped his chin.

“You’re going to admit to Rebekah that you still harbor feelings for Elena Gilbert. You’re to let her down easy. And no matter what you say, it had better be the truth. If she asks about the cure… You haven’t a clue where it went or what happened to it.” He nodded.

“Now go.”

Just as soon as he was out of sight, Bella came to her knees. With her arms clinched around her stomach she let out a painful groan. The hunger pains she was feeling back at the manor seemed to grow worse, by the minute. Bella felt this strange burning sensation and lifted the sleeve to her blouse. There was a perfect skull burned into the flesh of her arm. “Oh Davina, you’re getting such an ass beating!” She growled and took the box with the cure out from her pocket. She shook her head as she stared upon the tube. She was quick to snap it shut then stuffed it back into her jacket. Bella look a couple steps before letting out another painful growl. She retrieved her cellphone and made a call she never dreamed she’d make…

“Well… now to what do I owe the honors?”

Bella let out a hesitant sigh.

“Kol… I really need your help.”

“Again?” He taunted.

“Kol… please. You know I wouldn’t call unless…” Bella trailed off and gritted her teeth as the hunger pains were getting worse and she was picking up on nearby pulses and could literally feel the heat coming off them.

“…no…” She whimpered in fear.

“What is it, lovey?”

“I need you to find Davina. Do whatever it takes to stop this!”

“Stop what exactly?”

“I can’t control it!” She cried and this actually had Kol startled.


“THE HUNGER!” She growled.

“Bella darling… Where are you?”

“Please Kol, don’t let me hurt anyone!”

“Then you had better tell me where you are. I can’t help you otherwise.”

“JUST TELL ME HOW TO STOP IT!” She shouted in desperation.

“Either you tell me where you are… or I can wish you the best of luck.”

“Mystic Falls…” She groaned knowing she hadn’t a choice.

“I can’t… I…”

Kol grimaced as he heard the phone drop and the sound of horrific screams followed.

“Well that doesn’t sound good.” He uttered as the phone went dead.

Bella used her arm to shield her eyes from the sun. After a few minutes passed, she rolled over but with a sinking heart. Bella sprang to her feet and gazed upon the bodies surrounding her. She was covered in blood and law enforcement was making their way over. Bella was quick to vanish before they took notice of her. She managed to find her phone but it was done for as it had rained throughout the night; which also explained why her clothes and hair were soaking wet. She made her way throughout the woods with no clue on where to go or what to do next. This made the first… taking innocent lives. Bella was known for her self-control and had never experienced anything like this, as to her reason for turning to Kol. She remembered how he described his constant torment when that hunger hit. He had it worse in comparison to his siblings. For reasons they never understood. What he described… was the way she felt at this very moment. That hunger lingered and it caused her physical pain. All she could think about was the insatiable hunger. With no other choice… She found herself heading back to the manor.

“I must’ve missed one hell of a party!” Damon uttered as he opened the door.

Bella rolled her eyes and welcomed herself inside. Damon plucked a leaf from her hair and tilted his head.

“So why wasn’t I invited?”

“Bella?!” Stefan called as he was making his way down the stairs.

“Is Bekah here?”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“She went home…”

“She what?!”

He gave a mere nod but looked to her with concern. Bella staggered back and sort of laughed.

“Let me guess, you broke it off and she lost her shit?!”

“That about sums it up.”

“Well that’s just great! I come all this way to help her ass and she turns her back to me?!”

Damon and Stefan exchanged glances as her eyes went pitch black and those veins returned. Bella wrapped her hand around her wrist and leaned against the staircase. Stefan walked on over.

“May I?”

He lifted the sleeve to her shirt and looked to Damon in alarm.

“What is that?” Damon questioned.

“You wouldn’t happen to know any witches, now would you? Preferably someone that isn’t a cast iron bitch?”

“Maybe… Maybe not… What’s it to you?”

“Damon…” Stefan uttered in a scolding matter.

“She needs our help.”

“Not my problem. Good luck to ya!” He said with a wink and headed into the living room.

Stefan sighed.

“Look, there’s a shower upstairs. You’re welcome to it. I’ll get you some clothes. Won’t be anything extravagant like you’re used to…”

“Thank you, Stefan.” She said with a touch of guilt after the way she treated him.

But deep down she knew it had to be done and she was glad she did. It would’ve ended in heartache otherwise and despite her anger with Bekah at this very moment, she’d never wish that on her.

“Thank you, Stefan.” Damon mocked once he heard the shower going.

“Be nice…” Stefan uttered as he grabbed his cellphone.

“No. No… She comes into THIS house and has nerve to compel whoever she pleases?! Then acts as if she owns the place?”

“Gee, who does that sound like? Maybe we should check and see if she’s a long lost Salvatore while we’re at it!” Stefan scoffed in response and Damon shuddered in thought.

“Ah now, that certainly sounds like my lovely sister-in-law! But a Salvatore? Don’t be insulting! You only wish you were so lucky… So where is she?”

Damon scowled on this and Kol sent him a dashing grin.

“Where are my manners?! Forgive me… Hello young Salvatore and hello older Salvatore! How are you this fine morning?!”

“You’ve got to be kidding…” Damon muttered.

“I’m afraid not.”

Kol tilted his head as he heard the shower going.

“Hmmm. I suppose I’ll wait.” He said while taking his jacket off and making himself at home.

Damon shook his head upon his brother as Kol welcomed himself to the bar.

“Would either of you care for one?”

Kol narrowed his eyes as he picked up on something else and gestured towards the stairs.

“Do tell me there is no other company? And when I say company I mean of the human variety.”

Stefan snapped his brother a look and Damon looked towards the stairs.


Kol chuckled on this.

“I do suggest you get her out of the house and quickly.”

They heard the bathroom door open and Kol had this wide grin about him.

Oops… I’m afraid we’re too little too late.”

Stefan’s eyes widened on this and Kol merely observed as the Salvatores’ rushed on up to check on Elena. Kol finished his drink then gradually made his way up.

He nodded as the brothers were fussing over Elena’s body. The sheets were caked in blood and Kol nodded towards the window where Bella clearly escaped.

“Well this is going to be a very long day. I do hope you were feeding the young Gilbert… If not you have my condolences. Such a pretty thing… That would be a waste.” He said before leaping out the window.

“Rebekah?” Elijah called in surprise.

She nodded and went on to hug Noel as he was reaching for her. She smiled as she scooped him up and and kissed his forehead.

“I wasn’t expecting you. How are things back in West Virginia?”

“Dreadfully boring… So I figured it was time to come home.”

He nodded in response.

“Auntie Bek?”


“Mama’ isn’t home. She went to see forks.”

Elijah smiled on this.

“She’s visiting a town known as Forks…” Elijah corrected.

“Oh…” Noel said looking awfully confused.

“Are there forks there?”

“I’m more than certain…” Elijah said with a wink towards his sister.

Rebekah laughed but had this odd presence about her, one Elijah picked up on.

“And where is Klaus?”

“At the French Quarter…”

She tilted her head on this.


Elijah drew back a breath and sent Noel to his room. He went on to explain about the letter Bella received and about Davina and Marcel’s betrayal.

“But that doesn’t make sense. Why would Marcel go against his own morals? He has a thing about hurting children, no matter the circumstances, always has.”

Elijah nodded on this.

“From his understanding the Volturi wish to keep an eye on Noel’s progress and see if he does indeed pose a threat. Davina and Marcel seem to be at odd ends when it comes to Noel.”

“So Marcel doesn’t truly wish to hurt Noel?”

“From my understanding… no. However, as long as he stands behind the Volturi or Davina even… Marcel cannot be trusted. He’s gone as far as to reveal Noel’s place of residence and ordered an attack on Isabella. This didn’t end well as you know Isabella’s wrath when pushed too far. You throw Kol into the mix and well you can only imagine how that went.”

Rebekah grimaced in thought.

“You should know that he has broken the alliance. So much so that Klaus has taken back his rightful place as king. He has gained back control and keeps a watchful eye for Davina. I’ve reason to believe that Davina is using a cloaking spell. Much like the one mentioned in mother’s grimoire. That certainly makes things more difficult.”

Elijah continued on about everything that had taken place since her absence. By the time he finished Rebekah was in literal sobs and had this guilty attendance about her. Elijah narrowed his eyes on this.

“Rebekah, is there something you wish to tell me?”

“I left her there…” She cried whilst shaking her head.

“I was just so angry. I left her!”

Elijah came to his feet on this.

“Left whom…?”

“Elijah…” Rebekah whispered in a pleading voice.

“Forgive me dear brother I hadn’t any idea… If I had…”

“What have you done, Rebekah?”

“Bella isn’t in Forks.” She admitted and this had Elijah sighing.

“I figured that much. So where is she?”

“Elijah, please do not take this out on her. It was my doing.”

Elijah zipped on over and backed his sister up against the wall.

“And what would that be?”

Rebekah admitted to what she’d done. Only she left out anything having to do with the cure itself. She looked to Elijah in shock as he acted as if he was to backhand her but refrained. He lowered his hand and paced the area before her.

“You do this to someone YOU personally reached out to? You had her lying to my face and taking a risk she should not be taking! With everything that’s happening… Isabella should be right here, with her family. Not in some strange place, with no real knowledge of it or its inhabitants. If my wife ends up paying for what YOU’VE done. You will lose ALL my respect. Now I love you, more than you’ll ever know. But you haven’t any idea how much this pains me. Your betrayal is just as bad as Marcel’s, if not worse. Isabella has gone above and beyond for this family. And this is how you repay her? You’re just as childish as Davina – throwing a temper tantrum and all because Isabella set you straight and kept you from doing something utterly foolish. I’ve a feeling there is much more to this. But not to fear, dear sister. I will find out for myself, I always do. You’re to watch after our son. Do not let him out of your sight. Do not leave this house. If you need something call Niklaus. Other than that… stay put. Do not test me on this, Rebekah. You haven’t the faintest. You’ve hurt me in ways you will never understand. And I say that because if you had any inkling…. You wouldn’t have put Isabella or myself in this position. I’ve gone out my way to teach you and Niklaus the right path. Still you go out yours to defy me and in downright MOCKERY! I’ve my reasons, always have. All I’m trying to do is keep this family intact and keep our sanity in check while doing so! It isn’t just about us…” Elijah pointed towards the stairs where Noel was.

“We’ve others to consider… and he deserves more than an aunt that willingly puts his mother in danger and all for her own selfish gain. You wanted to teach her a lesson… Well that lesson could very well backfire and could wind up hurting us ALL! Noel more than anyone! So congratulations on becoming the worst aunt imaginable! I truly hope it was worth it!”

Rebekah staggered back as Elijah vanished and the door slammed on the way out.

Kol let out a sigh of mere frustration as two hours had past and he hadn’t any luck in catching up to Bella.

“Come now, poppet. Don’t make me call the hubby and rat you out on the little lie you told!” He called.

“This isn’t Forks, not by any means. And using the dead daddy issues? Petty even in my book!”

Kol hunkered down and ran his fingers along a trail of blood. He breathed it in and reared back. “And what do we have here?” He muttered but with a touch of panic as he followed the trail.

The trail led to into the local cemetery.

“Bella…” He whispered as there was a massive puddle leading towards the catacombs.

He entered the area but grimaced at the sight before him.

“Katherine?!” He called in surprise and the vampire snapped him a look, as she had Bella laying in one of the coffins.

She’d a stake through her heart and her throat and wrists were slit.

“You haven’t a clue what you’ve done.” Kol uttered looking ill.

Katherine smiled and licked the knife she used clean.

“She’s sweet but she’s got a touch of something… It’s familiar yet different all the same.”

“Oh I bet.” Kol said with a hint of a challenge.

Katherine tilted her head on this.

“It wasn’t personal. But she had something I wanted. And well she had to be a naughty thing and put up a fight. It’s a shame really. I rather liked her.”

“You’re not the only one… In fact, you’re about to find out the hard way, old friend.”

“So what brings you to Mystic Falls?” Katherine questioned with mere curiosity and Kol nodded towards Bella.

“Her, coincidently.”


“Oh is right.”

“Hm… That isn’t very Kol of you.” She hinted thinking it was about the vial she took.

“And what would you know? It’s been how many years? Honestly, I thought you were dead.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint.”

Kol nodded and made his way over. He walked a complete circle around Bella and made a tsking sound.

“She was certainly pretty… Even now in death she’s rather vibrant, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah…” Kol agreed with a touch of a smirk.

Katherine narrowed her eyes on this. Kol couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Oi Katherine, you’re in so much trouble. And all I can do is stand back and watch. This is great! I only wish I had some popcorn…”

“What are you going on about?!”

“She’s going to be sooo pissed! And Elijah… Well I can only imagine how he’ll react.”

Kol reared back and covered his mouth in laughter.

“Oh dear… It seems as if he’s gotten word already!”

“KATERINA!” Elijah’s voice echoed throughout the catacombs and the vampire snapped a look that direction.

“What have you done?!” His voice bellowed and it was enough to send even that of Kol chills.

The vampire looked on as he zipped past and went to check on Bella. He ripped the stake out of her heart and Kol sighed.

“She would’ve wakened…” Kol muttered with disappointment as he wanted to see the look on Katherine’s face.

Elijah didn’t comment and bit down on his wrist.

“Elijah?” Katherine called and he ignored this.

“Isabella…” He whispered whilst caressing his wife’s cheek.

“Come on, Elijah. Let the ladies play.” Kol pleaded.

The older brother lifted his eyes and Kol gave a mere nod.

“Let her see for herself.”

Elijah looked to be in thought.

“Yes!” Kol remarked as his brother took a step back and joined him waiting.

Kol giggled like that of a school girl.

“I’ll never forget this. Thank you, Elijah!”

Elijah gave a touch of a smirk and nodded, not so much for Kol, but towards Katherine as they locked eyes.

“How rude of me I forgot to make introductions!” Kol called with a gesture towards Bella.

“Katherine, this is Bella… Elijah’s lovey wife!”

He smiled as Bella was starting to come to. He waited until she rose.

“How are you feeling, lovey?”

Bella reached to her head and looked over in confusion. Kol made a gesture towards Katherine

“Bella this is Katerina! You might know her better as Katherine. You remember her, don’t you?”

Elijah cut his youngest sibling a ‘look’ and Kol shrugged.

“Come now… Let them play. Please? Just give me this. Admit it… deep down you know you’re just as curious.”

The oldest Mikaelson drew back a breath but rather jumped as his wife disappeared and within seconds she had Katherine up against the wall. He tilted his head however as there was a touch of darkness, one he hadn’t seen before. Kol sighed taking notice.

“Let the wife have her revenge. Katerina has it coming.”

Normally, this was something Elijah would stand against. But after seeing what Katherine had done to his wife… He was all for Isabella having her revenge. If she hadn’t the original bloodline flowing through her very veins Katherine would’ve succeeded in killing her and the mere thought had Elijah feeling ill and somewhat murderous himself. Like that of Kol… Elijah thought Katherine dead. So how was she here and why? And furthermore… When did HIS wife become a target?

“How…?” Katherine questioned but was looking his direction.

Elijah didn’t comment.

“First off, this…” Bella dug through Katherine’s pocket and retrieved the box with the cure.

“Doesn’t belong to you…”

Elijah reared back wondering what that was.

“It’s mine! It was stolen from me!” Katherine spat.

“You seem to have me mistaken for someone that gives a damn.”

Katherine choked back as Bella’s nails dug into her neck.

“You caught me on a really, really bad day.”

Katherine drew back a painful breath on this.


Bella leaned into her ear.

“Between us girls… I was really hoping you were dead. I think one doppleganger’s enough.”

“I take it you met Elena?”

“Let’s just say it was rather short lived.”

Elijah tilted his head as he was picking up on everything that was said between them. He pondered what his wife meant by that exactly. He looked to Kol in thought and Kol pretended not to notice.

“Now if you may… I’d much rather take this outside. I have a thing about keeping the peace with the dead.”

“Awe now isn’t that thoughtful?” Katherine ridiculed.

“I have my moments…”

Elijah shook his head however as Katherine flung Bella across the room and Bella landed in a crouching position. She bent her body in an awkward stance in order to keep from hitting a nearby coffin. His wife meant what she said. She never was a firm believer in leaving the dead to their peace and didn’t have much respect for anyone that went against her wishes on that. He knew a large part of that had to do with her father. Katherine picked up the stake and sent it flying right for Bella. Elijah wanted to laugh at Katherine’s reaction as Bella was just as quick in sending it right back. And whereas Katherine was older and more experienced. Bella was faster and acted on impulse. The way he taught her. The stake was driven into her jugular. Bella zipped on over and ripped it out. Blood squirted out like that of a geyser. Katherine choked back and wrapped her hands around her throat.

“That looks really painful…” Bella mocked while twirling the stake about.

“Now… I could end you. Right here. Right now. Or you could do as requested and get your ass outside.”

Kol died of laughter as Bella didn’t give Katherine time to make a choice. She flipped her over her shoulder then headed towards the doors leading out. She tossed her clear across the cemetery and into the woods.

“Exciting isn’t it?!” Kol taunted as he and Elijah followed.

When they got there Bella had Katherine on the ground was sending unrelenting jabs across her face. Katherine reversed the pin and knocked Bella back. Bella laughed in response.

“Of all the things… I never dreamed I’d be in this position.” His wife stated with that darkened tone. Katherine let out a grunt as the pin was reserved yet again. And being the gentleman he is… He’d NEVER admit it but Elijah found himself somewhat aroused.

“You used him… didn’t you?”

Kol raised his brows and glanced Elijah’s direction.

“Admit it. He loved you and you took him for granted.”

Katherine tilted her head on this.

“Isabella…” Elijah called but in his disciplinary siring voice.

He knew that look and tone. Bella wasn’t about to let Katherine walk away. She was done. And despite his ill feelings towards Katherine, he didn’t want that on his wife’s conscience. He would deal with Katherine himself. By no means was he letting this one go. But they’d other matters to tend to. And at the moment his wife came first.

“Do not stoop to her level.”

Bella snapped her husband a look and he gave a mere nod.

“FINE!” She growled but in a rather childlike matter.

One that truly had Elijah feeling as though he were dealing with a defiant child, than that of his wife.

“ISABELLA!” He scolded as she drove the stake in anyhow, barely missing Katherine’s heart.

“You live because HE demands it. For reasons I will never understand. But rest assure if I ever get the opportunity… You’re on my list. I suppose that makes you third one down. So you got some time to kill. Until then… GET OUT OF MY FACE!” She thundered in such a way and Katherine took off.

Bella’s nails dug into the earth as those hunger pains were stronger than ever.

“YOU TOLD HIM?!” She shouted upon Kol.

Before Kol even had the chance to explain, she appeared before him and socked the living hell out of him. He went to return the blow only to have Elijah intervene and separate the two.

“You got some nerve… You called me, remember?” Kol hollered whilst wiping the blood off his lip.

“I never said to get him involved!”

“Pardon me but I do believe I am right here. So would you be so kind as to explain?” Elijah said as he was losing his patience.

Bella went to say something but reached to her gut in agony. Kol sighed in response.

“We need to get this one on lockdown and I do suggest we be quick about it.”

Elijah looked to his brother in question.

“And I’m going to need some sort of miracle voodoo magic…” She said while showing them her wrist.

Elijah recoiled and ran his fingers along the skull.

“Whatever you do… Keep Noel away from me! I mean it, Elijah! I haven’t any control.”

Bella staggered back with this frightful look.

“Even your blood… it calls to me. Kol, how? How do I STOP IT?!”

Bella cranked her head a certain direction and Elijah and Kol were quick to respond.

“NO! LET ME GO! I NEED IT!” She roared in full on blood lust as humans were making their way through.

Kol sent his brother an apologetic look before snapping Bella’s neck.

“Kol…” Elijah reprimanded as he braced his wife against him.

Kol sighed in response.

“There’s a reason she asked for my help. So if you would… put your trust in me and know that I’m only trying to help.”

Elijah looked to his wife then back to Kol. He gave a simple nod and followed.

“Hello darling, did you miss me?” Kol witted as Damon opened the door.

“Great… They’re multiplying.” Damon mumbled as they welcomed themselves inside.

Kol glanced upon his brother and smirked.

“If only he knew…” He whispered and Elijah sort of laughed.

“Now correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you lock your little brother away when he went all Jack the Ripper?”

Damon narrowed his eyes on this but nodded.

“And where might that be?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason really… I mean other than this one taking out a handful of the town already.” He gestured towards Bella and Elijah looked to his brother in shock.

“She what?”

“Yes. Well I assume that was her, considering all the fuss when I pulled into town.”

“THAT was her…?” Stefan piped in from behind.

Kol tilted his head however.

“You two seem quite at peace, considering…”

Damon and Stefan exchanged glances and Kol chuckled.

“So she lives! Well sort of… Now that was a close one!” Kol said with wide grin.

Elijah grimaced gathering the meaning behind that.

“She didn’t…” He whispered and Kol chuckled.

“I’m afraid she did…”

Elijah looked upon his wife and shook his head in disbelief.

“Ah now… Don’t be too hard on her. She isn’t quite herself.”

“Clearly.” Elijah murmured but looked as though he’d be sick.

“So about this little lockdown area…”

Stefan narrowed his eyes and Damon shook his head no. When Stefan went on to show them, Damon threw his glass of bourbon across the room.

“Why don’t you just invite them all over?! Maybe they’ll stay for Thanksgiving!” Damon barked and Kol smiled.

“Now that would be lovely, wouldn’t it Elijah?”


“Let me get this straight. You want Rebekah to babysit your brat. But I have to babysit HER?!”

“I’m so glad we understand one another.” Elijah said as he laid Bella down.

“And what of Niklaus?”

“He’s a little busy dealing with the French Quarter at the moment.”


Elijah nodded and shoed Kol on. Once Kol stepped out, he had Stefan lock him and Bella inside.


He nodded as his wife came to. He brushed her hair back as he had her lying in his lap. Bella closed her eyes and had that guilt-ridden mien about her.

“Elijah… I’m so sorry.” She said sounding absolutely broken.

“There’s no need for apologies, at least not on your behalf. If anything it is Rebekah and myself that owe you one.”

“Why would you owe me one? I lied to you, Elijah.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Your only reason for lying to me in the first place was for the sake of my baby sister…”

Bella opened her eyes on this and he gave a mere nod.

“Yes. Let’s just say Rebekah had a bit of a rude awakening when she got home. She hadn’t a clue about the Volturi’s letter or of Davina and Marcel’s treachery. Once she found out the guilt alone had her coming clean about an argument the two of you had. She admitted to leaving you here and that it was because of her that you lied about going to Forks in the first place. She takes full responsibility and will offer you a proper apology when we get home.”

“But did she tell you why?”

“Not exactly, but I figure it had something to with young Salvatore. The two have history and I couldn’t help but to notice how peculiar they were acting when we left. That and well… Rebekah was awfully eager about staying behind. So you have my apologies for the trouble she put you through. I know why you did it, even if I don’t quite agree on how you went about it. I do understand.”

Bella drew back a breath and came to her feet. She paced the area and before long she was in tears.

“I killed them.” She planted a hand against the wall and leaned into it.

“Elijah, they were teenagers and I killed them all.”

“Seven to be exact!”

They looked towards the door and Damon had that smirk planted along his face.

“I knew I missed one hell of a party!”

He slid today’s paper beneath the door, along with a few blood bags.

Bella picked up the paper and winced at the headline.

“You really know how to make an appearance! By the way the girlfriend’s alive and well, no thanks to you but I thought you might like to know! Oh, and you’re on everyone’s shit list! But by all means… Welcome to Mystic Falls, Mrs. Mikaelson.” Damon looked towards Elijah.

“You must be proud.”

Elijah came to his feet and nodded. He dusted himself off then adjusted his tie as he walked on over.

“Make no mistake. I’ve much to be proud of when it comes to my wife.”

Damon smiled on this.

“Well you hear that, sweetheart?! The hubby’s proud! At least someone is!”

“Mr. Salvatore, I strongly advise that you watch your tongue. You speak when you haven’t the faintest. You do not know Isabella or the hardships she’s endured. The events that took place have to do with curse she’s been put under and not my wife. Isabella’s never harmed an innocent, at least not of her own will.”

“Get him out of here…”

Elijah peered back to see his wife backed into a corner of the room. The blood bags were drained and she’d that ‘look’ in her eyes again.


“I’m not going anywhere.” Elijah softly stated and started towards her.

“Don’t. Please. I’m begging you. Just get out of here. I could hurt you.”

“That you may. But I’m more than willingly to take that risk.”

“DAMMIT, ELIJAH! I love you but NOW is not the time to be noble.”

“If you feel the need, then feed.” He uttered with a shrug.

“You’re kidding me, right?” She countered through gritted teeth.

Elijah walked on over and pulled her towards him.

“I could drain you dry…”

“Only to rise again.” He assured.

“No. Please. Leave. Now.”

Elijah let out a grunt as she shoved him towards the door.


Stefan sighed and went to open the door.

“Don’t.” Elijah demanded and Stefan nodded.

Elijah’s attention went back to his wife.

“I do believe we made vows. I intend to keep that vow and act according to my husbandly duties. So my sweet, Isabella. I’m not going anywhere, not until we bring you out of whatever this is. Do we have an understanding?”

“Fuck you…” She growled.

Damon raised his brows on this and Elijah gave a simple nod.

“Well if that’s what helps you through this… Then by all means, darling. We can certainly do that.”

This had Damon rearing back in surprise. He looked to his brother.

“Did he just…”


Huh… interesting.”

“Maybe now’s a good time to give them some privacy?” Stefan suggested and Damon shrugged with disappointment.

“I suppose…”

“VERVAIN!” Bella shouted in desperation.

Elijah narrowed his eyes on this.

“If you’re to stay in here. I need to be at my weakest point. So I need vervain.”

“To ingest or wear?” Damon called with mere amusement.

“To ingest, you idiot… What good would it do him if I wear it?!”

“It was just a question…”

“Get the vervain, mix it in something so that it’s somewhat diluted.”


“Really, Damon?”

“Why should we care if it’s straight up vervain? The little bitch has it coming. I say the more she suffers, the better.”

“Damon… we’ve been there. You know what it’s like. So get the vervain mix it in vodka or something.”

“Hm. And where are you going?”

“To get Bonnie.”

“You really think Bon Bon’s going to help her? You do remember she’s responsible for what happened to Elena?”

“Damon, just do it.” Stefan replied and disappeared.

“Elijah…” Bella nearly whimpered and Elijah appeared before her.

He wiped her tears with this thumbs.

“Whatever happens… I’m going to be fine and so are you. Do not feel guilt over things you cannot control. I’m here because I want to be. I know the risk and I know what you’re capable of. If you drain me dry, so be it. I can take it. But I’m not leaving you, not a chance in hell. You’re not only my wife but you are family and I NEVER turn my back to family.”

Elijah brought her against his neck hintingly.

“Go ahead… Do not concern yourself with my wellbeing. We’re originals just keep that in mind.”

Elijah closed his eyes as she bit down. He knew it was coming but didn’t care. His only concern was putting her agony at ease. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as she continued in her feeding.

And just as they both assumed she took Elijah for all he had. Bella was quick to brace him against her then laid him down. Damon entered the room at that point and Bella sent him this pleading look. He handed the diluted vervain over and hunkered down checking on Elijah. Something he never thought he’d do.

“Damon… Please. Take him with you and whatever you do, do not let him back in here.”

Damon narrowed his eyes as she was in literal tears, even with her blackened irises and those veins spreading across the face.

“I can’t hurt him… Take him. I’m begging you.”

“No can do… Been on the receiving end of this one’s wrath. He stays put, sweetheart.”

The look on her face was enough to mess with even that of Damon Salvatore. He reared back as Bella took that vervain to the vodka label. He grimaced on the suffering within her eyes but that didn’t stop her from continuing in her own torment.

“I’m going to need more.” She weakly murmured.

He nodded and was quick to head out. Bella reached to her throat as the contents burned like hell. She crawled on over and did her best to make her husband comfortable.

“I’m so sorry.” She cried and continued in downing that vodka/vervain mix.

Damon couldn’t believe his eyes as he returned to nearly a finished bottle. He’d never known a vampire that could pull that off, not without passing the fuck out. But this girl was desperate and meant business.

“I appreciate the vodka but I’m going to need a heavier dose of vervain.”

For once Damon Salvatore was at a loss of words; even through his anger on what she’d done to Elena, he found himself giving into her wishes.

When he returned Bella was lying beside her husband and had his hand in her own.

“I’ve always had control… I knew what I wanted and made it so. But now… I haven’t any and I’d much rather die than to hurt my family.”

“You die and ironically you hurt them anyhow…” Damon said not believing what he was saying, or doing for that matter.

He should be ripping this woman apart or finding a white oak stake with her name on it. But he felt this odd sense of remorse and knew Elijah meant what he said. For whatever reason, this had Damon thinking about his and Elena’s relationship. He knew he would be facing this same ordeal when it came to Elena and that’s where his sympathy lied.

“How long have you been a vampire?” He asked with mere curiosity.

“Not even a year, yet here I am.” She said behind a miserable laugh.

She made a gesture towards her husband.

“He has so much control and…” Bella closed her eyes.

“You should go. It isn’t safe.” She whispered in suffering.

“As to your girl… Despite my ill feelings towards the dopplegangers, I never meant to hurt her.”

Bella signaled towards her husband.

“I drained him, like that of her… A man I swore my very soul to. That’s how much this curse weighs upon me. If you only knew what he means to me. You’d realize it’s out of my hands. So please leave before I do something I cannot take back.”

“And I thought you despised me…”

Bella lifted her eyes on this.

“Despise is a strong word, Damon…”

He nodded on this. Bella drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I don’t have any ill feelings towards you or even that of your brother. All I care about is keeping my family safe. Even that of a pesky sister that takes advantage of my unrelenting love and believe me when I say that as much as I love her. She will get hers…”

“Now that sounds familiar…” Damon muttered.

“Gotta do what you gotta do… Because as much as you love them… They will never respect you otherwise.”

Damon tilted his head on her words.

“You certain we haven’t met before?”

Bella sipped at that bottle of vodka/vervain. She let out a painful whimper and rolled onto her back but couldn’t move from there.

“Now Damon… I believe it’s safe to say that if we had met… I’d have ripped your heart out by now. No matter now cunning you come off as and no matter how deep those blue eyes of yours are… You have a way of getting under my skin. Believe me when I say you wouldn’t last long.”

Damon pressed his lips together and nodded.

“I put a little more vervain in that round.” He muttered.

“So I noticed.”

“I suppose a thank you is in order. Yet I know it hadn’t anything to do with my husband or me in general. You’re still pissed about your girl.”

“I believe we’ve come to an understanding… You will do anything for your precious Elena and I’ll do anything for my husband. So here’s to a mutual respect.” Bella raised the bottle and Damon grimaced as she downed the entire contents and passed out directly after. There was a horrible residue in the air as it scorched her from the inside out. But that’s how determined she was. Something Damon respected through and through. He walked on over and pried the bottle out of her hold.

“I suppose another bottle is in order?” He taunted but found himself caressing her cheek.

“How do you do it?” He said while thinking to his past.

“Not even a year… I find that hard to believe. No way you have THAT much control. Even now… You should be a murderous mess?! So what’s your secret?”

Damon took it upon himself to dig through Elijah’s pockets. He found a picture of a little boy but in that picture was the two of them. Damon tilted his head on this.

“And what do we have here?” He whispered amongst himself.

He looked to the writing on the back. It had Isabella and Noel’s name on the back and the date in which it was taken. It was just a few months ago. Damon couldn’t believe his eyes as he got a good look at the boy. He was a spitting image of Elijah. He wondered how that was even possible. The more he gazed upon Elijah and Bella, the more he saw the resemblance.

Damon jumped however as a hand wrapped around his wrist.

“Not a word… Or I’ll rip away EVERYONE you hold dear.” Elijah feebly warned and Damon gave a mere nod. He handed the picture back and Elijah was barely able to get it back into his wallet, before passing out again.

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  6. Soooo good! So Dav-dav needs to go on permanent nightie-nights, Bekah needs some serious time-out, Damon needs to get over the doppel-slut two-point-nothing and I kind of agree with Elijah about letting Katerina live… but it should be with the eternal fear of Bella popping out of the shadows and Elijah needs to be his wife’s slave to inifinity and beyond as payment for his request of letting his ex live

    This chapter was fan-freakin-tastic and can’t wait for the next one! Great bday pressie for me!! 😀

    Plewse update again soon – I feel like a wriggly puppy waiting to be let out!!

  7. I too wonder as trbuie said, why did Elijah let Katherine live? humm…and Devina does need to be tortured…what a bitch…I just hope that Bonnie will help Bella, but I’m sure she’ll deny to help because of Elena at first, but I think she’ll do it in the long run, we’ll just have to wait and see. I also hope that Bekah keeps an true eye on Noel and doesn’t let anything happen to him, because if something does happen I’m sure Nick will dagger her for sure…lol. Great update as always hon. I love it and can’t wait to read more of it…thanks, huggs. Peggy

  8. Loving this so far! Looking forward to when they find Davina … I’m sure it will be spectacular! Fantastic writing as always 🙂

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