Chapter 1 Willow

Set You Free

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“I suppose I owe you one, Potter.” Malfoy said as he pointed to his house-elf.

“You there, fetch me a towel and be quick about it.”

Harry shook his head as Malfoy kicked at the elf directly after. This was nothing new but it got under Harry’s skin, nevertheless.

“Hold on.” Harry called out as his eyes locked with the house-elf’s.

He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. But he had just about enough of the Malfoys abuse towards this particular house-elf. She served the Malfoys well and treated them with utmost respect. That and for whatever reason Harry had a bit of a soft spot when it came to her. He couldn’t explain it, not even to himself.

“Why don’t you forget about that life debt and offer me the elf instead?”

Malfoy let out a rather obnoxious laugh.

“You?! A house-elf?! What would you even do with one?”

Harry shrugged but narrowed his eyes at the odd look the elf was giving him.

“I’ve to admit… I’m rather curious.” Malfoy grabbed the elf by the collar of her raggedy handmade dress.

“What do you think? Do you want to serve Potter?!” He smiled as he violently shook her.

“Answer the question!”

“Y… Yes master!”

This had the boy tilting his head in thought.

“Just give me the elf. You have others. Why do you need another one?!”

“I suppose the real question is why do you need one?”

“It doesn’t matter why.”

Harry didn’t understand his desperation to save this elf. But it was there and he wasn’t backing down.

“Very well, Potter.” He tossed the elf at Harry’s feet.

“You’d be doing me a favor. It’s like you’re taking out the trash for me.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Harry reminded directly after.

Malfoy sighed and dug into his pockets. He took out a glove and threw it at the elf’s face.


The elf held up the glove and teared up a bit.

“The master has presented me with a glove. I am now free to serve my new master, Harry Potter!”

Harry always thought it was strange the way this particular elf talked. She wasn’t like the others. And that was another thing he took notice of. She had one green eye and one blue. He helped the elf to her feet and gave a simple nod. He held his hand out and she put hers to his. Malfoy rolled his eyes as the two were bonding to one another. Harry was taken by surprise as the elf hugged him afterward. Malfoy wasn’t too happy to see that Harry’s bond had made the elf seem healthier and somehow stronger looking.

“Thank you, Master!” She exclaimed.

Malfoy gritted his teeth and strutted on over. He went to strike her yet again, only to have Harry pick her up and just in time. He got a protective hold on her and aimed his wand Malfoy’s direction.

“The elf belongs to me now. Therefore I will be the one to punish her if and when needed.”

“What are you two doing out and past curfew?!”

They froze upon the all too familiar voice. Snape… Harry thought with a scowl. Of course it would be him to catch them.

“And why are you all wet, Draco?”

“Why don’t you ask Potter?”

Harry raised his brows and pushed up his glasses.

“He’s wet because he set himself on fire. In order to put it out I pushed him into the creek.”

Snape reared back and looked upon Harry as if he were lying.

“And what of the house-elf?”

Harry smiled upon Malfoy.

“She was offered to me as a debt for saving his life.”

“Yes well… That’s all very interesting. Now off to bed, both of you.”

Just as Harry was to leave, he couldn’t help but to notice the rather peculiar way Snape regarded the house-elf. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. This all started because of Malfoy in the first place. He felt the need to show Potter up in a good ole, yet highly forbidden dueling of the wands. Only it backfired as Malfoy forgot the words to a particular spell. He had meant to send a ball of fire Harry’s direction. Only he encased himself in fire instead. Harry would’ve laughed it if wasn’t for Malfoy nearly killing himself.

Chapter 1

The following morning:

“Does Master need help in packing?” The house-elf offered as Harry was loading his school trunk.

“No, but thank you.”

The house-elf frowned.

“Can’t Rubbish help with something?”

“Well you could give me your name for starters…”

“My name?”

Harry nodded as he was folding one of his shirts.

“Well yes. You have a name, don’t you?”

The house-elf lowered her head a bit and nodded.

“Well come on now. What is it?”

“Rubbish…” she murmured seeming somewhat embarrassed.

“No I mean… What is your actual name?”

“Rubbish, sir.”

Harry stopped what he was doing and regarded the elf in thought.

“Well that won’t do…”

The elf lifted her head and Harry smiled.

“How about… Willow?”

The elf seemed to perk up at this.

“Would this name please the new master?”


“Then yes. Willow wishes to please her master.”

That felt so strange to Harry. He wasn’t quite sure how to respond so he went back to packing.

“Forgive me master but you seem sad…”

“I suppose I’m not ready to go home, just yet.”

“Does master enjoy going to school?”

“Well yes. I suppose I do. And just so you know… You don’t have to call me master.”

“But it is what you are.”

“Just call me Harry.”

The house elf’s jaw dropped.

“Oh no, sir. To refer to her master as such is quite disrespectful. Willow will do no such thing. Willow must never…”

Harry didn’t understand what the big deal was. So what if she called him Harry? It was what he preferred anyhow. But he could see how upsetting this was to the elf so he decided to let it go.

“Before we go there are somethings we need to discuss.”


Harry nodded and went on to explain his situation with the Dursleys. He made it clear that she was not to leave his room and to keep out of sight when it came to his family.

“Whatever master wishes.”

“Honestly Harry, what’s keeping you? We expected you half an hour ago!”

The elf and Harry cranked their heads towards the doorway.

“And what are you doing with the Malfoys house-elf?”

Harry let out a hesitant sigh knowing Hermione wouldn’t approve.

“Willow is serving Harry Potter now.” The elf said with a certain beam about her.

Hermione cut Harry a look of absolute hell.

“You can’t be serious. What were you thinking Harry? Do you have any idea just how barbarous that is?”

“What’s up?” Ron chimed in from behind.

He had licorice hanging from his mouth. He didn’t see the elf as he made his way over and plopped down beside Harry on the bed.

“What’s up?!” Hermione practically hissed.

Ron raised his brows and gulped down the rest of his licorice.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No. She’s cross with me.”

“Oh thank goodness.” Ron uttered and Harry nudged him.

Ron chuckled and offered Harry some licorice.

“I’m good thanks.”

“Suit yourself…” Ron replied with a shrug.

“Do you or do you not see the house-elf?!” Hermione practically snapped.

“Elf? What elf?”

The elf timidly raised her hand and Ron fell off the bed in attempts to get away from her.

“Warn me next time, will ya?! Geez!” Ron said as he reached to his heart.

Harry sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re not easing your way out of this one Harry.” Hermione made clear.

“And what is it you want from me exactly?”

“To free your house-elf. It’s beyond cruel and it’s not like you need one. House elves well they’re…”

“They’re…” Harry challenged knowing where she was going with this.

Harry didn’t come from a wealthy family or anything of the such. So he hadn’t any reason in taking in a ‘servant’ as the house elves were considered. But that was never his intention in the first place. He merely wanted to help. It wasn’t his desire to make the elf his actual servant. But Hermione had already made up her mind, before he even had the chance to explain, which got under his skin. Then again, Hermione had a horrible habit when it came to things like that. She was quick to make assumptions before knowing the truth behind it all.

“Nevermind… Look, just hear me out on this.”

“You know I can’t release her…” Harry hinted knowing what would happen if he did.

It was a known fact that if a house-elf went without a master for too long they would eventually die.

“Then find the elf a new master.”

“I’ll do no such thing.” Harry responded with a touch of anger behind his words.


“Why don’t you let me worry on it?”

Harry looked down to see the elf clinging to his arm.

“Please don’t rid of Willow. Willow never meant to cause her master any trouble.”

“You haven’t .”

“Willow wishes to serve Harry Potter. If that is okay with him…”

Harry went to respond but looked up and saw Hermione storming out of the room.

“What’s with her?” He questioned and Ron shrugged.

“She’s in a mood lately, that one.” Ron admitted.

“Ugh, Harry…” Ron muttered as he shoved the house-elf out of his general area.

“It smells.”

“Ron…” Harry warned seeing the wounded look in the elf’s eyes.

“Perhaps master wishes to be alone with his friends.” The elf suggested.

“That’s a great idea and why don’t you get yourself washed up?” Ron threw out there.

The elf looked to Harry and he sighed.

“Go on. I’ll catch up with you later. We’ll be leaving in about an hour or so.”

The elf nodded and went about her way.

“Dreadful little things, aren’t they?”

“I don’t believe so, no. Have you seen her eyes?”

“What about them?”

“Nevermind…” Harry said imagining how it would sound if he were to go on about how pretty they were.

“So that’s another year wrapped up.”


“Think they’ll keep you from trying to go again next year?”

“Don’t they always?” Harry replied as he gathered the hint about the Dursleys.

“I don’t know how you put up with it.”

“Haven’t much choice. Besides it’s only a few more years.”

“Three…” Ron said with a frown.

“That’s a long time Harry.”

Harry shrugged and finished packing. Afterward he and Ron loaded their things on the Hogwarts Express. Hermione already had her things onboard and had their cabin picked out. Harry smiled as he caught wind of someone else. He was quick to exit the train and make his way over.

“You weren’t planning on leaving now, were ya ‘Arry? Not without saying goodbye.”

“Of course not!”


Hagrid opened his arms and Harry hugged him.

“Until next time ‘Arry.”

“Until next time…” Harry replied but he looked down to see the elf tugging at his pant leg.

“Is master ready for Willow now?”

Hagrid raised his brows on this.

“I didn’t know you had a house-elf ‘Arry!”

“Come on Harry!” Hermione shouted as she was poking her head out from the train.

It started and Harry sighed.

“You better hurry.” Hagrid said.

Harry scooped Willow up and took off. He managed to jump aboard Just as the train was leaving. Hermione shook her head in a scolding manner. Harry ignored this and headed into the cabin. He watched as the house-elf made her way to the window and pressed her nose up against it.

“I’m going to live with Harry Potter.” He heard her whisper as if in a dreamlike state.

The house-elf giggled and wiggled her rear about as if she were dancing. Harry laughed thinking that was rather cute. But when he looked over Ron and Hermione didn’t seem to think so.

“I don’t see why she has to ride with us. Isn’t there a rule about that?” Ron complained and Hermione elbowed him.

“Don’t be rude…”

Ron shrugged and gazed upon the elf as if he were utterly appalled by her very presence.

“Do you have a name?” Hermione questioned and the elf pried herself from the window.

“Willow is my given name.”

“Willow…?” Hermione questioned with disapproval laced in her tone.

“Well you have a new master now. I’m sure Harry would be willing to change it.”

Harry shook his head.


“Willow is the name I gave her.”

Hermione wrinkled her nose.

“But why?”

“Because it suits her.”

“No it doesn’t. Honestly Harry, why she doesn’t even look like a ‘Willow’.”

“And what does a ‘Willow’ look like?” Harry challenged.

“Well she’s not a boy for starters.”

“Willow can be a girl’s name.”

“Highly unlikely!”

Willow wasn’t hearing a word of this. The elf was on cloud nine. In fact she sat next to Harry and was kicking her feet about, in a childlike manner. Harry wondered what it was she was humming. It seemed vaguely familiar.

“Is this really how we’re going to end this year?” Harry bitterly remarked.

Hermione got this sheepish look about her.

“The proper reaction would’ve been for you to ask why I took the house-elf in. But you went straight for the accusations instead. You didn’t even give me a chance to explain my reasoning.”

“And what is your reasoning? Do you need someone to make your bed and tie your shoes, Harry?!”

“Bloody hell…” Ron muttered under his breath as he saw the look that Harry gave Hermione.

He swallowed back and offered them some treats in hopes of breaking the tension.

“What’s come over you?” Harry questioned.

Hermione folded her arms about her chest and got this tearful look about her.

“Seriously… What is it Hermione? Have I done something?”

“It’s nothing. And I don’t need an explanation.”

“So this is it…” Harry said once they came to a stop.

“I suppose it is.”

“Fine.” Harry uttered as he came to a stand.

Ron looked to the house-elf and shook his head.

“This is your doing; I hope you know that.”

Harry overheard what he’d said.

“She’s got feelings, you know.”

“Apologize…” Hermione demanded and Ron let out an exasperated sigh.

“I’m sorry.” He said and Willow nodded as she hid behind Harry.

When they got off the train Hermione and Ron’s family were already waiting for them. Willow crawled into Harry’s backpack and he zipped it shut. Harry visited with the Weasleys for a bit and said his goodbyes before heading to the bus stop. Once he was on the bus, he unzipped his backpack.

“Are you doing alright in there?”

The house-elf nodded.

“Would you like some water or perhaps a snack?”

“Master mustn’t wait on Willow. It is Willow that waits on master.”

Harry frowned. He didn’t quite agree with that assessment. But they were getting close to the house so he zipped the backpack up and grabbed his school trunk and Hedwig. Harry felt as though he were about to enter the gates of hell. Then again that’s how every summer felt. If he had it his way he’d never leave Hogwarts. There was a bit of relief when he saw that no one was home. He searched for his key and opened the door. Harry headed straight to his room. He didn’t wish to run the risk of them coming home and finding out about Harry’s new guest. He could only imagine what they’d do. He cringed in thought. Harry was quick to shut the door behind him. He opened his backpack and helped the elf out of the bag.

“You’re not to leave this room and if anyone enters this room, at any given time. I need you to hide.”

“Willow will do whatever master asks of her.”

Harry felt a twinge of guilt but at the moment that’s exactly what he needed. He’d never forgive himself if the Dursleys caused the elf any harm. The house-elf looked about the room and smiled.

“So this is where the great Harry Potter spends his summers.”

She climbed onto his bed and started jumping up and down.

“And this is where master sleeps! Willow’s master is Harry Potter!”

Once she took notice of the odd look Harry was giving her. She cleared her throat and sat down.

“My apologies, sir…”

Harry nodded but took notice of how she said ‘my’ instead of ‘Willow’. After the elf settled down she got a better glimpse of his room. It was awfully small with only a bed, nightstand with a lamp, and dresser. The furniture was secondhand and falling apart. The clothes he had laying out on the bed were clearly hand-me-downs as they looked like they swallowed Harry whole. The house-elf had one of the shirts in hand.

“Willow could take these up for master. These too…” She offered as she held a pair of pants as well.

“You don’t have to do that, really.”

“But I want to…”

And there it was again. I… Harry narrowed his eyes.

“You’re different from other house-elves…”

The elf didn’t comment as she snapped her fingers. Harry reared back as the clothes were suddenly his size and the furniture looked like new. And that was another thing… his vision was suddenly blurry. He took off his glasses and looked to the elf in bewilderment.

“Did you just…”

The elf crossed her legs and smiled.

“Master is quite handsome…” She said as she took his glasses and turned them into a pile of dust.

“Master won’t be needing those anymore.”

They jumped as they heard a car door. Harry looked to the elf in alarm. She cut him a wink and was quick to disappear. Harry drew back an uneasy breath as he heard the front door slam and his Uncle Vernon was already complaining about something.

“Home sweet home…” Harry whispered in misery.

He glanced over the room once again wondering where she went.

“Potter!” Vernon shouted and Harry sighed.

He drew back the deepest of breaths and exited the tiny cupboard aka bedroom.

“So you are home…”

Harry nodded as his Aunt Petunia was picking at Dudley’s hair.

“And what are you doing, boy? The lawn needs mowing and you haven’t even started supper yet.”

Harry didn’t enter the room until well after midnight. By then he was dog tired and ready to pass out. He was half out of it when Willow took his shoes off and tucked him in. He went to argue against this but he couldn’t muster the words he was so tired. The Dursleys had him making up for every chore he missed while he was away at school. As for Willow… she had her ways and had not only seen but heard everything and she wasn’t too pleased. This was Harry Potter… The boy who lived and he deserved much more than what they had to offer. She didn’t understand why anyone would allow this. In fact so was so rattled by everything she’d witnessed; she was shaking all over. She reached over and parted his hair away from his eyes. She took a finger and ran it along his scar. Willow never dreamed she’d be serving the one and only Harry Potter. The elf found herself rather star struck as she gawked upon him. She smiled and lay beside him. She took Harry by the arm and wrapped it around her as she too went to sleep.

When Harry woke the next morning, he saw that the elf was curled up beside him. His arm was still around her and he was quick to move it. He couldn’t get over how tiny she was in comparison to him, to Dobby even. And when she slept it was even more noticeable. She also had the tiniest little snore, one that had him smiling. But that smile was soon to fade as she whimpered out and was tossing and turning. The elf was talking in her sleep as well. Harry leaned in trying to decipher what she was saying. But all he could truly make out was Draco’s name and she seemed terrified by whatever she was dreaming about.

The door opened and Harry was quick to throw the covers over her. He jumped to his feet and locked eyes with his Uncle Vernon as he welcomed himself inside.

“What is it you’re hiding?!”

Harry swallowed back and was doing his best to disguise his fear.

“Hiding?” He questioned putting on this innocent front.

Vernon shook his finger as if he were dealing with an unruly child.

“I know you… Every year is the same. So what is it you’re hiding this year? You think we don’t notice the clothes and the fact that you’re no longer wearing your glasses…” Vernon paused as he regarded the furniture as well.

“Are you using your freakishness? You know that’s against the rules! Wouldn’t it be something if you got suspended, or worse…”

Harry did his best not to react. He stood his ground and continued in acting as if nothing was out of sorts. His uncle made his way about the room and Hedwig flapped her wings about. She never was keen on him but the feeling was mutual.

“Oh shut it or I’ll break that beak of yours!”

Harry gritted his teeth but still he stood there, doing his best to seem nonchalant. Once his uncle was satisfied he headed back towards the door. He nodded upon Harry.

“You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I suggest you get started. We’re going out… I expect everything to be done before we get back.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And I need my shoes cleaned!” Dudley hollered.

Harry wrinkled his nose as his cousin tossed his shoes into Harry’s room. They were caked in dog dung. He covered his mouth and nose and his uncle shrugged.

“I suggest you get to that first, BEFORE it spreads and causes the entire house to smell like shite!”

“Yes, sir…”

His uncle nodded and exited the room. Dudley stayed behind just a minute longer. He looked about the room and was knocking over whatever he came across. Just as he was to exit the room he shoved Harry up against the wall. Willow waited until the Dursleys were gone to make her appearance.

Harry didn’t utter a word and went on to do his chores. He decided on doing the dishes first. But just as he was to rinse one of them off, the plate seemed to vanish and appeared in the dishwasher. He raised his brows as the dishwasher filled itself, closed, and started. Harry went on to vacuum, only to see that the carpet was already spotless. And so was the rest of the house.

“Willow?” he called out.

“Yes, master?”

“Did you…”

Harry reared back as a plate of food appeared at the table along with ice cream for dessert.

“Master needs his energy. We have a long day ahead of us!”

“Long day?”

The elf smiled.

“May Willow exit the room now?”

“Ummm well yes… I suppose.” Harry sputtered looking awfully confused.

The elf giggled and made her way to the dining room table. She snapped her fingers and appeared in one of the chairs then motioned towards the food.

“Does master wish for something else?”

“No… this is fine. And what do you mean by long day?”

“Well if it is okay with master, Willow wishes to spend the day together. So she may get to know her master better.”

Harry nodded and sat at the table.

“If master wishes to eat his ice cream first. Willow will not judge.” She said in a teasing manner.

Harry managed to laugh.

“Don’t you want to something to eat as well?”

“Oh no master this is all for you.”

“But I what if I wanted you to join me?”

“A house-elf isn’t to dine with their master.”

“Even if the master orders otherwise?”

The elf tilted her head looking rather confused.

“Does master truly wish for me to dine alongside of him?”


The elf drew back a hesitant breath.

“Come now… You’re not doing anything wrong.” Harry further prompted.

“Very well. If master wishes it…”

“Take your pick…” Harry said as he motioned his hand over his plate.

He jumped however as another plate of food appeared along with ice cream as well. Something about that had him laughing. He felt as if he were back in the dining hall of Hogwarts. Just as he was to take a bit, he noticed the house-elf had a spoonful of ice cream but looked as though she might cry.

“Is something wrong?”

“Willow just really loves ice cream, sir.”

Harry narrowed his eyes on this. He found himself wondering if the rumors were true. Those rumors being that the Malfoys were known for making their servants eat dogfood. And judging the way Willow was eating, he was willing to bet they were. Once they finished eating Willow made everything disappear. She stood before Harry on the table.

“And what does master wish to do today?”

He shrugged.

“Well don’t you want to go out? Perhaps get a little sun?”

Harry raised his brows as she roughed up his hair a bit.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“And why not? You can’t stay cooped up all summer long. That’s no fun.”

“Well whatever we do. We can’t go too far.”

“But master should be able to do what master wants…”

“Believe me I wish it was that easy.”

“They will not attack in a public setting.”

This had Harry rearing back.


“Ah now master. We both know what Willow is referring to. They cannot disturb the peace with the muggle world.”

Harry had this unsure look about him.

“Well I suppose we could go to the park. It’s just a couple blocks away.”

Willow smiled.

“Now that’s the spirit!”

Harry smiled in response. The house-elf took him by the hand. Once they were outside she disappeared, but Harry could still feel her holding his hand. This had him laughing a bit as he thought about the cloak of invisibility.

“Does master wish to be pushed on the swing?”

“I’m okay…” Harry replied feeling somewhat embarrassed that she’d even asked.

Harry sat on one of the swings and he could see the one beside him swaying back and forth indicating where she was.

“Does Willow’s master like going to school?”

“Yes actually.”

“I bet master learns all kinds of things and has a lot of friends.”

Harry couldn’t help but to notice the rather envious tone to her voice.

“I have some very good friends and I’m always learning new things.”

“What is master’s favorite subject?”

“Defense Against The Dark Arts.”

“Does master have a girlfriend?”


He heard her giggling.

“Isn’t that a bit personal?”

“Willow is just curious, sir. Willow bets a lot of girls like Harry Potter.”

Harry’s eyes widened and his entire face flushed over.

“Mind if we change the subject?”

He could hear her laughing.

“Whatever master wishes.”

“Oh no…” Harry groaned as he saw Dudley’s friends making their way over.

“What is it?”

“Shhhh… We should head on home.”

Harry came to his feet and Dudley’s friends managed to circle him so he couldn’t escape.

“Talking to yourself, Potter? Dudley’s right you are really are a freak.” One of them said as they gave Harry a shove towards one of the other guys.

Each of them took turns shoving Harry about. Harry gritted his teeth and swung at one of them but they dodged the blow. The others started to laugh. However the moment he was hit in return… The one responsible was sent flying back. The others went to check on their friend only they landed face first as their laces were tied together. Harry cringed knowing he was in big trouble now. He shook his head and took off running. He headed into a tunnel not too far away where he hid. He heard the house elf enter before long.

“I really wish you hadn’t done that. I was taking care of it.”

“They deserved what they got.” He heard her whisper.

“You don’t seem to understand. You…” He froze as the wind picked up and the area around them grew dark.

“Run master! Run and don’t look back.”

Harry’s snapped a look towards the other end of the tunnel.

“RUN!” The elf reiterated.

Harry took off as there was a dementor was heading right for him.

“No!” He gasped as Dudley’s friends were on the other side and blocking his path.

They locked onto the dementor and were scared stiff. The elf sighed and snapped her fingers. Their eyes rolled into the back of their head and they passed out.

“GOOO!” Willow shouted and Harry was quick on his feet.

“YOU WILL LEAVE MY MASTER BE!” The elf shouted as she made herself known and was blocking the dementor’s path.

She tilted her head and held out a hand. The dementor struggled against the wall she’d put up. The elf came to her knees and continued in holding the barrier between the dementor and her master.

But she couldn’t hold it much longer. The dementor changed it’s course and took off. The elf closed her eyes and could hear her master gasping for air.

“…no…” she murmured and headed that direction.

When she got there another dementor had Harry up against the wall of the tunnel. It’s hand was wrapped around his throat and Harry struggled in order to get to his wand. Just as the house-elf went to Harry’s aid, the other dementor managed to sneak up behind her. She was flung up against the wall.

“Expecto patronum!” Harry shouted as he managed to wiggle out of the dementor’s hold.

The dementor was sent flying as a bolt of silver light that coalesced into the shape of a stag hit him. Harry looked over to see the elf on the ground with the other dementor sucking whatever joy she had out of her. Just as he was to send the stag it’s way someone else made his presence known. He shook his head is if he were scolding Harry. He sent the other dementor away and was checking on Willow.

“Dobby… Willow should’ve listened to Dobby.” She weakly uttered and Snape sighed as he scooped her up.

“What are you doing out and about, Potter? As you can see that wasn’t a wise decision.”

“Is she alright?”

Snape handed the elf over.

“She’ll be fine. But you won’t if you don’t quit being foolish.”


“You what?” Snape spat.

“What are you doing here?” Harry questioned with suspicion.

“Cleaning up your mess, apparently. Seems to be the constant when it comes to you. Now run along, get back home and stay there.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. Snape was quick to move his hand but Harry could’ve sworn he was caressing the house-elf’s cheek.

“How are you feeling?”

The elf shot up from the bed and Harry sighed as she hugged him.

“Willow is so sorry. Willow got Harry Potter hurt!”

“I’m fine, Willow.”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“Master is not fine. Willow failed in protecting her master.”

“Willow… the only thing you did wrong was attacking Dudley’s friends.” But as he said this Harry cringed as something else came to mind.

He himself used magic, which is against the rules. But surely they’d understand? His and Willow’s lives were at stake after all. Harry decided there was nothing he could do at the moment. This was something he’d have to face when it came time… Still, he couldn’t shake that pitfall feeling in his gut.

“Willow… I need you to promise that you will never do that again. You can’t use magic in order to hurt others.”

“But master needed my help…”

“No Willow. Not like that. That could come back on me now.”

“But Willow erased their memory…”

Harry reared back on this.


The house-elf dropped her hold and nodded.

“They will not remember anything other than going to the playground. They will not remember seeing Harry Potter.”

Willow dried her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Look… It’s not that I don’t appreciate what you did. But I need you not to do that ever again.”

Willow looked to the floor and nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

Harry reared back however as she was muttering something about bloody bastards under her breath.

“You mentioned something about Dobby?”

Willow nodded. Once Harry tricked Lucius into freeing Dobby, Dobby became a Hogwarts elf.

“Dobby tried to warn Willow. He told Willow that Harry Potter was in great danger and that Rubbish was to do everything within her power to keep Harry at home and safe. Willow didn’t listen and Willow got Harry Potter hurt.”

“I told you, I’m fine. And I don’t want to hear you referring to yourself as Rubbish again. You are Willow, understood?”

“Yes master. Willow is sorry.”

“I don’t need an apology just an understanding. Things are different now.”

“Because new master saved Rubbish and she is now Willow!”

Harry managed to smile.

“How long did you serve the Malfoys?”

“For too long…”

“Is something wrong?” Harry questioned seeing as how she was awfully antsy.

“Yes. Willow apologizes but she must excuse herself.”

Before he could even question why she excused herself. Harry jumped as he heard a noise coming from the basement. He dashed on out of the room and headed into the basement and on down the stairs. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. There were two house elves now and one of them was taking a beating from the other. It wasn’t until he looked into their eyes that he could tell a difference. That’s when he realized that Willow was taking the beating and from the black-eyed version. What Harry didn’t understand was why she wasn’t fighting back.

“STOP!” Harry called out hoping to put an end to it.

Willow looked to Harry in alarm. She shot out a hand stopping him.

“No master! Willow must take her punishment.”

“Punishment?!” He said in disbelief as she took several hits to the face.

Once the realization hit, Harry gritted his teeth. This had the Malfoys written all over it. This must’ve been the punishment they sought out when she wronged them.

“ENOUGH!” Harry shouted.


The black eyed version of “Rubbish” sent him a rueful glare.


The darker version faded away leaving nothing but a cloud of black smoke behind. The invisible wall she had up dropped and Harry rushed on over. He recoiled once he saw the aftermath.

“Why would you do that?!” Harry questioned in anger.

“Because Willow dishonored her master. Willow must be punished.”

“Are you mad?!”

“It is the only way.”

Harry shook his head and helped the elf to her feet.

“You will never do that again.”

Willow went to argue this and Harry cupped her chin.

“I mean it Willow. Promise me that you will never punish yourself again, no matter the circumstances.”

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’ if you dug the chapter. Thanks. More to come. And once I finish my contest piece I will get back to my unfinished works as well. I apologize for extremely late delays but I’ve been very sick and having some health issues as of late.)

Now Mr. Wade Wilson… This dedication and story go out to you. He’s only begged for a Harry Potter story for a few years now. And up until recently I had no interest in writing Harry Potter. But an idea hit and I couldn’t get it out of my head. After discussing it with my husband he fell in love with the idea. I only hope to do the story justice. And by him more than anyone as my husband is a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise. This story is also a little sentimental as we meet in high school as well. So here you go Wade…


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Willow”

  1. loving this great start. sort of has a beauty and the beast feel to it. like willow is somewhat like beast and is not quite who she says she is or rather not what she seems. not to mention the reactions of the others who interact with her. i am looking forward to seeing more soon.

  2. Fantastic first chapter!
    I’ve never followed a HP story before (I have read completed ones). I am so excited for this 🙂

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