Chapter 4 Raven

Chapter 4

I do not own Harry Potter movies or the books. This is AU.

“Who’s the new bird…” Ron uttered as this stunning blonde haired girl entered the class with Professor Snape.

“That’s strange… Her robes are blank.” Hermione added.

Harry lifted his head to see what it was they were referring to. But he gave a mere shrug and went back to what he was doing. One of the other classmates was making catcalls and Snape smacked him in the back of the head. Harry paid no attention as she took the empty seat beside him. Snape started class almost immediately.

“Who’s that?” One of Draco’s friends asked whilst wiggling his brows.

Draco snarled back and elbowed the living hell out of him.

“Ouch. What’d you do that for?!”

“Don’t even look at her…” Malfoy hissed.

Harry’s hands balled up into fists. He couldn’t stand the mere sound of Draco’s voice. It was like nails on a chalkboard to him. Towards the last fifteen minutes of class Professor Snape had them pair off with their neighbors for an assignment. Still, Harry kept his head down and was soft spoken.

“So sad… Why?” Harry heard the girl question.

Harry shrugged.

“What if there was a reason to be happy?”

“Trust me there isn’t… Now if you wouldn’t mind I’m not really up for chit-chat.”

“Ah now… Someone’s being awfully rude.”

Harry lifted his head and finally locked eyes with the young woman. Blue and green… He did a double take and she smiled while sending him a wink.

“Willow…?” He whispered in absolute disbelief.

This triggered an eye roll from Ron.

“Now he’s done it. He’s gone mental…” He uttered towards Hermione and she nudged him in a scolding manner.

“Actually it’s Raven…”

Harry was somewhere between disappointed and embarrassed.

“Sorry…” he whispered whilst shaking his head.

“Willow is my master’s given name.” The girl added with a smile.

Harry sprang out of his seat and hugged the daylights out of her. The young woman laughed and Snape had this irritated presence about him.

“Is it really you?!”

“Well I should hope so or you look pretty crazy about now.”

“But I don’t understand… How?” Harry whispered as he found it hard to let go.

“Not so sure myself if I’m to be honest. But I’ll do my best to explain everything later.” She whispered in return.

Harry nodded and dropped his hold. He tilted his head as he gave her a more thorough once over. Raven blushed and he rather blushed in return as took his seat.

“Not bad…” Harry murmured under his breath causing her to giggle.

“Not so fast, Miss. Malfoy. We’ve yet to get you sorted in.” Snape called out once class was over.

The entire class reacted to this and Draco’s friends regarded him in shock. Harry just sat there not believing his ears.

“Did he just…” Ron muttered towards Hermione and she nodded looking to be in a daze herself.

Meanwhile, Raven’s entire face was deep red. She cut Professor Snape a look of downright hell.

“Don’t call me that.” She made clear and Snape cleared his throat.

He’d this apologetic countenance about him but didn’t comment. Snape dismissed the other students and waved her on over. As for Harry he stayed behind as well. He knew what Snape had meant about getting her sorted in, considering her robes were currently blank. He wanted to be there and was rather curious on what the sorting hat would say.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be, Potter?”

“Not at the moment, no.”

Snape rolled his eyes and was already heading out the door. Raven and Harry followed Snape to the great hall, where Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were already waiting. They nodded upon Raven and already had everything set up. “Miss. Malfoy!” Dumbledore welcomed and Snape gave Dumbledore the cut throat motion. One that Dumbledore completely ignored. Harry cringed seeing the painful twinge in Raven’s eyes.

“Well come along now. I believe you’ve waited long enough.”

Dumbledore offered his hand and escorted Raven on up the stairs and to the chair. She had this nervous demeanor about her as Dumbledore placed the sorting hat onto her head. Harry found himself somewhat nervous on her behalf. That and he had million questions running through that head of his. Willow? A Malfoy?! HOW?!

Hmmm yes… You’ve waited a long time haven’t you Corvina Malfoy?

“Corvina?” Harry whispered in wonder.

Raven jumped as she was caught off-guard. Harry gave a simple nod indicating that was normal. She nodded in return.

A lot going on in this head of yours… I suppose the real question is… Where do you belong?

Déjà vu hit Harry as he heard her whisper ‘not Slytherin’ in a pleading manner. Harry himself had hopes of her being a Gryffindor.

Not Slytherin you say? But your mind tells me something entirely different. You could accomplish great things. Things no Slytherin has before. They could use someone like you. Then again… So could Gryffindor perhaps Ravenclaw even… Hmmm… A very difficult decision. So much going on in here…

Raven shook her head and looked to be on the verge of tears.

Surely you’ll understand… SLYTHERIN IT IS!

Raven gasped out and looked to Harry in alarm. She was quick to jump off the chair and she handed the sorting hat back to Professor McGonagall.

“It’s wrong… Please, you don’t understand… I…”

“The sorting hat is never wrong.” Dumbledore made clear.

“Well he was this time. I can’t be Slytherin.”

“The decision has been made Miss. Malfoy. There is no turning back now.”

Please stop calling me that.”

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes and Snape placed a hand along her shoulder.

“Come with me and we’ll get you set up.”

Harry winced as he saw her wipe a tear off her cheek. He watched as Snape escorted her on out of the room. Harry sighed and looked to Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall.

“Isn’t there something that can be done?”

“The decision has been made.” Dumbledore reiterated and was already heading out of the room.

Professor McGonagall patted Harry on the shoulder on the way out.

“First she’s a Malfoy and now she’s a Slytherin as well?” Ron scoffed.

“And are we going to ignore the fact that she was just a house-elf not even a week ago.”

Harry hadn’t heard a word Ron had said. He was too busy trying to piece it altogether. But nothing about it made sense, no matter what angle he took.

“Well we know one thing for certain. We can’t trust her.”

Harry had caught that last bit and he snapped his head Ron’s direction.

“You don’t even know her!”

“Do you?!”


“Bloody hell, Harry. Are you even hearing yourself?”

“Are you?”

“You can’t be serious? Can you even imagine how that will look? Harry Potter is friends with a slithering Slytherin. You need to get your head on straight! She’ll end you that one. Just you wait and see.”

“You seem to forget that I already lost her once!”

“And maybe it would’ve been best if…”

“If you even finish that thought I will…”

“You’ll what?! Jump down my throat? Like you did Hermione that day? She didn’t deserve that and you know it!”

Harry recoiled and Ron gave a simple nod.

“She’s getting to you and has been. Face it Harry, she’s trouble. Are you willing to lose everything just for this one friend? One you know nothing about?!”

“And there you go again… So quick to judge!”

“A Slytherin is a Slytherin and add Malfoy to that equation and end of story!”

“So what is it you want from me? To turn my back to her?”

“She’s not your best mate!”

“Right now… You’re not acting like it either!”

“Can’t you see I’m only trying to help? Someone needs to open those eyes of yours!”

“Well Ron… For once I don’t really want your help.” Harry confirmed as he exited the room.

Raven stood before the mirror in the Slytherin girls’ dormitory room. This had been her dream for so long. But as she gazed into the mirror, chills ran down her spine. She thought about all the past Slytherins and couldn’t believe the sorting hat grouped her with them. Raven pinned her hair back and could see a few of the Slytherin girls eyeballing her. A couple of them were laughing and whispering into one another’s ear. Raven did her best to ignore it as she finished getting settled in. Snape would be taking her into Diagon Alley to get whatever else she needed tomorrow morning. This just wasn’t near as exciting and heartwarming as she had hoped for. The only thing she found herself looking forward to was Harry. But even now… she felt as if being sorted into Slytherin ruined all chances of the friendship they once had. And if that didn’t do it in… her past was sure to. Nevertheless, she wasn’t about to keep anything from him. In fact she had Neville sending Harry a message. She’d plans of telling him everything…

“Raven?” Harry whispered once he got to the meeting place Neville had mentioned in Raven’s message.

Raven stepped out from the shadows and was quick to take Harry by the hand. She led him to the seventh floor and to the left corridor. Harry looked on in disbelief as the wall before them morphed into a set of doors.

“Hurry, before someone sees us.”

Harry nodded and followed her inside.

“I didn’t even know this room existed.” Harry whispered once the doors were shut.

Raven smiled.

“You can relax now, Master. No one can see or hear us.”

Harry looked to her then back to the room.

“How’d you find this?!”

“Neville showed me… I didn’t think it would appear for me to be honest. Luna and I did a little research. They call it the Room of Requirement. If it feels you are in need it will appear for you. You make your demands known and well there you go.”


“As in who to keep out and what your intentions are.”

“Way to go Neville…” Harry murmured.

“My thoughts exactly. I owe him one really. I mentioned needing a place where you and I could talk in private. And he brought me here. He even managed to secure the room for us.”

Raven sat down and leaned against one of the pillars. Harry sat at the one across from her.

“You do realize you don’t have to call me master now, right?”

This had the young woman backtracking. She blushed in realization.

“I must admit… That’ll be somewhat difficult.”

Harry sort of laughed but his face was just as red as hers at the moment.

“I was a house-elf for so long. It’s a bit of a struggle just carrying on a normal conversation. I’ve already referred to myself as Willow a handful of times.”

“Better than Rubbish.”

Raven smiled.

“Most certainly and I have you to thank on that one.”

Raven drew back the deepest of breaths.

“So I suppose you’re waiting for an explanation?”

“That would be somewhat beneficial. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I can only imagine… Before we get to that, I’m going to need you to promise that whatever I say stays between us. And that you will not act on anything that is revealed.”


“You’re about to find out somethings that might anger you and I cannot have you acting on it. Like I said… everything must stay between us. That’s not to say that somethings haven’t leaked out already. But I’d rather you hear it from me.”

“What’s said tonight stays between us. I give you my word.”

“That’s all I need…”

“My name is Corvina Corvus Malfoy. Corvus – after the constellation which is Latin for ‘Raven’. Hence the nickname my cousin came up with when I was younger. He used to call me Little Raven and others rather picked up on it as well. My mother Naricissica Nee Black aka Narcissica Nee Malfoy had an affair with another man. Only it wasn’t found out about until I was about six years old. Meaning for six years I referred to another man as father, that man being Lucius Malfoy. For those six years I was a bit of a daddy’s girl as they would say. Lucius hung the moon and the stars, or so I thought. I was too young to know any better. ‘Daddy’ as I used to call him loved to shower me with gifts. Draco who was a year older than me at the time didn’t take a liking to all the attention I was getting. He always was a spoiled little imp. The moment anyone paid me an ounce of attention, he’d have himself a fit. He did whatever it took to get noticed, even if that meant going out his way to start trouble. My mother would make excuses for him and couldn’t stand it when Lucius sought to punish him. Most of his wrongdoings were bullying his little sister. There were a few occasions where I found myself fighting for my life. Draco was stronger and twice as conniving. Every time I thought I might finally have one up on him he’d knock me right back down. Unfortunately, that’s true even to this day… I’ve yet to get one up on him. Other than dealing with Draco… My life… Well it was one that any little ‘princess’ wished to have. At least that’s what Lucius used to refer to me as. But once my mother’s secret was out. Everything came crashing down. I remember sitting in my father’s lap as he read to me; when this man came into the house. They were discussing something and being rather hush-hush about it. This man had some pictures with him. Next thing I know I’m literally thrown from his lap. I thought it to be the man Lucius was visiting; only it wasn’t. It was Lucius himself. The way he looked at me…” Raven paused for a moment.

Harry took notice of the goosebumps forming along her arms.

“He marched on over and grabbed me by the hair. He dragged me into his and mother’s room. She was at the vanity getting ready. When she caught our reflection, she jumped. She asked Lucius what he was doing.”

Raven stopped yet again and was wiping a few tears away.


“Don’t be…” Harry whispered and made his way over.

He sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her.

“He shoved me right in her face then proceeded in calling her a whore. He told my mother that she’d dishonored the Malfoy name and he wasn’t about to raise some ‘bastard’ child. That was the same day I met my real father, he too – a wizard. Only I never got his name. All I remember is being forced to watch as the man that paid Lucius a visit placed the Curtiatus curse on my biological father. While he was being tortured, Lucius asked him a number of questions pertaining to the affair and to me as well. The curse was so great that he ended up dying from a heart attack. It was the most horrific thing I’d ever witnessed. And if it hadn’t been for Dobby, I’d have met the same fate. Just as the man waved his wand my direction, Dobby appeared before me and took the intended hit. Once they finished with Dobby, Lucius told him that I was to be his responsibility from now on. Lucius cast a spell that turned me into a house-elf. And I spent my days serving them ever since. He had everyone believing that Corvina Malfoy had committed suicide do to the stress of learning the truth behind her mother. As for mine and Draco’s mother, she was beheaded and displayed for the rest of the Malfoy and Black family to see; Lucius’s way of getting his point across. That being that no one betrays a Malfoy and lives to tell about it. I couldn’t tell you this as Willow. You see Harry I was cursed. If I was to utter a word of this to anyone, I would’ve died and along with anyone I told. Of course I ended up dying anyhow; thanks to the Malfoys sending the other house-elves after me. But it wasn’t their fault. They hadn’t a choice but to follow orders. As to the whole hanging myself scene… That was a little nod on Lucius’s part considering the whole suicidal story he’d made up. But thanks to Fawkes, I was reborn through her ashes and in my original form. And now here I am… A Slytherin doing one of the worst things imaginable…”

“That being?”

“Confiding in a Gryffindor.”

Harry managed to smile but was wiping away a few tears of his own.

“I can think of worse things.”

“Oh I’m sure. And I’m certain we’ll have most of those marked off by the end of the year. Better get those tallies ready.”

Harry nodded and pulled her into his chest just he used to when she was upset or scared.

“As to being a Slytherin… I can relate more than you’d think.”

She looked to Harry in question.

“Nine out of ten times a day I question myself as to this whole ‘connection’ I have with Voldemort. And there’s this darkness within me an often enough it takes control and I can’t help but to be angry. As of late that anger seems to creep up on me more and more. And that scares me. So don’t ever feel like you’re alone, Willow.

He shook his head.

“Sorry… I mean Raven.”

Raven smiled and buried her face within his chest. It was just like old times, only it wasn’t. There was something different, other than the obvious. And Harry wasn’t the only one struggling with those particular feelings. But considering everything – Harry felt it was wrong. She hadn’t been human for long and THAT was the last thing Raven needed. Still he found it hard to keep those thoughts at bay.

“So you’ve been given another chance. What is it you want this time round?”

“Ice cream! Lots and lots of ice cream!”

Harry had a good laugh at this.

“Well I’m sure we can manage that. But I was thinking along the lines of something a little deeper.”


“Well for starters… Where will you go once the semester is over?”

“I’ll be residing with my godfather.”


Raven nodded.

“That being?”

“Sev… Or that’s what I’ve always called him.”

“Sev…” He repeated remembering how she called that name out once before in her sleep.

“You know him as Professor Snape.”

Harry let out a miserable laugh.

“You’re joking…”

“No… why?”

“Well let’s just say your ‘godfather’ and I aren’t on the greatest terms and haven’t been.”

“He’s really not that bad. Once you get to know him.”

Harry raised his brows on this.

“Did he know?”


“About what the Malfoys did?”

She nodded.

“Besides the Malfoys you and Sev are the only ones to know.”

“So you’re telling me that he knew the truth behind everything that took place, yet he did nothing. And you’re okay with this?”

“Now… I never said that.”

“So you’ve forgiven him, already?!”

Raven lifted her head off his chest and regarded Harry a certain way.

“Harry, this is the man that kept my Hogwarts letter hidden. To the point where it grew dust and didn’t so much as let me know it even existed, not until recently.”

“Then I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“What choice do I have? It’s not like I have anyone else. Sev is pretty much it for me.

Harry tilted his head and looked to be in thought. But he could see how much this was upsetting her so he decided to move along.

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to start an argument. I’m only concerned, that’s all. I want to help, in whatever way I can. However, I will say this much… Just watch your back when it comes to your godfather. He’s proven to be a little shifty at times and I would sure hate for you to give in too quick and end up with the same fate you had with the Malfoys, or worse. Just watch your back and don’t be so quick to trust him. Make him earn that trust.”

“Still looking out for me, Harry?”

“Just as you had for me, Willow. That hasn’t changed and I hope you know that.”

Raven hugged him and he hugged her in return. The two spent the remainder of the night holding one another. Once Harry got back, he sent Hedwig on a special mission.

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