Chapter 5 Master?

Chapter 5

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“Can I invite Harry along?”

Snape had this look like he’d just eaten a lemon. Before he even had the chance to answer; Raven called out to Harry. Harry was talking to Neville when he peered over.

“I’m going to Dragon Alley to get my stuff! Would you like to join us?!”

“Diagon Alley…” Snape corrected with impatience.

“You mean Diagon Alley?” Harry called out in correction as well.

Neville stifled a laugh and Harry sent him a wink.

“I’ll catch up with you later…”

“Have fun in Dragon Alley.” Neville teased.

Harry made his way over and Raven hugged him.

“This is going to be so much fun!” She exclaimed.

Snape and Harry however exchanged unpleasant glances. They followed Snape to the fireplace where they floo traveled. They headed to the Leaky Cauldron and took the secret entrance heading to Diagon Alley. Raven clung onto Harry’s arm and let out a bit of a squeal. He chuckled in response. As for Snape, he was already heading for Ollivander’s.

“We better keep up…” Harry said as he was slightly irritated with Snape for rushing her.

He only thought it fair to let it Raven take her time and enjoy herself.

“11 inches, holly, and phoenix feather core!” The owner proudly announced causing Raven to jump.

The man made his way over and said his hellos to Harry and Snape.

“How’s the wand treating you?”

“Great actually.” Harry replied.

“That’s wonderful news!”

The man turned then introduced himself to Raven. She introduced herself in return and Mr. Ollivander regarded Snape in full surprise.

“Didn’t Corvina Malfoy die years ago?”

“Apparently not…” Snape uttered with this unamused look about him.

“So, we’ve another Malfoy on our hands. Interesting…”

The shop owner tilted his head and looked to be in thought.

“I’ve just the wand for you.”

He made his way behind the counter and dug through the many rows of boxes.

“Ah! Here we are…” he said and handed the box over.

Raven looked to the wand then back to the owner. Harry had that Déjà vu feeling all over again as he was thinking back to when he first got his wand.

Well… Give it a whirl.”

“Here?!” Raven questioned and he nodded.

Raven shrugged then gave the wand a little wave. The windows to the shop shattered and the owner was quick to take the wand from her.

“Well that one won’t do. Let’s try…” he grabbed another box and handed it over next.

Raven gave it another whirl and Snape was quick to break her fall as she was sent flying back.

Harry helped them to their feet.

“Um thanks…” Raven whispered looking somewhat embarrassed.

“I don’t think these wands like me.”

Harry chuckled.

“I went through the same thing.”


He nodded and Raven smiled as that seemed to make her feel slightly better. She tried a couple more but one of them did absolutely nothing whereas the other destroyed an entire row of wands.

“Wait! Don’t move…” The wand owner said as she almost stepped on a wand at her feet.

“Pick that up…”

Raven picked up the wand and went to hand it over. Only she gasped out as this odd sensation hit. Harry observed with widened eyes as this serpent-like tail appeared and coiled around the wand and her hand. It was quick to fade as it crawled up along her arm. Raven staggered back and closed her eyes momentarily.

“That particular wand has been in my shop for many years. It’s never had an owner. Cedar and crushed Basilisk fang that one…”

Raven placed the wand down on the counter and shook her head.

“That one creeps me out.”

“Well it’s already bonded to you. Not much we can do now.”

“Wait what?”

“As I told this young lad once before; the wand choses it’s master not the other way around.”

“Master, huh?” Raven said with a snort and cut Harry a rather flirtatious look.

Harry sent her a wink in return.

“Just take the wand and let’s go. We haven’t all day.” Snape complained but it had more to do with what he just witnessed between the two…

After visiting a few more shops, Harry soon realized that Snape was paying for everything. In fact he was going out his way to encourage her in getting whatever she wanted. But Raven was very reluctant and had that guilt-ridden mien about her each time. Whenever she pulled this Snape would merely grab whatever the item was and get it anyhow. This was a side of Snape Harry had never seen. The only thing left was getting an owl of her own. However, Harry was getting pretty hungry and he figured Raven was as well. So he offered to take them one of his favorite places that being The Three Broomsticks.

“Perhaps the two of you should go on. I’ve other errands to run. I’ll meet you here in about an hour or so.”

They nodded and Snape went to hand Raven some money.

“I got it…” Harry offered with a shrug.

“Hmm….” Snape hummed and placed the money back into his pocket.

“Very well…”

“This is bloody brilliant!” Raven exclaimed once she and Harry entered the pub.

Harry laughed and gestured for her to pick an area to in which to sit.

“Look, they have butterbeer!”

“Yeah well, I don’t think it’ll have the same effect.”



“I’m sorry for putting you on the spot like that. I wasn’t thinking.”

“On the spot?”

“When I invited you along… I wasn’t thinking about how you and Sev don’t get along.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. Besides,I wanted to come and I’m having fun.”

Raven smiled.

“Me too.”

“Good. You deserve it.”

“You know… I never got the chance to ask.”

Harry lifted his eyes as he was looking at the menu.

“Ask what?”

“How’d the dance go?”

He cringed and Raven narrowed her eyes in question.

“That bad?”

“Willow… I mean….”

“Come now, Master. You can call me Willow if you want. That’s quite alright.”

Harry’s face flushed over a bit and he sort of laughed.

“You were saying?”

“That’s the night I found you…”

Her smile was quick to fade.

“Oh Harry… I’m so sorry.” She said with a grimace of her own.


“But I ruined your date.”


“With Miss Granger. I mean… Hermione.”

“That never happened.”

“You mean you never asked…”

He nodded.

“Harry!” She scolded and he shrugged.

“You should’ve listened to me.”

“I did… I was just a little too late.”

“So she went with someone else?”

Harry nodded.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe next time…”


The waitress had made her way over and took their order. When she left Harry leaned back in his seat.

“So… how’s everything going with you and Snape?”

“We have our moments. But he’s trying. I can be somewhat difficult. Then again, he’s the king when it comes to that. He seems to have a hard time understanding just where it is I’m coming from. It’s one of those you haven’t walked in my shoes moments – for the both of us. My resentment doesn’t help matters. It’s going to take some time to heal, if that’s even possible. It’s like you said the other day. He played just as much a part in what all took place. And he’s changed. So much… He’s not the ‘Sev’ I once knew. That man was capable of smiling every now and then. He hadn’t any issues in saying I love you from time to time and hugging me. But now… It’s like he’s dead inside. And I’ve a feeling that hasn’t anything to do with me or what took place.”

“I can’t imagine Snape being affectionate to anything, unless he set fire to it first.”

Raven laughed and sipped at her butterbeer.

“Like I said… He wasn’t always that way, which is kind of sad when you think about it.”

Madam Rosemerta the owner made her way over and smiled upon Harry.

“I’m just going to tell you right now… this one’s a keeper.”

Harry choked back on his butterbeer and Madam Rosemerta patted him on the shoulder. She sent Raven a wink and held out her hand in greeting.

“Madam Rosemerta and you are?”

“Willow…” Raven said with a smile Harry’s way.

“Well it’s a pleasure. Hope to see you again soon, Harry.”

Harry nodded and the owner went on to talk to someone else.

“Ron’s head over heels for that one.” Harry whispered and Raven laughed.

“Oh is he now?”

Harry nodded once again.

“Well she’s right about one thing.”

“What’s that?”

Raven took another pull off her butterbeer.

“You’re right… it doesn’t have the same effect. It’s still pretty good though.” She said hoping to veer away from that particular topic.

But Harry had already traced back to what was said and gathered what she was referring to.

Just as he was to respond, he reached to his scar.

“Harry?” Raven called out in concern.

Harry gritted his teeth and looked around the area.

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Do we need to go?”

“It’ll pass.” At least he hoped it would.

It seemed to be getting worse as of late.

“Is ithim…?” Raven hinted.

Harry nodded.

“Does that mean he’s nearby?”

“Not exactly… but it could mean he’s up to something.”

“What’s it like? You know… When you feel him?”

“Like I’m on fire.”

Raven reached out and ran her fingers along the scar. Something about that was incredibly soothing to Harry. He cleared his throat once he realized he was leaning into the palm of her hand.

“We better finish up before Snape barges on in and turns me to ashes.”

“Now Harry he hasn’t turned anyone into ashes in years!”

“Well what kind of pet do you want?” Harry asked as Snape was giving her the choice in what store to go to.

“Wait… I get a pet?! Like of my own? Like Hedwig?!”

“If that’s what you want…” Harry replied with a smile.

“Can we just come to a decision and get this over with.”

Harry cut Snape a look and Snape rolled his eyes.

“I want to get an owl like Harry!”

Snape waved his hand towards Eeylop’s Owl Emporium. She smiled and darted off. Harry was quick to stop Snape as he went to follow.

“She was robbed of her childhood. You aren’t taking this from her. So ease up and let her live a little.”

Snape grumbled something under his breath and watched as Harry caught up with Raven.

“There’s so many!” She said once they entered the store.

Harry nodded.

“They’re so beautiful.” Raven said as she stuck her finger though one of the cages and was petting one.

Raven took her time as she found it hard to pick one. Something in the far back however caught her attention. She was heading that way when Harry called to her.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to go back there.”

But when he saw what she was walking towards he paused. Raven opened the cage and petted this particular owl’s head. She smiled as the eagle-owl leaned into her hand.

“And what’s your story…” Harry heard her whisper.

The owl was missing an eye.

“Isn’t he striking?”

Harry nodded in agreement.

“I want him.” She said and Snape sighed.

“He won’t do. Pick something a little more…”

Raven frowned and took the owl from it’s cage. Harry started to say something about how she wasn’t supposed to do that but he found himself a little dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe how affectionate this particular owl was. Raven giggled as he nuzzled her cheek.

“Aries! That’s what I’ll call you.”

“I’m sorry but that one’s not for sale.” The owner called out.

“As you can see he’s injured.”

“He’s only missing an eye…” Raven said with a shrug.

The owl was making sounds much like Hedwig when she was happy.

“I’m sorry but I cannot sell him to you.”

“Then what will you do with him?”

The man shrugged.

“He’s of no use, really.”

“Bollocks! He’s of plenty use! If you won’t sell him then give him to me.”

Snape shook his head and grabbed one of the other owls and was heading towards the register.

“I don’t want that owl! I want Aries!”

Harry swallowed back seeing that bottom lip of hers quivering.

“Please. Just let me take him off your hands at least. This is the one I want! He’ll be of use to me. I promise!”

“If you want him take him. You’d be doing me a favor.”

Raven staggered back at this and Harry winced. Those were the very words Malfoy had said to her when he handed her over to Harry. Snape was already handing the money over for the owl he had in hand.


“You’re getting this one, end of discussion.”

“But I don’t want that one!”

Snape made his way over and leaned into her ear.

“Do not argue with me on this matter, Corvina. Now quit acting like a rotten little brat.”

She placed the owl back into its cage. She’d this destroyed look about her. The young woman said nothing as she exited the shop. Snape paid for the owl and the supplies that were needed.

“Really…?” Harry snapped in a hissing manner.

“Mind your business, Potter.”

“She is my business.”

Snape pivoted around and backed Harry into a corner.

“Far from it… And you’d do good to remember that. So don’t even think about getting too comfy when it comes to that one. Corvina Malfoy is off limits.”

Harry raised his brows and got this challenging smirk about him.

“Is that so?”

Harry stepped out from under his arm and headed outside as well. Snape had a sense of foreboding shoot down his spine. He’d seen that smirk before only it was on a different Potter’s face.

Page break

When they got back to Hogwarts, Raven hugged Harry and thanked him for tagging along. Harry hugged her in return. Afterward she headed back to the Slytherin dorm. That was the part Harry hated most. He wasn’t quite ready to part ways. It was going to be hard with them being in separate houses, even more so considering the Slytherin’s were natural enemies of Gryffindor and vice versa.

Raven sighed with disappointment and put the owl away. She was trying her hardest to bond with it. But it had pecked at her twice now and it was very grumpy. He just wasn’t ‘Aries’. She tilted her head and regarded the horned owl in thought.

“You look just like him…” She muttered thinking the owl resembled Snape to a T.

“No wonder he picked you, the arse… Ugh.” Raven plopped herself onto the four-poster and closed her eyes.

“Now!” She heard in chorus.

When she opened her eyes she saw the comforter wrapping around her. She squirmed about and was struggling in attempts to break out of whatever this was. She could feel herself being dragged off the bed and across the floor. She heard a couple of doors slam shut in the process. As soon as the dragging stopped she jerked the comforter off her. She sent the girls responsible an evil glare. They giggled in response and left the room.

Leave us…” She heard in an all too familiar voice.

This had Raven shooting to her feet. She spun around to see Draco sitting at one of the chairs in the common room. All the doors were locked and it was just the two of them now.

“Come now, dear sister. It’s time we had a little chat.”

“I’ve nothing to say to you.”

“You know… That really hurts.” Draco said putting a hand over his heart.

Raven rolled her eyes.

“Who sent them?”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“You know bloody well what I mean! The house-elves…”

Draco smiled and came to his feet. He walked on over and ran the tip of his wand along her waist as he circled her.

“Who’d have thought…”

He stopped and ran that wand up along her torso and chest. Raven slapped the wand away and Draco nodded.

“You certainly ‘look’ the part. But can you play the game, little sis? Can you be a Slytherin?”

Draco backed her into a corner and leaned into her ear.

“Can you eat, breathe, and sleep Slytherin?”

“Can you?” She challenged in return as she had her wand pressed against his throat.

He raised his brows and chuckled in mere amusement.

“Well go on… Show me what you got.”

Raven swallowed back and Draco nodded.

“That’s about what I thought… Same ole ‘Rubbish’. You always were pathetic. I can’t believe you got sorted into MY HOUSE! You haven’t earned the right to the title Slytherin. And the others will see that soon enough. You’ll be nothing more than an outcast. And before long, the rumors will all be true.”

Rumors? What rumors?”

Draco waved his wand about and a slash mark appeared on both her wrists.

“That little Corvina Corvus Malfoy has gone suicidal all over again. Poor thing… She just can’t help herself. It’s such a cruel, cruel world.”

“Stop it!” Raven shouted and went to stop the bleeding only to realize it was nothing more than an illusion.

Draco died of laughter.

“Welcome to Slytherin. Welcome to my house. Now get the bloody hell out of my face!”

The doors to the common room opened and Raven was sent flying out of the room.


Harry called out as he was making his way down the hall. Hagrid had this wounded yet puzzled appearance about him.

“‘Arry… ya might wanna come with me.”

Harry narrowed his eyes in wonder and followed Hagrid on out the door. They headed into the Forbidden Forest and about halfway through: Hagrid pointed a certain direction.

“I wasn’t sure who ta turn to. But I didn’t have the heart to wake the poor girl and I thought that maybe ya knew her?”

Harry staggered back seeing as how Raven was in Grawp’s arms and sound asleep. Grawp had this gloomy look about him and hugged her before handing her over to Harry.

“Think we could head to your place for a bit?”

“Sure thing ‘Arry!”

“Thank you.” Harry said to Grawp and with sincerity.

Grawp nodded.

Once they got to Hagrid’s, Harry laid Raven down and checked her over. She was cold to the touch so Harry grabbed one of Hagrid’s quilts and placed it over her. He brushed Raven’s hair back and caressed her cheek. Hagrid raised his brows, observing in silence.

“Hagrid, would you mind making her something warm to drink?”

“Does she like hot chocolate?”

Harry nodded.


He nodded once again.

“On it!”


“So who is she?” Hagrid questioned as he was setting everything up.

“It’s Willow, Hagrid.”

Hagrid stopped what he was doing and regarded Harry in absolute surprise.

“Did I hear ya right, ‘Arry?”

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. It’s just with that new professor it’s..”

“Ya mean Umbridge?”

Harry nodded and Hagrid pulled a face.

“She’s something, that one.”


“So ya mean ta say that Willow didn’t die after all and she’s no longer a house-elf?”

Harry went on to explain but he didn’t go in depth, considering the promise he’d made.

Hagrid wiped his eyes as he was rather choked up.

“I’m glad you have your friend back ‘Arry. She’s special, that one. Grawp seems ta think so as well. I should’ve known it was her by the way he was actin’. Never seen him that way with anyone else.”

Fang was sitting at the edge of the bed and whining. He licked Raven’s hand and paced the area.

“That one too. She’s got a way about her ‘Arry.”


Harry questioned as Hagrid was cutting him a rather peculiar glance.

“Now I don’t usually get into yer youngens private affairs and all. So don’t be mad ‘Arry…”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Ya gotta make your move.”

Harry looked to Hagrid wide-eyed and Hagrid sighed.

“I knew ya wouldn’t like what I had ta say. But they’re rare… a girl like that.”

Harry went to comment but they looked over as Raven was stretching her arms about and yawning. She rose up on the bed and regarded Harry and Hagrid in surprise.

“How’d I get here?!”

“Hot chocolate’s on the table. I’ll give ya some privacy.”

Hagrid headed on out and Harry gathered the hot chocolate and handed it over. Raven breathed it in and let the cup warm her hands as she sipped out of it.

“This is really good…”

“Hagrid makes the best hot chocolate. So… You want to tell me what why you weren’t at the dorm last night?”

Harry…” She groaned.

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was going to head back, honest.”

“I’m not mad Willow, just concerned. Will you tell me what happened?”

“Nothing really, other than receiving the proper Slytherin welcome.”

Harry shot to his feet.

“What did he do…?!”

“Harry… Please. I can handle it.”

“But that’s just it. You don’t have to handle anything. I’m here. Willow let me help!”

“Actually I could use your help.”

“Good. I’ll teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

“No Harry. This has been a long time coming between me and Draco. You remember what I said about facing your fears and not running from them?”

Harry nodded.

“Well it’s time to take my own advice.”

“But that’s just it. You’re not running. We can face this together.”

Raven smiled.

“And we will. Just not the way you’re thinking.”

“Then how?”

“I want you to train me, Harry. Sev is working with me but it’s not quite at the level I need. I need someone that’s willing to go all out and show me everything I need to know. And we already got the perfect place.”

“You mean the Room Of Requirement?”


Harry paced the area a bit.

“Please, Harry. I know I’m asking a lot. But I’m tired of being everyone’s punching bag. And it’s not like I can just snap my way out of this one, at least not anymore. I want to hold my own and to be able to do so with pride.”
“Then we had better start tonight.”

It was nightfall, Harry waited until the doors to the room of requirement had closed before he took the invisibility cloak off of them. Looking around the room had already configured itself to how Harry had envisioned it. Raven took note of the large area blocked off for dueling, the long stretch of space with targets a shooting range. Even the shelves of defense books along the back wall.

“Harry this is incredible!” She exclaimed.

He smiled her way, “Well I figure if we are to do this we might as well do it right.”

That being said Harry led her over to the shooting range to get started.

“The first spell I want to teach you is the Stunning spell. You simply jab your wand forward with a corkscrew motion while saying the incantation.” Without even looking at the target he yelled out “Stupify!” A bolt of red energy left his wand like a bullet streaking to the targets where it hit with a bullseye. Raven realized then that the rumors of Harry being the best at DADA where justified.

Sending him a smirk Raven said to Harry slyly, “Now you’re just showing off.”

“Maybe just a little…,” Harry said with his usual lop-sided grin.

Knowing they didn’t have all night Harry led Raven through a miniature boot camp. From defensive and offensive spells to hexes and even a little battle transfiguration. He even ran her through some physical drills such as jumping, rolling, and dodging. He didn’t expect her to get it all in one night but for the most part she seemed to be a natural. However when it came to both the disarming and patronus charms she seemed to hit a block. What’s worse the longer they tried at those two the angrier she started to become. Harry needed to get her mind off of it, with a perverted grin, he knew just the thing.

“You know… I just realized something.”


Raven closed her eyes as she could feel him breathing against the crevice of her neck.

“I never released you, which theoretically makes me your master still.”

“Is that so?”

Harry nodded.

“Of course we could always test this theory.”

“And what is it you suggest?”

Harry leaned into her ear. He wasn’t sure what came over him but it gave him that heady feeling. And there was a side of Harry just begging to get out, one he wasn’t even aware of.

“I could always demand a kiss.”

“You could…” She challenged in return.

Willow…” he murmured as if in agony.

Harry spun her around so that she was facing him.

“Kiss me.”

Harry was caught off-guard as Raven reached over and grabbed him by the tie. She pulled him towards her. The moment their lips touched, Harry lifted her up off the ground and had her legs wrap around his waist while they kissed. He pressed her up against one of the pillars and was leaving a trial of kisses along her neck. Harry lowered the sleeve to her blouse and those kisses continued along her shoulder. He had his hand running up her skirt and just as soon as he felt the seam of her panties, he stopped. Harry cleared his throat and put his forehead to hers.

“Sorry…” He whispered with a flushed face.

Raven sort of giggled but was breathing rather heavily.

“I’m not…”

Harry chuckled and pecked her on the lips once again.

“I just don’t want you getting the wrong idea, that’s all.”

“That being?”

Harry lowered her back down and adjusted the sleeve to her blouse.

“Willow, just know that you mean a lot to me. And I would never forgive myself if I ruined what we already have.”

Raven smiled and leaned into his chest.

“You won’t.”

This had him wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head.

“Harry?” Raven called out in surprise as he was waiting outside the Slytherin dorms the following morning.

The other Slytherins were cutting him dirty looks. Harry ignored it however and walked on over.

“Thought we could walk to class together.”

Willow smiled.
“I’d like that.”

“Better keep her away from windows and sharp objects…” One of the Slytherin girls scoffed as she walked past.

Raven gritted her teeth as the others joined in and were laughing. Harry sighed knowing that feeling all too well. He’d had come to her defense but knew it would only further entice them. And he didn’t wish to make matters worse. That was soon to change as one of Draco’s friends wrapped his arm around Raven’s shoulder and was leading her away from Harry. Before Harry could so much as react, Raven shoved Gregory Goyle up against the wall.

“Keep your smarmy hands off me!”

Gregory laughed and adjusted his robe. He was heading back over when Harry placed a hand along his shoulder.

“Don’t…” Harry warned.

“Or what?”

“You’ll find out the hard way…”
“Is that a challenge, Potter?”

“Knock it off, Goyle!” Raven snapped and pushed her way past him.

She took Harry by the hand but eyed Goyle down as they walked away.

“Get your hands off my best mate, you snake!”

Harry reared back and cocked a brow Ron’s direction. Raven stifled a giggle and leaned into Harry’s ear.

“I wasn’t aware you two were so serious.”

“Neither was I… Honestly, I’m just not feeling it anymore.”

“What game are you playing at?”

“Game?” Raven questioned and Ron nodded.

“You know bloody well what I mean.”
“That’s enough, Ron.” Harry warned.

“Nah mate… She knows what I’m talking about, don’t you?!”

“Fraid not.”

“And that’s MY seat!” Ron scoffed as she sat beside Harry.

“Guess the bromance is over…” Neville whispered or so he thought.

Harry and Ron snapped a look his direction. Neville’s eyes were as big as saucers.
“What’d you say?” Ron uttered and Hermione was quick to take him by the hand and force him into a seat beside her.

“Honestly Ron…” She ridiculed.

“She can’t be trusted!”

Raven overheard this and she looked back over her shoulder.

“Funny you should say that, considering the two of you… And don’t even begin to play dumb.”

Hermione’s jaw dropped and she shot up from her seat.

Raven nodded.

“I’ve been nothing but supportive!” Hermione defended.

“Have you?”


“Hmmm.” Raven hummed in mere amusement as she took her seat.

As for Harry, he hadn’t a clue what to say. They ignored the looks, the constant gossiping, and students out to start trouble. The rest test however came about lunchtime. All the houses had their eyes on Harry and Raven as they were deciding on where they were going to sit.


They turned to see Neville waving them over. He was sitting next to Luna. Raven smiled looking a bit relieved. Ron frowned as he saw them heading that way. Hermione had this wounded look about her. It just wasn’t like Harry not to sit with them. Everything was Willow this and that… Ron let out a miserable groan and Hermione sighed.

“It’s just a phase. He’ll come around once the new wears off.”

Ron gazed their direction once again and shook his head.

“He’s obsessed is what he is. It isn’t normal you know.”

“Rumor has it that the Slytherin girl slipped Harry some Love Potion.” One of the other Gryffindor’s uttered.

Ron raised his brows and looked over yet again.

“Stop that…” Hermione whispered as she elbowed him.

“He’s going to know you’re talking about him if you keep gawking.” She hissed.

“That would certainly explain things…” Ron said looking to be in thought.

“He hasn’t been acting himself. That’s for certain.”

The fellow Gryffindor nodded.

“You can’t just go around making accusations like that. Like he said… it’s a rumor, nothing more.” Hermione replied.

“That we know of… I say we look into this.”

“Ron…” Hermione warned.

“Come now… What’s the harm in doing a little investigation of our own? And doesn’t Harry deserve to know if he’s being influenced somehow? He’d do the same for us.”

Hermione stole a glance their direction. She watched as Harry brushed Raven’s hair back and was whispering something into her ear. She giggled directly after and Hermione reared back as Harry ran his hand along Raven’s lower back and towards her ass. He didn’t leave it there for long but it didn’t set right with Hermione. She’d witnessed Harry when flirting before and he NEVER took things that far. Harry Potter was too much of a gentleman for that sort of behavior, (or so she thought).

Raven laughed as Neville was telling her about one of Harry’s Quidditch games.

“You should’ve seen the look on Professor McGonagall’s face.”

“Can’t control where the golden snitch goes and it was my first year.” Harry said with a sigh but a flushed face.

“Still, I can’t believe you lifted her skirt in order to get seek it!” Raven said with a snort.

“Neither could she!” Neville added and Harry let out a groan.

“Thanks, Neville.” Harry sarcastically threw out there.

“No prob, Harry!”

“I’d like to see you play one day…”

Harry looked to Raven in surprise.

“Well the games start next week…” He said trying to sound somewhat indifferent.

Though a part of him felt a sense of pride in Raven wanting to watch one of his Quidditch games.

“Wicked. Can’t wait!”

And what do we have here?”

Everyone turned to see Umbridge standing directly behind Raven and Harry.

“Mixing houses?”

Harry cut Umbridge an offbeat look.

“Is there a rule against it?” Harry challenged knowing there wasn’t but found himself wishing he’d have kept his mouth shut.

“Actually as of now… there is.”

Harry shook his head.

“I don’t see the harm in sitting with your friends. Why does it matter what house they’re in?”

Raven smiled upon Harry with a prideful look about her.

“He has a point…” Raven said with a shrug.

Umbridge tilted her head and regarded Raven in thought.

“Aren’t you one of our newest students?”

“Yes ma’am.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you don’t know any better. Now be a dear and head back to your house. So I can deal with this matter properly.”

Raven looked to her robes and then back to Umbridge’s little posse. That posse included Draco Malfoy and his friends Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson. The young Slytherin laughed as it was truly dawning on her as to what was taking place.

“I’m good…”

Umbridge looked to Raven as if she were joking.

“You think I don’t see what you’re doing…?” Raven whispered as she locked eyes with Umbridge.

“You will treat me just as you would them. I might carry the Malfoy name but that doesn’t indicate that I do so with pride. You’re brownnosing the wrong pureblood.”

Harry’s jaw dropped and Luna and Neville looked just as stunned. Meanwhile Draco’s friends were holding him back as he sneered upon Raven.

“Very well… Have it your way. You can join your so called friends in detention.”

Raven smiled.

“Thank you!”

Umbridge leaned into Raven’s ear.

“You do realize I’m the senior under-secretary to the minister?”

“Don’t really care who you are.”

“Oh but you will. Just wait until Lucius hears of this.”

Raven shrugged.

“It’s not like he’s my father or anything.”

Harry covered his mouth in order to keep from laughing. Raven sent him a wink and took a bite of her ice cream.

“Have you tried this?” Raven asked as she pointed to the ice cream with her spoon.

“It’s really good. Maybe it’ll help cool you off.” Raven said as she handed Umbridge a bowl from the table.

“Raven…” Neville cautioned seeing the expression on Umbridge’s face.

Harry nudged her as well. Raven sighed and placed the bowl back down.

“Suit yourself, can’t say I didn’t offer.”

Umbridge strutted off and was having a bit of a hissy fit. Raven smiled and leaned back in her chair. Harry heard her muttering something along the lines of ‘carry on, Umbitch’. And that’s where the Slytherin comes from… Harry thought amongst himself. Part of him felt a little on edge but there was another side of him… one that found it a bit of a turn on. He rather liked this bad girl side. It was night and day when it came to her and you never knew what was going to come out of that mouth of hers. And he could see it in her eyes; she wasn’t scared of Umbridge like most of the students. If anything, Raven seemed highly annoyed and appalled that Umbridge would even begin to place her on that same pedestal as the other purebloods. Harry loved that about her. Raven could’ve used her title in order to get what she wanted, but she didn’t. She didn’t wish to be treated any differently than that of her friends. He couldn’t help but to smile when he really thought on it.

“Something on your mind?” She questioned taking notice.

“The heart of a Gryffindor, the spirit of a Hufflepuff, the wit of a Ravenclaw, and the fight of a Slytherin…” Harry said as if in awe.

Luna lifted her eyes and nodded in full agreement.

“He’s certainly got you pegged.”

“He’s right… You’re a little bit of everything. I’m surprised you didn’t break the sorting hat.” Neville added and Raven felt a little choked up.

“That’s like the best compliment I’ve ever received. Thank you.”

Harry nodded. This was something Raven never thought she’d have. It wasn’t that long ago that it all seemed so far out of reach. But now here she was… attending Hogwarts. Luna and Neville had become good friends of hers and she was dating Harry Potter. And to top it off she hadn’t expected Severus to take her under his wing. Sure, there was still some bitterness in the part he played. But she hadn’t much choice when it came to guardians. Severus was the only ‘family’ she knew. And even though he wasn’t exactly blood, he was she and Draco’s godfather. There was a time where she thought the world of Severus. But someone else came to mind and her heart had that dropping feeling. His face was always fresh in her mind. And he was someone she missed dearly; the one that gave her the name Little Raven. He was like a second father to her – or so he was back in the day. Back when she though Lucius hung the moon and stars. But the one she was thinking of was dead now. Lucius had let her know that he died during his time in Azkaban. It nearly killed her when she’d heard the news. By then she was already a house-elf. And the man she was thinking of hadn’t a clue as to what had taken place. What she wouldn’t give to see him one last time…

Raven forced a smile as she excused herself from the table. Harry regarded her with concern as she was quick to exit the dining hall. At the moment Raven was an emotional wreck. There was so much going on in that mind of hers and she found it hard to focus. Raven sighed however as Umbridge had Argus Filch (the caretaker) putting up even more rules for the Hogwarts students. The young Slytherin tilted her head and merely observed as he was nailing them to the wall.

Houses are to be kept separate and are not permitted to socialize with one another.

PDA will not be tolerated and all couples must stand eight inches apart.

All clubs and sports are hereby suspended until they’ve been properly approved.

These were just a few… There were rules plastered all along this particular hallway.

“She’s completely mental!”

Raven caught Dumbledore through the corner of her eye. Even he had this look of utter disbelief.

“Can’t you do something?” Raven whispered.

He narrowed his eyes but didn’t comment. Raven reared back as he simply walked away.

“Way to fight for your students…” Raven scoffed under her breath.

“Of all the years why does Hogwarts chose this one to become someone’s bitch.”

“It’s like you’re reading my mind…” Harry said causing her to jump.


“Didn’t mean to startle you…”

“Can you believe this?” Raven waved her hand about and Harry sighed.

“Easy Harry, you’re about to cross that eight inch threshold.”

He shook his head on this.

“Why eight?” Raven questioned with this mischievous grin about her.

“Does she know something I don’t, Harry?!”

Harry’s face at the moment was like that of a tomato.

“Cat got your tongue?” She further prompted.

The other students were exiting the Great Hall as lunch was now over. Each of them shared the same look of horror once they discovered the new rules. Everyone was talking amongst one another and shaking their heads. Harry and Raven were forced apart as Umbridge stepped between them. Umbridge gestured for the caretaker to put up the last rule (of the day). Harry recoiled once he saw what it was. It was a rule against houses dating members of other houses. Raven started laughing and the students looked upon her as if she’d lost her mind.

“Well you see that, Harry? I suppose that means we have to break up now.”

“Not happening…” Harry practically growled and Raven rather beamed on this.

“You can’t enforce these rules and expect to be taking seriously.” He added as if to challenge Professor Umbridge.

Everyone grew silent as Umbridge locked eyes with Harry. She got right in his face.

“Now that would be a grave mistake.” She whispered just loud enough that he could hear it.

Harry gave a simple nod as he took Raven by the hand and headed to their next class.

“What?” Harry questioned as to the look Raven was giving him once they took their seats.

“You’ve got a bit of a rebellious side, don’t you Harry?”

Raven giggled as he blushed in response.

“You never cease to amaze me…” She uttered as if in a dreamlike state.

“A word… and now.”

Harry looked over to see Snape leaning into Raven’s ear. She let out a sigh of mere annoyance and followed him out of the classroom. A solid minute had passed when they heard…


They heard Professor Snape mumble something in return. The entire class jumped as they heard what sounded to be a slap. Harry gritted his teeth thinking it was Snape’s doing. That was until they heard… “Don’t you ever badmouth the Potters again!” When they returned Snape had Raven by the arm and was dragging her towards the empty seat beside Gregory Goyle. Goyle wiggled his brows and smiled upon Harry.

“You’re bloody joking, right?!” Raven snapped and Professor Snape pivoted back around and pointed his wand her direction.


Harry jumped out of his seat as Raven reached to her throat.

“About time…” Malfoy scoffed as Raven couldn’t talk.

Snape pointed his wand Harry’s direction next.


Harry’s wand was sent flying out of his hand. Snape marched on over and grabbed Harry by the collar of his robe.

“You dare to try and attack me?!”

Raven started to rise but Goyle and Malfoy kept her seated as Snape escorted Harry out of the room.

“Defending a Slytherin, you say?! Why that’s wonderful news!”

This had Snape rearing back and Harry resisted the urge to laugh.

“You seem to have forgotten the part where he attacked a teacher!”

“I thought you prevented the said attack?”

“Well yes… but.”

“Then we can’t be certain of that, now can we?”

Snape staggered back and Harry kept quiet on the matter, figuring that were best.

“And why did the young Slytherin need to be silenced again?”

Harry raised that brow of his and tilted his head upon Snape waiting for an answer as well…

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