Chapter 61 – What’s This? (Bonus Chapter)

Chapter 61 (bonus chapter) – What’s This?

A bonus chapter featuring events that took place after the wedding and the following morning.

“What’s this?” Tig questioned as Dinah was sitting in his lap and showing him something on her phone.

“You’ll see.” She said.

Tig shrugged then kissed her on the neck. The Son narrowed his eyes when he saw what looked to be himself. This had him getting a better look.




“How the fuck…” Tig muttered once he realized this was footage from the haunted asylum.

The Son snatched the phone out of his old lady’s hold and was in attempts to delete the video.

Dinah, however, swiped it back then held it out of reach.

“That’s fucked up!” Tig hissed, and Dinah died of laughter.

“No, what’s fucked up is you, threatening little children!”

“Those weren’t children, Dinah. Those were little fuckfaced demons ready to eat my motherfucking soul!”

“Sure, they were…”

“How do you have that anyhow?”

Dinah smiled in such a way, and Tig’s eyes widened in revelation.

“NOOO FUCKING WAY!” He snapped, and Dinah grinned.

“Oh yeah, baby. That was ME! I’m the one that gave you three the “special cage” treatment.” Dinah zoomed in on the nurse she played.

“I KNEW THAT ONE SOUNDED FAMILIAR!” Tig hollered, and Dinah laughed once again.

“You were scared out of your little mind!” She taunted, and Tig rolled his eyes.

“It was cute…” Dinah surprisingly put then put her phone away.

“Cute?!” Tig questioned with raised brows.

“Oh, yeah. I wanted to tie you up and punish the fuck out of you.”

“Well, damn baby. Ain’t no one gonna miss us!” He said while shooting to his feet with Dinah in his hold.

“What this?” Abel asked when his father handed him a Halloween bag.

“Look inside…”

Abel peered into the bag then leaped up with a squeal.


Jax chuckled then nodded.

“Well, go on… Try it on.” Jax encouraged, and Abel took off.

Riona regarded her husband in question as she sipped on her wine.

“You’ll see…”

Jax waited while his son got dressed inside the church.

“I’S SPIDER-MAN!” Abel announced once he stepped outside.

            Everyone glanced over, and Riona clamped a hand over her mouth. Jax sent his wife a wink then looked to his son.

“Hey, Spider-Man, have you seen my son?”

Abel broke into a giggle fit.

“No, da… I mean no, sir. I no sees him, but I finds him for you!”

“Thank you, Spider-Man!”

“I has to go trick or treating first, but then I goes and finds him!”

Jax reared back as if offended.

“Well, I guess even Spider-Man has his priorities…” Jax scoffed, and Abel giggled once again.

“Thought we could take him around here…” Jax softly hinted as to the neighborhood by the church.

Riona nodded but couldn’t get over how cute her son was in that  Spider-Man costume. She was snapping a ton of pictures with her phone.

“What’s this?” Ethan questioned as his mother handed an envelope over.

“You’ll see…” She said, and Ethan started to open it, only to have his mother stop him.

“After the party…” She made clear but with a warm smile.

Inside was a check for all the child support Pepper had sent them over the years. Marianne took Pepper’s advice and decided to cash out on Ethan’s behalf.

“Um, okay…” Ethan said, then stuffed the envelope into his blazer pocket.

“And you are…” Marianne questioned with a hand held out in greeting.

Ethan grimaced once he realized he failed to introduce his girlfriend to his parents and vice versa.

“Leia,” Leia said, and Marianne smiled.

“Marianne – I’m Ethan’s mother.”

Leia’s jaw dropped, and Ethan cleared his throat, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Yeah… Umm Leia, this is my mother and my stepfather. Mom, Steven, this is Leia.”

“Leia…” His mother probed, and Leia giggled.

“My girlfriend…” Ethan grumbled gathering the hint.

“I knew it!” His mother expressed.

“That’s not handshake worthy! That’s hug worthy!” Marianne said before pulling Leia into her arms.

“Oh, wait! Aren’t you the one that caught the bouquet?!” Marianne expressed afterward.

“Mom….” Ethan pleaded, and Leia sent Ethan a mocking grin.

“I sure am!”

The look on Ethan’s face had Steven dying of laughter.

“Well, should we get to planning?!” Marianne teased with a playful wink her son’s direction.

“Mom…” Ethan warned, and Marianne laughed.

“Isn’t he cute?!” Leia implied as to Ethan’s beet-red face.

“What’s this?” Riona asked when her brother handed a black case over.

“Aislinn’s wedding gift.”

Riona reared back, wondering why he hadn’t given it to her yet.

“Open it,” Ethan uttered with a shrug

“You want me to open Linny’s gift?”

“Well, yeah… You’ll see why.”

Riona shrugged then opened the case.

“Oh, Mary, is this…”

“Sure is!” Ethan replied with a wide grin.

“I can’t believe ya went and got her a grenade launcher!”

“OH, that isn’t even the best part!” Ethan picked the black, and hot pink launcher up then showed where he had Aislinn’s name engraved.

Beneath her name, it read… For assholes and fun!

Riona laughed so hard she snorted.

“That’s perfect! She’s goin’ to love it. Not so sure how Chibs will feel about it. But Linny’s goin’ to lose it. Especially after Jackson made her put that one back…” Riona uttered in memory.

Ethan nodded then put the launcher back into its case.

“I gotta admit… I’m kind of jealous.” Riona said, and Ethan raised his brows on this.


“Just a little,” Riona said with a playful nudge.

“That’s awesome!” The way he said this had Riona narrowing her eyes.

Ethan reached under the table, revealing another black case.

“Cause I got you one too!” He said then handed it over.

“It’s got your name and everything! If Jax or Chibs ever step out of line… Well, there you go! See?! I got you taken care of! Both of you!” Ethan said before pecking his sister on the cheek and strutting off.

“What’s this?” David asked with a wide grin.

The drummer snapped a picture with his phone before his guitarist woke. Mark stretched his arms then blinked a few times as he gathered his bearings.

“What’s with you?” Mark muttered when he saw what looked to be a man in his bed.

“Oh, it gets better…” David said with a gesture towards the other side of the bed.

David lit a cigarette then observed as his bandmate lifted the covers off the other person.

“Well, what do ya know! Looks like you manage to swing BOTH ways after all!” David witted, and Mark’s eyes widened.

“…nooo…” Mark muttered in horror.

The guitarist was in attempts to get out of the bed when Gina reached out and stopped him.

“Where you off to?” She tiredly called.

“Gina…” Mark uttered in confusion.

“Hm?” She hummed with a wide grin.

“Why is a Son in bed with us?”

Gina lowered the sheets, exposing herself a bit. David cocked a brow, and Mark flipped him off before covering Gina back up. Gina giggled once she saw David.

“Hey!” She greeted.

“Hey, girl,” David replied before taking a long drag off his cigarette.

“Gina!” Mark hissed as he waited for an explanation.

“You’re serious, aren’t you? You really don’t remember?” Gina said with a disappointed sigh.

“Remember what?!” Mark desperately put.

“You two had some sort of bet going…”

“Bet?!” Mark said while reaching to his temples.

“Yep…” Gina said while running a single finger down his bare chest.

“Looks like you both win!” Gina declared.


“That’s right. You two were arguing about who could get me into bed.”

“Okay, I remember that much,” Mark admitted.

“But that doesn’t explain how HE’s here!”

“Actually, it does…” Gina said with a shrug.

David raised his brows then watched as Gina reached over Mark and shook the other one awake.

“Hey, baby!” She greeted once the Son came to.

“Hmmm?!” Kip hummed with a smile.

David lost all composure when Kip reached over to kiss her, only to find Mark lying right beside him.

“Dude, that better be Gina’s leg!” Mark warned as one of them had his leg against his crotch.

“David, would you mind…” Gina hinted with a pouty face.

“Do I have to? Things are getting pretty interesting.” David pleaded.

One look from Gina, however, was all it took. David bitched under his breath as he exited the room.

“I can’t believe you two forgot!” Gina said while rolling out of bed in a huff.

“Forgot what?!” Mark damn near growled.

Kip groaned out in memory, and Gina froze as she was getting dressed.

“You remember, don’t you?” She asked with a mischievous grin, and Kip covered his face.

Kip let out this deep-rooted groan then flung his head back on his pillow.

“It was hot, wasn’t it?” Gina probed, causing Mark to narrow his eyes in wonder.

Kip kept his face covered but nodded.

“What the fuck? Are you seriously hard right now?! Get that the fuck away from me, man!” Mark snapped as Kip was poking through the sheets.

Mark fell out of bed in attempts to get away from Kip’s wood.

“Wow…” Gina uttered with another disheartened sigh.

“Guess that means we won’t be doing that again.”


Kip uncovered his face then sat up in the bed. Gina made her way over as she was buttoning her shirt. She leaned into Kip’s ear.

“Should we tell him you pegged us both?” She seductively put, while nipping at Kip’s ear and eyeing Mark.

Mark reared back when Kip grabbed a fistful of Gina’s hair and roughly kissed her. Gina giggled then crawled back into the bed.

“Fuck this crazy shit.” Mark bitched as he started to get dressed.

Mark curled his lip in disgust, but it hadn’t anything to do with the scene before him. No. It had to do with his dick’s betrayal. He’d never been so hard as he watched Kip and Gina go at it. Mark staggered back as everything about last night came back to haunt him. The baffled man tilted his head as he watched Gina ride Kip.

Kip would spread her apart every now and then, and that’s what triggered Mark’s memory. He remembered tag-teaming Gina when they were drunk. They were trying to prove dominance over the other. Mark frowned, however, when he remembered trying to dominate not only Gina but Kip as well.

“This isn’t happening,” Mark said while looking at his deceiving cock.

That’s what fucked with the guitarist’s head most. Mark had never been gay a day in his life, but he remembered how turned on he was when Kip was the one to prove himself. Kip took control of not only Gina but him. Kip was eyeing Mark as his hands were planted along Gina’s ass.

“…fuck…” Mark uttered in realization of something he would’ve NEVER expected.

Kip gave a slight chuckle, showing he was in the same boat.

“I like women.” Mark made clear.

“So, do I…” Kip muttered between grunts.

“See?! Then it’s perfect because I am a woman!” Gina smarted while patting the other side of the bed.

Mark rolled his eyes. He’d never been so conflicted. He could only imagine what Aislinn and David would say about all this. Kip flipped Gina onto all fours, however. Something about that brought all those lustful feelings from last night back. Mark found himself joining them.

“This is fucked…” Mark murmured after kissing Gina and Kip.

Gina laughed in response.

“I don’t know, Mark. I think Kip needs to remind you of what FUCKED actually is.”

Kip let out an excitable growl at this, and Gina smiled.

“That’s right. Show him, baby!”

“What’s this?” Bobby questioned when he saw Ethan exit the clubhouse with a box of Black Cats, mousetraps, and Legos.”

“You’ll see…” Ethan softly uttered.

Bobby shrugged then started inside.

“You might wanna hold up…” Ethan warned, stopping him.

“Um, okay…”

Ethan smiled after setting the box down. He propped the door to the clubhouse open then smiled Bobby’s direction. There was a massive roll of Black Cat fireworks laid out across the bar room floor, along with a few mousetraps and small Lego pieces. Ethan had been planning this for a week or so now.

Happy and Jax were the only ones left as Ethan managed to sneak everyone else out. That wasn’t easy, considering everyone had questions. Ethan just knew they were going to blow his cover or wake them up. Riona was home with Abel, so Ethan figured this was perfect timing. The Sons had gotten together at the clubhouse after the wedding. Jax and Happy had a little TOO much to drink. Ethan managed to get everything set up and even managed to get Happy and Jax’s shoes off.

“Wanna see our president and Happy dance?!”

“Oh shit!” Bobby howled as Ethan lit the Black Cats.

The two of them were quick to take cover behind the door. Jax and Happy hollered out, and it wasn’t long before they came barreling out of the clubhouse. They were limping about, on their bare feet. They had their guns out and were ready for war. Ethan died of laughter when he saw a mousetrap hanging off Happy’s arm, and there was one on Jax’s foot.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jax shouted once he saw Bobby and Ethan standing behind the door.

Bobby pointed Ethan’s direction, and Ethan shrugged.

“Now, that’s a military welcome for ya!” Ethan proudly announced.

“You mean…” Happy uttered behind gritted teeth.

“Oh yeah, I warned you, both of you! Payback’s a motherfucking BITCH!”

“That’s fucked up! You had us thinking we woke up in some goddamn battlefield!” Jax angrily spat.

“That’s the point!”

“I wanna be mad. But that was actually pretty fucking ingenious.” Happy uttered like he was in awe.

“Seriously?!” Jax hissed after prying himself free of the mousetrap.

Happy chuckled as he removed the one on his arm.

“Where’d you get the Legos?” Jax questioned.

“Abel… Pretty brutal, huh? Every parent’s worst nightmare!” Ethan said, and Jax managed to laugh.

“That’s no fucking lie,” Jax muttered while lighting a cigarette.

“But what about Filip? He set that whole thing up, not me!” Jax asked.

“No, but you kept adding to it. Besides, my sister is carrying Chibs’s payback.”

“You got your sister pregnant?” Tig said as he’d walked up on the tail end of this conversation.

This had Happy, Ethan, and Jax shaking their heads in Tig’s direction.

“What?! That would be some pretty brutal punishment. Not just the whole, you’re not the father bit. But those lil fuckers are gonna turn out with like three eyes and a tail. It’s gonna be awesome!”

Ethan rolled his eyes then gave Tig a decent smack on the back of his head.


“What’s this?” Aislinn questioned once she greeted her sister at the door.

“The contract.” Riona apologetically uttered.

“Just need your John Hancock, then I’ll be out of your hair.” Riona murmured as this was the morning following Aislinn and Chibs’s wedding.

“Is that…” Aislinn questioned once she saw the all too familiar face waiting in Jax’s truck.

“Aye, he wanted to see ya but thought it best to wait in the truck. He didn’t want to ruin your honeymoon.”

“Nonsense!” Aislinn said after signing and dating the contract.

Aislinn adjusted her robe then headed for the truck.

“Well, are ya gonna say hi or not?!” Aislinn hollered, and Sean smiled before stepping out of the truck.

“Ya big arse! Ya should know ya can at least say hello!” She said after giving the man a playful punch on the arm.

“Ya haven’t changed a bit!” Sean said.

“Ya say that like it’s a bad thing!”

“Not even a little.” He said before hugging her.

“Ya look great, love! Happy even!” Sean complimented afterward.

“Aye, thank you, and I am.”

“It shows!”

“And what about you? How are ya nowadays?!” Aislinn asked.

“I’m good, real good. Got me a great lass and a second kid on the way!”

“That’s wonderful, Sean. I’m happy for you.”

“Aye, likewise, darlin’. Likewise. It’s good seein’ ya again!”

Sean nodded Chibs’s direction as he was standing in the doorway of the cabin now. The Scot nodded in return.

“We’ll have plenty of time to catch up later. Now get on back to yer honeymoon.” Sean said after giving Aislinn another hug.

“Aye, another time,” Aislinn said in agreement.

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