Chapter 8 – Memory Lane


Chapter 8 – Memory Lane

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Abel giggled as Riona blew another raspberry along his tummy. Aislinn opened her eyes and smiled as she watched the two wrestling around. Bobby was snoring up a storm, and Abel covered his ears.

“He soo loud!” Abel said, and the girls laughed.

“Aye, he sure is,” Riona said.

“He and grandpa the loudest!”

This had Chibs chuckling as he’d come to as well. He was on the cot between Jax and Juice. Abel’s cot was between the girls. Aislinn grabbed her pillow then tossed it Bobby’s direction. Bobby shot up at this and Aislinn sent him an impish little wave. Bobby shook his head and lay back down.

“You’re keepin’ the bears away!”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” He grumbled, and Riona laughed as Aislinn tossed Half-Sack’s pillow over.

Half-Sack cocked a brow on this.

“Sorry was ya attached to it?” Aislinn teased, and Half-Sack shook his head but with a smile.

“So why they call ya Half-Sack?!”

“Linny!” Riona scolded.

“What? I want to know.”

“Ever think that isn’t any of your business?!”

“If it wasn’t my business they wouldn’t go around callin’ him that for the world to hear.”

Chibs died of laughter then nodded the prospect’s direction.

“Well go on tell her…” He taunted, and Half-Sack sighed.

“I got one testicle… But it won’t be like that for long.” Half-Sack went on to tell her about the surgery he was going to have and in detail.

Chibs laughed at her reaction.

“So they’re gonna sew ya on a new ball? Is that how ya’d say it?”

“Yeah…” Half-Sack said with a shrug.

“What’s it goin’ to be made of?” She curiously asked, and Riona scolded her sister once again but with laughter.

“Quit pesterin’ the boy!”

“I’m not pesterin’. I just wanted to know.”

Aislinn gasped out however as a pillow hit her from seemingly nowhere. She looked over, and Bobby nodded her direction.

“Oh, it’s on.” She said and grabbed the pillow.

She marched on over in attempts to hit him, but Bobby maneuvered just right and flipped the girl over his shoulder and took that other pillow across her ass.

“ELVIS!” She scolded but with a giggle and was hitting him in return.

Riona and Chibs exchanged glances on this. No words were needed as both were taken back that she even allowed Bobby to touch her. Abel giggled as well and decided he wanted to join in on the fun.

“I save you Linny!” He said and grabbed his pillow.

Bobby pretended to be knocked out when Abel hit him. He dropped Aislinn onto his cot and Abel nodded like the big hero he was.

“I get you! No, do it again!” Abel warned while pointing at Bobby and Bobby had to refrain from laughing.

“Yes, sir! I’ve learned my lesson!” Bobby said, and Abel nodded.

The boy offered Aislinn his hand and helped her off Bobby’s cot. Abel led Aislinn right to Chibs and sat her down beside him on his cot.

“He a doctor. He can make sure you no hurt.”

Riona laughed on how badly her sister was blushing. Aislinn grabbed Chibs’s pillow and chucked it at her sister.

“Watch it Linny; I’ll whip your wee arse,” Riona warned.

“You can try.”

Aislinn looked over in surprise as Chibs had his stethoscope and was checking on her vitals. He let Abel hear her heartbeat and the boy nodded.

“She okay,” Abel said.

“I think so too.” Chibs uttered.

Jax leaned into Riona’s ear during all this.

“Man, you weren’t kidding. Look at her.” He whispered as to how bashful Aislinn got when it came to Chibs.

“Aye… She’s gone and doesn’t even know it.” Riona whispered in response.

Chibs put his boots on then stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“Ye wanna join me…” He softly hinted as to Riona having an issue with her sister smoking.

That and he wanted some one on one time. Aislinn nodded and followed Chibs outside.

“It’s warmin’ up.” Chibs uttered as to the sun being out, and it wasn’t as cold and rainy out today.

“Aye, it’s nice.”

“Ye’ll like Charmin’ then. It’s always sunny.”

Aislinn smiled in thought.

“Sounds nice.”

“Aye, and we’re just a couple hours away from the beach.” He said while handing a cigarette over.

“Thanks.” She said as he lit it for her.

“Is there anythin’ ye want from the farm?”

“Brodie brought everythin’ over, everythin’ we cared about anyhow.”

Chibs nodded in thought. He froze however as Aislinn reached over and got on her tippy toes in order to fix his bed hair. He leaned into the palm of her hand afterward. Aislinn lowered her hand, and Chibs cleared his throat. He couldn’t get over her shyness when it came to him. The man found it a bit of a turn on. It just showed how innocent and inexperienced she truly was.

“Ye should know we’re makin’ plans ta go ahead and deal with the IRA. That starts tomorrow. Once we’ve wrapped everythin’ up, we’ll be headed ta the states. I want ye and yer sister to make certain ye got everythin’ wrapped up here before we go. There’s no turnin’ back lass. Once we’re on that ship that’s it.”

“How long will we be on the ship?”

“Fourteen days or so…”

Aislinn nodded in thought.

“We’ll have everythin’ we need,” Chibs reassured.

“Never been on a ship before.”Aislinn murmured in thought.

“I betcha we’ll see some whales.”


“Oh yeah. Maybe some dolphins too.”

“Haven’t seen those since I was a kid.” She said while thinking back to their time in Galway before her parents bought the farm.

“So ye’ve never been outside Ireland, right?”


“Well, yer definitely in for a wild ride.”

“That good or bad?”

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“Eh, a little of both. Ye’ll find out when we get ta Charmin’.”

Chibs dug into his cut and pulled out a wad of cash. Aislinn had this baffled look about her as he handed it over.

“I think we both know I’m not open for service and if I were, I’d be worth a lot more!” She mocked as she counted it out.

“Aye, more than I can afford.” Chibs witted in return.

Aislinn laughed.

“So ya wanna tell me what this is?”

“I was hopin’ that get me at least a blowjob…” Chibs played along, and she punched him on the arm.

“Fine…” He grumbled as if he were genuinely disappointed.

What he wouldn’t give though… Having those pouty little lips around his cock… The man shook his head in thought.

“That’s the money ye gave yer old man.”

“Okay…” She uttered in confusion.

“He hadn’t any business askin’ ye that. Imma guessin’ ye gave him everythin’ ye had?”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs sighed.

“That’s about what I thought.”

What she had was equivalent to fifty American dollars, which wasn’t much when that’s all she had to survive on. All the more reason these girls needed an actual place to stay when they got to the states. Chibs hadn’t any issue with the Lawless sisters living with him until they got on their feet. He knew that would take some time to as it wouldn’t be easy getting jobs. The Sons would have to supply them with fake ID’s, social security cards, and birth certificates. He figured they could get away with using their real names, only changing them up a little. Such as spelling Lawless the Celtic way, things of that nature. Maybe changing their middle names as well, nothing too drastic.

“Ya should keep it. Ya’ve done so much for me and my sister…” Aislinn said as she went to hand it back.

Chibs held up a hand in refusal.

“Hold on to it. Save it for a rainy day.”

“How will someone like me do in America?” Aislinn asked with a touch of fear in her eyes.

“I think yer gonna do just fine. I’ll make sure of it.”

“I’m gonna miss Ireland, but I know it’s time.”

Chibs knew that feeling all too well.

“Aye, we can always come back and visit.”

“Thank you for the smoke, Scotty.”

“Anytime love.”

She put her cigarette out and was about to head inside when he called out to her. She peered back, and Chibs shook his head as if to scold her.

“Not even a kiss?” He asked while flicking his cigarette bud onto the ground.

Aislinn blushed in response.

“Get yer arse over here.” Chibs reached out then pulled her back towards him.

“Ye can’t just bum a smoke and walk away.”

“Is that so?”

“Aye, ye have ta earn that shite darlin’.”

Aislinn giggled as he backed her up against the clubhouse and planted a hand against the wall. He lifted her chin with a single finger.

“Kiss me…” he whispered with his lips brushing against hers.

Chibs knew he’d be the one leading this relationship. It was to be expected with everything she’d been through and her lack of experience. But he wanted Aislinn comfortable with the idea of being affectionate. The Scot ran his hand along her waist as she kissed him. He was molded intimately against her as they gave into that breathless urgency. Chibs went on to lift her up off the ground, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. The Scot pulled away and with clenched his teeth as he damn near came. This woman’s scent and warmth were fucking with his mind, something fierce. She had him feeling like a teenager. Chibs cleared his throat afterward and shook his head in disbelief. How can one woman be so intoxicatin’?

“Is somethin’ wrong?” Aislinn asked with a worrisome look and Chibs’s locked eyes with hers.

Other than ye giving’ me blue balls? He thought amongst himself but wasn’t about to say something cruel like that.

“Not at all darlin’. Just needed a breather…” He uttered but gave her a little hint as to why.

Aislinn giggled as she felt him pulsating against her.

“I thought I wasn’t doin’ it right or somethin’.” She admitted with a blush and Chibs reared back on this.

“Ali love, ye just do whatever ye feel is right and ye can’t go wrong. If anythin’ ye were doin’ it a little too right. Don’t stress yerself out; we’re havin’ fun, remember? But if there ever comes a time where I overstep let me know. There’s no rush, and ye know I’ll walk ye through whatever concerns ye have.”

Aislinn nodded, and to Chibs’s surprise, she leaned into his chest. Chibs brought her down and held her in response.

“I get it darlin’. I’ve been there.”

Aislinn lifted her head in wonder. Chibs couldn’t believe what he was about to admit to but felt the need to let Aislinn know she wasn’t alone. He figured this coming from a man’s perspective would also help enlighten Aislinn. Enlighten as in how it can happen to anyone and that women could be just as cruel.

“Yer thing with men… Right after I learned the truth behind Fiona and her feelings for Jimmy, I hadn’t a very high opinion of women. I’m not proud of myself on how I dealt with that situation either.” Chibs thought back to how he used to use women, for one thing, and one thing only. That’s all they were good for or so he thought at the time. The Scot hated looking back on that now. Not that he ever mistreated or abused them in any way. But he hadn’t any issue in making it clear that he just wanted some pussy and they were to be on their way afterward. He never wanted Aislinn to know that side of him. The Scot himself couldn’t believe how he acted. But that’s how much resentment he held in his heart. It took JT to get him out of that mindset. JT had no problem setting his ass straight, and Chibs had never been more thankful. He might’ve been Jackson’s father, but Chibs often enough looked to him as though an older brother. He missed JT. In fact, JT was the one to give him the nickname “Chibs”.

Chibs told Aislinn a little more about his own history and how he dealt with it. He was honest reckoning it might help with her situation and give her a new outlook. But he didn’t go into detail on how he used women sexually. He couldn’t have this woman seeing him like that; it’d kill him.

“So I pushed men away, and ya invited women into your bed.” She mocked as to how Chibs dealt with things.

This only proved how intuitive this girl was. He hadn’t mentioned that part, yet she picked up on it right away. Thankfully, she showed no signs of bitterness on the matter.

“Aye now, the bed is much more entertainin’ when it comes to ventin’ anger.” Chibs recoiled however as Jimmy came to mind.

“I didn’t mean…” Chibs wasn’t used to getting this flustered with a woman, but he’d be damned if he went and had her thinking the worst.

“It’s alright Scotty. I might be inexperienced, but I got what ya meant. I don’t want ya feelin’ as though you have to walk on eggshells because of my history. You’re nothin’ like Jimmy. If ya were, ya’d have shown it by now.” On this note, she headed back into the clubhouse.

Jax mapped Riona’s body with his fingers as they were lying on his cot and facing one another.

“Jackson…” She teasingly scolded as he traced them along her heart-shaped ass and gave it a good squeeze.

“Fuck…” He uttered as she had a good amount of cleavage showing as well.

“Look at ya bein’ all pervy!”

“Can you blame me?! Look at you!”

That naughty smile of hers wasn’t helping his imagination any. Jax promised to take it slow, but she wasn’t making it easy. He thought back to what his son had said, and this impish grin spread across his face.

“What are ya up to?!” Riona asked knowing that look all too well.

The Son said nothing and went on to kiss along her shoulder and neck. He stopped just as he was at her ear then licked her lobe. “I could eat you up.” He whispered and Riona’s jaw dropped.

She could feel Jax chuckling against her.

“Oh you’re a funny lad, now aren’t ya?!”

Riona let out a bit of a surprised gasp as he gave her a little nip on the neck. Jax ran his fingers along the goosebumps he left behind. He raised his brows however as that wasn’t the only thing he caused.

“Well, I certainly got the twins’ attention.” He hinted, and Riona looked down seeing as how her nipples were nice and erect and they were poking through her blouse.

“No bra?” He questioned in longing.

“Aye, but it doesn’t hold much.” Riona didn’t dare mention it, but it seemed as if Brodie only packed the girls “sexy” undergarments, meaning lacy bras and panties. Leave it to Brodie to be thinking with his dick even when doing them a favor. The bra Riona was wearing wasn’t meant for everyday wear. This was something she’d typically wear with a nice dress or during a gig.

Jax raised his brows wondering what she meant by doesn’t hold much. He glanced towards the door to the room they were in. Once he saw the coast was clear, he lowered her blouse, just enough to gather what she was referring to.

“Holy shit…” He murmured as she was wearing a black lace bra and it didn’t leave much to the imagination.

So what do your panties look like?!” He teased while wiggling his brows and Riona laughed.

“You’re terrible.”

“Nah, I’m the best there is.”

“Now you’re just bein’ cocky.”

“Oh, I’m cocky alright…” He taunted while pressing himself against her.

“Best cock there is darlin’.”


“Hey, if you don’t, believe me, you could always…” Riona gave him a playful punch on the arm and Jax let out a bit of a grunt, and a frustrated sigh followed this.

“Sorry…” He uttered as he had to “adjust”.

Jax was quick to fix her blouse as they heard someone enter the room. Jax peered over and saw Clay rolling his eyes.

“Undocumented old lady… that’s all you need.” The president uttered and lay down on his cot.

“Daddy!” Abel said with a giggle as he entered the room with Juice.

“Is you kissing Riona, AGAIN?!” He questioned behind a squeal of laughter and looked to be blushing.

Riona laughed at Abel’s reaction.

“I sure am.”

“Because you really like her?”

Jax nodded.



“How far is July 20th?” This had his father blown away that he even remembered that.

This most certainly had Riona’s attention and Jax cleared his throat before answering.

“Four maybe five months away…”

“Is that a long time?”

“Not really.”

Riona thought back to her drunken night and vaguely remembered that conversation taking place. She wanted to make Jax sweat a little by pretending not to know what they were talking about.

“Okay, I will waits till then.”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Alright. I’ll let you know when it’s time.” Jax said, and Riona wondered if he was just playing along.

The young woman resisted the urge to laugh as she could actually picture Abel handing his father over with a big red bow. That would make for a very interesting birthday, the most she’s ever had anyhow. What would she even do with Jax once she officially had him?

“What was that?!” Jax questioned snapping Riona out of her little world.


“That face…”

“What face?”

“The one you just made… it was scary!”

This had Riona dying of laughter.

“You should be scared.” Clay said putting his two cents in.

“Why daddy be scared?”

“Because your new friends are nothing but trouble.”

“They no trouble!” Abel snapped, and Clay sat up on this.

“Trust me, son. They are. Your father will find out soon enough.”

“That’s enough Clay,” Jax warned.

“I no like you. You is mean!” Abel shouted and ran out of the room.

Jax shook his head, and Riona came to her feet so that Jax could deal with his son.

“What’s your story anyhow?! Shouldn’t someone your age be hitched, with a couple kids by now? What are you hiding?” Clay asked Riona and Juice raised his brows in disbelief.

“That’s none of your business…” Riona said before exiting the room.

“What are you doing?” Juice whispered after she left.

“Someone needs to open his eyes. Another Tara in the works… He needs to focus on the club and not some idiot woman. Kid will never learn.”

“Another Tara? They’re nothing alike…” Juice defended, and Clay had this rather amused look about him.

“Oh, she is… You’ll see.”

What are you up to Clay? The Son thought as Clay smiled and kicked back on his cot.

“Abel?” Chibs called with concern as the boy ran right into his arms.

The Scot nodded Jax’s direction wondering what the fuss was about.

“What is it, lad?”

“Grandpa is mean to my friends. I no know why.” Abel cried, and this had Chibs looking to Jax in question.

Jax repeated what Clay had said, and Chibs shook his head.

“I think he’s got that a wee bit backward…” Chibs uttered, and Jax half laughed.


“I wouldn’t pay him any attention he’s just old and cranky,” Chibs said with a shrug, and Abel gave a tearful nod.

“Ye know… I think there’s a tub of ice cream with yer name on it.” The Scot said and made his way to the fridge.

“Ya mean this tub?”

They peered back to see Aislinn sitting at the bar with the ice cream in hand. She and Tig were seated side by side and with spoons.

“Oh nooo… Linny and Tig gonna eat all the ice cream!” Abel said with a giggle.

“We can’t let that happen!” Chibs played along knowing Aislinn and Tig were teasing Abel.

Chibs made his way over and reached for the ice cream. Aislinn snatched it out of his reach and smiled.

“But this is our ice cream.”

“Nuh uh… Uncle Chibs says it has my name.”

Aislinn looked to the tub then showed it to Tig.

“Do you see his name anywhere?”


“Finders keepers, sorry lad no ice cream for you today.”

“I gonna get you Linny,” Abel warned Chibs sat him down.

“I’d run lass!”

Tig and Chibs chuckled as Linny took off with the ice cream and Abel chased after her. Abel followed her into one of the rooms and Aislinn hid behind one of the curtains.

“I can sees your feet Linny!” Abel squealed as he rushed over and yanked the curtain back.

“Aye, ya caught me!” She said but handed an extra spoon over.

“You has two spoons?!”

“I sure do!”

“So we can eats it all?!”

“Sure can!”

Aislinn sat down, and Abel plopped down beside her. She held up her spoon, and Abel held his up as well. She hit hers against his.

“Cheers!” She said, and Abel giggled as they dived on in.


Riona turned towards the voice then sent the man a warm smile.

“Hey yourself.”

“Got a minute?”

“Sure.” She said then entered the room where Opie was.

He was leaning against the SAMBEL chapel table.

“So this is where they have all their meetings?” Riona questioned, and Opie nodded.

She ran her fingers along the table and smiled.

“I always wondered what it looked like in here.”

Opie was checking her out as she walked around the room. He shook his head at one point when she bent over and was looking at a picture on the wall.

“Just wanted to know how things were going…” Opie said, and this had Riona peering over her shoulder.

“It’s goin’…”

“But you and Aislinn are okay?”

“For the most part. She hasn’t said much…”

Opie nodded.

“So you and Jax, huh?”

Riona nodded in response, and Opie pulled the door to. Riona narrowed her eyes wondering why.

“Is somethin’ wrong?”

“Look, just be careful around him.”


Opie drew back a hesitant breath.

“Jax isn’t quite who you think he is…”

Riona tilted her head on this.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt is all…”

“And why would I get hurt?” Riona had a feeling she knew where this was going and if her assumptions were right. This man just lost a lot of her respect.

“Let’s just say Jax has been known to play the field. It doesn’t matter if he’s got someone waiting for him back home. He has the same mentality as Clay when it comes to that.”

“And what mentality what that be?”

Opie glanced towards the chapel door and sighed.

“Riona, I’ve yet to see him faithful with anyone he’s been with and after everything you told me about your ex… It seems like you’re digging yourself another grave. Don’t get me wrong. Jax is a good man and my best friend at that. But I’d hate for you to go on thinking that you’ll be any different. Just watch your back Riona. Jax isn’t really one to practice monogamy.”

“But ya are, huh?”

Opie reared back on the way she said this. Riona half laughed then shook her head in disbelief.

“I think Jackson could use some new friends…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Ya think I don’t know what this is?”

“Alright humor me…” Opie uttered.

“Are ya sure about that?”

“Go ahead…”

“Alright, can’t say I didn’t warn ya…” Riona stood before Opie and looked him dead in the eyes.

“First off, don’t go callin’ a man your best friend when he clearly isn’t. Now I don’t know much about the brotherhood, but I do know about brother code, and ya just went and broke it. Ya can say it’s for my own protection, but ya’d be lyin’. Ya were hopin’ I’d fly off the handle and go and confront Jackson on his past, a past ya think I don’t know about. Ya see Jackson’s done told me of his past sins. So I know all about the affairs, and I also know that after he met me Tara reentered his life and he was faithful to her after seein’ what infidelity can truly do to a woman. The man you’re talkin’ down about learned his lesson a few years ago, but I’m guessin’ ya wouldn’t know anythin’ about that considerin’ how stunned you’re lookin’. I know all about Jackson’s playboy ways, just as he knows I won’t stick around for any of his games.”

Opie raised his brows.

“So you’re willing to take that chance after everything you know…” Opie challenged with a bitter tone.

“Aye, I am because everyone deserves a second chance.”

“He’ll never learn Riona…”

“That very well maybe… But don’t ya think that’s my call ta make? What kind of friend pulls his best mate’s girl aside and talks down about him?”

Opie went to comment, and Riona placed a single finger along his lips.

“That was rhetorical. I already know the answer.”

Opie batted her hand away and let out a miserable laugh.

“Wow…” He said afterward.

“He’s got you right where he wants you. Good luck Riona, you’re gonna need it.”

Opie started towards the door.

“Why didn’t you tell him about the kidnapping?” Riona asked, and Opie pivoted back around.

“You’re really gonna ask me that?”

“I just did…”

“You’ve seen how he gets… He was in prison, Riona. That wasn’t a risk we could take.”

“I see… It wasn’t a risk you could take but your call to make, right?”

“Don’t question me about things you don’t understand. You don’t know Jax the way I do. Clay made a call, and we knew it was the right decision at the time. Jax can paint us as the bad guys all he wants, but deep down he knows it was for the best. He’ll thank us one day.”

“Will I now?”

Opie lifted his head on this and Riona gathered a bit of a smirk. She didn’t have to look back to know who was standing behind her. She could already picture it. Jackson Teller leaning against the doorway with that don’t fuck with me expression. But she was curious as to how much he heard. She hadn’t heard the door open; neither did Opie as he looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Mind giving us a moment darlin’?”

Riona nodded and was headed out when Jax gently took her by the hand. He said nothing as he gave it a little squeeze then sent her on her way. He shut the door behind her and laughed.

“Of all the things…” Jax started to say and leaned against the door with his arms folded about his chest.

“I hadn’t a clue you were even in here. Keith sent me to get his keys to the truck and low and behold… What do I hear? My best friend giving my old lady some advice.”


”I get it, man. Trust me I get it.”

“And what is it you get?!”

“You wanted a piece of that, and I got in your way. But even before that… I was just a big steaming pile of SHIT!”

“Jesus, what the fuck Jax?!”

Don’t. Don’t even with me. You knew how I felt about Riona because I told you. But you were counting on me doing that time. Tell me Op, how would’ve you explained that one, huh? You know after my son made that miraculous comeback from being so sick and then finding out you’re with Riona?! Tell me… please. I’m dying to know.”


“Doesn’t matter if it was one day, a week, or even a month. You knew what she meant to me. You knew all about my regrets. I told you EVERYTHING! But I’m guessing you acted completely innocent, right?”

“It was five years ago! You act as if you left a wife behind!”

Jax gave a simple nod.

“We might be part of this brotherhood, but outside this club, you’re nothing to me.”

Jax was headed out when Opie called to him. Jax froze but with his back to him.

“All of this over a fucking woman?!”

“No Op, you see you made a choice, and now I’m making mine.”

“I can’t believe they’re dead…” Aislinn sadly murmured as she and Riona were discussing the truth behind JT and Thomas.


“Doesn’t seem real. I can picture their faces like it was yesterday.”

“That makes two of us,” Riona said as she was shuffling the cards.

“What about that one fella?”

“Which would that be?”

“Otto wasn’t it?”

“Jaysus, I’d forgotten all about him!” Riona admitted.

“I liked him…” Aislinn said and smiled in memory.

“He was mad as a box of frogs!” Riona said, and Aislinn giggled.

“Aye, he sure was!”

“Only you Linny. That man scared the b’Jaysus out of me.”

“Aye now, he was a nice enough fella.”

Happy was sitting on the couch and picking up on the conversation taking place.

“Only ya would know. I think you’re the only one he even danced with.”

Aislinn giggled in memory.

“He was quite the flirt. I hope he’s alive and well…”

“He is…”

The sisters heard, and Happy nodded their direction as he was flipping through a playboy.

“Are ya really lookin’ at that with us right here?” Aislinn taunted, and Happy lifted his head for a brief moment.

“I’m reading the articles.” He said with a wide grin, and Aislinn snorted.

“Like you can read…” Bobby uttered as he plopped down beside Aislinn.

Happy ignored this, and the girls laughed.

“So where is Otto?” Aislinn curiously asked.

“Prison.” Happy answered.

“For how long?”

“Life.” Happy said with a shrug and Aislinn frowned.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Happy put the magazine down then joined them at the table.

“So he danced with you?” Happy asked as if surprised.

“Otto?” She questioned, so she was certain of whom he was referring to.

Happy nodded as Riona dealt him and Bobby into the game she and Aislinn were about to play.

“Aye, we had one dance.”

Happy leaned back and was looking to Aislinn as if piecing a puzzle together.

“Now why ya lookin’ at me like that?”

“Because Otto doesn’t dance with anyone.”

“Well, he danced with Linny!” Riona said with a smile.

“Who asked who?” Happy questioned.

“He asked…” Aislinn said with a shrug.

“Wasn’t Otto then.” Happy confirmed and this had the girls looking to one another.

“You have him confused with someone else.”

“No love, it was Otto.” Aislinn softly corrected as to the troubled look on Happy’s face.

“She’s right it was,” Keith said as he overheard this as well.

He too joined them at the table, and this was followed by Padraic, Seamus, Jax, and Chibs. The girls said nothing on it as Jax and Chibs had the girls lift on up and brought them into their laps. Happy came to his feet and headed off.

“Was it somethin’ I said?” Aislinn asked with a worrisome look.

“Otto’s his old man…” Jax confirmed, and Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

“They weren’t on the greatest terms back then.”

“Where was Happy?”

“With me at the shop…” Chibs uttered.

“He was a prospect,” Bobby explained.

Aislinn nodded and hopped to her feet. Everyone looked to her in question as she grabbed her jacket.

“Where you off to?” Her sister asked.

“He looked so sad…” Aislinn said with a shrug and went to follow Happy out.

“Now just hold on there, lass…” Chibs said as he put her jacket away then pulled her back into his lap.

This girl had a lot to learn about men, especially ones like Happy who preferred to be left alone.


“I’ll explain later. Just keep yer little arse put fur now.”

“Aye now, he’s right. That man doesn’t want ta be bothered.” Riona agreed.

Riona dealt everyone in, and Chibs took it upon himself to escort Aislinn away from the table. He pulled her into the hallway. The Scot went on to explain Happy’s situation five years ago. This wasn’t long after his mother died. Otto used the money that his mother had left behind towards Cara Cara (the porn studio) at the time. That money was meant for Happy. Whatever was left, his father put towards his wife – the well-known porn star (Luanne Delaney). The very woman Otto left Happy’s mother for. Naturally, that brought some ill blood between Happy and Otto. If it wasn’t for Happy’s love of the club, mainly that of the Tellers, he’d have been long gone. Luanne died a few years ago in a horrible car accident. An accident that had many believing it wasn’t an accident. Otto had then since put a percentage of the porn studio in Happy’s name. If anything were to happen to Otto, the porn studio would be left in Happy and Jax’s name. Chibs however left his and Jax’s name out of it. He’d get to that part later. Now wasn’t the time.

Aislinn was blown away by this reveal.

“You and Riona could most certainly relate…” Chibs hinted as to Pepper.

“Aye.” The young woman sadly murmured.

“Now I don’t wantcha thinkin’ that Otto’s a bad man. That couldn’t be further from the truth. But like many of us, he let greed take him over.”

Aislinn nodded in understanding.

“Pa wasn’t always like that either. When ma was alive, he was all about family.”

Chibs tilted his head and was looking to Aislinn in a rather peculiar way.


“Otto must’ve seen somethin’ in ye if he went and asked ye to dance.”

“Aye, he was scuttered (drunk) and just havin’ a good time,” Aislinn said with a shrug.

“Nah, ye don’t get it darlin’. Happy meant what he said. Otto isn’t one ta ask anyone to dance ever. He’s more of a background man.”

“Background man?”

“Aye, he tends to watch as everyone else does their thing. He’s always been like that. He’s a man of few words.”

“So that’s where Happy gets it,” Aislinn said with a smile, and Chibs nodded as he led her back to the table.

The others were in the middle of a game, but Jax and Riona were reminiscing that particular night. This had Jax looking Aislinn’s direction. She was sitting in Chibs’s lap, but Abel was crawling into his lap as well. The boy handed Aislinn’s dragon over.

“Thomas keep you safe Linny.”

Aislinn lifted her eyes, and they locked with Jax’s. The Son nodded her direction. She hadn’t realized the dragon Abel had given her was named after his belated uncle.

“Thomas…” The young woman whispered in recollection, and Jax leaned back with a smile.

“He had it bad…” Jax murmured and this had everyone looking his way.

“My brother never told you. But he had a massive crush on you.”

Riona and Aislinn looked to another in disbelief. Abel headed off and was asking one of the prospects for some juice.

“Thomas was too shy to act on it. But you’re all he talked about on the way back. He was kicking his own ass for not having asked you out.” Jax lit up a smoke and chuckled in memory.

“Looks like he would’ve had some competition…” Jax taunted with a gesture Chibs’s direction.

The Scot tilted his head, however.

“I’m curious love; did Otto ask ye ta dance before or after ye danced with Thomas?” The Scot asked.

“Before… Come to think of it; Otto was pretty quiet after we danced.”

Chibs chuckled in perfect understanding now.

“What?” Aislinn asked.

“I believe he was tryin’ ta get that boy to make a move. Now that makes a lot more sense. That’s certainly Otto’s way of doin’ things. If he knew Thomas had his eye on you… I imagine Otto wanted Thomas to feel as if he had some competition, so he took it upon himself to give him that.”

Aislinn smiled in thought. Chibs couldn’t help but to wonder how that would’ve gone if Thomas had lived. He loved that boy, just as much as he loved Jax, but he wasn’t so sure he’d let Thomas off that easily when it came to Aislinn. Chibs wouldn’t have backed down that’s for sure. They continued in their card game while everyone shared stories of that particular night.

Riona busted out in laughter and damn near spilled her beer as Jax recalled the time JT danced with Riona. JT was drunk and damn near face planted on the way back to his seat. But that wasn’t the part Riona was laughing at. JT was so drunk; he hadn’t realized he’d already danced with Riona. She ended up dancing with him all over again just to shut him up. Jax was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face.

“They were halfway through the song when I heard the old man holler… Oh yeah, it’s shortcake over there I haven’t danced with!” Jax made a gesture Aislinn’s direction, and the girls laughed.

“I don’t think he ever got that dance, did he?” Jax questioned, and Aislinn shook her head no.

“That’s a shame. He thought a lot of you two. Hell, I think he would’ve taken you under his wing then if given the chance.”

The card game went on for a little over two hours as everyone went back and forth in their stories. Aislinn had fallen asleep in Chibs’s lap, and he ran a soothing hand along her back as she slept. As for Riona, she was in another world as Jax talked about his brother and father. Jax seemed to remember everything, in detail. Something about that had the woman looking to him in admiration. Jax took notice and sent her a wink. This had Riona blushing in response. Jax’s hold got a little tighter as he had his arms wrapped around her waist. The two were lost in their own little world. Chibs looked over as Jax and Riona were whispering back and forth. The Scot wondered what they were talking about. Whatever it was seemed pretty intimate. So intimate this had everyone else calling it a night, even that of Chibs as he carried Aislinn off to bed and took it upon himself to get Abel into bed as well.

“I know you’re fine. But I’m asking if you’re okay…

 “I’m okay.”

“You’re not okay…”

Jax was thinking back this particular conversation and how troubled Riona looked when she came to that table that night. He thought it a crime for anyone that breath-taking to look so miserable.

“Jackson?” Riona called, and this had Jax snapping out of memory lane.


“Why me?”

Jax narrowed his eyes in question.

“Out of all the women, you zeroed in on me. Why?” She hinted as to that night, and Jax smiled.

“Kind of hard to ignore that spotlight.”


Jax nodded.

“There was no spotlight.” She said as she and Aislinn never used those.

“That’s where you’re wrong gorgeous. You were the only one I saw.” The way he said this had Riona’s heart damn near galloping out of her chest.

Jax meant every word. It was instant for him. As soon as he walked into that pub and saw Riona on stage everything else seemed to vanish. He hadn’t a care in the world as he sat there and watched her. Nothing about that had changed. Every time he saw her on that stage, all his worries seemed to disappear. He’d never had that with any other woman. If anything, women seemed to the source of Jax’s problems, Tara especially. Chibs had given her the nickname Boomerang. A name she most certainly lived up to. Tara always had a reason for wanting to call it quits. Jax did his best to be understanding figuring Tara just needed a little more time. But it grew tiresome, and before long, Jax became bitter, and that’s what led to his cheating ways. Not that he was necessarily blaming Tara. Jax knew he was just as much at fault. Riona was right; he should’ve called it quits the moment he even considered cheating. But Jax was blinded by his own needs and all he could think about was filling that void. So he turned to drinking and sex as a temporary solution. He should’ve seen that as a sign. There was a time Tara hung the moon and stars, and he couldn’t fathom hurting her in such a way. But as time progressed it’s like he wanted to get caught. He wanted to be the one to rip her heart out next time around. It took Riona to point that out. She of all people understood that feeling as she had been there herself. Back when she was certain Nicholas was cheating on her. Riona wanted to hurt him the way he’d hurt her. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized she didn’t want to stoop to his level, and Riona was a true believer when it came to karma. She didn’t want that to come back to bite her. That was her sole reason for not giving into Jax.

Jax spun her about so that she was facing him. Her legs overlapped him, and he ran his hands along her thighs. Jax thought back to everything and could see where Nicholas got the wrong idea after seeing those pictures. It came so naturally… Jax and Riona. The Son remembered how instantly they clicked and how desperate that urgency was. He wanted to know everything about her and the ring on her finger didn’t stop him. Her smile was the first thing he noticed. That angelic voice of hers came in a close second. But that smile had him wanting more. Jax went all out in making her laugh or just showing her a good time in general. Anything to see that smile… even now it had that same effect. It was contagious, and that was one of the things he loved most about Riona. She could make a group of angry sailors smile, and he knew this because he’d seen her do it. JT himself had pointed that out as well. That’s what had the old man so eager when it came to Jackson starting something with Riona. But Jax was a fool and married Tara instead.

Jax was kicking his own ass to this very day. If he could go back, he’d have found a way to persuade Riona, even if that meant staying behind while the others headed back. Opie thought Jax was insane. How can you be in love with someone in such short time? There was a time Jax thought it impossible too. But the proof was right here in his arms. In this woman, he could see everything, including that of his and Abel’s future. All the more reason Jax had to play it safe. He’d be damned if he went and screwed everything up. No, he’d been given another chance, and he was taking it. By no means would he take it for granted.

“Dance with me.”


“Come on darlin’…”

Aislinn giggled as Jax took Riona by the hand and dragged her towards the dancefloor.

“I’m married!”

“It’s dancing Riona, not fucking.” Jax defended as he spun her around.

“We’ll get to that later…” The Son teased with a wink, and Riona’s jaw dropped.

“Kidding…” Jax softly stated, and Riona drew back a breath of relief.

“Maybe…” Jax added with a wicked grin, and Riona managed to laugh.

“You’re somethin’ else ya know that?”

Jax nodded and spun her around once again. Only this time they were hip to hip as they danced.

“So what’s the deal?” Jax nodded towards her ring.

“Is that worn out of pride or more like a ball and chain…” the Son trailed off as the look on her face said it all.

“Take it that was him on the phone?”

“Aye, he’s a little preoccupied tonight. Seems to be a reoccurrin’ event.”

Jax recoiled on the meaning behind that. What were the odds?! So he was dancing with a woman that was going through the very shit he had been pulling. It never bothered him before but it sure as hell did tonight. He didn’t understand why. He barely knew this woman, yet seeing that miserable look on her face made him hate not only the son of a bitch responsible but himself as well. Before Tara left, he had been cheating on her as well. Tara always had one foot out the door, and he figured it was time to give her an actual reason. But none of that mattered now. He and Tara were over. She called it off before she even knew about the other women. He doubted he’d ever see her again. 

Jax wanted to laugh at the irony. Those were his thoughts, five years ago. Yet when Tara came back, he bought a ring and dropped down to one knee. Only this time around, he was faithful and went out his way to be the best father and husband he could be. Still, Tara turned his back to him, like nothing he did mattered. Jax sighed and was breathing Riona in as he slipped back in time.

Riona was grabbing whatever drinks she could and chugging them down. She was on her fifth shot when Jax decided it best to escort her outside. It wouldn’t be long before the girls were on again, meaning she had to sober up before then. That beautiful smile had faded, and Riona was in tears. She went on about her husband and his cheating ways. The woman felt robbed considering everything she’d done for her husband, and she’d been nothing but faithful. Jax had never felt more like a hypocrite. He always had that what happens on the road stays on the road mentality, something his father rather frowned upon. He and Jax had that conversation many times. JT couldn’t stand Tara, but he hadn’t any issue in beating the shit out of his son when he found out what he was pulling. Clay, however, encouraged Jax’s behavior. All these things entered his head as he went on to console Riona. JT was right… Jax hadn’t a clue what it was like, being on the receiving end of it. But the more he saw of this young woman and her reaction to her husband’s infidelities, the more he realized what a downright DICK he was. He always stuck with the “club rules” thinking he could do no wrong. But this… This was one hell of an eye-opener.   

Jax shook his head as he thought back to that particular day. If only he’d known about his mother and father then; he would’ve understood his father’s reasoning. JT couldn’t stand Clay and his new rules for the MC and its members. But even with JT as president and Jax as VP…  The man was outvoted. The guys ate it up… Money, pussy, and knowing they had each other’s backs when it came to covering that shit up.

“Jackson?” Riona questioned with concerned.

“I don’t deserve you and I never will.”

“Now why would you say that?”

“Because it’s true. How can you even look at me knowing you were confiding in someone as bad as Nicholas?”

“I wasn’t aware ya were abusive.”

“No, but my actions were. I think back, and you should’ve run for the hills when I came clean about my past.”

“I thought about it,” Riona admitted, and Jax tilted his head on this.

“Trust me… When another man admits to infidelity… ya pay attention. But I started thinkin’… Why would he admit to somethin’ like that? It wasn’t me you were screwin’ around on. But once I realized what ya were doin’ and why, ya had my respect. That’s the only reason you’re even gettin’ a chance. I could see it in your eyes… Tellin’ me somethin’ that personal and with the knowledge of what it could do, it was killin’ ya Jackson. That’s not to say I won’t if ya go and put your pecker where it don’t belong.”

“Something tells me Aislinn would beat you to that.” Jax teased but was somewhat serious.

He admired that about the Lawless sisters. They were very protective of one another. They reminded Jax of him, and Thomas’s relationship before Thomas passed away.

“I won’t. I give you my word. That’s not to say I won’t screw up from time to time. But I won’t be screwing anyone.” Jax wittingly added, and Riona half laughed.

“Ya better not.”

“Darlin’, I been waiting for what seems like forever. I would’ve dropped anyone I was with just to get that chance.” Jax wasn’t lying either.

As much as he loved Tara, if Riona had come around then; that would’ve come to an abrupt ending, making a first where Jax would’ve dumped Tara. There was just something about Riona. Jax had her up on a pedestal. No one could change his mind on that either even more so considering how she saved his son.

“That’s terrible!” Riona said but with a grin.

“Doesn’t make it any less true. I want this chance, more than anything. You won’t regret your decision. That’s why I came clean. I want you to know everything. Dad once said you either tell your old lady everything or nothing. That’s the only way of survival, and I believe that more than ever. You won’t be in the dark Riona. I won’t allow it.”

Jax for once was startled by Riona’s intimate kiss. She had a hand along his chest, and it traveled up along his neck. Jax looked around the room seeing as how they had it to themselves. He got a firm hold on her ass and rocked her about him. Riona moaned into his mouth, and this unleashed something reckless and savage, a lust, unlike anything he’d ever experienced. With one swift motion, he ripped through her blouse and bra. A low growl escaped him as he latched onto one of her nipples. Riona arched back as he took his time worshipping those plump breasts of hers. Jax lifted his eyes as he squeezed her them together and licked between them. Riona had a hand clamped around her mouth to from moaning out loud.

“Think we need to take this elsewhere…” He whispered as he kept her in his hold but came to a stand.

He carried her into another room then locked the door behind him. If she had been wearing a dress, he would’ve fucked her right in that chair if not up against this door. But she had those pesky skin tight jeans on. Granted he loved the way Riona filled out a pair of jeans, but they were in his way at the moment. Jax sat her down on a nearby table and peeled those jeans off. He took a moment to appreciate the view. Riona Lawless with her breasts exposed and slight kitty shot from those lacy panties she was wearing. Jax tilted his head to get a better look. This felt like a wet dream come true. He couldn’t count how many times this very scene played out in his head. This and many others and now she was his for the taking. It didn’t seem real.

Jax took off his shirt, and Riona unfastened his pants.

“Jaysus Jackson…” She whispered once she saw the man in all his glory and what a glory it was.

“Think you’re ready for that?” He egotistically put, and Jax gritted his teeth as Riona gave him a “challenging” thrill with her hand.

“Fuck babe…” Jax uttered as she continued her teasing.

Jax looked down as a bit of precum spilled out.

“Shit… sec….” Jax uttered and dug through his wallet.

“I doubt you’re on anything.” He hinted as he found a condom.

“Fraid not…” Riona admitted.

“We’ll worry about that when we get to the states.” He said but behind a moan as she helped put the condom on.

“That good?” She asked with that mischievous grin of hers.

“Oh yeah…” The man found himself a little lightheaded.

He couldn’t get over how sensitive everything was but in the best of ways.

“Whenever you’re ready darlin’.”

One look was all it took, and Jax gave a simple nod. The aching tension between the two of them built as Jax got her prepared for him.

“God, you smell so good.” He uttered, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he licked his fingers clean.

Riona gasped out as Jax drove his entire length in. He froze for a second making certain she was okay but resisted the urge to laugh as her body was begging for more. He nodded amongst himself and went on to live out his ultimate in fantasies. Little did he know that he had been Riona’s as well.

By the time they finished, they were on their third round and covered in sweat. Jax pulled out, however, this time. He took the condom off then came across her tummy. The sight itself had the man hard all over again, something he didn’t think possible.

“Condom wouldn’t have made it through that last round.” He said with a wink and Riona laughed.

He showed her it was still intact however so she wouldn’t concern herself. She nodded as he tossed it into a wastebasket.

“What if they see it?” Riona asked feeling rather silly afterward.

Jax had a good laugh at this and helped her down from the table.

“Don’t really give a fuck darlin’. You’re my old lady now. I’ll fuck you when and wherever I want.” He said with a shrug but was looking her over.

“Guess I owe you a new blouse and bra.”

“Panties too.” She said.

“Oh yeah…” Jax wiggled his brows as he’d ripped those off in the middle of thrusting.

They were in his way at the time, and he was desperate.

“Hell, I’ll take you shopping that way we can test out all the dressing rooms, but you won’t be needing any panties with me.” He uttered while popping a cigarette into his mouth.

Jax handed his shirt over after Riona got her pants on.

“I need more condoms. Or even better… get you on some sort of birth control.” He hinted as to wanting to have more freedom with their sex life.

Jax took a drag off his cigarette and shook his head as he looked upon Riona.

“What?” She asked taking notice.

“Five years babe. That’s what I wanted to show you at the hotel…”

Jax thought back to that night and how it damn near killed him leaving her behind like that. That made one of the few times he ever begged for a woman’s company, only there was so much more behind it, and he knew that even then. He wanted her, plain and simple. Now that he had her, he wasn’t about to let go.

“I bet ya did.” She cruelly teased, and Jax chuckled.

“More than you’ll ever know. There’s so much more…” He vowed and cupped her chin as he kissed her.

“I’ll make it worth your while. I give you my word.”

“Hey…” Jax called as Riona shot awake.

She said nothing and sat there for a solid minute.

“Riona babe?” Jax called once again, and he too rose as they were lying on the SAMBEL couch.

He ran a soothing hand along her back and was kissing along her shoulder.

“He was there…” Riona said as if in another world.

“Who was?” Jax softly questioned.

“Galen. He was there.”

“It was a dream baby…”

“No. No, it wasn’t. I saw him. He was at one of our gigs.”

Riona came to her feet and started pacing.

“I thought I recognized him… But I chalked it up as to one of those strange Déjà vu moments.”

“Déjà vu?” Jax reiterated in confusion.

“Aye, he looked so familiar. Now I know why. Jackson, I think Galen had his eye on us, long before our father lost that hand.”

Jax reared back as Riona went on to describe the dream she had, only it was no dream. It was a memory. A memory where she and Aislinn had finished one of their gigs and Galen was sitting at one of the tables; only she hadn’t a clue who he was at the time. Riona walked right past him when he took her by the hand. Pretty face and those eyes… She quoted with a chill running down her spine as those were the very words he said after purchasing her. How could she forget something like that? This took place a couple of months ago. But it took seeing him in her dreams to remind her of that little encounter.

“Jesus…” Jax whispered.

Riona nodded and was looking awfully pale. Jax was quick to pull her into his arms.

“This was planned.” She said and was trembling all over.

“Galen was countin’ on Pepper fuckin’ up. He’d plans of purchasin’ us, way before shit hit the fan!”

“Shhhh…” Jax soothingly whispered as she clamped a hand over her mouth and started to cry.

“He was there… He knew, Jackson. He knew.” She repeated, and Jax held her until she was able to fall asleep again.

He kissed her forehead once he got her situated. Jax headed for the bar afterward. There was no way he could sleep after that. Just how long had Galen been watching Riona? And was Jimmy involved in this as well? Jax took a decent plunge off the whiskey he was drinking and was doing his damnest to piece it all together. 

“Uncle Chibs.”

Chibs opened an eye and Abel was standing beside his cot.

“What is it, lad?”

“I has to potty but it sooo dark…”

Chibs nodded and came to his feet.

“Linny no wake. She has bad dreams.”

The Scot glanced Aislinn’s direction, and sure enough, she was tossing and turning on that cot.

“She does this a lot?” Chibs asked seeing as how she never did that on the nights they were together.

“Alllll the time. It Jimmy, Uncle Chibs! He a monster and comes for Linny at night.” Abel said with a quivery lip.

Chibs said nothing on it and escorted Abel to the bathroom. The Scot took notice of Jax sitting at the bar and Riona was asleep on the couch.

“Everythin’ alright?” Chibs questioned as he waited on Abel.

Jax looked over and nodded Chibs’s direction.

“Hey, little man.” He greeted after Abel exited the men’s room.

Abel gave a tired smile and was leaning against Chibs’s leg.

“Did you know the girls met Galen before all this?” Jax questioned as he was looking Riona’s direction.

“Say what?!”

“Look, get the little man to bed, and I’ll explain when you get back.”

Chibs gave a simple nod then led Abel back to his cot.

“Oh no…” Abel whimpered as Aislinn fell off her cot.

Chibs rushed on over and helped Aislinn back to her cot.

“Ye alright lass?”

Aislinn nodded but was still out of it. The Scot brushed her hair back with his fingers and sat with her until she was out again.

“She go nigh nigh?” Abel tiredly asked, and Chibs nodded.

“Linny needs Thomas.” The boy pointed towards the dragon off to the side of her cot.

“Yer right.” Chibs uttered as he grabbed the dragon then placed it beside her.

Abel smiled.

“Back to sleep lad,” Chibs said as he got the boy tucked away as well.

“Goodnight Uncle Chibs.”

“Night kid.” Chibs uttered as he exited the room.

Jax handed the bottle of whiskey over, and Chibs took a hit off it as well. Jax went on to softly explain what Riona had told him and this had Chibs just as troubled.

“Yer kiddin’.”

“Wish I was.”

“Jaysus. Do ye think Jimmy was involved as well?”

“Who knows?! Riona made no mention of him being there, only Galen.”

“There’s gotta be more behind this, more than we ever realized.”

“But why target the Lawless sisters?

Chibs thought back to what Aislinn had told him. He mentioned the wife thing to Jax and Jax curled his lip in disgust.

“Man can’t find a wife, so he has to kidnap one?”

This had the Scot chuckling in thought.

“I think we both know the answer to that.” Chibs uttered.

Jax sighed in thought.

“So it was obviously about money at first.”

“Aye, couple Irish girls like that… they’d make bank. But I’m guessin’ Galen changed his mind once he had his eye on the goods. He wanted those girls for himself. So like that of Abel, he had the Lawless sisters kidnapped.”

Chibs leaned back in thought.

“Ye know… I wonder who this loan shark the girls mentioned is.”

“I’ve been wondering that same thing. Something isn’t adding up.”


“How much you wanna bet Galen’s the leader of this whole operation and I’m not just talking the ring?!” Jax said, and Chibs nodded thinking it made sense.

“Galen’s smart. He’s not about to handle these things himself. I imagine he has a slew of people working under him. The abductors, the transporters, the purchasers… There’s a long line before anything gets to Galen, the way he prefers it. He’s not about to take that chance. If something was to go haywire, he’s not about to go down for it.”

“Meanin’ he got sloppy with the sisters.”


“Too damn eager.”

“And it damn near cost him everything.”

“Ye mean it will cost him everythin’.” Chibs corrected.

“Amen brother.”

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  1. Galen and jimmy have fucked up the moment they took the sisters the first time especially since they are now Jax and Chibs have decided to give them the protection they need and get them to the states. Riona remembering that memory is going to make them more on guard when it comes to Galen. he doesn’t seem to be the one that is easily deterred when he wants something and its clear he wants Riona. and jimmy wants Ali… the boys are going to have their hands full soon i have a feeling. Hope you post another chapter soon. Until then *bows*

  2. Oh man Clay, just GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! And Opie WTF?? Dang it, I love you, don’t be this person! Why in the world would you even THINK about going along with Clay? I guess my opinion is colored by canon events, but still. SIGH. I just….am so disappointed, especially with the confrontation with Jax. I can’t blame Jax for feeling that way. Otto and Happy eh? That’s a twist I didn’t see coming, but it works! WOOHOO some HAWT lovin’ with Jax and Riona! Yum yum 😉 Galen is a sneaky bastard, not surprised he already had his eye on them. I can’t wait for him to get his. Another amazing chapter love! Can’t wait for the next!

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