Chapter 23 – Come Together

Chapter 23 – Come Together

I do not own SOA or anything youtube related. I claim all original characters and give no one permission to use them. A racial remark is used in this chapter. I do NOT condone usage of that word but it was needed for the story.


“Is somethin’ wrong?” Riona asked as the man was on a mission.

He herded them into the bedroom.

“ALI, WE GOTTA GO LOVE!” He hollered as Aislinn was in the shower.

“What’s goin’ on?” Riona questioned once again, and Chibs went on to gather Aislinn’s dragon, guitar, and journal.

He grabbed whatever else came to mind and threw their clothes into the suitcases.

“What’s wrong?” Aislinn called from the bathroom.

“GET OUT AND GET DRESSED!” He snapped and this had the girls regarding Chibs in shock.

Chibs grabbed Riona and Abel’s things, and he loaded everything into the trunk of the Nissan.

“COME ON!” He shouted, and Aislinn was sopping wet as she put her robe on.

Chibs had that gun of his in hand and was keeping watch as he rushed everyone into the car.

Aislinn and Riona glanced upon one another through the rearview mirror as Chibs hauled ass out of there. Abel started to tear up a bit, and Riona wrapped her arms around him.

“Why’s Uncle Chibs mad and he go so fast?!” Abel quietly whispered.

The Scot was so focused he hadn’t heard a word Abel said.

“Scotty…” Aislinn softly called while placing a hand along his leg.

“Ya wanna tell us what’s goin’ on?”

Chibs kept his eyes on the road as he spoke.

“Jackie called. Said to pack everythin’ up and get the hell out of dodge. Didn’t say why. I don’t think he could.”

“You don’t think they’re in trouble, do ya?” Aislinn quietly put so Abel couldn’t hear.

“I hope not.” The Scot whispered in return.

Aislinn tied her robe, and Chibs glanced over. He took her hand into his own and gave it a comforting squeeze. He peered into the rearview mirror as he did this. He grimaced once he saw how upset Abel was.

“We’re alright, kid.”

Riona’s eyes locked with the VP’s and the Scot gave a simple nod. He wished he knew what else to say but didn’t. He hadn’t a clue what was going on back in Charming. All he knew was to get them out of that house and ASAP.

“Is we going home now?” Abel asked with hope in his eyes.

“Not yet.”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered, but he nodded.

“Then where’s we going?” Abel asked while wiping a stray tear off his cheek.

“Not sure,” Chibs admitted.

“Let’s just see where the road takes us.”

Riona adjusted Abel’s seatbelt and had him lay down in her lap. Aislinn kept an eye out for any possible tails.

Jax let out this crazed laugh then spun back around.

“And what if I call your bluff?” Jax challenged.

Galen raised his brows in mere amusement.

“That’s right. What if I say you’re full of shit and there’s no one headed their direction?”

“Are you willin’ to take that risk?” Galen questioned in return.

Ethan gathered this worrisome expression. He hoped to God Jax knew what he was doing.

“Did you or anyone else make any mention of the girls’ whereabouts, whether it was over the phone or in passing conversation?” Jax hinted Kip’s direction, and Kip shook his head no.

“Then how could he possibly know where they are. I never said a word.” Jax uttered with a smirk of his own.

Galen sighed as if bored.

“Did the black flies comment go over your head?” The man taunted.

“No. I heard you. But I think you were hoping one of us would slip up the moment you said that and deep down you’ve got nothing, other than a mere assumption. I think you have an idea but aren’t a hundred percent sure. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. Think about it… That’s why you’re here. You look like you haven’t slept in weeks and you’ve got that nervous vibe going. Even more so considering you don’t have a way to pay these guys. Do they know that? And do they know you got everyone back in Ireland killed or did you cover that shit up?”

Ethan chuckled as Galen’s men were looking to one another in question.

“That’s right. We burned that little fortress of his down. There’s nothing left. So whatever he promised, isn’t going to happen. Not unless he found a way to shit gold out of his ass.”

“Maine.” Galen randomly put.

Jax did his best not to react, and he only prayed that Kip was doing the same. He didn’t pay Kip any attention, however, knowing that was the worst thing he could do. Galen would take notice and find a way of breaking Kip. That’s how he worked.

“Where in Maine?” Jax murmured playing along.

“So they are in Maine?” Galen uttered with an impish grin.

“Are they?!” 

“Portland. Meaning they didn’t go far once you docked.” Galen said and cautiously took out his cell phone.

“Easy…” He uttered as the Sons had their fingers along the trigger of their guns.

Galen showed the president a picture that looked a lot like the one Riona had sent Jax. It most certainly looked like the same lighthouse, and the background was eerily similar. But it wasn’t the same one. Galen was missing one minor detail. There was a small crack in the foundation of that particular lighthouse. When Jax zoomed in, there was no crack. That and it wasn’t even the same city. They were in Bar Harbor, not Portland. So whoever Galen sent was a good three to four hour’s away, if not more considering Chibs was sure to be on the road by now. Jax, however, kept up the ploy.

“How’d you find this?!” He said as if panic-stricken.

The SAMCRO president’s act was so genuine. He had Ethan and the Sons (aside from Kip) believing Galen had truly found the girls and Abel. Bobby pinched his eyes shut and looked as if he was going to hurl.

“You really should watch what you send in your text messages. Such a lovely picture of Riona. And very lovely pictures.” Galen cruelly hinted.

Jax shook his head knowing damn well what that meant. Galen must’ve found a way to zoom in on the messages Jax and the girls sent back and forth. Only the picture wasn’t clear enough for him to see that he had it all wrong. But Jax felt ill considering that meant the rather provocative ones Riona had sent… He’d seen those too. Jax felt as if he’d betrayed Riona’s trust even if he hadn’t a clue that his house was bugged. It was this knowledge alone that helped with the next little scene. Jax worked up a few tears, but it wasn’t that hard knowing he’d let his old lady down. He never meant for Galen to see that side of her. Those pictures were meant for Jax’s eyes and his only. Galen had no right. Jax thought back to Riona’s confession about the masturbation stunt Galen had pulled. That only kicked that scene into high gear. Jax paced the area and pulled at his hair.  Happy and Bobby were holding their president back as they just knew he was going to jump Galen and get himself shot.

Ethan had shut down completely. He couldn’t believe how quickly shit hit the fan. Had he failed his sisters all over again?! How were they getting out of this one?!

Galen laughed at the scene before him. But that laughter was soon to fade as there was some sort of explosion and right in the area the monitors were. The impact was enough to knock everyone on their asses. The wall to that specific room had caved in, and Juice entered the room and started unloading. Piney and one of the prospects were standing in the alleyway and taking out whoever they could. Piney had used one of his oxygen tanks to create the explosion. The Sons took advantage of the moment and were firing their guns as well. This led to a full-on gunfight. Ethan threw everything into a pile then poured some lighter fluid over it.

“Go!” He hollered, and the Sons looked over wondering what he was doing.

“I doubt you want the fuzz catching wind of this shit!” He hollered in explanation, and Jax gave a simple nod as they left Ethan to it.

“Shit!” Jax uttered as he could hear the sirens off to the distance.

Happy knocked Galen out, and Bobby stuffed him into the back of the truck. The others hopped onto their bikes and hauled ass out of there.

“GO!” Jax shouted once he got to the truck.

Bobby and Happy looked to Jax and Jax was looking towards the cigar shop.

“GO DAMMIT!” The president ordered, and they hesitantly left the scene.

Jax waited. He’d never forgive himself if Ethan Lawless ended up taking the rap for all this. To his relief, Ethan stepped out, just as the building when up in a fiery explosion. Ethan let out a bit of a grunt as the sleeve to his shirt caught fire. He was swatting at it with his hand when Jax took off his cut and swabbed it around his arm, smothering the flames. Ethan leaped into the bed of the truck and Jax jumped into the driver’s side. Galen’s men looked like chickens with their heads cut off. They had no guidance and hadn’t a clue on what to do or where to go next. Jax chuckled as he watched them panic and scatter about in attempts to flee the scene. These guys weren’t Galen’s A-team that’s for certain. Jax thought as these men seemed awfully ignorant and young. He wouldn’t put it past Galen to have hired some quick hands as that’s the only alternative he had left. The Sons had truly done him a disservice in Ireland. Jax never thought he’d see the day where an Irish King sweat. But Galen was most certainly sweating now. He’d be wishing he would’ve died back in Ireland by the time Jax was done with him.

“Hard left, wide right.” Chibs reminded as he was letting Aislinn drive.

“Ballix, everythin’s so backward here. Why the right? It doesn’t make sense.” She complained, and Riona giggled.

“Shut it Riona. It isn’t as easy as you think. It’s like I’m learnin’ to drive all over again. I’m flyin’ (doin’ well) it, considerin’.”

“Take this exit.” Chibs pointed it out, and Aislinn nodded.

Chibs retrieved the cellphone from his pocket as it sounded.

“Aye?” He answered.

“You guys okay?” Jax questioned, and the Scot let out a breath of relief.

“We’re fine Jackie. How’s everythin’ there?”

“We’re good. I’ll explain when you get home.”

“Home?” Chibs questioned, and Jax softly chuckled.

“That’s right Filip. We got him… So bring our ladies and my son home. But don’t let your guard down. Watch your back.”

Despite Jax’s warning, the Scot broke into a smile then nodded amongst himself.

“We’ll be there in a few days.”

“We’ll be waiting…” Jax said before hanging up.

Aislinn pulled into the café Chibs had pointed out.

“See? Yer gettin’ the hang of it.” He uttered once she parked the car.

The Scot peered back and nodded Abel’s direction.

“Guess what lad?”


“Looks like we’ll be home for the fireworks!” Chibs said while hoping he wasn’t lying to the kid. But the Scot planned on driving as much as humanly possible to get home in time.

“Really?!” Abel squealed, and Chibs nodded once again.

“We’ll show these girls how we celebrate a good ole American Fourth of July!”

Abel giggled then hugged Riona.

“I can’ts wait to see daddy and all my friends! I miss them so much. I love fireworks! I remember last years! We’s going to have so much fun.”

“Does that mean we’re in the clear?” Aislinn whispered, and Chibs nodded.

“Thank the lord.” She said as Chibs stepped on out of the car.

“Aye, but he did mention watchin’ our backs still.”

He opened Riona’s door. Riona thanked him, and Abel crawled out after her. He put his Spider-Man hat on then looked to his Uncle Chibs.

“Does I still call you daddy?” He whispered.

“Nah lad. We’re good.”

“So I no Peter Hale no more?”

“That’s right. You’re Abel Teller.”

Abel smiled.

“That good.”

“It sure is. Ye don’t have to wear that hat either.”

“But I wants to. I like it. It have Spider-Man on it.” Abel said as they entered the café.

“Then more power to you kid.”

Chibs placed his hand along the small of Aislinn’s back as the hostess told them to pick whatever table they wanted. The Scot led them towards a booth.

“I gotta hit the head.” He murmured then headed for the men’s room.

“The choices sure are different,” Riona said after looking at the menu.

“This menu is about as confusin’ as the way they drive.”

Riona snorted in thought. It took the girls a bit to go over the menu.

“I’m goin’ all American and gettin’ a burger and fries!” Aislinn said.

“I wants that too,” Abel excitably put, and Aislinn gave him a fist bump.

“Alright, three burgers it is,” Riona said and put her menu away.

“Knowin’ Scotty it’ll be four,” Aislinn uttered as she was looking at the drinks.

“Four what?” She heard as he scooted in beside her.


“Sounds good ta me.” Chibs didn’t even bother to look at the menu.

He wrapped his arm around Aislinn and waited for the waitress. Abel giggled after Chibs pecked her on the cheek. Chibs glanced the boy’s direction, and Abel was blushing.

“You’s always kissing her. Like daddy kisses mommy.”

“That’s what us lads do when we got a beautiful lass by our side.”

“Look at Scotty with the smooth points!” Aislinn teased, and Riona laughed.

“They’s the most beautiful!” Abel expressed.

“That they are,” Chibs uttered in full agreement.

“Aye now, you two. You’re gonna turn me and Riona into goo with talk like that.”

“You’s no turn into goo!” Abel said as the waitress made her way over.

The older woman took their orders then headed into the kitchen.

“Does this mean he’s gone?” Riona whispered in such a way, and Chibs lifted his eyes on this.

“I can’t be too sure. But from the sounds of it, I think so.”

“I hope so.”

“Me too darlin’.”

“Guess this means I better get the house in order.” The Scot said looking to be in thought.

Riona cleared her throat as she’d forgotten to tell them about Jax’s offer.

“Actually, I’ll be stayin’ with Jackson.”

Abel perked up on this and Chibs couldn’t help but laugh at the boy’s expression.

“REALLY?!” Abel squealed, and Riona nodded.

“You’s gonna live with us?! Like a real mommy!”

“I sure am.”

“I can’ts wait!”

Riona hugged him, and Abel clung to her arm.

“That’ll give you two lovebirds some space,” Riona said with a wink her sister’s direction.

“Who knows maybe that baby batter will set in next time!” She added, and Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Well, ye know what they say…” The Scot murmured as he sipped at his drink.

“And what’s that?” Riona questioned.

“Practice makes perfect,” Chibs said with a shrug and Aislinn blushed but with a giggle.

“Is yous gonna get married now? Cause yous gives her a ring?” Abel asked.

“Aye, we sure are!” The Scot said while taking Aislinn’s hand into his own.

Abel smiled.

“I hopes my daddy gives my mommy a ring and theys get married too.”

“I’m sure he will.” Chibs encouraged.

The Scot lowered his hand as the cellphone rang once again.

“Aye?” Chibs answered.

“Where are you guys?”

“New Hampshire.”

“Alright. I want you headed to New York.”

“New York?!” The Scot questioned in surprise.

“Yeah. Let’s just say we got connections and I can have you a flight home tomorrow.”


“I’ll explain everything soon I promise. Just head to the JFK airport and…”

“The girls can’t fly Jackie…” Chibs reminded.

“I know that. Just hear me out.”

Chibs could hear some other guy giving Jax instructions in the background. But Chibs didn’t recognize his voice.

“Alright, when you get there you’re going to head to Starbucks. The one by terminal one, gates B36 and…” Jax continued, and Aislinn slid a napkin and pen over so Chibs could write everything down.

“Michael Scott?” Chibs reiterated just to make certain he had the name right.

This was the guy Jax said would fly them to California. Chibs was to leave the Nissan behind, and Jax would get it taken care of from there.

“I hope ye know what yer doin’…” Chibs uttered as he felt a bit on edge.

“You won’t have to go through any terminals. No tickets, no ID’s.” Jax reassured.

“Michael will take care of you. I promise.”


Chibs reared back however as someone else took the phone.

“We haven’t met yet. But I assure you… everyone’s in good hands. Just do everything Jax said and avoid everything else. Michael is a personal friend of mine, and he will take you to a private runway and fly you home himself.” 

“Is this who I think it is?” Chibs hinted.


“Ye had better be right. Ye don’t want me on yer bad side lad. Somethin’ happens to these girls or the wee lad, and I’ll hurt ye.”

“Just bring them home, and you’ll see.”

“Aye, I can do that.”

Chibs hung up the phone, and the girls were looking to him in question.

“Everythin’ alright?” Riona asked.

“Aye, looks like we’ll be home sooner than I thought. We’ll have no issue makin’ it in time.”

“Not sure how I feel about walkin’ into an airport…” Riona admitted.

“Aye, I hear ye. But if Jackie trusts whatever this is… Then I trust it. He wouldn’t put you lasses or the lad at risk.”

“Then why do ya seem so nervous?” Aislinn whispered, and Chibs sighed.

The Scot wasn’t sure how to explain that one and he couldn’t even if he wanted to. He made Jax a promise, and he was keeping that promise. The girls wouldn’t know about this Ethan Lawless, not until they met him in person. But it wasn’t easy, keeping his mouth shut. He only hoped that Jax wasn’t putting too much faith into this one man. From the sounds of things, this guy was going to make sure nothing got left behind and was delivered to them as well.

Chibs took Aislinn’s hand into his own then kissed it.

“Not meanin’ ta pet. Just got a lot on me mind that’s all.”

“Call them off,” Jax ordered as he handed Galen his cellphone.

They had him tied up in the SAMCRO basement.

“GET YOUR MEN ON THE PHONE AND CALL THEM OFF!” Jax reiterated as he had his blade against Galen’s crotch and it was piercing through his flesh.

Galen rolled his eyes as if to call Jax’s bluff. The president gritted his teeth and pressed that blade in even deeper.

“Do it or end up half the man you are.”

Galen let out an agonizing cry as Jax twisted that blade. The Irishman’s hand trembled as he called whoever he had in Portland. Jax and the others listened as Galen called them off. The SAMCRO president was quick to hang up the phone afterward.

“If anything and I do mean anything happens to those girls or my son. I’ll cut off your tongue and make you choke on your own fecal matter.” Jax warned as he removed his blade and smeared blood across Galen’s face.

Tig frowned on this.

“And who’s going to be the one feeding him that shit?!”

“Sounds like you just volunteered.” Jax taunted with a smirk.

“Nah man, that’s what the prospects are for!”

“Good thing you got patched in when you did, huh?” Bobby teased with a smile Kip’s direction.

“You need to get some sleep.” Happy said as Jax could barely stand on his own two feet.

Jax cleared his throat and was doing his best to shake it off.

“I’m fine.”

“Jax, we got this. Sleep.” Happy ordered and Jax reared back on this.

“You heard me.” The Son uttered, and Jax chuckled.

“Alright. But if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the backroom.” Jax was too tired to even consider driving home.

The president passed by Ethan on the way. He was passed out on the SAMCRO couch. That felt strange to Jax. Even now, he found it hard to fathom…  So Riona Lawless had an older brother, and he was under this very roof. Life was just full of surprises, and Jax hadn’t a clue what to feel about this one.

“Ali love, I’m alright.”

“No, you’re not. You need sleep. We all do.” Aislinn said as they entered the state of New York.

Riona had Abel busy with a coloring book and Aislinn was discreet as she got dressed.

“Just a couple more hours. That way we only have a four-hour drive ahead of us.” Chibs insisted.

“Then let me drive.”

“Ye thought Maine was rough. Ye don’t need ta be drivin’ in New York. Trust me.”

Aislinn let out a frustrated sigh.

“Scotty, let me help.”

“I would, but yer sister and Abel are in the car.” He whispered with a playful wink her direction and Aislinn giggled.

“Aye, now I know where your mind is. It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to test out that lighthouse.” She said while keeping her voice down.

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“I’ll give those lungs of yers a nice test once we’re alone…” He hinted as to when they got to his place.

“Look at those enormous buildings!” Riona exclaimed, and Abel smiled.

“They sooooo tall!” He said and peered out the window.

“This where Spider-Man lives!” Abel said once he realized where they were.

“That’s right lad. We’re in New York!” Chibs uttered.

The Scot found himself somewhat impressed that Abel knew where they were.

“That so cool Uncle Chibs!”

Abel pointed to a few of the animated billboards and neon signs. Chibs wished he could give the girls and Abel a proper New York visit. This was a rare occasion, and he hated that he couldn’t show them around. The Scot himself hadn’t been here in years. Not since his teen years. The sisters were like that of a couple of kids themselves. Chibs chuckled as they oohed and ahhed over the scenery. He could only imagine what this felt like to them. All they knew outside the pubs was the farm life. They hadn’t a clue what awaited them in America. He only hoped they would be happy.

“How aboot some pizza and shakes?” Chibs said as he pulled into Juliana’s Pizza.

“Oh, New York style!” Aislinn expressed with a wide grin, and Abel giggled.

“Dat would be awesome!”

“I agree,” Chibs said as he turned into a parking garage.

The Scot shook his head once he saw how much it cost just to park. They had the money. Still, he felt like they were being robbed.

“We’ve got a wee walk ahead of us, but I figured we could use it,” Chibs uttered after he found a spot.

He planned on driving the of the way then get a hotel right beside the airport. That way they wouldn’t have to rush come morning. They could get plenty of sleep and have time for breakfast before they headed off. They followed Chibs across a couple streets and into the pizza parlor he’d mentioned.

“LOOK UNCLE CHIBS! THEY IS SOOOO BIG!” Abel exclaimed as he pointed towards one of the pizzas.

“Aye, I think one would do us!” Riona said, and Aislinn scoffed at this.

“Speak for yourself. I’m hungry.” She teased, and Riona laughed.

“You can’ts eat that big of pizza!” Abel said.

“Wanna bet?” She challenged, and Abel giggled.

“You’s would be sooo big if you ate that whole pizza by yourself, Aunt Linny. You no can do that.”

“Ye wanna keep it simple and just get pepperoni?” The Scot asked the girls, and they nodded.

“But I wants bacon and cheese too!” Abel pleaded.

“Aye, we can do that. So pepperoni, bacon, and cheese.” Chibs questioned, and the three of them nodded.

“Got it. Why don’t ye go and find us a seat and I’ll get our order in.”

“Oh, my… Riona, look!” Aislinn pointed a certain direction, and Riona’s jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe it!”

“What?” Abel asked, and the girls smiled at one another.

There were cosplayers dressed as the Avengers greeting people as they walked by and one of them was Spider-Man. Abel gathered this star-struck expression and the girls simultaneously melted.

“Can I goes see him? Please, mommy?!” Abel pleaded while tugging on Riona’s arm.

“Aye, I’ll take ya.”

“Get pictures!” Aislinn said, and Riona nodded.

Aislinn smiled as she kept an eye on their table and watched from afar.

“Where’s Riona and Abel?” Chibs questioned after joining Aislinn at the table.

She pointed, and Chibs laughed.

“Now isn’t that somethin’?” He uttered in mere amusement.

“Guess it’s a good thing ya decided to take a break.”

Chibs nodded in agreement but waved her over. She regarded him in question but came to her feet. The Scot reached over then pulled her into his lap.

“Once things die down I’ll show ye and Riona around more. I know everythin’s been pretty chaotic and rushed since ye got here. I’ll make up for it.”

“Ya haven’t anythin’ to make up for.”

“Em, but I want to. Yer new to all this. It should be special lass.”

“It is.”

Chibs placed a strand of hair behind her ear then kissed her.

“You’s kissing again?!” Abel groaned as he and Riona had made their way back.

Chibs shrugged and continued with that kiss.

“Can I sees my pictures?” Abel asked, and Riona nodded as she handed her phone over.

“Dids you send them to daddy?”

“I sure did. I’m sure he’ll respond once he sees them.”

“I gots to meet all the Avengers, Uncle Chibs. I sees Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America…” Abel went on and on and showed Aislinn and Chibs the pictures.

“See’s Aunt Linny? Spider-Man so cool! He signs my hat! I can’ts believes it! I really sees Spider-Man!” He pointed towards the signature and Aislinn smiled.

“That’s savage!”

“Right, savage!” Abel repeated with a wide grin.

Chibs had Aislinn lift up as one of the employees called out their number. Aislinn helped him gather the pizza and the shakes.

“Whoa!!! Let’s take a picture of the pizza and sends it to daddy too! He gonna be so surprised. It so big!”

“Alright love, but ya gotta sit down,” Riona said as Abel was rather hyper and climbing up on the table.

“Okays.” He said then climbed back into his chair.

“Thank you.”

“You is welcome.”

Jax rolled over and looked to the time as there was a knock at the door.

“Sorry boss, but we’ve got a bit of an issue.” He heard Tig mumble on the other side.

The president sighed amongst himself as he rolled on out of bed and slid a cigarette into his mouth.

“This better be good,” Jax said after opening the door.

He’d been asleep for just a couple hours when Tig woke him up.

“We got the fuzz waiting outside…”

“You’re kidding.”

“Wish I was… Sheriff’s here too. Wanted to speak to you personally.”

Jax followed Tig outside the clubhouse where the sheriff and her men were waiting. Jax nodded the sheriff’s direction and made his way over.

“There a problem?” He asked as her men were getting rather nosey.

“Do you have a warrant for that?” Jax hollered as one was in attempts to get into the office.

The sheriff sighed as if merely annoyed and gestured for the officer to stop.

“I don’t believe we’ve officially met.”

“Fraid not.”

“Sheriff Cole and I know all about you Mr. Jackson Teller. You and your boys. Rumors spread quick.”

“Well, you can’t believe everything you hear.”

“Don’t I know it. But that’s not what I’m here about.”

“Are you saying you don’t do warm welcomes?”

“If that were the case, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Seeing as how I’m the new sheriff and all.”

“So fruit basket?” Jax teased, and the sheriff smiled.

“That would’ve been nice.”

“That one sent me a dozen roses the other day.” The sheriff pointed Tig’s direction.

Tig waved from afar seeing as how he was being acknowledged. The sheriff waved in response.

“Let’s take a walk, Mr. Teller.”

“A walk?” Jax questioned as he had no shirt or shoes on.

“You’re a big boy. I’m sure you’ll manage.” She said, and Jax reluctantly followed the sheriff outside the SAMCRO gates.

“I’m sure you boys heard about the arson?”

“You mean the old cigar place?” Jax offhandedly put.

“So you have…”

“Like you said… rumors spread.”

“Did you and your boys have anything to do with that?”

“Why would we?”

“Answering a question with another question. Good tactic!”

“No tactic sheriff. Just putting it out there.”

“You sure about that?”

“Look, with all due respect I’d like to wrap this up if possible. I’m tired.”

“You look it.”

“Thanks.” Jax bitterly uttered, and the sheriff smiled.

“I better not find out you had anything to do with that arson Mr. Teller. It wasn’t that long ago you were released. I’d hate for you to go back seeing as how you have a kid and all.”

The sheriff opened the door to her squad car and had Jax enter the passenger side. She shut the door then made her way around.

There was an awkward moment of silence as the two just sat there.

“I get it you know. More than you realize. You don’t remember me, but you went to school with my son.”


“Morgan Cole.”

Jax regarded the sheriff in shock, and the sheriff gave a mere nod.

“He told me you and some guy by the name of Opie Winston took care of an issue he was having. Something about being called a nigger and how he was attacked in the boy’s room. They did a real number on him. Said it would’ve been worse if you and your friend hadn’t put a stop to it. He’s your age now, and he still remembers that day. He always will. He also says you boys do a lot for Charming. Morgan’s not the only one. But that’s where my hands are tied. You see there are a few that want you and your boys driven out of town. In fact, there was a meeting just a few days ago about putting your cuts away. They don’t want any “gang” related wear or activity in Charming.”

“We’re not a gang. We’re an MC.” Jax corrected.

“I know that. Trust me I know a gang when I see one. But that’s not how others see it. When I say others… I mean the rich little bible thumpers and we both know how money can talk.”

“And you’re telling me this because…?”

“Think of this as a courtesy visit. Like you, I was born and raised here. Between us? I think you boys are good for Charming. You keep the drugs and peds at bay, and the people of Charming know they can turn to you for a little justice. I might not always agree with how you and your boys handle things. But I can see where it’s needed at times. That doesn’t mean you have my blessing or permission. As I said, think of this as a courtesy visit. There’s a group of people that want you out, and that group tends to grow every day. This is the only heads up you’re getting. I’d take it and think on how you’re going to make these bible thumpers change their minds. Oh, and if any of this leaves this car. I’ll shoot you myself.”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Now I’m going to ask you one more time. Did you or your boys have anything to do with that arson?”


“Alright then, I’ll leave you be. For now.”

The president exited the car, and the sheriff used her radio to call her boys off.

“What was that about?” Tig questioned once she left.

“Something about a shitty dozen roses…”

Shitty?! Those things were expensive!”

Jax shook his head.

“It was about the cigar shop, dumbass. She thinks it was a simple arson.” The president said but wondered how considering there had to of been some shells left behind.

“I can’t believe you sent her roses! She’s the sheriff!”

“Don’t discriminate. Sheriffs need love too Jax.”

“Yeah well, something tells me she’s way out of your league.”

“Ouch!” Tig uttered with a hand over his heart and Jax went back to bed.

“Rise and shine, pet.” Chibs murmured as he gently shook Aislinn.

The Scot had already showered and dressed. The young woman regarded him in surprise.

“How did I not hear you?” She questioned, and Chibs shrugged.

“Ye were pretty out of it. Thought it best ta let you sleep. We gotta head out in forty. So if ye want breakfast I’d get to it.”

“Should I make sure Riona and Abel are up?”

“They got up long before us, lass. I heard Abel goin’ on about flyin’ home a little over an hour ago.”

“I bet he’s excited,” Aislinn said as she took her panties and tank top off then headed for the shower.

“Ye know we might have a wee bit of time…” Chibs hinted as he picked up her panties and was looking them over.

“But I want breakfast!”

“I’ll feed ye breakfast. All ye need is a good ole protein shake.” The Scot uttered as the mere idea had him aroused.

He took a whiff of her panties, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“…fuck…” Chibs whispered.

He couldn’t believe how something as simple as her scent could get to him. The Scot cleared his throat then forced himself to snap out of it. He wanted that quickie but knew they had to hurry and hit the road. He packed everything up then loaded up the trunk. He did this for Riona and Abel too.

“I can’ts believe we’re going to fly Uncle Chibs!”

“Have ye had breakfast yet?”

“Yes! We has blueberry pancakes, sausage, and chocolate milk.”

“That certainly sounds good!”

“It was!”

Chibs nodded as he locked up the car. It wasn’t long before Aislinn stepped out of the hotel and they went to eat breakfast.

“It’s gonna be weird at first…” Aislinn randomly put, and Chibs narrowed his eyes in question.

“Livin’ with ya I mean.”

“That good or bad?”

“Not sure yet…” She teased, and Chibs chuckled.

“Guess we’re aboot ta find out.”

“These blueberry pancakes are the shite!” She said before taking a bite, and Chibs nodded in agreement.

“So when did ye wanna go about changin’ yer name ta Telford?”

Aislinn blushed in response.

“Doesn’t it take time to plan these things?”

“Depends on what yer wantin’ darlin’. If yer wantin’ a big weddin’, it can. I’m down with whatever ye got in mind.”

“Never thought about it, to be honest. I know that sounds a bit odd… But I was never the type to sit there and daydream about the day I got married. To be honest, I had plans of  dyin’ a lonely miserable life, and ya went and ruined those plans!”

Chibs chuckled.

“Well, I’d say I’m sorry darlin’ but I’d be lyin’. Believe me though… I had those same plans love. Life has a funny way about things. I swore off marriage years ago. Never even crossed my mind, not until ye came along. I knew I was done for!”

Aislinn leaned back in thought.

“We should have an Irish/Scottish weddin’! Ya could show off one of those kilts of yours!”

“Careful what ye ask for, pet. If we do this ye know, I’m  goin’ full Scotsman on ye!”

Aislinn laughed.

“That’s the point! I would like to see ya in a kilt!”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“I can do that.”

“Guess we have our theme now.”

“Just need a time and place darlin’.”

“Ya’d have to do that. I know nothin’ about Charmin’, much less California.”

“I got it covered. Just so yer warned if I’m handlin’ the dets, we’ll be  tyin’ the knot within a couple months or so. I’d marry ye right now if we had a way.”

Aislinn smiled.

“I’m alright with that Scotty.”

“Alright then. I’m holdin’ ye to yer word.”

“I trust ya.” 

 “Are ya sure about this Scotty?” Aislinn whispered as the four of them stood before the airport entrance.

“No. But I trust Jackie.”

Riona reached over and gave her sister’s hand a comforting squeeze.

“He’s right. If Jackson says we’re going to be okay, then we’re going to be okay.”

“Stay close, all of ye. Let me do all the talkin’.”

                Riona lifted Abel into her arms figuring it were best if she held him. Chibs had their bags in hand and headed inside.

“How are we goin’ to get past without checkin’ our bags?” Aislinn asked, and Chibs sighed in thought.

“Stay put, and I’ll find this Michael Scott lad,” Chibs said as he had them sit on a nearby bench.

He and Aislinn sat their belongings down. The girls watched as the Scot headed off.

“Can I holds Thomas?” Abel asked, and Aislinn smiled as she handed the dragon over.

“Why don’t you take care of Thomas on the flight?” The young woman offered.

“Okays,” Abel said while hugging the dragon close.

“Does you want to wear my cross?”

“Sure! We can switch out once we land.”

Abel nodded as he took the necklace off. He crawled into Aislinn’s lap then placed it around her neck.

Chibs got in line at the Starbucks Jax had mentioned. When it was his turn, the teenage girl asked what he wanted.

“I’m lookin’ for Michael Scott.”

The girl nodded then made her way into another room. It wasn’t long before a man stepped out of that area. He waved Chibs over, and the Scot headed that way.

“You must be Filip Telford.” The man said after shutting the door.

Chibs nodded, and the man offered his hand in greeting.

“I’m Michael Scott, your pilot.”

The man handed Chibs a note, and the Scot looked it over.

“Do everything that says and meet me in twenty.”

Chibs was just about to ask where but it was written on the bottom of the note. The Scot gave a simple nod then exited the room.

“What are we doin’?” Aislinn asked as Chibs grabbed their bags and had the girls and Abel follow him back outside.

Chibs looked for the five-ninety-three airport shuttle the pilot had written down. Once he found it, he headed that way. The girls regarded one another in question as Chibs loaded everything up.

“Telford?” The driver questioned, and Chibs nodded.

The driver gave a mere nod and waited until they were buckled in. The man drove them to a remote runway where a private jet awaited. Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Chibs shook his head in disbelief. He wondered how the hell Ethan pulled this off. It shouldn’t be possible. But he wasn’t about to question it. The Scot was ready to get home. He’d fish the information out of Jax later. Aislinn and Chibs helped the driver with their bags then boarded the plane. 

“This is mad,” Aislinn whispered, and Chibs nodded in agreement.

“Does Jackson have ties with a rich family?” She asked, and Chibs half laughed.

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Riona and Abel had taken the chairs leaving Chibs and Aislinn the couch. Riona was showing Abel how to go about strapping himself in when the pilot entered the jet.

“You guys are welcome to whatever you’d like. Drinks are in the fridge, and the cups are right here.” He pointed everything out, and Chibs nodded.

“Alright. Get yourselves strapped in and we’ll hit the air here soon.”

“Just like that?!” Chibs questioned as he was a little stunned by all this.

“Just like that.” The pilot said with a smile, and Chibs sighed in thought.

Chibs helped Aislinn with her seatbelt as she found it a bit confusing.

“Ye had it backward.” He said with a shrug as she seemed slightly embarrassed.

She gave a nervous laugh. But something about her body language had the Scot narrowing his eyes in realization.

“Ye’ve never flown before, have ye?”

The young woman shook her head no.

“That makes two of us!” Riona made clear.

“Three,” Chibs uttered with a gesture Abel’s direction.

Abel smiled then looked out the window.

“This is gonna be deadly. Right, Linny?!”

“Now might not be the best time to use that word.” Aislinn murmured.

“Why?” Abel asked, and Chibs chuckled.

“Relax Linny,” Riona called from her seat.

You relax.”

“Ye really are scared, aren’t ye?”

“I’m just grand.”

“She’s always been terrified of flyin’, but she’s a wee daredevil when it comes to any amusement park. Explain that one!”

“Shut that gob of yours Riona!” Aislinn scolded.

“That true?” Chibs questioned with a smirk.

Aislinn rolled her eyes but let out a bit of a gasp as the plane started to move. Chibs laughed but wrapped his arm around her.

“Yer alright, pet.”

“I don’t see any oxygen masks and where are the parachutes?!”

“There are no parachutes!” Her sister said behind laughter.

“No parachutes?!”

“This is a private jet. I doubt there’s oxygen.” Riona teased with a playful smile.

“Ya can’t be serious! What are we gonna do if we crash?!”

“Shhh…” Chibs whispered then nudged her in a scolding mannerism.

“Yer gonna scare the boy.” He said, and Aislinn sent Abel an apologetic glance.

Abel, however, was giggling and making fun of her as well. Aislinn let out a miserable groan. The Scot shook his head as he could feel her heartbeat. She wasn’t exaggerating, not one bit. The poor girl was downright terrified. He wasn’t used to seeing this side of her. He thought it rather cute. So Aislinn had a vulnerable side after all… He thought as the jet sped up, getting ready for takeoff. Chibs did whatever he could to ease those fears and held her. The girl was practically hyperventilating when the plane lifted up off the ground.

“Easy there darlin’…” He whispered.

Aislinn closed her eyes and was doing her best to keep her breathing under control. Meanwhile, Abel was going on and on about how cool everything was and how he could see the clouds. Chibs had to find a way to get Aislinn’s mind off the flight or this was going to be a long six hours. The Scot waited until the plane was level and the pilot let them know it was safe to unfasten their seatbelts. The Scot went to undo Aislinn’s only to have her slap his hand away.

“What are ya doin’?”

Chibs smiled. He couldn’t get over how shaken she was.

“It’s safe now.” He said while unbuckling her belt.

The young woman just sat there like a gargoyle as Chibs went to pour everyone a drink. He poured Aislinn something a little stronger. He thought it would put her at ease. Chibs handed hers over, and Aislinn downed the entire thing within a few gulps.

“Got any more of that?” She asked, and Chibs laughed.

“Look, Aunt Linny, it so cool!  There sooo many clouds!” Abel said.

“I think I’m good, love.” She murmured, and Abel frowned.

“But you has to see dis.”

Abel waved her over once again, and Chibs watched as she came to her feet and headed that way. She peered out the window, and Abel pointed towards the clouds below them.


“Aye, it’s beautiful.” She wholeheartedly put but was turning awfully pale.

“Linny…” Riona called with concern.

Aislinn darted on back towards the couch then lay down. Chibs was quick to grab her that other drink.

“Here…” he uttered while propping her head up.

“Nice and slow this time.” He said as she drank the vodka.

“There ye go. Just let that kick in, and you’ll be right as rain darlin’.”

“What wrong with Aunt Linny?” Abel asked.

“She’s just a little tired that’s all,” Chibs said with a wink her direction.

“She gonna go night night?”

“Aye, I think that would be best.” He said while taking the empty cup from her hold.

Aislinn closed her eyes and let the vodka do its trick.

“Ya really have a way with her.” Riona complimented.

Chibs shrugged as he poured himself a shot.

“No one else could read her like that.” Riona softly put.

Chibs glanced her direction.

“You can.” He said, and Riona shook her head in disagreement.

“I believe ya have me beat in that department, love. You’re the true tamer when it comes to that one.” She said while pointing her sister’s direction.

“Ya couldn’t do that unless ya knew her.”

Abel crawled on out of his seat and made his way over. He placed the dragon in Aislinn’s arms then sat beside her.

“She very tired Uncle Chibs.”

“Aye, she sure is.”

“I take care of her so you can see the clouds too Uncle Chibs.”

The Scot regarded the boy in utter amazement.

“Ye’ll do that?”

Abel nodded.

“Thank you, lad.”

“You is welcome. Can you takes some pictures so daddy can see?”

“I sure will!”

“I loves you,” Abel said with a quivery lip.

This had the Scot’s full attention.

“I love you too kid. Is somethin’ wrong?”

Riona looked on from her seat.

“You gets us back home to my daddy. I can’t waits to see him and Riona my mommy now. We can all go home. I  has a real family now.”

“Abel, ye always had a real family. It’s just more in depth now.” The Scot said melting Riona’s heart.

“Yeah, you is right. But you’s and Linny my uncle and aunt now. You’s my bestest friends.”

Chibs squatted down and roughed the kid’s hair up a bit.

“We’ll always be there for ye, both of ye,” Chibs said with a sincere nod Riona’s direction.

Abel nodded, and Chibs hugged him.

“I’m gonna take a look at those clouds now.”

“Okays, don’t forget the pictures!” Abel reminded.

“I won’t.” The Scot vowed. 

Jax shot up from the bed then grabbed his gun. It took a moment to gain his composure once he realized he had been dreaming. It seemed so real. He and Riona were lying in bed when Galen entered the room and was having his way with Riona. Jax was doing everything he could to stop it, but it’s like he wasn’t even there and had to watch as it all played out. The man was covered in sweat and trembling all over. The nightmare had him so shaken; all he could think about was paying Galen a little visit. Jax tucked his gun away then headed for the basement. He nodded Happy’s direction as he and one of the prospects were keeping watch.

Galen sent Jax this pathetic look as Happy had a ball gag in his mouth. Jax knew he must’ve gotten that from Cara Cara. There was a whip, and several other items laid out on a table; things that would’ve been fun if he had his old lady with him. Galen? Not so much.

“Leave us,” Jax ordered, and Happy dragged the prospect along with him.

Jax removed the ball gag then stood before Galen.

“I’m going to ask you some questions, and for every question you don’t answer, I’m going to hurt you. For every lie, I’ll take a finger.”

“How bout somethin’ to drink first?” Galen said behind a raspy voice.

“Nah, I’m good but thanks.” Jax witted.

Galen rolled his eyes and licked his parched lips.

“Just get me some water,” Galen demanded, and Jax raised his brows on this.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to be making demands.”

“I’m shite’n and pissin’ myself. Least ya could do is get me some fuckin’ water.”

Jax regarded the man in sheer amazement.

“You got a lot of nerve. Wake up Galen, you got a reaper standing before you. You think I give a flying fuck about your dehydration? Hell no! The only thing I care about is how you’re stinkin’ up the place. Smells like a goddamn sewer in here. It’s gonna spread to the rest of the clubhouse. But I’m not about to give you the dignity of using a bathroom. Chibs was right. You and your brothers were nothing but animals. So you’ll be treated as such.”

“So how’d ya do it?”

“Do what?”


“You want to know how Jimmy died?”

Galen nodded and looked to be on the verge of tears.

“Let’s just say Cameron had the easy way out in comparison. But it wasn’t me.”

Galen narrowed his eyes on this.

“It was Chibs and Aislinn and trust me when I say little Jimmy suffered, immensely. But this isn’t about Jimmy or Cameron. This is about my son and those girls.”

“Ya should’ve never pulled that trigger. Killin’ Cameron… that was a big mistake.”

“Was it?!” Jax said with a look of mere amusement.

“Because it seems as if kidnapping my son was the big mistake. You thought you had one up on us, TWICE! Look at you squirming. Bitching about thirst and shitting yourself like an infant. That’s all you ever were. A child throwing a fit when he didn’t get his way. You pulled it with my father, and he didn’t let you get away with it either.”

“And maggots ate through his brains, years ago!” Galen cruelly put, and Jax socked him across the face.

Galen gave a weary laugh and spat a puddle of blood out from his mouth.

“You don’t talk about my father or my son.”

“Then let’s talk about the lovely Riona, Jax. Em? She really is somethin’ isn’t she?”

Jax shook his head knowing damn well what Galen was pulling. He was stalling. He’d hopes of his men crashing through this clubhouse any second now. Jax thought it funny how the tables had turned and Galen was the damsel now. Only there was no one coming for him. Jax could see it written all over those young men’s faces. They hadn’t a clue Galen was broke, and they didn’t know shit about Ireland. Galen kept them in the dark for a reason.

“Tell me about Clay,” Jax said as he was dismissing everything Galen said about Riona.

He had to, or he’d end up killing him before he even got to the questions or the torture.

“What about him?”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about. You should’ve died that day. But you didn’t… because Clay let you go. Now I want to know why. What deal did you two have going?”

“Why does it matter? He’s missin’, isn’t he? I’m  guessin’ that’s at your hands too.”

Jax closed his eyes for a moment then drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Now what did I tell you?” Jax questioned in a sinister-like manner.

Galen went to comment on this, only to end up screaming out in horror. Jax had run his knife through his index finger, and it was laying on the ground now. Galen’s wrists were bound as he squirmed about. Jax grazed the tip of his blade along the rest of his fingers.

“Should I do one more or…” Jax taunted.

“He wanted the cartel.”

“Tell me something I don’t know!”

“He was goin’ to join another charter in order to do so.”

“Another charter?!”


“You’re lying! No other charter would agree to that. Not after…”

“The Nevada one did.” Galen was quick to correct, and Jax staggered back.

Galen’s eyes started to roll into the back of his head.

“Oh no, you don’t. You stay awake, sleeping beauty. We’ve just begun…”

By the time Jax was done, Galen was missing three fingers and his eyes. The president plucked them out for having looked at his old lady. Jax knew all about Clay and his deal with the Nevada charter now. He wasn’t about to let them get away with that either. Sure, Clay was dead now. But what they were doing… that was a betrayal to the Original Nine, and they knew that. SAMCRO was the founder of this MC. His father built this club with his blood, sweat, and tears. Jax would be damned if some other charter ruined their name and got into the one thing JT was always against. No drugs and no gun dealings. That’s how this MC worked. If you didn’t like it… Then you hadn’t any reason to be a Son. You were a “thug” and nothing more. Those were JT’s exact words on the manner. He had no respect for the thug way of life. They were a motorcycle club, not a gang. The Sons were meant to protect their hometowns, at all cost. Inviting drugs and guns into their cities wasn’t protection but a death sentence.

But there was one thing Jax didn’t understand… How was Clay going to talk his mother into that one? Leaving Charming?! There wasn’t a chance in hell his mother would do that. She wouldn’t leave her grandson, much less Jax. Sure, his mother got on his every last nerve, and she had done some pretty rotten things over the years. But she’d never turn her back on family. Gemma would die before that happened and Jax knew that. So what was Clay’s plan when it came to his mother and Nevada? And that was another thing… Clay had set this up, the moment the club started to doubt him, and their decision to have him at the gavel. Clay must’ve known he was going down and fast. He’d plans of making that request just as soon as they got back. Only Jax wouldn’t have given his blessing on that. He would’ve made sure he was voted out, and his ink was blacked out. So Nevada would’ve shit themselves. Then again, they probably were now considering they lost that deal. There would be no cartel.

Jax glanced upon Galen one last time before jamming his knife into his throat and twisting the blade when he ripped it back out.

“That’s for my father…” Jax said then looked to the scar on the palm of his hand.

“It’s over dad.” He vowed amongst himself but looked to the time and grimaced.

He had to shower and hit the road as the girls and Abel would be landing any moment now. 

 “Hey, we gotta go,” Jax said as he shook Ethan awake.

“Shit. That time already?!” Ethan said as he shot up from the couch.

“Fraid so.”

“I gotta take a piss then we’ll head on out,” Ethan said.

“Mind if I tag along?” Happy questioned as he too was eager to see the girls.

“Dude! Ya wanna see me take a piss?!” Ethan taunted, and Happy slugged him on the arm.

Jax chuckled as Ethan bitched under his breath and headed into the men’s bathroom.

“The more, the merrier,” Jax uttered with a shrug Happy’s direction.

“Anyone else comin’?” Jax hollered after Ethan stepped out of the men’s room.

“You know I am,” Bobby called in return .

Tig went to argue this as Bobby was supposed to help him deal with the body. Bobby, however, slipped a dimebag into the palm of his hand.

“There. Deal?” Bobby murmured, and Tig smiled.

“Tell the girls I said hello!” Tig happily put then skipped off with his dimebag.

“Help him,” Jax ordered the prospects, and they followed Tig into the basement.

“You alright?” Jax questioned as Ethan paced back and forth.

Ethan gave a simple nod but went back to pacing.

“Is he gonna do that the whole time?” Bobby complained.

“Cut him some slack. He’s meeting them for the first time…” Jax whispered in Ethan’s defense.

“Hey…” Jax called as a plane landed.

“That them?” He asked, and Ethan nodded.

“About time.” Jax murmured with a smile.

A good fifteen minutes went by before they exited the terminal. Riona smiled, and Abel took off running.

“DADDY!” Jax hunkered down then scooped Abel up the moment he had him within reach.

Abel wrapped his little arms around his father and hugged him. Jax waved Riona over, and Jax hugged them both.

“God, I missed you, both of you,” Jax said before kissing Abel’s forehead and locking lips with Riona.

“You look great babe.” He murmured and was looking to Riona in awe.

“Thank you.”

Bobby lifted Aislinn up off the ground as he hugged her.

“You don’t look so good, sweetheart.” He whispered afterward.

“Long flight…” She uttered with a flushed face.

“Missed you.”

“Missed you too, Elvis.”

Happy went on to hug Riona then hugged Aislinn once Bobby was done hogging her up. Chibs greeted Jax and the others with hugs as well.

“Who’s that?” Riona questioned as to the man talking to the pilot.

She and Aislinn looked on as he shook the pilot’s hand. They heard the pilot mention something about owing him one and to holler if he needed anything else.

“We’ll let him explain that one,” Jax said and Chibs sent him a mistrusting glance.

“It’s okay, Filip. We can trust him. He’s the reason you’re here right now.”

Jax chuckled as Chibs had that protective hold on Aislinn. He wasn’t letting his guard down for anything. Bobby was admiring Aislinn’s guitar and mentioned something about having a case she could use.

“What the hell?” Ethan said after spinning back around and looking Aislinn’s direction.

He saw where Chibs’s hand was and shook his head in disbelief.

“Nah, that’s not happening…”

Chibs sneered at this and Aislinn reared back in wonder.

“Get your pervy hands off her!”

Jax rolled his eyes.

“Ethan…” He warned.

“You didn’t tell me he was an old motherfucker.”

“Don’t do it, bro. Is this how you want your first time to go?” Jax said, and Ethan sighed.

“She’s just a kid…”

“She’s twenty-three Ethan. She’s not a kid anymore.” Jax reminded.

“What is this?” Riona asked.

Ethan glanced her direction and the two locked eyes.

“You don’t know me. But I know everything about you and Aislinn.” Ethan said with a tearful smile.

“I’ve known about you since I was fourteen. I’ve been looking after you since I was nineteen.”

Aislinn and Riona exchanged glances on this.

“I’m Ethan Lawless. I’m yours and Aislinn’s older brother, a bastard son of Alastar’s.”

Riona snorted like this was some sort of a joke.

“That’s a good one lad. But we don’t have a brother.”

“Like I said… You don’t know me.” Ethan reiterated.

Aislinn staggered back, and Chibs looked to her with concern.

“Ali?” He called, and Ethan glanced that direction.

“I’ve seen him before…” Aislinn said, and Riona tilted her head on this.

“Linny?” Riona called.

“I thought you were a figment of my imagination. But you’re real.”

“What’s goin’ on Linny?!”

“I’ve seen him at our gigs and…” Aislinn closed her eyes for a brief moment.

“You were there…”

“There?” Ethan questioned.

“The party… I thought I lost my mind and made you up.”

Ethan managed to smile.

“I sent the text…” He hinted, and Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

“I wasn’t letting anything happen to you, either of you.” Ethan made clear, and Aislinn started to tear up.

“This can’t be real.” She whispered.

“I’m very real. But I broke my own vow. I’m so sorry. Aislinn… That shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been there. They should’ve never touched you. It should’ve been me in Riona’s place. I should’ve been the one looking after the both of you. It shouldn’t have been Riona or you but me. If I hadn’t listened to Pepper…” Ethan trailed off as Aislinn broke into sobs.

Riona, however, gritted her teeth and took the man by surprise when she decked him across the face. Ethan held a hand over his cheek and Jax was quick to grab ahold of her.

“Easy babe!” He scolded.

“Don’t ya go and fill my sister with such lies! We have no brother! Did Galen put ya up to this?!”

“Nice hook!” Ethan proudly put then looked to the blood he wiped off his lip.

“Ya best get that cocky grin off your slimy face and tell me who ya really are!”

“He’s telling the truth Riona.” Jax defended.

“It’s okay Jax. I expected this. Riona… She’s always been protective of Aislinn. I’ll take whatever she dishes out.”

Riona went to say something else, and Jax clamped a hand over her mouth .

“We should take this elsewhere…” Jax hinted as they’d too many eyes on them.

Jax herded his son and Riona on out of the airport; while Bobby and Happy grabbed their things and followed them out. Chibs had that hold on Aislinn still and could feel Ethan’s eyes on him as the man walked directly behind them. Jax had Chibs’s bike in the back of his truck. Chibs helped him bring it down, and Jax looked to him afterward.

“Let’s take this back to the clubhouse.” Jax made clear as he had Riona and Abel get into the truck.

Chibs nodded as he helped Aislinn onto his Harley.

“Hold on, pet.” He uttered as she was an emotional mess right now.

She wrapped her arms around him, and Chibs headed on out. They had a bit of a drive ahead of them, but it wouldn’t be long before they were in Charming.  

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Come Together”

  1. Karma a bitch. and it made Galen hers. *snickers* he got what he deserved every bit of it for what he did to them girls and Keri. let the worms and maggots feast on him now. Never threaten what Jax loves and cares for.

    The sheriff, now that was a surprise i think i like her. Giving them a heads up on the way things are now. especially about the *bible thumpers and others* love how she also said she could appreciate their brand of justice too. but not giving her blessing but not saying i’m not going to stop you either lol. that was cool

    Nice private jet. I have a feeling either Jax or Ethan had something to do with that. not sure which yet though. but either way they are back where they belong now.

    Riona reaction to ethan i had a feeling it was going to be explosive as hell. and she didn’t fail me. as for ali realizing that ethan had tried to watch over them… Only ali would be that self aware that she would notice someone in the crowd of their gigs..

    Your muse has done again and has made my day once more I’m glad she inspired you into another chapter. I love how it played out and everything should be interesting since they are back in Charming. Excellent scene, I see the *bitey dogs* came in handy. I told you they will protect you and your muse. Until next time. *bows*

    (throws balls for the dogs to chase after, watching them take off like a shot)

  2. Abel was so cute in New York. And now I want pizza lol. I love the new sheriff. She seems alright for now. Love the fancy private jet. Poor Aislin. I feel for her. Yay Galen is DEAD!! No less than he deserved. I figured them meeting Ethan would be tense. No way those girls would just be okie dokie ya kmow? Riona clocking Ethan was.hilarious though lmbo! Another great one!

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