Chapter 28 – Homerun

Chapter 28 – Homerun

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Couple weeks later:

“God damn…” Jax murmured when he entered the office.

Riona started to take her glasses off, and Jax stopped her.

“Leave em on.” He uttered as he was having a hard time taking his eyes off her.

Riona was in one of her usual skirts, heels, and had her hair up in a messy bun. Jax felt as though he were watching the beginning of a Cara Cara scene. That button shirt of hers was awfully snug, and he was just waiting for a couple buttons to pop.

“What’s with ya?” Riona questioned, and Jax cleared his throat.

“What are you doing?” He questioned then sat across from her.

“Workin’ on the Teller-Telford website.” She said with a shrug.

“We have a website?”


“Since when?”

“Since ya hired me!”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“Thought you were working on the records…”

“Pffft, I knocked that out in a day!”


“Easy peasy.”


“The website will help with traffic.”


Riona laughed at how clueless he was.

“Aye, ya just let me worry on all that.” She said and adjusted her glasses.

Jax tilted his head and watched while she worked.

“Did ya need somethin’, Jackson?”

“Thought you might be hungry. I know I am…”

Riona looked at the clock. She hadn’t realized it was lunchtime.

“Sure. Just let me wrap this up.”

Jax nodded but came to his feet. He locked the office door. Riona was too wrapped up in what she was doing to even notice. Jax leaned against the wall then folded his arms about his chest.

“Not gonna be long are you?”

“Just about done.” She murmured and was typing away.

“Good cause I’m like really hungry.” The way he said this had Riona lifting her eyes.

She was about to take her glasses off when Jax stopped her yet again.

“Like I said… leave ‘em on.” He seductively put.

Riona found herself blushing as Jax was quick to whip himself out. He caressed her cheek in an encouraging manner.

“Why don’t you show me how bad you want that raise…” Jax incited.


“That’s right. I have your evaluation right here… Now get to it.”

The young woman smiled then gave into that primal need of his. Jax gritted his teeth the moment her lips wrapped around his cock. The president moved a strand of hair out of the way and watched as she worked that mouth up and down his shaft.

“Holy shit…” He grunted when Riona dropped to her knees and was giving it her all.

Jax reached down then ripped her blouse open. He could hear the ping of her buttons as they hit the ceramic tile. Her breasts were spilling out of that black bra of hers. Chibs had found the girls a trustworthy gyno and Riona was on her third day of birth control. They had to wait a full forty-eight hours for it to kick in. Aislinn hadn’t been to her appointment yet as hers was a few days away. Jax had been dying to test this out to the fullest. There would be no more holding back. He could have Riona when and wherever he wanted now. Riona teased him by running the tip of her tongue along the head of his dick. This had the man throbbing all to hell. The mere sight drove him past the brink of lust and right into pure oblivion.

Jax reached out then braced himself against one of the filing cabinets. He felt a little dizzy, but that didn’t stop him from using his free hand to grab that bun of hers. He went on to give that mouth a good fucking.

“Chug it down,” Jax ordered.

Riona opened her mouth just before he came. Jax wished he would’ve had a video camera as he watched her swallow it down and lick him clean after.

“You’re not done!” Jax put that authority of his to use and lifted her up on the desk.

He bunched that skirt up to her thighs,  and Riona let out a surprised moan when he spread her legs and licked her panties.

“God, you smell so fucking good.” He murmured, and Riona could feel the vibration of his words against her sex.

Jax had those panties of hers soaked by the time he was done. He took them off then stuffed them into his pocket. Jax placed himself inside and shook his head. This right here is what he’d been waiting for. He’d already came but knew it wouldn’t be long before he spilled his seed again. He longed for this feeling right here. She was warm and inviting, and he was throbbing inside her.

Riona clamped a hand over her mouth as Jax was unrelenting. His eyes were locked with hers the entire time. Beads of sweat ran down the sides of his face as he kept with it. Jax chuckled at one point as her glasses were fogging up. He reached over and took them off. He tossed them off to the side and heard a knock at the door.

Riona had this wide-eyed look to her and Jax put a single finger to his lips as he kept with the pounding. He cleared his throat however before calling out to whoever it was.

“Just give us a minute!”

“A minute?” They heard in that familiar Scottish air, and Riona resisted the urge to laugh.

“Sounds like I need ta give ye five at least!”

“Better make it ten!”

“Jackson…” Riona whispered in a chastising manner.

She couldn’t believe he was still going and while holding a conversation with Chibs. Jax sent her a wink as they heard Chibs walk away.

“He knows what’s up… You just worry about passing your evaluation.” Jax uttered.

“That was some lunch…” Chibs teased once Jax entered the garage.

Jax chuckled then grabbed a clipboard.

“Perks of having the old lady working for you.” The president said, and the VP looked to be in thought.

“Maybe I should find Ali a job here.”

“Couldn’t hurt,”  Jax said, and Chibs laughed.

The president shook his head, and the look on his face had Chibs’s curiosity.

“What?” The Scot whispered in question.

“Riona’s like a double feature porno,” Jax whispered in return.

“How’s that?” Chibs asked with a grin.

“She’s like a nerd by day and rocker by night. I’m telling you it’s fucking hot. She was going on about this fucking website we have and…”

“Website?” The Scot interrupted, and Jax nodded.

“We have a website?

“Yeah, Riona said something about traffic or some shit.”

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“Aye, computer geek.” He uttered, and Jax nodded.

The Scot hummed in thought, and Jax elbowed the shit out of him.

“Knock that shite off, Jackie. I was thinkin’ about me girl in one of those wee getups.”

“Aislinn doesn’t wear heels.” Jax reminded.

“Don’t need ‘em. Skirt will do just fine.” Chibs muttered, and Jax laughed.

“Do I really have to listen to you two talk about my sisters like that?!” Ethan complained as he was fixing someone’s tire and with this disgusted look about him.

“Nah, ye just cover those ears of yers next time.” Chibs taunted, and Ethan rolled his eyes.

“That’s what you get for eavesdropping. Now get back to work.” Jax sternly put.

“You first.” Ethan smarted, and Jax shook his head.

“I write the paychecks, remember?”

“Actually, Riona does.” Ethan reminded, and Chibs chuckled.

“Kid has a point.”

“How bout you BOTH get back to work!” Jax ordered, and Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Aye, Aye.”

Ethan bitched under his breath but did as Jax requested.

“So when are you going to show this to Aislinn?” Jax questioned as Chibs had finished up his rounds and was working on a personal project.

“I was gonna show her a couple weeks ago, but things kept comin’ up. I figure it best ta wait for her birthday.”


“Aye, I fished the information out of Riona. Says it’s October thirteenth. Hope ta be done by then.”

Chibs regarded Jax in thought.

“How’d ye learn so much about Riona, in one day…?” The Scot asked while pointing towards a nearby wrench.

Jax grabbed it then handed it over.

“You can learn a lot about someone in eight hours.” The president said with a shrug.

“Ali and I talk all the time. But I didn’t know her fuckin’ birthdate!”

“Guess I ask the more meaningful things,” Jax uttered in mockery.

“Shut it, boy!” Chibs scolded then tossed the wrench Jax’s direction.

The president chuckled as he dodged it.

“Honestly, it was strange. I found myself trying to feed a lifetime into one day. If that makes any sense… It’s like I knew I’d never see her again…”

“But ye did.” The Scot murmured before slamming the hood down.

“It’s crazy. When I saw her at the clubhouse, I thought she was a figment of my imagination. I mean I saw her singing and even thought that looks just like fucking Riona Lawless, but didn’t act on it. I just knew it couldn’t be her. That would’ve been too coincidental. But it was, and we clicked, just like we did five years ago. Riona… it’s like she can read right through me and my bullshit!”

“Good. Ye need someone that keeps ye on yer toes. It’s always been the other way around!”

Jax reared back, and Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Aye, if ye’d just pay attention every once in a while ye’d see what I’m talkin’ aboot. Take Wendy and Ima for example. Granted they were Crow Eaters; ye had a way of  leadin’ them around and makin’ em bow ta yer ever need. Ye won’t see Riona pullin’ that shite!”

“Was I really that bad?”

Chibs gave a reluctant sigh.

“Truth?!” The Scot sincerely asked.

“Yeah. I want to know.”

“Aye, ye had yer moments of takin’ women for granted, Tara included. But I will say the lass had it comin’. The doc took things too far when dishin’ it out. Further than any woman I’ve ever known. Well, aside from me ex-wife.” Chibs uttered with a dark chuckle.

“I think part of ye was bitter and that’s what led to pullin’ that very shite with Tara as well. Ye weren’t always like that. I know ye were tryin’, but she just had a way of bringin’ out the worst in ye. Hell, ye brought out the worst in each other, Jackie.”

“That’s no lie.” Jax murmured but with a touch of gloom.

He wanted Chibs’s honest opinion, but it hurt all the same. Jax hadn’t realized he was that bad. He always felt as though he were the one being taken advantage of, not the other way around. But he knew Chibs wasn’t one to sugar coat these things. If the Scot said that’s how it was then that’s how it was.

“Hey now, yer good with Riona,” Chibs reassured seeing the confliction in his president’s eyes.

“Hope so!”

“Nah, yer different. Ye even carry yerself differently. It’s like this massive weight’s been lifted off yer shoulders.”

“It has.”

“It shows. She’s good for ye, Jackie boy. Don’t fuck it up.”

“I won’t,” Jax vowed, and Chibs gave a nod as he wrapped everything up for the night.

“You gonna paint it?” Jax curiously questioned.


“What color?”

“I think Ali would kill me if I did anythin’ other than black.”

Jax chuckled in thought.


“Hey, darlin’.” Chibs greeted once he entered the house and saw Aislinn sitting on the couch.

She was jotting something down in one of her journals. Her notes were scattered about the coffee table, and her guitar was propped up against the couch. Aislinn welcomed him with a kiss but was quick to start cleaning up. It was during this he took notice of the collage she’d been working on for Riona’s birthday banner.

“She’s goin ta love that!” Chibs expressed as he himself couldn’t believe just how amazing that was turning out.

Aislinn was using the pictures to spell out Happy Birthday Riona. He thought it rather brilliant. She’d put a lot of time into that banner as she’d been working on it nightly.

“Sorry, I lost track of time. I haven’t got dinner started yet.”

“Ali, ye know I don’t care aboot that.”

Chibs stopped her as she was headed for the kitchen. The Scot pulled her back towards him and shook his head.

“Ye gotta stop worryin’ aboot those things, love. Relax.”

Aislinn had been going out of her way to keep a clean house, making certain the laundry was done, and she usually had supper on the table when he walked in the door. She wanted to show her appreciation for everything he’d done for her and her sister. Chibs, however, thought this was Aislinn’s way of proving she was wife material. That wasn’t something he needed. He wasn’t marrying her because of her cleaning or cooking skills. He couldn’t care less about any of that nonsense. Yeah having a wife that could do those things was a bonus, not a requirement. That was for old-fashioned assholes that didn’t know a good woman when they had one. Chibs thought it a shame when men based a woman’s wife capabilities on house chores. There was more to it.

“Did ye mow the lawn taday?!” Chibs questioned as it just dawned on him.

The lawn was looking awfully nice when he got home.

“Aye…” She coyly put.

“Ali… Ye don’t hafta do all that shite! That’s my job!”

“I didn’t mind. It felt nice bein’ out in the sun.”

“I don’t want ye doin’ the lawn or bustin yer arse like some wee servant. Alright, pet?”

“Ya’ve been workin’ over fourteen hours a day if not more. It’s the least I can do. I want to help. It’s not like I have a job or anythin’.”

“Can’t ye just be spoiled?”

“So ya want to come home, cook, do laundry, and clean?!” She teased, and Chibs frowned in thought.

“I can eat scones, go commando, and live in filth, like a true Scotsman!” The Scot snapped like he was mad but broke into a grin.

Aislinn giggled.

“Look, just take it down a notch alright? Ye don’t hafta bust yer arse every time I walk out the door. Work on yer music, read, watch TV. Hell, call yer sister or brother even. Go out and do somethin’! Ye don’t have to be cooped up all damn day. Just don’t go causin’ any trouble and ye’ll be fine.”

“Ethan’s under SAMCRO protection, remember? He doesn’t want me hangin’ around him. Speakin’ of which… How’s that goin’ by the way?”

“We’re handlin’ it…”

“Handlin’ it?”

“Aye, these things take time, love. Jackie’s got a plan, but we gotta be patient in order for it to work.”

“Too much patience and Ethan will end up in a ditch somewhere.”

“Not on our watch.” Chibs firmly put.

He brushed a strand of hair behind her ear then pecked her on the lips.

“Don’t touch my mower or my lawn.” He sternly put.

Not that he really had a problem with her touching those things. But he felt that was HIS job, not his old lady’s. He hadn’t any respect for men that expected that out of their wives. There had to be a line somewhere.

“Fine.” She pouted, and Chibs chuckled.

“Ye really are somethin’. Most women don’t wanna touch that shite!”

“I grew up on a ranch…” She reminded with a shrug.

“Aye, but things are different now. Ye have me. I got all the grunt work, and when I don’t that’s what the prospects are for!”

“Ya have prospects mowin’ your lawn?”

“Sometimes,” Chibs admitted with a shrug.

“Do they scrub your toilet too?”

“If I tell em to!” He teased.

“That’s so wrong.”

“They’re prospects for a reason darlin’. Even I had to start from the bottom of the barrel before I earned my stripes. Just goes with it.”

“Well then, ya should have them doin’ the laundry and all that shite!”

“See, now yer thinkin’! But I draw the line on any of them cookin’.”

Aislinn giggled in thought.

Chibs put up the lamb she had set out and nodded her direction.

“Let’s go out. Ye can cook the lamb tomorrow.”

“Are ya sure?”


“I need to get ready then.”

“Nah, ye look just fine. Let’s go, bonnie.” Chibs took her by the hand then dragged her on out of the house.

“Mommy?” Abel called as he knocked on the office door.

Riona smiled when she heard his voice.

“Aye?” She called in return, and Abel opened the door.

She could see his smiling face as he peeked inside.

“Is you’s busy?”

“Nah, just finished!”

Abel welcomed himself inside then made his way over.

“I makes you dis!”

Abel showed Riona a picture he had colored.

“Oh, Abel that’s lovely!”

“I works very hard on it. I use all your favorite colors. Daddy says these are your favorites. He picks them out.”

“Well, he certainly knows me well enough!”

“Dat you, me, Daddy, Uncle Chibs, and Aunt Linny. Oh, and dis your birthday cake. We’s gonna have a BIG one!”

“We are, are we?”

“Yes. Daddy say so. He says he wants you to have a BIG cake and he going to make sure it your favorite.”

Abel crawled into Riona’s lap.

“Can I plays that game now?”

“Sure can!” Riona found the app to his favorite computer game and let him at it while she cleaned up the office.

“What’s we having for supper?”

“Em, haven’t thought about that yet.”

“I wants pizza.”

“Ya always want pizza!”

Abel giggled.

“Pizza sounds good to me.” They heard and turned to see Jax standing at the doorway.

He gave a simple nod before entering the office and pecking Riona on the cheek.

“You ready?”

“Just about.”

“I’s playing my game, daddy!”

“Yeah, well daddy’s hungry.”

“Can we’s play when we get home?”

“Don’t see why not.”

“I kills all the zombies! See daddy?”

Jax reared back and made his way over. He cut Riona a look, and she laughed.

“You can blame my brother for that one!”

“Dis Ethan’s favorite game. He says he has the highest score!” Abel said, and Jax shook his head as his son took a couple zombies out.

“A little dark don’t you think?” Jax teased, and Riona shrugged.

“It’s either zombies or your prospects.” She taunted in return and Jax chuckled.

“I would’ve gone with the prospects. They could use a few dodging lessons.”

Abel logged out of the app then shut his mother’s computer down. Jax found himself rather impressed.

“Who showed you how to do all that?”

“Mommy. She show me a lot. She smart daddy!”

“That she is.” Jax sincerely put and with a wink her direction.

He lifted Abel up into his arms.

“We’ll be in the truck.”

“Headed that way.” She said as she grabbed the keys and went to lock everything up.

“Headed home?” Ethan asked as he was kicked back on his bike.

Riona nodded.

“Sounds like we’re hittin’ that pizza joint on the way.”

“Pizza, huh?”

“Aye, you and Happy should join us!”

“You sure?” Ethan said with a glance Jax’s direction.

Jax was fastening Abel’s seatbelt.

“I wouldn’t invite ya otherwise.”

“Cool. Pizza sounds good. I’ll let Happy know. He went to hit the head.”

“Cause I needed to know that!” Riona uttered in revulsion and Ethan chuckled.

“How’s that goin’ by the way?”

“Happy taking a leak?!”

Riona rolled her eyes, and Ethan chuckled.

“Good actually. Daisy had her pups a few days ago too.”


“Oh, yeah. You should come see them. Bring the kid and the asshole. Maybe he’ll soften up and let Abel have one. Kid gets first pick. Of course, they won’t be ready for a few weeks though.”

“Aye, that gives me plenty of time to do some convincin’.”

“Something tells me you’re going to need it.”

“Nah, I got this one,” Riona reassured then headed off.

Ethan chuckled amongst himself as he waited for Happy.

“Oh, wow,” Aislinn whispered when Chibs opened the door to a local  bar by the name of AC’s.

The Scot observed her reaction as there was a live band playing. He led her up to the bar then pulled out one of the stools for her.

“Why thank you!” She playfully expressed, and Chibs chuckled as he pushed her chair in.

He plopped down beside her then waved at the bartender.

“Well, I’ll be damned. Telford!” The man exclaimed and went on to shake the Scot’s hand.

“How the hell are you?”

“Great. Yerself?”

“Business could be better…” The man regrettably admitted.

Chibs nodded and gestured towards the band in thought. The music was rather tame. It was nowhere near what Chibs remembered.

“Not yer usual.” The Scot hinted, and the bartender frowned.

“Corky’s stole my entertainers and two of my employees.”

“Fuck! Ye serious?!”

“Oh yeah, offered them way more than I could ever pay.”

“Shite. I hate that fuckin’ place.” Chibs uttered with a curled lip.

That bar was filled with nothing but yuppies. They drove expensive cars and watched football all day.

“Me and you both. What’s with everyone heading over there, a fucking sports bar?! I can’t believe I lost entertainers to that place. What are they playing every night? Timberlake? Brittany?!”

Aislinn frowned when the man mentioned Brittany. Chibs took notice but didn’t comment.

“Who knows…” Chibs murmured with a disappointed shrug.

“And who is this lovely lady?”

“This lovely lass is me fiancé Aislinn.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful face.”

“Well, look at ya with the flattery,” Aislinn said as the man took her hand and kissed it.

If she weren’t madly in love with Chibs, she’d have given the man a second glance if not more. He was surely a sight for sore eyes. But then again, he knew it. Aislinn could tell by his body language alone. That was a bit of a turn off the more she took notice of this. Sure, he was sweet and seemed like a delight to be around. But she couldn’t imagine being with a man that full of himself. That and she was pretty sure the man took better care of his hair than she did her own. This had her looking to her split ends in thought. Chibs took notice but hadn’t a clue what she was doing.

Jason Momoa as AC

“Not flattery when it’s the truth. Name’s AC by the way. I’m cool like that.” The man said then cut her a wink as he poured them a couple of shots.

AC… Aislinn thought back to the name of the bar. So this guy was the owner and the bartender?! She thought amongst herself.

“On the house. Thought I wouldn’t see your ugly mug again.”

“Aye. Well, ye got the ugly mug part right…” Chibs uttered with a frown.

“How’s Jax doing?”

“He’s good.”

“Take it he’s out too?”

“Oh yeah, he got out the same day,” Chibs explained a little bit of the situation and how he and Jax were set up.

“Damn…” AC said and shook his head in thought.

Aislinn, however, nudged Chibs then pointed towards a picture behind the bar. This had the Scot rearing back in question.

“Isn’t that a picture of yer staff?!”


“What’s yer brother doin’ in that picture?!” Chibs uttered with a smirk.

“That’s what I was wonderin’.”

AC blinked a few times then looked to the picture then back to Aislinn.

“Which one?!” AC curiously questioned.

He grabbed the picture and had Aislinn point him out.

“For reals?!”

“Aye. That’s my brother Ethan.”

“Well shit! You must be Aislinn! Where’s what’s her name? Riona, right?!”

“Aye. Probably at home with Jax and Abel.” Aislinn murmured in thought.

“Wait… so she’s Jax’s old lady?”


“Fuck. Man, I can’t believe you’re here. Ethan never stops talking about you guys! He’s been working here for the past couple weeks or so.”


“Oh yeah. He adores you two! Showed me a picture once. That sister of yours man oh man… Jax is a lucky man.”

“Most men think so,” Aislinn said with a shrug.

“Not that you’re not…” AC started to say.

“Aye, she is a knockout!” Aislinn agreed.

AC nodded, and Chibs resisted the urge to smack him one. That was fucking low, and AC knew it.

Chibs tossed a fifty onto the counter.

“How bout a couple burgers and some fries. Leave that bottle of whiskey on the table.”

“You got it.”

AC hollered out for one of the cooks in the back and gave them the order. He left the bottle of whiskey but slid a couple of beers over as well.

“I’ll leave you to it.”

Chibs nodded in response. This felt so strange to him. There were a couple of men at the bar and only a handful at the stage where the band was. Aislinn frowned once she gave the band a go.

“Not knockin’ your joint Scotty but that band is sure lackin’.”

“Aye, didn’t use to be like this. I brought ye here for a reason. I hadn’t realized it’d changed that much within a year.”

“The band alone could put ya to sleep if yer not buckled. If ya don’t find yourself hidin’ in the jacks from nausea!” Aislinn teased, and Chibs chuckled.

The band was in attempts to play a Maroon 5 song, but everything was so off.

“Sorry lass. I wanted ye to experience what it used to be. This was AC’s dream. Hell, Jackie nearly went inta business with him. Looks like he dodged a bullet.” Chibs damn near made the mistake of bringing up the porn studio and was quick to bite his tongue. Not tonight. He told himself. Later.

“Ya alright?”

“Aye.” But as he said this, the Scot felt as though he were gnawing on glass.

He and Jax had to come clean about that and soon before the girls found out through someone else. They lucked out Fourth of July. Chibs just knew the girls were going to find out then.

“Ya look as if ya ate a lemon!”

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“Nah… Just thinkin’.”


“A lot of things, darlin’.” He dismissively put.

“Ya gettin’ cold feet?!” She teased.

“Far from it.”

Aislinn recoiled as one of the guitarists was out of tune.

“That’s gotta be drivin’ the customers away!”

The young woman flinched once she realized AC overheard this.

“Sorry.” She apologized with a flushed face.

“Don’t be. I’ve thought that very thing myself. Shit, I have to hear this crap every fucking night.”

“What music did ya used to play?” She curiously asked.

“Anything from blues, and rock, to metal.”

Aislinn raised her brows in surprise.

“Ouch.” She whispered, and AC nodded in response.

“Now I get it…” She said as to Chibs bringing her here.

Chibs gave a mere nod and sipped at his beer. Aislinn downed her shot then took her beer too the label.

“Don’t ye go and show me up like that!” Chibs teased as he hadn’t taken his shot yet.

“Not my fault ya can’t keep up!” Aislinn taunted, and AC laughed.

“Well, you certainly picked your equivalent!”

“That’s no fuckin’ lie.” Chibs murmured but watched as Aislinn made her way to the stage.

He leaned back and merely observed as she listened to the band. The Scot could see those gears of hers going as she was in critique mode. She was so focused she hadn’t taken notice of the band checking her out.

“You’re gonna have your hands full with that one,” AC said taking notice as well.

“I already do,” Chibs admitted.

“I bet Jax really has his full.”

Chibs pivoted around and shook his head.


“Tame it down with that shite, will ya?”

AC reared back in bewilderment.

“Don’t ye be talkin’ that kind of shite about me girl’s sister. Alright?!”

“Ohhhh, so she’s the jealous kind… I get it now!”

“It hasn’t anythin’ ta do with that. Just lay off those sorts of comments!”

“Come on man, even she knows her sister’s fucking hot!”

Chibs took the bottle of whiskey and shoved it back into AC’s arms.

“Guess we’ll be takin’ our business elsewhere.”

AC regarded Chibs in absolute shock. He’d never seen him like this.

“Telford!” He hollered as Chibs was headed right for Aislinn.

AC leaped over the counter and stopped him.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll keep my fucking mouth shut.”

“Can ye?” Chibs murmured with a curled lip.

“Yeah, but what’s that about anyhow?”

“Ye try livin’ every day of your life in your eldest siblin’s shadow and havin’ everyone compare ye to them. Like I said this isn’t about jealousy. I’m tryin’ ta show the lass a good time, and all yer doin’ is shovin’ that shite down her throat like she doesn’t hear enough of it already.”

“Eldest? I thought Ethan was the eldest.”

“Ye know damn well what I’m talkin’ aboot AC. Just knock it off.”

“Damn… Never seen you this worked up over a woman before. She must be something.” AC said then glanced her way once again.

“What’s she doing?” AC asked as Aislinn was talking to one of the band members.

Chibs smiled amongst himself.

“Ye’ll see…”

AC shook his head as the lead singer handed his guitar over. Aislinn plucked a few testing notes and went on to tune his guitar.

“She’s not about to play some angry chick shit, is she?”

“Why don’t ye shut that gob of yers and just see what happens. Hell, ye could use the customers!”

The way he said this had AC looking to the stage in thought.

“Ya sure I can thrash on this?” Chibs heard her question, and the lead singer nodded, but with this hopeful, I’m getting laid look in his eyes.

Keep dreaming kid. Chibs thought as the guy looked younger than Aislinn. Chibs would’ve choked if he had been drinking anything as his old lady started playing Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. Chibs remembered Riona saying that was Aislinn’s go to when showing off.

“Well, shit. Ethan wasn’t lying after all. He told me how good his sisters were, but I found that hard to believe. No offense but when he mentioned Irish sisters that could sing I was picturing some folk music shit!”

“Far from it,”  Chibs uttered with a grin.

“I see that.”

Chibs chuckled as everyone went nuts. They were cheering, whistling, and clapping. Word of the new girl on stage spread pretty quick, as there were more customers than before. Aislinn went to hand the guitar back, and the guy refused.

“One more.” He pleaded and everyone there, AC included encouraged her.

“Sorry but I’m on a date.” She said with a nod Chibs’s direction.

Chibs shrugged and gave her the go ahead. This right here was the reason he chose this place, to begin with. He knew this would be perfect for Aislinn. She could belt out that metal scream of hers. He just hadn’t expected it to be this dead and pathetic. Well before she took over that is.

“Ya sure?”

“Aye, show em what ye got, darlin’.”

Aislinn smiled then went on to sing Whiskey in the Jar the Metallica version.

She blew everyone away, and before AC could even think about what was happening, he had a full bar. He rushed on back and went on to serve whatever customers Aislinn brought in. AC mouthed the words “thank you” Chibs’s direction and Chibs gave a mere nod. The Scot could hear the customers talking about his girl as they were waiting in line. As for Aislinn… she was lost in the moment and played a couple more songs. Chibs gathered AC’s attention.

“Just think what that would do for business…” The Scot cleverly put, and AC raised his brows.

“Could ye imagine havin’ this four ta five times a week?”

“Keep talking…” AC said, and Chibs nodded.

“Give the lass a job but keep it under wraps…”

“As in she’s illegal…” AC whispered in return, and Chibs gave a hesitant sigh.

“She’s seekin’ refuge.”

“From Ireland?!” AC scoffed like that was one big joke.

“Ye haven’t any idea.” Chibs murmured as he thought back to the IRA.

Sure, they were all dead now. But that didn’t mean it was safe for Aislinn to go back, not that he would allow it anyhow. The Lawless sisters were here to stay.

“I just need ye to trust me.” The Scot added.

“When are you getting hitched?”

“October, if not sooner.”

AC nodded in thought.

“Look, we’ll get her there. I just need ye ta help me buy her some time. Lass is goin’ out of her mind back home. She needs somethin’ of her own. Give her that, and I promise she’ll make it worth your while. But I want ye to give the lass her rightful earnings.”

“That bein’?”

“Depends on how many customers she drags in. Ye can start with a bill a day, for the week, and double that shite for the weekends. If she brings in more… pay her more, and she keeps her tips!”

“Fuck man, you’re milking me here.”

“Nah, trust me. She’s worth it. Ye’ll get those customers back from Corky’s. I give ye my word. Just give the lass a couple months, and ye’ll see. She’s worth every penny. Ye won’t even notice the difference with what ye’ll be bringin’ in. Just treat her fairly. I mean it. Ye don’t want me comin’ up here AC.”

“Oh, I know. Trust me. I know how SAMCRO works. All the more reason I’m not so sure about this.”

“SAMCRO?! Nah, just me brother… and trust me. Ye don’t want me on yer bad side. Think it over…” Chibs slid her phone number over.

“Give her a ring if yer interested. But don’t even think about throwin’ my name in. Ali earned this shite on her own, and she needs ta know that.”

“I’ll think it over,” AC uttered, but the man’s jaw dropped as his tip jar was filled to the brim.

Chibs reached over then grabbed a handful of cash. He stuffed it into his pocket.

“That’s Ali’s!” He said, and AC chuckled.

“Fair enough. Guess I owe her a call.”

“It’d be wise…” Chibs murmured with a gesture towards the customers in line at the bar.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” Ethan said as he and Happy parked their bikes.

“What’s that?”

“The hit…” Ethan whispered, and Happy smiled.

“Ain’t no one comin’ after you in a place like this, much less while I’m around.”

“My hero.” Ethan sarcastically put.

Still, he couldn’t help but to feel on edge. He’d never forgive himself if the kid or his sister got hurt or worse… Ethan wanted his life back. Not that he didn’t mind Happy being around. But 24/7?! It got rather monotonous. That and he wanted to go home.

“You can show your appreciation by getting my name tatted to your ass.”

“Wait, are you doing the tat? Does that mean you wanna see my ass?”

Happy didn’t comment and smacked Ethan on the rear.

“DUDE!!!” Ethan shouted with a balled up fist.

Happy died of laughter then opened the door for Ethan.

“Ladies first.” The Son mocked and Ethan frowned.

“Don’t make me kick your ass in front of all these kids,” Ethan warned.

“You’re right. It’d be pretty embarrassing when I wipe the floor with ya!” Happy murmured before grabbing Ethan by the collar of his shirt and dragging him inside.

Jax waved them over as he, Riona, and Abel were waiting for them at one of the tables.

“It Happy and Ethan, daddy!” Abel squealed and ran up hugging them both.

“We got you two covered,” Jax said as he’d already paid for their buffets.

“Thanks, brother!” Happy said and skipped off with Abel.

“Haven’t been to one of these places since I was a kid,”  Ethan uttered, and Riona nodded.

“I don’t think Linny, and I have ever been to anythin’ like this.”

“Guess I’ll have to get you some tokens then.”Jax teased as to Riona playing the games as well.

“Ya had better!” She taunted in return, and Jax chuckled as they headed off with Ethan to grab their food.

“Happy takes all the spicy ones!” Abel exclaimed as Happy had his plate filled with jalapeno pizza.

“Are those peppers?!” Riona questioned in surprise, and Happy nodded.

He put one on her plate, and she curled her lip in disgust.

“Try it.” Happy said with a shrug, and Jax chuckled as Happy took it upon himself to fix Riona’s plate.

“I can’t eat that much!” Riona spat as he kept piling it on.

“Sure ya can!” Happy murmured.

Abel giggled at his mother’s reaction when Happy ended that pile with a slice of cake.

“Ya put cake on top of my pizza!”

“That’s very good cake.” Happy said then added a piece to his as well.

“If you say so…” Riona grumbled and was looking to the icing on her pizza.

“I’ll lick it off for you.” Jax jested with a wink.

“I’m all for ya lickin’ stuff off me but not my pizza!”

“Well, hell babe. Let’s find a tube of that icing and hit the bathroom!”

Riona giggled in thought.

“Don’t know why you’re laughing. I’m fucking serious.” He said as they followed Happy into the room showing Looney Tunes and took their seats.

“Hurry daddy; I wanna go play games!”

“Abel son, we just sat down. Eat your food, and we’ll get to that later.”

Abel frowned but did as his father told him.

“I wanna go play games too…” Ethan uttered like he was having a fit and Riona laughed.

“After you eat.” She said in her motherly voice.

Ethan frowned and pouted like that of Abel. This had Abel breaking into a fit of giggles.

“We has to finish our food first, Ethan. Mommy and daddy say so.”

“Well, that sucks.”

“It does,” Abel said with a nod.

The boy had tears rolling down his face from laughter as Ethan pushed his plate aside and folded his arms about his chest.

“Ethan…” Abel said as he was in hysterics.

“You has to eat or no games!” The boy stated.

“That’s right,”  Jax confirmed with a nod.

“That’s some bs.”

Happy grabbed Ethan’s plate and placed it beside his.


“Now you can go play.” Happy said then took a bite of Ethan’s pizza.


“Thought that was my name…” Jax reminded.

“It is. You’re asshole one, and he’s asshole two.”

“Hey, I’m number one!” Jax announced with a wide grin and Riona nearly choked on her pizza. 

“I got a wee bit carried away, didn’t I?” Aislinn said after joining Chibs back at the bar.

“Not at all, pet. It looked like ye were enjoyin’ yerself and ye know I like watchin’.”

“Now that sounded incredibly dirty.” She teased, and AC went to reheat her burger.

Chibs ran his fingers through his goatee.

“Hell, darlin’ I’m all for observin’ if yer takin’ it there…” Chibs murmured with a mischievous grin, and Aislinn giggled.

The Scot wasn’t kidding either. The mere idea of watching Aislinn pleasure herself had him all kinds of worked up. What he wouldn’t give to walk in on something like that. AC returned with her burger and a fresh batch of fries.

“Thank you.”

“No prob.” AC murmured but went on to tend to another customer.

Chibs listened in silence as a few of AC’s customers were talking with Aislinn about her performance. She responded to each of them in between eating and drinking her beer. A few of them were asking if she was a regular here, if it was her first day, or if she was coming back. AC was mixing someone’s drink when he overheard some of these questions. This had the owner nodding Aislinn’s direction.

“I’m hoping she’ll become a regular.” He said with a wink her direction, and Aislinn froze in mid- bite.

The Scot resisted the urge to laugh. The look on her face was priceless. She hadn’t expected that at all.

“You don’t happen to be looking for a job, do you?”

Chibs liked the way AC was going about this even better. Aislinn regarded Chibs a certain way, and the Scot gave a simple nod. Aislinn smiled, and that smile was all Chibs could hope for. He meant it when he said he wanted to give her the best and this right here was a start.

“I am actually.”

AC handed the drink he was mixing to one of the customers and took their money. He was at the register when he glanced Aislinn’s direction once again.

“Why don’t you come by next week… say Wednesday? We’ll talk business.”

“What time?”

“Whatever’s best for you.”

“I’ll bring her by before work.”

“Sounds good.”

“Alright, everyone let her eat! You’ll be seeing her plenty!” AC hollered as there was a crowd forming around her.

“Did that really just happen?!” Aislinn asked once she and Chibs were outside the bar.

Chibs nodded, and Aislinn laughed.


“Aye, I take ye out, and ye get hit up for work!”

“Deadly, isn’t it?!

“Oh yeah… Just keep in mind what I said, Ali. No gettin’ yerself inta trouble. If ye run inta an issue, ye go straight to AC or yer brother even. Don’t ye handle anythin’ on yer lonesome. I mean it. I’d say that even if ye weren’t here illegally. Yer not in Ireland anymore, love. Things are different here, rougher even. I need ye ta take that inta consideration every night and be on yer guard.”

“I will. I promise.”

Chibs nodded then handed his helmet over.

“Wait…” Ali murmured with a frown.

“What is it?”

“Ya did this, didn’t ya? You set all this up!”

“Set what up?”

The Scot played dumb but truth of the matter? AC would’ve hired her even if Chibs hadn’t pushed for it. Chibs could see it in AC’s eyes. Aislinn was his fucking meal ticket, and AC would’ve prompted that on his own eventually, without Chibs’s influence. But Chibs wanted her to have something now. That smile made it all worthwhile, and he’d do whatever it took to keep that smile on her face.

“Me getting’ a job…”

“Ali, I hadn’t anythin’ ta do with that. AC knows talent when he sees it, and ye saw what ye did for his business yerself. That place was fuckin’ dead when we first walked in the door. It wasn’t until they heard ye playin’ that they started ta pour in!”

Aislinn looked to be in thought, and Chibs cupped her chin. He lifted it so that her eyes locked with his.

“I hadn’t anythin’ ta do with tonight. Ye did this. Don’t ye even question that, alright?” Chibs knew he was telling a little white lie but knew she would’ve landed a job here no matter what.

The young woman nodded, and the Scot kissed her. Chibs thought back to her tease about watching her however and pressed himself against her. Aislinn giggled as he had his hands along her ass and she could feel his erection against her thigh.

“How do ye feel aboot puttin’ on another show?”

“Another show?” She shyly questioned, and the Scot nodded as he kissed along her neck.

“A private one. Just for me…”

“Just for you?”

“Aye, just you, me, and this Harley.”

“Right here?!”

“Nah, I got another place in mind.” He said then helped her onto the bike.

Aislinn placed his helmet on, and Chibs hopped on board.

“Hold on darlin’.” He warned as he was anxious for that little show.

The VP needed a place that had plenty of light but was out of sight and out of mind. Chibs headed to the only place he could think of. Aislinn laughed when Chibs pulled into an old baseball field. He drove his bike right on through the gate and into the vacant field.

“Stay put.” He murmured as he climbed off the bike and went to turn on the lights.

He scanned the area making certain there was no one about. The stands were empty, and so was the field itself. He nodded amongst himself then made his way back. Aislinn handed his helmet over and started to climb off the bike.

“Nah, sec…” Chibs uttered as he stopped her by grabbing her legs.

He spun her about then had her lean back.

“All the way, pet.”

Aislinn did as requested and Chibs removed her shoes then peeled those tight jeans of hers off.

“What are ya doin’?”

“Ye’ll see…” He whispered then removed the rest of her clothes.

“Fuck…” He uttered while getting a good look at her.

“Scotty!” She scolded as he snapped a few pictures.

He chuckled but was unapologetic as he tucked his phone into his cut. Chibs checked the area for any spectators once again, but they were the only ones about. The Scot draped his legs over the bike and her. He leaned in and placed his hands along the handlebars. This caused them to be hip to hip as he looked her in the eyes.

“Just us, pet… I want ta see ye… A side of ye no one else gets ta see.” He said as he intimately molded himself against her.

The last thing he wanted was to make her uncomfortable or to put her on the spot. So he was doing his best to put Aislinn at ease and reassure her that they were alone; that this show was for him and him only. Chibs took her hand then placed it along her sex. From there, he gave her a little hint of what he wanted. The Scot observed her body language as he moved her hand back and forth.

“Ye ever play with yerself before?” He questioned as she seemed shier than usual.

The young woman shook her head no, and Chibs reared back in surprise.

“Ye serious?!” He whispered in disbelief.

What woman didn’t pleasure themselves from time to time? But he thought back to all she’d been through, and it made perfect sense. He truly was the first in everything, and he was about to witness her first time masturbating. At least he hoped he were about to. The mere idea had him throbbing like no one’s business.

“I gotta ask… What did ye do when those feelings hit?” The Scot curiously questioned.

Aislinn’s entire face flushed over and Chibs narrowed his eyes in wonder. That wasn’t her usual bashful face. No. This was something else. It was deeper, and the girl seemed rather emotional.

“I’m not makin’ fun of ye. I hope ye know that. I’m only curious. Ye had to have some sort of release…”

She was twenty-three! How could she go that long without any release? That had to be maddening!

“Those feelings didn’t quite hit until ya came around…” She admitted with a quivery lip.

Chibs was blown away by this reveal. He hadn’t a clue what to say to that.

“So ye never…”

“Only dreams… Other than that… I just never felt the urge.”

The Scot couldn’t believe what he was hearing. So she had sex dreams but nothing beyond that?! This had the man clearing his throat in thought.

“I’m a freak, aye?”

“Nah… if anythin’ yer just givin’ me a big head and in more ways than one. I’m honored ta be the one to bring out that side of ye.” And he meant every word. The Scot couldn’t think of a bigger compliment.

“So here’s what I want ye ta do.” He said while leaving a trail of kisses along those perky breasts.

“Close yer eyes.”

Aislinn did as requested and Chibs continued with those kisses. The Scot observed her reaction while breathing along her pussy. He wanted her to feel his hot breath and hoped that would get her going. Chibs stayed put and kept with it as he talked. She felt every word he spoke. The man nodded amongst himself as she arched off the bike. He could smell her arousal, and it gave him that heady feeling.

“I want ye ta think about me eatin’ that sweet pussy of yers. Takin’ me tongue and givin’ ye a good fuckin’ with it.”

The Scot thickly swallowed as that got a reaction. He tilted his head and observed as she ran her fingers along her slit.

“That’s right, love.”

Chibs decided it best to keep quiet from here and let her imagination flow. It wasn’t long before she was giving that clit of hers a good workout. The Scot unfastened his belt buckle and freed himself. The man ground his teeth together and gave himself a couple of good strokes when she placed her fingers inside. He said nothing on it as he recorded a bit of this with his phone. The man couldn’t help himself. He had to have proof of her first time; something he could always look back on. This, of course, had him full on jerking-off. The Scot stopped recording and put his phone away.

“Open yer eyes, Ali.” The VP seductively whispered as he wanted her to see this side of him as well.

The Scot gave a mere a nod as she buried those fingers even deeper and was soaking the seat of his bike.

“Fuck yeah… “ He uttered and watched as those juices ran all down his Harley. He wished he had that little scene recorded as well.

Chibs stopped once again then helped her off the bike. He bent her over the seat then went on to give her a thorough fucking. The man was gone as he had her tits cupped into the palms of his hands and thrust.

“Cum in me, Scotty!” Aislinn pleaded while flooding his cock.

“SHITE!” He hollered then threw his head back in a finish.

Chibs thought he’d pass out with sensory overload however when she spun around, dropped to her knees, and went to town on his dick. She cleaned up whatever mess was left behind. The mere idea of Aislinn tasting herself had the Scot damn near cumming again. The innocent look she gave afterward had the man shaking his head. This girl was too good for words. He helped Aislinn back to her feet then sat her down on his bike.

“I think ye damn near killed me with that last bit. Not sure what that was but I’ll have some more of that!”

Aislinn giggled in response then wiped her mouth clean with her fingers.

“If that load doesn’t knock ye up I don’t know what will!” He said as he saw his jizz running down her leg.

“I got your seat all wet.” She said looking somewhat embarrassed.

Chibs chuckled as he handed her clothes over.

“That’s the most action that Harley’s ever seen! Trust me that there is a mark of pride!”

“Is it now?” She said and wiggled about rather sensually.

“Keep it up, and yer gonna make me jealous of that fuckin’ bike, Ali.”

She laughed in response but went on to get dressed. Chibs handed a cigarette over once she finished.

“Maybe we should give the bike one too?” The Scot mocked.

“Looks like she needs it.”

“She…” The Scot murmured in thought.

“Does this mean yer havin’ a girl on girl scene?”

“Ya could say that.”

“Then, by all means, love. Ye just keep with that.”

“Aren’t all men’s bikes women?” She sincerely questioned.

“I suppose so.” Chibs murmured with a shrug.

“Well, I doubt you’re  goin’ to take HIM out for a ride.”

The Scot chuckled.

“Not likely. Guess she should be thankin’ us for the sex!”

“Ya got that right!”

Aislinn squealed out however as the sprinklers to the park came on. Chibs cursed under his breath as he was in attempts to dodge them and sprang onto his bike.

“Sorry lass!” He hollered and started the bike.

He rushed on out of the field only to hear Ali dying of laughter. He himself was laughing now as they were soaked and the wheels to his bike were caked in mud. 

“NOOO!” Riona shouted as Happy, Jax, and Ethan had her pinned in at the bumper cars.

“No do dat to my mommy!” She heard just as Abel charged right for Happy’s car.

He knocked him out of the way, backed up, and took care of Ethan next. Ethan pretended to be hit so hard he was knocked out of the car. The man working the bumper car area scolded Ethan then made him get back in.

“Ha! Ya got in trouble!” Riona taunted, and Ethan shook his head.

The three of them laughed however as Abel was chasing his father around the area.

“I get you, daddy!”

Riona nodded amongst herself then turned her bumper car around. She headed right for Jax and Abel laughed once they had him cornered.

“Not cool!” Jax complained, and Riona smiled.

“Someone’s a sorry sport.”

“Yeah daddy you’s a sorry sport!”

Jax hopped out of the bumper car then snatched Abel out of his. Abel giggled as Jax carried him out of the area but was tickling him.

“Oh, skeeball!” Riona said then darted that way.

Abel and Jax shrugged upon one another and headed that way as well.

“If you’s gets enough tickets you gets a prize, mommy.”

“Oh, I want a prize!”

“We’s get you one! Right daddy?!”

“You know it!’

Jax handed some tokens over, and the three of them gave the skeeball a go.

“Oh no…” Abel said as his ball hit the plastic covering and sent the ball rolling back.

Abel chased it down but bumped into another boy as he did this.

“I sorry.” Abel politely put, and the boy sent him an ugly look.

He was a foot taller than Abel and clearly older. Abel was about to track his ball down when the boy pushed him. Abel regarded the boy in shock.

“Why’s you do that?!” Abel asked.

“Cause you hit me.”

“I NO HIT YOU!” Abel angrily put as the boy took Abel’s tokens.

“Those are mine. Gives them back!”

The older boy smiled and went to walk away. Abel gritted his teeth and came to his feet. Riona caught the tail end of this as Abel grabbed the boy’s shoulder and stopped him.

“GIVE THEM BACK!” Abel shouted, and Riona reared back as he sounded just like his father when pushed too far.

“No! Back off you little runt.”

“I NO RUNT!” Abel yelled, and Riona let out a surprised gasp as Abel drove his entire body against the boy and knocked him to the ground.

He was prying his tokens out of the older boy’s hold when the father made his way over.

“That your kid?” The man asked and Riona nodded.

“Then do your job and bust his little ass.”


“Want me to do it for you?”

This had Riona seeing red as she shoved the man away from Abel.

“Ya touch one hair, and I’ll put ya in the ER!”

The man laughed in mere amusement. He went to pry Abel off his son, and Riona blocked his path.

“Let the boy get his tokens back and teach your son some manners.”

“Not my fault you raised a weaklin’ for a son.”

“Oh shit!” Ethan hollered gathering the Sons’ attention.

They looked over just in time to see Riona take her knee to the man’s crotch. She scooped Abel up then snatched the tokens out of the older boy’s hand.

“Ya won’t get anywhere in life actin’ like your father! He’s a straight up gimp (idiot), a bully even, and no one likes a bully! Touch my son again, and I’ll send the crows after ya! Now scram ya little shite!”

Jax raised his brows, and Happy chuckled. Meanwhile, Ethan had this look of absolute pride. The older boy’s father, however, made the mistake of charging right for Riona and Abel. Jax, Ethan, and Happy grabbed the man then dragged him out of the pizza joint. A manager approached Riona and threatened to call the police. Riona explained the situation and the manager didn’t believe her considering Happy, and Jax were in their cuts. The manager already had them pegged as the troublemakers due to the company they kept.

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered.

“But we no do nothing! He pushes me and takes my tokens!”

“Sorry kid, but your old man doesn’t belong in a place like this. He’s nothing but trouble, all them Crows are.”

“MY DADDY NO TROUBLE! YOU IS A JERK!” Riona hadn’t the heart to scold him either. She was thinking the same thing.

“I’ll make certain the president knows that if you ever run into any trouble and need their services.”

“Not a chance in hell. Now take your little juvenile delinquent and get lost.”

“We no do anything! We no go! I has tickets for my mommy’s prize.”

“Face it, kid, the only prize your mother is getting is whatever STD those bikers gave her. That’s all women like her get.”

Riona let out a surprised yelp as the man was suddenly slammed up against one of the arcade games.

“Jackson…” Riona warned.

Jax peered back as he had the man by the collar of his shirt. Riona shook her head as everyone’s eyes were on them. Jax gritted his teeth but let the manager go.

“Watch yourself…” Jax threatened as he wrapped his arm around Riona and was escorting her out of the game room.

“Abel!” Jax hollered as the boy took off behind the counter where the prizes were.

He left his stash of tickets then grabbed one of the purple UFO lamps.

“Dis for my mommy!” Abel shouted then took off running again.

Jax chuckled then gave his son a high five as they headed out of the restaurant.

“Shit…” Jax whispered as the sheriff was outside talking to Ethan and Happy.

“Take Abel and go to the truck.”

Riona nodded but with a touch of alarm.

“I got this,” Jax vowed then handed Riona the keys to his truck.

“Is daddy going to get into trouble?” Abel sadly questioned.

“I hope not…” Riona said as she wasn’t sure how to answer that.

Abel’s bottom lip quivered.

“I no want daddy to go to prison. No again!”

“He’s not goin’ to prison, love. I think they’re just talking.” She said while praying to God they didn’t cuff him.

That would destroy Abel. Then again, if he got arrested, there was a good chance she would be as well, considering she struck first. The young woman couldn’t believe she did that, but she couldn’t help it. Just the mere idea of anyone messing with that boy brought out a side of her she never knew existed.

“Does you like your prize?” Abel said with a tear streaming down his face.

He looked so broken as he watched his father.

“I love it. I’ll have to plug it in when we get home.”

Abel nodded.

“C’mere love.” She softly put, and Abel crawled into the front with her.

“I no want my daddy to go bye-bye again.”

Riona gave a mere nod and held him. She was lost in thought as she rocked the boy. The passenger door opened and she didn’t look to see who it was. She assumed it was Jax.

“Everythin’ alri…”

“MOMMY!” Abel shouted as she was yanked out of the truck.

Riona pried Abel out of her hold. She shut the door, and the man that grabbed her flung her up against another car.

“HEY!” She heard Jax shout and the sheriff was hollering at the man as well.

The man paid them no attention as he pinned her up against the car. He made certain she couldn’t escape.

“Won’t let me teach the boy a lesson… then I’ll teach you one.” The father said.

The man socked her in the gut, and Riona’s eyes watered as she couldn’t breathe.


Jax grabbed the man then shoved him the sheriff’s direction. If the sheriff hadn’t been there, Jax would’ve killed him, no question about it.  Happy and Ethan helped the sheriff in getting him contained while Jax checked on Riona.

“You alright darlin’?” He softly questioned while she struggled to catch her breath.

She was about to reply when they saw Abel hitting at the window and crying.

“I got him,” Jax said then darted that direction.

The sheriff read the man his rights and sent him off with a couple of deputies. She headed their way afterward.

“You’ll be pressing charges I’m sure.” The sheriff said then cupped Riona’s chin as she checked her over.

“Bastard.” The sheriff muttered.

“Want me to send for an ambulance?”

“Don’t need all that fuss. I’m alright.”

“I had no idea he was on these grounds I told that idiot to go home. Don’t see the kid anywhere. He must’ve called someone to pick him up or dropped him off.” The sheriff murmured in thought.

Abel hopped out of the truck the moment Jax opened it. There was no stopping him as Abel went and hugged Riona’s leg. The sheriff smiled then squatted down to his level.

“You got a tough momma!” She complimented, and the boy nodded .

“I know.” The boy said, and the sheriff handed the boy a sucker and a sticker badge.

“You’re pretty tough too.”

“Cause I just like my daddy. He the toughest!”

“So I’ve heard.” The sheriff said with a playful nod Jax’s direction.

“Looks like you got some pretty protective parents. You don’t see that very often these days, unfortunately.”

“Is you’s going to arrest my daddy?”

“No sweetheart. He was defending you and your mother. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

Abel let out a breath of relief.

“Get that baby boy home. You can press charges after you get him to bed. No rush.”

I’ll file the charges. She’s had a long day.” Jax dismissively put knowing Riona couldn’t very well do that just yet. They had to make her an actual citizen first. Hell, even he couldn’t press charges, not on Riona’s behalf. Her name couldn’t be anywhere near this. The president would have to talk to the sheriff, one on one, and get this settled in a more private manner. The sheriff could press charges herself and on behalf of the county. Riona’s name wouldn’t have to be anywhere near this if that were the case.

“It would be better if she filed.”

“I understand that. But like you said… I’m protective. That goes for my old lady too. Just let me handle it.”

The sheriff narrowed her eyes on this.

“Very well. Whatever floats your boat.”

“I’ll be there in a few,” Jax said, and the sheriff gave a mere nod as she went about her way.

Ethan and Happy walked on over once the sheriff left.

“Well, that was fun.” Ethan sarcastically put, and Jax shook his head.

“That was crazy. Who pulls that shit at a pizza place anyhow?!” Jax uttered.

“Got me… looks like we had our answer though.” Ethan said but looked to his sister.

“Can’t believe that son of a bitch hit you,” Ethan uttered with a curled lip.

Jax knew if he ever caught that son of a bitch alone he’d end his sorry ass. There was no way he’d let that asshole get away with hitting his girl. Pressing charges was nothing. He’d handle it first chance he got.

“He was stocious (drunk). I could smell it on him,” Riona said with a frown and while pulling Abel into her arms.

She pecked him on the cheek and Abel hugged her.

“That was awesome!” Happy said with a wide grin.

This had everyone looking to him like he’d lost his mind.

“You kicked that motherfucker right in the balls, sister! And Abel was a little badass! Never had a fight in a pizza place before!” Happy said like he were on cloud nine.

“We’ll have to do that again sometime!” He added, and Jax chuckled.

“Only you Hap…”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 28 – Homerun”

  1. You always seem to know when I am looking for something good to read. Perfect update for Labor day weekend. Simple day at work. and then a killer evening in a pizza place lol

    Jax loves his newest employ i have noticed once she has everything set up he always has to make sure she is doing everything right and she is worthy of the raise the boys and company wishes to give her lol

    AC is wickedly hot (love your model) and he is just perfect even if he is an ass in the begin Love how Chibs set him straight gently but harshly… AC made up for it when he offered Ali a job playing a few nights a week.. Chibs is right with the way she was playing she would pack the club and then some with maybe just one show and it would be standing room only..

    At the pizza place oh my i starts to feel for Riona since she had never been to a place like that but she learned pretty damn quick about everything and loe how she is gently with her reprands with abel. Perfect mother figure… I knew Abel was a scrapper like his daddy… Nothing was going to stop him from getting his prize. Manager… well he is lucky jax can reign in his temper. he was an asshole towards them… Love how Riona protected Abel from that male. a little *punt* will stop a man dead in their tracks….

    Had me worried when you had the sheriff pull up and talking to everyone Poor Abel was almost frantic. and the dad for the bully who was ballsy enough to touch and punch riona in front of abel and jax.. oh my god…. he going to get the hell beat out of him one of these days I just have a feeling he will

    Like i said in the begin of this very wordy and long review you always know when i am searching for something very good to read. Your muse and timing are perfect. i hope your muse is inspiring you with more ideas and to write the words she is giving into the story. Always wicked scenes. Until next time *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs loose to chase the manager and the stupid asshole that punched Riona. they got them after they made *bail*)

  2. So ya for a job for aislin! Fits her just right. And yum yum AC lol. And bike lovin….always a good thing! Go Abel and riona! Show em who’s boss! I love this chapter especially the little bit of Happy at the end. Is it wrong I’m picturing him cuddling be able puppies now??

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