Chapter 44 – The One to Survive

Chapter 44 – The One to Survive

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“Just what do you think you’re doing?” The sheriff scolded as Tig reached into his black denim jeans and adjusted himself.

“Come on Dinah; you know this shit’s turning me on.” The Son whispered while jiggling his cuffs about.

The sheriff sighed then sent the biker a look of disapproval.

“Can’t we play just a little?!”

“Oh, hell no, not here, never here.” The sheriff made clear.

Tig frowned in disappointment.

“Just a quick quickie?” Tig pleaded.

“Absolutely not. You are out of your mind, boy. Do you know what would happen if one of my deputies walked in?”

“They’d congratulate me? You even?!” Tig witted, and the sheriff managed to smile.

“You think you’re real smooth, don’t you?”

Tig shrugged then came to his feet.

“What are you doing…?” She hissed as he approached her desk.

“Easy…” He whispered with his cuffed hands in the air.

“No, you need to find your seat. I mean it.” The sheriff firmly put and Tig ignored this.

The Son lifted her chin with one of his cuffed hands and kissed her. Tig started to take things a step further, and the sheriff stopped him.

“I told you. Not here. I could lose my job.”

Tig let out a frustrated sigh.

“But this is like a wet dream come true. Take advantage of me, baby. You know you want to!”

“You’re a mess!”

“For you.” Tig seductively uttered while stuffing his cuffed hands down her shirt.

“Hmm…” He hummed then flicked a couple buttons open.

The sheriff shot up and was quick to slam his face onto her desk and just in time as one of her deputies entered the room. The sheriff grabbed a fistful of Tig’s hair then forced him up against her.

“Touch me again, and I’ll castrate your sorry ass.” She hissed, and Tig smiled.

“Now we’re talking. Tell me more baby.” He softly muttered and with a raging hard-on.

The accompanying deputy took notice and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“You alright?!” The deputy asked with concern, and Sheriff Cole nodded.

“Oh yeah, put this idiot back in his cell!” She ordered.

The deputy grabbed ahold of Tig and was dragging him out of her office. Tig smiled however as the sheriff managed to sneak a slap to the ass in.

Chibs was washing his face when someone knocked on the door.

“Aye?” He called, and the door cracked open.

“You two decent?”

Chibs cocked a brow as it was AC and his sister. AC had flowers in his hand.

“Aye, come on in.”

They entered the room and grimaced the moment they spotted Aislinn.

“Jesus…” AC whispered and with this guilt-ridden expression as he thought back to the fight, he and Aislinn had. He was a complete dick and knew it. AC wished he could take it back. There was a part of him that feared he might not be able to now. Once Leia grasped the seriousness of Aislinn’s condition, she started to cry.

“You didn’t tell me she was this bad!” Leia whispered her brother’s direction.

“I didn’t know…” AC uttered in response.

“We just saw her… How…”

“She can probably hear you…” Chibs did his best to hint.

The Scot understood this young woman’s shock but didn’t want his fiancée hearing that. Leia lifted her head on this, and the VP gave a simple nod. Leia nodded in understanding and AC grabbed a chair for his sister. He set it beside Aislinn, and Leia took a seat. AC put the flowers in a vase by the window.

“We didn’t know what she liked…” AC explained as to the colorful assortment.

“She’s more of a black roses kind of girl,” Chibs uttered with a grin, and AC chuckled.

“Why does that not surprise me?” AC said, and Leia laughed as well.

“We’ll have to remember that one,” She added while taking Aislinn’s hand into her own.

“Has she had the surgery yet?” Leia asked.

“Nah, things got pretty crazy around here, and I haven’t seen the neurosurgeon yet.”

“Yeah, the shooting was all over the news,” AC said.

“WHY ARE YOU TWO CUFFED?!” Leia snapped once she saw the handcuffs.

AC recoiled as he hadn’t taken notice, not until his sister pointed it out.

“Long story. But shouldn’t be for long.”

“I’m guessing that has something to do with the deputy keeping guard outside?” AC asked, and Chibs nodded.

“Meaning your MC was involved in the shooting,” Leia whispered in astonishment.

Chibs gave a reluctant sigh. The VP had no choice but to explain the situation. Only it wasn’t so much for AC and Leia’s sake but for Aislinn’s. If there was a chance, she was picking up on all this; Chibs felt she should know what was going on. So, the Scot left nothing out as he discussed the situation and what all went down.

“Damn,” AC muttered afterward.

“Seems like you guys can’t catch a break.” Leia murmured, and Chibs nodded in full agreement.

There was a knock at the door, however, and this had the three of them glancing that direction.

“Aye?” Chibs called, and the surgeon entered the room with one of the nurses.

The surgeon was a ginger with curly locks, and he was a good six feet tall.

“Mr. Telford, I’m Dr. Brown. I’ll be the one handling your wife’s surgery. Is this a good time or should we come back later?”

“We were on our way out,” AC said with a respectful nod Chibs’s direction.

The doctor nodded in response then stepped aside as Leia and AC said their goodbyes. Dr. Brown waited until they were gone before explaining the procedure and his reasons for wanting to do the surgery. He mentioned how the fracture caused not only swelling in Aislinn’s neck but brain as well. He showed Chibs the x-rays and where the fracture was. Chibs grimaced as the doctor showed him pictures of the damage the rope left behind. They had to stitch that area of her neck and part of her shoulder. She had severe rope burn. The surgeon made it clear they would have to take that brace off and let her neck breathe from time to time but while taking extra precaution. Aislinn would end up with permanent scars. The doctor explained what he thought happened when the rope cut into her flesh. He went as far as to reenact how the suspect pulled on the rope and why it did so much damage when Aislinn let go. He went on to say how lucky the young woman was, and how he was going to do everything within his power to reduce the swelling and get Aislinn back on track. If he succeeded, and there were no complications, she would wear the brace for nine to twelve weeks, if not longer depending on how fast her body recuperated. Aislinn would need rehab and medication that was safe for the baby. Dr. Brown expressed the dangers behind the surgery itself – risks such as possible paralysis, brain damage, stroke, miscarriage, or even death. Once the doctor had everything clarified, he had the nurse hand Chibs the papers he needed to fill out.

The Scot read them over but looked to his fiancée off and on.

“You’re doin’ this tomorrow?” The VP uttered as to the time.

“Yes, sir. The sooner, the better. I think it best if we do it now while she’s still under. Then we can work on lessening her meds and having her come to, gradually. Chibs sighed as he’d hopes of talking to Aislinn before the surgery. But more than anything he wanted these papers legit as in Aislinn carrying his name beforehand. But that didn’t seem to be an option. The doctor was pretty adamant on getting to this first thing tomorrow morning.

Chibs read the risks over and over again. His hand trembled as he signed and dated each page. He hated it but knew if he didn’t agree to the surgery she’d die or end up paralyzed anyhow.

“Alright.” The doctor said after looking everything over.

“Looks like we’ll be seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning.” The surgeon said before giving Chibs a firm shake.

“She’s in good hands, Mr. Telford. I’ll get her through this.” The surgeon vowed, and Chibs nodded.

He watched as the nurse got Aislinn’s IV situated. Chibs knew this would put Aislinn into a deeper coma and it would be a while before she woke. Something about that put the man in a depression. There was so much at risk with just the surgery alone, and there was no telling what the actual coma would do. Chibs knew it would kill her if Aislinn miscarried, before she even knew she was pregnant. The mere idea had him ill. He could lose his fiancée and unborn child, all in one go.

The Scot cursed himself for even having those thoughts. This was Aislinn Lawless. She was a fighter, and that baby would be a fighter too. Chibs felt the sudden urge to pray and that he did. He prayed for his unborn child, his wife to be, his boys, Piney, Juice and the inevitable future. Chibs found himself praying harder than he ever prayed. The man had tears streaming down his face by the time he finished. He was overcome with emotions and hadn’t a clue what to do with them all.

“Have a seat Mr. Hart.”


“Lawless.” Ethan corrected, and the sheriff lifted her eyes on this.

“I had it changed a few years ago. Should be in my file.” He explained and the sheriff took another gander.

“Right… My mistake.” She apologetically put.

“I see you’re on probation.” She whispered, and Ethan recoiled.

That right there was what Happy was referring to. If Ethan pushed that line too far, he could wind up behind bars and for a very long time. This went back to when he broke into that base and defended that female soldier. They stuck Ethan with whatever they could. They wanted to make certain he steered clear of the military. Making what he did for Jax even more dangerous. Ethan would’ve been put away for life if he had been caught.

“And your probation officer is back in Texas… I could see how that would be a problem. Are you even supposed to be here?! I don’t just mean in my office, Mr. Lawless. I mean California period.”

“I can go anywhere I want as long as it’s not out of the country. I have to call and check in with my parole officer every so often and let him know where I am and what I’m doing.”

“I see. You got lucky there. Normally they won’t so much as let you out of the county!”

“Had to prove myself…” Ethan uttered.

“I imagine so! You must’ve come a long way to earn that kind of trust.”

“I have. So, I would appreciate this not getting back to him if at all possible. I mean I’m not under actual arrest, right?”

“Not at the moment.”

“So, there’s nothing to report back…” Ethan uttered in a hopeful mannerism.

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“Thank you,” Ethan said with a breath of relief.

“Rough crowd you’re hanging with, considering your position.” The sheriff said, and with a gesture towards the prospect cut, Ethan was wearing.

“No rougher than the crowd I used to hang with.”

This had the sheriff’s curiosity.


“Let’s just say not all American soldiers are heroes. Some of them are the bad guys. But no one ever sees that side or talks about it.”

“Sounds like you got one hell of a story.”

“Try a few.” Ethan corrected with a frown.

“Trust me. SAMCRO is a step up…”

“Hope so, for your sake.”

“With all due respect sheriff, we’re only in here because we were defending my sisters and ourselves, as well as the staff to the hospital. If it weren’t for SAMCRO, there would’ve been a lot more casualties. Bobby Munson saved a doctor, Tig Trager saved two nurses, and Jax Teller yanked a kid out of the way.”

“So I’ve been told.” The sheriff said taking Ethan by surprise.

The sheriff smiled at the man’s stunned appearance.

“I questioned everyone on that floor and was told similar stories. One of the nurses said she wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your MC. But let’s be honest… Those men wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for your MC in the first place.”

“What took place today hadn’t anything to do with the MC.”


“No, ma’am. It was a family matter. Like I said… there would’ve been a lot more casualties.”

“Such as your sisters and Mr. Telford.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Stop calling me that! It makes me feel old.” The sheriff said, and Ethan chuckled.

“I’m Texan. That’s just our way of being respectful.”

“Yeah, well you can leave that sort of respect behind Texas borders.”

“Duly noted.”

“There’s no sense in keeping you and the others here. I already let your father and Brodie Dowe go. But I need your sisters to visit with me just as soon as they can. Your father has filed against his brother and says he will attend court with your sisters. They might need you as a witness.”

“Whatever they need.”

“Good deal. Just make certain your father sticks around. Can’t have him going back to Ireland during all this. That wouldn’t look so great.”

“Of course.”

Ethan came to his feet then shook the sheriff’s hand.

“I see why he chose you…”


“As a prospect. You’re just a good ole southern boy, aren’t you?”

“Try to be.”

“Nah, I know one when I see one. Something tells me whatever you got caught up in was just a series of bad choices causing you to have no choice.”

Ethan rather shrugged on this.

“I got you.” The sheriff ironically uttered and with a smile before waving the prospect out of her office.

“Aye, now lookatcha…” The Scot softly murmured as he brushed Aislinn’s hair back with his fingers.

“We gotta change that luck of yers, bonnie (beautiful). Maybe ye got with the wrong Scot. Did ye ever consider that?! Of course, ye didn’t! Never thought I’d see the day where Aislinn Lawless was twitterpatted and over my cousin?! What were the fuckin’ odds? I’ve known ye damn near half your life and ye end up with this bastard?!”

Brodie pulled up a chair then took Aislinn’s hand into his own.

“Hell, I’d choose him over me too. I know I’m a son of a bitch and I know I broke your wee heart. Trust me, love, I’ll never forget the look on yer face. That haunts me to this very day. That was the day I knew I screwed up. I ruined whatever chance I had. I knew there would never be another. But that didn’t stop me from tryin’. I just never dreamed I’d be on the receivin’ end of that dreadful look. I know ye loved me Aislinn and I know it took a lot of trust on yer end, givin’ me that chance. Fuck me and my fluthered (drunk) ways. Hell, ye already had one drunkard in yer life. Ye damn sure didn’t need another. I get ye love, more than ye ever realized.”

Brodie sighed in thought

“We had some good times… you and me. But Filip, he knows how to treat a woman. Even the ones that didn’t deserve his time. I love ye Aislinn. That’s why I gotta learn to let go. Ye see there’s this lass. Fine-lookin’ lass, personality to go with that. Ye know… she reminds me of ye. I suppose that’s what drew me in. That’s what I was doin’ in Tennessee. I keep findin’ reasons to stick around. I haven’t felt that way about anyone, not since you.” Brodie cleared his throat.

“Now, I might be ready to move on. But I’m not ready to let go. So don’t ye go and give up on me! The world is a better place just knowin’ yer somewhere in it. Without ye, it’s just a pile of utter shite, and I can’t imagine gettin’ up and facin’ somethin’ like that. So do me a favor…” Brodie’s voice cracked, and he wiped a couple of stray tears away.

“Stick around, and I mean for the long run: you and that pain in the arse cousin of mine. I’m talkin’ great grandkids and all that fun stuff. Ye two deserve it all. And maybe just maybe, I won’t be far behind with a family of my own one day. Who knows?”

Brodie dug into his pocket then pulled out a cross much like the one he’d given her years ago. The one she gave Abel. Only this one had a clover engraved into it.

“Now don’t ye go and give this one away. Maybe it’ll bring ye some luck. Ye could use it.” Brodie kissed the cross then placed it into the palm of her hand.

“Ye remember that one time after one of our gigs… We were plastered, and ye was sittin’ in my lap at O’ Reilly’s? Ye know the time we made out, I jizzed my fuckin’ pants?!” Brodie murmured but with his eyes glued to his cousin.

“I’d never come so hard in my life. I was thinkin’ we should try that again, ye know before ye go and get yerself hitched. Just be our way of sayin’ goodbye, for old time sake.”

Brodie gathered this shit-ass grin as his cousin opened his eyes. Chibs sat up then  threw his bedpan at Brodie.

“I knew ye was listenin’ ye fuckin’ prick. Yer good but not that good!”

Brodie wrinkled his nose however as there were drops of something all over his shirt and arms.

“That better not be piss! Ye fuckin’…” Brodie trailed off then smelled one of the drops on his arm.

“It’s water ye greasy, bowfing (smelly/horrible), scumbag!”

“Well, I see someone’s back to his arseways self!”

“Watch it, Brodie, I got a bag full of piss over here!”

Brodie wrinkled his nose in thought.

“If you got a cath in then what’s the bedpan fur?”

“For me ta dump in!”

“Now that’s just gross.”

“Aye, well if ye stick around long enough ye can wipe my arse after I pinch one off!”

“I like ye better when yer catatonic. Hell, I like ye even better when yer tryin’ ta hand yer girl over.”

Chibs tilted his head, and Brodie chuckled.

“Oh Filip, ye have no recollection, do ye?”


“Aye, one of your boys slipped ye some acid and ye wanted me ta take Ali off yer hands. You was gonna send her arse back to Ireland!”


Brodie chuckled in memory.

“Yer full of shite is what ye are!” Chibs scoffed but thought back to his conversation with Tig and he’d said the same thing. The Scot however was in denial. He couldn’t picture that, no matter how hard he tried. There’s just no way he’d ever let Aislinn go like that.

“Nah, lad. I’m tellin’ ye. Ye went on this longwinded rant and wanted ta call the weddin’ off. Ye asked me to fly down and get her. Ye wanted me to take her back to Ireland and make some sort of life with her there instead.”

“I wouldn’t do that Brodie.” Chibs adamantly put, and his cousin sighed.

“Aye, but ye did.”

Chibs shook his head in disbelief. He prayed to God Aislinn wasn’t picking up on any of this. He’d never forgive himself if this was indeed true and she found out. Brodie let go of Aislinn’s hand then came to his feet. The Scot paced the room for a bit then chuckled amongst himself.

“I wonder how she would’ve handled that… Findin’ out ye went and canceled the weddin’ then my sorry arse flyin’ down as the bearer of bad news and tryin’ ta convince that lass to run off with me.”

Chibs recoiled in thought.

“That would’ve done her in.” Brodie damn near whispered and while looking at Aislinn.

“If ye dropped out of her life then called that weddin’ off… Ye might as well have asked me ta shoot her. There is no replacin’ you, Filip. Whatever’s goin’ through that head of yers… Aislinn’s yers, heart, and soul. Trust me when I say no man’s ever accomplished that. I’d know if they had. She was just a wee lass when I first met her. Hell, I hadn’t a clue she was that young when I first came on ta her. I just knew what I wanted and went for it. Damn near choked when she told me her age. She was just a kid! Aye, she looked awfully young, but she sure didn’t carry herself that way. She talked and acted a lot older. Hell, she damn sure didn’t play like no kid. So ye can imagine how perverted I felt when she told me how old she was.”

“Aye, but ye chased after her anyhow.”

“Once she was of age…” Brodie reminded with a wink and Chibs sighed in disapproval.

“Aye now, ye would’ve done the same and ye know it. Yer just as old as I am and that sure as hell didn’t stop ye!”

“But I would’ve waited for her…” Chibs sincerely put, and Brodie lifted his eyes on this.

“If I knew I wanted her and that young… I would’ve waited. I wouldn’t have shoved all them lasses in her face then turn around and act the maggot with the flirtin’. Ye said it yerself. She was just a kid, and if ye knew what ye wanted, then ye should’ve tried a little harder. What’s a few years if it means gettin’ the one thing ye’ve always wanted. If she meant that much to ye… then ye should’ve done right by not only her but yerself. Pussy’s a dime a dozen. But lasses like Ali… one in a million if that.”

“So you’re sayin’ you would’ve sworn off all women just to be with her?”

“That’s right,” Chibs uttered with a firm nod.

“Now I know yer full of shite!”

Chibs shrugged, and Brodie laughed.

“Ye love women just as much as I do. There’s no way in hell ye would’ve sworn off two to three years of sex!”

“That just proves how little ye know about me. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would’ve waited for Aislinn Lawless. That’s nothin’ ta be ashamed of. But I suppose I should be thankin’ ye for not takin’ that route cause if you had she’d have ended up with ye instead.”

“I doubt that.”

“Brodie, ye done said so yerself. Ali loves ye, and we both know she always will. But ye let yer dick call all the shots and Ali was never one to play games. Ye can hate me all ye want when it comes ta stealin’ the girl of yer dreams. But if ye wanted her… ye would’ve tried a lot harder. Yer job as a man is to make certain she doesn’t need another one. And ye certainly screwed the pooch on that one. I can sympathize. But I will never be sorry. When ye want somethin’, and I mean really want somethin’, ye work at it, and ye keep workin’ at it. And ye don’t stop once you finally get it. Nah, ye gotta keep goin’. It’s a constant struggle. The moment ye go and give up, that’s the moment ye proved ye never wanted it in the first place.”

“Preachy son of a bitch, aren’t ye?!” Brodie snapped, and Chibs shrugged.

“Just bein’ honest.”

“Aye well, fuck you and yer honesty!” Brodie barked, and Chibs laughed.

“So where’s everyone else?” Chibs curiously questioned knowing the others had been arrested as well.

“They should be here soon. Sheriff didn’t see the point in me bein’ there. Said I’d be better off back here with you two.”

“That surprises me.” The VP uttered.

“Surprised me too. I just knew she was goin’ to ship my ass back to Scotland!” Brodie said with a grin, and Chibs chuckled in thought.

The Scot started hacking and coughing, however, and Brodie recoiled when his cousin coughed a puddle of blood into a tissue. Brodie handed the bedpan over, and Chibs spit the rest into the pan.

“Damn… that normal?”

“Aye, scarred me throat pretty good.”

Brodie shook his head and went on to rinse the blood out of the bedpan.

“When’s her surgery?” Brodie called from the sink.

“First thing tomorrow mornin’.”

“That soon, huh?”

“Aye, that soon.”

“How soon do ye think it’ll be before she wakes?”

“About a week or so. Depending on how heavy those meds are.”

Brodie handed the bedpan back and grabbed a new box of tissues.

“Thanks,” Chibs uttered, and his cousin gave a simple nod.

Brodie picked Aislinn’s file up from the table beside Chibs’s bed and was looking it over.

“Pregnant?!” The man muttered after a solid minute passed.

Chibs lifted his head on this.

“Aislinn’s pregnant?!” Brodie exclaimed in absolute shock.


Brodie shut the folder then put it back where it was. Chibs looked on with concern as Brodie was paler than ever and leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

“How far along?” He whispered, and Chibs barely heard him.

“Just a month or so.”

“Boy or girl?”

“Way too soon fur that,” Chibs said, and Brodie opened his eyes.

“They won’t know that for fourteen weeks or so…”

“What do you want it to be?”

“Mine and healthy,” Chibs replied, and Brodie gave an awkward laugh.

“I bet. But what sex?”

“Don’t care.”

“Yer just sayin’ that so you don’t look like an arsehole! Come on tell me.”

“I done told ye. I don’t care. Hell, we weren’t even expectin’. Ali was told she couldn’t have children, not without surgery and even then it was unlikely.”



“Damn. I can’t imagine Aislinn not having children.”

“That makes two of us. Ye should’ve seen her. Lass was destroyed.”

“I bet. Does she know?”

“Nah, I only know because Riona told me and she found out through the required test they ran when Ali arrived.”

“So, she’s goin’ to wake up from surgery and find out she’s pregnant?!”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s insane.”

Brodie and Chibs turned their heads as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” The Scots chorused, and Jax was first to poke his head in.

“JACKIE BOY!” Chibs hollered in greeting and Jax smiled.

The president entered the room, and his wife and the boys followed. The sheriff had called the hospital and had them lift the ban off of Ethan and Jax.

“The whole crew!” Chibs uttered but felt a tad of remorse on Juice not being there. Was he truly a rat when he died?! The Scot pondered.

“Where’s Hap?” Chibs questioned taking notice of him missing as well.

“Haven’t a clue. He took off a few hours ago. No one’s seen or heard from him since.”

“That’s strange.”


Jax went over everything that took place with the girl’s uncle and what went down at the sheriff’s office. He explained how the girls would be seeking asylum now.

“That might be for the best,” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“How’s she holdin’ up?” Jax questioned afterward and with a nod Aislinn’s direction.

Riona had an ice cube in hand and was using it to put some moisture on her sister’s dry lips.

“She’s doin’ alright. Her surgery’s in the mornin’.” The VP said, and this had Riona glancing his direction.

“They let you sign off on it?” She whispered in surprise.

“No one else was here…” Chibs said with a shrug.

“They think we’re married anyhow.” He added but looked to Bobby in thought.

“What?” Bobby asked taking notice.

“Think ye could get us legal once the lil lass wakes?”

“Here?!” Bobby questioned in surprise.

“Aye, here. We’re goin’ ta have the church weddin’ still, but I’d like ta go ahead and make it official.”

“Sure, I can do that.”


“Ye’ll have to pick up the wedding bands,” Chibs uttered but recoiled in thought.


“The money was in the house…” He hinted, and the boys winced once they gathered what he meant by that.

“All of it?” Jax whispered, and Chibs nodded.

“Jaysus, the weddin’… How am I goin’ ta pull that shite off now?!” Chibs said as the thought just occurred to him.

This had Riona and the boys exchanging glances.

“You just let us worry about that,” Jax said with a firm nod.

Chibs pinched his eyes shut.

“We lost everythin’…”

“Those things can be replaced. You and Aislinn can’t.” Jax said, and everyone nodded in agreement.

“Aye, but how am I goin’ ta give that lass the weddin’ and home she deserves now?” Chibs heartbrokenly put.

Wait… don’t you put everything in a safe?” Bobby questioned as it just dawned on him.

“Aye, but ye know it’s long gone…” Chibs uttered figuring someone would’ve found it when putting the fire out.

“Maybe…” Bobby thought and gathered Kip’s attention.

“Let’s check it out.” He said, and Kip nodded in agreement.

Kip followed Bobby out of the room, and Jax placed a comforting hand along Chibs’s shoulder.

“Just focus on getting better. If they find it, they find it. If not… We’ll figure it out. You two are getting that wedding and a new house to go with it!” Jax vowed.

Ethan entered the room with Aislinn’s guitar, fiddle, and journal in hand. Chibs let out a breath of relief.

“They were in the truck,” Ethan explained.

It was then Chibs realized if he had brought Aislinn’s clothes in, he would’ve brought those in as well. Chibs knew what that guitar meant to her and Aislinn had most of her songs written in that journal. Ethan set the guitar and journal beside the flowers AC and Leia had given them.

“Oh, those are pretty,” Riona said.

“Who sent those?”

“AC and his sister.” Chibs replied.

“Well, that was sweet of them.”


Jax and Chibs glanced over as Riona continued in pampering her sister. She brushed her hair and fixed her bedsheets. She went as far as to adjust her sister’s socks. Brodie reached out and placed a soothing hand on Riona’s back.

Ethan kept to himself and looked downright broken. Jax drew back a hesitant breath as the entire room was tense.

“Look, we can’t stay long. Got some shit to take care of.” Jax looked to Brodie in thought.

“Would you mind sticking around? You know… keep an eye on these two?”

“Not at all.”

“Where ye off ta?” Chibs questioned with unease but while putting the oxygen mask to his face. He was starting to wheeze again, and his coughing was getting out of hand. He knew he needed to back off on talking so much.

“I think you already know the answer…”

“Jackie… yer gonna need me.”

“You’re damn right we will. But Aislinn needs you more at the moment. Besides, you’re no good to us when you’re coughing up half a lung.” Jax teased, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, focus on getting better and helping Aislinn through that surgery. We got it from here.”

Chibs went to say something on this and Jax kept a firm hand on that oxygen mask.

“Shhh… breathe. That’s all I want you to focus on right now. No more talking. Just breathe.”

The president tilted his head however as Chibs made a writing motion with his hand. This had Riona handing a pen and notepad over.

Think I can bum a smoke? 

The Scot sarcastically wrote, and Riona died of laughter as she was first to read it.

“Funny man ya are!” She scoffed, and Chibs sent her a wink.

Jax shook his head once he and the others read what the VP put.

“Sure, I’ll just leave you a whole carton.”

Chibs made a thumbs up motion, and everyone laughed. Everyone said their goodbyes before parting ways. Ethan took his youngest sister by the hand then leaned into her ear.

“I got you even when I’m not here. I got you.” He whispered then kissed her cheek.

“I love you.” He added before darting out of the room.

Riona, however, was last to leave. Her husband gave a mere nod before giving Riona a few minutes alone with Chibs and Aislinn.

“Yer goin’ with them, aren’t ye?” Chibs questioned when Riona pulled the door to.

“How’d ya know?”

“Because it’s what Ali would do. And I knew ye was goin’ when ye didn’t say anythin’ about stayin’ behind with Brodie.”

Riona gave a tearful nod and took Chibs’s hand into her own.

“Ye be careful lass.”

“I will.” She promised.

“Take care of my sister.”

“With my last breath.” The Scot vowed in return, and Riona forced a smile.

Chibs watched as Riona practically ran from the room. He could tell she would’ve lost it if she hadn’t.

“Looks like it’s just the two of us again, Ali. Well, three…” Chibs uttered with the baby in mind.

“Make that four.” Brodie murmured when he reentered the room, and Chibs sighed in sheer annoyance.

“Aye now cuz. Ya know you love me!”

“That’s debatable.”

The sheriff raised her brows when her deputies forced Camden Lawless into the chair across from her. They had him cuffed and were keeping an extra eye on him as he was giving everyone literal hell.

“Camden Daniel Lawless…” The sheriff uttered while looking his file over.

“American but Irish raised. Interesting…”

“Leave us.” The sheriff ordered and the deputies looked to her with concern.

They had nothing but trouble with this man. Camden smiled once he saw their reaction.

“I think they’re concerned for your wellbeing.” The man smarted.

“They should be concerned about yours.” The sheriff made clear, and Camden gave a rather dark chuckle.

“Black pride and all, huh?”

This had the sheriff rearing back in response.

“You know… that black woman sass.”

“You really went there, didn’t you?”

“I sure did.” Camden unapologetically put.

“Hmm…” the sheriff waved her deputies out of the room then smiled once the door was shut.

“I have a feeling you think you’re getting out of this.”

“What’s there to get out of?”

“Mr. Lawless, we have video evidence of what took place in that hospital. As well as numerous witnesses.”

“Video?” The man questioned, and the sheriff nodded.

“No, you don’t. You’re only saying that shit because you want to see me panic. Well, sister, you got nothing on me other than trying to protect my little niece. I knew those boys were trouble and that’s the only reason I’m here. I heard Aislinn was in connection with some motorcycle gang and about to marry their VP. Girl deserves better.”

“First off, I’m not your sister. Let’s just get that straight. Secondly, is that so?”

“That it is.”

“So, you weren’t here to kill your nieces?”

The man gathered this “stunned” countenance, and the sheriff rolled her eyes.

“Save that for the judge. We black folk don’t fall for you white boys’ deliverance ways. I heard you squealing pig a mile away!”

“Deliverance?” Camden sneered.

“That’s right. Only I hear incest is more your thing…”

Camden tilted his head on this, and the sheriff nodded.

“I hear you liked your little nieces a little too much. Are you a pedophile, Mr. Lawless? Do I need to get ahold of someone back home and have them check your history? Or do you go all out and invite little girls into your home and groom them?”

The man shot up at this, and the sheriff was quick to slam his face into her desk. She shoved her gun into his kidney then leaned into his ear.

“You claim to know us black folk, yet you had no idea this was coming. You should know better than to piss off a black woman Mr. Lawless. We’re some mad ass bitches, and we’re just waiting for the opportunity to knock someone’s teeth out. Only for you, I’ll make an exception… I’ll take my gun and cram it up that tight white ass of yours and pull the trigger. There’s a special place in hell for men like you. Jesus loves his children, and he don’t take kindly to anyone fucking them. And don’t even get me started on the incest, you sick-ass kidfucker. I have footage of you and your men shooting at not only SAMCRO but the faculty. I also have footage of your boys wheeling your youngest niece out of a room and Mr. Trager stopping it. I’ve evidence off someone’s cellphone of the incident involving your older niece. You know… the one you shoved out the window?! Face it… You might’ve spent all these years being patient. But you got sloppy, and it got the best of you today. You should’ve kept with the patience and came up with another plan. I know all about the oil and I know everything else leading up to that and so on. Trust me. You’re severely FUCKED! So, sit the hell down and listen to what I have to say, you literal definition of white trash!”

“Anything?” Bobby asked as he and Kip dug through the soot.

“A few things… but not the safe.” Kip uttered as he held up a bag of whatever he thought was salvageable.

“I can’t believe that bottle of Jameson made it through the fucking fire!” Bobby said once he spotted that.


Bobby shook his head on the irony as a UPS truck pulled up and with Aislinn’s clothes from the trip (The Watchtower festival). Bobby signed off on it then packed it up with everything else they thought Chibs and Aislinn would want to dig through. There wasn’t much, but it was something.

“Damn…” Bobby murmured as the picture Chibs had of Keri survived the fire.

“That’s crazy!”

“Not as crazy as this!” Kip said then showed him the pictures Abel and Aislinn had colored.

The ones Chibs had put on the fridge.

“Now that’s insane. We gotta show him that shit.”

Kip nodded in agreement and went back to digging.

“So how you holding up?” Bobby sincerely questioned, and Kip craned his neck that direction.


“Yeah, with your grandmother and all. Hell, the house too.”

“I’m holdin’…” Kip softly put.

“If you need to be in Maine…”

“No, there’s nothing for me there. Especially now.”

“Come on Sack, Jax would understand if you want to go and pay your respects.”

“I can’t leave. This club needs me.”

“You’re right. But family comes first.”

“Bobby, SAMCRO is the only family I got left. My grandmother would understand. Besides, I took care of everything over the phone. She’s back at peace, and the house will be torn down, land sold off.”

The sergeant recoiled in thought.

“I’m sorry, Kip.” The Son said making a first where he didn’t refer to him as Half-Sack or Sack.

Kip gave a mere nod.

“Think he’ll rebuild here?” The young man asked.

“Oh yeah, Chibs loves his privacy. No way he’s going to build anywhere else.”

“We should hold some sort of fundraiser or something for them. You know… at the bar or shop even.”

“Both!” Bobby said, and Kip smiled.

“We should get their bands too,” Bobby uttered taking Kip by surprise.

“Their bands?”

“Yeah, I say we go find out how much they are after this. They have enough to worry about. Least we could do is pitch in and get the damn rings.”

“I agree.”

“Don’t say anything yet. She needs to be awake before he goes and puts that on her finger.” Bobby advised.

“It’s kind of weird seeing you like this,” Kip admitted.

“Death does weird shit to people. Like making me forget how badly I wanted to eat that Irish pussy.”

“And there he is…” Kip muttered, and Bobby chuckled.

“Oh, come on. You’re just as pissed! You wanted her too, in a bad way! I’ve seen the way you look at her! Hell, I think we all wanted a roll around with the sisters. Who wouldn’t?! I’d let one of them sit on my face while the other rides me. I wouldn’t care who does what!”

“I’m sure Chibs would love to hear you say that, Jax, too!”

Bobby laughed in thought.

“Chibs was threatened by you, you know.” Bobby admitted.


“Oh yeah, between you and me… I think the age thing got to him. You’re the same age as Aislinn. Not a bad looking kid either. I think it fucked with him knowing you had a thing for her and Aislinn was soft on ya.”

“Soft on me?!”

“You know she was. Why do you think Chibs warned you to stay away and before he even said shit to me?! I think it’s safe to say he was a little threatened by you.”

“Maybe his cousin… but me?!”

“Let’s just say Chibs isn’t used to giving a fuck about any woman, not since Fiona. Even the best of us feel threatened and insecure from time to time. Hell, Aislinn’s a fucking knockout, and she felt threatened by Scarlet. And we both know Scarlet was nothing more than a cum dumpster. That’s all we use those bitches for.”

“Now that’s harsh…”

“But true. Even they know it. They’ll never admit it. But there’s a reason a Crow never settles down with a Crow Eater. It just doesn’t happen and never will. Ironic when you think about it… You get ones like Ima that started out as porn stars but became Crow Eaters, all in hopes of buckling down with Jackson Teller. Hell, Wendy went that same route only she was never a porn star.” Bobby shook his head and laughed in thought.

“You’re drunk, aren’t you?”

“I might be,” Bobby admitted then pulled a flask out from his cut.

“I figured. You’re never this deep.”

“That’s what she said!” Bobby drunkenly slurred.

“Dude, did you just cut yourself down?” Kip smarted, and Bobby looked to be in thought.

“Oh hell…. You little bastard.”

“And that’s also what she said!” Kip witted once again, and Bobby chucked a broken beer bottle at him.

Kip narrowed his eyes however as Bobby seemed rather off, even with him being notably drunk.

“You alright Bobby?”

The sergeant nodded but cleared his throat.

“Got my crow too.” The man whispered, and this had Kip stopping in his tracks.

“Someone sent it to Precious (Bobby’s ex-wife), and one of the kids opened it.”


“Yeah well, pile that with all the child support I owe. Woman’s got my fucking balls in a vice. Thinks I’m gonna get her and the kids killed.”



“Why don’t you have anything to do with your kids?”

“Cause I’m no one’s father. I was barely a husband. I never wanted kids. Just not my thing. Those little fuckers don’t need me in their life. Hell, they got enough when it comes to dealing with Precious, the crazy bitch.”

Kip didn’t comment when he saw Bobby wipe a stray tear off his cheek. The Son gave his sergeant a mere nod then got back to it.

“Wait here…” Jax uttered as he went to exit the truck.

They were parked outside his mother’s house.

“Jackson…” Riona called, and her husband peered back.

“What are ya goin’ to do?”

“Remind Gemma what it means to go against a Son’s wishes, the president’s especially.”

“Be careful.” Riona pleaded with unease.

“She won’t hurt me Riona. That much I know.”

“But she has, several times.” Riona sadly reminded.

Jax nodded once he gathered what his wife was referring to. Gemma hadn’t physically hurt him, at least nothing beyond a slap to the face. But she had hurt him and through the ones he cared about most.

“Yeah well, I think it’s time I hurt her back.”

“Maybe I should talk to…” Riona started to offer, and her husband was quick to interrupt.

“No, she’s my mother. I’ll handle it.” Jax said before shutting the truck door and heading for the house.

Riona crossed herself then said a small prayer on her husband’s behalf.

Jax tried knocking but didn’t get a response. So the president used his spare key and welcomed himself inside.

“Gemma?” He called once he entered.

He knew his mother carried and didn’t wish to catch her by surprise. He hollered for her a couple more times, but there was no sign of her. Jax checked the garage and saw that her car was gone, as well as her keys and purse. The Son shook his head in thought. He didn’t have time to chase her all over town. And he didn’t want his mother getting the heads up. No, he wanted to drop in and scare the ever-living daylights out of her. It was no more than she deserved after what she put his son, wife, and Neeta through. Jax thought back to the last time he threatened her and sighed. He held a knife to her, and that still wasn’t warning enough. What did it take? Putting an actual bullet in her?! Or worse?! Jax recoiled in thought. He prayed to God it didn’t come down to that. But if it meant protecting his wife and son… he would.

Jax did a full scan of each room out of mere curiosity. If his wife’s assumptions were correct… Jax wondered if his mother knew… This had the president digging through his mother’s closet and skimming through her clothes. He did this with her drawers as well but found nothing but a couple flannel shirts that looked like Pepper’s. He was having a hard time picturing his mother with Alastar Lawless. The whole idea was cringe-worthy, and he could only imagine how his wife and her sister felt about it.

Jax saved what used to be his bedroom for last. It became a guest room once he moved out. The door was locked for whatever reason. The president used his knife to jimmy it open.

“What the…” He muttered in outright shock.

The room was decked out in flowers and white furniture. He could tell a woman had or was currently living here. Jax dug through the dresser drawers as well as the closet. The man let out a miserable laugh once he spotted an all too familiar wedding ring. The scrubs in the far back of the closet were also a dead giveaway.

“You have got to be joking! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!” Jax spat then paced the room in disbelief.

It was during this he spotted a picture of him and Abel up on the wall. The man froze then marched up to that particular picture. He snatched it off the wall then slipped it into his cut. The president grabbed one of his mother’s sticky note pads and decided to leave a little message.

Unbelievable. You two deserve one another. I’ll be in touch, Tara. – Jax 

Jax, however, was in for another doozy. When he went to put that sticky note on the mirror to the dresser, he found another picture. Not just any picture but a sonogram. The man felt the bile rising within the back of his throat as he took it off the mirror. It showed that Tara was in her second trimester. Those gears of his were turning, and he knew damn well what she was doing here now. Jax felt the urge to vomit. He darted on out of the house and hurried into the truck.

“Jackson?!” Riona called with concern.

The man couldn’t get out of that driveway fast enough.

“What’s come over ya? Did somethin’ happen?!”

“You’re not going to believe this…”

“Try me.” Riona miserably uttered as she could only imagine.

“My mother wasn’t home, so I did some snooping around.”

“Oh?! And what did ya find? My father’s knickers?”

“I wish. Trust me that would’ve been preferable.”

Riona knew it was bad now.

“You’re scarin’ me!”

“Tara’s living with my mother.”

Riona’s mouth flew open, and Jax gave a flinching nod.

“Oh, Mary… What on earth…”

“Oh, it gets better.”


“Tara’s pregnant.”


“Riona, I think Tara is playing one hell of a sick game. I could be wrong. But I think Tara has somehow convinced my mother that baby is mine!”

“But you’re married!”

Jax recoiled in thought.

“Yeah well, we both know my history, especially when it comes to Tara. My mother wouldn’t doubt her word, not when it comes to my old ways. I’m willing to bet she has my mother convinced that I’ve been sleeping with her behind your back! That’s the only reason I could see Gemma letting her move in like that. Hell, that’s the only explanation I can come up with! That has to be it! Mom thinks Tara is pregnant with her grandbaby and after removing Abel from Gemma’s life… You can only imagine what she’ll do to keep that child around! She’s gonna have Tara’s back, no matter what I or anyone else says!”


Jax gritted his teeth then punched at the steering wheel.

“SONOFABITCH!” He howled.

“This is not happening! I swear to FUCKING GOD!”

Riona reached out then placed a comforting hand along his leg.

“We’ll get through this. We can get through anythin’.” Riona encouraged, and Jax closed his eyes.

“I brought you to this country so you could have a better life. And you and your sister have been through nothing but hell!”

“Meh, no different than Ireland. At least ya didn’t sell us off!” Riona darkly teased and Jax laughed.

“No, but this situation isn’t any better.”

“Jackson, I’ll take anythin’ over our son and my baby sister being raped.”

Jax took his wife’s hand then kissed it.

“I’m sorry.” Jax sincerely put after talking to his wife about postponing their honeymoon, as well as Abel’s birthday party.

They were in the truck and on their way home. They wouldn’t be there long. Just long enough to grab some clothes and whatever else they needed. They were meeting with Alvarez in a few hours but discreetly as to why it would only be Jax and his wife. The others were looking for that safe of Chibs’s and would be dealing with things back home. Like finding out who was behind Chibs and Aislinn’s attack. But like that of Riona, Jax had a pretty good indication as to who it was. They hadn’t any proof but knowing about Brad Montana… only added to their suspicions. The president told his wife about the fed and his blackmail attempts once they left his mother’s.

“Jackson, it isn’t me ya have to worry about. I understand, and ya know that. But Abel… it’s goin’ to break his wee heart, love.”

“Trust me. I know. I know…” Jax brokenly uttered.

“I’ll make it up to him. That’s all I can do. Just bad timing… everything is.”

Riona nodded then reached over and took her husband’s hand into her own. Jax drew sighed then kissed her hand.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I’ll make it up to you, both of you.  I promise.”

“Jackson, just worry about our son. You know I will be fine!”

“That isn’t the point, Riona. I want to give you that honeymoon.”

“And you will. When the timin’ is right.” She said, and Jax smiled.

“How’d I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that every day!” His wife teased, and Jax chuckled.

“God, I missed you and Abel. So, fucking much. Those days at the hotel dragged on and on!”

“Guess I better call him and let him know we won’t make it after all.” Riona sadly murmured.

“I’ll do it,” Jax said as he pulled into the driveway.

“It should come from me, not you.”

“Jackson…” Riona reluctantly put.

“Riona babe, I got it. Okay?”

Jax kissed her hand once again before exiting the truck.

“I was going to get that!” He said when his wife opened her door.

Riona smiled as he helped her down.

“God, I love that.”


“That smile. It slays me, every time.” Jax softly put then shut her door.

“I’m gonna do my damnest to see that more and more.” He uttered while caressing her cheek.

Riona closed her eyes then leaned into the palm of his hand. She could feel the warmth of his breath against her lips as he spoke.

“We will get through this. I need you to believe that. Do you believe in me, Riona?”

The young woman opened her eyes, and the sincere look in her husband’s melted her in ways she couldn’t describe.

“I’ll always believe in you, Jackson.”

“Good, because this isn’t the worst of it yet. I can’t have you losing hope. You want to help me, and the boys track this motherfucker down… Then I need you to think like one of us. You have to believe we can get through this. This is our war to win.”

Riona gave a mere nod, and Jax brushed his lips against hers before giving into that much-needed desire. That greedy mouth of his took possession, and Jax lifted his wife up off the ground. He wrapped her legs around his waist then backed her up against the truck. His erection was cushioned against her and Riona could feel him throbbing in longing. That kiss was nothing more than a promise.

“As soon as I take care of all this shit. You’re mine!” The president hinted with a growl then lowered her back down.

Riona laughed as he took her hand into his own then led her to the house.

Jax unlocked the door, and the smell was the first thing to hit. This had Jax grabbing ahold of his wife and placing her behind him, protectively. The president withdrew his gun, and the two kept quiet as they scanned each and every room. They came to Abel’s last, and Jax staggered back the moment he saw it…

“Jackson?!” Riona called as her husband was shoving her out of the room.

“What are ya…” The young woman trailed off once she saw the two crows hanging from Abel’s old baby mobile.

The mobile was turning and with the adult and baby crow attached to it. The words NO SON IS SAFE was written in the crows’ blood across the wall.

“GET OUT!” Jax ordered as he couldn’t bear the thought of his wife taking much more of this in.

Riona did as her husband requested but called Neeta on the way out. Jax looked to the mobile once again, and his stomach churned. Jax darted out of the room then snatched the phone out of his wife’s hand. Neeta answered, and Jax had her check on Abel. Once the president knew their son was safe and sound, he ordered Neeta out of town. Rat was to pick her and Abel up and take them someplace far away from Charming. Jax said he’d get in touch when Charming was safe again. He didn’t want his son or Neeta anywhere near this mess. Then again, Jax didn’t like the idea of his wife being around this either. But Riona wasn’t giving him much choice. Jax understood but wished she’d go with Neeta and Abel. Jax told Neeta he’d send some money with Rat and make sure they had everything they needed, not only to survive on, but to pay Neeta for her troubles. Jax apologized, profusely. Neeta, however, was more than understanding and Jax asked to speak with his son afterward.

That wave of guilt hit, as Jax dreaded this conversation.

“Hey, lil man.” Jax greeted once his son answered the phone.

“Daddy!” Abel cheerfully replied causing Jax to flinch.

“How you doin’ buddy?”

“I is good and you?”

“Not too great…” Jax honestly put.


“Because I lied to you. I didn’t mean to, but I did. Now, I want you to listen to what I have to say. I meant it when I told your mother I was going to be there for your birthday. But something’s come up. Something out of my control.”

“So you’s not coming?” Abel sadly murmured.

“Abel, I’m in town. But I can’t see you right now, neither can your mother. We have our reasons. I need you to understand that, and I need you to know that we’re doing everything we can to get back to you and give you the best birthday ever!”

Riona teared up at this and Jax gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

“So, we no have my birthday on my birthday?”

“No Abel, I’m so sorry.”

“So I no see you or mommy?”

“That’s right.”

“It okay, daddy. I no mad. I understand.” Abel maturely put, and this had Jax emotional as well.

“Abel, do you know how grown up you sound right now? We are so proud of you. It takes a special man to forgive and understand something like that. We love you so much. It’s because we love you we have to postpone. I’ll explain everything once I put all this to rest. Alright?”

“Okay, daddy. You go be a crow, and I will wait for you and mommy.”

“Thank you, son.”



“No die okay? No you or mommy die. Please?”

                Jax pinched his eyes shut then swallowed the knot within the back of his throat. This kid was too damn intuitive. It’s like Abel knew what his mother and father were up to.

“You got it, lil man. No dying.”

“I love you daddy, and I love mommy too.”

Jax looked to his wife, and she gave a gloomy nod as she heard this.

“We love you too.”

“I will tell Grandpa JT and Uncle Thomas to look after you and mommy. I will say mommy’s blessing too.” Abel said, and Jax closed his eyes as he could actually picture Abel doing this.”

“Then we’re in good hands.”

“Yeah, cause grandpa no want anything to happen to his crows.”

“That’s right. Alright, son, we have to go. I want you to listen to Neeta. If she tells you to do something, then you had better do it.”

“I be good daddy.”

                Jax and Riona said their goodbyes before hanging up and calling Rat. Jax gave the prospect step by step instructions then told him about the money he’d kept hidden in the clubhouse. Rat was to grab that money, pick Abel and Neeta up, then get out of town. Jax made himself very clear. If anything happened to Abel; Rat would pay, dearly.

“Oh Mary, ya need to message Rat and tell him to grab Abel’s pup as well!” Riona said, and Jax reared back on this.


Riona nodded as they were headed for the truck. Jax opened the passenger side door for her.

“Please tell me you mean pup as in stuffed animal.”

“No, I mean pup as in puppy!” Riona exclaimed with a smile.

“You didn’t…” Jax hissed, and Riona raised her brows on this.

“It’s just a puppy, Jackson.”

“Just a puppy?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Jax slammed her door shut then grumbled “just a puppy” under his breath as he hopped back into the driver’s side.

“You’re really bothered by this, aren’t ya?!”

“You’re goddamn right I am. No one even asked how I felt about…” Jax’s words came to a halt as his wife covered her face and burst into uncontrollable sobs.

“Riona…” Jax whispered and with that guilt-ridden presence.

“Out of everythin’… That’s what yer focused on?!” She cried, and Jax recoiled.


“Riona baby…”

“No! Just…” Riona pulled at her hair then screamed on top of her lungs.

Jax was quick to bring her into his lap.

“Look at me!” Jax said while bringing her arms down.

When she wouldn’t, he cupped her chin then brought his forehead to hers.

“Shhhh…” Jax soothingly put as his wife was having a nervous breakdown.

“Breathe darlin’. Just breathe.” He whispered while running a soothing hand along her back.

“Just breathe…” He repeated and brought her against his chest.

“He killed Piney and Juice. He almost killed Chibs, and my sister’s life depends on this surgery. But do go on about the fuckin’ dog! A dog I only got to keep our son company through all this utter HELL!”

“I only focused on the dog, so I could have something else to be mad at. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I know you’ve been through literal hell. I’m sorry.”

“This isn’t about me!” Riona said.

“I know baby. I know.” Jax looked to the time then sighed.

“Riona, we gotta go darlin’.” He reminded, and his wife winced in thought.

Jax helped Riona back into her seat.

“We’ll worry about clothes and shit on the way. Not worth the risk…” Jax uttered as he thought back to Chibs’s place and how it was burned to the ground.

Clothes were the only reason for heading to the house in the first place. But after seeing that mobile and the blood on the wall, Jax just wanted to get the hell out of there. He’d take care of that mess once this was over and done. There was just too much at risk the longer they stuck around. That and he had to hurry and get to Alvarez before word got back to Potter. Jax didn’t want him knowing about the girls seeking asylum. The sheriff was holding onto that information for now and wouldn’t let it leave her office, not until Jax was ready. Jax was to call her after he talked to Alvarez.

“Have you called him yet?”

“You mean the fed?”

Riona nodded as Jax backed out of the driveway.

“No. I gotta talk to Alvarez and get a feel for the situation first.”

“I should do it.” Riona randomly put.


“Aye, this fed’s expectin’ ya I’m sure. Let me talk to this Alvarez.”

“Riona, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. This is the president of a club we’ve had issues with in the past.”

“And I can handle it.”

“I’m sure you can. But it’s a risk I’m not willing to take.”

“Jackson, please. Let me do this. No one would ever suspect it! I’ll disguise myself and everythin’!”

Jax slapped his hand against the steering wheel as he headed out of town.

“Just tell me what to say and I will!” Riona beseeched.

“It’s not that easy!”

“Then I’ll improvise.”

“Jesus Christ, Riona. Do you even hear yourself?”

“So, what’s YOUR plan then?! Huh?! Stuffin’ me in some roach infested hotel, while you go and take care of business and on the off chance that this fed is watchin’ your every move?!”

“It wouldn’t be roach infested, and I’d make certain it had an indoor pool, heated at that!” Jax humorously defended.

“Funny man ya are!”


“And you say I’M stubborn!” Riona snapped, and Jax managed to smile.

“Alright look, if we’re going to do this. We’re going to do it my way. I mean it, Riona. This isn’t something we can fuck around with. If anything happened to you…” Jax recoiled in thought.

“It won’t. I can do this Jackson!”

Jax nodded then pulled a uey (U-turn) and was headed back to Charming.

“What are ya doin’?!”

“I’ve got an idea. But I need to head to the clubhouse first, and I really need you to listen to EVERYTHING I have to say, and I mean EVERYTHING!”

 “But which one has that pull?”


“Brother to brother – I think you know what I’m talking about. Is it Aislinn or Riona? Cause we know, it’s not the old man.”

“You can’t ask me that! I love BOTH my sisters.”

“I didn’t ask you if you loved them… I’m asking which one do you have more of a connection with.”

“Hell if I know!”

“You’re lying.”

“Fine. Who do you have more of a connection with, asshole?”

“Riona. Aislinn gets on my fucking nerves.”

“But she adores you and saved your goddamn life!” 

“Didn’t say I didn’t love her. I said she got on my fucking nerves. Now, you going to answer the question or not?”

“Hell no. That’s a dickheaded question Hap, and you know it!” 

The Son shook his head in memory then signaled for the bartender to pour him another shot. It was his fault, all of it. Aislinn wouldn’t be in the hospital, neither would Chibs if Happy would’ve done his fucking job. He sent them straight into the pit. Happy was pissed with himself, and that’s why he left. He didn’t deserve to be there, and Happy was the last person Chibs would want to see if and when he woke.

And if Aislinn died, Chibs would never forgive him. Happy should’ve taken that call more seriously. But he’d a million one things on his mind and was trying to keep the prospects, the shop, as well as the clubhouse going and all while keeping an eye on the Lawless family.

Happy got everyone out of the clubhouse, but that wasn’t enough. He should’ve found another way. He should’ve done what Jax would’ve done and put everyone under one roof and on 24/7 watch! There was a reason Happy never got promoted, and the Son knew that. Happy took his phone out from his pocket and saw all the missed calls from Jax and Bobby. He couldn’t deal with that shit now. He couldn’t face his brothers. He’d never been so angry in his entire life. Happy reared back on a picture Bobby had sent with one of his texts.

                Kind of hard to want to kill her now I bet… Gotta admit didn’t know you were a thumbsucker, you adorable prick! Bobby sent along with the pictures Aislinn had taken of him.

Happy hadn’t seen those pictures yet. The Son rolled his eyes. Fucking Aislinn. He thought but with a grin. She truly was a pesky little sister. He couldn’t believe she managed to get that thumb in his mouth. Happy zoomed in on the kiss she had given his cheek however and recoiled. He couldn’t be mad at her, no matter how much she pissed him off, deep down Happy adored Aislinn just as much as she adored him. Aislinn was the pain in the ass sister and Riona was the forbidden fruit. Happy wasn’t used to feeling that way about any woman. So, it hurt when Riona went on about Aislinn being everyone’s favorite. That wasn’t how he felt. Happy loved both sisters, but Riona held a special place in his heart. That was a strange feeling for someone like Happy. He wasn’t used to feeling that way about any woman, especially the president’s old lady. Happy couldn’t stand Tara and Wendy wasn’t someone you could even consider an old lady. Wendy used Jax, and in return Jax used her. But Tara, all she did was use, abuse, and lie.

Happy saw right through Tara Knowles. Whereas Riona Lawless, she put her husband, and her family first. There was nothing fake about Riona, and that was a rarity these days. Happy had been with his share of women and spent a lot of time with them. They were full of drama, lies, and betrayal. At times, Happy felt they were worse than men. Women would be the first to backstab one another, and they’d do it with a smile on their face. Happy ordered another shot then looked to the picture once again. Riona and Aislinn were nothing like that. Happy found that refreshing.

“I’m sorry.” Happy muttered under his breath as he looked to that kiss Aislinn had given him.

The man closed his eyes then pocketed the phone. Pathetic as it was, the Son wished he had a picture of Riona on him. Just the sight of her would be comforting about now, even if he didn’t deserve her presence.

Happy had his last shot of the night. He paid his tab then tipped the bartender. The Son was headed to the hospital when a black van and three sedans surrounded him on the freeway and wouldn’t let him through.

The Son cursed under his breath as they forced him off the road and onto a dirt one, leading into a more isolated area. The Son parked his bike then reached for his gun. Happy let out a painful grunt as someone shot the gun out of his hand. Men hopped out of the sedans and were quick to bring Happy to his knees and disarmed him. The Son let out a miserable laugh as he recognized a few of them. Brad Montana – the dishwasher from the ship, Kozik – an enemy of Tig Trager’s (an ex MC member from another charter that had been bitter about not getting voted into SAMCRO), and Ernest Darby – the real head honcho of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Someone stepped out of the van and gradually made their way over. Happy could hear the gravel beneath their boots as they approached him.

“It’s been a long time, brother.” The man said before lowering his hood and revealing himself.

Happy reared back in a stupor, and the man smiled.

“Miss me?!”

Happy sneered as the man gave him a playful slap on the cheek.

“I’d introduce you, but I think you know most everyone here.”

Ernest lifted his shirt revealing a tattoo that read Crowkillers and the others revealed theirs as well.

“I’ve taken a new direction in my life… as you can tell.” The familiar man murmured while exposing his own Crowkiller tattoo.

Happy sprang to his feet and dived right for the man, only to be forced to the ground and severely beaten.

“Enough!” The man ordered and everyone stopped.

He marched on over then squatted down to Happy’s level. He cupped the Son’s chin and nodded.

“Oh, the fun we’re going to have. You know… I’ve always wondered what would make Happy Lowman cave. Can’t wait to find out!”

“Are ya sure about this?” Riona asked after Jax went over his plans.

“Oh yeah, we’re going to play this fed at his own game. He won’t expect this at all.”

“And if he catches on before it follows through?”

“He won’t. But if he does… I won’t be far. Remember I can hear everything that’s said.” Jax said while adjusting the wire beneath her bra strap.

“Damn…” Jax murmured after getting a good look at his wife.

“That dress… I just want to take it off you now.” Jax uttered while running a hand along her ass.

The dress was something Lyla had brought from the studio per Jax’s request.

“Alvarez better keep his fuckin’ hands to himself. That’s for damn sure.”Jax said then cleared his throat and looked to the time.

Riona finished up with some red lipstick. The president watched as his wife pressed her lips together then fixed herself up in the mirror. He shook his head then headed to the bathroom door and locked it. Jax strutted on back, and Riona regarded her husband in astonishment as he rained kisses all along her neck and shoulder.

“I gotta. I’m sorry. I’ll still owe you that marathon.” Jax whispered before pulling her panties to the side.

Riona heard his SAMCRO buckle hit the ground and Jax growled at the sensitivity. He leaned into his wife’s ear once again.

“Look.” He said and had his wife facing the mirror.

“Watch me fuck the living hell out of you.” He said with a smirk and thrust even harder.

Jax couldn’t help it. If he had his way their bedroom would be covered in mirrors, so he could watch from every angle. Riona would never admit it, but Jax knew it turned her on as well. This girl was soaking wet, and he knew she’d come at least twice already. The man made it a habit of counting. Jax lifted that dress even higher then tilted his head as he pulled out and ripped her panties off. He threw them into one of the sinks then gave her ass a good smack.

“You can wear that dress, but I want my cum dripping out of you. I want you to feel it running down your legs tonight.” Jax uttered and with that animalistic growl of his.

This had Riona orgasming, yet again and that only added to the man’s ego. He knew he could get her going and nonstop.

“You got me, baby?” He said before giving that finishing thrust.

Jax had a firm grip on her hips as he thought he’d never stop coming. That’s how backed up he was. He wasn’t used to letting himself get that bad, but a large part of that had to do with being faithful for once. It was a good feeling and one he truly welcomed. Jax knew Riona was the one and had for years, even when he was with Tara. But at the time… Riona was the one that got away. The one he always fantasized about and wondered what his life would be like if he’d married her instead. Jax wasn’t on the straight and narrow because his wife told him to be. No, he was that way because he wanted to be. Jax never knew it could be like this. Even with all the crazy shit around them, the man was content. At least when it came to his marriage. He hadn’t anything to complain about and that there was a foreign feeling, sadly.

The man chuckled once he pulled out. A massive string of come followed, and a couple drops landed on her legs.

“Leave it.” He murmured in her ear.

“You’re gonna have me all over you.”

“Are ya markin’ your territory?!” Riona mocked in horror and Jax chuckled.

“You bet that beautiful ass I am!” Jax said then gave it one last slap before lowering her dress back down.

“Guess you’re going commando.” Jax murmured once he realized his mistake.

Riona laughed at the look on his face.

“Guess so.”



“That’s just making me horny again.”

Riona peered back, and sure enough, he was rocking another hard on. Jax grumbled under his breath as he put himself away then “adjusted”.

“You’re gonna poke an eye out with that thing!” Riona complimented, and Jax egotistically smiled.

“Yours maybe…” He hinted with a wink and Riona snorted.

“There’s a lot more where that came from. I hope you know that.” Jax apologetically put knowing that was rather short and sweet.

“Aye, ya said somethin’ about puttin’ me in a wheelchair…”

“And a good titty fucking…” Jax reminded, and Riona laughed.

“Ya really are crazy.”

“For you baby.” Jax wholeheartedly put while wrapping his arms around her.

“We really are pressed for time now.” He uttered with a frustrated sigh.

“Aye,” Riona said while stuffing the wire back into her bra.

“Allow me,” Jax said then grabbed a roll of duct tape.

He used his teeth to rip a piece off then fixed the wire so it wouldn’t pop out again. He made certain her earpiece was well and hidden also.

“You sure about this?” The president asked while scanning her over one last time.

“I got this, Jackson.”

“Alright, head on out. I’ll be around…” He said then handed Riona the keys to his truck.

Riona nodded and was about to head out of the clubhouse.

“Riona,” Jax called with a touch of desperation.

The young woman stopped then pivoted back around.

“Please be careful. I can hear but I can’t see. So keep that in mind. If things start to get tense, ask if you can have a cigarette. I’ll know what that means and get my ass to you.”

“Aye, but it’s gonna be alright. You’ll see.” Riona said then blew him a kiss on the way out.

Jax pretended to catch it then put it to his heart.

“You better take care of her Alvarez or I will make this real,” Jax uttered under his breath.

Chibs woke to find Brodie asleep in a chair across from his and Aislinn’s beds. The Scot thought he heard someone else in the room however and craned his neck to see Pepper standing at Aislinn’s bedside. Her father was holding her hand and softly talking. Chibs narrowed his eyes when the man looked to be crying.

“It’s too late, isn’t it, kid?”

Chibs heard the man utter.

“Your sister’s right. I’ll never earn your forgiveness, and I’m not so sure I’d allow it even if you offered it.”

Pepper drew back the deepest of breaths then closed his eyes for a moment. 

“Aislinn, I pushed you away on purpose. Sure, I was a drunk. But I knew what I was doing. I remember how hard you tried, how many times you cried, and how broken you were…” Pepper paused then wiped his face with the back of his hand.

“That’s the part that makes what I did unforgivable. I knew baby. I knew what I was doing to you. But I didn’t want to go through all that shit again. I didn’t want to feel anything. I wanted to be numb. That way if anything happened to you or Riona, I wouldn’t feel it. I didn’t want to hurt like that ever again. Losing your ma…” Pepper pinched his eyes shut.

“That killed me, baby. It killed me. I loved her so much. You were right. I took it out on you the most. But I did that because you were the hardest to let go. And you damn sure didn’t make it easy. Cleaning up after me, dealing with all my rantin’ and ravin’, me taking money from you and your sister, and not helping with the farm. Fuck… it took you forever to finally give up. I just never realized how much that would break me. When you finally told me to piss off and walked away. It felt like I lost your mother all over again. But I welcomed the pain. You see, at first, I was trying to push you and Riona away. But once I succeeded, it became more about the pain. I wanted to hurt. I wanted you to be mad. I wanted you to hate my fucking guts.

Jesus Aislinn, I wanted you to kill me. I wanted you to be the one to take me out of this godforsaken place. I didn’t deserve you or your sister… and I damn sure didn’t deserve your brother. I know your mother would agree. Hell, if I ever meet that woman again, I know I’m in for more than an earful. I didn’t take care of our babies, I became a worthless drunk, and lost my faith. Aislinn, I never stopped loving you. I never stopped caring. I know you find that hard to believe, but it’s true. What I put you through… I’ll never forget it.” Pepper laughed in sheer misery.

“Seeing you break that fiddle when I asked for a handout… Priceless. Seriously. That was one hell of an eye-opener. I remember how happy you were when I got you that fiddle: that big ole smile and missing front tooth. There’s a picture in my wallet. One of my favorites. You were so stinkin’ cute! A true daddy’s girl and you never let me down, not for a second, even when you decided you were finally done. If anything, I was impressed it took that long for you to move on. Your sister damn sure didn’t give me that long. I want to be in your life kid. But I know that’s not happening now. There’s just too much. I put you through too much. It’s funny how that goes. I wanted you and Riona out of my life. So I would never experience that kind of pain again. But knowing I’ll never be in my grandchildren’s lives, or walk you down the aisle at your wedding hurts worse than anything I could ever imagine. I never dreamed it’d feel like this. But there’s this stabbing sensation in my heart and this knot in my throat. Hell, your sister got married, and I hadn’t a clue, and your brother gave her away. Talk about karma. I bet he would’ve LOVED to shove that in my face. That’s not to say he won’t. I’m sure he’ll be giving you away as well. Seems fitting.” Pepper uttered with a nod.

“I’m glad he found you two. I know you find that hard to believe, but it’s true. You three should be together. I should’ve never kept you apart.”

 “What the fuck are you doing here?” Brodie hissed, and Pepper snapped a look that direction.

“Not now, Brodie.” Pepper warned.

“Not now?!” Brodie reiterated with a chuckle.

“Ye got some nerve; ye know that? Showin’ up like yer some sort of changed man when we both know that isn’t true. Not you. No, yer the same ole bastard that made my girl cry all them years ago. The bastard that damn near shoved her off the bridge. I never knew a man colder than ye.” Brodie came to his feet then pointed towards the door.

“Lick yer wounds all ye want but not here,” Brodie uttered.

“With all due respect, I’m not going anywhere.” Alastar said, and with a finger pointed right back.

“Can’t ye see… That lass doesn’t want ye around. Not now. No, she wanted ye say around five to ten years ago, but ye wasn’t there. All yer doin’ is confusin’ these girls. I might not know ye on a personal level. But I was there for a good part of the shite ye put those girls through, and I was there to pick them up and build them back up. I’m not about to stand here and watch it all happen again. Ye don’t belong here, and ye know it. That brother of yours is locked away, so there’s no reason for ye to stick around. My cuz and I got it from here.”


“That’s right,” Brodie uttered with a grin then pointed at Chibs.

“That there bastard is my first cousin. We grew up together! Small world, em?!”

This had Pepper staggering back in disbelief.

“Are you saying my daughter knew this man as a child?!” Pepper barked, and Brodie rolled his eyes.

“No, ye ignorant bastard. What I’m sayin’ is I grew up with Filip but met Aislinn later on. She hadn’t a clue Filip Telford even existed, not until all that shite went down in Belfast. Shite ye fuckin’ caused!”

“Alright, ye two big swingin’ dicks. That’s enough. It’s up ta Ali on whether she wants either of ye around or not. This isn’t the time or place. She’s got surgery in just a few hours, and I don’t want this shite anywhere near her. So, if ye two can’t shut those geggies (mouths), then ye know where the door is.” Chibs chimed in taking both men by surprise. They assumed, he was asleep.

Pepper and Brodie sent the VP apologetic glances.

“Just stay out of my way…” Brodie threatened, and Pepper rolled his eyes but did as Chibs wished.

Chibs watched as the two men sit down but on opposite ends of the room. The Scot couldn’t believe how childish they were acting. He only prayed Aislinn wasn’t picking up on all this. As a medic, Chibs had heard stories of coma patients picking up damn near everything around them. That was his reason for being so protective. Aislinn was under enough stress. Chibs didn’t want anyone adding to it. To do so could prove to be dangerous. It was important to keep things positive as possible, even more so since she was with child. That was his biggest concern, other than making it through the surgery. Chibs didn’t want Aislinn to miscarry. That would devastate her. He couldn’t imagine Aislinn waking up to find that she was not only pregnant but lost the child. The mere idea of something like that happening made Chibs’s stomach churn. She’d been through so much. All he wanted was for Aislinn to pull through this surgery, so he could tell her the wonderful news.

The Scot remembered how broken his fiancée was and how she cried about wanting HIS child. This would mean the world to her, to both of them. Chibs would do whatever he could to keep her and that baby safe. The Scot saw this as a second chance. His second chance. Just the mere idea of a baby being in that little tummy of hers had him all emotional but in the best of ways. This surgery had to go smoothly. It just had to.

Chibs didn’t concern himself with Brodie, or Pepper’s presence. He reached over and placed his hand along his fiancée’s abdomen. He found himself imagining what it would be like when she was nice and round, and the baby was kicking. The Scot was quick to wipe a tear away before Brodie and Pepper saw it. This was hitting him and hard. Chibs was lost in thought when someone knocked on the door.

It was the nurse, and she went over the preparations for Aislinn’s surgery with Chibs. It was during this Bobby, Tig, Kip, and Ethan showed up. The nurse left not long after they arrived.

“Hey…” Chibs called gathering Bobby’s attention.


“Think ye can do me a quick favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Grab mine and Aislinn’s marriage license so ye can go ahead and sign off on it.”

“But I haven’t…” Bobby started to say and Chibs interrupted.

“It needs ta be done before the surgery…”

“Like they’re gonna look into…”

The VP interrupted yet again.

“Bobby, just do this for me. I want this lass carryin’ my name before they stick her with the knife.”

“Where’s this license?” The sergeant questioned in defeat.

“Saddlebag on the Harley.”

“At the clubhouse?”



“I take it ye didn’t find the safe?” Chibs commented.

“Nah, you were right. It was long gone. But I suspect whoever did this took it. We asked the firehouse, and they hadn’t seen it.”

Chibs nodded but gave a frustrated sigh.

“Alright, we don’t need bands right now anyhow. That can wait.”

This had Kip, Bobby, Ethan, and Tig regarding one another in thought.

“Where these bands at?” Bobby asked.

“At the shop still.”

“You’re keeping your rings at the shop?” Kip questioned in surprise.

“He means the jewelry store,” Bobby said, and Chibs nodded.

“Oh…” Kip murmured feeling stupid.

“Alright, I better get that license. It’s legit, right?”

“Aye, just gotta sign and date it.”

Bobby nodded in understanding then bolted on out the door.

“Has she even signed it?” Ethan asked in disbelief.

“Nah, we were in a hurry the day we grabbed it. I just wanted ta have it when October came.”

“So you’ll have to forge her name then,” Ethan muttered in thought, and Chibs nodded.

“Can you even do that? I mean do you even know what my sister writes like?”

“Aye, she’s always leavin’ her journals about so I got her writin’ pretty pegged.”

“Hope so.” Ethan surprisingly put.

“Aye. Just gotta make sure Bobby gets here before the doc takes off with her.”

“Why now?! I mean can’t you do that when she wakes up?!” Ethan probed once again.

“I done told ye… I want me girl carryin’ my name before she goes under the knife.”

“In case she doesn’t make it…” Brodie whispered and this had everyone glancing his direction.

Chibs recoiled but nodded in confirmation.

“So, it’s not about legal terms as much as…” Kip trailed off once he saw the look on Chibs’s face.

“You really think I’m going to let you forge my daughter’s name, without her consent?” Pepper uttered, and Chibs laughed.

“If ye go and give me hell about this then I’ll let ye go and be the one that deals with the lil lass when she wakes. Ye can tell her ye wouldn’t let me go through with this and see how she responds.” Chibs spat, and Brodie nodded in full agreement.

“He’s got you there. You know Aislinn wants this just as much as he does. Nothin’s stoppin’ these two, not even me. This is happenin’. So, suck it up. Besides, we both know what this is about…” Brodie rather hinted.

“Oh, and what’s that?!” Pepper challenged.

“You want Aislinn carrying YOUR name,” Brodie said knowing Mr. Lawless wanted his family name on that tombstone and not Telford if something happened to his daughter.

Brodie understood the man’s reasoning but knew that wasn’t what Aislinn would want. Aislinn would want Chibs’s name. Brodie had always hoped she’d one day carry his but knew that day would never be. All he could do was support Aislinn’s decision and let her know he had her and Chibs’s back. He wouldn’t let anyone stand in the way of this marriage.

“You’re goddamn right I do.” Pepper declared.

“And ye really think that’s what she would want?” Chibs challenged once again.

“Think about it…” The Scot added with a sneer.

Pepper regarded his daughter in thought then shook his head in defeat.

“That’s aboot what I thought. She’s gonna carry MY name.” Chibs put his foot down on the matter, and everyone else nodded in agreement.

“But why does she need you to sign off on the surgery if I’m here?”

“Are ye really goin’ ta do this?! Do I need ta rip me own cath out and choke ye with it, cause I will?!” Chibs threatened but recoiled as he looked to Aislinn.

There was no telling what all she was picking up from this. And now he was one of the ones adding to it. But he couldn’t help himself. The mere idea of Pepper signing off on ANYTHING to do with his fiancée had the Scot seeing red. Aislinn’s father hadn’t been in her life in how long?! And now he was making demands and acting as if he has some sort of say in how this goes?! That didn’t fly when it came to Chibs, not even a little. He would kill Pepper himself if he had to. And no one would ever know, not even Aislinn. She was better off without the old man in her life anyhow.

“Ouch…” Tig murmured and grabbed his crotch in thought.

Chibs pinched his eyes shut.

“Look, we’re doin’ this, and there’s nothin’ ye can do about it. Yer outvoted.”

Pepper threw his hands in the air and went to exit the room. Ethan stopped him however then pulled him off to the side.

“You can’t leave town.”

“I wasn’t going to.”

“Just making sure. Sheriff says you have to stay put if these girls are going to have a case against Camden. We need to testify on their behalf.”

“I’ll be there.” Pepper vowed.

“You better,” Ethan warned, and Pepper sighed.

“The tone isn’t needed.” His father said then went about his way.

Ethan closed his eyes as it took all will not to slug his father one. He just had to be a dick even on his youngest child’s deathbed. Ethan couldn’t believe his father was giving Chibs hell and on something even he knew Aislinn would want. It’s like Pepper couldn’t help himself. Ethan didn’t like the idea of his sister’s name being forged and not actually saying the words I do, but he wasn’t about to fight this. He knew his sister well enough to know this is what she would want.

The boys got Chibs caught up with everything that was going on and what Riona and Jax were up to. Chibs had an idea already but wasn’t a hundred percent sure. Like that of Jax, Chibs hoped Alvarez wouldn’t pull anything shady. That would put Riona in danger, and that was the last thing they needed. This had Chibs looking to Aislinn in thought. He didn’t wish Jax to be in this same position. It was literal hell, and it grew worse as time progressed. Chibs was becoming more and more impatient. He wanted this surgery over with and prayed to God Aislinn woke not long after.

There was another knock on the door, and Chibs hollered for whoever it was to come on in. It was the surgeon, and this had everyone aside from Ethan leaving the room. The doctor went over everything once again and let Chibs and Ethan know that a nurse would be gathering Aislinn in half an hour. It was during this a nurse had Chibs sign off on the operation. The Scot couldn’t help but be nervous.

“She’s in good hands.” The doc encouraged as if reading Chibs’s mind.

“Aye.” Chibs murmured, and the doctor exited the room with the nurse.

Bobby returned before long and with the marriage license. Chibs was quick to sign it and did his best to penpoint his fiancée’s signature. He apologized in that head of his but knew Aislinn would want this as well. Once he finished, Bobby signed it. Only they had it dated like Chibs and Aislinn were married a couple weeks ago. But the Scot wanted to celebrate their anniversary on the date the actual wedding would take place, October thirty-first. Chibs meant it when he said he wanted a true reaper wedding. Sure, the Sons wouldn’t be in their cuts but all the more reason. He wanted the ceremony on a date that would mean something to him and Aislinn. The Scot had everything mapped out in that head of his. He only prayed she lived to see that day, her and the baby within.

“Where do you want it?” Bobby asked after signing his part.

“Just hold on to it for me, will ye?”


Bobby handed the license over to Ethan next.


“I need you to sign as a witness,” Bobby uttered.

Ethan looked to his sister in thought then signed where Bobby pointed.

“Put the right date.” Bobby reminded, and Ethan nodded.

“And there you go… You two are hitched. I’d say kiss the bride, but she’s in sleeping beauty mode, and I doubt you can walk around in that cath. Speaking of which… shouldn’t they be yanking that out soon?” Bobby curiously put.

“I was beginnin’ to wonder that myself. I should be able ta get around now.”

“Let me see if I can get a nurse in here about that.” Bobby offered.

“Thanks, brother.”

“No prob. Gotta at least hug her before she goes under.” Bobby murmured on the way out.

“That’s gonna suck,” Ethan said as to getting the cath removed.

“Oh yeah, but I’m lookin’ forward to wiping me own arse!” Chibs said, and Ethan died of laughter.

“I bet! Just think… in another fifteen to twenty years Aislinn will be doing that for you, you old fart!” Ethan teased, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Nah, I’ll just have Jax keep ye as a prospect, and ye can wipe it for me!”

“You keep prospects for that long?!” Ethan sarcastically challenged.

“Nah, but for you, we’ll make an exception.”

“Whatever you say asshole.”

“I thought that was yer term of endearment for your other brother-in-law.”

“And what would you prefer? Scottish prick?”

“Is that what ye think aboot?! Do ye think about me cock often, Ethan?”

“Sure, all the time!” Ethan mockingly put.

“I knew it…” Chibs murmured with a nod.

“Ye was jealous of yer sister cause ye wanted a Scottish sugar daddy.”

“Who wanted a Scottish sugar daddy?!” Tig questioned as he entered the room and just in time to pick up on the end of that conversation.

“A sugar da!” Tig corrected with a wide grin.

“The prospect.”

“Really?!” Tig questioned, and Ethan flipped Chibs off.

“Can’t I’m married now and to yer sister! How many times must we go over this?!”

“I think I want a Scottish sugar da now!” Tig taunted with a playful wink Chibs’s direction.

“Ye’ll have to get in line. I’m not cheap.” Chibs muttered.

“But you’re the sugar da…” Tig uttered in confusion.

“It isn’t what ye said it’s how ye said it.”

“Did you just…” Tig trailed off as Bobby entered the room with the nurse.

The nurse had everyone exit the room so she could remove Chibs’s cath. The nurse tested the Scot by having him go to the bathroom on his own afterward. Once he proved, he was fit to do so, she exited the room. Chibs washed up then inched his way over to Aislinn’s bed. The Scot took her hand into his own then kissed it.

“Yer aboot ta go under, pet. So, I need ye to hear me out.”

Chibs brushed her hair back with his other hand then leaned in closer to her.

“Yer me wife now. So, I’d appreciate ye not goin’ and makin’ me a widower. Ye gotta make it through this darlin’. You and our wee one. I’m not givin’ up on ye. So, don’t ye go and give up on me. Ye gotta keep truckin’. Fight, no matter how temptin’ it might be ta go ahead and let go. Yer not allowed ta! I mean it! Ye can rest up plenty once ye wake. I’ll take good care of ye. I’ll always take care of ye, even if God forbid ye wake up paralyzed. I’m keepin’ me vows.”

Chibs got a little choked up at the thought but meant every word. Aislinn Telford was his responsibility now, and he’d make certain she was taken care of.

“Yer sister would be here if she could. But she and Jackie got somethin’ ta take care of. Just know she’s prayin’ for ye and wants ye to keep up the fight as well.”

“We all are.” He heard and turned to see Ethan entering the room with the others.

“That’s right.” Bobby made clear, and everyone said something in agreement so Aislinn could hear them.

“Ye hear that darlin’? We’re all waitin’, and ye know patience isn’t our strong suit.”

Brodie placed a comforting hand along his cousin’s shoulder.

“It’s time.” He whispered as the nurses were at the door.

Chibs closed his eyes for a moment then kissed his wife.

“I love ye, Ali darlin’. Ye got this. Ye hear me? Ye got this!” He said, and Ethan and Brodie nodded amongst one another as the nurses wheeled Aislinn out of the room.




7 thoughts on “Chapter 44 – The One to Survive”

  1. Dammit you left another cliffie on me! i wanted to know how the surgery went before you ended the chapter lol. that just cruel to end it there. Oh well i am sure your muse is coming up with how the surgery went. I hope she keeps the baby that is truly something special and she will think its all worth it.

    Love the sheriff didn’t expect that out of her and the way she handled their uncle. She is right they don’t last long in jail. especially the ones that *love* children. they are taken out fast along with the rapists. so i hope he enjoys what he has left of his life.

    Chibs being a slight stinker making her his wife while she is a coma but i can understand why. gives him the rights to make the decisions and everything for her so i don’t blame him there and she will give him hell when she wakes up so that will be worth it too..

    Gemma and Tara is playing with fire and it’s going to backfire on them the moment that baby is born because there is no way Jax would cheat on Riona. She would kill him if he did. I can’t believe Gemma fell for her lies. yeah i can. Gemma wants everything her way and fuck everyone else.

    Riona undercover, that’s going to be a trip and hell if she can get what they need it’s even better than what the fed wanted him to do for him. i don’t think the would expect her to do something like this. Should be interesting how it all plays out.

    You have perfect timing i needed something awesome to read and like always you came through for me. wicked chapter. I hope your muse inspires you again for another chapter. Until then *bows*

    (bitey dogs being naughty and tearing up Gemma’s house *grins* )

  2. Thanks for the update! Another great chapter (definitely not racist) don’t let the idiots get to you, your an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story plays out ❤️

  3. OMG Tiggy you horn-dog 🤣 Poor Chibs then sweet Brodie! More feeeeels! Hawt damn I just fell in love with the sheriff! Whew yes ma’am! Fucking Tara and Gemma. Cant wait til they get theirs! Abel is breaking my heart! Such a big boy! Happy no!!! Fucking CrowKillers…beat their asses Hap! Now I’m actually feeling some sympathy for Pepper. Huh weird. Sneaky Scot getting her hitched while in a coma. I love it.

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