Chapter 45 – Rat In A Cage

Chapter 45 – Rat In A Cage 

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“Rise and shine!”

Happy choked back as he was doused with a bucket of ice-cold water.

“Well look at that… You’re awake now!”

The Son sneered at this and went to dive after the man before him, only to find himself bound to a chair. There were cable ties around his wrists, and his ankles were duct taped to the chair itself.

“Hope those aren’t too tight.” The man witted with a playful wink.

“As much as I’d like to say this isn’t personal… it is.”

Happy shook his head in frustration. He couldn’t talk. His mouth was taped shut.

“You know… I was going to start with the wife and kid, watch the bastard self-destruct. But the more I thought about it… This is even better! I’ll take you out, one by one. Just when he starts to think he can’t take anymore… That’s when I go for the wife and kid. I want to see the look on his face when he realizes he’s all alone in this world. Not a single brother left, no wife, or kid to go home to. You see I won’t have to kill him. He’s gonna live in that graveyard. That’s where everyone else is going to be. But I think I’ll have a little fun with you first. You see it isn’t just about watching Jax squirm. Hell, I want you ALL to suffer. But I think I’m gonna make you, Bobby, and Tig beg. Like I said… I’m curious. What makes Happy Lowman break? What would make him ask for a mercy killing? Better yet… How will the others react to your torture? Hmm, so many questions. Oh, and I’m having that digit of yours overnighted to Jax, personally. That ought to get his attention. Shouldn’t have pulled that gun on me, Hap. It cost you.”

The man smiled upon Happy’s missing finger then gestured for everyone else to leave the makeshift cell they had Happy in. The men did as requested. Once they were out of sight, the man ripped the duct tape off of Happy’s mouth.

“Clay…” The Son growled, and the Ex-SAMCRO president smiled.

“Should’ve seen your face. It’s like you saw a ghost. Well, you’re gonna wish I was a ghost by the time I’m done with you.”

“Bring it, motherfucker.”

Clay cocked a brow on this, and Happy gave a mere nod.

“I don’t break, for nothing.”

“You sure about that?”

“You know I don’t. As for Jax, you just made him your worst nightmare.”

Clay nodded in mere amusement.

“We’ll just see about that.” Clay threatened before taping Happy’s mouth shut again.

Riona said a small prayer before turning into the lot of the fancy restaurant. She was going over Jax’s instructions in that head of hers. This restaurant was a favorite of the Mayan president’s, and Alvarez was known for bringing his most valued business associates here. Jax figured the agent did his homework and knew all about this place.

“I’m here.” The young woman whispered but doubted her husband could hear her.

Jax had to be within range, and he was a good twenty to thirty minutes away, last he checked in anyhow. Riona received no response and nodded amongst herself. She would’ve waited but knew they were limited on time. That and waiting was sure to raise suspicion if the Fed was looking on. Riona exited the truck then headed for the restaurant.

Jax had put Alvarez’s phone number into his wife’s cellphone and had her call and set this up on the way to Oakland. He only prayed Alvarez would catch on and prevent any involvement on Jax’s end.

Jax had to make it look as if this was all Riona and Alvarez. That was his reason for waiting so long to leave and sneaking out of the clubhouse. Jax hadn’t a clue if he was being watched or not. But he knew this Fed was stalking his wife if not Alvarez as well. Jax had hopes of Potter following his wife into Oakland territory. The president took one of the cars with tinted windows and a longer route than that of his wife, to avoid any suspicion.

The point of this? To make it look as if Riona went against her husband’s wishes and decided to confront the Mayan president on her own. Jax wanted this agent to believe he and Riona had an argument and she took matters into her own hands. The plan hit when Jax was trying to talk her out of going. But the more she went on and on about helping, the more he realized this was the perfect set up. But it would only work if the Mayans played along. Riona had to put those acting skills of hers to use and find a way of getting the message across, without Potter catching on.

Riona pushed those nerves of hers aside and opened the restaurant door. She nodded upon the hostess.

“Reservation for Alvarez?” The hostess nodded in response then escorted Riona to Alvarez’s table.

The Mayan president came to his feet then greeted Mrs. Teller respectfully. He had her take a seat then asked what kind of wine or champagne she preferred. The Mayan president laughed when she asked for a margarita instead. Riona thought back to the one her brother ordered that one time and it had her mouth watering for another.

“I can do that,” Marcus said then ordered her one of the top shelf’s.

She felt the urge to look for this fed but hadn’t a clue what he really looked like or if he was even in the restaurant.

“We should order some churros for dessert. Best in town!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a churro.”

“We’ll fix that!” Alvarez announced with a wide grin.

The man took it upon himself to order their food and dessert. Riona thought that rather strange but decided it best not to comment.

“So, what brings you to Oakland today Mrs. Teller?”

Riona took her husband’s advice and shifted about in her seat. She wanted to give that “uncomfortable” impression as she looked around the restaurant with unease. This, of course, had the Mayan president’s fullest attention.

“You expectin’ someone?” The president questioned with a cocked brow.

“Hope not.” She whispered in return.

“You wouldn’t happen to be making trouble for me, now would you?”

“No. Actually, I’m here to get you and my husband OUT of trouble.”

“And what kind of trouble are we in, if you don’t mind me asking?” He muttered in mere amusement.

“My husband doesn’t know I’m here. And I’d appreciate it if you kept this between us.”

Alvarez leaned back in thought.

“So, you’re here against your husband’s wishes?” He muttered.


“You do realize this could backfire on me, right?” Alvarez said but with a grin.

“I won’t let it.”

“That’s my girl. Sorry, I’m late. Cough if you can hear me.”

Riona picked her napkin up then coughed into it.

 “Good deal. Next time wait…”

There’s going to be a next time? Riona amusingly thought. Was this a husband and wife duo now? Going undercover, fooling SAMCRO adversaries? Riona thanked the waitress once she arrived with their drinks. Riona couldn’t believe how massive the margarita was. Alvarez watched as she took a sip.

“Up to par?”

“Aye, thank you.”

The Mayan president gave a mere nod.

“Alright, Mrs. Teller. Let’s cut to the chase and get to the real reason you’re here.” Alvarez impatiently put.

“Don’t let him get to you. That’s how Alvarez works. He’s going to test you. Just go with the flow. The whole point is to have this Potter asshole show up and overhear you two. If he isn’t there already.” 

“Perhaps we should discuss this when we know there won’t be any interruptions.” Riona hinted as to their server.

Alvarez nodded in agreement.

“I gotta admit. I wasn’t expecting someone like you.” Alvarez said, and this had not only Riona’s but Jax’s attention.

“Like me?” Riona questioned.

“No offense. But I’ve met a couple of Jax’s old ladies. Kid went from a junkie to an uptight doc. Explain that one to me?”

“Wish I could.”

“Funny,” Jax muttered.

“And what are you, besides Irish, beautiful, and waaay out of Jax’s league?”

“Bastard.” Riona heard her husband murmur, and she resisted the urge to laugh.

“I’m a lot of things, Mr. Alvarez.”

“That’s no lie.” Jax humorously uttered in her ear.

“I don’t doubt that. But what do you do for a living?”

“Besides drive my husband mad?” She teased, and Alvarez laughed.

“I run the records at Teller-Telford.”

Alvarez raised his brows in surprise.

“You work for your husband?”


“And what did you do before that?”

“Some local gigs with my sister back in Ireland.”

“Gigs?” Alvarez asked with curiosity.

“We performed at the pubs.”

“Performed? Like in a band?”

“No just me and my sister and a friend of ours.”

“So, you sang, dance? What exactly?”

“Sing and play guitar.”

“Hmm…” The Mayan president hummed but held up a hand as the waitress brought their food out.

“How’s that look?” He asked before the waitress headed off.

“Good,” Riona said while breathing the fajitas in.

Alvarez waved the waitress off but made it clear they didn’t wish to be interrupted.

“Let’s eat then we’ll discuss this “trouble”.”

Riona nodded in agreement, and the two ate in silence.

 “You’re kidding,” Ethan grumbled when Bobby hung up after trying to reach Happy yet again.

Bobby let out a frustrated sigh.

“Something’s up.” He uttered.

Kip, Tig, and Bobby nodded in agreement. Tig picked up one of the pups and was petting it.

“Want one?” Ethan offered.

“You serious?”

“Yeah man… I gotta give these guys homes. But that one…” Ethan pointed to the one Abel picked out or more like he picked Abel out.

“The lil dude’s already claimed.”

Tig nodded then looked to the others in thought.

“Maybe after all this shit dies down.”


“The last thing you need is a fucking dog.” Bobby bickered, and Tig rolled his eyes.

“I’m good with dogs.”

“Yeah, of the bitch variety.” Bobby cruelly hinted.

Tig ignored this and checked out each of the puppies. Kip bent down and petted the mother while she ate.

“Pups are a lot of work.” Kip softly murmured.

“Not you too!” Tig barked, and Kip laughed.

“Just sayin’… You gotta train them and shit.”

“I know more about dogs than anyone here!”

“Like I said…” Bobby mocked once again.

“I think someone got to him.” Ethan hinted while feeding Daisy and her pups.

“I’m starting to think that myself,” Bobby admitted.

“You mean Hap?” Tig asked, and the guys nodded.

“Man… I feel for the son of a bitch dumb enough to grab Hap!” Tig added.

“Right?!” Bobby uttered but with a fainthearted chuckle.

“We gotta find him,” Ethan said then leaned against the kitchen counter in thought.

“But where do we even start?!” Kip uttered in a defeated tone.

Ethan thought back to the way they tracked Galen down but knew that wouldn’t work with Happy. There was just no way anyone would abduct him, not in the public eye. Happy would’ve put up too much of a fight for that. This had Ethan recoiling in thought.

“What?” Bobby asked taking notice.

“There’s only two scenarios I can come up with.”

“Those being?”

“He was driven out of town, then abducted or worst-case scenario…”

“Don’t. Don’t even go there, prospect. Happy doesn’t die.” Bobby warned, and Ethan sighed.

“I hope you’re right.”

“Trust me. This is Happy we’re talking about. He’ll outlive us all!”

Ethan prayed to God Bobby was right. He knew Happy wouldn’t be easy to take down. But if he were caught off-guard and there were enough of them. The prospect hated the mere idea. Ethan figured Happy was disappointed in himself after what went down with Chibs and Aislinn. The prospect even swore to himself that was probably his reason for leaving the hospital. Happy’s face said it all. But what Ethan didn’t get was why he’d be gone still if that was his only reason. Even Happy had to realize at some point this wasn’t his fault and beyond his control. Ethan knew his sister and Chibs wouldn’t blame Happy for what went down. Happy was only doing what he felt was right. The prospect shook his head in thought. He should’ve gone after Happy. But Ethan knew he needed some space. They’d come here in hopes of finding Happy. But there were no signs that he’d even been home.

Bobby was on the phone with one of the local bars. This made the sergeant’s third attempt in seeing if Happy had been to any of them.

“How long ago?” Bobby asked gathering everyone’s attention.

“Fuck…” Bobby muttered after hanging up the phone.

“What?!” Tig questioned.

“Bartender says Hap left the Jelly Bean over an hour ago.”

“Damn…” Ethan murmured in thought.

“I say we head over there; see what we can find.”

“Alright, I’ll follow you guys out,” Ethan said as he had no idea where or what the Jelly Bean was.

“Imma get me some coffee. Ye want anythin’?” Brodie offered, and Chibs lifted his eyes as he was working on a crossword puzzle in one of the local newspapers.


“Suit yerself,” Brodie muttered with a shrug and while putting his jacket on.

“Ye could do me another favor though,” Chibs uttered just as Brodie opened the door.


“Find Ali’s old man and tell him ta come see me.”

Brodie chuckled in mere amusement.

“Ye wanna talk to the old man, huh?”

“Just find the bastard. I wanna hash somethin’s out before Ali wakes and I don’t want her in here when I do.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Brodie said then headed on out.

“Churro?” Alvarez offered once they finished their meal.

“I couldn’t,” Riona uttered as she was miserably full.

“More for me then!” The president said then bit into one.

He chewed then swallowed.

“Do you always order for others?” Riona curiously asked as to Alvarez picking her food out.

“When I’m paying…” Alvarez said with a wink.

Riona laughed.

“Fair enough.”

“Did you not enjoy?” He asked sounding somewhat concerned.

“No, I did. I was merely curious.”

“Did you think I poisoned you, Mrs. Teller?” The Mayan president teased.

“Well, I do now!” Riona jested in return as the thought hadn’t occurred to her, not until now.

Alvarez had a good laugh at this.

“I suppose you’ll find out soon!”

“Aye well, let’s hope you’re a lot smarter than that.” The young woman fired back.

“Now if you’ll pardon me. I hafta hit the jacks.”

“Jacks?” The Mayan prez questioned.

“Ladies room.”

“Ah… well alright then.”

Riona came to her feet but “lost” her footing. Alvarez was quick to his and broke her fall.

“No more margaritas for you.” He said but seemed genuinely worried.

“Do you need an escort?” Alvarez politely offered.

“No,” Riona said but with her eyes glued to his and while slipping something into his blazer pocket.

“Not here.” She whispered, and Alvarez kept his eyes on hers.

“You sure about that escort? You should’ve told me you were a lightweight.” The Mayan president mocked but knew something was up and played along.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you.” Riona said with a blush.

The young woman just knew she was going to have hell pulling that one off. But to her great surprise, it went off without a hitch. Riona was somewhat concerned that Alvarez wouldn’t come to her aid like Jax had planned. But Jax knew the Mayan president wouldn’t let her fall. And he knew that would be the perfect time to slip that letter into Alvarez’s pocket. But Alvarez couldn’t read that letter in front of the Fed. That would give them away and fast. Jax hoped Alvarez would take his wife seriously and wait.

“You alright, babe?” Jax questioned.

“Aye, that was a wee bit nerve wrackin’.”

“I know, but you’re doing good. Real good. Just keep cool.” 

“Aye well, everythin’s fucked if he reads that now…”

“I know. Trust me. I know. But we gotta trust that he’s smarter than that.” 

“You’re gonna hear me pee,” Riona warned, and Jax chuckled.

“Nothing I haven’t heard before.” 

“Aren’t ya glad it isn’t a number two!” She witted, and Jax laughed once again.

“I could think of worse things darlin’. Stay put. I’m going offline.” 

                Riona did as her husband requested but wondered what he meant by that. 

“Potter’s here…” Jax uttered after a solid minute passed and so softly, his wife barely heard him. She heard what sounded to be a car door afterward.

“He’s about five tables down from yours, caddy corner. He’s watching the ladies’ room like a hawk. Whatever you do. Do not make eye contact. Hell, don’t even look that direction. Just go about this…”

“Are you here?!” Riona interrupted in surprise, and Jax gave a reluctant sigh. 

“Was. Briefly.” Her husband admitted.

“Jackson…” Riona slightly hissed knowing that could’ve ruined everything if he was spotted.

Riona grew quiet; however, as she heard a couple women enter the bathroom. Jax could hear them as well.

“Just stick to the plan.” 

Riona wanted to reply but couldn’t, not with those women within hearing distance. She flushed the toilet then went on to wash her hands. She returned to find a glass of water where her margarita once was.

“Figured you needed to hydrate,” Alvarez uttered with a gesture towards her glass.

“Thank you.”

“So, onto this “trouble”.” The Mayan prez said after she took a sip off her water.

“Aye,” Riona replied then looked around the restaurant once again.

This, of course, was on cue as Jax was walking her through everything.

“Seems as if we have a Fed breathin’ down my husband’s back.”

Alvarez leaned back on this.


“Aye, he’s taken interest in ya as well. Let’s just say he wants my husband to “take care of business”. If he doesn’t, he’ll have my sister and I shipped off to Ireland.”

“I take it you two are illegal?”

“Aye, we’re workin’ on that.”

“I see…” Alvarez uttered but with a sneer.

That sneer, however, hadn’t anything to do with Riona. Alvarez already knew. He knew the Fed she was referring to was Potter. The same one dipping his nose where it didn’t belong. He had been for some time. So, none of this came as a surprise to Marcus, not even a little. In fact, the Mayan president was somewhat impressed as to the actions this Fed was taking, hiring Jax (another MC president) to kill him. That was rather clever. The law wouldn’t so much as blink on something like that. It was no secret that the Mayans and SAMCRO had history. But whereas the Fed’s setup was clever, it didn’t hold a candle to Jax’s. Despite Riona’s claim, Alvarez knew Jax was up to something. The SAMCRO president had that queen of his up to play, and she’d do anything to keep her king safe, and the SAMCRO president had that same mindset when it came to his queen. Marcus found himself in marvel over the two and wondered if he and his wife could ever pull off something like this.

“I think we need to take this conversation elsewhere.” Alvarez softly uttered.


“Come with me,” Alvarez said then rose from the table.

Riona followed the president outside, and he led her to his car. One of his men opened one of the back doors, and Alvarez gestured for her to climb on in.

“I have my own truck.” Riona apprehensively put.

“I’ll bring you back.” The Mayan president vowed.

It’s okay. I can see you.

Riona did as the Mayan president requested. But this didn’t go with her and Jax’s plans. But she knew her husband would keep her on cue as well as safe. The president ended up sitting right beside her. Marcus had his driver hit the road.

“Where are we goin’?”

“Somewhere a little more discreet.” Marcus, however, patted the area of his blazer where Jax’s letter was.

“Now?” He quietly asked, and Riona gave a mere nod.

Alvarez retrieved the letter then read it a couple times before ripping it to shreds and having the remains burned in one of the backseat ashtrays. The man looked to be in thought but stared straight ahead. Riona watched as he removed the bullets from his gun then placed them into his pocket.

“Guns,” Alvarez demanded, and the driver, as well as a prospect and two other Mayan members, handed theirs over.

The president did the same with theirs then handed them back. His men looked downright confused but didn’t say a word on it.

“Nervous?” The president sympathetically asked and Riona nodded.

“Potter’s four cars down. I’m eight.” 

Riona froze however as the Mayan president searched for the wire. He nodded once he found it. He apologized for how personal he was getting and looked to be rather uncomfortable.

“Sorry Jax, but you’ll have to trust me from here,” Marcus said before removing the wire and tucking it into his blazer pocket.

Riona’s heart was going ninety to nothing as she hadn’t expected that at all. That wasn’t part of the plan. Jax was sure to lose his shit when he realized he lost contact. This was all on her now. Riona reminded herself to breathe. She was on the verge of a panic attack. Only this had more to do with her husband’s reaction to all this. The young woman knew how protective he was and prayed to God Jax kept his cool.

But the Mayan president had his own reasons. Marcus knew that would make her squirm a bit and that would only add to the effect. This had to seem real.

“Dammit.” Jax bitched as he couldn’t hear a thing now.

He knew Marcus must’ve taken it upon himself to remove the wire. That was NOT in the instructions. Jax wished he would’ve kept that part to himself now. He punched the steering wheel in thought. It took all will not to race up to the front where the Fed and the Mayan president was. But Jax couldn’t afford to be made. If the Fed spotted Jackson Teller all of this would’ve been for nothing and the Fed was sure to make his and Alvarez’s lives more hell than they were already.

Marcus and his men drove Riona out to the boonies. Jax nodded amongst himself once he saw the Fed pull over. He was a good hundred feet or so away and looking on with binoculars. This right here was part of the plan; only it was taking place a lot sooner than Jax anticipated. Marcus must’ve wanted this over with. Jax watched as one of Marcus’s men dragged Riona out of the car. Jax couldn’t help but feel anxious as they forced his wife to her knees.

“Marcus…” Jax growled as the Mayan prez threw the wire at Riona’s face.

Alvarez grabbed a fistful of her hair then yelled at her. Only Jax couldn’t make out a word of it from where he was. He figured the removing of the wire was Marcus’s little addition. At least it had better be, or Jax would gun him and everyone else down if need be. He didn’t care if he got shot or killed in the process. If any harm came to his wife, there would be hell to pay.

“Whoa now… THAT was NOT part of the plan. Keep to your fucking lane.” Jax barked when Marcus backhanded Riona.

Now there would be hell to pay. Jax didn’t care if it was a simple slap to the face. Marcus went too far. The SAMCRO president couldn’t act on it now, but he wasn’t letting that one go.

Riona held a hand over her cheek where Alvarez struck her. Marcus could see the shock written all over her face. The Mayan president had this apologetic air about him but kept with the ploy.

“So, who was listening? Hm?! Your little Fed friend?! Or is that husband of yours playing another game? Did you honestly believe I’d fall for that sob story of yours? A Fed wouldn’t hire the president of another MC to kill me. If he wanted me dead, he’d do it himself. So what game you playing, Mrs. Teller. What is your husband up to this time?!”

“Do it,” Jax uttered as it looked like the Fed was about to get involved.

Potter had that hand along his holster as he observed.

“Marcus.” Jax hollered in the car he was in.


Jax jumped as his wife screamed and several gunshots followed. The president’s heart sank as he watched his wife hit the ground and they kept firing. Jax watched as they loaded her body into the trunk of the car and “picked up the bullets”. The Fed couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Jax drew back the deepest of breaths then took off after the Fed.

“I’m on it,” Jax murmured after picking up the phone.

“Alive.” Marcus reminded.

“I’ll do what I can.”

“Nah, alive. Comprende?”

“And my wife?”

The Mayan president chuckled but made no comment. Jax rolled his eyes when Alvarez hung up.

Jax kept on the Fed however and dialed another number.

“You alright?” Marcus questioned after opening the trunk.

Riona nodded, and Marcus offered his hand. Riona accepted, and the Mayan president helped her out of the trunk. His VP handed Riona a bottle of water while Marcus checked her over. He wanted to make certain she wasn’t really shot. They were blanks, but he felt the need to check anyhow. The young woman was a trembling mess.

“Ya didn’t think we were really gonna do it, now did ya?” Marcus teased, and Riona gave a nervous laugh.

They escorted her into the Mayan clubhouse and Marcus waved one of their girls over.

“Get her cleaned up.” The president ordered as Riona’s legs were all cut up and covered in soot from the asphalt.

Riona was sweaty due to the trunk ride as well. The young woman nodded then escorted Riona into the ladies room.

“You gonna tell us what that was about?” The Mayan VP asked.

“After Jax gets here.” Marcus made clear.


Alvarez gave a mere nod then sat at the Mayan bar. His men looked on in confusion. The president said nothing on it and merely waited.

Riona stepped out of the ladies room before long and Alvarez waved her over.

“Drink?” He mockingly offered and Riona laughed.

“I think I’m good.”

“Sorry bout that…” Alvarez said then pointed to the handprint on her face.

There was nothing fake about that hit. The man hated it but knew the Fed would pick up on anything too on the nose.

“I’m more than certain your husband will return the favor,” Alvarez uttered knowing how protective the SAMCRO president was when it came to his family.

“If I didn’t have five guns aimed at me I would’ve myself!” Riona rather snipped, and the Mayan president smiled.

“I knew you could handle it.” He admirably put and had one of his men pour Riona a shot.

“I’m good.” She said in protest.

“Believe me. You’re gonna want that shot.”

Riona narrowed her eyes wondering what he meant by that. Alvarez was quick to his feet and whistled out towards one of his men.

“Not sure how I missed that, but one of my boys is in BIG TROUBLE.” Riona looked down and saw the blood oozing out from her dress.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Alvarez didn’t get it. He checked her all over, and it’s like this area just randomly appeared. The man cursed under his breath then hollered for the Mayan medic. The president scooped Riona up off the bar stool then rushed her into one of the back rooms. Alvarez was cursing in Spanish and chewing each of his boys out as he lifted Riona’s dress. He apologized as he had to lift it up above her waist. The man was quick to shoe his boys (aside from the medic) out of the room once he saw she hadn’t any panties on. This had him apologizing yet again. He was quick to throw his blazer over her. Alvarez held pressure over the wound while his medic got everything set up.

“Just a graze.” The medic said after getting a good look. The Mayan president let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

He left the medic to it but went on to drill his men.

“I want to know who fired that bullet and I want to know now!”

His men regarded one another in question. Alvarez grabbed a chair then threw it across the room.

“If that bullet had struck Mrs. Teller we would’ve been seriously FUCKED! We’re lucky it was just a graze. A real good fucking graze.” He cussed up another storm in Spanish then went to check on Riona once again. Marcus had one of his men gather Jax and Riona’s truck from the restaurant knowing Jax couldn’t leave in the one he was in.

The medic and Alvarez bickered back and forth as they worked on getting Riona stitched up.

“He killed her. He killed my wife!” Jax cried, and the agent sighed on the other end.

“News travels fast I see. Perhaps you should’ve taken heed to my warning and kept that mouth of yours shut when it came to the old lady. She might be alive if you had. If you’re expecting an apology…”

“Nah, I don’t need or want your apology. I want the fucker dead.”

Jax observed as he was driving in the lane right beside Potter. He saw the agent smile in satisfaction.

“Does this mean you’re accepting my offer?”

“What makes you think I’m referring to Alvarez, fucker?”

The agent pulled a certain face on this and Jax honked his horn. The agent snapped a look that direction and Jax gave a simple wave before swerving his car into Potter’s lane and sending the agent’s car into a ditch. The SAMCRO president kept his car pinned against the driver’s side door so the Fed couldn’t escape. He put a ski-mask on then pulled his hoodie up over it. Jax leaped on out then ran to the passenger side of the agent’s car. The president opened the door, disarmed Potter, then knocked the Fed out by slamming his face into the dashboard. He dragged Potter on out of the car and into the vehicle Jax was currently driving. He shoved the agent into the passenger seat, and Jax kept that gun on him just in case as he hit the road.

“That would’ve killed our alliance! Hell, still could. The old lady wasn’t supposed to get hurt!” Alvarez shouted once he had his boys in church.

“I checked those guns myself. So, who the fuck?!” He asked then slammed his fist down.

“It was me…” One of his men softly admitted and with a regrettable laugh.

The MC member removed the second gun from his holster, and the Mayan president shook his head in disbelief.

“I said all,” Alvarez bitterly reminded.

“I know. I grabbed the wrong one. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. You kill an old lady that breaks the alliance. There would be war and nothing we say could prevent that war. You’re new. You don’t know Jackson Teller the way I do. He’s a vengeful vato, and we don’t need that shit right now, not when he was doing us a favor!”

The Mayan president froze once he saw Jackson Teller enter the clubhouse and with the agent.

“Speaking of the white devil,” Marcus muttered then came to his feet.

“You weren’t followed; were you?” The Mayan president sternly put.

“You think I’d be here if I was?”

“Gotta ask…”

Jax tossed the agent at Marcus’s feet then sent the agent a swift kick to the ribs afterward. Marcus cocked a brow as the agent was beaten to a pulp.

“I see you’ve had your fun.”

“Nowhere near enough. But you wanted him alive…”

Jax, however, looked around the Mayan clubhouse.

“Where’s my wife?”

Marcus waved one of his prospects over.

“Take him to his wife.”

Jax reared back on this but followed the prospect into the room where Riona was.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” They heard the SAMCRO president growl, and Marcus shook his head upon his boys.

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Jax demanded as he rushed on over to his wife.

“Easy vato, she’s alright.”

“YOU CALL THIS ALRIGHT?!” Jax snarled then cued in on the blood.


Marcus let out a regrettable sigh.

“Grazed. She’ll be fine.”

Jax curled his lip once he saw the mark on her face. This had him grabbing Marcus by the cut and slamming him up against the wall.


The Mayans pried Jax off their president, and Alvarez rolled his eyes.

“And she’s fine. More than I can say for the one responsible. I’ll be dealing with him.” Marcus said with a nod towards the guilty party.

Jax locked eyes with that particular member. Jax started towards him only to have Alvarez stop him.

“I said I’ll handle it.” Marcus made clear.

“And you know I will.” The Mayan president firmly added.

“I shouldn’t have sent her. I should’ve…”

“I’m alright, Jackson.” Riona softly murmured then sat up.

“I’m so sorry babe. I shouldn’t have let you…”

“Ya can stop that now.” Riona scolded but with a wince.

“Everythin’ went as planned. Well, mostly.” Riona, however, spotted the Fed as the Mayans had ahold of him.

The agent had come to and was lost as to where he was exactly.

“That’s him?” Riona hissed.

“Yep,” Jax said but was checking her over.

Riona took everyone by surprise when she jumped off that table and decked the Fed across the face. She kneed him in the groin afterward.

“Serves ya right, threatenin’ our family. I hope ya suffer.”

Jax gave a mere nod and with that prideful smirk of his.

“I like her.” The Mayan president said, and Jax managed to laugh.

“Guess we’ll have matching ones,” Jax said.

The SAMCRO president lifted his shirt then lowered his jeans just enough to reveal his scar from the graze he received a while back.

Riona’s jaw dropped in memory.

“Aye, eerie if ya think about it. Same size too.”

Jax gave the Mayan president a hinting nod. The president had his men gather the fed then they exited the room. Marcus pulled the door to giving Riona and Jax some privacy.

Jax grabbed a fistful of Riona’s hair then kissed her. He put his forehead to hers afterward and closed his eyes.

“That was too close baby.” He said and sounded to be on the verge of a breakdown.

“Jackson, look at me.”

Jax lifted his head and his eyes locked with his wife’s.

“No regrets, alright? We got the job done, and the rest is up to the Mayans.”

“For the most part,” Jax uttered.

“Most part?”

“I’ll have to explain that shit to the sheriff,” Jax admitted, and Riona recoiled in thought.

“She knew he was on our backs then for him to come up missing… She’ll know.”

“But it was him or Marcus.”

“First name basis now?!” Jax mocked, and Riona half laughed.

Jax recoiled however as something else came to mind.

“I take it he saw the goods?” He whispered while running a hand along her ass.

“I think that was the least of his concerns.”

Jax narrowed his eyes in question.

“I think Alvarez was more concerned about your actions. He was a gentleman.”

Jax nodded in thought.

“So no killing him?” He teased after a few seconds passed.

“Aye, no killin’ him.” She jested in return and Jax chuckled.

Pepper entered the room, and Chibs could hear Brodie mouthing off in the hallway. Mr. Lawless said nothing on it however and pulled up a chair beside Chibs’s bed.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” The man uttered, and Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Well go on, give me the whole you’re nothing but a lousy son of a bitch and I don’t want you in my wife or baby’s life speech.”

Chibs chuckled in mere amusement.

“Well, yer right about the lousy son of a bitch part. As ta bein’ in me girl’s life that’s up ta her. I’d never tell Ali who she can and can’t have in her life. That’s for her ta decide. Do I think ye should be? Nah, not even a little. And I certainly don’t want ye playin’ the role of grandfather in our wee one’s life. But that’s also somethin’ fur her ta decide. That’s not ta say I won’t try ta talk her out of it.”

Pepper leaned back in thought.

“I want to be in my daughter’s life, both of them.”

“Like I said, that’s up ta them. Ye haven’t done yerself any favors. I can see ye’ve changed. But we both know how temporary that can be. All it takes is one bad day and ye goin’ on another drunken’ bender.”

“Not happening.”

“I hope so, fur yer’s and everyone else’s sake. But ye gotta see my reason for not trustin’ ye at yer word. Alcoholism is a disease, and it isn’t somethin’ ye can overcome, not overnight. It’s gonna be a constant struggle. And we both know this isn’t just about ye bein’ an alcoholic. Ye have an addictive personality by nature. Yer gamblin’ ways can attest ta that. Hell, ye puttin’ yer daughters in danger like ye did should’ve been the true eye-opener. But even that didn’t wake ye up.” Chibs shook his head in thought.

“So, what did?”

Pepper lifted his head on this.

“What made ye go and turn yerself around? I gotta ask cause yer youngest was raped and ye barely batted an eye on that. Ye even had the nerve ta go and ask her for a handout and after ye knew what she’d been through. So, what finally made Alastar Lawless see the light and error of his ways? Em?”

“Let’s just say I wish it were my dead wife haunting me. Believe me, that would be preferable. But I’m afraid the only one doing the haunting is Alastar. He’s one pissed off son of a bitch and hasn’t taken a liking to Pepper.” The man gave a miserable laugh.

“That fucker sits there day in and out. He loves to point out every fucking thing I’ve ever done to those girls, to my son, and my wife. It’s like a broken record. It’s gotten to the point where I can no longer drink the bastard away. His voice has become louder than mine.”

“So, ye’ve given up drinkin’ but yer talkin’ ta yerself.” Chibs rather taunted, and Pepper gave a fainthearted laugh.

“Something like that.”

Pepper came to a stand however then paced the room.

“But you’re wrong.” The man said, and Chibs tilted his head in question.

“Aislinn. What happened to her… Haunts me more than anything ever could. You see I came to Charming that day to see how my little girls were doing and to make amends. But I ran into Riona first and when I found out the truth behind Aislinn. I shut down. But not enough to force myself out of town. No, I had to see her. I had to know she was okay. But when I saw her… the first thing to hit was how undeserving I was and asking for her forgiveness was the stupidest thing I could ever do. So, I did what I always do. I pushed her away and by saying and doing the one thing I knew would rip her heart out. I knew asking for that money after everything she’d been through would put that final nail in the coffin and she’d be done.”

“So, ye went and repeated what ye pulled back in Ireland?”

“You heard all that, huh?”


“You could say that. You could also say the moment she broke that fiddle. That was the moment Alastar realized just how much he hated my sorry ass.” Pepper said behind a chuckle.

“That fiddle meant the world to my little Aislinn. She begged and begged for that thing. That girl never asked for a damn thing. So, I worked sixteen-hour days and took whatever shifts nobody else wanted. I did that shit for a solid month before I saved enough money. But seeing the look on her face, made every ounce of sweat and pain worth it.”

Pepper took his wallet out from his back pocket then showed Chibs the picture of the girl with the missing front tooth. She was holding that fiddle – her very first instrument. Chibs thickly swallowed as even he could see it. The girl was glowing; she was so happy.  The Scot handed the picture back, and Pepper smiled as he looked to it once again.

“That was Alastar’s girl. His pride and joy. So, you can imagine his reaction to her breaking that fucking fiddle.”

To anyone else, Pepper would sound out of his gourd. But Chibs understood more than he wished to admit. He dealt with Filip quite a bit when Jimmy stole his family and kicked him out of Ireland. Filip was soft, too soft and even with JT giving Filip his new alias so to speak. The Scot welcomed Chibs, with open arms and did away with anything Filip for quite some time. Hence his womanizing days and living for the club only. Aislinn, however, brought Filip back but only in the sense of the family man. Chibs was very much in control as he’d do anything to keep his wife, club, and even Filip Telford safe. Chibs knew how mental that sounded but it was true. The Scot wondered if there were two sides to everyone and if one was more dominant than the other. Filip would never make a full come back as Chibs wouldn’t allow it. But he’d always be there to balance him out. That’s all he could ever hope for.

“I suppose we have somethin’ in common. More than I like ta admit.”

This had Pepper’s fullest attention. The Scot cleared his throat then told Pepper all about his situation in Ireland with Jimmy and how shit went down with his wife and what he thought to be his daughter at the time. Pepper looked downright ill when Chibs got to the part about Keri committing suicide and right in front of him and Aislinn.

“Jesus.” Pepper apologetically uttered, and the Scot gave a mere nod.

“I was a no good drunk when I first came ta the states. If it weren’t for Jax’s old man, I would’ve remained a no good drunk. He gave Chibs the ass-beating of a lifetime and trust me when I say it was needed. I’d never been so thankful to be on my damn near-deathbed. But I was. I owe JT everythin’. But yer daughter did somethin’ I never thought anyone could do. There’s a reason no one calls me Filip anymore other than Jackie boy himself. Ye see ole Filip died years ago, or so I thought. But Ali… She somehow managed to bring him back, bits and pieces anyhow. I told myself I’d never remarry or have any more children. I was done. I didn’t want that shite in my life again. I didn’t want the pain or the anxiety it came with.” Chibs laughed in memory of when he first set eyes on Aislinn.

“I knew I was fucked the day I met her. That’s how strongly it hit. I just knew I was gonna end up with this girl in my life somehow. I was determined even with me bein’ dead set against that shite! I tried talkin’ myself out of it and came up with every excuse I could think of ta go and push that lil lass away. But I was done fur, no matter what I told myself. She made me realize I wanted that second chance. I want to be a husband and father again. I want the family I always wanted but never had.”

Pepper gave a respectful nod.

“Certainly, sounds like my daughter. She hasn’t a clue of the effect she has on others.”

“Aye,” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“So that’s where we are?” Pepper questioned, and Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Just in agreement. The girls decide from here?”

Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Fair enough.”

“But I will say this much. If Ali lets ye back inta her life and ye go and rip that lass’s heart out again. I’ll be the one ta take ye out of yer misery. That’s not a threat Pepper, that is a promise. I won’t have ye goin’ and breakin’ her heart again. Ali deserves happiness. If ye can’t give her that or respect that even… Then it’s best ye go yer separate ways and don’t look back.”

Pepper nodded in perfect understanding. This, however, wasn’t what Pepper expected when Brodie told him Chibs wanted to talk. He just knew Chibs was going to make him leave the hospital, amongst other demands. But the man was wrong. In fact, he was beginning to see that he was wrong about a lot of things when it came to the men in his daughters’ lives. They were doing a better job than he ever did. Pepper shook his head on that thought. He truly was undeserving of everything life offered him.

“Good lord. So, this is what the Jelly Bean is? Charming’s most attractive anorexic meth-head strippers?”

“We love the Jelly Bean!” Tig happily announced and while tipping one of the girls.

Ethan wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“I can’t believe Happy was here. He must’ve been really, and I mean really depressed.”

Bobby chuckled at Ethan’s reaction to the strippers.

“You really are gay.” The sergeant murmured.

“Yeah, if having actual “taste” makes me gay then I’m a fucking tofu-farting fairy!”

“So you finally admit it!” Bobby taunted.

Ethan shrugged and went on to ask about Happy Lowman. Bobby found himself somewhat impressed as Ethan put those detective skills to use and questioned damn near everyone at the bar, including that of the strippers. But everyone said the same thing. Happy kept to himself, had a few drinks, then left. The only person that had anything to add was one of the waitresses. She said she saw him head west and even pointed the direction in which he turned. She saw him leave when she was out the trash.

The boys were quick to get on their bikes and headed the direction in which she pointed out. Just as they were to give up and head back into town, Ethan gathered everyone’s attention. He pointed towards the ground showing some fresh tread marks.

“Good eye!” Bobby complimented.

Ethan made no comment as they followed the trail. They veered off the freeway, and this led them onto a dirt path. The prospect shook his head as the trail was thinning out thanks to the wind.

“HEY!” Bobby hollered in such a way.

This had everyone killing their engines. Bobby sprang off his bike then hunkered down. He placed a couple fingers into a puddle of blood. Ethan recoiled.

“Fresh,” Bobby muttered with a frown.

“Jesus,” Ethan whispered amongst himself.

Everyone scanned the area, but there was nothing else to go on.

“Cold as fuck.” Ethan murmured as to the trail.

“They couldn’t have gone too far,” Bobby said, and Ethan narrowed his eyes in thought.

“But there’s nothing here.”

“There’s an old house over there.” Kip pointed out.

“Alright, we’ll send the prospect over. See what he can find out!” Bobby said with a wink Ethan’s direction.

“Right…” Ethan bitterly put.

“Well aren’t you the criminal investigator?”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Yeah well, it seems as if some of that’s still stickin’.” Bobby hinted as it was Ethan that found the tire marks.

“Go on. Find out what you can, and we’ll keep searching.”

“I’ll go with you.” Kip offered.

Bobby nodded in agreement then signaled for Tig to follow him. Kip and Ethan headed for the house.

Jax held his wife’s hand as they exited the room. The Mayan’s sergeant gestured towards a room to the far back of the clubhouse. Jax nodded and headed that way.  The agent gave a miserable laugh once Jax and Riona entered the room.

“Well played Mr. Teller. Well played.” The agent complimented as the Mayans had him dangling from a chain connected to a metal ceiling.

Jax narrowed his eyes once he took notice of the soundproof walls as well.

“Well, I know what this room is for.” He murmured but loud enough for Alvarez to hear.

The Mayan president gave a simple nod.

“You’re quite the actress Mrs. Teller. I thought you to be Swiss cheese!” The agent said.

“More like Irish whisky. I just fucked with your head!” Riona fired back, and her husband smiled.

“That she did.” He added with a flirtatious wink her direction.

“Alright, I guess we’ll leave you boys to it,” Jax uttered with a nod Alvarez’s way.

Something came to mind, however, and this had Jax tilting his head the Fed’s direction.

“Brad Montana… Where is he?” Jax demanded.

The Fed laughed and went on about how they would regret this and how they’d have Feds sniffing out both MC’s now. He said whatever he could think of to try and scare them out of this. But this had everyone laughing in response.

“There’s no one coming for you. You were cooking this up all on your own. You had some sort of beef with Marcus and decided to get me involved as well. As you can see, that was a BIG MISTAKE. It backfired, severely. I’m sure your little agent friends will be looking for you. But they won’t have a clue on where to even begin. Now, answer the question.”

The Fed shook his head, and Alvarez slugged him across the face. He grabbed a fistful of the agent’s hair then got right in his face.

“I believe my friend here asked you a question.”

Jax grew somewhat impatient as it took a couple of beatdowns before Potter spilled out the dishwasher’s place of residence. The SAMCRO president gave a mere nod.

“Have fun!” Jax hollered, and they could hear Potter trying to make some sort of deal with Alvarez.

Jax chuckled amongst himself as he and Riona exited the clubhouse.

“Well, where to first?” Jax questioned once he and Riona were in the truck.

Alvarez offered to rid of the car Jax drove, and the Mayan prospects were taking care of the Fed’s. This way there would be no connection to SAMCRO or the Mayans. They wanted to make it seem as if Lincoln Potter just up and vanished. Marcus even mentioned something about scooping out the Fed’s place and ridding of anything that could raise suspicion. Such as the information and pictures the agent had on Jax’s wife and her sister. Marcus swore an oath that this wouldn’t backfire on Jax, Riona, or SAMCRO. That he would personally take care of it. Alvarez knew he owed Jax, big time.

If Jax hadn’t taken their alliance seriously, he could’ve followed through with the Fed’s wishes and killed Alvarez. From the sounds of things, Potter had been on the Mayans’ tail for some time, and it had to do with the guns and drugs they were trafficking, but the Fed hadn’t enough proof to keep them locked away for good. So, it became personal when Potter had them arrested, only to be freed not even forty-eight hours later. The agent just knew this was going to be his big break. But like that of SAMCRO, the Mayans were good at what they did and always cleaned up after themselves. It was up to Jax however to find this Brad Montana and put him at rest as well. But Jax knew there was more to it, much more.

“Don’t we need to find the dishwasher?” His wife questioned.

“Yeah, but I was thinking…”



“Not a good thing to tell your wife!” Riona teased, and Jax chuckled.

“Nah, I gotta deal with her and mom soon.”

“I say we worry about the dishwasher then we worry about the crazy women in your life.”

“There’s only one crazy woman in my life babe, and I’m looking right at her.”

“You have such a way with words, love.”

“I know. It’s a gift.” Jax taunted with a wink.

“Alright, we’ll deal with the douchebag first. Then we’ll hunt my mother and Tara down.”

“Sounds like a blast!”

“Doesn’t it?!”

“See anything?” Kip questioned as Ethan peeked into one of the windows.

“Yeah, just some old woman. Looks like she lives alone.”

“Big house for an old lady,” Kip uttered in thought.

“We’ve looked all around this place. There’s nothing here.” Ethan said as there were no footprints or blood.

“I still say we knock on the door and ask. Lady had to of heard something. She isn’t that far away!” Kip said, and Ethan sighed in thought.

“She doesn’t need two strange bikers knocking on her door. That’s going to scare the living shit out of her. Look…” Ethan took his prospect cut off then handed it over.

“Make yourself scarce, and I’ll handle it.”

“You’re the prospect.”

“So?! What’s that have to do with anything?!”

“I should be the one giving orders!” Kip witted with a grin and Ethan smacked him in the back of the head.

“Get lost.”

Kip softly laughed but hid behind some nearby trees. Ethan combed his hair back with his fingers and did his best to make himself presentable.

Chibs went back to his crossword puzzle, but the tension was awkward and heavy as he, Brodie, and Pepper awaited word on Aislinn. The Scot’s hand was unsteady as he struggled in writing down one of the answers. The man couldn’t help it. The longer the wait, the heavier on the nerves this became. Chibs was doing his best to stay positive. He must’ve said a million prayers in that head of his. But nothing he did seemed to put that mind of his at ease. He wouldn’t be, not until he saw Aislinn. The Scot looked to his naked finger with a pang of remorse. He wished he would’ve had those bands. That would’ve put some comfort into the situation, just having that ring on his finger. Chibs finished that crossword puzzle then he skimmed through Aislinn’s pictures and a few of her videos. The Scot found himself zooming in on those beautiful hazel-green eyes and breathtaking smile. What he wouldn’t give to be in that operating room. He wanted Aislinn to know he was there. He wanted her to hear his voice.

“How can ye work on those mind-numbin’ things?!”

His thoughts were interrupted by his cousin. Chibs took his reading glasses off then placed them on the nightstand. He rubbed his temples as he could feel a migraine coming on.

“See?! That’s what those things do.” Brodie said with a frown, and Chibs let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

He was all for his cousin and wife’s father being here for Aislinn but wished they’d wait in another room. Chibs wanted to be alone with his thoughts.

“Yer just upset cause ye never knew the answers!” Chibs fired back, and Pepper laughed.

This had the two Scots looking that direction.

“That was pretty funny,” Pepper admitted with a shrug.

Chibs smiled then put the oxygen mask to his face. He wasn’t using it as much lately but did require a hit every now and then. This had him thinking about Piney and the horrible way he died. Piney didn’t deserve that.

“You want some ice and a 7up?” Brodie offered.

“Ice would be great,” Chibs admitted as his throat was dry and lips were chapped.

“On it,” Brodie uttered then headed on out the door.

“Think I’m gonna grab a burger or something. Want one?” Pepper surprisingly offered.

“Nah, I’m good.” He replied between breaths.

Pepper gave a simple nod, and he too headed out. Chibs’s mouth watered at the idea of a burger and fries. But he wouldn’t eat, not until he knew his wife was going to pull through. If she was in misery, so was he. That’s how it worked.

The Scot pushed his tray out of the way then rolled on out of the hospital bed. He headed to the bathroom and was taking a piss when he heard someone enter the room. He paid them no attention thinking it was Brodie. Chibs was about to ask him if he got the ice when he caught their reflection through the mirror as he washed his hands.

“Jury?” Chibs called in surprise, and the man gave a simple nod.

“Some mess you boys are in…” The Indian Hills president uttered and while tossing Jax’s bike keys onto the nightstand.

“Couldn’t find Jax but asked around. Heard about the house and how you and your old lady were in the hospital.”

Chibs dried his hands off then entered the room.

“Bike’s in the lot. I promised I’d get it to him somehow.”

Chibs sat in the chair across from Jury.

“Need anything?” Jury offered.

Brodie entered the room with Chibs’s ice. He handed the cup over, and Chibs gave a simple nod in return.

“Nah, we’re good.”

“You sure? Cause we owe you one.” Jury rather hinted, and Chibs shrugged.

“We know that was you, Telford.” Jury softly put, and the VP popped a piece of ice into his mouth.

He chomped it down then stuffed another one into his mouth.

“There was some left over… Gaines wants you to have it. Rebuild or put it towards the wedding.”

“Tell him ta hold onto it. Ye never know when the wee one might need it.”

Jury drew back a gloomy breath, and Chibs tilted his head in question.

“We buried his niece a couple weeks ago. That’s why there’s money left…”

Chibs had this look like he’d been hit.

“Girl was spoiled during her last few months. She’s at peace now. That’s all her mother wanted.”

Chibs didn’t know the girl but was choked up on Indian Hills’ behalf.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He sincerely put.

Jury gave a simple nod.

“Gaines will stop by in a couple days or so. He won’t take no for an answer. So, no sense in even trying.”

“How much we talkin’?” Brodie pried, and Chibs sent his cousin a look of absolute hell.

“Just a question.”

“Aye, and none of yer damn business.” Chibs made clear.

“And you are?” Jury curiously questioned.

“The favorite cuz!” Brodie witted, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

Jury chuckled.

“Enough to get your cousin and his lovely bride back on their feet.”

Brodie nodded in thought.

“Won’t pay for no house but it’s a start.”

“Thank you, Jury.” Chibs wholeheartedly expressed, and Jury nodded.

“I won’t keep you. I just came by to deliver the Harley. Where is Jax anyhow?”

“Out on business…” Chibs rather hinted.

“Hmmm.” Jury hummed in thought.

“Well, if you boys need us…”

“Aye, I’ll let you know.”

“We’ll be on standby.” Jury replied before heading on out.

“What are ye? The godfather of all MC’s?!” Brodie rather teased.

“Ye know it!” Chibs taunted in return, and Brodie chuckled.

“Hell, knowin’ ye that’s probably true. Ye always was the bad boy in comparison. I got more pussy though!”

“Aye, well I got the pussy that counts!” Chibs cruelly hinted.

“I’m sure she’d love ta know ye referred ta her as a gash!”

“Aye, she’d come back with somethin’ ten times worse!” Chibs admitted, and Brodie chuckled in thought.

“That’s certainly Aislinn.”

Brodie cleared his throat.

“How much longer do ye think they’ll be?”

Chibs looked to the time.

“Couple hours or so.”

“Think Riona will be back by then?”

“Hope so.”

                Happy narrowed his eyes as the door opened and the sun shined right in his face. This had the Son looking around the area wondering where he was exactly. He wasn’t given much time however as the door slammed shut and it was pitch black again. He could make out the shuffling of feet as someone made their way towards him. A screen lit up before the Son, and it was then he realized he was looking at an iPad. It was live streaming in one of the Stockton prison cells.

                Happy jarred back once he caught wind of an all too familiar face. He tried speaking, but his mouth was sealed shut with the duct tape. Clay smiled as he held that iPad before the Son.

“Now, that certainly got your attention,” Clay expressed.

“Whatever you see or hear… DON’T YOU FUCKING BREAK!” Happy’s father ordered, and Clay chuckled.

“Aww, isn’t this a moment…” Clay devilishly mocked.

AJ Weston and a few of his Aryan Brotherhood members were in the cell as well.

“Go ahead. Let’s see how this goes.” Clay cruelly ordered.

AJ gave a mere nod and was first to slug Otto Delaney across the face. That first hit was hard enough to break not only Otto’s glasses but his nose as well. The others joined in, and Happy was forced to watch as they beat the shit out of his father. During this Otto continued in telling his son to remain loyal to the MC.

“Hold up.” Clay demanded, and the beating came to a halt.

The Crowkiller leader removed the duct tape from Happy’s mouth.

“Anything you wish to say?”

Happy shook his head no then spit in Clay’s face. Clay gave a simple nod then taped his mouth shut yet again.

“Alright, bring him in.” Clay said, and AJ waved towards one of the guards Clay paid off.

Clay watched Happy’s reaction as they brought Ron Tully – a well-known White Supremacist and rapist into the cell. Happy closed his eyes knowing where this was going.

“Oh, no you don’t. You don’t break for nothing, remember?! Time to make Jax and daddy proud! Open those fucking eyes and watch, son!”

Happy opened his eyes but recoiled as Ron raped his father.

“Think it feels the same?” Clay evilly questioned and Happy lifted his eyes on this.

“You know… When the little Irish sister was raped?! Think ole Jimmy tore her up, the way Ron’s tearing your old man up?!”

And that was Happy’s breaking point. Tears streamed down the Son’s face, and Clay gave a satisfied nod.

“Want that mercy killing now? Or should daddy suffer a little more?”

Otto must’ve picked up on this as he was looking right at the screen.

“I should’ve done right by you a long time ago.” Otto said before snatching a makeshift knife off his rapist and slitting his own throat.

Clay let out a disappointed sigh then cut the live feed.

“Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. So how do you feel now? Hm? You ready to die?”

Happy let out a rather dark chuckle.

“What else you got, bitch?!” The Son challenged, and Clay raised his brows as he wasn’t expecting that at all. He just knew Happy was going to cave.

“I hated my old man. You know that!”

“Did you?!” Clay mocked then used his thumb to wipe a stray tear off Happy’s cheek.

“Got what he deserved!” Happy angrily spat.

“Is that so?!” Clay challenged once again.

Happy gave a firm nod.

“So those tears weren’t for Otto?”

Clay backtracked on his words and thought back to Happy’s reaction when he mentioned Aislinn’s rape.

“Gotcha… You’ve grown close to the Lawless sisters, haven’t you?”

Happy didn’t comment.

“Well, I can’t bring Aislinn back from the dead. So, I can’t have her tortured and raped for your viewing pleasure. Buuut… Riona’s out there somewhere. Hell, I’d be willing to handle that one all on my own.” Clay hinted while wiggling his brows.

Happy’s chair lifted off the ground as the Son went insane with rage. Clay watched in mere amusement.

“So, that’s what it takes!” Clay announced and with a wide grin.

“One of the goddamn sisters? When the fuck did you get soft?!” Clay further taunted as to how upset Happy was getting.

“Wait, are you wishing it was you that did the raping instead? Which sister?! I gotta know. I mean for me personally, Riona’s got an ass you could bounce a quarter off of and tits that would make a grown man cry. Or were you into perky tits and the ass of a teenage boy?”

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Happy growled in revulsion.

Clay forced Happy’s chair back down and kept the weight of his foot on it. He bent down then held his knife to Happy’s throat.

“It’s Riona, isn’t it? Hell, I’ll fuck the little Irish bitch, just for you. When I’m done, I’ll slit her throat. But I’ll make certain Jax knows you wanted to fuck his old lady. Hell, maybe I’ll leave you two in a room with one gun and one bullet and see who cancels who out!”

Meanwhile Jax and Riona,

“What’s this?” Riona asked when Jax pulled up to the Stockton prison.

“Just a little pit stop, since we weren’t too far out. I gotta tell Op about Piney.”

Riona recoiled in thought.

“Look, I won’t be long; you can chill in the truck.”

“Sounds like I don’t have a choice!”

“Sorry babe, but I don’t want you anywhere near Op.”

Jax showed his wife where he kept an extra knife and gun, just in case. She nodded once he put them back in their hiding spots.

“Like I said, I won’t be long.” He reiterated before pecking her on the cheek and hopping on out of the truck.

Riona sighed amongst herself then turned the radio on as she waited.

Jax entered the visiting area to see Opie already waiting. The president had set this up about an hour or so ago, while his wife napped in the truck. The legs of the table were bolted to the floor, and Opie was cuffed to the bar going across the table. Jax gave a mere nod as he sat across from him.

“What brings you here?” Opie rather sneered.

“A lot of things actually.”

“Let me guess; you need some sort of favor?”

Jax shook his head in thought but took notice of how beat up Opie was. He had cuts and bruises all along his body and some recent ones on his face. Jax wondered if that was AJ’s doing since he and his boys were serving time here too. Opie was sure to be on their shit list. Jax was somewhat surprised that AJ hadn’t killed Opie Winston.

“Look, we haven’t a lot of time. You need to know that someone got to Juice and Piney.” Jax recoiled on how business-like that sounded. That wasn’t how he meant for it to go, but he and Opie had history, and Jax wasn’t sure how to go about this. There was a part of him that still loved Opie and always would – the part that used to see Opie as a true brother and best friend. But all he saw now was betrayal and resentment. Jax had never felt so uncomfortable. He wanted out of that prison but knew he had to see this through. He had to tell Opie about Piney. Opie might’ve hidden the truth about Abel, but Jax hadn’t in him to be that deceitful.

“What do you mean someone got to Juice and Piney?”

Jax kept his voice down and shifted about in his seat.

“It means someone got to them…” Jax did his best to hint.

“Jax, that better not mean what I think it does,” Opie warned, and Jax sighed.

“I’m sorry.” Jax sincerely put.

“How?!” Opie demanded, and Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“I want to know how,” Opie demanded once again, and Jax gave a respectful nod.

Jax told Opie about the girls and what they walked in on and what happened to Juice afterward. Opie kept to himself for a solid two minutes and stared off into space.

“Op?” Jax questioned with concern.

“Talk to me…” He said with unease as Opie didn’t so much as blink.

“He died alone. No one even thought to check on pops. He fucking died and was left to fucking rot. You selfish motherfucking pricks.” Opie eerily whispered.

“You never even checked on him.” He added with a sneer and the two locked eyes on this.

“This… This is all on you. I didn’t know about Clay having you shanked but now… I wished you would’ve died THAT day. You’re a self-centered piece of shit that left an old man to ROT!”


“DON’T!” Opie growled, and this gathered the guards’ attention.

Jax held up a hand letting them know he was okay.

“Don’t you even… We wouldn’t be in this situation if you weren’t wearing that fucking patch. I would’ve kept pops safe. I would’ve been there to keep him safe if you didn’t have me behind these fucking bars!”

“You put yourself behind those bars!” Jax reminded.

“Nah, you wanted me at AJ’s mercy. I’m here because I was covering your new best bud’s ass!”

“You were going to kill Ethan, on AJ’s orders.” Jax harshly reminded but knew they couldn’t dive into this without the guards overhearing something they shouldn’t.

“I didn’t know he was their brother.”

“Doesn’t matter. You were going to kill an innocent man, Op, all in order to save your own ass. But I’m the selfish one!”

“Alright, tell me.”

“Tell you what?!” Jax irately barked.

“How many times did you go and check on the old man, huh?! Since pops retired how many times did you go and check on his wellbeing or pop in for a simple fucking visit?”

Jax recoiled and with this guilt-ridden expression.

“That’s what I thought. You didn’t, not even once. You left my old man to rot. You didn’t give a flying fuck, not until it was too late.”

Jax jarred back in surprise when Opie managed to bend the table bar in attempts to get to him. The guards rushed on over, and one of them made it clear that Jax needed to leave. Jax watched as they dragged Opie on out of the room.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS TELLER! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MAKE YOU FUCKING PAY!” Opie hollered, and one of the guards escorted Jax out of the room.

“Jackson?!” Riona called when her husband entered the truck and with this destroyed look presence.

“What happened?!”

“Even after everything that’s happened, I just said goodbye to my brother, forever.” Jax gravely put, and Riona recoiled as Jax hit the road with tears in his eyes.




4 thoughts on “Chapter 45 – Rat In A Cage”

  1. Oh my good that is one action filled chapter so worth the wait that we had so worth it… as for everything that went don’t within it where in the hell do you start lol.. Riona was the perfect lady and helper throughout the whole set for the fed… made it so he believed that his wife was dead and everything and oh man i thought jax was going to lose it when he saw the blood on i feel the man that grazed her… he was lucky it was only a graze…

    I feel for happy… damn do i ever hopefully he won’t break or do anything to endanger the girls if he can as for clay that cold hearted son of a bitch he needs to go swimming with the fishes once more and stay there.
    Opie had every right to be pissy but didn’t give him the right to do what he did in the first place to get caught maybe he hadn’t been stupid about things. he would of been there to protect his dad.

    Your muse has done well, the chapter was perfect and worth the wait that we had. don’t let anyone ever tell you how to write because the way you do it is just perfect to me. update again soon when you have a chance until then *bows*

    (Lets the bitey dogs get clays scent and happy’s to start tracking them down)

  2. Please I need Happy to be safe I love his character so much. And Riona is a badass. I really enjoyed this chapter thank you so much.
    See you in the next chapter ^^

  3. Oh dear, Happy is not doing well. I hope the guys find him! And holy cheese this whole setup with Alverez is BEAUTIFUL!! Ijust wanna see em beat the shite outta Potter! I love Chibs and Pepper coming to an understanding of sorts. Kinda nice. You know it’s kinda nice to see Alverez and Jax working together. I like it, especially since since it means the end of Potter. Cheesus what the frack is wrong with Clay? Damnbrhat last little bit of love b/t Jax and Opie is gone. I wanted Opie to redeem himself so bad. Guess I can’t have it all.

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