Chapter 10 – Warrior Part 1

Chapter 10 – Warrior Part 1

I do not own SOA. I claim all original characters and do not give anyone permission to use them. I’ve never been to Ireland (but a girl can dream), so please keep that in mind. This is merely fanfiction and somethings may not be legit when it comes to actual places, distances, etc.… Keep in mind this is an SOA story. This chapter involves some dark and very violent times. Read at your own risk.

“Aye, we can watch after the wee lad.” Riona offered.

“Thank you. This way I know he’s in good hands.” Jax said then went on to pull Riona into his lap.

“How long will ya be?”

“Not sure. Could be a few days.” Jax admitted, and this had Riona regarding Abel and her sister in thought.

“Keep that handheld Chibs gave you on you at all times. Juice and Half-Sack will stay behind with Padraic and Liam.”

Riona nodded, and Jax handed a set of keys over.

“These go to the other van parked out back. If you suspect anything and I do mean anything, I want you to grab Abel and Aislinn, get in that van, and haul ass. Doesn’t matter where you go as long as the three of you are safe.”

Jax caressed her cheek then drew back a hesitant breath. Riona narrowed her eyes as Jax had her left up. He came to a stand then took her by the hand. The prez led her into one of the back rooms. He shut the door then looked to Riona in desperation.

“If something happens to me and Chibs take my son. Take him with you and don’t look back. Someplace my mother and stepfather will never find him.”

“Jackson?!” Riona questioned in astonishment.

“I know… Trust me I know how this sounds babe. But you don’t get it. The only person I can trust with my son is Chibs. If something happens to us. I need to know my son is in good hands. So please, promise me you’ll take good care of him.” Jax recoiled on his own words.

He knew how this sounded but meant every word. He couldn’t fathom the idea of Gemma and Clay raising Abel.

“Aye…” Riona whispered with tears in her eyes.

“I give ya my word. Your son will be safe with Linny and me.”

“Thank you. I can only imagine what you must be thinking. We’ve been together for such a short time, and here I am… asking you to mother my son if I kick the bucket.” Jax let out a nervous laugh.

“That’s not the part that bothers me, love.” Riona sadly murmured, and Jax lifted her chin with his fingers.

“What is it?”

“Ya sound like you’re not comin’ back. Ya can’t do that to me.”

Jax smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

“You know I’m going to do everything within my power to get back to you and Abel.”

Riona had that quivery lip going, and Jax held her even closer.

“Easy now… You’re going to make me think you’re in love with me or something.” He said hoping to lighten the mood a bit. He hadn’t meant to get her so upset. But he thought back on his words and could see why. It did sound like he was saying goodbye and that wasn’t his intention. Come hell or high water; he’d find a way back to them. He wasn’t going down without one hell of a fight.

“In your dreams.” Riona tearfully put, and Jax chuckled.

“That’s my girl.”

Jax held her for just a little longer but knew he had to get going. He closed his eyes as he breathed her in. Five years, and still she carried that same scent, the one that drove him mad.

“Take care of yourself, Riona.”

“You too.”

Jax went to exit the room, and Riona called to him. It was the way she called to him that had the man stopping in his tracks and pivoting back around. Riona started to say something but hadn’t the words. Jax gave a simple nod then strutted back over. He backed her up against the wall then planted one of his hands along it. He hiked up one of her legs with the other and left her with a kiss that spoke of things left unsaid.

“I want you to promise that you’ll listen to Riona and Aislinn and do whatever they tell you.”

“Where you going, daddy?”

“Got some business with the boys.”

“Crow business?”

“That’s right son.”

“Okay, no be a long time.”

“I won’t,” Jax said but was praying to God he lived up to those words.

“You is gone for very long time…” Abel sadly uttered as to his father’s prison time.

Jax scooped Abel up into his arms then looked him in the eyes.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“If you promise, I promise.”

Jax swallowed back on this.

“Alright, got yourself a deal.”

“I’s listen and be very good daddy. I promise.”

Jax smiled and kissed his son’s forehead.

“That’s my little man. Tell you what when we get back to Charming, I’ll order the biggest pizza there is.”

“With cheese and bacon?!”


“Dat’s my favorite.”

“I know.”

“And Riona and Linny come with us?”

“That’s right.”

Abel nodded and hugged his father.

“I love you, Abel.”

“I wove you too daddy.” Jax set Abel down, and Abel took off running towards Riona.

Something about that melted Jax’s heart. He locked eyes with Riona as she lifted Abel into her arms. She smiled then headed to the fridge where she got Abel a drink. Jax nodded amongst himself then headed on out.

“Scotty?” Aislinn tiredly murmured as he was sitting on her cot.

He nodded then brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“Somethin’ wrong?” The young woman asked as she sat up and adjusted her blouse.

“Nah, just wanted ta say goodbye before we headed out.”

“Goodbye?” Aislinn questioned in confusion.

“Aye, it’s time.”

Chibs took it upon himself to check her handheld over. He nodded amongst himself then handed it to her.

“Keep it close.”

The Scot retrieved something from his cut then placed it into Aislinn’s hand.

“My number’s already in there, along with Jackie’s. If ye run into ANY trouble, I want ye ta call or text. This is yers ta keep by the way.”

“Ya got me a cell phone?”


Aislinn laughed as Chibs had his picture on the background.

“Someone’s awfully high on themselves…” She teased.

“Actually, I’d one of me kilt, but Jackie boy didn’t think it a good idea since I was in full Scottish tradition.”

Aislinn died of laughter, and Chibs sent her a wink. He reached into his back pocket and grabbed his cellphone.

“Mind if I take yer pic?”

“I have bed hair!”

“Aye now, I think ye look perfect.” The Scot said thinking her bed hair was incredibly sexy.

This had him thinking on how she’d look after a good fucking. The young woman seemed rather timid about his request but gave the okay.

Chibs took the picture then set it as his background.

“Look at that!” He said while wiggling his brows and showing her the picture.

This had the young woman blushing in response. The Scot himself couldn’t believe how he was reacting to all this. But if he was going to war, he wanted that little reminder as to what awaited him. That was a strange feeling, knowing he had someone to get back to. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed that feeling. It’d been a very long time. Part of him wasn’t sure how to act, much less think or what to say or do even. He knew she was in the same boat. It was even worse for Aislinn considering she’d never been in a relationship before. That was something the Scot would have to keep in mind. Their age difference didn’t help matters.



“I just want to get one thing straight.”

The Scot raised his brows on this.

“I know women are considered property so to speak when it comes to your MC. Your prez is a fine example of that considerin’ I know he’s married, yet he hasn’t any issue in sleepin’ around and walkin’ in on me and Riona. Just keep in mind, that’s a deal breaker for me. I hate puttin’ ya on the spot like this, with you leavin’ and all but I don’t want you ever sayin’ I didn’t tell ya so. So I’m sayin’ this just the one time, and one time only, I don’t play games, love. So if that’s what you’re plannin’ ya best break it off before we go much further.” Aislinn’s nerves were getting the best of her as she stood her ground.

Chibs nodded in perfect understanding and found that somewhat of a relief. She wanted to make certain Chibs wouldn’t be diving into any “road pussy” as Clay called it. That meant Aislinn wanted something a little more concrete than what they originally agreed to. This was most certainly something the Scot was down for. Considering his history with Fiona, Chibs respected Aislinn’s wishes.

“Clay tends ta run things his own way, but that doesn’t mean that’s how I feel SAMCRO should be run. Ye respect me darlin’, and I’ll respect you, on that, I think we can agree.”

Aislinn pulled a certain face on this and Chibs narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“Guess we’re not havin’ fun anymore…” She taunted but with a touch of a grin and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye now, there’s plenty of fun ta be had. But I think we both knew there was more behind this. We can have fun lass but respect one another all the same. I get where yer goin’ so let’s not beat around the bush and just say it. I’m not fuckin’ anyone, and I’d appreciate if ye’d do the same.”

Aislinn seemed more at ease, and Chibs couldn’t help but smile.


“Nothin’.” He said thinking it was rather cute when she got all flustered like that.

“I better get…”

“Aye, but no pine boxes.” She hinted rather emotionally.

Chibs caressed the apple of her cheek.

“No pine boxes.” He vowed before kissing her goodbye.

“I mean it, Scotty. Ya best come back.” She hollered, and this had him stopping at the door.

“Did ye think I was fuckin’ around about Death? He knows not to mess with this Reaper.” He uttered but with his back to her.

Aislinn smiled as he headed on out the door.

“Maybe we should’ve brought the girls and Abel here instead,” Jax muttered as he and the boys pulled up to the cottage.

“I thought aboot that myself,” Chibs admitted.

“But there’s no electricity or runnin’ water. They wouldn’t have anythin’ they need. They’re safer at the clubhouse.”

“I hope so.” The way Jax said this had Chibs craning his neck that direction.

“We don’t know who ratted you out yet.” Jax reminded, and Chibs sighed.

“Why do you think I had Juice and Half-Sack stay behind? Someone told Jimmy you were in town and the moment you arrived. Then we’ve got Galen calling the fucking clubhouse and harassing the girls? Something doesn’t add up brother…”

This had the Scot looking Clay’s direction as he was sitting up front with Happy.

“Trust me Keith, and I went over that already.”

The others hopped on out of the van, and this had Chibs and Jax locking eyes as they were the last ones out.

“It isn’t him… Making this all the worse because I haven’t any idea. That puts my son and the girls at risk, no matter where they are.” Jax admitted before exiting the van.

Chibs shook his head and took a few moments to himself before entering the cottage.

“Linny?” Riona called with concern as Aislinn entered the room where Riona and Abel were.

Padraic, Juice, Half-Sack, and Liam were keeping watch. Aislinn headed to the bar. She grabbed a beer then poured herself a shot. Riona asked Abel if he wanted anything to eat or drink. The boy asked for his usual fruit snacks and chocolate milk. Riona headed for the bar and looked to her sister as she gathered Abel’s treats. Aislinn downed that shot then chased it down with the beer.

“They’re comin’ back…” Riona whispered.

“Ya sure about that?”

“Linny, ya know they are.”

“But what if he doesn’t? What if I finally found someone that gets me, but he doesn’t come back?”

“Oh Linny, he’s comin’ back. I promise ya.”

Aislinn didn’t comment and took her beer to the label, before pouring herself another shot. Riona took notice of her sister’s trembling hands. She reached over and placed a hand on hers.

“You’re in love…” she whispered in revelation and Aislinn closed her eyes.

“I don’t know what I am.”

“Aye, but I do. I can see it. That’s why ya said what ya said. You’re in love.” Riona said with a smile.

“I don’t like it.” Aislinn pouted, and Riona laughed.

“You’ll get used to it.”

“Do ya love Jax?”

“Aye, I think I do.”

“So this is what it feels like?”

“Fraid so…”

“Then why do people want this?”

Riona sighed.

“This doesn’t feel good, Riona. I feel sick like I’m gonna throw up or pass out.”

“Cause you’re worried. It doesn’t always feel like this. Just wait until he gets back and you’ll see.”

“What if I made a mistake?”

Riona looked over, and her sister had a hand over the area of her heart.

“I don’t think I can do this,” Aislinn whispered with fear in her eyes.

Riona thought back to how she used to bad mouth men and relationships in general. This, of course, was after Nicholas’s abusive and cheating ways. Riona knew she was to blame when it came to her sister’s paranoid ways. And for that, she’d never forgive herself. She hadn’t realized just how much she’d rubbed off on Aislinn until she started saying and doing things Riona used to say and do when it came to men. Riona had gone out her way to try and reverse that. She didn’t want that for Aislinn. It wasn’t right. Her sister deserved a chance at love, and she’d never get that if she believed everything Riona ever said.

Riona handed Abel his fruit snacks and chocolate milk. She sat him down and had him coloring at one of the tables. She asked Half-Sack to keep an eye on him. Then she led her sister into the ladies room and shut the door behind her.

“Do yourself a favor and forget everythin’ I ever said about men.”

“But it was true…” Aislinn said looking rather lost.

“No love, it wasn’t, and deep down ya know it. Do ya really believe every man on earth is gonna turn out to be like Nicholas? That’s like sayin’ us women turn out to be like Fiona, not a fair comparison and ya know it! Give the Scot the benefit of the doubt. I think ya might be surprised on what he has to offer and I do believe he isn’t another Nicholas in the works. I know how ya looked up to my husband I’m sorry ya had to witness what ya had. I should’ve come clean to you and pa, a long time ago. But my pride got the best of me, and I wanted to prove I could deal with Nicholas on my own. That and I hated the idea of gettin’ you two involved, especially knowin’ how ya felt about him. I was right there with ya, until a couple months into our marriage. That’s when I saw the real Nicholas.” Riona drew back a breath on this.

“I want you to give this man a chance. He’s one of the good ones. I can feel it. I know that isn’t sayin’ much considerin’ my history. But I never felt that confident with Nicholas. I truly believe we’re in good hands with Jackson and Chibs, and if there ever comes a time where that’s proved otherwise… Ya know we’ll put them in their places and then some. We can’t live the rest of our lives in fear. We have to take that leap of faith and see what’s out there. I can assure you, the boys are just as paranoid when it comes to us. Both have been burned as well. Come to think of it… The four of us have a lot in common, and I think that’s why we click. Don’t run from this, Linny. Take the fall and let him catch you.”

“If he doesn’t…?”

“He will,” Riona said with a warm smile.

“I’ve a feelin’ that Scot will always be there to catch ya. But ya gotta be there to catch him in return. That’s how it works. Don’t be so focused on your own fears that ya go and forget about his. Besides, ya can’t tell me ya don’t like a glass of Scotch.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped as her sister caught her completely off guard. She was the one that usually made jokes like that. Riona smiled.

“Aye, now ya know what it’s like ya pain in me arse!” Riona snipped, and Aislinn managed to laugh.

“There ya go… Be happy Linny; ya deserve it. Don’t let your fears push him away or you’ll regret it.”

Aislinn drew back a quivery breath.

“I don’t want to push him away…” She admitted.

“Then that’s a start. But here’s the secret love… You gotta keep fightin’ from here on out, every day.”

“That sounds awfully tirin’.” Aislinn teased, and Riona had a good laugh at this.

“It can be…” Riona admitted.

“But it’s worth it… when you find the right one.” Riona said knowing she needed to take her own advice when it came to Jax.

“Ya sound just like ma.” Aislinn admirably put, and Riona rather beamed at this.

“Chibs and I will scope out this area the girls were talking about.”

This had Clay rearing back in disbelief.

“Is that a problem?” Jax questioned.

“Other than it being over four hours away?”

“What other choice do we have? We need to see if this armory is anywhere near Galen’s place. From the sounds of it, this place is pretty massive with lots of land. If we’re going to take out their supplies, this is a start on where to look.”

“And the rest of us?” Clay bitterly put, and Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“We’re taking Happy with us.” Jax hinted as to the bombs.

“I need the rest of you on standby. SAMBEL’s gonna need someone covering their asses when we make that call. That’s gonna take all of you.”

“You sure Happy won’t be interfering?” Clay cruelly put, and Jax raised his brows on this.

“You know, considering you two seem to be connected at the ass. Is there something you two wish to share with the rest of the class?”

Chibs chuckled in mere amusement then nodded Clay’s direction.

“Nah, but yer welcome ta be my bitch anytime.” Chibs scoffed, and Jax chuckled.

Clay sneered at this and Chibs sent him a wink.

“Easy…” Bobby uttered with a firm hand along Clay’s shoulder.

The two eyed one another down. Chibs hadn’t forgotten what Clay had said about his old lady. The Scot was a ticking time bomb, and it wouldn’t take much more to set him off. Things between the Sons hadn’t been this tense since Clay and JT’s fallout years ago when Gemma’s infidelity was discovered. The six of them stood there in silence. Chibs took a minute to glance at Aislinn’s picture and nodded amongst himself. She was the only thing that kept him grounded at the moment. If it weren’t for her, he would’ve lost it after the truth about Keri came out. He slipped his phone back into his pocket, and Jax nodded his and Happy’s direction.

“You two ready? If we leave now, we should get there before sundown.”

Happy and Chibs nodded in agreement then followed Jax on out the door.

Clay shook his head and looked at the others.

“I’m telling you… we should’ve stuck with mine and Op’s plan.” He said, and Bobby sighed.

“Oh, how pretty!” Riona said as Abel handed her a picture he’d colored.

“I colors the flowers different colors. I no know what your favorite is.” Abel said, and Riona smiled.

“I love all the colors. Thank you, Abel.” Abel smiled.

“If you has a fridge you can put it on there like daddy!”

“Em… I bet Chibs has one! I can put it on his.”

Abel giggled in thought.

“He no like flowers.” He said as if Riona was being silly.

Riona picked up the coloring book then flipped through it.

“Maybe you could color this one for Uncle Chibs.” She said while pointing to the page.

It was a Scottish terrier.

“Now that’s just wrong.” Aislinn chimed in as she overheard this and joined them at the table.

“I thought it was cute,” Riona said behind a snort.

“Are ya callin’ me man a dog?”

“Nah, but he has the hair of a terrier. Ya should make the fur black and white like Uncle Chibs’s hair!” Riona suggested, and Aislinn gave her sister a playful punch on the arm.

Abel giggled and gathered the colors Riona suggested. Riona handed the book back, and Abel got right to work.

“I want to color.” Aislinn pouted, and Abel lifted his eyes on this.

“You do?!”


“Okay.” He handed another book over, and Aislinn went through it.

“She wants to Uncle Chibs to put one of her pictures up on the fridge as well.” Riona teased.

“Damn right.” Aislinn uttered, and Riona laughed.

“You is so silly,” Abel said while coloring the terrier.

“I wanna color,” Padraic said as he squeezed in between the girls.

“Scotty’s gonna have a full fridge.” Aislinn witted as she handed Padraic a page from the book she was coloring.

“But it’s a unicorn.”

“Color the damn unicorn Padraic,” Aislinn ordered, and Padraic frowned.

“Why do you get the savage one?” He asked as he looked to the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) reaper.

“Because I am savage.”

“Sure ya are…” Padraic uttered but went on to color the unicorn.

“More than ya.” Aislinn challenged, and Padraic cocked a brow on this.

“Honestly Linny…” Riona said with a giggle, and Aislinn smiled.

“I’ll make us some stew,” Riona said then excused herself from the table.

“Hold up!” Jax hollered, and Happy slowed down.

“That’s gotta be the river.” Jax pointed that direction, and Chibs nodded.

“Said they ended up in Galway…” Chibs reminded, and Jax looked to be in thought.

Chibs thought about Aislinn’s angry river comment and how it swallowed them up.

“Limerick…” He randomly put, and Jax raised his brows on this.

“Galen has ta be somewhere around Limerick. That’s where the river’s angriest.”


“Aye, that’s how Ali described it.”

“So we need to find where the current’s strongest.” Jax reiterated just to be sure.

“Aye, his place has ta be somewhere around there.”

“He live at the castle?” Happy witted as they passed a sign about it.

“Wouldn’t put it past the bastard.” Chibs uttered as to how much pull Galen had.

“We’re lookin’ for some sort of mansion.”

“I still can’t believe he took the girls to his actual place.”

Chibs nodded as he thought back to everything Aislinn said.

“Ye alright?” Chibs asked as Jax was looking slightly ill.

“Yeah,” Jax said, but he himself was struggling with everything Galen and Jimmy had put these girls and his son through.

The whole “wife” bit had Jax on edge. How can you take someone by force and demand they be your wife? The whole idea was completely barbaric. Jax knew that was the only reason behind Galen bringing the girls to his manor. This was a permanent arrangement meaning Galen meant every word. He wanted Riona Lawless to himself and had for some time. Galen had counted on Pepper losing that hand. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose in thought. As if Riona hadn’t been through enough…

The three of them kept an eye out as Happy had another hour and a half drive ahead of him. Jax hoped they would arrive before it was too dark. He wanted to find this mansion at least. He knew they wouldn’t have time for much else. But if they could find the manor, then they’d have the rest of the day tomorrow to venture out and see what this place was all about.

Jax rolled his window down then stuffed a cigarette into his mouth. They were driving one of the buses SAMBEL had borrowed. Jax hadn’t a clue who they borrowed it from, but it was the same bus that picked them up that day from the docks. Chibs was kicked back in one of the backseats and with his boots dangling over the edge.

“Question.” Jax uttered as he regarded Chibs through the rearview mirror but was talking to Happy.

Happy glanced Jax’s direction.

“Moment of truth brother…” Jax damn near whispered, and Happy nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jax hinted, and Happy put his attention back on the road.

“Come on Hap…” Jax damn near pleaded.

“Just tell me what happened. How could you stand behind Clay on this, much less vote him in?”

“I didn’t vote him in.” Happy sternly corrected and Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

This had Chibs’s attention as well as he sat up and was looking their way.

“I was outvoted. Didn’t have a choice.”

“Outvoted?” Jax questioned, and Happy nodded.

“You mean to tell me you were the only one that voted against Clay?”

Happy nodded once again.

“So Op…” Jax hinted with a grimace, and Happy nodded.


“So what reeled the others in?” Chibs curiously questioned.

Happy pulled a particular face on this but kept his eyes on the road.

“Clay had some sort of deal going. Made it clear that he had a lot invested into it and there was some green to made.”

“What kind of deal?”

“Blow (cocaine).”

This had Chibs and Jax looking to one another in disbelief.

“You mean to tell me you all agreed to this?”

“It’s supposed to be a one-time deal.”

“Supposed?! As in the deal hasn’t been made yet?”

“We’re making the exchange when we get back.”

“Exchange?!” Jax hissed, and Happy grimaced.

“As in SAMCRO be runnin’ the drugs like we used to run the guns.” Chibs uttered with a curled lip.

“You’re kiddin’,” Jax said feeling as though he’d vomit.

“It’s fifteen grand per kilo.”

“How much would that leave us?”

“There’s over fifty bricks to deliver, and Clay managed to talk them into thirty-five percent.”

Jax’s jaw dropped, and Happy nodded.

“Holy shit!”

“That’s around thirty grand per member.”

Happy nodded, and Chibs shook his head in disgust.

“Ye thought guns was dirty business.” The Scot murmured.

“I still don’t get how Clay got voted in.” Jax made clear.

“They wouldn’t take the deal unless Clay was president.”

“Of course…” Jax bitterly murmured.

“I’m almost afraid to ask… Who is this deal through?”

“The Aryan Brotherhood.”

“No.” Jax severely put, and Happy let out a regretful sigh.

“You mean to say that we’re going to war with the IRA and getting into another one with those Nazi-lovin’ motherfuckers back home?!”

Jax gritted his teeth in thought.

“This can’t be happening. Just what in the FUCK was Clay thinking? Hell, what were you all thinking?”

Jax was looking through the rearview mirror as Chibs had his shirt pulled down.

“So this deal… it’s legit?” Jax probed as to the meeting between them all and if it had taken place already.

“Pretty much. All that’s needed is to set up a time and date.”

Jax sighed in thought. This had Chibs looking to Jax with concern. The president was awfully pale, and his hands were balled up into fists.

“Why didn’t…” Jax was about to ask why he and Chibs didn’t get a vote on this when something hit him, like a slap in the face.

“SON OF A GODDAMN BIIIITCH!” Jax hollered, and this had Happy slamming on the brakes.

Chibs and Happy regarded Jax in wonder.

“It was Clay. Clay set us up!”

Chibs looked to Jax in question.

“Think about it…  He sent us on that mission, and there were drugs in my truck. Granted it wasn’t cocaine but think about it… What else are the Aryan brothers known for?!”

“Meth…” Chibs muttered, and Jax nodded.

“Meaning Clay had been planning this for some time. He couldn’t kill us, so he did the next best thing…”

“Got us out of the picture.” Chibs finished that thought, and Jax nodded.

“Why would you agree to this, Hap?!” Jax was on the verge of tears, and Happy closed his eyes for a moment.

“I didn’t know Clay set you up.” Happy made clear.

“I know that, but you went through with this deal anyhow. I doubt anyone knew what Clay was up to.”

“FUCK!” Jax shouted afterward.

“You just pissed on my father’s grave, every one of you! You let me down, Happy. I never dreamed that you and Op of all people would stoop to that level.”

Happy said nothing as he hit the road again. But the Scot could see it in his eyes. Happy was pissed with himself, and this made a first for Happy and Jax. Jax thought the world of Happy and vice versa. In fact, Chibs couldn’t remember a time these two ever argued, much less had anything ill to say about one another.

“Not a word of this gets back to Clay. I mean, Hap. I’ll deal with Clay when I’m good and ready. He hasn’t any idea what’s coming…”

“Can I has some more?” Abel asked while showing Riona his empty bowl.

This had the sisters regarding the boy in surprise.

“Someone was hungry,” Riona said with a smile.

She grabbed his bowl and filled it up then handed him another Irish biscuit.

“Thank you.” Abel respectfully put before diving in.

“You’re welcome, love.”

Padraic, Liam, Half-Sack, and Juice were quiet as they stuffed their faces.

“Eat up. There’s plenty.” Riona encouraged, and Aislinn laughed.

“I think it’s safe to say your stew was a hit!” She witted as everyone was getting seconds or thirds even.

“I wonder what Jax would think.” Aislinn taunted as she stuffed a spoonful into her mouth.

“Linny…” Riona embarrassingly scolded.

“Don’t know about Jax but you can cook for me anytime,” Juice said.

“Glad you like it!”

“Like? This is the best!”

Half-Sack and the others nodded in agreement. Riona tilted her head however as her sister kept looking to the phone Chibs had given her. Without any warning whatsoever Riona snatched it from her hold and looked to see what her sister was gawking at.

“RIONA!” Aislinn yapped with a flushed face.

Riona died of laughter.

“Ya’ve been starin’ at the lad, the whole time?!”

“Starin’ at who?” Padraic asked, and Aislinn’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“Don’t…” Aislinn warned in a shushing manner.

Riona giggled then handed the phone back.

“I didn’t get a picture…” The older sister pouted as she looked at the phone Jax had given her.

“What makes you so special?”

“Why would Chibs send ya a picture of him?!” Aislinn witted, and Riona frowned.

“Don’t be a smart arse.”

“But it’s all I know!”

“Ain’t that the damn truth?” Riona muttered under her breath.

Abel broke into a fit of giggles.

“They is funny.” He said while looking Juice’s direction.

Juice gave the boy a noogie and nodded in agreement.

“Did that hurt?” Abel asked while pointing towards the tribal ink on Juice’s head.

“Just a bit,” Juice said with a smile.

“Why you get dat on your head?” Abel asked, and Juice shrugged.

“Maybe he wanted to prove he had a hard head.” Aislinn teased with a playful wink the Son’s direction.

“He’s hardheaded alright.” Half-Sack threw in there, and Juice slugged him on the arm.

“When I gets big I gonna get one just like my daddy!” Abel happily put.

“Aye, which one?!” Riona asked.

Abel hopped up, spun around then patted his back.

“RIGHT HERE! I a Crow too!” Abel proudly said then sat back down.

This had Aislinn and Riona looking to one another.

“You know it little mac!” Half-Sack said, and the others nodded.

“You’ll be prez before you know it,” Juice said and went on to help the girls clean up.

“Ya don’t have to do that,” Riona called.

“Don’t mind. Thank you Riona, dinner was great.” Juice said, and Aislinn helped the Son clear off the table.

“Anytime.” Riona wholeheartedly put.

“Ya wanna dry or wash?” Aislinn asked, and Juice shrugged.

“Well pick one!”

“Dry I guess.”

“Alright, I’ll dry!” Aislinn teased, and Juice laughed as she tossed a hand towel over.

“So how long have ya been with the Sons?” Aislinn curiously asked as she ran the water and was checking the temp.

“Few years…”

“That doesn’t tell me anythin’.”

Juice looked to be in thought.

“Three maybe four years.”

“And ya’ve worn the patch for how long?”


“Took ya a bit.” She hinted as to him earning it.

“They don’t make it easy,” Juice admitted, and Aislinn glanced his direction.

“I can imagine. So what does it take?”

“You mean to be a Son?”

“Aye,” Aislinn said as she filled up the sink and squeezed some dish soap into the water.

“Time, incredible patience, and a series of tests.”

“What kind of tests?”

“Why? Are you thinking of joining?” Juice teased.

“I just might!” She mocked in return, and Juice laughed.

“Hey, you probably have more balls than most our prospects.”

This had Aislinn tilting her head with curiosity.

“Let’s just say if a prospect makes it through a full year without calling it quits, that in itself is a miracle.”

“Oh?! Ya lose a few huh?”

“More than a few,” Juice admitted.

“You’d be surprised on how many come marching through those clubhouse doors thinking they have what it takes. They haven’t a fucking clue. You’re tested from the minute you walk in that door, and it only gets more intense from there.”

“What do ya mean by tested?”

“Take Half-Sack for example. He’s been at it for over a year now himself. The last quest he was sent on involved a tric, a package, and two hundred miles of open road.”

“A tric? That doesn’t sound so bad I’ve seen some nice ones.”

“Not that kind of tric. I’m talking a child’s bike.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Juice chuckled.

“What sort of mission is that and what does that prove exactly?!”

“That you handle anything, no manner the situation, or the humiliation behind the task. You wouldn’t think it, but they’re taken pretty seriously. Sure, they’re gonna poke fun at you and give you hell. But in the end, you have their respect.”

“You say that like you’re still a prospect.”

“I feel like one at times. I haven’t been around as long as the others, and I’m still the punching bag of the group. I’m considered the lowest of the totem pole when it comes to the club. Meaning I get stuck with the oddball missions no one else wants, but ones no prospect is ready for.”

“I see. I’m guessing Half-Sack completed his mission.”

“He did, or he wouldn’t be here.”

Aislinn handed one of the bowls over, and Juice dried it off.

“Is him bein’ here another test?”

“Yep. This trip will decipher whether or not Half-Sack gets patched in.”

“Doesn’t that go through a vote too?”

“Look at you… all knowing.”

“Not really.” Aislinn uttered with a smile.

“Hm, yes it does. He has to prove himself to every member of SAMCRO, including me. If any of us stands against Half-Sack getting voted in, he’ll remain a prospect until that member changes his mind.”

“Is that the same for nominating someone say as sergeant or VP even?”

“Not necessarily. If the MC doesn’t agree the vote has to go to the majority.”

Aislinn nodded but looked to be in thought. She wondered if that’s what happened with the Clay situation.

“So as of this very moment, Half-Sack is proving himself.”


“How’s he done so far?”

“Let’s just say if Jax has a say in it he’ll be patched in.”


“Half-Sack and I were there when Abel was kidnapped,” Juice whispered.

Aislinn stopped what she was doing, and Juice had her fullest attention.

“We were driving past the house when these assholes came out and had Abel in their possession. They were decked out in black and had ski-masks on. Gemma hadn’t a clue she was in bed. Clay was at the clubhouse at the time, so the first thing I did was call him. But you should’ve seen this prospect. These were armed men we’re talking about. But that didn’t stop him. Half-Sack charged right for them on his bike and was in attempts to grab Abel out of their hold. He almost had him too, but he was shot, and he lost control of his bike and flew off it and right into Gemma’s fence, knocking that whole side of it down.” Juice shook his head when he thought back on this.

“Kid was shot, scraped up all to shit and had a piece of that fence sticking out of his leg. Still, he got his gun and helped me chase after the fuckers. Of course, they were long gone. There was no catching up to them. He was beside himself. Never seen that prospect so torn up. He wasn’t worried about his patch like most prospects would’ve been. No. His only concern was that kid, and he blamed himself when they got away.”

“And here I was thinkin’ he was just some sad perv,” Aislinn whispered in shame.

“Oh don’t let him fool you, he is. But he’s got a big heart when it comes to that kid especially.”

“Does Jax know this?”

“Why do you think he keeps asking the prospect to look after his son…?” Juice hinted, and Aislinn smiled.

“Half-Sack thinks Jax’s request is part of the whole petty prospect tasks. No prospect wants to the job of babysitter. But he’ll learn soon enough. Jax doesn’t trust just anyone with his son.”

“I see he has your vote already.”

“For sure.”

“I like that. That there sounds like a real brotherhood.”

“You’ll be good for him.” Juice uttered as Aislinn handed him another bowl.

“Chibs I mean…”

“I hope so.”

“Trust me you are. He’s different. Happier even. That’s all you. As to a real brotherhood, that’s what we had before…” Juice trailed off, and Aislinn gave a simple nod.

“I hear ya.”

Juice nodded in response and put the bowl away.

“That’s gotta be it.” Chibs uttered as they crept up on the manor.

Happy kept his distance so they wouldn’t be made.

“Wonder if anyone’s home,” Jax said as Happy pressed on just in case.

They couldn’t afford to slow it down much more. If they were made, Jax’s plans would be thrown out the window. Not to mention that would put the girls and his son in immediate danger.

“Now we gotta find a place to hang low.” Happy said.

“Follow the river, and I’ll tell ye when ta turn.” Chibs uttered as a camping ground came to mind.

This way they could park the bus and venture out when the timing was right.

“Now,” Chibs said after a few minutes passed.

Happy didn’t question it and turned. There was no road and nothing but green ahead.

“This will lead right to the river, and we can use that to lead us back to the manor,” Chibs explained.

“Nice…” Jax complimented, and Chibs gave a mere nod.

To Chibs’s relief, the area was vacant. In fact, he was more than certain they were on IRA territory. But that didn’t concern him as there was a lot of it and it was unavoidable. He knew Galen wouldn’t be heading this way anytime soon. It was too secluded. Happy parked the bus just a couple of feet from the river. The boys got out and stretched their legs. Chibs and Jax stuffed cigarettes into their mouths, and Happy was looking to the river.

“I’ll fix it.” Happy muttered, and so softly Jax barely caught what he’d said.

“Fix it?” Jax questioned.

“Whatever you need. I’ll fix it.” Happy said, and Jax made his way over.

“I just want my club back.”

“I can do that.” Happy vowed.

Jax nodded then gave the Son a firm pat on the back.

“Thank you, brother.” 

“Sleep sweet within this room. Whoe’er thou art, and let not dreams of yesterday disturb thy heart. Nor let with it’s fear of comin’ ill. Thy Maker is thy changeless friend; His love surrounds the still. The stars are watchin’ overhead. Put out each earth-born light. Sleep sweet, goodnight. Goodnight.”

                This had the prospect looking the boy and Riona’s direction. Abel quoted the prayer right along with Riona as if he knew it by heart. Abel smiled then kissed the cross Aislinn had given him.

“Goodnight Riona.” The boys said and snuggled up under the covers as she tucked him in.

“Goodnight Abel.”

“Kip?” Abel called.


“Can I has some milk?”

“Sure thing little mac.”

The prospect gave Riona a respectful nod before heading out of the room.

“Milk?” Riona questioned.

“Daddy says it help me sleep.”




“Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

“I can do that.”

“I no be scared if you is here.”


“I no like the bad dreams.” He said with a frown.

“Aye, but there’s nothin’ to be frightened of now lad. All that’s over and done. Your father’s makin’ sure of that.” Riona did her best reassure.

“Cause he a Crow and Crows take care of their family.”

“That’s right.”

“Is you and Linny Crows too now?!” Abel excitably questioned.

“I imagine we are.”

“We’s all family. That’s what daddy says.”

Abel smiled and sat up as Half-Sack entered the room with his milk. Riona laughed as he had a cup for her as well. Half-Sack sent her a playful wink then plopped down on his cot.

“Thank you, Kip!” Abel said.


“Kip help with the monsters too,” Abel said with a growl and nearly spilled his milk as he reenacted how Kip tried to save him.

Riona, however, took notice of the way the prospect grimaced.

“I’m sure he will.” She said in misunderstanding.

She hadn’t heard the story yet. Abel yawned in the middle of sipping his milk.

“Why don’t you let me have that?” Riona said and grabbed the milk.

She used her hand to wipe the milk off Abel’s chin. Riona jumped as her cell phone not only vibrated but started playing Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover – the song Riona sang when she and Jax first met. Riona laughed then answered the phone.

“Nice ringtone…” She said, and Jax chuckled on the other end.

“I thought it was suiting.”

“Sneaky one, aren’t ya?”

“You know it. How’s everything going?”

“Just fine. Got your wee one to bed.”

“I was afraid of that. I didn’t realize how late it was.”

“No, he’s still awake.”

“Ah, then let me talk to him.”

“You got it,” Riona said then handed the phone over.

 “It daddy?”

“Sure is!”

“Hi, daddy!”

“Hey, little man. How you doing?”

“I is okay. How is you?”

“I’m great. I just wanted to call and tell you goodnight.”

“Okay, goodnight.”

“Love you.”

“I love you too daddy.”

“Get some sleep and hand the phone back to Riona.”

“Okay,” Abel said then handed the phone back.

“I can’t thank you enough for looking after him.”

“Pffft he’s a good lad, and we’re doin’ just fine.”

“Good deal.”

There was a moment of silence between the two before Jax cleared his throat.

“You should be getting some sleep too.”

“I will.”

“Goodnight Riona.”

“Goodnight Jackson.”

Just as she was to hang up…

“Dream of me,” Jax said taking Riona by surprise.

“You know it.”

 “Hope so.”

“Are you alright?” Riona asked as he sounded unusually down.

“Yeah, just a lot on my mind darlin’. But I’m good. Like I said get some sleep. I’ll check in on you and Abel tomorrow.”

Jax hung up, and Riona put the phone back in her pocket. To her great surprise, Abel was sound asleep. Half-Sack had left the room. Riona drank the milk he’d given her. Then she adjusted the covers to Abel’s cot. The young woman kissed the top of his head before heading to bed as well. 

“Anything?” Jax questioned as Chibs was looking through the binoculars.

The three of them were hiding out in the woods and close enough to see the manor now. It took most of the night getting here on foot.

“No one’s come in or out,” Chibs said with a frustrated sigh.

“Alright…” Jax said and went on to zip up his hoodie and was putting his ski-mask on.

“What are ye doin’?”

“We don’t have time for this. Someone’s gotta get a better look.”

“Jackie…” Chibs hesitantly put.

“Look, just keep those binoculars in hand and watch my back.”


Happy handed an extra set over then patted Jax’s shoulder, encouragingly. Jax gave a simple nod then inched his way towards the mansion, in a stealth-like manner.

“You know I wasn’t part of setting Jax up, right?” Happy softly questioned and Chibs glanced his direction.

The Scot wasn’t used to seeing this side of Happy. But Jax hit the man right in the feels, and Happy wasn’t one for letting any Teller down.

“Aye, I know that and so does Jackie.”

Chibs went back to keeping an eye on Jax. Happy nodded amongst himself.

“We were gonna tell him.”

We?” Chibs questioned as Jax was just a few feet away from the manor now.

“Me and Bobby.” Happy said with a regretful sigh.

“And what changed your minds?”

“We didn’t want to hurt the club.”

“So ye went and hurt Jackie boy instead…” Chibs uttered in disapproval.

“We thought we were doing right by him if we did right by the club.”

“So ye were avoidin’ that civil war? Is that what yer tryin’ ta say?”

Happy gave a mere nod, and Chibs shook his head.

“Nothin’ was preventin’ that war and Clay knew that the second he got himself voted in.”

Jax inched his way towards the manor. As he did this, he couldn’t help but think about Abel and the girls and what all they went through while they were here. He thought about their escape and pictured how that must’ve gone in that head of his. Jax looked for any security cameras before approaching the house.

“Dammit…” he whispered as there were two and they were flanked on both sides of the manor.

He imagined it was that way all around. He wondered if Galen set those up before or after the girls escape. Jax gestured towards the boys knowing they were looking on. He pointed out the cameras and Chibs signaled in return. Jax paid attention and took notice of the how the cameras rotated off and on. He nodded amongst himself knowing he was going to have to be a little crafty in how he went about this. It could be done if he timed everything just right. This wasn’t anything new to him or the boys. They’d dealt with their share of security cameras as well as alarm systems.

Jax took his time, and once he had the pattern of the cameras and how they moved down, he ventured out. The man’s heart was going ninety to nothing as he dodged camera after camera and made his way around the manor. He peeked into whatever window he could when he could but didn’t have a lot of time between them. Jax signaled towards Happy and Chibs one more time as he was about to be out of their viewpoint. He did this right before darting into the front.

“…shit…” Jax whispered as he was nearly spotted.

He hid behind the bushes and observed as the two men were conversing, right outside the manor door.  Both were heavily armed, and Jax knew these were Galen’s men. He listened in as the two spoke. From the sounds of things Galen was running late and wasn’t expected until the following morning. Once the message was relayed one of the men went on his way, and the other headed back inside. This left only one question, how many men were in the manor and were they keeping full surveillance of the place? Jax had no choice but to head on back what little he knew.

“We gotta find a way inside.” Chibs uttered once Jax explained the situation.

“Not necessarily…” Jax uttered while looking Happy’s direction.

“One bomb could take out the entire mansion and everyone inside.”

“But we haven’t a clue where the armory is.” Chibs reminded, and Jax sighed.

“Alright, nothing we can do right now anyway,” Jax said as they’d left the bombs behind.

“Let’s head back, and we’ll come up with something. But we need to do it before Galen returns.”

“Aye.” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“How did one bomb become five?!” Jax questioned.

“I was bored.” Happy said with a shrug.

“You crazy son of a bitch!” Jax said but with a grin.

Jax leaned back as they were sitting outside the bus and drinking.

“I think I got an idea.”

Jax thought back to all the vehicles outside the manor. If they broke into one of those and hotwired it, Happy could set one of the bombs in the trunk. Then they could set it up, so the vehicle drove through the actual mansion. Happy would detonate the bomb destroying the manor and everyone inside. Once they pulled this off, they could take out anyone left standing and look for the armory afterward. Jax had a feeling it was somewhere around here. Why else would Galen go all out? It didn’t make sense otherwise. All these heavily armed men and security? What for? No way it was for the manor itself. No. Galen was protecting something else. Jax hadn’t any doubt. He knew that armory was within the mansion itself if not underground. But this also meant they’d have to be careful. If the armory was within the manor itself, setting off a bomb of that caliber could set off any loaded guns and shells. This had Jax thinking back to a time a house had caught fire, and there were bullets inside. Police and firefighters were taking cover thinking there was a madman with a gun nearby. But that wasn’t the case. The house belonged to a hunter, and he had a box of shells in his closet. That made one of the few times the police, and the Sons worked together. They gathered any nearby Charming residents and got them to a safer place.

Jax went over the plans, and it wasn’t long before the three of them were headed back to the manor, only with a couple of bombs this time around. Each of them were armed and decked out in black and had on ski-masks. This had Jax thinking back to how Abel and the girls described their abductors. It wasn’t planned, but he thought it somewhat ironic. In fact, it was the perfect middle finger. Galen’s true love was power. If Jax could take that away, that’d be equivalent to how he felt when Galen had his son kidnapped.

“How much longer do we have to sit here and wait? Couldn’t we have done this back at the clubhouse?” Tig complained, and Clay lifted his eyes on this.

He’d a cigar in his mouth and was kicked back in one of the corners. Opie and Bobby were sound asleep.

“How can they sleep like that?” Tig added with a frown.

Clay didn’t comment and went on to check on his wife back home. Gemma was asking about her grandson when Clay received another call. He let his wife know that he had to go and promised to call her back.

“Yeah?” Clay answered seeing as how it was Keith.

“I tried getting ahold of Jax and Chibs, but their phones went straight to voicemail. I’m guessin’ that means they’re busy with somethin’ else at the moment?”

Clay explained the situation and Keith let out a frustrated sigh.

“What?” Clay asked.

“Looks like we’re goin’ through with those plans, sooner than expected.”


“Galen called. I had no choice but to play along in order to keep everythin’ goin’.”

“Jesus.” Clay uttered.

“We’re supposed to meet at the usual meeting place around noon. We’re to hand the girls over then.”

“Only you won’t be handing them over…” Clay bitterly reminded.

“Not them… no.”

“You make it sound as if you have someone to hand over…”

“Someones…  yes.”

“Okay…” Clay uttered with curiosity.

“Just let us worry on that part. But it looks like we’re gonna need your eyes sooner than expected. Hope Jax and the others aren’t goin’ ta be much longer.”

This had Clay looking to Tig and the others in thought.

“On our way..”

“How many of you?” Keith asked with apprehension.


“Tell me you’re jokin’.”

“I could, but I’d be lying.”

Keith let out a nervous laugh.

“Guess we’re makin’ the best of it. If you get ahold of Jax, tell him to hurry his ass up!”

“And to think… you wanted him as prez.” Clay witted before hanging up.

“WOOO!” Jax hollered as he, Happy and Chibs were taking cover behind another vehicle.

The plan went just as expected; only Happy convinced Jax to add two bombs instead. The boys hadn’t any doubt they hit the armory as bullets were flying, from all directions. There were several explosions and debris along with that. It was so loud they couldn’t hear their phones.

“Happy!” Jax hollered as a bullet whizzed past and barely missed his crotch.

Happy regarded the two with widened eyes and Chibs broke into a fit of laughter. Happy frowned at this and Chibs sent him an apologetic glance. Chibs cleared his throat however as someone’s arm landed right in his lap. He was quick to knock it off him, and Happy sent him a taunting wink.

“Yeah, yeah…” Chibs muttered under his breath.

A solid sixteen minutes passed before everything died down. Sure the manor was still up in flames, but it was safe to come out now. The three of them explored the area around them. There were body parts everywhere, along with broken furniture, glass, guns, you name it, it was there. The boys took extra precaution, by shooting any questionable bodies in the head. They weren’t taking any chances. That was the last thing they needed… a survivor getting ahold of Galen.

“Hey…” Happy called as he was standing beside an eighteen wheeler.

Jax nodded his direction in wonder. It was then that Happy revealed the loaded supplies, supplies – as in more weapons.

“Ho-ly shit…” Jax muttered then waved Chibs over.

Chibs cringed knowing what that meant. These were part of a cartel, meaning Galen was in the middle of a delivery and they hadn’t got everything after all. Jax paced the area in thought. They could blow it up, but they barely survived the mansion. That and they needed whatever bombs they had left. Those were meant for Galen and his boys.

“We have no choice. We have to take the truck with us.”

“I was afraid ye’d say that.” Chibs uttered looking ill.

“Look, I’ll take care of it. I’ll take you two back to the bus, and you can follow me back to the cottage.” It was then Jax saw the missed calls from not only Keith but Clay.

He narrowed his eyes and listened to his voicemail. The president let out a miserable laugh afterward.

“You want the bad news or the bad news?”

This had Happy and Chibs looking to one another in question. Jax returned Keith’s call as he signaled the other two into the truck.

“What is it?” Chibs questioned once Jax got off the phone with Keith.

“We gotta be in Belfast in a little over two hours.”


Jax explained the situation and how Galen managed to call Keith before Keith himself could set up that deal.

“Shite…” Chibs whispered looking just as ill.

They were a good four hours out, and they had a truck filled with arms. Jax let out a miserable laugh as he searched for the keys to the truck.

“Oh come on!” He hollered as he dug through the glove compartment.

“Problem?” Happy uttered and they looked over as the truck roared to life.

“Funny…” Jax uttered but with a grin as the keys were in the ignition the whole time.

“How much ye wanna bet we interrupted that run!” Chibs added with a chuckle.

Jax didn’t comment as he took over and hauled ass back to the bus.

“Son of a bitch…” Jax uttered as his fear came to light.

The Garda (the guards aka Ireland police) had on their lights and were pulling him over. They were just an hour outside of Belfast, and Jax knew it was a miracle in itself that he hadn’t been pulled over sooner. He knew it was for speeding as he had been flooring it the entire time but if the guard caught wind of what was in back. He’d be fucked. Jax could see the bus pulling up behind the Garda and sighed amongst himself. He only hoped Chibs and Happy were preparing for whatever was coming. Jax pulled over and did his best to get into character. He even managed to find the registration to the truck in the glove compartment. But he knew he’d be screwed the moment they asked for his identification. Jax rolled the window down as the guard approached the door. He knew the man wouldn’t be armed. Still, that didn’t help Jax’s nerves. All it would take is getting the truck called in, and Keith would have his ass. This was risky enough. Jax knew he’d have to drop the truck off at the SAMBEL clubhouse until he could get it to the cottage.

Jax handed the registration over, and before the guard could even get a word out, someone shot him, right in the head. Jax glanced into the side mirror seeing as how it was Chibs. The Scot gave a mere nod and went on to cross himself. He moved the body off the side of the road then said a quick prayer on the Garda’s behalf.

“We runnin’ behind as it is.” Chibs expressed with an unpleasant look about him.

Jax knew the Scot hated taking an innocent life. But he was right; they hadn’t much choice. Chibs hopped into the truck with Jax then signaled for Happy to follow.  The president glanced over, and his VP was holding that cross of his and staring off into space. There were no words as Jax hit the road once again.

“They’ll be here.” Bobby encouraged as Clay was looking to the time.

“They better be.” He said as the IRA had already arrived.

The boys were looking on from afar as SAMBEL was on their way. SAMCRO was to keep out of sight and out of mind while they kept an eye on SAMBEL. Once the exchange was made, that’s when Jax would make that big reveal. He wanted to see the look on the IRA’s face when they found out all about their weapons being destroyed and how there would be no more cartel, for anyone. The Sons would have the IRA right where they wanted and for the first time since JT initially dealt with them. The IRA would find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. At least that’s what Jax was counting on. But if they didn’t get here with Happy and those bombs, Jax’s plans would go south and quickly. Clay grew more and more impatient as time progressed. He just knew Jax was going to fuck this up. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, Jax was too much like his father and the older he got, the more noticeable it became. Clay couldn’t stand it. That was the last thing this club needed… another John Teller!

Clay sighed then lowered his binoculars.

“He’s antsy.” Clay hinted as to Galen’s body language.

“He’s always antsy.” Bobby murmured with a shrug.

“And for a good reason, that fucker remembers…” Bobby uttered with a smirk as JT came to mind. 

“Did ya get the bread out the oven?” Riona questioned, and Aislinn sat it down on the table.

“Ya mean that bread?” She witted, and Riona sighed.


“You thought ya burned it, didn’t ya?!”

“What are ya doin’?!” Riona snipped, and Aislinn reared back thinking this was directed at her at first.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and she was quick to distract Abel as Liam had one of the SAMBEL entertainers under the table. The sisters knew what she was doing as his pants were unbuckled.

“What?!” Liam muttered with a shrug.

“You can’t be doin’ that here. Not with the boy!” Riona damn near growled.

“He doesn’t even know what’s goin’ on.” Liam uttered behind a moan then brought his hand down on the woman’s head letting her know to keep going.

“…uh oh…” Aislinn whispered knowing that look all too well.

“Linny love, would ya take the wee one to the kitchen. Let him pick what dessert he wants.”

“Dessert?!” Abel squealed, and Riona smiled his direction.

“That’s right. Ya can have your dessert first today.”

The sisters nodded amongst one another, and Linny took Abel by the hand then led him into the kitchen.

“Ya best take that somewhere else!” Riona barked and this gathered Padraic, Juice, and Half-Sack’s attention.

Juice recoiled once he saw what had the young woman so upset.

“Really?!” Padraic whispered in a scolding manner.

“Our roof. Gash can deal. We’ve gone how long without any real entertainment? This is an MC love. Ya best get used to it.”

“You do realize that’s Jax’s old lady you’re talking to, right?” Juice reminded.

“Makes no difference to me. She’s a guest.”

“Yeah, try saying that to his face.” Half-Sack uttered with a smirk.

Riona gave a simple nod. She moved the food onto another table and gestured for everyone to head that way instead. She went to grab her drink when Liam stopped her. He had his hand wrapped around her wrist. Riona curled her lip in disgust as the man was still receiving “entertainment”.

“I’m hungry. So do yourself a favor and bring everythin’ back over here.”

Riona could smell the whiskey coming off his breath.

“Ya can eat when she’s done with your services.” Riona made clear.

Liam pulled Riona towards him then leaned into her ear.

“Might be faster if you helped.” He drunkenly put and was looking her over.

Riona pried out of his hold, and the entertainer screamed as Riona flipped the table over. She pointed the woman’s direction.


This had Half-Sack and Juice jumping to their feet.

“What are you doin’?!” Liam snapped.

“We might be guests under your roof and under your protection… I can respect that, more than you’ll ever know. But don’t ya go and disrespect me like that again.” Riona was so angry; she was shaking.

“AND PUT THAT AWAY!” She ordered as the man still had his dick out.

Liam rolled his eyes. But the man was twitchy and kept looking to the time. This had Juice and Half-Sack looking to one another in question. Before they could even think about what was taking place, Riona let out a bit of a yelp.

“HEY!” Half-Sack and Juice chorused, and they were quick to draw their guns as Liam had his to Riona’s back.

“What are ya doin’ Liam?!” Padraic questioned as Liam went on to disarm Riona.

He pocketed the gun Chibs had given her.

“Sorry Paddy, but too good of a deal to pass.”

A loud boom was heard, and it was enough to shake the entire clubhouse. Pictures were falling off the walls, and bottles of liquor were tumbling off the shelves. Riona grimaced as she heard Abel screaming in the kitchen. She could hear her sister going out her way to keep him put and calm.

“That’d be the van…” Liam made clear as to the girls and Abel having no escape.

“Liam…” Padraic whispered looking ill.

“It was you. The whole time…” Chibs’s nephew confirmed as to the betrayer and Liam nodded.

Padraic glanced towards the kitchen where Abel and Aislinn were. Aislinn had Abel in her hold, and Padraic cringed as he could make out the shadows of men surrounding the clubhouse.

“HIDE!” He hollered, and the boys were quick to take cover.

Liam kept his gun on Riona and was dragging her towards the back of the clubhouse. Aislinn opened one of the cabinets and placed Abel inside.

“I need ya to be brave and keep quiet, no matter what ya hear.”

“Linny…” Abel whimpered, and Aislinn hugged him.

“Everythin’s gonna be just fine lad. I mean it, not a sound, no matter what.”

Abel gave a tearful nod, and Aislinn shut the cabinet door. She drew back a quivery breath as the doors to the clubhouse were busted down. She withdrew her gun, hid behind the kitchen door, and called Chibs.

“Twelve minutes…” Jax uttered as to how much further.

Chibs gave a simple nod. They were at a red light when Chibs felt his cell phone vibrating. He held up a finger and answered seeing as how it was Aislinn.


“Scotty…” She whispered in response.

“What is it, lass?” He questioned as to the tone in her voice.

“It’s Jimmy…”

The Scot’s heart came to an immediate halt, and the area around him seemed to spin. This had him looking Jax’s direction.

“Liam… he turned on us.” Aislinn cried.

“Jaysus. Alright, stay on the line Ali darlin’. I’m on my way. I want ye to hide the phone, so I can hear.”

“Aye,” Aislinn whispered.

Chibs recoiled as he could hear Jimmy calling out to her. Jimmy wanted Aislinn to come out of hiding, or he was going to kill Padraic.

“He’s gonna kill your nephew.” Aislinn whimpered.

Chibs kept the phone to his ear but held a hand over the receiver.

“Change of plans.”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“What is it?”

“Jimmy’s at the clubhouse.”

“You’re kidding…” Jax said looking rather ill himself.

“I’ll let Happy know.” Jax’s hand trembled as he retrieved his cell phone and called Happy.

He let Happy know the situation and that he and Chibs wouldn’t be joining him and the others after all. Jax ordered Happy to go on without them. Chibs put the phone on speaker so Jax could hear what was taking place.


“DON’T AISLINN!” Padraic shouted in response.


“I have to…” they heard her whisper.

“No!” Jax and Chibs chorused.

“Ali darlin’, I just need ye ta hang on. We’re seven minutes away. Don’t give inta Jimmy.” Chibs pleaded as Jax sped through a red light.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t have your nephew dyin’. I love ya, Scotty.”

“ALI!” Chibs shouted in a panic. 

“Oh for crying out loud, where in the hell is he?!” Clay snapped as SAMBEL handed “the girls” over.

The women had hoods over their faces, and their arms and legs were bound. But Clay could see the suspicion written all over Galen’s face. He handed Bobby the binoculars and Bobby shook his head as he looked on. The girls SAMBEL were using were madams of an illegal brothel near Belfast. This was their punishment for letting their clients rape their staff. The clients had to pay extra to get this fulfillment, but these particular madams had no issue in putting their girls in harm’s way. The madams hadn’t a clue that one of the staff was Seamus’s (the VP of SAMBEL) niece and she had been a victim of the brothel’s cruel ways. Seamus vowed to make these particular madams pay, and he figured this was the perfect way of going about it. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. Besides, they were the perfect height and weight. They could easily pass as the Lawless sisters, at least until those hoods were lifted.

“Oh yeah… We’re fucked.” Bobby murmured as Galen went to remove the tallest one’s hood.

“Shit…” Clay uttered, and this had the others looking on with concern as well.

“Let’s go,” Bobby said as he withdrew his gun.

The others nodded, and they too prepared.

“What’s this?!” Galen questioned with severity.

This had Keith and the rest of SAMBEL looking to one another. This wasn’t the plan. SAMCRO was supposed to have come through by now, but they were nowhere to be found. Galen cupped the madam’s chin but was staring the SAMBEL president down.

“Thought you could play me, aye?” Galen gritted his teeth and Keith jumped as Galen shot the madam in the head. He didn’t bother with the reveal of the other one and put an end to her as well.

“Where are my girls?” Galen questioned with his gun aimed Keith’s direction.

“We had a deal, McGee.”

“Did you really think I’d hand them over?!” Keith bitterly snapped, and Galen darkly chuckled.

The clicking of Galen’s gun was heard, and this had each member of SAMBEL cocking their guns as well.

“Look around ya and do the math.” Galen uttered with a confident smile.

“Even if ya managed to get a few of my boys, ya haven’t anywhere near the firepower.”

Galen gathered this somewhat jaded expression and fired. Seamus preempted this and already had Keith on the ground. The VP shield his body against his president’s. Just as SAMBEL was about to respond in kind, a bus came barreling right for the IRA.

“GET DOWN!” A familiar voice hollered, and SAMCRO overheard this as they were just about to unload on the IRA as well.

Both MC’s hit the ground and just in time as an explosion took place, and the bus went up in flames. SAMCRO took advantage of this and crawled on over towards SAMBEL. They nodded amongst one another and Seamus was checking his president over.

“Ya alright?” He questioned.

“Aye, but Jax better have a good reason for all this.” Keith furiously sputtered.

Happy overheard this but hadn’t time to even defend Jax’s stance as he was dodging bullets. SAMCRO, SAMBEL, and the IRA were in a shootout. But Happy’s job wasn’t done. He shook his head as he had one more bomb to detonate but the MC’s too close for comfort, and Happy knew if he set it off now. They’d be caught in the crossfire. Happy had been working behind the scenes for the past nine minutes, and no one even took notice. He not only set the bus bomb but he’d another one set in one of the IRA vehicles. If he could find a way of warning the others, he could set it off, taking at least half of the IRA out. He’d taken over a handful already.

Happy managed to get Bobby’s attention, and he was very discreet in making that gesture. Bobby gave a simple nod as he was taking cover. Bobby was quick to spread the word, and Happy got himself to a safer distance as well. He looked around as he had the one target in mind, but he was nowhere to be found. Happy cursed under his breath knowing he hadn’t a choice. He had to set it off before the IRA gathered what was taking place. SAMBEL and SAMCRO passed Bobby’s warning around, and they were quick to fall back and take cover. Happy hit that switch.

“HAP!” Bobby shouted as the impact sent the man flying back.

SAMCRO waited till everything died down then they rushed on over. Bobby was first to arrive, and Tig kept the two covered as Bobby was checking Happy over.

“Come on brother…” Bobby uttered behind a quivery lip.

A breath of relief escaped him and the others as Happy wrapped his hand around Bobby’s. Bobby let out a nervous chuckle and helped Happy to his feet.

“You crazy son of a bitch.” Bobby murmured, and Happy smiled.

“Thank you.” Happy replied, and Bobby laughed.

“Guess we owe you one,” Opie said as most of the IRA had cleared out now, and anyone left was pretty much gone.

The Sons took care of any stragglers. Still, Galen was nowhere to be found. Then again, neither was Clay. Happy tilted his head and was about to ask where Clay was when he seemingly popped up from nowhere. Tig darted on over as Clay had a hand along his shoulder.

“Shit.” Tig uttered realizing he’d been shot.

“I’m fine.” Clay weakly put, and the Sons were quick to react.

Tig removed Clay’s cut and ripped his shirt open. He applied pressure to the wound, and the others helped in getting Clay situated. It was during this Keith locked eyes with Happy.

“Where are they?” He bitterly questioned.

“Jimmy and his boys showed up at the clubhouse.” Happy somewhat snapped in response.

This had everyone looking to Happy in shock, and Happy gave a simple nod.

“You might want to cut them some slack if they live through this.” He said while spitting a puddle of blood onto the asphalt. 

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Warrior Part 1”

  1. i had a feeling liam was trouble.. and i was right jax and chibs are going to kill him.. at least abel is safe for the moment but all hell is going to break loose when they get jimmy… damn Poor chibs had to take an innocent life and you know that had to be hard on him and well he is just too cute with the cell phones. can’t wait to get into the next chapter. your muse kept you busy. i’m glad. hell of a scene. can’t wait for the next one *bows*

  2. Well at least they got the armory taken care of. Damn it Liam, how’d I know you were gonna be that asshole. Seriously dude. And Aislin!! Come one babe! Hopefully Jax and Chibs make it! Oh that cocaine deal has me hacked off. Wonderfully action packed chapter!

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