Chapter 11 – Warrior Part 2

Chapter 11 – Warrior Part 2

I do not own SOA, youtube, or Ledger. I claim all original characters and do not give anyone permission to use them. I’ve never been to Ireland (but a girl can dream), so please keep that in mind. This is merely fanfiction and somethings may not be legit when it comes to actual places, distances, etc.… Keep in mind this is an SOA story. This chapter involves some dark and very violent times. Read at your own risk.

Aislinn hid the phone then pocketed the gun before exiting the kitchen. Jimmy smiled as he had Padraic on his knees and with a gun in his mouth. Half-Sack and Juice were being held at gunpoint as well and were lying face down on the ground.

“Leave him be Jimmy.” Aislinn uttered, and Jimmy removed the gun.

“Aislinn…” Padraic groaned in disapproval.

Aislinn didn’t comment as she made her way over.

“My sister?” She questioned.

“The boy,” Jimmy said, and Aislinn shook her head.

“The boy isn’t here. He’s with his father back in Charmin’.”

Jimmy gave a simple nod then backhanded her. The hit knocked Aislinn off her feet, and Jimmy was quick to snatch her up by the hair. He brought her against him then looked her in the eyes.

“Tell me where the boy is.”

“Are ya hard of hearin’ Jimmy? I done told ya he isn’t here!”

Jimmy let out a dark chuckle.

“You’re tellin’ the truth, aye?”

“Aye. They headed back days ago.”


Jimmy cleared his throat then caressed her cheek with the barrel of his gun.

“Let’s put that to the test, shall we?”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes at this.

“COME OUT BOY OR I’LL ROUGH YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FRIEND UP.” Jimmy hollered with a menacing glare.

Jimmy waited, but there was no response.

“Alright…” Jimmy sighed and unbuckled his belt and took it off with one swift motion.

He gave no warning whatsoever. Jimmy shoved Aislinn onto the ground then took that belt to her back over and over again. Aislinn gritted her teeth knowing what he was going for and she wasn’t putting that boy in harm’s way. Tears streamed down her face as the relentless hits continued.

“YOU IS A MONSTER! MY DADDY GONNA KILL YOU!” Abel growled as he ran out of the kitchen and was headed right for Aislinn.

“Is that so?” Jimmy challenged, and the boy gave a firm nod.

“NOOOO!” Aislinn screamed as Jimmy went to hit him with the belt next.

A gunshot sounded, and Riona darted out from one of the back rooms. She pushed Abel out of the way and took the intended hit. The gun she had was knocked out of her hold and one of Jimmy’s men grabbed it.

“RIONA!” Aislinn hollered as the buckle hit her right in the face.

Jimmy had a good laugh at this.

“I didn’t realize you liked it rough, just like your sister.” He cruelly put.

“NO HURT MY FRIENDS!” Abel shouted while wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

Jimmy let out a sigh of sheer annoyance. He signaled his men over then had them take Riona and Abel with them. Riona reached for her sister, and Jimmy rolled his eyes.

“Stop that. Take the wee imp and get out of my face.” Jimmy said while aiming a gun at the boy’s head.

Riona recoiled and did as Jimmy requested.

“Good girl.”

Jimmy watched as his men led the boy and Riona out of the clubhouse. He went to hit Aislinn again only to have her block the attempt. The belt wrapped around her arm and she stared him down. Jimmy sent her a wink then gave that belt a good tug. Aislinn let out a painful grunt as it pinched against her flesh. Jimmy brought the young woman to her knees then wiggled his brows.

“Now this brings back some memories…”

Aislinn recoiled as Jimmy grabbed a fistful of her hair. He forced the young woman to her feet then beckoned the rest of his men out of the clubhouse. Half-Sack, Padraic, and Juice sent Aislinn shameful glances knowing they failed Abel and the girls. Aislinn gave a simple nod, and Padraic caught wind of the gun she was carrying. Jimmy wrapped that belt around her neck then dragged her out of the clubhouse. He brought her against him so that her back was to him. Aislinn gasped as she started to choke.

“Ya know how I like it… Don’t disappoint.”

Aislinn flung her elbow back, and Jimmy chuckled.

“That’s my girl.”

“I’m not your girl.” She gasped while trying to free herself from the belt.

“Oh, but ya are. Thanks to you, I no longer have a wife and kid waitin’ on me. That means you’re takin’ their place.”

Aislinn looked at the ambulance he was dragging her towards and saw that her sister and Abel were inside.

“Em, I recognize that gun… Ole Filip gave ya that, didn’t he?”

Aislinn closed her eyes as that gun was her last hope. Jimmy laughed as he removed it from the back of her pants and was looking it over.

“I heard ya two were a bit of an item. Filip seems ta have forgotten all about my warnin’. Ya see he’s not supposed ta set foot in Ireland. So did he fuck ya?”

Once again she didn’t answer, and Jimmy gave the belt a good tug.

“Did he fuck ya?” He asked behind gritted teeth.

“That’s none of your business!” She choked, and Jimmy smiled on this.

“Oh but it is. Ya see I have a habit of takin’ whatever belongs to him because I can. I wonder what he’d do… What if he had to relive the past and YOU became our next Fiona?!”

Jimmy tilted his head then breathed her in.

“Em, can’t wait ta find out. This goin’ to be great!”

“I’m not Fiona.”

“But you will be…”

“No, I won’t. I’ll die before I let that happen.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Now quit draggin’ those feet and start walkin’ love. Hope you’re ready for another round. There won’t be any holdin’ back this time.”

The boys were just a couple blocks away. Chibs had his phone on full volume, and they had been listening to every word. It took all will keeping quiet. The Scot just knew Jimmy was about to rape Aislinn all over again and he’d have to listen as he did. He and Jax were finding it hard to focus as Jax was avoiding oncoming traffic and other obstacles along the way. It wasn’t easy keeping this speed, in this big of a truck, and the weight they were carrying sure didn’t help matters. Jax just knew they were going to tip over. But the man was determined. He wasn’t letting Abel and those girls back into Galen and Jimmy’s possession.

They arrived just in time to see Jimmy shove Aislinn inside the ambulance. There was no way they could keep up with that ambulance in this truck. Chibs was first to jump out, and he took cover off and on as he headed into the back where their bikes were. They had them hidden under a tarp. Jax parked the truck, and he too hopped out. Jax flinched as a bullet grazed his hip on the way to his bike.

The lights and sirens to the ambulance came on. Chibs shook his head thinking that was pretty ingenious. Jimmy… the bastard. He thought with a growl. He and Jax came around the corner and just in time as the ambulance was hauling ass out of the parking lot. This was followed by two other IRA vehicles. This had Jax and Chibs looking to one another as they withdrew their guns. They were swerving all over the place as they dodged bullet after bullet.

“CHIBS!” Jax shouted in a panic as he was shot in the chest and nearly tipped over on his bike.

Chibs shook his head as he gained his bearing’s and got his motorcycle stable. The two IRA vehicles were cut off due to traffic. This had Chibs and Jax nodding amongst one another. They sped up and took flank on both sides of the ambulance. Chibs could see Jimmy sitting on the passenger side. He had Aislinn in his lap. Chibs gritted his teeth knowing damn well what Jimmy was pulling. The motherfucker wasn’t wasting any time. Chibs found himself startled however as the door swung open. Aislinn was hanging out of it, and Jimmy was in attempts to pull her back in. The young woman hit Jimmy with everything she had, and Chibs just knew Jimmy was going to lose his grip and she’d fall out of the truck. This had the Scot scooting in even closer. Aislinn took notice of him, and the stunned look on her face said it all. The Scot gave a mere nod but flung his arm out as she nearly fell. He and Jimmy locked eyes for the briefest of moments as Chibs managed to break her fall, but this sent the Harley spinning into traffic.

“HOLD ON!” He hollered as he was damn near breaking his arm in order to keep his hold and not crash his bike.

Aislinn was clinging to him for dear life but used her feet to get the bike back where Chibs needed. He let out a sigh of relief but ducked as they were being shot at again.

“Ye alright?!” He questioned hoping to God she hadn’t been shot as bullets were coming from all directions.

“Are they Stormtroopers?!’ Aislinn witted, and Chibs chuckled gathering the reference.

“I was wonderin’ the same thing, Ali love.” The man’s voice trembled as he spoke.

Chibs saw it coming and moved just in time as the ambulance was diving right for them. Aislinn screamed as Chibs dropped one of his feet and spun the bike around. Cars were slamming on their brakes to keep from hitting them. Chibs raised his brows in surprise as Aislinn grabbed one of his guns and was shooting at the IRA. Chibs said nothing on it and hit the gas once again. The man found himself somewhat impressed as she managed to take out one of their drivers and a couple of tires on the ambulance. The Scot wasn’t sure how much more his tires could take. He’d left some tread behind on that last spin. The front tire had a good tear in it, and the Scot just knew he and Aislinn were about to wipe out. All he could think about was how she hadn’t a helmet on, and she’d die on impact at this speed. Just as this thought entered his mind, he heard the squealing of tires, and a loud crash followed this. Chibs looked into his rearview mirror and saw that it was Jax’s bike. His heart dropped to the pit of his stomach, and he went to slam on his brakes, when someone whistled out and got his attention.

“Jaysus Christ, Jackie!” He hollered as Jax was on top of the ambulance now.

Jax had wrecked his bike to get on that ambulance. Aislinn managed to get another tire and Chibs had her stop as that made three in all. He didn’t want to run the risk of the ambulance crashing and Jax flying off.

“Can ya drive?” Chibs questioned, and Aislinn nodded.

“You sure?”

“Aye, I can.”

“Alright, I’m gonna squeeze ye in. Ye gotta be quick love, or we’re fucked.”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs went on to switch drivers.

“Keep it steady!” He hollered as he was in attempts to get on the ambulance and the girl was swerving all over the place.

“Sorry! It’s been awhile.”

“Clearly.” He uttered as she acted like she couldn’t drive after all.

There were a couple trial and errors, but she was able to get him on that ambulance. Aislinn slowed down and followed behind. Jimmy must’ve ordered his boys to quit shooting as that had come to a halt altogether. That’s how desperate Jimmy was. He wanted Aislinn alive. He meant it when he said he wasn’t done with her.  The boys were holding on with everything they had as the driver was in attempts to shake them off.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn shouted as he lost his grip and was holding on by one hand.

Jax succeeded in making his way over and got Chibs situated. The Scot wrapped his hand around the handle where Jimmy was sitting and was in attempts to open the door. But as he did this, the ambulance veered off the road and right into a ditch. The boys were sent flying, and the ambulance hovered a good eight feet above them before it hit the ground and was sent rolling. Chibs and Jax landed on their backs and with simultaneous grunts. Both had the wind knocked out of them and feared their backs were broken with how hard the impact was. But even with this fear, all Jax could think about was his son and Riona.

“ABEL!” He shouted and was crawling towards the ambulance.

Aislinn pulled up on Chibs’s bike. Once she saw the boys were okay, she took off towards the ambulance. She hopped off the bike and ran towards the back doors.

“RIONA! ABEL!” She hollered and was in attempts to get into the back.

“Abel…” Riona weakly called.

She let out a painful grunt as she tried to move but couldn’t. Her knee was trapped. Riona could hear the boy coughing.

“Abel love… Are you alright?” She asked while trying her hardest not to cry, for the boy’s sake.

“I okay,” Abel said with a quivery lip.

Riona glanced that direction, and before she could register what was taking place, a gunshot was heard.

“ABEL!” The young woman shrieked.

“I SORRY!” Abel cried, and something hit the floor with a metallic thud.

“No, be mad!” The boy pleaded, and his tiny hands were shaking unmercifully.

Riona grabbed the boy then pulled him into her arms. She was checking him over in a panic.

“He wanna shot you. I no let him. No, be mad.”

Riona glanced the direction the boy was referring to, and that’s when she saw the man. Riona let out a surprised yelp seeing as how Abel managed to shoot him, right in the head.

“Riona…” Abel cried, and she hugged the hell out of him.

“I no let him kill you. I sorry! Daddy say NO! No ever play with guns! He gonna be mad too. I no know what to do!”

“Somethin’ tells me he’ll make an exception this time round. But he’s right. Don’t do that ever again.”

“Okay…” Abel hugged her and cried into her shoulder.

“You’re alright lad. No one’s mad at ya. But we have to find a way out of here. Think you can help with that?”

Abel nodded, and Riona wiped his tears with her thumbs.

“Where’d ya learn to shoot like that anyhow?”

“I no know how. I close my eyes. I no want to see all the blood.”

“Sweet Mary…” Riona uttered as she wondered how a four-year-old managed to pull the trigger, to begin with. But hitting a man in the head and with his eyes closed?!

“Daddy say if I ever scared close my eyes. Cause Uncle Thomas and grandpa will protect me.”

“Well Abel love, I think your father is onto somethin’.”

Abel managed to smile, and Riona kissed his forehead.

“Alright find us a way out.”

“Okay, I can do that.” Abel bravely put.

“ALI!” Chibs shouted in warning.

Aislinn spun around, and that’s when she picked up on Jimmy through the corner of her eye. He had a gun pointed her direction and was limping on over.  Chibs wondered how he even survived the crash much less escaped the ambulance. Aislinn rolled her eyes and went back to trying to pry the doors open. Aislinn froze however as she felt the gun against the back of her head and heard it click.

“And what will that accomplish?” She questioned behind gritted teeth.

“Knowin’ ya died before another man touched ya.” Jimmy cruelly put.

“There’s one in the chamber… So what will it be love?”

Chibs was reaching for the gun in his double holster only to remember Aislinn had used it and he couldn’t find the other. Jax was in attempts to find his as he crawled amongst the ground.

“Are ya sure there’s one left?” Aislinn challenged.

“Aye, it’s got your name on it and everythin’.”

“NOOOO!” Chibs shouted as Aislinn spun around and went to knock the gun out of Jimmy’s hold.

The gun went off and just as it was pointed at her face. Chibs looked as if he saw a ghost as the woman was still standing. She stared Jimmy down like she hadn’t a single fuck to give. Jimmy tried shooting her again only to realize he was officially out of bullets. Aislinn gave a mere nod before slugging him across the face. “Learn how to count, ya gammy wanker (useless fool)!” She spat. Jimmy went to respond, only to have Chibs leap on over and take him to the ground. Chibs socked him across the face and kept him pinned down as Jax helped Aislinn with the doors.


They heard Abel cry and they glanced upon one another before heading the direction in which it came from. Abel was at the driver’s side door and hitting at the window with his fists.

“Abel!” Jax called in relief.

“Riona hurt, daddy!”

Jax nodded and had his son step back as he smashed his way through the window. Jax grabbed his son then checked him over before handing him off to Aislinn. The president crawled on through the window and was in attempts to find Riona.

“Riona?!” He called as he crawled into the back.

There were medical supplies everywhere, and everything was overturned. He could make out a couple of bodies, but neither of them was her.

“Come on baby…” Jax called once again.

“Jackson…” He heard then craned his neck that direction.

He looked over realizing he’d just passed her. She was trapped between the gurney and one of the bodies. He was quick to get the body and the gurney off of her. Her leg was ripped open where the edge of the gurney had struck her.

“Think you can crawl towards the driver’s side?” He asked, and Riona nodded.

She was pale and could barely keep her eyes open. Jax helped her towards the window where Aislinn pulled her out.

“Riona!” Aislinn gasped as Riona passed out and Aislinn had her braced against her.

Jax crawled on out then lifted Riona into his arms.

“Too much blood.” He uttered and rushed her towards Chibs’s bike.

He propped her up against it then got on his phone. Aislinn was holding Abel and doing her best to console him, which wasn’t easy as she needed reassuring herself.

“Scotty?” She called as he wasn’t looking so great.

“Ye alright?” He asked as he made his way over and with a hand over the right side of his chest.

“Aye, but ya don’t look so great.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped once she saw the blood dripping down his cut and shirt.

“Ya’ve been shot!” She said with alarm, and Chibs sighed.

“I’m alright darlin’.” He uttered.

Jimmy squirmed about as Chibs had him hogtied. Jax and Chibs only prayed that their boys showed up before the law did. That was the last thing any of them needed. To their relief, SAMBEL pulled up in one of their vans and was quick to herd them inside. Chibs grabbed Jimmy, and they hauled ass directly after as there was a slew of guardians headed their way. One of the SAMBEL prospects took off on Chibs’s bike. Chibs removed his jacket and placed it on Aislinn as she was shivering. He zipped it up then ran his fingers along the marks Jimmy had left behind. Chibs was discreet as he went on to button her jeans. The zipper however was broken.

Jax took his shirt off and wrapped it around Riona’s leg. He looked to his son as he was off to a corner and crying.

“She’ll be alright,” Jax assured.

“She bleeding really bad, daddy.”

“I know, but this will help.” He said while tying a knot in the shirt.

Once the Scot had Aislinn settled he kissed her forehead then went on to check on her sister. Jax explained what he thought had happened and showed him how deep the gash was. Chibs nodded figuring her passing out had to do with blood loss and shock.

“Keep her warm,” Chibs said, and Jax wrapped himself around her.

Chibs lifted his eyes however as he took notice of the way Abel was holding his pinkie finger.

“Ye alright lad?” He asked, and Abel showed Chibs his pinkie, which was clearly broken.

Abel also had a minor cut going along the top of his head as well. Chibs finished with Riona and gave Jax a few tips on what to do before checking Abel over. Chibs thought the boy lucky that’s all there was. It was just the small cut and broken finger.

“Deep breath…” Chibs whispered before placing Abel’s finger back into the socket.

Chibs was quick to hug him as Abel broke into sobs.

“Shhh, yer alright.” The Scot whispered and rocked him as he cried.

“I no like the monsters,” Abel said, and Jax recoiled on his son’s words.

Chibs sat the boy down and was about to wrap his finger when the boy hopped up and kicked Jimmy as hard as he could.


“ABEL!” Jax hollered in shock.

Sure, Jimmy had it coming but hearing his four-year-old son talk that way… it made the man nauseous.  What had he done to his son?! This wasn’t what Jax wanted for him.

“He a monster daddy!”

Chibs was just as shocked by this and Aislinn had a hand clamped over her mouth. She took it upon herself to grab the boy and pulled him into her lap. Abel hid his face and went back to crying. Aislinn and Chibs locked eyes for a moment, and he gave a simple nod as she held Abel and was humming an Irish lullaby. Chibs handed her what she needed for Abel’s pinkie, and she kept humming as she wrapped it. She narrowed her eyes seeing as how Abel had fallen asleep. She looked to Chibs with concern, and he nodded.

“Just his body’s way of dealin’ with the situation…” He whispered.

Riona was in the same boat only Chibs was a little concerned on how much blood she’d lost. It wouldn’t kill her, but it’d leave her pretty weak. She needed that leg stitched up and ASAP. He couldn’t do that in the van, not with the way the SAMBEL VP was driving. Jax was looking to his son as he held Riona. Chibs could see the confliction in Jax’s eyes. He wanted to hold his son but needed to be there for Riona at the moment. Jax was doing whatever he could to keep her warm.

“Thank you,” Jax said, and Aislinn lifted her head on this.

“For watching after him,” Jax said, and Aislinn nodded.

A few drops of blood trickled from Aislinn’s nose, and she was quick to wipe them off of Abel. Chibs made his way over and had her tilt her head back. He pinched her nose and used the end of his shirt to wipe the blood off her face.

“Keep yer head back.”

The girl’s face was swelling up and starting to bruise. As for Riona one of the vessels in her eye had busted from where Jimmy hit her. Chibs shook his head and looked to Jimmy as he was still hogtied. Chibs thought back to what all he and Jax overheard and let out a low growl. He recognized those familiar whacks from his childhood, and there was no mistaking after getting a good look at the sisters. Chibs could see where the buckle had slipped and cut through their skin. Aislinn was covered in them. He could only imagine how sore she was. Once they pulled into the SAMBEL parking lot, Chibs helped Jax get Riona inside. Padraic had darted outside and was quick to help Aislinn with Abel.

“I’m so sorry!” Padraic said and was beside himself as he hugged her.

“I’m alright.”

“Nah, you’re not. Look at ya!” The way he said this reminded her of Chibs again.

She smiled then pecked him on the cheek.

“We’re alright.”

Padraic didn’t comment as he escorted her inside. Juice and Half-Sack were checking the girls and Abel over as well but shared that same look of shame Padraic had.

Chibs wasted no time in getting Riona set up. He cleaned her up and ended up putting thirty-seven stitches in her leg and five along her eye where Jimmy hit her.

“You alright?” Jax questioned as he was helping.

“I’m fine.” Chibs murmured as he finished up.

Jax shook his head as the pain was written all over the Scot’s face.

Riona was in and out during proving her passing out had to do with blood loss and shock like Chibs had suspected. The Scot found himself rather impressed by how attentive Jax was. The president didn’t leave Riona’s side and cleaned up every single drop of blood and was kissing her hand every now and then. The man looked downright broken.

“She’s gonna be alright Jackie.” Chibs softly put, and Jax nodded.

The president lifted the ice pack off Riona’s face and sighed once he saw how swollen it was.

“I kept the stitches small, so there shouldn’t be much scaring.”

Jax thought back to what he and Chibs heard over that phone, and this had the man cupping her hand and bringing it to his forehead. Jax knew Riona took that hit for Abel. He heard her do it. As much as he loved Tara, she wasn’t very maternal. He’d seen this more than a handful of times when it came to Abel. She often enough had her head in the clouds, and it wasn’t until she left that last time that Jax realized just how self-involved Tara was. He couldn’t remember a time where she spoke of a future with him and Abel in it. It was always I this and I that even when they were married her main focus was her career. That’s why she had the abortion. She didn’t want any distractions. An abortion Jax had no say in, and he was bitter to this very day.

“Jackson?” Riona called, and Chibs took notice of how Jax jumped to his feet immediately.

“…hey…” Jax softly put, and Chibs gave his president a mere nod before exiting the room.

“Hey…” Riona replied while forcing a smile.

“Hurts like hell, huh?” Jax questioned, and Riona nodded.

Chibs was about to head into the men’s room and clean up when he saw Aislinn at the bar sink. She was rinsing blood out of her mouth. Chibs made his way over.

“Ye alright?” He asked thinking that was a lot of blood.

Aislinn nodded and downed some whiskey after.

“My nose keeps bleedin’, and it’s goin’ down my throat.” She explained, and Chibs led her into the men’s room.

He propped her up on the counter and washed his hands. He shook his head however as her nose was oozing blood again. She sighed as she pinched it then held her head back. Chibs grabbed a handful of tissues then handed them over.


He nodded as she put them to her nose. Chibs took off his cut and bloodied shirt, and Aislinn hopped on down.

“Ya need to get that looked at!” She scolded, and Chibs regarded the wound through the mirror.

“Think ye could dig the bullet out for me?”

“Ya want me ta dig it out?!”


He took the bottle of whiskey from her hold and took a good swig.

“But I know nothin’ about that stuff.”

“I’ll walk ye through it.”

“I could do ya in!”

“Guess we’re aboot ta find out.” He teased.

Aislinn looked on in horror as Chibs named off a few things they needed. She didn’t argue and gathered whatever he mentioned. She returned to find him sitting on the counter.

“Get some gloves, and we’ll get started.”

“Maybe someone else should…”

“Ali love, everyone else is preoccupied. Besides, ye’ll do just fine.”

“I hope so, for your sake!”

The Scot leaned back and told her how to go about finding the bullet and how to keep from pushing it in any further. Chibs placed a hand along her waist before she started.

“I trust you.”

“Maybe ya shouldn’t!” She teased with a nervous pitch to her voice.

Chibs chuckled but with a painful grimace.

“Alright, let’s get that slug out of ya.”

Chibs cocked a brow as she took the whiskey from his hold, she took a pull then handed it back.

“Aren’t I the patient?” He mocked, and Aislinn climbed up on the counter.

“Trust me; ya don’t want me sober for this.”

“Actually. I think I do!” Chibs said as she overlapped him and was looking at the wound.

Aislinn put the latex gloves on and listened as Chibs walked her through it, step by step. The medic was blown away by how well she followed his instructions.

“I GOT IT!” She excitably announced.

She dropped the bullet into the sink then poured some whiskey onto the wound itself then into Chibs’s mouth. The man was half out of it.

“Wake up, Scotty.” She said and gave his cheek a playful slap.

“Em, give me a minute lass.” He murmured as it took all will not to pass out.

Aislinn combed her fingers through his hair.

“Take all the time ya need.” She whispered.

“Can’t. Too much ta do. I gotta stitch that greasy bastard up.”

“Greasy bastard?” The young woman questioned.


“Ah, well he can fetch his own bullet!” Aislinn half teased and Chibs chuckled.

“Ye’ve no idea how temptin’ that is.” He muttered, but his eyes came to a close as she stitched him up.

Aislinn cleansed the area once again then put everything away afterward. She took his hand into her own at one point and ran her fingers along his palm. She drew back a breath on this.

“What are ya doin’ to me, Scotty?” She whispered and started to let go of his hand.

The young woman was taken back as he opened an eye.

“I love ye too, Ali.” He said before pulling her into his chest and closing that eye.

“Jesus…” Jax uttered after Riona told him the truth behind Liam.

Riona nodded.

“I’m so sorry. We thought you were in good hands.”

The president paced the room then ran his hands along his face in misery. Riona was just about to explain what took place afterward when the door flew open.

“HEY!” Jax shouted as Seamus marched right on up to Riona and yanked her off the table Chibs had her on.

The SAMBEL VP had Riona by the collar of her jacket and was violently shaking her.

“WHAT’D YA DO?!” Seamus shouted with tears in his eyes.

Jax gritted his teeth and put his gun to Seamus’s head.

“Get your hands off her,” Jax warned and Seamus stared Riona down.

“I had no choice.” Riona softly put, and Jax tilted his head on this.

Sure, she had told him about Liam’s betrayal, but she hadn’t got to the part where she shot him.

“So ya took his life…?” Seamus bitterly spat.

“That’s right. I did.” Riona boldly put, and Seamus sneered at this.

Seamus acted as if he was going to backhand her and Jax cocked that gun of his.

“It’ll be the last thing you do,” Jax confirmed, and Seamus lowered his hand.

“Liam betrayed everyone.” The SAMCRO president said.

Just as Seamus was to deny this Keith entered the room. His eyes were bloodshot, and he was an emotional mess. He cleared his throat then placed a hand along his VP’s shoulder.

“He’s right,” Keith admitted with an apologetic glance Riona’s direction.

“Padraic told me everythin’.”

Riona nodded but was shaken up.

“Jimmy had my sister and Abel. I had to do somethin’.” Riona said as she went on to tell Keith about the struggle between her and Liam.

Liam had her in another room, and Riona was desperate to get to her sister and Abel. So she took advantage of Liam’s drunken state and managed to swipe the gun out from his hold. Jax had this stunned look about him as she continued her story. Liam didn’t expect Riona to get the upper hand and it became a physical encounter. Riona had no choice but to pull the trigger as Liam was overpowering her and would’ve shot her instead. It was a deadly blow, right to the heart. Jax grimaced, and Keith sighed.

Seamus lowered his head then pinched his eyes shut.

“After what Padraic told me… I think Liam’s been workin’ behind the scenes for some time.” Keith admitted with a shameful presence.

He just knew the betrayal was SAMCRO related, not SAMBEL. Keith put all his trust into Liam just as he had any other brother. Liam had been with SAMBEL back when JT was president. So this came as a shock to everyone, even SAMCRO.

“Must’ve offered him quite a bit…” Jax softly muttered, and Keith nodded.

The SAMBEL prez locked eyes with Riona.

“If ya hadn’t killed him I would’ve. Betrayal isn’t somethin’ we take lightly. Ya did him a favor makin’ it quick.” And on this note, Keith nudged Seamus on out of the room.

“We’ll call for church later…” Keith made clear, and Jax nodded in understanding.

Keith pulled the door to on the way out, and Jax went on to hug Riona.

“Are you alright?”

“Aye…” Riona said but wasn’t very convincing.

The woman was a trembling mess. Jax scooped her up then placed her back on the table. He put the pillow back under her leg where Chibs had it and was checking her bandage over.

“There’s somethin’ else you should know.” Riona softly put, and Jax lifted his eyes.

Her bottom lip quivered as she struggled with keeping it together.

“It’s about Abel…”

Riona drew back the deepest of breaths and revealed the truth behind that as well. By the time she finished, she was in sobs. As for Jax… The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He leaned against the wall with one hand, and he turned ghostly white.

“Jackson…” Riona called with concern.

“No.” Jax uttered in such a way and shook his head.

“No. This isn’t happening.”

Jax cut Riona a pleading glance.

“Tell me I heard wrong. Tell me my four-year-old son didn’t take a life.”

Riona closed her eyes on this. She knew Jax wasn’t blaming her. Still, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible. Riona replayed that moment out over and over in her head, but no matter how differently she tried to make it, there was nothing she could’ve done. It broke her heart, but it broke her heart, even more, seeing how broken Jax was.

“Riona…” Jax implored.

“Please.” The man had tears in his eyes and had a hand over his heart.

“He’s just a kid. He couldn’t have pulled that trigger. He’s not strong enough!” Jax sucked back a breath then pressed his forehead up against the wall.

A solid three minutes passed before either of them spoke.

“How’d he react?” Jax questioned.

“He thought I was mad. That he would get into trouble. He made it clear that he wasn’t supposed to play with guns.”

Jax nodded and let out a miserable laugh.

“I’ve done everything I can think of to drill that through his head.”

Jax gained his composure and after thinking everything over…

“You’d be dead.”

Riona regarded Jax in wonder.

“If Abel hadn’t fired that gun. You wouldn’t be here right now, and he knew that.” Jax wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.

Riona told him what Abel said about his Uncle Thomas and grandfather and Jax managed to smile.

“Abel did the right thing. I need him to know that. No. We need him to know that.” Jax corrected and took Riona’s hand into his own.

“I know what you did Riona. I heard everything…” Riona had this peculiar look about her and Jax caressed the area where Jimmy struck her.

This… Would’ve been Abel.” He said, and a tear trickled down the young woman’s face.

Jax used his thumb to wipe that tear off her cheek. He placed her hand along the area of his heart then looked her in the eyes.

“I’m yours. I need you to know that. Riona…” Jax paused for a moment as he was getting overly emotional.

He cleared his throat.

“There’s a reason. You were there for a reason. I know that sounds terrible considering everything you and your sister endured. But it had to be you. I believe that more than ever. Things like this just don’t happen. I know how that sounds… but trust me when I say if it had been anyone else, Abel wouldn’t be here. I would’ve never found him. So I’m yours, and I don’t mean that in an intimate setting. No. I’m earning that shit. I mean yours as in anything you or Aislinn need, don’t hesitate. Come to me, and it’ll get done.”

“Jackson…” Riona uttered in hesitancy.

“If you don’t… I’ll go out my way to figure it out anyhow. I know you, Riona babe.”

“Do ya now?”

“That’s right. You won’t say it, but I can see it.”

“And what’s that?” The young woman apprehensively questioned.

“You love me; I’m talking head over heels.” Jax uttered with a cocky grin.

Riona’s jaw dropped, and she started to say something sassy in return. Jax, however, saw it coming and put a single finger to her lips.

“But I don’t love you.”

Riona reared back, and Jax nodded.

“That’s right. Riona, I’m captivated and have been ever since I first laid eyes on you. I don’t know how you did it, but there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t think of you. All I had to do was close my eyes, and you were right there. That smile, those eyes, and the way you laugh…” Jax nodded.

“If Abel hadn’t fired that gun, our hearts would’ve been shattered, because he’s just as captivated as I am.”

“Jackson…” Riona uttered in awe.

“Let’s bring the little man in and have that much-needed family talk.”

“Family…” Riona repeated with that nervous twinge in her voice.

Jax, however, saw it for what it was and knew those fears went back to that dreadful husband of hers.

“That’s right. Don’t need a ring for that. That’s not to say I won’t pull one out one day.”

Riona gathered this panic-stricken attendance, and Jax died of laughter.

“Same ole Riona. Relax. I’ll ask when the time is right. Let’s just focus on today and go from there. One step at a time, baby. We got this.”

Chibs was first to wake as Aislinn woke him by whimpering in her sleep. The Scot narrowed his eyes and brushed her hair back with his fingers. The young woman looked as though she were in pain and frightened out of her mind. Chibs ran a soothing hand along her back. Jax entered the men’s room and looked slightly stunned by what he was seeing. The Scot nodded his direction.

“You guys alright?” Jax whispered.

“Aye. Had ta get the slug out.”

Chibs pointed to the bullet in the sink and Jax recoiled.

“Oh man… got lucky!”


“Riona’s been asking about Aislinn.”

Chibs nodded and went to shake Aislinn awake.

“Hold on. I gotta piss first.”

Chibs chuckled as Jax headed to one of the stalls and took a much-needed leak.

“Jaysus, Jackie.” The Scot uttered as he thought he’d never stop.

“Told you. I had to go!” He said before giving himself a little shake.

He tucked himself away then zipped up.

“Thought he’d never stop,” Aislinn whispered, and the boys raised their brows on this.

Aislinn giggled at Jax’s reaction through the mirror. The prez shook his head but with a grin as he washed his hands. The young woman seemed somewhat embarrassed by her and Chibs’s intimate scene. She went to climb down, and Jax was quick to help her as she nearly lost her footing.

“Thanks.” She coyly put, and Jax nodded.

Aislinn went to clean up at the sink but froze once she caught her reflection. This had her thinking back to everything Jimmy had done. Her hands balled up into fists, and she closed her eyes. Chibs hopped on down taking notice.

“Ali…” He whispered.

The young woman forced herself out of it and turned on the sink. Jax looked on with concern as she went to scrub the blood off her face, only it wouldn’t come off, and she was hurting herself in attempts to get it off.

“Hey…” Chibs and Jax softly chorused.

Still, she kept on scrubbing. Chibs was quick to yank her back and Jax cut off the water.

“Where is he?” She hinted, and Jax sighed.

“In the basement.” He murmured.

“I want to see him.”

This had Chibs and Jax exchanging glances.

“Alright, but after you see Riona. She’s worried sick about you.” Jax confirmed.

“About me?!” Aislinn said as he thought back to her sister’s leg and face.

This had Chibs and Jax exchanging glances.

Chibs poured some peroxide onto a handful of paper towels and carefully dabbed at the dried blood on her face and neck.

“Yeah, you,” Jax confirmed.

“But she’s the one that got hurt!”

Jax wanted to laugh at the irony. Riona acted the same way earlier. Naturally, the sisters would care more about one another’s wellbeing over that of their own.

“Hold on…” Jax murmured.

He reached over and went to adjust a blood-spattered area on Aislinn’s blouse. It wasn’t until he tugged on it that he realized it was caked to her back. She let out a bit of a grunt and Jax tilted his head.

“That hurt?”

She nodded, and Jax had Chibs examine the area.

“Jaysus,” Chibs muttered.

It was one of the areas where Jimmy’s belt buckle hit. The buckle sliced her open and the blood had dried causing her blouse to stick to the wound itself.

“We gotta get you cleaned up before ye get an infection.” He said as she was covered in welts.

“I’ll leave you to it and let Riona know you’ll be there soon.”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs waited until Jax was out of the room. He locked the door behind him. Chibs lifted her blouse, and he used his fingers to pry the blouse off the area. The Scot held her blouse with one hand and dug into his medical bag with the other.

“I got blood on your jacket.” She said as if in apology.

It was lying on the counter, and sure enough, there was blood on it as well.

“Ye really think I care aboot that?!”

Chibs swallowed back as he carefully pried the blouse off her back. Aislinn braced herself against the counter as this made her a tad bit lightheaded.

“Ye alright?”

“Just need a sec…”

Chibs took notice of how pale she was and turned on one of the faucets. He splashed some cold water onto her face and kept an arm around her waist just in case.

“You’ll pop those stitches.” Aislinn scolded, and Chibs gazed upon her reflection.

“Then ye’ll just have to nurse me back ta health again darlin’.” He flirtatiously put, and Aislinn blushed.

“Only you, Scotty.”

Chibs thought it best if she just went ahead and showered. The young woman was caked in blood, and he figured the cool water would feel good along those welts. Aislinn sent him a questionable look as he went on to strip her down.

“I figured we could use a shower.”

“Did ya now?”

Chibs would’ve laughed but couldn’t get over how beat up she was. He vowed to keep these girls safe but failed them. This had him thinking back to what Aislinn said.

“Ye said Liam turned on you?”

“Aye… And he’s the one that ratted ya out to Jimmy.”

Chibs recoiled on this. Aislinn told him everything she knew as he too stripped down. He led her into the shower and turned the water on. He wasn’t sure what to say or how to feel about Liam, so he let it be for now.  The cold water hit and the young woman let out a bit of a gasp. She went to change the temp, and Chibs blocked her attempt. Aislinn frowned, and Chibs managed to smile as he stepped into the shower as well.

“It’s not doin’ me any favors either.” He hinted, and Aislinn laughed once she gathered the reference.

It was then it truly dawned on Chibs. This made a first where they were naked together. Sure, he’d seen Aislinn in all her glory before, but this was different and much more intimate. Not the way he imagined it would go, but this was as good as it was going to get, for now.

“Didn’t keep you down for long…” Aislinn remarked in amazement.

Chibs raised his brows as he was at full attention even with the cold water.

“That’s yer fault.”

“Is it now?”

He nodded and showered her back. Aislinn let out a few painful grunts here and there, but Chibs knew he had to get those open wounds taken care of. That and despite her misery the cold water was good for her. Her color returned, and she was looking better already.

“Scotty, ya need to quit worryin’ about me.” She said while running a couple of fingers along his bullet wound.

“That’s like tellin’ me not ta breathe.” He said while caressing her cheek.

“Ye done ruined me, lass. There’s no goin’ back from here.”

Aislinn was at a loss for words as the man feverishly kissed her. She buried her face in his chest, and the Scot took a moment to appreciate the way she felt in his arms. He ran his hands along the small of her back and ass.

It’d be one slippery slope once they got to Charming. But he meant what he said. There was no going back. The Scot was determined to make this work. The Lawless sisters hadn’t a clue though when it came life in the states and how the Sons really dealt with things. He thought back to the Crow Eaters and the porn studio and let out a wretched laugh, only he hadn’t realized he’d done that out loud.

“Ya alright?”

“Oh yeah… Just thinkin’.”


“Ye’ll find out soon enough…” He said knowing Charming would make or break them.

“Linny!” Riona called then sat up on the bed.

“What are ya doin’?! Lay your arse down!” Aislinn scolded, and Chibs resisted the urge to laugh.

“How ye doin’ love?” He asked, and Riona looked to her bandaged leg.

“It’s a wee bit stiff and stings.” She admitted.

“Did Jackie give ye the pills?”

“Aye, I took them just a bit ago.”

“Give them a few minutes ta kick in.”

She nodded as Chibs put on his glasses and removed the gauze. He gave her leg another gander.

“Lookin’ good.” He said and went on to wrap it up again.

“No swellin’.”

He lowered her leg and checked her vitals. Aislinn sent her sister an impish grin, and Riona shook her head as if to scold her.

“Can I getcha anythin’?” Chibs offered.

“I’m good thank you, Chibs.”

“Aye, just let me know.”

Chibs gave Aislinn a mere nod as he gave them some privacy. Once he was out of the room, Riona shook her head again.

“What was that about?”

“What?” Aislinn innocently questioned.

“Ya know what! That wee grin of yours!”

“He’s a doctor!”

Annnd…” Riona pressed wondering where her sister was going with this.

“Ya remember when ma pretended to read our futures, and she told us who we’d end up with?! She said I’d marry a doctor!”

Riona had this stunned look about her and Aislinn nodded.

“Aye, and she said I’d marry…”

“The president!”

Riona died of laughter.

“Somethin’ tells me ma didn’t mean the prez of an MC!” Riona snickered in thought.

“Ya never know! What if ma could see the future?!” Aislinn teased and curled up beside her sister.

“You’re crazy.”

“Aye, but ya love me.”

“Aye, I do.”

Riona reached over and ran her fingers along the marks on her sister’s body.

“Linny…” She whispered with a heavy heart.

“I’m okay, Riona.”

“He didn’t…”

“No, and that’s the truth. He didn’t get the chance.”

Riona drew back a breath of relief. Aislinn rested her head against her sister’s stomach like she used to when she was little. This had Riona running her fingers through her sister’s hair.

“Is Abel alright?” Riona asked.

“Aye, he got a bit of a bump on his noggin’ and broke his wee pinkie.”

“The poor lad…” Riona sadly murmured.

“Could’ve been worse, Riona. I don’t see how ya survived that crash. That was insane. I think ya had an angel lookin’ out for ya.”

“Angel, huh?”

“Aye, his name is Jackson Teller.” Aislinn teased but was half serious.

Aislinn thought back to how Jax climbed up on that ambulance, and she felt like she was in some sort of action movie. The way he held her sister after had the young woman swooning.

“There it is again!” Riona said, and Aislinn giggled.

“I think our boys are just as crazy as we are.” Aislinn murmured but in a dreamlike state.

Aislinn told her sister how Jax and Chibs took on that ambulance and how badass they were. She left nothing out, and Riona had this look of utter amazement. Riona, however, blew Aislinn away with her story.

“Abel did that?!”

“Aye, he’s one brave cookie!”

“He deserves a cookie. Poor lad, I can’t even imagine. He’s so young. No child should face that kind of decision.”

“Aye, but he seemed okay once we talked to him. Abel knows he was in the right when it came to defendin’ himself and someone he cared about. Jax made that perfectly clear but was adamant about not doin’ so unless absolutely necessary.”

“Kind of like pa when he taught us…” Aislinn said in memory and Riona nodded.

“Pretty much.”

“He’s gonna need some TLC.”

“Aye,” Riona said in agreement.

“We should make him cookies every day!”

Riona snorted in thought.

“I’m sure his father would LOVE that!”

Aislinn laughed but grew somewhat serious.

“I want to finish our song.”

“Our song?”

“Aye… The one we were workin’ on. I believe I’ve been struck with a muse. I wanted to see what you thought.”

“Well grab my guitar,” Riona said with a smile and Aislinn got all giddy.

Riona laughed as her sister practically skipped out of the room. She returned with not only Riona’s but Bobby’s guitar.

“We’ll need both…” Aislinn made clear, and this had Riona’s curiosity.


Heart starts to pound

Shaking the ground

This is the sound

Heart starts to pound

Shaking the ground

This is the sound


This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior


The thief of hearts

You roam like a lion

Light in the dark

You steal and kill the victim

This is the sound of the enemy’s gate

This is the sound of me not retreating

I know what you are, and I won’t let you fool me


Fire away

Like tears in rain

Nothing’s forever, let’s rise up together and say


This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

Never give up

Never back down

I will die before I bow

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior


The words that fall from both sides of your lips

Like open drawers and shackles made for my wrist

This is the sound of the captives released

This is the sound of my enemies fleeing

The lights come on

The truth will be my victory


Fire away

Like tears in rain

Nothing’s forever, let’s rise up together and say

Rise up together and say


This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

Never give up

Never back down

I will die before I bow

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior


Heart starts to pound

Shaking the ground

This is the sound

Heart starts to pound

Shaking the ground

This is the sound


Can you hear the captives released?

Can you hear the enemies fleeing?

I can hear the captives released

My victory!


This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior

Never give up

Never back down

I will die before I bow

This is the sound

It’s the sound of the warrior


“Linny…” Riona said once they finished the song.

“Did we just write our first song together?!” Riona added looking astonished, and Aislinn giggled.

“We sure did. Can’t wait to play it on stage!”


“Ye sure about this lass?”


Chibs had this hesitant look about him but understood her feelings on the matter.

“If it becomes too much… ye let me know.”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs took her by the hand as he led her down the basement stairs. They had Jimmy bound to a pole that was bolted to the floor. His mouth had been gagged with a dirty sock. Chibs kept a watchful eye on Aislinn as she made her way over. Padraic and Bobby were in the room as well as they were on guard duty.

“He gets to wear his clothes?” Aislinn bitterly questioned.

“No lass, I hadn’t got to any of that yet.” Chibs had let the boys know he wanted to deal with Jimmy, personally.

Jimmy’s gaze followed Aislinn wherever she went.

“May I?” She asked while pointing to Chibs’s knife.

He nodded then handed it over. Aislinn used that knife to remove Jimmy’s clothes while leaving a few nicks here and there.

“You’re kiddin’…” Aislinn scoffed as Jimmy had a hard-on.

Jimmy sent her a wink and Chibs gritted his teeth on this. He was about to intervene when Aislinn held up a hand. Aislinn tested her theory, by running the tip of that blade along Jimmy’s dick and it was just she thought… It was throbbing. The guys couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Jimmy gave Aislinn a nod as if challenging her.

“Aye, ya wanna play.” Aislinn darkly put, and Jimmy nodded.

Chibs was about to lose his shit. How could this motherfucker get hard knowing he was about to be tortured and die?! The Scot knew it had something to do with Aislinn. She’d become a sick fantasy of Jimmy’s. Chibs thought back to Jimmy’s Fiona comment and could feel the bile rising within the back of his throat.

“Ali…” Chibs called as she circled Jimmy.

The two locked eyes for a moment and Chibs could see it written all over her face. She needed that closure, and he couldn’t take that away from her. Aislinn handed Chibs’s knife back. The Scot cocked a brow as she went on to unbuckle his belt. Like that of Jimmy, she took it off with one swift motion. The Scot would’ve found that a massive turn on if it wasn’t for the situation. Chibs tilted his head and watched as she made her way back to Jimmy. The young woman gave no warning whatsoever. She took Chibs’s SAMCRO buckle across Jimmy’s erection and as hard as she could.

“WHOA!” Padraic and Bobby hollered as a cracking sound followed this.

Jimmy hollered out in agony and looked down. Chibs recoiled as Jimmy’s dick went soft and was suffering from a penile fracture. The man’s penis was swollen all to hell, and it was the most disgusting thing Chibs had ever seen. “Dude! It looks like a corndog that blew up in the microwave.” They heard as Tig entered the basement. This made Chibs, and every other man in the room’s dick hurt, just looking at it. Aislinn, however, wasn’t done. She placed that belt around his dick and tightened it. She looked Jimmy in the eyes as she gave it a good tug. The man had tears streaming down his face, and Aislinn smiled.

“There we are.” She uttered in such a way that gave the Scot chills.

“That’s where I want you.”

“SHIT!” Bobby hollered as Aislinn jerked on that belt with all she had and the buckle cut into Jimmy’s foreskin and his dick was hanging on by a thread.

A puddle of blood formed on the floor. She dropped the belt then looked to Chibs.

“He’s all yours.” She said, and Chibs nodded.

Aislinn started to exit the room as Chibs made it clear he didn’t want her in here for what he was about to do. He didn’t want her seeing that side of him. Chibs reached out, however, stopping her.

“I need you and Riona to take the wee one out of the clubhouse for a bit.”

“We can do that.” She said, and Chibs gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

Chibs had his nephew escort her on out of the basement, and Chibs waited until he had word that the girls and Abel were out of the clubhouse. Jax entered the basement then handed Chibs the crowbar and bottle of lube he’d requested.

“Goddamn…” Jax uttered once he saw what Aislinn had done to Jimmy.


“She did that?!”

The boys nodded, and Jax chuckled as he got a better look.

“Don’t ever piss her off!” Jax warned, and Chibs chuckled.

“Right?!” Chibs uttered but with this look of pride.

Chibs sat the lube and crowbar down on one of the shelves. He went on to free Jimmy and removed his gag. Jimmy regarded Chibs in confusion.

“First thing’s first… Where’s Keri?”

Jimmy’s eyes were watering, and he found it hard to breathe after what Aislinn had done.

“I asked ye a question, and I had better get an answer. Where is Keri?”

“I don’t know. The wee gash took off!”

The way Jimmy said this had Chibs tilting his head in question.

“Why’d ye take her?”

“Aye now, I didn’t take her. She came, willingly.”

“You’re full of shite, Keri wouldn’t leave her mother.”

“Aye, but she would if she had a dirty secret.”

Jimmy was growing paler by the second and knew he was going to die. Still, he wanted to give Chibs that last swift punch to the gut and knew this was the one way.


“Tell me, Filip, why do ya think I took such an interest in wee lil virgins?”

Chibs’s knew where this was going and felt the urge to vomit.

“Ye didn’t…”

“Aye, but I did. Several times. Keri gave me just want I wanted. But she got old, and I wanted to know that feelin’ again. Virgins… just somethin’ about them. So sweet. Keri was very sweet on her first go.”

“Jimmy, ye fool.” Chibs closed his eyes then pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Keri isn’t mine…” The Scot uttered, and Jimmy tilted his head on this.

Chibs opened his eyes, and they locked with Jimmy’s.

“What are ya goin’ on about?!”

“She was never mine. Jimmy, ye just admitted ta rapin’ yer own flesh and blood.”

Jimmy half laughed and was holding his privates (or what was left of them).

“You’ll say anythin’, won’t ya?” Jimmy weakly put, and Chibs shook his head.

“When have I ever lied ta ye?”

Jimmy staggered back, and Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Ye deserve everythin’ ye got comin’,” Chibs said with tears in his eyes.

“Yer aboot ta experience everythin’ Aislinn and Keri did.” Chibs grabbed the crowbar then lubed it up.

“Like I said… I like me a fighter, I’m talkin’ claws, and ya had better be a screamer…” Chibs quoted, and Jimmy’s eyes widened in fear.

The others were quick to grab him, and they shoved Jimmy towards Chibs. The Scot kept his word and Jimmy died knowing what it was like to beat and raped to death.

“Leave us,” Jax ordered, and the others left the room.

Chibs just stood there, crowbar still in hand and was looking at Jimmy’s lifeless body. Jax inched his way over and pried the crowbar out of Chibs’s hand.

“What have I done? She wasn’t mine, but I feel responsible all the same.” Jax’s heart hit the pit of his stomach as his VP looked to him with desperation.

“Filip, you didn’t do this, and you know it. You did everything you could. You haven’t any control over Fiona or Keri’s choices.”

“He’d been rapin’ her for years. I SHOULD’VE DONE SOMETHIN’, ANYTHIN’.” Chibs slapped his hand along the tattoo he had.


“Against the entire IRA?! That wasn’t something you could handle on your own, and you know it. You needed us Sons, JT said so himself! He told you not to do this to yourself, remember?!”


“But you prevented that from happening. We got there, in time, because of you.”

Chibs shook his head, and Jax placed his hands along his shoulders.

“Look at me, brother…”

The Scot lifted his eyes.

“Jimmy’s gone. He can’t hurt Keri, or Aislinn, or anyone else ever again. I’m sure Keri’s back with her mother. And maybe Fiona will wise up now that Jimmy’s out of the picture.”

“There is no wisin’ up when it comes ta that woman. I’ve been tryin’ for years.”

Jax nodded in perfect understanding. That’s about how he felt when it came to Tara.

“But they’re free of Jimmy…”

Chibs nodded, and Jax hugged him.

“I love you, Filip. You hear me. I love you, and I won’t let you do this to yourself. I know Aislinn would agree.”

Riona wrapped her arm around her sister as they watched Abel play at a nearby park. Aislinn leaned into Riona and was doing whatever she could to keep from flat-out bawling. She thought she’d feel better after getting that much-needed revenge, but that wasn’t the case. If anything, she felt worse than she had. It hadn’t anything to do with guilt. No, she felt justified. In fact, she wished she could’ve gone further than she had, but Chibs deserved some of that revenge, and she wasn’t about to take that away from him. So she made herself stop before taking things too far.

Aislinn thought back to Jimmy pulling her into his lap, with the intention of having his way with her, again, right in the ambulance. The driver laughed like it was one big joke and was staring at her when Jimmy was in attempts to remove her clothes. Aislinn closed her eyes then stepped out from her sister’s hold.

“Linny?” Riona called with concern.

Aislinn sat at the fountain and dipped her fingers into the water.

“How’d ya do it, Riona?”

“What’s that, love?”

“Overcome it?” Aislinn hinted, and Riona nodded.

Riona sat beside her sister then waved Abel’s direction as he was going down the slide. He waved in return and went back to sliding. Riona laughed as Padraic took turns with Abel, like a big kid himself.

“I don’t think it’s somethin’ you overcome. If anythin’… You learn to adapt. In the end, it made me stronger.”



“I don’t feel very strong.”

“But ya are. You’re one of the strongest people I know.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Linny love, ya are. I’ve always envied that spirit of yours.”

“Envied me?!”

“Aye. You say and do things I wouldn’t have the nerve to say or do. I wish I did. Could’ve saved me a lot of heartache if I had been more like ya when it came ta Nicholas.” Riona thought back to how her sister took that chair across her husband’s back and smiled.

“I love ya,” Riona said then kissed her sister’s forehead.

“You’ll get through this. Just remember, I’m here, and always will be. If ya need ta vent or have yourself a good cry, then do it.”

Riona came to her feet hobbled about as she and went on to play with Abel. Aislinn looked to the phone Chibs had given her and was looking at his picture.

“Hey…” She heard and damn near jumped out of her skin.

“Bobby!” She scolded, and he smiled.

“I’m not that scary!” He teased with a warm smile.

“Chibs says you can come back when you’re ready.” He said but sat beside her.

He handed something over, and Aislinn regarded him in question.

“Just open it.

The young woman opened the instrument case revealing a custom made fiddle. It had skulls engraved into it, giving it that SAMCRO feel.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s yours,” Bobby said.

Chibs had told him what happened between Aislinn and her father and how she destroyed her fiddle and guitar. This was around the same time Bobby realized he didn’t stand a chance. It was the way Chibs talked about her. Bobby hadn’t seen the Scot that enamored with anyone.


“I have no use for it. Just something I kept around when visiting Belfast, never even used it. Hell, I only bought it because of the design. Badass, huh?”

“This looks expensive.”

Bobby shrugged like it was no big deal and came to his feet. He started towards his bike and Aislinn called to him. He pivoted around, and the young woman hopped to her feet and hugged him.

“Thank you, Elvis.”

Bobby nodded and hugged her in return.

“Between you and me…? I kind of dig the whole Elvis thing. Gets me all shook up.” He said with a wink and Aislinn laughed.

“Keep it up darlin’.” He hinted as to her calling him by his middle name.

Aislinn gave the man a tearful smile.

“Tell you what… How bout you play for me sometime, and we’ll call it even? Deal?”

“Aye, deal.”

“Alright.” Bobby sighed and ran a single finger along one of the marks on her face.

“This shouldn’t have happened, not under our watch. I’m sorry.”

Aislinn gave a simple nod as she wasn’t sure what to say.

“So you and Chibs, huh?” Bobby muttered with disappointment.


“I would’ve spoiled you! You know that, right?” Bobby said with a grin, and Aislinn giggled.

“I don’t doubt that.”

“Could’ve been my emerald princess… But you went and fucked that up.”

“Princess, aye?”

“Damn right.”

Bobby meant it too. If he could’ve bagged someone like Aislinn Lawless, the man would’ve groveled at her feet and would’ve happily been pussy whipped.

Aislinn, on the other hand, wasn’t sure what to think. She wasn’t used to all this attention. Brodie was the only one to ever flirt with her like that, outside the usual pubs that is. Her sister always got the attention. Men adored Riona and Aislinn always felt like the oddball and ugly duckling in comparison.

This had Aislinn regarding Riona in thought. She laughed as Riona was limping around in attempts to keep up with Abel. This brought Aislinn back to when she was little. Riona would go out her way, no matter how tired or sick she was. Riona always gave her all when it came to Aislinn. A knot formed within the back of her throat and Aislinn nodded amongst herself. If Riona could overcome everything Nicholas had her endure and recent events then so could she. It wouldn’t happen overnight, but Aislinn was determined. But even with this determination, fear was woven deep into her heart. She needed to be the warrior her sister was. In fact, Riona had become her inspiration…

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Warrior Part 2”

  1. well that is one monster gone for the moment now there is a few others i know that are coming their way just from the way you write. and your muse loves to keep us guessing and to keep at the edge of our seat, waiting and wanting to know what happens next.

    Jimmy got what he deserved from ali and then from the others that is hell of a thing that he did for the girls and for what happened in the other chapter with Abel… well that is one very brave little boy who had the smarts and know how about guns… he did what he thought was best and not many could do that so he is Aces in my book…

    another excellent chapters and scenes as always loving your stories and your muse when she inspires you. i hope you two keep dancing and writing perfectly together. until next time *bows*

  2. Omg I am in literal tears over Abel. After all that action with the ambulance, sweet Abel broke my heart! Poor baby having to make that call. Ha! Learn how to count bullets asshole! Aww Jax and Riona are so sweet! He’s just UGH so cute lol. Just as adorbs as Chibs and Aislin. Oh shite I almost feel bad for Jimmy’s willie……almost lol. Damn what a revelation about Kerianne. Like dude…jist messed up. SIGH another great chapter love!!

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