Chapter 13 – After the Storm

Chapter 13 – After The Storm

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“Linny, ya gotta see this!” Riona called as Chibs and Aislinn were about to board the ship.

“Don’t be long love. We gotta get goin’.” Chibs uttered and went on to load his and Aislinn’s bags.

“It a dolphin! Happy say it a baby!” Abel excitably put and pointed towards the baby dolphin.

“Never seen a baby dolphin before,” Aislinn said and hunkered down to get a better look.

“And there’s its mom!” Aislinn declared, and Riona laughed at her sister’s rather childish mannerism.

“Where?!” Abel asked, and Happy brought the boy up on his shoulders, so he could get a better look.

The Son pointed towards the mother up ahead, and Abel smiled.

“She wanna make sure her baby okay,” Abel said with a nod.

“Aye,” Riona said in agreement.

That everything?!” They heard as Jax, and the others finished loading everything up.

“Yep!” Bobby hollered in response.

The president pivoted around and was about to call for his son and the girls when the squealing of tires was heard, and several gunshots followed this.

“GET DOWN!” Jax shouted.

Happy looked to the girls as he was quick to bring Abel off his shoulders. He used his body to shield the boy.

“ON THE BOAT!” Happy shouted as he pointed towards a nearby marine boat.

Riona nodded in understanding and hauled ass that direction. Happy kept a protective hold on Abel and while doing his best to keep the girls covered as well. He tossed Abel Riona’s direction, and she braced herself before she caught him. Happy spun back around and fired a few shots as he was backing up towards the boat.

“HAPPY!” Aislinn screamed as he lost his footing and nearly fell.

The young woman let out a grunt as she broke his fall and pulled him onto the boat. The two locked eyes for a brief moment before Happy aimed his gun at the owner of the boat.

“KEYS!” He ordered, and Riona hid Abel’s face into her chest.

The man handed the keys over, and Happy shoved him out of the boat.

“SORRY!” Aislinn called as the man was swimming towards the docks.

She snapped her head back the Sons’ direction as they were doing whatever they could to keep those men from getting to the girls and Abel.

“Scotty…” she whispered with a heavy heart as he was among them.

“GET DOWN LINNY!” Riona cried as a bullet whizzed right past her.

“WE CAN’T LEAVE THEM!” Aislinn shouted as Happy started the boat.


“LINNY!” Riona screamed as one of the men managed to sneak on board from one of the other docks.

The man had his gun aimed, right for Aislinn. Happy peered back and went to fire his gun when someone beat him to the punch.

“Scotty…” Aislinn whispered.

The Scot gave a mere nod and kept cover as Happy sped away.

“EVERYONE ALRIGHT?!” Jax called once everything died down.

The shooters had taken off.

“Aye,” Chibs replied after checking on Juice and Opie.

“We’re good!” Clay hollered and stepped out with Bobby and Half-Sack.

Tig gave a thumbs up after patting himself down for any bullet holes.

“Jesus.” Jax murmured after looking to the shells on the ground.

He bent down and picked one of them up. The president shook his head in disbelief. This had him snapping his head back towards the area where his son and the girls originally were.

“They’re safe. Happy’s with them.” Chibs said after making his way over.

Jax let out a breath of relief, and Chibs patted him on the back.

“So… That was one HELL of a message.” Clay murmured, and the Sons nodded in agreement.

“Fucking Galen… You should’ve shot him when you had the chance.” Jax said, and Clay rolled his eyes.

“Who said I had one?!” The Son fired back then gestured towards his shoulder as a reminder.

Jax didn’t answer. He wouldn’t put it past Clay to have done that himself. They should’ve kicked Clay out of SAMCRO a long time ago. Jax was determined to get him voted out, one way or another, once they got to Charming.

“So now what?” Tig asked hoping to break the tension a bit.

“We head on out. Happy will find us if we don’t find him first.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Chibs uttered.

“Are you alright lad?” Riona questioned as she was checking Abel over, from head to toe.

“I is okay,” Abel replied with a quivery lip.

“Them monsters try and get us again?”

This had Aislinn and Riona exchanging glances.

“When does it end?” Aislinn whispered, and her sister sighed amongst herself.

She too was beginning to wonder. Happy overheard this and killed the motor. They were running out of gas anyhow.

“We’ll put an end to it.” Happy vowed and with a simple nod as he joined the girls and Abel.

“So now what?” Aislinn asked as they were floating about, in the middle of nowhere.

“We wait…” Happy murmured with a shrug.

“Think they’ll find us?”

“You know it,” he replied.

Abel was curled up in Riona’s lap and clinging to her for dear life.

“Let’s see what’s in this ice box,” Aislinn said as she came to her feet.

“What is it?” Riona asked as she heard her sister giggle.

“It’s full of booze and water!”

Aislinn grabbed one of the bottles of water and tossed it Riona’s direction.

“For the wee one,” Aislinn said before grabbing three beers and making her way back.

“For us!” She announced, and Happy chuckled as she handed one of the beers over.

Abel drank his water then came to his feet.

“Careful love,” Riona called as he was looking out to sea.

“I no see daddy.”

“He’ll be here.” Happy assured and Abel sighed.

“You says daddy take care of the monsters…” Abel said while pointing Aislinn’s direction.

“But you lie.”

“Abel!” Riona scolded in disbelief.

Aislinn recoiled on the boy’s words.

“But she does. She say no worry no more. But she lie.”

Happy cleared his throat on this.

“Don’t be pointing that finger at anyone kid.” Happy said.

He reached over and lowered the boy’s hand.

“She didn’t lie to you, and your old man is doing everything he can.” The Son added as Aislinn seemed to be on the brink of tears.

“I’d never lie to ya, not on purpose lad.” The young woman expressed but in a defeated tone.

“Daddy lie and you lie! I no lie! I no believe you ANYMORE!”

“That’s enough Abel!” Riona scolded in a motherly-like manner.

She hadn’t meant for it to come out like that but it did. Abel craned his neck Riona’s direction, and she gave a firm nod.

“Apologize, lad. Linny didn’t deserve that, and ya know it, as to your father, Happy’s right. Jackson’s doin’ everythin’ he can.”

“He doesn’t have to apologize, Riona. I led the boy astray. I’m sorry, Abel. I thought we were in the clear. It was never my intention to lie to you just as it wasn’t your father’s. These things… they happen. We have no real control of the situation even as adults.”

Aislinn cleared her throat then wiped a stray tear from her cheek. She’d never been told off by a kid before, and as much as she loved children, it hit her right in the feels. She grabbed another beer and took a corner to herself. Riona shook her head. Aislinn had a lot to learn when it came to men and children. Riona, however, saw it for what it was. Abel was upset and acting out because he needed to vent. His little mind just couldn’t wrap itself around all this crazy. Aislinn had become the target for his frustrations.

“Keep an eye on him will ya?” Riona asked, and Happy nodded as he pulled the boy into his lap.

“Ya shouldn’t take what he says to heart. He’s just a child and needed to flue (vent). I’m sorry he picked ya as the target.”

“Remind me to never have children.” Aislinn teased, and Riona laughed.

“Oh Linny, you’ll make a fine mother one day, and ya know it. You’ll have little Chibis runnin’ around everywhere.”


“That’s right. Little Scottys everywhere!”

Aislinn snorted in thought.

“Aye, and each one of them will go on about how I let them down.”

“Nah… So ya got a lot to learn. You’ll get there. Just give it some time. Don’t go doubtin’ yourself before ya even get there. I’ve seen ya. Ya got what it takes to make a great wife and mother one day.”

“I know you do. You’re just like ma.” Aislinn said.

“I miss her.”

“Aye me too, every day.”

Abel took both girls by surprise as he snuck his way over and hugged Aislinn.

“I is sorry. I no mean it.” Abel said, and this had Riona looking Happy’s direction.

He sent her a bit of a wink and went back to looking out to sea. Riona smiled amongst herself. She was rather curious however on what all Happy said to him. Whatever it was must’ve been what Abel needed. He was in better spirits, and his apology was sincere.

“I no supposed to be mean to my friends. You and Riona my bestest friends. I sorry Linny. I no you no lie. I wove you!’

Aislinn hugged the boy in return and Riona made her way to the icebox. She grabbed another beer and handed it to Happy.

“Not sure what ya said but ya sure lit a fire under him.”

“Just treated him like a little man of mayhem.” Happy murmured with a shrug and took a plunge off that beer.

“Kid tends to think more like an adult. Guess cause he’s always around us.” Happy added and Riona nodded thinking that made perfect sense.

“Just be real with him that’s all the kid wants.”

“Guess we should be thankin’ ya.”

Happy narrowed his eyes on this.

“For savin’ our arses back there.”

“You’re SAMCRO now.” He said as though it were a matter of fact.

“Happy…” Aislinn called with apprehension in her voice.

The Son shot up as an orange boat was making its way towards them.

“Shit.” Happy muttered under his breath.

“What is it?!” Riona asked.

Happy rounded the girls and Abel up and had them gathered into a corner of the boat.

“Don’t move.” He said and checked the bullets in his gun.

He sighed as he only had three left.

“You ladies got some heat?”

Both of them nodded.

“Good. We might be needing it.” Happy warned but with a nervous chuckle as a helicopter was on its way as well.

Aislinn rolled her eyes in realization.

“Coastguards… Someone must’ve reported the boat stolen.”

“Oh, Mary…” Riona murmured.

“We have to hide the boy,” Riona said in a panic.

Aislinn cringed in thought. That was the last thing they needed. If those guards got ahold of Abel (an American child), it’d be damn near impossible to get him back.

“But where Riona?! There’s nothin’!”

Riona drew back a hesitant breath on this. She looked to Abel.

“Listen, love; I need ya to go with whatever Linny and I say or do. Ya understand?” Riona said as the boat and helicopter were almost there.

“Okay.” Abel bravely put, and Riona hugged him.

Aislinn looked to Happy in thought.

“You’re Riona’s husband, and that’s your wee one.”

“Looks nothing like me.” Happy witted and Aislinn snorted.

“Guess ya should’ve been payin’ more attention… She must’ve got bored of ya. Got yourself a bastard child now.” Aislinn playfully whispered in return, and Happy laughed.

“The bitch… So what’s that make you bitch number two?”

“You wish. I’m the crazy aunt.” Aislinn murmured as she thought back to Jax’s words.

“Put your gun away.” Riona hissed Happy’s direction.

Happy reared back and cut Riona a ‘look’.

“She’s right. They see you with that gun, and they’ll send off an alert. We should be fine… they don’t carry.” Aislinn whispered.

Happy shook his head but put the gun away.

“Now go hold your wife.”

The Son reared back, and Aislinn sighed.

“You want to get out of this, right?”

Happy rolled his eyes but went on and wrapped his arm around Riona. He was doing his best to seem like a loving husband and father. Aislinn resisted the urge to laugh. She’d never seen a man so uncomfortable.

“Loosen up. Ya, look like ya swallowed a lemon.”

The coast guard parked beside the boat and a couple men welcomed themselves on board.

“Are ya alright?” One of the guards questioned, and Aislinn put on her best front.

“Aye, do ya mind tellin’ us what this is all about?”

“We got a call about a potential hostage situation.” The man said looking somewhat confused as he regarded Happy and Riona.

Happy had his arms wrapped around her waist, and Riona had hers along Abel’s shoulders.

“Hostage situation?!” Aislinn replied with a giggle.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well as you can see we’re in no danger. Sounds like a bogus call if ya ask me. Sorry, they wasted your time.”

The man tilted his head as he looked the four of them over.

“That there is my brother-in-law, sister, and nephew!”

The man nodded.

“And the boat?” He asked.

“What about it?”

“It was reported stolen.”

Aislinn rolled her eyes.

“I knew that son of a bitch would pull this. Listen here, this is MY boat, and he’s not gettin’ it back until he signs the fuckin’ divorce papers.”

Riona was rather impressed by the ploy her sister was putting on. This reminded Riona of the old days when their father would pull stunts like this. That’s what she meant by Aislinn not losing that side of Alastar.

“You mean to tell me that the man that reported this is YOUR husband?” The man questioned in disbelief.

“Aye, but not for long. I can’t believe he had the nerve to report this boat stolen. I took my sister and her family out a wee outin’, and this is how he reacts?! And to go as far as to call this a hostage situation on top of that… Ya, see why we’re gettin’ that divorce now?!”

The man half laughed and nodded.

“You have the insurance and title handy?”

“Aye,” Aislinn uttered and headed off like she was going to get it.

Happy however was on edge as he observed these guards every move. Something was ‘off’. The man followed Aislinn towards the head of the boat.

“Where’s the heat?” Happy hintingly whispered in Riona’s ear.

The Son kept up the act however by pecking her on the neck. What he hadn’t expected was to find himself a little too happy below the belt. If Jax knew what he was thinking about right now… He’d kill him only to dig him up, bring him back to life, and kill him all over again. Happy cleared his throat figuring he was a dead man anyhow. Something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t shoot these bastards without getting the girls or Abel killed. Then he’d have his VP and Prez after his ass. Happy was a dead man walking, and he knew it.

“Right leg, thigh level, holster.” Riona lovingly replied, and Happy nodded as he lifted her skirt just enough to reach to it just in case.

That only added to his misery. Nothing like wanting to bone your boss’s old lady… Fucking Aislinn. This was all her fault. What was she thinking?! Happy thought as Riona even smelled like sex and that milky white thigh of hers was nice and inviting. Dead man. Happy reminded himself.

Aislinn played along as she pretended to look for the insurance and title.

“Funny thing…” She heard the man say as he was standing directly behind her.

He was so close she could feel him breathing against her neck.

“You say that man is your sister’s husband. But the man that phoned this in… says she’s HIS wife, not yours. You’re Aislinn, and she’s Riona, right?”

Aislinn thickly swallowed and pivoted around.

“Now how would ya know somethin’ like that, lad?”

The man backed her up against the wheel of the boat. He opened his jacket just enough to reveal that he was carrying.

“I see… friends in high places.” The young woman murmured as this brought back dreadful memories of Nicholas and how he used his authority as an officer to get whatever he wanted.

“So are you all workin’ for Galen or…”

“Just me.” The man admitted, and Aislinn smiled.

“That’s all I needed to know love.” The way she said this had the man narrowing his eyes in question.

A gunshot sounded, and the man looked down in shock. Chibs had slipped her gun into her jacket pocket before they went to board the ship. There was a hole now where the bullet pierced through. Aislinn was quick to disarm him then pocketed his gun.

Happy took that gunfire as a sign. He grabbed Riona’s gun and shot the two men standing before them. Riona kept a good hold on Abel and was doing whatever she could to keep him safe and from seeing what all was taking place. Happy took the Lawless sisters by surprise when he leaped out and grabbed ahold of the ladder the men had dropped down. The sisters looked on in amazement as Happy was dealing with another man trying to get on the boat. The struggle ended with Happy shooting him and climbing on up.

“He’s mad!” Riona hollered.

“Yeah, he is,” Aislinn said with a grin.

“I wouldn’t do that…” Aislinn warned as one of the men went to radio this in.

The man looked on rather panicked as Aislinn had her gun pointed his direction.

“Please lady; I’m just a volunteer, unarmed at that!”

“Then you best get on your knees, shut that trap of yours, and behave.”

“Linny?!” Riona uttered in disbelief but with a touch of a grin.

Aislinn sent her sister a wink as she had the two guards on their knees.

“Ya should’ve let me keep the launcher!”

“What good would that do us now?!”

“I could’ve taken the copter out.”

“Oh Linny, there is no hope for you is there?!”

“Sure there is,” Aislinn said and thought back to how brave Riona was when she saved her and Abel.

Riona only assumed this was Aislinn taking after their father. She hadn’t a clue that she was Aislinn’s inspiration in all this.

Happy peered into the helicopter, and one of the men shot at him. The Son was quick to take cover and returned the favor. The man let out a painful grunt and stumbled towards Happy. Happy took advantage of the situation by reaching over and yanking the man on out of the helicopter. He dropped him into the ocean and entered the helicopter.

“OH SHIT!” The pilot hollered and went to call this in, only to have Happy shoot the radio out of his hand.

The man cried out in horror as he’d a couple fingers missing as well. Happy make a tsk-like sound and marched on over. It wasn’t until the pilot shot to his feet that Happy realized this guy was a foot taller and had a couple hundred pounds on him. Happy thought it a wonder the helicopter could even hold that much weight. Happy let out a painful grunt as the man caught him off guard and knocked the gun out of his hand.

“…fuck…” Happy muttered as the man slammed his face up against the control panel.

The helicopter tilted onto its side and Happy grimaced as he heard the girls shriek out. He looked out the window and saw where the blades were about to hit the boat they were in. The Son fought to gain the upperhand, and while trying to keep the helicopter balanced, so it didn’t collide with the boat. He let out a breath or relief seeing as how the girls and Abel managed to get off the boat and onto the coastguard boat just before the crash. That crash, however, knocked Happy out of the helicopter.

“HAPPY!” They shouted as the Son fell into the ocean.

Aislinn didn’t give it another thought. She took off her jacket then leaped in after him.

“LINNY!” Riona shouted as the helicopter went up in flames then crashed into the ocean and right where her sister had dived in.

Aislinn felt the vibration of the helicopter hitting the water, and she looked up seeing the fire along the surface. She shook her head but kept up the search.

“Where Linny and Happy?!” Abel cried as neither of them had popped up yet.

“I have no idea love,” Riona admitted with a hand over her heart.

“IT DADDY!” Abel pointed towards a nearby ship, and sure enough, Jax was at the head of it and waving their direction.

They were so focused on Happy and Aislinn they hadn’t taken notice of the ship coming from the opposite direction.

“Oh thank God,” Riona whispered and crossed herself.


Riona snapped her head back towards the ocean.

“HELP ME!” Aislinn desperately cried as she had Happy in her hold.

“Stay put love,” Riona told Abel as she took off her jacket and dived in after them.

It was a bit of a struggle, but they managed to get Happy onto the boat. Aislinn’s lips were a nice shade of blue as she started CPR.

“Come on, lad.” She said during chest compressions.

Abel’s bottom lip quivered as he looked on.

“No die Happy. Please!” He cried.

Riona lifted the boy into her arms and was doing her best to console him.

“COME ON!” Aislinn shouted and punched at his sternum.

Chibs and Jax found a way onto the boat and Chibs was about to take over when Happy projectile vomited. Aislinn pulled a face of utter disgust as it hit her right in the face and it was running down her neck. She slapped Happy across the face, and Happy sent her a what the fuck look.

“I save your life, and that’s how ya thank me?! That was bloody disgustin’!” She said before wiping the vomit off with the back of her hand and gagging.

Riona covered her mouth in tearful laughter, and Chibs chuckled a well but with a sigh of relief.

“Did you have to slap me?!” Happy irately barked.

“Did ya have to blow chunks?!” She fired back but went on to help Happy to his feet.

The Scot checked Happy over as Aislinn darted over towards the edge of the boat and puked.

“Ya alright?” Her sister called with concern.

“Just havin’ Pepper flashbacks!” Aislinn replied, and Riona snorted.

“No man is worth that!” Aislinn added before upchucking yet again.

“Don’t get married then!” Her sister teased.

Aislinn gathered this horrified presence, and Riona died of laughter.

“What does marriage hafta do with that?!”

“Sickness and health, love. It’s kind of a packaged deal.”

“Oh the hell with that shite!” Aislinn said, and Chibs raised his brows on this.

Jax sent the Scot a sympathetic glance then patted him on the back. Chibs incoherently grumbled under his breath as he and Jax got Happy onto one of the lifeboats. The Sons pulled on the rope and brought Happy on board. They lowered the boat back down, and Jax loaded Riona and Abel onto it. He signaled for them to go on knowing it couldn’t handle much more weight.

“Go on Jackie,” Chibs said after they dropped the boat down again.

Jax nodded and hopped on. Aislinn peered over once she got the spewing out of her system.  The Scot gave a simple nod, and Aislinn took off running. She hugged him, and Chibs kissed the top of her head.

“Yer alright lass.” Chibs soothingly whispered.

“It wasn’t me I was worried about,” Aislinn said and thought back to how he saved her life, yet again, and how those men shooting at the Sons.

Chibs cupped her chin and his eyes locked with hers.

“We done had this conversation. I’m not goin’ anywhere Ali.”

“Ya better not.”

“Aye, same goes for you pet.”

Jax closed his eyes as he hugged Riona and his son. He looked to Happy and mouthed the words “thank you”. Happy gave a mere nod before Bobby rushed him inside.

“You found us, daddy,” Abel said.

“I’ll always find you, both of you,” Jax vowed while looking into Riona’s eyes.

Both girls were suffering from hypothermia, but Happy was worse off at the moment.

“Go,” Aislinn said behind a cough once she and Chibs were on board.

“Aye. But you and Riona had better get showered and inta somethin’ warm.” Chibs sternly put.

“I’ll make sure they do,” Jax said, and Chibs hurried off so he could check on Happy.

Jax had the girls grab their bags then he escorted them to the shower area. The president kept an eye out as the ship had a crew on board. He wasn’t taking any chances. Aislinn and Riona were the only women on board.

“Better?” He asked once they stepped out and was fully dressed.

“Much,” Riona said, and Aislinn nodded.

She was gurgling some mouthwash and spit it into the sink.

“I think she’s gone through an entire bottle,” Riona said with a grin.

“Stuff it, Riona.” Aislinn bitterly put.

“Aye now… Ya saved his life.”

“At what price?!” Aislinn scoffed after sloshing some more mouthwash around and spitting yet again.

Jax shook his head but with a chuckle.

“You don’t mean that!” Riona scolded.

“Don’t tell me what I mean and don’t mean!”

“Ya’d do it all over again if it meant savin’ his life.”

Aislinn grumbled under her breath as Riona stopped her from taking another hit.

“I think ya got it.”

“Can’t be too sure,” Aislinn said but grew somewhat emotional.


“I thought he was dead. I mean… he sure looked it.”

Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“Ya should’ve seen him floatin’ about. I thought I was too late.”

“But ya weren’t. Ya did good Linny.”

“Riona’s right. You saved his life darlin’.”

“He saved ours first,” Aislinn said with utmost respect.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Jax uttered in such a way.

“Are ya alright?” Aislinn asked as Jax seemed rather jumbled himself.

“That was close. Too close.” Jax murmured as he kissed the top of Abel’s head.

“One too many, ladies.” Jax murmured in a defeated tone.

The way he said this had Riona on edge.

“Look, we gotta talk babe but after I put Abel down for a nap.”

“You’re startin’ to scare me,” Riona admitted, and Jax sighed.

“Not meaning to but I’m afraid there’s been a change in plans. You two grab you something to eat. I want you to stick with our guys. I know nothing about this crew, so watch your backs. Keep some heat on you.”

Riona nodded and took her sister’s hand into her own. Jax grabbed their bags then pointed towards the kitchen.

“Don’t get lost. This ship is massive.” Jax said as they were on an enormous cargo ship.

In fact, the ship was so spacious; the boys had already mapped out an area for them to sleep and had no choice but to put the girls and Abel with them. They couldn’t chance it, not with everything the girls and Abel had been through. The girls entered the kitchen where the Sons and some of the crew were. Riona dragged her sister along, and they sat between Chibs and Tig.

“How is he?” Aislinn hinted, and Chibs lifted his eyes.

“He’s good. Restin’ but good.”

Aislinn let out a breath of relief.

“Think word will get back?” Riona questioned as to the guards.

“They’d be on us by now if that were the case.”

This had the sisters looking to one another in liberation. Chibs’s attention, however, was on a specific table of men. He’d overheard them talking about the Lawless sisters. One man, in particular, was looking to Riona in awe. One of his buddies patted him on the back as he came to his feet and approached the table where the girls and Chibs were.

“You don’t happen to be Riona Lawless do you?” The man questioned, and Riona gathered this troublesome look.

The man nodded Aislinn’s direction.

“And you must be Abigail.”

“Aislinn…” The young woman corrected.

Right…” The man dismissively put, and his focus went back to Riona.

Chibs was beginning to see what Aislinn had been referring to when it came to her sister. The entire table was eying Riona and this one guy was seeing stars. He went on and on about how big of a fan he was but every time Riona brought her sister up he shrugged it off, even after Riona let it known that her sister wrote most of the songs. Riona however had the stage presence men often preferred and her voice seemed to outshine Aislinn’s, at least that’s the way Aislinn saw things. Aislinn said nothing on it and finished her plate. The whole table had ventured towards theirs and chairs were gathered around Riona. These men were asking all sorts of questions. Aislinn came to her feet and put her dishes away. Something about the way those men were dismissing her was getting under Chibs’s skin. Not that he wanted them flirting with her the way they were flirting with Riona. But he didn’t like how they acted as if she wasn’t even there. That was a strange feeling after dealing with Kip, Bobby, and Brodie. Chibs hadn’t seen this side she’d mentioned before. He found it hard to believe but she hadn’t exaggerated, not even a bit. How could they NOT notice her?! If anything, Aislinn was the first thing Chibs noticed when he entered that clubhouse. Sure Riona was a knockout there was no denying that. But Aislinn had the Scot spellbound and he had been ever since he first laid eyes on her.

“Thank you,” Aislinn said as she passed the cooks on the way to the dishwasher.

They gave a simple nod and went back to cleaning.

“Can I help with anythin’?” Aislinn questioned, and the dishwasher cut her a look like she was insane.

“I’m good.” The man curtly put.

“I don’t mind helpin’.”

“I said I’m good. So do me a favor and get lost.” The man snipped, and Aislinn shook her head in disbelief.

Chibs kept quiet and heard the man mumble something about his boss’s orders and how he was a cockblocker. Keith must’ve made it clear that these girls weren’t to be touched. That would explain the dishwasher’s bitterness towards Aislinn. Chibs followed her into the cargo area. She was looking out to sea when she let out a surprised gasp.

“Jaysus Scotty! Warn me will ya?!” She said with a hand over her heart.

“Sorry darlin’.”

Aislinn nodded but moved that hand towards her ribs.

“Let me see…” Chibs uttered and went on to lift her jacket and shirt.

“Ali…” He scolded as the entire area was swollen and the bruise was even darker than before.

“Ye gotta take it easy!”

“Hadn’t much choice as of late…” She hinted as to Abel’s breakdown and Happy almost drowning.

Chibs nodded in understanding. He placed his cool hand along the area, and Aislinn let out a small grunt.

“Fourteen days Ali. That gives ye plenty of time ta take it easy.

“I’m tired…” Aislinn admitted.

“Aye, I imagine so. Come on.” Chibs said as he wrapped his arm around her and led her into the area they’d be staying in.

Jax nodded their direction as he was kicked back with his son. Happy, Bobby, Jax, Riona, Aislinn, Abel, and Half-Sack would be staying in this area. Tig, Opie, Juice, and Clay would be bunkered with the crew. Chibs had Aislinn lie down.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Jax said after Chibs tested out one of the privacy shades to the beds.

“Oh yeah…” The Scot murmured with his old lady in mind.

He could have some fun with that. Jax was thinking the same thing when it came to Riona. Chibs, however, thought back to all the men flirting with Riona back in the dining area and shook his head. Jax would be pissed if he knew how much attention she was getting. The Scot could hear Jax chuckling as he crawled in beside Aislinn and pulled that privacy shade down. The poor girl wasn’t kidding about being tired. She was out the moment her head hit the pillow. Chibs pulled her into his arms and breathed her in. It wasn’t long before he too was out.

“Hey…” Jax whispered after Riona entered the room.

She smiled seeing as how Abel was asleep.

“You should eat. I’ll keep an eye on him.” Riona offered.

“You need to sleep, babe.”

“So do you.”

“I’m okay actually. Jax said as he ran his fingers through his son’s hair.

“So which bunk am I in?!”

Jax pointed towards the one right beside his and Abel’s. Riona nodded seeing as how Happy was passed out in the one on top.

“How’s the leg?” Jax questioned as she was limping worse than usual today.

“Think I might’ve ripped some stitches.” She admitted, and Jax crawled on out of the bed he and Abel were in.

He got his son tucked away then made his way over. He lifted Riona’s skirt, just enough to examine her leg.

“Damn… You weren’t kidding.”

Riona grimaced as glanced over as well.

“I’ll getcha stitched up again,” Jas muttered as he grabbed Chibs’s medical bag.

“Ya sure, you know how?” Riona teased, and Jax sent her a ‘look.’

“Be nice…” He uttered, and Riona laughed.

Jax cleared his throat after propping her leg up.

“Lace today?” He murmured.

“Thought ya were goin’ to stitch me up…”

“Oh, I am… Never said I wouldn’t take a gander at the goods.” Jax uttered while wiggling his brows.

“You’re terrible…”

“Do you need a reminder of how untrue that is?!”

Riona licked her lips in thought.

“Stop that. I gotta stitch you up remember? Quit being a perv.” Jax mocked, and Riona laughed.

Me the perv?!”

Jax cut on the light to that particular bunker then pulled the privacy shade down. He spread her legs and got a better look.

“Goddamn.” He whispered after pulling her panties to the side.

He gave a little tease with that finger of his then licked it clean. Jax crawled on over and leaned into her ear.

“I’ll stitch you up, but I’m wrecking this first chance I get.” Jax pressed himself against her but was quick to cover her mouth as she let out a moan.

Riona eyes widened, and Jax chuckled.

“Man, I think you’re just as backed up as I am.” He uttered and teased her once again.

“Jackson…” Riona warned as she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Jax loved tormenting her like that. He knew what he was doing, and he couldn’t get enough.

“Hm?” He hummed as he left a trail of kisses along her neck, chest, abdomen, thigh, and on down her leg. He kissed the wounded area then went on to disinfect it.

“Little prick… I’ll give you a big one later.”

Riona started to say something witty in return but gritted her teeth instead.

“Sorry…” Jax uttered as he had started.

“No warnin’?”

“Nope,” Jax said with a grin and Riona hit him on the arm.

Jax chuckled but kept going.

“So what were you wantin’ to discuss…?”

Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“You know… earlier.”

Jax drew back an apprehensive breath as he put another stitch in.

“I can’t take you with me Riona.”

Riona reared back in wonder and Jax nodded.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean just what I said… I can’t take you to Charming babe.”

Riona moved her leg out of his reach, and Jax pinched his eyes shut.

Okay… Why?!”

“It’s like I told you… I can’t bring this home Riona.”

Riona nodded in understanding but lowered her head.

“So where will Linny and I go?”

“I haven’t got that far yet, but you will be safe. I give you my word. All three of you…”


“Abel’s going with you and Aislinn.”

“Jackson…” Riona called as he reached for her leg and was about to finish.

She jerked it out of his hold then backed away.

“Ya can’t do that to him! Not again!”

“And what choice do I have babe, huh? I can’t lose you, either of you! Don’t you get it?!”

Riona wiped a stray tear from her cheek, and Jax sighed.

“Riona, you have no idea. I want you and Abel there more than anything. But that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. Galen’s still out there, and that little shootout was just his way of putting that reminder out there. I could’ve lost you both. Hell, we’re lucky there were no casualties.”

Riona’s emotions got the best of her and Jax crawled on over as she covered her face. He took her hand into his own and kissed it. The mere idea was killing him. He just got his son back, and he finally had the girl he’d always wanted. But he had no choice if he brought them along, this would end very badly. He’d lost too many loved ones as it is. Losing those two would kill him. He’d be done.

“You know I’ll do whatever I can to find Galen and put an end to this, once and for all. I want you there Riona. I want to show you off and start that life we’ve been talking about. But I can’t do that until I know you and Abel are out of harm’s way. I need you to understand that.”

“I do…” Riona said with a quivery breath.

“I hope so. You know I’ll come for you, just as soon as I can.”

Jax looked to be in thought.

“I’m sending Chibs with you.”

“But ya need him!”

“Not as much as you three. He’ll keep you safe. Just think of him as your personal bodyguard.”

“Does he know about this?”

“Not yet.”

“He’s your VP, Jackson…”

“Exactly. I chose Filip for a reason. If I’m putting my loved ones under anyone’s protection, it’s going to be his. Besides, think of it like this… I’m sending someone that understands where I’m coming from. When it comes to you girls and Abel, he sees things the way I do.”

“How long do you think you’ll be?”

“I wish I could say but can’t. Just know I’ll be dealing with Galen, first chance I get.”

Jax cleared his throat and went on to finish those stitches.

Chibs cocked a brow as Aislinn woke him by humping his leg. This had the Scot cutting on the light to that particular bunker. She was sound asleep but in a whole other world. The Scot wished he knew what she was dreaming about. It wasn’t long before he had his answer. His name fled from her lips, and this had the Scot encouraging whatever that dream was about. He did this by grabbing a handful of her ass and moving her about him. Aislinn opened her eyes, and Chibs sent her a wink. She had a full on blush going and was about to stop what she was doing.

“Keep goin’, pet,” Chibs whispered and had her straddling him.

“What if someone hears us?” She whispered in return and Chibs shrugged.

“Scotty…” She muttered with a giggle.

Chibs lifted the shade but just enough to reveal that the lights were out and everyone had turned in for the night. He nodded amongst himself then pulled that shade back down.

“Can ye keep that trap of yers shut?” He taunted while giving her ass a good smack.

“Can you?” She fired back, and Chibs smiled.

He rolled her over but cautiously due to her broken ribs. His eyes locked with hers as he stripped her down to her navy blue French lace panties. Aislinn, however, gathered this nervous presence once he removed those as well.

“You trust me?” He softly questioned, and Aislinn nodded.

“Then breathe love…”

Aislinn nodded as he spread her legs apart and took a bit of a gander. He went as far as to slip a couple fingers in but that was it.

“Just lookin’.” Even if he had planned on taking her virginity (as he would never consider Jimmy taking it), he wouldn’t do it in this setting. Aislinn deserved better than that.

The girl was most certainly healed, at least from the physical standpoint. But that didn’t mean she was ready to go all out just yet. She was nice and pink, and the Scot could smell her arousal. But her poor legs were shaking unmercifully. Chibs ran his hands along them soothingly and had her close her legs.

“Lookin’ good love. Real good.” He hinted with a nod, and Aislinn let out a breath of relief.

“Sorry…” She uttered looking somewhat embarrassed.

Don’t… that wasn’t what that was about.”  He said before kissing her.

“Can I see you?” She shyly put, and Chibs lifted his eyes on this.

“This dirty old bastard?” He teased, and Aislinn giggled.

“Aye, but you’re my dirty old bastard.”

Chibs removed his clothes then let her feel around. What he wouldn’t give to be twenty years younger. He thought as she ran her hands all along him. He didn’t see how someone like Aislinn could be into an old fart like him, but it was in her eyes. He loved that. Chibs never had that with anyone, not even Fiona. The man resisted the urge to moan as she brought him in for a kiss. All he wanted was for her to feel him. Chibs figured that was the best way of going about this. To keep giving her that sensation and she’d let him know when she was ready to take that final step. Chibs observed her body language as he rubbed himself against her. He couldn’t believe how incredible she felt. It was just like that night at the cottage, only this time her pussy was pressed right up against his cock. They were flesh to flesh, and he was throbbing all to hell.

“Ye tell me if you want me to stop.” He whispered, and she nodded.

Nothing made him feel younger than having a naked make-out session with a woman half his age. Although it wasn’t so much her age as much as it was the experience itself. The Scot hadn’t realized how much he’d taken for granted when it came to women. How could something like this feel so good? He wasn’t even inside her and yet he felt the urge to come. That’s now amazing she felt. Aislinn clamped a hand over her mouth as he picked up the pace. This girl was so wet he had to slow it down from time to time to keep from penetrating. But even with her being really into this and she most certainly was. That fear resided within her eyes. There were a couple of instances where the head of his dick got a little too close for comfort, and he had to pull back and readjust. The Scot, however, was taken by surprise when she wrapped her hand around his cock and started jerking him off. Chibs gritted his teeth as she pumped that slender hand of hers. Aislinn’s jaw dropped when he came across her abdomen and breasts. She had it all over her hand, and it was dripping onto the sheets. Chibs chuckled at her reaction.

“That’s a lot.” She whispered in surprise.

“Aye, guess ye could say I was backed up.” He murmured as he grabbed some nearby tissues and got her cleaned up.

Chibs cleared his throat after he finished.

“How was that?”

Aislinn chewed on that bottom lip of hers, but Chibs took notice of her hips and how they were still going. This had the Scot looking towards the privacy blind in thought. He wished they had a little more privacy but this was the best they were going to get, and he couldn’t imagine going the entire fourteen days without having a little fun. This no sex thing was hard enough.

“I wanna try somethin’… If I hurt ye tell me and I’ll stop.”

Chibs drew back a nervous breath of his own. He hadn’t a clue what this might do to her, but he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her hanging. Everything was a learning process for them.

“Ye might wanna bite down on that.” He pointed towards her pillow.

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question but did as Chibs requested. He gave a simple nod before bringing her knees up and spreading her legs apart. The Scot grew somewhat concerned as he gave just the one lick and her legs went back to shaking. He lifted his eyes but nearly laughed when she brought his head back down. Aislinn bit down and moaned into that pillow with each lick he gave. She was so into it at one point she was pulling his hair and damn near humping his face. Chibs was so turned on he found himself jerking off and burying that tongue of his even deeper. He couldn’t get over the taste of her arousal. The Scot kept that promise of his however and went on to use those “magic fingers” of his. He knew by her acceptance it wouldn’t be much longer now. Aislinn covered her face with that pillow and let out a cry of release. Chibs chuckled amongst himself and licked up every drop. Aislinn removed the pillow and witnessed him coming all over again. Only this time he came across her pussy. He sent her a wink afterward, and Aislinn gave him that shy smile of hers.

Now… How was that, pet?”

“Is there even a word for that?” She breathlessly put, and Chibs wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Well, I call it dessert. You can call it whatever ye want.”

Aislinn laughed but grew somewhat serious.

“I think I’m ready…” the young woman timidly put.

Ready?” Chibs questioned in wonder.

“Aye, but not here. When we’re alone. In Charming?”

Chibs gathered the meaning behind that and nodded.

“If that’s what you want Ali.”

Aislinn ran her hand along his chest.

“It is.”

Chibs looked on with concern however as this girl was a trembling mess.

“Ali, we’re in no hurry. I understand if ye want ta wait. I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

A single teardrop trickled down her face, and she was quick to wipe it away.

“These things… they take time. Don’t rush yourself on my account. I’m perfectly content with how things are.” That wasn’t exactly true, but he’d gone this long. What was a little longer? It’d be worth it in the end, and he knew that.

“This isn’t about that.”

“Then what is it?” Chibs questioned as he placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Why did he take that away from me?” Aislinn cried but Keri came to mind, and the guilt hit her like a sack of bricks. It was written all over her face. The Scot nodded amongst himself.

“Let’s go for a walk love.” He said while handing her clothes over.

The two got dressed, and Chibs grabbed their jackets on the way out. He wrapped his arm around her as they headed for the cargo area of the ship. Chibs stopped and looked out to sea as he lit a couple of cigarettes. He handed one over, and they smoked in silence.

“Try not to see it that way.” He whispered, and Aislinn glanced his direction.

“If ye do… He wins even in death. As far as I’m concerned I’m the only man that’s ever touched ye. Jimmy was no man Ali. A real man doesn’t feel the need ta force himself on anyone and he most certainly doesn’t get off ta somethin’ like that. Jimmy was nothin’ more than a scumbag animal, and he proved that even more so with what he’d done to Keri.”

“She was only a child… and she dealt with Jimmy’s ways for years. Yet here I am…” Aislinn trailed off and shook her head.

Chibs sighed. He knew it. Leave it to Aislinn to feel guilt over something like that. She didn’t think it right to be grieving on what Jimmy had taken from her and all because of Keri and what all she endured. But the Scot disagreed. Aislinn most certainly had every right. Chibs was determined to give it all back, somehow. He’d make certain their first time truly felt like HER first time.

“Ali, ye gotta quit doin’ that to yourself. Keri wouldn’t want that, and neither do I. Ye have every right… feelin’ the way ye do.”

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths and went on to tell Aislinn about the letter Keri left behind. The Scot hugged her close as she broke into sobs. Chibs himself grew somewhat emotional as he thought back to Keri and how much she suffered. The only positive thing about this was that she was finally at peace now. He had to see it that way, or it’d drive him insane.

“Once we get ta Charmin’ I want ye to put all this shite behind ye. Alright?! Yer gonna have a whole new life, and I’d like to see this as givin’ ourselves a shot as well.” Chibs uttered as he had her facing the ocean now. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pecked her on the neck.

“I love you, Ali.”

“Love you to Scotty.”

The two watched as they passed a nearby lighthouse. This was the most peaceful Chibs had felt since Keri took her life. Chibs thought it rather ironic when Aislinn pointed towards a shooting star. This had the man grabbing that cross of his and saying a silent prayer on Keri’s behalf.

Chibs was loving on Aislinn when he grew perfectly still. He could’ve sworn he heard someone talking. He took his old lady by the hand and had her following along beside him. She went to question him on the matter, only to have him place a single finger on her lips. Aislinn kept quiet as they followed the voices. Chibs tilted his head once they spotted the two. It was Opie and Clay. They were on the other side of the ship and standing between a couple of freight containers. Chibs and Aislinn ducked out of sight and listened as they were hiding behind another container.

“No man, say whatever you want. But I took no part in that!”

Clay let out a rather dark chuckle.

“Is that so? You wanted the deal just as much as I did. You were losing the house remember?!”

“You never mentioned life! You said it would be a mere inconvenience and they’d be out within a couple days!”

“We needed more than a couple days, and you know it.”            

                 What are you doin’ Op? The Scot muttered under his breath.

“I never agreed to putting them away for life! That’s some fucked up shit, and you know it.”

“It was the only way. Besides, you knew I was getting them out, one way or another.”

“You didn’t do that. Jax did.”

Clay laughed.

“And who threw the lawyer his direction?”

“Don’t take credit for what Bobby did.”


“Yeah man, Tig told me. You hadn’t anything to do with that. Bobby found the lawyer.”

“Are we going to have a problem?”

“Not sure, are we?” Opie fired back, and Clay sighed.

“Look, what’s done is done. All we have to do is make certain we get that deal with the Aryans taken care of, and we’re set. It’ll be our last transaction.”

“You know Jax won’t go through with it. He’ll put a stop to it the moment he finds out!”

“He’s not going to find out.”

“Alright… humor me.”

“You and I are going to finish what we started. We don’t mention it until we got the money in hand. Not much he can do about it then.”

“I don’t know about this…”

“Come on Op, are you in or out? You already lost your wife and kids. You gonna lose the house too?”

“It’s that or my best friend.”

“Newsflash kid, you already lost him. The fucking Scot has taken your place. Sorry but I’m just calling it the way I see it.”

 “And who’s fault is that?”

“Hey, I never put that gun to your head. You pulled the trigger all on your own.”

“You lied. You said you had everything taken care of and not to worry. You call this taken care of?!”

“Tell me Op what did you think would happen when you loaded up the truck?”

“It was one wheel. ONE! And nowhere near enough to do any real damage. You’re the one that went all out. You’re the one that set them up.”

“Nah, we did that. You me and kid, never forget that.”

Chibs wasn’t thinking as his attention went back to Aislinn. He had her backed up against one of the containers and with a hand wrapped around her mouth. He lowered that hand and sent her an apologetic glance. He hadn’t meant it the way it looked. He just wanted to make certain they didn’t get caught. Chibs put his forehead to hers and apologized.

“It’s alright Scotty. Ya didn’t do anythin’ wrong.” She said, and there it was again…

That look. The one that made him want to strip her down and hear those little moans of hers all over again. The man found himself conflicted however as there was another side of him, the one that had to keep from putting a bullet in Opie and Clay’s head.

“So it was their fault?” She whispered, and Chibs nodded.

“Ya were set up… By yer own brothers.” She sadly murmured

“What are ya goin’ to do Scotty?”

“I gotta tell Jackie…” Chibs uttered with a regrettable sigh.

The news alone would kill Jax. His best friend helped in setting them up. Chibs never thought he’d see the day where Opie turned on Jax. Opie must’ve been really desperate, but that was no excuse. That made twice, twice where Opie Winston betrayed Jackson Teller. There would be no mercy or forgiveness.

“Ali, I need ye to keep whatever ye heard between us. I won’t have ye caught up in the middle of all this. Ye just let me handle it, alright?”

“Aye. Ain’t none of my business anyhow. Just be careful. That Clay fella… he makes me nervous.”

“You and me both Ali. You and me both.”

“Jackson?” Riona called as he had the covers pulled up over them.

“Shh…” He shushed as he hiked her skirt up.

Jax pulled her panties to the side then gradually entered. A soft moan escaped her, but it was enough to have him covering her mouth. He didn’t want the moment ruined by his son or anyone else for that matter. The man couldn’t explain it, but he woke with one thing on his mind and one thing only. Jax thrust in a slow, repetitive rhythm. He took his time unbuttoning her shirt and kissing whatever skin was exposed. The way he went about it had Riona purring beneath his touch. This quiet sensuality brewed between the two as Jax prolonged that pleasure. He removed his hand then leaned into her ear.

“Call to me…” He pleaded as nothing was sweeter than hearing his name from her lips.

Riona kept her voice to a murmur as she called to him.

“Again…” he said through gritted teeth.

The way he said this had Riona arching her back. Jax could feel her erect nipples against his chest as his name escaped her lips yet again. That accent of hers drove him past the point of lust and into the land of oblivion. Jax wanted to come inside her so badly but knew he couldn’t take that risk. He was out of condoms, so he pulled out and came across her tummy.

Riona gave the man one hell of a tease however as she dipped her finger into some of the semen then licked it clean.

“Ho-ly shit… If you wanna put those sexy lips of yours to use then be my guest darlin’.” He hinted with a gesture towards his dick, and Riona laughed.

“You really think I’m that kind of girl?” She taunted, and Jax regarded those lips of hers in longing.

“Oh, I know you are… but if you weren’t. You would be by the time I’m done with you…” Jax murmured with a wink.

“So sure of yourself, aren’t ya?”

“When it comes to you?! You bet! I’ll turn you into my little sex kitten, just you wait. You haven’t a fucking clue Riona.”

Jax cleaned her off then brightened the dimmed light so he could get a better look. He pried the covers out from her hold and looked on in admiration.

“Goddamn. Look at you…” Jax uttered as his hard-on returned.

He ran his fingers along whatever he could reach. Riona had that perfect hourglass figure. He loved all her curves, and her tits and ass were something most men could only fantasize about. This girl had it all and Jax couldn’t get enough. He thought back to the porn stars back home and knew his old lady could give them a run for their money. But on that same note, he didn’t want to think about the day that came to light. He hadn’t a clue how the sisters would handle something like that but now wasn’t the time. He and Chibs would have to sit them down and explain everything behind Cara Cara once they got to the states.

Riona laughed as he spread her legs and took his time looking her over. Jax licked his lips as her pussy was nice and wet still. He ran a single finger along her slit and observed her reaction.

“We need to get you on some birth control.” He uttered as he wanted to go again but it wasn’t worth the risk.

That was the last thing they needed… getting Riona knocked up. She was going to have a hard enough getting adjusted. Wouldn’t be right making her worry about a baby on top of everything else. That and Jax wanted to take things nice and slow for once. He’d made that mistake one too many times when it came to Tara. He wasn’t about to dive into all that mess again. He wanted to give him and Riona a fair chance. Meaning he had to be wiser this time around and pay more attention.

“As much as this pains me to say… I think we need to wait until you’re on something…” Jax hated the words, the moment they left his mouth. That most certainly wasn’t the Jax way of doing things, but he had his hands full with Abel as it was. Having to worry about another kid… That wasn’t something he wanted to think about. Not that he didn’t want any more children, he did, just not at this very moment. He and Riona needed some time to heal, and they were just beginning their lives.


Speak of the devil… Jax thought as he heard his son calling to him. Jax was quick to bring the covers over him and Riona.

“Yeah?” He called, and Riona laughed.

“I has to potty.”

“Alright little man, I’ll be right there.”

“Okay, is Riona in there with you daddy?”

Jax cleared his throat on this.


“But you has your own bed!” Abel said with a giggle.

“Yeah, but Riona’s is more comfortable,” Jax uttered as he got dressed.

“It is?”

“Oh yeah.” The way Jax said this had Riona elbowing him.

“Well it is…” he whispered with a playful grin.

Jax lifted the shade and Abel waved Riona’s direction. Riona smiled and waved in return.

“Daddy?” Abel called as he was peeing at one of the urinals.


“Is Riona gonna be my new mommy?”

Jax glanced over as Abel was giving himself a little shake just as he’d seen his father do. He zipped up and went on to wash his hands afterward.

“I can’t really answer that right now Abel.”


Because I made that mistake with Tara and it almost killed you. Jax thought as he remembered how broken Abel was. He was so young, but the kid understood more than Tara ever gave that him credit for.

“Because things like this… they take time, and we haven’t a clue what the future holds.”

“But you wove her.”

“That I do.”

“And she woves you…” Abel murmured with a shrug as he dried his hands.

Jax nodded in agreement.

“And I love her, and she loves me… Right?!”

“She sure does.” Jax said but took notice of how Abel said “love” correctly this time.

“So… she can be my mommy then.”

“Abel son, that’s not how it works.”

Abel frowned then folded his arms about his chest.

“But if you gives her a ring and says you loves her…” Abel dug into his pocket and handed his father five dollars.

“What’s this?”

“Uncle Chibs gives it to me. He says I can buy whatever I want. I gives it to you so you can buy a ring. I got money in my Spider-Man bank back home daddy. I will gives you that too. I will help you get a ring since you love her and then she can be my new mommy. We be a family for reals!”

Jax hadn’t a clue what to say, and he couldn’t break that kid’s heart, not again. A simple “okay” left his lips as he tussled his son’s hair. Abel gave a firm nod as they headed on out of the men’s room.

“How ye doin’ Hap?” Chibs questioned and took it upon himself to check his vitals.

Happy cocked a brow at this and Chibs chuckled.

“I’ll give ye a sucker if yer good.”

“Cherry flavored?!”

“Ye know it.”

“Alright.” Happy said and let Chibs do whatever he needed.

“I didn’t get a sucker.” Aislinn pouted.

“I’m sure he offered something else instead.” Happy taunted.

The look on her face had the Son laughing in response.

“Yep. Just like that!” Happy pointed towards her open mouth, and Chibs laughed. If only the Scot thought amongst himself. Chibs couldn’t help it he was curious as to what that would be like.

Aislinn chucked her pillow at Happy’s face, and he placed it behind him afterward.

“Thanks my neck could use the extra support.”

“You’re somethin’ else ya know that?!”

Happy nodded as Chibs finished up.

“Yer runnin’ a low-grade fever but other than that ye seem alright. Take ye some Tylenol or ibuprofen.”

Chibs came to his feet, and Happy sat up.

“And my sucker?”

“I’m afraid ye were the sucker…” Chibs taunted as he put his stethoscope away.

“What the fuck?” Happy snapped in response, and Chibs chuckled.

“I’ll get ye one next time.”

“That’s some bullshit. I want my goddamn sucker.”

“I’ll find ya something else to suck on,” Aislinn said and made a sucking dick gesture when Chibs’s back was turned.

Happy was caught off guard by this and died of laughter. Chibs headed on out, and this left Aislinn and Happy the room. Happy cocked a brow as Aislinn made her way over and sat at the edge of his bed.

“So you’re feelin’ alright…?”

Happy nodded.

“That’s good.” Aislinn awkwardly put then came to her feet.

She was about to leave when Happy took her by the wrist.

“They tell me you saved me.”

Aislinn shrugged, and Happy nodded.

“Guess I owe ya one.” He said taking the young woman by surprise.

“Ya don’t owe me nothin’. We’d be dead if it weren’t for ya. So the way I see it… we’re about square.”

Happy dropped his hold but ran a single finger along her wrist.

“Ever thought about ink?”

“Ink?” She questioned, and Happy smiled.

“Oh yeah…”

Happy sat her down then dug into one of his bags. Aislinn looked on as he pulled out several bottles of ink, a couple of tattoo guns, some wipes, and some ointment. Happy set everything up then wiped down the area he had in mind. Aislinn looked to her wrist as was he about to start.

“Now just hold on there. You’re a tattoo artist?!”

He nodded and went to start again.

“I’ve never had a tattoo.”

“I figured…” He said and started the gun, yet again, only to wind up stopping, again.

“And how do I know you don’t suck?!”

Happy shook his head then got a firmer hold on her wrist.

“Happy…” Aislinn nervously called.

“Relax.” He softly uttered, and Aislinn flinched once that needle struck.

“It’s not gonna be a big one is it?! A wee one will do!”

Happy chuckled in response but didn’t comment.

Jax and Abel were eating breakfast when Chibs joined them at the table. Abel had the cross Aislinn had given him in hand.

“You want another biscuit, Abel?” Jax questioned as he passed a plate of them over.

“Yes please!” Abel said with jelly dripping down his mouth.

Chibs chuckled and handed the boy another biscuit.

“How’s the leg, darlin’?” The Scot questioned as Riona sat beside Jax.

“Just fine.”

“Sure, considering they reopened,” Jax said in a scolding manner, and Riona sighed.

“Reopened?!” Chibs questioned with concern.

“Aye, but he sewed me leg back on!” Riona teased, and Chibs laughed.

“Where’s Linny?” Riona asked, and that’s when Chibs realized Aislinn was back in the room with Happy still. He thought she had followed him out.

“Guess she’s done left me for another man…” Chibs said in a sulking manner.

“Well, that was fast!” Riona witted in return.

“Aye, guess it wasn’t meant ta be.”

“Huh… We’ll find you someone else.” Jax uttered, and Abel frowned.

“I no want Uncle Chibs with someone else! I loves Linny!”

Chibs looked at the boy in surprise. He hadn’t realized just how much Abel had picked up on that conversation and the meaning behind it.

“No breakup, Uncle Chibs. Please!” Abel said with a quivery lip.

Chibs swallowed back on how sincere the boy was.

“Aye now, Ali and I are just fine lad. I was only pokin’ fun. I didn’t mean fur ya to think that.” Chibs made clear. Abel wiped a stray tear off his cheek and Chibs recoiled.

“Come here, lad.” Abel nodded and scooted on out of his chair.

He walked on over, and Chibs pulled the boy into his lap. The Scot kissed the top of his head, and Abel hugged him.

“I want to go home now.” Abel whispered as he placed his cross against Chibs’s.

“I miss grandma and all my friends.”

“I know lad. It won’t be lon…” Chibs trailed off as Jax made the cutthroat motion.

This had the Scot rearing back in wonder. Jax cleared his throat then looked to Riona.

“Mind watching after Abel for a bit?”

“Not at all.”

“Thanks, darlin’.”

Chibs regarded Jax in question as he followed him to a more isolated area. It was then that Jax made that big reveal and his plans behind it. Chibs staggered back as he hadn’t expected this at all.

“And ye want me to go with them?”

“Yeah. I know they’ll be safe with you.”

“Jackie boy… Yer gonna need me.”

“You’re right. I will, and you’ll be right where I need you most. Filip, I can’t think of anyone else when it comes to protecting those girls and my son. You’re the only one I can trust.”

Chibs pinched his eyes shut but nodded in understanding.

“And where will we go?”

“Haven’t got that far yet.”

“Ye can’t be long Jackie,” Chibs uttered with Abel in mind.

“Trust me I know, but I can’t take that risk either. I have to know that Abel and the girls are safe and I can’t be certain of that until Galen is out of the picture.”

“Aye…” Chibs murmured but looked to be in thought.

“We should talk ta Kip.”

“Kip?” Jax questioned wondering what the prospect had to do with this.

“Aye, he’s got a place back in Maine. No one would ever expect that.”


“Oh yeah, his grandmother left it to him, and she passed away not long ago. He brought it up when he visited at Stockton. Mentioned something about not being sure what to do with it.”

“Alright. Stay put, and I’ll fetch him. But I don’t want anyone else knowing about this.”

Chibs reared back, and Jax sighed.

“I mean on the girls and Abel’s whereabouts. This stays between the three of us, and that’s it.”

“Ye got it.”

Chibs peered over when Jax and Kip entered the room. The Scot gave a simple nod then asked about the property Kip owned. The prospect made it clear that it was under his name but hadn’t done anything with it yet. Half-Sack mentioned something about selling it figuring it’d make some bank with the land connected to it. The VP asked him a few more questions as to the place itself, where it was exactly, and who all knew about it. Kip made it clear that it was just the two of them. He hadn’t brought it up to the others yet.

“Good. Keep it that way.” Chibs uttered, and Kip narrowed his eyes in question.

That’s when Jax brought up his plans and how the girls and Abel needed a place to hang low for a bit. Kip was more than willing to offer his place and went as far as to mention how it had electricity and water as his grandmother had the bills paid up until the end of the year.

“That’s perfect!” Jax said with a look of relief, and Kip nodded.

“But I need you to promise that this will stay between us. I mean it, Kip. This knowledge doesn’t leave this room. My son and those girls are counting on that. And yes, that means from the rest of the club as well.”

“Whatever you say, boss.”

Jax hugged the hell out of Kip, thanked him, then sent him on his way.

“So that takes care of that,” Jax uttered.


“I’m sorry, Filip. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment.”
Chibs shrugged and looked to be in thought.

“That’ll give Ali and I sometime.”

“How’s that going anyhow?”

“Good. Real good.”

“That’s great, brother.”

“You and Riona?”

“Couldn’t be better. Though she wasn’t too happy to hear about me sending her and Abel off.”

“Oh, I can imagine,” Chibs admitted, and Jax sighed.

“I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Abel. He thinks we’re headed home…” Jax said in defeat.

Chibs drew back a breath on this.

“Why don’t ye let me handle that one.”

“I can’t do that man. Like I said you’ve enough going on.”

“Nah, it’d be best comin’ from me. Let me be the bad guy, Jackie. I’ll have plenty of time ta make it up to him.”


“Jackie, I got it. Alright?!”

Jax rubbed the back of his neck, and Chibs patted him on the shoulder.

“Ye just do what ye gotta do, and I’ll talk to the lad when we go to dock.”

“Okay,” Jax said but a troublesome presence.

Jax went to exit the room when Chibs placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Jax pivoted around, and the Scot sighed.

“I got somethin’ ye should know as well…”

Chibs told Jax all about Opie and Clay’s conversation.

“Jackie…” The Scot called as Jax grew eerily quiet afterward.

The president gave a simple nod, but the VP found it hard to get a read on him.

“Ye gotta tell me what yer thinkin’ kid.”

“I’m thinking that I might have to kill my bestfriend,” Jax uttered in a rather deadpan mannerism.

Chibs sighed on this.

“Ye know Clay put him behind this…”

“Wait… Are you defending him?!” Jax snapped, and Chibs shook his head no.

“Not even a little. What Opie did… was wrong.”

“I was there…” Jax trailed off and thought back to when Donna and the kids left.

He hadn’t left Opie’s side, not for a second.  Jax was so worried about Opie and what he might do to himself that he was practically living with him at the time.

“When Donna left…” Jax got a little choked up, and Chibs nodded in understanding.

“I know… Ye’ve always been there. Ye’ve been there for all of us.”

“But I still failed you.”

“Now why would you say that?”

“Because this isn’t the brotherhood I imagined when I took my father’s place,” Jax said with tears in his eyes.

“Jackie…” Chibs said as Jax exited the room.

“I’m sorry kid…” Chibs uttered knowing that reveal destroyed him.

Opie walked past Chibs as he was on his way to check on Aislinn. Chibs didn’t give it another thought as he grabbed him and dragged him into another area of the ship. Opie reared back with this what the fuck expression. Chibs paced the area before him and shook his head.

“What is this?” Opie barked, and Chibs gritted his teeth.

“Yer as rotten as they come, ye know that?!”

“Um okay…” Opie murmured, and Chibs grabbed the Son by the collar of his shirt then shoved him back against the wall.

“What the fuck?!” Opie spat as Chibs had his gun pressed up against his chin.

“Ye’ve no idea how tempting it is… I’d leave yer body right here until its dark then dump yer sorry arse overboard!”

“What’s come over you brother?”

“Don’t call me that. Ye done lost that privilege. I look at ye, and all I see is a pathetic little shit that was feeling a little too sorry for himself and turned his back on the one person that’s always been there.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“JACKIE! YE PIECE OF SHITE!” Chibs hollered.

“Give me one reason. ONE! As to why I shouldn’t put an end ta yer sorry arse! It’s what ye want right?! Why else would ye turn your back ta him!”

“Are you going to tell me what the fuck you’re talking about?!”

Chibs let out a miserable laugh.

“Aye, playin’ dumb are we? Ye know I’m just waitin’ for karma ta catch up ta ye. If it doesn’t then, I’ll be taking karma’s place instead. Watch yer back Winston.”

The Scot put his gun away then exited the room leaving a baffled Opie Winston behind.

Happy wiped Aislinn down as he finished up and the young woman regarded her wrist in absolute awe.

“It’s beautiful.” She said while looking at the rose.

It was stunningly done with a few leaves and thorns. She’d never seen a tattoo quite like this.

“Throw roses into the abyss and say here is my thanks for the monster who didn’t succeed in eating me alive. (Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche) Happy quoted under his breath and Aislinn regarded the man in amazement.

“Friedrich Nietzsche?!”

Happy lifted his eyes on this.

“Great quote not so sure about the man who said it.”

Happy chuckled but nodded in agreement.

“I honestly didn’t expect you to know that… And here I was hoping you’d think I made that shit up.”

Aislinn laughed in response. Happy went over the instructions on how to care for her tattoo. Aislinn made a mental note of everything but couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Thank you.” She sincerely put, and Happy nodded as he put his things away.

“I figured that would last you a lot longer than an actual rose.” He said catching her by surprise all over again.

Chibs just happened to walked in and heard what Happy had said.

“Are ya sayin’ ya want to give me a rose?” Aislinn teased.

“I already did.”

“Did ye now?!” The Scot questioned, and this had Aislinn and Happy glancing his direction.

“Shhh. Don’t let him find out about us.” Happy whispered but sent the Scot a playful wink.

Aislinn laughed but with a blush.

“Where ye off ta?” Chibs probed as Happy had his tattoo bag in hand.

“To prick and mark the other sister. Bring me your ovaries children!”

“Good luck with that…” Chibs uttered as he plopped down beside Aislinn.

He looked her wrist over and sighed with disappointment.


“I don’t like tatted women…”

“Ya, what?!”

Chibs shrugged and lowered her wrist back down.

“Just not very attractive that’s all.”

“You’re a biker for cryin’ out loud! How can ya not like tatted women?!”

Chibs resisted the urge to laugh as he kept up the ploy.

“Just don’t. Ye should’ve asked me how I felt before ye went and did that Ali.”

Aislinn gathered this look that was somewhere between pissed and on the verge of tears.

Ask?! As in needin’ your permission?!”

Chibs nodded, and Aislinn curled that upper lip of hers.

“Aye now, I don’t let any man tell me what I’m goin’ to do with my body. I’ll tattoo my entire body if I want and there isn’t shite ya can say about it!”

“Will ye now?”

“AYE!” She barked, and Chibs broke into a fit of laughter.

“Look at ye! Jaysus… Ye and that fuckin’ temper! Fuckin’ Irish lassies.”

Aislinn’s jaw damn near hit the floor, and Chibs pulled her into his lap.

“Oh no, ya don’t!” She uttered and went to pry out of his hold.

Chibs tightened his and kissed her neck.

“It suits ye, Ali.” He softly and sincerely put as he regarded the rose once again.

“Ya sure?!” She fired back.

“Aye. I had ta give ye a little hell. I can’t believe ye were in here gettin’ ink! What brought that on anyhow?”

“Not sure actually. That was all Happy. I was just along for the ride.”

Chibs thought back to Happy’s words and nodded amongst himself.

“Guess that was his way of thankin’ ye for savin’ his life.”

“Ya think?”


Aislinn’s stomach growled, and Chibs tilted his head as heard it.

“Have ye eaten anythin’ today?”’

“Not yet.” She admitted.

“Ali, ye gotta eat especially with that new ink.”

“You’re not the boss of me!” Aislinn said but with a grin and Chibs sighed.

“Aye, now pet watch it…” He whispered as he laid her down.

“We’re on Happy’s bed!” She reminded as the Scot had his hand up her shirt and was rubbing himself against her.

“Em…” He hummed, and Aislinn giggled.

“You’re so bad.”

“Am I?” He said as if to challenge her.

Aislinn nodded.

“I’ll show ye bad.” Chibs murmured as he rolled on out of the bed and scooped her up.

“Scotty!” She called with a giggle as he carried her out of the room.

Chibs headed right for the dining area and sat her down.

“Stay.” He ordered before dashing off.

He returned with a plate full of leftovers from breakfast and set it down before her.


Aislinn frowned in realization, and Chibs sat across from her.

“Every morsel.” He added with a smirk.

“Well, this got uninteresting real fast.” She said with a frown and went as far as to fold her arms about her chest but with a painful wince.

“Hit yer tat, didn’t ye?”

Aislinn didn’t answer, and Chibs leaned back. A solid minute of silence passed before Aislinn grabbed her fork and ate. The Scot waited until she finished her plate. He slid over a glass of orange juice, and she downed that as well. Aislinn sent him a look however as he broke into this cat that ate the canary grin.


“Thought I wasn’t the boss of ye!”

Once Aislinn fully grasped what he’d done she threw her empty bottle of orange juice at him.

“Ya dirty…”

Chibs leaned over then wrapped his hand around her mouth.

“Don’t fight it. This could have its perks.” He teased but found himself a little turned on at the thought.

It’d be sometime before he could dive into any of that. After everything Jimmy did, there would be no submissive relations in the bedroom, at least not to that degree. But he was curious as to what it’d be like. He had to earn her trust first and foremost. Chibs wanted Aislinn to know he’d never hurt her. He wanted her to feel safe and know she was in good hands. Once he achieved that, then he could move on and see about pushing that envelope just a bit. This was a strange feeling, however. He never wanted that with anyone else. But he felt the need to take over and show this girl what it could be like. He wanted Aislinn to kick back while he ran the show. The mere idea had him aching below. He cleared his throat as Aislinn was giving him a strange look.

“Ya alright there Scotty?”


“Em, should I expect any more cruel surprises?”

“Eh, it’s still early in the day.”

“Scotty…” She groaned, and he chuckled.

He missed that playful side she brought out. The Scot was feeling more and more himself. Something he didn’t think possible, not after losing his wife and what he believed to be his daughter. He hadn’t felt this alive and free in years. He thought back to Keri’s letter, and that pitfall feeling hit. This is what she wanted for him. Still, he wished Keri could’ve been given that chance. She deserved that chance, more than anyone. 

“What did ya do?!”

They heard and Aislinn was quick to hide her wrist.

“Oh no, ya don’t. I done saw it!” Riona marched on over, and Aislinn sighed as Riona grabbed her arm and looked at her wrist.

“Is that real?!”


“How is that even possible?! I just saw ya and…” Riona trailed off and got a better look.

“That’s really pretty.” She said taking her sister by surprise.

“Ya think so?!” Aislinn asked, and Chibs took notice of the way she perked up at this.

“Aye… It’s you.” Riona uttered, and Aislinn smiled.

“Glad ya think so, because you’re gettin’ one too!”

Riona shook her head and laughed.


“I’m serious. Happy’s lookin’ for ya. Says you’re next!”

“Well, he can keep lookin’ cause it’s not happenin’.”

Aislinn giggled as Happy entered the room and was looking right at Riona.

“There you are!” He announced and Riona cut her sister this wide-eyed look.

Happy cleaned off one of the tables then wiped it down real good. He set everything up then waved Riona over.

“Don’t think so but thank you anyhow.”

“Come on Riona…” Her sister encouraged.

“Ya know how I feel about that.”

“Aye, and you’re datin’ a man loaded with them!”

“That’s different!”


“Just is.”

“Wow. Grand job on pleading your case.”

“Don’t be a smart arse.”

“Then quit bein’ such a dud and get inked!”

Happy waved her over once again, and Riona cut her sister a look of hell.

“Just the one… please?!” Aislinn pleaded, and Riona sighed.

Fine. Just the one and it had better be small!”

Happy cocked a brow at this but said nothing on it. The Son had a different idea for Riona and was about to get started when she stopped him.

“I have a bit of a request actually.” She whispered, and Happy leaned back with curiosity.

She kept her voice down as she told him what she wanted. The Son gave a simple nod and gave into that request.

“Do ya need me to hold your hand?” Aislinn teased, and Riona flipped her off.

“And ya think I have a temper…” Aislinn taunted with a grin Chibs’s direction.

“Not aboot to dive inta all that. I’ll leave the banterin’ between ye two.”

Chibs cleared his throat nevertheless as he hadn’t told Aislinn about Jax’s plans. He wasn’t sure what all Jax had told Riona, so the Scot kept his voice down as Happy had that gun of his going. Like that of Riona, Aislinn shared that same disappointed look.

“So we’re not goin’ to Charmin’?”

“No lass.”

Aislinn nodded.

“For how long…”

“Not sure love. Shouldn’t be long.”

“And here I was lookin’ forward to givin’ ya the wife treatment and redecoratin’ your entire house!”

“Wife treatment, huh?”

“Isn’t that what we women do? Make your lives hell?”

“Oh yeah, yer doin’ a fine job of that already.”


Aislinn adjusted the collar of his shirt.

“We’re keepin’ our deal right?” She uttered so softly he barely heard her.

“Deal?” He questioned.

“Aye…” She did her best to hint.

He hadn’t realized that she misunderstood that part. Aislinn thought he was heading back to Charming without her.

“Ye mean that deal…”

Chibs came to his feet then slipped into the chair beside her.

“Ali, that deal of ours isn’t goin’ anywhere.”

“I hope so.”

“Where’s that faith of yours?”

Aislinn seemed somewhat embarrassed as she hid her face into his shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have asked ya that. I’m sorry, Scotty.”

“Ye’ve nothin’ ta be sorry for. But I do wish ye’d take me at my word. As to those plans… I thought ye understood that I was goin’ with ye.”

Aislinn lifted her head on this and Chibs nodded.

“Jackie’s orders. Ye just think of me as your personal chauffeur and bodyguard.”

“Kinky…” She whispered but with a flushed face.

Chibs chuckled.

“Yer just full of surprises darlin’.”

The Scot pulled her into his lap and kissed her. He couldn’t help himself not after seeing how she reacted to the idea of him going on without her. She wouldn’t voice it, but her little heart was shattered. Chibs had to remind himself over and over that she was new to all this. But there was something oddly inspiring about that. That knowledge alone made him work even harder to prove himself. Most men would find a relationship like this bothersome. No sex and while coddling those insecurities of hers? That in itself would be a deal breaker. But Ali needed that reassurance more than ever. She wasn’t you’re typical case when it came to insecure women. No. She’d been through a great deal, and it was only natural she’d question Chibs on where his loyalties lied. It started with Nicholas and Pepper but ended with Jimmy. Chibs would make certain of that. As long as he was in her life… She wouldn’t face anything like that ever again.

The two sat in silence and were in their own world when Riona gathered their attention. Aislinn lifted her head off Chibs’s chest and glanced that direction.

“Done already?!” Aislinn questioned as it hadn’t even been an hour.


Chibs helped Aislinn down, and she made her way over. Chibs reared back wondering what the stunned look on her face was about.

“Riona…” Aislinn whispered with the beginning of tears.

“Why’d ya do that?”

“Figured it should be somethin’ meaningful, considerin’ I won’t be gettin’ anymore.”

Aislinn gave a tearful laugh but hugged her sister. The tattoo Riona requested was that of a feather. It had the infinity symbol but with “Linny’s” name. Chibs headed that way wanting to know what all the fuss was about. He himself was taken back by what Riona had done.

“Ya did good love,” Chibs uttered with a nod Riona’s direction.

Riona smiled in response.

“Hope so because that didn’t feel so great.” She said with a scowl and Chibs, and Aislinn laughed.

Riona shook her head and looked to her sister in thought.


“We’re datin’ men that have been in the slammer, and we’ve got our first tattoos. What’s next?!”

“Ye should know better than to ever ask that lass,” Chibs uttered with an evil grin Riona’s direction.

“He’s right.” Jax chimed in as he entered the room with Kip.

“We’re nowhere near done with you ladies.”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – After the Storm”

  1. Oh my god you had me so worried again for the girls and then for happy! holy smokes that is one way to leave the docks and go off on a trip.. poor happy though feeling and wanting Rionna. and then Ali jumping in to save him.. i absolutely loved that he repaid them in his own special way. the tattoos are perfect i loved the rose that Ali has and then Rionna is perfect for her.

    Opies going to be dead as well as clay its just going to be how and when … they signed their deaths the moment they fucked Jax over.

    Another perfect chapter for a wicked story that is happening. May your muse keep inspiring you for even more chapters and ideas for this story. Until the next update *bows*

  2. Whew! Woo glad Happy made it out of there ok. My herp! And Opie Opie Opie. Man what are u doing? Man that’s just not right. I don’t like this plan of Jax’s. I want everyone home! Loved this, now I’m to the next!

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