Chapter 14 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Chapter 14 – The good, The bad, The ugly.

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“Dat is sooo cool. Look, daddy, it a orca. That’s what Riona says.”

“It sure is.”

“What are ya doin’ Linny?!”

“I want a better look.”

“Aye. You’ll get one alright when ya fall overboard.”

Aislinn shrugged then went back to leaning over the rails.

“Abel’s makin’ ya look bad in comparison!” Riona added, and Jax chuckled.

“What is she doin’?!” Chibs questioned as he made his way over with Happy and Juice.

“She wants to swim with the whales,” Riona uttered, and Chibs shook his head.

“Aye and she’s just aboot ta!” Chibs said as he marched on over and yanked her back.

“That water’s really fuckin’ cold, so don’t make me dive in after ye!”

Aislinn frowned, and Chibs sighed.

“Ye really are somethin’ else.”

“Never seen orcas…” She said with a shrug.

Chibs shook his head but handed her and Abel a pair of binoculars. Abel giggled as Aislinn beat him towards the rails.

“She silly Uncle Chibs.”

“Aye, she sure is.”

Chibs kept a watchful eye on the two as they looked out to sea.

“LOOK ABEL!” She hollered and pointed towards a slew of orcas passing by.

“DADDY!” Abel called as he was looking that direction.

Riona snatched the binoculars out of her sister’s hold and took a gander herself.

“Riona!” Aislinn pouted and went to grab them only to have Riona keep them out of her reach.

Abel handed his over so his father could look and Jax nodded.

“That’s awesome!” Jax said before handing the binoculars back.

“There is sooo many!” Abel squealed while Aislinn pried the binoculars out of her sister’s hold.

She took off towards the front of the boat and went back to looking. Riona died of laughter.

“What are ya? Twelve?!” She hollered.

“I sure am!” Aislinn said in response.

Abel giggled at their exchange, and he followed Aislinn.

“Is the boat going to hit them Linny?!” He asked as the whales were swimming in front of the ship.

“Nah, they’re too fast. They’re just havin’ a gas (fun/funny) and showin’ off.”

Abel nodded and Aislinn patted him on the head.

“They is really fast,” Abel said, and Aislinn smiled.

“Told ya.”

Abel lowered his binoculars then looked to Aislinn.

“Is you be mad if Riona be my mommy?”

Jax and the others were a few feet away and couldn’t hear what was being said.

“Now why would I be mad lad?”

“Because I love you too, but I wants Riona to be my mommy.”

Aislinn smiled then hunkered down.

“Abel love, I couldn’t be mad at ya over somethin’ like that. Riona would make a great mother.”

“So we still be bestest friends always?”

“Ya know it. Always.”

Abel hugged her and Aislinn hugged him in return.

“If Riona becomes your mother that’d make me your aunt. I couldn’t think of a better honor. But these things take time lad. So do your father a favor and try not to rush it alright?”


“Good deal.”

“So’s you be my aunt…” Abel said and looked to be in thought.

“Aye, if things work out. I sure will.”

“So Aunt Linny!” He said with a giggle, and Aislinn smiled.


“I no have an aunt. I can’ts wait for us all to be a real family.”

Aislinn drew back a hesitant breath on this.

“Just keep in mind what I said… Don’t rush it. Let your father and Riona decide when they’re ready.”

“But daddy take forever!”

Aislinn laughed so hard she let out a snort.

“Aye, because he loves you and he wants to make certain he does this the right way. So take his lead and trust him.”

“Is you gonna marry Uncle Chibs?” Abel shyly asked, and Aislinn looked to the Scot in thought.

He was laughing it up with Juice and Happy and smoking a cigarette.

“If that’s what he wants…” Aislinn whispered.

“But let’s keep that between us.”

“You mean like a secret?”

“That’s right. I don’t tell your secret, and you don’t tell mine.”

“Okay. I promise. I no tell no one.”

“Good deal.”

Abel and Aislinn shook on this.

“You’ll be the bestest aunt, Linny,” Abel said with a firm nod and went back to looking at the whales.

“I hope so…” She whispered amongst herself.

“What’s this?” Jax questioned as he and the others were led into a room in the far back of the ship.

“Room’s all yours.” The man said and waved everyone inside.

Chibs placed his hand on the small of Aislinn’s back as they entered the room with Jax.  It was a decent sized room with a flat-screen satellite TV, radio, a couple of leather sofas, tables and chairs, a poker table, and a small bar. Jax thought it a bit strange, having something like this on a cargo ship. But to someone like Chibs, it made perfect sense. These guys were known for traveling months at a time. He was more than certain this was their rec room. That was sure to cause problems if that were the case. The man gave them a tour of the place and even went as far as to set up the satellite for them. He scrolled through the movie titles they had to pick from, and Aislinn nudged Chibs.

“John Wick!”

This had the Scot glancing that direction.

“We have to watch that one tonight!”

“Whatever ye say darlin’.”

Happy welcomed himself to the bar and poured himself a shot. He went on to pour Jax and Riona one as well and slid them on over.

“Not too shabby…” Jax murmured.

“Right?” Riona uttered in agreement.

“Feels like we’re on a cruise ship,” Tig said as he grabbed himself a beer.

“Wonder how much this set Keith back…” Chibs muttered under his breath, and Aislinn looked to him in question.

“No way we’re gettin’ the VIP treatment for free.” He added, and Aislinn looked to be in thought.

“Ya really think Keith asked them to do this?”

“Someone must’ve.”

“Can I has chocolate milk?” Abel asked as he climbed up on the bar.

“How about a soda?” Happy asked as there wasn’t any chocolate milk.

“Otay,” Abel said with slight disappointment.

The crew member exited the rec room and left them to it. Aislinn grabbed the remote and plopped down on one of the sofas. She pulled Chibs onto the couch and Juice sat on the other side.

“What are we watching?” Juice asked as Aislinn was figuring out the buttons and trying to find her way back to the title screen.

“John Wick.” She replied.

“Oh, nice one!” Juice uttered and made himself comfy.

Chibs removed his jacket then tossed it onto one of the chairs.

“FINALLY!” Aislinn said once she found it.

She clicked play then turned up the volume.

“I knew it!” Riona hollered once she saw what her sister had put on.


“What is it?” Jax questioned.

“John Wick. Linny’s other boyfriend.” Riona teased.

“Damn good movie.” Happy murmured.

“Can I’s watch it too?” Abel asked, and Jax looked to Riona as if needing her approval.

This had Riona dying of laughter. Jax shook his head as it just dawned on him and that wasn’t the first time either. This had become an unusual habit as of late. The let me ask your mother bit. He never said the actual words, but it was hinted at, all the same, more than a handful of times. That’s what had the young woman laughing. Jax pinched his eyes shut but heard Riona give Abel the okay. Abel climbed on down and joined Aislinn and Chibs on the couch.

“Oh no, they kill his puppy! They is mean!” Abel said as he was sitting in Chibs’s lap.

“Aye, but he’ll get them back,” Aislinn said, and Abel nodded.


“Hm?” Jax called from the bar as he had Riona sitting in his lap.

“Can we’s get a puppy? I want one just like that one. But I no wants him to die like that one.”

“I don’t know Abel. A puppy… that’s a big responsibility.”

“Please daddy? I will take very good care of it. I promise!”

“We’ll see…” Jax uttered but gave Riona a little smack on the thigh as she was giggling.

“Behave…” he whispered.

“I’m just picturin’ ya chasin’ after a wee dog. What would ya even call it?”

“Probably Mayhem considering that’s all the little shit would be.”

“Ya got a problem with dogs?”

“Nope. Just not home enough to even think about training one.”

“He mad!!!” Abel squealed as John Wick went to hunt the first man down.

“Sure is,” Chibs uttered as he was actually enjoying himself.

He understood Aislinn’s infatuation now and was somewhat smitten that she compared him to this guy. Aislinn was curled up beside him, and Abel was sitting in his lap. This had the Scot thinking about his and Aislinn’s possible future. This right here was nice. What he wouldn’t give to settle down and have that family he’d longed for. The Scot wanted it all. He hadn’t realized how strong those feelings were, not until Aislinn came into the picture. “HE GONNA GET HIM!” Abel hollered, and Aislinn laughed. She bumped Abel’s tiny fist as they rooted John on.

“Don’t you think this is a little inappropriate for someone his age?” Clay asked as they were already halfway through the movie.

“A little late for that…” Aislinn murmured, and Chibs chuckled.

“I think it’s time you hit the hay.” Clay suggested and came to his feet.

“I no want to go to bed. I want to see what happens!”

Clay went to remove Abel up from Chibs’s lap, and the Scot was quick to block that attempt.

“Have yourself a seat and let the boy finish the movie.” The Scot uttered.

“He’s four years old!”

“Aye and he’s seen more than any of us put tagether!”

Jax sighed amongst himself and had Riona lift on out of his lap. He sent her an apologetic look as he seated her back down and headed on over.

“Leave it be Clay. I think I know what my son can and can’t handle.”

“You sure about that?” Clay challenged, and Chibs had Abel crawl into Aislinn’s lap.

“No fight!” Abel scolded and this had Jax and Clay looking the boy’s direction.

“I no wanna go to bed grandpa. I wanna be with my friends. I like dis movie. I no afraid and I no say the bad words.”

“I’ll say the bad words for ya!”Aislinn teased, and Chibs burst out in laughter.

“That she will…” Her sister murmured but with a grin.

“Come on Clay… Give it a rest. Jax said his peace.” Bobby stated as he was trying to see the screen but Clay was in the way.

Clay rolled his eyes and stepped aside. Everyone sounded off in astonishment at one point of the movie and Clay bitterly left the room.

“Good riddance,” Riona whispered amongst herself.

“Another?” She heard and pivoted around.

Happy handed Riona another shot, and she was quick to down it.

“Let Jax handle it.” Happy uttered in such a way.

The Son himself took a shot, and Riona nodded.

“You know… We could use a Jimmy.” Tig randomly put, and this had Chibs shooting him a look of hell.

“Not that Jimmy THAT Jimmy.” Tig pointed towards the cop that always had John’s back.

“Oh yeah…” Chibs said in agreement.

“I want the car,” Juice said with a shrug.

“You can’t have the car.” Aislinn severely put, and Juice snapped a look her direction.

“Sorry lad. Linny’s had her eye on that Mustang for years, before she even knew who John Wick was!”

“That car is fuckin’ deadly. It’s the only ride I ever wanted… Well before Scotty came around.” Aislinn absent-mindedly put but recoiled on Abel’s behalf.

“Sorry love.”

“It okay. Daddy always say that word.”

“You throwin’ me under the bus son?”

“I no throw you under a bus daddy!” Abel said with a giggle and went to hug his father.

Riona, however, was having a field day and at her sister’s expense. The words flew right out of Aislinn’s mouth, and the dumbfounded look on Chibs’s face said it all. Normally, he would’ve said something witty in return but refrained the moment he saw the stunned look on her face.

“Oh, Linny…” Riona uttered as her sister damn near ran towards the bar where she was.

“Perhaps ya’ve had one too many.”

“I haven’t even drank anythin’!” Aislinn harshly whispered.

“Well, maybe ya should!”

“Jaysus Christ Riona shut it!”

“Nah… that was golden! Ya should’ve seen his face!”

“I swear to Mary and Joseph I’m gonna kill ya.”

“Worth it. I think ya done gave the man a stroke. He ain’t movin’.” Riona whispered as Aislinn snatched the whiskey out of Happy’s hand.

“Ya know what I think.”

“No, and don’t care to know. I don’t need your lock-hard (unsolicited advice) right now.”

“Ya sure about that? Your face looks like a tomato!”

“Well, I’ll be damned. You’re langered (drunk).” Aislinn whispered, and Riona nodded.

“Sure am.”

Aislinn laughed then took another pull off the whiskey.

“I think ya said what ya said because you’re happy.”

Aislinn lifted her eyes on this and Riona gave a simple nod.

“Ya sounded as if ya hadn’t a care in the world. Well… up until ya realized what ya said.”

Aislinn glanced towards Chibs and the others as they were focused on the movie.

“That’s my Linny… The one that said whatever she felt and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. That Linny was happy.”

Aislinn regarded her sister in thought.

“I always envied that. Whatever you were feelin’… Keep it in here.” Riona tapped the area of Aislinn’s heart, and Aislinn went to respond but was quick to break her sister’s fall.

Riona snorted, and Aislinn kept her propped up against her.

“I think you’re done, love.”

“I think you’re right,” Riona said with a giggle.

“Jax,” Aislinn called, and Jax handed Abel over to Half-Sack and darted on over.

“Just a little shit-faced.” Aislinn teased, and Jax chuckled.

“I got it.” He said and lifted Riona into his arms.

Aislinn nodded and made her way back to the bar. She kicked at Happy’s feet as he was sitting on the floor and with the bottle in hand.

“Did ya give up?!” She teased, and Happy smiled.

He patted the space beside him, and she accepted the invitation.

“How’s the tat?” He asked as he handed the bottle over.

Aislinn took a decent plunge while he looked at her tat.

“Lookin’ good.” He uttered then lowered her arm back down.

“So why ya down here?”

“It’s where all the booze are.”

Aislinn died of laughter.

“Smart man.”

“I have my moments.” Happy said but with a slur as his eyes were coming to a close.

Aislinn took her jacket off, rolled it up, then placed it behind his head. She crossed herself and said a small blessing on Happy’s behalf before coming to her feet.

“Scotty.” She said with a hand over her heart.

“Ya gotta quit doin’ that.” She hissed.

The Scot was leaning against the counter. He said nothing about what he’d just witnessed.

“He alright?”

“Aye, just a drunken mess. Seems to be a thing tonight. Guess we missed the memo.”

“Em, I suppose we better catch up ta everyone else.” He said and grabbed the bottle.

He wrapped his arm around her then led her on out of the room.

“Where we goin’?”

“Somewhere a little more private.”

Aislinn laughed as they ended up in the boiler room.

“Somethin’ tells me we’re not supposed to be in here.”

“Was never much for followin’ the rules darlin’.”

Chibs kicked back and had her join him on the floor. They took a few hits off the whiskey and Chibs pulled her into his lap.

“Aboot that ride…” He teased, and Aislinn blushed.

“Why dontcha show me what ye meant by that…”

“Scotty…” She scolded but with a moan.

Chibs was leaned back and had those hips of hers in a firm grip. He moved her about him in a suggestive manner.

“Was it somethin’ like this?”

He didn’t give her time to think as she felt the driving force of his kiss. The Scot removed her shirt and bra and latched onto one of her nipples. He’d spent the last bit of that movie thinking about that ride she mentioned.

“Ye can ride me anytime ye want, pet.” He murmured against her breasts.

He had her bouncing away as her arms circled his neck. The Scot had his share of lap dances but nothing quite like this. Those sinewy arms of his held her captive, and her eyes slid shut in ecstasy. The man could smell her arousal, and this had him wrestling with those primal needs of his. He didn’t want to offend her by any means, but he couldn’t ignore it. Doing so was causing him physical pain.

“Ali…” he murmured snapping her out of her little world.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her once again. He dragged his lips away from hers and made a rather challenging gesture. The Scot was somewhat apprehensive as he unbuckled his belt and freed himself. The tip of his dick was oozing with precum. The Scot petted the top of Aislinn’s head and gave it a little nudge as she didn’t seem to comprehend the gesture he’d given earlier. The girl was too damn innocent for her own good, but that only made him harder. He was certain this made a first in being with a woman this inexperienced. Aislinn finally gathered what he was going for and blushed in response. Chibs smiled in return.

“Yer alright pet…” he whispered and caressed her cheek as she got herself better positioned.

She seemed slightly nervous as she licked him clean. Chibs sighed amongst himself as he was afraid he’d gone too far. Aislinn was about to give into that desire when he stopped her.

“It’s alright Ali…” He murmured and went to put himself away only to have her block his attempt.

The Scot went to say something on this only to wind up throwing his head back.

“…fuck…” he said through gritted teeth.

Chibs held her hair back so he could watch. The poor girl had that nervous vibe to her as she went about it. He knew she was turned on by the way her body moved. But due to her lack of experience, she was concerned about her performance. It was written all over her face. Chibs was doing whatever he could to encourage her and let her know she was doing one hell of a job for her first go, and that she was. The man had to refrain from coming twice now. Sure she wasn’t exactly deep throating but with a little practice… she’d get there. He loved having those pouty lips around his cock. This was something he’d thought about constantly. Aislinn had those perfect lips what most men referred to as blowjob lips.

“Ali darlin’ I’m aboot ta unload. It’s gonna be a full load.” He tried to warn but came just as soon as he said that.

To his great surprise, this girl swallowed it down and licked up every drop. Her eyes locked with his afterward.

“Did I do it right?” She shyly put.

“Oh yeah…” He said as his head was still swimming.

Aislinn smiled and crawled into his lap again. Chibs kept his eyes closed but wrapped his arms around her.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have swallowed… What if I get pregnant?!”

Chibs cocked one eye opened and shook his head seeing as how she was fucking with him. He smacked her on the ass but decided to return the favor.

“Aye, maybe we should get started. I thought we’d have at least a baker’s dozen.”

“Baker’s dozen?!”


“Do ya even know how many that is?!”

“Thirteen right?”

“We might be Catholic, but I’m not pushin’ out that many babies! I mean honestly what are ya tryin’ ta do build a baseball team or raise the next generation of SAMCRO?!”

“The second one seems more legit don’t ye think?”

“No. Not even a little. I’ll give ya three at the most, and you can have the rest from there!”

Chibs was rather taken back by this. He hadn’t even proposed, yet here they were talking about children, and he could tell she was somewhat serious about that.


Aislinn shrugged and rested her head against his shoulder. Chibs cleared his throat. He rather liked the idea of three kids, but he loved giving his girl hell too.

Five and ye got yourself a deal.”


This had Chibs rolling in laughter.

“Ye make it too easy lass! Look at ye sweatin’.”

Aislinn and Chibs looked to one another as they heard the door to the boiler room open. Chibs grabbed the bottle of whiskey then handed her shirt over. They were quick to their feet. They hid beneath the staircase, and Aislinn covered her mouth to keep from giggling as one of the crew members entered the room. Chibs nudged her but with a smile. Just as soon as she got her shirt on, he took her by the hand, and they snuck their way towards the staircase and hurried on out the door.

“I can’t believe ye were laughin’!” He said once they were back in the recreation room.

“Come now that was funny, and ya know it. If he only knew…”

Chibs chuckled in response.

“Are ye tired?” The Scot questioned as it was getting pretty late.


“Me either.” He murmured taking notice of the Sons passed out around them.

Jax must’ve come back for Abel as he wasn’t in the room.

“Wanna watch another movie?”


Chibs nodded and took it upon himself to pick the movie this time.


“Aye…” He uttered with a wink and Aislinn snorted.

“Riona went night night?” Abel asked as his father was checking her over.


“But she no tell me goodnight, and we no say our prayers.”

“You can do that tomorrow night.”

“Okay…” Abel said with a frown.

He crawled into bed, and Jax made his way over.

“Goodnight little man.”

“Goodnight daddy.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too,” Abel said as Jax cut off the light to Abel’s bed.

“Goodnight Abel.” Abel snapped his head towards Riona’s bed and smiled as she was peeking over through the covers.

This caught Jax off-guard as he’d gone to bed as well.

“Goodnight Riona!” Abel excitably squealed, and Jax smiled.

They quoted their usual goodnight prayer and Riona was out within seconds. Jax looked on in admiration. This woman never ceased to amaze him. Jax narrowed his eyes however as Abel crawled out of bed. He made his way to Riona’s and kissed her on the cheek. He tucked her in like his father tucked him in. “Love you Riona,” Abel whispered, and Jax found himself somewhat emotional by that little exchange. Abel headed on back to bed and went to sleep.

A week later (still on the ship):

“Elvis!” Aislinn scolded as he stole her beer.

Bobby sent her a playful wink as he downed the entire bottle before handing it back.

“Ya best get me another one!”

Bobby shrugged and took a bite out of his sandwich. Aislinn grumbled under her breath, and Bobby chuckled as she stormed off and went to grab her another one. The young woman had to squeeze her way through the usual chairs surrounding her sister. This had become the norm for every meal. Jax kept quiet, but Aislinn could see it all over the man’s face. He was just about done when it came to these guys, the one in particular. His name was Travis. Travis had a habit of welcoming himself to the other side of Riona and doing odd favors for her, none in which she asked for.



“Ya alright?” Aislinn whispered, and Jax peered over.

He gave a simple nod, and Aislinn sighed. One of the crew turned up the music to the room and asked Riona if she’d sing for them sometime.

“Ya best get used to it love,” Aislinn said, and Jax tilted his head in question.

Aislinn decided it best to let it go as he looked pissed as it was. She headed off and went to grab another beer from the kitchen.

“What are you doin’?” The dishwasher asked with a hand along the fridge door.

(Brad – the dishwasher)

“What’s it look like I’m doin’?” The young woman sassed as this guy gave her nothing but hell.

“Helpin’ yourself to one of our beers.”

“Smart man…” She witted and went to grab that beer only to have the man shut the fridge.

“What’s your prob lad?”

“Who said I had one?”

“Could’ve fooled me…”

“Tell you what. Think I’ll take you up on that offer. That MC of yours is making quite a mess, and I’m having to work overtime just to keep everything afloat.” The man pointed towards the pile of dishes.

“Why now?”

“Because you want that beer and I need an extra hand.”

Aislinn drew back a hesitant breath. It hadn’t anything to do with helping the man, but something was “off” about him, besides his terrible manners. The man handed Riona a washcloth and had her follow him to the two industrial-sized sinks.

“I’ll scrub, you rinse. We’ll be done in no time.” He said in a friendlier tone. This put Aislinn a little more at ease.

The man smiled once they got started.

“You can place them in there when you’re done.”

He pointed towards a drying rack.

“Why not the dishwasher?”

“Because it’s already full and we’re gonna need more dishes for the morning.”


A good fifteen minutes had passed, and Aislinn hadn’t realized the cooks already turned in for the night. She was going over a few lyrics in her head and off in her own little world when she felt the man’s presence. He was right behind her.

“Think we’re just about done…”

Aislinn gave a mere nod but froze as she could feel the man breathing against her neck.

“It’s been a very long time…” He murmured and ran his hands up along her skirt.

“Are you kiddin’ me?!” Aislinn snapped and started to pivot around.

The dishwasher prevented this by pressing his weight up against her. This left her trapped between him and the sink.

“You really are a tease you know that?”


“Shhhh…” he whispered.

“It’ll be fast if you behave.”

Aislinn let out a crazed laugh.

“Don’t know if speed is somethin’ ya should brag about.”

The man ignored this and ran one of his hands along her panties.

“Ya sure about this? Cause that’s one hell of a commitment. I’m a whole lot of crazy and you’re about to find out just how crazy!”

“All talk aren’t you?” The man said, and Aislinn could hear him unzipping his pants.

“Lemme see those tits too.”

Aislinn gritted her teeth but did as the man requested. She had that shirt balled up in her hand. The man was too focused on getting her positioned; he didn’t take notice of the habanero pepper in her hand. These peppers were something the crew often used as to when they lost a bet or to challenge one another. Aislinn used her shirt to crush that pepper. The young woman used the counter to fling her body back towards the man. He let out an annoyed grunt and was about to pop her one when she took that crushed habanero to his crotch and squeezed the hell out of it.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” The man shouted, and Aislinn grabbed one of the butcher knives.

“I neutered the last…” “Aislinn?!”

The young woman lifted her eyes, and they locked with Half-Sack’s.

“You alright?” He asked, and she gave a simple nod.

The prospect inched his way over and pried the knife out of her hold.

“Come on…” He said after tossing the knife into the sink.

He knew they had to get out of there before the crew walked in or they’d be in a heap of trouble.

“But…” Half-Sack didn’t give her time to argue.

He grabbed her hand and rushed her on out of the kitchen.


Jax’s hand balled up into a fist when this Travis fucker referred to his lady as “baby.” Chibs glanced over as he’d overheard this as well. Travis took Riona’s hand into his own and was pleading with her to sing for them. Riona jerked her hand away and was backing away from him. Jax could see it written all over her face. This guy was making her very uncomfortable. Travis was right in her face and getting too handsy.

“That’s enough,” Jax warned while doing his best to keep that temper of his in check.

The guy peered over, and Jax gave a mere nod.

“Back off man…”

“A little green-eyed huh?” Travis taunted, and Jax let out a rather dark chuckle.

“Green-eyed hasn’t anything to do with it.”

“Admit it. You don’t like all the attention your old lady’s getting. You know… you bikers are all the same. Hoytie Toytie fuckers believing everything belongs to you. Woman can speak for herself.” Travis said but made the mistake of running his hand along Riona’s ass.

Riona beat Jax to the punch and slugged the bastard across the face. The man regarded Riona in shock, and Jax laughed.

“My girl’s all action and few words,” Jax uttered with a grin her direction.

“And that’s another thing… get a fucking dictionary, asshole. Hoytie toytie?! Do you even know what that fucking means?!”

The man shook his head but spun around and shoved Riona into a nearby chair. He planted his hands along the armrest and was about to give her the rundown. Jax snatched a fistful of the man’s hair then smashed his face into a nearby table. Jax jerked him back against him then leaned into his ear.

“Touch my old lady again, and I’ll put a bullet in your anal cavity.”

The music came to a stop, and the Sons were holding the crew back as Jax dealt with Travis. Bobby tapped Chibs on the shoulder and Chibs peered back.

“Where’d Aislinn run off to?” Bobby questioned while pointing towards her untouched plate.

Chibs hadn’t much time to think on this as he had to rush in and pry their president off this Travis guy.

“JACKIE BOY!” He hollered as it was taking everything he had to hold him back.

The Sons and the crew were staring one another down when they heard the dishwasher calling for help. The crew took off and headed for the kitchen. The Sons followed but recoiled as the man was spraying his cock and balls down.

“What’s wrong with ya?!” One of the crew asked.

“IT FUCKIN’ BURNS!” The dishwasher cried.

The man made up this bogus story on how he got ahold of some peppers and forgot to wash off the residue before he went to take a piss. The Scot, however, knew something was fishy even more so when he spotted something awfully familiar. Everyone’s attention was on the dishwasher when Chibs snatched the shirt up off the ground. He was quick to roll it up, along with the crushed pepper, and stuffed it into his cut. He kept quiet on the manner but was fuming on the inside. He knew damn well what happened. It took all will NOT to put a bullet in this motherfucker’s head. Chibs inched on out of the room and went on to find his old lady.

“I had it taken care of!” Aislinn snapped as Half-Sack wouldn’t let her leave the room.

“I know you did. But we’re guests on this ship.”

“So what are ya sayin’?! That I should’ve given into the bastard’s wishes?!”


“Then what?!”

“Please calm down…” The prospect said and while keeping in mind that he was speaking to his VP’s old lady.

“Calm down?!”

“We’ll handle it… once we get to the states. We can’t jeopardize this trip Aislinn.”

I didn’t jeopardize anythin’!” She said with tears in her eyes.

The prospect reached out to her, but she backed away from him.

“What is it about me?! Huh?! Do I have a rape me sign on my fuckin’ back?!”

“What’s going on?” 

They heard, and Half-Sack grimaced. Aislinn spun around seeing as how it was Clay. Aislinn let out a miserable laugh, and Clay nodded her direction.

“Where’s your shirt?” He questioned then gestured towards her bra.

Half-Sack recoiled as the thought hadn’t occurred to him. He was in too big of a hurry to get her out of there before they got caught.

“You got some sort of side thing going with our prospect?” Clay cruelly put, and Aislinn sneered at this.

The prospect sighed as Clay forced the information out of him. Clay shook his head as if to scold Aislinn.

“You’re nothin’ but trouble you know that?!”

Clay backed her into a corner of the room. The look on her face had the prospect flinching.

“Come on Clay…” Half-Sack pleaded on her behalf.

Clay ignored this and got right in her face.

“You need to get over yourself! Just how do you expect to make ends meet when you and your sister get to the states? HUH?! Do you honestly believe you’ll land a job where you don’t have to spread your legs or drop to your knees from time to time? That’s just the way of the world sister.”

“So you’re saying I should’ve let the bastard fuck me then thanked him when he was done?!” Aislinn scoffed in disbelief.

“Should’ve offered him oral instead… I’m sure he would’ve taken you up on that. It wouldn’t have killed you. You wanna fit in?! Then it’s time for you to start thinking like an old lady and take one for the team now and then. I know you think I’m heartless but five minutes of your time… that’s all he needed. That tight pussy of yours would’ve remained untouched and saved for your old man.”

Half-Sack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Aislinn went to pry out of the area Clay had her in, but he drew in even closer.

“Word of this gets out to NO ONE, and I do mean no one, not even the Scot. Nothing even happened, and you know it. You overreacted like usual and are running the risk of us getting kicked off this ship. We’re guests and outnumbered at that. If they tell us to walk the plank… Guess what sister… We’re walking the plank and all because you couldn’t swallow one little load and call it a fucking day!”

“What the fuck, Clay!” Half-Sack spat in downright shock.

“This hasn’t anything to do with you, prospect. So shut your fucking trap.”

“Come on man… leave her alone.”

Clay gritted his teeth and turned his attention to the prospect instead, which was what Kip wanted. Kip was the one backed into a corner now.

“You gonna rat me out? Huh? You gonna run off and tattle-tell like some little bitch?!”

Aislinn wished she had her gun on her. That made twice now where it would’ve come in handy. Chibs would have her ass if he knew she wasn’t carrying. She’d forgotten all about it. Things had been pretty peaceful as of late, so it didn’t even dawn on her.

“I’m getting really sick of yours and everyone else’s shit. I RUN THIS MC!”

“Jax does…” Half-Sack bravely corrected, and Aislinn gasped out as Clay socked him in the gut.

She started towards them, and Half-Sack held up a hand signaling for her to stay put.

“Kip…” She whimpered as Clay had his hand wrapped around the prospect’s throat.

“Not for long and your prospect days will be over. Face it; you’ll never sit at that table.” Clay peered back and nodded Aislinn’s direction.

“As for you and your sister… All it takes is one anonymous call… I’ll have you deported faster than you can blink.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

“You might want to think about that. Word of this or what happened in that kitchen gets out, and I’ll be handling that first thing when we get to Charming.”

“Why are you doing this?” Aislinn asked, and Clay dropped his hold on the prospect.

He marched on over then leaned into her ear.

“Because I can.” He whispered.

“You wanted to be in the states… so be it. But don’t you think it’s going to be smooth sailing from here sweetheart. You have to earn that shit, and I’ll say when you’ve earned it.”

“So you own us… that’s what you’re saying?”

“Smart girl.”

“So you’re no better than Galen and Jimmy.” Aislinn bravely fired, and Clay gritted his teeth on this.

Half-Sack didn’t voice it but agreed with Aislinn.

“You want me to be like Jimmy?! You think he fucked you… Just wait until I do.” Clay cruelly put but sighed at her reaction.

“I really don’t want to go there but I will if that’s what it takes.” Clay hinted before exiting the room.

Half-Sack grabbed one of her shirts then tossed it over. Her hands were shaking so bad she could barely get it on.

“Aislinn…” He called with concern and started towards her.

“Don’t. Just stay there.”

The prospect nodded.

“Do ya really think he’ll get me and Riona deported?” She asked with tears in her eyes.

The prospect recoiled but was perfectly honest.

“Wouldn’t put it past him.”

“So he says jump, and we jump just as he said before…” She murmured in thought.

“What did we ever do to him?!”

“Nothing. You didn’t do anything Aislinn. That’s just Clay being Clay.”

Aislinn had this defeated look about her as she exited the room.

“Dammit Clay,” Half-Sack uttered under his breath.

“Where is she?!”

Half-Sack damn near jumped out of his skin when he heard the Scot’s intimidating voice.

“Who?” The prospect “innocently” questioned but thought it somewhat ironic considering she’d left the room just a few minutes ago.

“Don’t play me, brother. I know ye know somethin’. Both your plates were untouched… So where’s me girl Epps?” This made a first for Chibs to ever refer to him by his surname.

Half-Sack shook his head and kept his voice down. He didn’t know the full story but told Chibs what little he knew.

“Jaysus,” Chibs uttered thinking his girl couldn’t catch a fucking break.

“There’s something else you should know.” The prospect hesitantly put, and Chibs tilted his head.

The prospect was a nervous wreck as he revealed the truth behind what all Clay had pulled and said. The Scot’s hands balled up into fists.

“He say anything else?”

“No. Just made it clear that he pretty much owned them.”

Chibs nodded but with this murderous look in his eyes.

“It might be best if ye hang out with me and Jackie for a bit.” The VP said knowing Clay would come after Half-Sack if he found out about this.

The prospect nodded in agreement.

“Ye alright?”

“Yeah… I’m sorry. I should’ve defended her but…” Half-Sack hinted as to the dishwasher.

“Nah, ye did the right thing, gettin’ her out of there.”

“You sure? Because it doesn’t feel like it.”

“Aye, ye did good. Kept me girl out of trouble. I want ye to find Jackie and steer clear of Clay. I’ll handle the rest.”

“I haven’t a clue where she went. She was pretty upset…”

“Aye, I’ll find her.”

                Jax and the others were talking about the incident with the dishwasher when Jax peered over and took notice of the crew setting up some sort of stage. He overheard one of them talking about the Lawless sisters performing for them tonight, and Jax shook his head in disbelief. Riona had made it clear that she didn’t want to play for this crew, not after the way Travis acted.

“Not happening.” Jax made clear.

The crew looked over as they were setting up.

“Our girls aren’t singing tonight or any other night.”

“Your girls?” The man scoffed.

“That’s right OUR girls. They’re SAMCRO and under our protection. They’re not here for your personal entertainment.” Jax reiterated, and the rest of the Sons nodded in agreement.

Jax handed Riona off to Bobby and Bobby kept a protective hold on her as the crew was acting somewhat menacing towards the Sons.

“Seven days… and you’re telling me they can’t do one show?!”

“They don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do, and that includes entertaining your sorry asses,” Jax affirmed.

“You let your man do all the talking?!” Travis questioned with a challenging smirk Riona’s direction.

“Aye now, I prettied up your face what more do ya want?!” Riona fired back as to the shiner she gave him.

Jax cocked a brow at this.

“We’re not singin’ for ya. I made that perfectly clear, and ya chose to ignore it. We aren’t puppets, and ya damn sure aren’t pullin’ our strings.”

“Wow… way to let your fans down.”

“Fans?! Are ya mad?! This is what ya call bein’ a fan!” Riona spat and pried on out of Bobby’s hold.

“A fan is supportive and understandin’. You’re nothin’ but a bully not gettin’ his way. I done told ya I had a boyfriend and I told ya not to be gettin’ so handsy. I was polite but ya done pushed me too far lad. FUCK OFF, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YA!”

“I want to speak to whoever’s running this ship and now,” Jax demanded, and the man laughed.

“You’re speaking to him.”

“Nah, you don’t run shit. You’re just some wannabe trying to call all the shots. So I’m going to ask you one more time… Who runs this ship?”

“I do…”

(Captain Mathias)

Jax craned his neck that direction and the captain gave a mere nod.

“You must be Jackson Teller.” The man said and made his way over.

The man offered his hand in greeting, but Jax refused it. The man sighed but looked towards his crew.

“What’d I tell you…?!” The captain uttered, and Travis lowered his head.

“Dammit son, I told you not to make me come out here. Didn’t I?!”

“It was just a misunderstanding it won’t happen again.”

“You’re goddamn right it won’t. In my office, now. Everyone else piss off and don’t make me come out here again.” The captain ordered and the crew scattered about.

The man pivoted around and locked eyes with Riona.

“Bunch of animals… You’d think they’ve never seen a woman before! Then again, we’ve been on this ship for a little over six months now. We only get off to load and unload then we’re right back at it again. But that’s no excuse. We’ve got satellite, so there’s plenty of porn on hand! Though I can certainly understand my son’s infatuation.  Beautiful woman you are, you and your sister. I’ve seen you play, more than a handful of times. Hell, you ladies put on one hell of a show.” Riona hadn’t a clue what to say.

“Where are my manners? Name’s Mathias. Those sons of bitches know me as Captain Mat. I’ve known Keith damn near all my life. So as you can imagine this is pretty embarrassing.”

“Hey Cap got a bit of an issue here…” One of the crew called from the doorway of the dining area.

“And what might that be?”

“It’s Brad.”

“Hm, and what about him?”

“You might want to have a look for yourself. It’s pretty bad…”

Jax nudged Tig in warning as he was laughing. This had Mathias glancing back in their direction.

“You boys wouldn’t have something to do with this, now would you?”

“Nope.”  Jax candidly put, and the Captain nodded.

“Alright take me to him.”

Jax waited until they were out of the room then he spun around facing Riona.

“You alright?”

She gave a simple nod, and Jax smiled.

“You really did pretty his face up.”

Riona laughed, and Jax had this prideful look about him.

“That’s my girl. God, I love you.”

An hour had passed, and Chibs couldn’t find Aislinn anywhere. This had the man on edge considering recent events. He checked the only area he could think of as he’d already gone through all the rooms below deck. The Scot zipped his jacket and headed out towards the cargo area. A storm was blowing in, and it was strong enough that Chibs had to fight in order to keep his balance as the waves were violently crashing against the ship.

“ALI!” He hollered as lightning forked across the sky.

The deck was slick as it was covered in water.

“Shite.” The Scot grumbled as he nearly fell.

“Scotty!” He heard and glanced that direction.

Aislinn was at the center of the ship and clinging onto one of the rails.

“ALI!” He hollered over the thunder as she was soaked to the bone and another wave was about to hit.

“HOLD ON!” He said while bracing himself for impact.

Chibs kept an eye on her as the wave crashed against the ship. The wave hit the ship dead center where she was. The Scot grimaced as the wave slammed her back against the ship and she was rolling about the deck. He used the rails to inch his way over and as soon as she was within reach he grabbed ahold of her. Chibs brought her against him and got a good hold as he had her between the railing and him.

“Deep breath.” He uttered as another wave was about to hit.

Just as soon as the wave passed, they took off running. They barely made it below deck before another one hit. This knocked them off their feet, and Chibs grabbed ahold of her as they were sent tumbling about the ground. The Scot threw his hand out and kept them from falling down the stairs.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn hollered as he hit his head and cheek in the process.

Chibs kept his hold but cut her a reprimanding glance.

“What where ye doin’?! Are ye tryin’ ta kill yourself?!”

“Maybe…” She uttered in such a way and that only set the man off.

He kept a protective hold on her but was hovering over her now.

“Maybe?!” He shouted with Keri in mind.

Aislinn had this blank expression, and Chibs lost all composure.


“I’m tired. Just really fuckin’ tired.” She said and went to pry out of his hold.

The Scot shook his head and kept her pinned in.

“Yer not doin’ this love. Tell me what happened!”

Aislinn turned away from him, and Chibs cupped her chin then turned her head so that she was facing him.

“Ali, it’s me. Ye know ye can talk to me.”

“I got caught up in the storm that’s all. Are ya alright?!” She said and went on to fuss over the gash along his forehead and cheek.

Chibs closed his eyes then put his forehead to hers.

“Ali…” he groaned in misery.

“You’re all cut up because of me.”

“STOP IT!” Chibs barked, and Aislinn flinched as this was right in her face.

The Scot sighed and sent her an apologetic glance.

“I just want ye to talk to me, and ye won’t even listen!”

“Nothin’ happened. It’s like I said… I got caught up in the storm. I’m sorry.”

“So yer not gonna tell me why ye didn’t eat or why ye changed yer shirt?”

“I spilled some coffee on my shirt and didn’t feel much like eatin’ after I changed.”

“Is that so?”


Chibs kept that anger of his in check as he helped Aislinn to her feet. They got on steady ground, and Chibs locked eyes with her once again.

“Ye wanna try that again darlin’?”

Aislinn had this puzzled air about her.

“OH COME ON ALI! YE REALLY DO HAVE THE WORST POKER FACE!” He snipped as he pulled the shirt out from his cut.

He unfolded it revealing the crushed pepper and Aislinn recoiled.

“Ye gonna stand there and fill me full of utter SHITE, are ye?!”

“Ya don’t understand…”

“I think I might…”

“No, you don’t.”

“So where do we start, love? Ye wanna start where the dishwasher got a little too handsy with ye. Or do ye wanna get to the part where Clay threatened ta have you, and Riona deported?!”

Aislinn staggered back, and the Scot gave a mere nod.

“Like I said… talk to me…” he said in a softer and loving tone.

“Did I hear that right?!” Another voice chimed in, and Chibs peered back seeing as how it was Jax.

“Did Clay threaten to have you and Riona deported?!”

“Tell him, tell us everything Ali…”

Mathias nodded Brad’s direction once the ship medic got him sorted out.

“Better?” The captain asked, and Brad let out a breath of relief.

The dishwasher thanked the medic profusely, and the physician gave a mere nod.

“Give us a moment…” Mathias ordered, and the others followed the medic on out of the room.

The captain cleared his throat then locked the door to that particular room.

“Well, that’ll be a story for the books.” Mathias teased, and Brad let out a miserable laugh.

“No doubt.”

“Tell me how this came about again…”

The dishwasher reiterated his version of the story and the captain looked to be in thought.

“Why didn’t you use the bathroom sink?” He questioned.

“I didn’t feel the burn until I was back in the kitchen.”

“Hm. So you were doing dishes when you felt that insatiable burn?”

“Yes, sir.”


The captain brought out a clear container and handed it over.

“What’s this?”

“Have yourself a look. Give it a good shake even.”

The man did as requested but nervously swallowed once he saw what was inside.

“Luke tells me he plucked those out of your pecker…  all five of them.”

Brad didn’t comment and set the container down on a nearby tray.

“Tell me Brad… How does one get pepper seeds embedded into his cock and balls?”

“Must’ve had them on my hands still.”

The captain reared back at the sheer stupidity of this man.

“Holy shit son, I sure hate to see how you take a piss. You’re supposed to give it a couple shakes not torture the son of a bitch!”

The dishwasher laughed, but that laughter came to a halt as the captain snatched him off the examination table. He slammed him back against the wall then put a knife to his throat.

“Which sister?”

Brad didn’t answer at first, and the captain gave him a little nick.

“WHICH ONE?!” He demanded once again, and the captain recoiled at the reveal.

“The rape victim?” He questioned as Keith told him all about the girls and what they’d recently been through.

Brad had this baffled look about him, and the captain gritted his teeth.

“You were going to rape someone that had already been raped?”

“I wasn’t!”

“Then what were your plans?! When a lady says no that’s exactly what she means. Keep your greedy hands off! You’re lucky that’s all you got. Girl should’ve cut your fucking balls off!”

The captain lowered his knife then paced the area. He could picture the disappointed look on his old friend’s face. This had the captain downright ill. He vowed to look after those girls as well as the child. Mathias made himself perfectly clear before they even took the Sons in. This was meant to feel like a vacation as that’s what Mathias himself ordered. After learning everything those girls and the boy had been through, the captain wanted this to feel like a vacation, as to why his reason for offering the rec room. He just never pictured that one of his own would pull something like this. The captain looked upon Brad with a sneer.

“This isn’t over…” He made clear before exiting the room.

“Everythin’ alright?” Riona asked once Jax pulled the door to.

“Linny?” Riona called.

She and Chibs were off to a corner of the room, and he seemed to be consoling her. Chibs gave Riona a mere nod as if letting her know that her sister was okay.

“What’s goin’ on?” Riona questioned, and Jax let out a regrettable sigh as he revealed what all happened tonight.

Riona had this stunned presence about her as she looked to her sister.

“Linny…” She damn near whimpered.

“I’m alright,” Aislinn said but sounded rather miffed.

It hadn’t anything to do with her sister or Chibs. It was the situation itself. The door opened, and Bobby, Happy, and Half-Sack stepped inside. The prospect locked the door behind him. The president cleared his throat and brought everyone up to speed. Up to speed as in everything that took place tonight with Travis, Brad, and Clay. This had the Sons looking to one another in thought.

Jax looked at the Lawless sisters and nodded amongst himself.

“We gotta take Clay out, tonight.”

“OUT?!” Bobby questioned thinking he didn’t hear his president correctly.

“We’re not talkin’ dinner and a movie here Bobby. We gotta do it before the storm ends. That way we have an alibi.” Chibs uttered, and Bobby staggered back.

“Storm’s getting worse and will throughout the night. Anyone could fall overboard… Aislinn and Chibs would know… They were out in it.”

Bobby closed his eyes and used the wall for support.

“Jesus Christ… You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Come on brother… You know what he’s capable of. Just as soon as our backs are turned, he’ll have our girls arrested and sent back to Ireland. It’ll be damn near impossible getting them back!”

This had Bobby looking to the sisters in thought. The Son couldn’t bear the idea, but killing Clay?!

“We’re not killing him…” Jax murmured as if reading his mind.

“Nah, we’ll let God decide his fate.” Chibs darkly uttered.

“Fate?! You’re kiddin’, right? That water is freezin’! There’s no way he’ll survive! There’s nothing for miles!”

Aislinn shook her head and cut Bobby a look of complete and utter hell.

“After everythin’, he told ya… You really think he should live?!”

“He could use a good ass-kickin’ I agree but dying… Come on, guys…”

“You’re right… Why don’t ya hold off and give it more time to think on it…” Aislinn said, and Chibs tilted his head on this.

“Ya know… after Riona and I get settled down, find our lip-service jobs, and Abel starts kindergarten.”

Bobby pinched his eyes shut.

“No offense but this is an MC matter. I don’t even get why you two are in here. Old ladies haven’t any business…” Bobby trailed off once he saw the look of hell on Chibs and Jax’s faces.

“You’re gonna stand there and tell my old lady she doesn’t have a say in this when they’re caught up in the middle of everything?!” Jax barked, and Bobby sighed.

“You know I don’t mean it like that Jax; it’s just…”

“Just?” Happy challenged surprising everyone.

Bobby reared back, and Happy nodded his direction. Happy handed his gun over, and Bobby regarded it in confusion.

“Shoot em.” He said with a nod the sisters’ direction, and Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

Chibs got a protective hold on his old lady, and Riona took a couple of steps back. Jax, however, caught on and understood what the Son was going for. He did his best to get that message across to Riona as she was about to lose her shit.

“What?!” Bobby questioned, and Happy shrugged.

“You heard me. Shoot them. When you’re done shoot the boy too.”

“Where the fuck are you going with this?” Bobby snapped in protest.

“If you don’t kill them, Clay will. So it might as well be you. Better that way.”

Happy snatched Aislinn out of Chibs’s hold, and Jax was quick to stop Chibs as he reached for his gun. Happy dragged the young woman towards Bobby and had her standing right before him.

“You can start with her…” Happy challenged and Bobby recoiled.

It was no secret that Munson had a soft spot for Aislinn Lawless as to Happy’s reason for choosing her.

“She’ll be the first one on Clay’s list. I’ll bring Riona over when you’re done.”

Aislinn let out a bit of a fearful gasp as Bobby raised that gun, only to hand it back. Bobby flinched once he realized she thought he’d really do it.

“Come on darlin’… I’m not gonna shoot you…” He whispered.

“Not before you give me that fiddle back.” He said with a playful wink and Aislinn punched him in the chest.

The look on her face, however, had Bobby reaching out and hugging her.

“I’m a dick what can I say?” He murmured but pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

“But not that much of a dick.” He said and gave her a slight nudge Chibs’s direction.

“You really think the others are going to believe he fell overboard?”

“Won’t have much choice. You know we can’t get Opie and Tig involved.”

“I don’t know… Tig’s been out of sorts when it comes to Clay as of late.” Bobby admitted, and Chibs and Jax regarded one another in surprise.

“He’s right… they had a bit of a fight not too long ago.” The prospect said.

“Really?!” Jax murmured with curiosity.

“Oh yeah.”

“What about?” Chibs questioned, and this had Happy, Bobby, and Kip looking to one another.

“Abel.” Happy and Bobby chorused.


“Yeah, sounds like they got into it before we even came here and Tig was pretty upset about not being heard out. Tig mentioned something about what Clay would do if it was his girls and he didn’t get a real response. Led to a pretty big fight.”

“Hmm.” Jax hummed in thought.

“Still, I think this needs to stay between us. It’s bad enough we got the girls involved, but I feel they’re in the need to know considering…”

“And the dishwasher?” Riona asked with vengeance in her eyes.

“I’ll be dealin’ with him.” Chibs made clear, and Riona nodded.

“Don’t care how you do it just don’t get us kicked off the ship. We can’t have everyone walking the plank.” Jax made clear, and Chibs nodded in understanding.

“Ye got it.”

“I can fight my own battles, Scotty.”

“He knows that. Now quit bein’ so damn stubborn and let him defend your honor.” Riona scolded.

“My honor?!”

“Aye, that’s all the lad’s tryin’ to do Linny.”

Aislinn sent Chibs an apologetic glance.

“I’ll have to remember that one next time I go to defend yours,” Jax uttered with a grin and Riona’s jaw dropped.

“Don’t be stubborn,” Jax said with a playful wink.

“Oh, I’ll show ya stubborn love.” She taunted in return, and everyone laughed.

“I’d expect no less darlin’.” Jax lovingly put.

“I want you two to turn in for the night. Abel’s already out. We’ll handle everything from here.” Jax confirmed.

“I’ll escort them back then meet ye back here.” Chibs offered.

“Sounds good.”

“Goodnight Scotty…” Riona teased as was about to head off, so she could give her sister and Chibs a moment alone.

Chibs chuckled.

“Night darlin’.” He playfully called in return.

Once they were alone, the Scot took Aislinn’s hand into his own.

“C’mere.” He murmured and brought her against him.

“Don’t go anywhere else without one of us with ye. I mean it darlin’. What happened today could’ve been worse.”

“Is there somethin’ wrong with me?”

“Now why would ye think somethin’ like that?”

“Come on Scotty… This isn’t exactly normal, right? Havin’ men act the way they do… So what am I doin’ because I’ve worked at my share of pubs and never had anythin’ like that happen? I mean sure we’ve dealt with our share of chancers but nothin’ like this.”

“Ali love, there ain’t a damn thing wrong with ye. You and Riona just ran into some rotten luck tonight, that’s all. We’re on a ship filled with horny bastards. I’m honestly surprised somethin’ like this didn’t happen sooner. That’s why I told ye and Riona to stay close.”

“Ya need stitches…” Aislinn said while running a single finger along one of his cuts.

Chibs shrugged it off as he couldn’t-care-less. He was more concerned about her at the moment.

“Did either of them hurt you?” He hinted as to the dishwasher and Clay.

“Me pride maybe… but that’s it.”

“Aye now, don’t let that pride go anywhere. What ye did… was damn well brilliant.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question.

“That pepper… I would’ve never thought of that. Ye got that son of a bitch good. But I’m nowhere near done with him.” Chibs said while caressing her cheek.

“I’m sorry. Ye should’ve never faced somethin’ like that, to begin with, but dealin’ with somethin’ similar and so soon… It ain’t right love. I would’ve never forgiven myself…” Chibs trailed off as the mere idea had him ill.

“I wouldn’t have let him.” Aislinn made clear, and the Scot nodded.

“I know. But that doesn’t change how I feel. I am curious, however…”


“Why you didn’t pull your gun on him or Clay for that matter?”

“Didn’t have it on me…” Aislinn shamefully admitted.

“Ali…” The Scot scolded.

“It’s for the best…” She said, and Chibs reared back in question.

“I would’ve killed him Scotty, and that would’ve put us all in danger. That’s not somethin’ I can do. I have to think and not act. Besides, I knew I could take him, and his wee wire.”

Chibs choked back in laughter.

“That you did darlin’. I’m sure he’ll think twice before puttin’ his hands on anyone else. Get some sleep, Ali. I’ll see you in the morn.”

“Aren’t you mad?”

“At you?” He questioned in wonder.



“I lied to ya.”

“That you did… and I knew why. Ye were protectin’ your sister, but don’t lie to me again. I’ve had enough of that to last me a lifetime. If we’re takin’ this as serious as I’m hopin’… I need to know I can trust you, at your word, no matter the situation. If I hadn’t seen that shirt and took you at your word… This could’ve backfired, and that would’ve been bad for everyone involved. You and Riona could’ve been ripped right out from mine and Jackie’s arms, just as soon as we got to Charmin’ and there wouldn’t have been a damn thing I could’ve done about it and all because ye never gave me that warnin’. So hear this… despite what anyone says, ye best find a way of lettin’ me know, and I’ll do my best to find a way out. That’s how this relationship works. We don’t keep secrets lass.”

“This wasn’t about Riona…” Aislinn softly admitted, and Chibs tilted his head in question.

“I can’t lose you, Scotty. I don’t know what I would do.”

He hadn’t expected that at all. This relationship was a complete one-eighty in comparison to his and Fiona’s. The man was a pile of goo at the moment but kept his cool.

“Same goes for you, pet. Now get some sleep. I’ll sneak inta yer bed later on.” He said while wiggling his brows and Aislinn smiled.

Chibs smacked her on the ass then watched as he headed into the bunker area. The Scot drew back the deepest of breaths knowing he and the others were in for a very long night…

“Took you long enough…” Travis uttered as his father entered the office.

His father didn’t comment and took a seat. The captain lit up a cigar and leaned back in his chair.

“Can we hurry this up? I got things to do.”

“Like what?” His father challenged.

“I’ve been in here for nearly three hours!”

Mathias shot out of his seat and leaned over his desk.

“And in that three hours’ time, I’ve been doing YOUR job. I’m supposed to be at the wheel right now, but here I am talking to my jackass of a son. You better hope and pray that Jason can keep us afloat. Storm’s getting pretty bad.”

“Oh fuck, you got Jason at the wheel?”

“What choice do I have?”

“This could’ve waited!”

“Waited… as in after you pull a Brad and try to force yourself on the eldest Lawless sister?”

“Come on dad…”

Don’t come on dad me, son. I made Keith a promise, and you made me look like a complete dick today.”

“I’m no rapist.”

“You sure about that?”

“Fuck you, man.”

Travis hollered out as his father aimed a gun his direction and fired. The captain rolled his eyes as his son went into a full-blown panic and was patting the area in which he shot. Travis ripped his shirt open seeing a perfect circle where a rubber bullet hit.


“How many times have you asked me that?”

His son continued in his bitching, and the captain fired off another shot.


Mathias put the gun away then came to his feet. He made his way over then hunkered down with his hands about the armrest, so he was eye level with his son.

“If you or anyone else touch one of those girls again… I’ll use real bullets next time. I taught you better son, and you know it. No amount of blood can forgive something like that.”

“You’d really kill me?!” Travis challenged.

“You bet your ass I will.”

“Mom was right about you… You really are an asshole.”

Mathias had a good laugh at this.

“Says the whore that spread her legs for anyone with a pulse. You’re thirty-two years old. Get off the tit and grow the fuck up! That’s why you’re here, remember?!” And on this note, Mathias exited his office.

“I’ll do it. He won’t suspect anything if it’s me.” Bobby volunteered.

“Alright, we’ll be waiting…” Jax hinted, and Bobby nodded.

“You sure you can do this?” Chibs questioned as to the apprehensiveness in Bobby’s eyes.

“No. But if it has to be done, then it has to be done.” Bobby said before exiting the room.

Chibs shook his head as he looked upon the others.

“You sure about Bobby?” The Scot questioned.

“Absolutely. Bobby will do what’s right for this family.” Jax said with utmost sincerity.

“I hope so,” Chibs uttered looking a bit on edge.

Jax gave the Scot a firm pat on the back.

“Bobby’s got this. We need to trust that.”

The Scot nodded but dead-armed Happy as payback for what he pulled with Aislinn. Happy grunted but with a chuckle as he saw that coming.

“You alright?” Jax questioned, but this was directed at the prospect as Jax agreed that Happy had that one coming.

“Yeah…” Kip replied but had that nervous vibe to him.

“Hey man, we got your back. You know that, right?”
Kip nodded, and Jax nodded in return.

“We better get to our posts. They’ll be on deck any minute.”

Jax headed on out, and the others followed.

“Stick by me, kid,” Chibs whispered and pulled Half-Sack towards the area he was hiding in.

The Scot looked him over and gave him a playful slap on the cheek.

“Loosen up. You’re makin’ ME nervous.”

The prospect managed to laugh, and lightning struck near the ship. Chibs grabbed ahold of the prospect and braced for impact as a massive wave was coming right for them.

“Jaysus…” Chibs grumbled once it passed.

“How are we going to pull this off when it’s this bad?!” Kip asked, but Chibs was quick to shush him as Bobby was making his way over with Clay.

“Which one?”  They heard Clay ask as Bobby was leading him towards one of the containers.

“Couple more down. I think…”

Bobby and Clay fought to keep their balance as they headed that way. Chibs and Half-Sack stayed in the shadows and kept quiet.

“I can’t believe these guys are smuggling brown sugar (heroin)…” Clay murmured.

“That makes two of us.”

“Pretty ignorant way of going about it. Could you imagine what we could do with a couple bricks?” Clay said as Bobby went to open that particular container.

Clay reared back as Jax and Happy were inside.

“And what would you do Clay?” Jax questioned with a sinister smile.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

“I’d say an intervention, but it’s too little too late for that,” Jax replied.

Clay regarded Bobby in shock and Bobby sighed.

“You knew this day was coming.” Bobby murmured in such a way, and Jax nodded in agreement.

“He did… but he was hoping I’d be at the other end of the spectrum. Weren’t you? That’s why you set me and Filip up. And I bet you’re the one that had me shanked in prison!” Jax lifted his shirt revealing the marks where he had been stabbed multiple times. If it hadn’t been for Chibs, Jax would’ve died. The Scot kept him alive until the medics arrived.

“Set you up?!” Clay scoffed, and Bobby was the one rolling his eyes this time.

“I can’t believe you’re in on this.” Clay bitterly put, and Bobby placed his gun along Clay’s temple.

“I can’t believe you took credit for the lawyer. Then again, I can’t believe a lot of things when it comes to you.”

Me?! Tell me Bobby… Have you and Happy let Jax in on the deal we got goin’ back home?” Clay darkly reminded, and Bobby grimaced.

Jax, however, cleared his throat.

“You mean the deal with the Aryan Brotherhood?” The president spat taking Clay and Bobby by surprise.

“I told him…” Happy admitted with a nod Bobby’s direction.

Clay sneered at this and went to withdrawal his gun, only to realize he didn’t have it on him. Bobby managed to disarm him on the way over.

“Are you serious?!” Clay barked as Jax, Happy, and Bobby had their guns aimed his direction.

Dead serious…” Jax cruelly hinted.

Happy let out a painful grunt as Clay charged right for him and knocked his head up against the container. Happy gritted his teeth and fired back like that of a bull. He drove Clay up against the other side. Jax howled out over the thunder as Happy sent Clay several jabs to the gut.

Happy dragged Clay towards the others, and Jax removed his cut. They dragged him towards the back of the ship where Chibs and Kip were waiting. Chibs gave Clay a mere nod. Clay let out a low growl, but this was directed at Kip.

“I done warned ye, we both did,” Chibs uttered with a gesture Jax’s direction.

“We sure did, on multiple occasions,” Jax said as Happy held Clay against the rails.

The Scot thought back to everything Half-Sack told him and curled his lip. Chibs stood right before Clay and leaned into his ear.

“Send Jimmy my regards,” Chibs said before spitting in his face.

“HOLD ON!” Bobby hollered, and everyone grabbed ahold of something as another wave hit.

Chibs and Jax waited for it to pass before shoving Clay overboard.

“NOOO!” Bobby hollered as they saw Clay grab ahold of Kip.

“SHIT!” Jax shouted and climbed over the rails in attempts to stop Kip from going overboard.

“JACKIE!” Chibs yelled as he snatched ahold of him and was holding on for dear life.

Bobby kept Chibs braced against the rails as another wave was about to strike. The wave knocked the three of them back, and Jax was quick to jump right back up. He stripped down to his boxers and before Chibs and Bobby could even fathom what was happening Jax dived in after the prospect.

“What have you boys got yourselves into?”  

They heard as Bobby and Chibs were looking over the rails in a panic. This came from the Captain. He had the dishwasher in hand and was pulling him along. The Captain looked over and saw three of SAMCRO’s men floating about in the ocean.

“Now you wanna talk about fucking irony,” Mathias said with a chuckle.

“Looks like you got some friends to keep you company!” He said before hurling Brad out to sea.

“So… Which ones needs saving and which one has a date with Amphitrite?” The Captain asked while pointing towards the lifeboat.

“KIP!” Jax hollered as the president struggled to keep his head above water.

The waves were unmerciful, and he could barely see what was in front of him. All he could make out was their silhouettes. He shook his head as there were two smaller figures in the ocean now. He hadn’t a clue who the third one was but swam towards the one he thought to be Half-Sack. He called to him once again but hollered out as the larger silhouette pulled one of the other ones under. Jax was growing weary and fast as the waves knocked him back, repeatedly. The president felt as if he was getting further away.  Jax shook his head and dived into the water in hopes of avoiding the current.

Jax felt something solid hit against his arm, and he swam back to the surface. He swam into another wave however and choked back as he breathed in a mouthful of water. He could make the two out now and saw the dishwasher among them. Kip was fighting for his life however as Clay was holding him beneath the surface. Every once in awhile Clay would lose his grip and Half-Sack would pop up to catch a breath, but Clay would dunk him right back under. Jax swam with everything he had and went to pry the prospect out of Clay’s hold. When he couldn’t achieve that he got behind Clay and had him in a chokehold.

“LET GO!” Jax shouted with tears in his eyes.

Jax felt the impact of something hitting the water, and that’s when he saw the lifeboat. Chibs was inside the boat and fighting against the waves. Jax shook his head knowing all it would take is another tidal wave and they’d be screwed.

“FILIP!” Jax hollered and waved him over.

Clay dropped his hold on Kip as Jax had a death lock on him and wasn’t letting up for anything. The president choked back every once in a while as he was trying to keep from drowning.

“Jackie!” Chibs hollered and threw a life preserver his way.

Jax dropped his hold on Clay and grabbed onto the preserver. He grabbed Half-Sack, and the Scot reeled them in.  Clay and Brad started towards them only to be shot at from up above. Clay sneered at this as one of those shots came from Bobby. Chibs got them onto the lifeboat and Mathias, and Happy were pulling them back when another wave hit.

“SHIT!” Happy hollered as the lifeboat slammed up against the ship itself.

“WE NEED MORE MEN!” The captain hollered as he and Happy couldn’t pull the three of them up by themselves and Bobby was having to keep Brad and Clay away.

Mathias and Happy barely managed in getting Chibs out there.

“Dammit.” Happy uttered wishing he had Jax’s consent on this.

Happy knew they couldn’t count on that of Mathias’s crew. Having Mathias involved was risky enough.

“I’ll get help.” Happy said and handed Mathias a pair of gloves as the rope was cutting into his hands.

They had no choice but to lower the boat back down and try again after they had more help.

“Need your help… grab your guns.” Happy said as he woke the girls.

“What is it?” Riona asked as she crawled out of bed.

Happy said nothing as the Lawless sisters followed him into the room where the rest of the Sons were. Happy woke Tig but was quick to clamp a hand over his mouth. Happy placed a single finger on his lips and gave a simple nod. Tig didn’t question this as he grabbed a shirt and followed the girls and Happy out. The girls gasped out in surprise once they saw Jax, Chibs, and Kip in the lifeboat. The waves were rocking them about, and Chibs struggled in keeping the boat from capsizing.

“Keep those two away from the boat.” Happy said while aiming Riona’s gun Clay’s direction.

Happy went on to raise Aislinn’s as well and pointed towards the dishwasher.

“Got it?” He questioned the sisters, and they nodded as Bobby and Tig went on to help him and Mathias with the lifeboat.

“Can’t we just shoot them and get it over with?” Aislinn asked her sister.

“If only… but they’ll suffer more this way.”

“Shite…” Aislinn murmured as she was knocked on her ass.

The ship was unsteady, and the girls were having a hard time keeping on their feet.

“Ya alright?” Riona called as she clung to the railing.

“Aye…” Aislinn bitterly put as she came to her feet again.

“Me arse is fuckin’ soaked!” She bitched but aimed her gun Brad’s direction again.

Aislinn laughed however as the ocean swallowed him and Clay up.

“I think mother nature’s done decided what to do with them.” Aislinn murmured and put her gun away as the boys pulled the lifeboat onto the ship.

The girls darted on over as Mathias, Bobby, Tig, and Happy were helping them off the boat. They hugged their men and were checking them over. Kip shout up and started coughing. The prospect was so startled he was backing away from everyone in a crab-like mannerism.

“Kip…” Chibs softly called and started towards him.

“I got it,” Jax said with a hand along the Scot’s shoulder.

“You’re alright Kip,” Jax called and inched his way over.

Tears were streaming down the prospect’s face. Aislinn clamped a hand over her mouth as she couldn’t get over how frightful and child-like the man was.

“I told you… We got your back brother.” Jax softly reminded as he helped Kip to his feet.

Jax hugged him, and the young man broke down. The president said nothing on it. He treated him like an actual brother and did whatever he could to console him. Riona turned away as she was getting somewhat emotional herself. Aislinn smiled then wrapped her arm around her sister.

“I’m thinkin’ you’re right…” Aislinn whispered, and Riona narrowed her eyes in question.

“We did good, Riona.” Aislinn hinted as to Chibs and Jax, and Riona nodded in full agreement.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 14 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

  1. They got the best room and a nice cruise going before it took an interesting turn.. Didn’t see the storm coming although i should had an idea with the title lol.

    Ali came up with an extremely unique way to stop a *rapist*.. as did her sister I loved it. Your muse gave you a wicked idea to make that scene when Mathias confronted him something to to truly remember. as for Riona punching the capt. son He deserved it as well what he got from his dad. that is a very special way to get your point across and i do believe his son if he is smart will take the advice and live with it.

    The storm did give them the perfect out with clay especially with almost losing ali. at one point. no one can see he was pushed or anything with the storm being like it is and no team from the cops can gram bullets from the ocean. hopefully he is gone for good

    Your muse gave us another wicked chapter with some awesome scenes. It was perfect. I hope you update again soon when your muse inspires you once more. I hope you and yours are well. and I hope the *bitey dog* is doing his job and getting the shits that would cause you pain. Until next time *bows*

  2. Holy shite! Ok so Abel is adorable! I just wanna squish him. And so glad they took care of Brad. Like really. And Clay is gone!!! Lets just hope some irish dick doesn’t pick him up lol. I love the interactions between everyone in this chapter, especially Happy and he girls. Another amazing chapter!

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