Chapter 17 – Grandma’s House

Chapter 17 – Grandma’s House

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Bar Harbor, Maine:

Chibs pulled up to the house and checked the address once again.

“This can’t be…” He muttered under his breath as the house wasn’t like anything he’d expected.

It was a lovely house with a patio and connecting lighthouse. There was a storage building right beside the lighthouse. Kip had mentioned something about hiding in plain sight, and he wasn’t kidding. They were right along the coast. Riona was going on about the beautiful view.

“Scotty…” Aislinn whispered, and Chibs peered back as they were headed towards the patio.


“Ya, sure we’re at the right house?”

“That’s what it says…” He uttered then showed her what all Kip had written down.

“Kip grew up here?” Aislinn said in disbelief.

“Trust me… I was thinkin’ the same thing.” Chibs said as he stepped onto the patio and was digging for the key in his pocket.

Aislinn, Riona, and Abel were taking in the scenery. Abel pointed towards a few boats out in the water and Chibs sighed. He wasn’t so sure about this. It felt a little too open. But that’s what Jax wanted. Bar Harbor was a massive tourist trap, and no one would question newcomers. People would come and go regularly. The four of them would be like a needle in a haystack if they were smart about it. The only reason anyone would come looking for them is if someone gave them away.

Chibs used the key to unlock the door then gestured for the girls and Abel to head on in. Riona was first to enter with Abel in her arms.

“Wow,” Riona said.

There was two living areas. One was done in blue and white patio furniture the other was done with sturdier furniture.

“It very bright,” Abel said, and Riona nodded.

“It sure is.”

She sat him down, and Abel went on to explore.

“Stay close,” Riona said.

“Okay,” Abel said as he climbed up on the bench couch and was looking at the pictures.

There were pictures of different kinds of sailboats. Chibs picked up a pair of binoculars that was set out on the table. He used them to look out to sea. The Scot, however, couldn’t help himself as Aislinn had stepped back out and was looking around the patio. He zoomed in on her ass when she bent over.

“What you looking at Uncle Chibs?”

The Scot cleared his throat then put the binoculars down.

“Just lookin’ at the boats.”

“Can I see?!”

Chibs nodded, and the boy made his way over. He picked the binoculars up and had himself a look.

Aislinn entered the room they were in.

“Sure is bright.” She said, and Riona snorted as that was the same thing Abel said.

“Sorry, Linny.  I’m afraid ya won’t have your usual band posters about.” Riona teased as Aislinn’s room back home was covered in guitar and band posters.

“All good. That’s what Scotty’s house is for!” She teased with a playful wink in his direction.

“Depends on the band…” he muttered under his breath.

“This is a really nice house. I can’t believe Kip grew up here.” Aislinn said as she made her way up the stairs. There was a hallway leading to the bedrooms.  The three of them looked to one another however as they heard Aislinn burst out in laughter.

“Definitely grandma’s house!” They heard her call out and they headed on up to see what the fuss was about.

Chibs curled his lip, and that had Aislinn laughing even harder.

“Oh, Scotty…  I hope ya like crochet!”

She said as the room they were in was caked in quilts and all things crochet even the lamps were covered in crochet.

“This is awesome!” Aislinn teased as she tossed one of the quilts Chibs’s direction.

Abel giggled as he sat in the tiny rocking chair.

“I too big for dis.”

“You sure are,” Riona said as he had to pry it off his butt.

Abel had a giggle fit.

“My butt too big!” He squealed and continued to laugh.

This had the others laughing as well.

“I like that bear though.” Abel pointed towards a crochet teddy bear, and Riona picked it up.

“Can I plays with it?”

“Don’t see why not.”

Abel smiled and grabbed ahold of the bear.

“It look so funny. I loves it.”

They headed on out of the crochet room and into the one across from it. This room had two twin sized beds, and they too had quilts on them.

“This room is kind of pretty,” Aislinn said with a shrug and ran her fingers along one of the quilts.

“Kip’s grandmother sure was talented.”

“Aye,” Riona said in agreement.

“Loved to show her work off…” Chibs rather grumbled.

“LOOK IT, PIRATES!” Abel squealed and took his Uncle Chibs by the hand.

He dragged him into the bathroom connecting to the room with the two beds. Chibs smiled as Abel went on about the bathroom decked out in pirates.

“Kip and I play dis allll the time!”

Abel said, and Chibs nodded.

“Ye want this room then?” Chibs offered.

“YESSS! Please, Uncle Chibs? I loves it!”

“It’s all yours.”

“Is that Kip?” Riona questioned as she picked up a picture of a boy no older than Abel.

“Looks just like him!” Her sister said.

“Same eyes and smile! Look, Scotty, it’s a wee Kip!” Aislinn added.

Abel plopped down on one of the twin beds.

“Riona you can has that bed.” Abel pointed towards the bed beside him.

“I know no where Linny and Uncle Chibs sleep though. We no have room here.” Abel said, and Aislinn acted as if she were offended.

“What if I wanted to sleep in here?!”

“No cause Uncle Chibs says it my room and Riona gonna stay in here with me.”

“Are ye kickin’ us out, kid?!” Chibs playfully scoffed, and Abel giggled.

“This is OUR room!” The boy teased.

Abel hopped up and playfully shoved the two out of the room. Riona laughed as he shut the door afterward.

“Well, you tell them, lad.”

“I dids! We have our own room now! This is gonna be so much fun!”

Chibs and Aislinn headed into the last room, and Aislinn laughed.

“Well, I say we scored Scotty. We got the master bedroom.”

Chibs frowned at all the flowers around the room and the quilt on the bed. There was a picture of a Yorkie above the lamp.

“I bet this was grandma’s room.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better. I sure hope the sheets have been washed.” Chibs murmured.

“Aye now, this is a lot nicer than the ship!”

“I’ll give ye that.”

Chibs took his cut off then hung it up in the closet. He wouldn’t wear it again until they were back in Charming. But as he did this, he caught wind of something else.

“Ye’ve got to be shite’n me.” Aislinn heard him grumble and she made her way over.

The young woman broke into a fit of giggles as the master bath was decked out in pink. Everything, such as the tub, toilet, sink, and shower itself… all pink. The wallpaper was done in floral design as well.

“Isn’t this great, Scotty?!” Aislinn teased and grabbed one of the perfumes from the countertop.

She took a whiff but recoiled afterward.

“At least it’s clean! The whole house is actually pretty clean, and it smells like baked cookies!”

“Ye really are inta this, aren’t ye?”

Aislinn shrugged and looked to be in thought.

“Guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I never really knew my grandparents. That and it’s kind of nice seein’ where Kip grew up. I never suspected somethin’ like this.”

Chibs nodded in understanding but cleared his throat.

“Guess this is our room then?” He uttered in such a way.

“Guess so…”

Neither was expecting that turnout.

“Guess I owe the kid some ice cream,” Chibs said with a grin, and Aislinn laughed.

Chibs propped her up on the counter and went to kiss her but froze as they heard Riona and Abel enter the room. The Scot shook his head then peered over.

“This is our room! Get out!” He called, and Riona laughed.

“Well now…” Riona scoffed, and Abel giggled as he hopped up on the bed.

“You’s got a big room!” Abel said.

“Maybe we should take this room Linny and let the boys have the other.” Riona teased just to see the Scot’s reaction.

“Aye… Maybe you’re right.” Aislinn said playing along.

Riona died of laughter as Chibs shut the door in her face.

“Now where were we?” He murmured but could hear Riona laughing outside the door.

“To your room, both of ye!” Chibs hollered.

“Uncle Chibs sound like daddy now!” Abel said, and Chibs sighed.

“Ya did have that authority thing goin’,” Aislinn admitted.

“I’ll show ye authority…” He said as he pressed himself against her and kissed along her neck.

“Does this mean what I think it does…” Aislinn whispered, and Chibs stopped what he was doing and regarded her in question.

“I mean I know we agreed to Charming… But I hadn’t a clue about this at the time… Could be a long wait.”

“Ali, that’s up to ye. I’m not aboot ta push ye for anythin’. It’s aboot you and what yer comfortable with.”

“Alright.” She said and hopped on down.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as she opened the door.

“Hope you’re ready then.” She said as she exited the room.

“Ready?” The Scot muttered hoping that meant what he thought it meant.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” He called as she exited the room.

Aislinn laughed but didn’t comment. The Scot looked down and shook his head.

“We’re gonna make grandma blush.” He murmured while looking at his swelling bulge.

“They got it all wrong,” Riona said once they were all in the kitchen.

The entire room was decked out in Coca-Cola.

“Right?! Where’s the Dr. Pepper?!” Aislinn said.

“Exactly! This is blasphemy!” Riona scoffed, and Chibs chuckled.

“Dr. Pepper, huh?” He murmured, and the girls nodded in unison.

Chibs opened the fridge then nodded amongst himself.

“I’m gonna have to make a trip.” He said as the fridge, and all the cabinets were empty.

That was to be expected. Kip had mentioned something about having the place cleaned up, not too long ago. Chibs wondered if Kip had a maid that checked in from time to time. If so the Scot hoped that wasn’t going to be an issue. Kip made no mention of such a thing, so surely not. Chibs kept in mind to ask about that later. Jax had given them a cell phone to share while they were in Maine. They were to use this to keep in touch. They weren’t to use their personal ones, for anything. Jax didn’t think it safe. So the three of them had theirs turned off.

“I need ye ladies to make me a list of whatever ye need. I’ll head out here in a bit.”

“List?” Riona questioned.

“Aye, whatever ye want to eat, drink, toiletries, feminine products… ye name it. Best ta get it all in one go. The fewer trips, the better.”

“Won’t that raise suspicion?” Aislinn asked, and Chibs tilted his head.

“I mean goin’ alone and gettin’ all those supplies?”

“Don’t have much choice. I can’t bring ye all along. Too risky.”

“I’ll go with ya… It’d be better if ya looked like ya was with someone.” She did her best to hint.

“She’s right…” Riona said as to the idea of someone like Chibs buying things that related to women and children.

Riona looked her sister over.

“But ya can’t go like that.”

“Like what?”

“Ya need to look the part, both of ya!”

“Aye, and all of us need to come up with names. You too kid.” Chibs said and pointed Abel’s direction.

Riona smiled and looked to her sister in thought.

“Alright, he’s your husband. I’m the sister, and that’s your kid!” She said getting her sister back for the Happy incident.

Aislinn laughed once she realized what her sister had done.

“Sneaky aren’t we?”

“Aye, and ya had it coming. So what’ll it be newlyweds? Jane and John Smith?”

Aislinn and Chibs frowned.

“Tommy and Gina Osbourne!” Aislinn said, and Chibs chuckled.

“Are ye really gonna mix Jovi and Ozzy?” He uttered in disapproval.

“Well, I doubt we could get away with Tommy and Gina Jovi and ya won’t let me pick Hetfield.”

“How about Tommy and Gina Hale?” Chibs uttered thinking they could get away with that and not raise any eyebrows.

“I love you!” Aislinn announced and hugged him.

Riona died of laughter.

“Alright, so what about us?”

“Peter!” Riona said with a smile Abel’s direction since he had an obsession with Spider-Man.

“Like Spider-Man!” Abel announced catching on.

“Aye!” Aislinn said with a smile and Abel giggled.

“I be Peter Parker.”

“Peter Hale love.” Riona corrected, and Abel frowned.

“You have to pretend Aislinn’s your mother so that’d make you Peter Hale.”

“But she gonna be my aunt.” The boy said looking awfully confused.

Riona pulled him to the side and explained the situation and why they had to go by those names. Abel nodded in understanding once she was done.

“Okay, Linny be my pretend mommy and Uncle Chibs be my pretend daddy.” He said like it were a game now.

“That’s right. So if anyone you don’t know asks about you or us… Just tell them your name is Peter and that Linny is your ma. Her name is Gina, and your father’s name is Tommy.”

“Okays,” Abel said with a giggle.

“I’m your auntie Joann Wilson.”

Abel giggled finding that downright hilarious.

“So Linny my mommy and you’s my auntie Joann and Uncle Chibs my daddy?”

“That’s right. Just like playin’ house!”

“Okays, I like playing house. So this will be fun.”

“But we have to play like that the entire time we’re here.” Chibs reminded, and Abel nodded.

“Okay, I can do that. We’s gonna keep the girls safe, right Uncle Chibs?!”

“That’s right!”

Abel gathered this wide-eyed look and Chibs tilted his head in wonder.

“Was I supposed to says, daddy?”

Chibs chuckled on this.

“No lad. Only when we’re in public or around someone, we don’t know.”

“Oh okay,” Abel said sounding relieved.

“You need to shower,” Riona said pointing to Chibs.

The Scot reared back and went on to sniff himself. Aislinn died of laughter, but that laughter was quick to die down. Her sister dragged her into what would be her and Abel’s room. Riona dug through their bags and tossed a few items over.

“What’s this?”

“Just put it on.”

Aislinn frowned but headed into the bathroom. She put on the leggings, leather skirt, and a sophisticated off-white blouse. Riona had some heels, and one of her leather purses set out on the bed.

“I don’t do heels. You know this!”

“Ya are tonight.”

“Aren’t those your heels?”

“Aye, but we wear the same size shoe. Just put them on.”

“Fine… but if I fall on my face, I’m blamin’ you!”

Riona shrugged as Aislinn stepped into the heels.

“Put this and…” Riona handed Aislinn some pink lipstick.

“… this on!” She said and went on to hand her some eyeliner as well.”

“I don’t wear pink!”

“Ya are tonight.”


“Aye now quit your belly-achin’ and put the damn makeup on. We gotta change our looks a tad while we’re here, all of us.”

Riona said while bringing out a box of highlighter.

“I’m not doing that!”

“It’s not for you…” Riona said, and Aislinn reared back in shock.

“Aye… like I said we all gotta improvise. I’ll be takin’ care of that while you and Chibs are out and about.”

“And Abel? He won’t exactly pass as mine and Scotty’s son.” She hinted as to their dark hair.

“Well, I doubt ya want me playin’ the wife.”

The look on Aislinn’s face said it all and Riona laughed.

“Get him a hat while you’re in town.”

“What kind of hat?”

“Like a baseball hat or somethin’.”

“Aye,” Aislinn said while adjusting her pantyhose.

“I hate these things! They ride up in areas they shouldn’t be ridin’.”

“You’ll be just fine.”

“They’re itchy!”



“Breathe. You’ll be fine!”

Aislinn grumbled under her breath as she grabbed the leather purse and started to exit the room.


“Em?” The young woman hummed before spinning back around.

Riona made her way over and took Aislinn by the hand. She looked at her wrist and saw the matching tattoo Happy had given her after their show last night. It was just like that of Riona’s; only it had Riona’s name on it.

“When’d ya…”

“Last night,” Aislinn said with a shrug.

Riona smiled then hugged her close.

“Thank you, Linny.”

“Don’t know why you’re thankin’ me. Ya knew I’d get one to match!”

Riona laughed then dropped her hold.

“Ya know… He opened up to me about his father.”

Riona reared back in surprise.


“Aye, I was talkin’ about pa, and the lad brought up that Otto fella.”

“You’ll have to tell me all about that.”

“Aye, I will,” Aislinn promised before heading on out.

The young woman was waiting for Chibs in the living area when he entered the room. Aislinn couldn’t believe her eyes. The Scot had trimmed his goatee and beard, along with his hair. He had it slicked back and parted to the side. Chibs was wearing a black dress shirt, scarf, pants, and jacket.

“Can’t get away from the black, can ya?” She teased but in admiration.

“Why would I?” He questioned with a smile.

“Lookin’ good, Scotty.” She said as she came to her feet and adjusted the collar to his jacket.

“Likewise darlin’.” He said while running a hand along her leather skirt.

“Let me get yer sister and Abel set up then we’ll head on out.”

“Sounds good.”

Chibs went over everything he could think of. He left the cellphone Jax had given him with Riona and Abel. He turned his on just in case they needed to get ahold of him. But let Riona know it was for emergencies only. The Scot stuffed it into his pocket then made certain Riona’s gun was loaded and ready to go. He went over a few rules with Abel and let him know that he was to listen to whatever Riona said and not to answer the door, for anyone. The Scot hated leaving them behind like this but bringing them along would be too risky. He didn’t like the idea of bringing Aislinn as it was but knew the girls had a point. It would look a bit odd for a man to be buying all those things and with no woman or child tagging along.

The Scot did a thorough walkthrough of the entire house, inside out, before they left. He wanted to make certain all doors and windows were locked and that no one was lurking about. He’d never forgive himself if he headed off and something happened to them. The Scot had Riona lock up behind them, and Chibs escorted Aislinn to the car. He opened the door for her and gestured for her to step on in.

“Well, aren’t ya the gentleman?”

“I have my moments…” He uttered with a wink then shut the door.

Chibs laughed as Aislinn went on to search the radio stations first thing.

“Oh!” She announced as Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden was playing.

“I bet ye could put a bluesy/jazz spin ta that one like ye did Nothing Else Matters,” Chibs uttered as he hit the road.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped as the thought never even occurred to her.

“That would be savage!” She uttered then opened the leather purse her sister had given her.

Riona knew to pack her sister’s journal as Aislinn used it for her muses. She carried that journal everywhere just for that reason. The Scot cocked a brow as Aislinn added that song to some sort of list.

“Yer gonna do it?”

“Gonna try!”

“I’d like to hear it.”

“Thanks for the idea, Scotty!”

“No problem love.” He said but was rather anxious to see what she’d come up with.

Aislinn sang along as Chibs searched for the nearest grocery store. Twenty minutes passed before Chibs pulled into a Walmart. Aislinn snorted in thought.

“We’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, Scotty!” She teased, and Chibs chuckled.

“It’s still ASDA in Ireland, right?” He questioned knowing ASDA was owned by Walmart as well.


“Is Walmart a lot different?”

“Not really.”  He said while pulling into the parking area.

“This feels a bit strange, don’t ya think?”

“Oh yeah.” He murmured as he parked the car.

Chibs and Aislinn looked to one another then to the store itself.

“Definitely not in Ireland anymore.” She whispered as to how different everything was, and this was just the parking lot.

“Just wait until yer inside. Yer gonna feel like yer at the fanciest flea market ye’ve ever seen.”

“Flea market?” Aislinn questioned in confusion.

“Ye’ll see.” He said before exiting the car.

The Scot observed Aislinn’s reaction from the very moment they stepped inside.

“Sure is cluttered in comparison.” He heard her murmur as he grabbed a basket.

“That woman doesn’t have any clothes on, and it’s cold out.” She exclaimed in a harsh whisper as a woman was walking around in a very revealing bikini.

“Aye, ye best get used to that. That’s nothin’. Just wait until we’re in Charmin’.”

“Now you’re scarin’ me.”

“Walmart is a scary place lass. Probably not the best place to bring ye considerin’ it’s your first day in the states and all.” Chibs uttered with a frown.

“That man’s in his pajamas.”

“Could be worse. He could be wearin’ what that lass was wearin’ and boots!” He uttered, and Aislinn giggled.

“I think we’re overdressed.”

“Yer right. We should strip down to our underoos, so we fit in.”

“You first.”  She taunted as Chibs went on to grab a few things in the medicine aisle.

He went as far as to grab some children’s medicine and whatever else came to mind. The Scot wanted to be prepared for anything that came up. That and he needed to refill his medical bag back at the house. This thought had him purchasing a decent first aid kit as well. Chibs had his old lady grab whatever she and Riona needed such as feminine products and toiletries. Aislinn grabbed Abel some bubble bath, soap, and things of that nature as well.



“How are we payin’ for all this if ya don’t mind me askin’?”

“The boys put some money tagether before we left. Should be enough to cover us for a couple months, at least.”

“They did that?”

“Aye… that’s what the club’s about love. Takin’ care of our own.”

Aislinn smiled but broke into a fit of giggles as Chibs was flipping through the condoms. He chose the Trojan brand; bareskin lubricated ones at that then tossed them into the basket.

“Is there anythin’ else ye want ta add to that,” Chibs whispered, and Aislinn slightly blushed.

“Not that I know of…” She shyly put.

“Ye sure because it’ll be awhile before we can make another trip? I’d rather ye be safe than sorry, pet.”

“I think we’ll be okay with what ya grabbed…”

The Scot nodded, and they headed into the grocery area. Together they brainstormed a few meal ideas and went on from there. The Scot grabbed whatever came to mind when it came to kid snacks and what he thought Abel might like. Aislinn added a few things as well. This had the Scot feeling as though they were already married. Crazy as it was he actually missed the little things like this. Who would’ve thought that a simple trip to Walmart could be fun? Then again, he knew it was the company. If Chibs had been by himself, he would’ve been downright miserable. The Scot hated shopping.

“Oh, we need a hat!”


“Aye, Riona said to grab Abel a hat.”

Chibs nodded in understanding.

“We’ll hit the clothin’ area in a bit.”

“I don’t know anythin’ about these brands,” Aislinn admitted as she picked up a can of beans.

“Aye, it’ll take ye awhile, but I’ll walk ye through whatever questions ye have.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes as Aislinn was limping around the next aisle.

“Ye alright?”

“I think I’m gettin’ blisters.” She admitted and went on to adjust one of the heels.

Chibs made his way over and took them off one by one.

“What are ya doin’?” She asked as he tossed them into the basket.

“Makin’ ye comfortable.” He said with a shrug.

“I can’t walk around with no shoes!” She said looking appalled.

“It’s Walmart love. No one pays that sort of thing any attention.” He said while grabbing a few cases of beer and placing them into the cart as well.

“Basket is gettin’ full.”

“Aye. We don’t have much more ta get.”

“Look Scotty!” Aislinn exclaimed as she picked up a box of Cracker Jacks.

The Scot reared back in absolute surprise.

“Isn’t this what ya were tellin’ me about?!”


The young woman smiled.

“Can we get some?!”

“Go right ahead. I thought they quit sellin’ that stuff years ago.”

Aislinn grabbed a few boxes then placed them inside the basket. Once they finished, they picked out a black and blue Spider-Man cap with flames at the tip for Abel.

“He’ll get a kick out of that,” Chibs uttered in thought.

“I thought so!”

“They have some really cute clothes!” Aislinn said, and Chibs observed as she flipped through a few.

“I see what ya mean by fancy flea market now.” She said with a grin then held up a onesie with a skull on it.

“These are surprisingly cute for a place like this.”

“Don’t let Jackie’s mum hear ye say that. She’ll have a runaway.”


“Oh yeah. The woman loathes places like Walmart. If she found out we went and bought Abel somethin’ from here, she’d lose it.”


“Just wait until ye meet her and you’ll see.”

“That worries me…”

Chibs chuckled but didn’t comment. He thought it best for Aislinn to make her own assumptions when it came to Gemma Morrow. Riona was the one he truly worried about. It was a well-known fact that Gemma never approved when it came to the women in Jax’s life. No woman was good enough for her son. In some cases, Chibs most certainly agreed but Riona was different. The Scot would be the first to say otherwise if Gemma challenged this. He wouldn’t let Gemma get in the way of Jax’s happiness.

“This place isn’t that different from ASDA, but ASDA sure is nicer. It’s nowhere near as cluttered, and we don’t wear pajamas or bikinis to our stores.”

Chibs chuckled.

“If ye wanna wear a bikini I won’t fight ye on it. I’m sure we could find ye one right here.”

“Funny lad, aren’t ya?”

“Ye can wear it with them heels of yours,” Chibs uttered while wiggling his brows.

“Aye, and you’ll have to carry me everywhere I go!”

“I can do that.” Chibs muttered then flipped her over his shoulder.

Aislinn giggled as he went on to push the basket.

“You’re mad!”

“Sure am.”

“That’s a lot of groceries,” Aislinn said after she and Chibs loaded them into the car.

“Aye, that oughta keep us for a bit.”

“Hope so.” She said after shutting one of the doors.

Chibs opened the door for her once again.

“Next time we dress up I’ll take ye somewhere a lot nicer. Like Target or somethin’.”

“Target?” She questioned, and Chibs chuckled as he shut the door.

The Scot wished he could’ve taken her on a proper date. She looked a little too nice for a simple trip to Walmart and back. This had the Scot running a hand along those black pantyhose. That hand traveled on up her skirt, and Aislinn blushed when he gave her a little rub.

“What if someone sees us?”

“Let em watch…” The Scot said with a shrug and went on to kiss her.

The man found it hard to pull away. All he could think about was tonight. They’d been together for a little over three months now, and they’ve yet to go all the way. To someone like Chibs that was a big deal. He’d never waited that long for anyone. The mere idea had him aching below. The Scot pushed those feelings aside and focused on getting back to the house. He had to, or he’d end up searching for those condoms and taking her in the backseat.

“Scotty?” Aislinn called as they were ten minutes from the house now.


“Was Fiona the only woman ya were serious about?”

The Scot narrowed his eyes wondering where this was going.


“But ya’ve been with other women, right?”

Chibs gave a simple nod.

“For sex?”

The Scot drew back a hesitant breath. He didn’t like where this was going but was honest.


“So ya never dated any of em?”

“Nah, those aren’t the kind of women ye date darlin’.”

Aislinn nodded but looked to be in thought. Chibs turned the radio down, so he could hear her better.

“These women… they were pretty experienced.”

“Ali…” Chibs scolded.

The Scot wasn’t about to dive into all that mess. That was sure to cause a fight, and that was the last thing he wanted.

“I don’t think we need ta go there, lass. I’m all for ye askin’ questions but let’s not go inta somethin’ that’s gonna make us both uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t mean ta make ya uncomfortable, Scotty. I just wanted to know.”

“Why?” Chibs curiously questioned.

“Just so I’m prepared.”

“Prepared for what?!”

“I don’t know… what if I disappoint you?”

Chibs shook his head in absolute disbelief. The Scot pulled the car over then pinched his eyes shut.

“You’re angry…” Aislinn whispered with a grimace.

“I’m not angry, Ali. I don’t get where this is comin’ from. I don’t want ye goin’ and comparin’ yerself to a bunch of women ye don’t even know.”

“That many, huh?”

“Alright Ali… it sounds like yer pickin’ a fight, and I’m not down for that. My past hasn’t anythin’ ta do with us or how I see ye!”

“You’re right. I’m sorry Scotty.”

“Look at me, Ali.”

The young woman was quick to wipe her face with the back of her hand before looking over.

“Outside love,” Chibs said as he hadn’t realized she was crying.

The man felt like an absolute dick as he opened the door and unbuckled her seatbelt. Making her cry wasn’t something he aimed for. Aislinn stepped on out but with this humiliating presence, one she brought on herself. She hadn’t meant to take things that far. She hadn’t a clue what had come over her.

“What’s wrong with me?” Chibs heard her whisper as he was making his way around.

The young woman had her hand over her heart, and Chibs startled her when he placed his on her shoulder.

“Deep breaths lass…” He whispered.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen. I wasn’t tryin’ to pry. Honest. I just wanted to be prepared. That’s all. I’ve never done this with anyone, Scotty. I haven’t a clue what to say or how to go about this exactly.”

“Ali, tonight won’t be any different from what we’ve been doin’. If anything, it’s just goin’ ta be a little more in depth. Yer readin’ too much inta this, and that’s not what this is about. I need ye to understand that. Our past hasn’t anythin’ to do with us. As for knowin’ what to do… yer doin’ just fine, more than fine. I like things how they are and if we do this tonight, that isn’t goin’ to change anythin’. Well, it might… but only in a good light. Ye haven’t anythin’ ta worry on. I got ye, Ali. I told ye that from the beginnin’ and if you’re not ready. Then we’ll just keep waitin’ until ye are.”

“We can’t.”

“Yes, we can Ali.”

“No, I mean I can’t. Scotty, I can’t go another night, and I’ve been feelin’ that way for some time.”

“Have ye now?”

Aislinn managed to smile, and the Scot smiled in return.

“Aislinn…” Chibs whispered catching her by surprise.

He’d never called her by name before.

“I want you. That’s all I want. Understood?”

The young woman nodded, and Chibs backed her up against the car. He pressed himself against her then leaned into her ear.

“And if ye need any schoolin’… I’ll be sure ta give ye just that.” The Scot breathed her in, and that heady feeling hit.

“Think of me as yer sexual mentor. I’ll teach ye everythin’ ye need ta know and more, pet. Let me do this Ali. I don’t want ye worryin’ about anythin’. I got it from here. I mean it, let me handle it. I’ll show ye everythin’.” The more he talked about this, however, the more aroused he became.

All he could think about was stripping her down and having his way with her. His way as in making those knees of hers tremble and hearing her moan, to the point where she no longer had a voice.

“Will ye let me do that?” He seductively whispered, and Aislinn nodded.

She was putty in his arms, and the Scot loved having that effect on her.

“I got ye, that’s all ye need to know.”

This was certainly a turn of events for Chibs. But it was also a nice change of pace for him. He’d grown used to being the one entertained and taken care of. He never imagined it could be this exciting… turning the tables a bit. Then again, he never had anyone like Aislinn. Chibs wanted to be the seducer and dominate one in this relationship. Not that he didn’t mind Aislinn seducing him from time to time, but something about being the one taking control gave him that high feeling and he couldn’t believe just how hard those thoughts made him. Fiona pretty much ran the show when it came to their marriage, and Chibs hadn’t much choice about anything.

Fiona had no respect for Chibs whatsoever and was clearly using him, whereas Chibs wanted to do this because he loved Aislinn. He wanted to take care of her, in each and every way, even more from a sexual standpoint. The mere idea had him kissing her once again only this time he lifted her up off the ground. The Scot gave her a small teaser of what was to come before setting her back down.

“Hope yer ready love…” He said before escorting her back towards the passenger side door.

“Everythin’ go alright?” Chibs questioned once Riona let him and Aislinn inside.

“Aye, everythin’ went just fine!”

“Like the hair, it suits ye darlin’.”

“Thank you, Chibs! Can we help with anythin’?”

“We could use a hand with the groceries.”

“I can help too Uncle Chibs.”

“We got all the bedsheets washed and dried!” Riona announced as she went to help with the groceries.

Abel followed Riona outside, and Chibs could hear Aislinn going on about her sister’s hair and how pretty it turned out. The cellphone Jax had given them rang as Chibs sat one of the bags down. He picked it up then used his shoulder to prop it up against his ear. He did this while unloading the groceries.

“Jackie boy!” Chibs answered, and Jax chuckled on the other end.

“How goes it?”

“Goin’ good so far and ye?”

“About the same. Some of us were starting to drift off, so we thought it best to pull over for the night. Got us a hotel outside of Albany.”

“Yer in New Hampshire?”


“That was fast.”

“Not really, just a little over eight to nine hours drive.”

Chibs looked at the time. He hadn’t realized they’d been here for that long.

“Aye…” He murmured in thought.

“How they doin’?”

“They’re doin’ alright Jackie.”

“And the house?”

“Ye mean aside from the potential nightmares of bein’ strangled ta death by crocheted quilts?”

“That bad, eh?”

“Oh yeah. Damn near every room and don’t even get me started on the bathroom.”

Chibs went on to describe the place and Jax was having a field day at Chibs’s expense. But like that of Chibs, Jax hadn’t realized it’d be that nice of a place. Jax sounded relieved by that, even more so when Chibs described how excited Abel was about getting the pirate bathroom and how he’d be sharing a room with Riona. It was during this conversation; however, Riona unloaded the condoms.

“And what are these for?” The Scot heard her ask and the man peered over his shoulder.

He grimaced as he’d forgotten all about those.

“Are ya plannin’ on gettin’ lucky with my sister?”

Jax overheard this as well.

“What’s she talking about?” Jax questioned on the other end.

“Riona!” Aislinn scolded and went to snatch the condoms out of her sister’s hold.

“Now hold on…” Riona said and was holding them out of her sister’s reach.

“I want to know what your plans for my sister are. Is this just a wham bam thank ya ma’am or…” Riona teased, and Aislinn looked as if she was about to kill her.

“Is that Riona?!” Jax questioned in surprise.

“Aye…” Chibs miserably muttered, and Jax laughed.

“Knock it off, Riona!” Aislinn scolded while jumping up for the condoms.

“What are those?” Abel questioned, and Chibs let out another wretched sigh.

“Don’t say balloons…” Jax warned, and Chibs laughed but wondered how in the world Jax knew what they were.

“How’d ye…” Chibs started to say.

“Wasn’t that hard to guess by the way Riona’s carrying on.”

“Em, hold on Jackie,” Chibs uttered then nodded upon Riona.

“I think yer well aware of my plans.” The Scot whispered while taking the box out of Riona’s hold and pocketing them.

Aislinn punched her sister on the arm, and Riona laughed.

“Don’t be an arse, Riona!” Aislinn scolded and went on to help Abel with his Capri Sun.

“If ya do this… Ya had better not hurt her.” Riona harshly warned and Chibs raised his brows.

Jax overheard this as well and was just as stunned, if not more.

“With all due respect lass, if I was goin’ ta hurt her I’d have done so by now.” Chibs expressed.

“Aye, just puttin’ the warnin’ out there. Ya haven’t seen my bad side, and ya don’t want to.” She confirmed before leaving him to his conversation with Chibs.

“Damn…” Jax muttered.

“Sounds like you got your hands full,” The president added afterward.

“Ye’ve no idea.”

“Why don’t you let me talk to Abel?”

“Alright,” Chibs uttered before calling Abel to the phone.

“It daddy?” Abel asked, and Chibs nodded.

Abel let out a little squeal then answered the phone.

“Hi, daddy!”

“Hey, little man.” 

                Chibs helped the girls put everything away, and Riona went on to make everyone a late supper.

Abel was telling his father all about the car they drove and how it had satellite radio. Then he told him about the house, the pirate bathroom, the picture of Kip, and how he’d be sharing a room with Riona. In return, Jax told him all about the hotel he was staying at. Once they finished, Jax told Abel that he loved him and goodnight. Then he had Abel hand the phone over to Riona.

Aislinn took over in cooking so Riona could take the conversation somewhere a little more private. Chibs sat Abel down at the table then handed him a couple of coloring books and a box of crayons.

“You gots me new ones!” Abel exclaimed, and the Scot smiled.

“I figured ye’d like somethin’ new, so I got ye some dinosaurs and those comic book characters ye like. Ali picked ye out a hat too. Ye don’t have to wear it unless we’re outside.”

“OH COOL! IT SPIDER-MAN!” Abel squealed then put it on.

The boy had a genuine beam about him as he picked out a page from one of the coloring books.

Chibs made his way over as Aislinn was stirring the goulash. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed along her neck. The closer it came to time… the friskier the man felt. Chibs did his best to keep it ‘PG’ since Abel was in the room. But his hands were all over her. Aislinn laughed as she could barely move.

“I’m tryin’ to cook, Scotty.”

“Em…” He hummed as she checked on the rolls.

“These American meals of yours will take some gettin’ used to,” Aislinn admitted as their version of goulash wasn’t quite like this.

“Aye now, I prefer me a wholesome Irish meal.”


“Oh yeah… I miss it ta be honest.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.” She said with a smile.

“Ye gonna cook for me darlin’?”

“Maybe…” She teased and turned off the stove.

“That smell good,” Abel said, and Aislinn smiled as she placed everything on the table.

“Are ya hungry?”

“Very,” Abel said and rubbed his tummy.

“Think we can put the colors away now?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Abel said sounding just like his father.

“Ohhh, I like that. A perfect gentleman ya are!”

Abel smiled as Aislinn filled his plate then slid it on over.

“Careful lad, it’s hot.” She warned afterward.


Chibs placed the rolls on the table and Aislinn had everyone join hands. She went on to say a prayer before they ate.

Jax and Riona phone call:

“Hey, darlin’,” Jax said once Riona answered the phone.

“Hey yourself.”

“You doing alright?”

“Aye, just fine.”

“Good deal babe.”

“Where ya at?”

“Some hotel in New Hampshire. Felt weird being on Chibs’s bike.”

“I can imagine. Ya gonna get you a new one?”

“Won’t have much choice. Gotta have a bike.”

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two.

“Line’s clean Riona. That’s why I gave Chibs that specific phone. You can call anytime you want.”

Riona let out a breath of relief.

“That why you’re so quiet?”

“A wee bit…” She admitted.

“There something else?”

“I highlighted my hair!” Riona randomly put, and Jax chuckled.



“Well send me a picture before you go to bed.”

“A picture?!”

“Well yeah, I want to see it.”

“But I’m a mess.”

“I doubt that.”

Jax sighed as he wanted to keep talking but was dead on his feet, especially after their little rendezvous from last night.

“I gotta get some shut-eye. I’ll check on you and Abel in a couple days. If you need anything call, doesn’t matter what time.”

“Will do.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too Jackson.”

“Don’t forget that pic and get some sleep.”

“Aye and you too.”

Riona hung up and took the picture he’d requested. She frowned when she saw it and wished she wouldn’t have hit send.

“That’s terrible!” She scoffed but heard the ding from Jax’s reply.

Holy shit babe. You look amazing. Then again, you always do.                 

That message was followed by a heart emoji, and Riona snorted.

“Dirty liar ya are!” She scoffed and went to put up the phone only to hear another ding.

And no I’m not lying so you can stop that now. 

Riona’s jaw damn near hit the floor.

Scared you didn’t I… Am I listening in or just know you too well? You may never know. Night! 

You rotten shite!  She replied, and Jax sent a simple “lol.”

“Goodnight Linny! Goodnight Uncle Chibs!” Abel called, and Aislinn laughed as she pulled Abel and Riona’s door to.

“At least he’s in better spirits,” Aislinn whispered as they headed into the room they’d be staying in.

“Aye, but that’ll die down in a few days. He’ll start missin’ his old man.”

“We’ll do what we can…” Aislinn said, and Chibs shut the door.

The Scot leaned against that door and watched as she took off her pantyhose.

“Ye can take those off too.” He gestured towards her panties, and Aislinn giggled.

“Can I now?”

“Aye, and everythin’ else…”

The Scot undid the buttons to his shirt and watched as Aislinn undressed.

“On the bed now, pet.” He whispered, and Aislinn gathered that bashful presence as she lay down.

Chibs placed the box of condoms on the nightstand before joining her.

“Relax…” He reminded as her legs were doing that trembling thing again.

He ran his hand along one of her thighs and up towards her sex. He observed her reaction as he rubbed her slit.

“Someone’s wet…” He murmured and took a gander.

“Very wet…” He uttered in longing.

It was a tight squeeze, but he managed to slip a couple of fingers in.

“How’s that feel?” He questioned as he worked those two fingers about and deeper than before.

Aislinn couldn’t answer and for a very good reason. Chibs regarded the young woman in shock as she gushed all along his fingers. Aislinn was just as stunned as he was. Chibs shook his head but with a chuckle.

“I think yer ready pet… more than ready.” He murmured as her body was begging for more.

The Scot unfastened his belt then reached for the condoms. The man used his teeth to open the box and condoms flew everywhere. Aislinn giggled as he grabbed the closest one and used his teeth once again to open the package. Chibs couldn’t get that condom on fast enough.

“Ye ready?” He questioned as he had himself positioned.

The young woman gave a simple nod, and Chibs eased his way in. He took it nice and slow. The Scot gritted his teeth however as it was overly sensitive at first. She was so welcoming he had to refrain from coming, and he wasn’t even in all the way.

“How’s that?” He questioned once he got there.

The Scot was aching, something fierce. It took all will not to thrust. He wanted Aislinn to get a feel for him before he even went there.

“That hurt?”

Aislinn shook her head no. Chibs kissed her and gradually began. She let out a couple of whimpers here and there but encouraged him to keep going. He knew it’d be like losing her virginity all over again and in a way she was. Chibs kept with this slow and steady pace, but it was damn near torture. He wasn’t used to being with a woman this snug. Aislinn had her arms and legs wrapped around him. Something about the way she was clinging to him had the man coming and before he could even get that warning out. The man let out a growl of release but didn’t pull out right away. He stayed put and was kissing her all over again. He gave a few more thrust as he was curious.

“That sore?” He asked.

“A wee bit but it doesn’t hurt like I thought it would.

Chibs nodded before pulling out. He didn’t say anything on it but thought that to be a good sign. That meant she’d healed up nicely and she’d be aching for more after her body recuperated. He just needed to be patient. But that wouldn’t be easy. The man was ready to go again. He couldn’t help it; she was too inviting. Chibs went on to kiss whatever part of her he could reach. Aislinn had that content and loving look in her eyes. That had the Scot smitten as that’s what he was aiming for.

The Scot went on to run Aislinn a bath. He still had the condom on as he did this. Aislinn gawked at it in disbelief.

“Ya really filled it up!”

Chibs looked down as he’d forgotten all about it. The condom worked just like he hoped it would. He could barely tell it was there.

“Aye… look at all that baby batter!” He said with a wink and took it off.

“Baby batter?!” Aislinn said with a snort.

The Scot lifted her up from the bed then placed her into the tub as it was filling up.

“Temp good?” He questioned, and Aislinn nodded as bubbles formed around her.

Chibs took notice of the blood left behind on the condom. There wasn’t much. That was to be expected considering her only experience was that of Jimmy. Chibs handed her the soap and whatever else she might need then sat at the edge of the tub.

“It really is pink in here…” Aislinn remarked with a frown and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye, a lot of it!”

Aislinn scrubbed herself down but had this pensive look about her.

“Thank you, Scotty.” She softly put, and the Scot narrowed his eyes.

“Fur?” He questioned.

“Everythin’. Ya were right. It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. It was a good kind of hurt if that makes any sense.” She shyly put, and Chibs nodded in perfect understanding.

He joined her then pulled her into his arms.

“Ye’ll never hurt like that again, Ali.” He vowed and kissed along her neck.

“I think we ruined grandma’s quilt…” Aislinn uttered, and Chibs died of laughter.

“I’m afraid so.”

“Think we can try again tomorrow?” She questioned.

“Don’t ye think it a bit soon, love? You should give yerself some time.”

Aislinn spun around so that she was facing him. Chibs ran his hands along her breasts leaving a trail of bubbles as he did this.

“I like it when you’re inside me.” She coyly whispered, and Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Is that so?”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Let’s just see how yer feelin’ and we’ll go from there.”

Aislinn giggled however as Chibs went on to suck on her nipples. He wiggled his brows and flicked his tongue along them.

“I love yer tits.” He murmured in awe.

“And don’t even get me started on that pink pussy.” He uttered, and Aislinn let out a bit of a gasp as she could feel his enthusiasm.

“I want all of ye Ali… but I’m more concerned about you takin’ care of yerself. That comes first and always will. Understood?” He uttered putting that dominate side of his to use.

Aislinn woke that following morning to Chibs standing at the foot of the bed. He had a cup of coffee in one hand and a box of Cracker Jacks in the other.

“Breakfast of champions.” He teased as he made his way over.

The young woman laughed but looked at the time.

“Why’d ya let me sleep this late?!” She questioned seeing as how it was eleven in the morning.

“Ye were too peaceful to wake. Besides, we haven’t anywhere ta be. Might as well get all the sleep ye can get.” He said then handed the coffee over.

Aislinn took a sip then set it down on the nightstand. She grabbed the box of Cracker Jacks, and Chibs sat at the edge of the bed as she dug for her prize, first thing. The Scot died of laughter as she went as far as to dump some of the contents into her hand in order to find it. Aislinn found the little package and opened it with her teeth. This had her thinking back to when Chibs opened the condom with his. This caused an odd sensation, one she’d never felt. It was a mixture of arousal, yet that fluttery feeling. Aislinn laughed as her prize was a ring like Chibs had mentioned. The ring itself was a little mouse that wrapped around the finger.

“He’s adorable!” Aislinn said as she was in awe over her prize.

“Is this like the ring you have?”

“Nah, the one back home’s a red heart. It was me mum’s.”

“Your mother’s?” She questioned and thought back to his story on how his mother died during surgery. Like she and Riona’s mother, she too had cancer.

The Scot nodded.

“I gave it to her years ago. I hadn’t realized she held onto it, not until I found it in her jewelry box after she passed away.”

Something about that melted Aislinn’s heart. That was the sweetest thing she’d ever heard.

“Hold on…” Chibs uttered as she was about to put the ring on.

He took it from her hold then put it on her finger. Not just any finger… but the finger. Aislinn didn’t comment as she wasn’t sure what to say or if she even should. She doubted he was paying attention to which finger. The Scot brought her hand towards his lips then kissed the ring. The young woman blushed, and he gestured towards the caramel corn and peanuts.

“Ye gonna eat your caramel corn?”

The young woman tried speaking but failed, epically. She gave a dumbfounded nod instead.

“Ye alright?”

She stuffed a couple of pieces into her mouth and nodded once again.

“How’s it taste?”

“It’s really cute. Thank you.” She uttered as if in a trance. The Scot reared back with a what the fuck expression.

“Alright then… I’ll leave ye to it…” The Scot said but exited the room with a puzzled demeanor.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Grandma’s House”

  1. Another wonderful chapter in this wicked story of yours i know there is another chapter but i thought this one was cute especially when chibs took Ali to walmart lol that was a classic sc and perfectly done too. i loved it. then chibs saying his next outing with her was going to be going to target? i just started laughing

    Like always though Abel stole the chapter with the pirate room and salting out out out to them only Riona was staying with him . that was adorable. i’m glad he is getting closer to her he needs a good momma.

    i hope your muse is dancing and helping you in anyway she can thank you for the wonderful chapter and i am off to read the second one you graced us with today. until then *bows*

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