Chapter 2 – For Every Storm, A Rainbow

Chapter 2 – For Every Storm, A Rainbow 
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“Up and Adam…”

The girls batted their eyes as they came to. Galen was standing before them with a couple of other men in suits. One of them hunkered down and reached over brushing Aislinn’s hair back.

“This the one?” The man asked, and Galen nodded.

“Ya, sure she’s a virgin?”

“Oh yeah…” Galen cruelly hinted with a couple of fingers in sexual gesture, and the man smiled.

“Like a glove,” Galen added.

Riona curled her lip on this and Galen sighed.

“Relax love. Just us boys talkin’.”

Aislinn scooted away from the man then brought her knees up protectively.

“Aye now let me get a good look at ya.” The man said and planted a hand along the back of the truck as he got a better look.

Aislinn recoiled from his touch as he went to cup her chin.

(Jimmy O’Shay)

“She’s a fighter…” Galen said, and the man chuckled.

“I can tell. That’s how I like em.”

“I know.”

“Had em tested yet?”

“Nah, we’ll get to that in a bit. We just got here.”

The man nodded but with disappointment.

“How long do we hafta wait?”

“Is that a deal I hear?”

“If she’s clean, aye. I’ll take her.”

“Thought so. Where ya keepin’ her though? I doubt you’re takin’ her home.” Galen hinted as to his brother’s wife and stepdaughter.

“I have a place.”

“Alright then, I’ll get back ta ya on those tests.”

“Don’t I get a moment alone with her?”

“Aye now Jimmy, don’t push it.”

“Just wanna get to know her.”

Galen had this apprehensive look as he glanced upon the sisters.

“Don’t ya go roughin’ her up. She’s not yours just yet.”

Riona sent Galen a look of absolute hell.

“That wasn’t the deal. You said she’d be taken care of.” She reminded, and Galen nodded.

“Aye, and she will. Jimmy just likes things a little on the rough side love. That’s all. She’ll get used to it.”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT! RAPE WASN’T THE DEAL!” Riona snapped and held her sister protectively.


“Riona…” Galen warned.

“It’s okay,” Aislinn said with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll be okay, Riona. Take the boy.”

“I’M NOT LEAVING YOU!” Riona shouted as she was going into hysterics.

Riona hoped they’d get a chance to escape before it came down to this. Aislinn forced a smile and hugged her sister.


Galen brought Riona and Abel to their feet, and just as Riona reached for her sister, Galen jerked her back.

“I done told ya. She’ll be fine. He knows what will happen otherwise.”

Galen gave Jimmy a look of warning and Jimmy sighed.

“I’ll behave.”

“Ya better.”

Jimmy waited until they were alone. He offered Aislinn, a hand and she reluctantly accepted.

 The man went on to circle her then nodded amongst himself.

“Haven’t seen one like ya in a very long time.” He practically purred.

“Galen tells me you’re twenty-three, but ya look a lot younger than that.”   

Jimmy stopped after making his way back around.

“Take off the dress. I want to see more.”

“Look, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you promise nothin’ will happen to that boy.”

Jimmy cocked a brow at this.


“Aye. The boy needs his father. Let him go home.”

“I can make certain nothin’ happens ta him, but the lad can’t go home.”

“Why not?”

“Let’s just say his father made a big no-no and has to pay, much like that of your own father, from what I hear.”

“Ya mean to say that boy is payin’ for his father’s sins?”

“Ya could say that.” He said then took it upon himself to remove the dress.

He circled her once again, only this time he ran his hands along various parts of her.

“Ya’ve never been touched by a man before. Am I right?”

Aislinn’s bottom lip quivered as the man had his hand along her privates.

“Aye now, I asked ya a question. It’d be rude not ta answer. After all, we’re makin’ a deal, right? The wee one’s safety in exchange for your services, yeah?”

“Only if you can prove that boy is truly safe.”

“Aye. I’ll purchase the boy myself, and ya can do whatever ya want with him, as long as you keep your end of the bargain.”

“Ya promise?”

“Aye. I give you my word if you keep yours.”

“Alright.” Aislinn nervously agreed.

“Let me make that call then we’ll get to that exchange.”

Jimmy got on his cellphone and called his brother. He let him know the boy wasn’t to be touched that he was going to purchase him as well. Galen seemed taken back by this, but he didn’t question Jimmy on the matter. That phone call ended with Jimmy letting Galen know where the money was. Aislinn knew what that meant.

“If ya’ve never been touched ya can’t be carryin’ any STD’s…”

The young woman thickly swallowed as he backed her up against the wall.

“Don’t see the need in gettin’ ya tested. I done paid for ya and the boy and now it’s your turn to pay it forward.”

“Just do it…” Aislinn murmured in defeat.

If it assured the boy’s safety, whatever this man did was worth it. She only prayed that Galen wasn’t having his way with her sister as well.

“Aye, but not a word to that sister of yours. Galen let it known they’ve made some sort of deal. Can’t have ya goin’ and interuptin’ whatever that deal might be. Just keep in mind ya said whatever I wanted.”

Aislinn’s heart damn near galloped out of her chest, but she nodded in agreement.

“I’ll keep things to a minimum since I can’t go markin’ ya up just yet. That’s not ta say I won’t have a little fun.”

The man spun her around, grabbed a fistful of her hair then leaned into her ear.

“Like I said… I like me fighter, I’m talkin’ claws, and ya had better be a screamer…”

Aislinn closed her eyes and was doing whatever she could to put herself in another time and place. The young woman gave Jimmy just what he wanted. She swung her elbow back as hard as she could. The man responded by slamming her up against the wall, and this began Jimmy’s sick fantasy…

Jimmy zipped himself up then nodded Aislinn’s direction. She was curled up in a fetal position and off to a corner. Jimmy took a handkerchief from his pocket then tossed it over.

“Clean yourself up.” He ordered, and Aislinn’s hand trembled as she went to wipe herself down.

Jimmy checked her over once she finished.

“You’re a bleeder alright.” He said with a prideful grin.

Aislinn brought her knees together and wrapped her arms around them. He started to say something else but sighed as his cell phone rang. Jimmy put a single finger to his lips and eyed Aislinn down as he answered. Aislinn couldn’t believe her ears as this man went on to talk to his wife and stepdaughter like all was right in the world. It made her sick to her stomach just how loving this man sounded. He went on and on about how he couldn’t wait to get home and see them. 

Once he finished with that phone call, he helped Aislinn to her feet.

“I have a place a few miles out. There will be rules, and the boy had better not get in my way. I haven’t any issue in slittin’ the wee one’s throat.”

“He won’t. I promise.”

Jimmy nodded.

“I hafta check with the wife at home, but I’ll be back for ya. Ya’d best find a way to keep that boy entertained and out of sight while you’re entertainin’ me. I had better not hear him durin’. Nothin’ would kill the mood faster than some brat whinin’ in the background. All I want to hear is ya.”

Jimmy went on about the rules and the cage she and Abel would be staying in. The man acted as if he were talking about two dogs that might misbehave. But Aislinn kept quiet and nodded off and on, so he knew she was taking all this in. Before long there was a knock.

“Come on in.”

The door was lifted, and Galen nodded their direction.

“Takin’ a bit longer than expected…”

“Just goin’ over the rules. I’ll be pickin’ her and the boy up tonight.”

“What are ya doin’ with the boy if ya don’t mind me askin’?”

Jimmy looked to Aislinn and smiled.

“She’s a bit of a freak.” He taunted, and Galen raised his brows on this.

The older brother went to comment but froze when he saw a drop of Aislinn’s blood on the ground.

“Dammit, Jimmy… I done told ya.”

“Aye, I know damn well what ya told me, but I done paid ya. She’s mine ta do whatever I want with!’

“I can’t have ya roughin’ her up with the sister around. I made that lass a deal.”

Jimmy chuckled on this.

“Aye, I’ll do my best. Since when do ya go and get yourself whipped over some gash ya bought?”

Aislinn gasped out as Galen shoved his brother up against the wall. He put a gun to his throat.

“Watch yourself, Jimmy. Ya still work for me last time I checked. You’re gettin’ a little too comfy. Ya best remember who it is you’re talkin’ ta. If I tell ya not to go roughin’ her up on those days, then that’s what I mean. I don’t care what ya do with the gash otherwise. Just don’t go and off her! Keep that temper of yours in check. Ya wanted yourself a virgin; ya got one. So have fun with it and don’t be so quick fuck and kill this one like the others.”

“But that’s the best part.”

“Not this one. If it comes down to that, then ya best give her back.”

“That wasn’t the deal! Like I said I done paid ya! I own her!”

“Then I’ll send ya some other bitch but this one’s off limits when it comes to takin’ things that far.”

“Another virgin?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Alright then… I’ll keep this one breathin’.”

“Ya better!”

The area around Aislinn seemed to spin. She couldn’t believe this was happening. This guy was known for raping and killing women, just for kicks! Aislinn was so lost in thought; she hadn’t taken notice of Jimmy leaving. The young woman’s ears were ringing, and she found it hard to breathe. She had to lie back down to keep from passing out. Was she going to die, at this man’s hands?

“Aye now…” She heard as she was lifted up off the ground.

Galen had her in his hold and was carrying her out of the truck. He entered the manor the truck was parked at.  He headed into a hallway leading to a luxurious bathroom. Galen placed her into the tub then started the water.

“Get yourself in check and clean up. This stays between us.” Galen warned.

He tossed the young woman a washcloth then set out a towel. There was already a dress laid out on the counter, almost like Galen knew what his brother was going to pull.

“Don’t even think about runnin’. I got men all over,” Galen said before exiting the bathroom.

Aislinn grabbed the soap and lathered up the washcloth. Once she started scrubbing she couldn’t stop. All she could think about was how dirty she was. Aislinn broke into sobs as nothing she did made her feel any better. She couldn’t get clean, and she hurt all over. It didn’t matter how much soap she used; she could still smell him. This had her thinking back to what all her sister must’ve endured with Nicholas (Riona’s belated husband).

“Riona…” She cried with a heavy heart then covered her face.

“Linny!” Riona called then shot to her feet.

Aislinn hugged her sister and Abel. She was surprised to see them sitting on the couch and eating cookies. That felt so strange. Were they at Galen’s actual place of residence?! She’d never seen anything so fancy.

“Are you alright?” Her sister asked and was checking her over.


“Did he…” Riona whispered with this look of absolute fright.

“Nah…” Aislinn lied.

The young woman felt as if she hadn’t a choice. Even if she had, she wasn’t so sure she could break her sister’s heart like that. Riona had been through enough. She didn’t need that on her plate as well. This was something Aislinn didn’t want anyone to know.

She grabbed a cookie then sat beside Abel. Galen entered the room and nodded their direction.

“Ya two lucked out…” Galen hinted, and the girls looked to one another.

“Not every day you’re taken to a mansion and fed cookies. Imagine if ya had gone with those other lasses…” Galen said like he was some hero.

Aislinn made a face as the man went on to pull Riona into his lap. Aislinn shot up however once she saw the bandage wrapped around her sister’s arm.

“WHAT’D YOU DO?!” She shouted accusingly, and Galen rolled his eyes.

“Sit your arse down, or I’ll sit it for ya!” He scolded.

Riona nodded her sister’s direction, and Aislinn sat down remembering what her sister asked of her.

“Can’t have any fun until I know she’s in the clear. That’s just the rules. Ya lucked out bein’ a virgin and all.”

Aislinn wanted to laugh at the irony of his words. Lucked out… is that why her vagina felt like someone jammed a fucking blade through her?! The young woman was doing everything she could to ignore the pain. If her sister found out… Aislinn recoiled in thought. She couldn’t let that happen. All three of them were dead if that came to light. Riona wouldn’t hold back on that one. Then again, neither would Aislinn if it had been the other way around.

Aislinn thought back to that particular day again. Aislinn thought Riona’s husband hung the moon and stars, just as Riona once had. Aislinn hadn’t a clue that Riona had been saving up and was trying to find a way OUT of that marriage. The guy was a cop and had friends in high places. Aislinn and her father planned it out together. Riona hadn’t any idea. She thought her husband skipped town and finally moved on. But he hadn’t any plans of moving on. Nicholas just kept on and wouldn’t leave her sister alone. Aislinn had enough, and her father agreed. They worked together in tricking the bastard and handled things on their own. Aislinn was just a teenager when she took Nicholas’s life. That made one of the few times since their mother’s passing that Aislinn and Pepper understood one another. There were no words when they buried the bastard. It was an unspoken oath between the two that Riona would never know. To this very day, Aislinn could still see it. All that blood… She never knew she had it in her, but that’s how much Riona meant to her. She took that knife and stabbed Riona’s husband over and over. Her father had to pry Aislinn off the body, and it was then she realized what she’d done. The young woman thought she had blacked out at first. But then it hit, and her father was just as shocked as she was.

“Linny…” Riona called.

Abel gave Aislinn little nudge and was looking to her with concern. The boy pointed Riona’s direction once he had Aislinn’s attention.

“You’re bleedin’,” Riona remarked, and Aislinn looked at the dress she was wearing. She was quick to think of a cover.

“Aye, go figure and we haven’t any products about!”

Riona gathered this look of relief, and Galen sent Aislinn a look as if to congratulate her on the quick thinking.

“I’ll have one of my boys take care of that,” Galen said, and Aislinn nodded.

Galen took it upon himself to hand Aislinn a box of pads. He leaned into her ear as he did this.

“Good girl. I’ll remember that one.” He pulled back with a smile then pointed towards the bathroom.

Aislinn headed that way and went to clean herself up. The young woman felt faint as there was a lot of blood. It was caked on between her thighs, and it seemed like forever before she finally got it cleaned up. But even at that, it continued to drip off and on in the toilet. She opened the box of pads then placed one onto her panties. She knew the pad wouldn’t last very long. There was just too much blood. The young woman washed her hands then made her way back to the living area. Abel was sitting alone on the couch and looked to Aislinn with tears in his eyes.

“I has to be good now. No move.” Abel said, and Aislinn drew back a hesitant breath.

“Do you know where my sister is?”

“She go with him. Riona say to tell you it okay and stay here.”

Aislinn looked towards the armed men around them and sighed.

“Please no leave me.” Abel pleaded, and Aislinn forced that smile of hers.

“Never.” She said and the boy wiped his tears with the back of his hand.

Her mind was going ninety to nothing as she feared the worst. She sat beside the boy and repeated that blessing of their mother’s.

“For every storm, a rainbow,” Abel reiterated, and Aislinn nodded as the boy leaned against her.

“Uncle Chibs show me a rainbow once!”

“Did he now?”

“Yeah, we was at the park, and it was thiiiissss big.” Abel gestured with his hands.

Galen let out a satisfied grunt after getting that much-needed release. 

“Ya just wait for the real the thing…” He said after using a hand towel to wipe his semen off of Riona’s breasts.

“Hmm…” He hummed while shaking his head and looking her over once again.

Riona had feared the worst when Galen first brought her in here and locked the door. The man was having a pubescent moment however and felt the need to strip her down and jerk off. Riona had never been so disgusted. Galen was covered in sweat and panting like he’d just run a lap. He put himself away then zipped his pants.

“That wasn’t near enough.” He pocketed his keys then pulled the covers up over Riona.

“I’ll be back. Need those results before I can get that pound, love. I won’t be long, so ya had better behave. Jimmy’s on his way.”

Riona took notice of the two men keeping guard when Galen exited the room. She waited a couple minutes before getting dressed. Riona glanced at the door in thought. So she couldn’t very well walk on out of here. This had her looking towards the window instead. She inched her way over and pulled back the curtain as she peered out. Riona cringed as she was a good three stories up. But that was her best bet. She tested the window, but it had no give. The young woman shook her head. Her nerves were getting the best of her as she just knew she was going to get caught. But it was worth the risk if she could find a way out. Riona leaned against the frame of the window and was using the weight of her body to unstick it. It took a bit, but she managed to get it free. Just as she was to lift that window, she heard the knob to the bedroom door turn. Riona rushed on back to the bed and threw the covers back over her.

One of the men looked inside, and she pretended to be asleep. She waited until she heard the door shut then peeked out from under the covers. Once she was certain the coast was clear she made the bed, so it looked as if she were still in it. Then she made her way back to the window, lifted it, and crawled on out. She shut it afterward. Riona shook her head once she took notice of the men keeping guard outside. Each of them was armed. They were spread about pretty evenly, making this all the more difficult. She thought back to her sister and the young boy and nodded amongst herself.

“You can do this…” Riona whispered.

She climbed on down to the second floor then inched her way towards another window, leading into another room. Riona peeked into the room seeing as how it was empty. From the looks of things, this was Galen’s office. The young woman figured that was her best shot. She only prayed the window would give. A breath of relief escaped her when she was able to lift it, without any trouble. Galen must’ve used this window from time to time as to why it wasn’t locked. Riona climbed on through then looked around the room. She reared back in disbelief as there was an AK-47 propped up against the man’s desk.

“I’ll take that…” She whispered and was quick to grab that gun.

“Riona?” Aislinn tiredly called as she and Abel had fallen asleep on the couch.

“Grab the wee one and let’s go.”

Aislinn regarded her sister in question but wasn’t about to argue this. She was quick to pick up the boy and followed her sister. Aislinn did a double take as Riona had the assault rifle on her and was peeking around a corner. Abel started to say something, and Aislinn clamped a hand over his mouth. He nodded as if in understanding. The two kept quiet and followed Riona as she made her way throughout the manor. Aislinn thought she’d have a heart attack. They were dodging Galen’s men left and right. She just knew they were going to be caught. Riona led them into Galen’s office then pulled the door to behind them.

“Galen went ta get the results, and Jimmy’s on his way. Now’s our ONLY chance.” Riona pointed to the window they would be crawling out of, and Aislinn recoiled.

“But we have the wee lad with us.”

“I know, but we haven’t much choice.”

Aislinn nodded in understanding. Riona looked at the boy. 

“I need ya to be brave and do whatever I tell ya.”

Abel nodded.

“Can ya do that for me love?”

The boy nodded once again. Riona handed the gun over in exchange for the boy. She headed on over to the window and let him out first.

“Stay put,” Riona said and had her sister crawl on out next.

Once the three of them were on the second floor balcony, Riona looked around. She and Aislinn shared that same apprehensive look. Galen wasn’t kidding about how much security he had. These guys were everywhere. That certainly explained why Galen didn’t bother in keeping the girls and Abel bound. He knew they couldn’t get away… But Galen didn’t know the Lawless sisters like others did. When these girls set their minds on something, it got done. Riona was determined. They’d be gone before Jimmy or Galen made their way back to the manor.

Aislinn pointed towards a wooded area off towards the back of the manor. Riona understood what her sister was going for and nodded. They headed that way but recoiled as they could hear Galen’s men asking one another of their whereabouts. They could make out the slamming of doors and footsteps as the men searched throughout the mansion. Once the girls and Abel got to the area, Aislinn pointed out. Riona had her sister climb on down. When she landed, Riona tossed the boy over, and Aislinn caught him. Abel let out a bit of a cry however as the drop down frightened him.

“Shite…” Riona muttered as this caught the attention a man standing nearby.

Before he could even say anything, Riona fired that gun but damn near fell off the roof in doing so. She hadn’t planted herself right. Riona knew better considering she was used to dealing with that shotgun of hers. That Ak-47 hadn’t near the recoil of a shotgun, but it was enough to send her rolling. Her sister was quick to react and set the boy down. She managed to catch her sister, and they both came tumbling down. Abel covered his ears as the gun went off when it hit the ground. The sisters looked to one another in utter shock as one of the bullets actually hit the man coming their way. They took no time to question that little miracle. Riona grabbed the boy, and they took off running. The sisters had never been so frightened. They knew they were being chased now, but they didn’t look back and kept running. The girls knew these men wouldn’t shoot, considering they’d have Galen and Jimmy on their asses. But that wasn’t to say there wouldn’t be hell to pay if they were captured. 

“There!” Riona hollered and was pointing to a river.

“It’s angry…” Aislinn said.

“Aye, that’s what we need,” Riona said as she was counting on that current.

“What if the lad can’t swim?!”

“I’ll handle it,” Riona said, and her sister’s jaw dropped as Riona wasted no time jumping in with Abel in her hold.

“Riona…” Aislinn whimpered but went to jump as Galen’s men were directly behind her.

“LINNY!” Riona screamed as one of them managed to grab her sister by the back of her dress and was in the process of pulling her back.

Aislinn gritted her teeth and jarred her entire body forward. The man lost his grip and Aislinn fell in. The current had already taken Riona and Abel away. Riona was in a full-blown panic as she didn’t see her sister make that escape. Abel was clinging to Riona for dear life, and she struggled to hold hers and the boys head above water.

“Hold on love,” Riona called as she reached out and grabbed a tree branch.

She ground her teeth together as the current was about to sweep her away. She held on to the branch and the boy with all she had. It took every bit of strength to fight that current and crawl her way towards the shore. She pushed the boy onto the land then used the branch to pull herself up.

“Oh, Mary…” Riona muttered as the branch snapped in half just as she was out of the water.

She crawled towards the boy and went to his aid as he was throwing up whatever water he consumed and was choking.

“Easy lad…” She said while patting his back.

“It’s Linny.” The boy said and pointed as he was still coughing.

Riona glanced the direction the boy was pointing, and Riona crossed herself. Aislinn had crawled on out of the river but fell just as soon as she came to her feet.

“LINNY!” Riona shouted.

Aislinn lifted her head, and Riona waved her direction.

“Ya alright?!”

“Aye, just give me a minute.”

Like that of the boy, Aislinn was throwing up and trying to catch her breath. Riona herself struggled to catch hers and wasn’t feeling so great. Not to mention they were freezing. Riona came to her feet knowing they had to get back to running. Galen’s men were sure to find them otherwise. She scooped Abel up in her arms and headed towards her sister.

“Can ya walk?”


Aislinn said but was looking awfully pale. She came to her feet, and Riona nodded.

“We gotta keep going Linny.”

Aislinn looked to be on the verge of tears. She had never been in this much pain before. She wanted to curl up into a ball and have herself a good cry. But they hadn’t the time for that. She pushed that pain aside, and the girls got back to running. They didn’t stop until they hit a highway. Riona was quick to flag someone down. Aislinn looked to her sister like she’d lost her mind.

“What if it’s one of them?!”

“We can only pray it isn’t. The boy will freeze to death if we keep at it like this.”

The girls were relieved to find it was a woman about their age. They were quick to get into the car. The woman let out a surprised gasp at the sight of the boy and was quick to turn up the heater in her car.

“Thank you,” Riona said, and the woman gave a simple nod before hitting the road.

The sisters kept quiet as the woman made her own assumptions about what happened. She was scolding them for getting too close to the river. Riona shook her head as she could see those gears of her sister’s turning. Aislinn was just about to let this woman have it. The woman hadn’t a clue but acted as if she did. Riona reached over and placed a hand on her sister’s.

“Let it go…”

Aislinn gritted her teeth but respected her sister’s wishes.

“So where ya headed?”

“Where are we?” Riona asked, and the woman sent them an odd glance through the rearview mirror.

“Ya don’t know where we are?”

“If she did she wouldn’t be askin’ now would she?” Aislinn witted, and Riona let it go knowing the woman had it coming.

Well, there’s no need ta be rude now! Especially to someone givin’ ya a ride!”

Riona gave her sister’s hand a bit of a squeeze as Linny’s other hand had balled up into a fist.

“Look, we just need to know what city we’re in.”

“You’re in Galway.” The woman said as if to say “duh.”

The girls regarded one another in shock. This was where they were born. They couldn’t believe just how far they were from home they were. Riona looked to the boy.

“Ya said your daddy’s name was Jax?”

The boy nodded.

“Do ya know your full name and where you’re from?”

“Abel Thomas Teller and my daddy is Jax Teller. I no know his middle name.” The boy was shivering as he spoke and Riona held him even closer.

“That’s okay lad. Just tell me where you’re from and more about your father.”

“I lives in Charming annnnd my daddy does too. He has a motorcycle and is a crow.”

“A crow?” Aislinn questioned, and the boy nodded.

“What do you mean by crow, love?”

“My daddy and his brothers are all crows.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped in realization.

“His father is part of an MC!”

“You think that’s what he means?”

“Aye… Ya, remember when we did that gig back in Belfast?!”

Riona narrowed her eyes.

“That MC that came through…” Aislinn thought back to that day and nodded amongst herself.

“SAMBEL! Remember they had that American MC with them.”

“Ya mean SAMCRO!”

“Aye, that’s the ones!”

“That’s my daddy!” Abel said with a smile, and the girls looked to one another.

They knew all about SAMBEL they’d done a few gigs for them back in the day.

“We need ta get ahold of Keith,” Aislinn said but was looking to Riona with concern.

“Riona?” She whispered.

“Jackson Teller…” The young woman whispered with this look of shock.

“What is it?”

Riona closed her eyes.

“We’ve met him before. His father was the president at the time.” Riona looked to be in thought.

“JT!” She exclaimed in memory as the president’s smiling face came to mind.

“That was my grandpa!” Abel said and looked to be in better spirits as he sat up and had a genuine smile.

“You know my grandpa and my daddy?”

“We sure do, lad.”

Aislinn thought back and smiled in memory.

“I remember Jackson!”

“Shut it, Linny,” Riona said with a flushed face and her sister giggled.

“If I wasn’t married I’d eat him up!” She quoted her sister, and Riona shook her head.

“That’s enough.”

“Ohhh and he had it bad for ya.”

“Linny not with the lad.” Her sister harshly warned and Linny giggled once again.

“Do ya have a mother lad?” Aislinn asked, and Riona cut her sister another shameful glance.

“Don’t we all have mothers?!” The driver snapped with sheer annoyance.

Aislinn rolled her eyes but with a painful grimace.

“Linny?” Riona called with concern.

Aislinn shrugged this off and looked to the woman.

“Look, if ya could drop us off at the nearest shop, we got it from here. Thank you.”

The woman nodded.

“I no have a mother.” Abel sadly murmured, and this had both sisters attention.

“You’re kiddin’,” Riona muttered.

“Just my daddy. Tara was supposed to be my mommy but she no come back.” He said with a shrug but looked rather sad.

“I miss my daddy.”

“Aye, but we’ll get ya back ta him real soon,” Riona vowed, and the boy hugged her.  

Riona was keeping an eye on Abel while her sister was on the payphone. She was making a collect call to the president of SAMBEL aka Keith. After explaining their situation, Keith had someone hauling ass their way. The girls were a good four hours out. They knew the woman couldn’t drive them to Belfast. The girls had no ID, no money, no shoes, and the three of them hadn’t any jackets on. They were sure to raise suspicion if they didn’t find a place to hide. Riona of all people knew better than to get the police involved in something like this. They’d have that boy in a  foster home, if not worse. She knew just how corrupt the law could be and there’s no telling what they’d do to that boy if they got their hands on him, much less them. Riona thought back to her ex-husband and frowned. Thanks to him she had a very low opinion of the law.

Aislinn hung up the phone then made her way over.

“Keith says SAMCRO is already here and he’s sending them our way.”

“Aye, but we need somewhere ta hang low for a bit.”

Aislinn nodded in agreement and was looking around the area. They were getting strange looks and too much attention. This had the girls on edge.

“What about the pub?”

“Don’t ya think they’d be lookin’ for us there?”

“It’s better than stayin’ out in the open. I bet Quinn would let us stay in his office. Get us some clothes too.”

“Alright ya had better let Keith know, and we had better get goin’. We got a bit of a walk ahead of us.”

“Don’t need ta. He gave me one of their numbers.”


“Aye, says to ask for Trager.”



“That sounds familiar.”

“Riona?” Abel shyly called, and this had both women stopping in their tracks.

“Is you really going to eat my daddy?”

Riona sent her sister a look of downright hell.

“Aye if she has her way she sure will.”

Abel had this confused look about him, and Riona smacked her sister in the back of the head.

Abel giggled surprising both women.  

“Stay as long as you need. I won’t let anyone know you’re here.” Quinn said after the girls told him their story.

“Thank you, Quinn,” Riona said, and the owner nodded.

“I’ll have the girls bring ya somethin’ ta wear. Ya gotta be freezin’. The boy too.”

Quinn pulled the door to on the way out, and the girls looked to one another in relief.

“Ya did good Linny. We’ll be safe here.”

Aislinn nodded and used the office phone to let this Trager guy know where they were. She hit the ladies room afterward.

Aislinn clamped a hand over her mouth and fought the urge to scream when she went to pee. She never had it burn like that before, and she nearly passed out it was so painful. She looked down and saw that the toilet was filled with blood. This had her thinking back to Jimmy. The woman’s hands started shaking uncontrollably. She went on to wipe herself down then flushed. She stumbled about towards the sink and dunked her entire head under the faucet. The cool water kept her from passing out, and it helped to get her mind off the pain she was in. The young woman regarded herself through the mirror afterward.  She jumped however as her sister entered the bathroom with Abel. He was doing a little dance and Riona was quick to open one of the stalls for him.

“You alright?” Riona called, and Aislinn nodded.

“You’re soppin’ wet!” Riona scoffed.

“I just needed to cool off.”

“Cool off? It’s freezin’ out!”

“I done!” Abel announced, and Riona opened the door again.

 Abel walked on over and washed his hands.

“You is all wet!” Abel said with a grin and Aislinn smiled in response.

“I sure am!”

“I’m thirsty,” Abel said, and the girls looked to one another.

“Actually, I could use a drink myself,” Aislinn said.

“I’ll have Quinn bring us something.”

“A spirit perhaps.”

“Linny…” Riona scolded thinking now wasn’t the time to be getting drunk.

But she hadn’t a clue as to her sister’s real reason. She just wanted to take the pain away. Something on her sister’s face had Riona caving in.

“Aye, we could use a drink.”

Aislinn nodded, and Riona headed off.

“Uncle Chibs wears that too!” Abel said and was pointing to the cross Aislinn wore around her neck.

“Does he now?”

 Abel nodded.

“When he gets mad he goes… he goes like this… “Jaysus” .” Abel threw his hands in the air, and Aislinn laughed.

“Does he get mad a lot?”

“Sometimes. He is silly. I miss him too. He in prison with daddy.”

“Is he now?” Aislinn asked in surprise, and Abel nodded.

“Yeah but daddy says he and Uncle Chibs will be out in no time, and I no have to stay with Grandma anymore.”

“Do you know what they did to get into trouble?”

“Daddy says David got his head up his ass!”

Aislinn died of laughter as she wasn’t expecting that at all.

“But Uncle Chibs says daddy meant a donkey. I no know why David has his head in a donkey.”

“And who is David?”

“He a cop. I no like him. He arrested my daddy and Uncle Chibs! Grandma say they no do anything wrong! He just a big ole jerk grandma says.”

Aislinn couldn’t help but smile. This kid was a riot. She adored him. 

“Sounds like ya have a very interestin’ family.”

Abel nodded and took her by the hand. Aislinn raised her brows as he led her back into the office. Abel had her sit at the desk, and he looked to the cross Aislinn was wearing.

“Can I see that?”

Aislinn nodded and took it off.

“It’s just like Uncle Chibs’s!” Abel said and tried it on.

“Would ya like ta have it?”

“Can I?!”

“Aye just as long as ya promise ta take care of it.”

“I will. I promise! I can’t wait to show Uncle Chibs. We has the same cross now!”

“Aye, I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of that.”

“Thank you, Linny. I loves it.” Abel said and hugged her.

“You’re very welcome, Abel.”

They peered back as Riona and Quinn entered the room with their drinks. Riona tossed her sister’s favorite bottle of whiskey over.

“I love ya,” Aislinn said, and Riona smiled.

“I know ya do.”

“I’ll get ya some grub,” Quinn said after handing Abel his drink.

“It’s startin’ ta get busy. So I want you three ta stay back here. If ya need anythin’ call the front. Not worth the risk.”

The girls nodded in agreement and thanked him on his way out.  

Quinn opened the door, and the Sons peeked inside. The three of them were asleep on the couch, and Abel was in Riona’s arms.

“They’ve been through a great deal.” Quinn uttered, and the president nodded.

He got a little choked up, however, and Tig placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Clay cleared his throat and made his way over. He hunkered down to their level and shook step-grandson awake.


Clay nodded, and Abel was quick to hug him. The Sons themselves got a little emotional as Abel, and his step-grandfather embraced. Clay kissed the boy’s forehead, and Riona opened her eyes. The president gave a simple nod as the young woman sat up.

“I can’t thank you girls enough for saving my grandson.”

Riona smiled and reached over shaking her sister awake.

“Hm?” Aislinn tiredly hummed as she came to.

“They’re here…” Riona said, and Aislinn sat up on the couch.

“Aye, rough lookin’ bunch ya are!”

“Linny…” Riona scolded.

“Aye, just callin’ it like it is. The wee one seems ta think a lot of ya, so I guess you’re not so bad.”

“I take it you two need a place to hang low for a bit.” Clay said, and the girls looked to one another.

“Aye, if ya wouldn’t mind.”

“Not at all. We got you covered. We’re staying at the SAMBEL clubhouse. Keith said you ladies were more than welcome to join us and stay however long you need.”

“Thank you, Mr. Morrow,” Riona said as she remembered him as well.

Clay gave a simple nod.

Aislinn came to her feet. She took a couple of steps, and the room started spinning. 

“WHOA!” Bobby hollered and barely managed to catch her in time.

“Linny…” Riona scolded then made her way over.

“I told ya not to drink so much.”

Aislinn nodded but grabbed the bottle of whiskey on the way out. Bobby chuckled as he escorted the young woman on out of the pub.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – For Every Storm, A Rainbow”

  1. Poor Linny.. she is bleeding badly from her rape… and her sister doesn’t have a clue yet because she is lying to protect her but the good thing is they escape with Abel…. and they got a ride from that woman who has perfect timing for them… and they got to the samcro and Sambel.. so they are safe for the moment which is a good thing.. wasn’t expecting a update so quick but i’m glad you did. your muse as always is wonderful and i hope she gives you more. Until your next update *bows*

  2. I appreciate your, I suppose you could say discretion, in describing the scene.
    I hope her sister finds out soon because that isn’t something she should have to shoulder alone.

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  4. exciting to read wonder when they will realize that there is far more wrong with the girl and hope she tells her sister the truth soon she is hurt far more then she thinks. hope the guys realize their is more to their tale then they think. hope chibbs can be there for her. all in all liked and love to read more 🙂

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    Merci Bonne soirée

  6. I hope she tells her sister what happened so she can get the help she needs. I hope there isn’t permanent damage. I hope both Galan and Jimmy get skint alive and sprayed with salt water. The sick bastards. I cant wait to see what your muse has happening next.

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