Chapter 22 – I Found Waldo

Chapter 22 – I Found Waldo!

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“Hey, brother!” Jax greeted as Happy entered the garage.

“Hey.” Happy said in return then nodded Jax’s direction.

Ethan was working on one of the vehicles and looked over.

“How’s the old man doing?” Jax questioned as Happy had been out for the week.

“Got him healed up enough for prison again.” The Son replied with a shrug.

The president shook his head in thought. Otto had been violently attacked as to why Happy hadn’t been to work. Happy however caught wind of Ethan through the corner of his eye.

“No way…” The Son murmured, and Ethan grinned.

“Is it really you?!” Happy said in disbelief and Ethan nodded.

“Ethan Hart!” Happy called before greeting the man with a hug.

“Lawless actually.” Ethan corrected, and Happy reared back in question.

“Lawless? You mean like…”

“Yeah. Them.” Ethan said with a glance Jax’s direction.

“Long story,” Jax said with a sigh.

“Well, this I gotta hear.” Happy said, and Jax chuckled.

Jax had already let the others in on the situation with Ethan and the girls, but Happy hadn’t a clue. Jax had Ethan, and Happy follow him into the office. He pulled the door to and had Ethan explained everything to Happy.

Happy nodded then looked to be in thought afterward.

“Talk about ironic…” Happy muttered under his breath.

“Right?!” Jax said in agreement.

“You know I’ll vouch for you.” Happy sincerely put, and Jax raised his brows on this.

“Thanks, man,” Ethan said.

“You can trust Ethan at his word.” Happy swore, and Jax nodded.

“Thought you only knew him for a couple weeks,” Jax uttered Ethan’s direction.

“I did.”

“It was a long two weeks.” Happy murmured in memory.

“And you thought he wouldn’t remember you,” Jax said with a smirk.

Happy seemed somewhat offended by this.

“Why would you think that?”

“Just figured with all the business you get…”

“Well, you figured wrong. Now let me see that ink.”

Ethan spun around and lifted his shirt. Happy gathered this shit eating grin.

“Not bad for eight years!”


“Could use a little touch up though. It’s a good thing I know a guy!”

Ethan lowered his shirt back down.

“So you’re their brother…” Happy muttered, and Jax resisted the urge to laugh as there looked to be a touch of jealousy coming from Happy’s behalf.

Ethan gave a simple nod.

“Talk about a small world.” Happy added in disbelief.

“My thoughts exactly,” Jax said.

“And you said they haven’t any idea, right?” Happy questioned.

“That’s right,” Ethan uttered.

“When are you going to tell them?”

“As soon as they get to Charming.”

“Think I wanna be there for that.” Happy said with a grin.

“It’ll be interesting…” Jax uttered.

“That’s an understatement,” Ethan said with a touch of nerves.

The boys turned towards the office door as it opened. Gemma froze then took off her shades.

“Sorry. Didn’t know anyone was in here.”

“It’s alright, mom. We gotta get back to work anyhow.”

“Who’s the new guy?” She asked while looking Ethan over.

“He’s taking Op’s place in the shop,” Jax said with a shrug.

“Op?” Ethan questioned.

“Don’t get him started on that one.” Happy warned.

“…okay…” Ethan uttered.

“He a new MC member?” Gemma questioned.

“Thought you only hired SAMCRO affiliated.”

“Don’t,” Jax warned as to his mother butting her nose in where it didn’t belong.

“Just sayin’…”

“Well don’t. You just worry about the records, and I’ll worry about who’s working the shop.”

“Okay then.”

Jax nodded and headed on out.

“Thanks, Jax.”

“No prob, darlin’.” The president said as he wrote Ima’s information down on the clipboard.

“How long do you think it’ll be?”

“Awhile…” Jax admitted as they were pretty backed up.

“Think you can give me a ride then?”

Jax cocked a brow on this. He knew damn well what she meant by ride. That was Crow Eater slang for fucking.

“Not today.”

Ima pouted then ran her hand along his chest.

“It’s been awhile.”

“That it has. But things are different now.”


“Just are.” Jax didn’t think it any of her business, and he didn’t want her up in his.

She’d find out soon enough once Riona got to Charming.

“It’s Tara, isn’t it? I heard she was back.” Ima said with that pouty lip of hers.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Then what?”

Jax let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

“I thought you came here to get your car fixed.”

“I did.”

“Then why are you so eager to jump on my dick?” He harshly whispered, and Ima’s jaw dropped.

“Come on… I know how you work and I haven’t the time.”

“Well, when will you?”

“What in the actual fuck, Ima?!” Jax growled.

He just knew Ethan was watching them and hearing every word being said. Jax grabbed the Crow Eater/Porn Star by the arm then led her into the clubhouse.

“Knock that shit off!” He spat once he had her inside.

“What’s your problem?!”

You! You can’t just show up and act like we have some sort of thing going.”

“But I thought…”

“You thought wrong. I mean hell, it’s been how long? You’re a Crow Eater Ima, nothing more. The sooner you get that through that thick skull of yours, the better. Besides, you’re here for OUR entertainment, not the other way around. As you can see I’m working. I don’t need or want your company. So don’t bother me again.”

The president said his peace then headed back into the shop. He handed Ima’s keys over to Kip.

“Give the bitch a ride.”

“You mean like…”

“Home.” Jax made clear but spun back around.

“Actually, if you wanna hit that, go right ahead.” He added then got back to work.

“Problems?” Ethan questioned, and Jax rolled his eyes.

“Nope. Everything’s just fine.” Jax muttered as he lifted the hood to one of the cars and was looking it over.

“Another ex of yours?” Ethan probed.

Jax peered over and shook his head.

“You just can’t help yourself can you?”

“You’re dating my sister…” Ethan reminded.

“I’m well aware. But I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Ethan taunted, and Jax tossed a wrench at him.

Ethan dodged it then chuckled.

“That the best you got?” He challenged, and Jax flipped him off.

“I’m sorry, Jax. He’s doin’ a damn good job coverin’ his tracks. No one’s heard anythin’.” Keith said on the other end, and Jax pinched his eyes shut.

“I can’t bring them home until I handle this.” Jax reminded.

“I know. Trust me we’re doin’ whatever we can. But no one’s even heard from him.”

“I know you are. We’ll be in touch.” Jax said before hanging up the phone.

Jax had just about had it. Riona’s birthday was right around the corner, and he hadn’t a clue where Galen was. This had the president tossing one of the chairs across the room. Happy entered the chapel and nodded his president’s way.

“No word yet I take it?”

“Nothing. We’ve been home for over two weeks and nothing!”

Jax shook his head in thought.

“I’ll be damned if I miss my old lady’s birthday.”

Happy nodded in understanding.

“Got it all mapped out already, huh?”

“Sort of… but from the looks of things that might not be happening now.”

“He’s waiting for us to take the bait…” Happy uttered in thought.


“Yeah. You know he’s in town. He’s just waiting for you to cave in and bring them home.”

“So he’s laying low in hopes of giving me that false sense of security,” Jax muttered under his breath, and Happy nodded.

“I think you should let Ethan in on this…”

“Ethan?” Jax questioned in surprise.

“He didn’t tell you, did he?”

“Tell me what?”

“Ethan was in the army as a criminal investigator.”

“You’re shittin’ me.”

“Fraid not. CID.”

“What happened?” Jax hinted as to why he wasn’t part of the army anymore.

“Dishonorable discharge.”


“Yeah… Let’s just say Ethan ran into a case that got a little too personal and he handled things his own way.”


“Ethan’s the kind of brother you want on your side, not against. Trust me. Don’t piss him off.”

“That bad, huh?”

“If you consider what he did bad. I’d tell you, but I’d be breaking my word.” Happy hinted as to his oath to Ethan.

“That must’ve been some two weeks.”

“You saw the size of that tat, right?!”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“You can learn a lot in two weeks. Felt like summer camp.” Happy uttered with a grin.

“And you’re absolutely certain about him?”

“I wouldn’t back him if I had any doubts.”

“I just hope you’re right about him. We’re putting the girls and Abel at risk otherwise.”

“Well, how do you feel about him?” Happy asked and Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“Not sure what I think yet…”

“But you trust him enough to have him under our roof.”

“Not the clubhouse.” Jax made clear.

“What I’m saying is since when do we hire outside of SAMCRO?”

“Now you sound like my mother…”

“I’m not sure whether to feel insulted or not.” Happy admitted.

“Your mother is scary.” Happy added in a hushed whisper.

This had Jax dying of laughter.

“Bring him in…” Jax said once he gained his composure.

Happy nodded and went to gather Ethan.

Ethan listened to everything Jax and Happy had to say, without interruption. The president knew he was taking one hell of a risk considering Ethan’s history. And here they were… admitting to criminal activity themselves, but Jax knew he had to tell Ethan everything, in order to find Galen O’Shay. To his and Happy’s relief, Ethan didn’t so much as bat an eye on their end of what all took place, not even when Jax admitted to killing Galen and Jimmy’s little brother Cameron.

“Galen O’Shay…?” Ethan reiterated after Jax explained the situation.

“That’s right,” Jax said, and Ethan nodded in thought.

“Got a picture of him?”

“No. But Happy’s one hell of a sketch artist.”

Happy gave an egotistical grin on this.

“He’s not wrong.” He uttered, and Jax chuckled.

“I’m gonna need one of those sketches and any names associated with Galen, other than his brothers.”

“We can do that.”

“Gonna need some time off work too…”

Jax sent the man a what the fuck look and Happy chuckled.

“What’s that have to do with work?!”

“You want me to find this guy, right?”

Jax nodded.

“Then I’ll have to sneak onto one of the bases. Trust me that’s no cakewalk.”

“Why a base?”

“Because they have the technology I need in order to find him.”

“You can’t sneak onto a military base!” Jax spat, and Ethan smiled.

“Wanna bet?”

“I wouldn’t take that bet…” Happy warned.

“Hundred bucks says you get caught!” Jax challenged, and Happy recoiled.

“Got yourself a deal. Hell, I’ll let you watch as I do it!” Ethan and Jax shook on this agreement.

“Guess I’m covering BOTH your shifts then?” Happy uttered with a frown.

“Looks like the nearest base is Vandenberg.” Ethan murmured as he looked this up on his phone.

“Fucking Air Force…” Ethan added with a groan and Jax smirked.

“That a problem?”

“Just makes it a little more challenging.”

“Should be fun for you then.” Jax witted.

“Sure, like fuckin’ Disney World!”

“You two sound like jilted lovers.” Happy uttered and this had Jax and Ethan giving Happy a look of hell.

Ethan was working on one of the cars when Happy handed his sketchbook over. The man opened it then nodded amongst himself.

“So that’s Galen?”

Happy gave a mere nod.

“Alright. I’ll find him.” Ethan vowed before getting back to work.

“You be careful.” Happy said, and Ethan lifted his head on this.

“I’m always careful.” He witted, and Happy raised his brows.

“It was the ONE time…”

“Yeah, and one more is all it takes… They’ll put you away for life.”

Ethan drew back a hesitant breath.

“I have to do this. I owe them.”

Happy placed a hand along Ethan’s shoulder and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

“Don’t get cocky and don’t get caught.”

“I won’t. I can do this.”

“You still carry?”

“You know it.”

Happy gave a simple nod before exiting the garage.

“You ready?” Jax questioned after closing.

Ethan nodded.

“So how we doing this?” The president asked.

“We’re gonna need your truck for starters…”

“Anything else?”

“I gotta make a trip home and grab a few things,” Ethan said while climbing onto his bike.

“Alright. Come by the house when you’re done. We’ll head out from there.”

“What’s in the bag?” Jax questioned after answering the door.

“Little of this. Little of that.” Ethan said with a shrug.


“We better hit the road if we’re gonna get there before dark.”

“I got something to take care of first, but it shouldn’t take long.”

“What kind of something?”

“Club business.” Jax made clear.

“So none of my business is what you’re saying, right?”

“See? You’re getting the hang of it!” Jax taunted as he locked up the house and headed for the truck.


Jax had passed the city limits sign when he pulled over and parked behind a man on a motorcycle.

“Who’s that?” Ethan curiously questioned.

“No one,” Jax muttered before hopping out of the truck.

“No one.” Ethan mocked but watched as the two men conversed.

Ethan couldn’t make out a word they were saying, so he rolled the window down just a tad.

“Dammit, Op. I made myself perfectly clear.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“I never said it would be. I said find a way out, and I didn’t care how you did it.”

“SAMCRO backs out of this deal, and they won’t just kill me, they’ll torture me.”

“Not my problem. You got yourself into this mess. It’s up to you to get out. SAMCRO won’t have any part in this.”

“Jax, come on man. You really want me to die?”

Ethan narrowed his eyes wondering what they were up to.

“You know the answer to that. Don’t you stand there and put that shit on me. I can’t have this falling back on the club or me.”

“Jax, I’m just the messenger.”

“So Weston sent you here?”

Opie nodded, and Jax snatched him by the collar of his shirt.

“Oh shit…” Ethan whispered as Jax had his gun to him.

“If you’re the messenger… That means we’re being watched.”

“Jesus, Jax!”

“Maybe I should send them a message in return. If I shoot the messenger what’s that say? You wanted to die anyhow, remember?!”

“Thought you couldn’t kill me…” Opie challenged.

Ethan picked up on some sort of glimmer against the hood of Jax’s truck. He followed where it was coming from and was quick to jump out.

“GET DOWN!” Ethan shouted.

Jax didn’t question it. He threw Opie to the ground and Ethan withdrew his gun. He fired the direction in which the glimmer had come from.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered as a couple shots were fired in return.

Ethan took cover behind the truck but would glance that direction every now and then.

“They’re gone!” Jax called, and Ethan came out of his hiding spot.

He made no comment as he crossed the street and headed towards the bridge in which he fired. He returned with the body and Jax reared back in shock. The man had been shot, right in the head.

“YOU IDIOT!”  Opie shouted taking Jax by surprise.

Ethan let out a painful grunt as Opie tackled him to the ground and sent him a blow to the face.

“What the fuck is your problem, man?! I just saved your fucking ass!” Ethan yelled while dodging Opie’s fists.

Jax gritted his teeth and went to pry Opie off of Ethan.

“You just started a war!” Opie hollered.

I started a war?! Sounds like you started that war, way before I ever did!” Ethan spat in return.

“That was Weston’s nephew!”  Opie said, and Jax recoiled.

“Who?!” Ethan said like he could give two shits.

Jax rolled the body over with his foot and let out a miserable laugh.

“Oh man, this just gets better and better,” Jax said as he and Ethan dragged the body out of sight.

“Rid of it!” Jax ordered Opie.

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me.”

“I’m not SAMCRO anymore, remember? Have your new friend here do it! He’s the one that shot him.”

Ethan shook his head in disbelief.

“So I should’ve let him shoot you. Is that what you’re saying? Now, I don’t know shit about what’s going on, but that hit was intended for you!” Ethan made clear, and Opie rolled his eyes.

“Whatever this is… Think you two can wrap it up now? We’re on a bit of a schedule, and I’m not about to go down for whatever this is. I saved your ass, but I’m guessing that was a mistake. Won’t happen again!”

“I’d be better off dead,” Opie muttered, and Ethan reared back on this.

“Man, what is this? Some Eeyore trippin’ ass shit? You’re the whiniest son of a bitch I’ve ever met!” Ethan spat, and Jax chuckled.

“Let me guess another ex of yours? He sure acts like one.” Ethan taunted while heading towards the truck.

“Well, Op always was the bitch out of the relationship.” Jax cruelly put while eyeing his old friend down.

“Wow…” Opie muttered, and Jax shrugged as he stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“This falls back on us, and I’ll hunt you down,” Jax warned.

“You’ll have to get in line.” Opie miserably put as Jax and Ethan hopped back into the truck.

“So what in the hell was that about?” Ethan questioned on the way out of town.

“Long story.”

“Who’s Weston?”

“Nothing you need to know about. Sorry, you were put in that situation. I’ll make sure it doesn’t fall back on you.” Jax vowed.

Ethan went to comment on this but Burn by Papa Roach started as Ethan’s cell phone sounded.

“Oh, come the fuck on,” Ethan uttered before answering.

“What do you want?!” He snapped the moment he answered the phone.

Jax cocked a brow on this.


“I said no. Not happening. That was my grandmother’s! Just keep your filthy hands off! Why are you even there anyhow?”

“Goddammit Tracy, you shouldn’t be there, and you know it!”

“I don’t care what my grandfather says. He’s senile!”

“That’s none of your fucking business.”

“You’re kidding me, right?!”

Ethan’s hand balled up into a fist.

“I don’t owe you shit. You killed your paycheck, remember?”


Ethan grew eerily quiet and closed his eyes for a moment.

“Tracy, I swear to God…” Ethan disconcertingly whispered.

“Leave, before I head down there and slit your fucking throat.”

Ethan hung up the phone but was quick to dial another number.

“Yes, I need to speak with Wanda.”

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Wanda, this is Ethan Lawless. I made it clear that I had a restraining order and Tracy Goldman wasn’t allowed anywhere near my grandfather.”


“Then check his room and tell me he isn’t fifty dollars short in his wallet!”

There was a long pause before the woman came back to the phone. Jax could hear the woman apologizing profusely and made it clear that they were calling the police, right away. Ethan ended the call then patted himself down in search of a cigarette. As if reading his mind Jax handed one of his over.

“Thanks…” Ethan murmured and cracked the window a bit as he lit up.

“Nice ringtone… Tracy sounds like a real peach!” Jax teased, and Ethan died of laughter.

“Oh, she is…” He murmured while taking a drag off his cigarette.

“What are you doing?” Ethan questioned as Jax took the wrong exit.

“I gotta make certain we don’t have a tail…” Jax explained.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get us there before dark.”

“Hope so. I’m gonna need that light so I can map everything out.”

“We’ll get it.”

Ethan reached over and turned on the radio. After that phone call, he wanted to clear his head. Jax thought it a bit strange how Ethan shrugged everything that happened earlier off. Ethan smiled, and Jax regarded him in question.

“Riona sang this at one of the pubs once!”

It was Evanescence Bring Me To Life. The way he said this truly was like that of a proud brother.

“I miss them, like crazy.” Ethan softly put and was gazing out the window.

Jax grabbed his phone and got into the file with Aislinn and Riona’s pictures. He handed it over, and Ethan skimmed through them.

“They look good. Happy even.” Ethan said before handing the phone back.

The two were silent for the rest of the three-hour trip. Jax kept his word on getting near the base before dark. The president had taken one of the roads up near the mountains and drove the truck on off the road and managed to get it pretty hidden. Ethan dug into his bag then grabbed a set of binoculars.

“Get you close enough?”

“Oh yeah, this is perfect.”

Jax nodded and let Ethan do his thing.

“Now what?” Jax questioned after Ethan set the binoculars down.

“We wait.”


“Yep. We wait.”


Ethan waited until the sun was starting to set. During this, he went over whatever he could think of. Ethan put a black hoodie on then pulled the hood up over his head.

“Watch for my signal.” Ethan reminded before grabbing his duffle bag.

“This is crazy.” Jax murmured.

He just knew they were going to get caught and they’d be seriously fucked.

Ethan started that way only to end up spinning back around. He headed for the driver’s side door and gestured for Jax to roll the window down. Ethan dug something out from his pocket. He handed it over, and Jax raised his brows.

“Just in case…”

“Keeping it in the family, huh?” Jax teased as it was a ring.

“Funny, aren’t you asshole? Just hold on to it.”


Ethan drew back a breath on this.

“That ring belongs to Riona. It was their mother’s, and she sold it in order to pay off Pepper’s debt.”

“And how’d you end up with it?”

“Cleaned out my savings…” Ethan said with a shrug.

Jax couldn’t hide the stunned expression on his face.

“Look, if something happens. Use it to propose or whatever. Don’t care just as long as she gets that ring.”

“You got it.” Jax sincerely put, and Ethan hurried off.

Once Ethan approached the fence line he used a pair of pliers to cut through the chain link. He stuffed the pliers back into the duffle bag then placed the bag up along his shoulder. Ethan pried the fence apart and squeezed on through. His nerves were going ninety-to-nothing as he ducked into the shadows. The man kept what Happy Lowman said in mind. Happy was right too. Just one more time and Ethan was done for. This wasn’t his first rodeo when it came to sneaking onto military bases. That case Happy had mentioned… involved another soldier. No one expected Ethan to unravel the truth and when he did shit hit the fan and fast. Everyone was going out of their way to cover it up, and they wanted Ethan’s silence. But Ethan wasn’t having it. He was ashamed having served alongside someone like that. Like he, they stood and fought for this country. This was someone everyone looked up to. Many referred to him as their sergeant.

Ethan shook his head in memory. This sergeant raped another soldier just to prove he wasn’t gay. There were a lot of rumors about at that time, and there were actual petitions around trying to prevent gays from serving. This woman had called the sergeant out in a jesting manner, and he didn’t take kindly to it. From Ethan’s understanding, the woman spotted some gay magazines in this sergeant’s trunk and made an offhanded remark thinking nothing of it. She made it clear to Ethan that she was just having a little fun and meant nothing by it. This sergeant made the same jokes often enough as to why she didn’t see the harm in it. It wasn’t until Ethan gathered the evidence he needed and pried out of her that the truth was exposed. This had the man thinking back to his youngest sister and that spine-chilling sensation hit.

The sergeant had blackmailed the female soldier into having sex have with him. He wanted it set up so his buddies would walk in on it and not question his sexuality again. Little did they know that what they were witnessing wasn’t consensual but full on rape. The woman told Ethan they were cheering the soldier on and watching. This spurred the sergeant on, and he got pretty rough. He spent the entire time whispering harsh things like how she was a flat-chested whore, and if he had been gay, she’d have been the perfect candidate considering she looked like a man. No one heard or even picked up on what was taking place. They were too busy watching and encouraging what they saw. Ethan convinced the woman to come forth and take this to court, but no one believed her. Then again, Ethan always felt they didn’t want to be seen standing against their sergeant. That alone could give you a bad rep. Not to mention these were the ones egging on the rape, even if they hadn’t a clue it was rape at the time. The case got ugly and fast. Ethan struggled in keeping him and the female soldier alive as they had received death threat after death threat and were attacked on more than a handful of occasions. Ethan just knew he was going to die trying to give this woman the justice she deserved. This ended with the sergeant painting himself as the victim and making the woman look bad by claiming it was consensual and he had witnesses. The guilt ate Ethan alive, to this very day. He promised that woman justice, and she never got it. That’s what Happy meant by taking matters into his own hands…

After losing the case and receiving a dishonorable discharge and ruining that woman’s name, Ethan snuck onto the base where this particular sergeant was located. He managed to climb into one of the ventilation grills and made his way through the ventilation system. He got several pictures of this sergeant and another soldier of the male variety having sex. Ethan had plans of using those pictures to prove that woman’s innocence. Only he never made it to court. He never even made it out of that base. The ceiling gave, and Ethan was exposed. The film was destroyed, and they beat the living shit out of Ethan. Told him if this ever came to light… they’d kill him, and anyone else he ever cared about, including that of the female soldier Ethan defended. It wasn’t until he heard about her committing suicide that he realized he had feelings for her. He was too focused on the case. It damn near killed him when he found out, and he carried that guilt to this very day. She was buried in her hometown of Louisiana. Ethan would visit her grave a couple times a year and place flowers down in her honor. This was long before he met Tracy Goldman.

Ethan nodded amongst himself and headed towards the nearest building. He avoided the security cameras and managed to climb on up the roof. Like most of these buildings, there was always a roof entrance. Ethan knew that was his best bet. He’d have to use that entrance to enter the building, and he’d have to go into stealth mode from there. At least until he could get into the area, he had in mind. Only he hadn’t been to this base before. He hoped the layout wasn’t any different from most air force bases. He needed to get to the research lab and into their database from there. He’d hopes of logging into the traffic surveillance in Charming and seeing if he could spot this Galen O’Shay. That in itself could take hours if not days. But he didn’t have days. Hours was enough to get himself caught. Most of everyone was asleep as to why he wanted to do this at night. There were a few working security but nothing Ethan couldn’t handle. He took his time avoiding them and any other security cameras. The man thought his heart would burst out of his chest by the time he found the lab. Ethan had damn near been spotted a couple times, and one camera, in particular, caught him off guard. He just knew someone was going to set one of the alarms off and he’d be fucked. But to his great surprise, a good five minutes had passed and nothing. Ethan was beginning to wonder if the ones working the monitors had fallen asleep or just barely missed him passing through the hallway.

Ethan let out a sigh of annoyance as this room required not only some sort of code but he needed clearance – as in an ID badge. Things had most certainly changed. That wasn’t a requirement before, at least not on other bases. Fucking modern technology… The man muttered under his breath.

He had two choices now. Those choices being stand here and wait for someone to make their way into the lab which could take forever or steal a badge. It was either that or hold someone ransom and make them do all the work. Considering he was on a military base and outnumbered and outgunned, he wasn’t too keen on that last idea. So he thought it best to put those thieving skills of his to the test. It’d been awhile… He only hoped he still had the knack for it.

Jax was having a hard time keeping his eyes open as he waited on Ethan. During this time he had talked to Chibs, Riona, Abel, and Aislinn. Mainly out of boredom as he’d checked on them earlier today. He listened to some music but not for long as he didn’t want to kill the battery. That was the last thing they needed. Jax stepped out of the truck in attempts to wake himself up a bit. He kept an eye on the area Ethan had pointed out but couldn’t make out shit. It was too dark even with the lights surrounding the fence line. If anything, they only made his vision worse as they shined right in his eyes.

“Come on Ethan. Don’t make me leave your sorry ass.” Jax muttered as they were coming up on six hours now. Six hours and nothing… He hadn’t a clue if Ethan had been caught or if he even made it inside. Jax felt useless and lost at this point.

“Shit…” Jax whispered as he could hear the alarms sounding from where he was.

He grabbed the binoculars and could see the spotlights stirring about the area.

“FUCK!” Jax spat and was quick to get into the truck.

He started the truck and impatiently waited. The president shook his head knowing he’d have to haul ass soon, with or without Ethan. He couldn’t run the risk of being caught. Jax wouldn’t go back to prison.

“Come on bro… Where the fuck are you?! Let’s go!” Jax said while hitting the steering wheel.

Jax shook his head after a good five minutes passed.

“I’m sorry, but I gotta go,” Jax said with a heavy heart.

He just knew Ethan got caught and they were sure to find him if he didn’t get the heck out of dodge. Jax had put the truck in reverse and was about to back it up and hit the road when the passenger side door opened. Jax jumped as this had him startled.

“GO!” Ethan hollered but with a crazed smile.

Jax let out a nervous chuckle but hauled ass out of there.

“You were going to leave me… Weren’t you?” Ethan questioned once the coast was clear.

“Just getting the truck ready…” Jax fibbed, and Ethan shook his head.

“So you’re an asshole annnd full of shit. You owe me a hundred bucks by the way.”

Jax didn’t comment but chuckled.

“I heard the alarms…”

“Yeah… Well, I needed the distraction.”

“Wait… You set those off?!”

Ethan gave a simple nod but was digging into the duffle bag.

“You got a PC we can use?”


“Yeah, you know… a computer?”

“I’ll call around and see.”

“You don’t have a computer?”


“You’re shitting me?”

“Nope. Don’t have any use for one. What about you?”

“Ex took it during the divorce.”


“Yep. Took all my shit. If my kidneys weren’t attached…”

“I hear ya,” Jax uttered with a chuckle.

“So’d you find anything?”

“I think so. But I can’t be too sure. That’s why I need a computer. I got a couple things I wanted you to check out. I’m ninety-eight percent sure of what I found, but you can’t be too certain. Going on a simple sketch that is…”


Jax reared back after peeking into the duffle bag.

“Did you steal that shit?!” He asked as there was some sort of drone, a couple military knives, and guns.

“Maybe…” Ethan said with a shrug and stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“What happened to your hand?” Jax questioned as he had a pretty good gash.

“Cut it on the fucking fence. That’s what took so long. Had to get it cleaned up…” Ethan hinted as to leaving no evidence behind.

Jax nodded in understanding.

“Why do I have the feeling this isn’t your first time doing this?”

“Because it isn’t,” Ethan said with a smirk.

“Now that right there was fucking Aislinn!” Jax said with a chuckle and Ethan rather beamed on this.


“Oh yeah, that girl is fucking nuts.”

“I always saw more of Riona…” Ethan hinted as to himself.

“No doubt but that right there was all Aislinn. There’s no denying that blood of yours.” Jax added in thought.

“You should let me drive,” Ethan said as the sun had risen and they had a good two hours left before arriving in Charming.

Jax sighed knowing he couldn’t keep his eyes open much longer. So he pulled on over and let Ethan take the wheel.  Jax went to hand the ring back, and Ethan refused.

“Hold on to it…”

“It should come from you.”

“I’m from Texas, not Alabama…”

Jax reared back wondering what that had to do with anything.

“I’m not proposing to my sister.”

Jax rolled his eyes.

“She should know you bought it…”

“Look, just let me see the look on her face when she sees the ring, and it’s all good.”

“I’m not taking credit for what you did. She’s going to ask where I got it.”

“Then tell her you bought it,” Ethan said with a shrug.

“I can’t do that.”

“Yeah, you can.”

“I’m not doing that.”

Ethan sighed as he hit the road.

“What’s the big deal?”

“I won’t lie to her for one thing, and it wouldn’t be right…”

“Too good to use that ring?”

“Where the fuck did you get that from?!”

“Come on man, I just gave you the perfect opportunity to look like the hero in her eyes, and you won’t even take it!”

“I’m not out to look like any fucking hero, and she knows that.”

“But if you had the means you would’ve bought that ring and given it to her yourself… How’s this any different?”

“Because it didn’t come from me. I won’t stand there and lie to her, much less base a proposal on that lie!”

“Hmmm…” Ethan hummed in mere amusement.

“What?!” Jax snapped, and Ethan died of laughter.

“Guess you’re not that much of an asshole after all,” Ethan uttered as that was all a test, and to his great surprise, Jax passed with flying colors.

Jax reared back as Ethan took the ring but stuffed it back into Jax’s cut.

“Just use that ring is all I ask. I don’t care what you tell her after. I just want to see the look on her face. Alright?”

“Whatever you say, man…” Jax uttered knowing he wasn’t winning this argument.

“Don’t tell me you already bought a ring?”

“Hadn’t the chance…”

“Well, there you go! I say I did you a solid. You’re welcome. But if you hurt her, I’ll cut you up into little bitty pieces and feed them to my dog.”

“You got a dog?”

“Yep and she’s expecting pups any day. So she could use the meat!”

“What kind of dog?” Jax questioned with curiosity.


“You’re kidding…” Jax uttered.

“Nope. Why?”

“My son wants a beagle.”



“Well, he can have first dibs when they’re ready.”

“He doesn’t need a dog.”

“Are you serious?”


“Don’t be a dick bro. Let your son have a fucking dog. Hell, you don’t have a choice now. I’ll just give him one! If you marry my sister that would make me an uncle, so that gives me rights!”

“He don’t need a dog.”

“Yes, he does. Every kid needs a dog.”

“How’d you find this?!” Jax questioned once he saw the footage.

“Used their database to look into the traffic surveillance of Charming. I wanted to be safe, so I saved everything from the last month.” Ethan said as he was fast-forwarding through it.

“I thought it was only the police that had access to that,” Jax uttered, and Ethan cocked a brow at this.

“Who do you think came up with the idea in the first place? Wasn’t the fucking guys in blue that’s for damn sure! These cameras are pretty much like that of what they put around town. It’s just another way of keeping an eye on things. Traffic violations? That’s just a lame excuse. If you go into the bigger cities, you’ll see fucking drones with cameras flying around. They use that same ass excuse. It’s bullshit.” Ethan said, and Lyla handed them a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, darlin’,” Jax said.

“Yeah, thanks…” Ethan awkwardly put as he couldn’t believe they were in a fucking porn studio.

He wondered if his sisters even knew about this place. That was sure to raise some hell.

“You’re very welcome,” Lyla said with a warm smile Ethan’s direction.

Jax and Ethan were just about dead on their feet, but neither could rest until they knew whether it was Galen on that footage or not. An hour and a half passed before Ethan hit the pause button.

“Hey!” He called gathering Jax’s attention as he was half out of it.


“Check this out!”

Ethan played the footage, and Jax gathered this look of liberation.

“That’s him, isn’t it?! It’s Waldo!” He asked as Galen was stepping out of a black Cadillac.

“Oh yeah, that’s him alright.”

“Then you’re really going to like this…” Ethan fast-forwarded once again then paused.

Jax tilted his head and got a better look. Galen entered one of the boarded-up buildings downtown. Ethan went on to show Jax how he’d been doing this off and on for a while too.

“Please tell me you know where that is…” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah. I’ll call the boys. We need to hit that now while he’s there!”

Ethan nodded and went on to pack everything up.

Ethan passed by a set of train tracks as he followed Jax to the old cigar shop. Jax killed his bike then damn near flew off it. He was quick to rip one of the boards off the windows. He withdrew his gun and used the blunt end to break through the glass. He crawled on through, and Ethan followed suit. They could hear the roaring of bikes outside as a few Sons arrived.

“You son of a bitch…” Ethan heard as Jax entered one of the rooms in the far back.

Ethan nodded amongst himself as Jax had a gun pressed up against the familiar man’s head.

“I wouldn’t do that…” Galen warned while holding his hands in the air.

“And why not…” Jax challenged.

“Jax…” Ethan gravely uttered once he took notice of the monitors.

There were three. One was set right in the chapel of the clubhouse, the other in the shop, and the last was Jax’s house. Ethan recoiled seeing as how Jax had no privacy, whatsoever. Everything and that meant everything behind those walls was on video. Ethan rewound the footage and got to the part where he had stayed the night. Jax had carried him into the house and tossed him onto the couch. Jax turned ghostly white however when Ethan turned the volume up revealing that Galen could hear everything being said too.

“I hear the weather is beautiful this time of year; if you didn’t have to worry about the black flies that is…” Galen maliciously put.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Jax roared, and Galen smiled.

“Nothing yet…”

Jax shoved Galen Ethan’s direction.

“Don’t let him out of your sight. We need him alive!” The president said as he called Chibs.

“Jackie!” Chibs greeted once he answered the phone.

Jax flinched at the Scot’s playful tone.

“Filip, pack everything up and go. Don’t tell me where just go!”

Jax hung up directly after. He hadn’t a choice. It wasn’t worth the risk.

The Sons, aside from Piney and Juice had entered the shop as well, and they too shared that same grave expression.

“Bobby, I need you to keep an eye on things around here. Happy, you and Ethan come with me.”

“Where we goin’?” Happy questioned.

“You’ll see,” Jax uttered while eyeing Galen down.

Jax gestured for Bobby to take over in watching Galen. He, Happy, and Ethan went to exit the shop only to find themselves surrounded.

“You didn’t think I’d make it that easy, did you?” Galen said with a smirk.

Credit goes to Katie Price for having sent this to me… Had to post it for this chapter.


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9 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – I Found Waldo”

  1. holy shit Ethan is a daredevil isn’t he i like him i like him alot. protective as hell of his sister like a brother should be. and a sweetheart looking out for his grandfather against his ex. and buying his mothers ring back after she had to sell i8t. he did his best to help a fellow soldier that was being raped no matter what he did the right thing.

    Opie …. he is going to be dead either by Jax hand ethans or the girls. or hell even the people he is working for. he knows better to try to set up jaxs and he did it anyway.

    as for galen.. all hells is going to break loose not only when jax get him but also with ethan and Scotty if there is anything left for him but i am sure jax would save him some

    Perfect update hon. Love it.. can’t believe what is going on you have me eager for the next chapters when you update again. I hope its soon and your muse is inspiring you even more. Until then *bows*

    (sics the bitey dog on galen watching him get knocked on his ass while the dog drags him all over the place) That is what bitey dogs are for 🙂

  2. As soon as I read the title of this chapter a picture popped in my head of a tat i had found would you mind if I sent it to you through messenger?

  3. Ethan and Happy are hilarious. I love them. And lookit Ethan bein all badass. Maybe he shoulda let Opie take.the bullet. Damn. Interesting story about the past investigation. Something that is unfortunately most likely closer to the truth than we know. I’m dying at him getting of the base!! Go ethan!! And yes, Abel needs a dog. Beagles are adorable! Omg Galen u asshole just DIE!! OK better, on to the next!

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