Chapter 24 – Homecoming

Chapter 24 – Homecoming

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Chibs achieved just what he hoped he would by arriving there first. He killed the engine then kicked his legs up and spun around facing Aislinn.

“Whatever happens I want ye to stay close. I mean it. I know nothin’ aboot this Ethan lad, and I’m not takin’ any chances.”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs caressed her cheek.

“Are ye alright?”

“Just wasn’t what I expected.”

“I know. I’m sorry love. Not the homecomin’ I wanted ye to have.”

“I don’t know what to think or feel.”

Chibs nodded in perfect understanding. The Scot drew her in then kissed her. He was lost in that kiss and didn’t think anything of it when he heard the other bikes pulling into the lot.

“NOOOO!” Aislinn shouted as someone yanked him off the bike then hurled him across the parking lot.

Aislinn leaped off the bike then went to check on him.

“What the hell?” She shouted while helping Chibs to his feet.

Chibs moved her out of his way and charged right for Ethan.

“Shit!” Jax shouted as Ethan and Chibs were brawling in the parking lot.

Aislinn went to break it up only to have Happy grab ahold of her. She peered back, and he shook his head.

“Let Jax handle it.” Happy said as Jax flew out of the truck and darted on over.

“KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!” He snapped, and Bobby helped in prying the two apart.

“Don’t you touch him!” Aislinn warned, and Ethan sighed.

“He’s using you! You’re nothing but a piece of ass to him!”

Chibs gritted his teeth, and Jax held him back.

“Come on man… You know you are. What happens when she gets too old for you? You gonna replace her with a couple twenties?! Or you gonna go barely legal next time around you sick fucker.”

“Oh shit!” Jax hollered as Aislinn withdrew her gun and fired a warning shot.

“Brother or not… ya say one more thing against that man, and I’ll put a bullet in  ya.”

“She’s not the only one,” Riona said, and Ethan raised his brows as both sisters had a gun aimed his direction.

The man raised his hands in the air but chuckled.

“Well, there’s no denying who our father is…” He muttered.

“Man, how do you screw the pooch twice?” Jax uttered in disbelief and Ethan reared back on this.

“You suck at first impressions. Look around you! You got both sisters and Chibs ready to kill you, and you’re scaring my son. Who’s the asshole now?!”

Ethan recoiled once he realized what he’d done. The look on Abel’s face had the man pinching his eyes shut. Jax gave a mere nod as he pulled Ethan to the side.

“I’ll be the first to speak on Filip’s behalf. That shit you’re saying… Not cool man. Back the fuck up and think before you say another word. If you can’t do that, then I’ll send you on your way. I won’t have you making hell for these girls or my son. They just got here. This should be a moment of celebration… This is what you always wanted Ethan. So fucking act like it.”

“You could’ve warned me…” Ethan hinted with a nod Chibs’s direction.

“That there isn’t my business and despite what you think it isn’t any of yours either. That’s her life to live, same with Riona. I get it, trust me I do. But to everyone else, you look like a complete dick. Those girls don’t know you. So you need to take that into consideration. Alright?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize to me, brother. You apologize to them and my VP.”

“I don’t owe that pervert shit.”

“You do if you want to fix things with Aislinn and I already told you, you’re wrong about him. Get to know him before you go and dis him.”

“Are they engaged or something? She’s got a ring on her fucking finger.”

“Yep. So you might as well learn to deal with it. Might be a wedding here soon.”


“Just keep in mind… They don’t know you, Ethan. You gotta tame it down, or you’re going to scare them off. You’re out to protect them, and I get that. But to them, you’re coming off as some sort of creeper or stalker even. I know that isn’t the case and I’d have done the same thing in your shoes. But I’m trying to get you to see the other side of things. You need to let them call the shots on this and warm up to you. You can’t be right in their face about it. I’ll help you through this the best I can. But you gotta be willing to listen. Think you can do that?”


“I hope so. How bout we try this again?”

Ethan nodded in agreement and Jax patted him on the shoulder.

“You got this.”

“Why are you helping me?” Ethan curiously asked.

“Like I said… I’d have done the same in your shoes. I get where you’re coming from. But you gotta hear me out and do this the right way. The way you talked about…”

“I didn’t know about Aislinn… I mean you hinted that she was with this Filip guy. But I hadn’t a clue he…”

“He takes care of her. Give it time, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Ethan nodded, and Jax gave him a nudge in that direction. Ethan cleared his throat as all eyes were on him.

“This isn’t how I wanted things to go. That’s all on me. I’m sorry.”

Ethan glanced Aislinn and Chibs’s direction.

“I always said I’d never hurt you. But I did today. I did that by hurting him. Filip, right?”

The Scot nodded.

“You two engaged or something?” He asked wanting his sister’s confirmation on that.

Chibs nodded once again, and Ethan flinched. He looked to his sister afterward. Bobby and Happy were just as stunned by this revelation. Jax hadn’t told anyone about their engagement. He didn’t think it was his place to.

“So my littlest sister is getting married,” Ethan said as if brokenhearted.

“Guess I better make amends if I want to be invited.” He added with a forced smile.

“That would be a start…” Aislinn said, and Ethan nodded.

“If he makes you happy that’s all that matters.”

“He does.”

“You don’t owe him an explanation Linny. We don’t even know this man!” Riona scoffed.

“You’re right. You don’t. But I plan on fixing that. I’ll make up for all those years. I promise. Just give me a chance even if I don’t deserve it. Please, Riona. All I ever wanted was you and Aislinn in my life. There’s so much I want to say and do. But I need time, and you’re the only one that can give me that.”

Riona and Aislinn looked to one another.

“I think he’s tellin’ the truth,” Aislinn uttered.

“If Jackson says he is then he is. But that doesn’t mean I trust ya. Ya have to earn that, and ya can start by tellin’ me how you’re our brother in the first place and why haven’t we heard about you before.”

“I can do that. I’ll tell you everything Riona.”

“Did pa cheat on ma?” Aislinn questioned with a quivery voice and Riona recoiled in thought.

“No. Alastar loved Teagan, and that’s why my mother and I were brushed aside.” Ethan made clear, and Aislinn let out a breath of relief, one she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

“I’m thirty years old Aislinn. I was around before you or Riona ever were. So was my mother. But I can explain everything if you let me. It’s late, and I know you’re tired. Think we can meet here again tomorrow?”

The sisters looked to one another and nodded.

“I’d hug you… but I know you two aren’t ready for that. But one day I’m gonna hug you and never let go.” Ethan said before hopping onto his bike and leaving the SAMCRO grounds.

“I wanna talk to pa,” Aislinn said, and Riona shook her head.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“We just got here, and pa has a way of  bringin’ ya down, Linny love. We don’t need him in our lives. We’re done with that man.”

“I know. But I want to hear his side of the story.”

“How do ya know he won’t go and fill your head with lies?”

“I can’t picture him with anyone other than ma.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

“I doubt it was anythin’ serious. We know how he felt about ma.”

“I’d kill him. If he cheated on ma, I’d head back to Ireland and kill him.”

Riona recoiled knowing her sister meant every word. But she felt the same way. Their mother was nothing but faithful, and it’d break their hearts if they found out Pepper pulled some shady shit like that. Chibs and Riona locked eyes as Aislinn helped Abel down from the passenger side of the truck. Aislinn led Abel inside as he needed to go potty.

“Keep an eye on her. Don’t let her call Pepper. He’s nothin’, but bad news and Linny don’t need that right now.”

“Aye,”  Chibs uttered in agreement.

Aislinn looked around the clubhouse while Abel was in the men’s room.

“So different…” She whispered as to the SAMBEL clubhouse in comparison.

The young woman smiled as she found a younger picture of Chibs with the rest of the Sons. Her heart sank a bit as she saw Thomas and JT as well. This had her thinking back to when she danced with Thomas. He was so shy in comparison to Jax. He had those same blue eyes and smile. She was lost in thought when Abel tugged on the sleeve of her shirt.

“I is done.”

He said but looked as if he’d fall asleep standing up. Aislinn nodded then lifted him into her arms.

“I wants to go home now,” Abel said with a yawn.

“Aye, me too.”

“Is your home Uncle Chibs’s home?”

“Sounds like it.” She said while carrying the boy outside.

She handed him over, and Jax pecked her on the cheek.

“Goodnight darlin’. We’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and placed Abel into the car seat.

“Call if you need anythin’ and don’t forget to charge your phone,” Riona called from the passenger side door.

“Aye,”  Aislinn said and watched as they drove away.

Aislinn shook her head as everything felt so strange. That was to be expected but not the whole brother twist.

“Ye ready?” Chibs called as he gathered their things then loaded them up into the SAMCRO van.

She nodded as he pulled his bike into the van as well.

“I’m surprised that fits!” She exclaimed, and Chibs nodded.

“I was too the first time I tried it.”

The Scot shut the back doors then made his way to the passenger side. He opened the door then waved her over.

“Let’s go home, love.”

“Welcome home, babe.” Jax wholeheartedly put as Riona entered the house.

He had Abel in his arms when he reached over and turned on the lights. Abel had fallen asleep on the drive. Tig and Bobby searched for any bugs before Jax brought Abel and Riona home. Luckily, the Sons had a device just for tracking those things. Jax couldn’t believe how many they found between his house and the clubhouse. But he wasn’t about to bring that up tonight. Ethan’s little stunt was enough. He’d be damned if this night went to shit. Jax gave Riona a moment to look around while he put Abel to bed. He tucked him in then kissed his forehead before cutting the light off and pulling the door to.

“It’s cozy,” Riona said.

“Hope so.” Jax murmured then wrapped his arms around her.

Riona was looking at the pictures he had in the living room.

“Is that Abel?” She asked while picking up a framed picture from one of the shelves.

“Yep. He was still in NICU when mom took that.”

“Ya weren’t kiddin’. He was a wee thing! He looks like a baby doll!”

“Should’ve seen him when he was first born. That’s a month after.”

“I can’t even imagine.”

The young woman put the picture back where it was. Jax rained kisses all along her shoulder and up her neck. Riona felt her entire body heat over as he ran his hands along various parts of her.

“I need you, in a bad way,” Jax uttered like he were in agony.

Riona let out a small gasp as he scooped her up and carried her into his room.

“Jackson!” She scolded behind a giggle as he dropped her onto the bed.

Jax had that come hither grin as he unbuckled his belt. He ripped it off with one swift motion then tossed it onto the floor. He kept his eyes on hers as he stripped down to nothing. Riona watched as he dug a condom out from one of the nightstands then put it on. She started to disrobe, and Jax reached out stopping her.

“I want to do that.” He said in such a way that sent her goosebumps.

The young woman was at a loss for words when he crawled on over and took his time undressing her. For every item, he removed he would kiss that particular area and give a few caressing licks. The man shook his head once he had her clothes removed. He’d never voice it to keep from getting slapped. But Riona put any other woman he’d been with to shame. He couldn’t get over how sexy she was and felt that way from the moment he first laid eyes on her. When she spoke, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven, even more so when she sang. The way she said his name and with that accent of hers… It killed him, every time. But there was more to it. He felt that connection. The one that told him Riona was the one.

That entered his mind the day he married Tara, and the guilt hit him when he said his vows. But he thought Riona had moved on and would’ve been married with a couple kids by now. Women like her didn’t stay single for long, and that’s what had him so desperate to snatch her up. Only Riona wasn’t single at the time. No. She was VERY married, but that didn’t stop him from the chase. He knew what he wanted, the second he saw her. But knowing the full story behind her husband now, made him wish he would’ve done something about it. Jax wasn’t kidding. He would’ve found a way to rid of Nicholas, and he’d have brought her home once the bastard was out of the picture. Jax didn’t care how barbaric that made him sound. That’s the effect Riona Lawless had on him. He wanted the chase. And now that he had her, he wasn’t letting go.

“I love you.” He said but the way he said it had Riona looking to him with concern.


“I’m not just saying that shit, Riona. I mean it. These last few weeks were torture. I wanted you right here with me; where you belong and have always belonged.”

The man gave her no time to comment as his lips locked with hers. Jax thrust like he never thrust before. He wanted to show her just how much he desired her and wanted her to feel what he felt every time he looked at her. To Jax, Riona truly was a queen. She deserved to be worshipped, and he’d make certain she got the attention she deserved. He’d die before she got anything less. He couldn’t help but think it a sign when she was at the SAMBEL clubhouse. Then again, it was a legit slap to the face when he found out she saved his son but in the best of ways. Jax didn’t think it possible to love and lust for someone this much. But it wasn’t every day you got the woman of your dreams. Jax thought as he gritted his teeth and came. But he didn’t stop there. No. The man kept with it and licked and sucked on her breasts. His name fled from her lips and his eyes met hers. Something came over him, and it was heavy. He pulled out then took the filled condom off. He placed himself back inside. Jax wouldn’t take it much further, but he longed for that hot familiar squeeze. The condom took away from the full experience. He gave a couple good thrusts then shook his head in frustration. He didn’t want to stop. She felt too good.

“We gotta get you on something babe. I want to feel you. Condoms fuck up the full experience.” He said behind a moan-like grunt.

Jax pulled out then came across her stomach. The Son chuckled at the stunned expression on her face.

“That’s why we rid of the condoms ASAP! I want to come in you as much as I want, without feeling like I’m gonna rip through.” He said as he grabbed a tissue and got her cleaned up.

Riona nodded but was in that euphoric aftermath. Jax smiled once he picked up on this.

“God, I love that.” He whispered while caressing her cheek.

Jax pulled her into his arms as her eyes were coming to a close.

Chibs opened the door then stepped aside allowing Aislinn in.

“Ignore the mess. I wasn’t expectin’ anyone when I left for Belfast.”

Aislinn giggled as Chibs was quick to grab a trash bag and was tossing empty beer and whiskey bottles inside. He emptied a couple of ashtrays as well then sprayed some air freshener about.

“Ya don’t have to do all that Scotty. It’s fine.”

Chibs shrugged and kept on picking up. He headed into his room and the bathroom and was cleaning up whatever clothes he had on the floor. To Aislinn’s surprise, it wasn’t all that dirty . The place was a little dusty and unorganized which was to be expected considering how long he’d been in prison, not to mention Ireland.

“This couch is savage. I love it!” She plopped down on the custom-made leather motorcycle couch, and Chibs peered over from the  hallway.

“Aye, I made that.”

“Ya did?!”

“Oh yeah. The bar too.  I’m plannin’ on buildin’ another room and bath within the next couple years or so.” He called as he went back to picking everything up.

Jax wasn’t kidding about Chibs’s place being pretty small. Small but nice and Aislinn thought it rather perfect. She wouldn’t change a thing about it. Aislinn could see the kitchen and bar from where she was sitting. She could tell he’d put a lot of work into everything. The kitchen had a little island attached to the wall, and everything was done in orange and black like the old Harley Davidson colors. The bar had a flat screen TV connected to the center, and it too had a small island you could sit at with three stools.

“Ya have a real knack for these things don’t ya, Scotty?”

Chibs returned with two trash bags one filled with laundry and the other with trash.

“Keeps me grounded.” He uttered while tossing some laundry into the wash.


“Aye, can’t get into trouble if I’m knee deep in a project.” He said with a wink her direction.

“Do ya get into trouble a lot?” She asked with a smile.

“Depends on your definition of trouble.”

Chibs made his way back then headed to the bar.

“Would ye like a drink love?”

“Sure, what do you got?”

Chibs waved her over then opened his cabinets.

“That’s a lot for one man.” She said as he had a massive collection.

“Scottish darlin’…” He reminded with a smirk.

“Let’s try that one. Never had Scottish Whiskey.” She pointed out a bottle of Teacher’s and Chibs died of laughter.

“That fits the mood if ye think aboot it. I did promise ta teach ye whatever ye needed ta know.”

Chibs grabbed a couple glasses and poured them both a shot.

“Welcome home, pet,” Chibs uttered as a toast before they downed their shots.

“That’s pretty stout.”

“Aye. Ye wanna another one?”

“Ya know it!” She said behind a giggle, and Chibs poured a couple more shots.

“I got some beer in the fridge if ye feel the need to chase it down. I better grab our things before we get too inta this.”

Chibs headed on out, and Aislinn grabbed a couple beers from the fridge. She shook her head as the man had more liquor than food.

“Definitely a bachelor…” She whispered while deciding what beer to drink.

He had a little bit of everything from Irish to Scottish and American brands. Aislinn, however, wanted to try something American. So she went for the Budweiser. The young woman had a feeling that Chibs liked to collect these things more than anything.

Aislinn laughed as he passed by and put the pictures she and Abel colored on his fridge.

“We need ta get ye some more clothes,” Chibs said as she and Riona didn’t have a whole lot.

“They’ll do until I can find a job.”

“That could take a bit, Ali… We gotta get ye and Riona situated first. I don’t mind gettin’ ye some clothes. Yer gonna need them.” He said once he was done bringing everything in.

“Alright, ye ready for the grand tour?”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs led her around the house.  He showed her the living room, the kitchen, bar, and his room with the connecting master bath.

“Ya certainly keep house better than most men I know and ya really garnish up the place. I like it.” She laughed however as Chibs was using a tool table for his bathroom counter.

“How’d ya get the sink and marble countertop on that?”

“Every man has his secrets darlin’. So… let me have it.”

“Have what?”

“Tell me what ye want to change or what have ye.”

“Why would I change anythin’?

“Because this is your home too now Ali. I’m not aboot ta make ye call someplace home unless it truly feels like it. So if ye want to change somethin’ up let me know, and I’m sure we can come up with somethin’.”

“There’s no need to change anythin’.”

Chibs reared back in surprise.

“I like everythin’ just the way it is Scotty. The most I might do is put some pictures up.” She said with a shrug but was looking the craftsman tool table over. She couldn’t believe how much work he put into that alone.

“I never knew ya were this talented.” She whispered in awe.

“The house was a dump when I got it. But it was cheap and figured it would be worth it just to fix it up a bit here and there.”

Chibs took her hand then led her into the backyard. She could see where he had a few toys out for Abel and a sandbox.

“I’m goin’ to put Abel’s swing set over there. But I’m gonna build on from the side…” Chibs pointed everything out and went over his plans for adding onto the house.

The Scot had plenty of land. Aislinn knew he could build whatever he wanted and to his heart’s content. Chibs hinted at building a few more rooms as the years progressed.

“So yer a doctor, a carpenter, and a biker?!”  She uttered as she was truly amazed by all this.

Aislinn never would’ve imagined something like this. The man worked hard in everything he did, and it most certainly showed. The young woman meant it when she said she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I suppose so.” He said with a shrug and sipped at his beer.

“I want yer opinion however when we add onto the place. Maybe somethin’ that says Ali too, love. So that’ll be your homework when it comes time. I want ye to decide what the bedroom’s gonna look like and the bathroom.”

“And if we have a wee one by then?”

“All the more reason…” Chibs wholeheartedly put.

“Maybe we should build ye a little area to work in too. Ye know with yer music.”

“Ye mean like my own office?”

“In a way… I was thinkin’ of makin’ the room sound proof so ye could work whenever ye wanted. That way if we have a baby down the road it won’t wake em.”

“Ya’d make me somethin’ like that?” She said sounding slightly stunned.

“Aye, might as well if we’re makin’ this our home. It’ll take some time and money, but we can do it.”

“I’d like that. Thank you, Scotty.”

“I want ye to feel at home Ali. That’s the whole point.”

“Then we’ll need a pool and a hot tub.” She teased, and Chibs chuckled.

“I’ll get a straw and blow some bubbles inta the bathtub. That’ll be yer hot tub, and there’s a lake not too far away. That’s yer pool.”

“Ya really know how to swoon a woman.”

“Ye know it!”

Chibs cleared his throat however and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m glad yer here darlin’. I would have never expected this, not in my wildest dreams. Let’s make the best of it.”

Aislinn smiled then draped her arms around his neck.

“I think we can arrange that.”

The Scot narrowed his eyes however as she seemed somewhat distracted.

“Somethin’ on yer mind?”

“It’s the whole brother ordeal. It’s just so random. Sorry, Scotty. I don’t mean to spoil the mood. I’m just a little shaken still. How does one even respond to somethin’ like that? And the way he acted… He went from soundin’ like a genuinely lovin’ brother to a complete arse! The nerve of that man. We don’t even know him, and he acted as if he had some sort of say in who I’m with! Manhandlin’ ya like that… I thought I’d end his sorry arse, right there!”

Chibs couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What has ya so tickled?”

“He seemed pretty shocked when ye and Riona had those guns on him. I don’t think he expected that.”

“Well, he should have if he knows us as well as he claims to.”

“Thought you believed him…”

“I do. But that doesn’t mean I trust him.”

“That makes two of us. Riona didn’t seem to either.”

“But Jax does…” Aislinn said with a sigh.


“Not sure what to do with that either. Not that I don’t trust Jax. I do Scotty. It’s just…”

“It’s a lot to take in. Trust me. I get it. I think we could use another shot.” Chibs uttered.

At least Chibs had a warning. Thanks to his promise to Jax, Aislinn and Riona didn’t get as much as a heads up. They were thrown right into the pit. The Scot sat her down on the couch and gathered that whiskey. He made certain everything was locked up for the night then turned on the TV. He wanted to get her mind off this. He figured a few more drinks, a movie, and some hot and heavy sex would do it.

They no longer bothered with the condoms. Their mutual disappointment is what led to that decision.

“How about that one?” Aislinn said as Chibs was scrolling through the channels.

“Ye like Pulp Fiction?”

“Who doesn’t?”

The Scot shrugged and left it on that particular channel. They took turns with that bottle of whiskey and smoked a few cigarettes. Chibs could tell she was a little more at ease not having to hide the cigarettes like she had been. Of course, all this would change once she was officially pregnant. Chibs felt a twinge of guilt when Aislinn stopped during that first week she thought she might be pregnant. He hadn’t expected her to go that far. But that only proved what kind of mother she would be. She took care of herself in order to care for someone she wasn’t even sure about. That meant a lot to Chibs. Fiona however never concerned herself with such things, no matter the warnings Chibs put out there. That woman drank and smoked to her heart’s content when she was pregnant with Keri. Fiona was never one to care about his feelings on the manner.

Aislinn laid her head in his lap, and Chibs brushed her hair back with his fingers. It was the simple things like this he enjoyed most. He could spend hours upon hours just holding her. But there was something about having her here. Everything felt more set in stone. Aislinn watched the movie and laughed at a few parts here and there, but Chibs was fixated on her. He put the bottle of whiskey down on the table and rolled her over so that she was facing him. He grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

“I wanna test those lungs of yers…” He uttered while flicking the buttons to her shirt open, one by one.

She had on a bra that clipped in the front, and Chibs wiggled his brows as he unclipped it.

“Ye should get more of those…” he said as those were his favorite.

He loved having that kind of access.

“Is that so?”

“Aye, throw those others out and replace them with these.”

“You’re gettin’ awfully demandin’.”

Chibs nodded as he tweaked her nipples. The Scot unfastened his belt buckle and unzipped his pants.

“Speakin’ of demandin’… I’m gonna need ye to get to that.” He hinted as he whipped himself out.

Aislinn gave the tip of his cock a teasing lick, and Chibs let out a frustrated grunt.

“I’m pretty sure I taught ye this one already. Ye gotta go deep love. I wanna fuck yer mouth.” Chibs had her open up, and he gave a teaser of what was to come. Once she got the hang of it, he went a little deeper.

“That’s right suck on that cock, pet.” Chibs encouraged.

The Scot would pull out every now and then and watched as he placed himself back inside. Those pouty lips of hers were just too damn inviting, and he couldn’t get enough of that image. Aislinn would tease him by running that tongue of hers along his shaft and back along the tip. She was doing a damn good job considering this was her second time giving head.

Chibs kept that mouth of hers busy as he undid her pants. He slipped his hand down her panties and did a little teasing of his own.

“Fuck…” he muttered when the smell of her sex hit.

All he could think about was eating that sweet pussy. Chibs pulled out once again only this time he had her lift up. He came to his feet then flipped her over his shoulder.

“Scotty!” She scolded behind a giggle.

Chibs carried her into the bedroom then tossed her onto the bed. He peeled those tight pants of hers off and put that tongue of his to work. Aislinn covered her mouth a couple times, and the Scot would reach over and lower her hand back down.

“I wanna hear you, Ali.” He said before flicking that tongue along her slit.

Aislinn squirmed about and with a fistful of his hair. His name escaped her lips, and those hips of hers were unrelenting. Chibs couldn’t get enough. He wanted her to ride the fuck out of his face. This had him burying that tongue even deeper. He licked up every bit of delicious sap. Chibs did this until he got what he wanted. Aislinn had that back of hers arched, and she was screaming on top of her lungs, begging him to fuck her. Chibs smiled amongst himself. He couldn’t believe the lungs on that girl. Her cries alone damn near had him coming. Chibs stopped what he was doing and gave into that plea of hers.

That headboard would slam against the wall every now and then. This was a foreign sound to Chibs considering he never brought anyone home. He never fucked anyone in this bed, much less this house before. All “entertaining” stayed behind clubhouse or Cara Cara walls. He didn’t want those women in his house. That’s what he meant by those women not being the kind you date and you sure as hell don’t marry them. They were good for a quick release, nothing more. Chibs found himself somewhat ashamed that he even indulged in something like that. That was a strange feeling considering he never cared about that shit before. But he knew why the moment he looked into Aislinn’s eyes. He’d been with so many women, he couldn’t keep count. But here was Aislinn… and he was her first in everything. Something about that brought on a touch of guilt. That was something he most certainly didn’t expect.

“Scotty?” Aislinn called with concern.

Chibs shook his head thinking this was a total woman thing to pull. What man thinks during sex and with someone like Aislinn especially? The Scot shook it off and found his groove once again. That made another first. That had NEVER happened before. Then again, he never used his brain during sex. What was the point in that? Aislinn screamed out once again, and Chibs threw his head back in a finish. He didn’t pull out right away and gave a few more pumps. He wanted to make sure he got that baby batter in there. He’d get the job done, one way or another. Aislinn laughed as he grew hard all over again.

“Can’t be helped.” He murmured and decided to keep with it.

If he could come again, that’d only up their chances. That and she felt too damn good. He’d stay like this forever if he could.

“Daddy?” Abel called as he was standing at the foot of his bed.

Jax rubbed the sleep from his eyes then looked to the time. It was eight in the morning.

“What is it, little man?” He uttered but was quick to pull the sheets up over Riona.

“Can I has cereal and watch Spongebob?”

Jax put a single finger to his lips then pointed Riona’s direction as she was still asleep. Abel nodded in understanding.

“I’ll be right there…” Jax whispered.

“Okay,” Abel whispered in return and headed into the living room.

Jax crawled on out of bed and put on a pair of pants. He grabbed his smokes on the way out then pulled the door to. He entered the living room to see Abel flipping through the channels.

“Turn that down Abel.”

“No wake-up mommy,” Abel said while turning the volume down.

“That’s right,” Jax said as he stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“And that’s another thing… You gotta start knocking, little man. We got a lady in the house now.”

“So I knocks before I go to your room?”

“That’s right.”

“Okays. I knock next time.”

“Good deal.”

The man headed into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl and his son’s favorite cereal.

“I no find Spongebob,” Abel said with disappointment.

Jax set the bowl down on the coffee table along with Abel’s usual glass of chocolate milk.

“Let’s see what we can find…” Jax said as he took the remote from Abel’s hand.

“Ninja Turtles?” Jax questioned as they passed by that channel.

Abel frowned, and Jax chuckled.

“Hmmm, how about…” Jax stopped on another cartoon that had ponies in it.

“Dat for girls daddy. I no girl!”

“Shhh…” Jax shushed with a chuckle.


Jax tried yet again, and Abel reached over when Jax got to a particular channel.

“That Spider-Man. We no change that.”

“Well, alright then.”

“I meets Spider-Man when Uncle Chibs took us to eat pizza!”

“Did you now?”

“Yes, dids you see the pictures?”

“Pictures?” Jax questioned.

“Yes, we sends you lots of pictures.”

Jax put his unlit cigarette in his pocket and went to grab his phone. He was careful not to wake Riona as he went through his messages. The man reared back as those pictures started to go through, one by one. There must’ve been a bad reception at the time as to why he didn’t receive them. Jax saw the ones with the giant pizza, the Avengers, and the one with Spider-Man and Abel giving the camera a thumbs up. Riona had taken one of Spider-Man signing his hat as well. Jax was blown away by how many pictures there were of the trip and the flight home. This had Jax regarding Riona in thought. Jax tucked his phone away then headed back out.

“So he signed your hat…” Jax said, and Abel smiled from ear to ear.

“He dids, and he say I a superhero too daddy. I gonna be just like you and Spider-Man. I no let the monsters get us anymore!”

Jax was at a loss for words. He gave the boy a noogie then headed on out with his cigarette. He didn’t want to light up around Abel. So he kept it outside when Abel was home. Jax was kicked back on the porch when someone pulled up to the house. He narrowed his eyes not recognizing the car. Jax came to his feet and was cautious as he made his way over. The driver rolled their window down, and Jax recoiled once he saw who it was.

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard you got Abel back. I wanted to see how he was doing.”

Jax let out a miserable laugh.

“You want to know how my son is doing?” Jax sputtered.

“Well yeah… I haven’t seen him in…”

Jax closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

“Daddy?” He heard and the man froze.

He opened his eyes and sent the woman before him a look of complete and utter hell.

“Back inside, Abel. I’ll be right there.”

“But I wants to show you something!”

The driver’s side door opened and Jax was quick to slam it shut.

“Nah… I don’t think so Tara. Didn’t I tell you to get out of Charming?”

“Tawa?” Abel said, and Jax’s skin crawled. He’d hoped never to hear that broken voice again. But it was there and all because she was here!

Tara smiled then took her shades off.

“That’s right, baby. I’m back.” Tara said, and Jax gritted his teeth.

“Back?” Abel questioned and regarded the woman with confusion.

“NO DADDY!” Abel shouted and his entire face flushed over.


“Mommy?!” Tara questioned in misperception.

“You mean Wendy…?” She jumped however as Jax slapped a hand on the hood of her car.

“And you thought he didn’t remember…” Jax harshly growled.

“Jackson?!” Another voice called.

“Jesus,” Jax whispered feeling as though he couldn’t catch a break.

Tara tilted her head and looked to Riona as Riona lifted Abel into her arms. Abel was in literal sobs as the young woman eyed Tara down. Riona was in her robe as Abel’s cries had startled her awake.

“So you’re Tara.” Riona softly put, and the woman nodded.

Riona laughed as if amused by all this.

“Abel love, I want ya to head back inside and pick out one of those puzzles ya told me about. Go ahead and start and I’ll help ya finish in a wee bit.”

Abel wiped his face with the back of his hand as Riona set him back down. She gave him a little nudge, and Abel headed back inside. Riona shut the door then adjusted her robe before making her way to the car. Jax had this look of sheer misery.

“I got this,” Riona said with a comforting hand along Jax’s shoulder.

“Babe…” Jax damn near pleaded.

“Just a wee girl talk. We’ll be alright, love.” Riona pecked him on the cheek, and Jax sent Tara an apprehensive look.

Riona waited until Jax was inside then she welcomed herself into the passenger side.

“Are you even legal?” Tara asked, and Riona leaned back in thought.

“I don’t think it’s me ya should be worried about.”

Tara picked up on the subtle hint, and Riona smiled.

“You don’t know me and ya don’t want to know me.”

Tara rolled her eyes.

“I’m not here to start any trouble. I wanted to see how Jax and Abel were.”

“They’re just fine. I’m takin’ good care of them, and I’ll keep takin’ good care of them. Now ya have two options. Ya can continue down this pathetic and lonely path of watchin’ from the sidelines. Or ya can put on your big girl knickers and realize these lads have moved on. They don’t need ya. They never did. Now, which one will it be?”

There was an awkward moment of silence, and Riona sighed with sheer annoyance.

“I’m gonna need an answer.”


“Are ya gonna leave them alone or ya gonna bring more shite into their lives.”

Tara didn’t comment, and Riona nodded amongst herself.

“Like I said… Ya don’t know me and ya don’t want to. Keep this up, and you’re gonna get to know me real well.”

“Are you threatening me?!”

“Nah, I’m askin’ if ya want to hold a Tupperware party together!” Riona snapped in disbelief.

“There’s no need for that.”

“The Tupperware party?” Riona smarted with a grin and Tara sneered at this.

“Get out of my car.”

Riona reached over and cut the radio on. She snorted as the station Tara had it on was country.

“Well, that certainly explains a lot.”

“OUT!” Tara snapped, and Riona went on to channel surf.

“Maybe we should go for a ride. You know… get to know one another! Oh, and ya should meet my sister!”


“Aye, didn’t ya know us crazy Irish women came in pairs?!”

Riona found a station she liked and left it there.

“Out of my car.”

“Not until I get an answer.”


Riona smiled then turned the volume up.

“I love this song.” She said and started to sing along to Devil from Shinedown.

Tara gritted her teeth and stepped out of the car. She made her way around and opened the passenger side door. Tara grabbed Riona by the arm and went to drag her out, only to have Riona slam her face against the dashboard.

Tara regarded the woman in absolute shock and covered her busted nose and lip.

“This isn’t high school. I don’t do drama. I don’t do crazy ex-wives, or girlfriends. No. I’m a grown woman, and so are you. Jackson’s moved on. So has the wee lad. It’s time ya moved on. If ya can’t do that, then I’ll do it for ya. Don’t come near them. I mean it. I’ll hurt you, in ways you can’t even fathom, Tara.”

Riona helped Tara back into the driver’s side then shut the door.

“All that country music is gettin’ to your head. Try that station for a bit. Maybe you’ll start to feel better and quit all that olagonin’ (complaining).” Riona hollered as Tara sped off.

“Hey, there  darlin’…” Chibs greeted as Aislinn came to.

The young woman smiled then stretched her arms about.

“Hey yourself.” She replied and curled up beside him.

“Your bed is really comfy by the way.”

The Scot reached over and grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand. Aislinn sat up as they shared it.

“I could get used to this.” She whispered.

“Aye, me too.”

Aislinn smiled then crawled into his lap.

“I’d make you breakfast, but ya don’t have any groceries.” She said, and Chibs chuckled.

“Been awhile pet. We can get to that today. Thought I’d take ye out for breakfast. I know a good place. Got some shite to sort out at the clubhouse afterward.”

“Ya mean Galen?”

“That’s one of em. I gotta help the boys get caught up too. They’re pretty behind and have been ever since they got back.”

“I can imagine.”

“I can bring ye back here, or you can hang out at the clubhouse. Your choice.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen the boys. I wouldn’t mind hangin’ out there if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all darlin’. I’m sure they’re anxious ta see you. Why don’t ye run ye a bath and relax? I’ll bring  ye a cup of coffee.”

“Ya shouldn’t spoil me like that Scotty. I’ll start expectin’ it.” She teased.

“Ye deserve some spoilin’. So let me do it.”

“Alright, but ya gotta let me cook for ya tonight.”

“Got yerself a deal.”

Chibs watched as she crawled on out of bed and headed for the bathroom. The Scot shook his head wondering how he scored someone like that. Chibs reached over and grabbed his phone as it rang.


“Hey, just givin’ you the heads up. Ethan’s at the clubhouse. Says he wants to make amends for yesterday.”

Chibs glanced towards the bathroom door and sighed.

“I’m takin’ Ali out for breakfast. We’ll be there in a couple hours or so. He can wait.”

“I hear ya. I’ll relay the message.”

“I really hope you’re right about him Jackie. First impression wasn’t so great.”

“Trust me I know. We discussed that already. Says he’ll play nice today.”

“He better or I’ll beat Ali to that gun this time.”

“Understood. I’ll put the warning out there. So… How’d it go last night?”

“Good actually. You?”

“Other than Tara making an appearance this morning?”

“She what?!”

“Oh yeah… Not sure what Riona said to her but she sure hauled ass afterward.”

“Ye let yer old lady talk ta yer ex?” Chibs teased, and Jax chuckled.

“You know how our lovely ladies are. There’s no such thing as no.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

“I owe you, one brother. Thank you for bringing them and Abel home safe.”

“Ye don’t owe me shite, kid. I’d have done it, no matter what.”

“I know. That’s why I chose you. I’ll see you two here after a while.”


Chibs hung up the phone then went on to make that cup of coffee he promised.

“Here ye go darlin’,” Chibs uttered as he handed the coffee over.

“Thank you.”

The Scot nodded but took a moment to appreciate the view.

“It’ll be a tight squeeze with the one bathroom.” He admitted as he went to shave.

“We’ll manage,” Aislinn said while sipping on her coffee.

“Jackie called.”


“Aye, wanted to warn us about Ethan bein’ at the clubhouse. Says he wants to try again…”

“Never met a man so eager for a bullet.”

Chibs chuckled as he rinsed his razor off.

The Scot had finished shaving, and Aislinn was draining the tub when his phone rang again.

He exited the bathroom and answered as it was laying on the nightstand.


“Ye couldn’t call and let me know ye two made it ta Charmin’? I’ve been waitin’ two fuckin’ weeks and nothin’. We gotta talk about this buck I ran inta…”

“How ye doin’ Brodie?” Chibs witted and Aislinn snapped a look that direction as she was drying off.

“Aye, yer gonna be a smart arse now aren’t ye? Just let me talk to me girl!”

“Ye mean my girl.” Chibs corrected before handing the phone over.

“Hey, there gorgeous.”

“How do ya know if I’m gorgeous? Ya can’t even see me.”

“Ye always are love. How’s things goin’?” He asked and this reminded Aislinn of a conversation she had with Chibs.

“They’re goin’ good. Everythin’s grand.”

“Ye sure?”

“Aye, we had a little mishap before we boarded the ship…”

“I heard… I’m sorry. If I had known…”

“I know. But we’re okay. I promise.”

“Hope so. Ye should’ve called…”

“We couldn’t. Everythin’ happened so fast. I’ll explain once I see you again.”

“I’ll head that way in a few weeks. I’d do it now, but I’m booked with gigs.”

“I know the feelin’.”

“Aislinn, just promise me ye’ll keep in touch. I mean it. Just check in every once in a while, so I don’t worry aboot ye!”

“I will.”

“Ye better. I love ye!”

“Love ya too Brodie.”

“Now let me talk ta that numbnut cousin of mine.”

Aislinn giggled then handed the phone over.

“She sounds good…” Brodie murmured on the other end.


“So do you.”

“Just glad ta be home.”

“I bet. So this Ethan lad. Ye meet him yet?”

“Oh yeah…”

“That doesn’t sound so good.”

“Let’s just say I’m not too impressed.”

“Ah, he’s not so bad. Just give him time.”

“Was that the buck ye mentioned?”

“Aye, I wasn’t so sure myself at first. But he grows on ye. Think he’d be good for them.”

“He hasn’t proven ta be as such so far.”

“I think he might surprise ye. Like I said, give him time. They could use someone like him.”

“Seems like you and Jackie are puttin’ a lot of faith inta this lad.”

“You know how I feel about them girls. If I had any doubts, I would tell you. If he proves otherwise, I’ll be on the first plane out. I give ye my word on that. No one’s harmin’ those girls.”

“On that, we agree.”

“Keep in touch Filip.”

“Hold on…” Chibs uttered while taking the call to another room.

The Scot made certain he was out of hearing range and kept his voice down.

“Ye should know we’re gettin’ married.”

Chibs waited as there was a long pause.

“I figured that was comin’,” Brodie admitted with disappointment.

“Just wanted ye to know.”

“Appreciate the heads up.”

“Do ye want an invite?” Chibs awkwardly put.

“Why wouldn’t I?!” Brodie said sounding somewhat offended.

“Felt the need to check first.”

“Ye won that girl over fair and square. I should’ve taken care of her when I had the chance but blew it. If I hadn’t…” Brodie trailed off.

“Let your pecker call the shots?” Chibs taunted, and Brodie sighed.

“Aye. I was drunk, but that’s no excuse. Like I said, ye won.”

“It was never a competition.”

“Aye now Filip, let’s not kid ourselves. Ye know it was. It was before she even came inta the picture. That’s how things are between us, but  I don’t love ye any less. Now go, take care of our girl. Take care of her the way I should have years ago.”

“I will,”  Chibs vowed before hanging up.

There was a twinge of guilt but only in the sense of knowing his cousin truly loved Aislinn. That was something Chibs most certainly understood. There was history, and he had to respect that even more so considering Aislinn thought of Brodie like a best friend. But that never meant Chibs was willing to hand her over, not a chance in hell. Like Brodie said, he had a chance and blew it. Chibs wouldn’t make that same mistake.

“Everythin’ alright?” Aislinn asked as she exited the bedroom fully dressed.

“Everythin’s just fine darlin’.” He said before kissing her cheek and heading to the shower.

 “Ye let them know?” Riona whispered as she was pushing Abel on the swing set outside the clubhouse.

Jax nodded, and Riona glanced that direction. Ethan was kicked back on his bike and merely waiting.

“I think I need to talk to him before Linny gets here.”

“The way you talked to Tara?” Jax murmured with a grin and Riona shrugged.

“If need be.”

“What did you say to her anyhow?”

“That’s between us girls!” She playfully put, and Jax chuckled.

“You’re darker than I ever imagined.”

“Only when I have to be.” Riona made clear, and Jax nodded.

He took over in pushing Abel on the swing as Riona headed Ethan’s direction. She sat on Jax’s bike.

“He no be mean again. Will he?” Abel asked.

“Nah… He wasn’t meaning to be like that in the first place.” Jax made clear.

“But he was!”

“I know. But we all have our bad days even you.”

“But I no mean to mommy.”

“No, but you’re mean to me!” Jax teased, and Abel giggled.

“I no mean to you.”

“Hmm, you get awfully grouchy at times.”

“Dat you daddy. You is grouchy!”

Abel broke into a fit of giggles as Jax lifted him off the swing and tickled him. Jax’s cell phone rang during this, however, and Jax answered as he led Abel into the clubhouse.

Ethan cocked a brow as Riona just sat there looking at him.

“Are you trying to intimidate me or…”

“Do I intimidate you?”

“A little…” Ethan admitted with a grin.


“Just go and spill it out, will ya?”

“Where would I even begin?”

“Afraid you got me on that one. Maybe you could start with whatever’s on your mind, right now.”

“Are ya sure about that?” Riona challenged.


“Why now?”


“Aye, after all this time. Why now?”

“Believe me. I’ve been asking myself that same question. I haven’t an answer Riona. I’m sorry. If I could go back in time, I would. I’d fix all of this. You and Aislinn would have normal lives, and those fuckers would’ve never stood a chance. What happened to Aislinn… shouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been there Riona. I should’ve been in your place. I should’ve been the one taking care of YOU and Aislinn. And I should’ve put the old man in his place, YEARS ago. But should’ve won’t fix shit now. All I can do is make up for it. I’ll do whatever I can.”

“I want to hear your story.”

“Don’t you think we should wait for Aislinn?”

“Nah, I need to hear this before she even gets here. So get to it!”


“If you know me as well as you say… then you already know why. Linny’s been through enough. So let me hear this before ya go and say somethin’ that could destroy her all over again.”

“Destroy her?” Ethan said with a defeated tone and Riona nodded.

“And I want to know why you were at that party she mentioned and our gigs! Spill it out, all of it!”

Ethan rose up on his bike then combed his fingers through his hair.

“Maybe we should take this inside.” He suggested.

“That was Keith…” Jax said after hanging up the phone.

The Sons regarded one another in question as Jax had waved them into the chapel during his phone call.

“He wants to know if we want a percentage of that deal. They made bank from the sounds of it. More than they imagined.”

“You mean the Sicilian?” Bobby questioned, and Jax nodded.

“Yeah. He came through apparently.”

“Huh…” Bobby murmured in thought.

“Chibs will be here any minute, and we can vote on what to do.”

“But you don’t want the deal.” Happy reminded and Jax nodded.

“That’s true. But you boys have just as much say as I do. Personally, I don’t want anything to do with the cartel.”

“But there is no cartel. There hasn’t been since JT…” Bobby uttered as to JT putting that to an end years ago. Jax sighed in thought.

“For us maybe. But we don’t know what Keith and his boys are really planning.”

“I thought we trusted Keith,” Piney said.

“We do. But that’s not to say we can trust him enough not to make a deal with the Italians and I mean other than the one he made while we were in Belfast. We all know money can talk. Everyone has a number, even Keith.”

“And what’s yours?” Happy teased with a grin and the boys chuckled.

“I’ll let you know,” Jax uttered with a smirk.

They glanced towards the window when they heard Chibs pull up on his bike.

“Just hold those thoughts and see what our VP has to say about all this.”

“Aislinn?!” The young woman heard as she climbed off Chibs’s Harley.

She looked over as this came from the garage. Kip darted on over and hugged her.

“Watch them hands boy!” Chibs warned, and Kip cleared his throat then lowered his hands.

Aislinn giggled at the way the Scot was eyeing Kip down.

“How ya doin’ Kip?” She asked while removing Chibs’s helmet and handing it over.

“I’m okay. You?” He asked as they headed inside.

“Just grand!”

“So how was the place?”

“It was beautiful! Ya sure had a talented grandmother. I’d never seen so many beautiful quilts and that woman could crochet!”

Kip smiled then sat beside her at the bar.

“I’m glad everything worked out.” He sincerely put.

“I found some pictures of ya when you were a wee one. You were so cute. What happened?” Aislinn teased, and Kip laughed.

“Was knocked around by Chibs one too many times.”  He uttered, and Chibs shrugged.

“Aye, ye had it comin’.”

“Hey, we’re having church!” Jax called from the chapel door.

Kip and Chibs glanced over their shoulders.

“And where’ve you been? You should’ve been in here!” Jax scolded with a firm nod Kip’s direction.

“I was in the garage.”

“Well, you’re not now! I called for church fifteen minutes ago. Let’s go! We haven’t all day!”

“Slave driver…” Kip grumbled, and Chibs chuckled as they headed that way.

Aislinn reared back when her sister and Ethan exited one of the backrooms. Aislinn came to her feet, and Riona made her way over. Riona hugged her sister then asked how last night went.

“Perfect. What about you?”

“I felt at home…” Riona said, and Aislinn smiled.

“I’m happy to hear that.”

Ethan gave a mere nod Aislinn’s direction then sat at one of the tables.

“What was that about?” Aislinn questioned.

“We did a wee bit of talkin’ before ya got here.”


“He’s legit, Linny. Just cursed with that Lawless temper…”

“I wouldn’t know anythin’ about that.” Aislinn playfully put, and Riona snorted.

“Sure ya don’t.”

“Come on,” Riona said and took her sister by the hand.

The girls sat across from Ethan.

“Tell her everythin’ ya told me,” Riona said, and Ethan nodded.

He told Aislinn everything, and the young woman just sat there in shock.

“Are you alright?” Ethan questioned as she hadn’t so much as blinked, much less spoken a word.

“Linny?” Riona called with concern.

“So you were my brother, the whole time…” Aislinn said as if in a daze and Ethan nodded.

“Ya have pa’s eyes,” Aislinn whispered.

“That’s what I said…” Riona said, and Aislinn nodded.

Aislinn sucked back a breath like she’d been holding it forever.

“I need some time…” She said before scurrying off.

Ethan recoiled, and Riona sighed.

“Did I say something wrong?” Their brother asked.

“Nah, just a lot to take in,”  Riona admitted.

“I know. Like I said… I should’ve said something years ago.”

“Aye, ya should’ve,” Riona agreed.

“This doesn’t seem real,” Ethan said then leaned back in his chair.

Riona nodded in agreement.

“Just give me a chance. I won’t fail you again.” Ethan vowed.

“Ya never failed us. But I do wish ya’d have said somethin’ all them years ago. Look at how much we missed out on and all because ya listened to pa.”

“I feel like I’m losing you two all over again. She’s engaged, and you got some kid calling you mommy. That’s  wild. I never expected…”

“We’re not children anymore Ethan.” Riona reminded, and Ethan nodded in understanding.

“Still, I thought we’d have more time. That’s all.”

“We’ll have plenty of time. You’ll see.” Riona assured.

“Nevada?!” Chibs spat once the truth behind Clay and Galen was revealed.

He wasn’t the only one blown away by this. Bobby was absolutely floored. He visited the Nevada charter often and never saw this coming.

“That’s right,” Jax uttered looking ill.

“Now you see why I brought this up before we voted on that deal with SAMBEL. I get that it’s a done deal. At least that’s what Keith says. But is it really worth the risk or the knowledge of where that money came from? The Irish weren’t just dealing in guns but human trafficking as well. Is that the image we want for SAMCRO even if we’re the only ones to ever know. Can we sleep at night with that knowledge?” The president asked.

“Depends on the dough.” Tig teased.

This had Chibs and Jax looking to him in disgust.

“Come on guys. It was a joke.”

“Not funny man. My son was kidnapped and would’ve been sold off if it wasn’t for those girls. Riona kept him safe, and Aislinn was raped through the very system those guns came from. She took the heat off my son. I’m all for making a profit but not like this.” Jax sent Chibs an apologetic glance on having mentioned his old lady’s rape.

Chibs gave a simple nod knowing Jax had a point. That needed to be brought to everyone’s attention, but the VP hated the reminder all the same.

“Jax is right. We poke fun at a lot of things. Some pretty dark shit too. But this isn’t one of those times.” Bobby said, and Happy nodded in agreement.

“Do we even need a vote on that deal with SAMBEL then?” Chibs genuinely asked hoping they could come to a mutual decision. He feared what he might do to anyone that “yayed” on that deal. The Scot didn’t want a dime off that truck. It was blood and rape money as to his surprise when Keith said he wanted to make something off it. Then again, Keith wasn’t thinking along the lines Jax and Chibs were. It affected them on a more personal level. Those guns and the money they made off those guns was nothing more than a reminder of what all those girls and Abel went through. They wanted to wash their hands of it.

There was a moment of silence as the Sons looked to one another and there were a few small discussions amongst themselves. Chibs and Jax however just sat there in silence as everyone else thought it through.

“Nah.” Happy said, and Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“We want no part in it.”

Bobby and the others surprisingly nodded in agreement. Jax let out a breath of relief.

“So I don’t need to tell you guys how much?” Jax taunted with a smirk and Tig flinched.

“Might be best if we don’t know,” Bobby said, and Jax chuckled.


Jax cleared his throat.

“There’s something else I need to bring to the table. Chibs and I need your help in keeping these girls safe and not bringing too much attention to them. We gotta keep in mind that they are here illegally. I know this is a lot to ask but if anything happens and they’re sent back to Ireland. It’ll be hell getting them back. Brodie sent us documents that will help in getting them some sort of ID’s.”

Happy shook his head, and Jax nodded in his direction.

“What’s up?”

“Just marry them and have them earn their citizenship that way.” Happy told Jax about the Form I-485 and how to go about it.

“You really think we can go two years without any issues and the girls can rightfully earn their citizenships?” The president sincerely questioned.

Happy sighed in thought.

“These girls want more than citizenship.” He said with their music in mind.

Happy knew they couldn’t achieve that if they were illegal. Like that of Jax and Chibs, he only wanted what was best for them. These girls had dreams, and those dreams would be crushed if Chibs and Jax didn’t see this through the right way. It won’t be easy… Those two years would seem like hell as the girls would have to keep their noses clean while they worked on earning their citizenship. But Happy hadn’t any doubt it could be done. If they can hide a body… they can gain their citizenship.

“Happy has a point,” Chibs uttered.

“I haven’t even proposed yet!” Jax barked, and Chibs laughed.

“Sounds like a you problem!” The Scot said, and the guys laughed.

“Yeah, yeah…” Jax uttered with a grin.

“What’s the holdup? Your kid knows what’s up!” Happy taunted.

“It’s all in here.” Jax pointed to his head, and Happy leaned back in mere amusement.

“She should be scared then.” Happy said, and Chibs chuckled.

“He’s got that right. Maybe I should warn her and send her packin’!”

“Shut up old man!”

“Ye alright?” Chibs questioned as he made his way over.

He’d seen Aislinn kicked back on his bike from the chapel window and wondered why she wasn’t in the clubhouse. Aislinn gave a simple nod.

“Somethin’ happened, didn’t it?”

“I’m fine, Scotty. Just needed the fresh air.”

“Ethan?” He questioned while handing a cigarette over.

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs sighed.

“What’d he do?”

“Nothin’. Just had a whole lot of truth to swallow about me pa’s past and I’m comin’ to realize he never was the man I thought he was. He turned Ethan away like he was nothin’ and wouldn’t let him see or speak to us.”

Chibs was blown away as Aislinn revealed Ethan’s story.

“I don’t even know what to say to that, lass,” Chibs  admitted.

“Right?! What do you say to somethin’ like that?”

“Hey…” Chibs uttered as she started to get a little choked up.

“Everythin’ was a lie. Pa fed us nothin’ but lies and went about it like it was nothin’!” She cried, and Chibs sighed as he hugged her.

“I shouldn’t keep ya. I know you’re busy.”

“It’s alright Ali. I can take ye home if ye want.” The Scot offered.

“No. I need to face this. I’m not even mad. Well, not at Ethan. I feel let down, and I can’t even begin to imagine how he feels, being brushed aside like that. I never knew pa could be so coldhearted and this was before his drunken ways, before we lost ma. It doesn’t make sense. Why was he such a dreadful bastard?!”

“Wish I had the answers for ye darlin’. But I’m just as lost as ye are.”

The Sons had exited the clubhouse and were headed for the garage. Bobby unlocked the gate as the shop was about to open.

“Go. I’ll be okay, Scotty.”

“Let me know if you change yer mind.”

“I will.”

The Scot gave a mere nod and got to work.

“You must be one of the girls my son mentioned.”

Aislinn heard as she was lying on Chibs’s bike and with her eyes closed. The voice had her startled, so she shot up.

“Son?” Aislinn questioned, and the older woman nodded.

“You know… One of the bimbos he’s screwing.”

The young woman reared back in disbelief.

“I’m afraid ya’ve lost me. Who are ya and who is your son?”

“Dear God, how does he expect to hide you? That accent is a dead giveaway. You can barely talk, not to mention you look as if you’re barely legal, in more ways than one! Where’s my grandson?”

Aislinn smiled in realization.

“Ya must be Gemma!”

“Ya I must be!” Gemma mocked in her accent and Aislinn frowned.

“He warned me about ya…” Aislinn murmured as she climbed off Chibs’s bike.

“Did he now?”

Aislinn nodded and was about to say something else. But the older woman grabbed her by the arm and got rather rough as she jerked the younger woman towards her.

“Where’s my grandson?!” Gemma barked.

“I don’t know who ya are, but  ya best get your hands off my sister!”

They heard, and Gemma peered back as Riona was standing directly behind her. Gemma spun around then lowered her shades.

“Great, he brought you both home. That’s all he needs.”

“She’s Jax’s ma!” Aislinn said with a smile, and Riona’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, Mary. That’s her?!”

“She’s goin’ to be your future mother-in-law!” Aislinn taunted, and Riona frowned.

“That eager, huh? Gotta get that green card somehow. Why not use my son?”

“MOM!” Jax spat as he overheard this.

This had Chibs’s attention as well. He winced once he saw the scene before them.

This was a cat fight just waiting to happen. The Scot had his money on the Lawless sisters.

Jax took his mother by the arm then dragged her into the office. He sent the girls an apologetic glance before slamming the door shut.

“What in the hell?!” Jax shouted, and Gemma flinched.

“Neither of them would tell me where Abel was. I just wanted to see my grandson!”

“Doesn’t matter. You had no right! I can’t believe you said that shit. Did you forget everything I told you?! We owe those girls.”


“He is your grandson! Quit acting like Clay and show some fucking gratitude and goddamn respect!”

“So you’re getting married…”

Jax reared back on this.

“Who told you that?”

“The wee leprechaun said something about future mother-in-law?!”

“Don’t call her that! Her name’s Aislinn! And that may very well be. All the more reason…”

“So you’re tappin’ the older one…” Gemma said in thought.

“She’s cute,” Gemma  added as she took a seat at her desk.

“Cute?” Jax uttered with raised brows.

“Well yeah… In comparison to some of the train wrecks you’ve brought home, I’ll give her an eight. The doc was a six.”

“Not getting any better mom.”

“Just being honest.”

“Riona’s a ten and what would you know about honesty?! I can’t believe you. That was low even for you. Leave those girls alone. I mean it, mom. I better not see you harassing either one of them. For one thing that would be a very big mistake…” Just as Jax was to reveal that Aislinn was Chibs’s old lady, the door to the office swung open.

“Touch me girl again, and I’ll take me boot to yer arse Gem.”

Jax resisted the urge to laugh as the look on his mother’s face was priceless. This made a first in Chibs telling her off. The Scot gave a mere nod before exiting the office.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you. Filip doesn’t play around. So I’d listen if I were you. Hands off and keep that trap of yours shut.”

“And what about my grandson?”

“That all depends on you. Can you behave? Or do you need a time out?”

“I’ll behave…” Gemma bitterly spat, and Jax nodded.

“Don’t make me regret this.”

“I won’t,” Gemma promised.

“He’s in the clubhouse.”

Gemma shot up and ran out of the office. She headed right for the clubhouse. Jax sighed amongst himself then followed.

“Grandma!” Abel squealed once he saw her and took off running.

Gemma hunkered down then scooped him into her arms. The girls glanced at one another as the two embraced. Gemma went on about how much she loved him and how she missed him. Abel told her all about what happened and how the girls saved him. This had Gemma looking to her son, and Jax gave a mere nod.

“Think I’m gonna head on out,” Ethan whispered feeling like the third wheel.

“Here…” He handed Riona and Aislinn his number.

“If you need anything and I mean anything. Call.”

“I thought ya worked here,” Riona said.

“I asked for the next couple days off. I figured I’d need them.” He hinted, and Riona nodded in understanding.

“So you got tomorrow off?” Riona asked.


Riona regarded her sister in thought.

“How’s dinner sound, just the three of us?” She offered taking Ethan and Aislinn by surprise.

“You don’t have to do that,” Ethan said.

“I want to.”

“Then let me take you two out, at least.” The man pleaded.

“We can do that.”

“Cool. I’ll pick you up say seven?”

“Actually, I’m livin’ with Jax and Aislinn’s at Chibs’s place.”

“Is it Chibs or Filip?” Ethan questioned in wonder.

“Both!” The girls chorused, and Ethan chuckled.

“Alright. How ‘bout I pick you up first and go from there.” He said with a nod Riona’s direction.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Ethan headed on out, and Aislinn shook her head.

“This is mad. You know that right?”

“Aye, but we gotta start somewhere.”

“And this is my mommy!” They heard, and Riona glanced over as Abel was dragging his grandmother over.

“Mommy, this is my grandma!”

Riona played along for Abel’s sake. She offered her hand, and Gemma shook it as if meeting her for the first time.

“She lives with us, and we’s a real family!”

“That’s great, baby,” Gemma said.

“Yeah, it is and Linny’s my aunt!” He pointed her out, and Gemma nodded Aislinn’s direction.

Aislinn gave a little wave was she talking to Bobby and Happy at one of the tables.

“Think I can keep him tonight?” Gemma softly questioned, and Jax shook his head no.

“Then when?”

“He just got home. I’ll let you know.”

“Jax…” Gemma pleaded.

“Not right now.” Jax made clear, and  Gemma sighed but let it go knowing if she didn’t Jax would call it off altogether. He’d done it before.

“Can I take him to lunch then? Maybe to the park?”

“Sure. But I want him back before dinner.”

“I can do that.”

Jax nodded then hugged his son goodbye. Abel gave Riona and Aislinn a big hug before leaving with his grandmother. Jax headed on back to the shop, and the girls stayed inside as the boys got back to work.

“Well, his mother seems nice…” Aislinn teased, and Riona snorted.

“What am I gettin’ myself into?” Riona uttered.

“Sounds like Jax has your back though. Not many will do that when it comes to their parents.”

“Ya have a point.”

“It’ll all work out. You’ll see.”

“Hope so. Sounds like she’s gonna be a real handful.”

“Judgin’ by the way Jax handles her she is. But I think he’s got her nailed down pretty well. I don’t see her causin’ too much trouble. Jax seemed pretty straightforward with her.”

“Oh trust me, I’ll set her straight if she keeps that shite up. I don’t deal with petty drama, and that’s all that was.” Riona spat with Tara in mind.

“Ya know I’ll back ya up!”

“I’d like to see her go up against us,” Riona said, and Aislinn laughed in thought .

“She hasn’t a clue,” Aislinn added with a mischievous smile.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – Homecoming”

  1. Oh my where to start where to start lol Such a big update and a wicked chapter to boot!. from them settling in to a few surprises appearing lol. as for Tara…. no one steps in on Riona man..Served Tara right for demanding to be with Jax and Abel. love how that irish lass handle her. should have been done long ago.

    Chibs house fits him its everything believe it or not the way i thought his furniture was perfect typical male i live alone so i can design it the way i want including a wicked bar with top dollar liquor behind it. lol its a beautiful place he has and its perfect for the moment and like he said they would increase everything as they go starting with her studio. and i think that just endear him even more to her in my eyes.

    Ethan is going to learn quickly about ali and chibs and how protective they are of each other but that doesn’t compare to how the girls are with each other or with abel. God help whoever tries to hurt that sweet child.

    Gemma going to learn fast that the girls aren’t going to take her shit and after the scare jax had and because of who set him up he going to be very careful with abel and the girls and i can’t really say i blame him either. and without a doubt those girls will kick her ass or even bury her while chibs and jax are taking care of abel.

    As always a wicked chapter and an awesome scene to boot. so much action going on that i thought i was caught up in a program 🙂 I hope your muse keeps dancing and inspiring you with even more scenes and words for this wonderful story. Until next time! *bows*

    (Checks on the bitey dogs to make sure they are doing their jobs, noticing they are dragging tara off and not in a good way. Whistling for them to come back as they immediately drop her and come running to me as i whisper into their ears watching them. go to where you are and starts guarding you carefully)

  2. Omg Ethan u can’t help urself an u?? I loved all the lovin the boys got. They needed that. Hmm seems like ol Chibby is doing his best to knock Aislin up. Not that I’d blame them. I’d have that mans baby any day lol. Oh shite tara! Poor Abel! I’m so glad Riona slammed her face lol. Doubt she’ll listen though. Brodie! Poor baby. I’ll hug him for us lol. I’m glad they talked to Ethan. Hopefully they can work things out. Oh gemma…..Gemma Gemma Gemma. I suppose I’ll be learning the hard way. SIGH. Don’t eff it up woman!

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