Chapter 26 – The Chapter With No Name

Chapter 26 – The Chapter With No Name

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“Ye should get some sleep,” Chibs  said as he and Aislinn were looking after Ethan.

Ethan had passed out not long after Chibs finished his stitches. Aislinn and Riona were beside themselves the entire time. Riona wanted to help, but Jax wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He and Chibs feared she might have a slight concussion as she had mentioned feeling slightly nauseous and dizzy. Jax was doing whatever he could to keep his old lady awake. Chibs knew she must’ve hit that dashboard pretty hard. Hitting the window directly after didn’t help her situation any.

“I’m not even tired,” Aislinn replied after putting her hand to her brother’s forehead.

“I gave him somethin’ for the fever. It’ll take a bit to kick in.” Chibs uttered as he washed his hands.

“Aren’t those crow wings?” Aislinn whispered and pointed towards Ethan’s bareback.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as he took a gander as well.

“Aye, sure looks like it.”

“A wee bit ironic…” Chibs heard her say and he nodded in agreement.

The Scot dried his hands off then brought Aislinn into his arms.

“Were ye hurt?”

“Nah, Riona was.”

Chibs glanced that direction. Jax and Riona were holding one another and looked to be in deep conversation.

“I think Jackie’s got it.”

Aislinn buried her face within his chest, and Chibs closed his eyes as he breathed her in. The Scot thought back to everything he heard over that phone. This took him back to  that day… The day Jimmy arrived at the SAMBEL clubhouse. The Scot’s hold grew a little tighter.

“Why would Opie do that? Why would he want Ethan dead?” She softly questioned, and Chibs sighed.

These girls hadn’t any idea. A lot had taken place since their arrival. They hadn’t a clue that Chibs even knew about Ethan, much less Opie. The Scot felt a pang of guilt considering he’d hidden Ethan’s existence from her and Riona. But he did wonder about that himself. Why would Ethan be on Opie’s hit list?! Nothing about that made sense. This had the Scot regarding Jax in thought. Jax knew something Chibs didn’t.

“I’m not sure. But I’m goin’ ta find out.” Chibs softly uttered.

“Is his arm goin’ to be okay?”

“Aye, he lucked out darlin’. After a little self-rehab, he’ll be right as rain.”

“We were havin’ a good night… Well for the most part.” She sadly murmured.

“I figured ye must’ve been.”

“I really am sorry Scotty. I should’ve called.” She implied as to running late.

“Ali, I done told ye… We’re fine.”

“Ya had somethin’ to show me?”

“Aye, but it can wait.”

“Ya sure?”

“Aye, now wouldn’t be the best time. Why don’t I take ye home? I’ll come back and stay with yer brother.”

“I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

“Ali…” Chibs uttered in disapproval.

She and Riona looked to be dead on their feet. Chibs placed a strand of hair behind Aislinn’s ear then kissed her.

“Why didn’t you tell us?!” They heard Riona snap, and this had Chibs and Aislinn peering over.

Jax had this shameful presence about him. Riona had her finger pointed his direction and was fuming.

“There was so much going on babe. I hadn’t the chance!”

“So you’re tellin’ me that Ethan saved Opie’s life and this is Opie’s way of repayin’ him?”

Aislinn reared back in question, and Chibs dropped his hold wondering what that was all about.

Jax took notice and sighed.

“Ethan killed Weston’s nephew when he came to Opie’s defense. Opie lost it and said he would’ve been better off dead.”

“Ah, shite!” Chibs murmured looking ill.

“Who’s Weston?” Aislinn probed.

“The leader of the Aryan Brotherhood,” Chibs muttered.

“Wait… You have that?! Here in Charmin’?!”

“Unfortunately. We’ve been tryin’ ta run him and his boys out of town for a while. But they keep growin’.”

“So does the meth,” Jax added with a sneer, and Chibs nodded with a frown of his own.

“So we’re dealin’ with Nazis and meth dealers?!” Aislinn exclaimed, and Riona shook her head in disbelief.

“And our brother is on their hit list, right?! That’s what tonight was about. Vengeance.” Aislinn said and Riona thought back to everything that happened and back to that night on the ship with Opie.

“This Weston fella… He’s the one Opie’s in trouble with.” Riona uttered in realization.

“That’s why Opie’s after him…” Aislinn said in horror and was looking to their brother in thought.

“They put Opie on the hit,” Jax said in conclusion.

“That’s what Ethan meant aboot Opie goin’ ta prison,” Chibs confirmed.

“Why didn’t ye tell me, Jackie?!”  The Scot barked.

“I hadn’t told anyone! There was so much going on at the time. It honestly slipped my mind during our meeting the other day. I should’ve brought it up then!”

“So when did this deal with Ethan and Opie take place?” The VP asked.

“Just before you guys came home. Everything happened so fast. I’ve had a million one things on my mind. I’m sorry, ladies. I never meant to dismiss what took place between your brother and Opie. My only focus at the time was getting you all home, safe and sound.”

“How do we get our brother off this hit list?!” Riona questioned with fear in her eyes.

Jax sighed in thought.

“You just let us worry about that.” He said, and his VP nodded in agreement.

“He’s right. We’ll keep yer brother safe.” Chibs vowed.

“From Nazis and Opie?” Aislinn murmured in a scoffing manner.

“Sure.” She added with a curled lip.

“Linny!” Riona scolded, and Aislinn shook her head.

“There’s nothin’ worse than a fuckin’ Nazi, Riona!” Aislinn spat.

Riona recoiled in memory and Aislinn nodded. Chibs and Jax took notice of this odd exchange.

“We had a group of them come into one of the pubs once. Got a wee bit rough with a black friend of ours.” Riona explained.

“A wee bit?! They nearly killed him then ran him out of town! As if Duclan wasn’t dealin’ with enough racism. There’s a reason we don’t have many black folk outside Limerick and Dublin!”

“Aye, Ireland hasn’t changed that much over the years, unfortunately,” Chibs uttered knowing damn well what Aislinn was referring to.

Chibs had dealt with this very issue himself. His wife and daughter were half black, and he’d heard plenty over the years before Jimmy took everything from him. The Scot thought it a wonder Jimmy even sought interest in Fiona considering the IRA’s history with bigotry as well. Fiona and Keri were never considered “full Irish”. That got under the Scot’s skin. They were born and raised in Ireland, but none of that mattered. Hearing Aislinn discuss it, and with such passion made him love and respect her even more. She hated it just as much as he did. But he couldn’t help but take offense at her thoughts to them keeping their brother safe. They took on the fucking IRA! These Nazi wannabes were nothing in comparison! But there was more behind it, and the Scot was beginning to see that the more he observed her mannerisms.

“Ali…” He softly called.

Aislinn lifted her head, and the Scot nodded her direction.

“Is there somethin’ else?” He probed.

“Nothin’ I can say here.” She bitterly spat before exiting the clubhouse.

Chibs sighed knowing damn well what that was.

“It’s late. They’ve had a long day.” Jax alleged.

“Nah, the lass meant what she said. Ali doesn’t trust that we can keep Ethan safe and I’m willin’ ta bet she’s wishin’ she’d have put a bullet in a certain someone when she had the chance.”

Riona smiled. She couldn’t get over just how in tune Chibs was with Aislinn. At times she wondered if the Scot could read her sister’s mind.

“I was thinkin’ the same thing. She had the opportunity before anyone else. That’s certainly her way of thinkin’. But she wouldn’t voice it, out of respect for you two.”

“Wouldn’t bother me either way. At this point… I wish I would’ve done it myself.” Jax declared, and Riona went to check on Ethan as he groaned out in his sleep.

“I think we all feel that way,” Chibs confessed, and Riona nodded in agreement.

“Well, I think his list of adversaries just got bigger.” Jax murmured in thought.

The president never saw this day coming. Was he going to have to kill Opie Winston? He said he couldn’t do it. But it was beginning to look as if he hadn’t a choice. It was that or have his sorry ass shanked in prison.

“Never saw this comin’.” Chibs ironically admitted.

“That makes two of us brother. Tig… I could’ve seen this out of but Op? That’s just crazy! How could he stoop so fucking low?!”

Everyone froze as the clubhouse phone rang. Jax narrowed his eyes as he pondered who that could be and at this hour. The president darted on over and picked up the phone.


“You’re my one phone call so listen up. Tell Ethan I’m sorry I stole his truck from McGinty’s last night. They impounded it, but he can get it back .”

“You got a lot of nerve…” Jax growled, and Opie sighed on the other end.

“I didn’t know…”

“Doesn’t matter. You knew he was with ME and don’t even get me started on everything else. Rot in peace Op cause there’s no one coming for you.” Jax slammed the phone down then pinched his eyes shut.

“We gotta wake Ethan.” He muttered in misery.

“Why?!” Riona said in her brother’s defense.

“We’re gonna need him to file a report saying his truck was missing when he came out of McGinty’s tonight. If he doesn’t get on that soon, it’ll raise suspicion. That’s not something any of us need.”

“I’ll call the boys.” Chibs murmured knowing they were in for a long day.

They’d have to strip Opie’s car, leaving no evidence that it was here. That wouldn’t be easy on a workday.

“Fuck…” Chibs said in thought.

“What?!” Jax questioned.

“I’m gonna have to take the car ta my place. There’s no way we can hide it here.”

“We can’t let them see the car period Filip!” Jax expressed.

“Aye, but it’s a sore thumb in the garage, and ye know it. We could cover it… but it’s takin ’ up too much workspace!”

“Then you had better get on that before daylight,” Jax said as they only had an hour or so to work with.

“I’ll get ta it now.”

“Why not take it to Opie’s place?” Riona questioned in confusion.

She didn’t understand why they had to strip it. This had Jax and Chibs looking to one another.

“Because there has to be a reason Opie stole Ethan’s truck. It wouldn’t make sense for the police to find his car at home.”

“And they’d see the damage to Opie’s car and know there was more behind it. Opie is settin’ this up to look like the Aryan Brothers were behind it.” Chibs further explained.

“They were if you wanna get technical,” Jax uttered .

“So he’s coverin’ his own arse, and you’re lettin’ him?!” Riona severely put.

“No. We’re covering Ethan’s ass. He killed Weston’s nephew, remember?! We have to take that into consideration and rid of any evidence leading back to Ethan’s involvement. So it’s better if we just rid of the car altogether. Opie isn’t stupid enough to throw Ethan under the bus. He knows what I’m capable of. That’s why he called. He wanted us in on the cover story.” Jax made clear.

“I’m sorry Riona. It was never my intention to keep anything from you or your sister. I made your brother a promise.”

This had Riona regarding Jax in question.

“He didn’t want you or Aislinn to know about him just yet. He wanted to handle that in person. In fact, before this gets back to Aislinn… You need to know that I used my patch over Chibs’s and told him not to say anything.”

Riona’s jaw dropped, and the Scot recoiled.

“You knew… the whole time?!”

“Aye…” Chibs admitted with that guilt-ridden expression and all while sending his president a look of utter hell.

Jax gave a nervous laugh.

“Oh, ya had better pray my sister doesn’t find out!” Riona said, and Chibs gave a miserable laugh as Aislinn entered the clubhouse, just in time to hear that.

“Find out what?” She asked, and Riona sent Chibs an apologetic, yet somewhat challenging look.

“I’ll explain later pet. I gotta go.” Chibs stated as he grabbed Opie’s keys.

Aislinn frowned as he gave her a swift peck on the cheek then darted on out of the clubhouse.

“You two need to get some sleep.” Jax gestured for them to follow him.

He led them into the backroom then pointed towards the bed.

“Room enough for you both. Sheets are clean too. I gotta get your brother to the station.”

“Won’t they question why you’re with him?” Riona asked.

“He works for me remember? He’d have to call about needing a ride to work.”

“Sounds like you’ve thought of everythin’.” Riona murmured.

“Your brother’s in good hands. I give you my word. Now get some sleep, both of you.”

Jax pulled the door to, and the girls looked to one another.

“He’s not the boss of me!” Aislinn impishly put, and Riona laughed.

“Do I need to have Chibs call you and tell you to get to bed?” Riona offered, and Aislinn snorted in thought.

Riona dug her cell phone out from her pocket, and Aislinn thought she was joking until she really called Chibs. Aislinn’s phone was still buried. Ethan promised to get it just as soon as he had a chance.

“Ya gotta tell Linny to go to bed.” She said, and Aislinn could just imagine the look on her man’s face.

Riona handed the phone over, and Aislinn was quick to cover the receiver.

“Are ya mad?!” Aislinn hissed, and Riona smiled.

Aislinn eyed her sister down as she put the phone to her ear.

“Ali?” She heard him call.

“Aye…” She muttered.

“Time for bed. I’ll tuck ye in when I get there.” The Scot teased, and Aislinn blushed.

“Funny, aren’t ya…” She scoffed, and Chibs chuckled.

“Ye really should get some sleep. It could be a while before I’m back at the clubhouse. I gotta get the boys started on scrappin’ the car, and there’s a list of things  ta do from there.”

“But ya haven’t slept.”

“Just goes with the territory. I’ll be alright love. But while I have you on the phone and before anyone beats me ta it… Ye should know I knew about Ethan back in Maine.”

There was a long pause.

“Ya, what?”  She softly put.

“Aye. I’m sorry. I didn’t say anythin’ because he wanted ta handle everythin’ in person. Jackie and I meant nothin’ by it. We were respectin’ yer brother’s wishes.”

“So ya knew we had a brother before we even knew?”

“Like I said… I meant nothin’ by it. This was somethin’ you and yer sister needed ta handle.”

“I see.”

“Ali, ye know I’d never keep anythin’ from ye. But this was a family matter, and it wouldn’t have been right of me  ta go and say somethin’ before yer brother even had the chance.”

“I understand.”

“I hope so. Now get some sleep. I want ye rested up for tonight.”


“Aye, you’ll see. I’ll talk ta ye later darlin’.” He said before hanging up.

Aislinn went to hand Riona her phone back, only to find her passed out on the bed. The young woman nodded amongst herself. She placed Riona’s phone on the dresser. Someone knocked on the door startling her. Aislinn thought they were alone. She opened it, and Happy gave a mere nod.

“Just letting you two know I’m here. If you need anything, let me know.”

“Thank you Hap.”

“You two alright?” He asked once he took notice of Riona on the bed.

“A wee bit shakin’ but we’re alright.”

“What happened to her face?” The Son questioned while pointing towards the stitches in Riona’s forehead.

“They didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Happy asked as his president didn’t tell him anything other than to get to the clubhouse and keep an eye on the girls.

Aislinn exited the room then pulled the door shut behind her. Happy followed her to the bar then sat beside her. She told him what happened and Happy shook his head in disbelief.

“Happy, I think he would’ve killed all three of us, just to cover his own arse. I think he thought that was the only way out.”

“He would’ve set it up to make it look like the Aryan Brothers did it.” Happy uttered in thought, and Aislinn nodded in agreement.

“I never saw it in him.” Happy said.

“That’s what everyone says…”

“It’s true. Jax and Opie… they go way back.”

“But not enough to keep him from killin’ Riona.” Aislinn uttered in disgust.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Opie’s out to cover his own ass. He’s going to do whatever it takes.”

“He wasn’t on anythin’ this time.”

Happy narrowed his eyes on this.

“His eyes… He was clean Happy, sober even. This was all him.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

Happy drew back the deepest of breaths. He said nothing as he came to his feet and went on to pour them a few shots. The two drank in silence. Happy hopped over the bar at one point and grabbed ahold of Aislinn as she nearly fell off her stool. She was a drunken mess as he pulled her back into her seat.

“Don’t let them kill my brother or sister.” She pleaded, and Happy nodded.

He kept his hold and made his way around.

“I can walk.” She blurted out as he scooped her up.

“I’m sure you can.” The Son said as he put her to bed.

“I’m not tired.” She said and started to hop back up.

Happy gave her a little push then shook his head as if to discipline her.


Aislinn frowned and Happy laughed.

“Do you think we’ll turn out like our fathers?” The Son tilted his head on this.

“Our fathers?” He questioned.

“Aye, are we destined to have the same fate? Are we cursed Happy?”

“We choose our own fate. We’re only cursed if we allow ourselves to be.”

“I don’t know who I am.” She drunkenly slurred, and Happy hunkered down to her level.

“That’s okay because I know who you are.”

“Do you?”


“If I become my father… put me out of my misery.”


“I mean it Happy. Don’t let me hurt my family like that. I’d rather die.”

“Alright, we’ll make a pact… If either of us become like our fathers, we put an end to each other’s misery.” Happy said with a firm nod.

“Deal!” Aislinn held out her hand, and Happy shook it.

“Now sleep.” He said before exiting the room and pulling the door to.

“Did you get everything sorted out?” Jax questioned once Ethan exited the police station.

Ethan nodded while cleaning his sister’s phone. They had picked it up on the way. He was surprised to find it still working.

“They didn’t drill you, did they?”

“A little bit,”  Ethan admitted but with a curled lip when he saw Chibs on his sister’s background.

“But we’re good.” He added while stuffing the phone into his pocket.

Jax hit the road and headed towards the impound lot where Ethan’s truck was.

“They want seventy bucks for that shit!” Ethan bitched as he looked at the information on the card.

“To get your truck back?”


“Damn. Is it even worth it?” Jax said behind a chuckle.

“Your old buddy really fucked it up. I love that fucking truck man!”

“That truck is a piece of shit bro. Was before Opie ever hit it.”

“Hey asshole, that’s my girl you’re talking about.”

“Your girl?” Jax taunted with a smirk.

“Oh yeah. Bike’s my mistress.” Ethan uttered with a grin of his own and Jax laughed.

“Man, we need to get you laid.”

“I can get laid just fine.”

“You sure about that?”

Ethan gritted his teeth then clamped a hand around his shoulder.

“You alright?”

“That shit fucking hurts.”

“I bet. We’ll head to Filip’s after this and see if he’s got anything for the pain.”

“I’m fine. Let’s just get this over with.”

Ethan cleared his throat, however.

“How’s Riona?”

“A little banged up, but she’s alright .”

“I had her, and she flew right out of my hold. When she hit that dashboard…” Ethan trailed off then closed his eyes.

“She’s alright, Tex.”

Ethan nodded but starred out the window. He couldn’t fathom what all took place. Everything was going perfect, aside from the few moments he made them cry. But it was the reunion Ethan had always hoped for. There was laughter and tears. But the moment that truck hit, he just knew their short time together was over. Even more so, when he saw Opie standing at his window. That’s what had him jumping out of the truck so fast. He’d die before he let anything happen to his sisters. That and he knew Opie was after him, not them. But Opie was going to kill his sisters as well. That desperate look in his eyes said it all. There was a hint of remorse but not enough to stop him.

“What would you have done?” Ethan questioned in a certain tone, and Jax stopped at a red light.

“Have done…?”  The president questioned.

“I had a chance to take your friend out of his misery. What would’ve happened to me if I did?”

“You mean what would me, and my MC do?”


“Golf clap probably.”

Ethan reared back on this and Jax sighed.

“I should’ve taken him out back on that ship. But we needed him at the time, or so I thought. Truth of the matter? All Opie did was stir the pot and make matters worse. He was supposed to fix this thing with Weston. But he became Weston’s bitch instead.”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath but went on to explain the situation between the Aryan Brotherhood, Opie, and the old SAMCRO president. Ethan was in too deep not to know.

“And here I was thinking he was a rat… I know how you MC’s feel about that.”

“Yeah, well what Opie and Clay did was way worse.”

Ethan nodded in full agreement.

“And where is this Clay guy now?”

“Somewhere along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean…”

“Oh shit…”

“SAMCRO doesn’t play games. Opie would’ve been alongside him if we had known…”

“So what is the history between you two exactly? I mean… it seems personal.”

“Because it is.”

“How personal?”

“He was my brother, and I don’t mean in the sense of the MC. We grew up together. Opie was there for everything.”

Ethan listened without interruption as Jax revealed the truth behind his and Opie’s history. Like that of Jax and the rest of the Sons, Ethan couldn’t comprehend how someone could pull a complete one-eighty like that. It didn’t make sense. Then again, Ethan was never that money hungry. He was a simple man, and the bare necessities got him through life.  Ethan, however, took notice of how broken Jax sounded when he talked about his old friend. Jax was doing his best to shake it off, but it wasn’t an easy thing to shrug off. Ethan thought back to Chibs’s reaction to what he’d said about Opie, and it all made sense now. That certainly explained why he referred to the situation as “complicated.”

“Ye weren’t there, and ye weren’t here. So don’t ye sit there and tell me how Jackie and I should’ve taken care of business boy. We needed the greasy bastard alive… or I would’ve ended him myself, THAT DAY!”

Ethan nodded amongst himself. Jax pulled into the impound lot then parked behind the area where Ethan’s truck was.

“You sure it’s worth it?” Jax teased as the front, and back was all dented in.

It would take some major body work getting it back in shape.

“Yeah. I won’t find another Chevy like that again.”

“Alright.” Jax took his wallet out then handed Ethan the money.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s on me. See if it’ll start. If not I’ll call one of the boys and get a trailer over here.”

“Nah, man I can’t do that.” Ethan went to hand the money back, and Jax held up a hand in refusal.

“Your truck got fucked because of an MC matter. Hell, your life hangs in the balance because of an MC matter.”

“I fired the gun.” Ethan reminded.

“That you did. But if you hadn’t Opie would be dead and despite his feelings on the matter, you thought you were doing the right thing. You saved his sorry ass even if he didn’t deserve it.”

“I didn’t do it for him. I didn’t even know the fucker.”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“If they were after him I figured you were next… You might be an asshole, but I couldn’t live with that on my conscience.”

“I’m still an asshole, huh?”

“Big time,”  Ethan said with a grin then hopped on out of the truck.

Jax chuckled then nodded amongst himself.

Chibs was in the midst of stripping Opie’s car when Kip pulled up to the house. The Scot stopped what he was doing and greeted Abel with a hug. Abel giggled when Chibs tossed him into the air and caught him.

“What are ye two doin’ here?”

“Jax said you could use the extra hand. Told me to bring the kid,” Kip said with a shrug.

“Aye, I’ll get him some breakfast and find him somethin’ ta do.”

Kip nodded then took over as Chibs headed inside with Abel.

“Where Aunt Linny?” Abel questioned as he looked around the house.

“At the clubhouse with yer mum.”

“Why’s they there?!” Abel asked as Chibs pulled one of the chairs out from the dining room table.

Abel crawled into the chair and Chibs pushed it up towards the table.

“They were up late, and we didn’t think it a good idea for them ta head home before a nap.”

“Oh, so’s theys sleeping?”


“My mommy be gone for a long time. She says she no be gone long. But she was.”

“It was beyond her control lad. Things happen sometimes, and we can’t always live up to our promises.”

Chibs dug through his cabinets. He would’ve fixed the kid an actual meal if he wasn’t pressed for time and dead on his feet. The Scot brought out whatever cereal he had and set them down on the table.

“Pick yer poison!”

“It no poison, Uncle Chibs,” Abel said with a giggle.

The boy reached for the Cheerios, and the Scot grabbed the milk from the fridge.

“You has our pictures up!” Abel said with a squeal and was pointing towards the fridge.

“I sure do!”

“Dat so cool!”

Chibs poured some milk into a bowl then handed it over. He made himself a cup of coffee while Abel poured his cereal.

“You is tired Uncle Chibs?” Abel questioned before taking a bite of cereal.

“Aye.” The Scot admitted.

“You need a nap too!”

“I wish.”

“But you’s a grown up and can do whatever you want!”

“Once again… I wish.”

Abel gathered this bewildered look, and Chibs gave him a noogie.

“Enjoy yer youth while ye can boy. It’s never the way ye think it is…”

Chibs turned the TV on and found one of Abel’s favorite shows.

“I gotta help Kip. Finish yer breakfast then ye can watch your shows. But ye gotta promise ta stay put.”

“I promise.”

“Good deal.”

Chibs stepped out just in time to see Juice and Tig pulling up to the house. They nodded his direction and were quick to get to work.

“Hey…” Ethan called as he shook Riona and Aislinn awake.

The girls lifted their heads, and Ethan sat on the edge of the bed as they gathered their surroundings. Riona reached to her head as it was pounding.

“You alright?” Ethan questioned with concern.

“Massive headache…” She uttered, and her brother frowned.

“Can I get you something for it?” Ethan offered.

“I’ll find somethin’ in a bit.”

“I won’t keep you. I just wanted to see you two before I headed to Filip’s.”

“Filip’s?” Aislinn questioned, and he nodded.

“Boss says I’m needed over there at the moment.”

Riona snorted thinking it strange that their brother was working for Jax. Ethan caught wind of this and shook his head.

“Laugh it up.” He said with a smirk, and Riona smiled.

“Can’t be helped.”

“Yeah well, I hear you got a job here too.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Riona nodded.

“Job?!” Aislinn questioned.

Riona explained the situation with Jax’s mother and how Jax offered her the job.

“If ya weren’t on her shitelist you’re sure to be now!” Aislinn exclaimed, and Ethan laughed as he was thinking that very thing.

“I can handle Jackson’s mother,” Riona uttered.

“So everyone’s got a job but me?!” Aislinn pouted, and they laughed.

“Yeah, you slacker!” Ethan teased, and Aislinn punched him on the arm.

“Mind if I hitch a ride with ya?” Aislinn questioned.

“Sure. If you don’t mind the bike.”

Aislinn came to her feet but sprinted on out of the room. This had Ethan and Riona regarding one another in question. Aislinn returned with Chibs’s medical bag and went on to hand both siblings some pain meds.

“How ya gonna work with that arm?” Aislinn questioned.

“I’ll figure it out. Jax was going to send me home. But I need the hours.” He said before popping a few pills into his mouth.

“I’ll get ya some water.” Aislinn skipped off once again.

Riona laughed when their sister returned with beers instead.

“It’s all they had.” She said with a shrug.

Riona and Ethan chased the pills down with their beer.

“Jax’s stitch work is quite impressive.” Aislinn complimented as she checked her sister’s stitches over.

The three of them turned their heads as they heard the clearing of a throat. Jax nodded in their direction then stepped into the room.

“How you feelin’ darlin’?” He asked.

“How sweet of ya to ask! I’m just grand Jax!” Aislinn replied with a playful wink her sister’s direction, and Riona laughed.

“Get out of here. Both of ya!” She said then shoed her brother and sister out the door.

Ethan laughed but waved goodbye as they headed on out. Riona waved in return, and Jax shut the door behind them.

“Headache?” Jax questioned as Riona had her fingers along her temples.

“The worst.”

“Why don’t I run you a bath? Did you take your pills?”


“Give ’em a minute to kick in.”

Jax was headed for the bathroom when Riona called out to him. The president spun around.

“What are ya goin’ to do about Opie and this Weston fella?”

Jax nodded then made his way back.

“I haven’t decided yet. But I’m going to take care of it.”

“I think we Lawlesses just have rotten luck and it’s rubbin’ off on your MC as well.”

“That’s not true.”

“Sure feels like it.”

“Riona babe, trust me you’re not bad luck. Abel and I can attest to that!” Jax smiled then caressed her cheek.

“Ya never told me what all ya did to Galen.”

Jax raised his brows realizing she was right.

“You really want to know?”

Riona nodded, and Jax sat beside her. He cleared his throat and revealed everything behind that day and what all he did. This also led to the truth about the pictures she had sent and how Galen had the house bugged etc.…

“I’m sorry.” Jax sincerely put as to the pictures.

“Ya haven’t anythin’ to be sorry about. It’s not like you knew!”

“Still… That wasn’t cool babe. I would’ve never…”

“I know. We’re good.”

Riona was in shock however when Jax told her that he plucked Galen’s eyes out for having seen her in that sort of light. She thought Jax was justified in his decision. Still, Jax had a dark side, darker than she ever imagined. Riona wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

“Everything alright?”


“You sure… You seem off.”

“It’s just my head, love.”

“Let me get that bath going.”

Ethan let out a miserable laugh as he was having trouble getting the bike past the gates. He was afraid he’d wipe out and end up hurting his sister. He got himself balanced but at a price as he had too much weight on that one arm; the one with the bullet wounds.


“You don’t happen to drive do you?” The man looked downright embarrassed as he was peering over his shoulder.

“I can drive.”

“You can?!”


Ethan sighed as he switched out with his sister. He hadn’t ridden as passenger a day in his life and here he was now. He knew the Sons would give him hell too the moment they pulled up to Filip’s place. He choked back on that humiliation.

“Well, ya gonna hold on or not?” Aislinn said, and Ethan frowned as he wrapped his arms around her.

He wanted some quality time with his sisters. Sure. But this wasn’t what he had in mind.

Chibs and the others stopped what they were doing as Aislinn pulled up on the bike. The Scot was first to laugh when he saw Ethan riding bitch seat. Ethan rolled his eyes as he climbed off the bike.

“Yeah, yeah…” He muttered, and Aislinn regarded the boys in confusion as they were teasing her brother.

“What’s the big deal?” She asked, and Chibs greeted her with a kiss on the lips.

“Seriously, what’s with ya boys?” She questioned once again, and Chibs leaned into her ear and told her.

“Bitch seat?” She hissed, and Chibs sighed.

“It’s just what we call it.”

“So we’re bitches?” Aislinn uttered, and the boys acted like they hadn’t heard her and were quick to get back to work.

“Ali…” Chibs whispered and shook his head.

“Don’t ye go and get yerself worked up over nothin’.” He added before smacking her on the ass.

“I’m not worked up I just don’t get why ya’d even call it that. Are all your women bitches?!”

“A few of em…” Tig admitted, and Aislinn managed to laugh.

“Ya don’t say.”

“More than a few,”  Juice added and Kip nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone that wasn’t a bitch!” Tig said.

“Ever think that maybe you were the bitch?” Aislinn said, and Chibs died of laughter.

“Maybe it takes a bitch to be with you boys!” Aislinn taunted, and each of them regarded one another in thought.

They shrugged amongst one another, and Aislinn laughed as they didn’t deny this.

“Aunt Linny!” She heard then pivoted around.

Abel was standing at the front door and with a big ole grin on his face.

“What’s he doin’ here?!”

“No one ta look after him…” Chibs softly put.

“Well then, I guess I know where I’m needed!”

Chibs observed as she opened the door and lifted the boy up into her arms. Abel hugged her then kissed her on the cheek. The Scot nodded amongst himself then got back to work.

The boys found themselves somewhat impressed on how well Ethan kept up with that one arm. He managed to strip his part of the car without asking for anyone’s help. The Scot could tell he was in a lot of pain, but Ethan didn’t complain once. They were just about done when Aislinn called everyone inside.

“Is that what I think it is?” Tig said as he breathed in the aroma coming from the house.

Chibs’s stomach growled, and the Sons rushed on into the house.

“Easy.” The Scot murmured and was quick to break Ethan’s fall as he came to his feet.

“Think it’s time ye called it a day. Eat ye somethin’ then get some rest.”

“Can’t. Had the last couple days off. I need the hours.”

“I got ye covered. Go eat.”

Chibs entered the house to find his old lady serving everyone lunch. She had made an Irish stew and rolls to go with it.

“Looks good darlin’.” He said before taking a seat.

The boys were stuffing their faces and in awe over her cooking. Abel had fallen and scraped his knee in the backyard. Aislinn had the boy on the kitchen counter and was putting a Band-Aid on his knee. She kissed the area afterward then helped him down. Chibs just sat there taking it all in. This right here truly felt like home. He hadn’t felt this way in years.

“Ya alright Scotty?” She asked as she helped Abel into his chair.

The Scot gave a mere nod as he was without words at the moment. He didn’t expect it to hit him this hard.

“I invited the others, but Riona said she’s already got somethin’ on the table for them.”

Irish girls… Chibs thought with a grin. They took care of their own, and that’s why he was always smitten by them. Well, not so much in Fiona’s case. But ones like Aislinn and Riona… it was in their nature, and the Scot found that a major turn on. Aislinn took a seat beside him, and the others stopped eating and with these guilt-ridden expressions about them as she went on to say a prayer with Abel. Abel laughed afterward.

“You no eat before the prayer.” The boy said.

“Aye, they’re all Rale Bulgarians (Uncivilized people)!” She teased, and Abel giggled.

The Sons went back to eating, and Chibs took her hand into his own and kissed it. Aislinn regarded him with surprise, and he sent her a wink.

“Damn baby.” Jax murmured as he and the others took a seat.

They’d been working nonstop as they had to make up for the others not being there. This was the first break they’d had all day. Riona had brought the food to them, and Happy helped in getting the picnic tables set up, by the shop, so they could keep an eye on things while they ate. There wasn’t much in the clubhouse, so she and Happy made a run to the store earlier and grabbed a few things. Happy had a special request, and Riona saw to that. She made chicken fried steak, and the boys were eyeing it like they would strippers at a club. Riona giggled at their reaction then took a seat beside Jax.

“You really went all out,” Jax said as there were mash potatoes, green beans, and biscuits as well.

“Per Happy’s request.” She said, and Jax looked over to see Happy stuffing his face.

Riona blessed the food and said a silent prayer as these boys didn’t strike her as the praying type. Jax, however, surprised her when he took over and said a prayer and blessing himself. There was no hiding the stunned expression on her face once he finished.

“What?” He asked then passed her the plate of biscuits.

She grabbed one and looked to be blushing.

“I wasn’t expectin’ that.” She admitted.

“I have my moments.” He said with a wink and took a bite out of one of the biscuits.

“I’ll have to convert you to full-on Catholic!” Riona teased, and Jax frowned.

“Don’t push it, babe.” He uttered, and Riona laughed.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure if Jax walked into a church he’d burst into flames.” Happy uttered and Jax chuckled.

“I just might!”

“I’ll test ya with some holy water first.”

“Come on darlin’… That shit burns!” Jax teased, and everyone laughed.

“Man, we have to work after that?” Bobby said while patting his stomach.

“Right?” Jax said as they had eaten to their heart’s content.

Each of them was sluggish and didn’t want to get back to work. Every one of them, however, thanked Riona and had complimented her cooking. Jax was about to praise her as well when his mother pulled into the lot.

“What are you doing?” Jax questioned as she approached him at the table.

“I just wanted to talk. Think you can spare a minute or two?”

Gemma said but lowered her shades and was looking at the leftover food. Jax could  see that hint of jealousy in his mother’s eyes as she was the one that normally cooked for them.

“So she cooks…” Gemma whispered, and Jax nodded.

“There’s plenty left if you want to join us.” Riona offered.

“I’m good,” Gemma said.

Riona came to her feet and started to clear the tables. Jax reached out and took Riona’s hand into his own.

“Thank you.” He said, and Riona gave a mere nod.

Jax had his mother follow him into the office, and Happy shook his head as he was helping Riona with the tables. He didn’t say a word on it, but Happy knew Gemma would turn this into a pissing match. First, it was her job, and now Riona was cooking for them. It wouldn’t be long before Gemma felt like she was being replaced. Happy wasn’t kidding about Jax’s mother being scary. He’d seen firsthand what she was capable of when she put her mind to it. This had the Son following Riona into the clubhouse. She was getting the sink ready when he leaned into her ear.

“Watch your back with that one.”

Riona peered back, and Happy gave a simple nod.

“Ya mean Jackson’s ma?” She whispered in return.

“…yeah…” He softly put.

“I figured…” She said, and Happy set a few plates down.

They said nothing else on it as he headed on out of the clubhouse. Riona sighed amongst herself as she started scrubbing.

“Mom… the position’s already filled.” Jax said once he was given a moment to finally talk.

Gemma had gone on this long-winded speech about how sorry she was and how she was in the wrong. Said she’d never say anything against his father again. She mentioned something about making plans with Abel this coming weekend. But she was talking so fast, Jax couldn’t get a word in.


“That’s what I was trying to tell you.”

“That fast?!”

“Yeah, that fast.”


“Doesn’t matter.”

“Well, I gotta do something!”

“Not here you don’t.”

“Jax, please.  What do I have to do and when can I see my grandson again?”

“We’ll discuss that another time. I’m slammed with shit to do.” Jax opened the office door and gestured for his mother to step on out.

“That’s another thing. I’m gonna need the keys back.”

Gemma reared back as Jax held his hand out.

“Is it Bobby?” Gemma asked as she dug for the keys in her purse.


“Then who?!”

“Just let it go, mom. It doesn’t matter who I hired. The position has been filled, and that’s all you need to know.”

“Please tell me you didn’t…” Gemma murmured in thought.

“Didn’t what…”

“Put an illegal to work.” She harshly whispered.

Jax rolled his eyes, and Gemma shook her head in disbelief.

“You did! Didn’t you?!”

“Like I said it doesn’t matter. I got things to do.”

“It does too matter. What happens when ICE gets word of this and comes barging in here. That wouldn’t be good for business!”

“I’ll worry about that,” Jax said as he was headed for the garage.

The president pivoted back around however and regarded his mother a certain way.

“If that happens… I’ll know who’s responsible.” He made clear.

“Jax!” Gemma scolded in disbelief.

“Don’t play games, Gemma. We both know why you said that. I can read between the lines and know a threat when I hear one. You pull some shit like that, and that’ll be the last thing you do.” Jax said before getting back to work.

Gemma just stood there in shock. Bobby took it upon himself to escort Gemma to her car. He did this to avoid any more drama.

“He’s going to run this place to the ground.” Gemma scoffed once Bobby opened the door for her.

“Don’t have much faith in your son, do you?” Bobby uttered, and Gemma sighed.

“It isn’t that.”

“Certainly sounds like it.”

“He sounds more and more like his father every day, and we saw how that turned out.”

“Yeah, we did. Every one betrayed JT in the end. I won’t let that happen this time.” Bobby made clear as he shut Gemma’s door then waved her off.

The Scot had sent everyone home; everyone aside from Ethan who had fallen asleep on the porch. Chibs thought it best as Ethan would need a ride home anyhow. There was no way he could drive that motorcycle, not in the shape he was in. Chibs was about to catch a few hours of shut-eye when someone he never expected pulled up to the house. He chuckled in mere amusement as she stepped out of the car and was making her way over.

“Place looks good! I can’t believe how different it looks.”

Chibs gave a simple nod.

“I know you’re wondering why I’m here. But I remembered how everyone got together here on Fourth of July and figured I’d catch you before the others arrived.”

Chibs sipped at his beer but kept quiet.

“I want to talk about Jax and this illegal he’s with. I figured if anyone could talk some sense into him it’d be you.”

The Scot listened in silence as Tara went on and on about Jax’s situation and how it wasn’t good for him, the club, the shop, or Abel. She went on to mention Jax’s “random anger issues and how much he’s changed”. Tara blamed the new old lady in Jax’s life thinking she had something to do with it. She brought up how violent Jax got with her and how he threatened to hit her. Still, the Scot said nothing. Tara let out a frustrated sigh after a good fifteen minutes of trying to convince Chibs to see her side of things. The Scot hadn’t said a word. The woman ended all this by saying how much Chibs and the others meant to her and how she missed these family gatherings and what she wouldn’t give to have it all back. She wanted Chibs to help her, by convincing Jax that this other woman in his life wasn’t healthy and that Abel was better off with her in his life. Chibs resisted the urge to laugh at that last part. But he stared straight ahead and made no comment. Little did they know that Ethan was wide awake and could hear everything that was being said.

“Aren’t you going to say something?!” Tara snapped, and the Scot sighed with sheer annoyance.

“And what is it you want me to say, Tara?”

“Something! Anything!”

“Nah, ye don’t really mean that lass. Trust me. Ye don’t want me givin’ my two cents on somethin’ like that.”

“And why not?!”

Chibs polished off his beer then tossed the empty bottle aside.

“Because ye don’t want to hear what I hafta say, much less think.”

“Try me.”

“Careful what ye wish for darlin’.”

“Come on Chibs; we’ve known each other for years. Nothing you say is going…” Tara thickly swallowed as Chibs backed her up against the car. He placed his hand along the hood then looked her dead in the eyes.

“Ye made a mistake comin’ here, seekin’ my advice. Ye see, you ripped me boys’ hearts out and ye did it without so much as battin’ an eye on it. And now yer standin’ before me goin’ on about how ye miss all the times we had tagether and how much ye miss that sense of family. But ye dug yer own grave, and ye just kept on diggin’ until no one gave a damn aboot ye. Personally, I never liked ye! I tolerated ye for Jackie’s sake. But I called it the moment I first laid eyes on ye. Ye had that restin’ bitch face, and ye reminded me a lot of me ex-wife. Ye only want a man around when it benefits  ye and when those benefits seem ta fade ye want nothin’ ta do with him. Yer a black widow just ready for the next head. Well, it’s not goin’ ta be me boy. I can tell ye that much. Watch yerself love. If he even THINKS about takin’ ye back… I’ll run ye through.”

“Scotty?” He heard as Aislinn had Abel in her hold and he was crying.

“Who are you?!” Tara rudely put.

The doc out from under Chibs’s arm.

“No Tawa Aunt Linny.” Abel whimpered and was clinging to Aislinn for dear life.

Aislinn had wondered what had the boy so upset. He was looking out the front door and in literal hysterics. It had the young woman startled as he sounded like an actual baby rather than that of a four-year-old boy. There was something about this woman’s presence. It had Abel regressing.

“Tara, I’d like ye ta meet me girl and fiancé. Ali, this is Tara, and she was just leavin’.”

“You have got to be joking. She’s a child, Chibs!” Tara hissed.

Chibs rolled his eyes, and Aislinn sneered at this.

I’m the child?!” Aislinn scoffed in disbelief.

“You must be the sister she mentioned! I can’t believe you dragged Chibs into all this!”

“Watch yerself, Tara,” Chibs warned through gritted teeth.

“Abel baby… It’s alright.” Tara lovingly put and was making her way over.

Aislinn held Abel out of Tara’s reach, and Abel screamed on top of his lungs.

“I NO WANT TAWA! NOOOOO!” Abel kicked and screamed in order to get away from her.

Chibs gritted his teeth once he saw just how upset Tara was making Abel.

“Ali, get the boy back inside the house.”

Aislinn did as Chibs requested.

“I got him.” Ethan offered once they were on the porch.

The young woman nodded then handed Abel over. She lifted her head just in time to see Tara shove Chibs back against the wall. This had Aislinn seeing red. She leaped over the patio rails and before she could even think about what she was doing; she had Tara by the hair. Tara kicked her feet about and was clawing at Aislinn’s hands and wrists. The woman was screaming for help and for someone to call 911. Aislinn opened the doc’s car door then shoved her inside.

“I’LL HAVE YOU BOTH DEPORTED!” Tara made the mistake of saying.

Chibs couldn’t believe the sheer stupidity of this woman. He would’ve put his gun on her if Aislinn hadn’t yanked her out from his clutch. The Scot hopped into the passenger’s side. Tara let out a bit of a yelp and jumped as the VP held his gun to her chin.

“I have a lot of land… Believe me when I say no one would ever find you.” Chibs made clear.

“Riona already warned ya,” Aislinn said, and she and Chibs locked eyes for a moment.

Aislinn leaned into Tara’s ear.

“My sister told ya to stay away and believe me… She’s goin’ to hear about this! Ya should’ve taken her warnin’ seriously, but ya didn’t! I’ll help her dig the grave. I’ll even pay the toll and put pennies on your eyes but AFTER the crows are done with ya!”

Chibs picked up on the clever meaning behind his old lady’s words and smiled.

“It was a pleasure meetin’ ya!” Aislinn witted as she stepped back and got Tara’s seatbelt on.

The doc was a trembling mess.

“Leave and don’t come back,” Chibs said.

“I mean it doc. I see ye around Jackie, Abel, Riona, or Charmin’ … I’ll let me old lady have a go at ye before I even get started. Yer not wanted here, ye never were!”

Chibs stepped out of the car, and he and Aislinn slammed the doors shut. They watched as Tara drove off in tears.

“Is she mental?” Aislinn genuinely asked, and Chibs chuckled.

“I’m startin’ ta wonder that meself.”

“Aye, now lad…” Chibs said as he and Aislinn entered the house.

Abel was sitting on the couch and crying as he held the dragon he’d given Aislinn. Ethan sent them an apologetic look as nothing he did seemed to calm the boy. The Scot plopped down beside him, and Abel crawled into his lap.

“Yer alright,” Chibs whispered.

“I no want Tawa. I want my mommy.”

“No one’s takin’ yer mum away and Tara’s not comin’ around anymore.”

The boy nodded and grabbed his uncle’s necklace. He held his cross beside it then rested his head against Chibs’s shoulder. Aislinn was in awe as she took in the scene before her. Chibs ran a soothing hand along the boy’s back, and it wasn’t long before Abel went to sleep. The Scot himself looked as if he were about to pass out as well.

“Ye need ta take care of those…” Chibs uttered and pointed to the claw marks Tara left behind.

He hadn’t realized they were that deep.

“Ye’ll end up with rabies or somethin’.” He added, and Aislinn snorted in thought.

“Aye, but ya need to sleep.”

“Think I’m just gonna crash here.” He said then closed his eyes.

Aislinn left him to it and Ethan handed her phone over. She had Ethan follow her into the bedroom where she called her sister.

“She what?!” Riona damn near shouted.

“Aye, ya should’ve heard the spiel she was given Scotty and poor Abel. The wee lad was beside himself. I’d never seen him like that. I swear he was like a wee babe with her around.”

“Aye, he was like that the last time too,” Riona admitted, and Aislinn sighed.

“Well, Scotty and I put the fear of God into her. If she doesn’t follow through this time, you and I will handle it.”

“Ya got that right. That woman reminds me of Fiona! A real chancer puttin’ on the airs (dodgy person trying to get what they want). I’m cut to the bone with that one!”

“Aye, I thought that same thing. I never understood why they can’t let things go. What purpose does all that nonsense drama serve? Honestly?!”

“Ya got me. I haven’t the faintest. Let me see if I can get a ride over.”

“He’s alright, Riona. He’s asleep. Him and Scotty.”

Riona gave a hesitant sigh.

“Ya know Abel’s in good hands. This will give you and Jax some alone time. Enjoy it. Besides, you’ll be here tonight.”

“Right…” Riona said as she’d nearly forgotten about the fireworks Jax mentioned.

“I won’t let anythin’ happen to him, neither will Scotty.

“I know.”

“Then relax and enjoy some one on one time with Jax. I only called to let ya know about the shite Tara pulled.”

“Aye, I’ll see ya tonight Linny.”

“Aye, tonight,”  Aislinn said before hanging up.

“Well, that was interesting.” Ethan murmured as he was kicked back on Chibs and  Aislinn’s bed.

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one.”

Ethan chuckled and shook his head in thought.

“So that’s Jax’s ex-wife?”

Aislinn nodded.

“Man… She’s well… She’s a real bitch!”


“Thought I was listening to Tracy back there!”

“For reals?”

“Oh hell yeah. Talk about creep factor.”

“Want me to kill her?”

“Would you?!” Ethan teased but recoiled once he thought back to Riona’s husband.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say that to you of all people.”

“Why? Cause I’ll do it?”

“Exactly! Just forget I said that!”

Aislinn giggled then sat beside her brother on the bed.

“How’s the arm?”

“Sore and stuff as fuck. You wanna talk about feeling like someone’s holding a match to you!”

“You’re kind of a big baby, aren’t ya?!”

Ethan reared back on this and Aislinn broke into a fit of laughter.

“Just fuckin’ with ya. Alright, let’s see it.”

Ethan shook his head but with a smile. He lowered the sleeve to his shirt and Aislinn looked the areas over.

“They feel feverish. Did Scotty give ya anythin’ for infection or pain.”

“Yeah. But it’s been a while since I’ve taken them.” Ethan admitted.

They were too busy with the car to even think about it.

“Where are your pills?” She asked.

“I can get em.” He said and started to rise only to have his sister shove him back down.

“Just tell me where they are!”

“In the backpack on my bike.”

She gave a simple nod then darted on out of the room. Aislinn passed by the couch and smiled as Chibs and Abel were curled up on the couch and fast asleep. She couldn’t help but to take a picture of them with her phone. She sent the photo to her sister and went to grab Ethan’s backpack.

Now that’s stinking adorable! Riona responded through a text message.


No questioning if your man is father material. That photo gave me a cavity!               

Aislinn laughed then put her phone away. She headed back inside and into the bedroom. She handed Ethan his bag, and he thanked her before going through it.

“Is that…” She reached over then snatched a picture out from his backpack.

Ethan cleared his throat as it was a picture of her and Riona at one of their gigs.

“This was a long time ago!” Aislinn remarked and regarded the picture in awe.

“I think you were thirteen maybe fourteen.” Ethan murmured with a shrug.

“Do ya have more of these?”

“Would it freak you out if I did?”

“Could I see them?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Just let me see the pictures!” She whined, and Ethan chuckled.

“I only have a few on me. The others are back home.”

“Did you take pictures of all our gigs?”

“The ones I went to… yeah.” He said looking rather embarrassed.

Aislinn smiled.

“Think we could make copies?”


“Never seen pictures from our own gigs before!”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped once an idea hit her.

“Riona’s birthday…” She randomly put, and Ethan narrowed his eyes wondering where she was going with this.

“What about it?”

“Don’t tell her you have these! I want to make a collage and have them spread about on her birthday banner!”

“Dude, that’s an awesome idea!”

“Right?! She’d never expect that!”

“If you don’t mind chilling out a bit I can get you those tonight.”

“Are you staying for the fireworks?”


“Well yeah… sounds like they’re makin’ a big deal about it. Fourth of July and all…”

“Think your man would mind?”

“Pfft, I doubt it. I’m sure he would’ve invited you if he hadn’t been so tired.”

“Guess I’m sticking around.”

“Alright. We can take you by the house afterward.”

“Sounds like a plan. What does she want anyhow?”

“That’s what I’m wonderin’…”

“Hmmm.” Ethan hummed in thought.

“What is it?” Ethan asked as Aislinn seemed rather bummed all the sudden.

“This will be the first where I’m too broke to get her anythin’.”

“Then we’ll go in on something together.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s like I’m takin’ credit for what you bought and picked out.”

“Then you go with me and help pick it out.”

“I’ve got forty to my name. That’s legit mine. I don’t count what Scotty has given me.” She hadn’t spent a dime of that money yet. No matter how many times Chibs encouraged her to do so. It remained untouched.

“Then we’ll figure it out. No stressing. I kind of like the idea of the two of us hanging out and picking something out for Riona’s birthday. We should make a day of it. Hit a movie or go out to dinner.” Ethan grimaced however as he thought back to the hit the Aryan Brotherhood had on him.

“Dammit.” He groaned.


“I’d be putting you in danger. That’s not something I can live with. We’ll wait until this shit clears up.”

“So no shoppin’ together?” Aislinn damn near pouted and Ethan chuckled.

“We’ll see. But at this very moment, no. Sorry. I wasn’t thinking about all that mess.”

“Hardly seems fair, huh?”

Ethan nodded in agreement.

“Maybe you should stay at the clubhouse,”  Aislinn stated.

“That’s what Jax said…”

“You’d be safer there,” Aislinn admitted.

“There’s a bedroom and everythin’!”

“I got my dog to take care of. Hell, she’s expectin’ any day now.”

Aislinn frowned in thought.

“Maybe they’ll let you bring the dog.”

“To the clubhouse?!” Ethan scoffed.

“Why would that be a problem?”

“Jax seems to have an issue with dogs or something. He was pretty adamant about not letting Abel have one.”

“Oh, Riona will fix that,” Aislinn said with a mischievous grin.

“And what about you?”

“I love dogs!”

“No. I mean your birthday… It’ll be here before you know it.”

“I don’t want anythin’.”

“Sure you do.”

“No. I don’t. I don’t even want a party.”

“Come on Aislinn. You’re not cursed.”

Aislinn reared back on this and Ethan gave a mere nod.

“I’ll prove it. This year. You’ll see. This will be the best one yet!”

“If you say so.” She uttered with a shrug.

“I do. We’ll rock this one!”

“When’s your birthday?” She asked but realized something else.

Here she was about to get married, and she hadn’t a clue when Chibs’s birthday was.

“Whoa… What was that?!” Ethan questioned as to the look of horror on her face.

“I don’t know Scotty’s birthday!”

Ethan died of laughter.

“It isn’t funny. I’m marryin’ the man, and I don’t even know when his birthday is!”

“Steal his wallet and find out!”

“That’s brilliant! I should totally do that!”

“Glad I could be of service.”

“Alright now, when’s yours?”

“I’m a New Year baby!”

“You’re shite’n me!”

“Nah, January first.”

“We should dress ya up like the new year baby and everythin’!”


“I’ll find ya a top hat and an adult sized diaper!”

Ethan narrowed his eyes as Aislinn hopped up and was digging through the dresser.

“What are you doing?”

“I remember seein’ an old license in here when I was doin’ the laundry the other day.”

“You mean you didn’t pull the thing woman usually pull?”

“What’s that?”

“Go through all his shit and check for porn, and hidden skeletons?”

“Why would I do that?”

“All women do…” He said with a shrug.

Aislinn frowned in thought.

“Why marry someone if ya can’t even trust them. Sounds a bit tacky to be goin’ through a man’s things like that.”

“Holy shit…”


“You are weird!” Ethan teased with a wink, and Aislinn laughed.

“Guess so.”

“Honestly, you haven’t been tempted? Not even a bit?”

“He hasn’t given me reason to be tempted.” She said with a shrug then held the old license up once she found it.

The young woman had this stunned look about her.


“We met on the day of his birthday.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nah, it’s a date ya don’t get out of your head. He never said anythin’.”

Aislinn thought back to that day. She vaguely remembered a few of the Sons having drinks in his honor and things of that nature. But she didn’t grasp what it meant at the time. There were no gifts or cake. Then again, it was a crazy day.

“He’s a February baby.”

“Man it was that long ago?” Ethan said in shock.

“Aye, we were at that clubhouse for some time.”

“Man, I hadn’t realized just how long ago it was when all this took place.”

“Time has a way of gettin’ away from you.”

“That it does. Looks like he already got what he wanted though.” Ethan said, and Aislinn snorted in thought.

Aislinn thought back to that day and the claim Chibs made.

“It’s funny ya say that.”


“Scotty said he was callin’ dibs on one of us that day.”

“Guess we know which one he had in mind…”

“You still hate him, don’t ya?”

“How can I not? You’re my baby sister, and he’s…”

“He’s what?”

“Old…” Ethan whispered.

“Aye, now he’s young at heart, and he’s forty-two Ethan. He’s not that old.”

“Dude’s twelve years older than me and nineteen years older than you! That’s pretty fucking old Aislinn!”

“Shut that gob of yours!”

“You’ll be wiping two asses if you have a child with that man!”

Aislinn smacked him on the arm, and Ethan laughed.

“Just sayin’ hope you like wiping old man asses. Hey, maybe you could get a job as a nurse and work at the same nursing home he’s gonna be in!”

“Ethan!” She scolded but with laughter.

“You really love him, huh?” Ethan said but in a serious tone.

“Aye, I do.”

“That’s awesome Aislinn. I really hope it works out for you guys.”

“Thank you.”

Ethan stuffed some pills into his mouth.

“I’ll get ya somethin’ to drink with that.”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 26 – The Chapter With No Name”

  1. That is a first no true title. if i could think of one the first things that comes to mind is Karmas a bitch, shit happens lol. Sorry probably not a good ones.

    Opie is pushing his luck so much with everyone. its not even funny… but he is going to get what he deserves in the end unless he does something noble…. who knows it could happen lol

    Gemma… well now… there the bitch lol. Nah.. she is going to find out fast no one threatens the girls and that she is done being in the business with the garage. and i do believe if push comes to shove.. gemma going to land on her ass hard.

    Tara is going to learn fast about messing with irish lasses… they will kick her ass so fast she won’t know what the fuck happened lol. (sorry). Both of them are so protective of Abel.. she going to end up dead and then *scotty* going to have to make sure she is never found lol..

    Ethan.. well the more i read about him the more i like him he needs a lady.. a nice lady to help him and to take care of him. *grins* someone who loves dogs as much as he does lol love how him and Ali are bonding pretty quickly and the gift idea is perfect. i can see riona eyes lighting up at the pictures.

    Once again you and your muse has giving me something truly special to read, even though there is a second chapter. You have given us a treat nice and early to help us get through the week. I hope your muse inspires you again soon, and you are feeling alot better. Unless next time. *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs loose once again on Tara and letting them track down opie)

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