Chapter 29 – All Of Me

Chapter 29 – All Of Me

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“That came out great lass. Yer sister’s goin’ ta love it.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so. Well worth the hours ye put inta it.”

Aislinn loaded it up along with her guitar, amp, and fiddle.

“Ye plannin’ on playin’ tonight?” Chibs questioned with a touch of hope.

“Aye, I had a dedication or so in mind.”

“Startin’ ta wish it were my birthday instead.” He teased, and Aislinn laughed.

“Well, maybe I’ll sing for ya on your birthday… when it comes around again that is.”

Chibs cocked a brow on this and shut the van door for her.

“Why didn’t ya tell me it was your birthday when we met?”

“Ali, ye was goin’ through some shite when we first met. Not somethin’ I’d wanna bring up.”

“Still, I’d have liked to have known…”

“Why? I got what I wanted.” He said while wrapping his arms around her waist.

Aislinn thought back to what Ethan said and smiled.

“Is that so?”

“Aye, best gift I ever received.”

“Look at ya with the smooth points.”

“All true, pet.”

“Mind droppin’ me off at Happy’s first?”

Chibs tilted his head on this.

“There a reason?”

“Ethan and I wanted to shop for Riona’s present. Can’t do that unless the bodyguard is with us…”

“Ah, I can do that. Guess I’m meetin’ ye back at the clubhouse?”

“Aye, I can ride back with Ethan or Happy.”

“Ye be careful, pet. Ethan’s not in the clear just yet.”

“I know. We’ll make it quick. I promise.”

“Mommy going to be sooo surprised!” Abel squealed, and his father smiled.

“Hope so.”

“Just remember what we talked about. You can’t let her know. I mean it, Abel. We don’t want the surprise ruined.”

“I won’t say anything! I promise. Dis is going to be the best day ever. I can’t wait!”

Jax smiled then gave his son a noogie.

“Pick you out a bow, kid!” Tig said as he had a bag full.

“I no see Mommy’s favorite colors,” Abel said with a frown.

“Hmmm… Tig murmured as he shuffled them around.

“Well, considering what it’s for… Why don’t you go with red?” The Son suggested.

“Red?” Abel questioned, and Tig nodded.

“Can’t go wrong with red. The ladies love it!”

“Okays. I will pick the red.”

“Great choice Abel.” His father complimented with a wink.

“Now put it someplace where you won’t forget it,” Tig said.

“Okay,” Abel replied then took off running.

“Kid seems more excited than you,” Tig remarked, and Jax smiled.

“He’s been waiting for this day just as long as I have. Only difference… I never knew I was waiting.”

Tig nodded in understanding.

“So where’ve you been sneaking off to?” Jax whispered, and Tig cocked a brow on this.

“Come on man… You’re the first one out the door lately and since when do you turn Crow Eater pussy down?”

Jax took notice of this the last time they had a gathering. The president damn near passed out from shock. He’d been curious ever since. What could make Tig Trager turn pussy down? Or who for that matter…

“How’d you know about that?!” Tig harshly whispered and this only added to Jax’s curiosity.

Tig seemed awfully defensive.

“I pay attention…” Jax uttered with a smirk.

“Got a minute?” Piney questioned as Jax was setting everything up.

“Sure, sup?”

“Mind if we take it to the chapel?”

Jax gave a simple nod then had Tig take over. He followed the original into the chapel and shut the door behind him.

“Everythin’ alright?”Jax questioned as Piney seemed a little disoriented.

“Just got back from Stockton…”

Jax took a seat then leaned back in thought.

“How’s he doing?” Jax practically whispered.

“Not good,” Piney admitted, and Jax stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“And how you doing with that?” The president questioned, and Piney sighed.

“Not sure. I mean… How am I supposed to be doing?”

Piney grabbed one of his cigars then clipped it.

“He’s my son, Jax. Dishonorable piece of shit but he’s still my son. He’s going to die before me and behind those bars.”

“It was that or at my hands,” Jax uttered in misery.

“I know. You did what you had to do. I don’t blame you son. This isn’t what this is about.” Piney took a drag off his cigar and started to choke a bit.

Jax reached over and patted him on the back.

“Easy…” he said afterward.

“What happened between you two?” Piney questioned.

“You know what happened.”

“You know what I mean Jackson. Before all that shit… There had to of been something.”

“Lying to me about my son wasn’t enough?”

“We all lied to you, but here you are talking to me… I’m still SAMCRO, and so is everyone else.”

“I suppose I expected more out of Op. I know that sounds like a dis to you and everyone else. Take it however you want, but Op was my go to. I trusted him. I loved him. I welcomed him into a world I don’t usually let others in on. He knew more about me than anyone else. And what did he do…? He used that knowledge against me. He used it to hurt my family and turned me into his enemy. I’m not dismissing what you’re going through old man. I can’t even begin to imagine what this is doing to you. But I had a choice to make, and you need to keep in mind that you voted on this as well.”

Piney gave a mere nod.

“I think it’s time I retire, son,” Piney said taking Jax by surprise.

“Don’t act so surprised. I can barely keep up with you and the others. I spend most of my time sitting right here in this fucking clubhouse, while you and the boys handle everything. I haven’t been in office since JT. It’s time.”

“You’re SAMCRO’s last original…”

“I know… But you boys got this. You don’t need me.”

“We’ll always need you, Piney.”

“No offense kid. But I don’t want to be needed. I want to be left alone.”

Jax reared back on this.

“I love you and those boys. But it’s just not the same without Harry. I feel like I’m fading right along with him. Just vote me out, and I’ll hand my cut over. You can display it along with the rest of the Redwood Originals’. But I’m done. I think I’ve been done.”

“If this is what you want… but keep the cut. My father was buried in his. You should be too.”

Piney nodded in thought.

“Looks like I’ll be planning a funeral myself before long.” Piney said with his son in mind.

Jax grimaced on this.

“Don’t make that face. You knew this was coming. Hell, he won’t make it through Weston if those plans of yours follow through.”

“What choice did I have?”

“You didn’t. All the more reason… it’s time.”

“Alright. We’ll get to that first thing tomorrow.”

Piney came to his feet then shook Jax’s hand. Jax, however, pulled him in for a hug then  kissed his cheek.

“Love you.”

“Love you too son.”

“We can make payments for now,” Ethan said with a shrug.

Aislinn frowned as she looked to the wad of cash in her hand. It wasn’t much but all she had. Chibs had given her that money when they got home from AC’s. She’d forty-three dollars in tips.

“Maybe I should get her somethin’ else. It hardly seems fair.”

“Stop that. I got you covered alright?”

“But I can’t say it’s from me too if it really isn’t!”

“You picked it out. I wouldn’t have a clue what to get her otherwise. I thought I knew everything about you two, but this… I hadn’t a clue about.” Ethan said while looking at the Apple iMac desktop.

“I thought we’d be shopping for guitars or some shit.” He added with a smirk.

“Aye, I thought about it but wanted to see her face when I rat her out!” Aislinn teased, and Ethan chuckled.

“So Riona’s a big ole nerd… Who’d have thought?!” Ethan said while waving an associate over.

“I’ll make the next payment Ethan. I promise!”

“Aislinn, you’re okay. I got it. You can help with payments once you get on your feet. Hell, between the two of us we’ll have this paid off in no time. But for now, don’t worry on it. It’s not like I’m going to sue my own sister!”

“Ya’d get a stick of gum, lint, and a guitar.” Aislinn frowned in thought.

“I really love that guitar.”

Ethan gave his sister a noogie.

“Like I’d take anything from you. Relax. We’re having fun, remember? You think too much. We totally got this and Riona’s going to love it. You’ll see. You did a kickass job on that birthday banner by the way. I can’t believe you managed to get those pictures to spell everything out!”

“Me too. Took me forever. Hope she likes it.”

“I know she will. See?! You did all the hard work. All I’m doing is grabbing this desktop!”

“Yeah, with interest…”

Ethan shrugged as he told the assistant what he and Aislinn wanted and about the payment plan they needed.

Happy was off to the side, keeping guard, and eating ice cream.

“Where’d he get the ice cream?!” Aislinn questioned, and Ethan reared back wondering that very thing himself.

“Who knows… He might’ve pulled that out of his own ass.”

“So it’s chocolate.” She witted, and Ethan died of laughter.

“Speaking of chocolate. Jax wants us to get the cake on the way to the clubhouse. Says it’s already paid for just to go in and ask for Riona Teller’s cake.”

“Teller?!” Aislinn said in astonishment.

“Trust me. I thought the same thing. Not even married and the fucker’s forcing his name down her throat.”

“Ya can be such an ass!” Aislinn scolded, and Ethan grinned.

“It’s my right as your brother!”

“Aye, and it’s our right to kick yer ass if ya push it too far.”

“You think you can kick my ass?”

“I know I can!”

“Hmmm…” Ethan hummed in mere amusement.

“You’re like what ninety pounds soaking wet and five foot nothing?”

“I’m five-five!” She defended, and Ethan burst into laughter.

“The hell you are! No way you’re five-five!” He said as he signed the contract to the desktop and agreed to the monthly payments. He glanced back afterward seeing that guilt-ridden expression on his sister’s face.

“Stop that.”

“Tryin’.” She murmured.

“Come on. We got a party to get to.” Ethan said and waved Happy over.

Happy dumped what was left of his ice cream into a nearby bin then headed that way.

“Is you okays mommy?” Abel asked as his father gave him one job and that was to keep his mother distracted in the office while he and Aislinn set everything up. Only Aislinn was running a bit behind, and Chibs took her place instead.

“Just a wee headache, love.”

Abel frowned in thought. He didn’t want his mommy to be sick on her birthday.

“You gots some medicine?”

“I’m afraid I left it back at the house.”

“Uncle Chibs will haves medicine! We ask him after you is done!”

“Sounds like a plan!” She said then went back to typing.

“What’s we having for supper?” Abel asked as that was one of the things his father told him to say.

Jax had gone all out in making this a surprise. Riona hadn’t an inkling of what was to come. So he fed his son whatever lines came to mind. They even practiced a few. Abel got a kick out of being part of the secret and having a role in his mother’s birthday.

“Em, thought we’d make that chicken and rice dish ya like so much.”

“Dat would be good. Daddy put lots of soy sauce on it.”

“He sure does!”

“Can we has dessert too?”

“We’ll see.”

“Is you very busy mommy?” Abel said then looked over at her computer.

“Sort of… I’m havin’ a wee bit of trouble with the site.”

“Oh…” Abel said looking lost.

Riona took her glasses off then smiled.

“You’re bored, aren’t ya?!”

“I is okay.”

“Is that so?” Riona said with a smirk.

“Yeah, I is.” He said but was struggling with that secret.

This had the boy crawling under her desk so he could hide his smiling face.

“Where are ya goin?!”

Abel giggled but didn’t comment. Riona reared back thinking he was acting rather peculiar. Just as she was to question the boy on this, the office door swung open.

“Think you might wanna come with me,” Jax said looking flustered.

“Somethin’ wrong?”

“Your brother and sister are about to rip into one another!”


“Yeah…” Jax said then signaled for her to follow.

The boy covered his mouth as he was stifling a giggle. Jax peered back, placed his index finger along his lips then sent his son a wink. Abel gave a mere nod and quietly followed.

“I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT!” Ethan shouted, and Riona’s jaw dropped as he was saying this to Aislinn.

“What in the world…” Riona whispered with a hand over her heart.


Aislinn stormed into the clubhouse and Ethan threw his hands in the air. He went to follow her inside, only to have Riona place a hand along his shoulder stopping him.

“What on God’s green earth is goin’ on between ya two?!”

“Hell if I know. She’s tripping over nothing!” Ethan opened the clubhouse door, and Riona narrowed her eyes wondering why the lights were off.

“Jackson?” She called while searching for the switch.

She heard Abel break into a fit of giggles when a spotlight came on.

“That not Aunt Linny!” He said, and Jax was quick to cover the boy’s mouth.

Riona staggered back as Brodie was standing in that spotlight, guitar in hand, and he was singing Lenny Kravitz’s Happy Birthday song.

Aislinn was off to the corner playing her guitar as well.

“Brodie?!” Riona whispered with this stunned countenance.

The Scot cut her a wink and Riona darted on over and hugged him.

“I had no idea ya were in town!”

“No one did.” He whispered between lyrics.

Riona let out a gasp as the Sons stepped out of their hiding spots. Ethan and Abel tossed some confetti in her direction.

“How in the world did you plan all this?” Riona asked with a nod her sister’s direction.

“I didn’t…” Aislinn pointed Jax’s way, and Jax gave a simple nod.


“I told you… I’m all about the fairy tale, darlin’.” He said with that typical smirk of his.

The song came to a fade, and Brodie waved Aislinn over.

“Ye sure about this bonnie?” He genuinely questioned, and Aislinn nodded.

Brodie smiled then regarded Riona in thought.

“Alright then. I trust yer feelin’s on this.” Brodie said.

Jax handed Abel over to Ethan and Ethan joined the Sons. Brodie pulled out a chair and Aislinn seated her sister down.

“What are ya…” Riona started to say but was interrupted by her sister’s strumming of the guitar.

Brodie started the lyrics to John Legend’s All of Me, and Aislinn joined in on the chorus. Riona tilted her head wondering why they chose this particular song. It was a lovely song but why her birthday?

It wasn’t long before she had her answer. Jax took her hand then dropped to one knee. Aislinn laughed in the middle of her lyrics as her sister let out a knowledgeable gasp. Jax had the engagement ring in hand as Brodie and Aislinn wrapped up the song.

“Jackson…” Riona whispered with a touch of shock and Jax smiled.

“I told you… I had a plan. It’s time, Riona. Let’s just do it!” Riona regarded Jax in question.

“I want you to be my wife. Right here, right now. If you want a big wedding, we can do that too. But I want you to leave here with my name tonight.”


“That’s right, baby. Let’s just do it!”

“On my birthday?! Are ya mad?!”

“Mommy! I says I give you daddy, remember!” Abel said and had that big red bow in hand.

He rushed on over then placed that bow on his father’s back. Riona died of laughter but had tears streaming down her face.

“You’re both mad.”

“You’re damn right we are… Now you going to answer me or not?!”

Riona just sat there with this struck stupid expression.

“I need you to accept the proposal so Chibs can marry us.”

“You’re serious?!”

“I’m dead serious. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting five fucking years!”

Riona looked to her sister.

“Go for it,” Aislinn whispered, and Riona laughed.

“I can’t believe this. This is crazy!”

“Is that a yes or no?!” Jax said with a touch of nerves.

“Give the man an answer already and let mine get ya two hitched!” Aislinn barked.

Jax sighed then took it upon himself to put the ring on her finger.

“I didn’t say yes!” Riona cruelly teased.

“You were going to.” He said with a shrug, and everyone laughed.

“You’re right. I was.” She softly put.

“Everyone’s here, babe. Everyone that matters. And if you want a dress and wedding cake…”

“Don’t need it,” Riona confirmed, and Jax pulled a certain face.


“Well, that sucks…”

Riona reared back on this and Jax smiled.

“I sort of got all those things already…”

Her sister brought out a dress and heels to match. This had Riona looking to Chibs. He’d sent Riona to pick out her sister’s dress. But he had been working behind the scenes as well, and the Scot had Abel watching his mother’s every move. Riona had pointed out a dress she really liked. Abel kept this particular dress in mind and was able to pinpoint it. He showed it to his uncle, and Chibs had Aislinn pick out the size her sister needed. Jax paid for the dress and Chibs, and Aislinn grabbed it for him.

“As for the wedding cake. Well, it’s sort of your wedding slash birthday cake.”

Bobby cut on the lights, and this revealed all the purple, teal, blue streamers, and balloons.

There was a beautiful four-tier cake with the same colors only it was covered in butterflies.

The young woman was without words. But she was hit out of the blue all over again when she got a good look at the ring. The light shined on it just right, and she recognized that ring all too well.

“Jackson?!” She called in a quivery voice.

Ethan nodded amongst himself once he saw her reaction. He’d been waiting for that. Jax gave a simple nod and his eyes locked with Ethan’s.

“I can’t take credit for that one. That was your brother’s doing. He spent his entire savings getting that ring back. He asked me to use that ring.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes wondering what they were referring to. She made her way over, and a hand flew over her mouth .

“Ma…” She whispered, and Ethan nodded.

“Ya found ma’s ring…” Aislinn said with tears of her own.

She remembered how heartbroken her sister was over that ring. They thought they’d never see it again. Riona hugged the hell out of Jax and her brother.

“I can’t believe ya did that!” She cried, and Ethan smiled.

“I’d do anything for you and Aislinn. Now, go… Enjoy your wedding slash birthday extravaganza.”

Riona gave a tearful laugh then pecked her brother on the cheek.

“You will never know how much this means to me.” She said but regarded her sister in thought.

“To us.” She corrected, and Aislinn smiled their direction.

“I think asshole over there is getting jealous.” He whispered in a jesting manner, and Riona laughed before heading that way.

“Ye alright, pet?” Chibs questioned as his old lady wiped a tear off her face.

She nodded, and the Scot pulled her in for a hug.

“Did ya know?”

“Nah, not aboot that part…”

“Guess I better get over there and get them two hitched.” He said.

“Aye, I’d do it quick before my sister changes her mind!”

“Maybe ye should help her get ready. Poor lass looks lost…” Chibs uttered as Riona was holding her dress and with a blank expression.

Aislinn took her sister by the hand then led her into the ladies room. She locked the door behind them.

“Is this really happening?” Riona asked with a touch of panic in her voice.

Aislinn took the dress from her sister’s hold then looked her in the eyes.

“Don’t ya do it…”

“Do what?!” Riona defensively put.

“Ya know what…”

“I didn’t expect…”

“I know. But ya best get used to it with that one. Somethin’ tells me Jax has a habit of pullin’ the unexpected.”

“Oh, Mary…” Riona murmured, and Aislinn giggled.

“Will be good for ya. He’ll keep things interestin’.”

“That’s one word for it.”

Aislinn unzipped the dress then signaled for her sister to undress. There were no words as they got Riona into the dress and heels. Aislinn fixed her sister’s hair then had her look in the mirror.

“Look at ya…” Aislinn said in awe.

“Like ya fell out of Heaven!”

“Hardly,” Riona said with a snort.

“Aye now, ya are, and I know Jax would agree.”

“Did ya know about all this?”

“I hadn’t a clue about Brodie or the ring; the weddin’ part was a wee bit last minute as well. Scotty knew before I ever did.”

“This is mad, Linny.”

“Seems to be your word for the night.” Her sister teased.

“It is…” Riona admitted but with a grin.

“All the more reason…” Aislinn added.

Riona narrowed her eyes in question.

“Man knows what he wants, love. Ya can see it in his eyes. There is no second guessin’ any of this. He means it when he says he’s ready. He’s the real deal, Riona. Ya aren’t going to find a man as madly in love as he is.”

“Nick and I…” Riona started to say.

“Don’t. Not today, Riona. Don’t bring him into this. This is yours and Jax’s day. I’m all for talkin’ about the ghost of our past. But this ghost has no place here today.”

“You’re right,” Riona whispered, and Aislinn nodded.

“Mind givin’ me a few…”

Aislinn recoiled, and Riona took notice of that shameful presence.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?! Whatever for?!” Riona questioned in disbelief.

“I pushed ya! I made it sound as if ya hadn’t a choice. If you’re not ready to do this, I will handle it. I’ll talk to J…”

Riona placed a single finger along her sister’s lips.

“Ya didn’t push anythin’. You’re doin’ yer job as my maid of honor. I want to marry Jackson. That isn’t an issue. I just need a moment… that’s all.”

“Aye, I can give ya that.”

“I love ya Linny.”

“I love ya too Riona.”

Riona waited until her sister was out of the room. She drew back the deepest of breaths then gazed upon her reflection once again. She thought back to when she first met Jax and how strong that pull was. She was a married woman, and it took every bit of discipline she had not to act on her desires. The thoughts she had… She had never fantasized about cheating on her husband before, not until Jackson Teller came around and that’s all she could think about. She wanted to run away and never look back. But she thought those to be childish thoughts. Ones only teenagers had, and she was a grown woman, a married one at that. The young woman giggled amongst herself as Jax’s kiss came to mind. He’d made two attempts that night. And yes, she ended up slapping him. But that slap hadn’t anything to do with her being married. Not the way Jax assumed. No. That slap had more to do with her and how she sank into that kiss if even for just a second or two. She let it happen. That guilt hadn’t anything to do with Nicholas. No. It had to do with wanting something she couldn’t have. It was on the tip of her tongue. She wanted Jax to take her away. She remembered how foolish that felt, but she couldn’t stop those thoughts from entering her mind. Aislinn was the only thing that kept her at bay. If it hadn’t been for her sister, Riona would’ve jumped ship awhile back and never looked back. She despised Ireland and everything it had to offer. The bad seemed to outweigh the good, and it wasn’t just about their mother and father. No. Like that of Aislinn, Riona had her own life outside that ranch. It wasn’t easy juggling two to three jobs. The things she had to do… To Riona life in Ireland was nothing but hell. Long before Galen and his boys entered the picture.

Riona thought back to the old wedding jitters she had when she was about to marry Nicholas. They were so bad she almost stood him up. She even thought about crawling out the bathroom window and never looking back. But now… She’d never been so sure of anything. That’s what she was trying to tell her sister but hadn’t the words. How do you express something like that? The only thing that threw her off was how last minute this all was and the fact that it was her birthday as well. If anything went south in their marriage that would be a constant reminder, every birthday. But Riona couldn’t think like that. She had to go with Jax’s instincts on this and trust in him. Trust in them. Riona wanted this day more than anything. All she could think about were those two boys and how much they meant to her and after tonight… everything would be set in stone. Just the way she’d always hoped. Only Abel wasn’t in the picture at the time. The boy was just a bonus in all this. And to think, she wasn’t pleased to hear about Jax having a child with another woman. But Abel was never Wendy’s or Tara’s. He was always Riona’s. That’s the way she saw it now. Abel needed her just as much as she needed him and Jax.

Riona smiled amongst herself then wiped a stray tear off her cheek. She said a small prayer before getting herself prepared.

Aislinn exited the ladies room, and Brodie placed a comforting hand along her back.

“Thank you,” Aislinn said, and Brodie spun her around so that she was facing him.


“Bein’ here. It means a lot to her.”

“Hope I didn’t steal your thunder.”

“Not at all. That went better than I originally planned. The look on her face was priceless.”

“Kind of like yers when ye saw me here!”

Aislinn giggled in response.

“I’m glad you’re here, Brodie.”

“Aye, me too.”

Brodie took her hand then looked to the ring Chibs had given her. He shook his head and made a tsk-like sound.

“Brodie…” Aislinn scolded.

“I would’ve never thought of that one. He certainly knows ye well enough.” He said then ran a finger along the guitar strings.

“Pretty ingenious on the cuz’s part I have to admit. It suits ye!”

Brodie cleared his throat.

“I can’t stay long. But I couldn’t miss Riona’s birthday. I don’t mean ta cut it short, but I wasn’t expectin’ a weddin’ as well. Guess I’ll be comin’ back for yer birthday if not yer weddin’ first.”

Brodie handed Aislinn Riona’s bouquet of flowers.

“I doubt she’ll even notice I’m gone.”

“Brodie…” Aislinn called as he sounded so broken.

“Aye now… I’m alright, love. Just hearin’ and seein’ it… They’re two different things. Never thought I’d see the day where some other lad took ye away, me older cousin especially.”

Brodie placed a single finger along Aislinn’s lips.

“Haud yer wheesht! (Be quiet)” He said with a playful wink but looked on in amazement when Riona stepped out in her wedding gown. Aislinn smiled at Brodie’s dumbfounded reaction.

“Will ye look at that…” He softly murmured.

“Aye…” Aislinn whispered in return.

As for Jax… The man was in another world. He hadn’t seen the dress. Jax had Abel, Chibs, and Aislinn handle all that. He wanted to keep the wedding dress tradition. The president couldn’t take his eyes off his bride to be.

“Go on, gorgeous. I won’t speak of it again. I give ye my word. Ye have my love and support. All I want is for ye ta be happy and ye are. It’s in yer eyes. I love ye, Aislinn. I’ll see ye around.” The young woman watched as Brodie grabbed his guitar then kissed Riona on the cheek. He whispered something into the future bride’s ear then headed on out.

Chibs looked to Aislinn from afar as he was about to do Jax and Riona’s ceremony. Aislinn forced that smile letting him know everything was alright. Chibs nodded her direction then cleared his throat as he began.

Aislinn was quick to take her sister’s side. Ethan rolled his eyes however as there was no one standing beside Jax. He figured it would’ve been that Opie guy if not Chibs himself. But Opie fucked up and was in prison. Chibs was doing the ceremony. As for Happy? He wasn’t the best man type.

Ethan trotted on over, and Jax reared back.

“What are you doing?” He harshly whispered.

“Well someone has to give her away, and you need a best man!” Ethan whispered in return.

“You’re the best?!” Jax taunted.

“The best you’ll ever find, asshole!”

Jax chuckled, but there was a touch of sadness, one only Ethan recognized. Jax wanted Opie Winston by his side. Ethan imagined that’s what Jax foresaw when it came to this day. But that wasn’t happening. Ethan cleared his throat feeling slightly awkward now.

“Look, just let me give my sister away, and I’ll leave ya to it.”

Jax gave Ethan the signal and Ethan headed Riona’s direction.

“May I give you away?” He questioned with a touch of nerves.

Riona got a little choked up but nodded. Ethan took her hand into his own then walked her towards Jax. Chibs asked if he was giving the bride away and Ethan nodded. He kissed the top of her head then placed her hand into Jax’s.

“Take care of her. I mean it.” Ethan firmly put.

“I will,” Jax vowed.

“You better,” Ethan said but started to walk away.

Jax reached out and grabbed his arm. He pulled Ethan back towards him.

“Thought you were my best man, Tex.”

“Whatever you say, asshole.”

“Ethan!” Aislinn scolded but with a giggle.

She couldn’t believe her brother said that and during their sister’s wedding.


“Shhhh.” Aislinn shushed, and Ethan frowned.

“And before you think I didn’t dress up for this…” Jax randomly put.

The president removed his cut, along with the plaid button shirt he was wearing. Riona’s jaw dropped when a black dress shirt was revealed. Happy rushed on over then placed a black blazer on him. Jax stepped out of his usual jeans exposing the black dress pants beneath. Riona laughed when he kicked his white Nikes off and stepped into some freshly polished black dress shoes. Happy took off with the cut, denim jeans, and white shoes.

“How’d you…” Riona trailed off as she couldn’t muster the words.

She couldn’t get over the night and day transformation. All she could think about was getting him alone in that suit.

“Doesn’t matter… I’m marrying you. That’s all that matters.”

“Ye done?” Chibs uttered as he’d been trying to get to this for the past few minutes now.

“Aye, I’ll glue those gobs shut if I hafta!” Aislinn said and Chibs chuckled.

“Today is a celebration. 

A celebration of love, commitment, friendship, family and two people who are in it forever.

Ye don’t need a ceremony ta have a marriage.

So why do we do it?

This has been an important steppin’ stone to every culture, religion, and society in general…

This step is regarded as one of the most critical moments of our lives, and we acknowledge it by sharin’ this day with others. People we love and care aboot, whether they be blood or not, we’re all family here. Like JT once said blood isn’t family, loyalty is. The same goes with marriage.

Despite all our differences, love is somethin’ we all share.

No matter who we are, where we’re from, what we believe in, we know one thing for sure.

Love is the one thing we do right.

And that’s why Jackson and Riona are standin’ here today.

They want us to be a part of this moment, to share their story, the past, the now, the unwritten.

Some will be disappointin’, others excitin’.

We all will have a time where we look back and pause. We will smile at the moments that brought us here and look forward to the ones ahead.

I’m proud of you, both of you Jackie, Riona… Ye’ve come a long way and have been waitin’ for this day for some time. I’m very honored to be standin’ here and bringin’ you two together in matrimony.

Ye will spend the rest of yer days as one. Never forget that.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never dies.”

                Aislinn was blown away by Chibs’s words as he finished out the ceremony. She knew that was unscripted as Chibs hadn’t the time to prepare an actual speech. He just found out a few minutes ago he was doing the ceremony. Everything he said came from the heart. This had the young woman all aflutter as she gazed upon him. Chibs caught wind of the admirable look she was giving him and winked her direction. This had her blushing in response.

“Riona, you are my reason, my hope, my vision, my everything. No matter what the future holds, I want you right there beside me. I know we’ve been hurt and betrayed in this very instance. That’s what had us second guessing everything. But I’m done with the second guessing. You are what I want and all I need. I will spend the rest of my days proving as such.” Jax said as he placed the band on her finger.

“I will honor, love, and cherish you till my dying breath, Riona.”

The band he picked out was a perfect match. He wanted something that said him considering the engagement ring itself was her mother’s and something Ethan had a hand in.

“I don’t…” Riona started to say how she didn’t have a band for him but Aislinn handed one over.

Jax smiled, and Riona laughed.

“I can’t believe ya did all this.” She murmured in astonishment all over again.

“That’s my father’s ring. Only I will wear it with my vows in mind each and every day, just as he had for my mother, my brother, and me. I don’t think it a curse to wear this baby. I think of it as a reminder. That’s what we need. We got this.” Jax explained as to why he chose to wear his father’s wedding band.

Riona smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Oh, annnd I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley!” Jax added, and the Sons hooted, hollered, and whistled out.

Aislinn and Riona laughed as they hadn’t expected that one. Jax looked to her in waiting, and Riona recoiled.

“I don’t have any vows written!” She whispered in a panic.

“Oh stop it. We’re writers.” Her sister scolded.


“Just tell the man how ya feel. That’s all he needs to know!”

Riona gave a nervous laugh and closed her eyes for a brief moment. Once she had what she wanted to say in mind, she opened her eyes.

“Jackson, ya are everythin’ I never thought I’d have. I was done when it came to marriage. Hell, with men period.”

“Aye, ya saved her from becomin’ a woman lover!” Her sister teased and Riona sent her sister a look of utter hell. Ethan, however, was dying of laughter.

“Love ya!” Aislinn quipped.

“Aye, now shut yer trap, or I’ll give ya a puck!”

Aislinn giggled in response. Abel was standing beside Kip and giggling as well.

“I didn’t want this… or so I thought. But ya reentered my life and reminded me what it meant to have someone that truly gets you. We don’t always agree, and there’s bound to be some knockout dragouts ahead of us. But I know no matter what the future holds, we have each other, always will. I know ya hated the five-year wait and I know  ya was impatient when it came to us. But Jackson, it’s what we needed. Time had a way of makin’ us appreciate what we have now and if anythin’ we’ve grown fonder of one another and have more of an understandin’. We weren’t ready. It just wasn’t our time. Now is our time. We needed that absence. That’s what’s goin’ to pull us through and make us overcome those obstacles. Because we’ve already been down that road and made those mistakes. That’s what brought us together… all that pain. It lead us here, love. So yes, I will honor, love, and cherish ya till death due us part. Through sickness and health, what have ya. But I’m not goin’ through all them vows considerin’ this is our second time around.” She teased, and Jax laughed.

“Amen on that one,” Jax muttered with a smirk, and Riona snorted.

She placed the band on his finger and Chibs had them say their I do’s before pronouncing them as Mr. Jackson Nathaniel Teller and Mrs. Riona Raine Teller. From there, Chibs went on to sign their marriage certificate and jotted down the time and date. The Scot handed it to Riona and smiled.

“That’s not a receipt darlin’. Ye can’t take him back!” The Scot teased, and Riona died of laughter.

“That’s fucked up,” Jax grumbled, and Chibs shrugged.

“So what are ya startin’ with?” Aislinn questioned, and Riona narrowed her eyes in question.

“The weddin’ or birthday gifts?” Her sister said then pointed towards the two tables.

“What in the…”

“She’s fuckin’ with ya. Those are all birthday gifts.” Jax said.


“Yeah… We Sons tend to get carried away…”

Jax took noticed of the offbeat look on Riona’s face.

“Somethin’ wrong Mrs. Teller?”

“I just realized we’re goin’ to have our anniversary on my birthday!”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Guess that means double the spoiling, this time of year, every year!” He said while leading her to their first dance.

“I can’t believe ya did all this and without me even knowin’…”

“I have my ways, darlin’.”

“It was perfect, everythin’.”

“You deserve more than perfect. I want to give you everythin’ Riona.”

Aislinn and Bobby played while everyone danced and mingled. Bobby and Aislinn smiled amongst one another as everything seemed to be going smoothly for once. There was no drama. No fighting. Everything was just perfect. As for Jax and Riona? They were in another world as they danced. Chibs kept Abel entertained so the two could enjoy some one on one time.

Aislinn sang Something Just Like This By the Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Her sister looked over as she and Jax were dancing. Aislinn gave her sister a simple nod but kept singing. She had her sister floored as she sang all her favorite songs and ones that Jax personally requested. Aislinn went on to sing Stars by Skillet, and Chibs looked over as she got a little emotional during the song.

Bobby placed a soothing hand on Aislinn’s shoulder and took over while she gathered herself.

“Why’s Aunt Linny sad?” Abel questioned.

“I think she got a wee bit emotional. Weddin’s can do that.”

“But it no sad Uncle Chibs. My mommy and daddy married now!”

“That’s very true. But I think yer aunt is overcome with joy for yer mother and father.”

“So it makes her cry?”

“That’s right.”

“Mommy cries when she happy too, and I cry when she became my mommy.”

“So ye get it…”

Abel nodded.

“Yer a smart lad. Ye know that?”

“I know.”

Chibs chuckled at Abel’s response.

“I’m gonna ask yer aunt if she wants ta dance. Why don’t ye see what ole Kip is up ta?”


Chibs made certain Kip was paying attention before he headed Aislinn’s direction. Bobby decided to take matters into his own hands and slipped into his Elvis persona. Aislinn laughed as he started singing Don’t by Elvis Presley. Chibs caught her off guard however when he asked her to dance.

“To this?!” She taunted, and Chibs shrugged.

“Why not?!”

Aislinn laughed as he took her hand then led her towards the area where Jax and Riona were dancing.

“Ya know it’s funny…”

“What’s that?” Chibs questioned as he gave her a little spin.

“I didn’t think bikers danced.”

“We don’t.” Chibs firmly put, and Aislinn laughed.

“Is that so?”

“Aye, so word of this doesn’t leave this clubhouse!”


“I’ll hogtie ye and tickle the ever-livin’ shite out of ye!” He muttered but brought her head against his chest.

“Ye did good Ali…” He sincerely whispered.

“I lost it towards the end. Didn’t mean to.”

“It happens.”

“It just hit ya know… My sister isn’t a Lawless anymore. She’s a married woman!”

“Aye, and ye will be soon enough.”


Chibs regarded Jax and Riona in thought.

“Why don’t we have the wee one stay with us tonight? Give yer sister and Jax some time.”

“That’d be perfect!”

“Aye, I’ll let Jackie know.”

Chibs escorted her outside the clubhouse. He handed a cigarette over then cleared his throat.

“Brodie sure left in a hurry.”

“Aye…” Aislinn said before taking a drag off her cigarette.

“I’m guessin’ he didn’t take it as well as I’d hoped…” The Scot hinted as to his and Aislinn’s engagement.

“He’ll come around. Brodie has a certain way of dealin’ with things. I figured it best to let him deal.”

“Aye, ye have him pegged pretty well.”

“Did ya know he was comin’?”

“Nah, he just showed up.”

The young woman nodded in thought. Aislinn changed the subject thinking it best. That and it felt a little awkward talking about his lovesick cousin.

“What ya said… Ya know… during Jax and Riona’s ceremony. That was beautiful. Did ya come up with that off the top of your head?!”

“Aye,” Chibs uttered with a shrug.

He flicked his ashes onto the ground.

“Ya should write songs!”

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“I’m afraid that’s yer department there, pet. I can’t write for shite.”

“Didn’t sound like it to me.”

“Dammit…” Chibs whispered, and Aislinn lifted her head gathering what had his attention.

The Scot dropped his cigarette then stomped it out. He was quick to intervene before Gemma entered the clubhouse.

“Not today.” The Scot made clear.

Gemma narrowed her eyes in question.

“Go home.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Come on, Gem. This is Jackie’s day. I won’t have ye ruinin’ it for him.”

“Day?! What day?!”

Chibs gave a reluctant sigh but blocked Gemma’s path. He wasn’t letting her in that clubhouse for anything. This was the very thing Jax feared. He even said so in passing. He knew his mother would show up and ruin his wedding day. He would’ve invited her if she hadn’t been such a bitch as of late, to his old lady especially. Jax didn’t understand it. He thought she’d be more accepting of Riona considering everything the Lawless sisters had done for her grandson. But that wasn’t the case. That was his reason for not inviting her to the Fourth of July gathering as well. He came home to an earful. She filled up his voicemail that very night asking why she wasn’t invited.

“Ye can discuss it with him later. But at this very moment… I need ye ta get back in that car and drive on home.”

Gemma reached for the door anyhow, and Chibs gave her a little shove.

“Gem!” The Scot warned then pointed towards her car.

“If ye ever loved yer son. Ye’ll get off that high horse of yers and do as I tell ye!”

“What are you looking at?” She scoffed Aislinn’s direction.


“Mind your goddamn business.” Gemma scolded, and Chibs shook his head.

“Don’t ye go and start trouble with me girl just cause yer pissed with me. I know ye and yer gonna ruin what that boy’s got goin’. So turn around and start walkin’. Don’t ye stop until yer in yer car and headed on out of here. If I hafta tell ye again, I’ll carry ye out and lock the gates behind ye. If ye want yer car… I suggest ye listen.”

Gemma bitched under her breath but did as Chibs requested. Chibs locked up behind her.

“Is she always like that?”

“She has her moments.”

“She’s off her rocker!”

“Ye got that right. I wouldn’t bring this up to Jackie darlin’. Let them enjoy their weddin’ night.”

“I won’t say a word on it.”

Chibs nodded then backed her up against the clubhouse. He hiked up one of her legs then pressed himself against her. The Scot put his forehead to hers.

“Kind of wishin’ that was us taday,” Chibs admitted before pecking her on the lips.

The VP had Aislinn in mind with some of the things he said during Riona and Jax’s ceremony.

That’s what made it so easy for him to say how he felt on the matter. That and he knew Jax felt the same when it came to Riona. Jax was different with her. Better… Like that of Chibs when it came to Aislinn. Riona made Jax a better man.

“It will be before long.”

“Aye. I love ye darlin’.”

“Love ya too Scotty.”

“I can’t believe ya did this!” Her sister announced the moment Aislinn and Chibs entered the clubhouse.

She was looking to the birthday banner Aislinn had made. Ethan had told Riona about the pictures and how they made copies for Aislinn to use.

“It’s beautiful, Linny,” Riona said then hugged her.

“I’m glad ya like it.”

“I love it. I can’t believe he had all these!”

“Aye, I couldn’t either,” Aislinn said with a warm smile her brother’s direction.

“Look, at ya there! Ya were just a wee one!” Riona said then pointed to one of the ones with Aislinn on stage.

“She still is!” Ethan said, and Aislinn flipped him off.

“This honestly feels like a dream. I can’t believe ya, Jackson, and Ethan. You’re all mad!”

“But ya love us!” Aislinn said, and Riona smiled.

“Aye, more than ye’ll ever know. Never dreamed I’d be gettin’ hitched on my birthday! Just a wee bit awkward but I couldn’t imagine it any other way now. How’d ya keep all this hush-hush?”

“It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it just to see the look on your face,” Aislinn said, and Ethan nodded in agreement.

“That dress… I can’t get over it!” Aislinn said while admiring her sister.

“It’s a perfect fit!” Riona proudly put then spun around.

Riona came close to letting it slip about the irony. Riona was picking out her sister’s dress when she spotted this one for herself. But the young woman caught herself and was quick to bite her tongue. Chibs would’ve had her head if she let that one out of the bag.

“So Riona Raine Teller,” Aislinn said in thought, and Riona nodded.

“I thought ya’d be the one takin’ this leap first. I thought I was in the clear for a bit!” She teased, and Aislinn giggled.

“Nah, ya never were! That Jax is evil like that!”


“Ya got it all love. Looks good on ya.”

“Thank you, Linny.”

“You gonna open your gifts or what?” Ethan interrupted with a playful nudge.

“That seems almost overwhelmin’ at this point,” Riona said.

“Overwhelming?! Who says that about presents?!” Ethan teased.

He gestured for Aislinn to follow him so they could get her present. Riona watched as they headed into one of the back rooms. They wheeled out something in a big teal box. It had a lacy white ribbon around it.

“What on earth…”

“Well, open it!” Ethan encouraged then waved her over.

Jax whistled out gathering everyone’s attention. Everyone observed as Riona opened her first present. Riona laughed once she had the wrapping paper off it.

“Tell me there’s somethin’ else in that box. Ya didn’t really…”

“You’re right. There is. Like we could get ya a top of the line PC like that!” Aislinn scoffed, and Riona laughed.

“I figured. But why is it so heavy?!”

Ethan and Aislinn exchanged glances on this. Riona opened the box then staggered back.

“Ya didn’t…”

“That’s from me and Aislinn.” Ethan made clear with a wink in his sister’s direction.

“I can’t… It’s too much!” Riona said knowing this was a thousand dollar desktop if not more.

“You can and you will. Think of it as making up for all the birthdays I missed. Besides, I hear you need it for the office. So consider it a necessity. All we did is provide it for you. Happy Birthday, sis.” Ethan wholeheartedly put, and Riona got a little emotional.

“Ya two…” She whispered in disbelief.

“Aye, now everyone knows the truth! You’re a nerd! BIG ONE TOO! You’ll sit at that computer for hours now and think it’s fun!”Aislinn said as if in horror and Riona shook her head.

“I should’ve known ya’d go and pull some arseways shite like that!” Riona scoffed looking slightly embarrassed.

“Aye, you’re welcome!” Aislinn said, and everyone laughed.

Riona went on to open her other presents. Kip got her a box of Tootsie Pops that said getting old sucks.

She had a good laugh at this and thanked him. Piney gave her a card with cash but left a little note saying he didn’t know her or her sister very well but hoped to change that. She gave him a warm smile in exchange and Piney nodded in return. Tig got her a Tupperware box filled with condoms, lube, sex toys, and lingerie. Jax shook his head in a reprimanding manner.

“Birthday, not bachelorette party!” The president scolded, and Tig shrugged.

“Like those won’t come in handy! I got a nurse outfit somewhere in there. Maid too!”

Jax cocked a brow on this, and the Sons laughed. Riona’s entire face flushed over and she was quick to hide the lingerie. Juice got her a card with money. Happy got her a trash can filled with liquor and money. It read Let’s Get Trashed on the front.

“I love it!” She said, and Happy sent her a wink.

Bobby didn’t have his wrapped when he handed it over.

“Oh wow… Thank you Bobby!” Riona expressed as to the beautiful purple guitar.

Jax handed her one from Chibs and Riona regarded the Scot in surprise. She figured the gift Aislinn and Ethan gave her was from him as well.

“Before ye open that… I hadn’t any idea I was doin’ yer ceremony. Jackie caught me out of the blue with that one. So that gift is a wee bit ironic… I knew what he was plannin’ and couldn’t find ye a proper birthday gift. So I went with a weddin’ gift instead. I suppose that’s for ye and Jackie.” The Scot said while holding Abel.

Riona opened it with full-on curiosity. Her jaw dropped once she saw what it was. It was a personalized wall plaque, and it was beautifully done with her, Jax, and Abel’s picture. It read The Tellers and their wedding/ Riona’s birthdate.

(wall plaque example)

“Thank you, Chibs. It’s lovely, and I know just the spot for it.”

Jax knew where she was going with this and nodded in agreement. That was going right above the couch.

“That’s amazing. Thank you, Filip.” Jax wholeheartedly put.


Aislinn was blown away by this. She hadn’t a clue he’d even done that. He made no mention of it.

“That’s really somethin’ Scotty.” She complimented.

Riona thanked everyone once again, and Aislinn helped in gathering everything.

“Hold on…” Jax said then pulled something out from his blazer.

Riona narrowed her eyes as he handed an envelope over.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

The young woman opened the envelope and reared back in absolute surprise. But this wasn’t the gift Jax wanted to give her. No. He wanted to surprise her with Abel’s adoption papers. But he couldn’t do that until she was legal.


“Happy birthday baby.” He said as it was two tickets to Hawaii and it showed them leaving in the middle of August.

“Abel will be staying with your sister and Chibs. I got everything covered. This is happening.” Jax promised, and Riona jumped up and hugged him.

“Yer all fuckin’ mad! I can’t believe all this. I never would’ve imagined…”

“That’s the whole point. I wanted to surprise you. Everyone played a part… I didn’t want to wait. So I figured why not.”

“Aye, well ye just set yerself up for higher expectations! Yer anniversary will be on her birthday! If ye forget either one yer seriously fucked!” Chibs teased, and everyone laughed.

“Right?!” Jax mocked in return.

“Have yer cake then ye two get on out of here. Ali and I got the boy.” Chibs made clear.

“I’s staying with you and Aunt Linny?!” Abel squealed.

“That’s right, buck!”

“We’s going to have so much fun!”

“Oh yeah. We’ll get ye all sugared up then send ye home!”

“You would too!” Jax said, and Chibs didn’t deny this.

“Now that I need a picture of!” Jax said as Riona was on his Harley and in her wedding dress still.

“Jackson!” She scolded as he snapped a few shots then wiggled his brows.

“I gotta say… That’s one hell of a wedding dress babe. Talk about fucking sexy. Never seen anything like it.” He murmured then sighed as he had to cover up that pretty hair with his helmet.

“Sorry babe.” He said as she too frowned.

He wasn’t about to chance it. People were too damn ignorant when it came to bikers, and he knew his luck if he let her go without that helmet. It wasn’t worth the risk. Jax hiked part of her dress up then had her grab ahold of it. He climbed aboard afterward.

“You ready?” He called.

“Ya bet!” She said, and Jax nodded amongst himself as he hit the road.

“Hold on…” Jax murmured before she stepped inside.

Riona let out a small gasp as he scooped her up then carried her over the threshold.

“Tradition…” He said with a grin then locked up behind him.

Jax brought her into the bedroom then placed her on the bed. Jax removed his blazer and Riona started to take her shoes off.

“Leave em on. Leave everything on.” Jax made clear, and Riona raised her brows on this.

Jax took his shirt off then joined her on the bed.

“You look like a goddamn goddess. You know that?”

“Jackson…” She said behind a snort.

“I’m serious.” He said while running a hand up along her thigh.

“And to think… You’re all mine now.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing her.

Jax slid her panties on down her legs, and Riona kicked them off.

“Just like this…” He whispered then pressed his erection up against her.

Jax gave a little tease of what was to come. He kissed all along her shoulder and neck and continued with that mocking rhythm of his. The president smiled once he saw how wet the area of his crotch was getting. That was all her. Jax didn’t care if she ruined those pants. He wanted more. He did this until Riona couldn’t take it anymore. He sent her a bit of a smirk when she unzipped his pants. Jax was so hard he was standing at full attention and poking right through his boxers.

“Is that what you want, baby?” He seductively whispered.

Riona chewed on that lower lip of hers and nodded. Jax didn’t waste any time. He gave her just what she wanted. The man had her climaxing in waves. He didn’t break for anything. He kept that headboard rocking and had those knees of hers trembling. Jax could feel the heels of her shoes digging into him as her legs were wrapped around him. Something about that spurred him on even more. It was one of those pleasure with the pain moments, and he welcomed every second of it. Hell, part of him hoped she left permanent marks. He wanted something he could look back on. Not that he’d ever forget this day. This right here… was what he always wanted. He knew that five years ago and nothing about that had changed. She was his wife now… The mere idea had the man gritting his teeth. He encouraged her to get a tighter hold, and he thrust even harder. Her name fled from his lips as he spilled his seed within. Jax gave a few more pumps before pulling out.

“I think I’m gonna be a little selfish with you…” The president admitted in thought.

Riona regarded her husband wonder, and Jax kissed her.

“I want you to myself for a while…” He did his best to hint.

“Is that so?”

“Just a couple years…” Jax murmured.

Riona laughed as she thought back to what Abel had said as well.

“I think we can manage that.”

“I don’t mean to sound like I’m giving you an ultimatum. Just something about you… makes me want to enjoy this a bit longer. That’s all.”

“Trust me, Jackson. I think we’re in agreement there.”

Jax nodded then kissed her once again. It wasn’t long before he was up and raring to go again.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – All Of Me”

  1. Wicked chapter once again. you always seem to know when i am after something to read. this was perfect time once again.

    what a perfect day for them. Jax and riona. and it perfect birthday surprise for her. at least he can’t forget the day he married her lol. But for him to plan out the whole wedding without her knowing about.. that is just amazing from her dress to the presents even if there was some that should of been hidden away! lol

    Ethan and ali’s present was perfect. from the way they chose it to the way they were fighting about the price and how they were going to pay for it. I thought that was a perfect brother and sister scene and antics. lord knows i did that with my brother when it came to presents for someone in the family if we went in on it.

    Brodie appearing was surprising and perfect but i feel for him he let a good lady go way back when and now he is happy and in love with another as he loves her too.. he needs a nice lady too sometime. 😉

    Chibs reacting to Gemma.. I was waiting for fireworks the moment she was told no not today and to go home… even with Ali i was waiting for them. she loves to control and she is losing it over the business and over Jax and Abel and it is driving her crazy.

    The adoption papers for abel.. That got to me.. He has his mommy.. and she will never leave him and would do anything, everything within her power to protect him. Riona’s reaction.. perfect.. just as if she had given him life herself and she found him after a few years when he went *missing*.

    Once again your muse as entertained me when i need to be entertained. I pray and hope she keeps inspiring you to write these perfect chapters for your stories. that she always helps you find the words that you need. Until Next time.. *bows*

    (lets out the bitey dogs to have some fun and play with their toys on this special day) lol

  2. I about teared up with Brodie. Poor fella. It was wonderful of him to come but my heart hurt for him a bit. But the wedding and everything was perfect. I LOVE that cake! Good call on Chibs keeping Gemma out. It woulda been a fight. Excellent chapter

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