Chapter 3 – The Crows

Chapter 3 – The Crows

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“Can we get you anything?” One of the members of SAMCRO offered.

Riona lifted her head and glanced his direction. Her sister and Abel had fallen asleep on the SAMBEL couch.

“I’m good. Thank you.”

“You sure? We got plenty of booze, smokes, food… you name it.”

“Opie, right?”

The man seemed taken back by this and Riona smiled.

“We’ve met before. It’s been a few years.”

This had Opie getting a better look at the young woman sitting before him.

“You sure? I think I’d remember…” He said with a hint of flirtation and a warm smile in return.

“Aye, five years ago at The Crown’s pub, right here in Belfast!”

“Five years ago…” Opie uttered looking somewhat lost.

“Ya were SAMBEL’s guests, and your prez was JT, Jackson’s and Thomas’s father.”

Opie staggered back, and Riona gave a simple nod.

“Oh man, that was some time ago…”

“Aye, my sister and I had a gig that night.”

“Holy shit! I remember now! The Lawless sisters!”

Riona nodded once again, and Opie half laughed.

“Man…” He whispered and shook his head.

“Small world.”

“For sure. How’s the family?” Riona asked as she remembered Opie being married with a couple of kids.

“Wouldn’t know…”

Riona reared back in wonder, and Opie sat in the chair beside her.

“Wife left a couple of years ago, took the kids with her. Haven’t heard from her or the kids since.”

Riona’s jaw dropped, and Opie drew back a breath on this.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“Nah, it’s cool. Just one of those things.”

Riona hadn’t any words. She remembered how this man used to boast about his wife and kids and how anxious he was to get home so he could see them.

“I think I saw it coming. She was turning those kids against me, way before she jumped ship.” Opie admitted.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Opie nodded and lit up a smoke. He offered her one and Riona held up a hand as she turned his offer down.

“Not a smoker, huh?”

“Fraid not.”

Opie chuckled and leaned back as he smoked his cigarette.

“You drink?”


“Alright, let’s go have a drink. Looks like you could use one.”

Riona looked to her sister and Abel.

“We’re not going far,” Opie said and pointed towards the bar just a few feet away.

“It’ll calm your nerves and help you sleep. No offense, but you look fucking exhausted.”

“Aye…” Riona murmured.

Tried as she might, the young woman just couldn’t sleep, not with all these strange men around. Sure, they knew SAMBEL pretty well, and Riona trusted that Keith wouldn’t let anything happen to them. But they’d only met SAMCRO once, and that was half a decade ago. If Jackson or JT were here, she’d feel a little more at ease. Riona knew they could trust them. But with Clay as their prez? This had her on edge. She remembered how JT and Clay locked horns off and on. She didn’t like Clay, from the very beginning. So it was rather heartbreaking to hear Abel referring to that man as his grandfather. Whatever happened to JT?! She pondered. This had her looking to Opie as he pulled out a chair for her at the bar.

“Where’s JT?” She casually asked, and Opie didn’t answer at first.

He headed behind the bar and grabbed some Jameson. He poured them both a glass then slid hers on over.

“We buried JT a couple years ago.”

Riona couldn’t hide the stunned countenance on her face.

“And the boys?!” She asked with a hand over her heart.

“Thomas a few months before and Jax… Well, he’s facing twenty-five years to life.”

“You’re kiddin’,” Riona said and looked at the boy in thought.

“Wish I was…”

“How rude of me… I didn’t mean it like…”

“I know you didn’t. You were thinking the same thing I’ve been thinking. Who’s gonna take care of that boy?”

Riona nodded but felt somewhat emotional. Jackson Teller was facing LIFE?! Just what did he get himself into?! How could he do that to his son?! What happened within the past five years?! How could Thomas and JT be dead?!

“Hey…” The man called with concern.

Riona lifted her head, and Opie nodded her direction.

“You alright?”

“Aye… I might need another one of these.” She held up her empty glass, and Opie smiled.

“Gotcha!” He said and went on to fill her glass.

“So how ‘bout you tell me how you and your sister ended up in that ring?”

Riona drew back a hesitant breath on this.

“I understand if you’re not ready to dive into all that…”

“No. It’s fine.” Riona went on to tell their story, and Opie was blown away.

And Opie thought he was a piece of shit father… This Pepper was something else. How could you do that to your own kids?! Opie listened without interruption. He reached out and gave Riona’s hand a bit of a squeeze as she teared up towards the end. The young woman seemed a little uncomfortable and was quick to dry her face. Opie handed a tissue over and poured her another glass of Jameson.

“So neither of you were…” The man hinted, and Riona shook her head no.

The Son let out a breath of relief.

“The three of you lucked out. Took some balls what you did. But it saved your asses. Tough chick…”

“Chick?” Riona uttered.

“Would you prefer woman?”

“Chick will suffice,” Riona said with a shrug, and Opie laughed.

“So what’d Jackson get himself into?” She asked.

Opie lifted his eyes on this. He looked around the clubhouse before answering that.

“Don’t believe everything you hear. Jax was set up. That’s all I can really say.”

“I understand.” She said knowing it was a brotherhood thing.

Riona wasn’t about to press the man for more answers. The last thing she wanted was to get Opie into trouble or start some sort of drama. Still, she couldn’t help but have that heart sinking feeling. Not only did Riona lie to Abel, but she hadn’t realized just how much she was looking forward to seeing Jackson Teller again. Only to find that wouldn’t be happening now. She had wondered why he wasn’t with SAMCRO when they picked them up.

“Weren’t you married five years ago?”

Riona nodded, and Opie made a gesture towards her unoccupied wedding finger.

“What happened with that?” He curiously asked.

“I suppose ya could say he skipped town as well.” Riona vaguely put.



“Clearly an idiot…” Opie muttered under his breath.

Who would leave a knock-out like this? The man thought amongst himself.

“Aye, he was,” Riona said letting Opie know she had heard him.

Opie cleared his throat on this. Riona came to her feet, and Opie hurried on over. The young woman was shitfaced.

“Easy…” He said as he helped Riona into one of the back rooms.

Keith had a couple pillows and blankets set up on the floor.

“My sister…” She drunkenly put as Opie went on to lay her down.

“I’ll get her.” He said, and Riona nodded.

Opie headed on out and made his way to the couch where Abel and Aislinn where. He lifted the younger sister off the couch as she looked too peaceful to wake. What he hadn’t expected was for her to scream bloody murder when she came to. Abel sprang to his feet, and Opie froze with this wide-eyed appearance. Aislinn squirmed on out of his hold.

“Linny?” Abel called with a quivery lip.

Opie held up a hand as Aislinn backed away from him. The young woman fell in attempts to get away from him. Riona entered the room, and Opie sent her an apologetic glance. The man was lost on what to do as all eyes were on them now.

“Why’s you scared Linny?” Abel asked.

“Linny…” Riona softly called.

She inched her way over and hunkered down to her sister’s level.

“You’re alright love. He wasn’t goin’ ta hurt ya.”

Aislinn gathered her bearings and her entire face flushed over. She lifted her eyes, and they locked with Opie’s.

“I’m sorry.”

“No. I am. I wasn’t thinking.” Opie said and truly meant it.

These girls had been through hell and back. He could only imagine what Aislinn must’ve thought waking up to that. Opie was pissed with himself. The poor girl was backed into a corner of the bar and covering herself.

“Back off…” A voice seemingly rumbled from out of nowhere.

Keith had his and Clay’s boys clear the room. Opie gave the SAMBEL prez a respectful nod before heading out as well. Keith nodded Aislinn direction but kept his distance.

“Is Linny okay?” Abel questioned.

“She’s alright, aren’t ya love?” Riona said while offering her sister a hand.

Aislinn nodded then took her sister’s hand. Riona pulled her up but could barely stand on her own two feet. Keith took notice and took it upon himself to escort the girls into the room. Abel followed, and Keith looked to him after getting the girls situated.

“You wanna stay with the girls or your grandfather?”

“With my friends,” Abel said with a nod of assurance, and Keith smiled.

“Ya got it. I’ll get ya an area set up.”

Abel crawled into the covers and lay between the girls.

“Well, that works too.”

Keith nodded amongst himself as the three of them were out within a matter of minutes.

Aislinn shot up and took off running towards the ladies room. She hadn’t taken notice of Happy and Juice playing a game of pool when she passed by.

“Must really need to go.” Juice uttered, but Happy tilted his head and was looking to the floor.

“Your turn…” Happy murmured and went on to discreetly clean up after Aislinn.

He made no comment as to the trail of what looked to be blood and urine. Juice narrowed his eyes in question after taking his shot. Happy gave a simple nod after tossing the paper towels into the trash and washing his hands after.

“What?!” Juice asked.

“Spilt my beer.” Happy murmured with a shrug but glanced towards the ladies room with concern.

Aislinn had the door to the ladies room locked and was scrubbing the hell out of the pants she had been wearing. Tears were streaming down her face as the pain was damn near unbearable. But she wasn’t about to exit that room with her denims looking like that. She scrubbed them best as she could then held them under the hand dryer. It took her a bit, but she finally managed to make those jeans a little more presentable. She folded a few paper towels and used them as pads. Aislinn put her jeans back on then glanced upon her reflection in the mirror. She nodded amongst herself and tied the over shirt she had been wearing around her waist. She checked herself over once again and let out a sigh of relief as no bloodstains were showing. The young woman fixed her hair and adjusted her clothing before stepping on out. She damn near jumped at the sight of Happy and Juice as she hadn’t taken notice of them before. Happy nodded in greeting.

“Wanna join us?” He offered, and Aislinn seemed rather surprised by the Son’s invitation.

“Aye, why not.” She said figuring she could use the distraction.

Happy handed his pool stick over then went on to grab another one.

“How ‘bout a beer?” Juice offered.

“Maybe somethin’ a little harder?”

“We can do that!” Juice headed to the bar and returned with the Jameson Riona, and Opie had been drinking earlier.

“That’ll work.”

Happy and Juice looked to one another as the girl chugged it straight from the bottle. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand afterward. Happy shrugged and took a swig as well.

“So that’s what we’re doing.” Juice uttered before taking a pull.

“Ya never drank after a woman before?” Aislinn teased as to Juice’s reaction.

Happy chuckled on this and Aislinn sent Juice a playful wink.

“Had ta bust your balls a bit. Never seen a man so uncomfortable drinkin’ after someone.  You’ll feel better once you’re nice and langered.”

Aislinn went on to take her shot as they already had the table set up. Happy smiled then nodded Juice’s direction.

“I like her.”

“You would.” Juice uttered.

Aislinn sunk a couple of balls in before it was Juice’s turn. Happy took notice of the painful grimace on Aislinn’s face, however. He nodded amongst himself then vanished for a brief moment. He returned with some prescription strength pain pills Chibs had given him back in Charming. There were only two left, and he didn’t need them anymore.

“What’s this?” Aislinn asked as he handed her the bottle.

He pointed to the label.

“Tramadol.” She whispered, and Happy nodded.

“Don’t need em.” Happy said with a shrug and took his turn at the pool table.

Aislinn looked at the bottle with apprehension. What she wouldn’t give to relieve some of that pain. But she didn’t know these guys. They weren’t with SAMCRO five years ago when she and Riona first met them. This guy could be handing her some sort of date rape pill for all she knew.

“You can’t drink with that shit,” Juice warned, and this had Aislinn looking his direction.

“It’s strong.” He added and went on to sink a ball into one of the pockets.

“Is it now?”

“One ought to do it. You can take the other tomorrow.” Happy said.

Those painful cramps weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Aislinn said a silent prayer before popping one of the pills into her mouth and chasing it down with the Jameson. Happy took the bottle from her hold afterward.

“I’d stick to water.” He made clear, and Aislinn nodded.

The two men seemed genuinely concerned for her wellbeing. That put the young woman a little more at ease.

“Aye, thank ya!”

“No prob.” Happy said as they got back to their game.

Aislinn did as the boys suggested and stuck to water throughout the rest of the day. That one pill was working wonders so far. Sure, there was still some pain off and on, but nothing like it was. This made things a little more bearable, and she could walk without having to keep hunched over. This had her wishing there were more. Hopefully, these would keep her on track until she could figure something else out.

“Damn… you’re good.” Juice said after playing a few games.

“Aye, sorry ‘bout that.”

Happy chuckled as Juice had lost every game against her, whereas Happy won a couple.

“So where were you two five years ago?” Aislinn asked, and this had both men tilting their heads in wonder.

“Ya know when your MC visited…”

“I was a prospect, and this one wasn’t even born.” Happy teased and Aislinn laughed.

“Ah, so you’re the baby!”

“Not quite. I think Half-Sack takes that title.”


The guys nodded.

“Ya mean ta tell me there’s a lad named Half-Sack?”

Happy grinned ear to ear and nodded.

“So which one of ya is Full-Sack?” She witted, and Juice and Happy raised their hands.

Aislinn laughed as Tig was half out of it on the couch but managed to raise his hand as well.

“And how old is this Half-Sack?”


Aislinn heard as another man responded. This had the young woman craning her neck that direction.

“I wasn’t aware that such a stunning babe had taken interest.” The SAMCRO prospect added and Aislinn raised her brows.

“Ya must be Half-Sack.”

“That’s right and how old are you?”


“So it’s fate.”

He said then ran a hand along her ass as he passed by.

“I wouldn’t do that again. Not unless ya want a good puck.” Aislinn warned.

“Puck?” Half-Sack questioned.

“Meanin’ she’s about ta sock ya one!” Keith called as he had picked up on this and sent Half-Sack of a look of warning.

The SAMBEL president made his way over and pecked Aislinn on the cheek.

“How’d ya sleep?”

“I slept alright.”

“Brought some late lunch. Clay’s grillin’ it up out front. Ya should take the wee one and your sister along. Ya gotta be starvin’.”


Aislinn headed off, and Keith looked to the boys once she was out of sight.

“Those girls have been through more than we could ever imagine. Hands to yourselves. Ya might be my guests, but I haven’t any issue kickin’ your arses out!”

Keith said his peace then went about his way.

“Damn… We didn’t even do anything.” Half-Sack complained and Happy smacked him on the back of the head.

“OWW! What was that for?!”

“Bein’ a half-nutted dimwit.” Happy muttered.

This had Juice looking to Happy. He wasn’t used to seeing this side of Happy. But something about Aislinn had Happy on edge; Juice just couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Was he crushing on her or something? But even at that, this didn’t seem like Happy at all. Happy went about his way leaving Juice and Half-Sack looking to one another in question.

Abel giggled as Aislinn tickled him awake.

“You is silly Linny.” He said and pulled the covers up over his face.

“Am I now?”

“YES!” He said with another giggle and squirmed about as Aislinn continued in her tickling.

Riona opened her eyes and was looking their direction.

“Ya two are awfully loud!” Riona playfully complained.

“Aye, and you’re just cranky. Maybe ya should go back to sleep.”

“I would if you weren’t bein’ so loud!”

Abel crawled over Riona in attempts to get away from Aislinn. He hid behind Riona and was peeking over her shoulder.

“You can’t gets me!” He said, and Aislinn regarded the boy in a challenging mannerism.

“Is that right?!”

Abel nodded and shot to his feet. He took off running, and Riona laughed as Aislinn chased after him. Keith chuckled as they passed by him. Abel darted outside the clubhouse as Tig had the door open.

Aislinn managed to snatch him up, and Abel giggled and squirmed about in her hold. Clay was at the grill and looking their direction.

“He seems pretty happy, considering…” Tig murmured, and Clay nodded in agreement.

“Got lucky. Kid wasn’t touched.”

“Oh yeah, Jax would’ve lost his shit.”

“He’s not the only one.”

“I still think we should’ve told him,” Tig said, and this had Clay looking his sergeant’s direction now.

“That would’ve been a big mistake, and you know it.”

“I don’t think you’re giving Jax enough credit.”

“Doesn’t matter. He’s facing life. Hell, even at twenty-five years the kid will be grown with kids of his own.”

Tig drew back a frustrated breath on this.

“We gotta get them out of there. Chibs will be an old man!”

“He’s already old.” Clay witted with a grin, and Tig shook his head but with a smile.

“They don’t deserve this, Clay.”

“I agree. But what can we do? Short of breaking them out ourselves…”

They nodded Aislinn’s direction as she made her way over with Abel.

“Grandpa we is hungry!” Abel said, and Clay smiled.

“Are you now?”


“Hmm guess I better feed you.”

Clay handed Aislinn two plates. The plates had sausage and hamburgers on them. Aislinn laughed as Abel’s tummy growled.

“Better get some food in that tummy.” Clay said, and Abel nodded.

“It loud!”

“Thank you,” Aislinn said, and Clay nodded in response.

Aislinn sat hers and Abel’s plates down, and they went on to eat.

“The sisters… don’t they look familiar?” Tig asked.

“I thought that same thing,” Clay admitted.

“Could you imagine… having a roll in the sack with those two?” Tig whispered and was scoping Aislinn out.

“Sweet little Irish sisters…” Clay uttered with a wide grin, and Tig laughed.

“The corruption in itself would be a lot of fun,” Clay added and went on to make another plate as he saw Riona making her way over.

Clay handed Riona’s plate over, and she thanked him. Clay tilted his head and watched as she walked away.

“Damn…” Tig heard his president mutter as Riona joined her sister and Abel at the table.

“Riona right?” Clay whispered in inquiry and Tig nodded.

“Now she is smoking. The younger one could use some meat on those bones.”

“She’s still growing…” Tig cruelly put, and Clay died of laughter.

This had the girls looking their direction, and the guys cleared their throats.

“Want a beer to wash those down with?” Clay offered and the youngest nodded.

“Go get them some beers.”

“Why me?” Tig questioned with slight annoyance.

“Because I said so.”

Tig headed inside and grabbed the cooler that Luther had set aside. The girls got to know most of SAMCRO during their lunch. So far they had met Clay, Tig, Juice, Happy, Opie, and Half-Sack. They encountered Bobby back at Quinn’s Pub, but the Son was currently hungover and passed out somewhere in the clubhouse. It was during all this that Aislinn looked to her sister.

“Where are the others?” She hinted as to the Tellers, and Otto.

It was then that Aislinn remembered Abel’s comment about his father and this Uncle Chibs of his being in prison. She hadn’t a chance to even tell Riona. Riona recoiled, and Aislinn narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“I’ll explain later…” Riona whispered.

Aislinn frowned but nodded in understanding.

Opie had taken it upon himself to sit beside Riona. Clay was somewhat bitter on this as he’d plans of sitting beside her once he was done grilling. Half-Sack plopped down then moved Abel to the other side of him so he could be by Aislinn. Abel cut Half-Sack a dirty look, and the prospect reared back on this. Aislinn took notice and was laughing so hard she was crying. She reached behind Half-Sack and took Abel by the hand. She pulled the kid back over then reached over and grabbed his plate as she seated him back down.

“Sorry, Half-a-Sack. The lad’s got game.” She patted the top of Abel’s head, and Abel stuck his tongue out at Half-Sack.

“They MYYY friends, no yours!” Abel said behind a giggle.

“Damn…” Half-Sack uttered and acted as if he were genuinely wounded by Abel’s words.

Abel smiled.

“I’s just playing. They can be yours too, but I sits here, and you sits there, okay?”

“Got it little mac daddy.”

Aislinn fist bumped Abel and Abel giggled.

“Daddy does that all the time.”

“Does he now?”

“Yeah. I can’t waits to see him!”

Riona overheard this and yet again that heart sinking feeling hit.

“You alright?” Opie asked, and Riona nodded.

“I wants daddy and uncle Chibs to meet my friends,” Abel said while leaning over the table and looking towards his step-grandfather.

Clay glanced the boy’s direction.

“We’ll see what we can do kid.”

Abel nodded and reached over handing Riona his dessert. Riona lifted her eyes, and they met with the boy’s.

“You can has it. You gave me your cookie when the monsters had us.”

“Monsters?” Clay questioned, and Abel nodded.

“The mean man had monsters with guns.”

This had Riona and Aislinn looking to one another. They could easily see how a four-year-old would picture those armed men in black as monsters.

“Linny says she wants to kill allll the monsters!”

Aislinn snapped the kid a rather stunned look, and Abel nodded. She hadn’t realized the kid even heard that. She was talking to herself when she was concerned about Galen having his way with her sister. Aislinn sent her sister an apologetic look.

Abel finished with his plate then went off to play with Happy and Tig.

“Mind watching what you say around my grandson?” Clay said, and this had everyone looking his direction.

The president, however, was looking right at Aislinn.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize he was listenin’…” The young woman admitted.

Clay shook his head and observed his step-grandson from afar. Happy was tossing him into the air and catching him.

Half-Sack scooted in a little closer then winked Aislinn’s direction. The young woman took no notice and came to her feet.

“Linny…” Riona called with concern.

Aislinn said nothing as she dumped what was left on her plate and headed inside. Riona looked to Clay after.

“I understand your concern, but I can assure ya my sister meant nothin’ by it. If she had known the boy was listenin’…”

Clay sighed in interruption.

“I get it. Trust me I do. But I can’t have the boy going back home and talking about monsters.”

Riona shook her head in disbelief.

“But they were monsters, at least to a four year’s mind. We can’t control what goes through the boy’s mind or what those men did. Take that into consideration before ya go and make my sister feel like utter shite over somethin’ she had no control of!” Riona shot to her feet, and Opie recoiled.

“What was that about?!” Opie asked after she stormed off.

“Who knows maybe they’re sharing a cycle.” Clay cruelly hinted.

“I meant with you…” Opie made clear.


“Yeah… I mean was that really necessary?”

“Think about it… First thing that kid’s gonna want to do is visit his old man. He starts going on about guns and monsters, and Jax will have all our asses! We gotta pull that kid aside and have a good ole talk before we even think about heading back!”

“You don’t honestly think we can keep this from Jax still, do you?!” Opie asked in disbelief.

“We don’t have a choice. We spent how long lying about Abel being sick?!”

“I can’t believe this… So we’re going to sweep this under the rug like nothing even happened?!”

“That’s the plan.”

“And what happens when that rug gets lifted?”

“Gotta agree with Op on that one,” Bobby said as he finally made an appearance.

He had his shades on but was shielding the sun from his eyes.

“You look like shit.” Clay said, and Bobby nodded as he joined them at the table.

“Feel like it too.”

Clay looked to Opie once again.

“As to your question… We do whatever it takes to keep that rug intact.”


“I’ll talk to Keith before we leave.”

“You really think he’s gonna follow through and act as if all is right in the world?” Opie challenged.

“You know how tight he and JT were. Hell, we’re lucky word hasn’t gotten back to Jax already.”

“Because Keith assumes Jax already knows. Now hush it up…” Clay said as Abel was making his way over and showing his grandfather what Happy had given him.

“I gots five dollars!” Abel exclaimed then pointed to a tooth he lost.

Happy made his way over and had the tooth in hand.

“It’s amazing what a good smack will do.” Happy teased while giving Abel noogie.

Abel laughed.

“You no smack me. It just come out.” Abel said, and Happy nodded.

“Good cover kid!”

Abel looked to his grandfather with a serious demeanor.

“Grandpa is Happy really the tooth fairy?!”

“Well, he certainly has his fairy moments.” Tig taunted, and Happy dead legged him.

“Son of a…” Tig trailed off, and Abel was giggling.

“You is funny.”

Clay looked to Happy and nodded.

“That’s right son. The secret is finally out. Happy is the tooth fairy.”
Abel’s jaw dropped, and he looked to Happy.

“But you’s not a girl!”

“Who says the tooth fairy’s a girl?!” Happy challenged while flexing his muscles and Abel giggled.

“Can I has my tooth now?! I wants to show Riona and Linny!”

Happy nodded and handed the bloody tooth over. Abel took off and headed into the clubhouse.

“Oh my, look at that!” Riona exclaimed as Abel went on to show her and Aislinn his tooth.

The girls were kicked back on the couch and talking about the incident from earlier. Riona could tell her sister wanted to shrug it off and let it be. Everyone was under a lot of stress as Aislinn herself had mentioned and the sisters summed it up to be just that. Clay was thinking like a grandfather and not so much about the situation they had been in.

Riona took it upon herself to get Abel cleaned up. He showed her the five dollars Happy had given him. Then told her how his grandpa said that Happy was the tooth fairy. Riona had a good laugh at this. She exited the ladies room to see Opie waiting outside the door. He nodded her direction then apologized for his president’s behavior.

“Aye, I think we’re all just a little on edge… ” Riona whispered in return, and Opie nodded in agreement.

Riona set Abel down, and the boy took off Aislinn’s direction. Opie gestured towards one of the pool tables.

“How ‘bout a game?”

“Ya wanna play pool?”

“Sure. Nothin’ else to do.”

Opie grabbed a couple of cue sticks then handed one over. Riona chalked hers as Opie set up the table.

“Ladies first.”

Riona nodded, and Opie just stood there as this woman took shot after shot and before he could even think about what was happening; she called one of the corners and sunk the eight ball.

“What would ya like ta do next?” She teased, and Opie blinked a few times while rubbing the back of his neck.

“So… pool shark?!”

“Aye, my father taught me, and I taught Linny. She’s nowhere near as good as I am though. So ya might wanna ask her.”

“That’s just cruel.” Opie murmured with a grin.

“Sorry. The look on your face though. Ya weren’t expectin’ that now were ya?”

“Not even a little.” Opie sat up the table again.

“It might be best if ya go first this time.”

Opie bitched under his breath but went on to take his shot. He managed to get three balls in before it was Riona’s turn. He nodded as she kicked his ass yet again. Opie put up the cue sticks and gestured towards the dart board.

“Do I even stand a chance?” He asked, and Riona laughed.

“Guess you’ll find out.”

“Fair enough,” Opie said as he grabbed the darts.

“Happy, you wants to play too?” Abel asked as Happy welcomed himself to the table Abel and Aislinn were sitting at.

“What are you playing?” Happy questioned.

“Go fish!” Abel said, and Happy nodded.

“Deal me in!”

Aislinn snorted as Tig plopped down beside her and swiped Happy’s cards.

“Is you okay?” Abel asked as Aislinn was hugging her stomach.

“Aye, I’m fine love.”

“Does you hurt cause Jimmy do that?”

Aislinn tilted her head on this. Surely, he hadn’t meant that. How would the lad even know? The young woman pondered. This had Happy and Tig’s attention as well.

“More like the food isn’t agreein’ with me.” She did her best to cover with a smile.

Aislinn dug into her pocket and took the medicine Happy had given her. She tried being discreet, but Happy recognized the pill and nodded amongst himself.

“Yeah, I’m gassy too man.” Tig uttered, and Aislinn laughed.

“Are ya now?” Aislinn teased.

“Oh yeah…” Tig patted his belly, and Abel giggled.

The young woman chugged some water down then went on to reshuffle the cards. To Aislinn’s surprise Clay joined them as well. He stuffed a cigar into his mouth and gestured for Aislinn to deal him some cards as well.

“Damn, is there anything you won’t kick my ass at?” Opie asked.

“I’m sure there are quite a few things.”

Opie chuckled and popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“GO FISH!” They heard Abel holler and this was followed by Clay sighing.

“Ya any good?” Riona teased with a wave that direction.

Opie raised his brows at this.

“Go fish?”


“The best!” Opie witted in return, and Riona died of laughter.

“Alright, let’s see how good ya really are!”

Opie nodded but was somewhat disappointed. He wanted more one on one time. He rather enjoyed her company. It’d been awhile since he had fun with another woman like that. He didn’t count the sexual escapades he had with the Crow Eaters and various porn stars. No, this was different.

Riona joined everyone else at the table, and Opie gathered a couple more chairs.  Most of SAMBEL had already headed home for the night, leaving just the girls, Liam, and SAMCRO.  Keith assured Riona that they were in good hands before heading out. To the sisters’ great surprise, the Sons ended up playing several rounds of Go Fish. Abel was starting to get a little restless however and wanted to do something else.  He tugged his grandfather’s sleeve.

“Can I color?”

“Sure you can.” Clay rose from the table then went on to gather Abel some paper and something to color with.

Aislinn came to her feet as well and gave her sister’s hand a bit of a squeeze.

“I think I’m gonna turn in.”

This had Riona looking at the time.

“But it’s only six!”

Aislinn didn’t comment and went about her way.

It was then that Riona realized she hadn’t told her sister about the Tellers yet. That wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have around Abel or the Sons for that matter. She knew it would come as a bit of a shock to her sister and from the way Opie was acting, he didn’t want it to let on that he told Riona much.

The Sons went on to do their own thing, and Riona just sat there for a moment. She thought back to when she first met SAMCRO…

Memory Lane:


That old dog has chained you up all right

Give you everything you need

To live inside a twisted cage

Sleep beside an empty rage

I had a dream I was your hero


Damn I wish I was your lover

I’d rock you till the daylight comes

Make sure you are smiling and warm

I am everything

Tonight I’ll be your mother

I’ll do such things to ease your pain

Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed

Open up gonna come inside

Gonna fill you up

Make you cry


I can’t stand to see you black and blue

I give you something sweet each time you

Come inside my jungle book

It’s just too good

Don’t say you’ll stay

Cause then you go away


Damn I wish I was your lover

I’ll rock you till the daylight comes

Make sure you are smiling and warm

I am everything

Tonight I’ll be your mother

I’ll do such things to ease your pain

Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed


For me, there is no other

You’re the only shoe that fits

I can’t imagine I’ll grow out of it

Damn I wish I was your lover


If I was your girl believe me

I’d turn on the Rolling Stones

We could groove along and feel much better

Let me in

I could do it forever and ever, ever n’ ever

Give me an hour to kiss you

Walk through heaven’s door I’m sure

We don’t need no doctor to feel much better

Let me in

Forever and ever and ever and ever


I sat on the mountainside with peace of mind

I lay by the ocean making love to her with visions clear

Walked for days with no one near

And I return as chained and bound to you


Damn I wish I was your lover

I’ll rock you till the daylight comes

Make sure you are smiling and warm

I have everything

Tonight I’ll be your mother

I’ll do such things to ease your pain

Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed

Fuck for me there is no other

You’re the only shoe that fits

I can’t imagine I’ll grow out of it

Damn I wish I was your lover

Open up gonna come inside

Gonna fill you up

Make you cry

Just as the Lawless sisters finished their song, someone hollered out in a wolf-like howl. Riona was first to lock eyes with the blue-eyed, blond-haired biker. He gave a simple nod and held his beer in a toasting mannerism. This was followed by a flirtatious wink. Riona could hear her sister giggling as she put her guitar away.

“He’s cute…” Aislinn whispered as she walked on down the stage.

Riona watched as her younger sister headed to the bar and grabbed a beer. Cute?! Come on Linny. The man is a walking neon sex sign. The older sister shook her head in thought. This man was staring a hole in her and with this sexy little smirk. Yeah, I get it you know you’re hot stuff. Riona thought and laughed amongst herself. She set her guitar down then went on to break for the next gig. They had a couple of hours until they were on again.

“Aye, ya two nailed it!” The manager called as Riona stepped on down.

“Hope so!”

“Nah, ya did. Why do you think I try hoggin’ ya up every weekend? You two really draw in a crowd. I mean look at this! It’s jammers! ” The manager by the name of McGregor waved his hands about as it was a full house and people were standing outside just to get in.”

Riona smiled at this.

“Drinks are on the house tonight.”

“Don’t tell my sister that. She’ll drink ya dry!”

McGregor laughed and glanced her sister’s direction. She was on her second beer already and talking to Liam of SAMBEL. The MC member made the mistake of getting too handsy with Aislinn and Riona sighed as her sister scolded Liam then shoved him back. Before Riona could even come to her defense a younger man with the same blue eyes and blond hair pulled Liam aside and was giving him a talking to. Riona raised her brows as the two seemed to be arguing. The older man blue-eyed from earlier made his way over and pried the two apart. He sent Riona an apologetic glance but went on to check on her sister.

“You alright?” The man asked.

“Well isn’t he a sight for sore eyes!” Aislinn said and with a grin her sister’s direction.

“Linny…” Riona scolded.

“Linny, huh?” The man asked, and Riona nodded.

The man looked to what appeared to be a younger version of himself.

“Her name’s Linny…” He said with a mischievous grin, and the younger man seemed to be a little red in the face.

“Actually it’s Aislinn, but my sister calls me Linny.” Aislinn corrected.

The men nodded and the older one locked eyes with Riona’s.

“And your name…?”


“Riona…” He further pressed.

“Lawless,” Riona said while pointing to the performance banner.

“Right… my bad.” The man uttered with that smirk of his.

“Jax Teller and this asshole is my brother Thomas.”

“Aye, that certainly explains it.” Riona murmured and Jax tilted his head in question.

“He’s a spittin’ image of ya.”

“Yeah, we get that all the time.”

“Alright, son quit hogging them up!” A much older man said then wrapped his arm around Jax and Thomas’s shoulder.

“Don’t believe a word this one says darlins’. Jackson will say whatever he can to get you into bed with him.”

“Dad…” Jax damn near growled looking slightly embarrassed.

The older man chuckled then patted his eldest on the shoulder. The president held out his hand in greeting afterward.

“JT and you are…”


“Ah, beautiful name. Queen, right?”


“Your name… it means queen.” JT reiterated.

“Aye,” Riona said and was blown away that this American man knew that.

“Show some respect son. You’re standing before a queen.”

Jax managed to laugh, and Riona blushed in response.

“And you?” JT asked as he held out his hand for Aislinn as well.


“Pretty names to go with those pretty faces,” JT said with a warm smile.

“Why don’t you two join us?” JT offered and was pointing towards the table where SAMBEL and the American MC were.”

Riona looked to her sister in thought.

“Sure. Why not?” Aislinn said with a shrug.

“Great. We’ll order some rounds and food for the table.” JT said and headed off with his sons.

“Rough lookin’ bunch aren’t they?” Aislinn whispered, and Riona laughed.

“Not any rougher than our usual.”

“True that.”

“If I wasn’t married I’d eat him up,” Riona whispered and pointed towards Jackson.

Aislinn snorted on this.

“Aye now, Nicholas loves ya, and he’s rather yummy himself. At least ya used ta think so!”

Riona didn’t comment. Aislinn hadn’t a clue about her sister’s suspicions when it came to Nicholas. Riona knew he was cheating on her and had been off and on for some time. She just hadn’t the proof she needed in order to file for divorce.

“And what about you Linny?”

“What about me?”

“Aren’t ya even goin’ ta try? That younger fella seems nice.”

“They’re bikers, Riona.”

“And what did I teach ya about judgin’ a book by it’s cover. Ya think people don’t look at us and think we’re just some sad karaoke singers?”

Aislinn curled her lip at this and Riona laughed knowing that’d get under her sister’s skin.

“Come on Linny. Ya promised ya’d get out there…”

“But we don’t know these lads.”

“Actually I do, well not the American folk. But SAMBEL and I go back a ways. I’ll talk to Keith and make certain Liam leaves ya be, the Rale Bulgarian. We got a whole two hours ta kill before we’re even on again and we’re here all night. That’s a solid eight hours at least, so let’s make the best of it and have some fun. Somethin’ tells me these boys are here till closin’.”

“Riona!” The manager called from the bar and was holding the phone in his hand.

Riona had her sister go on and gestured for her to sit next to Keith, knowing she’d be in good hands. She answered the phone already knowing…


“Just lettin’ ya know I won’t be home tonight. Got another graveyard shift to pull.”

Riona shook her head and was glancing Jax’s direction again. The biker nodded in response and Riona smiled.

“Another aye?”

“I’m sorry Riona. Ya know how crazy these shifts are.”

Is that why I found a pair of panties in your glove compartment? Riona thought as her husband went on about how busy of a day he had.

“It’s alright, Nick. Aislinn and I will be here for a bit ourselves.”


“Aye, it’s jammers over here (full house).”

“That’s great love!”

“I thought so.”

“I have to go Riona. I’ll catch up with ya later.”

“Alright. Lov…” She started to say, but he’d already hung up.

Riona let out a miserable laugh and handed the phone back to McGregor.

“Ya alright?”


“Another double shift?!” He asked.

Riona nodded and started to head on over towards the table but froze. She spun back around and nodded McGregor’s direction.

“Mind if I make a quick call?”

“Not at all.” The manager waved towards the phone letting her know it was all hers.

Riona drew back a hesitant breath as she called a good friend of her husband’s. 


“John, sorry ta bother ya but I was on the phone with Nick, and his phone cut out before I could make out what he was sayin’. Is he pullin’ another graveyard shift tonight?”

“Another?” John questioned.


“What graveyard shift? Ya must’ve misheard him. Nick’s on his way home. Clocked out half an hour ago!”

“Aye, I figured I must’ve misunderstood. Sorry to have bothered ya.”

“No prob.”

Riona hung up the phone and was on the verge of tears. It was bad enough Nicholas had been somewhat controlling as of late and now this? There was no question about it. He was most certainly running around. Riona did her best to hold herself together.

“Riona?” McGregor called with concern.

“Mind if I have some whisky?”

McGregor handed a bottle over.

“Take it.”

“The bottle?!”

“Aye, ya’ve more than paid for it already with business boomin’. I have ya girls ta thank!”

Riona smiled as McGregor pecked her on the cheek then gestured for her to go on.

The young woman took the bottle of whiskey and joined her sister at the table. This had her sitting right next to Jax. The man cocked a brow as Riona took a swig of whiskey, straight from the bottle.

“Riona?” Aislinn called.

“Since when do ya go and drink like that?!” Her sister added as Aislinn knew her sister wasn’t much of a drinker.

“Since now.” Riona somewhat snipped, and Aislinn reared back.

Riona hadn’t meant to snap at her, but she was feeling somewhat bitter on having Nicholas lying to her all this time.

“You alright there darlin’?”

Riona looked over and forced a smile Jax’s direction.

“I’m fine Jackson.”

“I know you’re fine. But I’m asking if you’re okay…” Jax said with a hint of flirtation but true concern.

“I’m okay.”

“You’re not okay…” She heard him say, but her vision became distorted, and Jax started to fade…

“Jackson?” She questioned in confusion.

 She looked around the table, and everyone else began to fade as well.

“LINNY?!” She shouted as her sister had disappeared.  

“You should’ve called me, Riona.” She heard in Jax’s voice, but he was nowhere to be found.   

Riona found herself backed into the corner of her old kitchen. She lifted her head to see Nicholas standing before her. He threw the pictures he’d taken of her and Jax then socked her in the gut.  



Riona gasped out and nearly fell.

“SHIT!” Opie hollered and was quick to break her fall.

It was then that Riona realized she’d fallen asleep.

“Jesus,” Opie whispered as he looked her over.

“Talk about one hell of a nightmare. I’ve been trying to wake you for the past couple minutes!”

Riona shook her head in confusion.

“What time is it?”

“It’s ten.”

“In the morn?!”

“No night.”

“You passed out nearly four hours ago.”

“I what?!”

“You were sitting there one minute, and the next minute you’re out, like a goddamn light. It was the craziest thing.”

Opie cleared his throat once he got her situated.

“You said his name.”


Opie let out a miserable laugh.

“You said Jackson’s name…”

Riona had this humiliated look about her.

“I hadn’t realized you knew him that well. I mean yeah he let on that he was disappointed when you didn’t show at the hotel but…” Opie trailed off as Riona’s jaw dropped.

Opie grimaced.

“I said too much didn’t I?” He said in apology.

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  1. Just when i was looking for something to read my email pings and i see my favorite author as graced us with another chapter.

    I see clay is his usual self and asshole to a tee.. lying about abel.. and the boys are right when jax finds out what truly happened and what the girls have been through.. there is going to be hell to pay jax style and they are going to be digging a pit so deep to hide all of the bodies.. When Riona finds out that Linny was raped that man is going to end up castrated and dead. Until next time *bows*

  2. Man oh man. I love the flashback. It was nice to see JT and Thomas. Though I wish they were still around sigh. I’m anxious to see more back story and for them to get back to the states! Love it

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